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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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forget imus in the morning. that is all the time we have left this evening. 5:00 to 9:00, we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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also, tonight dennis miller on possible uprising by the american people against cowardly politicians. >> could be in the middle. >> caution, you're about to enterert no spin zone the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. some upset barack obama shook the hand of raul castro yesterday. well, if attending memorial service for nelson mandela. castro the brother of fidel. both are killers and tirants the castro brothers terrorized cuba. and believe me, many of them are not happy about president obama's engagement. also unhappy, senator mccain.
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>> i just against raul propaganda that continue to prop up his brutal regime. that is all. why should you shake hands with someone keeping americans in prison? i mean, what is the point? neville chamberlain shook hands with hitler >> a goal of any american president should be aeleven yat the suffering of people. those in cuba, included the president has not lessened sanctions against cuba. by treating castro with respect he leaves the >> door open for future negotiations. in 1972 president nixon developed a relationship.
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in southeast asia, china is responsible for millions pechl being slaughtered. nixon reduced tensions with china. 1985 president reagan began developing a relationship with soviet leader gorbachov. he was a tyrant but reagan did what was best in his country. >> the president's responsibility is solving problems. spitting in the eye of dictators is a good photo op but doesn't get anywhere. okay? that is why i'm not critical of the ire onsituation. yes. the nuclear deal is flimsy. if it doesn't down grade the nuclear program, united states will be in a stronger position. position we do have to watch our backs, right, yoko? raul castro is a thug, no influence outside of cuba. his
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country is a disaster. when castro brothers die, cuba will throw off communism and return to sanity. all any president can do is keeping pressure on. top story tonight, the new budget deal and whether president obama is perceived as week for shaking castro's hand. so what is the buzz over the castro deal? are people upset about this? >> it's amazing. it didn't get attention that i think a similar gesture ten years ago might have gotten perhaps because raul castro keeps a lower castro than fiddle cast fiddle -- fidel castro did. look there are a number of thing
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incorrect. in what you, in your talking points. for example you said obama administration is not lessen sanctions against the castro regime but over the course of the first obama term there were relaxations that the obama administration put in place to try to see if the cubans would -- >> that is about tourism mostly. it wasn't economic. we still, their products can not be sold here which is killing them. >> perhaps it's depending on how you're going to define a sanction you made revancerevances -- says necessary to do what is is in the interest of united states national security. there is no importance of president obama to shake the hand oochl we have an american, mccain reference. so
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look, if ai've got to shake this thug's hand to get this guy out, i'm probably go toing to do. that go head. >> if we see that allen gross, usa contractor in prisoned is released we can expect that handshake. >> you've got to try, rosen. you've got to try. >> well, at the risk of consuming carl cameron's time, i'll do that >> you attributed give peace a chance to yoko ono. it was a lennon composition. >> now, look. the budget deal, you know, paul ryan worked with patty murray and democrats and came up with a budget deal ryan
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says you have to have going forward but we hear thunder on the right. what is the inside story? >> thunder on the right and left. part of the problem is that this is a deal cut by two people. the two budget chiefs in house and senate. now there are 535 other members of congress with two days to study this, then vote and race out of town. for a lot of folks it smacks of cram work in and deal with consequences down the road. basically it's a two year deal. a trillion dollars each year. would alleviate cuts by $63 billion, it's something but does raise things on air travel. cbo says it would reduce the budget but republicans say wait a minute f there is not serious spending cuts and reform in it why are we doing away with a budget act with serious fiscal discipline? in the sequester? democrats say they want
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unemployment insurance pushed forward. left and right. on the extremes are angry bit. >> all right. i think it's going to pass. >> there is a mystery of what mish mcconnell will do. there is going to be problems. it will be close. leaders saying it's a squeaker. they think it will pass. >> i think what ryan is doing, i respect ryan, is he saying look this is the best deal we can get now? if by do it our chances of winning back the senate and increasing in the house next year go way up. when republicans regain power they handcuff barack obama for last two years of the administration. >> if it's going to ant tag onnize the tea party we want to get something done. just as it will liberal progressive far
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left. congress isn't happy about this but think it's better than gridlock and shut down. >> gentlemen, thank you very much we appreciate it and so does yoko ono.
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>> that tape doctored to look like zimmerman was a racist.
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here is what he said to the operator. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good or on drugs or something. it's raining. he's just walking around looking about. >> okay. >> is it white, black, hispanic? >> he looks black. >> after that was exposed nbc news fired three people. august 13th al sharpton accused me of attacking poor americans. >> bill o'reilly is going back to one of his favorite talking points. attacking the poor. here is his latest rant about people on food stamps. >> the obama administration is encouraging parasites to come out and you know, take as much as they can can remorse. this is how a droint declines and becomes a weak nation. >> parasites. the poor are parasites. we heard these kinds of attacks before. welfare
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queen. 47%. >> what sharpton did not tell the audience is that they doctor that had clip by cutting out the context. my comments aimed at just one person. a guy named jason greenslate. here is what i said. >> investigation segment the food stamp scandal. 15% of the american population receiving food subsidy the year 2000, just 6%. some of those people are conning the system. >> a one hour special as part of that john roberts with eating on taxpayer dime. >> food stamp program designed to be for a point where you're down, things weren't going well,
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it's not quote a point in your life. it's this is life for me. this is how i live. cute chicks doing my thing. you know? this is the way you want to live. i don't see anything changing. i don't got a paycheck coming in. i qualify. >> this guy is a parasite. my contention that the obama administration is encouraging parasites to take as much as they can with no remorse this, is how a country declines. become a weak nation. >> so sharpton made it i was talking about all of the poor in america not just one guy. we brought that to nbc's attention. they did nothing. now we have a new deceit centering on the late nelson mandela. here is what sharpton and karen finney said friday night. >> so in terms of history, when they have bill o'reilly calling
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him a communist. he said about nelson mandela last night on fox. >> 95 years old, nelson mandela, i spent time in south africa. he was a communist, this man. >> yes. >> a communist. all right? >> once again sharpton cutoff all of the context. here is the complete point. >> here is the problem. there is common ground among republicans i know both parties well. however, the media republicans very conservative talk radio people are very ideological. they're just ripping bem up like john mccain, i mean, every day. banging, just killing them. and that filters into the folks and the republicans, people who vote republican. let me give you an example. ideology has to leave the building next year and in 2016 or you're going to have
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president hillary clinton. nelson mandela just died. 95 years old nelson mandela, i spent time in south africa. he was a communist this, man. he was a communist. all right? but he was a great man. what he did for his people was stunning. the sacrifices that he made he could have repudiateed and got out of prison. he won't do it he was a great man but he was a communist. boy never attack nelson mandela. i mean i told bishop tutu i disagree with you and mr. mandela. tutu is that way as well but i respect you. why can't you guys bring that to the forum? >> once again asking nbc news what are you going to do about sharpton? he's a dishonest person. i mean it's insane what this guy is doing on nbc's air. so far, nbc
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news has not answered the question. and there is no question. they have their hands full. msnbc common tatar martin bashir forced to resign last week. and nbc news is employing people bringing disgrace to the operation they should do something. ahead, bernie goldberg and howard kurts have thoughts on the story and dennis miller wants to talk about dr. exekiel emmanuel.
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bernie you're the president of nbc. full power over sharpton. what do you do? >> i fire him. i won't have hired him but that doesn't mean that the people who run nbc or comcast by the way, the parent company are going to do that. every important democratic politician running for high office has to go to harlem and kiss al sharpton's ring, okay? everyone of them. they're concerned about him. they have to pay him respect. so if powerful politicians are doing that, are we supposed to believe phil griffin, the president of nbc and msnbc or people who run comcast aren't equally i'll use the word afraid of him? i think they are. who the hell knows what he is going to say next day after he gets fired? or what he's going to do? they're not going to take that
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chance, i don't think. >> if he were just a commontator did he do enough to be fired? putting his pressure and color aside did he do enough to be fired in your opinion? >> i would fire the producer to start with who made those kinds of editing mistakes. to call them mistakes is misleading they're attempts to deceive viewers when they cut you off and didn't let you continue the thought to say he was a great man. al sharpton was involved in the trayvon martin murder case and took one side. so clearly he is treated differently than most talk show hosts. >> but again, if we, if nbc is
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not going to do anything, bernie this, means all standards have collapsed. at that news organization. have they not? well, you understand that there was a former president of nbc news who said we do news here on this side of the street. and they over there in msnbc are our editorial page. i say fine. then, say is that the editorial page you want? it shouldn't be the kind of editorial page you want. >> wait, wait. >> let me just challenge. >> hard news and comment yary come under the umbrella of journalism. there are rules. there are rules you cannot distort either the facts or the commentary. we approve it. >> that is right.
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>> sharpton does this >> let me take your viewers on a tour of how sausage is made. what howard said is correct. first of all sharpton is responsible for what is on the show his name is on it. he's responsible. >> i agree. >> but sharpton doesn't go into the editing room. i'm guessing he doesn't know where it is in nsnbc this, is done almost always by young, liberal unethical producer who's didn't grow up in a world of anything resembling traditional journalism. what they're doing is what they believe the culture at msnbc expects of them. >> so phil griffin should be fired? >> howard said the producers should be fired
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i would crank that up a step. phil griffin sets the tone. >> crunch time, now. the one he was on with was this woman, finney. right? karen finny. she wrote me a letter after polling today. all right? because she said you've never been there and i was. >> i accepted her apology. did sharpton apologize? did he? no. no. >> he made a mistake. i don't want to tar everybody at msnbc with the same brush. there are hosts you may in the agree with -- >> what about leadership give me half a sentence to get to. that who do their work, honestly. you, i, audience do not agree with them. i hold them accountable setting a tone when someone like martin bashir can
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spew forth venom like he did against sara palin. apologies should be made when malicious mistakes are made. that is where i would fault him. >> i don't expect nbc to do anything. they're losing credibility, bernie. all over the country, now. i think they are. >> here is the last word. i'm wondering if you can consider this possibility. the strategy is say nasty, unethical things about bill o'reilly. he's going to try to set the record straight we'll get more publicity on fox than ever on msnbc. >> you've got to have a product. >> only 12 people watch. >> you've got to have a product. okay? they had no product. that is why their ratings are terrible. >> msnbc spends hours talking about fox. >> they don't have a product there that is why they've not
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succeeded in 17 years. gentlemen... >> you're the product over there. bill. >> well, i'm not worried about them getting viewers i'm just outraged nbc news as powerful as they are are allowing sharpton ask this stuff to go on. it's a disgrace and very to expose them. and espn network rejecting a ad that involves jesus. stay tuned for the reports.
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>> each christmas, thousands send messages to children. we celebrate the birth of jesus and season of giving bringing hope to children, and families we serve. our patients are filled with hope. >> they ma me smile >> help us reveal god's healing presence. send your message of hope. >> but espn said they would not run the ad because the line celebrate the birth of jesus and
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god's healing message are problematic, their word toshth network. that ad is run on other networks. joining us now, have you talked to espn? >> no. bill we haven't talked to him yet. i'd say there is too much jesus in this christmas message of hope is like saying there is too much sports on espn. >> it's worse than that. it's the line is contextual. >> it's problematic for espn. >> why espn would like to marginalize this n holiday, people are going home with their families probably watching espn. probably not anymore. >> i want to know is this so
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insane. i mean, whole thing is this, is a catholic hospital trying to raise money for kids who are severely ill. so one, the spot is noble because it helps children. two, the words in this spot are in context of christmas season, and the fact it's a catholic hospital. so, what espn is saying that we do not recognize the federal holiday of christmas and we do not recognize the right of a catholic hospital to say the words "god's healing power". that is a gross violation of freedom of speech. is it not? >> well, it's just another example of how a handful of people take spirit christmas out of, a message of hope, meaning of christmas casting it to the side of the street this, is what we've got to fight against. >> there is no one. you know that. >> you think john stuart would
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run this ad? if i were that organization i'd run this on comedy central show. he said no war on christmas but there is a down side we asked the organization who paid for that ad. they would not. they'll stand up for belief system either this, is the problem. okay? they're afraid. this organization to take on espn. so espn insultd them. told them you're not worthy because you're telling folks you believe in healing power of god you can't be on the program. then, this organization is too afraid to step up to say you know? it's wrong. very to do it. >> that is why alliance defending freedom exists. to help people like this. the christmas spirit. so we can represent them free so they can exercise their first amendment rights and have christmas
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because it is certainly christmas and merry christmas, to you, bill. >> coming back it will be miller time. thoughts on architect of obamacare. and folks asking tough questions about benghazi. miller is next.
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>> the president never said kwur going to have unlimited choice of any doctor. >> he asked a question. if you like your doctor you you can keep your doctor. did he not say that? >> he didn't say unlimited choice >> did he say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? >> yes. if you want to pay more for a company that covers your doctor you can do that. >> joining us now from santa barbara is dennis miller. what do you say about that? >> well, first up, billy very to apologize for my hair tonight. looks like someone set up a tracking operation on the right side of my head. as for emmanuel, i know his brother,
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ari. it would be disinagainus to say he was my agent but he headed the agency i like ari. he is smart and gifted but if highs developed a script called obamacare roll out and a writer showed up with this script, ari would whack him, i know he would. i can say that because it's his brother. but this were a script the guy won't be on the payroll anymore. let's take it over to zeke. he has a saliva plume going there you can ride the log ride at disney in that spidel. billy the fact is that this, when you're the architect for a house of cards you go down in the records with the architect who built the
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tacoma narrows bridge i requested footage. walter lance provided this when i first watched woody woodpecker. there is obamacare i'm going to continue to call it obamacare i'll change calling it obamacare when the president changes his name to barack affordable. there are 6 million people a lot of their health care. be disappointed. i just signed my power of attorney over to julian assange. the name of ezekiel, i went back and researched there are three prophets. isaiah, as in thomas, ruling new york knicks, there is jeremiah,
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ruining a church in chicago now, exekial who ruined obamacare. >> i'm on the o'reilly factor for god sakes. that is really good, miller. all right. >> let's go to new hampshire. there is a congress woman up there named ann custer and ann had a little... >> right. >> get your last joke ready. everyone. all right. ann custer has a town hall meeting and here is what happened roll tape. >> can you address benghazi? >> what are you going to do about benghazi? >> why isn't benghazi at the top of your issue? >> well, i'm not here to talk about it. we're here to talk about the middle east. >> benghazi is the middle east. >> so, it looks like billy she's got the stupidist mo howard
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after chef hit him with a hammer in the head. does anyone notice stupidist people no longer have a dunce cap on? now they have a gavel. she has in idea what benghazi is. she thinks it's one of the three actors with peter faulk. will being at that glazed-over look like it's a bad roll on apply indicator. who better to address a town hall than the village idiot? >> is that all? >> all right. >> it's in there or anything like that. >> no. no. >> that is stuff i used to tell a shrink $400 an hour, now, you pay me >> dennis miller everybody. we have two new bold and fresher
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shows to tell you about. charleston, south carolina at north charleston performing arts center then, saturday, saturday 29th knoxville tennessee tickets make great christmas gifts. did you see that on deck santa claus? the environmental group greenpeace sees him? don't miss this one, upcoming. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> children singing beside a in a activity. but soon they'll be joined by something called a
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festivus pole put up by an atheist. >> the state of florida are going to allow religious symbols to be displayed they opened a door. i just walked right through. >> chaz should be proud. is this a tradition in tallahassee? do they have the crash in there? >> no. just this year. they just started. there was a mennorah. e decides to call it a festivus pole, a fake, made up holiday people announce grievances.. >> i don't think florida authorities had to put that in there. it's not legitimate. holiday or religious expression. it's just a kook, chaz, the kook. >> they're saying their hands are tied.
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>> hands are tie? >> but they have to let all cultures. >> what culture is pabst blue ribbon? >> it's not. they have no obligation >> the attorney general -- >> this is his display next to in a activity? >> it's insulting >> but there is no war on christmas the attorney general of florida, is it bondy? she should just say nochlt you're not going to turn this into a circus. if you're a legitimate religion okay but not this clown. okay. we have another santa. santa now, greenpeace and santa. roll tape. >> i bring bad tidings. melting
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ice here. north pole made our operations and day-to-day life intolerable and impossible. and there may be no alternative but to... cancel christmas. >> so santa according to greenpeace looks like texas chain saw massacre guy. >> with a flashlight. he's dirty, looks like a hostage video. but very good news for people. that is not santa. santa is very busy at the north pole this time of the year. that is the butler from downton abby. >> what is the point? >> the point is that the arctic is melting. north bowl is in danger. they want everybody to sign their petition. they're saying if you do sign you'll be
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in good company with madonna and jude law an mccartney. that they need to raise money to save the arctic. look we've saved ant arctic. it's 173 below. they're taking credit. >> they're adding ice in ant arctica. this is a money fund-raiser thing? showing you a santa that looks like a serial killer? >> this is, if there is a happy santa who is sad? >> that would be. >> i used to be happy but now i'm sad. this is scary. >> if anyone sees that guy slide down your chimney, take out a gun and shoot him >> i can't understand >> everybody know what's i'm
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talking about. >> i can't understand english accents on the show. >> all right. we have a bill o'reilly poll question for you. how much will you spend on gifts this season? mccal lum about 30 grand. select one, we'll give you reports tomorrow. tip of the head. i have a tip what. you should give others, moments away.
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>> tipping during christmas.
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me. merry christmas. barbara from arizona. >> millions of folks disagreeing with you, barbara. >> the book will be out next september. and tip of the day it's christmas time. we should be generous if we can. to those who help us here is the tip advice. recognize your mailman. get
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this. postal workers can only accept up to $20 by law. you can give cookies and stuff. here is an important one. your garbage kwloeshths. vieta. be generous to them. unless they're screw ups because they can help you out. if you live in an apartment building and have a doorman take care of him or her. other people, someone helping clean your house, your auto mechanic and donate to the church you go to. if you don't go to church pick a charity you respect we have a list of them we give money to. we know the money goes to the right place because charity is important. for those that don't have much money, bake cookies and make stuff. everybody likes that. i made my tip list this morning and feel better for doing it. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out fox news web site different from
9:00 pm word of the day do not be a loonca -- mooncalf. >> we'll investigate claims. it can be traced back to the department of education. >> is this the end of santa claus? a new push to replace the jolly old man with a white beard?


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