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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 5, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ now i'm standing on the corner ♪ if you have to wake up this early, at least you're waking up knowing it is the tail end of the week. you have almost made it through. congratulations. goodfriends first" on this thursday morning. i am ainsley aiearhardt. >> i am heather childers. you are waking up with us. reports reveal a shocking detail off the white house calendar. president obama met with kathleen sebelius once in the past three and a half years. this according to government accountability institute president peter switzer. last night on "hannity" switzer says the president's treatment of sebelius has been unfair. >> the launch of obseramacare h been a disaster. to a certain extent they are leaving sebelius out there to kind of dry, hang out on her own. >> despite being left high and dry some lawmakers say sebelius
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needs to go. >> the advantage would be this. your viewers at home say if it happened to her it could happen to me, too. maybe we can slowly start building something harder to repair than a web site which is trust. my fear is people have given up. their expectations are so low this web site, almost $800 million. >> according to the president's calendar he met with other cabinet secretaries a total of 277 times. meantime 29,000 people have enrolled for healthcare on the revamped obamacare web site that's a drop in the bucket compared to the millions who have had their plans canceled. as the deadline to sign up is getting closer the web site still has major flaws. elizabeth prann has the latest for us. >> during one hearing yesterday we unearthed more immediate and long-term challenges that
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americans face in finding affordable healthcare coverage. those who testified say the administration's proposal to allow people to keep their existing coverage this won't work. states like washington and others are giving orders to allow folks back on old healthcare plans they argue it creates uncertainty and destructi destruction -- disruption. >> access to 50 percent of the number of specialists they offer in their older plans that are being canceled. it will be harder to get access to a doctor and probably hard to get access to the doctors you used to go see. >> the same day the president pushed a message in direct contradiction at a white house youth summit he pleaded with young supporters touting the benefits of coverage. >> i am going to need you all to spread the word about how the affordable care act really works, what its benefits are what the protections are and
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most importantly how people can sign up. >> recent harvard poll shows less than one-third of americans between 18 and 29 plan to enroll. as we know the administration needs the young and healthy to offset the costs of older enrollees. ainsley, back to you. elizabeth prann live for us in washington. senate mama joerity lea -- majo leader reed is being allowed to keep federal insurance plans. he will give up his federal plan in favor of the exchange. martin bashir is out at ms msnbc after a personal apack on sarah palin. karl rove says he got off easy. >> they could have saved him said we are putting him on unpaid suspension of six weeks or 8 weeks he has to come out and apologize. the network was silent let him
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go off and have his holiday and then they came back and let him sound like it was his idea. >> now it has been revealed bashir was suspended before for comments he made back in 2008 while working at abc news. bashir had to apologize for referring to some women attending an asian american journalist association as quote asian bait. sarah palin will be here to tell us what she thinks about this. >> authorities say there is no threat to the public. a cargo truck hauling cobalt 60 pi had been used in medical equipment was stolen from astat truck was the target. it was found 25 miles away from an abandoned lot and the thieves are still on the run. the passengers who were hurt in sunday's deadly metro north train derailment that killed 4
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people and injured dozens of others are suing the railroad. one of those victims is 55-year-old denise williams. doctors first thought she would be paralyzed. now she says she will be able to walk again. her attorney says she was pinned inside the car. the limbs of those trees and so forth were pushed her up against the train. against the interior of the train and kept her pinned there for over an hour. >> another passenger 30-year-old carlon mcfarland is also suing but they say the injuries are not as severe. the union representing union rockefeller told them yesterday he told them he dosed off at the controls. the train was going 82 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone when the crash occurred. >> now to an extreme weather alert for you freezing temperatures in store for the west in denver it is expected to
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drop below zero. >> wow. the wintery blast already left rocky mountain ski roerts with more than 30 inches of snow. maria molina joins us with the latest on the extreme cold. how low will it go maria? >> take a look at the windchill temperatures. windchill really means this is what it feels like when you head outdoors. right now in the city of denver it feels like 29 degrees below zero. it feels like 37 degrees below zero in montana. in mine not north dakota it feels like 33 degrees below zero. you are talking dangerous levels of cold out here. we need to bundle up and really if you head outdoors with exposed skin it could freeze within a couple of minutes out here. dangerous stuff ongoing across portions of the midwest and also across parts of the northern and central rockies. be safe again as we head outdoors. in minneapolis cold 8 degrees below zero is the current windchill. as far as high temperatures. these are the actual highs we are expecting only in the teens
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in denver. 2 below zero for the high temperature in billings in montana. it will stay cold out here the next several days. by saturday we are seeing cold temperatures in place across parts of the great lakes. high temperature only in the 20's for louisville for little rock and also the city of dallas. keep in mind on saturday it will only get up into the 20's for so many places very far south from texas up into portions of the ohio valley. otherwise another very dangerous situation is also setting up. we have cold air at the surface across states like texas, oklahoma, arkansas, up into ohio but we have warm temperatures ahead of our frontal boundary right where the two air masses mix we are going to be seeing an icy mix of precipitation and ice accumulation of as much as a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch can fall across sections of arkansas, parts of southeastern missouri. we are looking at very dangerous conditions here on the road and possibly power outages otherwise sleet can be mixing in with the
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icing. anywhere from texas oklahoma up into parts of missouri and even into southern parts. dangerous conditions out here heather and ainsley. please be safe on the roads and that will stick around over the next several days. maria we will be checking in with you a lot. thank you very much. >> thank you. personal information could be in the hands of thieves right now. nearly 2 million passports have been stolen from user accounts on facebook, g mail and twitter. ktvu reporter explains how this happened and how you can protect yourself. >> your pass word might be hidden from the guy taking a peak at yo-- peek at your compur screen. >> no one will get my pass word. >> new evidence hackers hacked pass words from twitter, yahoo and others. they discovered the stolen pass words were recently posted on-line to a site written in
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russian. >> kim baylor is a stop information security expert with special knowledge of the malicious software or mal wear used by thieves in this case. >> it logs everything. >> in a few minutes he showed us how it is done tracking every key stroke of an infected user. >> they find credit cards and they find millions of log ones. they find every single e-mail eerie single message you have ever sent. >> the biggest mistake using the same pass word over and over again for different accounts. in a statement to kgvu a facebook spokesperson wrote it appears the computers may have been hacked by hackers using mal wear by the web browsers. the company reset the pass words of any one who is exposed. baylor says there's no telling how much damage has already been do done>> even more troubling are the passports themselves.
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123456 the pass word used by 18,000 users -- easy for me to say. the change of pass word. >> that's not a safe one anyway. >> speaking of numbers the big budget cuts for the pentagon to tell you about. chuck hagel says he will cut 20 percent of the staff by 2019. it's all part of a plan to save $1 billion over the next five years. hagel is offering cost cutting at headquarters around the world. they will be cut to civilian personnel. fans smoked out. the san antonio spurs were wiabt to play in mexico city. they forced the game to be called off. a generator malfunctioned sending smoke into the arena. no word on when that game will be played.
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new york city's most famous christmas tree is all lit up for the holidays. >> 3, 2, 1. (cheers) >> the 76 foot norway spruce became the rockefeller christmas tree last night. a ceremony that has been held since way back in 1933. it is covered in 45,000 multi colored led lights. the star on top 9 and a half feet wide. the tree will be on display until january 7th, my birthday, after which it will be milled into lumber for habitat for humanity. that's nice. are you planning a long road trip maybe in new york city? it may soon be impossible to steer clear of being taxed to the max. lauren simonetti is here with that and more. >> good morning. talk about a creative and controversial way to raise money. dem doctorateic congressman eric
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bloom hour wants to charge you a tax based an how many miles you drive. he isn't raising enough money to fix the highways and the roads. vehicle miles travel tax or vmp is a solution. he has reintroduced legislation for the government to study ways to implement it. some drivers in oregon will test a pilot program in 2015. super bowl 48 which you can watch here on the fox network is the most expensive yet. the anticipated price tag organizers expect to raise is $70 million. and they are already sold out. shelling out over 5 percent more february 2nd gained than last year. a 30 second slot now $4 million. microsoft is taking on an unlikely foe. vict victoria secret kind of. the tech giant is trying to create a smart bra that can reduce stress by sensors that track skin activity.
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the sensors communicate with user's smart phone and let them know when they are stressed and are prone to over eat. they don't have plans to market it to the masses. don't get too excited about your new diet. thank you, lauren. it is now 13 minutes after the top of the hour. dozens of whales stranded in shallow waters in florida. we are live on the coast as rescue workers are trying to save them before it is too late. >> a slap in the face to the victims of the boston marathon bombing how the controversial rolling stone cover is now being rewarded. ♪
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>> welcome back. wildlife workers trying again this morning to lead dozens of whales out of dangerously shallow waters out of the everglades national park.
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sheldon fox joins us live with the latest on rescue efforts. sheldon? >> good morning, heather. those rescuers should be launching in the next few hours around when the sun comes up. but they have a tough task ahead. very problematic situation involving 41 whales, 10 of those whales have died in the process. yesterday they were banging on their boats trying to physically push those whales out to sea. they are about 20 miles away from where they normally should be. they are without food, they are weak, they say they are demote vated and they try to travel in packs and stay together. they are not sure what got them sick, what got them to end up on the beach not too far from that section of everglades city. but now they are dealing with tiger sharks. they are being fed upon especially those that are the weakest and those that have not made it. they are going to perform necropsies on those whales to figure out what caused it.
2:18 am
we will be staying on top of it and watching the rescuers as they come out. we are in flamingo miles away from where this is taking place off the shores of everglades city. not too far from everglades city in a very remote location off the shore there. for now we are live not too far from everglades national park. sheldon fox , fox news. >> sheldon fox joining us live with an update. thank you. we will check back in. this woman waking up to a jail cell where her husband of 45 years is a judge. the ohio woman accused of poisoning him with anti freeze. it happened in september but she was arrested. the wife is expected to be charged with attempted murder. the judge is recovering at home. embattled mayor rob ford may be able to try a video that shows him smoking crack. he tried to offer $5,000 and a car to the men trying to sell
2:19 am
the video. he was admitted to smoking crack. he will be on a dc radio station talking about the nfl. and anthony weiner, is he headed to drive time? the new report says the notorious sex ter and mayoral candidate may be close to a deal to host a radio show in the big apple. it would focus on local politics. he has been working on launching a broadcasting career before his mayoral bid. >> well it is time to brew on this. if you thought of being without your cell phone if that makes you uneasy you could be suffering from technology addiction. a new study showing 53 percent of people actually admit to suffering anxiety when they can't use the phone. they even compared it to being as stressful at planning a wedding. hardest part they say, the day of the week to go without your
2:20 am
bad gadget, on thursday. >> he with want to know what type of stress do you get from going without your gadget. send the comments to us at twitter, facebook or e-mail us at we will read some of those later in the show. >> he lost his life fighting for hour c our country and now a thief is using this fallen hero's identity to get dates. his family is asking facebook to fight back. wait until you hear the response. >> pour yourself another glass of wine at dinner tonight. there is now reason to drink red wine. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
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>> a fallen hero gives his life for our country and then has his identity stolen. the reason to create a fake
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facebook page and dating profile. staff sergeant matthew puchino was killed in combat in 2009. to keep his family alive they started a memorial foundation for him and made a web site. they were shocked to discover someone had stolen his picture. >> i was about coming out of my skin. i don't know how to describe it. the anger. it was hard to sleep that night. i was so furious someone who disrespect his name and pose as matthew. he's a fallen hero. >> his family tried to get the facebook page taken down immediately but the social media site says they have to go through a long process to make that happen. p pucino's sister wants to make sure every military family is aware of the situation and hope to prevent something like this have happening again. >> remember this controversial rolling stone cover. a lot of people said it glorified the accused boston
2:25 am
marathon bomber and treated the terrorist like a rock star. the editors at ad week magazine honored the issue at the hot list party. they named it the hottest cover of the year. dzhokhar tsarnaev's attack killed two people and injured countless others. israeli actress gail feda. she played a weapons expert in fast and furious shows. whether she picked up any fighting skills to be used in her role as wonder woman. the batman verses super man film goes july 15th. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up holiday cheer gives way to chaos as a fight breaks out all caught on camera. what sparked this drama at the christmas tree lelighting. >> a person jaywalking hit head
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y you>> once only once in three years. that's how many times kathleen sebelius met with president obama before launching obamacare. many asking why she still has a job. >> thousands of americans waking up to this.
2:30 am
how it could impact dinner tables and restaurants from coast to coast. >> a ups driver caught on camera acting like a bad santa. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ floor director busting a groove right now. good morning. it is thursday. well kochl to "fox & friends first". >> you look a little bit like beyonce over there. >> a brand new report has a shocking detail. kathleen sebelius he only wmet with once in the last three years this according oh peter
2:31 am
schieter. the treatment of kathleen sebelius has been unfair but some lawmakers say she needs to go. >> 30,000 people enroll for healthcare coverage on the reradio vamped obamacare web site. it is minuscule compared to the millions who lost coverage. as the deadline to sign up gets closer the web site still has major laws. duing lou ziader has the very latest. >> with the web site functioning at least better now it is not a question of how many people sign up but what kind of people sign up for health insurance. the president stopped a white house youth summit that is exactly the kind of crowd he is looking for to get out this message. these are also the potential customers they drool over. they use so few healthcare services. obamacare depends on their buy in literally.
2:32 am
>>ed the product is good. it is affordable to quote joe biden. if you are a student body president set up on campus. if you are president have a happy hour. >> a poll out shows the challenges the white house is facing on this. do you approve of obamacare or disapprove asking 18-29-year-olds 57 percent disapprove of the law. 22 percent are without health insurance. of that group less than a third, just 29 percent plan to enroll. that is a real challenge now for the white house. they point to security issues on the web site and doctor shortages. 40 to 50 percent of the numbers in their older plans are being canceled. it is harder to get access to a doctor. it will be hard to get access to
2:33 am
a doctor you used to go see. >> they will keep driving this message young people need to sign up for health insurance. >> if you are a bartender have a happy hour. >> house oversight committee darrel issa says the web site could reach 10 figures. he told fox news while they will get the web site working it will probably cost over a billion dollars by the end. the administration has not released the exact figure of the costs. the original cost estimate $400 million. that brings us to our look who is talking. president of software firm and david kennedy a cyber security analyst and a legal hacker both explained to sean hannity that they could have made healthcare g dot gov for a fracti-- healthca
2:34 am
for a fraction of what they spent. >> you are looking at maybe 5-10 million dollars at a maximum rate. >> totally secure it would work functional start to finish. wouldn't need to build 40 percent of the web site still. >> it would be functional. p you do the proper testing. >> this doesn't need to be a silicon valley space project. >> the total? >> i would agree in the 5-10 million dollar range max. >> parted of his job is to hags into kennedy web sites and fix the hold. am when the obamacare web site was launched he warned it had no security at all. even after the fixes personal information remains exposed. >> if you want to rate it in terms of their security what would you give them 10 being the best and greatest security you can have. >> i would say amazon does a great job.
2:35 am
>> what would you rate >> about a 1 or 2 from security perspective. >> would you advise anybody to go on that site or would you tell them their personal medical information private information is at risk. >> i would say stay off the site for now your information is definitely at risk. martin bashir is out at msnbc nearly three weeks after an inappropriate personal attack on sarah palin. karl rove says he got off easy. >> they could have saved him perhaps if they said he was wrong and we are putting him on an unpaid suspension for six weeks or 8 weeks and he has to come out and apologize. instead the network was silent. they let him go off and have his prearranged holiday and then they came back and let him sound like it was his idea. >> now it has been revealed bashir was suspended before for comments he made back in 2008 when he was working at abc news. he apologized for that one for
2:36 am
referring to some women attending an asia american journalist association as asian bane. sarah palin will tell us what she thinks about bashir's resignation. >> crisis averted stolen radioactive material has been recovered in mexico. authorities say there is no threat to the public. a cargo truck hauling cobalt 60 which had been used in medical equipment was stolen from a gas station and it is believed the truck, not the cobalt 60 was the target. it was found 25 miles away in an abandoned lot. the thieves are still on the run. >> extreme weather in the west wreaking havoc on local businesses during the busy christmas season. >> bitter cold temperatures in parts of washington state forcing one wintery or one wine winery to have shhalt shipmentso
2:37 am
the east coast. >> this cold air will be in it parts of the northwest, parts of the rockies and parts of the plains over the next several days through at least this week end. bundle up, it will stay cold out here again for several more days. take a look at some of the current willed rer windchills. we are talking about dangerous amounts of cold. 29 degrees the current windchill in the city of denver. 20 below in rapid city. we will see the cold air not just pay stay put but expand through parts of texas, arkansas up into ohio are going to deal with cold temperatures. highs only in the 20's. in louisville, little rock and also the city of dallas by this saturday and a dangerous situation also setting up with some of the cold air at the surface. we have warmer temperatures over riding that cold air at the surface. we will be seeing icing out here from texas including the city of dallas all of the way up to ohio with anywhere between a quarter of an inch to about three
2:38 am
quarters of an inch, heather and ainsley. that means power outages will be possible including arkansas, missouri and slippery roadways. it will be a huge concern with possible car accidents as well. send it over to you. >> thank you, maria. >> other stories, the man accused in last month's shooting at lax is being denied bail at his first court appearance. the judge saying he is a flight risk and danger to the community. he is charged with killing tsa officer hernandez and ciancia committed an act of violence. kr kiancia has bruises and scars on his face and what appeared to be a tracheotomy tube attached to his neck. a family of a woman killed at the mass shooting at the washington navy yard filed a lawsuit against the government and defense contractors. they allege they ignored red flags about alex' mental health.
2:39 am
suit on behalf of knight named the navy department of affairs and two defense contractors as defendants. they are seeking at least $37.5 million in damages. a new bombshell revelation from it nsa leaker edward snowden. the nsa is reportedly tracking billions of cell phones every day overseas. caught in the dragnet some americans abroad. the "washington post" saying the massive amount of data allows the agency to track the movements of almost any cell phone around the world. they can track who the cell user is calling. the nsa said they do not gather cell phone data on americans here in the u.s. >> oo a will ka cal couple defies the odds as they welcome identical triplets without the help of fertility treatment. the odds of producing identical triplets naturally range from one in a million to one in 200 million. the triplets are doing well and should be able to go home in a
2:40 am
few weeks. >> it is now 39 minutes after the top of the hour. you better pack a lunch before you leave today because lunch could be hard to find. why thousands of fast food workers across the country are walking off the job. >> and damaged goods where delivery drivers caught on camera tossing a packing like it was trash. [woman]ask me... [announcer]...if you think the best bed for one of you might be a compromise for the other one... [woman]ask me about our tempur-pedic. [announcer] they're sleeping on the newest tempur-pedic bed... the new tempur choice... [man]two people.two remotes. [announcer] firmness settings for the head,legs,and back... and with tempur on top,that famous tempur-pedic comfort comes any way you like it! [woman]ask me about the lumbar button. [man]she's got her side...and i've got my side. [announcer] tempur-pedic.the most highly recommended bed in america. [woman]don't touch my side!
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>> welcome back. if you have a foul mouth you may fit right in in ohio. a study found the people in the buckeye state they curse more than any one else in the country. researchers analyzed more than 600,000 phone calls over the past year. they found that ohioans said a four-letter word in every 150th conversation. they named wisconsin the least
2:44 am
courteous state. >> gq magazine naming chris christie the fox of the year. crediting his leadership after super storm sandy. he appeared on time magazine cover with that same title. 100 minimum wage protest will be served up across the country. the idea of hiking -- >> diane macedo has the latest on this story. good morning, diane. >> good morning, ladies. advocates for higher fast food wages have rallies around the country in hopes of getting businesses to in some cases more than double their minimum wage to $15 an hour. the federal minimum wage stands at 7:25 an you are who. while somerset the minimum wage higher. current minimums don't make
2:45 am
enough to help a family. white castle vice president jamie richardson told cnbc yesterday raising the company's minimum wage to $15 it would force more than 200 of the 406 locations to close entirely. while the $15 wage hike might seem like a long shot, the president is backing a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to just over $10 an hour. >> we know there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off and are still working at or barely above poverty. that is why it is well past the time to raise a minimum wage that is below where it was when harry truman was in office. >> the wage hike would be good for the economy overall. critics agree saying entry level jobs are meant to be a stepping stone not a permanent career to support a family.
2:46 am
even at just over $10 a minimum wage increase would result in fewer of those jobs and higher costs for consumers. diane mass can heed so joins ing us live as always. >> it is quarter to the top of the hour. holiday cheer gives way to chaos as the fate breaks out and it is all caught on camera. what sparked this drama at the christmas tree lighting. >> he gets a lesson on being a rocket. goes behind the scenes of the radio city christmas spectacular. first let's join our own rocket steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning to you, ladies. coming up on "fox & friends" governor sarah palin will talk about bashir about his terrible comments abouter had. the ladies of duck dynasty are whipping up family christmas
2:47 am
traditions. plus scuba santa swimming with sharks. you don't want to miss bob massi john stossel. we have a busy three hours. kicks off 13 minutes from now right here on "the fox news channel. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at
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well, it was caught on camera. chaos at a christmas tree lighting in philadelphia. what was supposed to be a family event turned violent in front of hundreds of people including children. a fight broke out. a woman said the argument started when someone bumped into another person in the crowd. police showed up after that fight was broken up. several people were carted off for questioning. it was a road trip one mother will never forget. she was traveling from tennessee to texas when she looked back to find the bed of her pickup truck on
2:51 am
fire. she had to scramble to get her kids out of their car seats with only seconds to spare. >> i pulled the truck over. i grabbed both the girls and then the d.e.a. was coming toward us. i was like okay good. within minutes the entire truck was engulfed in flames. luckily they were unharmed. time to step into the fox light with michael tammero. we've got a special behind the scenes look at new york city's christmas tree tradition. michael, you got to dance with the rockettes. >> the crowds were out for the tree lighting. for 81 years the christmas pakistan -- the christmas spectacular has dr a chance to k stage with the rockettes.
2:52 am
>> it's perfect for all ages and all families. >> you feel like a sense of tradition and responsibility? >> definitely. >> you're looking at one of our traditional favorites, a crowd favorite so we have to make that the same every year. >> would you give us a little tour back stage? >> absolutely. we're doing six shows a day, eight costume changes. it's pretty craziness back here. >> here is our 12 days of christmas number. >> our eight-minute number. >> this is classic rockettes. >> is this the one part of the show that stayed? >> since 1933. >> everything else about the show is different? >> it's changing every year.
2:53 am
>> there is the nativity costume. >> probably one of my favorite moments of the show. so beautiful. >> it's beautiful. ♪ ♪ >> we're under the great stage of radio city. what is so amazing about this is this is our actual stage. we have built a new stage on top of the elevated system built right here. >> what is it like when you go out there and the curtain goes up? >> you look out at 6,000 people and they're there to see you. you're making so much more for their holiday tradition. >> we're going to bevel toe to toe with your right foot. then we're going to link up right on behind. behind me. >> oh, behind you? >> and kick our left.
2:54 am
>> step right, kick left. step on your left, kick right. right kick, step kick. right kick, step kick. ♪ ♪ >> i am sticking to my day job. >> so cute. the rockettes do approximately 300 kicks every show. you can see them now at radio city music hall until december 30. it is a great show. >> the kids in the audience are mesmerized. >> the live nativity at the end. check out all my interviews at and follow me on twitter at fox light michael. >> it is six minutes till
2:55 am
the top of the hour. would you believe wine trumps veggies when it comes to your health? drink up. going without a cell phone is more stressful than planning a wedding? we have your comments coming up next.
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it is two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. a desperate rescue operation underway today in florida's everglades national park to save dozens of whales in shallow waters. ten have already died. time to change your on-line password. hackers have stolen user names and passwords for nearly two million google, facebook and yahoo accounts. the c.d.c. holding a news conference to talk about a spike in measles cases as this year marks the 35th anniversary of the measles vaccine.
2:59 am
>> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. cheers to this. yet another reason to drink red wine. it can prevent eye disease later in life apparently. one of the main ingredients resveratrol is believed to help slow down age-related deterioration of the eyes. and the bad, a u.p.s. driver tossing packages out of the truck like they're trash. this going viral on-line. a shocking video, a man hit by a car, thrown in the air before crashing into the street. incredibly he is okay. >> time for your brew on this responses. earlier in the show we told you about a new study that is giving technology, or is saying that giving up technology is as stressful as getting married. we asked what type of
3:00 am
stress do you get from going without your gadgets. chris says stress? a day without my smart phone is more like a vacation. billy says i'm stress free. i think it's a generation thing. teens can't remember what it was like without them because they always had them. that's the anxiety. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it's thursday, december 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new details this morning. president obama watched his signature health care plan sink from the sidelines holding only one private meeting with kathleen sebelius in three and a half years. should he have been more involved? we report, you decide. >> it wasn't even private at that. the president pitching obamacare to the young people. >> if you're a bartender, have a happy hour. and also probably get health insurance as a lot of bartenders don't have it. >> that's right, get them tanked


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