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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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comi coming up tonight on "the kelly file" -- >> emotions run high at a for the new health care >> what are our options now? >> we don't have any options. >> julie explains how this new law is afifecting her family. plus, the kelly file investigation into why the white house failed to tell the truth when the president's unclei endd up in custody. >> there was no evidence they met, and that was what was conveyed. >> but that's not the story now. and exclusive tonight, a well-known washington whistle blower has new information on what he calls some controversial
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hires. "the kelly file" starts now. >> who was that? we're going to muddle through another night together, and breaking this evening, the administration has just been forced to confirm what we reported to you a couple days ago. 10 of thousands of americans who think they have health insurance under obama care may discover on january 1st that they do not. after days of refusing to release the stats on the problems plaguing, the administration has now announced under pressure from the press that the enrollment out of 1 out of every 4 people in the months of october and november were botched. at li 1 out of every 4. now, since then, they say at least 1 out of every 10 federal applications has had problems since the fix, and they think the number is higher in the states, the state exchanges. a reporter pressed the agency in
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charge of these exchanges, the federal exchange, for a solution to this mess. people don't know. they think they've got the coverage. they don't have the coverage. the insurer has some botched form. it doesn't even have names so it can't call the person to tell them it didn't work for you. and here was the answer. >> but you're not saying that everyone should call? you're not suggesting that, urging them strongly despite the fact you're talking about a potential 1 in 10 error rate going forward. >> i would certainly encourage any consumer who has a question about their coverage or plan selection choice, to be able to contact the plan of their choice to get additional information. >> any consumer who has a question? how about every consumer? every consumer should have question because they don't know who it is. tom miller is a former member of the national advisory council. good to see you. anyone who has a question, if you enrolled on, you better have a question
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because you don't know who the 1 out of 4 are who think they have insurance but don't. >> that's absolutely right. it's almost the motto should be don't trust, do verify. you can't be sure of just about anything under this law. we know that the administration will eventually admit to some of its errors at the last possible moment when it has no other alternative, which is what it did this afternoon. >> they did not want to release the numbers, and the press, most of the press, was really pressing them. saying let us know, how many are we talking about? finally, they came out and said 1 in 4 for october and november, and 1 in 10 for december, since the relaunch of the website, but this is all they're willing to admit to at this point, in terms of whatever forms have gone wrong, whatever submissions have gone wrong, and now, tom, you hear hubris in the response, saying, you know, the only way we're going to get this fixed, basically, is you better start
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calling, the american people better do another thing to insure they have coverage. >> they're trying to power their way through all the mistakes, the evasions, the delays, the misrepresentations and then leave it in the hands of the private sector partners who are supposed to clean up the mess. the insurers will be stuck with some of this. obviously paces will be inconvenienced. it's a guessing game, and i would expect the early estimates of their errors are carefully crafted to look better than they turn out to be. >> do we have reason to believe that they can somehow fix it? because we have been told the insurance companies who by all accounts are working to try to set this right to the extent they can identify people, are trying to do it by hand, doing comparisons and so on, but we're up against a guideline for people who lost their coverage unexpectedly thanks to the law, and now are not going to have it on january 1 unless they can -- you know, right now, they lost
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their coverage, but they think they have coverage, so they need to figure it out and get back to the people and have them reenroll by december 23rd. is that going to happen? >> this is a state of the art, high-tech system. first you may have to mail in your application because the website doesn't work. then your insurer is going to check every application by hand, and then you still have to place a phone call to find out if everything accurate happened in the conversation. it's far short of what average private sector web based consumer retail is like. you would be out of business if you dit this in the private sector. >> on the insurance subsidy side, that are supposed to make your premiums more handleable, they're ask insurance companies to guesstimate what kind of benefit they're going to get, and the government is going to cut a check. thank you for being here. while the enrollment problems continue, we're seeing new reports raising questions about
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patient access to doctors under obama care. some doctors are now saying they don't want to and cannot even afford to participate in these new health care exchanges. dr. mazer is an ear, nose, and throat doctor in california and one of the physicians who have expressed concern. what can we do about this throat? no, i'm kidding. i know you're not on the clock now. here's my real question to you. what specifically is the beef out in california about the reimbursement that leads you to say doctors don't want to join these exchanges? >> i wouldn't say it's a beef. what i would say is people have to make a decision now whether to participate in these exchange plans. when the exchanges offered participation earlier this month, they said, would you participate with no details, and a lot of doctors were very skeptical about what did that mean as far as the viability of their practice. we train to take care of patients. that's the bottom line here. but in order to take care of patients, you have to be able to
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keep your doors open, pay your overhead, pay your staff. when we're offered rates through the exchanges that don't cover that expense, that means not only can we not see these new patients, we can't stay open for the patients we're currently taking care of. we train to take care of all patients, whether they're exchange patients, medicaid patients, commercial patients. the exchanges have not been as open as they should have been. we're trying to work here in california with cover california, to get that transparency so we know as physicians, can we participate? patients should be getting accurate information, and they're not. >> let's get specific because i understand that you gave an example about medicare paying about $76 for return office visits for medicare patients. if they have to go back for a follow-up, they get about $76. in california, the medicare reimbursement is much lower? >> no, that was a misstatement in the original language put out
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by the examiner today. what i was trying to explain to them is in my area of california, in san diego, medicare pay is roughly $76 for return office visits. medical, the medicaid program, pays $24, and the exchanges are offering payment some place in between those two numbers and some cases pretty close to the medical number. it doesn't take care of the cost to take care of a patient. that's why you have doctors taking care of medicaid patients in california. we can't have the exchanges offering such low rates for patients moving out of the ppo market. >> what will happen then for those californians who find themselves with no choice but to join a program under the exchange? >> well, we're dealing with what's called narrow networking. it's coming about because the physician is making a decision whether or not to participate, and by plans, only contracting with a smaller number of doctors
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for some of the exchange products. if you put enough people in those plans and you don't have enough doctors participating, you end up with a bottleneck, which means you're not doing what this was all about, improving access to care. >> last question for you. cover california claims they have over 60,000 unique physicians available under the cover california plans. do you buy that number? >> i really don't. and we've been trying here at california medical association to understand those numbers. i can tell you in my community, i can't find a specialist yet who is actually signed up with any of these contractors. some of the plans, for instance, blue shield, are accessing us under our ppo contracts when we did not sign up with the exchange. that may be where some of the numbers are coming from. >> all right, doc, stick around. i'm going to come back to you during the break and we're going to fix the throat. coming up, has the mainstream media declared war on republican women? see what one team discovered this week.
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and up next, new evidence that the white house may have a truth problem. the kelly file investigates a major about-face in a story involving a member of president obama's own family. that's right after the break. don't miss this. >> the white house said in 2011, i believe, there was no record of them ever meeting. and now the boston globe is being told by the white house, and i assume you can elaborate here, in fact, they have not only met, but they lived together briefly when the president was in law school. how could you make that kind of mistake? keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money.
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i have a very quick question for you. >> listen, you don't have to get angry with me. i just have a quick question for you. >> no questions, thank you. >> i know you've been in this country a long time. >> they're going to come in. >> okay, i have a distriquick qn for you. >> that was fox's jesse waters tracking down president obama's uncle. outside of boston earlier this year. in 2011, omar obama was arrested for drunk driving. it was discovered at the time he was living in the united states illegally. at the time, the white house claimed that omar and president obama had never met because reporters were inquiring about the relationship. now, they have done a complete
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180. trace gallagher has a "kelly file" investigation. >> in fact, when the president's uncle was arrested for drunk driving in 2011, not only did we first learn he was in the country illegally, but that's when we first learned he was related to the president. he was asked if he would like to make a phone call. he said, i think i'll call the white house. then the white house told the boston globe there was no record at all of the president meeting his uncle omar. then this week in the boston immigration court, omar obama testified not only had he met his nephew, but barack obama even lived with him for a short time. now the white house says there was no deception. they just couldn't find any evidence to support that the president had met his uncle. it's unclear exactly what evidence they were looking for, even though omar obama was mentioned in the president's book, the white house said there was no mention of them ever meeting. today, press secretary jay carney pinpointed the actual
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problem. listen to this. >> nobody had asked him in the past, and the president said he in fact had met omar obama when he moved to came bridge for law school and he stayed with him for a brief period of time until the president's apartment was ready. after that, they saw each other once every few month while he was at cambridge, and then they fell out of touch. >> in case you missed it, jay carney said the problem was nobody ever asked the president if he met his uncle. the white house said the president has not seen his uncle in more than 20 years. uncle omar, by the way, was allowed to remain in this country because of his good moral character. the white house says they did not intervene at all. in that immigration hearing. >> wow, all right, joining us now -- trace, thank you. mark, a fellow at the american enterprise institute and a former sweeform er speechwriter for george b. bush. >> they said no one ever asked
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him, but they start disseminated information without asking him. do you believe it? >> i don't buy it for a second. the president's uncle who is in the country illegally is arrested for dui and said i'm going to call the white house, and nobody goes and tells the president or discusses it with him in any way? no, i don't believe the explanation, but if it was true, it would point to an even worse problem in the white house, which is that nobody brings this president bad information. it's a really hard conversation to walk into the oval office and say to the president, your uncle was arrested for dui. it's also very hard to walk into the oval office and say to the president, the obama care website doesn't work, or to say to the president, you've been telling americans they can keep their insurance, but it's not true. you have to stop. either they're not having those conversations, or they're having him and disseminating false information anyway. either way, there's a chulture that encourages dishonesty. >> if what they're saying is not
9:17 pm
true and they did discuss it with the president, then it's a bald-faced lie. i mean, then if he told them i know him, i'm related to him and i lived with him for a few years before law school, then it was just a bald-faced lie. is it naive to be, you know, saying the white house press office wouldn't tell us bald-faced lies about such matters? >> i hope that it's not a bald-faced lie. then what it means is nobody is telling the president these things. nobody told the president the website doesn't work. nobody told him after he said 30 times you can keep your health care plan, nobody told the problem i president it's not true. nobody is doing their job. it's part of their job to tell the president bad news. >> this is going to get a lot of sto coverage. is it a story sph. >> on its own, it would be a one-day kerfufflkerfuffle, but a series of lies. they lied to the american people
9:18 pm
about benghazi, about obama care, and now they have lied to the american people or misled the american people about the president's family. so you have a pattern of misinformation coming out of this administration at a time when the president, even himself, admits he's fighting to get his credibility back. a majority of americans don't believe him. they say he's not truth worthy or honest. a majority say they think he deliberately lied to the american people when he said you can keep your health plan. if he wants to regain his credibility, this doesn't help. >> didn't come out at exactly the right time. mark, good to see you. >> thank you, feel better. >> thank you. by the way, the doctor wanted to put a video scope up my nose. to take a look at my throat. so we politely declined. and instead, i'm going to have more of these. coming up, has the mainstream media declared war on republican women? up next, we look at what one research team discovered this week. plus, obama care hitting
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> people had to resign this week after a vicious attack on a conservative woman, sarah palin,
9:23 pm
but that resignation did not seem to get a lot of attention. they did a little checking. it turns out when rush limbaugh made a derogatory comment about sandra fluke on the subject of birth control, the mainstream media covered it 32 times in two weeks after the comment was made, yet when martin bashir said on his show that sarah palin was a good candidate for vile disgusting slave punishment, we'll leave it at that, guess how many times the same networks covered that? joining me now, he performed a study, brent, how many times did they cover it? >> it's not hard to count them. it's zero. no coverage whatsoever. it's so bad that you don't want to even say what it was. and i'll tell your audience if you don't know what it was that he said, imagine the most disgusting thing imaginable, and that's what he said should be done to sarah palin. it was 100-fold more serious
9:24 pm
than anything rush limbaugh has ever said about anyone in 30 years on his radio show. and yet 32 stories, which is a tsunami on rush limbaugh, nothing. crickets on martin bashir. >> none of the big three covers the bashir/palin dust up at all. >> they didn't cover it, but they don't cover the ongoing -- there's a real misogyny on the network, when you have chris matthews who will call michelle bachman a zombie, who will call sarah palin an imbecile, who throw out these kind of insults, the media that believe in tolerance, that give us all these lectures about decency, are nowhere to be found, because it's conservative women being attacked. >> is it about conservative women. and i'm going to play devil's advocate, or sarah palin, because she's an alienating figure to many. they figure she gives out as good as she gets. if you're going to enter into
9:25 pm
the arena, you have to take it. >> she's theuber conservative woman. she's the north star for attacks, which is why he would say something. this wasn't an off-the-cuff remark. this was a prepared, produced, set-up piece. it begs the question, not why did martin bashir resign? it took him 19 days to do that. why wasn't he fired the moment he did that? where's comcast's apology to sarah palin and all their viewers who had to under go that? and where are the national media covering this? it's because she's a woman. misogyny is okay if you're a conservative women. racism is okay if you're a conservative black. bigotry is okay if you're a catholic organization. all these things they breach are acceptable if it's their political opposition. >> let me ask you, president
9:26 pm
obama made news talking to chris matthews last night, and talking about the divisiveness in this country. listen to this take on it. >> the american people are good and they're decent, and yes, sometimes we get very divided. partly because our politics and our media. specifically tries to divide them. and splinter them. >> our media. we try to divide the people and splinter them. >> what's happened is some in the media, not very many, but some in the media have concluded this fiasco of obama care is simply indefensible, especially when the man lied dozens of times to the american people, and there are some in the liberal media, some liberals who are saying this has got to be covered. that's his reaction. how dare you? >> you think he's getting ticked off at the negative coverage? >> he's had 100% sycophantic coverage and the wheels are
9:27 pm
coming off everywhere. even his most ardent supporters, some are saying he's gone too far. >> hope you feel better. >> thank you. i got it all, got my tea, got my honey, i got everything. but as it turns out, this problem may be earning me more money, and we're going to explain that to you in about 15 minutes right here. >> coming up, a well known washington whistle blower has new information on what he calls controversial hires from the obama administration. wait until you hear who is now basically going to be enforcing immigration policy in this country. plus, just out for gift givers, the baby chair with the built in ipad holder. it's for infants. is this a good idea? you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay
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and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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a first on "the kelly file." an everyday mom details heart wrenching decisions her family is facing after finding out the cost of her health insurance may rise over 300%. trace spoke with her today. >> her name is julie dalton, and today, she spoke at a congressional field hearing about the american care act. she was emotional, compelling, and congress was listening closely. in 2009, her family dropped health insurance because of cost. int 2011, they decided to take the president at his word, if you have a plan you like, you can keep it. they got a plan and liked it, but as millions of americans have learned, it wasn't
9:32 pm
grandfathered. >> i wasn't aware there was such a thing as a grandfather clause. if we had known that, we would have tried to comply with that. >> her plan she was paying $375 a month for was canceled. her nee plan, $1,180 a month, and $800 plus increase, even though her husband is a dentist, they cannot afford it. then they lunched they qualified for subsidies, but instead of being relieved, she was angry. listen again. >> my husband is a physician, just so we can take a subsidy. that's not what we want. frankly, we find it abhorrent we could spend that much time picking out a plan, only to pay for something that two months ago we were handling just fine. >> doesn't want to pay for anything her kids are going to have to pay for later.
9:33 pm
even with the subsidies that only cover $200 a month. the plan would still be over $900. arizona did extend their individual plan so the daltons get a reprieve until 2015, but then what. listen. >> we don't have any options. my husband and i are now in our middle age. we're going to be needing health care more and more. we've been very blessed up until now. we haven't needed a doctor, but going forward, we will. and now what? >> and now what? at one point in today's hearing, she started to cry, and a congressman said she almost made him cry. >> all right, trace. thank you. a kelly file exclusive. a well known washington whistle blower has a scathing new report about the backgrounds of a bunch of new attorneys just hired to manage immigration litigation for the obama administration.
9:34 pm
jay is a former attorney and a media contributor. chris, good to see you again. so basically, they have hired a whole bunch of new immigration enforcement attorneys at the department of homeland security. why are you concerned? >> well, because they turned to radical open borders organizations. they turned to groups funded by the tide foundation. mexican american legal defense fund, the latino justice, all of these demonstrated organizations with hostility toward immigration law are now the source of dozens of new lawyers inside the department of homeland security. this administration knows that personnel is policy, and if you don't want immigration laws enforced vigorously, go out and hire lawyers who don't like immigration laws. >> can you be specific, name names? >> we do. the article names literally dozens of lawyers with their photographs that we obtained the biographical information for. let's talk about two.
9:35 pm
the first one is jennifer lee. jennifer lee came from an organization that was militantly open borders. and she, when she was there, they published a pamphlet to give to illegals entitled "what to do in the event of a raid." and it gave advice to people who were here illegally how to behave if dhs comes calling. now, jennifer lee is working at dhs, so this organization was haa hostile to dhs is the new source of employees. also an employee named mara we. she came from another organization, worked for the aclu immigrant right project. when she was there, she wrote scathing condemnations of dhs because they were collecting fingerprint information of people they collected at the border. the reason this is important is
9:36 pm
people cycle through. they cross, they get caught, they get sent back. the fingerprints is a radical policy that affects our open borders. >> were the attorneys they hired necessa necessary? did they have vac aenlss that needed to be filled? >> they didn't need to hire this many people. they originally were going to hire a few, and the chief lawyer at the dhs component, a man by the name of steve lagompski, wanted to hire dozens and dozens and got special approval. why this is important is this unit will have the power to effectively suspend immigration laws, that if congress doesn't pass amnesty or comprehensive reform, these new lawyers will have the power to just let everybody in the united states that asks. whether it's asylum or other types of people who overstayed their visa, they can short
9:37 pm
circuit other deportations. >> it's sort of a soft amnesty without the actual deal. how long are these people in office for? do they go when the president goes? >> no, they're permanent civil service jobs. these are government attorneys making between $75,000 and $155,000 a year. the next administration, even if it's republican, is stuck with them. and they can't do anything about it. frankly, they probably wouldn't have the skill set or dputs to do anything anyhow, because they're burrowing in. they know personnel is policy, and they're changing the personnel to change the policy. >> we reached out to the dhs for a comment. they came back and said their hiring standards adhere to long standing stringent protocoled to insure an impartial process, and they said political fews nor inappropriate attitudes are considering in this process. good to see you.
9:38 pm
>> you, too. >> coming up, zero tolerance goes to a new place when a fifth grader gets suspended for shooting an imaginary arrow at a class mate, like this, like the sign for virgo. that's basically getting you suspended now with expungz threatened. >> plus, we're hearing there's a growing change in how men are speaking. how they're talking. you've got to hear this. we have evidence of all the guys on our show last night, including trace and many others. we're going to let you hear it, and we want you to let us know what you think. are you hearing a change? let me know during the break on twitter at megyn kelly. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪
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last year was child's play. this year you're dealing with all experienced killers. >> stay alive. >> well, that was a clip from the snuest installment in the hit series hunger games. there are reports that it's single-handedly boosting interest in archery across the country. now we're hearing a story about a fifth grader suspended and facing paul expulsion for
9:43 pm
playfully firing an imaginary arrow at a class mate. joining me, kelly, rick, and janice, a criminal defense attorney with a few hot topics to get to. it's the sign for virgo, basically. now if you flash it, you get suspended and possibly expelled? >> ridiculous. if we're going to punish this poor kid for pretending to shoot a bow and arrow, let's ticket his parents for parking intheir unicorn in a fire zone. there's no reason for this. the kid is 10. he's 10. we encourage them to use their imagination. >> it's going to go down on his permanent record. >> can i say i'm so grateful i'm not growing up in this age of insanity. i kierly would have been busted for the wonder woman outfit i was rocking.
9:44 pm
i'm lucky i don't have it on my record. >> this kid is facing a possible expulsion. they have not reversed this decision in any way. >> we need to say the name of the principal, and come on. this is a ridiculous idea that you're going to punish someone. you really are punishing someone for imagination. we should be celebrating imagination. we should be celebrating when people want to do something that doesn't have a gun, right? >> he didn't hurt anybody. he didn't even have a weapon. he thought about one and made a motion. that's what it's coming to. let's move on to another story raising eyebrows. this baby seat. i have a 4-month-old who, you know, this is about the size of a 4-month-old here, you're looking at that one. it's called the newborn to toddler activity seat for ipad device by fisher price. this is basically, if you just, i guess, don't want to speak to your child. >> i love it.
9:45 pm
>> why? >> first, i don't want to ban anything. i think it's fantastic that mothers would have something that can be really easy for their child. i mean, what's the difference between this and that little thing that hangs over them and they can play with? it's still interactive. >> go ahead, kelly? >> those of us who are adults are on gadgets and screens way too much and the data seems to confirm that, it's really bad, messing up our sleep patterns, how we communicate with each other. the idea that we should be starting younger, i think we should be using less, not encouraging yuounger kids to us more. and they say for kids under two, that's bad. >> and they don't like tv, either, unless it's 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. but the thing is, when you put the pulley toy in front of your child on the car seat or whatever, he pulls it, hits it, looks at it. maybe he's thinking a little bit about it, then he looks out the
9:46 pm
window and he looks at mommy and hears her voice. this is all like, look at the big, you know, mickey mouse, or whatever. does it take away the opportunity for imagination? >> you know, am i the only non-parent on the panel? in order for me to have a kid, i would need an app for that. i can't really -- i think that we have the technology, so why not have the children use it. >> caring parents are going to use it sparingly, but negligent parents are going to put their kids in front of it. >> some parents need it. >> going back to the first story, imagination is a great thing. actually, i was reading something on the way here that said boredom is good for kids. i thing about the fact i became a writer in part because i was left to my own devices to come up with stories. >> can you not have imagination watching an ipad? >> i think you could have more imagination than with the plush toy. >> how so? >> because it's more interactive.
9:47 pm
much more interesting than a hanging little stuffed animal. >> if i'm in the car with my child and he starts crying, i start singing, not present day, but i do something to interact. my child needs me. this is like, you know, just turn the channel, honey. come on, you're fine. little einsteins, you'll love it. let's move on. there's a study that modern men are starting to up talk. that's the word. that's when you rise in pitch at the end of your sentences. we just went through our show last night and pulled a clip from every man who was on. watch. >> they really know nothing about this law. >> and it's not nearly enough. >> now, can't even build a website. >> so happy they didn't put hand cuffs on you and put you in jail. >> who paid for this study? >> how brilliant was that? what does this like he's starti
9:48 pm
valley girl? >> he's identifying with women way too much. >> you raise a good point. who did this study? university of california san diego linguist amanda richards who presented the finding at the annual meeting of the acoustical society of america. not a member? >> one penny of government spending go into this study? this is ridiculous. >> they need to know, they had to find out because they say it busts the stereotype associated with uptalk, that those who speak with uptalk make statements rather than ask questions. we had that debate last night. >> it's a hot issue in congress right now. >> they're trying to find out if men are losing the authoritativeness in their voice. there was a duke university study that said ceos who speak in lower voices make more money than their counterparts. >> i would agree with that. same goes for women. maybe not today, but you have one of those perfect female
9:49 pm
voices. it's not too pitchy, not too screechy, and i think today is very sexy, but in general, when you're getting sold something, for example, here's when i see it the most. you're getting sold a car, a house, and a man is talking to you as a woman, i see them trying to talk more like they think women talk with the uptalk, and that irritates me to no end. >> this is nice to know versus need to know. >> do you remember when krirsen gillibrand came on the scene and there was talk about her voice and whether it would hinder her career. this does matter, although it's silly. >> those with deeper voices have a distinct advantage over their high-pitched peers. they earn more, and they say lower-pitched voices are linked to dominant behavior, which i couldn't help but think of this little chestnut when i read that. watch this. >> what makes you dominant and me submissive and who died and made you scientist in chief? >> maybe eric was on to
9:50 pm
something. maybe i am dominant because i have a lower voice. thoughts? >> i agree. >> you agree. >> you were in that clip. >> thank you. well, hopefully, it's going to result in a whole bunch money, because the study says it will. panel, thank you. coming up, dramatic developments in an alleged hate crime targeting a biracial football player. you will not believe who the police say is now their prime suspect, and coming up on hannity. >> johana, her last brain surgery was about a month ago, a month today, and while i was in the icu with her, i had been trying to get ahold of the insurance company because i had been hearing rumors to call them. the first phone call, they said it was terminated as of december 31st. that's actually when i left the room crying, called my husband, and then e-mailed you.
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
developments in an alleged hate crime targeting a biracial high school football player. you won't believe who police say is their prime suspect. trace gallagher has that story. >> the football player, isaac phillips not only quit the football team he left school and the family filed a police report saying someone spray painted a racist message on the back of their house saying knights the name of the football team don't need then the "n" word and the family quickly blamed the football players. here's the dad. >> there's two or three bad seeds that is ruining this. that is not the whole team. like i said, it falls on leadership, you know. if you allow certain things to happen, you know, don't be surprised when things escalate. >> even before the
9:55 pm
investigation, the high school took immediate action canceling the remainder of the football season. listen now to the superintendent. >> we have no tolerance for racism in any form. we do everything we can to eliminate it from our schools and our community. >> there was even a town wide vigil against racism the phillips family spoke at. now, the family is suddenly silent after the police chief said the football team was not responsible for race iist graff and then showed up on the phillips doorstep with a warrant. the cops took away four cans of spray paint and said all the evidence led back to the house. the police chief called the mom a strong suspect and now he's calling her a person of interest but court documents say the mom made false statements and then asked the police to stop the investigati investigation, but police say the investigation will go forward. the football season gone forever. >> wow. that is unbelievable.
9:56 pm
pretty harsh result. i have to turn the page to you because i want to give you the chance to respond to this. >> they really know nothing about this law it's not nearly enough. >> now can't even build a website. >> happy they didn't put handcuffs on you and take you to jail. >> now, talking. >> that's how you compel people, how you get your point across, as they'll tell you in journalism school. when i fill in for shepherd, who is the guy with the high voice. >> i wouldn't tell you if i could. see ya. we'll be right back with news on jay leno. choice you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate.
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guess who's going on "the tonight show" monday night. jay leno thinks he's interviewing me but i'm really interviewing him. tweet me your suggestions at y megyn kelly. constituency booby stars. [laughter] >>. >> to be a service to our president. >> they are eager to support their president how. >> they had no where to return until he arrived. >> don't how how. >> is specially the egalitarian system, not to stop the violence.


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