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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 9, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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horton will show us how to do some exercises from the couch. do you have any of those? >> yes. >> like getting up from the couch to do your exercises. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. we're wearing the same outfits, saying the same exact thing. triple threat with heavy snow and rain and ice creating miserable travel conditions from texas up to new england. watch this from normally sunny plano, texas. >> holy moly. bill: holy moly indeed. look at that. good morning, everybody, that is plano, texas. welcome to "america's newsroom" and welcome back. martha: nice to be here on this day, if you don't have to go outside, stay in.
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i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. dallas, thousands of travelers stranded. many were forced to sleep on cots after findings out their flights were grounded. it is so cold -- bill: how cold, is it, heather? >> so cold in the lonestar state planes getting stuck on ice moments after landing on the tarmac. bill: air travel is a mess across the country. 1200 flights canceled today. better than 2800 canceled on sunday. casey stiegel getting a taste, live at dollars fort worth international airport. day four of troubles there continue, casey. >> reporter: they do, bill. the lines are a big improvement from over the weekend. this started last thursday when north texas was hit with a whopper of an ice storm. on friday more than 90% of the total flights canceled. that is affecting thousands an thousands of people. it continues to do so here on this monday morning.
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walk here to take a look. this is what we saw rolled out by airport officials all weaken long. cots. nothing like sleeping at the airport, right? airport hotels filled up quickly. friday we're told 4,000 travelers stayed the night. if they were not on cots but on the ground and chairs using coats for pillows. saturday night, 2,000 overnight at dfw. last night about the 650. listen to this person trying to get to hawaii. >> we had two cots out here and, we have a few blankets and stuff. just trying to sleep as much as we can. >> reporter: dfw airport is a major hub of course for american airlines for example. so you can imagine just the ripple effect that these cancellations had not just here in texas but across the country, bill. bill: no question about that. are things getting better now? are they improving, casey?
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>> reporter: they are but a slow and sure process. cancellations hovering around 714 or so. a big improvement over what folks experienced here over the weekend but here's the issue. the ice storm that impacted this area thursday night and friday, it left things very, very dangerous and very icy and the problem is, the freezing temperatures stayed around all weekend. so this morning we're making it out of the freezing mark. we'll continue to do so into the week. all the junk on the roads and runways and melt and things get back on track. bill: let's hope and soon. casey stiegel thanks, leading coverage out in dallas. heather? >> all over the place from the airports to the roads and a nasty scene playing out across the country. take a look at this 40-car pileup near milwaukee. one man said the dangerous conditions came on fast. >> it was bad. like you could barely see on the road. i was on my phone and next thing
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i knew, i looked up and, just swerving through cars, dodging cars and we ended up in the ditch. >> the police in wisconsin also reporting at least two deadly accidents and other pileups that hurt dozens of people. bill: that storm slammed philadelphia. six inches of snow overnight. a lost roads were covered with ice before and that is the recipe for a mess. passengers and cars cutsing a deadly 50 car pileup. drivers saying getting around today is just impossible down there. >> messy, cold and messy. >> pretty slushy. pretty heavy. people were driving like idiots as usual. >> it's a little wet and messy. but it is winter. >> i stopped here because all these people are stuck. >> we're stuck. >> what about this? the snow making things real interesting at the eagles game in philly yesterday. whiteout conditions making it tough for players to play, fans
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to watch. look at that! die-hard eagles fans though, they toughed it out at the linc covered with ice and snow. that is a real fan. it was worth it at the end. eagles, slipping and sliding with a 30-24 victory over the lions, bill. their fifth trait. bill: you can send us throughout the program twitter pictures if you look @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. she is out today. could be at -- >> heather childers. bill: we'll look at the pictures. >> that game was unreal. i don't know how you play in those conditions. if it was my team i would stay too. so. more and more people finally getting on the obamacare website, another story we're following to sign up for health care there are new reports of what awaits them. new reports people will have to pay thousands of dollars out of their own pocket before their insurance even kicks in. according to "the wall street
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journal" average deductible for an individual was $3600. under obama care care's bronze plan that soars to over $5,000. that is 42% increase. that is the lowest priced coverage on the exchange. stu varney, he is the host of "varney & company" on fox business network. stu, how do you think people are going to react? >> people will say, what did i do to deserve this after all you pay your taxes, work for a living. you've been forced to change your doctor. you've been forced to pay more for inwhich you may or may not need but the second sticker shock which is as you point out, heather, deductibles. the study was done by health pockket incorporated which studies this kind of thing. the federal exchanges, they found out the bronze plan has an average deductible for individuals of $5081. let's point out that is money you've got to shell out from
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your own pocket before insurance coverage kicks in. $5081 for the bronze plan. i don't think that is affordable to a lot of people, heather. >> i thought it was interesting, they were taking a look at say one woman having a baby. if you look at these numbers, it's not covered. they pay all of it out-of-pocket, is that right? >> that's correct. the average cost of having a baby in some states, the states studied was over $6,000. if your deductible is $5081 and more for a family, your birth is not covered. this may result in some, not in terms of having a child, but for other ailments. it may be that people will not go to the doctor because they know they have got to pay for it. pay for the diagnosis. pay for the drugs. pay for treatment. pay for any hospitalization. they may not go to the doctor. that was a fundamental principle of obamacare. health coverage for everybody so people go and get the health
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care that they need. but this sticker shock may stop them from doing precisely that. >> hospitals are saying it will lead to the increase in hospital bad debt. so bad news all around. >> yes. >> thank you, stu. we appreciate it. bill: later this hour we'll look more at this the rising cost of medicaid and why is that so significant for the people signing up for obamacare and well, there's a price to be paid. >> but it's a pr problem. bill: right. karl rove on that. terrifying moments at a holiday parade. we'll tell you what caused this and then what happened next. >> plus, the first comments after an emotional homecoming for an 85-year-old american health hostage in north korea. we'll tell you what he said. bill: after i mention we mentioned that you could keep that doctor. chief architect of obamacare explaining what the president really meant when he said that over and over again. that man, karl rove to analyze this next. >> the president never said you were going to have unlimited choice of any doctor in the country you want to go to.
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>> wait, no. he asked a question. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. did he not say that, sir? y)p)cúb
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heather: welcome back. former san diego mayor bob filner will learn his fate today. remember the 71-year-old facing sentencing on multiple charges that he sexually harassed more than a dozen women during his time in office. well he pleaded guilty back in october. according to a plea agreement filner is expected to get up to three months of home confinement and three years of probation. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor, period. bill: turns out that claim wasn't entirely true after all but the man considered the architect of obamacare defends that statement saying on "fox news sunday", that you can keep your doctor.
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you just have to pay a little more. >> he didn't say you could have unlimited choice. >> it's a simple yes or no question. did he say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? >> yes. if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor you can do that. this is matter of choice. we know in all sorts of places you pay more for certain, for a wider range of choices or wider range of benefits. bill: there is lot more in the interview we'll talk about with karl rove, former chief visor, chief of staff to president george w. bush. fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> we understand why rahm emanuel has a testimony permanent his brother is his doctor. dr. ezekiel manual has the worst bedside manner of any physician i heard of. bill: it went back and forth as it usually does with him. he is a very high energy guy. what did you think of his defense of that claim, karl? >> i thought it was ludicrous. the president said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor period. he didn't say you will have to pay a lot more to keep your doctor unmy plan.
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frankly from the very beginning, one of the principle assumptions of obamacare is, that there are too many choices. that people have too many choices when it comes to ininsurance policies. so let's make them all look-alike. and you have too many choices when it comes to doctors and providers. so let's do thing in the design of the law that necessarily limit the number of providers and number of doctors you will have access to. that necessarily means the president was absolutely lying when he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. bill: full-throated defense, karl. people aren't stupid. wallace said the president guaranteed me i could keep my doctor. emanuel said, if you want to, you can pay for it. >> exactly. you can have anything you want as you come up with the jack for it. look, this is why i'm amazed, first of all they try to defend it. the president stepped back from saying if you like your health care plan you can keep it and apologized. i think that apology was blanket enough it cover this is as well.
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why emanuel continues to try to defend it saying well the president didn't promise you couldn't have unlimited, blah, blah, blah. it was ridiculous defense, not particularly effective. bill: on the political side of this, you said this before. you believe democrats hope that the american voter forgets. >> yeah. but they aren't. they're not going to. let's, scott brown had an interesting post on where he pointed out of the 26 hospitals in the state of new hampshire, 16 of them are not covered under the federal exchange. so you can't go, if you buy insurance through the federal exchange through obamacare exchange, you can't go to 16 of 26 hospitals in the state of new hampshire. there is a study done by, of 18 "u.s. news & world report" top-rated hospitals, 11 of the 18 are only available through one or two carriers. so most of those big hospitals like the cleveland clinic will be inaccessible to most people
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who apply for insurance through the federal exchange. bill: many would argue innovation suffers on that too. >> absolutely. bill: the other thing emanuel argued the reason why obamacare is not caught on because the website was poorly designed and issues with that past two months and some issues continue and sidetracked the possibility of pushing a marketing campaign. watch here. >> no one has launch ad big p.r. campaign to get these people signed up because of problems with the federal website. we're about to launch a big p.r. campaign. that i think will persuade a lot of people. bill: so then the question is, is it a pr issue, karl? >> look, the federal government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars advertising on television the benefits of the affordable care act. interestingly enough, mostly in states with a democrat senator up for election next year. they spent hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to so-called community groups to provide navigators to go about
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helping people sign up for insurance. they have spent an enormous amount of time cultivating hollywood figures with big twitter accounts and facebook pages to advocate this. the president spent years touting benefits of this. if dr. emanuel really thinks the answer is one television ad waiting back there in the ol' closet they're about to spring out and that will get them to 7 million people signed up by end of march or to even five million or six million signed up by december 23rd when the enrollment period ends to guaranty coverage by january 1 he is kidding himself. he is delusional. bill: that is 105 days from now. >> he is delusional. bill: marketing, pr, this thing has been on every website and newspaper and television station for 2 1/2 months. >> you get one chance to create a first impression and affordable care act's first impression created on october 1 was not good. as people have learned more about it, how more enthusiastic do you think they are about it?
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when young people heard more how they will pay a higher premium than they would otherwise or subsidize, it will make them less attractive. people hear about the premiums and deductibles,t less attractive. bill: i want to squeeze in one more point, the other thing argued by emanuel and argued by the president, i know when i got my iphone there were lot of glitches and sent me updates. seems like a poor metaphor. you don't have to buy an iphone. >> you don't have to buy an iphone, if the iphone had a disasterous rollout of obamacare, apple's stock would be buck 44 and the company would be going out of business. this was dreadful implementation, sooner they admit it the better off the credibility with the american people. frankly as opponent of obamacare i hope they keep putting dr. emanuel on television, if they want to engage in p.r. campaign, my advice would be stop letting him go on television to be the face of the program because it ain't attractive face and voice. bill: very interesting, samsung,
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motorola, at&t, verizon, got a lost options. karl, thank you. >> you bet. bill: to viewers at home, we're asking twitter question of the day, is the obama with obamacare just a pr issue? points for creativity, @billhemmer. we'll read some of the tweets a bit later in the program here. 19 past, heather. heather: we'll talk a little more about it as well and we'll talk about the new look for the health care website as president obama urges kids to study computers. calling the irony police, with peter doocy, that is up next. bill: soccer fans going a bit nuts here. things go so out of control, police ended up opening fire. heather: helicopters involved. bill: man, oh, man, it keeps going on too. tell you where this happened in a moment. [shouting] so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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bill: an emotional homecoming for a u.s. veteran held captive in north korea since october. he is 85 years old. merrill newman back on u.s. soil and arriving in san francisco over the weekend. the guy looks booed, doesn't he? he was detained in north korea for a month after boarding a flight for the u.s. he was treated well and was forced to make a phony confession about committing war crimes during the korean war. 85. held captive. heather: there are two weeks left until americans have to sign up for obamacare or face a fine. two weeks. now officials say that they have fixed the site so that it's now working for the majority of americans including launching another updated homepage over the weekend, but the critics say the site is still riddled with problems. peter doocy live in washington
6:24 am
with more. peter, how many consumers are still having problems with the site? >> reporter: heather, right now, it is about one in 10 but for all of october and november that error rate was about one in four, much higher, and much more complicated because that means a quarter of consumers that think they're all set to be covered by january 1st might not be. >> important to note that errors could also encompass a range of things from duplicates to technical information displayed or conveyed improperly, to some not being generated. >> reporter: basically one in four people who think they have enrolled might not be and will face a fine unless they log on and check their status in the next two weeks, heather who knows what you find out when you go to the doctor's office. what is the administration doing to make the site easier for folks that can get on? >> reporter: heather, the big thing people can easily see what their deductible will be right next to their new premiums.
6:25 am
essentially enhancing the window shopping feature at which was not there when they launched on october 1st. it is much easier to find and to use but republicans don't think an upgraded site is going to change people's minds about the law. >> the republican plan is freedom of choice, more choices, not less. obamacare narrows your choices. we're for competition, we're for selling insurance across state lines, above all we're for driving premiums down. >> reporter: and as the administration continues to improve president obama somewhat ironically is now urging young americans to grow up to become computer programmers. >> no one's born a computer scientist but with a little hard work and some math and science just about anyone can become one. this week is your chance to give it a shot. and don't let anyone tell you can't. >> reporter: the president says
6:26 am
programing skills are important for our country's future. heather? heather: as witnessed by the obamacare website rollout. thank you, peter. we appreciate it. bill: here's a question, was it murder or an accident? a newlywed accused pushing her husband over a cliff at one of our more famous national parks. jury selection begins today so the question there is, what is her defense? heather: plus president obama suggesting extending benefits to the long-term unemployed, but, does this actually hurt those who are out of work more than it helps? our panel debates. >> when you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for 99 weeks you're causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy and it really, while it seems good, it actually does a disservice to the people you're trying to help. my customers can shop around--
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see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment optis and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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bill: fox news alert. it is 9:30 in new york. we're watching a story where a gunman barricaded himself inside of a hospital in arizona now surrendering. that man walked into phoenix baptist hospital, 2:00 in the morning pulled out a knife. police took the knife away, he pulled out a gun. locked himself in a room. surrendered a few hours later. luckily in phoenix no one hurt. heather: rand paul throwing cold water on president obama's suggestion of extending unemployment benefits. speaking on "fox news sunday" the republican senator says that
6:31 am
an extension would do more harm than good. >> i do support unemployment benefits for the 26 weeks they're paid for. if you extend it beyond that you do a disservice to these workers. when you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for 99 weeks, you're causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy, and it really, while it seems good, it actually custodies service to the people you're trying to help. i don't doubt the president's motives but black unemployment in america is double white unemployment and it hasn't budged under this president. >> but senator -- >> a lot of african-americans voted for him. i don't think it worked or his policies. heather: let's talk about it, katy pavlich fox news contributor and and steve sigman, global democratic strategist. thanks for joining us. catty, you heard rand paul says it does a disservice to people that are part of this long-term
6:32 am
unemployment group and makes them become part of perpetual unemployed. what do you think? >> i completely agree with senator paul on this aspect because when you have people who essentially get the same amount of money they would be working for, when that gets extended there is no incentive to work. eventually the people get unemployment check rather than looking for a job. we regularly see as soon as unemployment benefits start running people go back into the workforce and get a job. it doesn't do them a service to continue to give the benefits when they should be out of the in the workforce, reiterating his point, when you continue to give them benefits for not working employers get to a point why have you been one unemployment insurance so long and not gone out and been employed in a position? heather: steven, the numbers came out friday, long-term unemployed, that amounts to four million americans and number is unprecedented. >> exactly. i want to know if senator paul
6:33 am
finished that diatribe with a bah or humbug. two million people you are talking about cut off their lifeline to be able to pay their bills and feed their famlist. and, more importantly, the long-term uninsured action benefits the economy. it adds $38 billion to the gdp because of multiplier effect of spending. if it is cut off, estimates say you will lose 300,000 jobs in the economy rather than gaining it. this motion going from a year to, going from half a year to a year or maybe a year-and-a-half create as culture of dependency is just ridiculous. what it creates is a culture of people who can actually pay their bills and until they find a job. heather: what about the cost of extending it, katy? that will amount anywhere to 26 and $27 billion? >> right. i think it is really important to point out before we get into the emotional argument of this the taxpayers, the families who are paying for these unemployment benefits, they're also trying to put food on their
6:34 am
tables. pay their families, excuse me, taxes come out of their paycheck in order to pay for unemployment benefits. unemployment benefits -- excuse me. excuse me. i didn't interrupt you. you. >> you have been going on for quite a while. >> okay. to finish my point, families who are out there working and paying these taxes to pay for these unemployment benefits we have to think about them when it comes to the cost. republicans are asking to offset the cost. we need to keep in mind the unemployment benefits are supposed to be temporary. they're not supposed to be a permanent solution for people to pay their bills and there is no evidence to show that these unemployment benefits benefit the economy. seen study as than. >> katy, you've gone on for a while. >> not really a while. >> each of your pints is wrong. $25 billion offset by $38 billion that is created in the gdp by extending the benefits. you're not talking about -- >> hold on a second. she went on for quite a while.
6:35 am
you're not talking about long-term depend den system talking about a year to a year, sometimes a year-and-a-half. which is somehow 10-year depend den send i or 15-year dependency. time for people to look to the job. heather: that is what i want to talk to you about, talk about creating jobs and less dependency or government. unemployment numberings 7% on friday. what can we do to actually get these people working? >> well, you are getting these people working. you have unemployment has actually gone down every month for the last 36 months. you added private sector jobs for the last four years. you had, adding 200,000 jobs to the economy every month. unemployment rate is down to 7%. so, in fact, the economy is adding jobs and it is exactly why these folks need capacity to be able to look for a job while they can actually pay their bills. and as i said before, if you cut them off now, it will actually
6:36 am
have a negative impact on the jobs picture. but republicans have to, watch out because if they don't do something right now, the jobs picture might actually continue to improve. heather: 1.1 million fewer americans employed then, right before the recession started. katy, last word. what do we get those people jobs and back in the workforce, back generating money for the overall economy. >> to topic at hand we need to stop giving these unemployment benefits because it allows people to continue taking that check rather than going out and getting a job. there are jobs available. >> katy, i thought there were no jobs available. >> there are jobs for people -- okay. i'm going to stop unless you let me finish my point. i didn't interrupt you. i will continue now. need to stop giving people unemployment benefits because incentivizes people to get jobs. there are jobs available people need to take the jobs not staying on the dole while they continued not to be employed and not help in the long run.
6:37 am
>> i'm glad the obama administration is creating jobs. heather: thank you so much for joining us. if they're creating jobs, perhaps people wouldn't be on extended unemployment, steven. round and round. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: rule number one on television, never talk down to woman. as a man, you will never win. it was a weekend of wild wins in the nfl. one of more impressive, the miracle in baltimore. ravens-vikings, five touchdowns in the minute, 125 seconds. here is number four. >> first down. for darrell paterson has it. rookie, is loose. with one man to get past and put as move on! look at paterson go. i don't believe this. touchdown vikings. bill: that is one in the snow. 45 seconds left, minnesota goes deep on a 79-yard touchdown. that would put the vikings on
6:38 am
top, that's it, right? game over? nope. not even close. watch. >> joe flacco, back in the end zone, that is marlon brown for a touchdown! bill: that was for the win. flacco, nine yard pass, back in the end zone, stunning loss for minnesota. that looked like the old bloomington stadium in minnesota in baltimore. 29-26, great finish. tom brady adding to his legend, patriots, trailing browns 12 points, under three minutes left. pats on the 2-yard line. brady connecting with edelman with 61 seconds remaining. patriots for the on sidekickoff. got to do it. go 10 yards, right? got to go 10 yards. a cleveland brown touches it. kyle harrington with the recovery. patriots ball, 40-yard line.
6:39 am
you have to score. that sets the stage for brady, what he does best. a second touchdown pass, in the closing seconds. cleveland had a shot at a field goal. came up just shy. patriots win 27-26. greatest game going in america for a very good reason. that was just sunday. should have seen the action on college level. heather: i love football. you're brady fan? >> add to the legend. how did your team do in new orleans last night? heather: don't want to talk about it. seven 7th straight. on "monday night football", national audience. they lose. still behind my team. bill: want to ask me about my team? heather: i guess i do. bill: bengals win. heather: i want to know if brady had the uggs on at the press conference. bill: maybe gisele did. heather: new warnings that medicaid has become a ticking time bomb that will bankrupt the country all because of,
6:40 am
obamacare. senator john barrasso joins us live to discuss that. plus this. [shouting] bill: supervised riot at a soccer game. this thing went on and on and on. to a point where the police had to open fire. heather: where did this happen? bill: we'll tell you where and how this ended in a moment. abul. wellou can see if a hotel is pet-friendly before y book it and i got great deal without bidding. and where's yoururry friend? i don't ha a cat. save up to 5 during priceline's holidahotel sale. use promo code"holiday" for amazing savings on express deal hotels. now this sale won't last forever so dash on over to express deals. priceline savings without the bidding.
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heather: a wild scene at a soccer match in brazil over the weekend. [shouting] look at that! a violent brawl breaking out among fans of rival teams. things got so out of control police started firing rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. at one point they actually had to bring in a helicopter to airlift an injured man off the field. three fans were hospitalized.
6:44 am
we're told they're expected to be okay. brazil hosting the 2014 world cup and 2016 summer olympics. bill: you know your fans are tough when you have to bring in a helicopter to cool them down. wow. 17 after the hour. new warnings that obamacare is getting more expensive by the day. according to the most recent tally, 1.6 million have signed up for obamacare. of that 1.6 million, 1.4 million are signing up under medicaid. some saying the expanding program will be like a ticking time bomb. wyoming republican senator john barrasso, chairman of the senate republican policy committee and physician from the home state of wyoming. senator, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me, bill. bill: what does that number mean when you're going for medicaid at that high of a rate? >> we know medicaid is very costly and pretty ineffective system to provide health care for some americans.
6:45 am
many physicians don't want to take care of patients on medicaid because the reimbursement from the government is so low and paperwork is so onerous. we know government will be doubling spending on that for 10 years and states, i was in the state legislature in wyoming, we know it is number one cost driver in the state. number one expense. as a result, that is money that states -- bill: hang with in a moment. our apologies. we do this 100 times a day, the link between new york and washington. looks like we just took a mother nature hit there. senator, finish your point. we know what you were saying? >> we know that states are those that have, medicaid is the state's most expensive budget item and so when the states have to pay more for that, there is less money for teachers, for schools, for highways, for public safety and we know that medicate is a very costly and
6:46 am
inefficient and ineffective way to provide health care for people because so many doctors don't want to see those patients. bill: i apologize for the interruption of the was that expected? because medicaid is expensive. >> medicaid is very expensive but they pay doctors very little and the paperwork is so great but that is what the president's goal was is to put more and more americans on medicaid, a broken system that doesn't really provide the quality care that people want. the president has focused on empty coverage instead of quality care. he keeps talking about giving people medicaid cards but like giving somebody a bus ticket when no bus is coming if those people can't actually get quality care which is just one more failure of the obama health care law. bill: does that explain why the premiums are going higher? why the deductibles are going higher? so you get the middle class to pay for the medicaid expansion? >> well that is a big part of
6:47 am
this goal of the president's health care law is to get young, healthy people, to buy much more insurance that they need or want or will ever use to pay for other people's coverage but sure looks like those young people are not going to be signing up because they have seen through what the president is tried to do here. i think all across the country people are being hit with higher premiums, higher deductibles. front page story today in the "wall street journal", that the deductibles on average are much higher, over $5,000 per person if they buy the least expensive of the policies on the exchange, the so-called bronze exchanges. people that are going to do comparative shopping are going to find this health care law that president obama has offered them is not a good deal. many people feel they will be pay more, getting less. i was back in my medical office in wyoming last week. people, patients i talk to are
6:48 am
afraid they're not going to be able to keep their doctor, and doctors are afraid they're not going to be able to keep their patients in spite of the president's promise if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. bill: i imagine there's a lot of anxiety going around about all of that. you mentioned front page story, "wall street journal." "usa today" said federal health carry exchanges when some people are eligible for medicaid when they are clearly not. that can be a shocker for a lot of people when they need care. take the medicaid expansion out a year, five years, 10 years. what is the effect of that, senator? come back to the original question. >> the effect of that is states, which have to bear a big burden of the cost of the medicaid, they're going to have less money for teachers, for schools, for public safety officers, firefighters, police officers. less money for highways to repair potholes all the things that states do because medicaid is going to be their number one cost within that state.
6:49 am
bill: senator, thank you. john barrasso, also a physician, republican from wyoming. thank you for coming on today, sir. we will speak again. >> thank you. heather: well, this was not part of the show. a parade float bursting into flames in front of dozens of spectators. how this happened up next. bill: a woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff going on trial for his murder today.3 wait until you hear the cold way prosecutors say she pushed him to his death. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people
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take care of the things that matter most. join today. [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of true artistry and some of the best offers of the year at the lexus december to remember sales event. thiss the pursuit of perfection.
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so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love, love is strange just another way we put members first. because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ baby... ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ bill: some amazing video out of virginia beach. a float caught fire during a parade there. check it out. flames as high as some nearby buildings. took 10 minutes to put it out. police say a generator in the back of the float's pickup truck is to blame. two people are in the hospital
6:53 am
for smoke inhalation. said to be okay in the end. heather: jury selection getting underway this morning in the trial of a montana newly wed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. 22-year-old jordan graham, claims her husband accidentally fell during a heated argument. prosecutors say she pushed him from behind with both hands. william la jeunesse in the l.a. bureau with more. william, how is the case stacking up? >> reporter: the problem for jordan graham is credibility. prosecutors say that she has zero. she lied about what happened to her husband for several days. then led police right to a murder scene she claimed to know nothing about. seen here leaving court, graham looks like more of a sunday school teacher than the stone cold killer prosecutors say she is. after a week of getting married she allegedly pushed her husband, cody lee johnson off a
6:54 am
cliff in glacier national park she says after an argument. prosecutors say she pushed him in the back, face first, plunging 200 feet to his death. she told police she hadn't seen cody after going to church and dairy queen. police have security camera photo of couple entering the park and their car leaving. cell phone records showing jordan was in the park after her husband's death. she create ad false email address from an imaginary person to cover her tracks. prosecutors, heather, expect the trial to last little more than a week. the jury pool is 150. it is so big because so many people in montanacase and they e can't get a fair trial. heather. heather: that imagine airy person named tony. what do we know about the couple's relationship in general? >> reporter: 39 witnesses prosecutors are calling, more than half are friends of the couple who say this marriage was a disaster waiting to happen and jordan was a loose cannon. even she expressed doubts about
6:55 am
the wedding. the night cody died, jordan said the two argued and after he grabbed her arm, he then fell backwards when she tried to break free, thus an accident, according to the defense, not a murder. jordan is described as immature, socially inept and quiet. cody was very different but he went ahead with the marriage. >> cody was putting everything into the relationship. he put 110% all the time. really weren't quite sure if she felt the same way. >> reporter: now according to the fbi and transcripts jordan told them during an interview and i'm quoting, i think i didn't realize one push would mean you were gone, were going over for sure. not a real good beginning for her but, you know we'll have to see what happens over the course of this trial. heather: we will. we have our legal panel coming up in the second hour to talk a little bit more about it as well. william la jeunesse, live. thank you. bill: picking jury selection in the case.
6:56 am
we'll all watch. president obama blaming big government for the stumbles in the health care rollout, did you hear? what a prominent commentator is saying about the president learning on the job. heather: plus a monday mess as a dangerous storm poundsmillions across the country. >> driving today was terrible. wet everywhere. my car slipped around the road everywhere. just really bad conditions out there.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
in a fox news alert. a tricky commute for folks in the midwest. meteorologists did not see this coming and it's hardly over yet. welcome to a brand-new our of "america's newsroom." we hope that you'll arrive to your destination safely. i am bill hemmer. heather: and i am heather childers in for martha mccallum.
7:00 am
dozens of slippery highways and folks stranded for hours on end in the bitter cold. the highway clearing crew says they argues to the wicked weather. but they are saying that this storm took them by surprise. >> we have prepared for a storm that would be snow first and isolator. heather: we have david lee miller. what does the lookout there right now? reporter: the rain has not stopped, it is 35 degrees, a few degrees above freezing. new york city is doing fairly well. unfortunately, the same cannot be said for much of the northeast and what is happening is that we are seeing the effect of that ice storm that hit texas and it is now moving up the northeast corridor. we have seen a number of chain reaction pileups in philadelphia and there were 8 inches of snow
7:01 am
more than 50 cars, motor stranded, on nearby interstate 78, a series of crashes involving more than two dozen vehicles not far from new york city and greenwich connecticut, it caused a 20 car pileup closing this southbound lane of interstate 95. the weather was so bad that the detroit lions couldn't see the yard markers and they were completely obscured by the snow. season-ticket holders, saying that i have never seen snow like
7:02 am
this. it just kept coming down. and even though the situation has improved considerably, it appears that there is more bad weather on the way. there are many communities that say the worst is now over. heather: there other issues are other issues as well been caused by the storm? >> yes, there have been a series of delays and cancellations throughout the country and at least 1000 flights have been canceled. many taking place in dallas and fort worth and that creates a ripple effect throughout the country and last but not least,.
7:03 am
heather: it's not fun when the snow is covered in all of that ice. and it's cold out there so put a hat on. [laughter] bill: new reaction after president obama blames big government for several issues on the health care rollout. pointing out the ones that he put in charge of overseeing the lot are now part of the. >> the education of this president is a subtracting and moving process as it was this week as he continues with the scent of profound government. bill: brit hume is our political analyst.
7:04 am
>> i got a chuckle out of that. bill: what did you think of that observation? >> the president said something about people blowing their money in las vegas, and then somewhat later he said it again in las vegas is hurting and need the business. and this is why you don't have to be a governor to know and understand and it operates slowly behind this technologically and otherwise.
7:05 am
and no executive experience. so we have gotten to travel within this along the learning curve. bill: there are these agencies that are outdated with the structure of a lot of these agencies, reform is hard to do and a lot of these programs and activities have constituencies and so on and it's hard to change it. and i think most people intuitively understand that in
7:06 am
this is the health and human services program that basically kind of left it alone and didn't put this in overall charge of a for at that time. bill: the hhs or irs, all these things against the government did he say are outdated and faulty but they are adding to it. so what did you think about doctor izzy kewell emmanuel who is in that debate with chris wallace? >> the problem is we haven't had a pr campaign is what he said twice. and i thought it was laughable. you know, he's doing the best he can come and it's not easy to defend this and this is the most touted promise for years and
7:07 am
years and this is what happens with true believers. when the policies they espouse don't work very well, they always think that it's just because the message is right or the pr campaign doesn't work properly or something of that kind. >> every website and newspaper and every television broadcast america is going to talk about that. bill: brit hume alive in washington dc. thank you so much. heather has more. heather: we asked you last hour, is the problem with the law? bill: jamie says in a tweet to us, yes, and chad says no. he said if it was the millions
7:08 am
he spent on promoting it, we would all be clamoring after it and the least of them all was a worry. so definitely keep sending us your e-mails and kept us on twitter. and a brand-new push on capitol hill. key lawmakers on both sides of the iowa to hammer out a deal that could pass by the end of the week. but do not expect any grand bargains. they are looking to avoid another price fix. correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. so mike, what is the latest on an effort to strike his budget deal this week? >> welcome in the house and senate budget chair has been talking and hoping to cut a deal with senate democratic budget chair patty murray and house republican budget chairs patty murphy and paul ryan have been talking about this and they are
7:09 am
trying to find a modest deal in the bottom line is we won't expect it to be a huge deal. and here is a leading senate democrat on what they take with where things stand. >> negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction and they haven't closed the deal. but i hope that as part of it, the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say in their working families across america that are struggling and they need a helping hand. reporter: that is a push of democrats in recent days trying to get unemployment extension involved in this and they are due to run out for 1.3 million americans on december 28. in recognizing there will be a lot of democratic votes to get a deal through, they are adding in unemployment for their constituency. heather: do the republicans agreed at talks are close to a
7:10 am
deal? >> they seem hopeful. they would like to get rid of some of the automatic budget cuts that are going to head defense and the military and democrats are hoping to get rid of some of those automatic cuts that will affect education and medical research. here is a leading senator's take on where things stand. >> we can ship some of the savings from where congress appropriates it every year to part of the two thirds budget that is mandatory spending and keep this in place and not raise taxes, which is important during this week economy and avoid a government shutdown. reporter: congress set a deadline for this coming friday for a deal. but the good news is that we don't run out of money until january 15. heather: i read an article this morning that equated it to cease-fire and not so much a deal at.
7:11 am
bill: any warning that nothing could be further than the truth and we will talk to the leading lawmaker who makes that point today coming out. heather: stay with us. the director of national intelligence, should he face charges? james sensenbrenner is live with us and he says that james clapper should be responsible. bill: and can your computer and laptop watch you and in your home? we will check that out today. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
7:12 am
in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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7:15 am
[cheers] bill: that is an amazing thing to watch. protesters attacking this statue and the president wants closer ties with vladimir putin in moscow. protesters are furious that the government decided last month to ditch a landmark agreement with the european union in favor of closer economic cooperation with moscow. we will continue to watch this story. heather: and james clapper is shown the door and prosecuted for telling a whopper to congress earlier this year. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all for hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly.
7:16 am
heather: the lawmaker calling for prosecution. we have john sensenbrenner with us joining us live. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. heather: clapper has apologized that he did it for the good of the country. is that good enough for you? >> it is definitely not good enough for me. it is a crime to lie to congress and he admitted that he did this and i think that a little bit of a lie as being like a little bit pregnant. a lie is a lie. and the only way that congress can do this properly is with truthful testimony. so that's what's on the books saying that if you lie to congress, and you are one of the original folks putting that together. they use it when they are filing
7:17 am
these request to conduct surveillance. what you think about that? >> that was not the original intent of the patriot act. but the original intent was to the government and the justice department would target a non-u.s. person is part of a investigation and in finding out who that person was in contact with. what they did was turn that definition on its head to grab everyone's phone records and they made a very big case with that in a very small needle was inside of it and it hasn't been effective and i think that it's a violation of the law. we have to balance our security with a respect for civil rights and our constitution, which has made america different. and what the nsa has done with
7:18 am
the administration's concurrence simply does the security route and forgets about the civil liberties and constitutional laws. heather: you put together this freedom act that you see you say is different. how is that? >> it restricts who the nsa can collect information from, specifically the bull collection of records by the nsa. it's as simple as that. heather: you are also calling for civilians to be in charge. what difference do you think that will make? >> the military does a good job, but their job is to protect the security of the united states and forget about the constitutional concerns and i think that having someone without a military background as
7:19 am
well as being a national director of intelligence, that would bring the proper balance in determining what to ask the court to approve and how to go about collecting this information. and i can say thoroughly that we do need to have a properly administered business records law. because that is held by third parties such as communications companies that can be very useful and rather than grabbing records, then finding out what they are up to. heather: congressman, thank you for joining us. bill: senator rand paul saying that he has a fix for bankrupt detroit. >> the problem with the government stimulus is that you
7:20 am
pick the winners and losers. with the stimulus that i'm talking about, you simply leave the money in the hands of those who have earned a. bill: it's an economic freedom zone. it could help cities all across the country. heather: plus, he says that he was on an airplane locked inside looking up all by himself. so how did that happen? >> i thought maybe it was a layover. i wasn't sure. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience.
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7:23 am
speak to a louisiana man on his way to california to visit his sister. a travel delay he did not bargain for. he said that he fell asleep and he woke up on a dark and empty
7:24 am
united flight with the doors locked. >> are called micro friend and she thought i was crazy. and i said that i am locked on a plane. and i said, i am telling you, please call someone to get me off this plane. heather: after waiting more than half an hour, stunned workers came aboard to get them often united said that there was a post flight walk-through and they're not sure how they missed him. so what would you do? at. bill: that's interesting. wasn't it excuse? heather: well, they shouldn't have left him. senator rand paul pushing a new plan to help bankrupt detroit get out of that bankruptcy. he said it's the best way to solve the city's money problems and allow people to keep more of
7:25 am
their money. >> what detroit needs to thrive is not washington's domineering hand but freedom from big government's mastery and to thrive, detroit needs less government and more freedom and less red tape and last punitive taxes and more money left in detroit. and it's simply leaving more money in the hands of those who deserve it. bill: senior economic writer, welcome. what would he do specifically? >> you know, you are right, i love this story and the republicans trying to talk about their ideas for growth and enterprise in higher incomes in inner cities. this is the area the needs of the most. by the way, this is the area good politics and good policy and i view this bill is a resurrection of jack kemp.
7:26 am
one republican is going to cities and say you need less government and more free enterprise and that is exactly what rand paul insane. bill: i bet paul ryan was cut enameled. >> i'm not sure. but the message is pretty simple. after 50 years of big government dominance in big cities like detroit and in new york, you see all of the problems and maybe if they tried a new approach of cutting taxes and getting whatever regulations, you might see a real renaissance in cities like detroit and chicago. bill: let me say what the ideas are. lowering income taxes, lowering the payroll tax of 2%. and then suspending the capital gains tax with later investments. would that solve detroit's problem? >> it would go a long way to
7:27 am
helping. i think that cities like detroit can have a renaissance and i really believe that. but you have such high taxation. especially when you're talking about a 5% tax in detroit. that is down from 35 or 40%. you are talking about a significant incentive for businesses to locate this in detroit or chicago or other major cities and this can be a showcase for how to print businesses and bring him back and what you have unemployment rates sometimes 10 or 20%. bill: what is the political makeup. >> 70%? >> i know that it's over 70%. some of the central cities, i think detroit is one of them and you get 80% of those voters voting republican and here is the problem. people have moved out and you're talking about a bill that 25 or
7:28 am
30 years ago had about 2 billion people and this is capital moving out, families are moving out and the only way to save the city is to bring those families and businesses back and we tried everything else. we tried high taxes and let's give this a chance. heather: still to come, start new warnings that the al qaeda threat is spreading like wildfire after president obama repeatedly said the terror group is on the run. congressman mike mccaul joins us live with his warning. [cheers] [cheers] [cheers] bill: that is history. a 54-yard field goal. it has never been done before.
7:29 am
63 yards previously, tied between for others. but we do not have time, 51 to 28. tom dempsey, where are you? wow. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:35 am
7:36 am
>> when you are looking at northern africa, they are metastasizing thrill out the region and the threats our national security and only be prepared for that. and most important, the american people need to know what the threat level really is. bill: so what do you think? do you think that we have lost sight of that? and if so, as a government or fighting force, do we need to prevent this spiderweb, as you describe come africa and the middle east? >> we need to show more leadership than this includes the house intelligence committee to say exactly the same thing.
7:37 am
and this is the truth about the threat level. these smaller scale attacks are very different and the other thing that i find offensive is things like, you know, fort hood, workplace violence. benghazi was blame it on a video comment this is all an effort to downplay the threat of al qaeda today and claim victory after bin laden and say that we have one and let's focus on this. meanwhile, al qaeda and the threat doesn't see it that way and they were growing with a greater threat today than they were pre-9/11. and we need to be prepared for that of the nation. bill: you said yesterday became greater and not lesser. sir, we will be in contact with you in the near future ♪
7:38 am
♪ heather: presidents presidents past and present on their way to south africa. tomorrow's lamoille service with nelson mandela. president obama, former president george w. bush, jimmy carter, they also plan to attend. a foreign affairs correspondent joins us now in johannesburg, south africa. so the preparations are underway >> it's remarkable. the world is coming together to south africa and that is what a spokesman for the government said today. we have been watching as the dignitaries arrived in this is the former and final home with nelson mandela. as you can imagine, south africa security is gearing up. 11,000 troops and police have been deployed in over 70 heads of state are coming to this country. president obama, 26 congressmen, adding friends and those from
7:39 am
around the world. prince charles all the way to raul castro. they will all be there in johannesburg, not far from the neighborhood where nelson mandela spent so much of his life. tens of thousands of dignitaries and the range of people that will be there at that event and elsewhere, telling us just how huge the reach of this man was. heather: thank you and we will be covering it. bill: a medical emergency on a cruise ship. the daring rescue caught on tape and how this all turned out. also, a woman accused of pushing her new husband over a cliff. herberger trial is now getting underway and our legal panel weighs in. >> he put like 110% all the
7:40 am
time. we weren't sure if she felt the same way.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
bill: we have this video from an emergency medical at sea. an elderly passengers suffered inside the carnival cruise ship victory. the coast guard dispatched a helicopter crew. as you can see, the passenger lifted into a chopper. not clear how he was injured, but this is the same ship or a 6-year-old boy drowned in a pool back in october. good for the coast guard. heather: a cold-blooded killer is what she's been called, but she is saying that it is all an accident. jury selection getting underway for jordan graham, accused of pushing her husband of eight days off of a cliff in glacier national park. keith seldon, criminal defense
7:44 am
attorney. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> as the case is shaping up right now, how did it look to you being a former prosecutor? >> i think that the prosecutor has a lot of evidence and circumstantial evidence. you hear them say that the cover-up is oftentimes worse than the crime. and it makes you question whether or not she would even be facing these serious charges. i read this with the federal court in montana and i think it was spot on when they said that jordan graham engaged in a nine-day campaign to hide her crime from family and friends in law enforcement and her actions, specifically after the incident was not consistent with the grieving widow that lost her husband and more consistent with the consciousness of guilt, with her knowing that she did something wrong and that she was china covered up. she lied about your family and friends and your police and she didn't report it at all and she created a fake e-mail account
7:45 am
and send yourself an e-mail saying that her husband was dead and that the search should be called off. if i'm the prosecutor, i am relying heavily upon them. heather: so how is it even possible to overcome not? no one really knows what happens except for the two people involved and we do know after the fact, everything that anna laid out, she lied about it. so how do you overcome not? >> she did, and that is going to be a problem. but it's not insurmountable. the prosecutors are not exactly clean either. they questioned her for 180 minutes and take only about 25 or 30 minutes to create a nice narrative story. whether what it was intentional or accidental, the person was panicked. once you push that person off the cliff, you go into panic. the reason we notice is that there is not one shred of
7:46 am
evidence to prove intentional murder. this is like the casey in any case where the prosecutor said she either intended on doing it or it was incurable accident and we can't really tell you how that happen either. but jurors have a visceral reaction and there is not an ounce of evidence that shows that she did anything other than lie and panic and she had a dispute and she pushed him and shoved him and he went off the cliff. it's a terrible tragedy and she's a young and immature girl who could not handle it properly. heather: one thing is they were referring to his attitude and behavior as reckless. is that wise? how will the jury relates not? >> i do not believe that that will be relevant at all and i don't think that the jury will
7:47 am
hear much about that. at the end of the day, this woman is claiming self-defense and we know her stories change along the way and she's going to claim self-defense and the only person that can mount that defense is her. if she testifies, she has a lot of explaining to do. it's about her conduct and of any person in that situation, even if you panic, especially if it was an accident, be forthcoming about it as opposed to creating a web of lies and deceit and only coming forward when confronted with a picture showing that she was at glacier national park with her husband the night that he passed away. his character is not going to be relevant and i really think the prosecutors will focus on her conduct and actions to prove circumstantially that she is guilty of first-degree murder. >> thank you. startling new report on who might watch you online.
7:48 am
we will check that out in a moment. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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bill: there are new developments to bring you in the rollout of the affordable care act. new fears over the high deductible that some patients face and also fears that many high-end doctors and hospitals will be left off even the best obamacare policies. an architect of the signature achievements as if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor if you can pay more. and "the new york times" says there is reason to praise the aca as we hear many of the plans
7:52 am
problems are simply because of bad pr. we are covering the coverage and we will have it for you eight minutes from now on the show "happening now." check this out, this story will get your attention. the fbi has the capability to hijack their computer web camera without you ever knowing it. privacy advocates say that they are extremely intrusive. our guest is with me now in studio. lance, how are you doing? >> could. >> we are telling people how to protect themselves. the fbi was looking for a bad guy. >> yes, this is a guy who may have been involved in bomb threats and they are going to make a request to access this guys webcam and this now rare and virus. but the question is whether or not they actually got the okay to do so. this is a record of it.
7:53 am
they have a similarly back in april and i think he was denied. the shocking part is that the fbi figured this out and something bad a lot of security experts did not think was possible to turn on your webcam without turning on the little blue light. so when the webcam was on, it says that i am on. >> sea would argue that they did this legally to get the search warrant from a judge? >> just. >> this guy was a bad character. i don't know if they even caught the guy. >> i don't know either. basically this was one route in which they could track him and analyze what he is doing. >> we want to let the viewers know what they can do. advice number one, disconnect the webcam when not in use. >> it sounds simple. on the laptop it's going to be a little bit harder and you will have to do something other than
7:54 am
that. but by the way, when you run this, it will send a message and say that i want to access this and this is different. bill: let me tell you something, i made this out of a post-it note. it's pretty easy to do. because you will want to use your webcam on occasion. so please don't put tape on it. the reason i say that if you get the residue on the lens and you're going to ruin it. >> see you have do not disturb? don't tread on me? >> we have a little demonstration that says it is so simple to protect yourself. bill: update your firewalls and secure -- install security programs. can you give me a name?
7:55 am
>> it comes from symantec, mcafee, trend micro, any of those, it comes to your e-mail. so if you get a kind of e-mail like that, the security software will say, don't click on that link, that's a bad link in that now where. >> so when using this, enable the security? >> yes, so basically if you have a wifi router and anyone can access it if you don't have security settings enabled. and all of that is it is not code. but its letters and numbers that you have to put in before you can access the wireless network. bill: lands, thank you so much. it's good see you. heather: coming up, it icy dangerous roads from texas to maine and thousands of flights canceled.
7:56 am
some can expect relief coming up. óqoqúúñ@
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ bill: 16 shopping days left? >> i haven't bought one gift. bill: tough get on your horse. they were planning to ask santa for toys this christmas but old st. nick had something better in mind for these children. watch. >> i gave you the magic. see if you can do it. [applause] bill: that is jim coming down the chummy to surprise his three children. >> spent seven months at air force training. home in time for holidays. he is so excited to hold his kids and he will never let them go.
8:00 am
bill: nicely done. welcome home. martha is back tomorrow. get your shopping done, kid. >> i know what about you? have you done yours? bill: i'm almost finished actually. >> i don't believe you. bill: true story. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: start off with a fox news alert. in newton, connecticut, school and police officials are holding a news conference in a few moments taking questions from the media. it is nearly a year since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school and law enforcement officials and officials from the town are getting ahead of what will come. there is no public remembrance they say. they are asking media to stay clear of the town that suffered so freightly on december 14th last year. 20 young children and six educators were murdered that day on december 14th, 2012. this saturday, marks a year since that horrific event. as you can see the news


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