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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 6, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> it was refreshing to see though that many in the media did come out and say her standards have got to be higher than this. >> sarah palin talking about martin bashir being fired from msnbc for attacking her verbally. tonight we will talk with mrs. palin about that and the divide inside the republican party. >> senior senator from arizona urged this body to trust the republicans. let me be clear, i don't trust the republicans. >> there is some presidential polling out and it's fairly good news for texas senator ted cruz among others. we will give you the numbers. >> obamacare officials
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confirming there is still no system yet for moving the money from the obamacare customers to the insurance company. >> also tonight, ms. megyn kelly cons sen trading heavily on obamacare. but why does she care? ms. megyn will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the knack tore begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. can the republican party capitalized on president obama's falling popularity that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. new poll from the research center is bad news for president obama across the board on health care policy, 59% of americans disapprove. 37% approve. on the economy, a whopping 65% disapprove. 31% approve. and on immigration policy, 60% disapprove of the president's take, just 32%
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approve. so you can see the president is standing among americans is at its lowest point ever. the question now becomes can the republican party capitalize in the grand ole party still divided between so-called moderate republicans and committed conservatives. the brawl has been going on for years. and right now the tea party is right in the middle of it. according to real clear politics average, a possible presidential candidates. chris christie a moderate is ahead at 189 percent. conservative rand paul 17%. senator ted cruz 12%. florida senator marco rubio 12%. congressman paul ryan 11%. and jeb bush 10.5%: all these men have a chance to run against hillary clinton in 2016. mrs. clinton is far ahead of any democratic challenger and will remain so. with americans disenchanted by obama care and a bad economy, it would seem the republicans would have some momentum, but they don't. because there is not one
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clear message. and even on philosophy, political philosophy, the party is deeply divided. it will take a leader like ronald reagan to help heal that breach. now, if you look at the situation nationwide, it's clear the democrats are going to campaign largely in poor and working class precincts. today fast food workers across the country demonstrated for a $15 an hour wage. that has been endorsed by president obama and most every other democrat. the so-called living wage issue will be a democratic hallmark next year. of course, if you give fast food workers a minimum of 15 bucks an hour, fast food prices go up for everybody. so, americans will pay more. that is a primary consideration in the debate. talking points believes the republican party must drop ideology almost entirely and concentrate on the economy and putting forth a healthcare plan that makes sense. everything else really doesn't matter. it's all about wages, jobs, and health, that's it. if the g.o.p. does not consolidate its message, it
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will not capitalize on mr. obama's troubles. it's as simple as that and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, with us the former governor of alaska and vice presidential candidate sarah palin has a new book out called "great tidings and great job protecting the heart of christmas. two segments tonight. am i going wrong here on the republican party. >> no. you are absolutely spot on and united message from republicans, independents, libertarians those who do want to capitalize on obama and his supporters, hillary clinton being one that united message needs to be big government politicians quit stealing our money, big government is not entitled to the fruits of your labor. if we are united around that message, then it's a win-win. >> okay. and i agree with that you have to basically bring it down and dumb it down so even can i understand it, all right? but you yourself have been kind of divisive in the republican party. i have used sound bites on the factor where you called certain politicians rinos, republican in name only.
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>> because there are some republicans who do stray and do think that they are entitled to the fruits of an individual's labor, and i will call them out on it. >> that's fine. that's part of your charm, governor, you are feisty. >> charm. >> you tell it like it is. if that continues, so this poll was interesting because christie, big moderate, no doubt about it i thought cruz did well at 12% because is he is a brand new senator came on the scene total obamacare play got him into the public eye got him 12%. he is running pretty strong on that. can he build on it? i don't know. but when you and other people like we just heard in the show open, ted cruz, say i don't trust the republican party, this is going to be exploited. you know that. >> well, anything that a conservative is going to say will be exploited by the media, by the big government supporters, so that is just a given. but i agree with you, bill, that there does need to be that united mission, that
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united message and if we continue to -- to allow. >> snipe at each other? you can't keep sniping at each other. >> the beauty of the republican party is that we are so much believers of competition that we will call each other out. >> i like it? >> in order to make another politician. >> i don't know if you are going to win. >> work harder. >> win next year doing it. what about the tea party person? >> i'm proud to be affiliated with the tea party grass roots movement. it is not a party. it is a movement. >> you are a tea party person. for those who don't really understand, what is the primary thing the tea party stands for? >> the ache critical condition numb enough t tea. taxed enough already. >> live within your means just like we do as businessmen and women and as family members. we live within our means. >> i mean, i'm for that so maybe i'm a tea party guy. >> it's not radical.
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the media wants to make it radical movement. >> the media wants to make it a radical movement. >> government you work for us, we don't work for you. >> once again it came back, i think the tea party message is a good one. i certainly want smaller government and lower taxes. stimulate the economy. when the tea party doesn't want to compromise and blow things up again the message gets lost in the strum of controversy. >> like what? what's an example of blowing things up. >> everybody knew and i said this on the factor very early on that you weren't going to defund obamacare it wasn't going to happen. >> even though the candidates who had run for office all promised that they would do whatever it took to repeal. >> these are weasels. >> i will agree with you on that. >> but you weren't going to get it done because the power is in the hand of the president. they weren't going to defund, period. so it was a waste of time kind of, but not really because ted cruz then came on the scene. so, it worked to his benefit. i have got to get to bashir. now, this msnbc outfit, they
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are pretty rough, these guys. they attack you, laura ingraham who we are going to have on later. they attack her in a very personal and vial way. putting that aside, do you understand what the reason is what they are trying to accomplish there? >> they want to discredit, obviously and marginalize. >> why don't they do that on policy though? >> i wish they would on policy. >> why do they have to go after you personally. >> and laura ingraham and others. i wish they would take us on on policy. i think it's immature and petty way of trying to destroy someone. that certainly is the solenski politics of personal destruction antic that they certainly participate in. but it's not an intelligent way of trying to debate did bashir get what he deserved? would have you fired him when you been in in charge. >> i would never have
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allowed a corporate cull tour have such low standards that that kind of vial talk would have infested. >> that's a good answer. if you were in charge that never would have happened you would have put out a dictum that you guys don't. just today another one rush attacks. i don't think they have anything else but personal attacks. that's it. >> the public doesn't stand for it, i want to believe in this case with bashir, thankfully, refreshingly, people in the media were also saying enough is enough of that kind of rhetoric. >> are you happy he is gone? >> i never watched him ained in this was the attention that he was seeking. and i don't worry about him getting another job. he will get another job because he got a lot of attention. >> i don't think it will be at fox though. >> they do it on the right too on talk radio. and there is some vicious personal attacks lodged by right wingers as well.
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do you condemn those as well? >> certainly. there is no need to dip so low. >> there isn't. >> as to personally try to destroy someone based on anything except policy. if their policy is hurting the american public. >> go after policy wise. >> i think our standards can be a bit higher than what we have seen. >> on both sides, right? >> certainly on all sides. >> we're going to hold the governor over and talk about her new book in a moment. laura ingraham will comment on the msnbc situation. also the "mad as hell" segment. fitey letters this --
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continuing with sarah palin good tidings and great joy pretty much takes up my theme that christmas has to be defended these days in america. so when did you you first notice a change? >> you know, i noticed a change back when i was the mayor of our city and i sanctioned and he a protestorred and participated in our nativity
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scene. >> that was wasilla. what year was that? >> in the early 2,000s is when i started hearing from people saying you are not going it be able to keep this up, madam mayor. somebody is going to sue you for allowing god to be recognized in the public square. >> so early 2,000? >> yeah. >> it started to come in. >> in my life, yes. >> right. me too. >> yeah. >> pretty much 10 years ago. and then it reached its apex when some major corporations ordered their employees not to say merry christmas, do you remember that? >> yes. >> i think you have some examples in your book about that. >> i do. >> then we said to people maybe you don't want to shop at these places. then suddenly like santa they changed. >> well, what i recognized in the book, too though, are those businesses that are bold enough to not allow that double standard to be applied. and their employees can say what they want to say. and they can freely express their acknowledgment of jesus being the reason for
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the season at christmas time. and i give shoutouts and kudos to those businesses. because customers will stick with them then. >> and most of them are doing that. >> yeah, they are. >> you don't have any beef with happy holidays. >> absolutely not or santa claus. it's all wonderful. >> this woman in the "new york times" today forget her name. she write as column there. she is mocking you and mocking me saying oh they don't like happy holiday. i don't care about happy holidays. somebody say hope holidays to me okay give me a present. but when you start to say you can't say merry christmas and you can't have the karesh and you can't have christmas carols by choirs, school choirs, it's part of our culture. >> that's the double standard that's applied. that's what i'm not going to sit down and accept and i don't think the majority of americans will. the war on christmas is the tip of the spear that really chance late into a war on religious freedom and that's a much bigger problem that we will be facing in we just were to sit back and allow
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the angry atheists who are armed with an attorney to tell us that we can can cannot say things like merry christmas. >> after you get off the air here you might go over to times square atheist sign. very offensive. you don't need god in christmas. it's huge. there is money behind these people. do i object to that sign? not really. i don't object to it. but it's mean-spirited. it goes back to msnbc. it's just mean spirited. >> yet, you are going to be called thin skinned or intolerant claim taking offense as something like that yet they can sue for claiming an offense taken because we do recognize jesus being the reason. >> because i spray painted over that sign i'm going to be called intolerant? >> yeah. >> now, in your book you have recipes. >> yes. >> recipes? >> yes, yes. >> for what? >> well, we have, you know, traditional alaskaa mills that are organic, our mills happened to be wrapped in fur and not cellophane.
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how we prepare our moose chili and halibut dip. >> i was in alaska and unbelievably beautiful. we ran around and caused trouble. my reception was mixed. some people really liked me but some of the people you know, kind of like what are you doing here? don't ever come again. but i should have stocked up on moose chilly. nobody guided me into that. >> i will bring next time. >> you have to. not a lot of moose on long island where i live. can't slay them and chop them up into chili. >> i don't think you can shoot anything. isn't the mayor around here trying to ban everything? >> the bad guys can shoot people. the good people can't. see, that's the law in new york. if you you are bad, yeah, go ahead and you can can shoot. but if you are good you can't. in alaska everybody is armed and ready. >> well, we are independent. and we want to protect ourselves and we do want to fill our freezer with organic meat. >> i'm holding you to the moose chely business.
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so next time in. >> absolutely. >> show everybody that can. sarah palin, everybody, thanks for coming. in directly ahead mismegyn kelly on why she is so passionate about obamacare. lauer ingraham on msnbc on [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more. more shopping. more dining out. and alo with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, more than a million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online, or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 35 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7 but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every mute of every day. when someone steals your identity and tries to take over your bank accounts, drain the equity in your home,
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in the impact segment tonight, as we told you in the talking points memo chris christie moderate leading the pack analysis by the real clear organization. joing us from class former presidential candidate rick santorum now the ceo echo light studios produces films for families of faith. the republican party, do you see it coming together? i mean, you know, governor palin says we have to come together. there is an awful lot of sniping still going on. >> yeah. you you know, there is a lot of sniping going on because, you you know, we are in a party that believe it or not is the big ten party in america. we are the ones that have a lot of diversity in our party as to the beliefs. and we don't, as sarah said it's not an unhealthy thing. >> no,. >> particularly at a time when you are out in the wildernessnd not in power. >> philosophically it's not you have better ideas when you are robust debate.
1:23 am
when you are up trying to get the senate back and neutralizing a president that the republican party does not like, you have got really got to come together or you are not going to win. so, on that note you don't disagree with that. you are going to have to come together or you are not going to win. >> not at all. as sarah talked. there is some core principles that we can all get together with. when i ran for office and ran for president, you know, i traveled around with people who wanted -- it's the same thing that you hear which is that they want limited government. they want someone who cares for those who are in trouble though. >> okay. >> that's one of the weak spots i think of the republicans. >> but here is the problem. >> not particularly articulate on that front. >> here is the problem. there is common ground on republicans. i'm an independent. i know both parties pretty well. however, the media republicans, vy conservative talk radio people are very ideological. and they are just ripping up people like john mccain, you know, rinos, every day, just
1:24 am
killing them. that filters into the folks and the people who vote republican. now, let me give you an example. ideology has to really leave the building next year and in 2016 or you are going to have president hillary clinton. nelson mandela just died. i don't know whether you are away. >> i was, yeah. >> 95 years old. nelson mandela -- i spent some time in south africa. he was a communist, this man. he was a communist. all right? but he was a great man. what he did for his people was stunning. the sacrifices that he made. he could have repudiated and got out of that prison. he wouldn't do it. he was a great man. but he was a communist. so, but i would never attack nelson mandela. i mean i told bishop tutu i disagree with you and with mr. mandela because tutu is that way as well. but i respect you. so why can't you guys in the republican party bring that
1:25 am
to the the fore? >> well, nelson mandela stood up against a great instice and willing to pay a huge price for that and that's the reason he mourned today because of that struggle that he performed. you are right, what he was advocating for was not necessarily the right answer, but he was fighting against some great injustice. and i would make the argument that, you know, we have a great injustice going on right now in this country with an everincreasing size of government that is taking over and controlling people's lives. and obamacare is front and center in that. i agree with talking points, your points earlier which is the center focus of the 2014 election, mu be obamacare. and all of its aspects and the cool thing about obamacare is it is not only bad for the economy and bad for people's health. it's also bad for freedom of conscience. it's bad on whole variety of issues that will energize all across america. >> folks feel the way that you do. that could change. if obamacare kic in and
1:26 am
people are getting better healthcare at a less expensive price, things could change. >> you know, come on, bill, you know that's not going to happen. telling us. >> 7 a% it's not going to happen. there is a 25% that it might. you are a movie mogul now. got a movie company. film out now "35 seconds" tell us what the film is. >> it's called the christmas candle it feeds into the points that you have talked about, the war on christmas. this is a christmas movie at christmas time. if you look at all of the reviews from those who are people of faith or faith publications, it was wonderfully reviewed. t all the secular folks just hammered it what's this religion at christmas time? it really is as you talked about. really not a war on christmas. it's a war on people of faith. >> that's right. >> this is a great little movie. it's wonderful for the people at christmas time. i really encourage people to see it. if you want to have it movie available for families at christmas, go out and see it
1:27 am
this week. >> so it's christmas >> the christmas >> all right, senator, we appreciate it merry christmas to you. if you are mad as hell about something, we' put it on the air. we have got some very lively letters this evening. and then ms. megyn kelly on why she is so passionate about obama mayorca. al organized crime apparently moving into the legalized marijuana industry. we he hope you stay tuned to
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mad as hell segment tonight where you guys sound off. we have five interesting letters. and here here to help us out with us gretchen carlson how you see at 2:00 p.m. every day. goodo see you. >> good to see you. >> no one else has ever said it's great to see me ever. >> i do the real story so i'm telling you the truth. >> here is the first letter coming from judy haver
1:31 am
texas. i'm going to be mad as hell if obamas go off to hawaii again. >> all the sources we he have right now at the white house a two week vacation will happen sometime between christmas and new years or so. his sister lives there, still. >> his sister does. >> he agree up -- grew up there. it will cost the taxyer $4 million. >> that's what it cost last year 4 million bucks, right? >> that's what it costs. >> does that count the shorts he has on there. >> i don't know. are you saying you like them? here is the thing. i think all presidents need to take a break, especially this one right now with all the obamacare headache. >> wouldn't it be nice though if he said you know what? this is a really rough time i will go to florida or something. cheaper. but his sister is there. >> president bush didn't play golf during the iraq war for those reasons. >> the second letter is from ann kay hill who liv in leban, kentucky. i'm mad that people like gates not donating.
1:32 am
it is ordinary folks that gives the giving. it's incorrect there. >> it's incorrect. donald trump has donated has dennis miller, johnson, golf owner. >> letterman. well the brunt o them though are from t smaller donations. i think that that is great news for a lot of your viewers, bill, who have decided to donate. >> i think we where $12 million into this. and the va does not soldiers and marines anything, zero. we had to do it. you are right, the folks are providing the bulk of the money. i wish the llywood pinheads would kick in. >> no doubt. jeanne. i'm mad about santa claus. every year inundated magical character. we teach other people about jesus. i think genie needs to calm down. part of the fun of the holiday. it's a religious holiday for many and it's goodut also fun for the kids.
1:33 am
where does santa claus come. >> from that's the thing the history is is he a patron niced saint for the children. >> saint nicholas. >> saint nicholas and the reputation was what that he would help impoverished girls and put out tweets and coins to kids this their shoes. >> dutch? holland guy. >> yes. originally a dutch tradition. you know your history. you can believe in jesus and santa at theame time. don't be a scrooge. >> jesusikes santa because santa is generous. all tie-ins so let's not begrudge him. portrayed in the media fox news, tired of the state being labeled as a joke. most of us don't want it legalized don't support the it yachts in bolder and denver. voted in by the folks folks in colorado. this is what is going on. >> the voters voted in the legalization. >> ms. megyn righ behind you, organized crime is following that into colorado. wait until you hear this. so, anyway, we are not -- i
1:34 am
lived in colorado for two years. >> and i spent a lot many time there as well in a music camp. >>t's a great state? >> it's a great state. every state has a reputation that not everyone fits into. i come from minneso. >> minnesota? al franken? >> al franken? jesse ventura. >> jesse ventura and al franken minnesota. >> i want those guys to go camping in international falls with no sleeping bags outside. that's what i want. finally sara holly in fort meyers, florida. did you notice all our correspondents are women this evening, i hope you did. sarah says as a mother of three i was mad as hell watching lady gaga and municipality special i turned it off. i i missed it lady gaga and the municipalities. >> nobody watched it. >> nobody watched it. >> started at 9:30 p.m. if you are appealing to kids, that outfit i'm not letting my kids watch this thing thrnches is a municipality behind it. >> for weird people who want to see lady gaga be weird with the municipalities? >> i don't know. the whole concept escaped me but got very low ratings, right? >> the year before it was
1:35 am
good. this year not so much. why would you puon the municipalities at 9:30 at night. >> lady gaga a the municipalities. not quite getting the cinergy. >> i'm glad you didn't watch. >> but i wanted to. >> uh-oh. the real o'reilly. >> i lied. i didn't want to. >> i didn't want to hr 2:00. viewers "mad as hell" we want to ow about it write to us mad as hell when we come back, ms. megyn lly on why she is so mad about obamacare. kelly is next.
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1:37 am
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, two hot topics including obamacare. the first one however is a concern that crime may be moving into the legalized industry. megyn kelly is here at 9:00
1:38 am
right after the factor. what's the pot mob thing? >> so colorado expblrks got a little frog, huh? >> yeah, i do. >> jumped from my voice to your voice. >> i'm going to charge you extra for the 1-900 service that apparently i'm providing live on the air. in colorado pot is legal even january -- already medical pot is legal they went in there, even though it's not legal at the federal level. the feds have said we are going to use it 0 states alone using for medicinal purposes. if organized crime starts to get involved or some drug cartels starts to get involved and they apparently although they are not specifically confirming that believe that's what's happening in colorado. they raided 10 separate facilities, including distears and a bunch of homes. no one got arrested during the course of these raids, but there is one guy hector diaz who is a colombian wh
1:39 am
took a photo of himself with two guns like this wearing a dea hat i might point out. >> there is he hector. >> he has been arrested. >> the feds basically say look, you can't use colorado or washington state as a transshipment center because pot is legal there. >> and they are apparently concerned that colombian drug cartels may now be using some of these dispen dispensaries in colorado as a front. >> i told you that's what going to happen. that's happened in washington state and that the organized crime was going to move in to control it all right, now, i have been watching your program, kelly. >> have you? >> yeah. i have got it mention on the factor tonight is this diva central and palin and kelly and ingraham coming up behind you and carlson? >> you forgot one person. >> oh, come on. me on. anyway. so, every night you are on the obamacare trail and you look like you really furious about it. are you furious about it? >> i'm not furious but i
1:40 am
care. i care allot. almost 6 million people kicked off policies now contrary to the president's promised. they have been forced. picture this, kicked off contrary to the president's promise. didn't know you were a pawn in the president's winner or loser and you are a loser. your children are now losers in this game. >> you are not ideological person. >> no. >> i have known you for a while. kelly doesn't come at it from that point of view. you look genuinely ayeefd here. >> i feel for these people. >> so whose fault is this? >> i have been trying to get at that. just last night bill burton who used to be the spokesman. >> yeah i heard. >> i said who was it that didn't flag this? he claims the president didn't know that his promise wasn't going to be -- who was it that didn't flag it for him. i can't say. no one wants to name names. listen, the administration, i don't know president obama but the administration knew that it was false what they were saying was false. >> how could president obama not know if this is
1:41 am
signature? >> ion't know. let me tell you something. sebelius knew. she. >> she had to know. >> her organization passed the regulations that made the grandfathering promise completely empty. so she knew that people were going to lose their plans. they were going to lose them by the millions. picture, this you get kicked off ofour plan, now you have got to go on a web site that doesn't work, sithere for hours and perhaps days trying to get. >> trying to figure out where the plan. >> no choice to do it because you have got kids. you have health issues. you have to work. you have to do it. you log onand finally get through after all the nonsense. and now, now, up to 30% of the people who have done that, think they have insurance and they rectified it and they haven't. >> no, because the insurance companies haven't processed their applications. another. it's messing up all these forms and now when those people go to their doctor or have their operation in january. >> have insurance. >> find out at the hospital door that they don't have insurance. and now the obama administration's answer to that is you should call up and try to find out if you
1:42 am
have insurance or not. oh, that's going to be fun. now they are going to have to sit on the line hours on end with the insurance companies. >> here is my question. if sebelius knew this was going to be a disaster and i believe that president obama knew too. how do they think they were going to get away with it. >> i don't think she knew it was going to be a disaster. i think she knew it was going to be a situation where people were forced off the plans they liked because she believed it was what was best for them. >> iment with a, so you think that sebelius didn't think that people were going to react adversely to that? >> i think she has a liberal mind set. a far left mind set of i know what is better for them. and they are on crappy plans. if they could only see the wonderful plan. >> they do get plan. >> that is where the plan fell apart from her vantage point. >> final question, i have taken the tact, you do the microi do the macro. i don't know if you do -- if you noticed that or not. >> think that's fair to say. my theory is if the doctors bale en masse from this program next yearn 2014. if that happens, it's over. it is over and the
1:43 am
democratic party will suffer such a harsh blow to it it, hillary clinton may not even have a chance in 16. >> it is already happening. we had a doctor on last night who testified before congress yesterday who talked about how, for example, in one county in florida, there are only seven pediatricians to service 260,000 children. how is that going to work, bill? >> it's not going to work. >> for those enrolled on the exchanges. >> physicians assistants and nurses and even they are going to be overworked. >> fewer and fewer doctors want to go into the exchange because they are not getting paid. >> that's right. as you said, people show up, their insurance isn't good. what do the doctors say throw them out of the office? that will be a little awkward. >> put a period on it for you you. there is the final rub for all those people who were lied to or at least had people misrepresenting facts to them about keeping their plan when they knew they couldn't. now, they had to go through all the nonsense i just outlaid and the final rub is after they show up and find out theyon't get the
1:44 am
insurance, there is not a doctor to provide them the services they used to get. >> iind of like the voice thing, kelly. reminds you of kathleen turner. >> i'm familiar with kathleen turner. >> let me tell you so it's thursday. right now it's kind of softy, right? maybe by tomorrow it may have ossed into gross. >> let's hope that never happens. then i wll do both hours. nobody wants that. ms. megyn catch her after the factor. laura ingraham on deck. msnbc finally bales on martin bashir. ed schultz is still there and very controversial people. we'll get ms. laura's take in just a fewoments.
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test test
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back of the book segment tonight, the week in review from the ingraham angle. as you may rememberd schultz called laura
1:47 am
ingraham a quote slut, unquote for that he was suspended for one week. that has not stopped mr. schultz who leveled vial vicious attack against mr. rush because and others. while that was happening martin bashir was resigning even after verbally attacking sarah palin as we discussed in the top of the broadcast. here now to react is laura ingraham from washington. give us the big view on this. okay? what is driving this network? because cnn doesn't do any of this. very rarely do they do this stuff. fox news, once this stuff. fox, once in a while, but not a lot. i can tell you from the top it's scouraged here. but over at msnbc it seems to be the dish of the day. the plot du jour. what dyou think? >> a couple of things are going on, bill. after 2008 when obama won by a big margin, then he wins again in 201 think there is a sense among
1:48 am
some liberals that you can say all the stuff with impunity. there wot be repercussions. you won't beuput in thehe penal box. even with the 2010 midterm elections when the tea party won big they believe the country has moved to the left and that the tea party people or conservatives, whatever you call them are easily dismissed, denigrated, demonized. anthere won't be consequences. conservative women, whether it's sarah palin or myself, i think they are especially aggravated by us, much like their aggravation toward black conservatives. because we don't fit their stereotype. we mess up their talking points about the war on women, or you don't like black people or minorities. that flies in the face, right? you have a black conservative arguing against what's happened with the welfare state or the anti-poverty programs not working. hard to call that guy a big
1:49 am
racist. they want to demonize those people and marginalize them to elevate liberalm, no substantively but elevate their platform at msnbc. i used to work there years ago. >> it wa a different thing when you were there. it was different than it is now. i think they want to send a warning to people you better not do what sarah palin and laura ingraham do. it's intimidating as well. it comes from theight as well. there are very vile right wing people spouting hatred in this country. it's undeniable. there are more on the left. >> how many have television shows, right? >> not many on tv. the successful right wing commentators are are usually more measured than the left wing ones. i think the it is all about talent. a lot of people don't have anything else.
1:50 am
>> think about what obama care. it's a disaster. i don't care how they try to spin it or make it income inequality. it's not working in europe. in the united states we are seeing it across the board. anemic recovery. flat lining wages. the trade policy is a disaster. this stuff is not working. of course you have to move on. you're anti-woman, tiblack, racist, anti-immigrant. it's the same old play book. they are regurgitating the same things and they are frustrated. i think they thought obama would come into office and the country would be transformed. they haven't succeeded in transforming the country as they thought they would do. that makes them angry. >> they are lashing out like a child would and their vision isn't working out. that's a go theory.
1:51 am
>> ed schultz apologized. he left me a long voicemail. he said it on tv. i think it was heart felt. >> if you read what he said about limbaugh today >> iidn't read it. >> disgusting. >> i don't pay much attention to them. >> disgraceful. he may have apologized but he's still in the business. thank you very much. factor tip of the day, one big shot anchor man was very, very afraid of thfactor. the tip, moments away.
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factor tip of the day. a scared anchor man in a moment. first we have unique items in the christmas store. first "killing kennedy" and "killing lincoln" combined
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together. two books at a reasonable price. you'll like them. also, usa strong gear which is flying out of here. it sends a great message. if you can get this stuff, you should. you can't get it anywhere else. if you become a premier kwum member you get discounts on all products this christmas season. plus select any of my books free of charge. how is that for a deal? ken from new york. o'reilly , your mentioning of gay marnl is in error. not every christian believes it is wrong. you misheard the talking points. i said opposition to gay marriage is coming primarily from christian groups. that's true. stan evans from california. kirsten powers doesn't seem to understand when her faith is under assault. bah humbug to her. she doesn't see the christmas issue the same way you and i do, stan. but she doesn't deserve a
1:56 am
humbug. you know. broom field hills, michigan. thank god for the dvr so i can fast forward through your yearly rants about the imaginary war on christmas, o'reilly. jim from florida, hp me out, bill. you don't mentn the word "chr in "killing jesus" but want the greeting merry christmas. i don't know if that's irony or hypocrisy. "killing jesus" is aistory book. christ means messiah and is a religious term. merry christmas is an appropriate greeting for the national holiday of christmas. no irony, no hypocrisy. wise up. from west long branch, new jersey. as a registered nurse i think the video of the baby being thrown around is dangerous. babies are fragile and there is risk. pass the word. thereou go. bob lawrence, mccook lake, south dakota. you and dennis miller made me laugh hard last night.
1:57 am
you have great chemistry. i appreciate that. we have two new shows. charleston, south carolina, at the north charlton arts center and knoxville saturday the 29th. details on tickets make great christmas gifts. see you there. the factor tip of the day. do you know the guy will ferrell? he's running around promoting his anchorman image. he plays ron burgundy. he was in north dakota doing a promotion. there he is on the set up there. he won't come on "the factor" because we would expose him for the charlatan he is. you can run, burgundy. we're going to fine you. man up. come on in here. you have a lot to learn about being an anchorman. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. please spout off from anywhere in the world.
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name and town, name and town, name and tn if you wish to opine. word of the day going to you, will ferrell. don't be unctuous when writing to "th factor." thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn kelly just got off here, ran back to her little program and is ready to go. now i will get in trouble for saying "her little program," i understand that. it's doing very well thanks to a lead-in from someone we know. i'm killing time here and getting in trouble. i'm bill o'reilly. the sp
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>> it is friday december 6th. a fox news alert. mourning the loss of a true hero. south africa and the world reacts to the passing of nelson mandela. >> she is trying to sign up for obamacare but the web site won't let her saying her husband is in jail. one problem. that's not true. what the government is asking her to do now. >> they are scaring sense into middle schoolers who are out of control. >> you could hit somebody. you think it is freaking funny. ? >> now


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