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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 6, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> it is friday december 6th. a fox news alert. mourning the loss of a true hero. south africa and the world reacts to the passing of nelson mandela. >> she is trying to sign up for obamacare but the web site won't let her saying her husband is in jail. one problem. that's not true. what the government is asking her to do now. >> they are scaring sense into middle schoolers who are out of control. >> you could hit somebody. you think it is freaking funny. ? >> now police are the ones in it
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trouble. fox friends first starts right now. -- "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> let's get right to the fox news alert for you. the world mourning the death of former south african president nelson mandela. here's a look at live pictures from outside his home. earlier hundreds of people sang gospel songs paying tribute to the leader who inspired the world to hope. ♪ >> jonathan hunt takes a look back at nelson mandela's extraordinary life. >> when nelson mandela walked free from prison on february the 11th, 1990, he knew as did the rest of the world, that white domination in south africa was about to end. he fought apartheid since the introduction in south africa in
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1948 campaigning peacefully at first then advocating and taking part in violent resistance. in 1964 mandela was sentenceded to life with hard labor and sent to the no fore why yonotorious d prison. they quickly gathered pace. ♪ nelson mandela became the most famous political prisoner on the planet. within months of his 1990 release he was holding peace talks with south africa's fw declerck. in april 1994 with apartheid abolished nelson mandela became president himself after south africa first all race election. >> i have fought against white
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domination. i have fought very firmly against the nation where all south africans are equal. >> nelson mandela served one five year term but remained perhaps the most influential figure in south african politics. loved for what he went through the dignity he displayed and the change he brought about. for him mandela gave all of the credit to his fellow citizens. >> it is you the people. >> now a nation says a final farewell to the man who perhaps more than any other public figure of the past 50 years defines that word hero.
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>> jonathan hunt reporting for us. coming up at 5:30 we are live with reaction to nelson mande mandela's death from all around the world. another fox news alert this morning. an amber alert and frantic search for a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped in washington state. eliz was last seen on wednesday. police believe she was taken against her will by this man 19-year-old eduardo flores rose less. the two had been dating. it shows romaro getting in his car after school. she p didn't go willingly and they believe she is in danger. the pair could be headed to mexico. it could take weeks before they know what caused a deadly crash in idaho. an 11-year-old boy was killed and another injured when the dump truck collided with a bus. the bus had a sttp sign the dump
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truck did not. they tried to recreate the trash and determine the cause. neither driver has been sited. thieves accused of stealing a truck calling highly active material in mexico are in grave danger. the men who have yet to be idea kwied has been identified as co bullet 60. it is used to treat cancer patients. when police found the stolen truck they found the container carrying the cobalt 60 was open. the men only have days to live. smith taught chemistry at the international benghazi school for over a year. smith was days away from returning to the u.s. to be with his wife and child at christmas break. he was shot while jogging by someone in a black suv near the u.s. consulate where the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed by islamic militants in september of 2012.
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in an interview the president urging people who have not yet enrolled on the revamped obamacare web site to try it now. this as kathleen sebelius warns there are hundreds of things wrong with that site. elizabeth prann joins us live. who is right here the president or kathleen sebelius. >> we are listening to both sides of the story. the interview took place at american university where he encouraged young people to sign up. he went on to address reports that the site is vulnerable to hacking insisting information provided is protected. so my advice to everybody is, the web site is now working, go to take a look for yourself in your state what is available to you. there is no reason why you shouldn't have health insurance.
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>> we are hearing a different story from kathleen sebelius saying they have to fix a couple houn problems saying we are not where we need to be. some krit tings are asking -- it is an attempt at the president to force his hand at a legacy. >> he is standing there alone in the wind as the whole thing obamacare collapses around him. he did not do what fdr and lbj did. they understand the majorities are temporary. he easceased on a temporary majority. american people really rejected now he's reaping the whirlwind from that. the administration has initial goal of having about 700,000 people sign up by the end of november. as we know from health and human services secretary kathleen
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sebelius all have been much lower. >> one texas woman has been struggling to sign up for obamacare since the beginning of october. she has filled out the application twice and both times she has hit a brick wall. >> they want proof of my my personal resident id number twice proving that i am a permanent resident. they also want proof that my husband is not incarcerated. i said what about the social -- i put my husband's social in there. he said no. somebody with his name is in jail. >> but not only is he not an inmate, he was in the army for 15 years. the solution letters from local police proving he has never been locked up. it's not that simple. >> in the last few years my husband laz lived in texas, germa germany, africa, georgia.
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how are we going to go back to all of these places. >> georgia's husband has a less than honorable discharge which is in the process of being upgraded so right now they have no va benefits. now to an extreme weather alert to tell you about. a big chill gripping millions in parts of the midwest making a mess on the roads in dallas, texas. leaving many without power. governors in five states tracking the storm. >> hi heather and ainsley. it is frigid across portions of the plains and the rockies. we have windchills to show you. 20 degrees below zero. some of the areas further north in north dakota mine not it feels like 35 degrees below
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zero. dangerous windchill temperatures. at this point if you don't prepare four self you could be looking at frostbite or dangerous conditions out here. dangerous as well in texas and sections of the state of ohio. these cold temperatures are producing dangerous weather across texas and arkansas. early this morning we have been seeing it through out the overnight hours. we have areas of rain and snow with the storm system. right between the two the area shaded in pink that is freezing rain. because of how much freezing rain we are expecting we have ice storm warnings in effect. over half an inch is possible on the roadways. power outages likely out here. dangerous conditions. that ice will be spreading across western tennessee up into kentucky as well. i want to mention in the west coast we have a new storm system and this is going to be producing a lot of snow over the weekend across california and
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parts of the rockies. head over to you. maria molina live for us in the weather center. >> souther bee-- sotheby's auct house underestimating the value of the boss. >> to the tune of 197,000 dollars. that's what someone paid for an early handwritten draft of bruce springsteen's classic "born to run." the opening bid at the auction was 40,000 dollar las. the presale estimate only estimated 70 to 100,000. wrong on that one. the jobs report will be released in hours. lauren simonetti is here to explain. >> in three hours from now wall street will get the report it has been waiting for arguably the most important data in the entire month.
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it is expected to say 140 jobs last month less than october. interestingly enough the more data it will fall off it will be more inclined to pull back the stimulus sooner rather than later. it shows this week obamacare raises premiums in key states including california, texas, florida, new york, illinois, georgia and north carolina. they account for nearly half of the ininsuranuninsured. how average deductibles will jump for young people. it will go up 81 percent next year and the reason is simple. the cheap plans are no longer legal under the new requirements of obamacare. kohl's is planning to open the doors for 100 straight hours
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starting december 20th and going through christmas eve. that is amazing. back to you. lauren i know you will be there. or not. >> it is 13 minutes after the top of the hour. terrifying moment as a base jump goes horribly wrong and a man slams into the side of a cliff. what happens next is incredible. >> i am sorry, so sorry. you may think that that is the look your dog gives you when they are bad. you are being fooled by those pippy eye -- puppy eyes. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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the wrecker was towing the car someone got out grabbed a part and drove away. they have a second suspect who will be in custody, soon. they are in hot water for cursing at a school bus filled with middle schoolers. most of you know what you are doing you hit somebody you think it's (bleep) funny? look at me like a man. you want to grow up to be a man look at me like a man. >> police officers john gerari boarded the bus after the driver called for emergency help because of the student's unruly behavior. but someone filed a complaint for the language and the severity of what the officers said. both were suspended without pay for two-days and they will have to do community service. >> an update to a story we have been following on fox and friends first. police officer who shot at a mini van during a traffic stop
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was suspended. the driver was stopped for speeding fled twice after arguing with the officers she took off after a four-minute chase. she and a 14-year-old son were later arrested. >> do you think your dog feels guilt? a recent study is calling the classic puppy eyes into question. douglas kennedy takes a look. >> some dog owners call it the guilty look. a fish shall expression that seems to indicate a knowledge of bad behavior. >> he has this look of guilt when he does things. we know we find later disaster will be found when we step in the house. >> many documented the look in
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pictures on the web and on youtube. most like maria assume their playful pups feel guilty so they look built guilty. this woman disagrees. >> the guilty look does not signify knowledge of a deed. >> she calls herself a canine stein tis and said she has been studying dog behavior for years including the dog cognition lab in new york city. recently conducted an exhaustive study of dog's feelings. when the owners were out of the room the dogs either ate or didn't. the dogs were scolded or not scolded. the lab found only the scolded dogs looked guilty. >> we found the dog's behavior is not dependent on what the dog did but what the owner did.
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>> they are saying zeus doesn't feel guilt but dog owners have trained your dogs to act guilty. >> i completely disagree with that. he knows when he has done wrong. douglas kennedy, fox news. that brings us to today's bl brew on this do you think dogs feel guilt? send a comment to facebook, twitter or e-mail. we will read some of the comments later in the show. >> we arethey are a sim poll of american freedom. if they get their way they will have a license to kill bawled eagles. what happens when wind sends a plane sideways as it lands?
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>> terrifying video out of england. you can see the plane being tossed around by the wind as it tries to land. later the same thing happened to a second plane at the birmingham airport a terrified damage said they felt lucky to be alive once the plane landed safely. the pilot tried to divert to a closer airport but he ended up making a hard landing on the soccer field. no one was seriously hurt amazingly and the pilot only had minor injuries. >> dozens of pilot wales off florida coast the everglades they are moving deeper into water.
2:25 am
this providing hope after 11 whales were left dead. they vstill have miles to go. they stick together they are communal. they aren't sure how they ended up in such shallow waters. searching for the perfect engagement ring here's one you might want to steer clear of. a pennsylvania ad on craig's list he is trying to sell an engagement ring he says it used to be long to quote satan herself. i guess she broke off their engagement. according to the ad if you buy the ring miss fortune might follow you. if he does not sell the ring by christmas he plans to throw the ring into the fires of mordor which is a place in "lord of the rings"." sorry for his miss fortune. >> toys for tots not toys for thieves. a retired marine wants to find the thieves that stole the toy
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bin. >> now you see it now you don't. a street suddenly disappears. taking the pickup truck with it. why neighbors say they knew this would happen.
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>> how the world is remembering nelson mandela. >> a beas jumper hits the side of a cliff. what happens next is ifrn crncr. >> does it make you want to sign up for obamacare? ♪ >> the administration's latest move to get young people enrolled. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> the world mourning the death of nelson mandela. >> i stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you the people.
2:31 am
>> a live look outside of the tribute. he negotiated south africa's harshly enforced racial system. nelson mandela died after -pbattling complications from a lung infection. he was 95 years old. this morning the world reacting to the news of mandela's death. gregg palkot is live with the latest. good morning, greg. >> the heather ainsley, the reaction has been instant and global as you can image. in an old school way newspapers two headlines from newspapers here in london. death of a col loss sass. my favorite, the lion sleeps
2:32 am
tonight. on twitter it is the number one topic rip nelson mandela. couple quick tweets this man brought the country together. here's another one. mandela understood the importance of reaching your potential. he was an inspiration to everyone. here in london last night can the u.k. premiere of the movie of nelson mandela. nelson's mandela past he waited until the end of the movie told the audience there were screams and cries a lot of emotion. the queen expressed her sadness in london for the passing. nelson mandela she had met him on several occasions. her grandson prince william had this to say. >> extremely sad and tragic news which is reminded what an extraordinary and inspiring man
2:33 am
nelson mandela was. my thoughts and prayers for his family. >> another movie depicting mandela's role breaking down racial barriers was invictus to show how he championed a most lie white rugby team in 1995. playing mandela in that movie morgan freeman. he was a man of incomparable honor, unconquerable strength and unyielding resolve. to many he was a treasure of unity, freedom and dignity of mankind. for his part president obama said he was one of millions who was inspired nelson mandela and his work. here is just one more quote from what he had to say at a very emotional address yesterday. >> we have lost one of the most influential courageous human beings any of us will share time
2:34 am
with on this earth. >> world leaders will be in attendance over the next several days in south africa in what should be an emotional moving state funeral for the late nelson mandela. >> craig palkot live for us in london. phank you, greg. >> an amber alert a frantic search for a 14-year-old girl police say was kidnapped in washington state. take a look elizabeth ram raw was last seen on wednesday. the two had been dating. police video shows ramero getting in the car. police say she didn't go willingly and she is in danger. the pair could be headed to mexico. we are learning moral about the train derailment in the metro north praen crash that killed four people and injured dozens. william rockefeller may
2:35 am
have sleep apnea which could have caused him to dose off before the train derailed. 46-year-old rockefeller will be evaluated for the disorders which causes people to stop breathing while they sleep leaving them exhausted when they wake up. rockefeller is on unpaid leave during the investigation. we are learning more about the university of new haven student who prompted the lock down on campus tuesday. william tongue was carrying two hand guns ammunition and what appeared to be the same type of assault rifle used by adam lanza in the new town shooting. he also had 27 rounds of am nation in his house along with newspaper clippings. his bail is set at half a million dollars. president obama wants to sell the botched healthcare plan. he says the healthcare site is now working trying to convince young people to sign up. doug luzader is live with the
2:36 am
latest. >> there is continual worry at the white house that young people are going to avoid the web site like the plague because there are delays and concerns about security of personal data. he continued the blitz urging to have care without coverage. the premiums will help offset the risk of older and sicker consumers. >> i understand why people would be resistant to people going on a web site which wasn't working right. for the vast majority of people is it is working well. my advice is go check it out for yourself. >> young adults are deeply skeptical of obamacare. majority of 18 to 29-year-olds oppose it. widespread opposition was to be
2:37 am
expected. >> he's standing out there alone in the wind as this whole thing, obamacare collapses around him. he did not do what fdr and lbj did. they understood these majorities are temporary. he ceased on a temporary majority. he passed something the american people really rejected now he's reaping the whirlwind from that. >> the white house is going to keep up this steady drum beat to try to encourage young people to buy into this system especially between now and december 23rdrd. that is the enrollment deadline to have coverage in place come january 1st. ainsley? >> we will see if that happens. doug luzader live for us. have a great weekend. >> thanks, you, too. >> the winner of the official obamacare song contest is... ♪ need a lot of money money money to stay young and healthy ♪ ♪ we just want to make it more fair ♪ ♪ with affordable healthcare
2:38 am
>> it is a rendition of the song price tag performed by 26-year-old chicago resident aaron mcdonald. the lyrics call on young people to buy insurance on the obamacare web site. karl rove says the video sends the wrong message. >> she is saying basically young people don't care that you are getting a raw deal you are going to have to pick up a digger tab than you would if the market were not so regulated by obamacare in order to subsidize coverage for peopler older and may have a less healthy lifestyle. >> over 100 videos were submitted for the contest. mcdonalds received $2,000 for the grand prize and $3,000 prize for having the top song. it is time to look who is talking. it is embattled toronto mayor rob ford. he took a break from his own problems to wade into u.s. politics on a dc sports radio
2:39 am
talk show station. >> i don't believe in the public funded healthcare. what you guys are doing i can't get my head around it. it is costing a fortune. i don't know where you are going to find the money except for the tax payer's pockets. >> just a few days after getting busted stealing a fan's seat at the buffalo bill's game in toronto he took an opportunity to weigh in on the washington redskins and their controversial name. >> why don't we look at the cleveland indians what do we call them next the cleveland aboriginals? it has been around for years and years. if they were offended when the name was first initiated when you started playing. how long have the skins have the name for? how long have the chiefs had the name for or cleveland indians had the name for years and years. all of a sudden the politically correct people have to come out now. i think everything is fine and i
2:40 am
would just stick with the name. >> new details about an american teacher gunned down in the streets of benghazi. ronny smith taught chemistry at the benghazi school for over a year. he was days away from returning to the u.s. to be with his wife and child over christmas. he was shot while he was jogging by someone in a black suv near the u.s. consulate where three americans were killed in 2012. new york city has a new top cop. former new york police commissioner bill brandon will once again be taking the helm. he served as commissioner back in the 1990s bratton has served as commissioner of the boston and los angeles police department. he succeeds ray kelly, new york's longest serving
2:41 am
commissioner. now an extreme weather alert. the weather leaving a mess and many without power. >> governors in five states have declared a state of emergency. maria molina tracking the storm in the weather center for us. >> what a mess with the storm system. more than # 1,000 flights already canceled. i want to start with the windchill temperatures this storm system left behind. look how widespread they are. these temperatures we are seeing out here are dangerously cold as people head out the door. i want to show them to you. 26 degrees below zero is what it feels like in sue falls. feels like 35 below zero in mine not, north dakota. on the warmer side we have rain and on the backside of it we have a fine line near the setup across parts of texas up into the northeast of freezing rain. right where you see that shaded in pink that's why we have the ice coming down right now.
2:42 am
ice storm warnings in effect across texas arkansas and western tennessee due to significant ice accumulations. ma rad maria molina you will have a busy day. 5:42, retired chief finding a storage unit empty. >> a licensed to kill bald eagles. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've leaed a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you tak nitrates for chest pain;
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thieves broik into the pod and took off with nearly $2,000 worth of toys for kids. russ hasn't given up hope they
2:46 am
will be returned. >> bring them to us we will get them to the right place. bring them back. that's all we ask. if we have to keep searching keep looking over your shoulder. >> he has been part of the marine corps toys for tots drive for 40 years. this is the first time any one has stolen from him. bring those toys back. >> why were millions of dollars wasted on an empty military headquarters in afghanistan? a defense department watchdog group is reopening to find out. they spent $34 million on the 64,000 square foot building despite warnings it wasn't needed. inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction said he has no choice but to restart his inquiry after defense officials did not address his initial concerns last summer. the latest push in the terms of alternative energy and it is hurting the nation's most
2:47 am
patriotic bird. diane macedo joins us now with the latest. >> it is against the law to kill a bald or golden eagle in the united states but not if you are an alternative energy company. they are moving toward finalizing a rule that would give alternative energy farms a 30 year pass for killing those protected birds. the rule extends to current five year permits that allow them to foregg for unintentionally killing the eagles which leads up to $5,000 and two years in prison. it prosecuted the first case against an energy company for a bird death. duke energy pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1 million for killing 14 golden eagles that got stuck in the wind turbines over three years. while it will require farms to implement certain guidelines to help with eagle conservation it has still earned the president backlash from environmental groups that normally support them saying 30 years is too long
2:48 am
and more research is needed to establish the overall effect alternative energy companies have on the environment. press report a federal study found that wind farms in ten states killed 67 golden and bald eagles since 2008. one that you weigh the good with the bag. some disagree on what is important. >> so sad. the bald eagles are so precious. still to come terrifying moments as a base jump goes horribly wrong and a man slams into the side of a cliff. what happens next? incredible. they say a diamond is forever and now that bling can be used to make sure the memories of your loved ones never fade away. first let's check in with brian kilmeade. it's friday. >> how is it going? nice to see you. good show. i have to tell you peter schwizer will be on the show. she is the new op ed ad.
2:49 am
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welccme back. a sink hole in philadelphia nearly swallows a pickup truck. a city says a leak in a service line could be to blame. a resident, kate summerville, saw the whole thing. >> the wheels got caught in the edge, and then he had to get out and it slowly sank farther and a little farther until it was up to like the middle of the truck. >> neighbors say they aren't surprised about the sink hole. a similar thing actually happened in may. they say diamond are forever, so what better way to create an everlasting keepsake of a loved one. algordanza uses special technologies to use the remains of loved ones into diamonds. the body is about 18% carbon. it takes about a week to
2:54 am
create the diamonds which often end up blue because of chemicals in the body. prices start at $3,000. >> doctors use stem cells to treat athletes and now they are being used to help dogs suffering from arthritis pain. >> we take a sample from multiple locations and we process that fat. and at the end what we're left with is these tubes of cells, of live cells. >> the cells come from the dog itself and some of the live cells are injected into where the joint and cartilage are located. after the having the procedure, pet owners noticed an improvementtin their pet's skin and other conditions. >> don't be fooled by those puppy eyes. science says that dog don't feel guilt. >> we asked if you agreed with those scientists. your e-mails coming up next. >> you're certainly a mean one, mr. grinch. a new low for christmas
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it is now 57 after the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. the world is mourning the loss of the former south african president nelson mandela. he died yesterday at the age of 95. a search for a 14-year-old washington state girl. cops say she was taken unwillingly outside of her school by a 19-year-old she had been dating. they believe he isstaking her to mexico. five states declared a state of emergency because of a big chill gripping parts of the south and midwest. snow and sleet expected today and more icy weather this weekend. >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a lucky deer in washington catches quite a break. fire off using an ice rescue sled to save a young
2:59 am
doe stranded on an icy lake. up next the bad. these grinches were caught on camera stealing a family's christmas decorations. police released the video hoping to catch the christmas crook. finally the ugly. a base skwrufrpber lucky -- jumper lucky to be alive after this went horribly wrong. he did suffer multiple injuries including a severely strained back. disciple time for your -- >> time for brew on this responses. a study says don't fall for those puppy dog eyes. dogs don't feel guilt. do you think that's true? >> they know when their owner is angry. >> sean posted i agree with the study. our dog reacts to what we say, not what he has done. >> sean tweeted just because humans want to impose our emotions on dogs doesn't mean they feel or
3:00 am
get it. they're dogs. i know my dogs, they know when they have done something wrong. they're smart. >> have a great day. and a wonderful weekend. we'll see you here monday morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's friday, december 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this morning the world mourning the loss of an icon. reaction to the passing of nelson mandela. >> also the president admitted he misled the american people, but something dddn't -- somebody, that is to say, didn't get the memo. >> i still go back and say what i said earlier. what he said was true. >> okay. >> if you want to keep the insurance you have, you can keep it. >> more from harry reid moments away. >> a woman catches a
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