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tv   FOX and Friends  FOXNEWSW  December 4, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> the home builder has left over funds they don't use to entertain themselves. why does the government get away with spending left over funds from the taxpayers? thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, december 4. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. today questions about the doomed commuter train speeding 82 miles per hour towards disaster. was the engineer asleep at the wheel? >> obama still not working but the -- obamacare still not working but the president is defiant. he really is. we'll have the sound bite later. but with millions losing their health care plans and others paying more than promised, is it just too little too late? we're going to discuss that with sound bite. >> i'm going wait for sound
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bite. never mind. these models proving they can do a lot more than just strut a runway. i agree. "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi. i'm billy baldwin and you're watching "fox & friends." >> one of the baldwins. mr. baldwin was your history teacher at school. >> and summer recreation. he ran summer recreation every summer. he was a big, massive man, a commanding figure. >> put down the lawn dart. >> we were all given one lawn dart every summer and we all survived. billy is a great guy. i'm curious because billy is a big defender of the president. i'm wondering if he defends the president's rollout of obamacare and if he backs the president's stance of campaigning yesterday. it sounded like he was doing a campaign stop yesterday. >> it seems to be, as they
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printed in the post yesterday, that the 12 days of christmas is replaced with the 20 days of obamacare in trying to rebrand what hasn't been working. >> i keep on trying. >> i got nothing to say. i don't like musicals, although i had to sit through "frozen" which was well done but why cartoon characters have to sing to me, i don't know. >> i'm going to love that. don't ruin it for me. >> the president yesterday, they planned a big rollout after they signed things on october 1. that didn't work. instead his signature health care plan has become a punch line, and yesterday he tried to reintroduce america to it saying i know everybody's joking about it. i know it hasn't worked. but please try it. here's the president. >> i will work with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively. you got good ideas, bring them to me. let's go.
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but we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. we will make it work for all americans. if you don't like this law, despite all the millions of people who are benefitting from it, you still think this law is a bad idea, then you've got to tell us specifically what you'd do differently to cut costs, cover more people, make insurance more secure. >> we're not talking about missile defense. we're not talking about immigration reform. we're talking about the same subject we've talked about for almost four years. the president, if anyone thinks he's going to repeal it, a little defensive about that. i think the most telling statement is we've learned not to make wild promises about how perfectly smooth it's going to be, the website's going to be. really? we have learned that? the website is the least of it. the whole thing about what it's going to do and those millions of people that lost their plans, overstating what this plan actually does, maybe not
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understanding what it actually can do. >> he's not mentioning the millions who have lost their plans in california. he doesn't mention the pew poll last week had him at 34% approval. people in ohio said the president is not trustworthy by 57%. this is something so disturbing by him. he keeps talking, press on with the plan. charles krauthammer said the president is campaigning but all the talk in the world may not make a difference. >> obama thinks that he can repeal reality with rhetoric. i mean, after all, one thing he can really do well is campaign. that's undeniable. he's one of the great campaigners in american history. he twice won the presidency. his trouble is he has a little bit of trouble governing. here he's faced with a management problem, a government problem. he passed a bill that is so complex, the regulations are so complex and contradictory, he's got a website that is not functioning correctly, and he thinks that if he makes
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the right speeches, he says the right words, somehow it will change perception. but here he runs up against the wall. >> the perception is across the country is that so far it's been a joke and that's why the president yesterday started what will be a three-week push to get people to sign up. one of the problems is when they sign up, they sign up with an insurance company. the insurance company, the back end of the website, the so-called back end, mr. krauthammer referred to that last night, as the cash register part. it has not been built yet so the insurance companies cannot get paid. what they've done is they've figured out a work-around so the insurance companies can estimate, okay, federal government, you owe us this much money and then the federal government is going to pay them, they will reconcile it later. the reason this is important is there are a number of small companies and co-ops, need the money right at the beginning. if the federal government
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doesn't pay them on the first of january, first week of january, they could go belly up. they don't need an insurance carrier doing that epic launch. >> what you're saying is you're asking insurance companies to estimate to the government how much they think they are owed. then they're going to get paid. steve, if you are eligible for supplements, the insurance company who handles your insurance is going to tell the government, the doocy family needs this much of a subsidy, so those checks are going to go out and they use the term they will true up later. what are we back in the streets? >> is this a little vague for anyone? still a little vague. >> stay classy. >> these insurance companies have to create a team of people to make this assessment. it is like shock and awe and disastrous information in terms of what's going on here. you alluded to this steve, if you have a plan and you haven't switched it to something else probably because you can't log on
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and probably because you are not happy with the choices, but you're forced to. if you haven't made a choice you're automatically rolled over into a plan that they deem better for you. >> which could be more expensive. >> most of the times it is. there are so many issues, don't know which one to deal with first. >> is he going to have nancy pelosi who came up with this plan out there? is it going to be joe biden or normal people? is senator schumer going to be out there? other people up for election going to say i'm doubling down on obamacare? >> they've got to because their political lively hoods depend on it. they ran on it. many of them said if you like your health care plan you can keep it, of course we know that is not true. what they doubled down on yesterday is they said the republicans showed you stories about people who lost their coverage. they're heartbreaking, but look at this person, they got coverage for the first time ever and isn't that great. republicans are going to
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continue the drumbeat it is a bad law with bad consequences. organizing for action, the president is going to help you division, encourages people to apply by the first of the, of next year. and here is what they have just -- >> here's their slogan. >> apply, shop, buy. >> but it's backwards. shouldn't you shop before you apply or buy? >> it's more like try, try, try. >> here we go. this on our facebook page. that is the government's slogan. apply, shop, buy. that is supposed to propel us to jump into the exchanges or jump into obamacare. the question we put to you, what would your three words be to describe or to motivate people into action when it comes to obamacare? >> love to hear that. >> we've got a couple of them. barb says rather than apply, shop, buy, it should
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be stop, turn and run. from meg, she says it should be fraud, lies, failure. >> diane -- sorry. michael says no thank you. >> diana, we should do that. diana says be very afraid. and randy says one big mistake. we've really emptied the tank on our facebook page. we usually get ruined by 7. now by 6:00 eastern time we've got five good ones. >> we've got a busy morning for you. we detailed things people are going to talk about including the headlines. >> brian, nice to have you back. hope you had a wonderful anniversary with your wife. >> thank you very much. >> who stuck with you all these years. >> that should be a shocker. >> how many years is that? >> 20.
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>> a fox news headlines. brian kilmeade and his wife, 20 years. >> can't take it back. kind of like reverse mortgage. >> we begin this hour with a fox news alert. two sky divers are dead after a mid air collision causes them to plummet to the ground. according to witnesses in arizona, they had their parachutes open when they collided and that caused their canopies to collapse. this happened at skydive, arizona's drop location, 60 miles south of phoenix. the company website claims it is considered the largest drop zone in the world for sky divers of all skill levels and neighbors say it is a reminder of the danger. >> it's a sport that has its risk. in a week or two here they did 20,000 jumps. there's going to be mistakes. >> a third sky diver is hurt. it is not known what caused them to collide. nodding off at the controls, that is what william rockefeller, the engineer who operated the doomed commuter train told first responders. the metro north train derailed early sunday morning in the bronx, new
3:11 am
york, killing four people and injuring dozens of others. the union leader for railroad employees says he talked to rockefeller about what happened. listen to this. >> it was a shock to him. you know, he was stunned, realized it and, you know, he went to try to correct it as fast as he could. and, you know, he was potentially, he was right on the curve. >> ntsb investigators wouldn't confirm if rockefeller admitted to falling asleep. they say it is still too early to tell if the crash was caused by human error or a mechanical issue. >> we could soon find out the exact caught of actor paul walker's death. officials are expected to release autopsies done on the remains of the fast and furious star and his friend. the two were killed when a car they were driving hit a tree and burst into flames. the production of fast and furious 7 is put on hold.
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the tv show wheel of fortune apologized for featuring a puzzle from fast and furious after walker's death. it is an unfortunate coincidence that the show aired tonight. the hearts of everyone on wheel of fortune go out to the family and friends of paul walker. a special honor for george h.w. bush. he is being presented with the liberty of justice award for his government career and work in public service. they also acknowledge the former president for his strong character and morals both during and after his presidency. a real nice honor for him. those are your headlines. >> thank you, heather. coming up straight ahead, 12 minutes after the hour, a former a.t.f. agent who blew the whistle on a government scandal is here
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next. >> the third time is a charm for this rocket. >> three, two, one. >> a private business launching its way into space. look at that. >> at the white house today, president obama gave a speech in defense of his affordable care act. he said the whole thing is a disaster and he's sorry he even tried. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft!
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an estimated 2,000 guns placed in the hands of criminals as part of the obama administration's fast and furious gun running scandal which resulted in the death of border agent
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brian terry. the white house tried to cover up the scandal and now a former a.t.f. agent blowing the list with a firsthand account in his book called "the unarmed truth." he joins us today. good morning, john. you are the fast and furious whistle-blower? >> there were several. >> you are the first? >> yes. >> you want to tell people what was happening? >> what was happening is exactly what i'm trying to tell people. what was happening is essentially the federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for enforcing laws that prohibit illegal firearms trafficking decided that the best way to do this was to illegally traffic firearms or facilitate the illegal trafficking of firearms. >> give the bad guys the guns and see how they get them and where they go? >> yes, sir. >> we've been talking about this for years on this channel, but the white house has completely pooh-poohed you in reports and said that never happened in the beginning. >> originally, yes, sir.they cad
3:18 am
the allegation with the verbiage they had in the letter. d.o.d. issued a letter in response to senator grassley's letter, the february 4 letter, i believe, which was ultimately ten months later d.o.j. had to withdraw that letter as they couldn't stand behind it. >> you have since testified on capitol hill. you appeared before the isis committee. stroller even -- extraordinarily even though you are a whistle-blower for the a.t.f., you still work for the a.t.f.? >> yes, which is extraordinary to people, but it did happen -- >> that's got to be awkward. >> most of the times it is, but that shouldn't be the case. what we do, especially in law enforcement, my entire career has been held to a higher standard. we've always been told more is expected of us.
3:19 am
to be someone who has blown the whistle or reported waste, fraud and abuse, for it to be a surprise i'm still employed, that's a symptom to the overall problem. that is what i go into in the book and try to describe everything that happened, what i was confronted with and some of the actions that i took to try to rectify it. >> in particular, there is a fellow by the name of, i believe it is dennis burke. who is he and what's he been trying to do to you? i know he smeared you, you feel? >> dennis burke is a former u.s. attorney for the district of arizona. he ultimately resigned his post when he admitted to attempting to leak personal and personnel documents to the media in an attempt to smear me. >> he wanted you to go away. get out of here. don't tell the story. >> i can't get into his head of what he wanted. the subsequent o.i.d. report into that leak determined he had done that in an effort to retaliate
3:20 am
against me for having blown the whistle. >> but you're still there and telling the story. you saw the federal government doing something that was wrong, perhaps illegal, and you came forward. >> yes, sir. not only did they not want me to blow the whistle and there was retaliation and campaigns against me but they also tried to stop the book and are still not happy it is coming out. >> now people can read all about it. it is called "the unarmed truth." it is all about fast and furious. john, thank you very much. it is a great book. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the people's pope staying true to his nickname. pope francis is speaking out of the vatican. wait until you hear who he's visiting as he sneaks out. detroit's bankruptcy the largest in our history and the judge giving the green light for it to move forward. but didn't the president promise that wasn't going to happen? stuart varney coming up next to talk about motown. ♪ ♪ ick with innovation.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you?
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a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ three, two, one. we have liftoff. spacex launch is a commercial communication satellite from cape canaveral last night. the launch marks the company's entry into the commercial satellite market. pope francis does even more good under a secret disguise. the pope reportedly sneaking out of the vatican at nightdressed as a priest to help the poor and hand out money. when he served in buenos aires, he was known to help the homeless after dark.
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good guy. brian? >> the president repeatedly promised he wouldn't let detroit go bankrupt when he bailed out the auto industry. >> and so when some people said we should let detroit go bankrupt, we decided, no, we're going to make a bet on the american worker and american industry. even when there were some politicians who were saying let's let detroit go bankrupt. and with one million jobs on the line, we weren't going to let that happen. >> we refuse to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. >> yesterday a federal judge cleared the way for detroit's bankruptcy to move forward. what does that mean for the city and other cities that could be at risk especially those counting on pensions from that city? joining us right now, stuart varney. stuart, you did point out when he was saying detroit, he meant the car industry. and now the city has gone bankrupt. they've accepted their fate. what does that mean for the pensions? >> if you work for a city, you're retired, a retired
3:26 am
city worker and it's a troubled, financially troubled city, you should be worried because detroit's bankruptcy sets a new pattern. it sets a new model because the detroit bankruptcy judge has said, yes, you can cut pensions. it doesn't matter what it says in the michigan state constitution. it doesn't matter what the unionize say. yes, says the judge, you can cut pensions. pensions for retired workers are the key problem for troubled cities across the country. now they have this new model. detroit says you can cut those pensions, so you better get pretty worried if you're in these troubled cities across the country. >> detroit is in troubled times. a third of the city is unoccupied but they are going to bounce back. total debt is between $8 billion and $10 billion. unfunded health care $5.7 billion. people are living. 63% since the 1960's. you've got 78,000 abandoned structures many of which
3:27 am
will be plowed under. >> that is a dreadful list of financial problems. what are their choices for detroit and other cities across the country? they can cut the pensions. that's what detroit is going to do. they can cut services some more so they can still pay the pensions. that is not a very good option because services are already being cut across the country. they can raise taxes. that is a lousy option. they raised taxes already. or they can get a bailout. >> imagine how nervous these families are right now. 25 years and 35 years and one thing we can count on is a happy retirement. >> my heart goes out to these people. they earned those pensions, and they are going to be cut. i blame the politicians a generation ago who made promises which cannot be kept. >> and the unions who cut the deals for then not thinking of later. stuart varney, we're going to watch you at 9:20. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. a woman walking her dog is
3:28 am
mauled by a bear. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. she's so bloody, i can't tell. >> a frantic effort to capture the bear before it attacks again. the wildlife officials are using -- what wildlife officials are using to try to lure the animal out. a marine bringing attention to a common problem in the military. >> typical missions for us last up to a week or more and the only food we have is the food we carry with us. >> up next, giving energy to troops everywhere and it's a successful business tool. ♪
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and a free guide to living alone. i'm glad adt could call for help. so am i. [ male announcer ] protect your independence. call today for more information and ask about special discounts for aarp members. adt. always there. ♪ c is for cookie ♪ that's good enough ♪ for me >> it's the shots of the morning. >> that's right. "fox & friends" is celebrating with cookies from the crispy cookie company. check this out. the christie cookie company. a portion of the proceeds provides scholarships for families of military men and women. >> the tins are filled with
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chocolate chip cookies. mack dame i -- macademia nuts. >> they can be ordered at they will help the folks at folds of honor. >> from cookies to something that will perk you up. >> from the battle field to the border, one marine's new energy product helping our troops on the front line. >> the ruck pack drink getting more popular among military and active civilians. >> typical missions for us last up to a week or more and the only food we have is the food we carry with us. because of this, virtually all of us are taking some sort of supplement or energy shot and the energy shots that are out right now suck. they suck. they boost you up and then they bring you right down with a crash. and in that environment, lives can be lost if you're
3:34 am
not operating at 100%. so a few marines created ruck pack. >> joining us to share his success story is a marine corps aviation officer and creator of the ruck pack, major rob dire. good morning to you, major. >> thank you very much. >> you saw a market. you saw the current energy drinks suck and so you came up with this. what's in it? >> vitamins, minerals, all healthy ingredients. that is our did i did i differet point. >> 80% of the company is owned by military families. is that correct? >> absolutely correct. a lot of them are active due. this is something we created on the battle field. at the end of that deployment we said let's start a company. >> what do you mean you created it on the battle field? you brewed it up right
3:35 am
there? >> no. we created a business plan. we would talk every single day. at the end of the deployment when it came time to move forward, we said yes, let's do it. >> everyone is talking about these shots, the 5 hour energy, the 6 hour energy -- >> the 6 hour energy? >> believe it or not. this, you said these are all good for you, backed by you guys and you got shark tank to invest in you? >> they were excited as i was by the end of the pitch. it was a great vibe. i could tell we were drawing in a couple of of them and two guys ended up investing. >> how is the business? >> it's been incredible. that was such a huge launch point for us. it was just over a year ago. >> what's it going to take to get you into stores? >> we'll be launched nationally in walgreens in february. >> that's terrific. i was going to say how are you giving back to the
3:36 am
military? >> well, like you said, we're 80% military owned but we do 10% back to the military charities such as the green beret foundation as well as the navy seal foundation. >> that is a doublethat is exce. >> good job major, serving the country now jumping into the business world. that's fantastic. >> if people would like more information about ruck pack? >> go to ruck and you can send troops shots as welling. >> we're going to be taping something special after the show today. would you like a cookie before you go? >> thank you. >> congratulations. an awesome story. >> i'm going to have some. >> good. >> these don't suck. >> no, they don't. >> they're fantastic. i see my performance
3:37 am
improving. heather what's going on with you? >> updates on stories we brought you earlier this morning. efforts to find a plane intensifying this morning in idaho. the plane went down near yellow pine, idaho, sunday and crews detected a weak signal from an emergency transmitter built into that plane. this has helped to narrow the search along with cell phone signals. a software company president and members of his family were on the plane at the time. they were headed to butte, montana. the pilot reported engine trouble before it disappeared from radar. new concerns for the american pastor jailed in iran. his health is deteriorating. according to reports, he has lost weight and is now suffering from a lack of basic hygiene. in addition, he's been refused medicine for internal injuries. he was sentenced to eight years in prison for his christian work there.
3:38 am
the washington-based american center for law and justice is still fighting for his release. a florida woman is recovering in the hospital this morning after what is being called the most serious bear attack in the state's history. police say she was walking her dogs in her subdivision near orlando at night when a black bear knocked her to the ground. she managed to make it to a neighbor's home. listen to this. >> the woman, i think, has been mobbed by a bear. she needs immediate help. >> are you still with her right now? >> my wife is with her now. we have her in the house >> you say it was a bear for sure. >> she thinks it was a bear. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. she is so bloody, i can't
3:39 am
the poor service, service was slower than what my customers deserved and what we expected. >> if you look at that sign right there, it says it will be reopening on december 4, but that date has been pushed back. the reason? the owner says that his employees need more attitude adjusting than he originally thought. love this idea. those are your headlines at this hour. you've got to have good customer service, good people. >> it got everybody talking about it and now everybody is saying that explains what was going on behind the scenes. a powerful winter storm bringing snow and dangerously cold temperatures to the rockies and northern plains. some spots getting two feet
3:40 am
of snow. temperatures nose diving. but you know who predicted this? maria molina who joins us with a look at the day ahead. >> we're looking at a lot of snow out there. linking county in wyoming, they reported 30 inches of snow. isn't that pretty crazy? that's across parts of the rockies. we're going to be seeing significant snowfall accumulation as well in many areas. i want to start out with the current wind chill temperatures. this is what it feels like when you head out the door. take a look at rapid city. it feels like 18 degrees below zero. we are looking at dangerous wind chill temperatures out here. you need to bundle up as you head outdoors and it is going to be getting colder over the next several days. today some places looking at high temperatures in the single digits. by tomorrow it gets colder. and then here is friday. these are your actual high temperatures. ten degrees below zero in billings, still cold as we head into this weekend as well out here. you factor in the wind and those wind chill temperatures are going to be colder than that.
3:41 am
otherwise we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in effect from the rockies into parts of the upper midwest with many people looking at more than six inches of additional snowfall accumulation out here and ice another big concern. we're going to be talking more about this especially as we head into tomorrow and also into your friday out here across these areas. over to you. >> old man winter, even though it is not quite winter. thank you very much, maria. >> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. he's been dancing with the stars for the past 12 years and he's not stopping any time sign. up next mark teaches elisabeth moves live in the studio. >> and call it the voice of an angel, these models prove they can do more than strut that runway. man, we've got a busy 20 minutes left in this hour. ♪ ♪ orth
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a quarter before the top of the hour. time for quick headlines. is a certain someone's facebook post constantly bugging you? well, now you can block all of those posts in your news feed with the click of a button. facebook unveiled their unfollow button, a discreet way to make somebody disappear from your news feed without the awkwardness of unfriending them. that can be very awkward. victoria's secret models do more than just strut their stuff like this. ♪ ♪ >> no trouble there. check them out. they're lip sync to the taylor swift hit i knew you were trouble. the models performed the song at the annual fashion show which will air on next tuesday night. >> over to twinkle toes
3:46 am
hasselbeck. >> that's mark ballas working the floor on dancing with the stars. while they don't make it to the finals, you see what it takes to make it all the way. you guys were great. what was it like working with her? >> great. she was absolutely lovely. very professional, focused determined. we had a short run. it was unfortunate because she had the potential to make it all the way. it's one of the things where sometimes if the votes don't fall in line. >> frustrating? >> it can be. >> you're a great teacher. sherri always loved your type of instruction. she would always come back and talk about it. i have to know, you've been smoking since you were young. you just came out to tell everybody about it. you grew up in england. how is it possible to be dancing all this time? >> in the dance community a lot of people smoke. growing up in england it's part of the culture. my grandma smoked, my mom
3:47 am
smoked. it is accessible and kind of somewhat normal. i've tried to quit before and had success and then go back. >> not easy to quit. >> it is really difficult, like anything you want to set your mind to. >> there's such athletic prowess on the dance floor, you have to feel better now that you did it. how did you do it? >> with the blueprint to quit. i used the nicoderm patch every day. what i love is if you're dieting, you have -- >> a schedule. >> exactly. that is what it offered me and that made it really easy for me and kept me focused. >> very interesting, mark. if you're someone who needs a schedule, that is the way to go. your dancing schedule has to be so tough. every time i see you i've avoided a dance lesson but today i think is the day. your thanksgiving danceoff, how did that come about? will there be a christmas day one? >> there is going to be a
3:48 am
christmas day one. the houghs started it. then i weighed in and amber riley weighed in. it turned into a whole thing. for christmas we're doing it again. >> you've got ideas cranking already? >> we want people to get involved and have fun on christmas day. dance challenge, nothing like it. >> we're going to have a danceoff right now. >> let's do it! >> all i have is like the shopping cart. ♪ ♪ >> back on your right. replace with your left leg. do that a little faster. salsa basic 101. >> congratulations. glad you're in great health. good luck on all the shows. christmas day danceoff
3:49 am
coming up. he might seem psychic but there's more than meets the eye. >> elena, right? >> yes. >> i was going to say happy birthday. >> our next guest showing us how easy it is to collect personal info from your post on social media. you are not going to believe this. navy seals ambushed by the enemy on a mission in afghanistan. their story coming up. ♪ ♪ it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions
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3:51 am
3:52 am
>> your last name starts with a k. alaina, right? >> yeah. >> i was gog say happy birthday.
3:53 am
nicky? >> you're kidding me. >> keep thinking richard. >> comedian jack veil appears to be a psychic or somebody with supernatural abilities. but it's he's not one. he just reads twitter and facebook. >> he's teaching america a lesson in internet privacy. isn't that what it's all about? >> it is. i didn't really plan that in the beginning. i thought it would be a funny prank video and it transitioned into this interesting experiment. >> we ran a clip a week or two ago. explain what you're doing, because you walk up to seemingly total strangers and you seem to know everything there is to know about them. >> we were on the huntington beach pier in cal cal --
3:54 am
california. we realized a couple minutes prior there was somebody that posted a photo of them by the sunset literally a few feet away from us. we looked over and they were still there. we were like wow. we started clicking on all these links and learned all this information just by clicking links. >> about that person? >> correct. >> we want to show people another moment. take a look at this. >> is your name jessica? >> yes. >> yeah. hi. i'm jack. ou.hi. how are you? >> good. >> ashley. whenever it comes to me and i know who it is -- i know it's weird -- i have to shout it out to see if i'm right. in that case i was right. >> stephanie? how are you doing. i'm jeff. >> did you just make that up? >> are you ever surprised how surprised they are even though we've all put our information out there?
3:55 am
>> what's weird is that everyone puts their information out there on their social media profiles thinking it's just for friends and family and stuff. really strangers have access to this information. that's kind of what blew me away is that people put this out there thinking it's safe. but it's available to me. >> actually you're a nice guy. >> personal stuff like this, jack? watch. >> business that you're in, some kind of a business that has to do with cell company or phone company or something like that. yes? wait, wait. someone in your family is referred to as pops. like a dad or grandpa. >> you're tripping me out right now. >> really? happy birthday. i know you were actually -- >> how did you know our birthdays? >> like a white curly dog, sort of like a white dog. >> stop it! >> recently had lunch or dinner. chicken. there was chicken involved i know for sure.
3:56 am
>> jack, what has the response been since you put this out there. you get a lot of youtube hits anyway. >> yeah. usually i'm looking for reasons to come up with a new prank video. this was a really interesting response because i get to come on cool new shows like this. people are interested because it's sort of a privacy issue. >> it's a disconnect between what we put up in the privacy on our terminal at home and what you find on the boardwalk at various places. >> absolutely. 100%. >> where does everyone find you? >> jack veil films on youtube. >> we knew that because we did a background check on you. >> oh, did you a background check on me? >> yeah. >> happy birthday, by the way. >> thank you. >> he's going to be celebrating with a white puffy dog. >> how did you know that? >> meanwhile, it was the video youtube that captured the world.
3:57 am
♪ ♪ >> a sick young man describing a near death experience to heaven and back. his sister joins us next with his incredible story of faith. we'll be right back. orks faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. new fast acting advil. waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help.
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while truly engaging with your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. ll comfort keepers now to arn more. good morning. it's wednesday, december 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the president hits the sale trail, telling everyone obamacare web site is working just fine. >> the bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future. >> what is it? now insurance companies get to estimate payments. what could go wrong there? why shouldn't they have the checkbook? today new questions about the doom commuter train speeding 82 miles per hour towards disaster. was the engineer asleep at the wheel? and here comes santa claus
4:01 am
along with his u.s. fighter jets. jolly old saint nick's new escort causing outrage because this military -- what? we'll tell you about that. "fox & friends" hour two for this busy wednesday starts right now. >> it's harry connick, junior, and you're watching "fox & friends". i'm looking at the "american idol," i know they're cutting ads. he's funny as heck. but it looks like they got it together, these judges. >> i think you're probably right. a new season starting in no time all right. we got this back. the president back yesterday, didn't we is this. >> we had the president back. by the way, love the shot of the nativity. >> the president hitting the trail. telling everybody -- everything is going fine with the web site.
4:02 am
but they have some major problems and it's not just people trying to sign up. insurance companies now will be bearing the brunt of some complications. they're saying the web site is kind of working better, so they say. the issue is when it comes time for insurance companies to deal with subsidies and get paid, the back room not working yet. they'll have to estimate what they would need to bring in. >> so insurance companies will do their own estimates to give to the government who are going to write subsidy checks to us. >> and you might normally go, oh, can you really trust insurance companies to do that? but think about this, who do you trust more to effectively do it? insurance companies who have been in business for a while, or the federal government that invented this thing and so far it has stunk up the place? personally i think i'd trust the insurance companies. meanwhile, the president of the united states, remember, on sunday they came out and said web site, it's going to work for a vast majority of people even though many people have gotten error things and wound up in queues. here is the president yesterday
4:03 am
relaunching this thing, saying everything is just fine in river city. >> the bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future. people want the financial stability of health insurance and we're going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up in any start-up, any launch of a project this big that has an impact on one sixth of our economy, whatever comes up, we're going to just fix it. >> the problem is, and we detailed this yesterday -- is that up to, according to the "washington post," up to one third of the people who think they have signed up for insurance haven't because there are problems at the back end that elisabeth was talking about, the back end as charles krauthammer yesterday explained was the back end is essentially the cash register. how the insurance companies get paid am in the form of subsidies and stuff like that because it doesn't work right now. they've got to estimate until they figure it all out. actually until they invent the software. >> medicare and medicaid has not
4:04 am
finished building part of the web site to transfer billions of collars to those insurance companies. >> what's the hurry? >> i thought the one thing that stood out as i mentioned yesterday, because i was listening on the radio on satellite radio, the president went on to say, he seemed remind offensive in his approach. the site has gotten better, and jeff seems to have done a great job, to take something on a gurney, but he has done a much better job than people actually there. he did more in two weeks than they did in 3 1/2 years. he said we're not going to walk away from this fight. i have to fight the next three years to make sure this works. and he also said, we've learned not to make wild promise about how perfectly smooth it's going to be at times. really? >> that's the president. >> promises? promises about a web site working? that should not be something you learn from this. it should be i'm going to get the web site work, so when i say it's working, it's actually work. the other thing is when i say
4:05 am
you can keep your plan if you want to keep your plan, i'm hoping that turns out to be true next time i say it. so those are the things i would take away from. i think he's taking away the wrong things. >> what about the comparison to the private sector. any start-up in the private sector would have these issues. wait a minute. we were in the private sector. that was going okay. most people were okay with the plan we had and now we're in a situation again where he's making a comparison to the private sector in terms of the security. security is always a priority when it comes to web site in the private sector. it's not going to fly with the american people, the fact that wasn't even on the table to begin with. >> i bring it to robert gibbs, somebody has to be fired. his former press secretary says it. in the private sector, if things don't go off on time, people get fired and things get changed. everybody is still in place! now we're being spun out of it instead of pulled out of it. >> we are.
4:06 am
>> eric can'tor weighed and talked about where we are. >> the administration tries to continue to hide problems on the back of the web site that deliver information and payments to insurers often as we now know incorrectly. the administration has tried to hide the security problems that exist with the web site that one official called limitless prior to the web site's launch. >> by the way, since the big technical fix the other day, according to one white hat hacker, somebody who hack into systems to figure out how safe they are, it is actually more vulnerable after the fix than it was before. so if you're planning on going on-line today to get some insurance, good luck. >> the president's approval rate now, according to real clear politics is 39%. the problem is, a lot of the things it turns out he says are fact are not fact. you lose credibility. which is why his disapproval is up to 55%. one area in which he finds
4:07 am
himself vulnerable is his statements on detroit. when he said detroit will never go bankrupt, essentially he meant not just the city, but he meant the auto industry. when he comes out and says that, again and now yesterday it's official, detroit went bankrupt. there is somewhat of a problem. listen. >> so when some people said we should let detroit go bankrupt, we decided no, we're going to make a bet on the american worker and american industry. even when there were some politicians who were saying let's let detroit go bankrupt and with 1 million jobs on the line, we weren't going to let that happen. but we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refused to let detroit go bankrupt. >> detroit went bankrupt a while back, but the big news today is the fact that yesterday federal judge steven rhodes cleared the way for detroit to slash city pensions and this really is big and this could actually have a domino effect at other municipalities across the country. detroit needs to make up
4:08 am
$18 billion. stuart varney was on this couch just about an hour ago. he says this essential israeli the start of something that will have a ripple effect across the country. >> you're a retired city worker and it's a troubled -- physically troubled city, you should be worried because detroit's bankruptcy sets a new pattern. it sets the new model because the detroit bankruptcy judge has said yes, you can cut pensions. it doesn't matter what it says in the michigan state constitution. doesn't matter what the unions say. yes, says the judge, you can cut pensions. >> that is gigantic. >> precedent being set for sure. >> how nervous are people right now? they're 62 years old, retired, they can't even count on what that dollar figure is going to be coming in. >> i mean, a deal is a deal, that they thought. the problem is the city agreed
4:09 am
to stop a long time ago was unsustainable. and now they're paying the piper and the federal judge says go ahead. you can slash the pensions. >> meanwhile, heather nauert won't be covering that story because we did. >> and a big ripple effect certainly. good morning to you. got some headlines. we start with a fox news alert. two sky divers are dead this morning after a midair collision causes them to plummet to the ground. according to witnesses, they had their parachutes open when they collided and it caused their canopies to collapse. this happened at sky dive arizona's drop location, about 60 miles south of phoenix. the company's web site claims it is the largest drop zone in the world for sky divers of all skill levels. a neighbor says this is a good reminder of the danger. >> it's a sport that has its risks. in a week or two, they did 20,000 jobs. there will be mistakes. >> a third sky diver was hurt. right now it's not known what caused them to collide. a stunning admission this morning from the engineer at the controls of the doomed commuter train.
4:10 am
william rockefeller allegedly telling first responders that he was nodding off as the train approached a dangerous curve in the bronks, new york. the metro-north train jumped the tracks early sunday morning, killing four people and injuring dozens more. a union rep for rail employees says he talked to rockefeller about what happened. listen. >> he caught himself, but caught himself too late. he powered down and put the train in emergency, but that was six seconds prior to derailment. >> the train's black box shows it was going 82 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. ntsb investigators say it's too early to tell if the crash was caused by human error or mechanical issue. we'll keep watching that story for you. today we may know the exact cause of paul walker's death. officials expected to release the results of the autopsies that were done on the remains of the "fast and furious" star and his friend. they were killed saturday when the porsche they were driving hit a tree and then went up in
4:11 am
flames. production of "fast and furious 7" has been put on hold. shooting was scheduled to resume this week, but that has been canceled. also this morning, the wheel of fortune is apologizing for featuring a puzzle with the answer, the fast and furious, days after walker's death. they tweeted this, that's the show that included the puzzle was taped on october 4, 2013. it's an unfortunate accident that it occurred. coincidence. suspected drunk driver leads police on a wild chase in ohio. this outside of columbus. it's all caught on dash cam video. first you can see a woman blow through a red light and pulls off into a driveway. the officer gets out of the car, but then the woman backs right into his cruiser, not one, not two, but three times. eventually she drives off through the backyard. oh, my. look at that. and then it doesn't take long for the cops to catch her eventually as she loses control
4:12 am
of the car. needless to say, she was arrested and that happening on thanksgiving, too. how about that? those are your headline. >> i'm sure they're thankful nobody got hurt. >> a wild escape. right through the backyard. >> hello, heather. >> thanks. coming up, the country was in the midst of a government shutdown, so what does the government do? well, run up the tab. the amount of booze money we spent on our dime, it's going to shock you. that's coming up. and then four navy seals ambushed by the enemy while on a mission to hunt al-qaeda in afghanistan. their story coming up next. y)p) what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching!
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4:15 am
the new film "lone survivor" based on the book depicts the real life story of navy seals ambushed while on a overt mission to go after operatives in the mountains of afghanistan.
4:16 am
>> senior taliban commander. >> chuck killed 20 marines last week. 20. >> going in with a four man team. myself, marcus. there is a lot more than ten guys. >> our next guest is a retired blackhawk helicopter pilot wounded in afghanistan. he played a integral role by hiring film makers to hire veterans to work on the film. chris marvin joins us now. you were wounded in afghanistan as a captain there, right? >> i was. i was wounded in a helicopter crash near the afghan-pakistan border less than a year before the "lone survivor" isn't. >> his book is a best seller. now a movie. we see it will be big. premiere last night. what was your take? >> the movie is incredible. it's powerful. as a veteran, i'm really proud to see other service members portrayed in a positive and accurate light. and more importantly, it's a
4:17 am
story that needs to be told. if americans don't understand stories like this, then why did we go? why did we go fight in afghanistan. >> peter berg is a director who you interacted with to make sure he understands the need to use real military people as a consultant and actually in films like this. >> absolutely. pete is a veteran behind of the cram, in front of the camera and a leader in hollywood using veterans as assets, making his films. >> why is that important? >> behind the camera veterans are great employees. they do a great job making films. in front of the cameras and as consultants, they make the portrayal more accurate and that's what americans need to see. >> you want something else to come out of this film. what? >> when you see the end of this film, it's probable -- it leaves you with the most powerful ending i probably ever seen to a movie. people will walk out compelled to do something. what we've been table to do is start the lone survivor found. giving people the opportunity to donate to groups that work with
4:18 am
veterans and families. >> it's called you got your six national campaign. >> got your six is our campaign. there is two other nonprofits that will benefit from the lone survivor fund. the foundation is the second one. and the navy seal foundation will benefit from any proceeds that inspired viewers are going to make after they see this. >> anything else coming down the pike you've been a part of, military movie? >> we're working with hollywood next year on all film and -- all the major studios, network to insure veterans are portrayed as leaders on film. we want to have a big impact. >> chris, you've already had big impact. thanks for your service. glad you're okay and still giving back in one of the most powerful mediums and that's hollywood. we look forward to seeing "lone survivor." if you want to help out, it was the youtube video that captured the world.
4:19 am
>> you have a sick teen-ager describing his near death experience to heaven and back. his sister joins us with the incredible story of faith. it's a brand-new book. and paper business cards so yesterday. [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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4:22 am
bouncing letters? time for news by the numbers. $415,000. that's how much u.s. taxpayers and our money, the state department spent on alcohol for
4:23 am
u.s. embassies all around the world. 415,000. that's 25% more than last year and much of it was spent before the government shutdown. bottoms up. next, $465,000. that's how much loose change was collected by the tsa from airport security checkpoints in the past two years. the house approving a bill to give the change to our troops. that's good. and finally, 36 million. that's how many calories make up the world's largest gingerbread house. it's 20 feet high. been on display in texas to benefit a local hospital. delicious. all right, elisabeth. it was a story that certainly captivated the world. 18-year-old ben suffering from a severe heart condition detailed his multiple near death experiences on youtube, and described the overwhelming piece that he found. -- peace that he found.
4:24 am
♪ ♪ >> tragically, ben made his final trip to heaven only a week later after the videos, on christmas day, 2011. but his story has since reached millions of people and reaching lives with hope for the after life. ben's sister, ali, wrote about her brother in a book called "when will the heaven begin." she joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> ben has such an adventureous spirit and really lived love. and in the book when we see those videos, the message that he is sending is so profound, yet so clear. you wanted to share that with everyone here. what do you want them to know about him? >> i want them to know that despite all the difficulties he went through, he decided to live life every day with joy and with
4:25 am
purpose. and with the hope of heaven. he believed that's where he would end up some day and that this life had purpose because of that. >> i know the optimism that he lived life with, he's smiling in every photo, just really reaching out for opportunity despite his challenges. the heart condition that he had, i mean, obviously something that held him back, but he lived during that time to the fullest. >> he really did. what was the secret for him? >> he really, truly understood that relationships are what matter in life and i think probably living with the fact that he might pass away at any moment caused him to realize that and truly invest into other people's lives. >> that's a case for everybody, right? we just don't realize it. >> exactly. >> a week before he dies, he goes into the room and he's making this video. why do you think he did this? >> the week before that after he
4:26 am
had this experience, he posted this profound peace and said why do i have to come back to suffering? i reminded him his life is a gift and for a purpose. he believed that and decided to turn his suffering into something good to share with the world. >> and share he did. 13 million views on that video. his message is reaching everyone in this world. as his sister, it's two years this christmas since you lost him. i remember reading that on the day when he was passing, you all prayed together. he prayed that you would have peace and not be sad. is that the case for you now? did his wish and prayer come true or if a process? >> i definitely miss him every single day, but the only way i make it through every day is believing he's more alive now than he has ever been. and the way he described heaven in such a way made it so much more real for me. >> this book is so special and
4:27 am
so special for so many and i know that you want everyone to know ben as you knew him. imso thankful, as are the millions, that he made that video. it gives such hope. we just want to thank you for being here today and know that our hearts are with you all this christmas. >> thank you so much. >> a blessing of a brother ben was. >> thank you. >> next up, here comes santa claus along with his fighter jets? jolly old saint nick's new escort, it's causing outrage. we can't figure it out. we'll explain why. and check it out, a live nativity scene, the special message behind it next. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. interesting fact. did you know the number of speeches obama has made about affordable health care is greater than the number of people who have actually signed up for affordable health care? >> another funny but true. thank you very much. jimmy kimmel. >> let's talk about santa because we have not yet. we know is his busiest time of year. it's the time when the toys are made, it's now time to function on how do you get those toys out to the kids in the right amount of time?
4:32 am
>> right. you have to track santa. we tracked via norad. there is outrage, they've been doing this since 1955. they've been tracking santa for all the kids so they can figure out where he is and what his mission is. but this year, there is a little controversy because the tracker, flanked here by fighter jets and they're his protection detail. critics are outraged. >> they are outraged. in particular -- here is what the norad said. we want to do let folks know, this is a norad video and this is our mission. this california psychologist, he's also the co-founder of the campaign for a commercial free childhood. what he says is essentially the pentagon is completely out of line for linking christmas with the military. he says, quote, children associate santa with gifts and fun and everything else that is positive about christmas. they are associating this with the military in children's minds. he does not like that.
4:33 am
what do you think? is that such a bad thing to have the norad jets in that animation that millions of people watch each and every year? >> what greater gift than our freedom and what greater gift than those who bring us our freedom every day? so let us know how you feel about that. if you mind those fighter jets, let us know. i don't know too many people who will mind that. >> a lot of times hollywood tries to portray santa -- i believe the best actor to portray santa, ed asner. >> what movie? >> in "elg". fred claus, i wasn't too happy. >> i think you should see one more christmas movie this year. >> heather and i should take the little kids. >> absolutely. there is a new one out "frozen." brian, you saw that? >> i was caught, trapped. i don't know.
4:34 am
>> i like the airplanes and the norad thing. my boys love that. >> i love airplane movies. >> okay. i got to get to work. i got some headlines. 33 minutes after the hour. for the first time today, the man who is accused in last month's shooting at lax airport is due in federal court. a judge will see that the alleged shooter, 23-year-old paul ciancia, is aware of his rights and he has a public defender. he's not expected to enter a plea today. he has been charged with killing tsa officer gerardo hernandez and then committing an act of violence at an international airport. investigators say he had a vendetta against the federal government and specifically targeted tsa officers in the attack. dramatic dash cam video showing a murder suspect moments before he escaped in texas. you can see 29-year-old colt morgan fighting with a police officer in late november. the video shows the officer trying to contain morgan and
4:35 am
when he goes for a gun in his waistband, he was shot with a taser, but then managed to get away. this was after police realized morgan was wanted for murder of his girlfriend in houston. he's still on the run. a holiday mystery in redmond, washington. these signs are popping up all over town of the the gold green signs proclaim it's okay to say mere i wouldn't say christmas. this is the second year in a row the signs aned. they're encouraging people to abandon the generic holiday greetings. listen. >> it should be fine for you to say merry christmas. you don't need a sign to tell to you say merry christmas. >> it's kind of like everybody else is free to express their opinion. why can't christians? >> the signs appear to be somewhat strategically placed throughout the city. at the library, city hall and near schools. the mayor says he has no plans to take down those signs. and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. this will make you unforgettable. look at this. these are business cards that
4:36 am
are made out of beef jerky. that's right. a person's contact information is etched into a two by four piece of meat with a laser. the oregon-based company says the meat cards have no standard pricing and everything is negotiable. i wonder how good those are. those are your headlines. that, my husband would love. let's head over to maria, i believe. maria? >> let's look at the weather conditions across the country. i want to take to you parts of the northern rockies and the plains and take a look at some of these current wind chill temperatures. it's just so cold out here. feels like 15 degrees below zero in mynot, glasgow. 21 below 0 in casper. frigid out here. this is as warm as it's going to get today. single digit high temperatures in parts of montana and wyoming. this is headed east and going to be producing those cold temperatures for days to come. and it's going to get colder. by friday, the high temperature in billings, montana, 10 degrees
4:37 am
below 0. that's your actual high temperature. not your wind chill. there is a lot of snow here as well. lincoln county in wyoming reported 30 inches of snow out here. we still have winter storm warnings and advisories in effect out here. i want to take you farther south. texas, oklahoma, parts of the middle mississippi valley. we can actually see some ice out here as we head into tonight and also into tomorrow. even over the next several days. that will be a huge story out there and that ice can make mix with snow at times. let's head over to brian inside with sports. >> great job. we'll find out all about the nativity scene behind you. huge news in baseball, yankees are making a huge move and hurt the red sox in doing so. they lappedded one of the top free agents, now former red sox. the veteran center fielder is coming off his best season yet. capped off with a world series victory. at .300. it will pay him $153 million over the next seven years.
4:38 am
the same deal doocy signed two years ago with an option, he becomes the third highest paid outfielder in major baseball league history. so much for the salary cap. mike tom lynn has been taking heat after he was interfering with a play on thanksgiving. remember this? this during the loss against baltimore. the ravens returned jones almost hit him, he got tackled after a 73-yard return. tomlin took a step toward the field. he called it embarrassing. the nfl has not announced the punishments. the word is it will be six figures. on the side note, in my book i focused on the secret six people that credited for saving the american revolution. a spy ring. this morning i want to tell you about one of those spies and the house he lived in. this building over 200 years old, someone's house right now. it was once a bar, thriving bar, called rose tavern.
4:39 am
this guy got the message that intelligence had to be picked up in new york city. he'd hope on his horse, go 55 miles to manhattan and back through british troops. this guy has guts and his legend lives on even today. thank you so much. right now it's number 4 on the "new york times" best seller list and i appreciate that. meanwhile, let's go outside to steve with elisabeth to tell us what the season is about. >> that's right. elisabeth, two years ago here on the plaza at "fox & friends" we had this live nativity scene and i think it was 15-degrees. >> oh, my. >> it was 10-degrees. none the less, they had all the live actors and a live baby for the baby jesus. they are back today. yesterday they were there at the u.s. supreme court. >> yeah. the strong message. we have reverend shank, reverend mahoney, and we haven't met yet. how are you? thank you for being here. an important message was sent yesterday. what exactly is that? >> two things.
4:40 am
first of all, the real reason for the season. we call it christ mass on capitol hill because we like to tell the real story. but there is more than that. our rights to exercise our free speech, our god-given constitutionally first amendment protected rights are like muscles. if you don't use them, you lose them. we say if you can stage this kind of christmas display in front of the united states supreme court, in front of the dome of the u.s. capitol, then you can do it anywhere in america. so it's really a two-fold message. >> speak of anywhere in america, you've got something here that people don't probably realize. but you were sharing this with us a moment ago. >> sure. we're experiencing nativity scenes being removed from communities. we found a creative way to address that and that is individual citizens can get permits. we did, faith in action, christian defense coalition and the holy family, we went and got a permit to have this beautiful display in front of the supreme court. >> reverend, you're saying this is actually as an individual you can apply for this? >> an individual.
4:41 am
so let's say you live in toledo, ohio, a nativity scene has been removed. you can go as individual citizens, get a permit. >> your town hall or to your court house and get that permit just like in bronks and get a permit like this and put on your own display. we had it in front of the united states supreme court. then it's allowed anywhere. >> you would think so! there you are just yesterday. what a day. >> it was fantastic. police stopped by. people love this. there is a huge crowd gathered around, bankers. they just love the powerful message. we had them popping their heads out of windows. >> it is fantastic to look at. thank you very much for bringing everybody down from the bronks. >> it's great. >> great to meet you for the first time especially. thank you both. >> it's not 15-degrees. >> that makes for a merry christmas. >> mr. kilmeade, in to you.
4:42 am
>> i'm so glad the weather is great on this year's nativity scene. i just met mary before. she's lovely and i really like her mom. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. does this sound like your husband? he wakes up immediately, checks facebook, then stays on all day? is that normal or is that nuts? dr. keith ablow here with his diagnosis for free. he made stripping look effortless in "magic mike." but this actor says it incident easy to look this good. he joins us live with his secrets and it's in a book endorsed by arnold schwarzenegger who, according to john, our floor manager, once had a great body. ♪ ♪ you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now.
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now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. well, from true blood to magic mike, he has drawn
4:46 am
attention both for his acting skills and perfectly sculpted physique. now he's sharing the secrets to his uber fit success in his new book. >> right. he joins us right now. joe, welcome to the couch. >> pleasure having me. >> i feel we're hiding one of your best assets. look at the shoes. these are beautiful shoes. nice. >> thank you. >> so steve had the best question, it was in the break. i have to give you the right to ask that question again. >> which one? i asked him about ten questions. oh, yeah. you must have -- we've seen the movies, weigh see on the cover of the book, you must have really good genes. >> genes for muscle building? no, i have terrible genes for muscle building. if you open my book to the first page, you'll see the before picture. >> you were a skinny kid growing up.
4:47 am
>> scrawny kid. i couldn't do one pullup. one dip. there i am. there is the color photo. >> not even the presidential fitness challenge? >> i was always a good athlete. i played sports. i was the captain on my team, but i just had no quantifiable strength when it came down to actually doing a pullup, lifting a weight, bench pressing anything worth bragging about. it was zero. >> so what changed? when did you say i've had enough? >> it was right around that time. we were all being tested on the football team and i thought i'd come in somewhere near the top and i was dead last. >> that's it. >> it was completely embarrassing. and i took it to heart and it hurt and i never wanted to feel that way again. i know now there are soccer games where kids play and goals aren't counted and everybody gets the trophy and the pat on the back and that wasn't my experience and i benefited from that. the first chapter is titled "failure is the foundation of success" and i failed. i had to fail. i had to sit it in and hate it
4:48 am
and it changed my life. >> you seemed to succeed, because arnold schwarzenegger who wrote the forward, he was awed by your huge arms and cannon ball delts. right? >> you know him pretty well know. you're in a movie with him coming out in april. >> he's great. one of the first times after i met arnold, we started working together, i saw him at dinner and went up to his table and said how are you doing. he said look at you. you're all pumped up. i couldn't wait to get on the phone and call my dad and be like arnold said i was pumped up. >> he said i want to work with you? >> yeah. we became fast friends on set. we had a lot in common. likes cigars and steaks. and obviously body building. >> all those cool things. it must have been surreal for you growing up on arnold schwarzenegger movie, you're on the set with him and thinking, i'm on the set with arnold schwarzenegger. >> oh, sure, yeah. it was crazy. it was crazy. arnold is a really funny guy. so before takes sometimes, he would turn and say stuff like, we can kill it.
4:49 am
so pumped up to kick the door in! it was great. >> from predator to the stripper movie, there will be another magic mike sequel. , this they're working on writing it right now. >> that was a big hit. >> yeah. it was huge. we made it for 6.8 million and it made like 155, like just first run. >> you can save on costumes. >> exactly. >> scanning through your book, a lot of people say i want to be a famous actor but don't have the ability. they want to change their bodies around. one thing you say, eat a lot protein. correct? you eat every two hours or something? >> yeah. i'm a carnivore. you have to. your body can only process so much per hour. but you also want to train your body to not store. protein -- >> don't starve it. >> protein is like throwing paper on fire. so i feed it a lot of paper. i just keep giving it fast-burning food consistency lieu the day. >> small bits of it throughout the day?
4:50 am
>> exactly. so my body is trained to not hold anything. that in conjunction with cardio, the right diet, the right workout. the first six weeks that i use to get camera ready to take my shirt off, those are the workouts n it looks like a great book not only for people who want rock hard abs, but also who want to know a little bit about how things work out in life when you are -- >> it's all mental. it's really an inside job. it's a mental thing, training to get in that kind of shape. >> if you have some time, i'd like to fight you later. is that possible? >> let's do it. >> come on of the stand up. let's go. let's tease out and i'll do it in the break. i'll hop on facebook and give you the results. it will be tough. >> one guy's wife talks to her cats as if they were housewives. >> he wants to fight joe. is that normal or nuts?
4:51 am
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4:54 am
all right. who is normal and ho is nuts? it's a question we ask ourselves once in a while. >> dr. keith ablow joins us from boston to answer the questions. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. how are you? >> doing fine, thank you very much. elisabeth, would you like to take the first letter? >> we have our first e-mail coming in. it says, my son and i had a cancer scare. thankfully there was no cancer action but two years later we get emotional when we talk about it or talk about it to each other. is that normal or nuts for us to still be bothered by this? >> listen, what could be more
4:55 am
normal because what could be more threatening than the prospect of a severe illness in a child? however, when these things take on a life of their own, they can constitute like posttraumatic stress disorder and these folks need some help. therapy helps. sometimes even medicine helps to get past traumas from the past. >> all right. very good. thank you. >> we have another question. this is not from me. it's from somebody else. my wife talks to her cats as if they were house guests. she even makes sure to leave the tv on during the day when they're alone. am i living with a nut case? >> well, look. i think it's a little nutty. i love cats, too, but here at normal or nuts headquarters, we have to draw a line somewhere. the fact she's treating them as house guests, letting them watch tv and they're special programs, she's substituting them and that
4:56 am
could signal a need for friends and help. >> final letter, is it normal for my husband, who is retired, to wake up, spend the whole day on facebook, sometimes until late at night, taking small breaks during the day? he says it makes him happy to communicate with friends and family. is he normal or nuts? >> here is a pitch, he's completely crazy. he's no different -- your husband is no different than if he were getting up and hitting the wine closet in the morning or using any other drug. >> he's addicted. >> i would handle it the same way. get help or get out. >> wow. by the way, if we have a letter and wed into your diagnosis, where do we write? >> write fox. >> sure. >> okay. there. >> or write me at normal or nuts headquarters and i'll be here for you guys. >> great. have some business cards printed up with that. >> i will. >> thank you very much.
4:57 am
>> take it easy. >> coming up, call it the voice of an angel. these models proving they can do a lot more than strut a runway. details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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5:00 am
good morning. it's wednesday, december 4, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. obamacare still not working, but the president remaining defiant. >> we're not going to walk away from it. if i've got to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that's what i'll do. >> so will the president's three weeks of sales pitching sing your mind? tragedy in the air. things go horribly wrong just as sky divers are about to land, leaving two of them dead. breaking details straight ahead. and he's one of nashville's most beloved country stars. ♪ ♪ pretty little head on my shoulder ♪ ♪ nobody else gets to hold her but this old boy ♪
5:01 am
>> wow. craig morgan here live to perform, at least his instruments are here. so he better show. "fox & friends" starts now. i think we got a story right away. >> what's that? >> angie harmon looks like, if i'm to believe the music video, which i do believe are factual, looks like jason sea horn has no idea that craig morgan and angie harmon seem to have something going on. >> in the video? >> in the video. >> if they were true, he would probably have a problem with that. >> he must know jason seahorn, right? >> angie such a great mom. i love her tips on just raising kids. >> she's great. >> she stops by and her show is a big hit. >> craig morgan will be live in our studio. brian depicted a moment ago that his instruments are here, absolutely. so he's going to be performing his new single "wake up loving
5:02 am
you," which is our new theme song. >> which it should be. because we wake up in the morning and we love them. >> the problem is, they got to will have us. >> that's to you. >> maybe it could be our song to you. >> exactly! >> if you love us, could you write us on facebook? is that a good question? >> sure, why not? i think the president must be -- it's got to be like groundhog day at the white house every day the president wakes up more bad news about the web site, how people are getting thrown off insurance ask stuff like that. he probably yesterday was trying to figure a way to turn around so people would wake up loving the affordable care act because they haven't so far. so essentially yesterday became the relaunch date and the president, who has very famously been a great campaigner, is staking his reputation and his presidency on making sure that this is not repealed. here is the president yesterday. >> i've always said i will work with anybody to implement and
5:03 am
improve this law effectively. you got good ideas? bring them to me. let's go. but we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. we're not going to walk away from it. i've got to to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that's what i'll do. >> three years, he's already talked about it for three years. he's going to talk about it for another theories and at least another three weeks. it's part of a major offensive. instead of the administration trying to solve the problem, it seems like they're trying to resell. they are trying to make some progress on the web site. it seems no doubt about it. but to say they're done and they say there is no follow through and the president says he hops on every day. but there is to way he can feel good about the fact that they still can't organize or the web site still can't organize how much of a sty stipend the government has to give insurance
5:04 am
companies. the ones who will have the hardest plan, lower middle class, middle class, and for those trying to figure out where they belong in that. there is a method to solving this problem. it's a genius one. let's let the insurance companies bill the government for as much money as they believe the government should pay. that's really how they plan on fulfilling this. >> the whole back area, back room, what are they calling it? >> the cash register. >> according to charles krauthammer, that area is not working. so what they'd have to do is yeah, you may be able to maybe click on now, progress i bet is can only be called when it's a nonstarter to begin with, but now the insurance companies have to assume and assess what they would make and then try to -- the government will try to figure that out. somewhere back there, that's not built yet. they're going to assess and do the math where it's not built yet and figure out the money later. how does that make sense? >> it's not a great way to operate. but that's what we're forced
5:05 am
with because as we heard a week or so ago, 60% of that part of the whole program -- they had three years to get it together -- hadn't even been invented and built yet. so we're trusting the insurance companies. but the insurance companies have a vested insurance, some of the smaller ones don't want to go belly up and the administration doesn't want them to because they want them to be their partner in this thing meanwhile, one of the partners is organizing for action with the white house. they have a new digital campaign that they're going to continue overt next three weeks. what it is, it's simply apply, shop, and buy. they want you to go on-line to apply, 'cause now they feel a vast majority of you can. shop around. find the best deal and buy so that when the white house has to report the numbers, they're big. the big question is, demographically, how many of the younger invincibles will sign up as opposed to people who are older and need more health care, which are very expensive. >> the young invincibles are
5:06 am
needed in that word to pay for. >> spread it all around. >> of course. and it's going to be on their backs. we asked you what you thought about that. >> apply, shop, buy. >> we want to know if you were buying it. on facebook, linda said, she would say this instead. stop, defund, repeal. >> tory says, how about these three? unlawful, unconstitutional, unamerican. the unconstitutional has got some legs because the president of the united states keeps on changing the law, which is pretty much unprecedented after it passed. >> and asking insurers to go against the law. >> sure. and reinstate. >> ryan says, it should be the three r's. repeal, reform, redeem. >> and denise fowler says, sink, sank, stunk. >> mike, who was turncoat in a mob, go broke fast. >> he was not actually in the mob. >> i'm thinking donny brasco.
5:07 am
>> completely different person. >> reynold says, apply, buy, and cry. >> creative. and from forever sunrise, where's my freedom. >> yeah. i think we get the point. you have many suggestions. keep them coming. you can facebook us. >> the president said he wanted it, steve. the president said let's it. >> no the president wants his version where it's go ahead, apply and shop and buy. meanwhile, let's talk about this. are you buying it? famously detroit has gone bankrupt, right? yesterday a landmark ruling, a federal judge, steven rhodes, has cleared the way for detroit, which is the largest american city in bankruptcy, essentially to slash city pensions. there are at least $18 billion in the hole and so if you are a member of a union in detroit, you got to be thinking, wait a minute. i thought we had special protection. according to the judge yesterday, no, you don't.
5:08 am
>> look at the balance sheet, elisabeth. right now for detroit. >> this is startling. we have the total debt, 18 to $20 billion. pension shortfall, $3.5 billion. unfunded health care, 5.7 billion. and population down 63% since 1950s. and 78,000 abandoned structures. >> think think this is a message for two people. it's got to make people insecure who work their whole lives and say i think i know how much money i'm going to make. i may not know taxes. now you can't say that. it doubles down on unions to act responsibly and not max out what they can get because they want to make sure that they keep their jobs. not thinking ten or 20 years down the line to see if it's sustainable. >> you know what? it's in the union's best interest to try to get as much as they possibly can. it's in the city's interest to act responsibly and unfortunately they have not in detroit. for years they've been talking about how it's going to go belly
5:09 am
up. the president famously, we have a number of sound bites of him talking about how he will not allow detroit, which really is the big three auto makers, to go belly up. does this ring any bells? >> so when some people said we should let detroit go bankrupt, we decided no, we're going to make a bet on the american worker and american industry. even when there were some politicians who were saying, let's let detroit go bankrupt, and with 1 million jobs on the line, we weren't going to let that happen. but we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refused to let detroit go bankrupt. >> they've gone bankrupt. and unfortunately for the unions, many of which voted for the president of the united states, now it looks like some of those pensions are on the chopping block. we'll keep you posted. >> in the meantime, heather nauert has headlines. >> good morning. ten minutes after the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. a truck was stolen in mexico and what's significant about this is that it was hauling dangerous
5:10 am
radioactive material. the international atomic energy agency says that the truck was carrying cobalt, used for the radiation of cancer. it was stolen just outside mexico city and agency officials say this load is considered extremely dangerous if it's damaged or removed from its protective shell. mexican authorities are searching for that material. we will keep watching this story for you. a sky diving tragedy in arizona to tell you about. two people collided midair. their parachutes were open when they collided. it caused their canopies to collapse and both sky divers died. this happened at sky dive arizona's drop location, about 60 miles south of phoenix. the company's web site claims it's the largest drop zone in the entire world for sky divers of all skill levels. a neighbor says this is a good reminder of the danger of that. >> it's a sport that has its risk. in a week or two, they did 20,000 jumps. there will be mistakes. >> a third sky diver was hurt,
5:11 am
but it was unrelated to the collision. no word yet on what caused them to collide. victor why secret models -- victoria secret models can dance and they can flip their hair. look at this. ♪ ♪ >> all righty. there they are dancing to taylor swift's hit "i knew you were trouble." they are huge fans of swift who performed the song at the annual fashion show that airs on tuesday night. brian, we'll bring those gals in for you to show you how to flip your hair. >> they have wonderful personalities and been here before. they do have nice flippable hair. they all use prell. >> sure. >> thank you very much. i think it will be trouble, trouble, trouble for you to have them on the day after your anniversary. >> very good point, steve. >> just saying. >> you're a good friend. >> you would second that emotion? >> i thought you --
5:12 am
>> i apologize. my whole life is a musical since i saw "frozen." thanks, kevin mccarthy. >> coming up, he dozed off and four of his passengers paid with their lives. could the engineer behind the train derailment face murder charges? and caught on camera, a driver trying to escape police pull noose a driveway. but not to surrender. how this wild ride ends. >> it never ends well for them. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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5:15 am
today new questions about the doomed commuter train speeding 82 miles per hour toward disaster. engineer william rockefeller now
5:16 am
admitting he was nodding off at the controls. will he face criminal charges and are rail systems vulnerable to something like this? here to join in right now is peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. let's see what the union officials said about mr. rockefeller, the train engineer. he said he basically nodded, he had the equivalent of what we all have when we drive a car. that is you sometimes have a momentary nod. he caught himself, but he caught himself too late. his lawyer said also that he suffered from something called highway hypnosis. >> what's that. >> a phenomenon where you have microsleep. where you are apparently awake. you look like you're awake, but consciously you're out of it. you're not functioning. did you ever want to put sugar in and instead put salt? did you ever go down the highway and miss two or three exits and say, oh, i missed two or three exits? so the lawyers are positiveiting a defense that there was no criminal conduct, that it was
5:17 am
microsleep, a highway hypnosis, that he was transfixed by a straight away, that he dozed, that he was dazed. they have all these theories out there right now. >> here is the thing, everybody has done those things you're talking about. unfortunately, you don't have 150 people behind you. >> absolutely right. >> it's a defense attorney's job to figure out a way out, but i don't buy it. i was in a zone? >> what a solemn obligation you have driving a train like that with hundreds of people. so he is facing potentially prosecution in bronks county, new york and facing prosecution for something called manslaughter in the second degree. let's look at that. that's wrecklessly causing the death of another person when the defendant is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial justifiable risk and go to ten or 15 years. so what was he disregarding?
5:18 am
what was he aware of? was he aware of a sleep apnea problem? was he aware he hadn't slept in a day or two? should he have taken the controls of this train? there is a lot of things we don't know. but we do know that the defense lawyers are getting ready to come forward with experts in case he is indicted. >> let me ask you this. apparently day one he worked a normal shift. >> yes. >> day two, he reported to work at 5:04 in the morning, which is later than we report for the morning. he pulled out at 5:55. it sounds like he probably would have wound up with a pretty good night sleep. >> based on what he's saying. the larger issue is should our rail systems be vulnerable to engineers having dazing, dozing, microsleep? and in this particular train system, metro north, they don't have what we call a positive train control system. all rail systems in the united states are supposed to have it by 2015.
5:19 am
but as it goes now, this statistic is really frightening. three of four freight railroads will not have it. they're going to miss the deadline. and four of seven commuter railroads will not have it. the long island railroad, hundreds of thousands, million people a day, they don't have it totally. metro north doesn't have it. lot of places in your community don't have it as well. >> exit question. what happens to this guy? >> i think they'll look hard. there have been some indictments in this type of thing in the new york metropolitan area across the country. they may indict this guy, depending on what the evidence shows. there is going to be a lot of public pressure to bring someone to account for these four deaths and multiple injuries in bronks county. >> you got to figure if his defense of i was in a daze, if it works a lot of people will start using that n it's true. but if these train companies fix this and have positive train control, you could short circuit even these kinds of sleep incidents. >> all right. we'll see what happens.
5:20 am
peter, good to see you. >> 19 hips after the top of the hour. coming up, the people's pope staying true to his nickname, pope francis sneaking out of the vatican at night. wait 'til you hear who he visited. that's coming up. and it was a magical reunion at the most magical place on earth. mickey mouse bringing one military family back together. they are live with their story. it's great. you're not going to want it miss it as we roll on live from new york city.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
testifying on a london
5:24 am
courtroom. she was on the stand in the fraud case of two former assistants who were accused of racking up thousands of dollars in charges on lawson's credit cards. on the stand, she accuses her ex-husband on using the trial to ruin her reputation by spreading false allegations of drug use. defense lawyers have claimed lawson turned a blind eye to the assistant's lavish spending if they kept quiet about the illegal drug use. i don't think i left out any details. pope francis doing more good. get this, the pope reportedly sneaking out of the vatican at night dressed as a priest to help the poor and hand out money. back when he served as the archbishop of buenos aires, he was known to visit the homeless after dark. still doing it. elisabeth? >> thanks. well, it was a magical reunion, to say the least, at the most magical place on earth.
5:25 am
>> his picture card. >> yes, it is. >> returning colonel jason and his wife deborah, wanted to surprise their three young sons that you see there with a special visit from their dad who was on leave from a tour in afghanistan and with the help of mickey mouse, they more than pulled it off. joining us now is lieutenant colonel jason ladel and from denver, deborah, and the three little children,oshua and jackson. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> deborah, what an awesome surprise. i know it was a detour trip that you were taking on the way to texas and you surprised the boys not just in the most magical place, but with their real hero, their dad, lieutenant colonel, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. thanks for having us. >> how did you pull this off?
5:26 am
>> a lot of hard work by deborah actually and some great team work from the folks at disney. >> what a heart warming moment. thank you for your service. our country is indebted to you. and that moment is just -- i mean, it grabs your heart. your sons had to be out of their minds when they saw you. guys, i want to know, what was that like to see your dad coming behind there? you thought mickey mouse was pulling another trick? >> i thought i was dreaming still. >> it was too early in the morning for me to really think of anything to do but when i saw my dad come behind the curtain, i was really surprised and i had lot of joy. >> jacob, that is sure joy. joshua and jackson, who are next to you, can i get a wave? how are you doing this morning? >> good. >> was that the best surprise to see your dad come out from behind that curtain? >> yes. >> yeah. >> deborah, what did it mean to you in that moment?
5:27 am
i know it was a lot of effort to get there. >> it was a lot of work and we had a lot of people behind the scenes that already knew the secret, so we were hoping that none of the grandparents or all the teachers that knew spilled the beans. we were very lucky on that part. but just really means a lot to us when we can do something special for our kiddos, when there is a lot of trouble and stress that they go through as a part of deployment, too. >> it's important for everyone to just know that and really get into your hearts. 14 months is a long time for anyone to be separated from their soul mate, the guy they love, and certainly their dad. you guys have a hero of a dad and a hero of a mom, right? >> yes. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> who wants to be just like their dad?
5:28 am
100%. it is incredible to see that, that moment touched everybody. i don't know if you can top that. what do you think? jacob, josh cooway and jackson, anything better than that? >> probably not. >> i don't think anything could ever come close to what my dad is like. >> i don't know, mom and dad are pretty sneaky. >> i love that. you guys want to give your dad a message today? >> we just want to tell him that we love him and that we miss him and that we'll see him in about four months. >> we just missed him a lot and can't wait for him to get home and it's been a long road, but every day we wake up and we keep going. so that's what gets us through is just the family and knowing that it's getting closer every day. >> lieutenant colonel, we
5:29 am
certainly can't imagine ha that feels like to hear those words and the impact you've had on our nation and your sweet family there has got to be heart warming to you. >> i'm pretty proud to have three great kids, tremendous wife that keeps everything rolling back home. just makes it a lot easier to do what you have to do, to know we have the support of our family and support of our community while we're doing what we need to do for the country. >> lieutenant colonel, we thank you again for your service and for sharing your family with us today. >> my pleasure. >> you guys have a great day. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> awesome moment to share. >> it was fun. well, that is a story that i could hear over and over and over again. great service to our nation there. in other news, he has been part of reality show history, in shows like the osbornes and "dancing with the stars," but
5:30 am
jack osborne facing a different battle. facing ms. he's here to share that story. plus, he may have been pummeled by brian on "fox & friends," but he did not let that stop him. trick shot titus is back with bigger and better moves. watch out, kilmeade. ♪ ♪ ie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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♪ o come let us adore him ♪ o come let us adore him ♪ o come let us adore him, christ the lord ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning. you are looking at a live shot of nativity on the plaza. they are spreading christmas cheer and raising awareness for your right to build nativities in your community. go to faith in to learn more. >> by the way, that nativity, were here before we were here. >> this one, which has been here many, many years, they use a live baby jesus. who if they zoom right in, you can see that's a live baby. i just saw mary and joseph taking him out of the stroller.
5:35 am
>> no drummer boy because we don't believe there was a drummer boy. we debated this a while ago. >> that was a long-standing debate. >> don't tell my kids that. >> okay. there was a drummer boy. >> there is a drummer boy song. >> we know that for sure. >> we know it's time for headlines because she's standing right there with them. >> i walked by that precious baby and the poor thing was outside. so let's bring him inside. get him warmed up. >> he's got a warm onesy. efforts to find a plane that vanished from the sky intensifying this morning with the help of planes, atv's and also snowmobiles in idaho. a plane went down near yellow pine, idaho on sunday. and crews have detected a weak signal from an emergency locator transmitter that's built into that plane. it's helping them to narrow their search, along with the help of cell phone signals. a software company president and members of his family, including his daughter and his son, were
5:36 am
on board that plane. they were headed to butte, montana, and the pilot reported engine trouble before it disappeared from radar. we'll keep watching this for you. a suspected drunk driver leads police on a wild chase in ohio. it's all caught on dash cam video. first you can see the woman as she blows right through a red light. and then she pulls off into a driveway. you see that right there. the officer gets out of the car, but then watch this. as the lady backs right into his cruiser, not one, two, but three times. eventually -- this is the best part. she drives off right through the backyard. oh, boy. and it doesn't take long for the cops to catch her as she completely loses control of that car. needless to say, the lady arrested and not looking too happy. this guy appears to be a man with psychic abilities, but there is more than meets the eye. >> is your name jessica? >> yes. >> hi. i'm jeff. >> jack veil is just a comedian
5:37 am
and reading facebook and twitter postings. he went around talking to people after he found out personal information on their profiles and scared them with just how much information he knew about them. it's a valuable lesson on internet privacy. >> what's weird is everyone puts their information out there on their social media profiles thinking it's just for friends and family and stuff. but really strangers have access to this information. that's kind of what blew me away is that people put this out there thinking it's safe. but it's available to me. >> exactly. he says folks should be aware of what they post and realize that private isn't always private. i'm so glad i get o do this story. you know the toddler, trick shot titus. he has a new video. look at this. ♪ >> wow! he can throw the ball off the
5:38 am
top of a tall building. nome that, but the two-year-old has superstar fans like bradley cooper and channing tatum. he went viral in february after his dad posted a youtube video of him showing him landing trick shots really like a pro. that video has 12 million views and then -- >> do not bring this up again. >> i just had to do it. he was on "fox & friends" in july with brian and brian beaned him in the face. a two yearly! brian. >> you felt bad. >> it's part of the reason why hasselbeck does all the sports interviews. because i cannot be trusted. >> don't want you injuring the kids anymore. >> thank you. thanks. he became a household name when his family's show took america by storm. jack, the son of ozzie osborne, is all grown up now, but he's
5:39 am
facing a new reality after being diagnosed with ms. >> i did find my ms early and i am able to treat it. i like to say i don't live with ms. ms lives with me. >> is it fatal? is there anything fatal about ms? >> i always remind my patients that it's not a fatal disease. people with ms can live long lives, full lives. >> after the visits, the doctor concluded i'm doing well and all is right. yea. >> indeed. that was a clip from the new on-line series "you don't know jack about ms." jack osborne is here to share his story. good morning to you. >> how is it going? >> okay for us. when did you realize you had ms? >> i got diagnosed in may of 2012. >> shortly after a little baby came into your life. >> yeah, yeah. three weeks after my daughter was born. so it was a bit of a buzz kill. >> i got good news and bad news. >> exactly. >> but ultimately, i think sometimes children can be a
5:40 am
great motivator, continued health and even if you're dealing with something like ms, i love what you said, ms is living with me. how has pearl motivated your attitude about it all? >> it's just that. when you have a kid, it's like all right. self-preservation. i don't want to be unavailable to my kid in any way. it focused me and having pearl around and having a three-week-old baby, didn't really have enough time to sit around and gloat about the bad news. i was like, there is a crying baby, i have to change a diaper. >> when people think about ms, they think about muscle coordination, you showed that on "dancing with the stars" with ms. your sister is on it, does well. you come in third. what does it mean for you and the movement? >> partly the reason why i chose to do "dancing with the stars" was to help continue to raise awareness and break down the stigma around it. you can still live a very high functioning life, granted not everyone, 'cause there is
5:41 am
varying stages of the disease. but the type of ms i have, you can do what other people do, as long as you take care of yourself. >> how do you manage it? >> i do a daily injectable treatment and it's been working great. touch wood somewhere. >> there is no wood here. just formica. >> but you're young, right? so that obviously has something to do with living with it and being able to treat it. how did you know? >> my first kind of onset symptom was when i was about 24, my legs went numb and then -- >> you thought it was what? >> i thought i would pulled something in my back. tweaked something. nerves. then about 18 months later i went blind in my right eye. so i was like okay. something is wrong. but i never thought something in my legs and my eye would be connected. >> especially that age. here is a question a little different, but i was thinking about it from the moment you were booked, how is ozzie as a grandfather? >> he's pretty good. now that pearl is not as fragile
5:42 am
and she can play and run around, he's a lot more hands on. >> you mentioned you don't have the music gene. >> yeah. i don't have the music gene. but pearl likes to dance. >> there you go. >> as soon as music comes on, she starts moving around. >> that's like you. >> your father started the heavy metal movement. >> your father hasn't bitten the head off a teddy bear, has he? >> no. those days are behind him. he's more cuddling teddy bears with pearl. >> we showed a clip of your video. if people would -- there is your family right there. if people would like more information about your story and ms, the web site is? >> you don't know jack about >> creative. thank you. >> thank you very much. good to see you. straight ahead, a woman walking her dog gets attacked by a bear. >> she thinks it was a bear. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. she's so bloody, i can't tell. >> wow. now a frantic effort to capture the bear again before it attacks
5:43 am
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and save up to 50%. ♪ a florida woman recovering in the hospital this morning after being what's called attacked by a bear. it's a serious situation and one of the most serious one in the state's history. >> she thinks it was a bear. >> how old is she? >> i can't tell. she's so bloody, i can't tell. >> oh, man. right now a frantic effort underway to capture that blackberry before it attacks goat. >> wofl reporter is live in longwood, florida with the latest. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. first and foremost issues let's update you on that victim's condition. 54-year-old woman, unfortunately, is still in serious condition at the hospital. she's been that way ever since she was taken there late monday night. this all happened around 8 p.m we're told by officials the woman was walking her two dogs when she said a black bear attacked her, causing serious
5:47 am
injuries, especially to her face. what's interesting here is not that she sighted the bear, but the agency, fish and wildlife, says if this story is true, this will be the first time that a black bear attacked a person without being provoked in the state's history. of course, they're investigating this. they did put out cages and they're monitoring it, hoping to capture the black bear as soon as possible. meanwhile, residents are taking things into their own hands. residence we spoke with say they're walk not guilty a buddy system now with a partner to call for help just in case. other residents we spoke with carrying pepper spray or mace just in case anything happens. fish and wildlife also putting out a recommendation to people everywhere who live in wooded areas, don't leave out garbage or food, anything like that that will attract bears to their neighborhood. of course, right now we're keeping an eye on the situation. they did discover a small baby cup, but that is not the black bear they're looking for. we'll keep you updated. fox news.
5:48 am
>> all right. thank you so much. we'll see what's happening there and check back in. up next, one of the country's biggest stars, craig morgan here to perform live. and there he is. but first. >> we're going to check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up on the top of the hour. >> you don't want to hear me sing, do you? >> absolutely not. >> martha says don't even ask. >> lots of love. good morning. the latest wrinkle in obamacare and it's a doozy. the president says the law was working. is it? we'll debate that. new polling numbers show what americans think of our leadership in the world today. it's at a 40-year low. and how do you allow a truck hauling radioactive material to go missing? good question. martha and i will see new 11 minutes on america's news room farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
5:49 am
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
he is one of nashville's most beloved performers and successful singers. the ten-year army veteran turned country music star, craig morgan, joining us live. >> that's right. his latest album is "the journey" and it's out now and he joins us live. i think of all the musical acts we've ever had, you're the first performer -- we know you were in the army. we know you were a police officer. >> emt. >> but love the fact that you were the assistant dairy guy at wal-mart. >> that's right. >> when you're a song writer, you'll do about anything. >> so your job was to say this expired, chuck it out. >> that's the most important job when there is a storm. >> absolutely. >> why it is we want to go get products that are going to ruin without our electricity? they must have milk and eggs. >> only expiration dates allowed. >> you're going to do "waking up loving you" off your new album. what's it about? >> a heartbreak song. talking about a guy who just can't get over his love.
5:53 am
>> buy graphcal at all? >> i've been married to the same woman 25 years. best years of my life. >> which one of these guys is it about? >> who is heart broken here? >> are you kidding? every one of these guys stay heart broken. >> we'll get out of the way and you'll sing the song. craig morgan. ♪ friend called me up ♪ pretty blond girl at the end of the bar ♪ ♪ i give a wink and it goes too far ♪ ♪ we're out on the dance floor feeling the tin ♪ ♪ i finally start coming alive again ♪
5:54 am
♪ everybody wake up loving you ♪ yeah i wake up loving you note. ♪ wonder if i could catch a plane, touchdown out of town someplace nobody knows you ♪ ♪ maybe i could give myself half of a chance ♪ ♪ to get a life and act like a different man ♪ ♪ i find myself hiding in a cheap hotel ♪ ♪ staring at the tv ♪ trying not to sleep 'cause i'm just going to wake up loving you ♪ ♪ yeah, i wake up loving you ♪ i wake up loving you
5:55 am
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5:56 am
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to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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tomorrow is going to be exciting. we have the leading ladies from "duck dynasty." we know that family better than our own. and they're going to whip up
6:00 am
their own family traditions. >> then victoria secret angels joining us on the curvy couch. bob massi. >> and don't be surprised if craig morgan comes back for tomorrow's show. >> that would be great. bill: morning, everybody. a fox news alert. a short-term fix for obamacare that could leave you taxpayer holding the bag. some say it looks like a bailout for the insurance companies. martha: that's a good way to start the day. i'm martha maccallum. reports that the white house could cut a deal so insurance companies could get their money since the white house doesn't have the back end setup to get paid. the insurance companies would estimate the government, here is what it will cost


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