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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> you should see what happens when i bring out the bubbles here. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. a budget deal on capitol hill. house budget committee chair paul ryan and senate budget committee chair patty murray hammering out the two-year agreement. if passed, it would avoid a government shutdown on january 15th. in just a few minutes congressman paul ryan will be here to go "on the record." right now there is a doctor in the house but not for long. obamacare is trampling all over him, how? family doctor joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening to you. >> let me start first with a copy of the ad you put in the newspaper saying that you are shutting down your business why did you put that ad out?
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why are you shutting down your business. >> okay. closer to the end of the more i realized obamacare is to have electronic medical records and electronic prescribing. i felt this was too much of a financial burden for my office to obtain. this i had to close down my office legitimately. give about a 30 day notice to my patients throughout the community. that's why i put the ad in the paper. i thought some papers might want to know why. i put through the article obamacare. >> in fact, the top of it says due to the policies of obamacare in black and white it says that. now, the cost of doing the technology upgrade as i understand it is what has convinced you to get out of the business. but there is a provision in the obamacare where you can get some money down the road to reimburse you for the technology upgrades. is this something you just don't want to make yourself available to or doesn't work
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for you. >> yes, but you get the money on the back end. so your computer has to follow a principle that all physicians know is meaningful use on your computer, which means you have to go through different tiers. tiers of acceptance. there are hundreds of requirements in obama care where your computer has to follow in order to receive the reimbursement three two to three years down the road. in other words, you have to put outline the full expense up front to invest in your computer equipment. and then later, two to three years later, if it follows the fees of the computer obamacare then they will reimburse you for that if the program is still around. >> i did some research on somerset, kentucky a population of a little over 11,000. you have been in practice for a number of years. how many patients, will about, do you have and have they responded to the fact that you are closing down? what have they said to you that you are closing down your practice? >> yes. out of approximately 4,000 patients right now. a very busy month. they are quite upset about
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this i'm closing my practice down. but they are understanding. >> if it weren't for obamacare, would you stay in business for a number of years or are you ready to sort of move on in your career? 15,000. but the county is around 40,000. so that's the number of doctors inç the area. do other doctors feel the same way about obamacare that onerous and difficult
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to practice? >> i think they feel that way. most of them, though, haveç already made a commitment to invest in commitment. inlike electronic medical equipment. and across the nation. if you stay in practice, you have to switch over to electronic medical records. there is no exception to theç rules. >> right now you do all your records just by paper, right? that's how you keep your records? >> that is correct. it's all paper records that i have and i still use that and just prescription pads. and both of those will be comingç down. all the paper records have to be put on the computer. all prescription pads have to be done by electronic directly to the pharmacies. >> i take it that has the -- has the papers worked well for you your patientsç and your community, at least as far as you know? >> yes, it has. it's worked very well. we have not had any problems or complications. so, as i say, i am not in a position -- too much of an obstacle for meç to overcome to have to get into electronic medical records at this time in my life. >> doctor, thank you, sir.
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>> thank you very much. >> and, indeed, it is true that doctors and patients are feeling the pinch fromç obama characterization at least some of them. access to hospitals, access to medications, americans are facing all kinds of uncertainty about their healthcare and healthcare providers are getting the squeeze. joining us to help sort this out is dr. benç carson. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> dr. carson, when you hear about this doctor in somerset, kentucky, 11, 12,000 person community.ç 40,000 community. are you surprised he is getting out oof the business? >> i'm not surprised. my heart really goes out to him because i talk to doctors all over the country constantly who are facing similar situation. and, you know,ç it costs a lot of money in order to upgrade to an electronic system. and even more concerning than that to me is the fact that you put all of this
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electronic forum accessible to people you don't want it to be accessible to. it has been publicized that the site is insecure and can can be easily hacked. do you want all of thisç sensitive information all over the place? some of the kinds of questions that are asked by doctors, very sensitive. it's required. you have to do all these check marks on the electronic medical record. the only way you can escape that is if you pay cashç and request the doctor not to include certain information. and most people are not going to do that. one of the reasons that private practice is disappearing is because all of these differentç costs and requirements have so onerous you need to be under the umbrella of a hospital or big medical systemç in order to be able to do that we are making doctors into government employees. >> cedar sinai, sloan kettering, they have all been removed from insurance
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networks. so i don't know where they're going to get the money or theç patients if all the doctors have to more over to all these bigger institutions. there is a situation where these institutions have to be able to make money it's true andvery difficult. having spent my life in academic medicine. each as a practitioner working for a university. you are still responsible for the cost of your administrative, staff, and for all other expenses.ç your office space. everything you had to pay for pay for lab tore out of money you generated. all these prestigiousc: institutions with world class physicians are going to be hurting. they are going to be looking for money. it's being parceled out to them. if they do this, and if it they do that, so, basically, tightening thes nooses of control around them. you jump through this hoop and i will give you some money. you know, i don't know how this ever happened to usç i'm
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not giving up. i think there is a very good chance that we can reverse this and start doing things the way we have done them in the past and bring back free enterprise and bring back the kind of competition that creates excellence andç innovation. >> you say that you are optimistic it can be reversed. how do you think or suggest or propose that it will be reversed? ducate theç american populace. they have understand what is happening here. we need to talk about the history not only this country but other countries that were free and thenç changed into something else. what were the things that happened. if we can get people to the point where they're as excited about this as who won the game on sunday, i think we will be able to make the kind of changes that we need to make. i see that happening all over thdç country. i'm actually kind of
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optimistic. >> dr. carson, thank you, sir. >> always a pleasure, greta. it's not just doctors and consumers, even some insurance agents say enough is enough. they are fedp with insurance broker who is also a democratic lawmaker is here to tell you why. that's coming up. also, house budget committee chair paul ryan is here. he will go "on the record" about the new budget deal that was justç agreed upon. i want to talk to you about something. i want to talk to you off the record. i will do it after the break. about president obama's handshake with cuba's castro. that's next. ç
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okay, let's go off-the-record for just a minute. first, it is so flicked, one of those topics with no perfect answer but with lots of heated debate. president obama shook hands with cuba's raoul castro at mandela's memorial service. and that handshake, well, now it's the en' pay center of the new controversy. was the president wrong to do it or was heç right? one thing certain one thing to judge this is whether you like president obama or don't like him. if you are a big fan of president obama and agree with his policies, don't just knee jerk decide it was a great idea to shake the hand. likewise, if you are not a you think his policies are dismal. don't just knee jerk decide he was wrong to shake his hand. here is the way to judge it. first, take a deep breath, sit back and consider.4j4(p&c@
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yes, cuba is a communist country and communist countries are terrible place to leave. fidel castro stole property. they fled for their lives. that's horrible. over the decades he has been in power, fidel castro has done evenç worse. and let's not forget that right now fidel castro and raoul castro are holding american allen gross. he has been imprisoned in cuba since 2009. we want our fellow american back and we want him back right now. but, on theç flip side, and this is where it gets difficult for many, this was memorial service involving international figure, a man who was about transcending differences and bitterness, and this controversy has an element of manners associated with it and m @&c @&@ president obama went down the line shaking hands, and skipped castro, you know the story would have been all about president obama. and likely many would have jumped him claiming weighs making this mandela memorial all about himself. that would be aç lousy thing to do at a memorial. yes, it is complicated and if you are looking for reasons to criticize in any complicated situation you
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can find them. but the bottom line, shaking hands or not shaking hands was an absolutwly no-win situation for our president. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record go to and tell us about it and well, the frustration!ys building and not just you the consumer or hospital or doctors fed up with the obamacare web site. many insurance agents are too. richard stark is one of them. is he a democratic florida state representative. he joins us. good evening, sir.ç >> well, good evening, how are you today? >> i'm very well. so, tell me, what is it as insurance agency that you object to or don't like about >> well, i don'tç object to i understand the purpose for it but the rollout has been rocky. and the way that people, the masses were going to be enrolled was by hiringç navigators and application assisters in many parts of the country to enroll
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people. but, it's not been working well and insurance agents were not asked to play a prominent role in this to begin with just inç the state of florida, there is about 100,000 insurance agents alone. we're professionally trained. we understand how health insurance works. and i would like to seat administration aggressively work with insurance agents to get theç affordable care act rolling along. >> all right. from what i understand, at least in part, maybe in florida, correct me if i am wrong, is that if an insurance agent attempts to help somebody on the web site and the web site as we all know has been aç problem, if the insurance agent then bypasses the web site and goes to the hotline and makes the call and enrolls the client in health insurance, that the insurance agency is cut out off theç commissioner. no mechanism to make sure that the insurance agency gets a commission. is that true or false? that. >> appears to be true. in the beginning of the process, when people are enrolling online, they're
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askedç if there is somebody that's a broker or an agent that will be assisting them. and they have got to say yes, and they have got to type in the agent's national producer number. if they are not able to work that way. agent to get credit for working with this particular individual. >> so, this is at least has an effect of wiping out your industry. i mean, or your occupation.ç >> well, i'm a little bit more optimistic than that you know, most of my client base are not the people that are going to receive an advanced tax credit. but we have got enough that we're veryç busy assisting these folks. and if the masses are having trouble getting -- they need to be working with an insurance agent who is going to explain exactly what it is!pá they are buying to begin with so that is a kink that's got to be worked out of the system, that the agents national producer number has to be given --
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listen, if the president has signaled flexibility. he met witjç industry leaders about two or three weeks ago. and i see a slow process moving that i think that it's starting to pay off. just the fact that we're doing this interview. just the fact that there were newspaper articles about this over the weeke' to. me, signals that there is a change in the right direction. >> all right. we have 10 seconds left. once you and i are having the same conversation, would you think they are moving in the right direction? >> i would say we areç not moving as quickly in the right direction as we would like to see. and you make a strong point. >> representative, thank you, sir. >> all right. thank you. >> now, to the most talked about selfie of the day. prime minister david cammeron and the danish prime minister all posing for the selfie shot. first lady michelle obama clearly not taking part. but it is where the selfie was taken that has some people talking.ç the impromptu photo shoot taking place at the memorial service for nelson mandela.
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the service did have a celebratory mood. many are calling it inappropriate and maybe maddç bad etiquette. is it inappropriates for the world leaders to be taking selfies or is it in bad taste go to gretawire and vote in our poll. and straightç ahead, president obama is about to be tested. what is the topic? and will the president pass the test or flunk? that's next. house budget committee chair paul ryan goes "on the record." he is here to tell you about that brandç new budget deal that would avoid another shutdown. congressman paul ryan coming up.
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ç i've always said i will work with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively. if you've got good ideas, bring them to me. >> well, one republican lawmaker wants to take president obama up onfp that.ç representative kim griffin writing a letter to the president today. representative griffin joins us. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me again. >> you are taking the president up on the offer. >> yes. we are wondering whyç the president wants to keep doing things the old way. what i mean by that is, when there is a problem. washington and this president, in particular, they want to have a top-downç washington knows best solution. pick an agency and say that's the answer to this problem. we have got a lot of alternatives, a whole host ofç them. some have been around for a few years. some were around when obamacare was debated. >> i think the will whole
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idea though is can you you get the meeting with hill. he has said that he will meet with you if you have some ideas.ç what the odds. got today in air force one coming back from south america. do you expect him to say come on over? >> we have got 34 members signed on to here,ç including steve, the chairman of the rsc. the republican study committee. what do we got to lose here. >> how much are you going to push it? there is a lot of letter-writing that goes on in this city and it goesç into a dark hole. you wrote the letter today. he has made the offer almost like a contract. you have accepted it. what do you expect to happen? >> we are going to continue to push it and here isç why. there is a role for us to play in terms of oversight of obamacare. the american people though at some point are going to say we are not happy with obamacare, but it's not enoughç to simply be against
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obamacare. that's important to lay that out. but we want to hear your solutions. and what i am saying what a lot ofç us in the house are saying. over 200 bills introduced in the house by republicans that deal with healthcare reform. so wepáre going to continue to push this and i'm going to give him the holidays offç and we will meet with him in january if that's what he wants to do. >> all right. here's the thing. let me give you what i think the tip is. he is not going to want to hear that you want to repeal obamacare. that's not going to get you in the door at all. >>ç sure. >> what he wants is good ideas. say i have four good ideas or three good ideas. i would like to come over and meet with you. told the american people willing to do it. put his feet over theç fire. not to criticize him but say these are my good ideas. >> i agree and i will say. this i think most of us who have been around this town for a little while, we understand that as long as
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there is a president with the last?x'ame obama in the white house that he is not going to sign a repeal of obamacare. we get that we still have an obligation to talk about some alternatives. and i will say this, he says that heç won't repeal obamacare. what he he means is he won't sign a law repealing it. but the one person in this town that has done more to waive and repeal obamacareç is president obama a lot of it i think he has done beyond his legal ability. i think that that's congress' role,. >> i lookç forward to your discussion with him. >> thank you. >> thank you. we will keep you updated. >> up next, house budget committee chair paul ryan just moments ago, he and senator patty murray holding a news conference informing us they had just reached a bipartisan budge representative ryan is here exin. you can hash it out with us. what do you think of the bipartisan budget deal?
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this is a fox news alert. a bipartisan budget deal on capitol hill. house committee chair paul ryan and senate budget committee chair senator patty murray hammering out the agreement. congressman paul ryan joins us. >> good to be back with you, greta. >> you must be happy tonight you hammered out this deal with senator murray? >> i am. cuts the deficit without raising taxes by cutting spending in smarter ways than the across the board approach. at lo of our members were worried about all the defense cuts. we are stopping the military from getting cut further and we are cutting spending in smarter ways on auto pilot programs that have been untouched for years by congress. and we're doing it in a way to make sure that there is no tax increases and that we actually lower the deficit versus doing nothing. if you want me to walk it through it a little bit i'm happy to do it. if you take a look at this chart, this shows you what we call discretionary
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spending. spending on discretionary budget. the blue line on the top here shows you the agreement we had under the budget control act. the sequester is the red line that ended up cutting spending. what this green area does is it reflects what we are doing, which is by preventing the military from getting cut any further, we're putting a little bit of money back in the sequester here and we're paying for it by cutting spending in other areas of government. for instance, we're asking public employees to pay a little bit more for their pensions. our argument is that hard-working taxpayers pay for their pensions in the first place and their benefits are on average better than the taxpayers who pay for them in the first place. we have got a number of reforms that are permanent, that actually save more money and pay for some relief of the sequester. we also see that this puts us in the right direction because, the numbers down here, a year ago when i was passing a budget in the house, we were hoping for a trillion, $19 billion in total discretionary spending. would he won't hit that
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spending level until the year 2017 with this agreement. so we are well ahead of schedule and we are getting more deficit reduction in spending cuts in areas that we have never been able to get before. that's why i think this is a good agreement it makes divided government work and prevents government shutdowns which we think is a good idea as well. >> i love any deal by part san in this city is a really good sign. i like the fact that it's two years so there is some level of certainty for the business community. because that's what's been so painful the continuing resolutions no one know what was going to happen so they couldn't make business decisions. other than asking the federal workers to to pay more for pensions. where else? >> gulf of mexico for oil and gas drilling. 172 million barrels of oil, 302 billion cubic feet of natural gas in an area that had been closed off now is going to be open up. we are saying that deadbeat dads who don't pay for their kids' medicaid payments need to pay for them. making sure we don't send prisoners checks from the irs in prison that they shouldn't be getting. >> hallelujah. >> we are making sure that
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people can't rip off dead people's identities so they don't keep getting checks to go to somebody else a lot of fraud, waste, go after corporate welfare. research and development program subsidizing with public taxpayer dollars -- i mean public spending for private taxpayer dollars. the point i'm trying to say is shouldn't be development costs. that's a program we get rid of. a lot of things like that. >> if senator pattie murray was sitting right here what would see say she was happiest about? >> stop government shutdowns and have the congress actually appropriate money and don't do continue iting resolutions anymore. some relief from the sequester. >> you like that too. >> she wanted relief from the sequester. >> you wanted relief from the sequester. >> so long as we paid for it and it we paid for it with more deficit reduction. i didn't want to net out to zero. i wanted whatever we did, i wanted to make sure it was a step in the right direction towards fiscal conservatism towards deficit reduction. she wanted relief from the
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sequester. that's where we were able to find common ground. the way we decided to do these negotiations was i had core principles that i was not going to compromise. i'm not going to raise taxes and i'm going to lower the deficit. she had some core principles she wasn't going to compromise. >> like? >> she wanted relief from the sequester. 50% go to domestic spending and auto% back to defense spending. >> did she get that. >> she did get that what we did is found where is common ground. we looked at our budget passed in the house. her budget she passed for the first time in three years in the senate. the president's budgets. looked at those areas of common understanding negotiating that and that's what this result is. the way i look at this is you don't have to require another person to violate a core principle to get things done. you have common ground. this isn't the greatest agreement of all time. we have a long ways to go to get this deficit under control. this is a step in the right direction. >> this has obviously nothing to do with tax reform, right? >> it doesn't deal with taxes. >> only deals with the whole
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budget. all right, one of the things that the democrats want was to extend unemployment benefits. >> we didn't do that so there are a number of things that they asked for we wouldn't agree to. that's one of glem anything they asked for you wouldn't agree. >> to i wanted seniors to pay more of their income for medicare. they would not agree to that. >> have you spoken to speaker boehner? >> he has been part of this. our leadership team. i have spoken to dozens of colleagues in the house. talking them, getting their ideas. getting input. speaking with a the love members in the senate. pattie murray has done the same thing as well. i'm trying to get input from our colleagues. we haven't had a bipartisan budget agreement where both parties since 1986. putting something like this together is not easy to do. it allows for give and take. as far as i'm concerned, i think this is a step in the right direction. it advances our principles of fiscal conservatism. more importantly it stops the government from shutting down in january and stops the government from possibly shutting down in october. and we think government shutdowns are not in our interest. i think some people would
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like to seat political distraction of a government shutdown. we would like to focus on doing oversight of the executive branch. oversight on obamacare and oversight on the irs and not focus on government shutdowns. >> does this have any impact at all, directly or indirectly, on the fact that we will likely hit the debt ceiling in the spring. this does not deal with that issue. just like it doesn't touch taxes or tax reform. by limiting it in scope to spending indeficits, we're able to -- it's kind of an agreement. >> in terms of getting it passed in the house, you are going -- i suspect you are going to need some democrats. >> it's a bipartisan agreement. we anticipate that as well. >> you are going to lose republicans in the house. >> i anticipate that some people will not vote for it for various reasons. but, as far as a conservative republican principle is concerned, we are lowering the deficit without raising taxes by cutting spending in smarter ways we have permanent spending cuts to pay for some temporary sequester relief.
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we are not turning the sequester off. we are giving short-term relief for the sequester and keeping it i think as far as conservatism is concerned we are advancing the ball. the problem is we didn't get everything we want i didn't pass my budget. my balances the budget in 10 years and pays off the debt. i know with this divided government i can't get that so i want to get this. >> lose some republicans in hav. to pick up' some democrats. that's why i asked about the issue about extending the unemployment because that would have been a way to pick them up. >> it is but something we weren't prepared to do. democrats weren't interested in paying for it. that cost 20 to $25 billion. we also think that there is a big economic case to make with the fact that long-term unemployment is propped up. people are more induced to staying long term unemployed. that's what a lot of studies are showing by extending emergency unemployment insurance from 2008. >> your press conference ended, i think, about 6:20, or 6:25. at 6:33, senator marco rubio, republican in the senate had already issued his press release to everybody in the media
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saying he was opposed? >> well, i haven't talked to marco about it. i don't know that he has seen the contents of it. do i expect some people may vote against it for various political reasons. he has his reasons. in the minority you don't have to pass things. that's a luxury or not. that people have in the senate. marco is a very good friend of mine. i'm a big fan of his. i wish he would support it. but, if he doesn't, that's fine. for me, i'm cutting the deficit without raising taxes. and i'm getting permanent spending cuts from an area of spending that we haven't been able to touch for years. i think that's a good step in the right direction. >> what's senator murray's biggest problems? >> they don't like federal employees, the idea that we were going to ask federal employees to pay more for their pensions. >> congressman van holland has a lot of federal employees. is he is a big mover and shaker in the house. he has had a lot of federal employees. >> he had a hand in how we did. this i was willing to negotiate on how we treated federal employees. not if we made them pay more
4:39 pm
for their pensions. he had a very substantial involvement in how this policy works. what we basically want to do is make sure that federal employees had their benefits more in line with the hard-working taxpayers that pay for them. this is something we dealt with in basic. states are dealing with this all across the country. we think it's time to at the federal level. i didn't get every policy i wanted on this. we got a substantial down payment on this. senator and congressman van holland was a part of that. >> certainty element of this. no one gets what he or she wants. the uncertainty is so important for economy, any time we get give it a shot. you know, that that helps. >> i think the idea of a government shutdown in january and then the idea of another government shutdown in october. and getting rid of that is good. jump all over. >> i think there are a lot of people who would like the distraction of a government shutdown for one reason or the other. the administration is not really high on the obamacare focus that is occurring in
4:40 pm
this country. >> did they like the shutdown? completely unraveling. >> do you think they like the shutdown. >> i incident with say they like shutdowns but like to get off obamacare. by not government shutdown not get off obamacare. keep speaking truth to power. shining the light on the problems of the law. and that to us, gives us a good position. the last point i would make is this retains the power of the purse in congress. legislative branch. we are supposed to set spending, we are supposed to procedure advertise funding. exercise the power of the purse. for the last three years we have been doing these things continuing resolutions where we delegate that power to the executive branch. i want congress to reclaim that power from the administration doing something like this guarantees that we do that vote likely on thursday? >> yes. >> all right. congressman, thank you. and congratulations to both you and senator murray. >> good luck. >> appreciate it straight ahead, going to extremes, small business owners drowning in obamacare expenses. you have to hear what one insurance agent is doing to
4:41 pm
save one of them. that's coming up.
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this is a fox news alert. get ready for another round of that ugly winter weather. another storm threatening to slam the northeast with more snow. fox meteorologist janice dean with here with the latest. are you ready for it, greta, here we go again. some of these snow totals half a foot of snow for maryland, for virginia a inches. 4 inches in new jersey. 3 inches in delaware. and we set a record in central park.
4:44 pm
1.5 inches. that is a record for this day. a quick moving system we do have some lake-effect snow downwind of erie and on ontario. it's going to be cold. any of that snow melting is going to freeze on the roadways and going to be dangerous. those lows are going to continue to be scary cold for the next several days. but that's nothing compared to what the upper midwest is feeling. look at these lows tonight. these are not wind chill temperatures. minus teens, minus 20's. minus 24. international falls. we have wind chill warnings in effect where it's going to feel minus 35 to minus 50. dangerous, dangerous temperatures. but that's not the only thing we are watching. another storm system this weekend we think saturday into sunday, greta. this could be a nor'easter. the good thing is it is going to be on the weekend. depending how much cold air wraps around this low is going to depend on how much snow we get. but here is one of the first alert forecast models. take a look at this. this would be quite an event if we get 6 to 12 inches in
4:45 pm
all of the areas that you see shaded in blue. the darker blues 18 to 24 inches. this is keeping us very busy in the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> at least i notice the snow is going to sort of skip us in the second round, skip washington, d.c. that's the good news. >> we will see. we're five days out. and we can't, you know u anything past five days is a little hard to first alert forecast. d.c., i'm not ruling you out. my gut says this is going to be a long winter. although that's not scientifically proven. >> probably pretty good though. janice, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> up next, small business owners trying to cope with obama irca. next guest expecting help from unexpected source. you will hear the story next.
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listen to this. so bad that an insurance agent is giving one business owner his own credit card to
4:48 pm
pay for medical expenses. business owner drew green blood joins us. good evening, drew. >> hi, hello, good evening. >> so, you were here last here on november 20th. and since then i am now hearing that your insurance agency is lending its credit card to you? what's the story? >> so, according to my insurance agent, the affordable care act has caused so many complications for our insurance company, that they can't process all of the cards, all the cards that you doctors or the pharmacist when you have to pay the bills. so we did not receive our cards, and because of that, we are now 10 days into a month and my employees when they go to a doctor or when they go to a pharmacist they can't cover the bill. so, my insurance agent has reached out to my employees and myself and said: he is going to give us his credit card. his personal credit card to cover any expenses that occur until we get our cards. it's such a crazy experience
4:49 pm
because the affordable care act is gumming up the works and all of the insurance companies it's causing a lot of problems. >> why is your insurance not starting on january 1. isn't that when you need the new cards and not before that? >> well, actually, we started december 1. so, we paid our bills in early november. we signed all of our contracts in early november. usually a time when we -- do the macarena. we are all done. think about other things. don't have to think about insurance. how boring is it, right? but, what's happening is, december 1, we should have had our card. so we should have been able to go around and use our cards to pay for the health insurance that our company is providing for our employees. but, because the insurance company is so mired down in computer glitches and problems, they are not able to give our employees and myself and my family the cards we need to do it the
4:50 pm
normal way. so, our insurance agent has to use his own credit card to cover our employees during this weird situation. >> all right. i literally have 10 seconds left. what percentage has your insurance gone up for your business? >> well, it was supposed to the go up 49%. we negotiate with the new carrier. it's only going up 10%. but it's really disappointing. we have had that old insurance carrier for 15 years. we really liked them. but, because of the unaffordable nature of this 49% increase, we had to go to a different one. >> drew, thank you. good luck, sir. >> we're excited. >> thank you, drew, good luck. >> thank you. >> up next, it gets worse, more bad news for president obama. what is it? that's next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean's guest commentator crystal rice and leo clear the that's tonight 10:00 p.m. hannity right here.
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now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. a canadian airline making holiday travel a lot more joely. west jet granting passengers christmas wishes. start at the airport before the travelers board the plane. tell a virtual santa what they want for christmas. >> what i need is new socks and underwear. >> an android tablet. >> is that william beside you? and cammeron? >> next the airline sends volunteers to start shopping very quickly. then when the passengers get to their destination they find the gifts they requested right there on the luggage carousel. the surprised looks on their faces priceless. and who could forget
4:54 pm
mccollie's face in home alone. he has a passion for pizza. now the former child actor has a new gig. joined a cover band and all they sing about is pizza. ♪ >> the band's song pap with a john's says and i'm waiting for the delivery man. and that's what we're watching tonight. coming up, news that president obama is not going to like this one at all. stick around, the latest is next.
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4:57 pm
president obama auto approval rating sinking to a new low. according to quinnipiac poll only 38% of the voters approve of the president's job. elise is with us. on the way back home. down to 38%. >> that's right. not a good poll for the white house now. the poll i was interested in. among all the policy areas healthcare is the one where people are ranking him the most low. that's not granted they are starting to recover and things are going better, but it seems like this is going to deal obama a blow that perhaps the last several months if not into next year watching the mid terms. >> susan? >> the other interesting thing about the poll is young people 49% disapproval rating 18 to 29-year-old voters. that's pretty serious for obama. usually flip that around because he gets a lot of support from young people. also the independent vote.
4:58 pm
62% disapproval rating. that's really dangerous for the president. and for democrats in general because they rely on independents in many of the close across the finish line. >> i thought the poll was interesting one. 38%. all-time low for him for quinnipiac. and, you know, goes much lower than is he really going to drag the party down. i think it's' it's all going to hinge on healthcare law and how it going forward. still looks like a disaster. you will see him keep going down. >> big breaking news tonight bipartisan budget deal. going to pass? >> oh, we will see about that certainly conservative house republicans are already expressing concerns about it. we had many conservative outside groups immediately say even before the details of the -- >> -- before they read it. >> before the details were announced that no one should vote against it it many of these. >> vote for or against it? >> nobody vote for it excuse me. many of these groups said they were going to key vote this vote and look toward it in the midterm elections when which going to make loot of people nervous.
4:59 pm
>> it will pass it's not a republican majority bill. it's going to need democrats. it's a bill that favors democrats. how do you know that? because they were willing to give up the unemployment insurance as part of the deal. they are getting a lot out of this. getting the sequester replaced. getting spending over a trillion dollars, which is way more than a lot of republicans want to go for. they are replacing a lot of money for domestic programs they favor. all they are giving up is the money for the military. raised fees which are more like taxes, democrats aren't really opposed to that their big loss is increased pension democrats for federal employees really a deal that kind of favors the democrats, so you are going to lose a the love conservative and pass with a bipartisan vote. >> watch because it just broke tonight and haven't gotten through all details. i'm sure there will be a lot of chatter about it. elise, thank you very much. thank you for being with us tonight. see you all again? when? tomorrow night. where? right here at 7 p.m. eastern. what are you supposed to do in the meantime? go to and vote
5:00 pm
on everything on gretawire. just get on there and do whatever you do on gretawire. good night from washington. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> taking risk on behalf of our ideals. >> world leaders in south africa memorializing the late nelson mandela. among it very controversial stuff going on. this man is exploiting the situation. we have a special report. >> this isn't some damn game. >> americans still think republicans are doing a worse job than democrats in congress. how is that possible in the face of the obamacare debacle? congresswoman michele bachmann will be here. also tonight some atheists now blatantly attacking christianity. what should people of faith


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