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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 11, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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christmas budget? we asked that. mike wrote: >> lovely. john ridgeway: >> i'm picking up on a lot of sarcasm from our viewers. thank you so much for tuning in. here is gretchen. >> thank you so much today, secretary sebelius back on the hot seat announcing now that she wants the secretary central to investigate the website roll out. plus, the white house announcing lots of pictures with former president of south africa. >> and this case could be huge. two teens busted for leaving their friend and letting her drive drunk into a deadly crash. >> hi everyone it is crunch time
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foreobama care. white house boasting about new numbers now show iing americans that signed up. that is less than a third of the original projection and a tiny fraction of the customers that were set as a goal. joining me now. congressman joe barton who sits on the house sub committee. good to see you. >> so let's talk about these numbers. they have released that they are over 350,000 now but that is just over 6,000 a day. they need 54,837 people per day to move forward to reach the 7 million. can they do it? >> it is possible but in the real world, it is not probable. it is not a done deal that those
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365,000 will have coverage if they show up in a emergency room or doctor's office. the secretary didn't know when asked by members of the committee today if those people really had been confirmed and were signed up. those are people think were signed up and have a confirmation number that were signed up. >> because she bawas inconcluste whether they had paid their premium. which is the be all and end all that they had signed up. >> your premiums would be ded t deducted from your paycheck. >> thins thsince they are not gt from their employer. it is an interesting proposit n
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proposition. even if that is true that they are getting covered, they are going to find out when they show up that they may not be able to get health care because the part of the system that is supposed to do the billing it is not up and running yet. it hadn't been put together yet. >> it looks to me to be upside down. i want to show another map. here is the cancellation map. the people who liked their insurance coverage. it is up to 6 million people now and you juxtapose it to those that signed up and it seems to be that the pendulum is going in the wrong dir recollection recollection. >> if they put it on schedule they are going to find out that they can put their employees in the exchanges and not have to
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pay their share of the premium. it is cheaper to pay the penalty. this is going to be a nightmare on elm street. >> i want to draw your attention to congressman palone. >> he blamed republicans and said you are the ones that keep bringing up the negative news about these cancelled policies. >> the whole idea of the president saying, if you like it you can keep it. the president didn't say if you had a lousy policy that he was suggesting that you continue to sell it and you buy it. >> i think it is absurd to argue over those plan. >> they are plans that people voluntarily chose and were happy with. they may not have had all of the
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mandated coverage but they wanted and could afford and worked for the people that had them and now they are gone. it is, secretary seb ielius is going to be back before the committee some time in january or february explaining why people are not showing up in doctor's offices and emergency rooms and being told that their health cards aren't any good. and that is going to happen. that is going to happen and the secretary will have to do another investigation i get on her self because she is clueless today that it is not going to work in january and february just like she was in october. >> we are going to discuss that with our panel coming up. thank you so much for your time today >> we want to hear from you.
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congressman predicted she would be back in front of the committee. what do you think? >> go to my facebook page and weigh in there and we'll read your comments at the end of the show. fall out today from the budget deal. just reached on the hill on both sides of the aisle calling the measure nothing more than a stop gap that ignores the expiring unemployment benefits. house speaker blasted those that had opposed it. >> they are using our members and the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen, if you are for more deficit reduction you are for this agreement. >> joining us now brett bayer. good to see you, it looks like this deal may have some sticky spots right? >> gretchen, so far they ar are
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saying that the votes are probably there. but you hear the speaker pushing the deal and pushing back against groups like american's for prosperity. and others. who say that this deal is just kind of the stop gap measure and does nothing really in the big picture to deal with deficit or debt issues on the conservative issues. on the liberal side they are upset that unemployment extension is not in there to the point that house democrats are not telling members how to vote on this or urging them to vote one way or the other. they are saying vote how you want to. it will come down to whether members want to vote on this package. most will because they want to avoid a government shut down and
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don't have the stomach to go through what they have gone through >> another criticism from the conservative side is that they believe that theunravels these spending cuts. the $63 billion increase restores half of domestic spending. >> it does. and there is $63 billion that gets put into the so called sequester. it is replaced and it is $85 billion and it makes a cut. symbolic of $23 billion over a decade of the deficit. $23 billion over ten years, i mean in the big picture when you look at a $17 trillion national debt, that is where some conser coming from.
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i want to get your take on this, congre congressman paul ryan who was running for the vice presidential position and he came out with the most stark budget cut plan and he took a lot of rap for that. i found it interesting that he was for this bipartisan deal with patty murray. did you read anything into that with regard for paul ryan running for president? he could be doing this third way for the gop. there is this third sense that republicans need w's and they need breathing room. there will be a lot of pushback to that sentiment and it is a feeling there. including peaker john boehner that he needs to push back and get deals with democrats to get at least something moving in regular order. that is what you heard from paul
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ryan last night. normalcy and regular order trying to get washington back doing things how they are supposed to do it. >> we will see you tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern special report thank you so much. a police dog goes after a suspect following a high speed car chase. and guess who got in trouble? plus 43 and 44 sharing air force one. the white house releasing photos and a lot of them feature president bush? and wait until you hear what she has to say on her new blog. >> every major promise the administration made about the aflt aca from being able to keep your health plan or doctor if you want to, that the affordable
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care act would make health coverage more affordable has proven to be wrong.
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a police officer is cleared of criminal wrong doing in a canine attack all caught on dash cam video. they were in pursuit of a suspe suspect. one officer lifts his canine officer into the car. >> i did not do anything and then i stopped and gave up my right. >> that was the suspect. jury cleared the officer of using excessive force but still faces internal investigation. >> secretary sebelius defending
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obama care again. announcing a series of steps to move forward. spending $5.3 billion this year on internet technology contracts. brad blakeman is the former -- to before bush and a former clinton presentational adviser. part of the announcement was part of this blog. in which she says she is going to hire an inspector general to investigate her. and this chief risk officer and provide more cma employee training.
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they have the power of the purse and both the house and the senate. it would be great if they joined forces and find out the who, what, when, where and why. that is their job and they need to get on it right away. i want you to listen to that second part of her blog. this is what she says will be a chief risk officer. >> i have asked cms administrator to create a new position of chief risk officer and to expedite the search in hiring. this will be a full time employee charged with developing strategies to minimize those
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risks. >> what is that? when i first read that today i thought they are going to hire somebody to make sure that all of these people who are signing up and putting their personal information was going to be a security person for that. that is not what it is it? >> it seems from that they are going to be doing what they are supposed to do. i don't want this to in anyway mask that there is some good news here. >> what is it? >> over one million people have signed up for obama care. the sites are getting better and we know that republican congress people are signing up on the dc
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exchange right now. it is kind of amazing. if it was really bad they will be hearing for more members of congress right now. >> now to curious photos coming from the white house. president obama joking around with president bush after attending the memorial service. these are official white house photos no press allowed. what is the message here? i didn't think i would see the day that president obama would want to be in pictures with president bush. >> i think he would rather have pictures out there than him doing selfies at a funeral service than with the president of denmark. these are photos that he controls. these are better for the president to have out.
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that he can control and bring bipartisanship if you can call it that to an important mission to him. >> the photos that are making the news are not those that he wants out there. >> the president showing him his paintings. >> my question to him is that maybe president obama could get a new paint brush from president bush to gloss over the issues with the rollout. >> there was an area where democrats talk about his leadership with the roll that he played and the legacy that he had to squash the disease of aids in africa. in our party there is a great
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amu amount of respect for bush for what he did. >> president obama -- the idea that they all have president bush in them and it looks like they are yucking it up. it looks ironic. >> maybe the two parties can work together. and he wants more bipartisan w's in the next few months. maybe we will see a different attitude in washington. >> all right guys, got to go. thank you so mup. >> we have new video from the deadly plane crash at san francisco airport. remember that one? >> tips for jesus. dropping thousands of dollars all over the country now new revelations of who is behind it. >> and time magazine just picked
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him as person of the year. we want to know what you think. tweet me or e-mail us. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. ♪ what a man, man, man what a mighty good man ♪ ♪ what a mighty good man ♪ yes, he is
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welcome back. we are learning more about the folks behind tips for jesus. this is the group that is dropping thousands of dollars at bars across america. the group wouldn't reveal their name saying the anomomity is
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key. >> so thanks a lot guys. deadly airline's crash after a boeing triple 7 crash landed in san francisco. we know now that the plane was going too low and too slow. it was going as slow at 115 miles per hour. the co-pilot testified today in the final two minutes before the crash he called out four times that they were dropping too fast. he did it in english and in korean. i want you to listen to the ntsb
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talking about the final seconds. >> about 11 seconds prior to impact an audible alert consistent with the low air speed caution was recorded. three seconds later below 100 feet below the water the throttle speeds were initiated. >> which means the pilot tried to abort the landing. >> why was the plane flying so slow? we know about the throw but why the slow? >> when you are talking about proper air speed and altitude, this was captured at the airport. look at the right side of your screen. we knew the pilot was training on the triple 7 and this was his first flight into san francisco. the warning system was not
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working because the airport was under construction. so the pilot had to land a approach the old the pilot testified that he was concerned about a visual approach because it was difficult for him to land a heavy plane by hand. the ntsb is looking at whether the pilots were relying on the automated too much on that or whether they need to be trained better on the old fashioned way. >> amazing information. >> into action on capitol hill on rules that could hurt volunteer fire teams big team. >> gm as the a so industry taps it's first female ceo. >> it is a true honor for me to be a part of this team and lead
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it. >> getting ready to weigh in and how she got to the stop. ♪ i'll follow anywhere that you tell me to ♪ ♪ good you need need me to be with you ♪
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back to our top story now. new numbers show a total of 364,000 american peoples signed up for obama care in november.
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what did you hear at the briefing. >> reporter: interesting. the press secretary who was briefing today said the enroll lees in november was four times what we had in october. that was because the numbers were so low that there is only one way to go up. if you look at where their goals started and where they are now. look at the run through here. basically there are 130,000 fewer enroll lees, it would be 2.9 million shorter than what they wanted this year. they wanted 7 million enroll lees by the end he of march next year. they have to have 54,000 people a day between now and next spring in order to meet that 7 million person goal in terms of
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enrolling folks. add to that, the secretary testifying in the house today some of the back end systems won't be done until january. we pressed josh that people won't have their insurance in place until january 1st. >> there are a range of things in place and they have made tremendous progress in eliminating those problems and they have in place a system for going back and confirming that individuals who signed up early on in the first six or eight weeks when they were having the most problems with the 834 program to confirm on both sides with the insurance company and the individual that both sides are doing what they need to do. >> people are signing up before
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the descember 23rd deadline. i pressed him and he never used the word "guarantee". but he used the word "confident". >> i don't know if you had the chance to ask him this. but the polls are still showing that most people disapprove of obama care. >> bad idea 50%. good idea only 34%. more worrisome is that his broader approval rating sinking. and that is why republican speaker is insisting it is time to change the law. >> obama care continues to wreak havoc on small businesses and our economy. it will be clear that more
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americans will have lost their health insurance than will sign up under the new policies. that is going to be a new and interesting measuring stick. there have been 1.2 million people enrolling in the law. john boehner have been making the case that mar more have seen their policies cancelled. central motors making a female a ceo. right now though some 4% of fortune 500 companies at women as ceo's.
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let me start with you. she actually cares about the consumer. >> every auto ceo has to care about the consumer. everybody is gunning for the consumer the experience inside the car. it doesn't matter that she was a woman. if she was larry instead of mary, you would say she looks like the real thing. 33 years and gets this job. it is no surprise. do you think it was time for the first woman ever to not only run general motors but an auto company in general? i think both things are true because if you only have 95% of
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ceo's being men you are missing out. it is high time. the fact that you were talking about these terms makes me sad. we should be past discussing her gender. >> still only 4%. we should talking about that as the problem. >> i see what you are saying. >> fair point. but i think it is still worth talking about the fact that only 4% of ceo's in fortune 500 companies are women. >> you are the youngest woman on the panel here. is it different for your generation? >> it is proof that the american dream does come true. >> she started as an intern and has gotten to the top. she in my mind is opening more
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avenues most likely for other women. >> i want to move onto the time magazine person of the year, pope francis. he won the popular vote as well. naomi, it is interesting because this pope has been so different. he doesn't want to live in the papal palace. and he feeds the homeless without his robe on. >> to me the word that comes to mind is like jesus. i'm jewish. i don't have a dog in the fight. but it is notable he is behaving the way that jesus said we should boyfrieehafe. these are very controversial and i think it is ironic acting like jesus said you should act is
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controversial to the church. >> he is likeable. the common individual can relate to him. when he drives a ford focus. people like that. and i think that too he is one of those types of people who is breaking the system but people can relate to that more. the whole system brings us back to breaking the system. if the catholic church were a product he is a great marketer. i think it draws people in. >> panel, thank you so much for your time today. the big fear that obama care could lead to the closing of firehouses in america. volunteer firefighter for 50 years on what could be at stake. >> who knew she could dress up too and be funny. the new turn for nascar star d n nn
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danika patrick. >> ♪ they come running just as fast as they can cause every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man ♪
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here is what america is clicking on today. chair of the joint chiefs of staff wearing a fake beard with stars of the reality show, "duck dynasty". >> danika patrick wearing show girl attire while hosting the american country music awards. new developments in the sticky situation surrounding firefighters. fears that fire departments
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could close down. he has introduced a bill that would make sure that emergency services are not counted. joining me bill white. leader of the dive rescue specialists. good to see you. >> nice to talk to you. >> you have been doing this for 50 years what do you do for your day job? >> at present i'm a township manager of a local municipality in our area. >> would you ever have thought that you might have to fall under the obama care rules in your volunteer status as a firefighter? >> not really we don't get paid because we aren't volunteers, in our area you would not have a
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fire department unless you have volunteers, it is a case that you would afford the fire department. >> now that you hear that, maybe part of the town pay roll considered that. wh that mean for a town like yours where you have been volunteering for 50 years? >> my goodness, as it is right now, our municipality does support our fire department, they have a tax that they charge the people the tax produces enough money for us to maintain our equipment to pay our expenses on our building and pay some of our other expenses. but if the municipality was
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forced to provide health insurance it is totally unaffo d unaffordable. >> in your state three out of every four firefighters are volunteer. estimated $140 billion a year you save for the volunteer firefighters. >> yes, that is true. >> we appreciate you joining us today. all the best and thank you so much for your volunteering. >> it was a big victory for all reporter's rights. shep smith will have an exclusive interview on the fox news deck. >> it is coming up and it will lead our news at 3:00. think of us, gianna winter is a reporter doing her job.
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she found out important information about the aurora t massacre. she reported facts accurately and because of that the courts said she had to come forward and reveal her sources because his defense team said that they violated the gag order. the ruling came down in the new york supreme court just yesterday and she will speak out about that. that is coming out at the top of the hour. >> well, what this dad did that got him in trouble but also has many people supporting him. our legal panel is here. would you do the same thing? you don't want to miss this story. hey guys.
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the ntsb releasing brand new surveillance video. dramatic footage of the incident at san francisco's airport this past july. this is the agency holding a day long hearing to try to figure out what caused the crash. three were killed, more than 150 hurt. was it the idea that the pilots were flying too low and too slow and also a lot of the hearing has do with whether or not they should have been flying visually and not depending on the computer. in other fox news, new developments for the colorado first grader. the principal now says his record will be changed. the notation of sexual harassment will be removed and it will be replaced with misconduct. well, they're, w working with t
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family to try to resolve the issue. but no longer harassment. you can be held responsible for letting someone else drive drunk? two teens busted for that in connecticut. police say that they knew their friend, jane, was too drunk to drive when the star high school lacrosse player got behind the wheel last summer before crashing into a tree and dying. she was just 17 and the two boys charged also 17. a former prosecutor is here and also a criminal defense lawyer. good to see both of you. from my research, i'm finding out this is incredibly rare to charge people because they could have potentially stopped a crime. would that be like somebody has a gun in their happened and you're in charge if you don't knock it out of their hand? >> correct. and there has to be a dwuty. what does exist, if you're a bartender and you're serving
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someone a drink and you let them go, you have a problem. >> you did that well. >> thank you. but here in the midst of this tragedy, the moral thing to do, the right thing to do, of course is not to let her get behind the wheel of the car. but you're also a 17-year-old versus a 17-year-old. not a 37-year-old allowing a 17-year-old to drive. >> what was interesting to me is that these two boys were with her and her legal -- she was over the legal limit 13 times, not to mention she was 17, so she shouldn't have been drinking the at all. but my question was she ran into a tree and unfortunately she died.he at all. but my question was she ran into a tree and unfortunately she died.e at all. but my question was she ran into a tree and unfortunately she all. but my question was she ran into a tree and unfortunately she died. what if she would have killed somebody else, then what would have happened? why n >> now you're talk about such a slippery slope. with you he but i can make the argument why the authorities are doing it. the boys were in the same car with this girl prior to her hitting a tree. they knew darn well that she was too drunk to drive no matter how
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old she was. and then they handed her the vehicle. in the law, a motor vehicle is a deadly weapon. they handed to her knowing she was drunk, knowing she was drunk, and then they -- >> they're charged with misdemeanors. >> it's not nothing. they're 17-year-olds. they could have a criminal record. >> they're not charged in her death. >> what about the kid who is about to take pills and the friend just walks away. that kid now is going to be found guilty of a misdemeanor? >> got to move on to this. in florida, a man in trouble for coming what many parents would feel the urge to do. juan gonzalez handcuffed and at that time attacked the man accused of killing his son in a crash. both of you defend clients in the courtroom. have you ever had a situation where the parents want to go after the person who killed
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their child? >> they want to usually go after the defendant and the defense attorney, too. but you cannot beat town a person in a bathroom because someone is accused of killing your family member. because then what? if i beat arthur down, then arthur will call his uncle tony and beat me down. we live in a civilized society. and the guy has only been accused, he hasn't been convicted. >> but if you lose your child, do you really care that you're charged with two counts of battery misdemeanor? >> the favorite movie, a time to kill, where the main person gets raped and he kills him and he gets acquitted. that's the ultimate example. when i was a prosecutor, there was a deceased family member and they warranted to go after the person and the real answer is court personnel. i tell the court officer, i need your help. >> i guess in this case the
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court personnel should have been in the bathroom. thanks so much. it's the most hallowed number in all of nascar. dale earnhardt's number three. about to make a comeback.
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the late dale earnhardt's famed number three will be back on the track next summer. dylan has been using it since 2009, that's when he made his truck series debut. he won in 2011 and the nationwide title this year in the same number. you you guys are fired up about volunteer firefighters having to comply with obama care that could close down many departments. on facebook, we need a bill that would not allow idiots to become
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public servants. and it's stupid that we have to make another law that combats another law. thanks as always for sharing your thoughts with me. keep them coming. we'll keep them right here on the show. thanks for being a part of the real story today. shepard smith reporting now live from the fox news deck. thanks very much. lots to get to today. but we'll begin with a reporter who said she would go to jail and would have had to do so before she would ever betray her journalistic efforts. an important moment for journalism and your right to now. let's get to it. and good afternoon to you and yours. 3:00 on the fox news deck in new york city. jana winter is speaking out about her victory in court. a state supreme court decision that is a huge win for freedom of the press. and for all of us who read and watch and listen to the


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