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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> if you love christmas, record for the biggest 39,000 cubic foot gingerbread house. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of five. we're back here tomorrow. special report is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. the house started to vote on the budget deal expected to pass. you look live at the magic number they need. 217 votes. the voting has just started. we expect this to take 20 to 25 minutes. you'll see that live here. we'll go to carl cameron on the days back and forth with the budget. another big story tonight. there are conflicting signals tonight from the white house on when some of the obama care care deadlines are set. who's actually calling the shots. what any of this is going to look like come january 1st.
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in fact hhs may be trying to move the goalposts. there's confusion on capitol hill and in the insurance industry accordeding to sources. ed henry tries to my s ting to f it. >> confusion you're right. coverage gaps at the beginning of january. some paperwork coming in late. hhs today published a new regulation basically saying people have until december 31st in order to pay premiums and get coverage the next day january 1st even though the insurance companies may not be able to turn that around. they're asking insurers to basically let people see their current doctors in january even if doctors are no longer in the patient's net works under their new plan. bottom line, republicans on capitol hill are charging the
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administration changing a lot of this on the fly and creating more chaos. >> with the white house rolling out people magazine sexiest man a live adam levine with other multimillion celebrities in the effort to get more people to sign up, president barack obama is now staring at a new deadline of january 1st to make sure people actually have insurance. the republican, a medical doctor, says some patients are stocking up on medication out of concern the administration will not be ready again. >> there are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about january 1st. that's the day it's not about the website but about people's real health care. for people with chronic conditions who need medications and ongoing doctor visits, there's great fear and anxiety among those people. >> today the president's aids vowed they've got this because they've taken a more hands on approach. >> the answer is yes.
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a lot has changed in the way the operation is working over at cms. >> is the president top of this? >> absolutely, yes. >> kathleen sebelius announced the tweaks. pre-existing condition cans through january to ease the transition and laying it on insurance company by asking them to give consumers more time. >> consumers now have until december 23rd to sign up for coverage that begins on january 1st. >> pressed on whether they have a plan b in case people find out they do not have insurance january 1st, jay carney responded. >> i'm not going to speculate. we believe this is being addressed. there's no higher priority. >> as for what republicans will do if the deadline is missed, some gop leaders will have to
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show they're not just against obama care. >> we have to put on paper what we stand for and compare to the president's health care law to show american people what the differences are between our parties. >> democrats make the same case with strat joist suggesting their party took a hit on the roll out. >> if you whole -- your whole bet is on this and it is perceived to be improving -- >> the highly respected independent group has crowned the claim if you like your plan you can keep it. their lie of the year for 2013. they say this was an effort by the president to calm nerves about complicated new law. in the end it was a promise they say was impossible to keep. >> another dust up about white
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house transparency. >> harsh language from the associated press where he charged the president is hypocritical and undemocratic on not following through on transparen transparency. the official white house photographer has been allowed in. the dust off including the trip to south africa, president barack obama and president bush on air force one together. reporters were not allowed in there. there's questions if the associated press were there to take the photos. jay carney today said they're going to take steps to try to improve access and also said something all sides can agree. both of the press and the white house never completely agree on access and as someone that used to be here, you probably agree. >> i do indeed. thank you. the house is voting now as
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you take a live look at the house floor of the bipartisan budget deal that plans to end for a while at least, the lingering shutdown and massive sequester cuts. carl cameron is following the action up to the minute from capitol hill. hi carl. >> reporter: in moments we'll get final total. before the debate began today, house speaker john boehner went off on conservative packs and tea party groups lobbying and pressuring republicans to kill this bill before it was written. >> when groups come out and criticize an agreement they've never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. they've lost all credibility. you know, they pushed us into this fight to defund obama care and shut down the government. >> boehner defended his conservatism and those that pushed it knew it would backfire. >> the day before the government reopened, one of the people -- one of these groups stood up and
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said we really never thought it would work. are you kidding me? i'm as conservative as anybody around this place, and all the things that we've done over the three years i've been speaker have not violated any conservative principle, not once. >> democrats were furious the extension of unemployment benefits were excluded from the deal. >> we're unhappy but not enough to say therefore we're going to make matters worse by not having the agreement. >> republicans want to cut off jobless benefits for more than a million americans after christmas, they say. >> have a heart. we ought to do something here, ought to help these people. not just skip town. >> since democratic leaders accepted without disagreeing with the policy.
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>> the bipartisan solution is show boating for people hurting not doing a dag gum thing to help them. we don't know show boating. we need results. >> reporter: assuming the resolution passes in the house, it will go to the senate. they'll pass it next week or at least take it up. it's assumed votes are there. if they make one change to it, the whole deal could collapse. >> carl, thank you. when that vote is final, we'll bring it to you here. to hear many physicians tell us, obama care is dead on arrival for them and patients. on capitol hill today, mike emmanuel with a prognosis from doctors. >> what you're about to see is unforeseen. this is not a computer site. >> doctors unloaded expressing concerns about the president's health care law and its impact.
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>> there's no way hospitals in the phoenix area and bulk of the ones in the country would stay open. >> darrel noted the law gives doctors incentive to dump the most challenging patients. >> the really sick under the current system unless we change it find themselves undesirable to get full care which costs more or quite frankly to get to the doctor at all. that's what you're dealing with unless we make changes. >> the panel's top democrat admitted the obama care isn't perfect and premiums will go up for some people. >> the most significant problem comparing premiums is that it disregards the 50 million people that could not get insurance. >> yet one specialist questioned the real value of some of that coverage. >> we are now at t minus 20 days and counting. the doctors and patients are going to be having extreme
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difficulties in accessing care. and yes mr. cummings i agree with you it's nice to carry a plastic insurance card to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to access the care. . doctor novak talked about the health care. >> families that have been suffering emotionally because of work that was not done, lack of transparency. >> the concern is in order to cover 50 million americans, the government blew up you the system that worked pretty well for the rest of the country. >> live on the hill, mike, thank you. stocks down today for a third day in a row. the dow was off 104. the wife of the captive held in iran gives emotional
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testimony. khon in honolulu with the airplane crash death of the state health department chief that verified the authenticity of president barack obama 's birth certificate. she was the only person killed of nine on board. fox 26 in houston by the effort of may jor league baseball to outlaw the fierce home plate collisions. high dollar players have been juried in previous seasons. this is our affiliate there, nominations for golden globe a wards. 12 years as a sleiave. top tv shows and tonight's live look outside the belt way on special report. we'll be right back.
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negotiators have burned through four days of talks in vienna trying to work out details of the iran nuclear deal to short circuit the alleged weapons program. as tough as that is, the president is finding just as many obstacles here at home. chief washington correspondent tells us what they are. >> it's been a struggle as a mom watching my 7-year-old and 5-year-old cry themselves to sleep every single night for the last 444 days. >> the house foreign affairs subcommittee heard emotional testimony from the wife of the iranian american pastor who's been jailed in iran and reportedly tortured and beaten after being convicted of threatening security after creating a net work of churches. >> i feel abandoned and feel my husband has been abandoned. >> president barack obama
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raised the case in his historic case in september with iran's president and secretary kerry has repeatedly followed up. gop lawmakers wonder why the cases of this and two other americans captive in iran weren't linked to ongoing negotiations with the regime. >> if they can't release this individual and others without due process, how are we to trust them on greater positions that have national and international consequences? >> those questions were addressed by the state department number three official in a simultaneous hearing of the senate banking committee. >> we don't want them to become ponds in the negotiation. we don't want iran to up the antiby mixing them up in this. >> senators from both parties had complaints about the nuclear deal saying it gave too much in sanctions relief by conceding the right to enrich iranian.
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>> many think secretary of state john kerry is anxious to make a deal for reasons he's overlooking details that are so important. >> i'm beginning to think based upon this maybe what the senate needs to do is find the end game. what it finds as acceptable as the final status. because i'm getting nervous about what i perceive will be acceptable to us. >> late today a news flash on retired fbi agent robert leavenson which is believed to be one of the three americans still held captive in iran. at the time of his disappearance was working for a group of cia analyst that had no authority to conduct the operations. his family received a $2.5 million payout to drop plans for a lawsuit. cia declined our request for
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comment. >> james, thank you. the you thinking of north korea leader has been executed according to the media. he had been the second most powerful official in the country. he was removed because of allegations of corruption, drug use, womanizing, leading what was called a depraved life. minutes ago the white house said if the execution is confirmed it's another example of extreme brutality of the north korean regi regime. united nations inspectors say chemical weapons were used in syria probably in several locations. the report did not determine whether the government were responsible. the reports of the free syrian army has forced to three. the news suggests the conflict takes another dark turn for the worse. quote, the catastrophe is a
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direct result of the absence of american leadership. unfortunately the administration has no realistic policy to address it." the man accused of faking the sign language at the mandela memorial said he had hallucinations of angels entering the stadium. the man says he has schizophrenia and has been violent in the past. he's asking for forgiveness. this is a fox news alert. the house now has enough votes to pass the bipart san agreement. you can see the 300. magic number was 217. it's not completed until the gavel goes down. conservatives and liberals oppose the deal which now goes to the senate.
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clearly they have many more votes than they needed to get passed. it will pass the
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the government says one out of four americans 16 and older was a target of identity theft last year. the report says the crime affected $1affec affected 16.5 million people and
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costed billions in damages. what happened could make a difference on your breakfast table. we report tonight from south florida. >> reporter: 25,000 florida oranges get squeezed into juice every minute here at southern guard opinion citrus. table across america, 90% of orange juice come from the sunshine state. the industry is threatened forever by this insecond. the asian invasive bug that first showed up in florida eight years ago. it spreads on trees producing florida oranges small and bitter. >> we're constantly dealing with that insect. we're doing what we have to to control it. >> do you fear the future where florida and orange juice don't go together in the same sentence anymore? >> it's possible. >> this is what we're seeing. >> the usda announced a new
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emergency response frame work to battle citrus greening. they've contributed $250,000 worth of research already like that at florida laboratorying, stem grafting to produce the resistant tree. >> we have the advanced material of our breeding program. the new varieties of oranges, new varieties of root stock. these are the mother trees. >> the florida orange harvest that's just beginning is projected to be the smallest in the past 24 years. since greening disease first showed up, florida citrus has lost $5 billion in sale, 8,000 agriculture jobs and the threat of losing the orange forever is on the horizon. >> thank you. nearly one year ago 20 students and six educators died in the new town school massacre.
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now the news media are divided over how to handle the remembrances. the host of fox's media buzz howard curt takes a look. >> the band wag gone staon sayi. >> they're trying to remember that day in private. as you know channel 3 eyewitness news has already made the decision to respect the wishes and stay out of newtown. usa and others made the same decision. the associated press will be there. interviewing relatives and turning the whole thing into a television show has happened at
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sandy hook elementary. is that boots on the ground necessary for an emotional anniversary? there were similar sensitivities when thorauthorities released t 911 calls from the shooting. others made the decision to play them sparingly. >> fox news will not air the gut wrenching calls. we have listened to all recordings that came in that day. out of respect for the victims we'll be very sensitive with what we put on fox news channel. >> the victims were honored today with the service at washington's national cathedral. the media are debating guns and issues but at a distance. >> intrusion can get in the way of healing which is why stay ago way on this day sounds like a good call. >> thank you. fixing harvard's drinking
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problem, denying new york's tax problem, and writing the code to get around the obama care website problem. the grapevine breaks it all down next.
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine. president barack obama is accept sending a message to people of america. learn to code.
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>> don't buy a new video game, make one. don't play on your phone, program it. no one is born a computer scientist. with a little hard work and math and science, just about anyone can become one. >> well when failed to function on october 1st, a few ambitious people stepped in with their own website for free. insurance is another. they are not alone. the obama care website and its 500 million lines of code cost an estimated $600 million. democratic new york governor andrew cuomo told donors he's running the least expensive state to locate your business. the tax foundation says new york is dead last when considering the complexity of tax codes and tax rates. an editorial in the new york
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post called his comment a real knee slapper suggesting if the political career sputters he can always do stand up you quality. we reached out to his always for clarification but have not heard back. the plastic water bottle may be on the last leg at harvard university. two thirds of students voted to ban the sale of one use bottles on campus. organizers of the ballot measure hope harvard officials comply. the students vote is non binding. now back to obama care and possible obama care fixes or alternatives. tonight mike reports. >> he wants uninsured wisconsin folks to have subsidies but
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coverage to purchase from insurers outside of exchanges created by the affordable care act. >> if they don't approve this, this would expose this really isn't about access or affordability. it's about the government playing a heavier hand in these decisions. >> his idea gaining attention in the badger state stands in the face of the president's claim when it comes to health care, republicans are all complaint, no solution. >> they still haven't presented the alternative. if you ask many opponents of this law what exactly they do differently, their answer seems to be let's go back to the way things used to be. >> tom price of georgia and senator tom coburn of oklahoma are two examples of conservatives that have presented alternatives. this empowers a patient to make choices as opposed to the
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government. conservative proposals lack the reach of the president's plan. i've yet to hear an alternative that covers nearly half as many as the affordable care act does or offer solutions to the health care cost crisis. >> they say this is a lack of leadership or unity behind any single plan. fox news. mixed messages coming out of the obama administration for fast approaching deadlines for obama care. what will happen january 1st? we'll get reaction to the breaking news from fox all stars when we come back.
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consumers have until december 23rd to sign up for coverage that begins the first of january.
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insurers will now be required to accept payments until at least december 31st for coverage that begins january 1st. we're encouraging insurers to allow to start coverage on time. >> hhs secretary kathleen sebelius today on a conference call. a new rule today. the deadline is december 23rd. not many days left here. take a look at new rules. requiring insurers to accept payment through december 31st for coverage beginning january 1st. urging issuers to give more time to pay the 1 first premium. strongly encouraging insurers to treat out of net work providers as in-net work for episodes as of the date of the enrollees
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enrollment. keep the doctor not in the net work that you now have. strongly urging insurers to refill prescriptions from previous plans in january. what about this? we have our senior judicial analysts. it seems like there's goalpost moving here. we don't know what the insurance companies are saying, but they can't be happy with all this. >> our colleagues said the president's one liner, if you like you're insurance policy, you can keep it -- named this lie of the year. this has been to be second to the lie of the president. she does not have the right to change rules. if she thinks she can duke people into believing she can change the rules.
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she can't tell insurance carriers what to do, can't change the law, can't have the ig investigate herself because she's free and independent of her. she's absolutely misleading everybody to try and lower the volume. because they still haven't gotten back the 5.6 million insurance policies cancelled in the past month and a half. >> what does this mean for folks scrambling to try and get coverage as of january 1st? >> good news. more time to sign up to pay premiums and also you're insured your coverage will be in place january 1st. >> wait. they're asking insurers to please -- urging and strongly encouraging insurers. they're not insuring that the insurers will -- >> they're giving people more of chance. >> this is evidence of a botched roll out in which they fear hundreds of thousands of people
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potentially could be without coverage or be without their medications come january 1st. in order to deal with this problem, they become far more aggressive, far more hands on and try to smooth it out. what they're doing is appealing to people who remain in their corner. the insurance companies. they want this to work. they're saying to the insurance companies help us in this moment so we don't suffer further political fallout from the problems that occur earlier in obama care. >> you're exactly right. it's about the political element of this, the fallout. >> i said the administration democrats are looking at a train wreck in january. this is exactly the reaction to a deep understanding among democrats that this is a train wreck. the judge said this is utterly lawless. this approach is banana republic lawless. the only difference is that here when you get presidential
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decrees it's on a conference call instead of from the balcony of the presidential mansion. that's the only strongly encour insurance to pay the expenses of people that aren't insured, aren't enrolled. and to use the guidelines of the plans that were supposedly inadequate, supposedly substandard and lemon plans and use it as a guideline as to what's going to be covered.
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>> can you imagine doctors's offices out of the net work of these people who are then going to those doctors and saying, well the white house said that you know, i can still be in your net work. >> this is where what's she's doing is a terrible injustice. she's giving people false hope. her saying you can stay in the net work is not going to keep you in the net work especially when you've already been kicked out when you're below the standard the statute requires. >> listen to asking jay carney about plan b here. >> what is the plan b to make sure somebody really has slurns? >> we're taking every step to insure that this highest priority is acted on, that everyone who has enrolled is being reached out to and that all of the 834 forms are
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accurate past and present. >> what if they're not? >> i'm not going to speculate because we believe this issue is being addressed. >> there has to be some kind of plan if this thing does hit the fan. i don't mean to rhyme so much, but isn't there some sort of unraveling of things to hold people if in fact people come to the point there is just not coverage and they're not getting covered? don't you think the administration has some plan to say we've got to cover these people who are uncovered? >> today you're getting that plan. >> this isn't the plan. they're asking insurers. >> the insurance companies are working with then. you haven't heard the insurance companies are bucking the administration on any way in any of this. they had difficulties early on in terms of roll out in terms of
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setting rates in 2015. they've gotten that. that's the biggest concern ratios eventually in the market play. this stuff now is an effort to try to smooth out this transition. i mean the government is even doing stuff for people with pre-existing plans, heart conditions, cancers, extending that coverage. they want to avoid the repeat of political damage they suffered early on in this process. i think they're succeeding. i don't see this is a reason to talk about from the balcony. mock them, okay they screwed up. give them credit for trying to fix it. the rapper over here called plan b. >> when you say smooth out, you make it sound like a wrinkle. this is no wrinkle. this is a train wreck. thousands of people showing up in january who have no idea if they are covered with that doctor, no idea if they're insured. the insurance companies aren't
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going to know if these guys are insured. oes when hat a doctorú someone walks in off the street and says they are insured. th they have no record. >> that's true. >> this is a response out of thin air without any color of law. >> it's not a major -- it doesn't undermine the entire program. it affects a small slice of people eligible for this coverage. >> 5.5 million lost their coverage. this budget plan passes 332 to 94 tonight.
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when groups come out and criticize an agreement that they have never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. i think they are pushing our members in places where they don't want to be. and, frankly, i just think that they have lost all credibility. you you know, they pushed us into this fight to defund obamacare and to shut down the government. also, all my members know that wasn't exactly the strategy that i in mind. if you recall; the. never really thought would work. are you kidding me? passed tonight. call the jail break video. all the congressman, all the lawmakers getting out right after that vote.
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32 democrats voted against it, including steny. 62 republicans voted against it. we are back with the panel. charles, what about speaker boehner there and his speaking out against conservative groups like freedom works and heritage action and others? >> did you see them all carrying bags of money out of the congress? that is a jail break caucus. i think boehner is right. what we had here was a matter of logic. the only choice of those who would reject the deal would be to go up until the deadline of january 15th, and the only leverage republicans would have would be to shut down the government. well, we tried that in october. it was a disaster. and, what it would have meant in january, that instead of everybody focusing on the collapse of obamacare, the train wreck, all the stuff that we spoke about in the first segment, it would be more stories about republican obstructionism. you would have nice, sweet,
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tv shots of iowa school kids in tears over a cancelled white house visit. and it would be, again, it would go against the republicans and you would get a change in the polls exactly as happened in october. so, it would be mindless to actually reject a deal like this. which, in fact, on the merits isn't a bad one. it protects and maintains 70% of the sequester cuts over the next two years. and, it was -- it managed -- without a lot of leverage, republicans have ended the endless extension of unemployment benefits, which are meant as a stop gap and not as a way of life as it is in europe. and that's a triumph. >> judge, freedom works writes. this speaker boehner may not care about what fiscally conservative groups do. grass roots groups care what he is doing in washington when it comes to credibility actions speak louder than words and right now it looks like the speaker is leader
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the charge for spending increases and recruiting democrat votes in the house to help get it done. >> the speaker has demonstrated a poverty of leadership. the speaker has demonstrated that he can. >> wait a second, he just got 332 votes. >> he did get 332 votes because he got the democrats to vote with him and he scared and he lost the republican who's retain the value of small government. this doesn't decrease the deficit it adds to it. it doesn't decrease the debt, it adds to it. it spends 63 billion more than we are spending now. owe blitz rate -- obliterates the consequence of the sequester. this is absolute fraud. they are afraid of relation. they have no sense, the republican establishment. they have no sense of small government values that they were elected to put into law. >> juan? >> wow, tell us how you feel. >> this is basically democrat light. there is no distinction between john boehner and nancy pelosi on this. >> what about the argument that charles makes, judge, that holding off the
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government shutdown allows republicans to focus on what they want to focus on, which is obama care and other things to win elections because they need w's on the board. >> it used to be a basic tenet of republican principles you don't have what you don't have -- don't spend what you don't have and you don't go in more debt. they are spending a trillion more than they are taking. in that's unacceptable. that 17 trillion will be 20 trillion at this rate at the end of president obama's term. >> listen, they are doing the right thing finally. let me tell you something he they're doing the right thing for american people and republicans. have you written off the majority of the republicans on the hill. the majority voted for this bill. >> unfortunately, we ran out of time. >> they don't listen to me. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to find out what the fake interpreter from the mandela funeral was actually saying.
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translate exactly what that man was signing. >> is he even attempting to make sense? >> it's complete gibberish. >> okay. we have one more. >> hello, welcome so far. >> well, cigarette joint. bringing in different to you. a circle. and i would like to pray that offering, basically this is fun. all of these balls to prove this is good, i'm sorry. man, close to the president. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid.
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greta goes "on the record" right now. we have a special tomorrow night in hert, 7 p.m. eastern time. check it out. hot or not? you decide. ♪ when i'm in the oval office ♪ call me president barack, president barack president barack ♪ if my critics get an attitude i tell it them to stop, i tell them to stop. >> if you need new healthcare sign up because it's hot sign up because it's hot. >> i'm commander and chief and i'm two terms strong plus i have got this healthcare which has got it going on ♪ i'm a nice pres. see my flag pin and slacks clean. affordable healthcare is better than what we had a year ago. your options are really. don't worry about they him or her says. i could educate you. jump on your --


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