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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 12, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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e-mailed us saying this isn't multitasking. she's doing one thing while her minion do everything else. try breast-feeding while potty training your toddler. thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate you joining us today. have a great one. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. today is thursday, december 12th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. check this out. they say they missed the mark. the truth is, they barely made a mark. we have the stunning news on the obama care enrollment. it's like a scene out of the movie gravity. a major malfunction on the international space station putting american astronauts at l risk in morning. we have breaking details. >> i have not seen gravity. one much my big regrets, i will shortly. remember this scene from hangover? >> do not go in the bathroom. >> calm down, please. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> what's going on? >> there's a jungle cat in the
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bathroom. >> wow, something similar just happened in real life. >> what? >> teenagers busted swiping a $250,000 leopard. >> why? >> "fox and friends first" hour. load the pictures, we're ready. it's "fox and friends." >> yep, cue the rooster. live from studio e. she's back. >> i missed the rooster yesterday. >> where were you? >> you guys looked great. >> one much my kids had a holiday christmas concert. i hear we're going to be wearing fun christmas sweaters. i had to be there. >> of course you did. >> i had to give them april thumbs up. >> it's the first day you missed since the early '70s when you started on the show. it was kind of weird. >> i made a lot of sense yesterday. can we play that back. >> yeah, you did.
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i listened on the radio. >> i still listen and watch. >> well, we missed you. >> i missed you too. >> now you're back at work and you've got some talking to do. kathleen sebelius had to try to convince the people that this obama care has been a roaring success. unfortunately, when you look at the numbers, they simply have not showed. approximately 365,000 people in the united states, we've got some graphics have selected a plan. now, that's the key. selected doesn't mean they have bought yet. they've simply selected. >> so you have here the goal 7 million sign-ups by march 31st is the lofty at this point especially when you consider 5 to 6 million on the insurance. the chart is the difference. look at the difference between what the ultimate goal is of the 7 million and where we are now. where the government is.
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this is astonishing to see this visual. >> whoa we're a little pancake and we need to be the 7 million. >> as you mentioned, all the people that lost their plans, caused the president to come out. for kathleen sebelius as troubling as obama care has been, it's got to be better than where she was at a month ago. she feels she can put numbers forward. at least the website works but the back end doesn't. you can tem. according to the hill, staffers were told who worked there and actually have the insiders that when you go to order obama care, make sure that it's essential that you check on your coverage that you actually have coverage. do not rely on your my accounts page. how many people out there don't get the insider text message or e-mail that says don't check -- don't take for granted your accounts page. make sure you pick up the phone and call to make sure you have it. so if you work for the federal government and go on their website and your boss says you can't trust that, that's bad.
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nonetheless, she tried to put a happy face on everything yesterday. >> i don't think there's any question that the flawed launch of the website put a damper on people's enthusiasm. having said that, we're seeing positive trends. we're seeing a lot of people reengage. >> put a damper on it? there are millions of people who feel devastated right now. that's across the nation. i'm not sure there needs to be a new prescription for her glasses there but the numbers are not revealing what she's saying. nor is the response from the american people. people might not even be covered. if you're some of the 2,000 that have actually signed up for insurance and think you've paid, the insurance company may not even know you're there. according to reports. you have an insurance company that may not have electronically because the system isn't built, the information necessary to receive your payments and truly insure you because that back room, according to charles krauthammer says it's not going
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to work because it's not built. listen to how deceptive he said the numbers are. >> look at every level, every number that you get on this. it's either inflated or deceptive. it's people who put stuff in your shopping cart, amazon would never call it a sale until you get a sale. and they don't even know how many have made the sale. and that's because what they call euphemistically, the back hand, which is the cash register of the whole system is not working. >> it's not working. and kathleen sebelius yesterday said that our error rate, we're down around 10% now. think about it. if you were a private business and you made mistakes 10% of the time you would be bankrupt. one other thing. pro public lia of new york, the had a -- 365,000 people have signed up, right? so it's not good but it sounds better than it was a month
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before. according to insurance companies people and consultants for the insurance industry, so far only between 5, 10, maybe 15% have actually signed up. keep in mind, you do not have insurance until you have signed up and paid. and now, you do the math there. that would mean maybe 36,000 people actually have accounts right now. >> right. >> where they've paid. that's an awful number. >> somewhere two 20,000 and 36,000. according to the percentage there. the insurance company may not know they exist. >> kathleen sebelius says now that we're getting it going, now somhing to investigate what went wrong. i'm bringing in quality control people and we're going to solve things going forward. can you get another catch phrase in there? i'm not sure. the ceo of hines, he used to run a major organization, according to some make ketchup. here's what happened when kathleen sebelius worked in the real world. >> no, i don't think this was a
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good move at all neal. i don't know what happened to accountability and ownership but the reality is that miss sebelius owns this problem. if she can't solve it, somebody else needs to be brought in. i'm a football coach's son. coaches get fired when they lose. i'm a ceo, they get fired twh they don't deliver. i don't know why they think it's exempt from this law. >> kathleen sebelius called for a review of contracting practices regarding the affordable care act website. and the inspector general is looking into it. and, in fact, apparently yesterday a letter was uncovered from the department of health and human services that went out to the various contractors who put together the website and said hey, if congress asks you questions, just refer them to us. we don't want you answering questions. don't worry, we'll take care of it, which is handy because now if there's an inspector general,
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that means anybody asks a question, they'll go, you know what, we can't answer it because the inspector general is looking into it. >> they want to investigate themselves. if only everyone could do that. >> wouldn't that be great. >> we can pat ourselves down at the airport. >> we can do that anyway. >> we can? >> freewill. >> to get in, i'm saying. >> free women. >> you can pat yourself down now if you wanted to. >> but i'm not suspecting of myself. >> you're innocent. >> i took care of that before the show. they saw me. >> good morning, heather. >> good morning. i'll keep on going here. elizabeth nice to have you back. >> good to see you and be back. >> i have serious news to bring you now. there's a serious situation to talk about on the international space station. a cooling pump has malfunctioned and the crew is struggling to restore the pressure to that cooling system which keeps vital systems working, including life support. nasa says the six crew members including two americans are not
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in immediate danger. but if the problem can't be fixed from the inside, a risky spacewalk like in the movie gravity might be the only option. we'll keep watching this and bring you updates as we get them. >> a plane crash -- loretta -- was killed when her cessna went down ten minutes after takeoff. eight others. she served as hawaii's health director since 2011. she was 65 years old. shocking new video that says asiana flight landing. it rammed into a seawall and cartwheeled down the runway there. according to the investigation, the pilot was very concerned about landing this jumbo jet without the help from the runway's automatic warning system. they were out of service at the time because of construction. investigators also focusing on the pilot's understanding or misunderstanding, should we say, of the auto thrust system of the plane that controls the aircraft
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power. the system was not engaged and that jet descended at an altitude faster than it should have. remember this scene from the hangover? >> do not go in the bathroom. >> calm down, please. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> what's going on? >> there's a jungle cat in the bathroom. >> okay. something similar just happened in real life with a jungle cat. see that thing right there. 16 teenagers are now under arrest accused of breaking into a vacant mansion and then throwing a wild party. this happened in the suburbs of los angeles. police say the guests ran off with versace suits and even this stuffed leopard that was worth $250,000. about a million bucks. who has a stuffed leopard. >> rich people. i hope they check the car, see if there's a naked guy in the trunk. remember that? >> heather, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up straight ahead, 20
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minutes before the bottom of the hour. you just heard obama care had the numbers short of expectations so far. what happens now? >> wearing a baseball cap and putting on a suit and ready to talk. that's right. this time, the sign language fake fessing up. the interpreter breaks his silence. >> wait until you hear -- >> breaks his silence.
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is another bailout on the insurance companies that stand to lose big bucks due to the low obama care enrollment numbers. how would this work and what would it mean for all of us? stuart varney is here to break it down. good morning to you. >> the first question, the answer is yes.
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a bailout -- they're not going to call it that. they're going to say they're topping off insurance company funds. it is a bailout under section 1342 of the obama care act. insurance companies, if they fall short of money, money flowing into them, if they fall short, the taxpayer tops them off with additional subsidies. remember please, steve, that the insurance companies are getting $1 trillion and $75 billion from the taxpayer in the form of subsidies. if they don't bring in enough money from that failing website and they won't, we give them some more. that is a bailout. >> it absolutely is. but this is no surprise because to get the insurance companies to agree to be part of the exchanges, they had to say, you know, not in public view. >> look, if this thing tanks and costs you a lot more, we'll make it up. >> that's right. the insurance companies were in favor of this act because they
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thought they would pull in a whole bunch of new customers and if they didn't bring in the customers, the taxpayer would make up the difference. that's where we stand. now the back office system to pay out those subsidies, that's not been built. so the insurance companies right now are being squeezed seriously and it hits the fan next year because they just run out of money. >> plus the people who -- we were talking a little while ago about how kathleen sebelius went out yesterday and said 365,000 people so far have signed up for -- they have selected a plan. that's the way she used it. >> right. selected a plan. >> they've selected it. only 5% of those, maybe 10, maybe 15% have paid. she made it -- she was emphatic yesterday. everywhere on the website, it says you have to pay to be covered. if only 5%, 10% have actually paid, that's bad for everybody. >> by the way, if you don't pay and i mean pay by december 23rd,
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you are not covered as of january 1st. you've got to pay up that money very, very quickly. >> i don't think people are going to do it, my friend. >> but what about -- if it was a mistake on the obama care website. >> who is liable? who is liable? come january 1st, you think you've signed up, you've not actually signed up >> the government would be. but we're talking about people's health. you got to go to the doctor. >> yes. can you imagine come january 1st, january 2nd, some poor unfortunate gets into a car accident for example. big medical bill. that's okay, i am covered. no, you are not covered. you think you are. you think you enrolled and signed up, but actually you didn't. you're out in the cold. i think this is going to p happen. >> between that and the news of the bailout, but don't call it that. >> but it is. >> you're full of good news today. >> have a nice day. by the way, watch stuart, he's going to be working at fox business 3:02 and from now.
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>> thank you. 9:20. straight ahead, remember the scene from the classic, "a christmas story." >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> not only will you shoot your eye out, kid. now a bb gun could land your child in jail. really? is this the kind of less on the government should be teaching our kids. that's coming up next. then call is the ultimate distraction, how the twerking burglar pulled off one outrageous crime. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you now. bill clinton bailing on a high price gala in vienna after the organizer is sent to prison the day of the event. the organizer accused of leading an espionage network to steal secrets to win consulting contracts. clinton was paid $275,000. clinton's office says he refunded that money. and a real raunchy robbery distraction. get this. caught on camera in brooklyn, new york. look at this thief outside. she's twerking outside an apartment building. she performed the dirty dance for an hour while her accomplice slipped in and stole some packages. #twerk and take. over to you, brian. >> all right. thanks for, elizabeth. >> everybody remembers this scene from the christmas story movie. >> rifle.
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>> you'll shoot your eye out kid. >> not only will you shoot your eye out. apparently in some states like new jersey, bb guns can also land your kid in jail. joining us is psychotherapist and parent thomas kerr stein. tom, does that bother you? >> it kind of does. i grew up in new jersey. i had brothers older than me. my dad taught myself, my friends, my brother how to shoot a bb gun in the backyard. it's something, if you're caught doing that now, a bb gun in your backyard, you'll potentially go to jail. >> i can understand if you're a cop, you cannot tell the difference in a split second situation what's a bb gun and real gun. i understand from the law enforcement. there are situations where you're shooting targets in your backyard trying to knock over cans and you get arrested. >> right. if you're a cop and somebody points a bb gun at you, if you're using it to break a law, you've broken a law. if you're having fun and
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teaching a kid to be responsible with an air gun. not an assault rifle in your backyard, should that be in the same discussion as a shotgun? >> if you think about it, when i was growing up, my favorite show was the rifleman. everyone was shooting gun. cops and robbers were commonplace. you didn't want to be a cop and robber, everyone was having halloween. what's changing? >> in our society. we have a lot of fear. parentally in our society, we're taking away having kids develop some sort of responsibility in many respects. i'm not saying in every respect. this is just another example of this. come on, in the backyard with your bb gun, you can go to jail and your kid can. >> because you can take an eye out with this thing. are you protecting us from ourselves it? >> i'm on the border of rockland county, i could transport that in my car and i would be arrested a lot of people i spoke
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to, friends aren't even aware of this. guys my age that have kids that had bb guns growing up. they're not aware of this law. >> soon there will be a bb gun wing in prison. let's look at the some of the maps. a map of different states and cities that have guns being treepted as firearms and have listed as dangerous weapons. new jersey, delaware, rhode island, north dakota, illinois and michigan. this is a growing trend. as a guy that studies behaviors for a living, does it bother you? >> it doesn't necessarily bother me. i think there needs to be an awareness. this law will be in effect and people need to be aware of it and know about it. you can't have an upstanding citizen like myself risking being arrested or prosecuted trying to bond with a kid in the backyard with almost a toy gun. >> the 12-year-old is in the car, you get pulled over for speeding and you go to jail all of a sudden.
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you should be aware. >> good luck in new jersey. watch your guns. five minutes before the bottom of the hour. the sign language fake fessing up. his outrageous excuse that he had a schizophrenic episode. that's next. your comments poured in on the show yesterday. a 6-year-old labeled as a sex offender for kissing a girl at school. big update this morning. big update.
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it's been another tough week for president obama. oh, boy. oh, my goodness. did you see this yesterday? yesterday at nelson mandela's memorial service. two things. one is he came under fire because he shook hands with cuba's communist leader raul castro. people are like were why would you want to be seen with that guy and castro is i didn't. but all of a sudden he was shaking my hand. >> zing. >> the selfie too. we'll tell you the story of the interpreter that didn't do anything. >> he did plenty. >> he did. >> it was gibberish. >> how unbelievable. >> wait until you hear it. you'll hear it in the next hour.
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>> crazier than the -- >> he's got a really good excuse. >> he has a reason. >> one thing he kept doing is rocking horse. he kept doing the rocking horse thing. >> all right. i'm going to say time to go to heather nauert. but slowly put your hand down. >> it doesn't go down? >> bring me -- >> the problem with -- behind you at the weather center. >> maria was in the way. >> if you saw maria, it would have been a disaster. >> she's really tough -- >> by the way, maria's station, her weather station is right over here around the corner. >> i was working. >> one of the mysteries of television. we were talking about that interpreter, the sign language interpreter. i've got that story for you in just a second. i'll get right to that. in the meantime, investigators here in new york are trying to figure out what killed a local college freshman during a
3:32 am
fraternity ritual that went horribly wrong. a 19-year-old man was taken to the hospital with a massive head injury while he was on a retreat in pennsylvania. doctors had to put him on life support but he died shortly after. police still aren't sure what happened during this ritual and the fraternity now refusing to comment. we'll keep you posted. we're now learning the miracle rescue of the man trapped underwater in a shipwreck for nearly three days, that rescue almost didn't happen. a new interview, harrison owe keen says he saw the lights in the water. and a diver was coming his direction, but then the lights disappeared. so he swam through the pitch dark waters to try to grab that rescue diver but he just couldn't find him. so he swam back to that air pocket that kept him alive. he got his breath and then he tried again. he finally was able to find that diver and he tapped him on the back. the diver thought he found a dead body. and then quickly realized that the man was alive.
3:33 am
the man says he's done with the sea for good and he just got a new job as a cook on land. he had been a cook on that ship. >> i think i'd never go back after that. >> absolutely. >> now an update on a story we told you about yesterday that's gotten a whole lot of attention. a 6-year-old boy suspended from school for kissing a girl on the cheeng and the hand. the colorado school district is changing the offense from sexual harassment to misconduct. the mother of the girl he kissed is also speaking out. the school says it was right to suspend the boy because the kissing happened without the girl's consent. then a shocking new claim. this is what we referred to earlier by the man accused of using fake sign language at nelson mandela's memorial service. he says that he was hallucinating, that he was hearing voices. and that he saw angels coming into the stadium. he also admits to having had a violent past. he says he's getting treatment
3:34 am
for schizophrenia and was paid $85 to work that event on tuesday. he says "i try to control myself and not show the world what was going on. i'm very sorry. it's a situation i found myself in." the south african government is now investigating. those are your headlines. >> if he didn't know sign language. >> there's an accreditation that people who do sign language can get. i don't know if that's required in south africa. we'll look into that. >> thank you very much. they looked at it. it was not american sign language, it was not any of the official languages of africa. this guy was hired, i believe, last year to do the same thing for the president of south africa, zuma. did the same gibberish job and they called for him to get investigated and they never did. >> you know what, it turns out according to my study, he's working on health this guy is really strange snimt what study is that? >> guess who sh back officially? maria molina.
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>> we can finally look at you. >> there's a whole weather department back there behind this wall. >> i know. >> make our we thar graphics out there and everything. let's look at the weather. >> never mind that woman behind the curtain. let's look at the weather conditions across the country. before we do that in our country, want to show you a picture from london. this picture was taken yesterday and it shows dense fog across the city. you can barely see the skyscrapers popping up above that fog. very dense fog. typically for fog, you need calm winds, high humidity and april contrast in temperatures in the air. just beautiful picture right there on the screen. otherwise, in our country, we've been having to deal with significant lake effect snowfall. take a look at the reported snowfall totals from parts of upstate new york. up to 44 inches of snow fell across sections of redfield, new york. incredible. more than 2 feet in other parts of new york. expect more of it later today
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and the next several days across the northeast. otherwise, the current windchill temperatures, it is very cold out there. 26 below zero in marquette is what it feels like as you head out the door. the actual high temperature only in the teens today in minneapolis. brian, we were telling everyone about this possible storm system moving into the northeast for the weekend. it still looks like a possibility. over to you. >> wow. that's going to be a fun weekend. guys, tell you about sports. baseball isn't always thought as a contact sport. but home plate collisions have injured players and destroyed careers. even ray fosse. major league baseball wants to put an end to that. catchers won't be allowed to block home plate and runners will not be allowed to run over catchers. violators could face disciplinary action. the new rules need to be approved by the owners and the players. but it could start as early as next year. i think they'll both agree to this and have replay as a part of this. from one 43 to another.
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former george w. bush sends alabama's kicker a letter. after hopes for a third straight national championship were foiled at the iron bowl, cade foster received so many hate messages after missing field goals and cost him the game according to some, the president wanted to lift his spirits. 43 sent him a handwritten note which foster just posted on twitter saying this. deer cade, life has setbacks. i know! however, you will be a stronger human with time. i wish you all the best. another 43. george bush. alabama will play oklahoma in the sugar bowl in january. >> how great is that. >> 43 to 43. >> the sfie ring that saved the american revolution, we just got it's number three on "the new york times" list. >> fantastic. >> congratulations. >> it's to all the fox viewers. look who is 2 and 1. 2 is krauthammer and 1 is
3:38 am
killing jesus. three fox people on the top three. >> hat trick. >> very nice. >> congrats. >> by the way, tomorrow i'll be in naples and off to the villages. >> florida. >> don't take a left. >> book signing on the secret 6? >> around noon in naples at the ritz and then over at night to the villages. >> great christmas gift. congrats. >> thanks. >> watch this. ♪ you may be right ♪ ♪ i may be crazy ♪ >> most of us know matthew morrison as the caring glee director, mr. schuster on the fox hit series glee. now he's lending his voice to the holiday songs we love in a new album called this classic christmas. >> we're joined by michael. >> you sat down with him. >> i did. we caught up with him in washington where he was rehearsing for a pbs special
3:39 am
that's based on both his new albums. where it all began. the classic christmas. that's airing all this month. he took time out for this. his new album is great. i brought it with us. in addition to brian's book for christmas, if you're looking for a good gift. >> he's a good guy, too. >> he's a nice guy. total gentleman. very talented. he lends his pop broadway style to classic songs. including my favorite song, o holy night. it passes the test, the chill factor. >> we asked him how he found the time to do a christmas album and how he went about selecting some of his songs. >> it is something i was -- i found myself, we were finishing up where it all began and we still had some extra time and juice left in us. we actually put christmas lights all over the studio. it was in march. so you kind of had to get in the christmas spirit a little bit. >> how did you pick the christmas songs? >> some of the songs are songs that i sang like when i was in a performing group, a singing and
3:40 am
dancing troup i used to do christmas caroling and stuff. o holy night is one much my favorite songs. >> my favorite. >> your favorite. glee fans around the world are going to be sad after next season because they announced the show will be ending. we asked matthew how he feels about the whole thing. >> are you going to be sad to see it go? >> yeah. i mean, it will be bittersweet. we've created such a family. especially after cory passing this year and stuff, i think we've gotten closer. but at the same time, i'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something else. i've been toog this almost seven years by the time we finish. >> good job security. ready to move on? >> you can always go back and do a glee movie, that entourage. >> you know, edit this part out. don't give anyone any ideas. >> i don't think he wants to do a movie. >> i don't think so. i think he's done.
3:41 am
>> sex and the city, the brady bunch weren't successful movies. they brought back a new cindy. >> threw everybody off. >> cindy wanted too much money so they got a new one. >> there's always hope. good job, mike. >> as always, you can follow me on twitter, guys. at fox light michael. we do. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. does this remind you of your office christmas party. >> hey! >> you come to these christmas parties often? joe casone has the dos and don'ts to save you a job. >> looks like a new reality show. >> then the judge says he willfully lied to congress. why did james clapper still have a job especially after what he said yesterday. judge napolitano up next.
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quarter before the top of the hour. quick headlines on this thursday. the fcc is holding a vote later today on whether air passengers should be allowed to talk on cell phones on airplanes. won't that be relaxing. according to a new quinnipiac poll, 60% of americans don't want that to happen. they want to fly in peace. thousands of people don't have mail. yahoo mail down since monday night. the company blames the problem on hardware. nsa director keith alexander defending his agency's role on spying on the american people. remember? >> like holding on to a hornet's nest. we're getting stung. you've asked us to do this for
3:46 am
the good of the nation to defend the nation to get the intelligence we need. nobody's come up with a better way. if we let this down, i think we'll have let the nation down. >> so would the nsa really be letting the nation down if it stopped spying? >> joining us fox news seen i can't remember judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. judge, you've been calling for clapper to go for a while. in your estimation, he flat-out lied in front much congress. >> the person we saw is general alexander shall the head of the nsa. the person we're talking about is former general james clammer, the director of national intelligence. he's general alexander's boss. >> you think both should be prosecuted, right? >> certainly general clapper should. he directly lied under oath and did so twice. he did it to a person who knew he was lying and tried to give him an opportunity to get out of it. if there are secrets that you can't reveal and you're under oath, you don't deny that the secrets exist. you don't say no, we're not
3:47 am
gathering data on 10 million americans. you simply say senator under the current state of the law i cannot answer that question in this forum. that's the proper lawful honest answer. >> close the door and i'll let you know. >> roger clemons was indicted and prosecuted for lying about the contents of his urine. this guy lied to the nation about whether or not they are gathering massive amounts much data about everybody. he should be prosecuted. >> pabst blue ribbon -- let's look back at something you did a couple of months ago. you nailed this a while ago. >> the nsa is utterly out of control. either the president doesn't know what they're doing in which case he's not in charge of the executive branch or he's misleading the american public. they lied under oath, this administration when they were asked under oath are you collecting information about american citizens and admiral clapper said no we're not. >> you were on the case and you've been on the case for a
3:48 am
long time. there's also a trickle effect to this, right? >> yes, there was. james sense en brenner, congressman from wisconsin, the author of the patriot act, i understand what he did and why he did it. earlier this week he said general clapper should be prosecuted for perjury. so even people that are part of the intelligence community and established part of the apparatus by which the intelligence community operates believes that perjury has to be prosecuted. >> there's a line from the washington times op-ed that you read. in fact, do it in your voice. >> this is a violation of the natural right to be left alone. when that right is violated, we surely will alter our private behavior. just as surely, the government expands surveillance knowing that it is not being watched. when you know you're being watched -- >> which we do. >> we're going to start changing our behavior and that diminishes our freedom.
3:49 am
i'm not suggesting we not spy. nobody would say that. you can't spy on 300 million americans to capture a half dozen. you have to limit it to target the individuals you want. the concept of them seizing all of our e-mails and texts and our phone calls will change the way we live. >> sure. i mean, when you think about gathering of evidence after someone has been accused of something, it's being gathered beforehand. also, is this happening at the local level as well? >> unfortunately, it is. the local are imitating feds. local have gone to telecoms saying we want a tower dump. provide us all the information from a given tower. some of the telecoms are saying yes, some no. then they go to a judge to ask. some are saying yes, some no. then then bought their own $400,000 device that they put on the side of the road mimics the cell tower and collects every phone call that goes by. >> the only thing i say about people changing bee mafr when the cameras are on. it's not the case with the
3:50 am
kardashians. because i feel i'm getting a slice of their real life. >> they don't care. they want to be spied on. >> exactly. >> spy on the kardashians why don't you. >> judge napolitano, you've been right for a long time. thank you very much. >> to spread this gospel. >> tonight with bret baier and company. >> thank you. coming up, this year a doctor who helped take down bin laden locked up in pakistan and now the lawyer defending him is running for his life. the developing details ahead. it's the only bad thing about having a big family, somebody gets stuck with an ice cold shower. but what if we told you you don't need a new water heater. up next, priceless advice on your home appliances. when you should fix them and when you should nix them. >> sorry, kaitlyn. you're last again. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
thanks for being with us. knowing when to repair or replace an appliance can save you thousands. here are some tips on when to fix it or nix it. let's start appliance by appliance. this is a washer. how long should it last? when do you know you should replace it or just replace a part? >> there are a couple different scenarios. obviously these are all brand-new kenmore appliances from sears. none need replacing or repairing. with a washer in particular, let's say, for example, that you have a broken water pipe and then -- >> common. >> very common. then the washer starts leaking and that happens to happen around a holiday weekend.
3:55 am
in that case, absolutely nix it. what happens is, basically a couple different things. there is a 50% rule. any time that you have an appliance where the cost of the repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new appliance, you should always consider replacing it. the other thing is, holiday weekend, great time to buy appliances. huge sales around that time. >> dryer? >> as long as you have a moisture sensor in your dryer, which most dryers in the last 15 years would. let's say it's 12 years old but you still are a parts warranty, worth fixing it in that case. and so what basically the moisture sensor will save you on energy efficiency. you want to make sure that's in working condition. overall, dryers, long life span. you can fix them inexpensively. >> refrigerator, freezer? lot of parts now. >> lot of parts, especially with the side by side. that tends to be a little bit more expensive than the stacked freezer and refrigerator to repair it. twice as prone to being in need
3:56 am
of repair. so in that case, if it's around six years old, you may want to think about replacing it. let's say it's not as thetically pleasing, if it's white, it could help with your home value to get a new one. >> so try fix. water heater? >> water heater. >> sometimes not an option in a cold month. >> the moderate climbs are generally able to fix it. sometimes you can do diy. go on-line. sometimes where the thermostat isn't working, whether electric or gas, you can generally find some solutions on-line and this is something that you can fix. but if you live in a cold weather climate, you may need to consider getting a new one. >> especially if it's been the past couple of weeks. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate your info. we'll check out promotional and sears. you guys are a destination for new appliances like kenmore and for repairs to your existing appliances. thank you so much. >> thank you.
3:57 am
coming up, the obamacare web site captain get your money to the insurance companies. so are you covered technically
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it's thursday, december 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. missing the mark, shocking new developments on how few people signed up for obamacare. but the administration is selling a different story. are you buying it? and the sign language fake fessing up this morning. he said he had a schizophrenic episode and this isn't the first time. >> thank you, mccullly. talk about an unwelcome guest. >> shaq, how are you? >> hey, hope you don't mind, i
4:01 am
brought an uninvited guest. >> to the business party? what's going on? oh, it's brian. >> there is some good acting there. what not to do at your christmas work party. we've got details. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends," the number one morning cable news show in america. number one in cable news. maybe not number one in fake acting. >> it's like any other party. on a tv set with a 7' 1 center who is getting into the hall of fame. steve, did you see what happened? do you see what she's doing on the side? >> elisabeth? >> she's chewing gum when i'm not around. >> i know. brian hates gum chewing and when you click your pen. so i've got the kind of pens that you can not click. but i do have the back up.
4:02 am
>> then i'll start snapping my gum. it's just there so you know it's a possibility. >> we're differential to you. >> i appreciate it. >> we've recalibrated our entire lives for you. >> i know. i don't key your car anymore because i know that bothers you. >> i have an addiction to chewing gum. you really helped me work through that problem. >> i and kelly ripa have a disease and i think i need compassion. >> does she have the same thing? >> she can not take gum chewing. >> if you don't mind, it would be nice. but i got to tell you, yesterday front and center, kathleen sebelius talked about the latest. i think she was somewhat happier than the first couple of times around as the health and human services secretary was able to throw out some numbers that on the surface seemed as though she was revealing a big improvement on because she said, and we have no
4:03 am
way of backing this up, we have signed up 365,000 new members, have jumped into obamacare. >> so the goal is 7 million sign-ups by march 31. it's not looking that great, given -- then you have 5 to 6 million who lost their insurance. that number is probably the most key for americans. obamacare enrollment here, we have 364,682 signed up against the 7 million that they need to actually pay for the system. >> right. she was out there to try to get the press corps and democrats to believe that the worst is behind us. as you can see, there is a giant mountain they've got to climb to get as many people on the exchanges as possible. yesterday joe barton from the 6th district of texas and kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, were talking -- actually tangling over whether or not things will be done by the end of the year.
4:04 am
they won't be. what's the new deadline? roll tape. >> could you tell us what's being done to try to get that ready by january 1st, since almost half the system, according to mr. chow, hadn't been built yet. >> getting the insurance company ies their money for accelerated tax credits and for cost sharing is due to go into effect in mid january. >> wow. >> they'll be getting paid, the insurance companies, by the middle of next month. >> so they say. >> so they say. but they've said a lot of stuff so far. >> she said, if i knew what i knew now then, i would have done a slower launch. maybe push back the launch a little bit. >> it was her choice. >> yeah, it was. i believe there was a shutdown of government mainly for that
4:05 am
reason and a mini filibuster by senator cruz. she should have said mr. president, take the delay. >> the republicans were right. something is wrong with obamacare. here we are. >> possibly the reason for the delayed and anemic sign-up is explained by charles krauthammer who is in the back room and -- said the back room in the back system is completely flawed when it comes to connecting the dots. >> the idea that you have to hand match people who paid a premium with the insurers isn't 20th century technology. it's 19th century technology an insurer has to find the person, call them up, go over all the details on the form and then adjust them, which, of course, is impossible to do in any substantial numbers. the administration speaks about having millions signed up by the end of december. there are 3 million -- they're 3 million short as of now.
4:06 am
there is no way it's conceivable that it would sign up that number and even if it did, there is no way it's conceivable that the insurers would be able to hand match the information. i think all of this is to assuage democrats to give them something to hang their hats on and pretend everything is okay on the recess, but the beginning of january is going to be a train wreck for them. >> so when he's talking about hand matching, the insurance companies have to go through with pencil and paper and look at okay, this person, did they pay? according to a report out there, apparently maybe 5%, 10% of the people who so far have selected a plan have paid, which means maybe 20 or 30,000 are insured. whereas when the secretary yesterday said it's 360 some odd thousand, that's the number of people who selected. that number has not paid yet. that's the big shopping cart.
4:07 am
>> right. >> by the way, how about this for audacity? cabs cabs says now that things are up and running, she wants to do a full investigation of how things got that bad. is she going to look through her office? check out her e-mail, because it's her responsibility? how do you investigate yourself. it's like sammy the bull investigating himself. >> right. accountability where there has been none, some would say the inspector general being able to ask those questions would side step the ability for average citizens and representatives to continue to ask the hard questions that she was faced with. >> she'll come back every time and say, we're doing our own investigation. >> we're taking care of that investigation, thanks. >> and there are all these house committees that are doing some investigates and they'd like to ask questions and apparently a memo was uncovered where the health and human services department sent it out to all the vendors, people who put the web site together and said, hey, somebody asks you questions, remember, you signed a contract with us. refer them to cms, the centers
4:08 am
for medicare and medicaid services. don't you go talking to congress yourself because then you'll get in trouble. what do they have to hide? >> right. >> what do they have to hide? >> i'm not sure if maria is hiding in the weather room. >> she's not. >> she's not there right now. >> you're hid hiding your triceps this morning. i know that's the best way to feel better, compliment you on your triceps. they asked what's your favorite body part? i said triceps. too revealing? >> elisabeth, now you know what to do. >> i thought it was brian kilmeade's secret six pack. >> yeah. right now my six packs are a huge secret. it's hiding well.
4:09 am
heather, i dare you to do the news. >> okay. i'll take it from here. good morning to you. hope you've off to a good day. we've serious situation op the international space station right now. the fix could be a risky space walk like the one in the movie "gravity". >> explore! do you copy? >> okay. so here is what cooling pump sg and that cooling pump keeps vital systems working, including life support. there are currently six astronauts, including two americans on board. if they can't fix the problem from the outside, a space walk may be the only option. we'll keep watching this story for you. the doctor who helped the c.i.a. catch osama bin laden is now sitting in a pakinstani jail awaiting a new trial. but we have just learned that his lawyer is actually on the run. he fled the country after getting death threats and reportedly told he would be murdered if he did not stop defending the doctor.
4:10 am
a plane crash off the coast of hawaii leaving the director of the state's health department dead. she was killed when her cessna went down ten minutes after takeoff. eight others survived that crash. she has served as hawaii's health director since 2011. she was 65 years old. a shocking claim to tell you about by the guy who is accused of using fake sign language at nelson mandela's memorial service. he says that he was hallucinating, that he was hearing voices and that he saw angels coming into the stadium. he also admits to having had a violent past. he says he's getting treatment for schizophrenia and also adds, quote, i try to control myself and not show the world what was going on. i'm very sorry. it's a situation i found myself in. last year he also botched a speech for the president of south africa. those are your headlines. >> how do you get the job again after you botch a speech? >> that's the point. and after the speech for president zuma, the people said,
4:11 am
that didn't make any sense. we've got to investigate him. >> he just came back. no one knew. >> maybe he's the only signer they have. i'm not sure. >> and he got paid 85 bucks. >> we can't blame ourselves. that was not in our camera line of the we couldn't even tell. >> we wash our hands of that situation. >> all right. it is 7:11 in new york city. straight ahead, bernie madoff committed the largest ponzi scheme in history, of course, five years ago, running off with more than $50 billion. now five years later charlie impasse perino says wall street still has not learned its lesson. he's coming up next. and remember this scene from "hangover"? >> do not go into the bathroom! >> calm down, please. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom! >> what's going on? >> there is a jungle cat in the bathroom! >> something very similar just happened in life. teen-agers busted, swiping a $250,000 leopard that doesn't
4:12 am
bite. ♪ ♪
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4:15 am
bernie madoff committed the largey ponzi scheme in history, ripping off his victims and running away with more than $50 billion. now five years later, fox business' charlie gasparino says wall street still has not learned its lesson and he'll join us to explain us that. good morning. >> good morning. we have a lot more regulations, but this wouldn't have taken regulation to catch bernie madoff. it would have taken a lot of common sense, or a little common sense on the part of regulators. they knew there was a problem with madoff. there was a problem with his
4:16 am
returns. they were high and very steady. that's an impossibility. if someone out there offers anybody out there, i'll give you 10% return guaranteed, the minute they say guaranteed, walk away, this is a bernie madoff scam. the regulators knew this. they didn't do simple stuff like check if he ever did a trade. he was actually stealing the money. that's what a ponzi scheme is. you steal the money, you spend it. at some point it runs out. miss ran out when the big european banks started pulling hundreds of millions of dollars out. what was fascinating, it's the average person that really got screwed here. the average person that he preyed upon because they believed in him. they believed in something called the madoff bond. that he would always give them that return because he did for so long. they were the ones that got screwed. >> so was he doing this from the very beginning? why didn't the simple steps happen? >> that's a great question. i'm very critical. i interviewed him a couple years ago. i called him a delusional
4:17 am
sociopath. he barred me from contacting him in prison because i wrote some critical stories about him on fox. but a lot of reporters still go down and talk to him. i think at this point we should stop and here is why. he's adding nothing new. he has been very uncooperative, almost unrepentant. he almost blames it on everybody else. what's fascinating about business journalists, they talk to him like he's an expert. i will say this, he spent the last 20 years not being part of the big financial community. he spent the last 20 years being a con artist. >> are we going to see another bernie madoff sometime soon? >> yeah. we're going to see a lot of them. i really don't think people get the joke here, or the bad joke here. the bad joke here is that the regulators are never going to protect you. the only person that will forget you -- if you think more laws will, you're wrong. the only thing is common sense. when someone tells you, i guarantee you a rate of return
4:18 am
of 8%, 10%, that my investment never goes down and people do that all the time, i'm telling you run the other way. that has not changed. bernie madoff, yesterday he turned himself in, he was indicted. today was the five-year anniversary. but before that, there were lots of other problems. there was the internet bubble. people believed internet stocks would keep going up. it happens all the time. it's going to happen again. the best way to forget yourself is use your common sense. if stocks go down, housing prices go down. >> beware of a guarantee? >> beware of any guarantee. >> thank you, charlie. great advice. love what you have to say about that. in other news, giselle spark ago huge debate over this multi tasking moment. is it acceptable to breast-feed in public? and does this remind you of your office christmas party?
4:19 am
>> hey. >> hi. >> do y'all come to these christmas parties often? >> that's a don't. cheryl casone has the dos and don'ts that could save your job. she's coming in now to help us.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
time for news by the numbers. the santa edition. first, $1.6 billion. santa will deliver that many gifts to children this christmas. next, 5,556. that's how many homes santa will visit per second on christmas. >> how does he do that? >> it's amazing.
4:23 am
finally -- you got to watch "elf." 150 billion. santa will eat that many calories on christmas eve thanks to all the milk and cookies. >> he works it off. >> he does. 'tis the season for office christmas parties. >> there are certain things you definitely don't want to do in front of the boss. >> for example, cheryl casone's got some. "fox business" network's own. hey, cheryl. >> good morning. there is nothing that could really hurt your career like having a bad night at the christmas party and having to come into work on monday to explain yourself. >> right. >> we've come up with some examples. >> we're using not ready for prime time players. >> the never ready for prime time players. >> okay. here is the first don't. this isn't bring your child to workday. >> hey, shaq, how are you? >> hello, hello. >> hey. hope you don't mind i brought an
4:24 am
uninvited guest. >> to the christmas party? >> yeah. >> it's brian. >> you don't mind that i'm here, do you? >> no, it's great. >> don't bring an uninvited guest. most christmas parties are for employees only. >> show them why shazam was such a run away hit. you said uninvited guest segment, he said, hope you don't mind, i'm bringing an uninvited guest. >> and he brought you. look, what happens at work should stay at work. here is the second lesson that you need to learn. >> it's so good to see you at night. >> how are you? >> hey? >> did you guys hear the latest -- have the latest numbers for tomorrow? >> i'm surprised about the findings. >> yeah, that's something that can wait. >> looks like he's brushing her off. >> she's still working it. look, that's the thing, your
4:25 am
boss, the last thing he wants to do or she wants to do at the office party is talk about work. don't bring it up. >> that's a big one because you also have the first opportunity in a casual setting to bring up some things. so a lot of people don't know if that's the right time. >> that's the worst thing that you could do because it's going to make them avoid you the rest of the party versus having a personal connection with the boss. >> there is a lot worse things you can do. like this. >> hey. >> hi. >> y'all come to these christmas parties often? >> don't try to pick up your co-workers. >> look, you might have had a couple of drinks, but you don't need to huge with jim or jane from accounting that night. that's a bad thing. one-night stands are a horrible idea for the holiday party. >> that's a don't then. >> leave the love game at home. sometimes office romances work out. one of your crew guys just married one of my staffers at
4:26 am
fox business. sometimes it works out. i don't want to say -- >> our keith got married? keith, get over here. you got married? >> congratulations. >> he just got married? >> last week. >> i didn't know that. >> you didn't tell anybody. >> he's been in aruba. >> he took a week off. >> there is one more. you never want to be at your holiday office party, this guy. >> and then after brian got thrown by the mechanical bull, he didn't feel anything because he was -- >> drinking! you don't want to drink too much at the party. >> the mechanical bull was the theme of the party! >> at the bar. >> i also paid the guy $10 to leave me on the bull. so i beat father jonathan in the
4:27 am
all-time bull record. >> if you want to go out and have a lot of alcohol one night, fine. don't do it at your work party. do it among friends or family or something. this is the most common mistake people make. >> it was 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> you're still explaining something that happened three years ago? >> i can't believe keith is married. >> to cheryl's point, you have explaining to do the next day. >> a lot of people overconsume at their parties because that's free. just don't. >> you have to use that? >> i'm trying to think of more ways to use that video next outrageous. >> cheryl, thank you very much. >> congratulations, keith. >> that's right. >> now you're obligated to get him a gift. >> i guess so! >> all right. still ahead on this thursday morning, chilling new video showing the moment asiana flight rammed into a seawall in san francisco. look at this. brand-new details about what
4:28 am
happened inside the cockpit as the plane cart wheels. >> and then taylor hicks, the "american idol" here live with his favorite southern recipes. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ . >> that's hot! for years, the ugly christmas sweater has been making the rounds. now thanks to digital duds, you can actually feature your smartphone in your sweater. it looks like we've got hartburn, but actually, that's just a little -- >> i didn't know i was supposed to be in that. >> yeah. the digital dudes here, you download the app from digital dudes and you can have the eyeballs, you can have your fireplace. >> look at that. look at santa watching you. >> it looks like maria.
4:33 am
>> i'm going to wear that one. >> you download the app. >> probably happen is the interference from your triceps -- >> yes! his eyes are rolling to the back of his head. >> i don't know what's going on. >> how cool is that? >> this is a great innovation. this is the best of america right here. >> we always have our friends with us. now we really have it with us. >> these are terrific. the only problem is, and i don't know that the folks at digital duds have figured it out. if you've got your smart phone there in the fireplace, what happens if you need the phone? >> or if you need to call your family and tell them you're on the way? >> yeah. ho, ho, ho, hold everything. >> you just have to grab the hippy marshmallows and ignore the call. >> or turn on the speaker and talk to your naval. >> i could use a tums right now. >> so could you.
4:34 am
>> great idea. let's go over to heather nauert who has some headlines. >> just don't reach under your colleague's shirt and try to grab that. might risk a call to hr. >> especially at the holiday party. >> with a few drinks. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. i've got news now to bring you. 34 minutes after the hour. shocking new video to show you, showing asiana flight 214 crash landing at the san francisco airport. you can see as the plane ran into a seawall and cartwheels down the runway, leaving three people dead. there are now new details about the man who was behind the controls at the time. the pilot told investigators he was, quote, very concerned about that approach because the runway's automatic landing aids were not working that day. that pilot was landing a big jet for the first time. remember the scene from the movie "the hangover"? >> do not go into the bathroom? >> calm down. >> there is a tiger in the
4:35 am
bathroom! >> what's going on? >> there is a jungle cat in the bathroom! >> there was a jungle cat at this house. look at this right here. something very similar happened in real life as in that movie. 16 teen-agers under arrest because they were accused of breaking into a vacant mansion and then throwing a wild party. this happening at the suburbs of los angeles. police say guests ran off with versace suits and even the stuffed leopard worth $250,000. they were tracked down after they took selfies and put on-line. new information on the guy trapped under water for three days. in an interview, he said he saw lights in the water and he saw a diver coming. but then the lights disappeared. so he swam through the pitch dark waters to grab the rescue diver, but he couldn't find him. so he swam back to his air pocket, got another breath and then tried again. he finally found that diver and then tapped him on the back. the diver thought he had found a
4:36 am
dead body, but then quickly realized that he was alive. he worked as a cook, and says he's done with the sea for good and just got a new job. no surprise here, on land as a chef again. super model giselle is stirring up controversy again. she tweeted this photo. you can see her breast-feeding her daughter while she's getting her hair and make-up done. then she hash tags the photo, multi tasking. some moms are outraged, saying she's completely out of touch with real moms. others are ticked off that she's breast-feeding in public. it's not the first time the super model has created controversy. she once said, quote, there should be a world wide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breast-feed their babies. what do you think of that photo? those are your headlines. an accurate description would be mother breast-feeding screaming kid and a sink full of dirty dishes. >> while stirring some pasta. >> right. she, in life, married one of the
4:37 am
best quarterbacks in the history of the league and she's a super model. she's not like us. >> she's not like us. you'reight. >> so that difference should be revealed. >> does it count if multi tasking, everyone is doing something? >> you know with is doing something? maria molina. >> good morning. i actually want to share a swgm that we have out here. what's your sign all about? >> it's about my brother. >> hi. >> you're florida fellow? >> this is our bucket list to come to new york city at christmas time and ride the train. we took amtrak, it's great. >> thank you for visiting us. what do you think about the weather? you're from orlando, florida. it is very cold out here. current temperatures in the 20s across the northeast. what do you think? >> yesterday we were wearing shorts in orlando. >> yeah. >> we're freezing here! >> welcome to nobody. have a wonderful trip. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we want to start with lake
4:38 am
effect snow because some areas have actually picked up more than 50 inches of snow out there. we're still expecting more snow, possibly several more feet in some spots. please be safe on the roadways. otherwise current wind chill temperatures, colder across parts of northern plains than it is in the northeast. some of these wind chill temperatures, below zero. bundle up. it's dangerous out there. high temperatures into the northeast expected to reach only the 20s. a little below average. of course, the big story coming up over the next several days is going to be a storm system that will develop, impact parts of the midwest and the northeast as we start tomorrow and also saturday and sunday. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. well, you know our next guest won "american idol" season 5. we were cheering for him. we are so thrilled that you are here. >> look at that suit. >> you picked it, didn't you? >> did you know he's also a cook and owns a restaurant? i certainly didn't. >> ladies and gentlemen, taylor hicks, whose recipes are
4:39 am
featured in "taste of homes" new book recipes across america. >> that's multi tasking, right? >> how are you? >> doing good. >> where did your passion for cooking come from? >> i think it's from the south. being from the south, i grew up, my family always cooked. what's amazing about this, i entered these recipes. there were 6,000 entries and it's a great book. this taste of home is a wonderful book. >> it is. >> recipes all across america and obviously these two recipes are in the southern section of the book. >> i tell you what, how about if you give us a preview. >> this is gooey mac and cheese. what we're going to do here is we're going to do the pasta, do half a milk. >> you don't do your little dance when you cook and sing? >> so all these, a little salt
4:40 am
and pepper. cinnamon, then you put that -- put that in there. >> when does it become gooey? >> when you throw in the oven and then obviously top it with any sort of cheese. >> i'm not -- i'm not going to pretend to be a meet cook. this is what it looks like in my kitchen. >> cover it with cheese and bread. bread crumbs. then you put that in the oven. >> here you go. just to brown it. obviously we have gluten free -- >> where is gluten free? this one? >> let's stay away from that one. >> lunch for hasselbeck. obviously we have the jalapeno stuffed barbecue poppers. what you can do with any -- take
4:41 am
this and then -- >> when you take the seeds out, wear gloves. >> yeah. you do. and then you basically just stuff them with barbecue. you can stuff them with pork. that is white alabama barbecue sauce. >> oh, that's delicious. >> that's white barbecue sauce. pulled pork with cheese. you deep fry it just like deep frying anything. >> i know they're in the book, but are they in your restaurant? >> oh, yeah. in birmingham, alabama. ♪ >> top it off -- >> nice. you are great. thanks for bringing us recipes. the book is fantastic. >> the jalapeno peppers are just a little hot. these are the jalapenos i just
4:42 am
had! >> taylor, thank you so much for coming by. great book. >> good recipes. >> coming up straight ahead, kathleen sebelius getting grilled. get it, over the botched obamacare rollout. did her testimony leave more questions than answers? the american people need to know. ♪ ♪
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
kathleen sebelius back in the hot seat, admitting there were flaws with the obamacare rollout. really? >> knowing what you know today, you would have started the
4:46 am
launch october 1? >> i would have probably done a slower launch, maybe with fewer people and done some additional beta testing, which is part of what has happened frankly in the early months of the launch. >> i think the launch was plenty slow. the hhs secretary also answered questions about the botched rollout and low enrollment numbers. but did she leave us with more questions than answers? joining us is the house oversite committee chairman, darrell issa. did you learn anything yesterday? >> i did. i learned that when you really completely blow something and strike out, you say jeez, i'd like to have gotten an opportunity to reconsider swinging at that ball. the fact is that kathleen sebelius is not providing america the truth. as a matter of fact, in a letter that i sent to her, i warned her that her people are actually obstructing justice. they're telling individual companies who have serious reports on security flaws, in other words, vulnerability to hackers not to provide us the
4:47 am
information. what's amazing is they're saying 73 days later, don't provide information 'cause it's a road map to hackers. that means the vulnerabilities are still there today. your personal information likely can be hacked on these web sites today based on their refusal to let us see what was, in fact, prelaunch vulnerabilities. >> it's unbelievable security that's a nonpartisan issue. everybody understands it. we've all been affected by it. when you got someone like chairman rogers coming out saying, my cyber security experts say we're very vulnerable, who is going to put their tax information in? today you're taking action. what's happening? >> we're hearing first up from three medical doctors who will tell specific examples of how, under the current law, the affordable care act is interfering with their ability to continue treating their patients. it's the tip of the iceberg because the direct impact that you're going to hear about today is second to the indirect impact which is medical insurance
4:48 am
companies are dropping all kinds of doctors, creating, if you will, voids for oncologists in other areas around the country and in fact, quite frankly, this is exactly what you could expect when government takes over and starts mandating, the private sector will figure out to you to benefit, game, whatever you want to call it, from it. that's exactly what we didn't want is we didn't want a governor take over health care, but that's what we're getting. >> so far you have an orthopedic surgeon, ophthalmologist, and you have people directly affected. what's your answer to those who are saying on the left, well, he's just going to cherry pick people who don't like obamacare? >> that's a good thing. we have a system in which the democrats get to pick a witness. they picked an intellectual. at the last hearing they picked a health historian who told us that penicillin was developed by the government in world war ii.
4:49 am
unfortunately, it was developed in the 20s in scotland. but the fact is, there are benefits to spending a trillion dollars of your money on people's health care. no question at all. our question really is, are we driving down the cost of health care while maintaining the availability and benefits we had before the law? the answer clearly is no. this is a trillion dollars mistake. it's one in which yes, some people benefit from all that money. but a lot more people are being hurt. 5 million people have lost access to the health care they wanted and more will lose. while only a fraction are getting access to these subsidized systems. >> real quick, a lot of people say health care costs are flat. they have not been increasing at the same rate. so it shows obamacare is working. what do you say? >> ultimately health care is a combination of good, quality and a price. since 1960 when the government really began interfering in the health care system with medicare, we've gone from 5% of
4:50 am
all our money, 5% of gdp to nearly 18% of gdp spent on health care. so the fact is that we have a long history of spending more and not getting that much more for it. that's what needs to be changed. we need to start getting doctors and hospitals to be more efficient if we're going to maintain good health care at a reasonable price. >> over your shoulder where the action will be taking place at 9:30. the hearings begin with the chairman leading the way with the house oversight committee on obamacare's impact on premiums and provider networks. chairman, always good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, she got behind the wheel and drunk and she died. now her friends are under arrest because they should have known better. and not let her drive. it's an unpress debted case and -- unprecedented case. john stossel is here. he says the free market is under attack. and he has proof. just ask him about his lemonade stand. you know the thing about stossel? he takes his bike here.
4:51 am
♪ ♪
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4:54 am
the market will take care of everything they tell us. if we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes. but here is the problem, it doesn't work. it has never worked. >> really? current federal regulations may be shrinking our economy and the president doesn't believe a free market system will work, as we just heard him in kansas. is the free market under attack? let's turn to john stossel from fox business. john, the president says free market doesn't work. is he right or wrong? >> so does the pope. a lot of people think it's tyranny. but it has worked. 500 billion people around the
4:55 am
world have been lifted up out of poverty over the past five years because of the other countries that have free market reform. >> sure. >> we're moving in the other direction with more rules. >> that's just it. america was founded on certain principles. do your best. unfortunately, government has completely gotten in the way. they all want their finger in the pie. >> and they think they're going to make it better. i don't open a lemonade stand outside -- i could illegally. but i couldn't charge people. this is one kid who climbed a tree, grabbed mistletoe in portland, oregon, tried o sell it on the street, they told her no, you may not sell mistletoe. but it's okay. you can beg. there she is. >> what kind of message is that? >> well, because the government thinks they're trying to help us by overregulating us to the point where it's driving down competition. >> but it's not just the government. i won my emmys when i was a consumer reporter. everybody believes. the market is unequal. you just need a rule to fix this, a rule to fix that.
4:56 am
they're adding thousands every year and this strangles opportunity. >> so tonight on fox business, you're going to be tackling this particular topic. >> we'll defend free markets. not capitalism, which has come to mean crony capitalism, using political connections. but free markets. it makes people's lives better. >> and if we just -- if they backed away from all of the regulations, or half the regulations, it would be exponential in the amount of money people would make? >> i would say -- we don't need more rules. >> john, thank you very much. we'll be watching tonight 9:00 p.m. on fox business. coming up, a serious situation on the international space station. technical trouble. and the fix could be a risky space walk. the breaking details top of the hour. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, december 12. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. check this out. they say they missed the mark. but the truth is, they barely made a mark. we have the stunning news on obamacare enrollment coming up. and she got behind the wheel drunk and died. now her friends are under arrest because they should have stopped her. it's an unprecedented case. we are all over that. that's coming up shortly with peter johnson, jr. >> and they twerked hard for the money, the robbers who used disturbing dance moves to pull off one outrageous crime. cue the floating pictures. i'm out of stuff to say. >> hey, it's taylor hicks. ♪ thanks for watching "fox & friends."
5:01 am
happy holidays. >> taylor hicks has been there from the beginning. ever since he became the "american idol," he stopped by every once in a while. he's a good friend. >> he is. and he can cook. and he's got the heaviest book, even the webster people said i can't lift this with one hand. feel this thing. it's one of the things on your coffee table forever. >> listen to how heavy it is. that's heavy. >> you just killed nine ants. >> because there are 735 recipes from readers and he's one of the readers and he's one of the featured people. >> yesterday on the obamacare note, i'm sure taylor hicks has to have his own individual plan, but he also might be interested in this. that the enrollment numbers on obamacare, which were going to affect so many more americans than they are today because soon we'll have the hiatus that corporate america has been on because they're exonerated for a year. right now it's about an individual plan. shear what they rolled out. from very few members who have joined to 365,000 have gone on
5:02 am
to obamacare and have logged in. how many they insured is another question. but there are 365,000 who have selected a plan. >> right. just like putting something in your shopping cart, like on amazon or i did that without buying anything before i -- >> because you're going to think about it for a while. can i really afford this? is it good for me? >> we have more info. we know they're edging toward that 7 million number, which is required in order to pay for obamacare here. look where they are by comparison. just over $350,000 right now in terms of what they're saying people enrolled, to 7 million. and the goal that has to be reached by march 31. i mean, you see those numbers, they're pretty startling to most of americans looking at them with clear vision. kathleen sebelius is trying to spin those numbers. let's take a listen here. >> i don't think there is any
5:03 am
question that flawed launch of the web site put a damper on people's enthusiasm. having said that, we're seeing very, very positive trends. we're seeing a lot of people reengage. >> you know what? so yesterday she gave -- brian, you were talking about this. she gave the number of people who so far have selected a plan. essentially the white house is making up this metric. tell us how many people have actually paid, because those are the people who are actually covered. if you've selected a plan, you haven't paid for the plan and you are not covered yet. also she did reveal yesterday that right now the error rate -- remember before they had started, it was something like 75, 80%. now it's down to 10%. think about that. the error rate is 10%. just imagine if you're on an airplane where 10% of the time they miss the runway. this is all bad. >> that's a problem. >> here is charles krauthammer talking about how these numbers that they're floating around right now, misleading.
5:04 am
>> look at every level, every number that youhis is either inflated or is people who put stuff in their shopping cart. amazon would never call it a sale until you get a sale. and they don't even know how many have made the sale and that's because what they call the back end, which is the cash register of the whole system is not working. >> and it won't be for a month or two. >> what you have to keep in mind is the big story of the first two weeks, how many people got cancellation notices? estimated between 4 and 5 million. think how many more when businesses decide obamacare might be too expensive and they got to suck it up and take the fine. then they'll be tossed in without plans into the individual market trying to get something from exchanges which so far yielding not to everybody, but to a lot, especially people who have been writing us, that if they are affordable going in, the deductibles make it unaffordable and almost like not having
5:05 am
insurance because thankfully in many case, you don't have catastrophic situations where you go over your deductible. kathleen sebelius staggered me with one of the things she said. she's going to look into -- now that things have gotten on track, she claims, she's going to investigate what went wrong with the private contractor process. how she ended up with that company that messed her up. >> this is all supposed to rollity in october. here we are, they're talking mid january at this point when they continue to set a goal post, miss it, and then move it again down the chain. they're moving the chains down the field. bill johnson said wait a minute. this is a private sector, she would be long gone. why is she wearing a survivor immunity necklace, as they call it. >> no, i don't think is a good move at all. i don't know whatever happened to accountability and ownership, but the reality is that miss sebelius owns this problem and if she can't solve it, then somebody else needs to be
5:06 am
brought in. i'm a football coach's son. coaches get fired when they lose. i'm a ceo, ceo's get fired when they don't deliver. i don't understand why the government thinks it's exempt from this fundamental law. >> and one other thing just to explain a little more the number, the 360 some odd thousand selected the plan number, a majority of those people are from the 14 states that are running their own exchanges. >> exactly. >> in other words, the 14 states are better than our federal government. and in fact, there are something like -- a number of states where the sign-ups -- i think it's 41 states -- where sign-ups are in the three and four figures. maybe 100 or 1,000-odd people have signed up in 41 states. in oregon, they spent $300 million on the site. 44 people have signed up. >> understandable why people are proceeding with caution and not jumping on to this web site right now given the security
5:07 am
issues or lack thereof in terms of security, and then right now with that back room, back order cash register not work, you can't get your paper. you have to hand the paper to the insurance company so they know you exist in terms of paying for it. this is a disaster from many. we keep hearing stories from many. in the meantime, heather nauert has headlines. >> good morning. hope you're off to a great day. it's 7 minutes after the hour. we've serious situation to tell you about taking place on the international space station. the fix, we're told, could be a risky space walk similar to the one that took place in "gravity." look at this. >> explore! transport to bay area! >> all right. so here is what's going on. a cooling pump has apparently stopped working. this is significant because that cooling pump keeps the space station systems actually working. that includes life support. there are currently six astronauts, including two americans on board. we're told that they can't fix
5:08 am
the problems from the outside, a space walk may be the only option. we'll keep watching this story and bring you any developments as they come in. a teen in texas off the hook for a deadly drunk driving crash. the reason? he's too entitled. 16-year-old ethan couch plowed down four people back in june, including a youth pastor. his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. but his lawyers blamed his parents, saying his parents have spoiled him rotten, even letting him drink alcohol at the age of 13. instead of going to jail for the deaths of those people, couch will be sent to a $450,000 a year rehab in california. lot of people upset about that story. then the doctor who helped the c.i.a. catch osama bin laden sitting in a pakinstani jail cell awaiting a new trial right now. but we just learned that his lawyer is on the run. he fled the country after getting death threats.
5:09 am
he was reportedly told that he would be murdered if he did not stop defending that doctor. from 142 to another, this is a neat story. former president george w. bush sending alabama's kicker an encouraging letter after a tough loss in the iron ball. foster received so many hate messages after missing three field goals trying to lift his spirits, bush 43 then sent him a handwritten note saying this: dear cade, life has its setbacks. i know. however, you'll be a stronger human being with time. i wish you all the best. sincerely, another 43, george bush. alabama plays oklahoma in the sugar bowl in january. elisabeth, your husband played in the nfl. what would be his reaction? missing something and getting such a letter of support. >> first of all, he'd be blown away. president bush writing a letter like that. what a heart to reach out to somebody who has just gone through a difficult time. >> that's the nature of being a kicker. it's all or nothing. >> pressure. >> yeah.
5:10 am
that's the nature of it. all right. 9 minutes after the top of the hour. >> she got behind the wheel drunk and died. now her friends are under arrest because they should have known better than to let her drive. it's an unprecedented case and peter johnson, jr. is all over it next. and the sign language fake? he is stepping up. outrageous excuse? he had schizophrenia and he had an episode. are you buying that? can you tell by my tone i'm not? ♪ ♪
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5:13 am
good morning. it's 13 minutes after the hour. we have breaking news out of the state of virginia right now. an amtrak train has slammed into
5:14 am
a vehicle in waverly, virginia, about 45 miles outside of richmond, virginia. taking a look at this picture that was posted on twitter a short while ago. police there confirming that several people have been hurt and that a medical chopper is on its way. we're told that the train left norfolk, virginia, around 5:00 a.m this morning and that there were 46 people on board. we understand that none of the passengers are hurt, but we will keep watching this story for you. happening not long ago just outside of richmond, virginia. steve, over to you now. >> all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, what a story. she was way too drunk to drive. 17-year-old jane killed last july heading home from a party in the state of connecticut. her blood alcohol content, 13 times the legal limit. and now in an unprecedented case, police officers have arrested jane's friends for letting her take the wheel.
5:15 am
wait until you hear this story. peter johnson, jr. tells us what happened. >> wait until you hear this. people really -- you got to pay attention 'cause this is different. three teens arrested in connecticut for wreckless endangerment in the death of this young woman who is a star lacrosse player. she was one of six people, six teen-agers killed in drunk driving incidents in that town of 30,000 people this past summer. the authorities says actionering we're going to crack down on the people providing alcohol. another young person at a party. then the people who let this young lady drive the car. apparently there were a bunch of teens in the car. they all got out at different times and then said, okay. you now drive the car home. and this young woman, jane, was killed about a half mile later after they got out of the car. >> and she hit a tree. so peter, as i understand the story, she and four drunk teen-agers got into the car.
5:16 am
one drunk male drove the car to i think his house. >> right. >> got out. said okay, next guy drives. next guy got in -- >> a chain of driving and she wound up with the car. and through social media, the local police authorities determined that these three teens had an awareness of her being drunk and therefore decided to charge these three teens with wrecklessness in her death. >> whose car was she driving? >> she was driving someone else's car at that time. so what happened is there is a moral ambiguity. there is a legal ambiguity in this country. very often, unfortunately, we've seen people getting into cars. we try and take their keys away. we say, don't drive and then they drive anyway. should you and i be charged with wreckless endangerment in situations like that? should parking valets, should people running garages, people running big weddings? they say yeah, you can take the car. think of the case of aaron cox
5:17 am
up in north aroundover, massachusetts. she got in trouble because she went to the aid of another student who happened to be drunk and went to pick her up at a party. she was then suspended from the team and faced all kinds of sanctions in the school. so we got to figure it out one way or the other. we got to send a message to children -- teens in america that yeah, you might get in trouble for not helping. but up in north andover, we're going to say you're going to get in trouble because you did help. let's get the message right. in connecticut, they're saying you're going to jail if you know someone is drunk and you let them drive. >> there has to be a standard because in the two cases, damned in you do, damn fundamental you don't. >> mixed standard. >> 17 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, franklin graham is here and he needs your prayers. the latest on his father, the reverend billy graham, when we come right back
5:18 am
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5:21 am
a live look from beverly hills, california. the nominees for the golden globes are being announced. >> didn't you guys always think it's kind of weird that l.a. wakes up so early to announce these? >> when there are trophies involved, they get up. >> it was actually steve's idea to get them up. >> i bet it was. with so many great films, it's hard because there are so many locks as far as nominations and predictions and there are a lot of predictions. when you have so many movies, then you've got more so. let's go through some of the big ones here. "gravity," "12 years a slave." the golden globes love leonardo dicaprio. so we'll obviously be expecting to hear his name. sandra bullock's movie, "gravity," she should be expecting a nod.
5:22 am
"captain phillips," remember tonk tom hanks portraying the real captain phillips. oprah winfrey, forest whitaker, bruce dern among the names you'll be hearing. tom hanks will be recognized for two films this year. no surprise. with "saving mr. banks." moving to tv. we'll see "breaking bad." that name will be coming up. "homeland" is a huge, huge hit. of course, no surprise that it will be mentioned. "modern family" is still among one of the most popular comedies. this movie keeps going and doesn't get any better. i mean, this movie is -- this show rather, is hysterical. but you guys watch "modern family"? >> yes, indeed. although i've got a new favorite on fox called "brooklyn 99". >> really? >> hilarious. all right. we'll be watching. >> see you later. well, the reverend billy graham has been preaching a message of jesus christ since
5:23 am
the early 19 40s. he's considered one of the most admired men in the world, even serving as spiritual advisor to several u.s. presidents and now he's about to celebrate his 95th christmas. the reverend billy graham's son franklin joins us this morning to share how his dad is doing. >> and more. >> how is your father doing? >> he's not doing real well. he celebrated his 95th birthday november 7th. about a week later he got an infection, was in the hospital for a few days, came home. he just hasn't got his strength back. when you're 95, you don't have a lot of reserve. so anybody watching, i know he would appreciate your prayers. the family would. his vitals are good. but he's just extremely weak. >> not in pain? >> not in pain, just very weak. >> we know he had that special. what was his reaction? >> he was thrilled. of course, it was shown that night of his birthday and he was
5:24 am
just so excited. very strong. the best i've seen him in several years. but he went downhill about a week later. >> we will be praying for him. >> i know he would appreciate it. the entire family. >> what did you make of the news that came out yesterday that pope francis was the fellow who has been assigned person of the year? >> i appreciate the pope's focus on the poor and on poverty. of course, i'm not catholic, but i appreciate his stand that he has taken on some of these issues as it relates to poverty and the world and focusing on that. so i admire him for that. >> not going for the gold cross, turning down the pope extravagant automobiles, not wanting to be carted around. evidently he sneaks out at night and hangs out with people. >> i think people see that. they appreciate it. and i think he's a great choice for that. >> speaking of people who need
5:25 am
help. >> operation christmas child is one of the most incredible projects this time of year. we do is at church all the time and you're involved and you have some exciting information about it. you're leaving to make some deliveries. >> we got 10 million shoe boxes this year. these are packed by individual families. this little girl packed this. i'm taking it to jfk and this is on its way to the philippines. we have a 747 leaving this afternoon from jfk with 60,000 boxes just for the kids in the area hit by the typhoon. this is our third airplane we're sending. we've had relief supplies, tarps, water purification systems, field hospital, all of those things we have sent. we're going to focus now on the kids. these people lost everything. that is a 200 miles an hour storm. we know when 100 miles an hour storm hits florida, the damage that does. but when you have a 200 miles an hour storm, it's devastating. but this close to the kids -- we
5:26 am
also ask people to pray as they pack these boxes, pray for the child who is going to get the box. i don't know who will get it, but god does and we know god will hear the prayer of one righteous. can you imagine ten million praying for ten million children? >> so many people participate which is great. so easy to do. you fill up a shoe box for somebody. >> people sometimes feel they give 100 bucks or what good does that do? they give a box like this, and every box is like snowflakes, no two are the same. kids pack them. and we're teaching kids to give. and that's important. another generation learns how it give. we do it in jesus' name. i want every child who gets a box to know about the true meaning of christmas, that god so loved the world, that he gave his son, that whosoever shouldn't perish, but have everlasting life. that's what christmas is all about. >> it's not too late for this year if you want to be part of it. for information how you can contribute, go to and click on blog and all the
5:27 am
information will be there. >> is this your favorite time of year? >> i love it. i really do. helping kids is a lot of fun. >> you've been doing plenty of it. it's a great pleasure that we can help you help them. >> thank you very much. merry christmas to you guy. >> merry christmas to you. >> our prayers for your dad, too. >> thank you. >> he is comfortable and strong. >> coming up, he was trapped underwater for three days and this morning he's speaking out for the first time and what we're learning, even more incredible than first thought. >> then, the sign language phony. fessing up. his outrageous excuse. he had a schizophrenic episode? what do you think about that? ♪ ♪
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5:31 am
we are back with a fox news business alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 368,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's 48,000 more than the experts expected. >> what does that all mean? >> good question. we're going to have experts throughout the day breaking them down as the details are released >> nicole petallides will be on
5:32 am
shortly. >> indeed. in the meantime, we've got heather nauert. >> and stuart varney's show begins at 9:20 eastern time. >> right. on the "fox business" network. >> right. got new news. an investigator from pen opinion trying to figure out what called a baruch college freshman during a frat ritual gone wrong. the 19-year-old man was taken to the hospital with a massive head injury while he was on a pledge retreat in pennsylvania. doctors put him on life support, but he didn't make it. we'll keep you posted. remember this scene from the movie "the hangover"? >> do not go into the bathroom! >> calm down. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom! >> what's going on? >> there is a jungle cat in the bathroom! >> something very similar to that just happened in real life. 16 teen-agers are now under arrest. they are accused of breaking into a vacant mansion and then throwing a really wild party in the suburbs of los angeles. police say that the guests ran off with versace suits and even
5:33 am
this stuffed leopard worth $250,000. how about that? we're getting new information this morning about the man who was trapped under water in a ship wreck for three days. in a new interview, that man says he saw lights in the water and a diver swimming his way, but then the light started to disappear. so he swam through the dark water himself to try to grab that rescue diver. but he couldn't find him. so he swam back to his air pocket, took another breath and then tried once again. he finally found that diver and tapped him on the back. that diver thought he had found a dead body. but then quickly realized that he was alive. he's a cook and says he's done with the sea for good and just got a new job as a chef on land. at a real raunchy robbery distraction, take a look at this. it was caught on camera in brooklyn, new york. this thief twerking outside an apartment building.
5:34 am
the woman performing the dirty dance moves for an entire hour while her accomplice slipped in and stole some packages. i guess that's one way of being distracted. for an hour? how do you twerk for an hour? >> joel would know. tell you what's happening in sports and then research on the twerking. baseball isn't always thought of as a contact sport. but home plate collisions have always been full contact, no equipment, and ended many careers. now mlb is doing something about it. they want to cut it out. i don't see any problem with this. catchers will not be allowed to block the plate. runners not be allowed to run over catchers who are around the plate. violators could place disciplinary action. the rules need to be approved by the owners and players. the word is this will get done. the most sacred number in nascar has to be dale earnhardt's number 3. it will be back next season. driver austin dylan will use the number in the elite spring cup series for the first time since the tragic death in 2001 at the
5:35 am
daytona 500. dylan used the number in the national competition since 2009. the car owner and dylan's grandfather said it's time to bring number 3 back to the cup. i don't know why. they still have babe ruth's number retired. later today i'll be in naples, florida, doing a book signing for "the secret six." then in to the villages in the afternoon. >> a busy weekend. >> yeah. back where we did the show live and wrestled alligators. >> congratulations on the book at number three. that's fantastic. >> thanks. let's go out to hollywood right now. some of the nominees for the 71st golden globes just announced. more are expected and we have them live in a couple of minutes. they're getting ready out there in hollywood. golden globes, because we don't have enough award shows to people who make -- >> we're just about out. >> they need more and more. >> this is a public service.
5:36 am
>> funny man was starting the first part of it. then is it olivia wilde? >> i believe so. >> we have what has just been revealed so far. best television comedy series, the nominees are, "the big bang theory," "brooklyn 99", girls, parks and recreation. >> you haven't seen any of the other shows. >> that's true. >> meanwhile, best actress in a tv drama series, julianna margot lease in "the good wife," robin wright, taylor shilling. i'm going to go with robin wright. that's the only show i've seen. >> best animated series. "the croods". >> i need to see "frozen."
5:37 am
it's strategic if a film comes out, it's better for them. >> that is a strategy because it means a lot of money for a lot of people. >> this is behind the scenes. >> that's good. that's the kind of stuff we would do. if we're going to do the awards show announcements, we need the teleprompter. >> there are a ton of people on twitter now anxiously awaiting. they're set to start the second half of the announcements coming up. >> it will be interesting to see which of the movies they suggest because the conventional wisdom in hollywood is the movie with george clooney and sandra bullock called "gravity" could walk away with a whole bunch of awards. >> or float away. >> because it is stunningly beautiful. >> right. and i go for beautiful. personally. here is the other thing, movie industry is under fire because there are so many people that have lost money. if you can't get a hit, people are getting wary about doing
5:38 am
them. so a lot of people have millions upon millions on the line. think about a producer that has a big movie, how their lives change. think about a movie house suddenly can invest if they think a movie could get an award. >> i always like the underdog. >> really? i love the series. >> i know you liked the series. >> here we go. >> a dog fighting crime. >> cue the guy in hollywood. it's your turn. >> it's not like tossing to heather nauert. >> dramatic pause is what's happening right here. >> much different. even when we talk to julianne banderas. >> ten seconds. they're check the mic. >> we're not supposed to see this part. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the nominations announcement for the 71st annual golden globes awards. this morning are olivia wilde, and zoe shall do in a. please get us started.
5:39 am
>> olivia gets us started. >> hello. >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. bryan cranston, "breaking bad." liev schreiber, michael sheen "masters of sex." kevin spacey, "house of cards." james spader, "the black list". >> next list? >> best performance by an actor in a motion picture comedy or musical. christian bales "american hustle." bruce dern, "nebraska." leonardo dicaprio "the wolf of wall street." oscar isaac, "inside lieuen davis." joaquin phoenix, "hurt." best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion
5:40 am
picture. "captain phillips." daniel brule "rush." bradley cooper, michael fastbender "12 years a slave." jared leto, "dollars buyers club". best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. cate blanchett "were you -- blue jasmine. sandra bullock, grave grave. judi den emma thompson, "saving mr. banks." kate winslet, "labor day." thank you. >> best performance by an actor in a mini series or motion picture made for television. matt damon "kind the candle abra. michael douglas, "dancing on the
5:41 am
edge." "luther." al pacino, phil specter. best television series drama. "breaking bad," "downtown abbey," "the good wife, "house of cards," "masters of sex". best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture. sally hawkins "blue jasmine." jennifer lawrence "american hustle." "12 years a slave." julia roberts "august osage county". jude squid "nebraska". best performance by an actress in a motion picture comedy or musical. amy adams, "american hustle." julie delpi "before midnight."
5:42 am
jew -- meryl streep. best motion picture comedy or musical. "american hustle, "her. nebraska. and the wolf of wall street. thank you. >> good morning. best performance by an actress in a mini series or motion picture made for television. hellaborneham carter. jessica lang, american horror
5:43 am
story coven. elizabeth moss. best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama. tom hanks, captain phillips. matthew mcconaghey, dallas buyers club. robert redford, all is lost. best director, motion picture. alfonso quaron, "gravity." steve mcqueen, "12 years a slave." alexander payne, "nebraska." david o'russell, "american hustle." best motion picture drama. "12 years a slave." "captain phillips." "gravity,", "philomena." >> congratulations.
5:44 am
>> they've got the nominees for the golden globes coming up in hollywood. >> kind of a solemn moment for something that should be celebratory. >> 'cause they are still up too early. they were probably at a laker game last night. >> you think so? >> not to stereotype. >> 16 minutes before the top of the hour. >> i'll take it from here. we're talking about people seeking unemployment benefits. we will analyze the numbers right after this break
5:45 am
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5:47 am
we've got quick headlines for you now. the fcc is holding a vote today on whether air passengers should be allowed to talk on their cell phones while on the airplane. according to a new quinnipiac poll, 60% of americans don't want that to happen. they would fly in peace -- they would like. and thousands of people don't have mail. yahoo mail down since monday night. the company blames the problem
5:48 am
on hardware. it's always something. >> we told you about these numbers before. here is the business alert. the labor department releasing these weekly jobless numbers. 368,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's the largest increase in more than a year. when we're supposed to be adding job, i thought, because of the holidays. nicole petallides joins us live from the new york stock exchange to do her weekly instant analysis on those numbers. are you surprised by it? >> the instant analysis is this is a big surprise. the jobless claims came in worst than expected. they are even higher than any analyst had anticipated. so you have the number here, 368,000 claims above the survey of 320,000. and it's interesting because it comes less than a week after we got the monthly number where last week showed unemployment rate fell to a five-year low. the weekly claims may be -- at least in part -- affected by the thanksgiving holiday. we will continue to follow the
5:49 am
weekly numbers, which sometimes can be a little more volatile. >> but when you think about the companies that are adding people just for the holiday traffic, i would think even if it's part-time that number would be affected positively. not negatively. do you? >> i think you're going to have people who are part-time who are going to be on board. the last numbers we had the government workers who were furloughed and then back on. so we've had a lot of wild cards with these numbers. overall, the feeling is that the economy has been improving. housing prices have been improving. and even retail sales came out this morning and showed good numbers. i wanted to tell you, three names to watch today. facebook, which will be going into the s & p 500. that's been a great one. southwest airlines, which got an upgrade over bank of america merrill lynch. and lululemon, maybe a lot of people know their yogawear. they came out with a warning that the sales are not looking as good as they hoped. sales down 8, 9%. >> and the ceo left yesterday. nicole petallides down at the stock exchange. thank you.
5:50 am
11 minutes before the top of the hour. the sign language fake fessing up this morning. that guy, as it turns out, was an imposter, but he's broken his silence. he'll tell us what he was thinking. but first we'll check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. hi, everybody. very good, brian. >> thank you. >> what is he doing? >> saying he loves you. >> cpr. >> anyway. here we go. we've got a good show coming up this morning on "america's newsroom." this question, is obamacare potentially election dooming for democrats? bret bare is here on that and a frightening e-mail that says if you signed up for the health care system, you may not be covered, folks. the sexiest man alive to the rescue? could be. bill and i see you at the top of the hour
5:51 am
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5:54 am
couple of days ago we showed you the president of the united states appearing at the nelson mandela memorial speaking. it turns out over when the president was speaking, that fellow who is signing right there was signing for our president. as it turns out, people who know sign language said that guy is not speaking any sign language ever known. it's just complete jibberish. >> right. >> he's a fake! >> he said that he suffers from schizophrenia, that he knew what was happening but couldn't get out of it. those who really need and benefit from hearing the speech -- listening and watching to what he was motioning, they couldn't see it to hear the real speech. >> you have 100,000 people watching him. is there anyone there that says,
5:55 am
this guy is a fake? by the way, let's say he had ugly intentions. did anyone do a background check on a schizophrenic that doesn't know sign language but signing for the whole world? >> this wasn't his first rodeo. >> for the president of south africa, he was not making sense then as well. apparently he works for a sign language company. the owners have vanished. meanwhile, so that's not good. what happened there. however, this is great. a little girl whose parents are deaf wanted to make sure that her parents were out of t christmas celebration at her school and so she signed this song. watch this. ♪
5:56 am
>> what a sweet girl. she did it for both of her parents. they're both deaf and she did it the entire song for them. >> she not only used sign language, she used hilarious facial expressions. >> heartwarming. >> it looks like some of the other kids are doing it once in a while. they do teach sign language a lot of times in schools. >> they absolutely do. the kids, they're able to learn it and they love to be able to communicate that way for those who cannot hear. >> fantastic. i believe her mom, lohry, is the one with the video camera. >> we're going to come back and say something substantial as "fox & friends" wraps up. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> just happened. this book "george washington secret six" is number three on
6:00 am
the times list. and charles krauthammer and bill o'reilly right ahead of us. incredible. thanks to everybody that got the book. i appreciate it. the villages tomorrow and the ritz. >> are you here tomorrow for the show? >> nope. see you tomorrow. >> bye. bill: a fox news alert. the obama administration making a big splash about the numbers of those who actually even rolled in obamacare. martha: the white house says 364,000 americans have signed up on the exchanges. it's a long way from their target of 7 million which they said they would reach by


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