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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you here nexto fox news alert, amtrak has now restored service from albany to new york city, but delays still expected following that deadly train disaster during the busiest travel weekend of the year. hello, everybody. i'm greg jarrett, welcome to "america's news headquarters." take a look. this commuter train full of passengers careening off the tracks in the bronx in new york early this morning. the seven cars that topple around the corner stoping feet before plunging into the icy waters of the river. you can see there the hudson. investigators telling fox news four are dead and dozens of
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others are injured. laura engel is live in the bronx near the scene. laura? >> hi, greg. the toppled railcars still remain on their sides at this hour and looking like scat telled -- scattered toy cars. we are awaiting a news conference with the national transportation safety board. we have microphones set up behind our cameras and we are expected to get a briefing in the next hour. as investigators comb the scene looking for evidence and clues as to how this happened, the new york police department is working on notifying the next of kin for the four passengers who lost their lives today. an nypd spokesperson tells us moments ago they are still working on that grim task and won't be releasing the names until the process is done. meanwhile, the ntsb members are preparing to give us the update in the next hour. the ntsb go team which is the team of investigators that look at the black box that was aboard the train, they are going to hopefully give us the information on that.
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chances are we won't hear the details of what they discovered in the box for maybe hours or days. the one piece of information they are looking for is the speed of the train and where it derailed. the recovery effort to free the trapped and injured passengers was very dramatic. the details of the efforts showed just how devastating the wreckage inside was. the chief of fdny described what his teams had to do. >> there were several people that needed to be assisted by cutting using power saws. they were entrapped and entangled in the train. most of them just to get access and get them out of the train we also used air bags to lift the train off on of several people that were trapped underneath, partially trapped underneath. >> and you know, we have described the curve that comes around the bend which is where this happened.
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the speed we were told on the track is 30 miles an hour compared to 70 miles an hour. that's just before the curve. the train operators are required to slow down of course. that is one piece of information that we are looking to hear. a lot of people are making note that this happened unfortunately on a holiday weekend on the sunday that so many people were traveling home after spending thanksgiving with loved ones. making note also that it didn't happen tomorrow, monday morning, at rush hour. it happened this morning so things could have happened a lot different if it was one day later. we will get you new information in the next hour and pass it along to you. greg? >> laura, thanks very much. the national transportation safety board is on the scene and questions will likely be raised about the train's speed because of the dangerous and very severe curve. joining me now, the chairman of omega systems group and a former ntsb member under the regan administration.
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good to see you, dr. gross. they will look at speed first and foremost, do you think? >> that will be certainly one thing. there is never a singular reason as you and i know. speed will be certainly one of those things they are looking at, but there will be other factors as well. particularly i'm concerned about the operator of the train. the public doesn't know that trains have to be backed into grand central station for example because they don't want to have the loco motive belching diesel and so on in there. they always back the trains in. however, there should probably be someone on that lead car that gives the operator of the train some idea of what he might expect. if there was something on the track he would not see that when he is pushing the train in. >> so this is -- what was powering the trains unlike the third rail electrical operators, this was a diesel
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pushed train and the lead car was a passenger car, right? >> that's correct. and i am not certain they have anybody representing the railroad in that lead car. that's the thing that is quite bothersome right now. >> what about the black box? how much does that tell the ntsb and others about how this train was operating? >> well, the black box on a railroad train is not nearly as sophisticated as it is on aircraft. it will give you quite a few parameters. it will give you speed. it will give you temperature. it will give you weather. they will have some information to judge that on. but of course it will be -- it will have to track the amount of speed on the curve, and
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they will certainly be looking at that. >> 30 miles an hour is the low speed on that curve according to laura engel on the scene there. obviously the black box would be able to tell such things as speed, right? >> it would. if the operator of the train was incapacitied somehow he could have had a heart attack or some other alement and he -- ailment and he could exceeded the speed. there has to be a lot of investigation on the black box versus what actually happened there. >> track conditions, the wheels themselves especially on the lead car, all of those things they will be looking at. dr. vernon gross, thank you so much for your insights. >> you are welcome, greg. a little inside into what the metro north railroad means to the new york area. metro is the second largest commuter rail service in the
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country. until each year 83 million people use the rail service with 281,000 passengers on an average weekday. metro north railroad train tracks stretch roughly 795 miles stoping a total of 122 different stations. icy roads are causing a massive pile up in massachusetts. it happened this morning on interstate 290 near worcester. some incredible pictures from the scene. police say more than 70 vehicles were involved including two tractor-trailers and a box truck . incredibly there were no serious injuries, but 30 people did receive minor injuries. meanwhile in washington the obamacare reboot to another rocky start. many users are having trouble logging in to and the site was down yet
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again last night for maintenance. despite all of that, the obama administration says it successfully met its self-imposed deadline to fix it by the end of november. national correspondent steve centanni is live in washington with the latest. is it working? >> greg, the obama administration says a lot has changed. it is working. they have met their goals. getting the health care website up and running even though it has been two months since it first went on-line. website has been plagued by many difficulties since it was launched on october 1st. now the agency responsible for building the site says it is working smoothly for the vast majority of its users. administration officials released a six-page performance report and talked about the details in a conference call with reporters. >> the site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly improves improves -- improved performance.
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there are more than 400 bugs fixed eliminating critical glitches and making improvements to the consumer experience throughout the site. >> the performance report says there is now a response time of one second compared to eight seconds. and it has a lower rate of errors. it is consistently stable 90% of the time. there is a 24/7 command center to keep watch on the website. and the site supports a minimum of 800,000 users a day, 50,000 at any given time. but republicans say there is still a big problem. >> the security of the site and the private information does not meet the minimal standards of the private sector. that concerns me. i don't care if you are for it organs it, -- or against that. we should not doubt the securing of the site. >> the deadline for signing up now is december 23rd.
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>> thanks very much. just hours away from cyber monday. but did you ever wonder if you spend more money when you shop on-line than when you actually go to a brick and mortar store? well that may be something. we have buyer beware info for all of you . and clickers out -- for all of you point and clickers out there. >> ♪ i wanna hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do ♪ ♪ don't want a doll ♪ no dinky, tinker toy
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well, finally after months of anticipation the nation's national zoo's baby panda has a name. the name is bou-bou.
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that's a good name. here she is live on the panda cam sleep august way. earlier they were out in the enclosure and bao-bao means treasure or precious. it was the choice of the top five submit zoo and received 120,000 votes from the public. so bao-bao it is. cyber monday is hours away and a new gallop poll shows half a million americans plan to shop on-line. that's amazing really from the , you know, 2004 when it is just 30%. of course, back 20 years ago it was nobody. we now know it is easy to point and click. could on-line shopping actually cost us more to spend? brenda butner is the anchor of
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"bulls and bears" and is here to explain. >> hold on a second. there is your christmas present. >> you did it that quickly. >> while i was on there a found a couple of things for me too. that's part of the problem. you. >> by the way, the longer you browse, the more tendency there is to buy more stuff, right? >> absolutely. they learn from brick and mortar. around christmastime stores would make bigger shopping carts so it looked like you were spending less. your shopping cart is infinite on-line. you don't realize what you are getting and you don't touch it and you don't know what is coming. the point of one point and click that's it. it goes in and you don't see it until it comes to your house and then when it hits your credit card, you don't feel that as you do the shopping. >> no, you don't. you can spend all day in your pj's, right? >> absolutely. >> you don't have to get in the car. you don't have to take a
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shower. >> you don't have to go to the mall which is like dante's circle of hell, i'm sorry. >> it is, and fighting the crowds. you just stay in your little room, your bedroom maybe, and you just do it. you don't even have to pull out your credit card. they have your information. >> they have your information. that's part of the problem too. it can be a scammer's paradise. that's one of the issues. you don't really realize it as you are going on-line. >> and by the way, you can save money. you can do increasingly. i read this and people go to the brick and mortar stores, the discount stores even and they see what they want. and then they go on-line and you can compete on-line for prices. you can get the lower price. >> that's showrooming. they go to the brick and mortar stores and then come back and see who has the best price. like i said, i was getting
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your present and saw something i need. as you are browsing you just click, click, click. >> was mine clothing or accessories? >> you think -- should i tell him? no. >> are you not going to tell me? >> we'll make it a surprise. >> the gold watch i was admiring. >> the tiffany's pen. >> and the $400 sunglasses in the store across the street. >> yeah, i got your wish list. >> brenda butner, you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every morning 10:00 a.m. eastern on the fox newschannel. can you give it to me before christmas by the way? i would like to have it beforehand. a former white house exec making some pretty bold predictions about how well the affordable care act will be working for all of us. it is just three months from thousand. surprise, surprise some republican lawmakers see a
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different future for obamacare. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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the obamacare enrollment website should now be working smoothly for the vast majority of users though problems with the website persist. these issue usa side, what will obama -- these issues aside, what will obamacare look like? two different predictions were offered. >> seniors saving on prescription drugs and preventive care for women and people getting rebates from insurance companies. i think we should fast-forward a few months. by the end of march you could have 6 million people reg --
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registered for health care jie. there will be winners, but there will be losers too. people who have insurance they like will be losing it. that's one of the reasons for the postpone meant of the businessman date. the individual market is tiny compared to what is yet to come. as it unfolds this thing will be an unmitigated political disaster for the president. >> joining us is the managing editor of the hill. on that last point, even the cbo projects that 20 million americans who have employer employer-sponsored plans are going to lose them. i talked to the former head of the cbo. he said, no, it is double that. it is 40 million americans. >> the one thing republicans and democrats agree is obamacare is more than a website. this is a self-inflicted wound for the white house. really looking forward young people have to sign up for this to be successful and employers cannot drop
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coverages. that's going to possibly raise premiums. that's the problem for the white house right now. the last weekend they have met their goals. they said they are happy with the fixes they have made to the website, but this has been a disaster. it has been a fiasco. unless it gets better over the next several months, 2014 election will be ugly. >> the tech advisor said in his news conference, a dramatic improvement since october 1st. it didn't work on october 1st. that's like saying we improved the design of the hen -- henninburg, but it is still going to crash and burn. >> they also didn't want people going on the site a lot over the last several days. we'll see if this sticks, but at the same time it will come down to different factors and the weather premiums go up and down. there are going to be winners and losers. the problem for the administration are the losers are louder than the winners.
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>> you know, despite their claims of success today they are not really giving us the data of the success. they are just making the representations. our correspondent said today, quote, it is impossible to submit an application at today as far as i can tell. we have been trying to do it for two months. verification system is temporarily unavailable. that's bad because applications cannot be submitted without verification. the white house is making all kinds of claims of success, and yet, you know, we are getting different stories about this, bob. >> and that's been a main criticism of the white house on this website, on the obamacare implementation is the enrollment numbers. they were very low. the press really pressed hard for it. they came out with some
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disappointing enrollment numbers. we will see new enrollment numbers for november. the administration is downplaying expectations. they are saying and predicting a lot of people come december are going to be signing up toward the end and that's going to obviously be a big test of the website. we'll see. one of the criticisms from democrats and republicans is that the administration needs to released more information. i think they have gotten better at that, but clearly there is going to be some tests in the weeks to come. >> not enough transparency. even the insurance companies are saying, hey, you know what, the information they are sending us on the government website is turning out to be bogus. the head of america's health insurance plan said, quote, enrollment data sent to them from the website include too much incorrect information due plaw caw tiff, duplicative, gar belled information. even if you think you succeeded, you probably may
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not have. >> and this marriage between the white house and health insurance will be rocky. remember, they were demonized in the passage of the affordable care act, 2009, 2010. nancy pelosi called them immoral villains. the administration wants the company to put out ads touting obamacare. we haven't seen a lot of that. this is going to be an uneasy, tense relationship for months and perhaps years to come. >> good to see you as always. thanks so much. >> thanks. that will do it for us. i'm greg jarrett. we will have a live update on the train derailment in the bronx coming up. stay with fox news. "a healthy you" with carol alti is next.
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welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. the liver, many don't know where it is in the body. do you? and did you know an unhealthywe liver could be causing you toch be overweight?eopl that's right. today we explore several options for keeping you healthy and fit and a lot have e to do with the liver. but first off, lately a fight has raged between the expertsas who say we should work out long and hard and the experts who say five minutes at a time h is all we need. so i'm going to propose a truce. with me 1* tony


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