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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 10, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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he's a friend of this program. couldn't be happier for him. that is the time we have left this evening. don't forget, start each weekday morning 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends. thanks for being with us.
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>> i'm bill o'reilly the legacy of nelson mandela, that is the subject of the talking points memo 100 world leaders are memorializing nelson mandela. he's a symbol of freedom all over the world. in 1994 south africa was run by a government that was called part tide. nelson mandela ran for civil rights in his country. the white apartheid government put
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him in prison 27 years. after apartheid government collapsed he rose up to lead his nation, but with legacy of oppression it was a difficult task. i was in south africa in 1995. that country won the world rugby championship. i enjoyed time in that country. but poverty was unbelievable. as a young man, nelson mandela got a recent article if you want specifics. every knowing about south afterica understands the philosophy. enter al sharpton. we've demonstrated sharpton is a dishonest purveyor of information. he dmot care less about reporting what is true. friday using nelson mandela as
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cover, sharpton attacked me. >> he said about nelson mandela last night on fox, >> 95 years old. nelson mandela i spent niem south africa. he was a communist this, man. a communist all right? >> but it wasn't like he was hanging out i'm certain >> here i am. i did spend time. that woman karen finney a former spokesperson for dnc made a mistake i'm expecting a letter after polling by tomorrow. if she's honest she'll send it over f like sharpton, not honest she will not. i'll let you know what happens tomorrow evening. as for sharpton he's a flat out deceiver. here is what i actually said about mr. mandela. >> 95 years old
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nelson mandela, i spent time in south africa. he was a communist this man. he was a communist. all right? but he was a great man. what he did for his people was stunning. the sacrifices that he made, co have repoout pewed yat asked got out of prison. he won't do it. >> you can see sharpton cut out the context as he's done many times before. any other common tatar would have been fired for doing that. but nbc seems to be afraid of sharpton. he uses the occasion of the death to dishonestly attack people he doesn't like. president obama made a good speech today but was confused that cuban human rights violator raul castro spoke at the memorial. >> there are too many people who embrace the legacy of racial
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reconciliation but resist modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty ask growing inequality. there are too many leaders claim solidarity with a struggle for freedom but do not tolerate this from their own people. >> the tribal name of nelson mandela. there are phonies all over the place saying one thing oppressing the oppressed by their actions. raul castro san example of that. there comes a point good people have to honor other good people even when disagreeing with their philosophy. that is the point i was making. there comes a point when good people have to walk away from bad people who exploit situations for their own gain. i think you know who i am talking about. that is the memo. now, reaction joining us from miami
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senior pastor in atlanta, from washington bishop harry jackson. bishop jackson what are your thoughts on all of this? >> mandela had a transformation in prison. he said i leave behind anger, guilt and revenge, his life is a story of forgiveness i believe that part of the story is true. and he should be honored as a transformational leader who was transformed and healed the nation. >> do you think you should forgive sharp snon >> i do believe sharpton's motives are questionable. i think that you point out the truth and i don't think he's going to change, he has to regret unforgiveness and i think that is a shame.
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>> reverend warnok how do you see the day in perspective. >> today was a great celebration of a great man. whose celebration was one born of suffering and deep sorrow. i am just inspired by the legacy of nelson mandela. i think the way in which he pitched a tent large nouf bring together people not normally in the same room is indictive of how we ought to engage one another on these issues. i think the question for nelson mandela and those working with him was how to set our people free. that is his question. it was a question that was wrestled and engaged in the united states of america within the context of the cold war. and i think honestly in many ways we were so obsessed with these
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ideological debates that we did not deal with the basic question of human dignity and human freedom. if his life demonstrates anything it demonstrates if we're obsessed with these ideological questions we sometimes entered up on the wrong side of history. >> i agree with that >> i'm much more disturbed by how long we took to align ourselves with nelson mandela and those struggling with him than i am by -- >> it was communist beef that held a lot of people back in america. it shouldn't have. what i picked up from suetto. that is the reason i went to south africa to go there. it was unbelievable experience, bish yom. i don't know if have you been there. the poorest place you can imagine. you can see the
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port o potty behind me. they don't have plumbing there the spirit of the people there. it is a dangerous place. but the humanness of it all is just stunning. go ahead, bishop. >> one important thing i've taken 20 trips to south africa. planted five churches there i have outreached to the poor. what happened on the first trip is i'm preaching a man is watching me, white man, 50s he begins to tear up and cries after the service said to me they told me you people had no spirit. they told me you aren't really, saying human. and i believe that the spiritual answer of personal transformation is a story of the day, bill. and i think that this is a problem with america, now, is often guys like sharpton carry a grudge. they want to keep digging up the past. it's
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time for us to energize our discussion. >> i agree. time to see this, strip ate way. seat humanness of it. now, final thing, reverend, i -- >> question of the personal transformation is tested by one's commitment to what dr. king calls a beloved community. it dutch reform church in south africa committed to personal salvation as construed by religious folks but did it not play out very well in terms of their theology. their theology embraced apartheid. >> i know. but what i want everybody to get across on this day, you know history is taught in america now. it's not taught. particularly about countries about south africa. he could have gotten out of prison. all he had to do was tell that apartheid government do you know what? you're not so bad i'll work with you. he wouldn't
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do it. 27 years. just think about. that no matter what else he did, no matter what he believed in, what he didn't accomplish, just that, that sacrifice for his people, elevates him right up here. gentlemen, thank you very much. next on the run down crowley and combs will react to the legacy and exploitation of it. later michelle bachmann on why americans see
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>> true confessions tonight. you think? >> you're committed leftist. i've known you more than 17 years and never seen you do anything approaching what al sharpton does. cutting you know? his stuff out. >> clearly you're praising mandela. i'm in the sure why you chose that moment to call him a communist. you knew we're doing the segment. discussion is that you've got to put ideology aside okay? you've got to put it aside sometimes. a man can be a hero in different circumstances. >> context was lost because if you were praising him not knocking him. >> right. right. so sharpton in taking nelson mandela's death and using it dishonestly to tack someone he doesn't like.
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despicable? >> it's not right. >> i wonder if he knew what he said. >> he knew. he knew. >> that is what nbc said last time. >> they do this repeatedly. al sharpton has been on this program. you guys had back and forth. >> i tried. i d >> he knew to take it out of context. he did and it's an accurate. using the death as a spear to try to get to you. >> right. that despicable? too strong a word? exploiting the death of this great man? >> it's dishonest. this is what the left does. >> i know. as i said to combs i never saw combs doing anything like that. >> these are exemptions to the rule. >> i don't think the left does that generally. i think there are militant leftist that's do it. the deal is this. cbs
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suspends layera logan from 60 minutes because of the benghazi report. and they brought in a man who wasn't there, he said he was there, he wasn't. so he was suspended i feel bad for laura logan. nbc, hires a guy like this, puts him on the air every day, knowing he does this all the time. we've documented it, here. i don't get it. >> i need to know who produced this segment? >> that he should be on the air apologizing to everybody. >> also, look. when hosting a show, you host every night we hosted programs on fox news channel. as host have you a responsibility. >> he knew. he knew.
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>> the other one, all right. stupid are these i fire them just because they're stupid. >> this is the bigger point. leveraging the death of nelson mandela which should be covered on its own merit, right? >> so combs is that going to be -- combs agreeing with crowley. >> all right. >> you might be piling on. you know? >> look. this guy and people know to watch the factor over the years. i gave him a chance i brought him on. i said look. all the sweat suit stuff, stuff you did in harlem when a guy was killed you know? maybe you changed. maybe you got mature. maybe things changed try to, you know, the weasel goes over there and just, oh. i just -- >> he gets away witness. others get away with it.
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>> tomorrow i'm going to bring on kurts and goldberg to discuss why nbc employs this man. that is what i'm going to do tomorrow. >> maybe they're trying to get to the black base. >> do you see his ratings lately? have you seen his ratings? >> i'm in the running the show over there to say that may be part of the explanation. >> there is no explanation. all right? monica, combs ahead michelle bachmann on more bad polling for republicans and charles krauthammer on atheism in america.
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joining us now from washington michelle bachmann. are you surprised the ultra low republican number? >> no. i'm in the. at all. because let's face it. over 80% of all messaging regarding conservatives is negative this, is not surprising it's a fact we have to deal witness. it's incumbent upon republicans to have a simple, smart, focused message. >> so you say media is responsible for this folks thinking republicans aren't doing their job, but how can that be when the media has been pounding the last month,
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obamacare? even liberal media giving the president a hard time because of the chaos surrounding the law. you'd think republican woz benefit from that. >> people are upset on every level. their lives haven't improved. they've lost $3500 a year in purchasing power. they have sticker shock on obamacare. they're unhappy, mad at everybody. and again, 80% of media reporting is anticonservative. so all makes sense. but again, it's our present reaction that is why republicans have to have a message counter to that. our message needs to be we're here to help people. we don't want to hurt people. this is how we're going to help people. >> i don't know how you're going to help people. i don't know what you want. >> okay. let me give you a good -- >> before you do that, l is no central noergs in the g.o.p. to get a message out. democratic party has barack obama. the president, he gets a message out
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any time he wants tochlt they have carny. he gets his message out. it's a divided party. tea party dividing moderates. chris christy against ted cruz all over the place. go ahead. >> united is not the message. the message is great saying we want to help people. we don't want to hurt people we think government can hurt people by legalizing american energy production. it's possible for people to pay $2 for a gallon of gas and markedly cut heating and air conditioning costs. it can be done. we've got a plan and we believe strongly in kids. we want kids to have a everyone in the united states choose where you want your child to go. >> how can we afford to do that?
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so you can afford a ten grand check? ear going to double that. >> so you cut back what? >> well, it goes to public employee unions. i'd rather see the money go to kids we want safer streets. those people need to go to jail. >> public school system you'd take money away it from? giving ten k to every parent to educate their child a child doesn't have to pay for public school. property taxes pay for that. so send them to public school? >> money comes from federal sources, state sources and local sources what i'm saying is that that money has to be realoe indicated rather than to the public employee union, aloe indicate it to parents. helping a child. >> you're making my point. >> it's simple. you may have a good point. i don't know. i have to study it. but these things aren't going to turn a
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republican perception around. >> they absolutely will. they will. it's a positive message of helping people. government can help people, not hurt people. obamacare is hurting people. we're going to help people. >> by spending all of this money? two things -- >> nobody buys it anymore. >> i want to see if you agree. two things republicans have to do to become not a 22% they have to put forward a better health care vision of obamacare. >> they've got it. >> put forth a way that people can make more money in the work place. they have to say we're going to create jobs so salaries rise. not give aways. competition. that is it. if you can do that, you've got a shot. if you can't going to be 22% this time next year. >> you do that with opportunities create a parallel universe of growth. that is the republican party's message of helping people, not hurting. >> thank you. plenty more ahead
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this evening. if you fly supreme court may have a message for you about legal action. is it legal? then, krauthammer on the atheist movement in usa. why is it so hateful towards christian hz? stay tuned.
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>> stossel and i were talking in the hallway. you think it's going to survive? >> you and carl rove think it's going to implode >> i say no government program ever goes away. but that doesn't matter if folks rebel against it, handcuffing president obama can't do anything. that is what i think may happen. >> once people saying my deductible is up, i can't pick my doctor, both parties rush in with subsidies. >> they're never going to get that through the house. >> he's never going get subsidies through the house. >> with health care, i hope you're right. >> we move forward? >> there is not one republican that voted for obamacare originally. not one. you say now
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republicans are going to vote into this law? there is no way. they're not going to do that. >> based with all my client has to pay this much? >> they're going to blame it on obama. >> they'll have to solve it, government must step m to help these people. >> i think republicans say we can solve it but it's going to be a combination f they're saying they'll do. that they've not going to get on that government train. that is what led to us this armageddon we're in any way. >> i hope you're right. >> i hope i lose that. >> how much are you going to bet me? >> that tie. i like that tie. >> i was talking to stossel before the segment started he's older than i am. i started younger. if you or i when we're reporting you were on 2020 i was on other programs if we had done any editing what
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sharpton did what would have happened to us? >> we could have been canned. >> flat out, on the street. even by liberal people that ran networks at the time. if we too republican? they might have said that is a cheap shot. don't do that again. >> there is a difference between cheap shot and editing dishonestly. >> they chopped it. didn't put three things together to make you look creepier than you already are. >> took it out of context. we would have been fired correct? you don't think they'd chop stuff ronald reagan said? . >> i never saw it. i worked there cbs and abc. i saw them tilted, i saw them leave stuff out. i never saw anything like that. >> i think some of that stuff
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slipped by. if you're president of nbc would you fire sharpton for that? >> absolutely. >> you would? >> yes. >> stossel very tough guy. i'm going to like that tie. it's going to look better on me than you. >> all right. we'd like to remind you we have a new bill o'reilly poll question out. how much will you spend on gifts this season? please select one. we'll give you results on thursday. coming back is it legal on the supreme court hearing a case about a disgrunteled frequent flyer then, krauthammer on atheism. the factor will be right back.
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>> what are the must developments? >> a letter smuggled out hand written by the doctor saying i'm in solitary confinement, subject to mental torture, not allowed
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to see a lawyer. what justice is this? i'm quoting here. so you know it's just a reminder for us to do something about not just talking to the pakistani government. >> you can assume kerry is trying to gem get him out of there. >> another hearing for this guy? >> december 18th. yes. another hearing to see whether or not that first conviction. he's convicted not of helping get osama bin laden but being a terrorist. >> treason by kol you'ding with the united states >> the united states is an ally. we give them $2 billion a year. >> that is why this is shameful. the guy is in jail for kol you'ding with a country that gives $2 billion? >> correct. >> let's be happier we don't
8:41 pm
live in pakistan. you're going emexplain why russian diplomats, are charged with fraud near new york city. >> correct. new york city. it's program for the poor that is why this is reprehensible. >> there is a application you can qualify for benefits, pre-natal care, once a child is born it's going to be a u.s. citizen. in these cases they are not. >> no. because they're under diplomatic pass ports. >> so they're getting u.s. to pay for a bunch of stuff. >> $1.5 million. >> right. >> they have been arrested? >> they haven't been arrested because they're diplomats. >> russia would have to say we
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waive that diplomatic immunity. >> who busted them? >> fbi. fbi. >> and because they were buying shoes at jimmy choo spending lavishly. this is a scheme going here. they're successful at doing it. >> so american taxpayers paid their medical expenses. >> and they're not -- >> they're taking money away from families. >> they're not going to be prosecuted. >> because, we can kick them out. >> we can kick them out we should kick them out. russia says we have diplomats worth persuing. we do it in a private way. >> have you been in an airplane? >> they're not friendly skies anymore. >> the supreme court hearing about a man named paul clemmit. a washington attorney that the
8:43 pm
airlines are not treating customers fairly and in good faith. right? he's filed a lawsuit? >> the lawyer for a rabbi in minnesota filing a lawsuit saying hey, you dealta, northwest can't take away my platinum elite status. the guy flies a lot. because he complains a lot about luggage this, and that. they said that is enough of you. >> so the guy was a pain in the butt. >> yes. >> they revoked his miles he accrued. >> they deleted him. >> deleted him. no more benefits. >> we don't want you. >> so the supreme court has to decide whether the airline has a right to do that? >> a duty to him, good faith, fair dealings there is a conflict between the law of the state. >> is the supreme court going to force the airlines to reinstate these miles? >>. no. no. >> if you're paying to fly you can lose your miles
8:44 pm
>> don't be a pain in the butt. >> you have 5 million miles saying you're a pain in the butt? bye? >> it's in the law. the state has ability to do. that he's trying to see if feds will help out. he should file 300 personal complaints, not 400. >> i don't know how many. >> he's that guy. >> he can get his miles back. >> i'm going to get a hang glider. >> ladies thank you. krauthammer on deck. atheism attacking christianity. charles is next. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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joining us now is charles krauthammer. the rise of people not religious in america. does it mean anything? >> i didn't see much of a rise in those graphs there was a tiny increase in numbers of those unaffiliated. that is more of a statement about churches than it is about atheism. i saw lines of atheism. they were flat the united states is by far the most religious country in the west. it's not even close. ask i don't see any eruption of atheism upon the land. >> they are gresive, vocal, well
8:49 pm
funded and they target. this year, the, they got their butt kicked independent stores by me, primarily, now, they're targeting little kids in minnesota and south carolina saying don't you dare sing oh come all ye faithful or we'll sue you. what is the reasoning behind that? are they going to get more recruits? >> well, i think you've got to draw a discity, between militants that want to stick a finger in your eye and put up that stupid sign in times square. i don't think you're going to get a lot of people walking by that sign saying i think i'll give up god this, is a small group of extremists. there are a lot of minority groups in the country that have their extreme elements you've got the tree huggers have people who go out and who
8:50 pm
destroy a logging camp. you have the animal rights people who break into nih and let monkeys go. you've got vegans. you know, undress in the city square. so you've got people that, a lot of minority elements who want to get attention. or who want to be offensive. and you have got among atheists but i would bet that vast majority of atheists are silent who move among us and don't wear it on their sleeve, they have their own view and leave other people alone. >> it's such a small number but they have the, i don't know. acl sxuchlt people like this take up their causes all the time. that leads me to discuss secularism. we've seen washington state legalize marijuana. gay marriage, they won that battle.
8:51 pm
and you know, so more states will do that. in the north and west. so there is a, we're becoming a more secular nation. it's true. we maintain a high level of religosity. is that a word? >> sure. >> you know the reason your big enough if you say it becomes a word. >> thank you. >> i'm glad i asked word of the day. >> it's religiosity. there is an i in there somewhere. smoking pot? i would bet there are people believe in god who smoke pot and people who don't i'm not sure it means you become an atheist if you're smoking pot. >> but more permissive culture, maybe you see. that maybe you don't. you live in washington. it's a more permissive culture, unfetter add borings, okay?
8:52 pm
any reason up until birth process tlchl is a struggle between, usually people of faith and secular progressives they have media in their pocket. they're powerful. >> i don't know where to start on this, so much error so little time. i start with proposition somehow you know all of these things are permissiveness is radically increasing. i would say one remarkable fen nom nan is increase in opposition to abortion among young people. you would have thought together with other trends, yes permissiveness on drugs and other stuff, and on sex, and all that, that you would get an increase in the permissiveness about abortion but it's reverse. there is an interesting relationship between new science imaging, son hochlt grams idea of the fetus as a
8:53 pm
person. and actual increase in resistance i think trends are going in both directions. and i won't worry much about the fate of the republicans. >> okay. charles, we appreciate. might want to check out krauthammer's book "things that matter." huge bestseller. and something that will make your christmas better. the tip, moments away.
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i won't say most amanneda. a lot, i won't say most. >> lisa i never said anything
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read five letters on thursday. thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. president obama shaking hands with raul


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