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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 2, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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not. those are both carbs, sir. here's one. oh, sure. what could go wrong with drones flying around your head? >> this is gretchen chaarlson, bye. we start with a fox news alert. we're waiting for that all important briefing from white house press secretary jay carney on the obama care website. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." meantime, got a facelift this morning. all part of the fixes they are promising. even as the white house deadline to reboot its website passes. now a former top white house adviser to the president said it could be years before it runs smoothly. >> it may take until 2017 when this president leaves office. you're going to see almost every state in this country running their own exchanges eventually and expanding medicaid.
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i think it will work really well then. >> host of "power play" on fox live. 2017. chris, this thing was signed in 2010. that would be seven years past signing that it would actually work? >> well, and that's very bad news if you happen to be a democrat who's running for office in the next two election cycles. now, our expectation is that in time they will eventually be able to operate a website. it would be unfathomable that at some point they would not be able to figure out how to operate a website. what mr. plouffe was talking about there and the significance that the disruption that's underneath. remember, the website is just how people try to buy insurance. but the disruption that's underneath, which is the people losing insurance, and then those who manage to make it through to try to purchase insurance through the website, the high premiums that they find, the difficulties that they find, that is an enormous problem for democrats and for the white house or for a former top
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adviser to the president to be saying in public, yeah, the next two election cycles are going to be a little rough, but on the other side the president's legacy is secure, that's pretty slim solace. >> what about this deadline now. we're already on december 2nd today. isn't there going to be mass chaos for people trying to actually sign up now before they have to start paying that penalty? >> well, you think about this. if you had insurance, if you're a mom, you've got a family, you have insurance for this family, it is disrupted. the policy is not allowed to continue because of the regulations in the health law. so you get this notification. you want to sign up. you want to have insurance as of january 1. but if you cannot get through this website and you fail, that would be a very desperate feeling. gretchen, think about this. this is the most important part. is the part for paying for it and making sure that people actually have the insurance, that's not even built yet. >> chris, let's take a quick
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break here. stand by if you can. i want to go live now to the white house. jay carney taking questions on the website and obama care. here's jay carney. >> we believe that this website is and will function effectively for the vast majority of users. and each day we will continue to take steps to make further improvements so that that experience is enhanced for users every day. >> insurers are saying that there's a problem still on the back end where for those folks that are actually able to enroll, the information that the insurance companies are getting is garbled, incomplete, in some cases totally unusable. can the administration assure people who have been able to enroll that they will, in fact, have coverage beginning on january 1st? >> look, i'm glad you asked me that question. there's a couple of things i want to say about that. first of all, we are very mindful of making sure that consumers who want coverage starting in january are able to get it.
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and cms is reaching out directly to consumers who have already selected a plan to let them know to be in touch with their plan to pay their first premium to ensure that coverage kicks in. and know that plans are working hard to make sure their new customers are covered as well. this is a joint effort to reach out to those who have enrolled to make sure that every step is being -- that they know they need to take all the necessary steps to ensure that that coverage kicks in. furthermore, cms is having daily conversations with issuers to get feedback from them. we have instituted a number of significant fixes to the so-called 834 forms, which are these -- that's the vehicle by which information is transmitted to the issuers. and we believe that the majority of fixes to 834 forms have been made, including significant ones that were made over the weekend. we expect the info now sent to insurers to be vastly improved.
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but we're going to continue to work with issuers to make sure that whatever remaining problems exist are addressed and fixed. >> so you can assure folks that have signed up -- >> we've been looking to jay carney take questions on the website. i want to bring back in chris stirewalt. we keep hearing this word "vast." the vast majority of people were going to be able to get on the website. now he says the vast majority of people that are signed up, actually the information will go to the insurance companies. i mean, really, at this point? that is one of the things that came out over the weekend, chris. even after you sign up now and you successfully do that, the information may not be going to the insurance company. >> that's right. and they're pretty transparent, opaque, anyway about this. that all they're doing now is essentially collecting your data. if you need to purchase health insurance through obama care, that you -- all that's happening is your data's going into a bucket. whether or not that bucket ends up resulting in actual insurance on the other end of this, when
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you hear jay carney, the white house press secretary saying, we're going to find you. if you're trying to buy insurance, we're going to find you and try to get you that insurance, that tells you what a catastrophe this is in terms of these millions of people who have been displaced from their policies. >> mm-hmm. then you factor in that the irs is going to find you, too, with those fines. might make a few americans a little fearful today. chris stirewalt. thanks so much. have a great week. the obama administration says its health care website should now work for the vast majority, there's that word again, of americans. there are still plenty of errors being reported. like peter dfound out. what did you find out? >> a lot more problems to than on amazon, gretchen. all morning long is having major issues. they appear to be the result of high volume. the administration said this week, as you know, 50,000 users
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are supposed to be able to simultaneously shop at mo most of my attempts to log in or apply for coverage today have been met with this notice. there are too many visitors at the website. there is an option to enter an e-mail for a follow up about better times to come back. i first entered my e-mail 11:40 this morning, about 2 1/2 hours ago. still waiting for that note back. take a look at this. just complete gibberish. on the first screen that an interested consumer would see after leaving the home page, this shot i took at my desk just a little bit more than one hour ago. then yesterday the first day after the administration's self-set deadline to fix, it was impossible to create a count because the verification system was unavailable. now, on a conference call this weekend, the man the white house has put in charge of rescuing this website, jeffrey zeints said things online are better but they aren't perfect. >> there likely will be time
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with this increased capacity, that that increased capacity will not be sufficient to handle peak demands. to prepare for those times when spikes in user volume outstretch the user capacity, we'll employ a new queueing system. >> the white house also says they've made more than 400 software fixes at so far and that the upgrades will continue just like they do at every major website. gretchen? >> keep trying, peter. keep us posted. thanks very much. we want to hear from you. have you tried to sign up since the website rebooted? go to high facebook page. tell me about your experience, good or bad. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. let's get into the trenches with the obama care army. my next guest was imbedded with is so-called navigators that
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seemed to have high hopes from the beginning. after starting october 1st when the exchanges went live, one 1/2 tor's organization was aiming to sign up 5,800 people by the end of march 2014. it has a long way to go. we have yet to see an application from start to finish, he says. eliana johnson is media editor for national review. she joins me in studio. good to see you. i think a lot of people will see that stat and they'll be scared again. so no signups even though the goal was 5,800. what's wrong? >> it's the same problem you've been hearing about from most everybody, gretchen. people can't get through the website. so these groups, you know, the navigator grants went to 105 groups around the country. those groups in turn hired these navigators. they have stopped waiting for people to come to them. they're doing outreach. they're going and trying to get people to enroll. they haven't been able to get people from start to finish through the process because of the problems through the website. >> so they don't have -- they don't have people working on their own. so they're waiting for walk-ins.
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that's not happening. phone calls aren't coming in. they're actually going to the people. but you have some breaking news to tell me about with regard to the navigators' curriculum before the october 1st launch. what happened? >> that's right. each of these navigators, they took a curriculum. they were supposed to logon in september. that system crashed for them in september. so one of the navigators i work with, he said, that really foreshadowed in debacle that occurred in october. they weren't able to go on for the first two weeks of september, though they were supposed to begin their training. then the same thing happened where they would get notices that the site was overwhelmed with users. that was just the navigators logging on. and that they should not logon at peak times. >> north carolina is where you were imbedded. it's my understanding that some navigators had some success in signing people up the old fashioned way, with paper and pen. but the caveat to that is, when they actually want to put those people into the system, they have to go on the website which doesn't work. >> exactly. so what happened is the navigators turned away from the website due to the problems. they started signing up people
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on paper applications. and as the administration revealed in some notes, they said, let's use paper applications because it gives people a sense that something is happening. they're filling out a sheet. they're putting it in the mail. they're getting a response back. but in the data hub, which is in kentucky, somebody has to enter that information from the paper application into the same data hub that is online applications go through. and the administration said, quote, we're all in the same queue in the end. that's a problem. >> let me know if of 5,800, you hear back from that knanavigato and he signs up one person. >> we'll let you know. he's a great guy. we're still in touch. update on the deadly train derailment in new york city. crews working to pull those cars back on the tracks. now we'll tell you what the ntsb has recovered. as crews lift those train cars here, overseas cranes work to lift a helicopter out of a pub. we have this tragic update to that story.
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plus -- >> gentleman's time has expired. >> i have a unanimous consent request. i'd like to -- madam secretary? >> that was hhs secretary kathleen sebelius caught on a hot mike at the height of the obama care debacle. hopefully she's feeling better now that she claims the obama care website is working smoothly. our political panel is here with that. right back. and our networks are getting crowded. t if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to novate, create new technoloes and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. free up linsed spectrum today, so wireless... let's keep it that way. can do more foamerica tomorrow. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews.
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we colcome back, everyone. a police chopper slams into the roof of a crowded pub. as the wreckage was removed today in glasgow, crews pulled out another body.
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>> trapped in the corner. there was the whole place -- there was no immediate way for us to get out. >> investigators say the pilot of the doomed chopper didn't make any emergency calls before that accident. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius says the obama care site has dramatically improved. in an op-ed sebelius says the site is running faster and can handle more users. the website has been plagued with problems since it launched, of course, october 1st. all right. we were just talking about your thanksgiving dinner. julie, i know you don't like to talk politics at home. but how much did you have to talk about the obama care website? now you read the op-ed from kathleen sebelius. improvement dramatic. really? >> i didn't talk about the website. i did have to talk about obama with my father who's not the biggest fan. i'm so politicked out right now i can't begin to tell you. i'm happy to talk about it here today. >> what do you think about the op-ed.
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it was in "usa today." it goes on and on. again we see this termage, vast majority of users it will work smoothly now. let's show it on the screen. that is mumble jumble if i've ever seen it. words that don't make sense. nada. julie? >> i went on the website today. i didn't get those words. but i was told to hang on because they weren't ready for me yet. but i could just hang on. i wasn't overly heartened by that. obviously it wasn't the message most of us that support obama care or any of us that support obama care want to see. >> david, what must have happened is what kathleen sebelius points out in her own op-ed four times. when there's high demand, there's a new online queueing system that allows users to opt to receive an e-mail when it's a better time to come back. >> that's what i got. >> when would that be? 3:00 a.m. when you're sleeping? >> maybe the 3:00 a.m. website.
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amazon, walmart, all these major retailers are now in cyber monday. since black friday and black thursday and all these names, hundreds of millions of people have gone on to these websites. over 400 million, i think, on amazon alone. look at the numbers. they're not in queue. because amazon would make no money if they were in queue. the problem here is they built a technology that was not ready to support a legislation that, frankly, is not a good piece of legislation. so neither side of it works. and i'm with the president. this is more than the website. people should wait for the other effects which sadly are going to be deleterious to our economy. >> you probably remember president biden saying this about obama care. the truth is, we're going to fix it, god willing. now the vice president is going to china in the middle of this health care drama. why is biden nowhere to be found when there are major obama care deadlines? do you buy into it at all, david, that he's trying to keep his hands clean or democrats are
11:19 am
trying to help him keep his hands clean in case he decides to run for president and now he doesn't want to have anything to do with it even though he called it a good you know what kind of deal when the president signed it? >> is there an element of that? possibly. likely going to china has very little to do with obama care. it has to do with what's come out of the asian corners where president obama made mere platitudes, but no action followed. this is more than we could talk about in an hour. by short. china tests us. they establish their own version of a no fly zone. they test us. our response doesn't match what they're doing. they're being aggressive. they're also insulating their economy. trading more with their asian partners to bring more people into their trading circle. >> biden's good at diplomacy. we always had a good relationship in the senate. julie, back to my original question which is, is he over there to keep his hands clean in case -- >> no. >> why not? he hasn't been involved in obama
11:20 am
care at all. >> there is a major international incidentlluded to with china establishing the no fly zone. the has developed the best relationship with the chinese premier than anybody as i've read in the press. for biden to go over there in the midst of our ally, japan, midst of our allies in east asia being concerned about china's no fly zone makes perfect sense. >> it's much broader than that. >> there are more things going on in the world than obama care. >> some people found it interesting he's nowhere to be find right now, at least here at home. david, julie, have a great day. brand-new information on that deadly train derailment. happened right here in nye thew. who investigators want to talk to now. plus, what's that up in the sky? it could be your dry cleans delivered by drones. now a major online retailer
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parking lot scuffle turns deadly in kansas city. three people taken into custody after finding a man in a car that wasn't his after the chiefs/broncos game. fight breaks out. one man dies. no charges have been filed because police say they don't yet know exactly what killed him. >> the hospital says there's no
11:25 am
obvious signs of how he passed away. kind of waiting on that. it's getting investigated as a homicide until we find out exactly how this happened. >> yesterday's incident occurred one year to the day after chiefs linebacker belcher killed himself in that same parking lot. waiting for an ntsb news conference on the first ever deadly derailment for the metro north commuter line here in new york city. while investigators have both data recorders, they still want to talk to the engineer and the conductor, two people, as they look for information on the speed of the train and whether it played a role in the crash. laura engel drive live for us in the bronx. >> reporter: national transportation safety board members and investigators are expected to get some face time with those crew members and the engineer some time today. they just haven't been told when that is going to happen. the associated press reporting today that the head of the union representing the metro north crew says all four are cooperating with investigators, but declined to speculate on a
11:26 am
cause of the crash. adding that the engineer, william rockefeller, who was slightly injured, is traumatized as well over the derailment and that the assistant conductor suffered eye injuries and a broken collarbone and the other crew members are said to be, quote, banged up but okay. crews have been working through the day with heavy equipment and cranes to get the toppled rail cars into an up right position so they can be moved out of here so repair work to the rail line can take place. investigators, of course, looking at the black boxes, the speed of the train as it went into a tight turn near the harlem and hudson rivers. those black boxes are expected to also show if there was a mechanical failure of the brakes or if there was human error involved there. again, we're expected to get that news conference around 4:00 eastern today and get more answers. >> today, laura, we're learning more about the four victims of this horrible tragedy. who are they? >> reporter: yeah. the four who lost their lives were coming into new york city for a variety of reasons. some for work, play.
11:27 am
one person reportedly coming off of a night shift. we have the four names we want to share with you and some pictures. james lovell, a 58-year-old father and lighting engineer was coming into the city to help light the rockefeller christmas tree this week. donna smith, a 54-year-old paralegal, was going to see a performance with her sister. her sister was also on the train. the two other victims identified, 59-year-old james ferrari and 39-year-old ong kisuk from queens, reportedly coming off a night shift working at a nursing home. one of the injured passengers, kellan mcfarland, told me today he felt like the train actually picked up speed as it was coming into that tight curve here in the bronx when he usually feels it slows down. the next thing he remembers is hearing shattered glass and scraping metal, a sound he's been hearing over and over again in his head as he continues to rec recouperate from his wounds. he says he has scrape marks all the way down the side of his body, gashes on his knees, very
11:28 am
banged up as well as so many others. >> lucky to be alive. laura ingle, thanks so much for that update. even as more people now sign up for obama care, we're going to tell you how much progress is being made to get people fully enrolled. and look closely here. that's $1,000 in cash getting thrown into the mall of america. by a guy who says he was just doing a good deed. but now he's in trouble with the law. we'll explain. and air dry could take on a whole new meaning. a dry cleaner in philly wants to start using drones. we'll tell you more coming up. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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welcome back, everyone. stories we're following at bottom of the hour. a 14-year-old massachusetts boy accused of murdering his teacher will be arraigned this week. philip chism attacked colleen ritzer. police blaming freezing rain for a pileup that shut down a highway for hours on sunday and sent at least 35 people to the hospital. china launching its first ever lunar landing craft. the unmanned vehicle is seen as a major step toward that country's goal of getting a man to the moon sometime after 2020. concerns continue over the obama care website. men time, we're also hearing that while people can get further along on the website,
11:33 am
some thing they've actually signed up when they really haven't. what do millions of people do now if they've actually lost their insurance? spokesman for the group america's health insurance plans, good to see you, robert. >> thanks for having me on. >> you released a statement today which said in part you were concerned about the back end issues for insurance companies. what do you mean by that? >> so the enrollment process has to be working from end to end before coverage can begin. so in addition to all of the work that's been done to address the technical problems with, which is very important, the back end challenges must also be resolved so the enrollment process, complete and consumers can begin accessing their benefits on january 1st. that includes the 834 enrollment file that gets sent to health plans so that those enrollments with actually be processed. >> we just heard jay carney, the president's spoerkesman. he was asked just 20 minutes ago about this new concern. that people actually think they're signing up but that
11:34 am
information is not going to the insurance companies. how could that be two months in? >> well, what's happening is that these enrollment files are being sent to health plans. but they either include information that's missing or that's inaccurate. in some cases these enrollment files are coming in as duplicates or may not be arriving at all. until these enrollment files are coming in that are complete and accurate and can be processed, consumers' coverage can't begin. there's a lot of work that's being done both with the health plans and the administration to get these technical issues resolved, but it's important that this issue be addressed. and it's not just a focus on the front end, but these back end challenges are addressed. because we want to avoid a situation where come january 1st people think that they're enrolled when, in fact, they're not. >> let's talk about the people who got those cancellation notices. more than 5 million people. here's a map that shows the states where that happened. what's the update on that, robert? are insurance companies able to do a complete switcharoo with 22 days left now? >> first it depends on what the
11:35 am
state decides. health plans can't offer any coverage in the state unless that's been reviewed and approved by state regulators. you're showing the states are beginning to announce what they're going to allow in their states. and then health plans also have to make decisions about what's possible given we're this far in the process. what's essentially is happening is we're changing the rules in the middle of the game. a lot of these changes have already been enacted. regulators have already been noti notified. consumers have been notified and enrolled in new plans. there's a number of questions about how you can go back and change it. >> no doubt, robert. three years it took for the health insurance companies to put this together, they can't dismantle and start over. thanks so much. fox news alert right now. our own ed henry asking jay carney some tough questions on obama care. let's listen. >> i contest that. i would ask you to find anywhere where i said that everybody would be able to enroll instantly on this day. >> the goal is obviously to enroll more people, right?
11:36 am
>> absolutely. >> so if they're still waiting -- >> and i would point you to the fact that more people are visiting the site and are able to effectively go from beginning to end when it comes to enrolling than was the case in october. and in november. significant improvements have been made. and the vast majority of users, we believe, are able to use the website and have it function effectively for them. that does not mean and we never said it would mean that there would be no problems moving forward. that there would never be an error message or a delayed response for a page to load. that's certainly not the case with even the most high functioning commercial website of complexity and size. what our goal is, our goal is to make sure that we continue to improve the overall experience. because the purpose here is to make sure that americans have access to quality and affordable health insurance. and the site is
11:37 am
an important part of that. it's not the only part. but we're continuing to work every day to make the improvements that are necessary. >> when you compare it to the private sector, the report put out by the administration over the weekend said, quote, the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness now. can you reasonably expect that it's working under that effectiveness according to the administration with, by your own estimation, 24/7, bringing in outside consultants, is it reasonable to expect that krou can keep that same level of private sector velocity and effectiveness, as you call it, over the next months, years, as it's really the government doing it, not the private sector? this is a government operation. that obviously was not working before. you now say it's working with private sector velocity. can you reasonably keep up that pace? >> i'd say a couple of things about that. the answer is yes, we can, in the days ahead continue to work around the clock as we have in
11:38 am
recent days and weeks to make the necessary improvements. two, what is absolutely the case is that private sector does something very well and better than the government can, and running effective websites may be one of them, is one of them. what the affordable care act demonstrates is that it is important for government to take action in order to, for example, do something the private sector has failed to do. which is reduce the inflation rate in health care costs. what we saw prior to the passage -- >> you've been listening to jay carney ask -- or answer ed henry's questions on obama care. tough job for jay carney today. in the meantime, amazon testing a way to get packages to you even faster. using drones to pick up your purchases from the shipping room and airmail them right to your front door. before amazon can take prime air to the sky, the faa needs to alter some of the rules. is this is a savvy move by amazon which has very slim profit margins? joining us, our business panel.
11:39 am
matt mccall. charles paine. and ari zolden. is this a smart move on the part of amazon? >> the answer is i think it's great. i saw the video yesterday about 1,000 times just watching it. total game changer. real disruptive technology. to be able to change the e-commerce or the delivery mechanism to be able to get packages to end users. >> the faa is really the one saying hold your horses. right, matt? the idea is they're going to review some of the rules in 2015. we saw a video earlier with dry cleaners delivering your shirt and your pants to your door. they had to go on hold as a result. do you think the faa, a government agency, is going to move swiftly on this? >> no. i don't think we should be expecting our books to be delivered by drone any time soon. it's not going to happen. as ari alluded to, it shows the future of how customers want things thousand. they'll go to a company like amazon, for example, with fulfillment centers all around
11:40 am
the country and world saying i want this book and i want it by the end of the day. if you're showing how business will be done in the future, how consumers want things, how the minds of americans have changed. instant gratification. >> people that -- >> soon there'll be no prime shipping. >> it's going to be prime air. it's going to be fast. stealth. right in front of you. >> that will be interesting to see. i am a prime subscriber. only because it's free and comes relatively quickly. i don't know if i'd pay more for a drone just yet. charles, how does this affect jobs. when i was watching this report last night the first thing that came to my mind was, wow. a lot of truck drivers, people out there currently that are going to be out of a job. >> there's so many exciting things we're on the cusp of right now you do have to wonder between the drones, robotics, 3-d printing. we're talking about an industrial base that could look completely different ten years from now. one of the most important reasons why we need to churn out kids with science degrees, engineering degrees. all of this time we're wasting
11:41 am
on different things, it's a critical thing. that's where the jobs will be. some of these other jobs that will be replaced, i don't know. if your skill sets aren't there, i don't know where you're going to land in this economy. in the next five to ten years people better make a point of making sure their kids are prepared or they themselves are prepared. >> i've got to end it there. breaking news with jay carney. to the business panel men, thank you so much. "fast & furious." you knew him from the films. people mourning the death of paul walker killed in that fiery cash crash over the weekend. we'll break down the latest on the investigation. oh, so smooth on camera. the legendary ron burgundy playing a real life snuz anchor. i would have loved to have been that woman. >> now jared joins with us a first look at the forecast. jared, how are you? >> very well, ron, how about yourself. >> i'm doing great. last time i saw you, you were a lot heavier. i feel like you lost, like, 50 pounds. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews
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tv viewers in bismarck, n nn north dakota, got the chance to stay classy when run burgundy dropped by to deliver the real news. >> amber, you look lovely tonight. >> thank you, ron, you, too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am. don't get any ideas. >> will ferrell promoting "anchor man 2: the legend continues" which opens later this month. a man in hot water after tossing $1,000 of cash into the air inside the mall of america. police citing him for disorderly conduct. the guy said he was just trying to spread some, quote, holiday cheer. heraldo rivera. is this guy guilty of a crime? come on, a thousand bucks to people during christmas time and hanukkah? >> he's charged with disorderly conduct punishable by 90 days in jail, $1,000 fine or both. so he may be -- he may be in a jam. the people at the mall of america, you and i have both been there. >> yes. >> they suggest to management that he could have caused a
11:46 am
riot. he could have caused people to be hurt. a stampede. it was packed. ♪ let it snow, let it snow he's throwing the dollar bills. youtube address and facebook posting address. >> breaking news. i didn't know geraldo had such a good voice. apparently he was estranged from his wife. this was some sort of publicity strunt as well as holiday cheer. he was trying to get attention to win her back, i guess, is the back story here. >> i don't know about that. >> nonetheless, he was sort of hoping for positivity to come of it. should the police really be busy worrying about a guy like this? some people maybe needed the cash. >> i think you're much more open hearted than i am. i don't believe for a second that he was looking to get some good vibrations. he was looking to get back at his estranged wife. he was suggesting it was his last $1,000. that he had lost his business because of her. she'd even taken their cat. he wanted the cat back. i think it was a much more
11:47 am
snotty gesture. >> i hope he doesn't want to shop. the mall said he can't come back for a year. in the meantime, one of the stars of "fast & furious," paul walker, reportedly died over the weekend in a car crash. police say speed may have played a significant roll in this. geraldo, you were also a race car driver? >> a drag racer. i noknow the impulse. you want to go fast. you get in a porsche. the guy driving the call, roger rodas, business partner, clearly was going fast. what we don't know is whether or not they were drag racing or whether a second car was involved in any way. they found some doughnut skids. the kids tend to make when they're showing off. they did not match the tires of the -- of the carrera gt. they discount that. they don't know if a second car was involved. we do know, like the train cash here in new york, that speed was
11:48 am
involved. now, they claim, you know, the people who are apologizing for what happened in a sense are saying that there was a steering fluid leak. you know, you don't have that kind of catastrophic failure that would result in this kind of crash. >> how ironic is it that paul walker was -- he admitted he was a speed junky. he loved to race. he's in "fast & furious" movies which are all about that. >> he didn't just play a fast car enthusiast in the movies. he loved it. he was partners on this high performance auto parts business where they had this charity. he was also a wonderful guy, by all accounts. very charitable. open hearted. the father of a 15-year-old who was with him. a mormon family. very philanthropic. he personally is worth tens of millions. he's been an actor since he was just 2 years old. giving money away, this event was to raise money for the typhoon victims that he and his friend just said they went for a joyride and this is what happened. >> shows you how short life can
11:49 am
be. geraldo, great to see you as always. >> thank you. passengers pulled from a deadly disease scare involving someone else on board. did you hear this story? why didn't the other passengers know about it? what if you were on that plane? giving new meaning to the phrase bird's eye view. this eagle taking flight. and some sef selfies with a camera. how did he get it, next? so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice.
11:50 am
don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
11:51 am
11:52 am
a bird making a break for it with other ranger wildlife camera. the sea eagle swooping in and plucking it from its base. you can see it flap its wings,
11:53 am
showing the camera 70 miles away before laying it down and taking a selfie. rangers now say they'll bolt the cameras down. good idea. >> health scare. on a flight to phoenix, travelers told to get tested for tuberculosis after a passenger was removed from the plane on saturday. usairways say the man had a medical condition. trace gallagher has the latest. if i saw someone leaving like that and told to get a tb vaccine, i wouldn't feel so hospital. what do you know? >> very freaky. especially i he was coughing all over the place. we talked to the centers for disease control and they have not confirm whether hi had active tuberculosis. he was allowed to get on the flight. it wasn't when the flight was in the air when tsa notified the flight crew has status change to no, fly when the 74 papping --
11:54 am
74 passengers and crew landed, the ware swarmed by the police and passengers were told about the man's health condition and told to see their doctors immediately and then get tested in three months. but we just again spoke to the cdc and they say the passengers do not yet need to see their doctors. in fact a spokesman for usairways told us a short time ago they're working in conjunction with the cdc. the cdc will notify them about the mans and they will notify all the passengers. the passenger in question was supposed to get on a flight to china, and that now has been postponed, at you might imagine. tuberculosis, if you don't know, is a bacterial infection of the lungs and can be deadly. so the cdc is mon -- monitoring closely. >> you've have an update on phlegm of aegean controversy. >> the pledge of allegiance was not allowed to be reinstated and the school board got immense
11:55 am
pressure over it. they got death threats and nasty letters. the board said they didn't change their minds because of the angry response and say 70% of the mail they got supported reciting the pledge so they're doing what the pub wants. the school board never banned the pledge. it hat nose been -- it has not been said for 50 years but it turn down a veteran's group to reinstate the pledge. so now new sioux falls they'll find the time but it's not mandatory. >> with all they got going on at school cooperate find time for 20-30 seconds. glad to here they're going -- hear they're going to be saying it. >> ten second actually. >> you're comments and tweets next. pp ÷ó
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11:59 am
>> a cheerleading competition in new jersey where an airman walked in pulled off a big surprise. she said yes but she was shocked. >> we talked about it before, and i said i don't want anyone around. surprised to say the least. >> i hard to do in a few days. >> congratulations go out to the happy couple. >> you're delivering comments on the drone service plans. we asked if you would trust other drone. marlene says i wouldn't want to get hit in the head. one said i thought we were
12:00 pm
crying to create jobs. >> amazon, tell low, did you receive your package? yes, it killed my thoughts. thank you for you thoughts. we'll keep reading them. >> happy monday. thes who now claims that the web site is working better than ever and tens of thousands of people are logging on. how well is it really working? >> ever get migraine headaches? anybody who does know how excruciating they can be. now a new study indicates an object that many people use every day could be to blame. and your man, the crack smoke-sg mayor. he ate and wings and stole somebody's seat. let's get to it. >> happy december.


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