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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOXNEWSW  December 2, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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crying to create jobs. >> amazon, tell low, did you receive your package? yes, it killed my thoughts. thank you for you thoughts. we'll keep reading them. >> happy monday. thes who now claims that the web site is working better than ever and tens of thousands of people are logging on. how well is it really working? >> ever get migraine headaches? anybody who does know how excruciating they can be. now a new study indicates an object that many people use every day could be to blame. and your man, the crack smoke-sg mayor. he ate and wings and stole somebody's seat. let's get to it. >> happy december. first from the news difficult.
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the obama administration officials saying dramatic improvements to the web site for millions of americans to sign on for the belt -- benefits but the site is still far from 100%. the white house says computer programmers have been working nonstop since the launch in october. they were trying to meet the president's december 1st december 1st deadline to get the site up to speed. officials said they met the goal and the system can now handle 50,000 users at one time with an error rate of less than 1%. but our news deck team ran into problems. we got what appeared to be a blank screen with a web site logo, win we scrolled to the bob of the page we got this message. the web site is overloaded. you have to wait. the white house says 375,000 or so people went to health just before non.
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officials admit there's work to do. >> the president believes the site has been significantly improved, and that the teams in place have worked 24/7 for weeks now to make those improvements, including significant improvements made over the weekend. but the work is not done. >> well, in a column for u.s.a. today, today, we got this word from the health and human services secretary who says potential customers should wait until off peak hours, morning, evening, and weekends. well, so how does the web site work at 3:00 p.m. on a monday? if i can get this thing to work over here i do that. how die do -- do i do that, shift, shift, zero. well, if the computer would work i could tell you. i can tell you even if you can't log on, you, always enroll over the phone or in person, but analysts say the web site plays a crucial role.
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meshes have but three weeks today to sign up for coverage that kicks in at the first of the year. we're live in washington this afternoon, and, peter, how has the web site been doing? >> not so hot, shep. apparently it's too busy. the white house says the web site should be able to handle 800,000 users a day. hhs says that fewer than half that many visited by noon eastern. but this morning, a page pops up saying there are too many people at the site and an invitation to leave an e-mail address for a followup note that would tell you a better time to return. i first asked for the note more than three hours ago still waiting. this page is difficult to describe as anything other than complete gibberish. i click that i wanted to apply for coverage. the pages that do load have been slow. there are many cyber monday problems at the healthcare market place. >> what are being being advised
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to do? >> i spoke just in the last hour or with someone from consumer reports. they originally wanted people to pump the breaks and give time to improve. now they're recommendation is to get covered quickly because having insurance is too important. >> they've been fixing it for over a month now, and it's really made a difference. we said, when the troubles first started, people into stay away from the site, not forever, but to give them time to fix it. which they've now substantially done at least for the part that consumers are using. and it's time now to go back and use it. >> there will be times the white house says that the site is not working optimally but that they also say that if you look site today versus the original launch date, the difference is night and day, and a in a good way. >> peter, thank you very much. let's give it a trial. apply now. during times of especially high
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demand you may be cued to begin your online market place application to ensure that the best possible shopping experience. in other words, they'll put you in line. here's what we can do. let's do this. when you go right down here, create an account. is that the best way to start? and then select your state. and i'm obviously in new york, which is where we're based here, so, some states have their own health care system, so their own state web site will work differently than hours. but here in new york, this is the new york state health. if you do mississippi, the place i'm kind of front, mississippi, apply online, let's get started. well, late working, at least to that point. let's get to the tech guru, ceo dynamic communications, the company that cretes and upgradessed systems for the internet, and has been i guess quite successful. you said noting along ago they
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ought to start over. do you fill feel that way. >> it has gotten better but they need to start from scratch. it's the architecture. that's the problem here. and the reason why we know it's the architecture, because they just put in 12 new servers. you put in more and more servers and the architecture is right you shouldn't get the bottle neck. but they're going to continue to run into issues, security issues as well. >> i tried too log on a number of times throughout the morning anticipating this, and i got in every time. that's not to say it's going to work throughout the whole process. but when they say it's better than it was, they're on point. >> the thing is supposed to work. what tells auto all is they're telling people to go on at different times of the day. today is cyber monday. can you imagine. son or macy's or other retailers
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say can't go on at 3:00 because there's so many people. if this was the private sectors, they would be out of business. it's the architecture that is the problem and i think needs to be >> today was our highest morning traffic, the white house told us. some around 375,000 people went on this morning, with one percent problems. one percent isn't a lot unless you're one of them. >> well, unless you're one of them. but something like this has to work and the other reason -- this is different than just going on and shopping because you're talking about lives of social security numbers, and real secure information, and the problem is, what i'm worried about here, is the security, because if everything doesn't sync up architecture-wise it leaves a big game for hackers. the problem is the front end isn't syncing up with the back
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end. so the information is not being received by insurance companies. we'll fine out it's not working because the insurance companies are saying we're not receiving it on the back end. >> larry good, to see you. thank you. now to that horrible car wreck. speed we're told was the factor in the one that killed the "fast & furious" star paul walker. investigators say the actor died in a fiery crash on saturday, 30 miles northwest of los angeles. fans it up a make shift memorial at the scene, leaving flowers and candles. his publicist says he was riding in a porch and a friend was behind the wheel, a friend and business adviser there isn't much left of the car. investigators say they're using dental records in an effort to identify those inside. walker had reportedly been working own seventh "fast & furious" movie. he was 40 years old and leaves behind a teenage daughter. our country's now at greater
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risk of a terror attack than just a short time ago. that's the word from top lawmakers, and wait until you hear who they're blaming. >> a huge fight with cops turns deadly. we'll show you how it wasn't down from a drone's point of view. that's coming up on this monday. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ kand i don't have time foris morunreliable companies.b angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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>> some intense video of protests going on around the globe. first in ukraine where theirs street fights have now turned bloody. riot police fired tear gas at crowds trying to storm the ukrainian president's office. they're lashing out of the deal with the umpan -- european union. the protesters want to at thebe closer to europe because that's where they feel they'll he more success where the government seems to be aligning with the old soviet union. the video shows cops beating demonstrators, some who were sit on the ground. the white house says they called the police actions unacceptable. and thousands of miles to the east in thailand, some guy used his personal drone to record an antigovernment demonstration in
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bangkok. police used water cannons to drive away the protesters. we had to blew the on or on sent that someone painted on the sidewalk. the drone followed a tear gas canister the cops shot the crowds. officials report four people died in the violence there. americans are not as safe from terrorism today as we were just a few years ago. that's the word from the heads of the house and senate intelligence committees. the republican congressman mike rogers and democratic senator dianne feinstein said there are a record number of terror groups operating worldwide. they say those groups have also changed the way they communicate. and that it's less likely the united states will be able to detect an attack before it happens. congressman rogers said leaks about government intelligence gathering have hurt anti-terror efforts. it's been six months since ed snowden revealed the effort ops the national security agency
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phones' now congressman roger is investigating whether ed snowden was working alone or whether other governments may have played a role. catherine herridge is in washington. other governments to whom is he referring here? >> if you take a close review of the nasa nasa -- national security agency leaked documents they talk about the works overseas, and the chairman of the house intelligence committee, who gets regular brief examination -- briefings, says there is now evidence suggesting edward snowden had helped when he downloaded 200,000 documents. >> we know he did some things capability wise that were beyond his capabilities, meaning he used someone else's help to steal things from the people of the united states, classified information, information we use to keep america safe. >> and the former head of the nsa and said that his activities
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have permanently damaged u.s. security. >> it's very, very hard. this is the -- this is catastrophic for the safety and security of the american nation. what this very narcissistic young man tag down. >> fox news was told there are questions abouten0s stay and whether he had contact with a foreign national who facilitated his travel to russia. >> all this came out in the sunday programs yesterday, on the cbs one. and i wonder if we have heard from ed snowden or the report are who handled the documents. >> e-mailed glen green walled with the information that snowden had help and couldn't have taken this documents on his own but we have yet to get a sops -- response. fox news found that 37 reports based on nsa leaked documents and of the total, only 25% dealt
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direct live we known record of american citizens and national security lawyers who deal with government fraud and abuse cases say they're skeptical. >> anything that goes to the heart of what the definition of a whistle blower is, does not fit to snowden's disclosures regarding the majority of the documents that are now coming out. >> snowden says back in june when he gave the first interview he health obligated to speak because the nsa had not been honest with the american people about surveillance, and that point is not in dispute. the question is why these leaks moved increasingly away from the privacy rights of americans and relate to sourceses and methods of collection overseries. >> good to see you. word that drinking bottled water could be just as bad for your health as your bank account. a new study shows all that plastic may also give us pounding headaches. the reasons and what to avoid, coming right up.
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passengers on a usairways flight landed in arizona over the weekend. only for officials to tell them they should probably get tested for tuberculosis. this happens saturday after a flight from austin to phoenix. witnesses said responders boarded the plane and removed the man whom they asked to put on a medical mask. passengers say officials advised them to get tb tests and vaccinations when they got off the plane. federal health officials say there's no immediate confirmation the passenger had any infectious disease, just the was marked no fly due to unspecified medical conditions. tuberculosis is a contagious respiratory disease some can be
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fatal. >> there's a new study out that suggests drink water out of plat stick bottle -- plastic bottles could trigger massive headaches. lee searchers 'checked bpa on rats and found it caused more migraines. scientist have linked the chemical to range of health issues to obesity, infertility, even heart attacks. companies commonly use this substance in food packaging and plastics, including bottleed but a. nearly half the adult population had a headache within the last year. researchers suggest cutting exposure by avoiding-door microwave trays, abouts, water coolers. dr. sue dakotas. a general practitioner here in new york. i was doing the research on this
12:22 pm
and bottled water -- >> it's in all plastics and epoxy res sins, so that means baby bottles and plastic bottles. >> baby boot bottles? >> dvds, cds, and thermal paper like i can the receipts you get when you use your credit card, and epoxy res sins are used by dentists for root canal. so these chemicals are ubeck quit to us and we have been exposed to them. they started putting it in our water supplies starting start 1. >> when you go to look at web sites from the government, et cetera, i don't see any constraints on their use at all. >> that is true. the fda is not banning them and said they may be dangerous but we have to realize we get exposed probably every day of our lives, and this exposure can really mount.
12:23 pm
so, you can't really get rid of it because it hangs on in the fat tissue, and acts as what we call pseudo hormone. likees joe -- like estrogen, and when they did a study, researchers looked at obese children and found when the biopsied their fat they found the hormone. >> around here we get our water from one of those big bubblers and put it in a plastic container. that's the same thing. the chemical is in all of those. >> we're being exposed all the time and when you get a takeout meal in a plastic container and heat it up in the microwave of ven that can triple the amount of bpa in your body. >> mike row waving plastic. >> not a good idea. >> should we go back to drinking out of glasses and get water from the tap.
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>> i'm trying to use bottles in my. line, and i make sure most of them are packed in glass bottles. you can't break plastic down. >> and they found it in dump material. so that gets recycled back into the environment so it's a vicious cycle. >> all the government says is, this mace be a problem -- this may be a problem. >> i think it's toxic, lynched to obesity, cancer, infertility, and specifically hardous for -- hazardous for babies and fetuses. right out of the tap isn't so horrible., says it's working to get packages delivered to customers faster than ever before, 30 minutes or less, and they'll do it with
12:25 pm
help from a drone. but is that the reason they're talking's this and giving "60 minutes" access because they think the drone might -- i live report in a fedex distributioner in from what they're calling the busiest day of the user for fedex. ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh.
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and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. more headlines from the fox news deck. the president of afghanistan is risk billions of dollars in aid after he refused to sign a security agreement with the united states. that's the word from our ambassador to nato. he says the security deal would help bring more than $8 billion to afghan security forces. >> witnesses report syrian rebels have taken over parts of an ancient christian town near damascus. observers say hard-line militants attacked the churches
12:28 pm
during battles in this exact town. >> five days after a deadly crane collapse construction crews are back on the job in brazil, building a soccer stadium. the collapse killed two of the coworkers, but as one worker says, brazilians never quit. >> the news continues from the fox news deck right after this.
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fly robots will some day deliver packages to the front doors people who shop on amazon. amazon has posted a demo clip that you can see on youtube. bezos says the six -- in the "60 minutes" interview that the goal is to unmanned drones, octocopters, deliver small items to customers withins a half hour.
12:31 pm
>> you give them instructions which gps cords nats to go into, and they take off and fly there. >> what's the hardest challenge. >> the hard part here is putting in all the redundancies, all the systems you need to say this thing can't land on somebody's head while they're waking around in their neighbor. that's not good. i don't want anybody to think this is just around the corner. >> the ceo says the service won't be ready for several years, and that the feds still need to come up with regulation for delivery drones. that should happen next year. but when the machines are ready, if they're ready, i should say, bezos claims they can carry packages up to five pounds, which is 87% of the company's orderers. amazon north the future seeing drones in the sky will be as normal as trucks on the road, except children have harder time taking to their bedrooms fedex trucks.
12:32 pm
>> why such a skeptic? you're a shep-tic today. >> when i was a kid, if there were drones that landed in my yard i'd own a lot of drones. that's a fact. i would steal them. >> that's one of the worries, people will steal them or shoot them out of the sky. they're adorable, but these potential billionaires that are changing changing the face of how we do business. might get to us san france in 15 minutes or less. you could go drunk shopping, order something impulsive and irresponsible and have it to your house before the buzz wears off. >> you could and i remember -- i first got one of these little drones, and was trying to see if it was possible to get the drone to get a beer from the refrigerator and bring it out by the pool and that may be possible, too which might be -- before we go pooh-poohing this,
12:33 pm
read in "slate" today, and predecks were talking about how you couldn't take your computer to the beach, and says here at the end, what i might add are very small words, you can't tote that commuter to the beach, yet the director of m.i.t. medical lab predicts we'll buyle books and news over the internet. >> the end of civilization. >> in the moment we think this impossible, look at the article. >> kids will some day look to the heavens for their gifts and packages and will no longer wait for the mail truck, and crowd decent have to provide pensions to drone. >> the cynic in me wonders how much this is about the processing centers.
12:34 pm
>> fulfillment centers, and i and people who work in those places who dethe same tasks all the time and some of them are getting cuckoo and maybe this is a distraction from that. >> they want to get the -- in the drones and fly away to a better job. >> i think that this just marks exciting things to come, and i think that jeff bezos is building himself not just an empire but a way of life. he'll control all of us. our mines, packages, news information. >> they're as big as any company. >> $75 billion it will make. >> they'll win the war on cyber monday. very good piece on "60 minutes" by charlie rose. sometimes he bores me to tears. >> stay here. >> i will. this is -- i love being safe on the news deck. >> good to see you. as amazon works to ensure the
12:35 pm
drones don't land on your head, the company is offering discounts to attract customes. there are a lot of deals but many of the customers are committing tax evasion. you see, online retailers don't always charge state sales tax which leaves it up to the customers to pay the sales tax, and believe it or not apparently allot of -- a lot of us don't do that volunteerly. a recent congress recall report estimates the losses are $11.5 billion per year. in fact the supreme court just hours ago declined to take up a question whether retailers like amazon need to collect taxes in states where they don't have a'll presence. those retailers help minimize that presence by shipping across statelines, like putting processing facilities in new jersey and shipping into new york, using services like fedex. fedex predicts this cybermonday will be its busiest
12:36 pm
days ever. we're at a processing center, fulfillment? what's it like on the ground there? >> reporter: it has been crazy. passages have been flying around, documents being sorted. we're at a fulfillment center in the bronx and thousands of packages among the 22 million pagan -- packages ships today, an historic record. it's helping to lift their stock. i they have touched a high today. the increase of 11% from last year, fedex is helping 125 packages per second. 85 million packages globally this week alone. >> that's a lot. what are the workers saying about how busy it is? i guess they're glad to be employed. >> reporter: it's a busy day and a lot of the workers believe
12:37 pm
it's only going to get crazy 'er. a lot of people only made their cyber monday purchases today, maybe tonight and a lot of those packages will be heading out from fulfillment centers. we'll see how the numbers shake out. the retail numbers for this month and the holiday season -- we'll see if fedex can deliver in terms of their targets this tough holiday season. >> good too see you. >> fast-food workers from some 100 cities are planning to walk off the job on this coming thursday. it's the largest effort yet to push for higher wages. to get some people out of what amounts to poverty. you'll remember there were similar protests this past summer. part of a growing push from labor unions and democrats who want to raise the current federal men wage from 7.25 an hour to $15 an hour. the national restaurant
12:38 pm
association is an industry lobbying group and it's against raising the minimum wage. it claims the protesters are union workers and are calling the demonstrations quote, a campaign engineered by national labor groups. >> china could become one of only three countries ever to make it to the moon. >> the chinese launched a mission today to land a rover on the mon. it is set to arrive in a couple of weeks and will explore the moons surface in theory and send back pictures to the earth. it's another step for china's program after it first put an astronaut into space. the only other countries to land on the moon are russia and the united states. >> more and more families are packing up and heading to colorado. why? to get their hands on medicine made of marijuana. or at least thc. we'll explain that. and if crack and wings are more
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the national football league took a trip to canada yesterday, as it has been doing. in this case the falcons played the bills in toronto, and the crack-smoke mayor showed up, rob ford, and we have photos. this is rob ford in a seat that -- he is hard to miss. he is sitting right there. seeing smiling people around him. looks like he is for the bills. here he is enjoying some food. chicken wings ands around him appear to be eating, and here he is taking a picture with someone who is no doubt an admirer. but there's a little more to this which we found out from twitter, and i have that over
12:43 pm
here. this guy, matt mays, says i'm signature at my seat. he stole my seat. he's like, i'm by myself. i have to kick him out. he says, the mayor stole my seat, man. he showed up late to the game so he just took an empty aisle seat and the rightful opener sent out the tweets. when he got there, that's when all of this happened and he found the mayor in his seat so he tweeted about and it in the end the mayor gave up his seat. well, or giving his seat back to rightful opener. and i mean, as fine as things can be with mayor ford. the bills went on to lose to the falcons. >> police in kansas say man died are a fight outside a football stadium. which it happened in the parking
12:44 pm
lottess during the chiefs-broncos game. a man and his son went back to their vehicle and somebody found it -- that somebody found inside, and they say that is when the fight breck out, and soon after that, they report that the guy who had been inside the car collapsed. paramedics took him to a hospital where doctors say he died. cop does not know the exact cause of death in this case but they're investigating it as a homicide. the -- three people are in custody but they're not considered suspects yet. yesterday was exactly one year after a former chiefs linebacker killed his girlfriend, then drove to the chiefs practice facility and shot himself in the head. there's no word -- we don't anticipate there's any connection at all. scores of families from across the united states are moving to grand old colorado so their sick children can have medicine made from the active
12:45 pm
ingredient in marijuana. they're calling it charlotte's web, a black oily medicine made from pot. the manufacturers say it's low in thc, so i doesn't get people high, but contains a lot of cannabis type oil. that oil can reduce the number of seed -- ease sures -- seize -- seizeures have moved to colorado. we're live in denver this afternoon. tell us more about these families. i've seen a lot of reporting on this matter. >> reporter: and for the move to colorado for these families, it's usually the last in a series of desperate measures for these families. listen to this one mother talk about her son's life before trying it. >> well, he had 500,000 seizures by the time he was five. he would average a dozen seize
12:46 pm
ures. >> this her son now. he started receiving the specially bred. he. containing a high level of a compound known at cdd, and the seize sures stopped. she said before cbd. they tried 17 different pharmaceutical medications. it's grown by a group of six brothers in colorado. they say if you smoked their entire crop you couldn't get high. they grow it for families who need it. >> they're not a for pot. and for most of them they would rather not be cannabis or a. hem p strain. >> the brothers have a wait list of 300 families waiting. >> trying to get people to grow it without thc is difficult despite the fact these people need it badly. what do they use to get the medicine into the kids.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: the compound is in the hemp. distracted from the plant and delivered to them through an oil. there's not a lot of research because under federal law marijuana is illegal. many scientists are increased about the possibility but remain cautious. >> just not evidence out there that tells us that it's safe, it's tolerable and it's effective in epilepsy, so i think that research is really needed from that point of view so we can establish that and keep kids safe in the process as we move forward in developing cbd as a treatment. >> reporter: there are small clinical trials here in the united states and israel. >> thank you. >> fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. [cheering] >> the stroke of midnight made it official. same-sex marriage couples can
12:48 pm
get married in hawai'i. dozens tied the knot in honolulu after knight. 16 states from the district of culp ya have now legalized same-sex marriage. the illinois law takes effect in six months. >> protesters and police phased off in egypt. protesters threw stones at the police. they're protesting a new law that restrictions the rights to demonstrate. h. a puppy that spend nine days in a storm drain in dallas has a new home. so many people offered to adopt this one that the shelter held an adoption lottery. our team showed you the rescue last week. animal control worker says they found the puppy's two siblings nearby and now have new owners, too. >> we're expecting more updates from investigators in the deadly
12:49 pm
train derailment that killed fewer people and hurt dozens of others in new york city. details on the federal government's investigation into the crash. lcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education.
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>> we're expecting federal investigators 0 to release details of the deadly commuter train derailment. abc is told that evidence its pointing to, quote, human error as the cause of the crash. the ntsb found the train's black boxes. just moments ago the ntsb released this new video of the crash scene. official said the train was heading south toward map -- manhattan toward the bronx when
12:53 pm
several cars jumped the track just before the curve. the bend is marked in red on this map. it has had a long history of troubles. you have to slow down there the speed limit is like 60 before and you have to get down to 35. it's where the hudson and harlem rivers meet. some of the derailed cars flipped on the toe their sides. officials say 150 people were onboard when the wreck happened. four died and more than 60 were hurt. three of them still reported to be in critical condition. laura ingall has been monitoring developments from the bronx this afternoon. what is happening on scene? >> reporter: crews have been using heavy equipment and cranes to get the toppled rail cars up and out of here all day long. in fact a locomotive just pulled up and looks like it's about to pull away, their very last rail car here. they're moving them out to obviously get ready to start repairing the railroad here. we want to get to the brand new video released by the ntsb of
12:54 pm
the wreckage. as we're looking at this, investigators with the national transportation and safety board are said to be conducting those important interviews with passengers are expecting to get face time with the three crew members in charge of the train. the union runting retching the - representing to the crew saying they're cooperating but the engineer is in trauma and one crew member suffered an eye jury and the other crew members are banged up and okay. they're looking at speed, braking, timing of at the deraille. ing passengers say the train -- seemed to be going faster than normal, and reports say the engineer told somebody the brakes failed. the ntsb has not confirmed that and we're waiting for the news
12:55 pm
conference to get underway shortly. >> we have learned more about the victims. >> we have the names of those deceased. those who lived through the derailment have described a gruesome and terrifying escape as these rail cars tipped over. bodies were flying, smashing into seats. one man told me he could hear glass shattering around him. some fellow passengers being raked across the gravel and earth as the cars skidded close to the river. james lovele, a father of four heading into the city to work, he passed. donna smith, 54 years old, with her sister and two others, again, more information coming shortly from the in the in -- fm the ntsb. >> we'll be right back. go to ant to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you
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12:59 pm
snatched a video camera and record offed its journey. you can see the wings flapping also it grabs the camera. park rangers set it up to research crocodiles in may, and after this flight in western australia, you can see the bird put its face in front of the camera and started pecking at the lens. rangers plan to nail down their cameras in the future. >> on this day in 1975, ohio state university running back archie griffin became the first player to win the heisman trophy two years in a row. as a freshman, archie griffin earned himself in a start in the buckeyes starting lineup after rushing for 230 yards in a win over north carolina. he won his first heisman by a landslide in his junior year and vow ted win another one and he did. nobody has done it since. but archie griffin took home heisman number two, 38 years ago today. which would lead me to mention
1:00 pm
nothing in the world other than war eagle. wow. and, does ohio state deserve to be there? i know, buckeye fans. war eagles. >> welcome everybody. we're waiting on word from the ntsb holding a press conference on the deadly train derailment in new york yesterday that claimed at least four passengers. when we get details on it, we'll pass them along to you. it will be streaming uninterrupted online, on they shopped, but spending still dropped. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. and you know, maybe they just call it sigh-ber monday because they weren't setting records on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, never mind americans came out in droves of the holiday weekend. 45 million alone on thanksgiving


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