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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 10, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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kevin on facebook a condo or girlfriend coursezdky can satanists build a monument?ç and a no fun league. what the fans tailgating at the biggest game of the year, the
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superç bowl. >> hi, everyone. hope you are having a great day. the first big personnel move at the white house. but get this, no one is getting fired. ed henryç is live with the sto. tell us about the new additions to the staff. >> you mentioned two of them. long time staffer as well calmicalm ç i coming back to the white house. you see a picture of him with the current chief of staff.ç we are told denis mcdonough is goingç to be number one will h listen to that advisor listen to the same inner circle that got
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him into some of this hot water and others here who will be in powerç despite bringing john todpodesta onboard. he is adding people on but not subtracting çanybody. still, will anybody be held a accountable of his botched rollout. >> in the meantime, president leftç south africa. what is the white house saying, he shook the hand of the cuban president for the first time in forever that an american president has @'e that. >> the bottom line is they know that they are going to face criticism for this. they are saying and pushing back look, this was a memorialç service.
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and that the president bumped into him. this wasn't a preplannedç encounter. we appreciate that people from all over the world are anticipating theç ceremony.ç ed henry live at the white house, thank you so much. we want to hear from you. what did you hear about the president's handshake? we'll read your commentsç at t end of the show. it is a key part of obama care. insurers can't turn anyone away. but some may have come up with a
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way around that. they areç offering skimpy drug coverage. joining us now stew bar knee. great to see you. what do we makeç of this now?ç we are talking about other expensive drugs. a study of 600 plans found that these areç scrimping drug benefits. >> the whole point was that we were supposed to help the people that had pre-existing conditions. >> now you are telling me that they are$ it.ç the deductible will not count for it. >> they are up a lot.
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so you may find yourself paying out $5,000, ç$6,000, $7,000. right up front before your insurance kicks in and you are only getting half back for the drugs that you need to stay alive and stable in(ynur condition. let's take a look. benefits tend to be skimpier. and patients with medications higher than ç$15,000 a month could pay out of pocket costs of up to $5,000 a month. 2014 is going to be aç cascary year. >> very scary year and uncertain for a lot of people. because you can't find out certainly not easily which drugs areç covered. >> there is no list.
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how do you know? how many people can dig through the fine print and when you get to the end of it there is no list so you don't know whatç y are getting. according to this report, new medicines wouldn't be on any list. it is not going to be covered if they come up with a cure for ç canc cancer. budget, the deadline is coming up this friday. there is expected to be a budget deal hand shake today.ç hand shake deal which will create financing plan, government spending and taxing plan for the next year. it is a hand shake deal it does nothing to resolveç the basic problems in which we are facing. it does not tackle tax reform and does not to reduce the debtç
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i think the public is so angry at congress we don't want another shut down. they are saying we hear you. we will do this instead. >> it is like being onç the sp cycle in the dryer. you keep going around and around and seemingly nothing gets done. >> all right. is it still 9:20? >>d9:20 it is. >> thank you. >> well, winter boulevard round two. if you felt it? and it is not officially winter yet. triggering caíc11q%=9m and big delays at major airports. david lee miller live now. i see you still have my favorite hat on today. >> thank you.ç it is not a fashion statement throw. it is an expression of
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practicality. it is still cold out here.ç @&% snow plows are ready for action this hour. one little problem, there's no accumulation. here in new york city take a look here at times square andç you can see for the most part business as usual. light snow coming down but no snow on the ground. the governor has activated the state emergencyç operation s center, the suburbs are going to be faring not as well as new york city. the northeast corridor deelg with quite a çmess. philadelphia very hard hit. philly has another six inches of new snow. kids in delaware, mid mid, west virginia, kentucky andç tennese have the day off thanks to
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mother nature. in washington, knowledge emergency federal workers didn't have to go into theç office. new england is expecting up to four inches of snow and the state police in kentucky say, so far thereve beenç 80 traffic related accidents. but the hardest hit airportsç laguardia, and newark. gretchen? >> all right. i don't know about you, they never cancelledç school. ti f thank you for the report. >> police in baltimore investigating a train accident. earlier this morning train ç
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accident. police will determine whether the icy storm played a role. new"f11 out from the botched obama care roll out. we are live for you at the white house. the impact they will have on the president's second term agenda. plusç a snow ball fight gets out-of-control at a college. the person in the far was a teacher. remember çfestivus? our panel is going to get heated up about that. tweet me.
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unbelievable rescue in iowaç one man hung on for an hour until crews arrived. that workerç suffered only nin or injuries.ç administration hires john podesta who will be a counselor to president obama.ç white house bringing back aid to
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help. are they fixing things are ramping up politics. >> chris, i'm letting youç sta today. which one is it? well these guys are political hackett men. that is virgil çsolatso being brought into rough up the enemies.ç they are looking out for their own self interests and txe midtermç elections. they brought in two men who are going to turn up the heat here in washington between republican ares and democrats but not do anything for us. >> speaking of aç hatchet.
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what happened to somebody getting the axe for the botched roll out and the other problems that we are seeing. >> i actually tiynk there will be heads that roll. i think that jay carney eluded to that about a week or week and a half ago. but chris, tony sopranoç has n been brought in. there are two sides of this. politics and policy. that has to be fixed for the sakeç of the legislation and t american people. the messaging and the democrats have a right too and i think the president has a responsibility to fight back aéd say here are the good stories and did not get kicked out of their insurance plan. >> the one thing i know is that
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i hopeç both these guys have r the health care bill. >> not a chance nobody has read it. >> i have to move onto this. a pollç released this morning shows guess how much the voters in new jersey think governor is doing a good job? there it is 65% in a blue state. chris are you surprisedç and a there lessons to be learned here or the midterms for that matter? >> i think chris christie is a great governor of the state of éew jersey and he has good values that he is bringing to the process up there. he is about lowering taxes and keeping taxes low. he is going after education who in new jerseyç or any place el doesn't agree needs to be ramps
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up. and keeping texas down. more of us keeping more of our money. >>ç conservatives don't love h for a variety of reason ares. the questions that i asked chris too, do conservatives have something toç learn? >> i have to say, i have always said that chris christie is the one that i'm most concerned about regardless of who is on thatç platform with a d on the chest. we saw with romney even though he was a mormon and a lot of the more christian conservatives im, at the end of the day you have a democrat and a republican they will put their support to chris christie. but i think he has great appeal in new jersey and heç should.
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i'm not sure they go dgoing to transcend on a national level. i think he will have some problem with the gay vote which is a vastç growing politicaly force in america. >> and it is all about the beginning of the race called the primaries as well. >> right now a plan to end obama careç completely in south carolina? >> republican state senator davis trying to fast track a bill that would make it illegal to implement theç health care w and give tax breaks to residents. it is a desperate race against time. >> it is darn cold out çhere. we are putting everything it is the needle in the haystack. >> family missing in the
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wilderness for three diyr. we will have a live update. >> the new obama care rules that could torch volunteer fire departmentç me departments. he says this could go under we want to hear from you? what do you think about obama care forcing fire departmentçs should they be forced to comply or pay a fine? how will they survive. we'll be right back.
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ç85-year-old newman said tt he was forced to admit that he committed hostile acts during the korean more. but said heç emphasized the wos so that everyone knew that it was staged. he said that statement was his ticket toç freedom. couple to their family for a tripç to the mountains. no one has heard from them since sunday. >> listen to what this family is up against. remote and ruggedç mountains. temperatures overnight ten
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degrees below zero. sunday was minus 16 and no evidence that they have survival training. they were goingç out to play i the snow. that would mean no extra food or water sleeping bags or blankets. it representsç 7 steep canyonsn a popular hiking area. elevation 7,000 feet. along with theç fixed wing airpla airplanes. the good news is that searchers hope to see the black roof to stand out against the white snow. maybe they would be able to hi theç rescue planes with one of the jeep's mirors. >> the temperatures out here are very cold. and we would like to bring a
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successful end to this. we would likeç to find them ju as soon as we can. >> our best choice right now is to hit this at heavy as we can with çaircraft. >> a rancher did see the family car mid afternoon on sunday. best case is that the family is huddled together in the jeep.ç these children are 10, 3 and 4 years old. they have are less muscle mass. at this time they have likely been out of the heat for 36ç hours and temperatures never above freezing. back to you. >> we will hope for the best. >> college football player in hot water after being involved withç this fight on campus. we'll tell you what he did to get benched. >> and another fight over this
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monument over the ten commandments. wait until you hear what it is. it has to doç with the devil. our faith panel coming up. i think there will be a fiery exchange between these gentlemen today. ♪ i've been aroundç for many a long year stole many a man's soul ♪
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secretary of state kerry, delicate,ç diplomatic effort t roll back their nuclear program. this provides iran with a limited and temporary and reversible relief. it isç reversible at any time the process. if iran fails to meet it's commitments we will revoke it's relief. ÷yñ george zimmerman's girlfried said she doesn't want to charge him withç assault. patricia milet was the first to come up with a vote. european foodç safety
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authority says the sweetener used in diet 32sodas is safe. satanic;hmonument, movemen too that may include a display for children could go up next to the ten commandments. state government broughtç this upon itself. putting it up in the first place makes it a satanic statement. i hope iç got that right. founder of this world the values network. all right you have the toughest name. starting with you. you kidding me now? are we makingç a mockery of everything? really? >> if they can find one satanic
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worshipper than thatç dates ba to one. this is ridiculous. it demeans america. now we are going to start worshipping satan? >> theç united states worships god it doesn't impose the worship of god. separation of church and state, we don't force god on people. >> you have to agree do youç n? this is a mockery andw= ridiculous. absolutely. it is a separation of church and state which is what makes america great. you may not like the çsatanist guess what, that doesn't matter. i don't care. you think it is fine to put a message up there. >> sit not okayç to put any oft up there. >> yes, satan.
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do you believe in this in visible man too. >> whether or not i believe in it, that doesn'tç teach me to perpetrate genocide or slaughter people. >> you don't know what it is. >> itte is like they went to th craziest group that they could findç to find somebody to go u against the ten commandments. is this how pc we have gotten in our society? >> it is aç historical monumen. if they want to have their little monument, it is conditioned on time, place and matter. it is the wrong time and the wrong place. >> what is the right time and the right place? >>ç maybe in july. but not at this time of the year. >> quite frankly this country was not based on satan. >> i thought it wasç based on
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>> they can have it. here is the point. you are getting desperate. it is one thing to say we oppose the tenç commandments and we l the courts sort it out but to be reduced to satan wore chip? >> sorry, you may wish it were, but it is noç lower than your religions. >> remember this moment? >> christmas went to buy a doll for my son. i reached forç the last one th had. but so did another man. i realized there had to be another way. it was destroyed but out of ta] a new holiday was born. afestivus for the rest of us. >> the episode.
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explaining the originç of fake holiday. a six foot poll made of empty beer cans. it is part of a protest against aç nativity scene on display there. why do i have to drive around it is çnuts. >> remember a couple of years ago they said they could not want the saint patty's day parade. weç don't want to have the cla out there on martin luther king day and we shouldn't have people out there readyç to bash krish
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yanity. >> but i will say that i have no problem if they want to have a rationale display and argue for logic. because i think that faith has to be dal anbalanced with reaso. but why with beef canrç cans. >> david, why is it always on december 25th, if yyou did it i july no one would care. >> the season doesn't belongç christianity. they stole the season from the s solctice. >> he don't even believe that. >> and now you are going;háo recite the bible to me? >> i can prove it to you. >> if you bought it from satan it would be more believable. >> that is a mu head line for me.ç
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somehow christians stole christmas from the atheists. >> there is no wrong way to celebrate the season it belongs to all of us. i say it is better without religion.ç dump the church you don't like it anyway. happy festivus for all of us. >> it is a fake holiday. i have to wrap it there. >> i don't quote from ;÷satanç you quote from the bible. >> volunteer firefighters could incur a lot of hurt because of obama care. next talking toç one chief tha could force firehouses to close. huge story folks. >> kanye west. who he is comparing his rough life to well.ç ♪ east coast to mine ♪ i get to shine and throw your hands up in the sky ♪
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time to tell you what america is clicking on today evenç the smallest boo boo cane a threat. >> if i slipped and my leg happens, i think about my family wow, this is like being a police officer or something at warç o something. like war really kanye? i stubbed toe going to war. and netflexç premiering in 0d&% mid-january. la chain umami burger. $65 made with fancy beef, shaved truffles andç for an extra $10 you can top it with faux çgaux.
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in pennsylvania alone 95% of fire departments are volunteer and mostly volunteer. joining me now ed çmann, pennsylvania's state fire commissioner. i went to your website, in 2012 you responded to 140 calls with [age of 7 people per call. you sayç look. >> the affordable care act could ceasely put volunteer fire companies in a position where they will have to take theirç hard earned money and contribute
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towards the health care and when volunteer fire companies already struggle with theç dollars the need to pay for equipment, we don't need the adiditional expense. >> you saved this nation ç$140 billion a year because you want to go out and help other americans and fight fires. if you have to start paying for( >> there isç no way that they would be able to come up with it. a lot of theo+ volunteer fire companies struggle with it. they would have to purchase the
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necessaryç equipment on top of the debt that they may have for the equipment that they are using. the additional costs will force some of them to haveç to quit providing service. they will have to ask the local governme governments to raise taxes on the local çtaxpayers. you will looking to spend $86,000 for your new protective clothing. you ne is that why you have auctijpj like the one that you have posted on your website? >> that is one of the reasons why we did the auction. even though we were going to even thohe matchere going to to go for the grant funds to make sure that we had the funds we did the auction.
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>> i'm not sure if you have paid attention to every detail,ç bu there were waivers that were granted to big corporations and unions along the way. when we had on congressman, he had reached out to the çirs to try to figure out where the fire departments are going to stand and he had no concrete answer as of yet. i can tell you that in septembq the congressional fire services institute the volunteer firemen's council have sent letters toç the irs asking for someone to clarify the language and as of last weekç none have received an answer ljyet.
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the only part that is free is the labor. what happens to the safety of millions of americans ifç we don't have volunteer fire departments. the question becomes when you have a fire or emergency fire departments do more than respond to fireç calls. you have other types of incidents in your community and in many places across the country it is the volunteerç fe service that responds when you call 911. >> seems like alz$ huge mess an huge problem. who would ever think that be linked to obama care. >> thank you for your time. i hope for the best. >> you can tweet me orç go to
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facebook page. >> the possible charges on a college campus next. >> theç cherished american pas time that won't be welcomed at this year's super bowl. ♪ç and that is the best time
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... ... ... ...q
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watch this college snowball fight. a little out of hand when students attack cars. now a star football player on thin ice. trace gal her has theç latest. it's amazing video, what is going to happen and who war the pummeling? >> reporter: happened at thez university of oregon to ducks
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throwing snowballs. theç football prior is the starting tight end. you have hundreds of students and they'reç pelleting cars wih snowballs, and a guy has a big blue market, and afterç pelt te cars, you say brown come in with his bucket and decide that snowballs are not enough. he dumped, he dumps the bucket or the bin, and then this guy, the second video, this is a former professor,ç and that's farrell brown dumping him in the face with a bucket full of snow. the professor walks out and confronts the students and says he's not going to file charges, but as you ]i!q imagine, farrell brown is in a little bit trouble because of that,
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gretchen. >> what are the chances the car your pummeling is a professor. so the player has now apologized orç what? >> he apologized. he acknowledges that he took his actions too far, issuing a statement saying, and i'm quoting here, was one of the many uo students involved in the snowball fight on friday e" actions escalated to an inappropriate health and i apologize. we never should have engaged innocent people and i deeply regret my actions and will accept the consequences. now he willç not be allowed to play in the pal alamo bowl. that's a huge hit other. players are being disciplined. theç student newspaper says wht the big deal? a snowball fight. he threw some snow on somebody, but really, should he be kicked out of the bowl game because of that? >> it's controversial and that's a huge dealç after you work so
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hard all season long, no alamo bowl. >> thank you for the story. >> meantime, football fans gearing up for the super bowl. yay! but the tickets getting ready to brave the cold airç in the open hear met life stadium in new jersey. but new could cut back on traditional pregame parties. organizers say they can't do much tailgating. julie has theç details. new rules. what is a football game without the tailgating. >> you can but you have to think small. the grilling there? not allowed. the dos andç don'ts ol' tailgating at the super bowl. you can't eat or drink inside your car. the don'ts? don't try to have fun outside your single parking space, and you got a lounge chair, don't think ofç sitting in it. >> can't take out a lounge chair, not be able to have a grill, and you're not going to be able to take up more than one
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parking space, and all be watched very carefully. >> now, ofç course, the no-gril rule is a super bowl standard but usually tailgaters are allowed to spread out. not this year. and even if you have dropped thousands of dollars on tickets, it doesn't mean you can take a limo orç taxi to the gate. in fact without a parking pass, car doesn't get near the stadium, and you can't walk in either. there will be a reduced number of parking spots as more than half of$ the 28,000 spaces willç be taken by security and television equipment, which leaves only 13,000 parking spots for the use of fans. so, it's going to be a nightmare parking at the stadium. >> i can't think of anything worse than eating a hot doh inside my car with my can is screaming in the backseat. it's not officially banned. what you're saying it has to be within that -- >> it's very contained to your single space. in fact, theç nfl vice-presidet of events says, contrary to reports, there is no ban on
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tailgating at super bowl xlviii, just can't bring grills or take up an empty parking space. you canç take public transportation for $51 to get there. i ain't cheap to go to the super bowl. >> thank you for explaining it all. big surprise was waiting for some airline passengers. started with something they did right before theç took off. you won't believe who was behind it. next.
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>> here's an airline that made its passengers' christmas wishes come true. a santa asked theç passengers before they left what they wantedded for christmas. >> a choo-choo train. >> new socks and underwear. >> a tablet from and5y >> then santa's little elveses were racing around to getç the gifts so once the folks landed
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the presents were waiting for them at baggage cliff. are you serious? a p.r. stunt by west jet, a canadian qi  carrier. now breaking news on the nevada story. >> the breaks news begins at 3:00 from the fox news deck. a story we have been covering all day long, rescue teams have been searching in the bitter cold again today.ç new snow is -- searching all day in the snow, racing to find a couple and four children missing on the remote mountains of northwest nevada. take a look at our ribbon here. let's get to it.ç >> good afternoon to you. we have breaking news that's just been coming into us in the last few minutes, and first from fox at 3:00, onç this story we have been covering, rescue teams have been searching again today racing to find a couple and four children missing in a remote


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