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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 6, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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get it. they're dogs. i know my dogs, they know when they have done something wrong. they're smart. >> have a great day. and a wonderful weekend. we'll see you here monday morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's friday, december 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this morning the world mourning the loss of an icon. reaction to the passing of nelson mandela. >> also the president admitted he misled the american people, but something dddn't -- somebody, that is to say, didn't get the memo. >> i still go back and say what i said earlier. what he said was true. >> okay. >> if you want to keep the insurance you have, you can keep it. >> more from harry reid moments away. >> a woman catches a peeping tom in a dressing
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room and chases him through a store. one problem? she forgot to put her shirt back on. >> i was that woman. no. >> queue the animation. it is friday's show, and "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> it's "fox & friends." >> welcome aboard studio e. today is one of those days where officially this weekend they are going to welcome the christmas season to stanford, connecticut, and as has been the case for the last number of years, that means it's going to be the repelling of the landmark building, stanford's connecticut tallest building, 22 stories high. santa rappelles down the side with rick wright. he will be here live this morning. >> it might be two special santas today. >> that's right. a whole bunch of stuff. got a special friday
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planned for you. there's rick. you're getting ready, right? >> we're getting ready. we got brian from the yankees and the infamous bobby valentine. these guys doing all the work here to make sure it is all set up. at times they seem a little confused. i'm going to trust that is good confusion and they're just second-guessing and double checking and triple checking. a couple new things this year. we figured out a way to live stream, so when i'm going down, i've attached velcro to my cell phone which will hopefully make it work and i'll be able to show you as it is going down. maybe a little more ominously, take a look at the weather right now. it is foggy, which might be kind of nice if we can't see the bottom and can't see it is 300 feet down. that is my hope, to make it less fearful. >> right now i'm just seeing night. >> rick has done this a
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number of years. when he goes over the side of the building, that's the hardest. >> it's the first for your cell phone? is that right, rick? >> we're doing it. we have the cameras up above, camera below, possibly a helicopter, if the fog lifts a little bbt. >> how big is your budget? >> unlimited. >> you have a chopper, you have velcro and a phone? and a four-second delay. >> the budget was really $40 for the gloves and a bit of velcro that i attached to it and some super glue. >> it's a tradition, rick, thank you very much. see you shortly. meanwhile our lead story. you're looking live right now at the scene outside of nelson mandela's home. hundreds paying tribute to the leader who inspired the world. greg alcove joins us with the latest. >> reporter: we've been following the passing of
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this icon, nelson mandela dead at 95, that has been brewing all through the night. here in the states, president obama acknowledging, like millions of people, that he owes a huge political debt to this man. here is what he said in his message to the nation. >> we've lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> in the u.k., we just had a long -- which has had a long and sometimes difficult relationship with south africa and even nelson mandela, emotions@ pouring out as well. here's what david cameron had to say. >> one of the brightest lights of our world has gone out. nelson mandela was not just a hero of our time, but a hero of all time. >> nowhere were the feelings stronger though than in south africa, his homeland. nelson mandela considered the father of modern
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multicultural south africa, the first elected black president of this country but affectionally called ta-ta, father in tribal language. all through the night singing, dancing outside his house in johannesburg. we were there a couple of months ago when mandela was near death at the pretoria hospital. we saw the outpouring of emotion there. there's going to be a whole lot more over the coming days in his country. back to you. >> indeed. a giant for justice. nelson mandela. thank you very much, greg. >> word came out in the middle of the night so a lot of people did not know. i was actually on with neil cavuto. i said am i boring him? he said the 95-year-old nelson mandela passed away. we did get word when he left the hospital to go home and we thought that could be the end. we thought it could be just that. >> a tribute page, on
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twitter people expressing their love and thanks to a man that certainly is an icoo and a hero to so many. >> and he was a hero to the president of the united states. he was a huge inspiration for him when he saw what one man could do to inspire so many, he decided to get into politics. he said from there on in, he decided to make a difference. >> good transition. obviously people are broken hearted to hear about nelson mandela. we go from broken hearts to broken promises that continue to keep coming up over and over again. harry reid who came under fire yesterday for offering an exemption to his staff from the very bill they worked so hard to pass. >> so his staff does not have to have obamacare? >> right. maybe that's the promise that he was talking about in terms of keeping it. but he then, with all that going on, he continued to spin himself in language over this promise that we know has been broken. take a listen. >> remember what the president said. if you like your insurance, you can keep it. there is nobody in america
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america -- we've had three different years. they all have policies for only one year. i still go back and say what i said earlier. what he said was true. if you want to keeppthe insurance you have, you can keep it. >> what is wrong with him? >> you know what? he proves that rob ford is not the only north american politician who is out of his mind, because that has so been debunked. meanwhile, senator joe manchin, a colleague of mr. reid, says maybe we should delay obamacare. keep in mind, he's a democrat. he is swimming upstream against the other democrats. here's joe. >> let's have a transitional year and see if we can make these things work. if we give it our best try and we can't, maybe we bit off more than we chew. maybe we can adjust and get back to what ww can agree on. it is pretty common in west virginia how we agree. they sold the sizzle, if you will. now we've got to make sure
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the meat and potatoes is cooked. >> they sold the sizzle. >> he said we have a product problem, not just a rollout problem. he gets to speak with the chief of staff who interacts with the president. joe manchin, whom we think is authentic, he's in a state where only 36% of the people in west virginia voted for president obama. i'm not saying he's not sincere, but he also knows figure to the left wing and join harry reid and nancy pelosi, i'll get nine votes. so he has to be in the middle if he wants to keep that job. >> he's listening to the base there and also listening to constituents. i think it's a tricky thing. if you're suggesting a delay, it would suggest there's a possibility that it can be fixed. that's why on the other end of that is the call for repeal. this thing is never going to be fixed. impossible. >> also harry said, i think it was two days ago, is reported on the hill to have said that he believes obamacare is actually going
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to help democrat senators. he's right. it's going to help, obamacare is, republicans. just watch. >> nancy pelosi has similar actions. three weeks ago she was on meet the press with david gregory. she did not admit what the president did admit. i should try to reinstate people's policies. i don't know where harry reid is coming from. at least the mayor of toronto had an excuse. he was on crack. >> we're going to ainsley earhardt. >> happy friday to you. let me tell you what's happening. the other headlines this morning. a teenager is under arrest in los angeles accused of stealing part of the porsche that paul walker was in when he died. the car was being towed when someone grabbed a part of that porsche and derived away. this comes after walker's father begged him to give up that lifestyye. he told e-news his son promised him he was going to be safer. it was the last
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conversation they had. new information in the death of a man outside of the kansas city chiefs stadium. 30-year-old kyle van winkle was viciously beaten by tailgaters. his death now ruled a homicide. he was only 30 years old. police say he was sitting in someone else's truck in a parking lot after that game when the truck's owner saw him and a fight broke out. one man is now in custody. what lurks under the sea? drones. the navy launching a drone from a submarine for the first time. look at that. check out these time-lapsed pictures of a launch in the bahamas from the u.s.s. providence. this is a big step toward developing new military spying capabilities. from under the water to up in the air. >> five, four, three, two -- 180 ignition and liftoff. >> the atlas 5 lit up the night sky around 11:15 last night off the coast of california. it is carrying a secret
3:11 am
payload for the government office that operates our intelligence-gathering satellites. that rocket, 19 stories high. and those are your headlines. >> amazon's not going to use these submarine-launched drones to deliver our packages, are they? >> you never know. >> at this point, no. >> okay, good. >> in time. thanks, ainsley. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this busy friday. >> coming up, the moment two planes packed with people collide, and everyone makes it out alive . >> the gripping images you have never seen before. >> that's right, and they all got out. then, obamacare is the president's signature legislation and kathleen sebelius is in charge of it. -o why did they rarely meet to discuss it? only one face-to-face, one on one? we're going to talk about that next.
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sure it may be his signature piece of legislation, but a shocking new report finds that president obama held just one official meeting with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius in the three and a half years before the disastrous obamacare rollout where they were essentially one on one, although tim geithner was in the room. >> he apparently met with 16 other cabinet members 277 times. where are the president's priorities. peter schweitzer joins us
3:16 am
with more. his group conducted the survey and has a big op-ed on this. the president said i'm as responsible as many people because i never with the person who was supposed to implement this program. >> as far as executive role it is a colossal failure because this is his signature piece of invitation. you would expect heed have an interest in how tte implementation is going. the records indicate based on his schedule and white house logs they had no intimate one on one meetings concerning the obamacare rollout. >> nobody directly informed me, that would be accurate because he never talked to the person in charge. >> the real question is why did he not have the meetings? one could be reflection of the fact that he's kind of hands off, detached, which has been a criticism of this president. the other is machiavellian, prance they weren't sure how the rollout was going
3:17 am
to go and this gives him some level of plausible detphaoeublt because now the -- deniality because now kathleen sebelius is basically taking the fall for this rollout. >> we have prof that sheow bad s going. she knew about the struggles. when the president said i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the programs when i knew it wasn't going to work, but she knew and you never talked to her. >> if you're an executive you need to know for sure, for darned sure that the rollout is going to work and going to go well. it is incumbent upon a president to contact the people that are involved in this initiative. presidents do that during war. they do that during times of peace on domestic issues. there ii simply no excuse for him to be this detached on this important piece of legislation, which is reoriented a sixth of our entire national economy. >> awe con -- au contraire.
3:18 am
you quote valerie jarrett. >> you have a president, and all presidents have a sense of their vulnerabilities but they need to surround thhmselves with people who recognize their shortcomings. the president in a sense is very detached. he's not great at the hands-on at management. he's essentially admitted that. but people like valerie jarrett around him don't challenge that. they reenforce this notion that he's so brilliant that he's bored with these meetingsant doesn't need to participate. >> she says the problem is president obama knows how smart he is and he's been bored to death his whole life. he's too talented to do what ordinary people do. he would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do. >> because he is up there and we are down here. >> that sound like me. >> it does. >> exactly like me. >> you're not president. it's coming. >> here's the big picture, the one thing i look at right now is the president of the united states either has to back up this plan,
3:19 am
get behind the plan, or actually distance himself above it. i sense that he's going to try to stay a million feet above it and say they let me down on my signature legislation. not we let america down. >> yeah, i think you're right. the spin is basically is that the problem is not with the plan. it is with the implementation of the plan. that is the calculation i think made in the white house. the problem is the inherent nature of the plan is what led to the implementation. >> you can't disconnect them. >> and just the fact that he never met more than once with her and tim geithner was right over there with her. it's crazy. peter, thank you. 19 minutes now after the top of the hour. take a look at this. planes looking more like toys tossed around in strong wind. passengers on board telling their horror stories. >> this father-daughter duo giving kids the lesson they're not getting in school. it's called capitalism. ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ]
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and get a special holiday gift -- a document shredder. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ some quick friday headlines for you from "fox & friends." dozens of whales off florida's everglades national park are moving into slightly deeper waters, this raising the hope after the mass stranding that left 11 whales dead. wildlife officials are cautiously optimistic but warn they still have miles to go. amazing footage from a mid air crash. >> the new footage showing
3:24 am
two small cessna's diving into each other sending out a huge fireball. amazingly all the planes jumpers along with the pilot were able to leap to safety unharmed. amazing. >> a new book aims to teach our kids about opportunities they can gain through capitalism, and it was written by our next guest, a father and daughter duo. joining us are the coauthors of "our best tomorrow: students teaching capitalism to america." rob hudson and his daughter laura. welcome to you both. good morning. >> good morning. >> what grade are you in? >> i'm in eighth grade. >> well done, first of all, because this book is great. it's a hybrid. it tells the story in characters, three of them, that i read. it follows them through their trouble. they have struggles through life. they're trying to make it. then your dad colors it with the history and how capitalism plays into that. why did you want to write this story for kids? >> i think people my age
3:25 am
don't really understand the whole idea of capitalism. for example, my friend the other day, i said i was going to new york, and she says why. i said i wrote a book on capitalism. and she makes straight a's and she goes what's capitalism? >> what did you tell her? >> i said it's about jobs and creating money for the government and expanding our economy and making it a better place to live. >> what grade are you in >> eighth. >> how much did your dad have to do with knowing all that. did you find that in school? >> no, i have never learned that in school and neither has my brother, who is a senior. we've been really, really happy with our education, but i feel like they just kind of leave it out because it's ssrt of like opinionated and they don't like to teach opinions in school. >> you have to be a proud dad with this book? >> i am. her stories just drive the book. what better way to connect with students than stories written by a 13-year-old. so we are really excited.
3:26 am
as lauren said, her schools have done such a great job. they've educated her so well she was able to write most of the book at age 13. but we wanted to give the schools and parents another tool in the toolbox to help them to teach the american dream, which is part of what capitalism is all about. >> if you had to, in a nutshell, the elements discussed here and creatively brought out through the characters, what are they? you say this is capitalism. what are the points? >> lauren, you want to take a couple? >> jobs, hope, community, charity, honesty, morals. >> they're all in here. >> they all kind of tie together and form capitalism. >> we want to find a unique way to reach kids. kids are not interested in republican or democrat, conservatives. they're interested in how can i make my life better. how can i make the lives of other people around me
3:27 am
better. how can our country do better. that's why we cover things like hope. where does our hope for a best tomorrow come from? >> i actually think this is a great idea. it is such a hhbrid, your creativity and knowledge, your desire to communicate and history in there, what capitalism. what a great duo this dad and daughter is in front of me. congratulations. fantastic job. well done for an eighth grader. thanks for being with us. a woman says a guy was spying on her through a dressing room so she chases her through the store. one problem, though. she forgot to put her shirt back on. rick is live 300 feet in the air getting ready to rappell down a building. rick, are you ready for this? >> these guys are ready. i trust you. ♪ ♪ ♪
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free app for your phone. download it and stick your app on your sweater and it looks like your sweater is alive. >> i've got to get that. that's better than the pocket chair. >> it is. >> you can't wear the pocket chair. >> exactly. tell me that wouldn't be a great present. i hope no one was watching. >> i hope that i get that sweater. >> here's the problem. you're wearing your phone. what if you need to answer it? you end up tickling yourself. >> or burning your finger in that fire. >> if you're rick, where do you start? >> up in the sky, it's a plane. it's rick. that is him from just last year, and he's at it again. >> yeah. he must have been put back on the naughty list because he's been chosen to go on top of the roof with one of the most important people in sports. he joins us from the roof of the landmark building in stamford, connecticut.
3:33 am
>> i obviously have a really bad long-term memory because every time i'm like i glad i did it but i'm not sure i want to do it again. i've got brian here. >> good morning. >> tell us what this [inaudible] this is a big deal for the town of stamford. >> yes, it is. this kind of brings in the christmas season. this is our 22nd year doing this event. it is called the santa rappell. it happens this sunday at 5:00 p.m. in this same spot. we would like to thank the rexson properties for allowing us to use the building. it is snow or shine. >> you've got thousands of people downstairs. santa comes over this and it ushers in christmas season. >> exactly. >> i've got to tell you, you guys make me feel pretty safe. >> only pretty safe? >> we're like hanging over a billing. >> that's true. >> but all of this stuff
3:34 am
you've got hooked to the building and you're good with all this? >> completely good with all this. this is the same hardware the building uses for their big window washer unit that goes down the side of the building which probably weighs 600 or 700 pounds so it can definitely support us. >> some days we're up here, it's 20 degrees and freezing. today it is like 60 degrees and drizzling. >> it is going to make for real interesting moments with those boots on the wet wall. hopefully it will make for good tv. >> i think that's a guarantee. rain or shine, we're going. the fog, that kind of makes it a little cool, in my opinion. >> we've had rain, snow, never had the fog. >> guys, that's coming up in the next hour. brian cashmmn, bobby valentine are joining me and we're going over the
3:35 am
wall. >> all right. it's going to be rappelling. rick, here in midtown manhattan right now there is a steady rain. let's hope it doesn't go up north. >> let's hope everything that lands on you beads. i think hallmark might want that. it's very inspirational am righ? >> that makes me so nervous. can you imagine going over the side of a building? >> next year it's you. >> no. maybe i'll do it if you do it, elisabeth. >> okay. what did we just get ourselves into? >> let me tell you about the news this morning. the news of nelson mandela's death casting a shadow over the premiere of the new film about the icon's life. prince william and kate were there and paid tribute to the former south african president. >> extremely sad and tragic
3:36 am
news. we're just reminded what an extraordinary and inspiring man nelson mandela was, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family right now. >> nelson mandela was a close friend of william's mother, the late princess diana. an update to a story we've been following on "fox & friends" for you. the police officer who shot at that minivan full of children is now suspended. >> you probably remember this. it happened in new mexico in october. the driver was stopped for speeding and took off twice, leading the police on a four-mile chase. at one point she fought with the officers and her son attacked one of them. she and her 14-year-old son were later arrested. terrifying video out of england where strong winds made this plane abort its landing just feet from the runway. the same thing happened to a second plane at the birmingham international airport. people on board were
3:37 am
getting sick but both planes did land safely later. listen to this story. a peeping tom gets a lot more than he bargained for. he's smiling about it. a woman was trying on bras at a kohl's store in kansas city. steve, that's your town. when she realized she was being recorded by a phone right under her dressing room door. the woman chased the peeping tom, jeremy bradley, through the store topless, but bradley managed to get outside. the woman realized that perhaps she should stay indoors at that point. but other customers chased him and police finally did arrest him. you're not kansas? >> alleged peeping tom, by the way. >> and a happy alleged peeping tom. he's the happiest peeping tom i've ever seen. >> if he end up being a peeping tom. >> she thought it's more about principle. i'm going to clays this guy. >> and gut reaction.
3:38 am
>> ainsley, thank you very much. it is 23 minutes before the top of the hour. i mentioned a moment ago it's raining here in new york city off and on. it's also kind of warm and that's where we sent maria molina outside where it's warm and wet. >> good morning. we have the rain coming down out here across new york city and surrounding areas. this is actually associated with the same cold front that's been bringing in very cold temperatures across parts of the midwest and also across the rockies and this system is right nowwproducing areas of freezing rain around the dallas area, surrounding areas in texas and even into arkansas. and some places have already actually reported over a half an inch of ice. it's very dangerous. we do have reports of power outages as well and flights that have been canceled. ice storm warnings in effect across eastern portions of oklahoma, arkansas and western tennessee and some of these spots could see over a half an inch of ice because it is still coming down here. weup ter storm warnings -- winter storm warnings in effect for the same storm system. we have a new storm system
3:39 am
moving into the west producing over two feet of snow across california sierras. we have advisories across parts of the midwest. look at wind chills. 35 below zero is what it feels like in minot. frigid air across that area. >> thank you, maria. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. if you nodded off last night, don't worry about it. we taped the game. nfl football. third quarter, 17-10, jags in the lead, they turned to trickery. chad hennings, ace sanders who tosses this for the 21 yard score. jacksonville would hold on and hand the texans their 11th straight loss. they are now 27 and 20. they have won three of their last four games for the jaguars. for the 11th year dale
3:40 am
earnhardt jr. was named nascar's most popular driver. earnhardt enjoyed one of his best seasons taking fifth in the nascar cup series. how does an nba hall of famer get to the brooklyn nets game if he's in manhattan? he takes the subway of course. i'm talking charles barkley. he was spotted on the subway on his way to the barclays center to the nets-new york games. he likes to rip new york. as for the crush, as for the game, the knicks played well and the nets played terrible. they won 113-83. what has happened to the knicks? carmelo anthony said this team is the laughingstock of the league. on a different note, george washington's secret six for the second week was fourth
3:41 am
overall in the standings thanks to steve's great questions of david and goliath. i've got to tell you where i'm going to be. let's take a look because i'm a little confused right now about where i'm going to be. next week i'm going to be at the villages. on thursday i'm going to be in naples, florida, at the ritz carlton because greg norman is having a children's cancer event. the following week on saturday i'm going to be at mount vernon, george washington's home. it is going to be open to the public. i've only been there once. my son was stung by a bee, he swelled up so i had to leave early. this time he can't get stung because it's winter. so we'll be there. >> that's a schedule. >> all the bees are dead right now. >> that's it. i'm not doing a book tour, i promise.
3:42 am
>> congratulations, brian. next up on the rundown, if you're trying to beat a pot charge, maybe you shouldn't light up kwrut side the courthouse -- light up outside the courthouse. this guy learned the hard way. >> if you missed a few minutes of "fox & friends" this week you missed a lot. but did santa ever reveal which one of us was on his naughty list? the week in review coming up next. >> we did some other stuff too. ♪ spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a eat cereal.
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and ask about special discounts for aarp members. adt. always there. medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare a plane crash-lands in the middle of a colorado park surrounded by home. it tried to land at a nearby aeurpbt but ended up on the soccer field. no one was seriously hurt. >> this guy has ganga from bad to worse. jose guzman arrested
3:46 am
outside of a new jersey courthouse accused of lighting up a joint. it went down minutes after he was supposed to be in court for a previous pot bust. everyone has a different way of handling the court system. >> maybe not a good place to light up. monday morning quarterback. it's friday and you know what that means. >> it is time to recap the week that was here on "fox & friends." >> elisabeth has stuff to say which means it's my turn. check out these moments from the week that was. who's on the naughty list?
3:47 am
>> keep on trying. >> i got nothing to say. i don't like musicals. ♪ e is for cookie ♪ that's good enough ♪ for me ♪ ♪ >> fresh. >> you need some nail polish taken off? and your father hasn't bitten the head off a teddy bear? >> no. those days are behind him. he's more cuddling teddy bears. >> what does sarah palin think? she is walking in. >> maria molina sleeps like a baby every night. >> how would you know? you never let me on your 5:00 a.m. show. i knock and you never answer. >> any time. any time. come on over.
3:48 am
>> i didn't hear that. >> let's do this. >> go ahead. >> come on. let's stand up. >> let's tease that and i'll do it in the break. >> he was about to flip that table like one of the housewives of new jersey. real housewives. >> he's costarring with sill investigatester stallone -- sylvester stallone. excuse me. arnold schwarzenegger schwartz. >> an action hero. it might be bruce willis. >> it doesn't matter. the expendables, a wonderful series. they kill a lot of people. just in the movies. >> a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. forget hardball, msnbc host chris mathews throwing the president softball and at one point saying republicans don't want minorities to vote. really, chris? >> don't call it a holiday tree. it's a christmas tree and it's going to stay that
3:49 am
way. the mayor who fought off the p.c. police and won. that happened in a town in the state of new jersey. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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3:52 am
score one for christmas. we told you yesterday about a new jersey mayor fighting the pc police and renaming his town street a christmas tree. for several years it was referred to as a holiday treatment but this year the mayor said enough is enough. now people across the nation are rallying behind him with great support. david freed, the mayor, is here
3:53 am
with us, joining us live. >> thank you for having me. >> this is an exceptional turn of events. prior to 2007, everything was christmas tree, menorah lighting, we could be who we were. 2007 came and everything became a holiday celebration, holiday tree? >> yes. that's correct. >> and then it gottworse? >> this year we decided they were going to make it a tree lighting. i got letters from a resident and we decided to say enough is enough. the political correctness went to far. >> so it just became a tree? >> that's right. a tree lighting. >> correct. >> the letter that you got, it was a resident who was sick of not using the word christmas. it said, quote, news flash for robinsville, this is christmas. it's been celebrated for 2,000 years and -- 2013 years as the birthday of jesus christ. whoops. said that guy's name that no one likes to mention. so the rest of us will celebrate jesus -- there is that guy again -- the reason for this
3:54 am
particular season. did that motivate you? >> it did. i agreed with him. i said political correctness has gone into far. we've become afraid of what we stand for. customs getting chipped away. even when greeting people, we get nervous, do we say merry christmas or happy hanukkah? we want to be politically correct. i think that's chipping away at who we are and our culture ask customs. >> you did stand up. you said we're going to call it christmas. it's a christmas tree. what was the initial response? >> very, very positive. i was scared when i wrote the letter. >> why? >> well, the political correctness folks, media are picking apart at everything you say. i was nervous. as an elected official, we're always supposed to say the right things. it's oftentimes hard to stand up and say something that you know may get challenged. but we did and we knew it was the right thing to do. the response has been overwhelming. >> the blanketed just sort of generic term for holiday has become our go-to.
3:55 am
so when you're even teaching kids, we just say we're just going to all be nothing instead of something special. correct? >> you're right. the kids get it. we're trying to take away a culture from them and they forget who they are and and where they came from. we should be proud who have we are and sharing it with one another is okay. two weeks ago i was asked to be part of a hindu celebration and it wasn't a far eastern celebration. it was a hindu celebration and it was great. we need to be able to say these thing to each other. you know it's a greeting that comes from the heart. that's the important thing. we need to start standing up to this political correctness and speak from the heart. >> have you heard from other leaders across other states or towns considering doing the same thing? >> i got a great e-mail from a mayor in texas saying that elected officials are oftentimes afraid that we are going to say the wrong thing and sometimes that's why nothing happens. no one really wants to put themselves out there and oftentimes that's why we end up with gridlock. i've gotten a lot of positive
3:56 am
response from a lot of mayors all over the country. it's really been great. >> we thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> doing the right thing for our nation. coming up, whose brains are bigger? you get to answer this. men or women's brains. what about handling stress? which gend accident occur that better? the science -- which gender does that better? the science is in so stay tuned for that. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen tthem. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. good morning. it's friday, december 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this morning the world's mourning the loss of an icon. reaction to the passing of
4:00 am
nelson mandela live from south africa. and we now know the president's promise. you can keep your health care if you like it. it wasn't exactly true. we thought it was plowed ground. then comes harry reid. he's doubling down on the original untruth. you make the call. >> harry, harry. hey, parents, no time for your kids? how about this? the lazy boy for babies. all he needs is a cup holder for the bottle. >> you are so jealous. >> i am a little jealous. "fox & friends" hour two for ttis friday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day! >> lot of people are saying rick reichmuth is usually in the office getting ready for the weekend show. so why isn't he here? >> are you kidding? this is a "fox & friends"
4:01 am
tradition. he would be on the top of one of the tallest buildings in stamford, connecticut, because to welcome santa and the christmas season, he's about to become mr. rappeling. >> hey, rick. >> hey, guys. when we draw straws for these traditions, we get roped into, how did i get this one? i did it the first year not realizing it was a tradition and i thought, that was great. and really great, i don't have to do it again. now this is the fourth year and every time i think it's done. but i think i'll be doing this for a while. so the fog has lifted. we had some wind and rain come through. that's kind of a good thing 'cause now we can show what you this building looks like. this is a landmark building here and there you go. you got a good shot? that's what i'm about to go over. they're good. i trust them. hopefully i trust them every year. i hope they're not getting lazy 'cause they've had four good years. >> what about the weather? >> well, it's been raining.
4:02 am
so the wall is slick. i think that could make for some good face plants into the wall. hopefully not. you'll have to see. that's coming up in 20 minutes and guys, i rigged up this very fancy device to my iphone so that we'll be able to livestream this from my phone. you'll be able to see what i see down there. >> rick, i don't want to judge you. but it seems to me going down the side of a building, you should be able to grip the rope with that cell phone there, but you're going to go down one handed? >> he needs one with an iphone sweater. >> you are right. it means it's a one handed event. somehow i'll have to rappel with one hand and do this with the other. hopefully that will make my mind not think about what i'm actually doing. >> all right. >> a good distraction. and we get the benefit of it. >> and you have brian cashman and the former mets manager and red sox manager, bobby
4:03 am
valentine. so it will be fantastic. you have brian cashman at a time which he signed one of the biggest free agents and a lot of people wonder if he'll sign his own free agent. once he's on the side of a building and can't get away, that's when you slip the questions in, rick. >> this is the perfect timing. it's a great time every year right now 'cause the yankees are always doing their trades. a lot of stuff going on in the yankees world. so we'll be able to trap him on the wall to get the answers from him. >> excellent! that's coming up just about 15 minutes from right now. rick, thank you very much. you're a good man. it is now three minutes after the top of the hour. the world this morning mourning the death of former south african president nelson mandela. jonathan hunt takes a look back at this extraordinary life. >> reporter: when nelson mandela walked free from prison on february 11, 1990, he knew, as did the rest of the world, that
4:04 am
white domination in south africa was about to end. he had fought apartheid since 1948, campaigning peacefully at first, then advocating and taking part in violent resistance. in 1964, he was sentenced to life with hard labor and sent to the notorious robin island prison. world wide protests against the apartheid regime quickly gathered pace. ♪ ♪ and nelson mandela became the most famous political prisoner on the planet. within months of his 1990 release, he was holding peace talks with south africa's then president and in april 1994, with apartheid abolished, nelson mandela became president himself after south africa's first all
4:05 am
race elections. >> i have fought a very firmly. i have fought very firmly against this. i cherish the idea for south africa where all south africans are equal. >> reporter: nelson mandela served just one five-year term, but remained perhaps the most influential figure in south african politics. certainly the most loved for what he went through, the dignity he displayed, and the change he brought about. but typically for him, mandela gave all the credit to his fellow citizens. >> south africa's heros are you, the people who are the true heros. >> reporter: now a nation says a final farewell to the man who
4:06 am
perhaps more than any other public figure of the past 50 years defines that word, hero. >> jonathan hunt, we thank you very much. nelson mandela was 95. >> he went four years without being able to read anything. they decided -- it's amazing what he sacrificed. >> what a life. 6 minutes after the 207 of the hour. that's right. more details to break down how many times the president met with the woman in charge of obamacare. the article said it never happens to turn out well when you can't meet with the person in charge of something and his documents was slipped into the white house calendar, showed the president and kathleen sebelius met once, but never alone. >> never alone. they met face-to-face once with tim geithner sitting right over there, apparently the president met with his cabinet members 277 times, different officials. but he met with her one time?
4:07 am
the person in charge of implementing his signature achievement. peter schweitzer said look, ignorance not an excuse. >> ignorance is not an excuse. that's the problem. if you were an executive, you need to know for sure, for darn sure that the rollout is going to work and it's going to go well. and it's really incumbent upon a president to contact the people that are involved in this initiative. presidents do that during war. they do that during times of peace, on domestic issues. there is no excuse for him to be this detached on this important piece of legislation which is reorienting a sixth of our entire national economy. >> when the president came out and said i was never told directly that the web site would have these kind of problems, and yet it was not going to work, so i had no idea, you're right. i believe the president. he had no idea. but facts show and the memos reveal that kathleen sebelius knew and she should have found a
4:08 am
way to tell him and he should have been meeting regularly to know about this. >> i think he probably did know, but he never was told by her. i'm sure she told people, valerie jarrett and valerie jarrett whispered in his ear. in my art, i think he probably knew. >> there is no good scenario. totally detached or he knew about it and didn't tell the truth. >> there is no good scenario because it impacts so many. >> that speaks to the trust issue he's having with the american people. speak of that, harry reid certainly doubled down on the president's lie that you can keep your health care plan if you liked it. did he just mean those on a staff? i don't know. but he keeps spinning it in his own words. listen to this. >> remember what the president said, if you like your insurance, you can keep it. there is nobody in america that has the same insurance that they had when he said this. we've had three different years. all the policies are only for one year. i still go back and say what i said earlier. what he said was true. >> okay.
4:09 am
>> if you want to keep the insurance you had, you can keep it. >> that's not true! >> what is wrong with him? you have the president of the united states -- >> he's in denial. >> -- say i should have been clearer and now i feel terrible that they didn't understand exactly what i was saying. what i'm trying to say is regardless of that, i'm going to try to get your insurance plans back in play. those who want to keep your insurance, we're going to find a way to fulfill that. now the insurance companies came forward and said we can't reinstate that. now the majority leader realll thinks we're clueless enough to believe he's telling the truth when he said i told you you can keep it if you want to. it's not our fault if the insurance policies change. nuance part of the policy changes, which means he's exonerated from his own words? that's incredible! >> he doesn't even sound that sure. >> that's right. i just got an e-mail from a friend, audrey, at the colorado server who says apparently last night members of congress and their staffs were informed that because the bc exchange are working so badly, they're going
4:10 am
to wind up getting an extension, the kind of extension that ordinary americans are being denied. >> yeah. joe manchin is calling on a big extension on all this stuff. >> this is something just for members of congress. >> you wonder where ainsley is? >> she's right there with headlines for us. >> that was my transition. i apologize. >> i'm here to give you the news this morning. a teen-ager is under arrest in los angeles accused of stealing part of the porsche that paul walker was in when he died. the car was being towed when someone grabbed a part of that porsche and drove away. this comes as we're learning walker's father begged him to give up his fast-paced lifestyle. he told e news that his son promised to be a lot safer. that was the last conversation he had with his son. an american teacher gunned down in the streets of benghazi was just days away from returning here to the u.s. to be with his wife and two-year-old child for christmas.
4:11 am
ronnie smith, a chemistry teacher, was shot while he was jogging near the u.s. consulate where four americans were killed in september of 2012. officials say that attack came from someone inside a black suv. so far no oneeis claiming responsibility. and we have lift-off. >> five, four, three, two, one, rd 180 ignition and lift-off. >> the atlas lit up the sky lass night. that rocket, 19 stories high. talk about a nearly catastrophic financial flub. a wife almost cost her husband $6.2 million when she hung up the phone on the lottofficials t news that he had won the jackpot. she then ignored the call two more times after that.
4:12 am
the 52-year-old from new york thought the caller was trying to scam her. i probably would, too. eventually she gave the phone number to her husband who did confirm it was the real deal. and i looked this up. lottery officials can only contact you if you have bought a subscription. you can go on the web site and subscribe and if you win, they'll call you. >> maybe this is a family that always looks at the paper or on-line. >> and he did pick the numbers. he picked like family birthdays and all of that. usually you hear the lottery picks it, you have a higher chance of winning. >> congratulations. they're rich. >> absolutely. they are rich. >> now they're going to answer all the phone calls. >> we know ainsley does not do her own research. she's got a staff. >> my people were there researching for me. >> right, exactly. >> she's the only people. thank you. coming up, the system that calculates obamacare subsidies doesn't seem to be working. wait until you hear about the government's alternative. >> and whose brains are bigger? men's or women? which gender handles stress better? the science is in.
4:13 am
stay tuned. >> please be men. please be men. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ale announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. kand i don't have time foris morunreliable companies.b [ale announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. take care of the things wthat matter most.e join today.
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4:16 am
can't afford health insurance? remember obamacare promised subsidies for that. the only problem, the system that calculates those subsidies does not work. so now insurance companies are free to guess the amount and give the government the bill. mike owens is the senior vice president of go dmo, one of the companies involved in the health care exchanges. when you get word the exchanges aren't work, what's your response? >> here is another example of an
4:17 am
insurance company being forced to handle another glitch inside the affordable care act. if your monthly premium is $200 and you receive a 50% subsidy, your monthly payment ends up being $100, the insurance company is required to seek from the government the $100 and at the end of the year will take that premium payment. if the insurance company overcharges, they'll have to remit the funds back to the federal government f. undercharge, they're going to come after you, the policyholder. that's not going to work very well with policy holders. i'm fairly certain they'll do the job as best they can. >> i hope so. i'm one of the people who think insurance companies are not bad people. i also don't think they're destroying the health care system. yet the administration couched this whole obamacare saying insurance companies are the bad guys and basically we're going to marginalize them and rein them in. how do you feel now that you're looking to bail them out? you've been asked to bail them out. >> we're part of the intermediary distribution system, our company. but we're being vilified just as
4:18 am
the insurance carriers have always been. but remember, there are private enterprise solutions where instead of going to these exchanges and making your financial decisions and insurance decisions based on exchanges, you can come to private enterprise and we can help you be sure your subsidy is being calculated properly and being remitted properly. >> you're my agent or i can get insurance from you? >> both. we're the agent intermediary -- it's another example of a private enterprise stepped in to try to make this thing worked. >> have you ever said how did i get here? how did we get here? after 2 1/2, three years, how is it that the insurance companies have to do the calculation to send the invoice to the government to get that money back hoping you're not going to have to give a big check back? >> the issue is the federal government made another big error. that's the easiest place to blame. i think the insurance companies are stepping in and saying listen, there is a mandate, people must have coverage by january 21. they have up until
4:19 am
december 23rd to have coverage that goes in force on the 1st of january. this is a compressed time frame. they're saying we'll do the best we can. we'll do our best to remit that to the federal government the best way we can. >> you want to get a few people people trued up. >> that's one way to put it. the conclusion here is it's like at the end of the year owing taxes. saying didn't i pay enough through the year? in this instance, it's if i didn't pay enough, i'm going to owe more? it's not going to go well if insurance companies calculated improperly. >> we'll see if you can argument with the fact that the government will come back and tell you what you should have charge and tell you if they're tight. i sense another argument down the line. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. 19 minutes after the hour. look at this, planes looking more like toys, tossed around in the strong wind. this morning passengers are telling their horror stories. and rick reichmuth is live 300 feet in the air.
4:20 am
why? because he wanted to, it's for a great cause to ring in the holiday season. right, rick? >> yeah. exactly. and it's been chaos for the last three minutes. i hope the chaos isn't a sign of something that's about to come. cashman is about to go over on the other side of the break i'm joining him. stay with us. i'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
4:21 am
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we've got quick headlines. a big step toward developing new spying capabilities. the navy launched a drone from a submarine for the very first time. how did they do that? check out the time lapsed
4:24 am
picture of the launch from the uss providence when it was off the coast of the bahamas. and terrifying video out of england where strong winds made this plane abort its landing just short of the runway. look how it's coming in so crooked. that's not good so it took off again. same thing happened to another plane. look at that at the birmingham international airport. people on board were getting sick. but both planes eventual leelanded safely. i don't think i'd land in that city at all. i'd pick someplace else. >> i would, too. >> speaking of wind -- >> look at this. looks so easy when santa does it. >> i know. we just saw rick getting ready to rappel like santa, now he's ready to take the plunge with two very special elves. rick joins us live from a landmark building. he's in stamford, connecticut. it looks windy. >> there has been a little confusion here for the last ten seconds, or say two minutes.
4:25 am
we're good? >> we're good. >> what's happening? >> so this is elijah, the wall and i'm going over it somehow. supposedly there is a ladder. am i on it? >> your somehow and supposedly are concerning me. >> you and me both. all right. you don't need the ladder, just put your foot against the wall. we're doing it without a ladder this year. >> are you going to tweet as you go down this thing or what? >> hold on. >> there we go. so no ladder this time, guys. we're getting better. >> we're seeing you at the very top. we see that three other rappellers are a little leer than you. this is the fourth year he's done it. it's the tallest building in stamford as they welcome the christmas season. >> 19 storyies high. >> i'm not doing the weather. >> you're going to sit on me. what is the weather?
4:26 am
that's good. a good sign. >> all right. so now that we're up here suspended about 300 feet in the air -- >> i got your wire in my face. that's good. you're fine, don't worry about it. >> this is a problem 'cause i can't hear anything. >> we're just going to watch you. >> if you're still hearing me, you can ask brian cashman some questions, maybe about robinson -- you guys are going to get him and if you can, i think he can hear you. >> can all you guys hear us? >> i can hear you. >> all right. >> is that brian? >> yeah. brian, elisabeth and steve here. so as you rappel down a building for a great cause. we love being here. how do you feel about robinson's
4:27 am
cano's dad coming out saying you're not serious about signing him? >> i guess it all depends on who your definition of serious -- our offer is pretty serious, but also comparative to other people's offers. he's a great player and he's got a lot of competition the we'll put a team together on the field we're proud of. >> no, sir, we're not serious! >> bobby, do us a favor, rick can't hear us, but you can hear us. ask rick how he's doing. >> i'm back. >> rick, how are you doing? >> i'm actually back. i played audio guy for a minute and fixed stuff. the best thing about this, you know what is good is when you have other distractions like that, it makes you not think about what you're doing. it's almost kind of a good thing. but i haven't looked down yet. the fog cleared. how are you guys doing? >> whoa! >> there is a saying, life is
4:28 am
like a dog sled team. unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes. i'm looking at three dogs. >> hey, rick, this is a tradition now. but is this just us or is this your trickiest time down? >> well, it is the trickiest because somehow it did not seem like it was -- we seemed a little rushed and i feel like this is not the kind of thing you want to be rushed in. i'm going to get out my camera so that we can see if we can -- >> can you also tweet me something while you're there? >> bobby, how experience -- >> look at this! >> that is cool. >> rick, that's fantastic. what about the wind this time? is it impacting you? >> no. the wind is all right.
4:29 am
it's not that bad. but doing this one handed isn't the best. >> no kidding. >> note to self, next time helmet cam. >> do you have any sort -- on a scale of one to 10, what's your fear when you're up there? is there any? >> it's probably a 10. >> okay. >> i know it's a 10 when you go over the edge for the first moment. but then the further you go down, just like everybody else, you're a little more relaxed. >> not really. >> the weird thing is, at the very beginning you're so far up that it's just panic and then when you're down to where you're about 75 or 100 feet left, it actually feels kind of fun. i mean, if you fell, you would die just the same. but it doesn't seem as bad. >> always looking on the bright side.
4:30 am
>> bobby, how do you feel? have you rappeled a lot in your life? >> hell no! hell no! i feel tired. >> i will tell you that bobby was the only one who was stretching. he was like getting ready, stretching and making sure he was in shape. >> rick, you want to take the iphone off, put it in your pocket and go ahead and be careful to get down as quickly as you can. >> okay. >> brian, are you okay out there? >> i'm doing good. just enjoying the atmosphere. >> how slippery is that building? you talked about the fog before making it kind of wet. do you feel like it's slippery? >> yeah. and there was actually lot of rain earlier. so yeah, it's very slick. >> just be careful. >> it's all just awkward.
4:31 am
>> okay. you're doing well. >> bobby, brian and rick, we hope you land well. >> thank you. >> great job, you guys. >> all right. a tradition. >> we'll see you soon on the way down. next up on our rundown, remember when ron burgundy said this? >> you're just a woman with a small brain, with a brain a third the size of us. it's science. >> that was so offensive. so are women's brains really smaller than men's? the science just in. >> wait 'til you hear this. and hey, parents, no time for your kid? how about this? a lazy boy for the baby. ♪ ♪
4:32 am
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4:36 am
it's science. >> ron burgundy is right and he's wrong. women's brains aren't that much -- that proportioned smaller. women's brains, however, according to science, are smaller. they've used mri's at the university of pennsylvania. what they figured out is that women's brains may be smaller, but they're more efficient. >> look at that. 8% smaller. good at thinking. >> i can keep track of a changing situation. >> yes, you can. >> and women handle stress by defriending. >> let's talk about it. >> look into my in my eyes. >> we like to run away. >> your brain is not efficient. it's bigger. >> it's bigger. that allows to us drink more. we understand space and landscapes better. how many times are we able to look at a rows of crops and know exactly how far it goes. >> the rows of crops? >> yeah.
4:37 am
>> is that what do you? >> yeah we have a deep history in farming. >> sure. men are more logical, better coordination. women are more intuitive, greater emotional intelligence. men are bad at picking up on what the woman is trying to say. >> right. actually so we have bigger brains, we're just not using them. if we could find a man who uses his whole brain, every woman would want him. >> are you saying you have potential? >> soon i'm going to peak. >> men's and women's brains are wired differently. there are more connections from women's brains that hemisphere to hemisphere. >> if you listen close, you can hear men's synapses going off. like jiffy pop. >> heather is here, i know you have some headlines. >> how did you know that? that's why your head is so big,
4:38 am
brian. >> it's unbelievable. >> we have serious news to talk about. stop messing around over there. let me tell you what's happening. the news of nelson mandela's death casting a shadow over the london premiere of the new film about the icon's life. prince william and kate were there and paid tribute to the former south african president. >> extremely sad and tragic news, which is reminded of what an extraordinary and inspiring man nelson mandela was and our thoughts and prayers are with him at this time. >> nelson mandela was a close friend of princess diana. an update to a story we've been following here on "fox & friends." the police officer who shot at that mini van full of children during a traffic stop is now suspended. >> the driver was stopped for speeding in new mexico and fled twice after arguing with those
4:39 am
officers. at one point her son attacked one of the officers. she and her 14-year-old child were later arrested. are green energy farms getting a free pass for killing bald and golden eagles? the obama administration is finalizing a rule that would not penalize wind farms for killing these birds for decades. this just weeks after a company paid out a million dollars for killing more than a dozen birds in wyoming after they were sucked into some giant wind turbines. and call it the lazy boy for babies. just in time for christmas, fisher price unveiling this chair called the ipad activity seat. it let's you snap your ipad into that chair so that your baby can watch the screen. critics are outraged, saying too much screen time can be damaging to the brain development. and those are your headlines. >> just need a cup holder for the bottle and you'd have everything you need right there. we saw from rick reichmuth as he was dangling off the side
4:40 am
of the building, and by the way, he made it safely. it's a little breezy and wet. maria molina is on the streets of new york city. >> good morning. that's right. the rain has stopped here in new york city at the moment. but we do have a cold front that's moving on through and behind this system, you're already going to notice in new york city it will be cooler already today by this afternoon. so temperatures are going to be dropping and they have been doiig so across parts of the midwest and also the rockies. i want to show you the storm system because it is producing some areas of freezing rain, some snow mixing in as well. anywhere from texas all the way up to portions of the northeast. so again, looking at a lot of precipitation out here. please be safe on the roadways. some areas could see about a half inch of ice accumulation. that specifically across portion of arkansas. so we have a number of ice storm warnings in effect out here. again, over a half inch of ice, more than 1,000 flights already canceled. we do also have power outages being reported across parts of texas and arkansas. otherwise those wind chill temperatures across portions of
4:41 am
the midwest and the rockies, frigid. some areas are looking at current wind chill temperatures. steve, elisabeth and brian, of more than 40 degrees below zero across montana. that is very cold, dangerously cold. bundle up as you head outdoors. >> good advice. thank you very much. it's a story we have followed closely, whales stranded in shallow water. but this morning there is a glimmer of hope. a big update is coming up next. firefighters staging a daring rescue for a deer? >> first the aflac trivia question of the day, born on this date in 1967, this producer was behind the major movie hit "anchorman" and "bridesmaids." who is he? come on, you know. e-mail us with the correct answer. ♪ ♪ >> and i'm on facebook to answer any question you want right now. so go on-line. ♪
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welcome back. we have quick headlines now. dozens of pilot whales stranded off of florida's everglades national park now moving into deeper waters. this raising hope after the mass stranding left 11 whales dead earlier this week. a deer on thin ice catches quite a break when firefighters in washington rescued it using a sled. the deer was brought safely back to shore unharmed and just in time for christmas. steve, isn't that good news? >> that is good news. thank you very much. meanwhile, on this friday, the world mourns the loss of one of history's greatest leaders, former south african president nelson mandela. he was a world renowned champion of peace and human equality who transformed a nation and
4:46 am
inspired the world. somebody lucky enough o have spent a little time with him and meet nelson mandela in person was peter johnson, jr. who joins us live. >> good morning, steve. i met him in june of 1990. i was introduced by mayor david denkins and i was acting as a senior advisor. i met him with my brother. he was everything that his press i just met him for a brief 30 or 40 seconds. he asked me about being a lawyer here in new york. he was trained as a lawyer in south africa. in fact, he started the first black law partnership in south africa when that was just absolutely unheard of. in some sense he had a reaganesque bearing. when you look back at him in terms of south african and world history, he's kind of perceived in south africa as a combination of our george washington as the father of the country, and abe lincoln in terms of freeing so many people from the tension and
4:47 am
slavery of apartheid. >> i remember that visit because i was working across the street over at nbc and there was a ticker tape parade and nelson mandela drove by and waved to a million people on fifth avenue. >> it was a huge ticker tape parade and it was so important not only to african-americans, but to all americans because they saw this opportunity to throw off the bonds of slavery. they saw this opportunity that so many americans had been participating in, republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals in terms of sanctions of saying to south africa, you can't enslave millions of people. you can't leave people without electricity, would you tell water, without education, without the basic necessities of life. so people were screaming in the streets amandla, which means power. and so there was a great moment for a lot of americans,
4:48 am
especially african-americans like david denkins who was just elected the first black mayor of new york city. he went to yankee stadium and he put on a yankee jacket at new york stadium and he said, you know who i am. i am a yankee. and people went absolutely wild for that. you know who i am, i am a yankee. and george steinbrenner, who didn't like the idea of using yankees stadium for this rally, wound up saying, i'll pay for it. i think billy joel had stepped out of concerts that he was doing and donated his time there at yankee stadium. >> and one of the wonderful things about nelson mandela was the fact that even though he was in prison for 27 years for essentially believing what was in his heart, he never gave up. >> he didn't give up and he started out as a socialist. he could have taken a really hard left turn in the world and he didn't. and he said, let's have truce. let's have reconciliation. and let's act in a measure
4:49 am
reasonable way that respects the people, the white people in south africa who had oppressed the black people in south africa and said, let's come together in a way that does service to awful us and to south africa. that's a great lesson for the world. >> indeed it is. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> there is that picture of you and your brother, chris, and nelson mandela. >> it was a great moment for us. >> thank you. there is chris right there. screen right. straight ahead, love a christmas story? so does kevin mccar theme but it's not his top christmas movie pick. what is? stick around. we're revealing our favorites, too. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
answer to the aflac trivia question, judd apatoe. and the winner from greg from ohio. you'll get a copy of "george washington's secret six." perfect to regift for christmas. >> that's really nice, steve. - think. not really sure. here to break down top christmas movies of all time, fox news contributor and founder of, kevin mccarthy. >> so happy to be here. this is awesome. i love your book, by the way. i love it. awesome. >> right. 'cause steve might get it for you for christmas and you can regift it. >> it's actually my gift to steve. >> she read it. >> and i'll regift it back to someone, one of the producers or something. >> okay. so what are the big christmas movies we need to see? >> three main ones. starting with "a christmas
4:54 am
carol" a classic. a movie that didn't make much money at the box office, but runs for 24 hours on christmas eve and christmas day. it's 30 years old. you know that little kid in the movie is now a director. he directed that terrible, terrible film with vince vaughn called "couples retreat." he directed that. so the movie is 30 years old, but it's a classic and worth seeing. >> and you say "it's a wonderful life." you really have to see this. >> this is not only one of the greatest christmas movies of all time, but one of the greatest films ever made and didn't make much money at the box office at all and considered a failure and then it became a classic overtime. amc theaters is running the film on december 15th and december 18th in theaters. check your local listings. jimmy stewart, one of the greatest character arks of all time. when he's shown his life if he never existed. >> it's a little depressing, but ends up good. "die hard." >> my favorite christmas movie.
4:55 am
"die hard" is an incredible christmas movie. >> says a lot about you. >> it's a great christmas movie! first of all, frank sinatra was originally offered the role that bruce willis plays? he was 73. he was contractually obligated. >> are you kidding? >> i'm not kidding you because the book is based on a sequel to a book called "the detective," which is a film in a frank sinatra made in the '60s. >> start spreading the bullets. >> that's your idea of a great christmas movie. let's pick ours. go ahead, elisabeth. >> i really loved "home alone." >> you want to know something cool? you know the movie that mccauley culkin watches in the film? it's a fake movie they made for the film! it's a parody of a cagney film from the 30s. >> a movie i see, i love "scrooged." it's a new take. >> albert finney, right? >> yeah. you've got robert mitchum. >> it's a great film.
4:56 am
i already know yet. i loved "frozen." a 3d animated musical. >> a lot of good movies. >> thank you for having me. >> it was steve's idea. >> straight ahead, forget hard ball host on msnbc chris matthews throwing the president hard balls. he actually threw them softballs, even saying republicans don't want minorities to vote.
4:57 am
geraldo will weigh in on that as he approaches. >> how are you doing? ♪ ] y ♪ the length 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit floodsmart.govretend to learn your risk. good morning. it's friday, december 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this morning the world mourning the loss of an icon. reaction to the passing of nelson mandela live from south africa. forget hardball. msnbc host chris matthews throwing softballs to the president. even saying republicans don't want minorities to vote. what does geraldo think about that? his reaction moments away. >> wow. and her article on fox is burning up the web. she says it's impossible for women to have it all without a husband. do you agree? that mom and wife joins us live this hour to defend her stance. "fox & friends" final hour of the week unless hemmer and
5:01 am
mccallum overslept again, starts right now. welcome aboard, folks. thank you for joining us on this awfully busy friday morning. >> it is indeed. this morning the world mourning the loss of an icon. you're looking live right now at the scene outside nelson mandela's home. hundreds paying tribute to the leader who inspired the world with hope. paul tinsley is live in johannesburg, south africa with the latest. >> mandela dies at 95. that's the headline from one of the newspapers in johannesburg this morning. the world weeps is the headline in another one. in zhu -- zulu, it says good-bye. outside his home, not far from here, people have been paying respects since the news broke. many leaving flowers of remembrance. the shock of nelson mandela's death is now starting to hit
5:02 am
hard. it appears many have stayed at home today. this was the most loved man in south africa. in london, the british prime minister, david cameron, but first in washington, the u.s. president, barak obama, have both been talking about the massive impact nelson mandela had on the world. >> lost one of the most iifluential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earthh >> one of the brightest lights of our world has gone out. nelson mandela was not just a hero of our time, but a hero of all time. >> reporter: in life, nelson mandela not only brought a democracy and freedom to south africans, he also brought this whole country together. and the hope is now with people of all colors grieving side by side, the hope is that in death, nelson mandela will bring this
5:03 am
country back together once more. back to you. >> all right, paul. live report from south africa. thank you very much. it's now three minutes after the top of the hour. headlines today, not heather. she's feeling a little under the weather. we got ainsley earhart. >> heather can't speak this morning. apparently she lost her voice. hope you feel better. but i'm having a lot of fun. >> great to have you. >> thanks. a teen-ager under arrest in los angeles accused of stealing part of the porsche that paul walker was in when he died. but if stealing wasn't bad enough, the teen-ager actual will he was bragging about it on-line. he posted these photos on instagram with the caption, piece of paul walker's car. took it off a tow truck at a stoplight. 18-year-old jason witty is charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. he is being held on a $20,000 bail. a second suspect, 25-year-old man, is facing similar charges, but is out of the state and discussing the terms of his surrender to police. this comes as we're learning
5:04 am
walker's father begged him to give up his fast-paced lifestyle. he told e news his son promised him that he was going to be safer. and that was the last conversation that they had. new information this morning, the death of a man outside the kansas city chiefs stadium. 30-year-old kyle van winkle was viciously beaten by tailgaters. his death now ruled a homicide. police say he was just sitting in someone else's truck in a parking lot after the game. the truck owner saw him and a fight broke out. one man is now in custody. what lurks under the seat? how about drones? the navy launching a drone from a submarine for the very first time. check out this time lapse picture of the launch in the bahamas from the uss providence. this is a big step toward developing new military spying capabilities. and a peeping tom gets a lot more than he bargained for. a woman was trying on bras at a kohl's department store in kansas city when she realized she was being recorded by a phone right under her dressing
5:05 am
room door. the woman chased this guy, the alleged peeping tom, jeremy bradley, through the store topless. bradley managed to get outside. the woman then realized perhaps she should stay indoors at that point. but other customers chased him and police finally did arrest him. he's excited. >> look how happy he is. never been happier. >> that's the way i feel when i come on. my number is right here. >> a little different circumstances with you and that guy. you weren't peeping peeping inta dressing room. >> geraldo, let's talk -- >> good morning. >> let's talk a little bit about -- ever since it has been proven that the president's promise that if you like your health care you can keep it and he's repeated it a couple dozen times, that's not true, his popularity has been tanking and there is a brand-new poll out that shows that hispanics are abandoning the president. the very latest shows his approval rating among
5:06 am
hispanics -- you can see right now is at 52%. it had been at 75% just about a year ago. >> he's fallen the furthest -- he's plummeted in terms of popularity among hispanics. part of that is he had the furthest to paul. he had 75% approval rating. part of it is demographics. spanish people, hispanics in this country are younger than the general population and it is those millenials, 18 to 29-year-olds, who are most disenchanced with obamacare. >> they don't have jobs. >> t jobs. they're not sick, but they have to get insurance. so they're very annoyed with the president. you also have the reality, this president, despite what he did, the high profile act he did prior to the election in allowing the dream act kids to stay by saying he would not deport them, he has deported more undocumented immigrants than any president previous president in the history of the united states. so there are some things that the president has done to really
5:07 am
annoy the latino voter. now, i have to add and caution people who might say this ii a great chance now for the republicans. the way the republicans can torpedo this chance among hispanic social security to keep a point of view when it comes to immigration reform. i think if republicans are smart now, they will seize this obvious decline in popularity, this reflex approval of the president among latinos and say, as bill o'reilly has said, as sean hannity has said, let's be more open minded and more modern and let's be more reform oriented when it comes to immigration. we can get this vital voting block on our corner. >> who is doing that right now? >> who on the republican side? >> who in your mind? >> there are some voices. mostly comment tears. i have to say, rather than elected officials. you hear people like cantor, for instance, these are guys -- paul
5:08 am
ryan, these are guys that could very easily influence the gop away from a plank in the platform that really offends latino voters. i think it's easy to do, but you have to be moderate about it. >> couple of things. i just don't think immigration is on the top five list in the average american today. just judging -- >> but you weren't asking me about the average american. you were asking me about latinos. >> that's true. but in terms of it coming up as a major issue, i don't think it will come up. and number two, i feel if you're playing pure politics, like it or not, reality is the president and the democratic party will get credit for the immigration reform and therefore further bolster the hispanic vote as opposed to republicans that would go along as the minority. >> maybe indeed it's because of chris matthews and the questions he was throwing at the president. >> that's a different issue. i read the transcript. i work with chris as everybody knows at cnbc. i like chris. but to pretend that he's a journalist, per say, i think that's kind of artificial.
5:09 am
he's a failed democratic candidate for congress. he's talked about running for senate. he was the chief of staff of the speaker of the house, chipp3 o'neill. mr. democrat. he's been a democrat his whole life. it was more of a fan, adoring constituent rather than a hard journalistic question. but again, i mentioned bill3 o'reilly previously. i remember when bill o'reilly interviewed president obama right before the super bowl, the questions right out of the box were, bang, bang, bang. it was like bill was that's the role that bill feels that he plays and he hit him hard. chris matthews on the other side was more a fan. it was 180 degrees. he was oh, mr. president, mr. president, i love you, mr. president. how can we get through this? aren't those republicans naughty? look how they're trying to suppress the vote of people in the south. i mean, he obviously appealed to his pals, to someone he wanted to build back up. >> isn't that insulting statement? >> if you watch msnbc, brian, come on of the you know what
5:10 am
you're getting. you watch msnbc to get an objective take on the president's performance? >> that's the reason he went to msnbc. you want to be interviewed by somebody who you're talking to and you're wondering, is he having a tingle right now? >> that or martin bashir. >> he's on the naughty list now! >> and the after he show was unbelievable. one of the statements from chris matthews afterward is he tried to get commentary on his own interview. he came amongst us, as if the president was the messiah who came to us to speak to us about being president. >> i think that this president will recover his popularity somewhat. he can't go any place but up as he says in his own words. i think eventually obamacare will begin to get traction. will it work ultimately? will it be an issue in 2014, 2016? i can't forecast. >> what do you think? >> as i have said and
5:11 am
unabashedly, i wish they had just extended medicare for every american. that was the way to do it. would have been much simpler, cleaner to try to do it through insurance companies and expect insurance companies to do what's best for the american people was nonsensical. it was naive. it was doomed to fail almost from the beginning. what will happen now, how we will go about shedding this botched policy, i don't know. i do know i want every american to be covered in terms of health care, but i suspect that this will be the gift that keeps giving for republicans. >> the unintended consequence of obamacare is they're taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of medicare and putting it into obamacare. >> well, you know, we have to take care of all americans. but this is not the way to do it. what would you do if you had created this policy now and committed so much of your political capital to it? wouldn't you try to stick with it? >> that's what he says.
5:12 am
>> he's got no choice. >> he has no choice now. so therefore, we'll watch this debauchle unfold. >> slowly falling downstairs. >> he know, there may be a miracle will happen. this is the holiday season. >> right. absolutely. >> jimmy stewart movie will show obamacare work. >> now we're at color television. does it surprise that you men have bigger brains than women and we're wired differently? yes or no? answer the question. >> it does surprise you. >> not as efficient. i will remind all of you. >> i think that men and women are probably wired differently. >> thank you. >> opposites attract in many, many ways. can a woman be a world leader or an innovator in business? of course. women can't do arithmetic, that's bizarre and false. >> steve said that. >> i did not say it! >> plus they're a lot easier on the eyes. >> men are from mars -- i forget. i can't keep track.
5:13 am
thank you very much. >> thanks. dozen minutes after the top of the hour. it's our top story, the world mourning the loss of nelson mandela. so what does that mean for america? jace baker joins us live next. and the moment two planes collide and everyone makes it out alive. the gripping images you have never seen before. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating andast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil.
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5:17 am
top story, the world mourning the loss of an icon. live pictures outside the scene, this is the scene outside nelson mandela's home. hundreds paying tribute to the leader who lost his life yesterday. he inspired so much hope. what does it mean to us here in america? what was he like when he came to america? let's ask james baker, former secretary of state for george w. bush, chief of staff under reagan, former treasury secretary as well, jim, you met with nelson mandela right after his release from prison. who was the mandela you talked to? >> well, he was -- he had been in prison for 27 years and i met with him and a lot of his associates in the african national congress. what was interesting to me about that meeting is nobody else on his side said one word. it was quite clear who was in charge even though he had only gotten out of prison maybe three or four weeks before. he was very dignified. he was a man of great dignity
5:18 am
and i say endearing and enduring dignity. he was an icon of freedom. he was an icon of human rights. he was an icon of reconciliation and forgiveness. he forgave his captors. he didn't engage in retribution. unlike so many african leaders who once they get power, they want to keep it for life, he voluntarily stepped down after a few years in power. >> and jim, the other thing is -- i should say mr. secretary, is that he was the guy what was critical of the u.s. in the past and we were looking at the world in black and white in communist and noncommunist terms at the time in the middle of the cold war. how did we view him originally and how did we change our view? >> well, we saw him as a revolutionary, which is what he was. of course, the policy back in those days was to work to try and bring about change in south africa to work with the apartheid government.
5:19 am
not to sanction them or to ignore them. that policy changed over time. but it was interesting, in that meeting i had with mandela, it was almost as if he had been in a time warp because he was a communist. he was an avowed communist. when i met with him, he was still speaking economically, at least, in terms of communist terms. equality for everybody and everything. but he didn't take -- it didn't take him long to change his view and change his outlook, particularly after he acquired power as president of south africa. but he was a wonderfully, beautiful human being. i mean, i have to tell you, i met during that period of public service of mine with a lot of great people, great leaders, margaret thatcher, gorbachev, you name it, i met with them all, but if anybody deserved the name great, it was nelson
5:20 am
mandela. >> just read the time line and the resume, it's incredible what he's done. he's going to be something we refer to forever in the history books. and you were there. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> james baker, thanks so much for your service to our country. always great to talk to you and thanks for putting his life in perspective from your view, thanks. >> thanks so much. our article on is burning up the web. she says it's impossible for to him have it all without a husband. she's here to defend her stance. then the first rappel was a little rocky. so rick, you're going to try again? ♪ ♪ >> we're doing it again. coming up.
5:21 am
5:22 am
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time for headlines. pot smokers will celebrate the first anniversary of legal weed in washington state by having a pot party under the space needle in seattle. organizers say they've gotten the green light from the city and promise no weed will be sold on site. and this guy has ganga from bad to worse. jose guzman arrested outside of a new jersey courthouse. he is accused of lighting up a joint outside courthouse. went down a couple minutes before he waa supposed to be in court for a previous pot bust. and it is time to check in again with rick. he's rappeling like santa down
5:25 am
stamford's tallest building. are you doing that for the second time today? >> it's actually the third time. we thought you were coming earlier to us, so we did one. it was rough. i'm here with brian cashman. any other goods we can get out of you right now? >> no, man. we're moving and shaking. we're trying. >> brian, could i ask you a quick question? >> take a look at this view. how is that? >> that's something we've never seen before. just hang on to that rope. >> gives you the shivers..3 you seem to be having fun. >> you might be out of control, rick. >> rick, i remember last year it was during this final rappeling down the building that a wind gust kind of caught you and an errank kick off the building and
5:26 am
you went cork screwing around and hit the building. >> i just got a little aggressive and excited. we've been doing this a few years, cashman. let's show some tricks. we've been working on big moves like -- whoa! good push-off. >> you won't do that again. >> whoa! bobby valentine was done after that one. >> you were having way too much fun on this. >> then we're going to try to go upside down. cashman, are you ready to go upside down? >> where you at? i'll try it. >> this is brian anden moon mi big thing here. >> i'm going to get alongside you. >> one, two, three.
5:27 am
whoa! >> synchronized rappeling. >> right. i think we need to see it again, guys. >> you want to try it again, rick? >> you guys, this is kind of hard work. >> yeah, no kidding. >> you should have stretched. >> bobby valentine did stretch. >> i'm sorry. >> we need that music from -- what was it? ♪ i'm flying flying >> this is getting like old hat. after four years, you guys got it down now. you should be giving instructions. >> so mr. cash -- >> we're hanging from -- >> mr. cashman, the big shot over the yankees, you guys do this every year because this weekend officially santa will
5:28 am
welcome the christmas season there in stamford, connecticut, from atop the highest building. >> it's a tradition. >> that's true. we're expecting santa will deliver a lot of good presents for the yankee fans this winter. >> what other presents are we talking about? >> what do you mean, brian? >> big and shiny and performing. and healthy. so we're looking forward to adding a lot of guys to this team. >> so you're not done yet. is that correct? >> we're not done yet. we've got a long ways to go. but we might not get everything we want, but we're going to put every effort out there. so our fans should be happy. >> they're happy so far. >> this is always fun to watch you do this and we know it takes plenty of gumtion to jump off a building. >> thanks so much. >> you bet.
5:29 am
>> rick, be careful. we need you one place for the weekend. >> exactly. >> they're going down the side of a building, kicking off the holiday season the but steve, we have more of our show. >> lots more. coming up in about two minutes, breaking economic news, jobless numbers, we'll bring them to you on the other side of a quick timeout. >> chris wallace here live to react. plus we're celebrating the tenths anniversary of fox news sunday. stick around for that. >> they're down, excellent. ♪ ♪ st a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people mone from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world.
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5:33 am
a fox business alert for you. monthly jobs number out now. the november unemployment rate dropped to 7%. a five-year low. added 203,000 jobs. >> the big question, how many of those jobs are full time? how many are part-time? chris wallace joining us now. >> he's full time. >> he actually works only sunday. he's here to promote it. he's kind of a part-time guy. i'm sure the administration likes the big number, 7%. but the big question is, how many people are participating at a full-time level with benefits and stuff like that? >> yeah. issue obviously there is -nderemployment and we'll have to wait to see, we're just getting the first numbers now.
5:34 am
7% is good. psychologically as we get to the possibility of getting below 7% into the 6's again, that would be a big deal. 203,000 jobs created is a nice number. not quite as much as you would hope for. you would like 250. but the fact that we're seeing numbers both this number, 7%, which is the lowest in years, and also yesterday they announced the new jobless claim and it was under 300,000 for the first time in years, are an indication of not the roaring recovery that we'd like, but certainly a steady and somewhat more stronger recovery than we've had recently. >> sure. chris, the president is under pressure right now to get people to sign up. americans need to sign up. you got to get to that 7 million number. he's changed the sales pitch, with the administration, he went after young people on thanksgiving, then he's saying look to the bartenders to talk to the young people as well. they're sort of remodeling the marketing here. but will they indeed get to that number to make this work?
5:35 am
>> we don't know. the answer is we're going to have to wait and see. obviously two months of a tremendous unforced error and it's not over yet because they talk about well, we fixed the front end. we haven't fixed the back end. think of it like amazon. they're saying you can shop for the book, but you can't go to the cash register and pay for it. that would be kind of a big deal. the back end is a fairly suspicion part of the whole -- essential part of the whole route and that's not fixed yet. in addition to which you'll see a lot of young, healthy people who will have sticker shock. they'll find the premiums are much hire because they're hoping to subsidize particularly people who don't get subsidies themselves from people, the oler, sicker people getting all these benefits. >> chris, it's been ten years since you took over fox news sunday for the great tony snow. i want to see a clip right now of what your very first show was like and see if it's a keeper.
5:36 am
>> good morning. and welcome to fox news sunday, volume 2. we intend to keep the best from the tony snow era and add a few new features as well. i'm honored to be part of your sundays and hope we become as much a part of your routine as the morning papers and your first cup of coffee. >> and you have! >> you look exactly the same! >> well, maybe not quite the same. you know -- >> even better, i say. >> i didn't know you were going to play that. boy, that's kind of painful to watch. ronald reagan used to talk about looking at old films and saying, it looks like the son i never knew i had. >> congratulations. >> have you enjoyed this? n this is the best job of my career. i've loved every bit of it except talking to you, brian, at 8:30 on sunday mornings. >> will you defend me? >> come on to promote your show and you take a slam at him. we're not going to -- >> some things happen, but our
5:37 am
mutual hate-hate relationship is beautiful in this whole relationship. >> you have ten seconds to tell white house is on your show this weekend. >> we'll have an exclusive interview with the white south african foreign minister who helped arrange the transition. exclusive interview. extraordinary insight into nelson mandela. he also served on mandela's first government. we'll talk to rand paul, who is in detroit talking about how the gop is going to need to reach out and can reach out with conservative values to the inner city. and we'll talk to ezekiel emmanuel, one of the architects of obamacare. and a little bit of a trip down memory lane. so the highlights and low lights. that's where brian will appear in the last ten years. >> thanks, chris. you're an awesome host. we're lucky to have you. we love watching you every sunday. >> congratulations. >> despite the fact that we hate each other. >> can you repeat that again, brian? >> you're breaking up. >> great ten years because of you. >> thank you. >> you guys actually good friends.
5:38 am
so that's why it's funny. ainsley earhart is a friend of our show and she joins us today to fill in for heather. >> kind of. we're going to hurt him after this. thank you so much. in the news this morning, the news of nelson mandela's death casting a shadow over the london premiere of the new film about the icon's life. prince william and kate were there and they paid tribute to the former south african president. >> extremely sad and tragic news. we're just reminded what an extraordinary and inspiring man nelson mandela was and my thoughts and prayers are with him, his family right now. >> nelson mandela was a close friend of princess diana. an update to a story we've been following. the police officer who shot that mini van full of children during a traffic stop has now been suspended. the driver was stopped for speeding in new mexico and fled
5:39 am
twice after arguinggwith officers. at one point her son even attacked one of the officers. she and her 14-year-old son were later arrested. dozens of pilot whales stranded off of florida's everglades national park now moving into deeper water. this raising hope after the mass stranding left 11 whales dead earlier this week. wildlife officials are cautiously optimistic, but warn they still have miles to go. amazing footage from a midair crash. look at this. wow. the new footage showing two small cessnas carrying sky divers smashing together and creating that huge fireball. amazingly, all of the plane jumpers, along with the two pilots, were able to leap to safety unharmed. good thing they knew what they were doing. wow. those are your headlines. thank you very much. we had seen the stuff from the
5:40 am
jumpers, the point of view that pros have from their helmet. that's something. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, her article on was burning up the web. she says it's impossible for women to be happy without a husband. she's here to defend her stance next. but first, here is clayton who agrees with this. what? also tells us what's on tap for this weekend. >> don't throw me under the bus. i don't even know the story. i do agree on other issues. coming up on the "fox & friends" weekend, do you wake up on the weekend? you should. she can teach all kids a lesson this christmas season. meet the little girl selling mistletoe to help dad pay for her own braces. the government tried to shut her down. we'll tell you about that. is the man or teen in your life love gadgets? i've got the best list of gadgets for every age. i'll show you the newest list. "fox & friends" weekend starts at 6:00 a.m. and goes to 10 a.m
5:41 am
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talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. can women have it all? more specifically, can they have it all without a husband? not according to one woman who authorized a very buzz worthy article on's web site. >> she just wrote it. >> in it she says there is no way to be a wife, mother and a full-time employee and still create balance. but you can have balance by depending on a husband who works full time and year round. >> that comment and the article itself sparking a ton of controversy this morning. but is there any truth to what the author is saying? let's talk to her, susan, is the founder of the women for men and the writer of that provocative piece. she joins us today from st. louis. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> doing okay. and the good news is women still
5:45 am
need husbands. that's good news for people like brian and me. >> that's great news. that should be innocuous. i have to correct one thing. i never said women can't be happy without a husband. that wasn't part of it. but the focus of this article was the research that shows that when polled, dads overwhelmingly prefer full-time work and that moms overwhelmingly prefer flexibility or part-time work. and i think that is good, sound road map for men and women and i don't think it has to be that way across the board at all. but i do think that there is a reason why women feel that way and that men feel the way they do. it's not a bad thing. most people are doing it that way, by the way. >> i saw thought the research in the article was interesting and i happen to agree with it. but not everybody did.
5:46 am
if you're over the age of 35, there was some support for what you said. under the age of 30, the women were sort of outraged and you heard it. why? >> right. okay. this is a common theme with most of the stuff that i write and that is that younger women are very angry and defensive about the idea that they quote, unquote, need a man in their lives. and what happens is that oftentimes those same young women change their minds down the road, give them ten or 15 years, and the world looks very different in your 30s and 40s. so all the women pretty much over 30 are very happy and supportive of my message and i get all kinds of accolades and then the younger people really ball me out for lack of a better way of putting it. and i'm concerned. i think that that's a very dangerous place for them to be setting up thinking so negatively about men and marriage, only to find that it's going to affect the way they're making their plans down the road. >> where did that come from? feminists or where? >> yeah.
5:47 am
it comes from the culture and it comes from their upbringing, having heard from a lot of moms from the '60s especially, that you should never depend on a man and make your way in life and it's all fine and great to be self-sufficient. i'm all about self-sufficiency. but if you're looking for lasting love or for marriage and by the way, i'm not suggesting everybody has to be. but if you are, you're going to sort of cut off your nose to spite your face, or what have you, if you enter it with that kind of negative attitude. >> got you. >> so the idea that bad things happen, bad guys are out there isn't a reason to go forward thinking i don't need a man. that's not going to help you >> we got you. if you want to read the op ed, it's it's entitled "why women still need husbands." suzanne, thank you for joining us for joining us on this friday. >> thanks. >> thanks for having they. >> i couldn't exist without my hobby. and these two guys are here on
5:48 am
the curvy couch. >> 'cause we have to work, too. >> we like that. >> part of the team. >> next up, actor, singer and friend to the show, robert davi is here with a special christmas performance. >> first, martha mccallum previews what happens at 9:00 o'clock eastern. >> good morning. hello, everybody. we will have continuing coverage of the death of nelson mandela. juan williams will be with us this morning to remember the man that he knew. and tucker carlson on the youth and hispanic support that the president is losing. and also this morning we look into this case, death at a motor race. we'll investigate that when bill and i join you right here at the top of the hour. see you then ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. justike yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup.
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all right. he's one of hollywood's favorite tough guy actors and yes, he agrees with me. how did you know that robert -- did you know robert davi's first love is actually singing? he won an award at 15. >> he released a new single and actor and singer robert davi joins us this morning. >> good morning. >> there is the beautiful cd cover made by our friend. you used to hang out with sinatra. >> yep. i did my first film with him. >> you got a story? >> one, because it's the holiday season, and i sing it on the christmas special, "have yourself a merry little christmas," there was darker lyric to the original tune and sinatra's album was called a jolly christmas. he told the composer, it's called the jolly christmas. so hey changed the lyrics for his album. >> if you have a choice for acting and singing, you always choose singing?
5:53 am
>> yeah. this was my first love and i feel like i was let out of prison. the singing let's me express who i am and i really have a deep love for want to go communicate through song. >> love that passion. what are you going to sing today? >> a brand-new song written by nick villalongo, called "new york city christmas." it's a tribute to new york city. it's a secular and nonsecular song. you guys are hearing it for the first time. >> you know that song? ♪ st. patrick's cathedral ♪ %-do ♪ral park, has so much to ♪ rockefeller center, a nice day to delight ♪
5:54 am
♪ that big christmas tree brightens up the night ♪ ♪ holiday shoppers buying presents for you ♪ ♪ the hustle and bustle down fifth avenue ♪ ♪ new york city christmas ♪ new york city christmas ♪ radio city, that great music hall ♪ ♪ frankie and sammy, all having a ball ♪ ♪ hot chestnuts and pretzels, the scent fills the air ♪ ♪ carols and singing, feel the love everywhere ♪ ♪ new york city christmas ♪ that new york city christmas
5:55 am
♪ pick up your hearts and rejoice, the time has come ♪ ♪ god's christmas gift, peace on earth for everyone ♪ ♪ child is born, stars so bright ♪ ♪ an angel choir sings o holy night ♪ ♪ please spread the word for all to hear ♪ ♪ let's celebrate thrrughout the year ♪ ♪ the salvation army are ringing the bell ♪ ♪ coppers and firemen make sure all is well ♪ ♪ the best sight of the city i think you'll agree ♪ ♪ macy's with san it and a child on his knee ♪
5:56 am
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try lifelock's protection 60 days risk free. ♪ ♪ order now and get a special holiday gif-- a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protecd meanseeping your family protected. ♪ rockefeller center ♪ ♪ a nice day to delight ♪ that big christmas tree >> there he's singing about it and here he is in rockefeller center. thank you very much for putting us in the christmas spirit. >> thank you.
6:00 am
>> december 26? >> yes, bravado. i want to give a shout out to the band. thank you. calvinn alan, mark sherman, legendary guys out there. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> merry christmas and happy holidays. this this injustice is reversible. i have spoken about freedom in my lifetime. your struggles, your commitments, and your disciplines, mass released me to stand before you today. bill: that was 23 years ago. remembering an icon today, a man who


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