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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 6, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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ouch. can you -- thank you for sharing your thoughts. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. now it's time for shepard smith. >> breaking news. "shepard smith reporting." >> good friday from the necessary deck where we're monitoring breaking news. officials in mexico are saying that doctors are treating people for radiation exposure, and hhre's the thinking. those people may have been connected to a truck theft that happened in mexico over the weekend. this, -- well a couple of days ago. the truck was stolen from a gas station, inside the truck, titanium 60, and that, according to the authorities, can make you sick and kill you. but it was in protective housing. the thieves took it out of the housing, and when they did, doctors said these people are in danger of dying. police have reportedly blocked access to a hospital now where
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staffer are treating these patients who may be involved with that theft. it's in a town 60 miles north and east of mexico city. authorities there have since recovered the radio active material and the stolen truck, but no one knew where the people were. will carr is live with the later. we know the thinking these may be the people who stole the truck. what have you learned? >> reporter: authorities have been saying this could happen, that whoever came in touch with this dangerous radio active element could show up at a hospital, so now the reports out of mexico that six people have shown up in the hospital in pachuca, mexico, a report that one is throwing up and -- dizzy, signs of radiation poisoning. we don't knoll how or if they're actually linked to this stolen can he bat 6 -- cobalt 60. but on machine the truck that was transferring the material
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was stolen. we don't know if the thief knew the truck had cobalt 60 inside but the truck was found this. the container was found a half mile from the truck. the container was open, and they found the cobalt 60 so somebody was exposed to this and now we have these sick showing up. >> this cobalt, it can kill you. >> that's right. it's dangerous. and this is the stuff you could potentially make a dirty bomb with. authorities say that even if you come in tough with it for a matter of minutes it could be fatal. authorities don't think the puck was at risk when they found it on thursday but they're taking extra precautions. >> let's bring in dr. steven garner, chairman of radiology at new york methodist hospital. top expert on disaster
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preparedness. he is a friend of the program and a good man. doctor, nice to talk to you. this stuff is serious. >> this is super stuff. not just a small amount of radiation. this is something that if you're exposed to even a few seconds, it can kill you. >> we talk about how whoever stole this truck and opened this container, could be contaminated. but it could be anybody who walked by, right? >> anybody walked by. the closer to the material, the more like you'll get sick from it. and there are predictable signs and symptoms. the first thing is vomiting and dizzy, and we got a report that at least one person is dizzy and vomiting. >> what is your sense of the sort of distance from this now open in the atmosphere cobalt 60 -- do you need to be a couple of feet from it? could you be 50 yards? >> within half a block. if you walk by, you could -- you could die from this.
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usually can till you within 24 hours. it's kind of a rapid, predictable course, with nausea, vomiting, seizures, and -- under lodge cal system. >> we have a google map of the hospital where the folks were brought in we're told there are six of them would any hospital anywhere have the capabilities to treat someone with radiation sickness or is this specialized. >> since 9/11 we have on the doors of most of the emergency rooms detectors, so this kind of radiation would set those off and they'd go crazy. i don't know what the story is out there, but that's the reason most hospitals do it, because you can't smell it. you have no idea you're next to something that can kill you. these -- they don't have the cobalt with them, the hospital is going to miss it. this is not the radiation where particles stick to thunder skin -- stick to your skip or clothing. atit goes through you like x-ra.
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and in that regard, the hospital would not pick it up. >> we're waiting for more information out of mexico. good to talk to you. thank you. >> now the continuing coverage of the death of nelson mandela, people around the globe are paying tribute as south africa prepares for more than a week of funeral events. [chanting] >> the crowds have gathered outside his home in johannesburg and set up a huge makeshift memorial there. singing and dancing and crying for south africa's first blackt. nelson mandela died yesterday in that home. he was 95. doctors say he had long battled a lung infection. front pages reflect how important he was to people outside of south africa. hours ago the country's current president announced plans for the funeral.
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including a national day of prayer and re flexion on sunday -- reflection on sunday, and official memorial service on tuesday at the soccer stadium. the body is to lie in state, at government buildings, and a funeral service is set for sunday, december 15th, a week from this sunday, and mandela's childhood village in a rural part of eastern south africa. analysts say the funeral will be one of the largest ever of its kind, and they're expecting all living and able united states presidents to attend. the white house says president obama and the first lady will indeed be there. paul is live for news johannesberg. what's it like on the ground today -- or tonight. >> reporter: here in south africa today the only way to describe the seen is escalation. as the sun went down in, the temperature in the the city where his former home was situated, went up. south africans are celebrating
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the life of the man who brought them democracy. many of the celebrating mourners are described in honor of mandela's achievements as born frees because they were born post apartheid into the freedom he fought for. >> paul is live in south africa. thank you temperature much -- thank you very much. here at home, ice, snow, wind, bitter cold, a bitter arctic blast making life difficult and dangerous for millions of americans. in dallas, horrible mess. people are stranded. in memphis, they're right on the freezing line. poinns between those two areas, this is affecting millions and millions of people and it's in the heart of fox country. we'll take you there live with multiple team fox coverage, on a friday, from the fox news deck. nice to have you in.
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>> a deadly storm system, ice and record low temperatures and now hitting several u.s. states. officials are already blaming the storm for at least seven deaths, including two in the state of texas. officials say the storm knocked out power to more than a quarter million homes and businesses. it was 80 degrees in parts of texas earlier this week. flight radar the 244has a live look at the air traffic around dallas-fort worth. lots of trouble at dfw. airlines have cancelled nearly 1500 flights scheduled to fly
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into or out of dfw today. and marathon organizers in dallas, the dallas marathon, cancelled the race scheduled for this weekend. in missouri, some folks woke up a foot of snow. much of that on top of sleet,, which makes it awful and heavy. a dozen states from the plains through pennsylvania are now under winter storm warnings, and look at these temperatures on the big map. fargo, minus five. glasgow, minus 15. these are not wind chill temperatures or low temperatures. these are right now temperatures. 11 in omaha. 12 in north platte. six in denver. in west, forecasters are warning people to get ready for another round of snow this weekend. alicia, six degrees and outside. man, your mama would not like that, alicia. >> she doesn't like it right now. it has warming up. two more degrees. it's now eight degrees here, which is scorching compared to this morning, which was decide
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ha had a happy of -- a wind chill of minus 20. emergency rooms are seeing people who have only spent minutes outside for frostbite, and that's when the fluid in your body, not blood, freezes and turns into crystals and can lead to permanent damage. happens with the cold snap. the homeless are getting hypothermia, and this is a deadly cold. one thing is that folks think they can handle this cold, and doctors say they really can't. they have to stay inside. you really shouldn't be outside for that long right now. >> you shouldn't be but there's a big football game this weekend. >> a lot of games and people are going to be outside. big college games, pro football games in outdoor stadiums. in denver, the broncos are taking on the tennessee titans, and that 75,000 plus fans, sitting inside the stadium, and
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the temperature kickoff is forecast at 12 degrees, and expected to get colder, and authorities say there will be triage units set up to treat'em for exposure, and hospitals are bracing for patients, especially when you consider some might say, have beer and feel warmer. the alcohol dilates the blood vessels and makes things worse. >> the warmer blood comes out to the arms and legses where we're sensing the temperature so we feel warm, when in fact we're losing that warmth much more rapidly. >> reporter: so you can always stay inside and watch the game. >> yes, you can, watch it on fox. thank you very much. let's get to the fox weather center. see what this wind chill temperatures are like. wow. i went to a liberty bowl game in memphis, it was five degrees and all the water froze. >> reporter: how disthat feel? >> we won but it was awful. the liberty bowl, don't get me started. >> reporter: a lot of games going on. high school games, college games
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tomorrow, and all the nfl games on sunday, and a lot of the area under incredible cold temperatures. these are your wind chills, minus 37 glasgow, 5, kansas city, 1 in hays, kansas, and dallas all the freezing rain and sleet that has created a thick layer of otherwise, but now your temps are cold so it's not melting. that's the big bad freezing rain line, and we're going to continue to watch this move off towards the northeast. we'll see snow across the interior sections of the northeast. picking towards parts of pennsylvania. go to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, 24 degrees in dallas behind this storm. >> wow. that's cold. there's another one coming, too. looks even worse. >> well, the next one is just going to kind of be insult to injury for some people, especially across the west. tonight the lows in the sweat, -- southwest, very cold.
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think about the agriculture in southern california and arizona, and a lot of those places, called the salad bowl of the country, a lot of damage to the crops with overnight temperatures well below freezing. tomorrow, another cold one. 30 in vegas. 11 in flagstaff, 16 in salt lake city, and then the snow moves in. we desperately need moisture in california so any snow is good. we'll take it. lake tau -- lake tahoe, two 0 three feet, and fills the reservoirs. but this is the storm we'll deal with through monday. now back to our current storm and what here. that is gone by tomorrow but the next storm, watch what happens sunday morning. the exact same spot dealing with the icing right now across the ohio valley, going to see it again and this next one looks like we'll see a little snow towards parts of pennsylvania and maybe new york city and d.c. for a minute or two.
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>> all right. down in dixie, man, the worst thing is when it's right at 30, 31, and the bridges start icing, be careful this weekend out there. >> we're learning more about the american teacher who was shot dead in benghazi, according to usual officials. now the officials are asking the libyan government for help. plus, smog so thick it effectively shut down an entire city. that's the smog. los angeles never had anything on this. ten times what they say is safe. nothing is safe about that. we'll get to this stunning image coming right up. from fnc. twins. i didn't see them cing. i need a new investment pn. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. ishares core etfs are low-cost funds.
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19 minutes past the hour from the fox news deck. folks in shanghai are dealing with potentially deadly levels of smock. officials ordered students to stay indoors at school.
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they stopped construction. they've pulled one out of every three government vehicles off the roads. they banned fireworks, called off 40 events for the time being. it's a mess, and you can see there's not much visibility anywhere. look at this on the big monster. that is shanghai, and you can barely see through it. this is long the waterway, a person said the city actually tastes like smoke. pollution is a huge problem in china and has been. health officials say this level of smog is dangerous for anybody and everybody but especially for people with a heart condition and lung condition. for them this can be really deadly. the smog -- they're blaming this an owl the pollution was of the construction and stagnant weather, along the freeways. some parts are saying the smog levels are ten times government standards for what is safe to breathe in. shanghai, a mess today. here at home, officials are asking the libyan government to investigate the killing of an american in benghazi.
12:21 pm
the state department has identified the victim as 33-year-old ronald smith. officials say he had been teaching chemistry at benghazi's international school since last year. students are calling him an amazing person and a much loved teacher. one u.s. official says somebody shot and killed smith as he was jogging yesterday, days before he was supposed to go home for christmas. a libyan security official says the shooting happened near an american outpost. a few days ago al qaeda's american spokesman told libya to attack american targets as revenge for u.s. special forces grabbing an al qaeda suspect off the streets of tripoli in october and taking him out of the country. christopher griffith is in washington. nice to see you. >> good afternoon. >> a tragedy certainly. when you go to areas like this, these things can happen, and the state department warns you of that in advance. >> yes, absolutely.
12:22 pm
first off, we don't know exactly who killed mr. smith. but when you look at this incident, certainly reminiscent of the killing of ambassador stephens. >> how is it reminiscent of that? >> he put his life on the line to build a better syria and has now lost the life because of the chaos in sierra we have not done enough to prevent. >> how are we supposed to prevent it? >> the syrian government is now almost three years after the revolution that overthrew gadhafi. they have american support and there's a government there, anae sent civil society that wants to work with us. the u.s. administration agreed to work with the brits and italians to provide support to build a security force to stabilize syria, but a that won't kick off until spring next year, three years after the revolution. >> there's an argument that sadly the united states cannot solve all the problems around the world, and sadly, when good americans go places to try to do good things, sometimes they lose their life doing it, and for it
12:23 pm
to become a political situation where we start blaming administrations for not working with people, seems almost unfair. >> well, this is a question of an opportunity that we have. and the idea -- as a matter of fact, yes, there's dangerous situations. this is one, and it's tragic. but there's an opportunity to do more to work with the libyan government to build the future, both the prime minister and the libyan people want. and it's important to point out in the last couple of months there has been tremendous fighting on the streets of libya, and the context of that, the libyan people have taken to the streets, stood up against the mill lit ya and they want our support, as does the libyan government. the administration is moving to provide more support but we need to do more. >> christopher griffin with us from the foreign policy initiative. nice to see you. thank you so much. you. >> all right. the site where paul walker died in a fiery car crash is now part of a crime scene.
12:24 pm
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a fox report now. more of the day's headlines. police say a teenager who went missing in new hampshire almost two months ago has contacted her mother. abigail hernandez sent a letter in october and her mom got it last month. >> los angeles is suing citigroup and wells fargo, accusing them of mortgage discrimination that led to a flood of forecloses after the 2008 meltdown. both banks deny the accusations. >> three. two, one, rd180 ignition, and liftoff. >> liftoff. the agency in charge of the american spy satellite just sent something into space on that rocket there. something. we don't know what it is. it launched from california last
12:27 pm
night. the feds are not telling us what is onboard. now maybe they can talk to us as they record our phone calls.
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>> two men stole parts of the wreck that killed paul walker. according to she sheriff's office. and one of the guys posted a mick tour -- picture of the car to instagram. officials say he is under arrest and the other man plans to turn himself in they stole pieces of the porsche after a tow truck took it away. they could face charges of evidence tampering and theft. paul walker and his friend were in that sports car when it smashed into a light pole, a tree, and then burst into flames. investigators are still looking into what exactly happen but they say speed was indeed a factor. continuing coverage now of the tribute to the antiapartheid leader, nelson mandela.
12:30 pm
the floor of the new york stock exchange went silent this morning to honor nell son mandela. flags are flying at half sad odd ounited nations, and mourners have been leaving flowers near the south african consulate in new york city. doctors say he had been sick with a lung infection for nearly a year. a vehicle left johannesburg with his body this morning. you can see the south african flag draped over his coffin. jonathan hunt is here with more. a lot of gestures of reconciliation. >> nelson mandela talked so often about the need for forgiveness, for the south africa as a nation, but he also took many personal individual actions that proved he was going to walk that walk as well as talk the talk. for instance, here, that is his inauguration as president in 1994. he invited three of the white
12:31 pm
prison guards who had been among those holding him captive for 27 years. then after he was inaugurated, one of the first things he did in 1994 was go and see the widow of this woman. look at this guy. hfvervold. conceived apartheid, yet nelson mandela sat down for tea and doughnuts with that man's widow. the prosecutor who appeales for the death penalty in mandela's 1963 trial, in 1995, nelson mandela invited him to lunch. >> wow. he used sports and sports fans to really unite the country. >> you and i talk about this on last night, shep, when this news was breaking. this picture -- look at this. this is nelson mandela with the captain of the 1995 rugby world
12:32 pm
cub winning team. that might just strike you as a false picture. so much more than that. rugby has always been a religion in south africa. it's always been an entirely white religion up to that moment. nelson mandela, showing up for the final. we have video of nelson mandela on the field presenting the world cup to his captain, who himself was a child of apartheid. himself said he grew up thinking that black people were second class citizens. yet nelson mandela, when he walked into the pitch, changed south africa. listen to the welcome he got. >> all the teams -- >> 35,000 people in that stadium on that day, 99% of them white. started chanting, "nelson, nelson, nelson." and maintenance of those people are the same ones who believed he was rightfully imprisoned for
12:33 pm
so long. many called him a terrorist, and there they were chants his name. that more than anything was the moment that south africa changed. >> i know automatic the blogs are talking about what people used to say about mandela, the terms used for him. people's thoughts and attitudes have changed as they realize who that's guy is. >> certainly has. >> come over here with me. sharlene smythe is an authorized nelson mandela biographer and is joining us live. we tried to talk to you by phone yesterday but the connection was bad. there's some irony here, jonathan, in that nelson mandela was not a big fan of pomp and circumstance, and he's about to get a show for the world. >> but he is, but i think that he would hope that what would happen is that the world would learn some lessons from his life and his death, and perhaps we
12:34 pm
would do more about being kind to each other. certainly he -- one of most important things we can learn from him is to make your enemy your friend. they had to do that in prison. it was the only way they would get goods smuggled to them. so when he came out he continued with that. making -- reaching outer to those who hated black people, and he made every south african feel safe. we felt we could trust him. he felt that this person cares for us as people. he doesn't see us as a color or a class or category. in fact he hated that sort of thing. he sees us as people. >> sharlene, i read an interesting column in 2011 in a south african newspaper where the editor wrote that we may not be quite ourselves as south africans without nelson mandela. where is the country now without
12:35 pm
him? where does it go? >> i actually think that the country is in a very good space, because i think that south africa has portrayed nelson mandela. the fought for not only freedom for our people, not only the ability to vote but economic freedom, for opportunity for everyone. but instead the new rulers of south africa have acted like they're apartheid rulers. selfish, corrupt, and they are interested in self-aggrandizement and acquiring money and riches, and hopefully mandela's passing will make us reflect as south africans how have we betrayed hip, and the people of the world, if you care about nelson mandela, if you thought he had any influence, what are you doing to make your friend out off your enemy? what are you doing to help others? , actually thing he is dying at
12:36 pm
an important time. next year will be 20 years since south africa got its democracy. his funeral will be the day before a very important historical anniversary in south africa that relates to the liberation struggle. and this creates problems for the existing government, because south africans are going to look at them and think, you are not the people we want. you are not mandela. you are corrupt. >> but presume zuma is up for election for a second time, and i wonder if his dying might force people to think about this reality and maybe change government there. is that possible possibility in your estimation? >> i'm not sure it's a change of government but certainly going to create huge problems bus south africa is going back to racial division, which was really backwards, and particularly with political parties.
12:37 pm
i think this is going to pose challenges for all political parties. how do we act more like mandela, how do we create real change instead of being pseudo politicians, fake change. a world without leaderred at the moment. >> charlene smith, authorized mandela biographer. thank you. >> thank you. >> next, different kind of hero. here in the united states. remember batkid? set to make a big return tomorrow bus this time he won't be fighting the bad guys. the details just ahead.
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12:41 pm
a day thanks to make aware foundation. he and batman cruised around to the bat mobile. saving the city from villains. thousands of folks turned out to cheer him on. twitter went crazy. this weekend's fundraiser is called brave the bay. a 5k walk, run and swim in the san francisco bay. organizers hope to race $75,000 for the make-a-wish foundation. log ton to brave the brave the our nation's unemployment rate fell last month to a five-year low. terrific news. it now stands at 7%, according to the labor department. through .3 from october. which is more than what economists predicted bay long shot. the feds also say employers added 230,000 jobs last month. most of them in higher paying industries like manufacturing, construction, government
12:42 pm
sectors. the jobless rate has not been this low since november of 2008. the white house obviously these numbers are proof the economy is getting better. critics warn low unemployment means the federal government may cut back on economic stimulus which could force the stock market to take a hit. chris wallace is live on capitol hill, celebrating a milestone. chris has been doing "fox knossos" for ten years. hart to believe. we have been stuck with you for ten years. >> i hope it's not stuck. we're going to have a little piece at the end of the show on sunday, taking a look bat at the highlights and lowlights of the last ten years. i'm sure you feel this, shep, with your show. just amazing over the course of a decade who you get to talk to, where you get to go. the adventures you go on, and i'm so grateful to have had the opportunity. >> tell me the lowlights. >> you probably know most of
12:43 pm
those as well. you'll see them. the good, the bad, and some surprises along the way. >> what do you make of this business on current topics? >> well, you mean in terms of the unemployment rate? >> yes. >> you're exactly right. it's great news. 7%. 203,000 jobs created. the latest upgraded numbers for the last quarter, 3.5% growth. this is not a huge, robust, roaring recovery, but does seem to be picking up some steam. some people say, gosh, fed is going to ease off the ac segue racing. the whole point is to get to happen. get the economy going, and if we have to have lower stock prices to get millions employed, most of wuss say that's a trade well worth making. >> to look at one month is nose right. the right thing is to look at the trends and the trend were
12:44 pm
awful. looks like we have a new one now, and if that's the case, if everyone spends more money, the economy grows and everything finally comes out of the slump. >> yeah. i don't know that we're quite there yet. >> the goal. >> headed in the right direction. >> all right. how is obamacare coming along? got the web site fixed or mostly. >> well, they got part of it fixed. to take the amazon example, you can go and browse and choose the book, wow just can't bay for it. they talk about the back end of if it's some obscure thing. it's a cash register. kind of an important thing. and millions of people canceled. still got a lot of problems and we'll see if that it going to get better or not. we'll report it. >> i'm curious about your take on the politics. republicans grab ahold of this and say this is an issue for us. democrats are starting to say, you just wait. people are about to get understand and by mid-terms this is a plugs for democrats.
12:45 pm
>> i have an absolutely open mind. i decent know how you can predict. just be an individual decision. million of people will have experiences with this. we'll see whether they get better health care, whether it's more or less expensive, whether they can see the doctor they'd like to see or not, and it will be a big role in the 2014 election, but depending on that experience, either a big plus for democrats or a big minus and a big plus for republicans. we'll have to wait and see and report it. >> this sunday we'll be watching you, ten years, chris wallace. he'll talk with senator rand paul about obamacare. detroit's bankruptcy, and amazon's plan to start delivering packages with drones. i don't know if that as much a plan as an idea. or maybe even a publicity stunt. i'm not sure. but i'm sure chris will drill down. the republican filibustered for 14 hours to protest u.s. drone
12:46 pm
strikes. chris will talk with the architect of the healthcare overhaul. a former adviser to president obama, this sunday on "fox news sunday" on your local fox station. >> a fox report now. more headlines. rescuers airlifted a 19-year-old hiker today more than 13 hours after they say she fell down a ravine, trapping herself overnight. it happened in the san gabe guardrail mountains north and east of los angeles. he sheriff said the hiker lost the strength to walk out on her own. officials say she is now recovering. a couple is restoring what disney's childhood home in chicago. the new owners say they plan to turn it into a museum with the goal of enhancing and exploring childhood creativity. they hope to raise about a half million dollars for the renovation. walt disney would have celebrated his 112th birthday yesterday. >> eating healthy can cost also
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>> breaking news. we were reporting earlier how sick people had been taken to a hospital in mexico because they had had contact with this truck that had been stolen and the cobalt 60 in the back. the thinking was they might have had radiation poisoning. they've now been released and the hospital says they do not have the poisoning. not to say they didn't come in contact with the capsule. they did. we don't know whether they were the ones who stole the capsule or not. the thinking is, if they were, they would have had radiation poisoning.
12:51 pm
these people don't and they're at this moment not suspects. that's from the spokeswoman for the secretary of health of that area in mexico. so i get the people who stole the truck came in contact with the stuff are still out there somewhere. >> a new study proves that eaty healthy costs more than a diet of junk food. hello. harvard university researchers it took to figure that out. say people who eat a healthy diet spend 1.50 more per day compared to people who east mostly processed food. they did not do this study in now, bus 1.550 a day won't get you a coup of coffee. that's 550 decide a year but the price is small compared to the price of fighting things like heart disease. carol is here, it's more
12:52 pm
expensive to eat healthy food is not a news flash. >> i'm just glad they took that off the list for a reason for people not to eat healthy. that and they don't know what healthy is, or they're too lazy or don't think it works. when they get rid of those the,'ll be happy. when i tell people to eat healthy, too expensive. it doesn't work. it works and it's not so expensive. >> in many places it's difficult. finding a place -- if it's lunchtime, it's very difficult in most parts of the country to find place that is healthy food. >> then that's the part that comes under lazy. make it at home and bring it with you. i actually bring my own food to the set. i really do. >> well, there are -- we're fortunate enough here to where there are a thousand places to get lunch. you can get kale and have anything you want that's fresh and well done, and it's not a lot more expensive than the $12 combo at the wendy's downstairs. >> unless you're buying it at whole foods. that's a whole other story. it's easy to buy in bulk.
12:53 pm
especially outside of the city. i wrote three books based on the fact it's easy and fact and cheaper to make this at home and eat it. >> him miss, one you mentioned. >> actual. you can by chick peas in bulk, make the hummus at home. make mile -- piles as opposed to a can takenner at the dely. >> this value meal, fast food, you can do what you want, we have to take responsibility for our own lives but the $3 you can go for a couple 0 those cheeseburgers is not money well spent. >> then you have to look at the long-term other issues. what about your health? if you factor in this -- when i took myself off that fast food and i changed over to healthier diet, i stopped with the stuff i needed to wake up and fall asleep and the headache pill and stomach ache pills and colds and flu and allergies. that was another 100 bucks a month i was spending on over the
12:54 pm
court counter things, and then you look at your overall health and our healthcare, this could be big bucks saving down the line. >> more than anything it will save yourself. >> save yourself the aggravation. how many days do we lose a year to being sick. >> i spend too much at those places with arches. i just have to go over to the cafe metro and get something good that's just been congressed and fresh and all that. >> it's a matter of choice. >> not herely as delicious as that big cheesy burger. >> it's a mindset. stop it. >> carol. her show, all about health and nutrition and family, weekends, sundays, 4:00 in the afternoon, eastern. thank you. then there's kim kardashian. always finds a way to get people riled um. from her reality shows to 15-carat engagement ring and now
12:55 pm
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>> said to be in trouble this time for profiting off charity testimonies auctioned off. her web site states: >> sources say that statement is misleading. only a percentage of the proceeds actually goes towards relief expert. 10% to be exact. sources say kardashian does make a profit from the auction but they don't know how much. we just got a statement from the kardashians saying they give 10% of everything. >> on this day in 1947,
12:59 pm
president harry truman formally dead gaited the everglades national park in sought florida. congress actually proved the national park designation in the 1930s but funding issues delayed the project for more than a decade. now the everglades national park is home to the largest sub tropical wilderness in the united states and logged more than a million visitors last year, but president truman gave the nod to the glades 66 years ago today. and today was a very good day for jobs. it mentioned earlier in the program, we're down to 7%. 203,000 jobs add last year, and the dow, they are loving it. up almost 200 points on the session. back well above 16,000 on the session. and in striking distance a session or two from now, back into record territory. the dow is booming.
1:00 pm
jobs are coming. feels like things are getting better. when news breaks out we'll break in from the fox news deck. have a great afternoon. "your world" is coming right up on the most powerful name in media. >> and you are right, shep. here's something you do not see every day. wall street celebrating good news. the kind of news that normally would worry them. because it might mean the federal reserve starts taking care of them. let it be known this is the day the market said the hell with the health. just help us with more stocks. they didn't care if ben bernanke and his likely successor takes the punch bowl away. this is the day wall street punched back and investors never looked back. >> wow. welcome everybooy, i'm neil could tattoo -- cavuto. who needs help from the


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