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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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so don sent me a tweet saying it sounds like we have a new terrorist way of blowing something up with the drone. there's a happy note. thanks, don. let me know your thoughts on twitter. @megyn kelly. have a great night. see you tomorrow. the administration has hit the big benchmarks they set out. 50,000 people at one time, 800,000 people a day. >> the white house declares health is ready to go. but is it? our own ainsley air hart is back trying to sign onto the obama care website. and glenn beck is here with his take on obama care and the administration negotiating with t terrorists in iran. >> they offered coverage for myself, my wife but my one and a half-year-old daughter was left off. >> and a shocking story from the latest victims of obama care. >> i thought it was a glitch. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity."
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tonight the deadline has passed. despite the administration saying health works, quote, smoothly for the vast majority of use rs that's not true. there are still glitches when americans try to sign up for obama care on oh line and even death panel sebelius admits it's true, sort of. in usa today she wrote, for those who prefer to shop online you may want the to visit health in off-peak hours when there is less traffic. morning, evenings, weekends. have your information ready and comparison shop for the best deal. that doesn't sound fixed to me. we want to test it so back with us again trying to sign up for obama care. she's been trying all day. the co-host of "fox & friends" first. >> we have had producers here trying to get on the website today. one of the producers got on and
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it has to be during off peak times. basically you have to wait here. we'll make sure there is room for you to have a good experience on our site. here are things you can do to check out the enroll. process. hurry up and wait is what this screen is saying. we'll get to you when we can. the website was built for 50 thousand people to log on now with the new open enrollment. people are are concerned because if you compare it to amazon, compare the government versus private sector, amazon handled 1.1 million per hour today. walmart processed $400 million page views on thursday alone. ebay, 4 million page views per day. compared to $500,000 that this website can handle. a lot of concerns here. sticker shock. premiums going up. deductibles going up. not a lot of young people signing up to pay for this. not as many doctors participating. i have talked to doctors. they say they haven't been asked to participate. that's an issue.
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then there is the security issue as well. on facebook, i asked some of my facebook followers and yours, sean, to comment. one person, for instance said you couldn't pay me to go on the site. security should be everyone's concern. never will i sign up for obama care. never. i was on the site earlier. you have to enter personal information. not only do they want your phone number, address. they want your social security number. a lot of people aren't trusting the site to give out personal information. >> did you say 400 million hits on walmart's website? >> yes. 400 million page views on thursday alone. >> i'm not sure if you saw "60 minutes" last night, but amazon has a drone technology where you can order something and in a half hour -- they have incredible orders they take every hour. they even showed the drone that could deliver a five-pound package or less in a half hour or an hour and literally it goes
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off. you can see it there. this is the video. they have to get government approval. the earliest would be 2015 or '16. there it is. the amazon order. it goes from a distribution center to somebody's house. nice safe landing and right to your doorstep. a little bit more efficient. we are seeing the future. >> that's incredible. if you were a kid and saw that, wouldn't you grab the drone? amazon, maybe the executive there needs to work for the government. his site handles 1.1 million viewers an hour. >> we spent hundreds of millions of dollars. they had three years to put it together. i don't think amazon one in business if they functioned this way. >> absolutely not. >> keep working on it. >> i will. i will read the responses, too. >> we'll monitor her progress throughout the hour. we want to hear from you, the viewers. have any of you tried to sign up for the obama care on health
7:05 pm log onto the facebook page. tell us your experience with the site. first for more reaction on the developing story we turn to the former clinton adviser, host of wpht in philly. dick morris. how are you? >> hey. good to see you, sean. >> i thought it was to be fix d by december 1. that was their deadline. >> yeah, well, the whole point is the incompetence of the system. you think you are signing up for shurnts but the insurance company doesn't know anything about it. the insurance company doesn't have your info, the subsidy you were promised. they don't have the plan you enrolled for. they don't have any of that. that all remains to be built in 30 days. a lot of people are going to need health care on january 2. they will think they are ensured and won't be. >> >> you were referring to the new york times and a front page story they had.
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in spite of this the problems exist. people think they signed up for the health care. >> yeah. >> they contact the insurance company to find out they are not signed up. what are you supposed to do with this? >> that's the beginning of the problem. then you find out your doctor isn't covered, your hospital is not covered. if you get cancer you find out kettering isn'tcovered. then you see the deductible. this is only the beginning of the problems. >> this is going to roll out day after day, hour after hour, week after week, month after month. so the problem doesn't go away for the president. it gets deeper. let me play for you george will on fox news sunday talking about all hell breaking loose. >> interesting comment. >> interesting observation i agree with. watch this. >> way over the horizon six months from now a hundred million people get their insurance from medicare or medicaid. 171 million get it from
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employers. watch the employers. if they start dumping people into medicare and medicaid and the doctors say, the burdens are too high and the reimbursement is too low, we are not seeing medicaid patients. all hell breaks loose. >> the doctors don't want to take medicare patients because they can't get paid. >> the other thing going on is there were cancellations. people felt ripped off, confronted by an awe authoritarian government so the democrats pressed obama. he said, i will let you keep your policy if your state insurance commissioner agrees. now all the democratic blue state insurance commissioners are saying, nope. we want the cancellations to go ahead. we want to go full speed into bank. so a obama care. so all of the states are are putting their users through a terrible experience of
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cancellation. they will be madder than hell. >> david plouffe in a moment of candor, weakness and truth telling said obama care may take until 2017 to start working well. >> i think that's a.d., but i'm not sure. >> i think you're right. politically what happens from here. the if we are right -- >> well. >> if george will is right, what happens in terms of this politically? >> well, you know, i'm out of the prediction business. >> good idea. >> if the election would be held right now, we need six seats. there are three that were near unopposed. west virginia, montana. open seats, weak democrats. there were four incumbent democrats in serious trouble. cotton is ahead of prior in arkansas. cassidy if you count the republican vote with mannis is
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ahead of landrieu in louisiana. most of the alternatives are tied with haguen in north carolina. and beggish is probably behind either of his two republicans in alaska. that's seven. then you have four seats. two vacancies, michigan and -- i'm sorry, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire, and oregon where the democratic incumbent could lose. by the way, that includes franken. >> we'll see. you're right. stay out of the prediction business, dick. going to get people all excited. >> absolutely. i'm out of it. >> up next tonight on "hannity." >> it will be inexplicable if somebody involved in the creation of the website doesn't get fired. or a group of people don't get fired. >> president obama's former press secretary robert gibbs isn't mincing words there. why won't the white house take his advice? pat buy ka anyone and dennis
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kucinich go head to head. and the always outspoken glenn beck is here. no topic off limits. plus, poor ainsley is on a mission. mission impossible. will she finally be able to sign up. is the so-called the fix working? stick around to find out. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate.
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welcome back to "hannity." the democrats are licking their wounds after the obama care rollout. they are looking for someone else to blame and many on the the left are pointing fingers at those who are closest to the president. according to a report in the hill, quote, former administration officials and democratic operatives say president obama is ill served by the current white house staff and must reboot his second term team following the disastrous obama care rollout.
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first term insiders are arguing that the white house's weakness was defined by a lack of preparedness, messaging blunders and failure to keep the president informed. president obama's former press secretary robert gibbs said this. >> this has been a totally unnecessary embarrassment. it's been an embarrassment for activist government in many ways. it will be inexplicable if somebody involved in the creation of the website doesn't get fired or a group of people don't get fired. it will be inexplicable if we get to spring and somebody at hhs or cms or both haven't been fired. there aren't good excuses for not firing people. the private sector velocity should include the velocity of moving somebody's framed pictures out of their office and into a new job. >> joining me with reaction, patrick j. buchanan and dennis
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kucinich. hope you had a good thanksgiving. >> hi, sean. >> listening to robert gibbs, not a big fan of his. but nobody's been fired up to this point and it's inexapplicableable. don't you think? sp. the thing that's been missed is that this is a private contractor who is sitting up the website. i want to know and we should be trying to find out how in the world despite a sorry record of performance prior to getting the the contract did this particular contractor get the work? was it not -- >> no bid. it was no bid. >> well, that's the point. a no-bid contract, private sector vendor had failed before and now the government, we have a program we are told doesn't work. it's the website that doesn't work. a private contractor blew it. >> the contractor goes before congress. they blame the white house. they said, no, we gave you a
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heads up. they also made changes because they didn't want people the to see the rites were going up higher. it's the white house trying to cover up their lie that played a big part in this not working. right? >> no doubt about it. look, the white house should have overseen this. dennis has a good point. was this crony capitalism again? was it a no-bid contract to friends? then the white house comes in because were they not on top of this asking a year out and two years out, how are you fellows doing? the third point is this. no contractor was responsible for barack obama looking into the camera as we are doing now and saying you can keep your health care program if you like it. he apparently knew this was not true. he is responsible for the destruction of his own credibility. >> it's going to have a ripple effect, too. dennis, i have come to know you. i admire your honesty. butten you know and pat knows and i know and everybody watching knows that the president knew when he said you
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like your plan you can keep it, it wasn't true. the average per family per year will save $2500. not true. they knew in july of 2010 these things weren't true. how come when you ask democrats on the program, they all just make excuses? you're not going to make them, are you? >> there is no excuse for telling the american people that they are going to be able to keep their health care coverage if they weren't. what needed to be done way back in the campaign in 2012 is knew at the time is there needed to be a differentiation between people who were privately insured and people who had insurance with employers. had there been a differentiation, i think the administration wouldn't be in the trouble it niece now. i want to go back to something. >> but -- >> your show has the ability to find out who was it that didn't
7:18 pm
have it. >> we already know. >> sean, this is not simply the website thing. if you're at the other end they seem to be working for 50,000 a day. at the other end the insurance companies aren't getting what they need. you've got the public employers now, the corporations. we are hearing 70 million or a hundred million of them might run into obama care mandates that force forfeiting and invalidating their own insurance program at the end of the year. all of the problems, it's not simply the website. day in and day out. i mean, this is a wholesale disaster in government unlike any i have seen. it's like losing a war. >> i think -- and this is the point i was going to make. they had their own estimates of privately insured individuals, small business and large
7:19 pm
business. they knew it would be near the $100 million figure. they made a conditiscious decis that they weren't going to tell the american people the truthment that's a problem. >> what has to be pointed out is the affordable care act was a bonanza for the insurance companies. it gave them a captive audience of another 30 million americans with the government subsidizing their health care. frankly, i don't think that was appropriate from the beginning. i said so then. >> dennis, how do you justify marching into the program knowing full well the disasters are going to occur when the individual -- when the employer insurance programs and the other programs will are going to collapse? >> look, this thing has to work now. they have to make it work. >> new york city they don't. how about they scrap it, cut our losses and start over.
7:20 pm
tell the american people the truth as we debate it next time? dennis? >> how about that, dennis? >> i want to start over with -- >> i say scrap it. >> i'm there with you. >> it's garbage. cut your losses. pat, do you agree? >> obama has the veto and i don't think he'll do it. he could take the party down with him in 2014. >> he won't do it because it's the holy grail of liberalism and soc. lism. >> not for profit health care system is the holy grail. >> what is in. >> a not for profit health care system. >> single payer. that's the holy grail. we may be forced into it by the time this is over. that may be the plan. happy new year if i don't see you. up next, i go head to head with tamara holder. a "hannity" showdown. first we check in with ainsley earhardt monitoring health
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welcome back to "hannity." time again to check in with the co-host of fox & friends. ainsley earhardt standing by in the green room. >> it's been two months. we have finally gotten through a few of the pages on the health website today. it takes us to the privacy
7:25 pm
policy. a lot of people are stopping the at this point. if you scroll down and read the information, you have to agree that your information can be retrieved from the irs, from department of homeland security, and other government agencies as well. and you have to give your social security number eventually if you want to find out if you are eligible for this. a lot of people are saying, i don't want to do this. i don't trust the system. i don't have faith in the system. therefore i'm not giving my personal information. including julia mcpherson-crenshaw on facebook. she writes we tried for weeks. gave our information, driver's license, social security card. they can't verify our identity. we talked to a navigator. that was a month ago. we have been on the website on off peak hours and it crashes. she got on this morning and all that worked was the removal button, she said. some of the producers i mentioned were trying to get on. this was peter deucy trying to
7:26 pm
get on. it was gibberish. another producer from washington. when it asked his race and ethnicity, he entered it and he got more gibberish. i'm sorry, there is a problem with the system. warning, unauthorizedi access. we are having problems. >> in other words you get a half hour into it and you have to start over? >> that's what's frustrating. how many times have i been on your show doing this? you have to continuously give them a new log-in name, password every time you get in. if it kicks you off, you have to go through the whole system. it takes a long time. >> back to the beginning. ainsley, thanks. we'll check on the progress later in the show. first, while health continues to crash and burn the president's poll numbers continue the free fall. according to gallup, more than half of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling his job.
7:27 pm
how long will failures of obama care plague this lame duck president? here with hannity versus holder, round one. how are you? >> good. do i have to shake your hand or something? >> good. >> thanks for having me on. >> they can't even fix a website. >> obama care [ bleep ]. >> he what? >> i said it once. >> he what the bed? >> obama [ bleep ] the bed on this. >> oh, my. no. >> this is the biggest disaster we have had in recent american history. there is no other way to put it. you won't get me, miss crazy liberal to say anything different than that. the fact is last time i was on the show and you let me ask you a question you said we had the best health care system in the world. >> i believe it. >> okay. we have the highest rate that a child will die by the age of 5.
7:28 pm
>> tamara, before you get -- >> the lowest life expectancy in the industry central -- >> i know what you are reading and i can help you. >> no, no. you can't. how is that the best system? >> for example, there is a reason why the guy, newfoundland, whatever, the premier, comes here to get heart surgery. why you see border states of canada which has a single payer system, they come here. we have the mayo clinic, the best care. when you factor in -- >> americans are dying at younger ages than almost any other high income country in the world. >> when you factor in gun violence and other factors, that's where the numbers come from. >> diabetes, third highest in the world behind china and india. >> what is that? >> diabetes. >> we are too fat. >> that's a misnomer. it's not just a poor people's problem. >> you are adding problems in
7:29 pm
this country that you don't have including automobile accidents and also when you add gun violence statistics in it, it skews the numbers. it doesn't take the away from the fact that advancement in health care, heart disease, diabetes and cancers. where do you want to go for cancer streemt? sloan kettering. >> where my mom goes. she can afford it. >> okay. the problem is this. politically now every promise the president made is predicated on a lie. can't keep your doctor, can't keep your plan. why don't you join me and say let's have a new debate on health care. >> i'm all for it. >> are you for it? >> i'm for doing away with obama care, with doing away with the website. last night on "60 minutes" we saw how a businessman -- >> isn't it great? scroll that. >> they are giving the cia the web service. >> and look at the delivery system. the video is incredible. i could watch all day long.
7:30 pm
86% of amazon orders are under five pounds. that drone can leave a distribution sent, take your book "tamara holder unhinged" and drop it off an hour after you order it. i love that. if the they can do that? >> i can stalk a guy by putting a drone and tracking his every movement. >> that's the private sector free market versus government. >> why didn't they hire amazon well before? >> exactly. >> obviously the cia was using this. do away with obama care. these stats the ticks are here. >> let me see the cards. >> read them. you brought them up yourself, sean. >> coming up -- >> like a parade. >> the always outspoken glenn beck is here to sound off on obama care and the state of the
7:31 pm
gop. why is the establishment turning on the tea party? that's next. also we check in with ainsley who has offered to attempt to once again sign up for obama care. will she succeed in we want to hear from you. share your thoughts and more. on twitter it's @sean hannity. before copd...
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7:36 pm
>> i consider myself a tea party conservative. think you do, too. >> mm-hmm. >> why is the establishment republican now fighting the guys like lee and cruz and rand and marco? why this divide? >> really? you want me to answer that? i would love to. >> i want you to. >> yeah. progressivism. you remember when i went to cpac. was that four years ago? made the republicans very uncomfortable because i said progressivism isn't just a disease in the democrats. it runs in the republicans. i wrote down john mccain's name and lindsey graham's name. there are a lot of progressive republicans. theodore roosevelt started it. they believe in big government. i'm sorry to say and you know this to be true, we send people
7:37 pm
in there and it's like sending them to the lion's den waiting to be eaten by the machine that's washington now. there are people more interested the in keeping their jobs and their lifestyle and perks and benefits than actually doing what's right for the country and following the constitution. >> this battle goes back a long time. you can take it back to goldwater, nixon. everyone in the republican party gives lip service to reagan. reagan challenge ed a sitting republican president in 1976. >> mm-hmm. >> that's tea partyish to me. >> they said the same thing about reagan in 1976 that he was going to destroy the republican party. they said he was a loose cannon. they called him every name in the sun. they wouldn't welcome in reagan. for all the people in the republican party that quote ronald reagan and all the people now strangely like the president loves ronald reagan. they are all saying, oh, ronald
7:38 pm
reagan he was the -- no, hen wasn he wasn't. he was saying the same thing people now having stones thrown at them by the republican establishment. he said the same thing. >> when you look at the state of the economy, obama care the disaster. the ever growing government deficits, debt, doubling of people on welfare, what do you think in the privacy -- i know you spend time reading and you are a student of history. what do you think privately will happen to this country? >> i think -- hmm. i think that we are -- >> in trouble. >> yeah. i think we are in a situation that we will either rise and be our best sefls. i saw something over the weekend.
7:39 pm
70% of americans don't trust each other. if that remains true, well, we become europe. we have to trust each other. we have to be our bet sefls. otherwise we breast cancer up and never come back. there is a good chance that with the mike lee and the ted cruz of the world we do to the republican party what happened to the wigs. there was no third party. there were 20 republicans. by 1860 they had a president elected. i think that can happen in a faster time because of the internet. the if people stick to their principles and the people of the country remain good and decent to each other. if we believe the things that we are playing "knockout" and
7:40 pm
fighting over a few extra bucks for a discounted tv. we are doomed. >> aren't there some easy answers? there was a great inventor who said, the obvious which is often unseen until someone expresses it simply. in your book you talk about a lot of people. you delve into history and stuff. thomas edison, et cetera. >> mm-hmm. isn't cutting one penny out of every line item to pay the deficit making sense? isn't lessening our dependence on foreign oil a simple answer? >> i don't think anybody in washington is looking for an answer. there are some, but they are in the minority. in the minority, the great minority in the republican party
7:41 pm
that are actually looking for answer answers. the longer we go the more simple but the less easy the answers become. >> we have to take a break. much more with glenn beck after the break. later tonight this father was told that his 18-month-old daughter would not be covered under his family plan and he had to get the toddler insurance. this was new insurance. he's paying more and can't keep his doctor. now he needs two plans for the family. this incredible obama care horror story when we come back. plus we'll check in with ainsley earhar earhardt. she's monitoring health and facebook tonight for you to see if it is actually fixed straight ahead. as a working mom of two young boys life could be hectic. angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job,
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welcome back to "hannity."
7:46 pm
we continue with the author of "miracles and mass kwacremassac one and only glenn beck. you look at the political landscape. people follow you, your news service. you are starting a radio news service. an entrepreneur, successful. >> thank you. >> i have been using your studio and office. >> you have been. >> i have taken it over. >> you have been a great guest in our facilities, made a lot of friends. >> listen, you have been great. i appreciate you letting me hijack the studio while the new one is being built. >> just leave my office in decent shape. >> there was a flood there. i'll tell you about it. look at the political landscape. i'm looking for somebody that i think could not only win an election. winning is important. also govern the country in a way that would, i think, help us get on the right track, inspire people to use freedom in the right way. as you look out there, is there
7:47 pm
anybody you see that you like, admire? >> i'm going to answer this in a way that, first of all, that was the longest pause i have ever given on television before. >> you give long pauses. i have heard it. >> old dogs learn new tricks. not on television. usually when someone asks me a question, i answer right away. i want to be measured here on what i say. so let me answer things in a different way than probably where you want to go. i am looking to the american people because i see what the fed is doing. they are devaluing our money like crazy. i see what is happening with obama care. if you look at that, i mean, all of the things we talked about when i was, you know, your on-air co-worker, all those things have happened. people don't either care or didn't listen or whatever. it doesn't matter. other things that we talked about and other things we now are seeing are going to happen. the dollar is not going to last.
7:48 pm
what does the world look like? you know, we have two ways to go. we can tear each other apart or we can see the world that amazon was talking about last night. >> wasn't that amazing? >> literally the sky is the limit. everything you know is about to change. i'm really focused on the american people. i think until you see a change in consciousness of the republican party which i don't think will happen, but god bless them if you can get it done. until there is a change of consciousness, einstein said the consciousness that created the problem cannot solve the problem. it's time for a new consciousness. >> listen, i think there's got to be a solution -- actually secured a website. conservative solution caucus. in january, i'm going to outline about ten things. by the way, to contribute to it, i would love to add your contributions. the top ten things that would help get the country on the right path. >> right.
7:49 pm
>> i would like the conservatives to do it. i believe conservative solutions are better. >> i will tell you this. i don't care where the solutions come from. >> me neither. >> i want solutions that are based in eternal principles. there are two things, sean. one is they've got to stop thinking small. you want to talk about the debt, stop telling me about 2% budget cuts. that's not going to change anything. 2% was 20 years ago. it's over. now what are you going to do? i suggest you start selling the land in the national parks if you have to. >> not a bad idea. >> all of the federal government land they own. what do they own it for? sell it. get rid of it. they don't need it. it's time to sell things, go up to alaska and drill. if they are not willing to build a pipeline and drill it's time to sell it to somebody who will. we've got to pay off our debt.
7:50 pm
in the book we talk about what happened in athens, tennessee. if you don't know the story of athens, tennessee, you need to know. everything that happened in 1945 is happening again except it's happening on a national scale and you want to know why they're trying to silence you, take over your schools, take away your guns. you want to know why that's happening and not just this administration but the republicans are also silencing the tea party through the irs. there is no republican outcry on that. you want to know why? go read the solution that was found in athens, tennessee. they have to make sure that you don't feel empowered at all. >> that's a story about a corrupt sheriff and what happened when gis came back home. real quick, you told 12 stories in the book. tell us quickly.
7:51 pm
>> we tell the miracles and the massacres. this is tokyo rose actual microphone that she used in world war ii. she was a hero, not a villain. we need to know the massacres and the miracles to save our country. >> you talk about wounded knee and all those other issues. >> we talk about some great things, the miracle that came out of al capone that you have never heard of, amazing stuff. >> glenn beck, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> we're going to check in with ainsley earhardt one more time. is she able to succeed. you're going to meet this family. first they got a cancellation for their current policy. they signed up for obama care only to be told that their 18-month-old daughter is not going to be covered. she needs a separate plan. that incredible story is coming up next. ooh, homemade soup! yeah...
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welcome back to hannity. time to check back in with the co-host of fox and friends. first ainsley earhardt on mission impossible. the hour is almost up. how did we do? >> i want you to hear these comments of people on facebook to find out how they did today. tim williams said i received the welcome to obama care e-mail address. i've tried to log on every day but it doesn't recognize me. my question is where does my data go? then you have steven in virginia. i logged on, succeeded after 30 days, was offered the same kaiser plan i have locked in for 2014 for $800 more. i think i'll let that sit in my cart and rot. one more, tom says i am not going anywhere near that website. interesting to see how you fair through it. i'll be watching. good luck. people watching tonight, sean. >> i know we've given you a
7:57 pm
tough task. that's brutal. >> the problem is i don't want to give my social security number or allow them -- if i trusted the site and i had more faith in the system, maybe so. >> ainsley, very informative segment. the problems with obama care extend way beyond the website and the glitches and people across the country are being forced to face the reality of the negative impact of this law. my next guest, core kneel yus kelly says his daughter was the latest victim of obama care after receiving notices that his current plan is cancelled. he was told that his youngest daughter would not be covered and he would have to buy a separate plan for her until she turned two years old. after the story hit the media he got a call that said it was all a mistake and she would, in fact, be covered. how are you? >> thanks, sean. >> i read your sorry. you got the -- you are one of
7:58 pm
millions of americans who got a cancellation letter? >> 12 months ago we received a cancellation notice that our policies would no longer be offered in the marketplace. i'm a small business owner and my wife is self-employed as well. she and i went out in search of a new policy. we scrambled and found one. that lasted about another 11 months. then last -- >> you went on the website? >> not yet. we got our second cancellation about a month ago and then we decided to go on the website to look for a good policy at a good price. >> what did you get? >> i entered my information, myself, my wife and my four kids. we have a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old, a 1-year-old and 18 month old. i received family plan quotes. they included myself, my wife, our 7, 5 and 3 years old but my 18-month-old was left off. i assumed it was a glitch, so i
7:59 pm
called up the new york state health exchange and was advised, no, they don't allow children to be on family plans under two years of age. >> it becomes public and you get the call, oops, we made a mistake. >> after i tried to solve this for weeks, calling three times, speaking to managers, they wouldn't give me satisfaction, so i called the new york post. the new york post called them and i received a panicked phone call from the health exchange saying, listen, we'll get your daughter on your family plan. >> so the moral of the story is contact the press? >> the moral of the story is don't be an average american citizen and expect to get service. >> are you paying more or less? >> more but we didn't choose an obama care plan. our nightmare started once we got access to those plans. of the 56 plans available, none of them, not a single one, offers coverage for things likes memorial sloan kettering, no out of network coverage so
8:00 pm
essentially the insurance companies are picking your doctors for you. >> so much for choose your plan and your doctor. forget it. we got to run. thanks for telling your story and i wish you and your family the best. that's all the time we have this evening. start your day with fox and friends starting at 5:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> the"the o'reilly factor" is >> christmastime is here and once again there are powerful organizations trying to diminish the federal holiday. we will have a factor investigation. >> how long are the lines here? >> anywhere between four to six hours just to see a doctor. >> with all the controversy about obama care in america, how is canadian care working out? we send jesse watters up north to finds out. >> obama care is trying to emulate you guys. i think it's your fault. >> go ahead. everybody tries to blame


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