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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 10, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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areas where we have winter weather advise risk. that's across west virginia up into tennessee up into parts of new england. so the corridor will be impacted. that includes washington d.c. and philadelphia and new york city. we're looking at an 2-4 inchesf snow. winter weather advisories posted there. winter storm warning for philadelphia and dc we could be seeing higher accumulations there. in philadelphia forecasting 2-4 inches of snow in washington 4-6 inches of snow. we are looking at millions of people impacted for the morning commute as you head out to work. new york city i think around 10:00 a.m. it will miss the morning commuted for those out there. as the storm system exits at the will see the snow picking up. off of the lake we are seeing accumulations out there over a foot.
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further west take a look feels like 14 below in chicago, in the city of denver 2 below zero. otherwise new york city feels like 31 degrees just right for some snow. >> yes. actually feels seasonably correct. >> what does minus 14 even feel like? >> minus 14, minus 20 what's the difference at that point. >> incredible new video shows how dangerous the snowy and slick roads are. look at these cars in milwaukee. you can see them sliding all over the place crashing into one another. one woman avoided the 30 car pileup thanks to a good samaritan. he was jumping up and down reaving his hands i rolled down the window he kept saying stop, stop. amazingly, no one was injured. rescue teams racing against the clock in the bitter cold to
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find a missing family in nevada. crews worked into the night. an ariel search set to begin today. the four children are 10-year-olds two four-year-olds and a 3-year-old. the couple has been missing since sunday after they went sledding in a remote area of the mountains in northwest nevada. a fox news alert in california. a murder suspect barricaded himself in an apartment holding a woman and a child hostage right now. the situation began shortly after 6:30 last night. swat officers have been talking to the man in hopes of getting him to peacefully surrender. it is still whether the suspect knows the two hostages. the crash hearing set for asian gnaw fight 214 will begin today. the flight crash landed at san francisco airport killing three teens and injuring nearly 200
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passengers. asiana's manager are set to testify. they will focus on pilot awareness emergency response and cabin safety. >> a live look from johannesburg, south africa. the powering rain is not stopping world leaders and south africans from paying tribute to nelson mandela. gregg palkot joins us live from the service there. good morning, greg. >> we have been talking about it for the past hour or so. it hasn't stopped torrential rain. near hurricane style rain and wind but it's not stopping the crowd. i am looking at hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people continuing to pour into that stadium. the stadium holds about 85, 90,000. it should be getting close to that number now.
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included in the crowd are something like 100 heads of state. president obama we are watching for his arrival. he will be there with the first lady along with george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. president obama will be giving a speech as part of the four-hour ceremony that will be taking place here, a memorial to the man nelson mandela who passed away last thursday night. a global icon but certainly a father to this country. during this 4 hour memorial we will be hearing from other world leaders from places like china and india and cuba. we will be hearing from family he members of nelson mandela as well as close friends. this anti apartheid icon has been revered for years now he's being celebrated. we are bound to hear a lot more music and see a lot of dancing. we have been seeing that for the past couple days even despite
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the weather they haven't stopped dampening their pspirits at all. security has been an issue in johannesbu johannesburg. 11,000 troops police officers as well as secret service teams from various nationalities including the united states. so far it has gone off without a hitch if a bit damp. after this nelson mandela's body will be lie in state the dignitaries will be able to sviw it in the morning the rest of the week the public and sunday he will be buried 500 miles from here. today we are waiting for this memorial to start. it will be long, it will be emotional, it will be passionate. one more thing, it will be very, very wet. back to you. >> gregg palkot live for us in south africa. great job this morning. we will continue to check in with you. >> back home here in the united states after the president
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returned from south africa intense pressure mounts about obamacare. first you couldn't keep your plan then your doctor or hospital, and now you can't keep your prescriptions either. kelly wright has more on this story. >> good morning to you. the problems keep surer moupting for the affordable care act. more people who are enrolling in obamacare are now finding out they may not be able to keep their prescriptions. this according to scott gottlieb a senior policy advisor to medicare services. under obamacare americans will likely see a 40 percent increase in co-pays for prescriptions compared to 25 percent with the private sector. you could actually lose your prescription coverage. >> the bigger issue is a formula is a list of the drugs that it covers aren't very long. if the drugs aren't covered you
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are on your own. you have to pay for it entirely out of pocket. the money you stand on the drugs doesn't count against your out of pocket limit or against your deductible. this would cost patients patients who need special drugs a lot of money literally 10's of thousands of dollars a year. >> as these problems continue to sur mount in south carolina lawmakers who are frustrated with the affordable care act are pushing for a vote to end the act the law would not have been passed if the president didn't tell people under the law they could keep their new doctors. >> when you say that to americans they believe it. if you say you can keep your doctor you have to pay more for the coverage the bill would never have passed. >> lawmakers for other states are warning about another problem with
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it is incorrectly determining some people are eligible for medicaid when they are not. usa today reporting the error could lead to scores of people being unable to get their insurance before the december 23rd deadline. heather? >> that is fast approaching. kelly wright joining us live this morning. thank you, kelly. >> 18 current and former members of the los angeles county sheriff's department has been charged with excessive use of force and justice. his office will continue to cooperate with this investigation. >> please know that i respect the criminal justice system and no one is above the law. >> the jail system has been under intense federal scrutiny for 2 and a half years after deputies are accused of abusing inmates. a 25-year-old gun safety law is suspended for ten years hours before it was set to expire. the undetectable firearms act
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requires all gun makers put some type of metal on a gun so they can't get through metal detectors. 3-d printed guns can be smuggled through the metal detectors. >> a democratic representative loses millions of dollars in a massive team. allen grace son is known for thiz colorful commentary on republica republicans. remember when he said this? >> die quickly. that's right the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> new documents show the florida congressman lost $18 million in a scheme that cheated him and 120 other investors out of $25 million. the man has been sentenced to prison. >> they are vaccinating a student to stop type b
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meningitis. 2,000 students received the vaccine on day one that was yesterday. the federal government approved use of a drug that is not typically used in the u.s. because it doesn't fight the b strain. >> a high school gymnastic coach in minnesota accused of tattooing minors without their parent's consent. he contacted police after i was given three tattoos and a tongue piercing inside the coach's home. he told the girl that he was licensed but to still keep it a secret. >> good news for air travelers. lauren, what does it mean?
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>> ugly weather this morning on the roads and the skies. the morning rush will be affected. more than 500 cancellations today we have american, united delta u.s. airwaves and jetblue waiving fees from texas up to new england. congratulations you no longer own general motors. the government selling its remaining stake in the auto maker losing 10 and a half billion on investments. taxes mayors originally shelling out r50 billion to bail out general motors. that is the height of the financial crisis. without that bailout the u.s. would have lost more than a million jobs and it could slip into depression and by the way gm closing at a record high yesterday. a woman locked inside a
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bathroom with no way to escape. >> i also used the leg of the chair to wedge under the door handle and twist, twist repeatedly and that started kind of loosening it. >> it would take a lot more to breaking down the door to escape. the great lengths she had to go to to get out. >> the super bowl experience will be missing. what fans are banned from doing even before the game starts. >> the ceremony getting underway about 15 minutes ago. stay with us.
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>> an indiana teenager a here
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refor helping save children from a icy pond who shot and killed a friend who didn't realize his weapon was loaded. 16-year-old aubrey peters was pronounced dead at a local hospital. witnesses say a hand gun was raised to her chest by a fren and fired. jacob mcdaniel is charged monday with reckless homicide. >> many people on both sides of the aisle reacting to msnbc host's rant about the racest over tones of the word obamacare. >> i want to talk today about a controversial word. it is a word that has been with us for years. like it or not, it's indelibly printed in the pages of american history. a word that was originally intended as derogatory term meant to shame and divide and de mean. the word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man
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to render him inferior and unequal and to diminish his accomplishments. ya'll know the word i am talking about. obamacare. that's right. i said it and i am not ashamed and neither is president observe. -- president obama. >> rudy giuliani responded to the comments on "hannity." >> it is pure propaganda absolutely outrageous and i believe it is racist. i believe what they are doing is racist. obamacare is a neutral way to describe a program that after all is a president's center piece program. we use terms like clintonian, nicks o nixonian, romney care, hilary care. >> giuliani blasting her saying the president himself has used the term obamacare countless times. obamacare likely started from a lobbyist who was simply coining a term based on the existing hillary care. terrifying moments for a dc
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woman who clawed her way out of a bathroom after being locked inside. karen says she was working late. she says she packed up all of her stuff ready to leave but when she went to the rest room first when she tried to get the door -- she tried to get out the door was locked. she couldn't call for help because her cell phone was inside her purse that was at her desk. she tried to get out using a chair inside the bathroom to slam that up against the door nothing worked. >> i autlso used the leg of the chair to wedge under the door handle and twist repeatedly and that started kind of loosening it. my wrists, i know i have contusions on my hands from using the door handle to chisel the wall. >> when she did finally make it out she called her home her husband and her daughter came to pick her up.
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>> time to brew on this. from the tailgating plans it is banned at the super bowl. >> the super bowl committee says there are fewer than 13,000 individual parking spots available. keep the party inside your car. meaning no grills, no coolers or lounge chairs allowed. >> provided you are within the boundaries of a single parking space you will be able to eat or drink right next to your car. >> now car and cab dropoffs are also banned. fans will not be allowed to walk to the stadium. instead shuttle buses will transport people to and fro the stadium. it airs february 22nd. >> do you agee with banning tailgati tailgating? e-mail or send us a message on twitter. we will read them later in the
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show. >> atheists going after the air force again. this time they are taking out a true symbol of christmas. miley cyrus in the spotlight for wild behavior. kathleen sebelius under fire for not doing her job. what do the two women have in common? according to time magazine a lot.
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>> is the ceremony getting underway an hour late. religious leaders are leading
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the crowd in prayer. next family and friends will pay tribute to the late south african president. the entire ceremony is streaming on our web site plus we will have another live report from south africa in about a half an hour. back at home little baby jesus not allowed. they removed a nativity scene set up near the lake on the base. the religious freedom foundation said they were contacted by several airmen who claim they felt emotionally troubled by the sight of mary joseph and the baby jesus. the foundation said since the manager or manger was not set up near a church it was illegal. christmas gifts are delivered to churches all over the country. this is an easy target for thieves to take them because
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they are defendant out in the open. make sure someone signs for your package have it delivered to a nearby shipping center or have neighbors be on the lookout for it and have them pick it up if you are not at home. >> time magazine seeks nominees heavily influencing the past. kathleen sebelius made the list for her work on the rollout of obamacare. texas senator ted cruz filibustered and miley cyrus for constantly grabbing headlines. the president assyria bish char assad amazon founder, pope frances, barack obama, hassan
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rouhani and edward snowden and ee dit windsor. >> you can't keep your health insurance and your doctor now you may be losing your fire department. how obamacare could be putting your home at risk. >> why the tsa does not think this ptoy is a trouble maker.
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>> world leaders, family, friends, thousands of south africans coming together to celebrate the late hero. a live report from the ceremony next. >> the frightening moments slick winter roads prove too much for drivers sending 30 cars slamming into each other. how one woman says she managed to get out of the way. >> he caused controversy for saying this about obamacare. >> die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> allen grace son is in hot water again this time for a multi million dollar scam.
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fox and friends first starts right now. live look righted now from johannesburg south africa. >> earlier charlize theron arrived there she is from south africa. behind her u2 front man bono. paul joins us live from the massive memorial service there. what is the latest? >> heather and ainsley good morning. it is an incredible scene here today. it has been raining almost 24-hours nonstop. that is highly unusual in johannesburg this time of year.
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many say they are giving mandela a blessing. when it rains here it is considered a blessing. there is a huge contrast between the faces of the world leaders who are some der in the traditional guys of mourning and the celebration, the elation, the jubilation of the people, the normal people in the stands here in the stadium who are celebrating the life of nelson mandela. it is highly appropriate this ceremony should be taking place in a stadium. his last public appearance was in this stadium in the 2010 world cup he appeared suddenly down the tunnel unannounced in a golf cart. he gave his customary grain and he gave his customary wave as well. in life he has been here no doubt at all in spirit he has returned here.
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in africa this is the circle of life. back to you ainsley and heather. >> thank you very much. this is in milwaukee you can see them sliding all over the place. one narrowly avoided the 20 car pileup thanks to a good samaritan. >> he was jumping up and down waving his hands. immediately i was in the window what's going on. he kept saying stop, stop. >> amazingly no one was injured. automatic oo automatic -- >> an extreme weather alert. more snow on top of all of the snow and ice by the first storm. >> what is the timetable for this?
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>> we will see snow in the mid atlantic. the video you showed is so incredible the car pileup so dangerous to get out of your car right after a car pileup. hopefully everyone is safe today across the mid atlantic and the northeast as the storm system will be with us after the morning hours during that busy time of the morning in places like dc and philadelphia. so very big cities here. you know you have traffic built up on a normal day when the weather is good now you have to deal with snowfall. give yourself extra time. we could be seeing significant snowfall accumulations out here across some of the areas. the snow at this moment is falling across the state of west virginia western parts of the state of virginia and across western maryland into pennsylvania. we are seeing it quickly on the move out here. we have winter weather advisories stretching from parts of tennessee all of the way up to parts of massachusetts. so eastern or southeastern massachusetts out here including rhode island dc philadelphia and northern parts of virginia.
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as far as the big city the snowfall accumulation it was bumped up for new york city. it was updateed by the national weather service and now we are looking at 3-5 inches possible across the tri-state area locally higher amounts will be possible. in dc 4-6 inches possible and 3-5 possible as well in it philadelphia. this is quite significant out here. the storm system exits the northeast. we will see the lake-effect snow picking up higher amounts possible downwind of the great lakes. it feels like every single day we are telling you this feels like 14 below zero in chicago. 2 below in minneapolis. >> that zero is balmy compared to the 5 below zero. >> yeah, that's for sure. >> if you think you have had to deal with cold temperatures this
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morning you have nothing on an architect kau. they set the weather for the lowest temperature ever. >> 138 below zero. they discovered the record after looking at satellite data from august 2010. the coldest u.s. temperature yesterday was 27 below in yellowstone. >> president obama expected back as more treasure continues to mount about observe care. first you don't keep your plan or your doctor or hospital now you can't keep your prescription either. doug luzader is here to explain. >> we are getting a better idea of how insurance companies may be managing some of the costs. consumers have to keep an eye on the monthly premiums out of pocket deductibles in some cases
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are quite high but also on the cost of medicine. former advisor at the medicaid services says she can no longer turn away six they can choose which medications to cover. >>ing the there is no limit on deductible. the sky is the limit. you have to be careful which plan you pick. >> south carolina is on the verge of passing a law exempting the state from obamacare. congress should give states that option. >> stits should be able to determine whether you want to stay in or out give them a chance to waive out. >> the president attend nelson
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mandela's memorial service today the white house will keep up this daily drum beat defending obamacare. they talked about medicaid. food the focus is on mental healthcare. >> it is just a pr problem, right, doug? is thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> now to a fox news alert in california. a man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend barricaded himself and is now holding a woman and a child hostage. the situation began last night at 6:30. swat officers have been talking to the man in hopes of getting him to peacefully surrender. >> the crash hearings begin today for the asiana flight. flight 214 crash landed at san francisco international airport back in july killing three teenagers and injuring nearly
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200 passengers. two-day hearings will be on awareness emergency response and cabin safety. >> a second in command in california guilty of corruption. now angela's face lies in the hands of a judge. the assistant manager and boss gave himself huge salaries. 554,000 dollars by the end of the sen your. >>al lon grace son is known for his colorful and controversial commentary about republicans. remember when you said this? >> die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> documents show the florida
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congressman lost $18 million in a scheme that cheated him and 120 other investors out of $125 million. >> sarah palin will-bringing the outdoors into your living room. she signed a deal to host a show on the sportsman channel called amazing america. she will travel to celebrate her red, wild and blue lifestyle. the show debuts in april. >> netflix adding to the documentary series it will screen myth behiitt. the film chronicles mitt romney's political journey beginning in 2006 and continues through his concession speech last fall. >> oo turns out we may not be alone. nast sau announced another major
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discovery on mars evidence of a fresh water lake that could support microbial life. >> it lasted for 10's of thousands of years or more. the new finding reinforces the idea that past life on mars was possible. the time now is almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. no shocker here kanye west making controversial comments. wait until you hear what he compared his concerts to. it is a slap in the face for every person who has served our country. >> it doesn't have sugar, it doesn't have calories but diet soda could be ruining your daily beauty routine. a live look at the memorial to nelson mandela in johannesburg, south africa. celebrating the late president the ceremony is underway. you can watch it as tsz streaming live on our web site {off-lin
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>> it's christmastime in new york city. all of the decorations are up and shining bright. the day is starting well where you are waking up. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends first". >> a doctor jailed in pakistan bearing out the frustration with the tribal court system in a letter smuggled out. the doctor worked with the cia on a vaccination ruse which helped confirm bin laden's presence on the compound where he was killed.
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all of this comes as he' waits the december 18th decision. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison amnd it was seen as punishment for helping the united states. >> people can get a lot of information off your cell phones. new documents related by senator ed marquis's office three wireless carriers received 1.1 million requests for law enforcement. he is calling for congressional action to make sure the process is consistent and it is transparent. >> obamacare extinguishing the nation's volunteer fire department. >> it could happen unless congress or the obama administration exempts them with the affordable care act. >> fire officials and lawmakers are raising concerns the fire
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departments across the country could be forced to close due to the requirement of the affordable care act. this is looking at volunteer fire departments. he spoke to fox news about the issue yesterday. he says currently the irs considers volunteer firefighters have spent more than 30 hours on the job as employees for federal tax purposes. that means that towns they volunteer for could be forced to provide health insurance for them if the towns have more than 50 volunteer firefighters or if they are other employees volunteer fire departments would never afford health insurance for the firefighters. the more likely would be for them to close. numerous fire officials echoed the sentiments. edwardman told patriot news his volunteer fire department doesn't have the in unto provide healthcare coverage for firefighters. as for the u.s. trieasury it
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confirmed in a statement he has received volunteer firefighters an other volunteers regarding the volunteer care act. the agency is taking those comments into account as it works for finalizing the law's employers on provisions. >> as always appreciate it. >> it is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up performing live is a part of being a soldier at war. the latest insult to every man and woman who has fought for our country. >> the instructions a mother gave to her child. a 5-year-old. >> brian will figure that out. >> that was the mother i think. very young mother. >> i will tell you what, we have a lot going on. you have a lot going ongoing back and forth, but here's what's on the schedule today.
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fast food workers striking all over the country, right? this morning we find out the fast food workers might not be the workers we thought they were. mallory factor is here live. it is weird for mike rogers massive security risk and allison sweeney is here from the biggest loser. she is not and she will tell us how you can lose weight before the holiday tips. turns out during the holidays you eat a lot. the company hiring seasonal workers and we are playing basketball with shaquille o'neal because he cannot be stopped he claims, but he has not seen elizabeth hasselbeck. i can't wait for that match up.
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>> another live look at the memorial for nelson mandela in johannesburg, south africa. the ceremony getting underway an hour late. right now his grandchildren are paying tribute to the hero. in attendance, four american presidents. president obama will speak in the next hour. we are streaming the entire ceremony. you can watch it live on kanye west will be performing on his tour. it is similar to going to war he says. during an interview he says he puts his life at risk when he's on stage comparing his musical antics to that of a police
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officer or soldier. >> if i slip on my leg, you never know. i think about my family and i'm like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, like war or something. >> lucky for him he won't have to risk his life much longer. his tour ends on december 23. >> this may look like an innocent monkey but not to t.s.a. agents in missouri. the cowboy stock monkey two inch long pistol was found by a t.s.a. agent. agents told the owner of the monkey they would have to confiscate the tiny gun and they would call police. in the end they did not call police but the monkey is still without his pistol. don't take that to the airport. it doesn't have sugar, doesn't have calories but diet soda could be ruining your beauty routine. >> fans banned from tailgating in a parking lot. we want to know what you
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think. your reaction is up next.
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three minutes till the top of the hour. right now a massive memorial is underway for the late south african president obama. four american presidents are there. live coverage on "fox & friends" and on tens of millions of people from washington, d.c. to boston bracing for more snow. this storm expected to drop up to six inches in some areas today. if you're looking to change your travel plans because of the weather you are in luck. many airlines are waiving exchange fees. call your airlines to find out if you're interested. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a basketball game like you have never seen before.
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>> a man remains silent until the tenth point is scored. it is taylor university's annual silent night game. the school has not lost a silent game yet. the bad, this mom accused of sending her child through a doggy door to steal from a neighbor's home. the mom charged with burglary. diet soda doing more harm than good. it can speed up your aging process making you wrinkle imma taoufrplt -- immaturely. time for your responses. do you agree with banning tailgating at the super bowl? >> foul. they will strip away our traditions until we are a people with none. enough is enough. >> i understand the need for safety but no tailgate is too far. >> also on twitter a viewer
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says how can you take away tailgating? that is part of the super bowl. why don't you just take the football away? >> agree. thanks to everyone who responded. it goes hand in hand. we hope you have a great day. >> have a good one. we'll see you tomorrow. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it's tuesday, december 10. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. you are looking live at johannesburg, south africa, where four living united states presidents and almost 100 heads of state are honoring the life of nelson mandela. president obama is set to speak and we will take you there live when it happens. >> speaking of president obama, thanks for the health care. by the way, you may lose your plan now, you may lose your doctor. and you know what? it could get even worse. >> the list of drugs the plans cover in many cases aren't very long. if the drugs aren't covered, you're on your


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