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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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sunday." "fox news sunday" is a presentation of fox news. this is the fox report. tonight we now have heard from the investigators who will try to figure out why new york city suffered a disaster today. a passenger train careened off the tracks on its way into manhattan. we know people died at the scene. we know many more are injured. we know it's still an active scene at this hour. officials trying to put into place a plan to look for more survivors underneath the overturned train. witnesses describing the horrifying moment a commuter train left the tracks, plunging down an embankment to the edge of a river. and some people didn't make it. ejected from the train. fox reports the ntsb's go-team
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is arriving tonight to figure out how it happened. also, a log cabin in a beautiful, peaceful area. and then it's reduced to dust after an explosion. neighbors say it felt like a bomb. and new details emerging on the fiery crash that killed "fast & furious" movie star paul walker and his friend as hollywood reacts to losing one of its own. that passenger train derailed in new york city on this thanksgiving weekend. four people are dead, confirmed. latest word, 63 are injured. and we're learning there could be people trapped. investigators arrive this afternoon to get a look at that metro-north train that jumped the tracks on its way from poughkeepsie, new york, into manhattan. this was the scene, a chain of toppled cars shaped like a backward question mark trailing off of the tracks to the water where the hudson and harlem rivers meet.
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some of the passengers on board said they felt the train was going too fast to them through the slow speed area, something the ntsb no doubt will look into over the next few days. >> we don't know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the vehicle event recorders, and incidentally, we've recovered the event recorder off the cab car. we've downloaded the data off the locomotive. we've not had a chance to analyze it or verify it. >> with people not familiar with this area, just to give you an idea, the accident happened near the spiten duvle. the train was rounding a bend when it happened jolting sleeping passengers awake. the noise heard by a man who lives nearby. >> i got up and stayed in bed and i heard a big boom. when i came out, i basically saw
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the train right here. >> and as we've been showing you, those cars turned on to their sides. at first authorities thought that everybody was accounted for, but now they're learning there could be people trapped underneath those cars. laura i thinkal live from the bronx right now. what else did investigators say? they held a news conference not long ago. >> they did. they have specially designated teams to look into a variety of aspects from this crash. a track team will look at the condition of the rails. a signals team looking at the signals. and a human performance team and survival factors team. that group will look into exactly how the people on board were injured or killed. an ntsb board member told reporters tonight that they've got to go down to what they call the perishable evidence before they allow the metropolitan transportation agency, the mta,
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to upright the toppled passenger cars. >> throughout the next few days our investigators will work on scene to thoroughly document the accident scene, gathering the fact ral information. our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent at preventing it from happening again. we pekt expect to be on scene f week to ten days. >> crews will be using the crane to get those twisted and turned heavy rail cars up to help contain any further haz-mat conditions and also to look for anything or anyone who might be underneath. but have said all along they believe they have everyone accounted for, but they won't be sure until they can get those rail cars up. >> so we know that some 63 people were injured in this. what can you tell us about them? >> yeah, we've got a 11 people critically injured tonight. we've been hearing from local hospitals to get updates on those folks and the injures are very significant. if you can imagine being inside
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those cars as they're toppling over. broken bones, internal injuries, bones protruding from some of the skin. that's how bad these people were knocked around. three of the four people who died in the crash were thrown out of the train and were found around and under those heavy passenger cars. one person was found inside. fire crews told us today they had to use power saws in some cases to get victims out of the wreckage and they had to use air bags to lift the cars up to get people out. family members of those deceased are still being contacted. new york's governor andrew cuomo asked for patience and prayers tonight. >> what's most important is that we lost four new yorkers this morning. we have 11 who are critically injured who are still in the hospitals. and i would ask all new yorkers to remember them in your prayers tonight. >> this will be a tragic situation on any weekend, but of course it is one of the busiest holiday travel weekends of the
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year. thanksgiving weekend. the sunday after so many people on that. but so many in this neighborhood who see this train go around all the time say it could have been worse if it happened tomorrow morning on monday rush hour at the same time, 7:20. but still, a lot of people shaking their heads tonight, not believing that this indeed has happened. and four people who boarded that train this morning did not make it out alive. >> laura ingle, thank you very much. not first time there's been trouble on those tracks. in july, ten freight train cars derailed on that very same section of the tracks. service was suspended for a while there. actually they're taking a look tonight at the metro north line. that's the particular train line here. and governor cuomo singled this out because of some things that have happened there recently. we'll tick through a couple. september 25th, a feeder cable in mount vernon, new york, failed knocking out electricity for 12 days to metro-north new
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haven line. that was shut down completely. in may, on the 28th a track foreman struck and killed by a passenger train in west haven, connecticut. also in connecticut k-- and thi was marriage news when it happened -- may 17th. a train derails and hit by a westbound train. you have those two colliding trains. 76 people were injured in that. we covered that when it happened. now to the government's website to deliver health care options to million of americans. is it new and improved this weekend? the obama administration declares it has met the self-imposed deadline this weekend and is fixed claiming the worst of all the bugs and the glitches and the crashes that have frustrated people are over and that the site can now cover its intended load of 50,000 people at once. they say it doesn't mean the site gets a clean bill of health. key parts remain unfinished and
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there are lingering questions over the security of inputting your personal business, your personal information on the website. live with the news tonight, steve? >> the obama administration is claiming victory in its push to fix that troubled health care website. was officially launched october 1st but only now is it working properly. the agency responsible for building the site issued a six-page performance report saying the website's moving smoothly for the vast majority of its users. an obama adviser talked about the progress in a conference call with reporters. >> the site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly improved performance. the speed has more than tripled with over 400 bugs fixed. eliminating critical glitches and making improvements that the consumer experienced throughout the site. >> that report said that the website had the response time of
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one second compared to eight seconds when it was launched, lower rate of error, it is consistently stable 90% of the time, there's a 24/7 command center, and the site supports a minimum of 800,000 users a day and that's 50,000 at any one time. but republicans say there's still a big problem. >> the security of this site and the private information does not meet even the minimal standards of the private sector. and that concerns me. i don't care if you're for it or against it, republican or democrat, we should not tolerate the sheer level of incompetence securing this site. >> now, if you want to get benefits starting january 1st, the deadline for signing up, if you can, is december 23rd. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. despite the improvements to, many wonder how big of a political hit the administration and democrats might take from the botched
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rollout when all is said and done. the fixes could offer democrats a fresh start. opponents at s say the problems obama care go beyond the website itself and could cause americans to take their frustrations out at the ballot box. >> can now handle 50,000 consumers at a time, but republican ps say that doesn't make the product any better. >> unfortunately, as people enroll i think there's going to be a lot of negative surprises as to what they're able tone roll in. >> officials say 80% of consumers who want coverage can now get it at many republicans say the site should just be taken off line for good. >> if we just sit back and just hope it falls apart, it's the wrong thing, if it's teetering near the edge of the cliff, we should go ahead and push it over. >> one prominent house democratic said repealing the affordable care act is not a good answer to the problems at
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hand. >> the question is will we work together to fix these problems and there will be additional problems or will we continue just to try and sabotage the entire effort even though they don't have an alternative? >> president obama's apology for the faulty health care website didn't help his poll numbers much, but one top adviser doesn't thing that slide will last too long. >> people trust this president. there's been numbers all over the place. but i'm confident in a few months from now those trust numbers will come up. >> they can monitor's performance in realtime. but the political fallout will take months or years to really set in. >> peter, thank you. right now, these pictures of a massive pile-up. now we knew a wintry mix would hit the upper east coast. now it has. hollywood in mourning as we learn more details about the car crash that killed "fast & furious" film star paul
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[ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. caused a huge pile-up on a major highway in central massachusetts. it sent as many as 40 people to the hospital. troopers say 65 cars and several tractor trailers were involved in the wreck. they had to close down the highway for hours. look at those cars pinned underneath. wow. new details coming in on the fiery crash that claimed the life of actor paul walker. the star of the "fast & furious" movie tran chfranchise was kill. they say speed was a factor. the porsche he was riding in crashed into a tree and burst into flames in valencia, northwest of l.a. condolences pouring in from all over the globe as fans and friends react to his tragic death. we're live with more on this.
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>> reporter: you can see from those incredible photos, the red porsche carrera gt that he was in was mangled almost beyond recognition, bursting into flames after hitting a light pole and wrapping around a tree. he had just left a charity event with his friend and financial advis adviser. >> the two men were only gone for about three minutes. and it happened so close that people apparently ran from the auto shop to the crash scene where they were seen helping put out the car fire. >> they could actually hear that crash at the dealership which apparently his 15-year-old daughter was also at. it happened on a really quiet road in santa clarita where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. no one knows exactly how it happened. bitter twist here, of course, walker may be named for movies about high octane motors.
4:17 pm
rhoda owned the porsche and you can see co-stars tweeting their shock and sadness. duane "the rock" johnson, we find our strength in his light. love you brother. fans were also gutted by the news. >> he's a family oriented kind of guy, really humble. sweet guy. everyone loved him. >> he was all about helping everybody else out. >> one of the celebrities i actually thought his movies entertained for good reasons. >> walker was in the middle of shooting "fast 7." they talked about how they're going to move forward. he'd been with the wildly successful franchise from the start 14 years ago and had been doing the press circuit for his latest movie "hours" which is due out this month. no details on how it affects that release now. back to you. >> dominic, thank you very much. an update on the deadly
4:18 pm
helicopter crash in scottland. emergency crews are working to remove the aircraft and looking for additional victims saying they cannot be quite sure what they'll find until all their work is complete. at least eight people died when a police chopper crashed into that crowded pub. the police helicopter was returning to glasgow from an operation when it went down. people gathered at the city's cathedral today praying for the victims and their families. 12 people still hospitalized, three in intensive care tonight. his family says he's okay for now. news on the american war veteran being held in north korea. they say it's encouraging. we'll hear from his family coming up. and a nationwide manhunt underway for a man suspected of killing a colorado family, then setting their home on fire. 3 you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check.
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. we are hearing from the family of an american war veteran detained in north korea. 85-year-old merrill newman was visiting the country and was on an airplane ready to take off when he was taken into custody. that was more than a month ago. yesterday the state department issued a statement calling for his release. it came after the north korean government put up this video showing the war vet, according to them, apologizing for his hostile acts. the family says they know he's in good health and table to take his medication. our focus now is on getting him home quickly to join his loved ones who miss him deeply. we are asking that the authorities there take into account his health and his age as an act of humanitarian compassion and allow him depart. the state department also asking for the release of another american citizen at custody in north korea right now, kenneth
4:23 pm
bay. has been held for more than a year. the temporary deal essentially puts the pause button on iran's nuclear weapons development. he's now responding and reacting to a deal among the six superpowers in iran last week. he says it redefines the so-called red line with iran and its nuclear capabilities. >> we have accepted iranian uranium enrichment, there's no question about that. that's a different red line than we used to have. at the end of the day iran's going o be a nuclear threshold state. now before you think that's condemnatory of what's going on, what we have to do is to push that threshold back as far as possible. and that will identify, that will define whether this was a good idea or a bad idea. >> iranian leaders say the temporary deal recognizes their right to enrich uranium. the white house has denied that. interesting to hear what mr. hayden had to say about that
4:24 pm
there. iran will implement the agreement some time next month. israel calls that deal with iran bad for the world. our key ally in the middle east says it's not bound by the agreement and it will act alone if necessary to keep tehran from building a nuclear bomb. a state of the art simulator that gives israel's air force a new way to train their people like never before. we go behind the scenes with an unprecedented look at this technology. >> reporter: each time an israeli air force f-16 takes off for a training mission, the costs run in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it was the only way to practice the real thing until now and a new simulator that makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between actual flying and the make believe. this is what it looks like when you're landing in the f-16. the israeli-designed simulator
4:25 pm
looks a lot like a private imax theater with the f-16 cockpit the only seat. in return for granting fox news unprecedented access, we've agreed to conceal their identity. >> we're a very small cog untry. so our air space is very small too. as an air force, we want a big air space so we can fly, a long range mission. >> reporter: once tasked with the protecting the jewish state from its neighbors, it now has a new mission, planning an attack on iran's nuclear program. >> i can fly all the different parts of the mission. >> reporter: where before pilots took off having just looked at satellite photos of their targets -- i see roads, i see housing, farms? >> you can see everything. >> reporter: now they can have already flown over them and attacked them in the simulator dozens of times.
4:26 pm
>> and that was fox news lee land biddert. the train that went off the tracks in the bronx section of new york city. we're learning details about who is still hospitalized. among them a 14-year-old. that's the first time we've heard that any children were caught up in this. an update on fox story next. an administration says the worst of the glitches and delays are over for is there good news on the horizon regarding obama care? will it be enough to erase the memories of what's already happening with millions of people getting cancellation notices because of obama care. tweet @harrisfaulkner. and ah,
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i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. if you are just tuning in, the ntsb is at the scene of a train derailment in new york city with a plan now to search for more survivors. and we have an update on the victims. four people we have confirmed tonight are dead, but one of the
4:31 pm
hospitals treating victims is now telling us one of 12 patients they received today is just 14 years old. now, this is a commuter train line normally, but obviously it's carrying a mix of travelers on this holiday weekend, quite different than it would be if it were monday through friday. we've learned the metro-north train will be lifted upright with a crane so investigators can look for more victims. the car was headed from poughkeepsie, noorks, to manhattan. it happened near the spuyten duyvil station in the bronx. one woman who rides regularly on that route says it's known for having sharp curves. >> there's a big curve coming in the station, and the train always screech as they pull into the station and they blow their horn. i'm just grateful that it wasn't a monday morning because i'm sure there would have been a lot more people on that train and there would have been people waiting on the platform. >> but as we just told you, obviously, not just commuters today with that 14-year-old confirmed to have been on there.
4:32 pm
we hope that little one is going to be ok. investigators say they'll check the black box to see how fast that train is going. we're told the investigation could take a week to ten days. the website is getting a bit of a checkup two months after its disastrous launch. the obama administration says the site is now running smoothly but still needs a lot of work. reportedly can handle up to 50,000 users at once. this comes as more americans are receiving notices that their current individual employer provided health plans will not be available in january. the word we want to use there is "canceled." and you at home can weigh in on our conversation. tweet us@fn insiders. i saw you kind of clutching your heart a little bit as we were looking at ta train. >> i go on the long island railroad to come into new york.
4:33 pm
different line than that, but same thing, i was wore ed about this tonight, could this happen on our line. you don't have seat belts. you're just sitting there loose. can you imagine when the car turns, the people flying, the bags flying, the injure, the screaming, oh, it's awful, awful. >> god bless those people tonight, the survivors. let's talk politics. let's talk about this website. i'm curious because we don't have any hard data yet and it's been slow to trickle down since this thing first launched october 1st. those who advocated scrapping the whole plan, the now push for data on how things are going now. >> they've been having hearings on the reconstruction of the website. they'll have hearings to try to push the administration who will not give out the signup data unless it's good, obviously. they held off telling us about october. >> sure. >> to way into november. i'm sure they'll do the same thing now. i'm sure the numbers will get somewhat better.
4:34 pm
they have to get better. it can't be worse. but -- >> even the president told barbara walters that. it can only go up from here. >> exactly. the first day, october 1st, six people in america signed up for this thing. i mean, it can only get better. but that's not really the issue. the website is just the tip of a bad iceberg really. i think that the program is no good. the government telling you you have to buy something and that you can't have what you want and then telling you you probably can't go to the doctor you want, how is that ever going to work, politically? >> it took everybody out of the wash. you just said the word that people have been listening for, can i keep my own plan if i don't like what you're going to try to sell me. there are other big numbers out there. the president talking about things can only go up from here, he was talking about his approval rating. we'll talk about that, too.
4:35 pm
50 to 1 million workers will lose their insurance. the president has asked companies not to let that happen. i don't know if administratively he can legally do that. >> that report came from the american enterprise institute saying in october of this 2014, coming year, small businesses will have to discontinue those 50 to 100 million people, worker, from getting their health plan. when that was announced last week, i can tell you that every democrat running for re-election this coming year had a heart attack. my god, a month before the election, half of my constituents are going to get a letter from their insurance company telling them, you're out. and that would be the biggest wipeout of the democratic party in an election we've ever seen. that's what they're facing if they don't change this thing or, i think what they're going to do is try to delay the whole thing past the election. >> there are numbers that have
4:36 pm
come out, and fox news has done this polling as well to see whether or not people are feeling like taking this issue to the ballot box. and i want to show everybody about trustworthiness and where this administration is. 55% of people surveyed in this fox news poll earlier this month say that they feel like the administration has tried to deceive them about what's really in the affordable care act. that's problematic not just for this president but it becomes an election talking point, i would imagine, at some point. if it holds. >> the democrats voted for it and no republicans in 2010, not one in the house or senate, voted for this thing. so they have high ground to criticize it. but like you talked about with us the other sunday nights and with congressman west on friday night, i saw you talking to him. the republicans still need an alternative. when they let obama care crash and burn, to be responsible, they just need to say, we have a plan that we think will work better. and i have yet to hear that out
4:37 pm
of a unified republican party. >> you know, you say that, then i check my twitter page and i hear from people who say, well, we don't want an entire new plan. why can't we just take it back to what we had? is that an option? >> no. because there's things in here that we are now going to like. for instance, the two things that everybody's going to like are an insurance company cannot turn you away because of a pre-existing condition and your children can stay on your policy till they're 26 years old. those two things were put in and enacted before the 2012 election because the democrats knew they're popular. and the republicans do not want to be the ones to say, we're taking that away. so those things are going to stay. >> let's talk a little more about this issue of trustworthiness and how much stickiness that's going to have, a familiar defender and salesman of the president, former whois adviser david plus said today he's confident that in a few
4:38 pm
months they can turn this thing around and those numbers that are stacked against the president and people not trusting him will turn around. >> okay, for that to happen -- and it's not impossible -- people have to be able to sign up, be happy with what they're getting, pay less than they were before, keep their doctor, keep their prescription, go to the hospital, go to the doctor, mom has to be able to go for some tests and everything has to go well. if something doesn't go well, harris, they're going to blame it on obama care and be ticked off about it. >> a couple things coming from twitter. john mower says, customers are screaming but where is the outrage from the health insurance companies having to drop millions of customers? not a peep. >> we haven't heard from them, you're right. now they did meet with the president two weeks ago. >> i wonder how that went. >> maybe they're holding their fire on purpose. we don't know. >> we don't know. daily gallup, 52% disapproval.
4:39 pm
this comes out at 1:00 p.m. every day. that's something we watch and we can put those numbers up on the screen. these numbers have been pretty much sitting like this for a while now. >> yeah, yeah. well, he's ruined his first year of his second term. this thing has destroyed, this and some other things. he's got nothing done and anything else he wants to get done hangs in the balance because of those numbers. >> is there contagion, do you think? >> definitely. democrats are the one that the contagion is going to infect. republicans are very happy that the president's declining but when the democrats feel he's roi radioactive, that's when things will deteriorate quickly. >> i want to talk about iran and israel for a second here. the dust settling, i would imagine now -- or at least mipds getting around what this deal's going to be like. iran has said all along, they're going to allow us to enrich uranium. then today someone we heard from who knows this sort of thing
4:40 pm
said basically the same thing to chris wallace on "fox news sunday." let's watch and i'll get your response. >> we have accepted iranian uranium enrichment, no question about that. that's a different red line a than we used to have. >> that's true. if you read the four-page agreement, it does say that the future negotiation that's going to happen in six months involves determining the level of enrichment, therefore, they're allowed to enrich. >> what i was going to ask, general hayden is dropping the words "red line." all anybody can think of is when this president said red line before, he backed away from it. is he right that we moved the line and iran is able to do so much more, can we get that line back to where it needs to go? >> probably not. i think once you've opened the door of lifting sanctions, the iranians will go drive through that door and other people will try to make money off the
4:41 pm
iranians. there's big money to be made. >> you have the big oil companies waiting to get in >> absolutely. sitting over there are two things. congress wants to put more sanctions is on. we'll see when they come back, where they're at with that. and israel and saudi arabia are together in a military alliance looking at the possibility of attacking -- >> isn't that interesting? yeah. real quickly, republicans, how hard will they push or will it be mostly bipartisan? how do you see it coming for the sanctions? >> i think it's partisan. the democrats are leading the charge. harry reid is supposed to be allies with the president, he's leading the charge to put stronger sanctions on, which might actually be a good thing. vote them in the house and senate, the president will not sign it, but it hangs there as a stick to hold over the iranians. if they don't do a good agreement in six months, bang, harder sanctions go back in play. >> no carrot from john leboutellier. >> the carrot is give up your
4:42 pm
possession of nuclear materials and you can rejoin the world a little bit. >> john, good to have you. thank you for coming as a sole insider tonight. >> my pleasure. >> awesome. >> happy thanksgiving weekend. >> you too. you can continue the conversation with john and the rest of the political insiders on twitter and on our website every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. i love the live programming, fabulous. don't miss it. a woman perished after the home she was in blew up. what police say caused the explosion, which was felt miles away. and a national search is on for this man suspected of triple murder, why authorities believe he killed his family while they slept. [ male announcer ] introducing red lobst seafood bakes. combitions of your favore seafood from lobster to crab, shrimp and mussels in a savory broth. try one today, and sea food difrently. get a upon at for 10 dollars off any two seafood bakes, crab or lobster entrees. oh!
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the log cabin home looked like before and on the right what's left. basically a big pile of wood. the explosion was so strong people several miles away reported feeling it. a sheriff's spokesman is blaming a propane leak. >> we red all about it could be a gas leak or that it could be an oil well blow up, propane tank, anything like that. and get out here and nothing's burnt, there's just completely demolished two-story house. >> interesting, nothing burnt, just demolished. there was a woman inside that home and she died. we're told her husband was out of town at the time. a nationwide manhunt is under way for a man police believe murdered a colorado family and then set their home on fire. the victims were found wednesday in this burning home about 80 miles south of colorado springs. authorities say the couple in their 50s and their 33-year-old daughter were shot as they were sleeping. investigatorses are now searching for this man, take a look, harry maps. kind of hard to see him here.
4:47 pm
they say he was caught on surveillance camera cashing a check on the day of the fire. the check belonged to one of the victims. for the sheriff, the murders hit close to home. >> i knew two of the victims very well. as a kid growing up. this is not any more personal than it would be if it was another citizen in pueblo county. but the fact it was in my home town, we'll do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> in case you see this man, police have asked us to tell you that maps is considered armed and dangerous. tons of mud on the move as an entire hillside gave way. people caught up in it just couldn't run fast enough. at last check nine were dead, some of them children. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. indonesia, the landslide sent
4:48 pm
all that earth crashing down on several homes below. rescuers digging through the muck looking for survivors, but they say some of the victims were carried away in rising flood waters. five children were among those killed. egypt. riot police use tear gas to clear hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters from tahrir square. most were college students angry over the death of a classmate allegedly killed by police. the escalation comes as the same supporters of mohamed morsi continue to demonstrate for his release. jordan. clowns performing for some little ones who suffered some of the worst days and nights imaginable. these children, refugees now in the civil war in neighboring syria, in camps like this one. the u.n. estimates of the
4:49 pm
1.6 million syrian refugee, half are children. rio de janeiro, kicking off with fireworks. it is decorated with 3 million lights. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. we're just hours away now from the biggest online shopping day of the year, cyber monday. millions are expected to go online to score deal, but wait, there are a few things you need to know before you click on checkout. [ male announcer ] at humana, understanding what makes you different is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts,
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well, it looks like miami dolphins tackle jonathan martin
4:53 pm
is officially done with football for this season at least. placing him on the nonfootball illness list. this was expected to happen because martin, who claims he was repeatedly bullied by a teammate says he has no intention of returning to the team. the team is extending the suspension of richie incognito. they're reporting joe philbin wanted to cut incognito last year over claims he harassed a woman during a golf tournament. tomorrow is cyber monday, and it's expected to be the biggest one yet. the trend of shopping online has been gaining steam since the term "cyber monday" was coined back in 2005. year after year more holiday shoppers turn to online to target deep discounts and free shipping. sounds good, right? well, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. we have more.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: harris, still recovering from black friday? no rest for you bargain hunters because cyber monday is getting bigger and bigger. its sales tripling in the past decade. last year the biggest day for online sales in history. forecasts for tomorrow, double digit growth over that with estimates of 2 billion bucks wrapped up by consumers on supports. cyber monday is starting to really compete with the kickoff to the holiday season, black friday, seems shopping online is sometimes preferred to standing on line. according to american express, more of you are going to shop online than those who visited brick and mortar stores on black friday. is it all good for the economy? consumers online do tend to spend more. it's easier to point and click than manage the mall mayhem. counting online and in person, sales are only expected to grow
4:55 pm
2.4%. and, of course, not just consumers but scammers love cyber monday. buyer beware. watch out for fishing and scam e-mails or texts that look like they're coming from a favorite store and ask you to verify a credit card number. finally if tomorrow isn't enough for you online santas, don't fret. many big retailers are rolling out cyber week even more days for you to shop in your pajamas. harris, back to you. >> a baby panda born at the national zoo spent the first 100 days of her life without a name. that's not good. well now they've come up with something to call the cub. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor
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4:58 pm
she's 100 days old and finally has a name.
4:59 pm
the smithsonian national zoo is now calling her bao bao. it means treasure or precious in mandarin. she's only the second baby panda born there since1972. let's fox fast forward now to some of the big stories coming up. on monday, joe biden begins his trip to asia. the u.s. now playing an active role in a territory dispute between china and japan. and hearing will be held in the botched obama care rollout. and on this day in 1885, a texas pharmacist served up the very first glass of dr. pepper. the inventer liked the way the
5:00 pm
place smelled. he tinkered with the recipe until he came up with a mixture for the soda fountain. it remains the oldest soft the drink still in mass production. that's how dr. pepper got its start. now huckabee. tonight on huckabee. >> everything's allowed to change their mind. >> charles krauthammer on politics and on what really matters. >> things i find interesting and important in life, chess, baseball, space. >> looking back at a small part of the universe that he created. >> the last plan to walk on the moon joins the governor. the first thing that came out of my mouth was negative. >> how trips to the holy land


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