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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 6, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

12:00 am and tell us what you think about president go mandela. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ alberto, welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." feline massages. we go inside this hot new trend. the one on one interview with the world's most exclusive cat masseuse. plus, does the vice president think companies should force employees to wear pajamas to work? >> finally we are waking up. that's how you create profit for companies. >> and finally, did a meth addicted kangaroo knock over a pharmacy? we have shocking footage of the intense standoff and the incredible escape. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with miss america
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2008, kirsten-haglin and why does he bother coming? tv's andy levy. and his hair as its own agent, buck sexton, the national security editor and co-host of "the real news" on the blaze tv. and the voice of a generation if by generation you mean angry black guys. sitting next to me, comedian sherrod small. >> ♪ nelson mandela ♪ nelson mandela no? >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> that's a question no one can answer. nelson mandela died on thursday. moments after his death was announced the founder of, a hugely influential movie business website tweeted this. rip, nelson mandela subject of weinstein company mandela long
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walk to freedom which opened november 29th and has awards buzz. the tweet triggered outcry as it should, i guess. a pile of angry tweets accusing of being a horrible insensitive fink. is she out of line? this happens after every tragedy or death. somebody does something on twitter jie. when martin luther king died they said hurry and get your tickets to "the lion king. >> it is disgusting, greg jie. it is disgusting. thank you for covering that joke. buck, is this as bad -- do you remember when kenneth coal, the -- kenneth cole, the uproar in cairo and they said we are reacting to your sandals? >> was it too soon?
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>> too soon, there is a period here. before you can shamelessly exploit something like this which is definitely going to happen especially with the movie out, the tweet was part of it. it was all of the people involved in the movie and we were like, yes interest we are -- yes! we are so sad he is dead though. they needed to wait 24 hours or maybe a week. >> it looked like morgan free man was the go to mandela dude. >> he is the best. he is the guy you go to. >> i don't trust him. i don't trust black dudes with british accents. >> have you seen "luther"? >> yeah. >> stringer bell. >> we are going off track here. was she insensitive or just doing her job? >> both. she was insensitive and doing her job. this is hollywood. they are not going to miss the chance to make a buck. it does president surprise me at -- it doesn't surprise me at all to be honest. if you look at the rest of the twitter account she didn't stop. she continued to promote the
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movie. it shouldn't shock us coming out of hollywood. >> i did put on twitter, rest in peace nelson mandela then i put my pod cast. >> everybody is promoting where they are at. everyone has to. that's the way it is going unfortunately. >> the problem, andy x twitter is fly paper for the clueless. if you are a normal -- you just know. there are how many millions of people? >> there is always going to be someone -- usually -- i hate to use this word because it sounds elitist, they are nopes in the sense -- they are nobodies in the sense they are not famous. >> they are not famous. they are not public figures. they are not nobodies personally. people pick up their tweets and they are famous for tweeting something stupid when they are like these are
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private people and they did something stupid. her problem is it is not as bad as kenneth cole or when the clothing store after aurora tweeted something -- oh aurora is trending. remember that? that was bad. she is by all accounts not a likable person. she also doesn't have a job right now. she was booted from she is about to launch her own website. she needs publicity. >> it is understand like she needs a little ling -- ding a ling in her life. >> are you a modern sack raw tease. >> from your mouth to god's ears. >> you just solve all of the problem. she later tweeted i write about the entertainment business and that movie is a wonderful tribute to nelson mandela. >> shut up. where is the money going to? >> let's move on. this is an interesting story. every guy is a bull's eye. victoria secret treats male
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customers differently from female ones because men feel uncomfortable buying lingerie. i never knew that. an employee told business insider, quote, the general feeling about men is they would buy anything in order to get out of the store as quickly as possible. that means they would spend more money. associates would fight over male customers. the worker added, women are more value oriented -- this is so sexist. wen urge cked to show them deals. but men would buy a couple of $50 bras without questioning us because they felt awkward. they don't want to look cheap. so is victoria's secret taking advantage of men? it is the subject of tonight's "red eye" investigates.
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>> see, we figure if we have the images and the music that's all you need for an investigation. we are done. >> what is the next subject? >> let's delve into it a bit. i don't think we can achieve anything as good as that. kirsten, is this surprising to you? as a woman who frequently received i'm sure lingerie from many men -- didn't mean it that way. i mean from one man many times. >> oh man, greg. you are bad. this is not a surprise to me at all. in fact, i think it is smart business. go after the men. of course they feel awkward. what was interesting to me was in the bottom of the report said the founder of victoria's secret created the store to help men feel comfortable shopping for lingerie. they will never feel
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comfortable shopping for lingerie. >> i am a stone cold freak. not even to buy stuff. i just go in there and look around and smell things. bring those blue ones. that's good. >> you know what they should do, they should bring those men into the store and they should lead them over to the $1 million bra. that's what they should do if they really want to make some cash. >> i am all for guys buying lingerie for their girlfriends they will never wear. they are not going to wear it. that's why it is fun. you pick out these things she will wear them, no she won't. they won't get to the fact that the conversation you have with the sales staff there is where it gets awkward. unlike some of us, i might have gone in there and you say i am here for my girlfriend's stuff. she is a c cup. not that i am saying she is hot. it is my girlfriend and she is cool. you explain why you are there and it is more and more
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awkward. >> did you have a stash of lingerie in your shag wagon? that's a throw back. >> come on. >> andy. >> not appropriate. >> you launched a line of lingerie for cats. it is bras for paws. how is business doing? >> i imagine business is great in the sick fantasy world you live in where i am a crazy cat person. if i can deal with reality for a second here, i completely agree with you. this is good business and this is what they should be doing. every time i go in there they assume i am buying for someone else. this is just another example of the trans phobic culture we live in and it makes it uncomfortable. i don't like it. shame on them. >> by the way, i often go in there and express -- i tell them it is for me just because -- >> they don't believe you. >> it makes me sad inside. >> it is sexist. >> it is almost --
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>> you should try -- >> spit it out. >> you should feel uncomfortable. you spent many years making sales people feel uncomfortable. >> because i am black walking around in a store? >> you can sell each other out. >> that might have been the funniest thing you ever said in your life. it is like two magnets. >> you still got it, greg gutfeld. >> barely though, barely. i think we have killed this story. shall we move on? there you go. when it comes to spanish, she is not a fanish. a texas middle school principal is on leave after telling students they weren't allowed to speak the language in class. you have to end that story after the laugh. amy lacey made the announcement over the intercom last month sparking concern
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among students and parents. and now in addition to punishing lacey, the school district has sent out a letter assuring families that neither the district nor any campus has any policy prohibiting the speaking of spanish. but some students say they are still confused. said one 6th grader, people don't want to speak spanish no more. >> or english for that matter. >> and they don't want to get caught speaking it because they are going to get in trouble. speaking of confused -- >> come on. >> come on ripley. come on ripley. come on. >> stupid. animals are stupid. they are really dumb. we will get to that later in
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the show. bob, in the green room, you said that students should only speak esperanzo which is encouraging coming from a stone cold racist like yourself. >> from you going to make fun of the teacher in front of his or her face why not go with pig latin? usrey, uyey, it has as much bite as it did back then and he turned himself into a giant pinata by doing this. >> he meant well. don't you think he meant well? >> she didn't want students to talk behind the teachers' backs. >> if you are going to be a principal in texas maybe learn a little espanol. >> how will this affect spanish class? the kids' grades will suffer. i am worried about it. >> we have the "red eye" sweater of the month club going on here. i just realized this. >> are you not part of the club. >> keep your comments to the shag wagon. kirsten, i happen to think the
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principal was right, but went about it the wrong way. aim right, or -- am i right, or am i wrong? >> i think she had a p oi nt. when you are in a foreign language class -- for example i took french and you couldn't speak english when you came into the class. that was part of learning the language. >> can you speak it? >> [speaking french]. i think it sets kids up for success. i think it is harsh to say go on the intercom and say there is absolutely no spanish. that makes them feel intimidated. >> you feel are you pointed out or singled out. never cool in school. so i think it does do a good job at setting these kids up who are initially spanish speaking, especially in the home where they get a lot to learn it quickly. it sets them up for success in the job market, et cetera. >> how about if they say hey, esse. is that a accomplishment?
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>> anything you do these days to help people from a traditional perspective is an attack on a culture now, correct? let's say you go, hey, stop wearing sag gee pants. you are not going to be able to get a job wearing saggy pants. is that an attack on the culture? >> we live in the melting pot country. we don't have different challenges that say we are in sweden. we have to find ways to mix and match and get everybody's stuff together. >> we don't live in a melting pot. >> we are different pots on the same stove. that's what has changed. immigrants used to come here. my great grand parents would come here and make sure their kids learned evening lish. that was important. they came to this country and they wanted every generation to be more successful jie. and they didn't want to bring the filthy language they knew. >> thank you. >> and there is a fine line between preserving your culture and heritage. my great grandparents italy ant
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want to speak italian. they shut off the lights on their italian family members and they would say we are not home because they didn't speak english. >> chef boy-ardie is outside. >> they were racist against their own kind. >> you also want to do what is best for you and your family to get along in the new culture. it is something you are fighting fighting and america will have to fight. >> it is not just the school district, but it is people doing the battle going on in people's houses. >> absolutely. >> young and old. >> but like you said, you are now -- what used to be the norm, you are a bigot if you suggest that is a good idea. >> exactly. >> they won't get english as a national language. >> i don't think it needs to be in the constitution or the law that english is the national language. >> why not? progressive left wing european countries have it. >> english is the dominant language -- if i go to mexico i don't expect them to speak
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english. >> every vacation i go on i expect evening lish. >> but in all sire yousness, buck, when the shaggin wagon goes it is the language of love. >> i think it works both ways. you can't expect to go to another culture and have them adapt to you. we are supposed to expect we have to adapt to other cultures. >> i i go like this, what are all of these foreigners doing here? and then i tie my ascot. >> what happened to you? i want to go back to you and your italians briefly. can you be racist if you are -- >> yes. >> you know where i am going. if it is your own kind? >> yeah, you can, but it is not racism. >> it is self-hating. >> it is a self-hating bastard. >> weren't we all like that? >> we all have that. >> it was part of coming to the united states. we are saying we want to let
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go of the stuff we don't -- we want to let go of the stuff we are escaping. >> the idea is you came someplace to make a better life because supposedly that was a better place. i don't really get the whole idea of doing that and then saying oh but i want to preserve everything from home, but you should have stayed there. >> there is a reason there is chinatown and little italy. >> of course you try to maintain dash dosh teach your children your culture, but you also realize you come to a new culture and it is helpful to teach that. >> i want americans to speak american. i am very clear about this. >> i couldn't hear you through your hood. >> that's his hair, by the way. >> last word to you, kirsten. >> you can preserve your culture and the wonderful, beautiful elements of it, but it is about different values. that's what the initial immigrants that came to the country and my great grandparents and yours they were coming to uh dost -- adopt american values and it was based on a constitution and freedom of opportunity and
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limited government. >> women can vote. >> it was an opportunity and new values they wanted to embrace. that's what people loved about america. >> the principal should not have made this announcement over the loud speaker. >> if you do make it over the loud speaker do it in spanish and english because half of the kids don't know whraw talking about. >> that's true. very good point. coming up, my chinese food, i never should have had that pork. did the obamas' dog knockdown a little girl on orders from the first lady? the white house hasn't denied it.
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all right. he wants to sour your happy
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hour. president obama has ordered bartenders to organize boozeyy vents to boost obamacare. he told the crowd at the white house youth summit to push the plan wherever they can. >> if you are a student body president, set up a conference on campus. if you work at a nonprofit, open your doors and use your e-mail list to help people learn the facts. if you have a radio show, spread the word on air. if you are a bartender, have a happy hour. >> i said that already. anyway, obama quoted jfk word for word. >> the bottom line is, i'm gonna need you. and the country needs you. >> that line is as powerful today as when jfc said it at his inauguration. during a tour of the white house the obama's done, sunny, flattened a little girl.
12:23 am
>> terrible. the dog was later killed. can we see the knockdown again in slow motion, please? >> look, sherrod. >> let's keep it real, greg. keep it real. >> i don't think it is a coincidence the girl was white and the dog was black. is that dog training to attack white children? >> i don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but it did make me happier. >> is this part of the knockout game? >> the handy p cayed kid is the one who tripped the girl. he has a walker, but he scooted over and the little girl fell. >> the girl backed up and she got caught on the walker. >> of the handicapped kid. he is a good kid. he is a sweet boy, little jimmy. i know him. >> the dog came up and then she moved back and i think her
12:24 am
foot got caught on the walker. >> but if you enhance the audio, i have done this. you can hear michelle obama say "get em." >> you can hear the girl say "low taxes." >> if the president can't control -- if the president cannot control his dog, how could he run the country? should he be impeached? >> let's go with yes right off the bat for any number of reasons. none more so than the fact that he had many choices of what his canine would be. he went with a portuguese water spaniel. next is spain. spain a country where communists and fashists fought each other. he went with a dog that is clearly a portuguese facist canine and that is not american. i got caught up. >> i want to talk about this happy hour thing. >> i got you right here. >> we are trying to do a show here. they are having their own mini
12:25 am
show. >> we missed rehearsals. >> the happy hour thing to discuss obamacare, this strikes me as a fatal flaw among progressives who believes you can make anything political. the personal is political, so you can just -- during your thanksgiving dinner you can talk politics and no one can mind. this happens all the time. >> right, and they gave you talking points for that. you know, this is not the only time that the government has gotten involved in messaging toward mill 11 y'alls. you saw colorado do that and it is really in desperation to be cool and relatable. i can tell you as a young person and as a millenial this law is a joke. that's who he needs to buy these plans in order for it to work. they are just hands-off more and more. and there is a recent poll that actually found that obama's approval rating on health care dropped to 34%.
12:26 am
>> that's low. >> i want to say as a fellow millenial, you don't speak for me. >> you just have melanin. >> i need some ho-surance. >> all right. back to the bartender thing. >> it is weird! >> it is weird. >> bartenders are trying to talk to you about stuff other than liquor, are you selling me am way? shut up. >> it is so crazy. >> it is a brilliant scheme. if you drink enough tequilla you will forget about the fact president obama is the reason you have to wait nine months for your hip operation. check it. brings those together, scheming. >> my feeling is, andy, he is trying to give young people cirrhosis. he is getting them into the bar and they drink more and need obamacare. >> it does sound like something he would do, doesn't
12:27 am
it? >> it totally does. >> i was joking, but go ahead. >> at the white house youth summit they just had, it was a huge part of their push, and they were using other people to sell the health care law too. one of the things is they party too hard and they are having one of the crazy nights. who will pay for that? really? we do more with our lives than party please. >> do you get to vote? >> it is disappointing. they just want somebody to talk real to them. >> it is the new bosses. >> hey, kids. >> it will be rick santorum. >> it will be a sweater vest in a cool color. coming up, the c block.
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tonight's c block is sponsored by doorknobs. doorknobs are all over the place these days. they just keep showing up. doorknobs, thank you. >> you're welcome, greg. ha, ha, ha. >> is bruce springsteen the most overrated musician of all time? we will discuss in our new and improved "red eye" debate center.
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all right. would we rather settle than be solo? a new study from the university of toronto found that men and women are forced into crappy relationships because of the fear of being single forever. otherwise known as andy levy. explain the lead researcher. sometimes people stay in relationships. they are not happy and sometimes they want to date people who are not good for them. all because they don't want a lean cuisine dinner for one. according to the findings 18% of north american adults reported worrying about a lonely, eventule death, andy levy. 12% had mixed feelings about being single x andy levy. discuss we must in the -- >> lightning rooooooooouuuuunnnnd it. >> lightning round. >> the only we do that is for sherrod. >> yes.
12:33 am
>> they didn't even show it. >> they hear me. >> you knocked my earpiece out. >> it wouldn't be the first time. >> what are you doing? >> all right, kirsten, they say both men and women have this fear, but i think it is worse for a man. what do you think? >> men need help. women don't need help. women livelonger and have better social networks with their friends. >> this is true. but you know what, when i read this report i thought, hmm, i don't know how much i believe this. for a lot of young people, a lot of people in their 20s and 30s really in the dating world it is more like everyone wants to have casual hookups and no one wants to be in a relationship. in fact -- >> so you got my e-mail? >> no, sorry i'm taken m. >> it was just a joke. >> and it was a good one.
12:34 am
you have had good ones all nightlong. >> i like this girl. >> what i am trying to say here is that young people seem desperate if they want to be in a relationship. i guess as you get older it changes and that's why there is the popularity of e harmony and >> i can tell you, greg, from what i am told in the research i have done in the shaggin wagon -- and i will have to bring a photo because there is a shaggin wagon. you look at match and e harmony and all of these other places and the reality is unfortunately as people will find out, supermodels sending you message is a 65-year-old korean guy named joe. so maybe settling is your better option given that reality. >> and as you get older you aren't going to be young anymore. see how that's true? you people keep thinking they are going to be young. >> it is not old-young though. when it is cold you need somebody to hug up on.
12:35 am
when it is summertime you say i need my space. >> it is based on the weather. >> you go back and forth and baying and forth and back and forth and eventually you land somewhere and you stay there. >> with global warming there will be less marriages and monogamy. >> less cold and less marriages. we like flesh. >> that's true. andy, your cats are all you need, right? this means nothing to you. >> i don't understand what the fear of loneliness means. the only person who has less of a fear of loneliness than me was the uni-bomber. i know people who don't like being alone. i am not one of them. i don't get it. i like being alone. i think it is fantastic. >> it is different to be in new york city to be alone and all of these people around you. >> new york teaches you to crave loneliness. there is no reason to solve loneliness. you have to embrace it. that's what books are for. the books were created so you
12:36 am
are never lonely. >> musicians and scientists and everyone important was lonely. you don't have creative time. >> from you lonely, just go to a bar. >> when you don't get a phone number. >> well there are things to alleviate that suffering too as well. this is a family show. we won't get into that here. you know what i'm talking about. >> prostitution. >> no, not that. something close. fisher-price, the only company i buy things from is taking crap from some consumers for one of its newest products. why are we showing these people holding hands a? is somebody really drunk? wow. >> this is about the activity seat which is a child seat for newborns and toddlers with an ipad mount. it is not people walking around headless and holding glasses of wine. >> i think what happens is
12:37 am
these kids use this thing and that's how they grow up. >> darn. that's what i'm talking about. anyway, to reiterate, this is basically a chair for a baby that comes with an ipad or a thing that you put out, you can see that. critics warn that too much screen time can hurt a young child's development. that is the end of the story. so many things wrong with this segment right now. andy, how is this bad when i say it is good? it is contridicting me. >> first of all you have one of these don't you? >> i do. >> i have a thing that attaches to the wall by my bed. >> yes you do. >> and it has a flexible, metal arm. and it has a mount with my ipad air on the end. >> you sound like you are in a hospital. >> i go to bed and shut off the lights and i can watch my
12:38 am
stories. then it looks like the screen is floating in midair. it looks like the screen is floating in space. >> are you thinking, andy, it is hard to believe you are single, but that's not the point. the point, this baby seat is awesome. >> it comes with a screen for the kid to watch? that's brilliant. it is not going to harm the kid. we sat this close to the tv. >> that is so true. remember the whole thing? they told you don't sit too close to the tv. don't watch tv with the lights off. you will go blind. those were lies. that's all i did. >> just like beer kills brain cells. false propaganda. >> cigarettes stunt your growth. i did not start smoking until i was short. it is true. i started at 27. i started smoking at 27. won't this device prepare them for their future? their future is staring at a
12:39 am
screen. >> you are right about that. i disagree with all of you. i think this is awful. particularly because there are lots of studies that show, you noy if you see through a dark window and someone is watching a television and you can't see the tv and you can see all of the light, just switching quickly from blue to yellow to red, it is jarring. you wouldn't feel that way if you were watching it. that kind of light affects brain development in children. it stimulates the fight or flight mechanism much earlier than it should. so actually that exposure to screens at that close is really bad for kids. >> no, they turn them into super heros. >> their brain development, it is bad. i just think this is awful. kids should be allowed to scream and cry in the backseat and if a parent can't ham it they shouldn't have had kids. kids shouldn't be over stimulated at that age. >> i feel i have been scolded, and i kind of like it. this is training the next generation -- airlines will be more ought mate expetd drones. if you will have amazon
12:40 am
deploying an arm of machines around this guy you want skills. >> they are not learning code to build it. they are watching a screen. >> to be fair to fisher-price you can take the ipad out. >> then why spend the money to buy it? >> it comes with a mirror. >> oh a mirror is better. >> y'all haven't been around kids lately. i will put firecrackers in front of the kid to keep him busy. >> if more people knew about the ipad mount i had they would not stay in relationships because they would be afraid to be alone. >> of what keeps these kids from coming after me when i am an old man. i do think this is the future. this is all they will be doing. we lost a generation of skilled people. >> when our kids ipad they are too lazy. time for a break. more stuff to talk about. remember, no the cool. that's the new book.
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if you haven't ordered it yet why are you even alive? you can pre order it now at all book retailers. go to my website g you can get a pre beer coozie. i am losing it.
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further evidence our stupid society treats their pets better than people. you can also go to pet chatz and chats is spelled with a z. here is how it is done.
12:45 am
>> hi, sadie. i miss you. you are such a good girl. sadie can you sit? good girl. you want a treat? >> is this how white people live? >> this is not a white people thing. this is a crazy people thing. >> it costs. it costs $350. they will start shipping this thing to the u.s. next year. >> i want to use it -- i would have used it, but i came home and walked my dog. >> exactly. let's go around the table.
12:46 am
sherrod, owners who talk to their pets, the whole waiving thing, that bothers me. not the technology -- >> dogs know what you are doing. when i did this to my dog he would bark. that was his thing for talk. >> dogs understand, but i spend $300 on cameras. >> no one is going steal that, sherrod. >> do i take this bon tab filled with weed -- bopping filled with weed? bong filled with weed? >> i saw your ears pick up when the ring tone came on. >> first of all this is not for the pets. it is for the people. dogs and cats don't pass the mirror test. i don't believe they know it is them in the mirror. i don't think they know it is you on the screen.
12:47 am
>> they can tell your voice. >> but you don't need a camera for your voice. who says it is just for pets. >> you mean for little people? >> little people or if you keep people tied up. >> here is a treat for you. i will be back in four hours. >> there are websites you can go to where you can find people who would do that. >> that's an interesting thing. with every new technology the first thing that happens goes toward porn. >> i was ready to speak about dogs. >> you totally scared me. >> anything that gets me to my puppy. i love my dog. you don't understand there is nothing you can say that is too nerdy. she understands or he understands exactly what you are saying. if it can help you do that, fantastic. >> do you want to get in the shaggin wagon good girl?
12:48 am
who wants to go to the shaggin wagon? you are, you are. >> all right, kirsten, say something sensible and make us look like idiots. >> i was going to say mark crowell who invented this is a genius. he has 350 patents. >> cool. >> he is brilliant. he taped into something that gets a ton of money. people are a little pet crazy. but have i to admit i love animals too. i grew up with cats though and i don't think they will respond to this at all. i don't think cats will come. >> a friend of mine has a vending machine for dogs and it is called street treats. he collects milk-bone money. he stays home and collects money. we are all idiots. >> we are. through the seven-year history of "red eye" everything has made more money than" red eye." >> this guy is a genius because people are stupid. but are you right, genius.
12:49 am
>> my pet pillow didn't work. you know what that is? you put your pet in a pillow so you could sleep on it. the testing was terrible. i made that up. >> you are an animal. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. got a video of your animal doing something? not the pet pillow. we don't look at those. foxfox eye. click on is up mitt a video. coming up, bruce springsteen, the debate.
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test. test.
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i will be on the o'reilly factor at 8:00 p.m. on saturday. and sherrod will be with amy carlson. and a new "red eye" will air on saturday 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. eastern. pacific. here we are. now did someone get ripped off by the boss? yes it is time once again for this. >> "red eye" debates 2013 live from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome back to the "red eye" debate center. tonight's topic, bruce spring teen's hit "born to run." on thursday a handwritten
12:54 am
manuscript sold for almost $200,000 at auction. the pre sale estimate was less than half that which i contend was way too high when you consider lyrics like and i quote, wendy, let me in. i want to be your friend. i want to guard your dreams and visions. wrap your legs around these velvet limbs. it is crap, sherrod. >> show some respect for the boss. it just shows somebody in jersey has way too much money. it did not get past the turnpike. >> why so much for a terrible song? >> i really don't know. i am ambivalent about bruce springsteen to be honest. >> you can't -- >> i don't really listen to his music. i don't listen. it is into the my styleful. >> there are two people who recognize he is one of the most offrated musicians of -- over rated musicians from all
12:55 am
time. all we know is that bruce springsteen fans will pay for anything including tickets to his show. boom. >> i have to tell you i saw him on the river tour. i was 16 i think. he is decent. i have to say he is a good guitarist. i find him over wraugh and over cram particular and over rated. >> all three words i would use to describe you. >> i don't need to defend one of the most important musicians to the likes of you. you don't have to like springsteen, but you have to recognize the importance. it is like bob dylan. i am not a huge bob dylan fan. you like punk. i think it is sucks. i know it was necessary to the 70s but it is uninteresting toy moo. i don't get it. look at punk rock lyrics. >> the ramones have more in
12:56 am
one song. >> rock, rock, rock and roll high school. rock, rock, rock and roll high school. >> i wanna be sedated. it spoke to a generation. >> if you are a 13-year-old boy who hasn't started masterbating yet and he is really, really upset at the world. you are a grown man, greg of the the -- greg. >> that's the point. he is a media darling for people like you. >> how dare you? >> never did anything as good as london calling. never did anything as good as the sex pistols. >> half of the e street band is dead so they don't have to listen to this. >> born in the usa is anti-american. >> if you made a list of the best rock and roll songs in history five would be bruce springsteen. >> and they would be wrong. number one is the calling and number two is the sex pistols. >> no.
12:57 am
>> i am out of time. kirsten, thank you. andy levy, sherrod small, that does it for me. i am greg gutfeld. i shall see you sometime. the o.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
tonight. >> it was refreshing to see though that many in the media did come out and say her standards have got to be higher than this. >> sarah palin talking about martin bashir being fired from msnbc for attacking her verbally. tonight we will talk with mrs. palin about that and the divide inside the republican party. >> senior senator from arizona urged this body to trust the republicans. let me be clear, i don't trust the republicans. >> there is some presidential polling out and it's fairly good news for texas senator ted cruz among others. we will give you the numbers. >>


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