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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 6, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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connect. >> not bad. that will spread the christmas joy. good for them. thank you for joining us. have yourself a great weekend. >> happy friday, everybody. >> yes, we are. thank you guys, very much. fox news alert as the world remembers a legend and an icon. south african's gathering at the johannesburg home of nelson mandela, the man who led the fight against apartheid, dying yesterday at the age of 95. >> welcome to hq. >> nelson mandela represented reconciliation and forgiveness. he changed the nation and course of history. here is south africa's president earlier today. >> the outpouring love that we've experienced locally and abroad was unprecedented. always love madiba for teaching
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us that anything is possible. to overcome hatred and end it. in order to build a new nation. and society. >> he overcame hatred and anger and that's what he's remembered for, greg. >> it is less than 24 hours since the announcement of the death of nelson mandela. from our experience on the ground in south africa, what we're seeing now is just the beginning. crowds have been gather, outside the one-time home of nelson mandela, also elsewhere in south africa. part in mourning, part in celebration for the man many consider to be the father. his body was taken overnight to a nearby military morgue in preparation for a week long mourning period, but people in south africa are not waiting to express their feelings.
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desmond tutu said he inspired us to walk the path of forgiveness. the last apartheid president said he was a very human person and the brother of former south african president had this to say to us about the historic role of nelson mandela. >> he went to fight and he knew when to negotiate and the unique contribution of mandela was that when we're really getting ready to fight us, the black people, we thought now we're getting to understand what war looks like. mandela said negotiate, better av avoided a blood bath. >> he was a symbol to global equality. leaders from paris the moscow to beijing express iing their sympathies and gratitude.
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here in london, mr. cameron called him a hero of all time. pope francis praised nelson mandela. human dignity, nonviolence and truth and in a strange twist in london, news of the death of mandela broke during the u.k. premier last night of the biography film of nelson mand a mandela, a long walk to freedom. his passing was announced at the end of the film to gasps of surprise and shock of the audience. the news just sinking in right now. statesmen, rock stars, regular people and here's more to come. back to you. >> thanks. >> president jacob zuma announcing a week of funeral services for the anti apartheid icon, dealing with the opening and closing of the world cup. an inauguration and coronation all combined together. on sunday, south africa observes a national day of prayer and reflection. tens of thousands or mourners are expected to attend a public memorial service.
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on tuesday at the soccer stadium, the site of the 2010 world cup final where mandela made his last public appearance. the former president remains then lie in state at government buildings from wednesday until friday, then two days later, mandela also known as madiba, will be laid to rest in south africa. >> well, president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa next week to pay their respects. the president speaking about mandela's spirit and legacy after getting word of his passing. saying simply that mandela belongs to the ainges and that his struggles and triumphs were an inspiration. the president also ordering flag t at halftime. >> mandela being honored around the world and also high above the world. nasa tweeting from space in honor of nelson mandela, who
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died today, here is an image of south africa from the international space station. it's beautiful. great view of the nation that mandela changed forever. >> and among those remembering mandela is a man who is in close contact with the former african president's family. he met the leader in person five years ago when he won the nelson mandela pride for african security and development. he is the director of the africa center of the atlantic counsel. peter, great to have you with us now. so, the thing that is so awe inspiring about nelson mandela is that he was able to move vpat vengeance and towards reconciliation. how was he able to do that? >> he was a man of extraordinary vision. really a visionary leader who despite 27 years of imprisonment including a period on a barren island where he worked daily breaking rocks in the sun and his eyesight never recovered
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from that, despite that, he none the less realized that the vision to achieve that vision requireded compromise, required reaching out and being pragmatic. and that balance of idealism is what made him not only a great statesman, but an inspiration for leaders in africa and throughout the world. >> he also of course did not shy away from controversy or controversial positions. when he was released from prison, there were some in the united states who were not comfortable he was friendly with araf arafat, gadhafi. how did he explain those alliances? >> you have to take it in the context he was a leader of a struggle for equality, independence. for democratic rule and isolated as the african national congress and other groups were for so
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long, they inevitably reached out to where they could find friends and support and and in many cases, if one is honest, one has to admit that western countries were on the wrong side of history for a long time until we recognized that the our long-term interests and the interests of justice were to be found in endorsing majority rule, democracy in south africa. >> he also said they supported his struggle against apartheid. so, he appreciated their support. he was sort of single minded in his focus of what he wanted for south africa and the end of apartheid. tell us about what the experience was like when you received the award and you met him? >> well, it was certainly one of the honors and highlights of my own career, but the example i think he set for all of us was that despite the fact that he remained if you will, loyal and defensive of those who supported the antiapartheid movement, he
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didn't give into the radical id y ologies of some of those people. his move transitioned peacefully because he compromise d and reached out pragmatically to declerk, the last president of apartheid south africa. they struck a deal where by civil rights and democracy came immediately. property rights were respected. a truth of reconciliation commission established under archbishop tutu which allowed south africans of all races to confront their past, but without recriminations that would have made relations poisonous. which was independence, freedom and democracy and equality for all south africans. i think that's really the example of his statesman ship and his vision. >> absolutely. south africa could never have gotten there without all those things you just pointed out.
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thanks so much. >> years ago, you in new york had an experience to spend time with nelson mandela. >> i did. there was a town hall meeting, i helped book hundreds of people in harlem who wanted to come when his first visit here in 1990, when nelson mandela came and i was so struck by his understated, yet ree gal presence and to listen to him speak, he was very unpolitically correct. he didn't shy away from them, but just to be around somebody who personified forgiveness was a very special experience. >> and in the presence of a very special human being. we want to know what did nelson mandela teach you throughout the hour. you can send a tweet. >> and to me. >> great story. >> thank you. >> what a memory. >> thank you. here we go now. fox extreme weather alert. a wicked ice storm affecting
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millions. a nasty mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow. cooorado, temperature plunges to arctic levels. denver's airport reporting a record low yesterday of minus 5 and now, the cold looks like it will stick around for a while. elisa is live in denver and how does it feel? >> oh, it feels a little bit cold, bill. the forecast to go above freezing until tuesday, wednesday next week, but the good news for those folks in denver is that it's 7 degrees now. you were here earlier where we were standing, it was negative 20. that's what it felt like. and that is actually a very dangerous cold because before you know it, if you're standing out here too long, the onset of frostbitcan begin and you don't even realize it's happening and that can cause permanent tissue damage if not treated. we talked to an emergency room doctor who says they have been seeing patients for exposure to the cold. for example, one teenager who
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got frostbite on his hands while waiting at the bus stop for 15 to 20 minutes. he says folks don't realize how quickly it can happen with these temperature. >> and so, you would experience frostbite within a matter of seconds in weather like this and can start to see damage, so the initial effects of frostbite in even minutes when it is this cold. >> a foot or more of snow is forecasted for our mountains, which is good news for our resorts, but slowing things down from the historic flooding. you may remember the town of alliance, colorado. it was cut off for days by flood waters. sean donovan toured the area with john higuagallooper and th cold snap almost pushed that need again. >> we're worried that was going to be a lot worse than it was so we had an emergency declaration
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in place, ready to be signed. i think we're going to be all right. >> doctors say don't underestimate the power of the common sense your mom gave you, which is a hat and gloves. you have to protect that core temperature. it's critical. >> thanks. now, get back inside, okay? live in denver where it's chilly. even in ohio, you've got a winter storm warning. >> frigid. she wears the hat beautifully. the obama administration trying to assure americans it will fix the problems with obama care, but some pundits say they better make good on the promise and fast. >> also, john kerry's trying to sell a nuclear deal with iran. >> and there are new developments in this. remember this? when a police officer opened fire on that mini van filled with children? we'll tell you what happens, next. ♪
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update on the shocking dash cam video we brought you in october. this from new mexico. that video of a traffic stop turned into chaos. a new mexico police officer opening fire on a van full of children after their mother is stopped and still sped away. now, the officer has been suspended pending an investigation into that shooting. new mexico. growing skepticism surrounding obama care. most americans doubt its problems consider fixed in the next year. >> if that is the case, what then? ed rollins, doug chin, former adviser to bill clinton.
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gentlemen, good day to you. the first question will be managed by my esteemed colleague. >> he's a gentleman and a scholar. >> some days. doug, 59% of people in this new poll, they say it is unlikely that obama care's problems will be fixed in 2014. they're not believing i guess the president's assurances that it's almost fixed. >> which is what's behind two initiatives. first, the 21-day sales pitch for obama care that is starting to work and the other, which is to try and change the subject and the other to talk about income equality, because it's a message the president believes pete beats the republican message of no. in what obama's trying to do is change their mind and distract them to try to minimize the political. >> that's a tough mountain to climb, don't you think?
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this is all the talk, man, until you figure it out, got a big challenge. >> he's had a couple of year to get ready for this thing and failed miserably getting it out of the box. young people are not going to sign up and if you don't get a bunch of young people to take care of some old people like me, it's not going to o work. i think where he's making a mistake is by forcing the democratic party to go run on this. he's campaigning on this. making democrats run on this. in 2010, we elected a republican congress in the house because of obama care. we're going to basically get another shot here of winning a senate on the same issues, so three senate seats today that are open. another three or four that are vulnerable and we need to pick up six seats. if we do, the game has changed dramatically. >> this powell, 81% of respondents believe the law should be changed or repealed. let's just work with changed since that's probably easier at the moment. it's impossible for me today not
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to look through the lens of nelson mandela, but is there any way that the white house and republicans could ever just come together and figure out how to fix this thing? >> well, i would hope they would and certainly that is the legacy, the enduring legacy of mandela, which is compromise rising above your circumstances, but i think this president has picked a very different strategy. he is going to double down on obama care and he is going to attack the republicans and let's be clear while the democrats have huge political liabilities, the republicans have lower ratings and are seen as the party of no and the president exploited that in the re-election last year and he's betting he can do it again. >> ed, you just said something there about how he's dragging these candidates towards this issue. it's not like they can run away from it. this is the whole campaign next november. >> he's making it the whole campaign. here's the issue. doug's right. republicans have a brand issue. brand problem. but they have a product problem.
10:20 am
they have a product they can't sell. at this point in time, republicans and the president's whole issue on class warfare is not going to help sell this case and is not going to make republicans feel any obligation to go help him get this. >> but again, they can't run away from it, ed. right? >> they can't run away from it, but at the end of the day, you don't want to be sitting every day talking about this and certainly, the president's trying to sell something that's not sellable. >> very quickly, how is he going to fix this? at least fix the perception people don't think it's going to be fixed. >> as he spoke this week, he said more people are signing up. the exchanges are starting to work. people are starting to save money. he's going to make the case steady that works and use ant dotes to sell the policy. he sure isn't going to try to fix it and go back to square
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one. >> why don't you guys come back next friday? we really enjoy having you both on. thank you, gentlemen. a new development in the car crash of paul walker. why one teenager is behind bars and could be in serious trouble today. >> plus, president obama saying that the problems aren't reflective of his management style. >> when it comes to the management of government, part of the reason people are so skeptical is that when we do things right, they don't get a lot of attention. ♪ [ female announcer ] feed a man a cookie and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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getting attention now, a teenager getting accused of stealing some of the wreckage
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from the crash that killed paul walker. an 18-year-old under arrest. according to, an instagram account matching wup of the suspects shows a picture that appears to be a car part. it reads piece of paul walker's car. lawmakers on capitol hill are racing to seal a budget deal. the deadline is one week from today on the ominous friday 13th. budget committee chairs both trying to avoid another ugly federal shutdown next month. live in washington, we're back in this boat already, mike? >> feels like deja vu all over again. congress is capable of moving quickly when it's crunch time and this is clear ly a critical stage in the talks.
10:26 am
many have suggested that paul ryan and his senate counterpart patty murray are close to an agreement though some sources say it will likely take a strong push to get it across the finish line. a new wrinkle has nancy pelosi saying there should be an extension for at least a year of unemployment insurance benefits due to run out december 28th. it sounds like a negotiation to make sure unemployment is extended in order to bring along strong democratic support for any budget deal. >> it's not only the right thing to do to help those families, but to help our community and economy because the congressional budget office tells us that by making sure that we provide unemployment composition, we will help create another 200,000 jobs by this time next year. >> john boehner says he's hopeful ryan and murray will be able to come to a deal, but says there's no agreement at this point. here's boehner's take on the
10:27 am
unemployment benefits matter. >> if the president has a plan for extending unemployment benefits, i'd surely sben tear ta takinging a look at it, but i would argue the president's real focus ought to be creating a better environment for our economy and creating more jobs for the american people. that's where the focus is. >> this comes as it's down to the wire. pressure is building on both sides to strike a deal in a hurry. >> thanks. >> so, a big story in the world of sports. one of the best players in the country, florida state's star quarterback will be on the field tomorrow for a championship game. this after the latest twist in a sexual assault case involving him. why the prosecutor did not go forward with charges. new information on that today. >> and the world mourning and remembering an icon of freedom and forgiveness. how south africa is remembering their national hero. >> they try to stop our nation is not whether the past should be revealed. but rather to ensure that it
10:28 am
comes to be known in a way which it promotes peace. outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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south africa's government getting ready for funeral ceremonies for nelson mandela,
10:32 am
dead at the age of 95 after battling a lung infection. >> and james winston will not face charges in a sexual assault case. according to prosecutors, there were too many gaps in the accuser's story. >> a mcdonald's in tennessee accidentally handing a couple a bag of cash. do you believe this story? am i throwing the hooye card. instead of breakfast, customers found thousands of dollars. the honest couple returned the money as soon as ta realized the mista mistake. >> one time, i drove away from mcdonald's without my family in the bag. >> an inside deal, come on, grinch, it's christmas time. there are honest people out there somewhere. >> the challenge i think that we have going forward is not so much my personal management style, particular issues around white house organization.
10:33 am
it actually has to do with what i refer red to earlier, which i we have these big agencies, some of which are outdated. some of which are not designed properly. >> did you catch that? some of which are not designed properly. interesting remarks from the president. >> laying the blame for obama care's biggest stumbles, on what he calls big agencies and outdated agencies in government. guy, julia, a former political adviser to frank lawtutenberg. both are fox news contributors and the first question goes to my award winning journalist co-host. he makes me say that. >> guy, some of these are not designed properly. like a website. do you want to start there? >> oh, man, i love this quote from the president. it's like we've gone from yes, we can, to well, maybe we can't, but it's not my fall. i don't know if i could have scripteded this frankly, better
10:34 am
myself. he begins with the classic inevitable passing of the buck where he disclaims responsibility for this huge meltdown of his health care implementation and law. and then, he goes from there and by the way, on that point, i think it's so interesting because he says that it's not my managerial skills really that are the problem here, which is a recuring flaw in his managerial skills. i'm not sure if he's self-aware on that. that's the pennant that he makes, which is so he's lamentie federal bureaucracy is bloated and unresponsive and i agree with that commentarcommentary, blows a big hole in his core philosophy, which is that big government can do big thipgs well for little people. >> i thought about harry truman who had a plaque on his desk that says the buck stops here.
10:35 am
it's he's the manager in chief. the president of the united states. so, he's not happy, he's got to change it. he's in charge. ultimately, the american people hold him responsible, so i thought it was really passing of the buck guys, he's got to fix it. it was surreal. >> this is like he's the matador. you know, and he's waving that cape. go right on by me. it's not going to stick to me. >> he's not even like a matador. this is sort of like a passive observers. like a pundit. like me saying sitting back like, well, i think the management of the government deal, it's not how you do things. you're the guy in charge. come on, mr. president. obama care implementation is a mess. he's got to own it because he's the guy that's ultimate ly in charge of the whole government. >> and guy, to your point, it's sort of funny to hear the president say he was kind of
10:36 am
smacked by the federal bureaucracy who gets in the way of doing things. lots of people have those complaints. mostly republicans. >> i was going to let julie keep going. it's terrific. >> happy friday. >> happy friday is right. there was a report today in politico, which was breathtaking to me, which is they went back and looked at the white house schedule and records over the last few years and determined that the president met with his own health secretary, zero times. >> no, once. once. >> that was with someone else in the room. >> in three and a half years, but they had other meetings, guy. keep going. >> sure. >> more people in the room. >> of course, but in terms of one-on-one meetings, the fact that the president would meet once or zero times depending on how you read that report, over three and a half years since this thing passed, we can have maybe a disagreement on whether he should have fired katrihleen
10:37 am
see bee lus. >> "the new york times" was reporting earlier in the week was reporting the first meeting he called after the horrendous rollout of the website happened 14 days after the first of october. >> there's no excuse for it. the rollout's been horrible. the implementation is getting better, but this is not way to run a government. and you're right. with kathleen sebelius, she's in charge of the president's top priority. she should have been on top of it from day one. i don't care if they had daily conference calls, i don't care how they met, but obviously whatever meetings they had or didn't have, did not make the job come out the right way. if any democrats -- thank you. >> have a good weekend, guys. >> unemployment going down, 203,000 jobs. and now, for the fourth straight month of solid hiring, november, the -- so, what does today's
10:38 am
report say about the overall american economy? melissa francis, look at her. she's -- money. all right, so, this report, good news or bad news? what did you find in it, melissa? >> it's better than expected in terms of the number, but that's still not a great number. you know, if you look at the number of people who are attached to the workforce, either out there working or looking for a job, they haven't totally given up, that number ticked a little bit higher. it was at a 35-year low last month when this came out. i mean, to me, this says if you look at the hourly wage and average number of hours worked, both those ticked higher. it is really simp attic of the new normal. it feels like -- this is what we can expect in america. >> for those who argue in america, the gap continues to get wider, does the information support that or not. >> i have to say that it does. we are looking at 60 straight
10:39 am
months in a row where we have seen the unemployment rate at 7% and above. some of the other stats, five years in a row where we've seen median income slipping. so that means middle class and everyone below that is falling further and further behind as the federal reserve continues to push the stock market higher. all these other folks, mainly who are in jobs that don't involve skills, are falling further and further behind. definitely. especially in the past five years. >> that is the assault on the middle class. i mean, really, the way that's played out, for those trying to find work, what do you find about their possibilities, they come back in the workforce? what do you have on that? >> it seems like there's a real shift and i'm afraid there are a lot of jobs for the unskilled, they have disappeared. the duration ticked to 37 weeks. there is job creation in health care, but that's about it. when you see the stories about drones with amazon, you see automated checkout, robots replacing people in
10:40 am
manufacturing lines. this all speaks to an economy where the unskilled worker is getting permanent displaced. there are jobs in health care, but other than that, when i see the strikes outside mcdonald's and the folks arguing for a higher minimum wage, those jobs in particular, are they even going to exist that much longer? that's the kind of thing you automate. >> great point. one more point here. there were some good numbers in there. but we're looking at in grand scale, but the one number i thought that was bad was the labor participation rate. it barely moved. >> it barely moved. and that just speaks to the number of people who have given up entirely. when they get the call on the phone and asked are you even looking for work? no, we've given up. it's about 63% right now. so you imagine, that means that almost 40% of people out there don't consider themselves part of the workforce. they're not working.
10:41 am
they're not even trying. that's a sad state of america. >> thanks, melissa. see you at 5:00. >> she is money. she's extremely money. look at her. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is in israel trying to convince prime minister netanyahu the nuclear deal with iran is a step in the right direction. netanyahu has stood firm in his belief that a deal would put his people in danger. will they be able to agree? >> i am personally convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that israel is safer today after we have reached this first step agreement. than it was before we did that. i mean picks up the tab ery time, ich is great... he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants huh the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on tertainment, with no annual e. to card.
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10:45 am
ready for the october 1st website launch, so why was no official announcement made until just last week? plus, pot's now legal in colorado. so a denver newspaper feels it's necessary to hire a pot editor. really? our panel is teed up high for that and do you worry about your kids and concussions? i know i do. don't miss new study results that reveal a startling connection between head injuries and altitude. top of the hour. >> she said manel panel. >> i did. when are you coming up for it? >> them are fighting words. i'll be in touch with you. bye bye. so, a high stakes lobbying campaign with israel over the nuclear deal cut with iran, secretary of state john kerry meeting face to face with benjamin netanyahu, trying to convince him that the deal is a good one. the prime minister calling the agreement an historic mistake.
10:46 am
the sale is over what and can he close that deal or convince netanyahu ss a good one? >> no, he can try, but he's not going to succeed in changing the calculus for this israeli government for what they've been watching very closely for 34 years, the iranian regime has not been shy about putting out its agenda and what it wants to do with israel and now, not only is john kerry doing a poor job of selling this bad deal, at the same time, he's there alienating further by going to the west bank, getting close to abbas, the palestinian leader. giving him his almost sympathy for why a deal has not worked out, blaming the israelis, so this tour is not really working. >> you could also argue that he wasn't going to sell netanyahu on this in the first place, but how do they keep him solid at
10:47 am
the moment? >> well, what john kerry is doing is a great political move. he's focusing on israel because he doesn't want to focus on the congressal members, both left and right wing who are trying to push sanctions to stop this iranian deal from happening, so are people in this country, both democrats and republican leaders who feel this is a bad deal and what he wants to do is to prevent netanyahu from bolstering what's going on in our own nation in the white house. >> do you think that congress will take action on sanctions? you know, the white house is quietly lobbying a lot of senators are on the fence about this thing, to stay in line. what do you think they'll do? >> it's actually a pretty safe assumption is to say that the iranian regime came to the table not because they're now moderate, but because they're at an economic breaking point. if we remove those sanctions, there's no incentive to keep negotiations with us, but at the
10:48 am
same time, you know, it's, netanyahu is going to do what he has to do. but the thing here is time. even if congress tries to push through, they won't be implemented until january and if we talk about the details of this deal -- >> just advance the conversation to into 2014. let's for the sake of this discussion, consider that congress does not take action because the senate does not make a move with harry reid on the fence right now. so where is the state of play for iran in six months? >> what we have to focus on here is this iran deal is not attempting to stop the iranian from starting a nuclear program. it's attempting to stop the iranian from finishing a nuclear program and that's probably the most important sentence here. we're giving them time. they came to the nuclear, negotiating table in order to get economic relief.
10:49 am
we gave them much more than that. we gave them time. and legitimacy. back home, the iranian leaders are claiming victory, that the west is acknowledging their right to enrich uranium. timing is the most important element here. not only do they have a relief from sanctions, they have time to finish the nuclear program. >> waiting for more word from the meetings. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> more to come. thanks. as you know in real estate, the saying is location, location, location. for one u.s. market using art work instead to lure new buyers. >> and a potted whale stranded. dozens have turned up missing and we want to know today, where have they gone? you're about to find out. ♪ >> i like that. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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officials say this say be a sign that this may be a hope that they may all survive. >> luxury home sales are getting a boost from high-end art. how do the two go hand in hand? >> art collectors are in florida
10:54 am
for the largest contemporary art show in the world. you are seeing $3 billion in art of all kinds. oils acrylics, resins all offis is for sale and throughout much of the weekend it will sell. the collectors while they are in town, they are buying real esta estate. >> as soon as you walk into the apartment there are two pieces by -- >> the booming market, art is also helping to sell properties. this two bed room condo on ocean drive includes $1 million of fine art. we think art is important in today's real estate world. in miami we are one of the top three cities.
10:55 am
developers are prioritizing permanent art into their designs. 1,000 museum place still in developme development. realtors say today's biers demand it. >> if you look at the industry as a whole it has evolved. they want the best art and the best finishes. >> famed designer is building an art center district here in miami with six buildings and a five star hotel. the whole thing is art in and of itself. this piece here is getting all
10:56 am
of the crowd that is walking around to stand by. it is like a piece of sculpture here and it sells for $975,000 by artist and this is going for $185,000 and a lot of it and agencies are learning more about art because the more sophisticated art buyers are there and the realtors need to know what they are talking about. >> the world remembers nelson mandela today and so do you. we will read your fwetweets on t he taught you. pp ÷ó
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we ask ed what did nelson mandea teach you. thank you for watching. here comes gretchen. >> hi everyone. this is "the real story". a smoking gun proving the administration new way back in july that the obama care website for small businesses would not be ready for december first. kept it all a secret. the bombshell revelation includes this e-mail. i've escalated your concerns regarding the shop employee application not being completed


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