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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 13, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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out at the rest of the demographic. it's comic call. >> they say the government advertising on tv at all is a little orwellian for my taste. >> have a great day. it's friday. enjoy the weekend. >> yes, or stay home and bedazzle a bra. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bye. good morning, it's friday, december 13th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. another day, another obama care delay. plus, the political live year. we'll tell you who said it. >> can hardly wait. chaos in the parking lot. four people stabbed after of the broncos game. this morning, one of them fighting for his life. details straight ahead. and kanye west says performing is like being a cop. now one police chief is firing back telling the rapper he better check himself before he wrecks himself. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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♪ pump it up ♪ jam it ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, he is a crowd pleaser. 's been on this program a number of times. you'll love the dancing cop from providence, rhode island. tony lapore. >> that's my hometown. i know. >> tony, no wonder i can do the robot well. you might be my cousin. >> if that doesn't get you moving today, that is -- it makes me smile. >> i love it. >> do you remember him growing up? >> yes. tony and i go way back. we actually were both in trouble in the principal's office for doing the worm in the hallway. >> did you ever do this? >> peter -- >> which is the worm? >> okay. it's, you know, when your whole body -- >> yeah. why. that was also one that we busted
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out. >> he made it. >> look at that guy. >> he was able to carry it through. i stopped at the 10 yard line. he went all the way down. that was a move i couldn't quite nail there. i love him. >> he's fantastic. he and peter johnson actually are going to be out on the streets of new york city where currently it is 24 degrees. tony's going to be directing some traffic. >> going to get some blood moving. >> that's right. >> how fun. meanwhile, today is friday the 13th. bad news, elizabeth, for obama care. >> the obama care deadline slipped. 12 oe 23 to the 31st. the white house is now asking insurance companies to actually accept late payments and still give individuals coverage in the interim. kathleen sebelius, she dialed the plan via conference call about how they're going to move the goalposts yet again. listen. >> consumers now have until december 23rd to sign up for coverage that begins on the 1st of january. insurers will now be required to accept payments until at least december 31st for coverage that
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begins on january 1st. and we're encouraging insurers to allow insurers who pay portions of their premium, such as a downpayment, to be able to start their coverage on time. >> peter, did she just say that you can pay right up tilling, you know, midnight, till ryan seacrest drops the ball in times square and then one minute later you get coverage? can you imagine if you're working at the insurance company. they're thinking, are they crazy? we can't do that. >> this is proof positive that it's a mess. what she said is you can pay late, you can pay a partial payment and still have coverage and pay, as you said, one minute before. on top of that, there are 135,000 people that went into the federal program, people who couldn't get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. most of those folks, according to some reports, have not, have not signed up for obama care. >> apparently they're going to get a delay of one month. they're going to be allowed to sign up through the end of january.
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>> those are the sickest people in america. >> yes. >> the obama care people said there would be 400,000. only 135,000 signed up. this augers badly for the program. >> the plan itself is also an issue. we have so many people who are expressing their sadness, disbelief and true anger that they've lost their plan. now that this is extended it leaves insurers scratching their heads on how to put the pieces together. it is having doctors giving the most ill prognosis of what's to come. you know, dr. jeffrey english testified in front of the committee and you also heard him here on the network. he's a neurologist who works with ms patients. we've had a decade of progress and treating patients and getting them on the medication that specifically works with them and now he is going to face a major obstacle. take a look. >> i'm not worried about my costs. i'm more worried about their medications, and i always said if people ask me, i'm not going
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to stop this because of payments to doctors. i'm going to stop being a doctor when i know i can take care of somebody but i'm not allowed the medications i can provide. that i can't take kind of good care of patients. >> see, this is one of the problems. he's been giving this life saving medicine to ms patients under the last decade and under obama care that particular medicine is not covered. if somebody wants it, it's going to come out of their pocket. peter, we've been talking about this. we've been warning people about it for the last three or four -- >> yeah. and what's enough? i mean, kind of good care? what physicians are doing that to people. politi facts have come up with lies, every few weeks, every week depending on what politicians are saying. what they've now said is the lie of the year is if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> congratulations. >> that's become the lie of the year. >> congratulations.
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in the -- you've got to love politifacts. kudos to them calling out the white house. >> surprising they would do that. >> let's see how many members of the mainstream media actually featured this. i can think of one cable channel i know they're not going to talk about. he started back in 2009, the president of the united states did. he updated it had this week. if you missed it, here's a little bit of what kept our president in trouble. >> first of all, if you've got your health insurance, you like your plan, you like your doctor, you can keep your plan. no be is talking about keepitak that away from you. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period. if you like your health care plan, you can keep that, too. >> if you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance, period. end of story. >> wow. >> ladies and gentlemen, the lie of the year. >> that's the problem in the digital era, that we will have
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that forever, infinitum. we can play that and hold him to his word because he won't hold himself to it. >> somebody who was his esteemed top advisor for a very long time in the white house and on the campaign trail, now he's an analyst over at that other channel where they're probably not talking much about lie of the year, here's david axlerod with a unique admission and a good way to spin this thing. >> i think part of it is being honest about it, and he has been honest about it. part of it is getting it fixed as best that you can. there's no doubt that that is at the core of the problem when you come to this measure, and i think he was ill-served because i'm sure when he said what he said he believed it. >> he believed it? well, then he would have to have trusted the people who were inventing it, nancy pelosi and company, to have been telling him the lie, but you know, the buck stops somewhere. >> well, there's david axlerod
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saying that he was ill-served meaning other people screwed up and the president believed it. the issue is not whether he believed it but was it true? and it turns out not to be true as politifact says the lie of the -- >> absolutely, peter. you know who i believe? i believe heather. >> hi, elisabeth. >> selling books. >> good morning to you all. it is 8 minutes after the hour. developing overnight, another nfl game ends in violence. four people were stabbed outside mile high stadium in denver. one of them right now is in critical condition at the hospital. this happened about a half an hour after the broncos/chargers game ended last night. a fight breaking out in a privately owned parking lot. right now three suspects are in custody and they are talking. the stabbing has just one of several incidents involving football fans this year. last month or rather earlier
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this month a fan died after a fight at arrowhead stadium in missouri. we'll keep watching this story. this video is heartbreaking. a massive rock slide leaving two people dead. two members of the family were killed when giant boulders came crashing down into their home in rockville, utah. this happened on the main highway in zion national park. and a stunning twist to tell you about in a newlywed murder case in montana. jordan graham admitting in detail that she pushed her husband, cody johnson, off a cliff in glacier national park. this happened right before the jury was about to start deliberations yesterday. in exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped the first degree murder charges against her. listen to this. >> you know, i think we believe in our case. we believe in the case that we put on, but we have an ethical obligation and discussed plea offers with our client and it's
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their dezbli. >> graham still faces life in prison. talk about giving the shirt off your back. zach randolph handed his shirt to a young fan who has special needs. how sweet. those are your headlines. then he went on to give an award for community service. happy story to tell you about. >> good place. >> heather, thank you very much. >> thanks, heather. ten years ago today, saddam hussein found hiding out in this hole. >> oh, yes. >> but do you know it almost never happened. one of the men instrumental in tracking him down joins us next. and kanye west said performing is like being a cop. now one police chief firing back telling the rapper he better check himself before he wrecks himself. >> good advice.
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a decade later you know saddam hussein was fo a spider hole ten years ago today. that hole screen right. but what you might not know is how one struggling army recruit turned interrogator was instrumental in helping us track down saddam hussein. army staff sergeant garrett maddock joins us from los angeles. he's currently a civilian interrogator for the department of defense. he's also the author of "mission black list number one." good morning to you, eric. >> good morning, steve. >> ten years. that was fast. i remember that whole week as if it were just about a month and a half ago. you were actually there. take us back to that time.
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i know you're from oklahoma. you say that a voice from god told you to do what? >> well, when i was going to the university of oklahoma i had basically had a calling, i know it was from god, to join the military. my first three years i spent as an infantry guy, then i became an interrogator. >> okay. and when you became an interrogator you eventually were posted near ticrit which was saddam hussein's ancestral birth place, but when you started the job thonn nest you weren't very good as an interrogator. >> that's right, steve. i was taught to interrogate enemy prisoners from foreign countries military and we had to interrogate civilians from an insurgency so the techniques that the army taught back then, they just didn't work, so we had to -- we had to kind of work our
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way through it to figure out how to get these individuals to talk and eventually cooperate. >> so you helped figure out this new way to interrogate them. what was it? >> well, when i got there i joined this delta force team, and this one delta force operator, he kind of took me under his wing and he said, let's figure out how to get him to talk. and what we realized, what was -- with these insurgents is that we just didn't understand their situation. and so we developed a technique where essentially we allowed them to get one step out the door, and when you get a prisoner to feel like, wow, i'm this close to being released, if i just cooperate. if i just give this interrogator useful information, then they're going to help me, then we started to learn what these civilian insurgents who basically had friends and families -- >> sure. >> -- they had their own needs, if we addressed those needs, they'd cooperate. >> absolutely. then you would start to -- you
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know, they're almost out the door. yeah, just one more thing. they would invariably give you a little piece of the puzzle. eventually you started to put these pieces together and you said, wait a minute, saddam hussein likes fish. he has fish it seems like every meal so what did you do? >> we started to realize that saddam hussein, he did, he had these individual needs, one of which was fish. at the very end of the man hunt for saddam below dated this fish pond that his people had been stocking, and we knew that the people taking care of the fish pond would likely be able to lead us to his facilitators. one of the very last raids was of the fish pond and that interrogation led me to the one body guard who knew his location. >> and so they wound up going to one particular place, and tell us what happened ten years ago
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today. >> well, the delta force team conducted a raid. we got our body guard, the one guy that i believed could take us to saddam, they brought him to me. i interrogated him, and after two hours he kind of looked me dead in the eye and he says, we've got to go now. we have to go right now, and we drew the map. we drew the sketch, and later that evening the delta force team went and conducted the raid just south of tikreet and the body guard, saddam's number one guy, actually led us directly to the hole. >> just like that. and that's the hole we're looking at right there. it was covered with a hunk of styrofoam and saddam hussein was down in that hole. he was disoriented. what a story. i know it's going to be a movie, and who is going to play you? >> robert pattinson will be playing me in the movie, steve. >> that's fantastic. that is awesome. >> yeah. >> do we know when it's going to come out?
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>> they began filming this spring so i'm not in the hollywood world so i will wait and i have no idea when they'll actually hit the screen. >> well, you know what, he's got a lot of fans and you've got a lot of fans for what you all did ten years ago right now. eric maddox, today is a civilian interrogator for the department of defense. sir, thank you very much for your service and thanks for everything. good luck with the movie. >> thanks, buddy. have a good one. >> you as well. all right. great story. all right. 19 minutes now after the top of the hour on this friday. some schools making the flu shot mandatory. is that a good idea? medical a team is going to separate fact from fiction coming up next. and they promised transparency so why is the white house limiting access to reporters. jay carney's response, laughter. and our dancing cop still at it out in the hall. he's headed for 48th and 6th avenue. ladies and gentlemen, tony lapore.
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we start with a fox news alert. 22 suspects facing terrorism charges have escaped prison in baghdad after killing a security guard. a man hunt captured some of the men. the uncle of kim j jong-un.
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elisabeth. >> peter, there's a new push to make the flu shot a requirement. a preschool just this week in new york city made it mandatory. new jersey and connecticut have similar mandates. some parents are up in arms about it. so is this really necessary? dr. marc siegel from the fox news medical aid team joins us to separate flu shots fact and fiction. thanks for being here. last year 165 children tragically died as a result of the flu. is this a direct reaction to that in your mind? >> i believe it is. i think it's a direct connection. i think it's a bold initiative. it was a very severe flu season last year. so far milder this year. we haven't gotten to the peak. dr. varma deputy commissioner here in new york city is coming out saying, look, under the age of 5, that's when kids get severe complications. what the flu shot does best is it decreases severity. you have to create a herd
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immunity. kids are like a petri dish. preschool, everybody is sniffling, touching each other. you can't tell a kid wash their hands, stay away from another kid so it spreads from one to another. they will cut down on a tremendous amount of flu cases. i applaud this. >> the mandate is applauded. i'm sure a lot of parents are behind you. can you get the flu from a flu shot? let's go fact or fiction here. >> absolutely not. when they make a flu shot the first thing they do is kill the flu virus. they use a dead virus to make the vaccine. there is no way you can get the flu. now the reason this myth is out there, elisabeth is because you get flu like symptoms. it's an allergy. it will pass within 24 hours. >> the flu shot is 100% effective. fact or fiction? >> that's fiction. 60% effective. some years are better than others. every year we try to match the
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flu shot with the prevailing strains that are going around the world. it's tough. we need a better flu shot for sure. we need one universal flu vaccine. they're working on it. this is the best we have and it's very useful. >> speaking of the best, some people think the nasal vaccine is better. they say get the nasal, it's more effective. >> i like the nasal. i've interviewed some flu experts around the country to say the same thing. we think it's more effective for the flu shot. for kids it's a good thing. you're less likely to have a reaction. there is a down side. you can't use it in kids with asthma or kids with any kind of lung or breathing problems. you don't want to use it in chronic or underlying conditions. >> can you catch the flu from someone who has the nasal strain? >> probably not but you can get a very mild version of it which is why we do not give it to people with immunocompromised conditions. >> flu shots contain mercury. >> boy, is that the biggest myth
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out there. it's a fact that it contains murk mercury. the myth is that it will give kids autism. it's been studied and studied and studied. it has mercury in it. had has not been shown to cause autism. if you're afraid of that, you can get the flu shot without mercury in it. you can get versions without tamirasol. >> dr. segel, excellent advice there. >> great to see you. >> thanks for being us this morning. next up on the rundown, kanye west said performing is like being a cop. now a police chief is firing back and telling him he better check himself before he wrecks himself. and the white house says obama care just needs a better pr campaign. here's what they came up with. will that really work? and our dancing cop from providence, rhode island, still at it. that's the shopping cart right
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there. ♪ burn, baby, burn ♪ "disco inferno" ♪ burn, baby burn ♪ burn
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♪ ♪
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♪ rocking around the christmas tree, at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ >> tony, tony, tony. >> tony lapar from providence, rhode island, dancing cop having some fun in our holiday. >> that is the happiest cop in america. the happiest police officer in america. >> i love his moves. i love them. >> great flexibility. >> yes. look at that. >> energizes me. makes me want to just be a traffic cop. you could be. >> i'll give it a try. >> we're going to take you to the who will way. >> he did a show. he's going to show us. we're going to do some moves with him. >> i'm ready. >> he worked in elisabeth's hometown. >> we never had a traffic issue. >> providence, rhode island. >> i love him. >> a small state with a big cop. >> he's going to show us his stuff out on the street, 48th and 6th avenue. >> i don't know if you were on
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twitter yesterday. the obama administration, you know, they said they need a new pr campaign to get people covered. they went #getcovered. their tweets are now inspiring mockery on the web. we have the first one that went out here that went across twitter. >> yeah. the white house -- >> a little yellow note like a post-it. >> initially they said obama held up a sign and said #getcovered. nobody should go broke because they get sick. first thing you know, ted cruz, somebody on their staff photo shopped their version. they took the president and they changed the words. they sure did. he was the first responder on twitter, i believe. it said, obama care canceled the plans that you had and liked. that's how you should get covered. >> a lot of americans are jumping on. mikey ramon photo shopped this version. your employer will be canceling your health insurance soon anyway. >> they're getting creative.
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>> the nrc-c's version. they're not big fangs of the president's affordable care act which is not affordable. #don't worry i've got a trillion dollar coin to cover this. >> you can see the president there with the #don'tworry. we want you to simply e-mail us what it should say in the box. we'll photo shop it in. we'll include some of the funny ones coming up. e-mail us friends@foxnews. >> you can tweet us. >> call us. >> we have a couple already. >> they're quick. >> get covered without the elderly pay double. >> and another one on facebook, get covered because i know what's best for you. >> all right. so some are already coming in. the funnier, the better, more likely to wind up on the air. we have 2:30. >> send them on in. in the meantime we sent in
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the lady with the headlines. >> good morning to you. good morning. hope you're all off to a great day. got some news to bring you about nasa. nasa has now activated what it calls its tiger teams to now work around the clock to fix the cooling failure on the international space station that we told you about yesterday morning. now these tiger teams became legendary during the apollo 13 mission. you may remember them from the movie working with spare parts to try to fix an on board problem. apparently if that doesn't work then a space walk may actually be needed. nasa will make that decision later today. kind of like macgyver, i guess. president obama promised transparency. remember this. >> let me say this as simply as i can. transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> well, some members of congress are -- excuse me, some members of the white house press core, rather, are calling him out on that saying that he is being way too restrictive in terms of the access that's given to news photographers.
3:36 am
so here's what the white house press secretary, jay carney, had to say about that. >> i will not live to see the day and neither will you when independent journalists who cover the white house will say, you know what, i've got all the access i wanted today, this week, next month. that's not going to happen. >> 38 news organizations sent a letter to the white house demanding more access to the president. well, police chief from ohio has a message for kanye west after that singer compared performing on stage to the danger that police officers and our military face. david oliver is his name. he posted a letter on facebook suggesting that kanye abandon his career and join the military. listen to this. >> someone equating being a performer to being in a war, the comparison isn't even remotely close. >> this guy, oliver, signing off with this warning to the singer. check yourself before you wreck yourself. i like that saying. have to remember that one. and we have a wonderful update to share with you.
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remember the 15-year-old orphan whose heart felt plea for adoption made the news in october. he will spend christmas with a family of his own. he spent his life bounced around between many foster care families but he's now living with perspective parents getting to know them before that adoption is finalized. a really nice story to bring you this time of year. how wonderful. found a family apparently. >> that's great. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks, heather. perfect time of the year to hear that kind of story. >> it is. >> a little before christmas. >> i look a little heartwarming especially in the cold weather. maria molina, more cold this weekend? >> more cold and more snow depending where you live. we could be looking at pretty significant snowfall accumulations into the northeast and into new england. let's show you the time line. as we head into today and tomorrow morning parts of the midwest will first have to deal with this storm system. they could be looking at accumulations up to half a foot of snow out here.
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please be careful on the roadways. freezing rain, sleet could also mix in with that. even some rain for areas across southern parts of the midwest. otherwise, as we head into saturday and also into sunday morning many people across the northeast are going to be dealing with that snowfall and it will be impacting so many throughout the overnight hours. we do have winter weather advisories in effect across the midwest. winter storm watches already posted in the northeast with the storm that's expected. now let's head over to you steve in our very special room. >> as is the tradition at "fox & friends," the last day of somebody's internship they always get to do an on camera appearance. megan fitzgerald has been with us. where do you go to school? >> hofstra. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be something on camera. i don't know yet. >> you're going to do the sports. >> ladies and gentlemen, megan the intern. let her rip. >> thursday night football, peyton manning and the broncos hosting the chargers. second quarter, denver leading by a touchdown.
3:39 am
philip rivers connects with keenan allen. he leaps over the defender to tie the game at 10-10. to the fourth, 24-17. peytonmanning and the broncos driving. manning hit. the defender comes up with the interception. chargers win, 27-20. caught on camera, a man pulls his daughter out of the way as chicago bulls rookie tony snell barrels into the stands. the whole thing caught on slomo instant replay. it happened during the bulls/knicks game at madison square garden. great save, dad. it's been a busy week at "fox & friends." >> megan, wonderfuling. >> very nicely done. >> good job. >> good job. >> did a great job here. great with job with that. >> well done, megan. the best in sports and it sure has been one of the best weeks here at "fox & friends." in case you missed any of it, here's a look back at the week there was.
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and, action. >> what are you doing? >> i know. i know. i'm a kid. >> come on. >> take your shot. >> the jalapeno peppers are just a little hot. >> is that -- >> 15 inch of you. he doesn't remember my name. >> the morning anchor. >> he said he likes you. >> whoever i am. >> santa claus is coming tonight. santa claus is coming tonight. so put out some cookies and leave on the lights, santa claus is coming tonight ♪ >> hey. >> do y'all come to these christmas parties often? >> it's work. >> congratulations. >> galoshes or duck boots. it's a duck boot kind of day. >> it sure is. >> you look like you're 29 years old. >> every time i see you you look
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better. ♪ ♪ >> i don't know if i can say the word crappy but maybe i'll try say that. >> don't say crappy. >> tell me i'm not crazy. >> i'm sure it's there. >> send me a tweet and tell me who is. >> oh, my goodness. >> she was not happy. >> you've got a friend. >> there you go. all right. if we were world leaders, that would be our selfie. >> i love that. >> that was a great week. >> i saw a lot of that. >> very nice. you miss a little, you miss a lot. >> thank you very much. it's 19 minutes before the top of the hour. next up on the rundown, just before christmas he is being told to check his beard at the door. find out why. then, they've been
3:42 am
protecting us for nearly four centuries and helping out in some of the most urgent times of need. today a special birthday celebration for the united states national guard. here they are live on the plaza. ♪ we stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this place ♪ ♪ god bless the usa
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we're in some incredible company right now. before we get to it, quick headlines for you. a big oops from fordham university. 2500 applications. the school turns out. 500 had actually been rejected. the others had been deferred. you can come in and have a drink, santa, but you better leave your beard at the door. new york city cops are cracking
3:46 am
down on the annual santacon pub crawl. asking bar and club owners to make sure st. nicks remove their facial hair. that way naughty santas can be properly identified. >> ho, ho, ho my beard. they've sprung to aid during the most urgent times of need. floods, oil spills, the boston marathon bombings. >> did you know they've been protecting the united states for nearly four centuries. the national guard celebrating 377 birthdays today. >> yes. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> wow. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. joining us to celebrate is the vice chief lieutenant general joseph lingel. >> happy birthday. >> we're happy to be here. >> we're so thankful that you're here and all you do. tell us why what the national guard does and why it's so special. >> we're here with new york's
3:47 am
own task force and guardian angels here. >> you sure are. we thank you for that. >> we're representing over 460,000 soldiers and airmen around the united states and around the world in their communities. they've been doing that since 1636. >> when i looked at the research and i saw 377 years, i was thinking, that's got to be a misprint. no, the national guard has actually been -- they talked about it, in the constitution. >> they did. we are a big part, combat reserve. we're on duty every day, whether it's bombings, floods, hurricane sandy as you recall in new york city. so we're an important part of every community, and we're there to help america whether it's fight wars or here in the homeland. >> tell us about the important part of the community around here this morning. >> yes. i have task force empire shield here. new york guardsmen who are counter terrorism. been on duty since 9/11. most of this side here is part
3:48 am
of that. we have some warriors, some para rescuers. all of these men were given the bronze star. they were under fire and rescued medical aid for four wounded soldiers. >> talk about citizen soldiers. >> such service. >> after 9/11 i would be so thankful when i saw national guard members here in new york around the city. it was so wonderful. >> these are all proud to be part of the national guard and we're proud to serve our communities, both fighting our wars or here at home. >> if you're going to have a birthday, you have to have a cake. here's the 24 degree night right now. >> you are going to cut the cake. >> all right. >> get going. >> let's get out of the way so we can see everybody. >> okay. here we go. this is happy birthday to all our national guard soldiers and airmen around the world. >> i'm surprised it is not frozen. >> it is not an ice cream cake
3:49 am
but it could be. >> we are going to have sergeant mcdonald take a bite of the first piece of cake. are you ready? here you go. here you go. >> that's a sweet cake. yeah. good! >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we're happy to be here. thanks so much for having us, really. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> make us so proud. coming up, the house approving a budget deal just before heading home for vacation. in it, cuts for military benefits. so what does this mean for our troops, for our national guard? that's next. >> that's right. plus, our favorite dancing cop. i hear him. he's back. busting moves live on the plaza. ♪ ♪
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before you too the move busting, let's start a little bit. i want to take you back to 1984. does this guy look familiar? do you remember this guy? >> oh, yes. >> where did you get this idea out on the streets of providence, rhode island, to dance and police? >> growing up i always wanted to be a performer but i was living in a little hrodey where no one knew where it was. i always had that. inside of me i wanted to. >> it was in you? >> it was in me. all my moves are -- i made up
3:54 am
myself. but that last -- that backwards move, it's james brown and i took it out of his greatest performance ever on stage. that move there. not too many -- >> james brown is a dancer. who else inspires you? >> i'll tell you, there's a lot of them. >> steve doocy? >> yeah. >> how about joe friday? >> joe friday. >> remember out busting a move and busting a crook? >> like joe friday? >> yeah. >> like joe friday? yeah, all right, okay, let's go. all right. all right. and he walked kind of straight. >> he did? >> all right. okay. i don't have my gloves, but i'm going to do something. >> okay. >> you know, i know -- >> need white ones. >> what do you want to see? >> we'll be your backup. >> do you want to see that backwards move? >> yeah. >> show us a couple moves after that. >> okay. ready? ♪ ♪ >> watch this. the biggest thing about this move is the back.
3:55 am
now you're moving. ♪ ♪ >> you can do it, steve. >> going out on sabbatical. >> that was impressive. >> we have cars coming this way, that way. people, what are we doing? let's do it. show it. >> i'm watching. >> i'm jay walking. >> shut ♪ >> that's the caboose. >> where did you pick that up from? >> america loves you and we love you. >> take us out! ♪ ♪
3:56 am
>> the house approving a budget deal before recess. it cuts the military benefits. what does this mean for our troops? >> she made a surprise appearance on my birthday. guess who is back? sherry shepherd. there is no telling what's going to happen, but it will be loud, so stick around. >> tony, action, baby! ♪ ♪
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it's friday, december 13. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. another day, another obamacare delay. millions more of your money is handed over to obamacare navigators. but are they even signing anybody up? a stunning case out of texas. a teen-ager kills four people in a dui. he tells the court he's a victim of his parents' wealth. well, a judge agreed, but was justice served? the feds need more people, young people to enroll in obamacare. so here is what they came up with to sign up the young folk. ♪ sign up 'cause it's hot ♪ . >> did we mention you paid for that video where they instruct you to sign up while it's hot? you did. "fox & friends" hour two for this friday starts right now.
4:01 am
♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ ♪ walking home from our house christmas eve ♪ ♪ >> saying good-bye for the moment. look at that out on 48th street on the fox plaza. waking new york up. >> keeping everybody in line dancing his way out here. >> he's on the sidewalk because the taxi drivers here in new york city don't stop for anything, including a guy like him. >> thank you, tony. that was such fun. >> he's awesome. >> he is great. a back move a little bit. >> that made my friday for sure. >> speaking of stopping traffic, people yesterday a little before closing time stopped and heard
4:02 am
kathleen sebelius on a conference call because it sounds like they have moved the goal post once again. they've had a lot of trouble signing people up. now people are going to have more time to buy. the deadline had been december 15th. then they moved it to december 23rd. yesterday she announced, you can pay for it right up until midnight on new year's eve and you'll be covered the next day. she also essentially i guess trying to beg insurance companies -- listen, a lot of people are going to have new coverage, so if they have a doctor currently, but will not be in your plan, cover them anyway because that would really help us out for a month or two. >> blurred lines is the new theme song apparently for what's going o. insurers are thinking, how are we supposed to get information from someone signing up on the 31st and then turn it around in 24 hours the next day? certainly doctors are freaking out as well because they have no idea what's going to happen.
4:03 am
dr. eric novak is one on capitol hill. listen to his sentiments. >> no one knows what's going to happen january 1st. and to say that was an unforced error because of political realities, the great tragedy are really the tens of millions of americans and hard-working american families that have been suffering emotionally because of the uncertainty that the law created because of work that was not done, the lack of transparency, the unwillingness to release regulations. >> then the blurred lines, people trying to figure out who is getting twerked, we know $50 million have been paid now to obamacare knopf gators -- navigators. new grants by the federal government, almost $60 million. so the question becomes, why don't they just fix the problem? karl rove addressed it. what did he say? >> all together we've given out
4:04 am
$1.2 million to community groups to be, quote, navigators and 637 people have signed up using the web and using the navigators and using paper applications. so you can't even attribute all 637 people to the $1.2 million that you've spent to community groups to get them signed up. in the first month, the community groups got hundreds of thousands of dollars in the state of oregon and nobody signed up. in the state of delaware, they were spending something like $30,000 a week and nobody signed up. this navigator experience is going to be worth examining. >> he was talking about the paper applications. one of the reasons they've apparently delayed things right up until midnight on new year's eve is the fact that nearly 170,000 people did submit paper applications. okay. what that means is somebody filled out an application, a paper. it went and is sitting on
4:05 am
somebody's desk. right now they've got -- apparently they've done a bunch of them, but got a back log of about 50 or 60,000 of those, plus there is 50 or 60,000 that they left something off. so a computer error has come up. so all these people are in paper limbo right now. >> sure. i think many people think of what's being sold here, which is an insurance plan, it's a product. if you were to look at a company and think, how are they managing their money? they spent millions of dollars on their web site which doesn't seem to work well, nor does it work on time. they seem to miss deadlines. then they seem to blur the lines again. now they're throwing money into states where the outcome is not what they expected. the money management here alone in terms of what a private enterprise company would do would be something that would for the most part, many americans would put the brakes on and think i may not be interested in that. >> anyone at home who ever paid insurance, auto, health, knows you don't get the insurance until you actually pay for it.
4:06 am
so now they're saying, well, you can pay late. you can pay partially. this is all because it's really so fouled up at this point. >> the partial part kind of had me. they said you could pay a portion of your first month. >> yes. >> that's going to be just an accounting nightmare. >> that's not a requirement. they're asking the insurance companies to accept that because of the screwup. >> they're tossed in the mix here and in the tumble. they may be missing deadlines, but heather nauert is always on time. >> that's interesting, treating private companies like a charity, right? that's what it amounts to. >> that we're all paying for eventually. >> somehow. good morning to you. hope you're off to a great day. the story we're following was developing overnight. another nfl game ends in violence. four people were stabbed outside mile high stadium in denver and one of them is in critical condition at this hour. this happened a half hour after the chargers-broncos game ended last night. a fight breaking out on a
4:07 am
privately owned parking lot. right now three suspects are in custody. earlier this month, you may recall a fan died after a fight at arrowhead stadium in missouri. we'll keep watching this story for you. new video out of utah is heart breaking. a massive rock slide leaving two people dead this morning. they were killed when giant boulders came crashing counsel on their home -- down on their home in utah. this happened on the main high. a few years ago a rock slide in the same town destroyed another home. no one was killed in that incident. startling new information about the american who vanished in iran more than six years ago. he apparently was on an unauthorized mission that was set up by rogue operatives within the c.i.a. retired f.b.i. agent robert levinson remains missing. he traveled to iran at the request of a group of c.i.a. operatives who had no authority to send him there. u.s. government has long insisted that levinson was just
4:08 am
a private citizen who traveled there on business. that mission resulted in a 2 1/2 million dollars payout to his family and a shakeup at the c.i.a. a happy day to tell but for south carolina governor nikki haley. she and her family welcoming home her husband, michael, and 40 of his fellow soldiers after a nearly yearlong deployment to afghanistan. the governor calls this her early christmas present. michael hail gee a captain in the guard. he is the first spouse of a sitting governor to deploy to a combat zone with the national guard. those are your headlines. how nice is that to see a spouse of a politician who could be living in the governor's mansion full time provide that service to our country? welcome home. >> certainly. >> as we learned about 20 minutes ago, today is the 377th anniversary of the formation of the national guard. >> incredible. it's a good thing we have a lawyer here to explain this because when you hear this, you're going to be outraged.
4:09 am
it involves a 16-year-old kid down in texas. he was driving drunk. he hit a bunch of pedestrians, killed some people. but his defense has got people going, are you kidding me? >> the defense is called affluenza. meaning he grew up too rich. and the defense team brought in an expert psychologist to make this testimony. he said it's a psychological malaise that affects young people who may come from families with money. they feel guilt or sense of isolation and based on that, the court in that particular case, instead of perhaps sentencing him to 20 years in jail, sentenced him to ten years of probation. he confessed to intoxication manslaughter and now -- this
4:10 am
sides have rested and closing arts have been made and as the judge sits there and she's beginning her deliberation and she didn't leave the bench. as soon as they rested, there were minutes of silence as she sat there and deliberated. as she began some of her opening remarks, she made several comments that no matter what her verdict was, that in essence, nothing would ever bring the victims back. of course, we knew that. >> it seems as though she was trying to save the life of this
4:11 am
individual whose actions took the lives of four. was it precedent set before this and what precedent does this set going forward? >> in our country, justice is always tempered by mercy. people take into account various factors and mitigating factors. but this notion that someone, because they're poor, because they're wealthy, because of their economic station in life, that it somehow excuses or mitigates a crime this heinous, that's really disturb to go a lot of people -- disturbing to a lot of people in this country, that money becomes an issue and then money becomes the basis of some psychiatric disorder that somehow causes people to do something, that somehow because he had a lot of toys under the christmas tree his entire life, he drank too much and killed these people on that day. it's silly. i mean, it's why people get mad at junk science. it's why people get mad at courts. it's why people get mad at our
4:12 am
system sometimes 'cause they say, how can this be? is this justice? we understand mercy. we understand redemption and forgiveness. but before donald rumsfeld and forgive -- redemption and forgiveness there needs to be justice. >> well said. >> that kid playing the victim card. i'm a victim of having it lucky in life. >> a lot of parents are off the hook as well. >> e-mail us. what do you think of this, affluenza defense. i'm still frozen from being outside. >> very cold. up next, they actually passed a bipartisan bill. but there is something you don't know about the house's new budget. how it could cost our troops. >> good morning, captain. the folks at msnbc not the only ones cutting ed schultz a check to fight for our organized labor. he's also getting paid by the unions he touts on tv. don't worry, ed says he can
4:13 am
explain it all. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
welcome back. members of the house heading home on vacation this morning, but not before they quickly approved a bipartisan plan to help balance the budget. it avoids a government shutdown, saves $85 billion, and rolls back part of the sequester. it goes to the senate for a vote next week. but who is going to pay for those cuts? pete hegseth says they're balancing the books on the backs of our veteran.
4:17 am
>> it can be. >> why? >> because washington has been so unwilling to reform the way it spends money, they look for easy places. safety valves. one of those in this deal was retirement. retirement for folks who are under the age of 62 who served a full 20 years in the military. they are now asked to take 1% less in retirement benefits over the course. that could equal $83,000 in total for an enlisted service member who served 20 years. this is somehow how we're going to balance the books on the backs of military retirees. >> i'm looking at these numbers and seeing, that's a huge deal for a veteran and their families. okay? but i'm not seeing how that can sort of crack into the issue that is our deficit. >> it doesn't fix our long-term debt trend lines. this deal did nothing about entitlement reform, mandatory spending reform, which are the big drivers of our debt and deficit. instead you're tweaking on the margins of military retirement. you know what's more damning? is that we're breaking the trust. we've made an ironclad promise to those who put their lives on the line. if do you that, we're going to
4:18 am
provide for you in the future. and the president made a statement about this deal. he said we can't break our trust with our seniors. he was implying entitlement reform. my goodness, yes, we shouldn't. but what about the promise we made to veterans and those who serve? it was foolish to think this is the way we can balance our books. it's not a long-term solution and it's certainly a temporary break in trust with those who serve. >> why can't there be protective language protect our rights each and every day and come home and this is the most unsafe place for them to be for their future? >> they get nothing but uncertainty. so the economy gets certainties for two years. that was one of the good things about this deal. the defense spending and sequester goes back to dod and that's good. it gives them a buffer. but the uncertainty this provides the military families who will see their pay increase decrease over the future because, again, washington cannot get out of its own way and address the big debt and deficit problems. veterans know that's a national security threat, too. so you're going to rob from
4:19 am
peter to pay paul because washington can't get out of its own way. >> breaking the hearts of those who have done this for decades and those who may be interested in joining in, what do they have to look forward to? >> there are reforms to make on this issue, on retirement. how about for those who haven't entered service yet? but don't make trust for those who have. >> love having you here. from g.i. jane to scrooge, jane fonda's charity isn't in the giving spirit. wait until you hear the last time her foundation actually made a donation. and she made a surprise appearance on my first day. now sherry shepherd is back. what is going to happen this time? it's going to get crazy around here, so stick around. ♪ ♪
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
time for news by the numbers. first, zero. that's how many donations jane fonda's charity has made in the last five years, even though it has $800,000 in the bank. experts say this could mean trouble with the irs. she wouldn't be to fond of that. next, $252,000. that's how much union groups paid msnbc ed schultz between 2012 and 2013. the money was turned over to charity, but he was still paid to push a pro-labor agenda. finally, 92. that's how many drinks james bond downed in a week if he really existed. he would have had a life expectancy of 56 because of his heavy drinking. he was shaken. not stirred.
4:24 am
well, christmas is all about family and friends, spending time with the people you love and i love you so much. everybody knows that. my former co-host from "the view" sherry shepherd is here to bring cheer. how are you? >> i can't stay away from you. >> our schedules are so opposite now that this is the place that we can find each other. >> we can only text now. it's awful. >> we have a textful relationship. >> how are you? i love you. >> i got to walk in with you and we got to come in arm in arm and share with steve. >> lot of love. >> two of the finest. >> this is the coziest time of year for you, isn't it? you love christmas? >> i really do like christmas. we put up our christmas tree. we finally put up the lights. >> how is jeffrey? >> he's my little elf, my helper right there. my husband dressed up as santa claus and we do our pictures. we had a good time. the dogs are all dressed up.
4:25 am
we get into this. >> you get into this because i know the holidays weren't so celebratory when you were younger, right? >> yeah. >> so christmas time, you go all out. >> i didn't get to celebrate christmas when i was younger. now i'm doing the elf on the shelf and that thing keeps moving! where did it go? it was yesterday on jeffrey'sever. then i woke up and it was in another room. >> the elf is getting creative. pinterest. i know. i see you out there. >> the elf is making crafts at night. >> i wish it would clean up. >> they're complex figures. they have a lot of talents that people don't realize until the holidays come around. >> i would love for him to vacuum and do dishes, that elf. >> kids are scared. that's a good thing. ours is mittens. speak of fear, i hear you're conquering some fear. >> i am. i am working with the line,
4:26 am
probiotics, they have got the align campaign. it's really about doing something that scares you. taking a gutsy move. >> what were you afraid of? >> i said i wanted to do a samba in the middle of times square. >> you're not afraid of that. >> then they said what else? i'm scared to ride a horse. so i went horseback riding and don't let those antlers fool you. that's a big horse. that is not a reindeer. that's a horse. >> how did you know? >> when he snorted, i was like oh, my goodness! and then he kept hitting me like this! >> he liked you. >> i think so. >> but you have -- like you really just sort of burst out energy and you can be loud, right? >> i can be so loud. >> they said, you have to breathe. the horse breathes with you. i'm breathing and the horse is going (noise). >> did you get that -- >> he started doing a gallop.
4:27 am
but at this it. i was so excited! >> you dressed up the horse, too? >> i dressed up the horse. i look like i'm about to take jump. >> you look so equestrian. they're only cute. i was so cold. >> how did you get off? >> not gracefully. i kind of slid and fell. >> we don't have a picture of that. >> no, because they have it from the backside. that's all you would have had. >> i was just so excited that i actually tried it. >> good for you. this is one thing i know about you, you are always willing to try things. you will put yourself out there for anybody. i think that is one of the most incredible things about you. are you hosting the gospel awards? >> i'm hosting the seller awards coming up in january. all of the gospel artist which is i'm really, really excited about. so i love being around gospel. >> i know you do. >> it's the only time i can go
4:28 am
jesus and they believe me. >> it's fine here with all that. you always come back singing. >> i love it. i can karaoke gospel. i think that helps. >> there was something i read on-line. it said that julie chen and children osborne were on with howard stern on the radio. he asked them, was it a mistake to hire jenny mccarthy for "the view"? i think they were talking about how it seemed to be better when there were -- they mentioned elisabeth, when there were more people with different points of view on that show. >> we trio get lizzie back daily. don't you get my threatening notes back? you don't answer the phone, it's like send lizzie back! we miss lizzie. we have jenny and she brings an entirely different dynamic. she's a mother and she's fun and she's got a spirit of joy, which is so great to have over there. so we do miss lizzie. it's like i'm holding back
4:29 am
tears, except i don't want to lose my eyelash. beauty comes first before friendship and emotion. beauty. >> i can't do this with the guys. before the show we would always do the lash check. and we were good to go. >> lash check? >> lash check. >> you got to check your lashes, make sure they don't come off. >> my daughter did that for me. >> see? you're good to go. >> did we have a christmas wish this year? >> who put this in his mind? he wants an iphone 5 and kindle fire. >> how old is he? >> he's eight years old. >> he deserves it. >> no, he doesn't deserve it. you're going to get an apple. >> give him a hug for me. >> what do you want for christmas? >> what do i want for christmas? i don't know. my husband has gone crazy. >> you have to tell him. just make it easier. >> he's probably going to give may vacuum cleaner or something like that. please don't get any^ -- me
4:30 am
that. >> just give me your love. that's affordable. love is free. that was family night right there. thank you for having me. do something gutsy. get gutsy do something gutsy. >> sherry shepherd, 'tis the season for giving unemployment benefits. one member of congress making an unprecedentsed proposal. >> and the government needs more young people to enroll in obamacare. shear what they came up ♪ ♪ sign up 'cause it's hot ♪ sign up 'cause it's hot ♪ commander in chief said i'm two term strong plus ♪ >> did we mention you paid for that? >> oh, yeah. >> i like that. >> that's better than what we had a year ago ♪ ♪ your options are really good
4:31 am
♪ don't worry about what they or he said ♪ ♪ i could educate you ♪ this could be your health ed ♪
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
♪ commander in chief said i'm two term strong plus i've got this health care which has got it going on ♪ ♪ i am a nice press ♪ with some nice dreams ♪ see this flag pin ♪ affordable health care ♪ officially a go ♪ that's better than what we had a year ago ♪
4:35 am
♪ your options >> well, it's your shot of the morning. new ad to get young people to enroll in obamacare. it's a spoof rap by obamacare impersonator. we're just reporting, so you decide. let us know what you think about that on facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> i'm speechless. >> the voice, he's got the voice down. >> which voice? >> the president's voice. alpha cat has the voice of the president down. >> okay. >> it's good. by the way, earlier we were out on the streets where we were doing the thing with tony the cop, the dancing cop. you guys talked me into actually getting down. >> that was incredible. >> impresssive. >> no, it wasn't. from my wife, my beautiful wife. >> what did she say? >> she said, your dance looked less like bust a move. more like bust a hip. >> she's very smart.
4:36 am
>> she's very accurate! >> that's good. >> this is the stuff that -- i don't understand how tony can do that. >> you were trying one of those obamacare videos, weren't you? >> you were almost there. >> almost. >> a good effort. >> that was closer to hip replacement. all right. speaking of hip, she's got the headlines. >> that's what happens when you turn 30. way to go. glad you're okay. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. we've got some news to bring you. nasa has activated its tiger teams to now work around the clock to fix the cooling failure on the international space station that we hold you about yesterday. these tiger teams have become legendary during the apollo 13 mission. you may remember them from the movie. working with spare parts to fix an on-board problem. if that doesn't work, we're told a space walk may be needed.
4:37 am
nasa will make that decision on monday and we'll keep watching that story closely. president obama has promised transparency again and again. listen. >> transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. >> well, some members of the white house press corps are calling him out on that, saying the administration is simply being too prestricttive in giving them access -- restrict tive in giving them access to the president. yesterday the white house press briefing they bombarded jay carney who sort of awkwardly laughed it off. look at this. >> guys. >> 38 news organizations sent a letter to the white house demanding more access to the president. note to self, a comedian made these iphone cookies and drove around acting like he was talking on one trying to get pulled over.
4:38 am
he tweeted updates throughout the drive and eventually did get pulled over and police informed him he had a warrant for an unpaid parking ticket. yeah! he posted this final picture with the tweet. it wasn't worth it. i'm an idiot. iphone cookies. >> that's great. >> what a great idea. >> that's the way the cookie crumbles. >> thank you. currently outside it is 25 degrees on the streets of new york city. maria molina has been dispatched out there with a big coat, a sweater, and a couple of fans behind her. >> that's right. and some of these fans are actually from florida. so you're from sarasota, florida, and you head home on monday. >> yeah. >> so you're excited to see a little bit of snow coming up this weekend in new york city? >> hopefully if we can get a little bit here, i would be excited. >> i'm going to give the forecast because in new york city, it's going to be a very tricky forecast.
4:39 am
we do have the possibility of some temperatures warming up a little bit during the overnight hours. that means that we could be seeing a transition from snow over to rain. that could limit some of the snowfall accumulations. again, it's going to be very tricky for coastal areas. inland areas, it is going to stay cold enough that you're going to continue to see snow throughout the overnight hours and you could be looking at significant accumulation out here. winter storm watches are in effect. winter weather advisories and inland areas could pick up six to ten inches of snow across pennsylvania and as much as a foot of snow across parts of new england. so please be careful on the roadways and again, that's over the weekend. right now the forecast is on the lower end from new york city, four inches expected. otherwise take a look at boston. six to maybe even ten inches. we'll keep an eye on it. let's head back inside. >> lot of people will wind up with a white christmas. thank you very much. our best to those folks from florida. shocking as it was
4:40 am
yesterday, we had representative sheila jackson lee speaking about giving unemployment to working americans. so people with jobs, she said, should be getting unemployment, which i'm still trying to wrap my brain around that. let's hear it from her. >> so we can't be only about our self in this holiday season, particularly as we recognize that the pope being named man of the year has spoken to the world eloquently about this whole issue of the vulnerable. so i'd ask this, mr. woodall, and the rules committee, let's put the van holland lee and levin amendment on the floor tonight, tomorrow. call us back, mr. boehner. call us back, mr. boehner. let us vote to provide for unemployment insurance for working men and women -- >> time ex peered. >> so the faces of america -- >> the time has expired. the gentwoman's time has expired. >> we should not allow this to happen in this season of joy!
4:41 am
>> i think her time was up. do you guys think that's what she meant? unemployment for people who were working? >> i mean, she's got a big heart. i don't see how that's possible. >> it's not. >> it's not part of the bill. >> it's not. >> it could be sometimes in congress. it's actually not part of the bill. >> oh, it will be though, eventually. you watch. >> no. maybe she meant to say formerly workmen and women. men and women who were part of the work force who would like to work. >> maybe. >> people who were unemployed perhaps. >> we'll give her the benefit of the doubt that that's possibly what she meant. >> what do you think she was talking about? >> the pope endorsed it, obviously. >> what was she talking about? e-mail us or twitter us or facebook us. during the breaks, peter and i go and man the cb radio. breaker, breaker. >> i sit here on my ipad.
4:42 am
>> then we respond.8]8g channel 9. coming up, the dad dive. a father saving his little girl from a wild ball. watch this. >> then whoa, look at that! they can't be home for christmas, so these folks are doing something truly incredible for our troops. you're going to meet them coming up next. ♪ ♪
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4:45 am
good morning. 7:45. we're following breaking news in new jersey right now. take a look at this unbelievable
4:46 am
scene. over the town of ridgefield, new jersey. a tractor-trailer on the left-hand side of your screen, trying to cross the train tracks, but didn't make it. that truck smashed by the freight train. as you can see, the freight train overt roadway. you can see the trailer cut into two pieces. good news to report, there are no injuries that we have heard of yet. this coming out of ridgefield park, new jersey, happening earlier this morning. we'll keep you posted as more news comes in. now back to you on the curvy couch. thank you very much. the men and women serving overseas, christmas can be really hard, especially when you're away from your family and loved ones. >> co-anchor of "fox & friends" first heather childers joins with us a look at an organization sending a piece of home to our troops. good morning. >> good morning. >> they did it all year round bushes it's especially important
4:47 am
this time of year. it helps by sending 20,000 care packages to our troops each year. i had the honor of working with them at joint base mcguire in new jersey. it's called operation troop aid. a big impact bringing a little piece of home to the troops serving overseas. >> we're about to send 10,000 for christmas. >> reporter: mark woods is the founder and ceo of operation troop aid a navy veteran of 24 years. he came up with the idea after organizing the garth brooks concert on board the uss enterprise after 9-11. >> a lot of troops, they may not have family or their family because of the economy can't afford to send bags. so we're just trying to stand in the gap for them. >> now mark hosts concerts all around the country and uses the money to pay for care packages. ♪
4:48 am
>> marine and country music star jason michael carol was more than happy to perform for troops at joint base mcguire dix lakehurst. >> every opportunity we get to be part of operation troop aid is amazing. being in the military was a difficult time for me, and especially at the same time, knowing that there were folks that cared about me and knew what i was doing and supported what i was doing was a big deal for me. >> before the show got underway, i helped volunteers from the air force and army put together some packages. these are the basic necessities here. candy. >> all the goodies. got your must haves. beef jerky. >> to us at home, it may not look like much. but to the men and women defending our freedom across the globe, it means the world. >> to receive something from our fellow americans to show their support was a huge honor. >> we live in the greatest country in the world. that flag still means something. >> absolutely does. if you're interested in
4:49 am
volunteering or donating to operation troop aid, log on to click on the ad seen on tab. very simple. >> fantastic. he's been on here before. i think about 94% to 97% of what he raises goes to operation troop aid. >> thanks for bringing it to us. great story. >> thanks. doctors unloading on capitol hill on obamacare. >> carry a plastic insurance card to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to access the care. >> doctors say not only did she lose patients, but lost her own health plan, too. she joins us coming up. plus, where in the world is kevin mccarthy? he usually joins us here on the curvy couch. not today. can you guess where he is? you know what? the stocking cap, the glacier, kind of a give away. e-mail us right now. you'll find out in two minutes. >> matterhorn at#2 disney?
4:50 am
>> no, you're wrong. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
we have quick headlines for you now. take a look at this. a dad drags his daughter out of the way moments before chicago bulls rookie tony snell barrels into the stands. the whole thing captured on camera. way to go, dad. saving the day. and talk about someone giving the shirt off your back. grizzlies player noticed a young fan with special needs trying to get his attention. he walked up to shake his hand, but the boy wanted his warm-up jersey instead and randolph immediately takes it off and hands it over.
4:54 am
>> so wonderful. >> good guy. >> wonderful. >> around this time each week we take you down to washington, d.c. for the box office reviews with kevin mccarthy. >> one problem. we couldn't find him in dc today. watch. >> i am right here on a glacier in beautiful iceland, 300-meters in the air, 900 feet in the air. i can hardly feel my face. this is a very famous filming location for such films as "batman begins." "game of thrones" and ben stiller" secret life of walter witty." on the movie, it appears to be the himalayas. but it was shot here in beautiful iceland. >> okay. so the big question is, why is he in beautiful iceland? there is the guy who can't feel his face. what are you doing in iceland? answer the question. >> good morning, steve, peter and elisabeth. thank you for having me on the show. growing up i always thought that iceland was green and greenland
4:55 am
was ice. for the most part that is true. but this time of year, it's covered in beautiful snow and beautiful ice. i'm here visiting the set locations where ben stiller directed "the secret life of walter mitty" and shot for 30 days here. that glacier you saw me on, that is the third largest glacier in the entire world and the largest glacier in all of europe. i visited a beautiful, small fishing town called hop where ben stiller lived for 30 days when he shot the film. the cool thing is the community is so small that the local dentist actually rented out his house to ben stiller while he was living there and shooting the movie. and in the community, there is these two houses that compete every single year for the best christmas tree lights. it's incredible. i visited the iceland premiere of the movie last night. i interviewed a rock group called of monsters and men. it's been an incredible experience and i'll have my interview with ben stiller coming up around the time of christmas.
4:56 am
the movie comes out on christmas day. >> kevin, is this the ultimate geekout? you've trademarked that. is this the ultimate, being up on that glacier? they made a lot of different movies there. >> i was geeking out like crazy. they shot "interstellar." it's incredible! i was freaking out, man. it was awesome. thank you for having me on. so fun. >> how did you get down? first of all, i love monsters and men. you climbed though, right? >> we did not climb. we drove up. i'm not kidding you, yesterday we drove over a frozen lake. i thought we were going to sink into the water. it was incredible! >> we'll be watching for your review. >> we got to go. we love you, though. >> we do. safe travels. >> come back where it's warm. coming up, kanye west said performing is like being a cop. one police chief firing back, telling the rapper he better
4:57 am
check himself before he wrecks himself. geraldo weighing in, top of the hour. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. it's friday, december 13. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. another day, another obamacare delay. plus the political lie of the year. we're going to tell you what it was and who said it. and kanye west said performing is like being an officer of the law. well, now one police chief is firing back, telling the rapper he better, quote, check himself before he wrecks himself. and it's the number one country song in the country right now. ♪ feels like carolina ♪ ♪ looks like california ♪ selling like those new york lights on broadway ♪
5:01 am
♪ . >> here with elisabeth to perform "carolina" live this hour. "fox & friends" begins right now they're great. what a story. oh, my goodness. >> yes. >> the drummer. >> yeah. >> it's this hour. headlines? >> they were so lucky to have gotten elisabeth in that video. >> you know what's more incredible? the painting that came out of that that i was working on in the video. it's a picture of acrylics in oil. >> looking forward to that. they sound great warming up. developing overnight, another nfl game ends in violence. at this hour, denver police are trying to figure out what led to a stabbing outside mile high stadium. four people were stabbed. one of them is in critical condition at this hour.
5:02 am
it happened about a half hour after the broncos-chargers game ended. a fight breaking out in a privately owned parking lot. three suspects are in custody. you probably remember this. a fan died after a fight at arrowhead stadium in missouri. we'll keep watching this story for new developments. a news video this morning out of utah is heart breaking. there was a massive rock slide and it left two people dead. they were killed when giant boulders came crashing right down into their home in rockville. it happened on the main highway through zion national park. 11 years ago, a rock slide in the same town destroyed another home, but no one was killed in that incident. talk about out of bounds. tiger woods' half brother busted for calling in a fake bomb threat to his workplace in phoenix. cops busting earl dennissonwoods, junior, after he admitted to make the threats, saying it was a joke. but cops aren't laughing about this. the call causing panic and
5:03 am
forcing 100 employees to evacuate their building. he was charged with using electronic device to terrorize others. he has the same father as tiger woods, but these two reportedly have little contact with one another. love this story. a police chief from ohio has a real message for kanye west. remember the singer compareing performing on stage to war? he posted a letter on facebook suggesting that kanye abandon his career and join the military. listen to this. >> someone equating being a performer to being in a war, comparison isn't even remotely close. >> oliver signed off withwarnink yourself before you wreck yourself. and those are your headlines. i love that saying. we ought to use that one. >> i think that's a good idea. thank you very much. now for commentary on kanye west is geraldo rivera. >> kanye west is a jerk. i'm sorry. ever since he and kim kardashian
5:04 am
hooked up. he was always an egotist and in his own mind, larger than life. he's gone off the deep end. remember when mark walburg said of tom cruise when he said, acting is like war and we risk so much. he said get ahold of reality. it's not like war. no one is going to kill you. ken ya west is full of it. >> do you think he'll on a -- do you anticipate he'll respond to the remarks? >> kanye west? >> yeah. >> he lives in such a bubble that i don't know how much reality he really is exposed to. he walks with his team. he arrives at the stadium. he plays and i understand some of his crowds are half full. >> when he wants to get real, he goes home to the kardashians. >> that's real. they're as real as his wife's -- enough said. >> today is friday. >> peter what, are you laughing at? >> today is friday the 13th.
5:05 am
it sounds like more trouble with obamacare. yesterday kathleen sebelius had a conference call and announced first the deadline was going to be december 15th. we moved it to december 23rd. now the deadline, you can pay up until midnight on new year's eve and then get covered the next day. obviously things aren't working well. they're not getting enough people signed up and they're trying to extends it. >> first, let me pitch what i call geraldo's law. under geraldo's law, there should be a one-day delay in the implementation of the individual mandate for obamacare for every day it's not up and running professionally. it was supposed to be up october 1. it's now december 13th. so that is already 74 days it should be delayed from its previous scheduled implementation date of january 1. so now you're deep into march. they must be reasonable. this is impossible to delay up until the 31st.
5:06 am
how, for instance, if i submit a policy, even if it includes everything at 11:00 p.m. new year's eve, how in the world can an insurance company then give me a policy for midnight on? generally speaking, they have to be in receipt of your first premium before policies become in effect and this is really bizarre. >> use pay pal. >> this it not confronting the reality which is that there must be a substantial delay in the implementation of the individual mandate and to do otherwise is unfair to the insurance company and inevitably leave gaps. there will be people who fall through the cracks, whose policies expire when the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of december and not be covered until sometime after that. what happens if they get hit by a car? what happens if they have a catastrophic illness in the meantime? who is going to pick up that tab? i think what they should be doing instead of trying these artificial pushing it to the
5:07 am
last second, they should stop right now and say let's be reasonable. let's be prudent. let's be normal business people and figure out a system that is fair. >> if they listened to the senate, we could have had this. >> there you go. and furthermore, kanye west issue... . >> what's the lie of the year? >> hold on. this should be a good hint. watch. >> first of all, if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. if you like your health care plan, you can keep that, too. if you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. period. end of story. >> without question, this may be why it is -- >> i may get in trouble for remembering this.
5:08 am
but i remember when first lady barbara bush said she knew bill clinton was lying when he said he didn't remember receiving oral sex and she said all men remember no matter how bad it is. so he was lying, bill clinton. and it pains me to say that generally, the president is regarded now as having lied. now others are saying that is the lie of the year. >> sure. but the intention was being looked at by david axelrod. >> the intention? >> yeah. the intention behind it. listen to him. he said -- i think he believed at the time when he said it. so it as bad? take a listen. >> i think part of it is being honest about it and he has been honest about it. part of it is getting it fixed as best that you can. there is no doubt that that is at the core of the problem when you come to this measure and i think he was ill-served because -- i'm sure when he said what he said, he believed it. >> going back to my barbara bush
5:09 am
analogy, i can't believe that -- >> do you want to go back to that again? >> i can't believe that he believed it because the believing it is such a stretch. it's not like it's a close call. it was as we were discussing, delaying the implementation of the mandate. >> it was not only the lie of the year. then the past four years continuing. >> we'll stick to the parameters of the question you asked, what's the lie of the year. >> yes, your honor. >> luckily we have two attorneys here. >> don't you get a headache? >> we got you both on retainer here. talk about this affluenza defense. >> this teen-ager that was charged with manslaughter in the death of four people now he's just going to get probation instead of ten, 20 years in jail. and he skipped jail because of something called affluenza.
5:10 am
he was too rich to understand the consequences of what he was doing. >> this was a judge without a jury and the judge was contemplating this case. how could we bring justice to these people. four are dead already. you're not going to bring back these people. this is a young man who never was responsible for anything in his life. therefore, the judge said, basically, you're too affluent and it's like the flu, you get a pass. orgeat suspended sentence -- you get a suspended sentence. this is preposterous. if wealth can insulate you from responsibility for a crime, why not poverty? the law in its ma jettic equality prevents the rich and poor from sleeping under bridges. income doesn't matter when it comes to your time. poor people don't get a pass when it comes to robbery because they don't have money. >> you're on fire!
5:11 am
>> in "les mis," he steals because he was starving. this young man should have gone to jail for vehicular manslaughter, two to 20 years. >> one day more! >> thank you very much. >> on that note -- >> you suitably ruined my career. >> not at all. >> that was the first topic we covered. >> i like your voice. >> thank you. >> doctors unloading on capitol hill against obamacare. >> nice to carry a plastic insurance card to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to access the care. >> not only did the doctor lose her patients, she lost her own health care, too. she's going to join us to tell us about it next.
5:12 am
plus, it's a whale of a wedding tale. newlyweds getting the photo bomb of a lifetime. the story behind that next shot coming up. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
a panel doctor unloading on capitol hill yesterday as they testified on the obamacare rollout. take a look. >> there is simply no way that any of the hospitals, certainly in the phoenix area and i guess a bulk of the ones around the country would stay open. >> none of what you're seeing and about to see is unforeseen. >> nice to carry a plastic
5:16 am
insurance card to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to access the care. >> one of the doctors on that panel not only losing a bulk of her patients, she, too, and her employees, have been dropped from their own personal health care plans. the new york city ophthalmologist joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> your testimony was compelling. your concern apart from having your own insurance blown away in your practice is the fact that you're afraid that a lot of your patients aren't going to get the care that they need because you're not going to be able to refer them and the government may be clamping down on costs. tell us your fears on that. >> in my particular field of medicine, which is ophthalmology, medical and surgical treatment of the eye, we often see conditions in the eye that reflect something far more serious in the body as a whole. so we work very closely with other specialists in the fields of medicine to take care of this
5:17 am
patient. that often requires an immediate referral. >> you were talking about there is a condition which is a serious condition that has a eye diagnosis but neurological part, the brain. if you have a problem sending your patient to another doctor, what happens to your patient? >> that's what we're greatly concerned about because the illness will progress and you could have permanent disability from these conditions. these individuals with this condition also have multiple sclerosis and may not know they have it. so we need to get them in the care of a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis as soon as possible to affect the treatment to help them regain their vision. they are losing vision while this is happening. >> as a final question, what can we do to make this better under the conditions that we have now? >> that's an excellent question. we need to put down the
5:18 am
fighting. we need both sides, the democrats and the republicans, to give up on the fight. you understand that this now in approximately 20 days becomes a problem to be dealt with by the physicians and their patients as a team. a doctor-patient relationship. we need help now to eliminate the barriers. i suspect that probable will he one of the easiest things to do is to eliminate the networks. let the insurance companies pay what they want to pay for a service, open up the ability of the doctors to negotiate a fair and reasonable, competitive fee, and then there is no problem with referring people. >> thank you, doctor. thanks for being here on "fox & friends." let us know what happens on this issue. >> thank you so much. he went from successful businessman to single father of a special needs child. he's now helping parents in the same position with this emotional song. he and his son join us live next. and then just before christmas, santa is being told
5:19 am
to check his beard. where? at the door in the pub crawl. this a war on santa -- is this a war on santa? coming back.
5:20 am
5:21 am
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guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ some quick friday morning headlines for you. a big oops from fordham university and some big disappointments. 2500 applicants at fordham received false news of acceptance to the school. turns out five of them had actually been rejected. the others, 500, the others had
5:23 am
been deferred. too bad. and you can come in and have a drink, santa. but leave your beard at the door. new york city cops are cracking down on the annual santa con pub crawl asking bar and pub owners to make sure saint nicks remove their fake beards so naughty santas can be identified if there is trouble. elisabeth, over to you. thanks, steve. it's the song and video many are comparing to the famous "we are the world" single. ♪ i'll show you the way ♪ reach for me ♪ i'll brighten your day >> the dad who wrote it hopes the song can raise awareness about the difficult path that all parents of special needs
5:24 am
kids take. michael boylen is the founder of reach for me, the network dedicated to supporting those care givers. he and his son conner are my guests this morning and we're so glad to have you. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> they are truly comparing this song to "we are the world," something that reach across the globe. people everywhere united for a cause. how much does this mean to you? >> it's very special. conner is obviously my very, very special, special needs son. he's been the inspiration behind this whole thing. and the purpose of the song, elisabeth, really is to number one, honor and pay tribute to the -- what our government says are 35 million of white house are caring for special needs children of any diagnosis. and number two, is to hopefully ignite a global dialogue between the school systems and the government and the health care establishment that take better care of care givers because me
5:25 am
humbly speaking, it's the hardest thing i've ever done. >> the true unconditional love, caring for anyone that you love. certainly conner, i love how your dad said that it's to honor, to honor those with special needs. the statistics, are one in five families have someone in their home that's special needs. that is a large amount of people. it's almost everybody, right? so how does it feel, conner, to know you're not alone in this, you know what i mean? everyone wants to honor you. there is so many young individuals out there with special needs. what's your message to them? >> don't know for sure. >> you're 15 now, right? >> right. >> you're in school. what's your school? >> high school. >> you love music. so this is a perfect way of delivering the message. >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite instrument? >> drums. >> oh, yeah. since you were little, right? i read you were playing? >> he's a musical savant. when we recorded the song, he
5:26 am
had 100 piece orchestra, 75-voice choir and 700 parents, all very teary eyed, bringing in their special needs children. so again, this is a world wide effort to reach the parents so they find out that they can join the network for no charge for them and their families so we can support each other. >> sure. when you say families, i think that anyone caring for a special needs individual and child, it's hard. it's hard on the family. it's hard on a marriage because you're really giving so much and getting so much love unconditionally from your kids. but it's hard on a husband and wife certainly. what do you want people to know? what can chief to support -- they coo to support this? >> number one, to join. >> 'cause you lost everything. your home. >> when conner was diagnosed over a series of years, our marriage fell aparty, our family went through meltdown. i lost my home and then i lost my business. i became a full-time care giver. so i started to feel alone and started to look around and say
5:27 am
what i've gone through is not that unusual. so the primary message of the song is for the parents to join. there is no charge to join. and then decide if they wish to band together. if we band together, the goal is to get a million of us in the first year. so there are many, many organizations that want to give us financial deals once we hit a million. so this is not a cry in your beer, feel sorry for yourself cry in your beer club. this is empower each other and help each other through the sharing of our own stories. >> conner, is it safe to say it's your christmas wish that everybody gets out there and gets this cd? >> yeah. >> i bet. i bet. we will certainly try do that for you and everyone out there should be united. thank you so much for being here. you're going to hear drums pretty soon from parmalee, by the way. >> oh, wow. >> thank you for being here today. we certainly appreciate your message. >> thank you. coming up, three network shows, not one mention of obamacare. how can mainstream media keep
5:28 am
ignoring the story in chris wallace weighing in next. a royal mystery. who has been helping themselves to the queen's nuts? you know the answer to that, conner? >> no. >> i don't either. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
♪ when i'm in the oval office, call me president barak ♪ ♪ my critics get an attitude ♪ i tell them to stop ♪ i tell them to stop ♪ if you need that new health care ♪ ♪ sign up 'cause it's hot >> your shot of the morning. a way to get young people on obamacare. what do you think of that? >> he's got the voice down. >> speaking of hot, it's a hot show on sunday mornings and throughout the day here on the channel, fox news sunday. there is chris wallace. >> if anything going to get the 21 to 34-year-olds to sign up, it is that video. >> you know what, chris? you better hope so because your tax dollar went to pay for that
5:33 am
thing. >> are you kidding me? >> no. >> it did. >> really? >> that's federal money? i thought maybe that was just california burning their money. that's my money? >> yeah. but there is federal money going to california. >> i'm emotionally paying for it right now. what do you think of this? i love your take on this. another day, another obamacare delay. kathleen sebelius dialed it in on a conference call. we didn't hear about it except for this network here. but the goal posts have been moved. you can now have until december 31st to sign up and then magically on january 1, you're covered. >> think about this, guys, 'cause here is the reality. i've always said that obamacare is a case where -- forget the speeches. we're going to all get mugged by reality. january 1 comes, well, i assume january 1 we're all watching bowl games.
5:34 am
january 2 comes, you want to see your doctor. you don't know whether you have insurance. you may not have a card. you may go to see your old doctor. it may turn out he's not in the network, although they're encouraging insurance companies, the administration is, to let the doctors who are out of network take care of people in january. that's the problem is that all of these things that were baked in the cake of obamacare in terms of losing your plan, losing your doctor, they're realizing you could have chaos the first week in january and they're making these announcements -- it's not government mandates. they're just saying please help us out, doctors and insurance companies. and we don't know whether they will or they won't. >> i think we can agree this is a hugely legitimate story that the public is interested in big time. so the question becomes, where was the so-called mainstream media in terms of the big networks covering this obamacare delay? >> it's a good question.
5:35 am
>> zero, zero and zero. >> i have to say in fairness, i think the mainstream media have done a pretty good job since october 1 in covering all the problems with the web site and covering the -- if you want to keep your plan -- if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. but on the other hand, of that unavoidable. i agree. this is a big story, the fact that they're now pleading with insurance companies to let you see your doctor and to take -- say you're covered even though you really aren't. can you imagine if the government said to amazon, hey, look, people may not have gone not cash register and actually bought that book. but send it to them anyway. okay? >> you're right. that's a great analogy. >> and send it to them by a drone 'cause that will make it more fun. >> 'cause we're good at that. who is coming up this weekend? >> we'll be talking about all that. we're also going to have paul ryan on because glory be, the government actually passed a budget. so we'll be talking to paul ryan about that. maybe not a big budget. one of the other things we'll
5:36 am
talk about is this open warfare now between the people in washington trying to govern and some of these conservative groups on the outside saying no, no, no. this is terrible. shut down the government again. you can see john boehner has about had it with them. we're going to mark the awful first anniversary of newtown, which is tomorrow. remember the iconic picture of the girl with the cell phone up to her ear as she finds out that her sister, vicky, the first grade teacher died? we'll talk to carly soto as well as advocates for and against gun control. steve, i know this is your secret crutch from the 1980s, our power player of the week, molly ringwald. >> she's all been pretty in pink. we're going to be watching. check out fox news sunday. get it while it's hot. get it while it's hot. check your local listings for show times. >> we'll see you there, chris. >> good to see you. headlines? >> i have a question, we were
5:37 am
looking at that mock obamacare ad. that covered california. is that right? >> that's actually the california exchange program? they got a whole bunch of federal financing. >> of course. >> to do outreach. i don't know if that actually paid for this or not, but they did get a lot of federal money. our money. >> it's outreachish. >> yeah. >> outrageousish. >> got some headlines. president obama promising transparency. remember this? >> let me say it as simply as i canners transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. >> now members of the white house press corps are calling him out for saying that. they say that the administration is being too restrictive in terms of the access that it gives to news photographers. yesterday at the white house, press briefing, reporters hammered press secretary jay carney on that issue. listen to this. >> you say past white houses have done things similarly. anyone here can tell you that there is less access than under
5:38 am
the bush administration. >> 38 news organizations in total have sent a letter to the white house demanding more access to the president. the queen is not pleased someone has been stealing her snacks. members of the palace guard apparently helping themselves to some of the royal nut mix that's kept in bowls throughout the palace. queen elizabeth was so miffed by this that she started marking the bowls to see when the level of nuts dipped. that's right. while royal memo is circulating declaring that the nipping of nuts needs to stop. did i really say that? yeah. >> you said it right. >> we've got a wonderful update to share now. remember the 15-year-old boy, the orphan from down south whose heartfelt plea for adoption at church made national headlines? we're told he will spend this christmas with a family of his
5:39 am
own. devon only o spent his life bouncing around between foster care families, is living with prospective parents, getting to know them before that adoption is finalized. what better time of year for that to happen to him? you have just been photo bombed. a whale sneaking its way into a couple's wedding photo. look at this, right there. how cute. they were taking a quick break for the picture in connecticut. that's when he stole the spotlight. those are your headlines. why put out nuts if you can't eat them? >> no, you're right. come on! >> that's the point. >> that's what they're there for. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye. coming up, did you know december is the best time to buy a house? coming up, the deals you can get right now for under $300,000. first, you saw him in the wide shot. what are you doing here? >> i just wanted to sit next to you guys.
5:40 am
>> you certainly won't be smile being this one this year because your kids' braces about to get a whole lot more expensive under obamacare. that's not all. what else you can thank obamacare for. plus, is there dangerous lead in your lipstick? and your lip balm? what's really in your shampoo? get the scoop from an industry pro this weekend. he will take us inside the world of beauty products. i'm addicted to lip balm. i'll be tune noting in. what does the perfect christmas picture look like? here is a hint. this isn't it. we have an expert who will have you shooting your holiday photos like a pro. you don't want that picture in your house.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
'tis the season for home buying? that's right. sale prices known to drop during
5:44 am
the cold winter months. this means you could be finding yourself with the perfect time to strike while the cocoa is hot. here with the best deals for home buyers now this christmas season is real estate expert and the author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett. during the cold months, less competition out there house wise and things are priced to move. >> absolutely. right now there are certain cities that we're going to look that that according to the trulia trends report, the prices are starting to cool. great time to jump in. >> all right. let's jump down to orlando, florida, the happiest place on earth. a lovely house. $299,999. >> i think you can be pretty happy in this house. this is four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, three stories. i love this house. it's two stories. it's beautiful. it's got a big kitchen. it's got a two-story living room, wonderful walk-in closets. big pool. fenced yard. with 20% down, what this house
5:45 am
is going to run you is about $1,500 a month, including taxes and insurance. great deal. >> indeed. meanwhile, somebody is looking for a house in las vegas. you got one for less than a quarter million dollars. >> absolutely. this is in vegas. a wonderful town house. it's three bedrooms, one full bath and two partial baths. two story living room. it's almost brand-new. new custom kitchen. it's got a wonderful island and an office, a loft, family room. big master bath. and it's got even an outdoor area. it's got a wonderful spa. this one again will cost you around $1,300 a month. it's actually ultimately cheaper than renting. >> no kidding. finally, down in atlanta, real estate values have been going up. you found a great house for under 300 k. >> yeah. this one i think is just a really good deal. i love this house. it's 289,900. this is actually a bungalow from
5:46 am
1986 that's been completely redone. four bedrooms, three baths, huge open floor plan, brand-new sparkling kitchen, stainless steel appliances. it's got very hip new sexy bathrooms, walk-in shower. this is a great deal at a great find. >> so if anybody is looking now, where can they find those houses and so many others? >> absolutely. go on to our fox web site and you'll see my blog there and link right on it. you'll get all the info. >> check it out. michael corbett, thank you for joining us from the city of angels. >> thank you. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. next up, it's the number one country song in america. ♪ feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ shining like those new york lights on broadway ♪ >> parmalee here to perform "carolina" right here in new york city. first let's check in with bill hemmer, find out what he's got
5:47 am
cooking in about 13 minute. >> good song there. looking forward to hearing that. have a great weekend, steve. new day, new rules for obamacare cannot make this up, folks. do we have a budget deal? some republicans are cool with it. others not so much. you'll hear from two of them today. senator mike lee and senator marco rubio. can you name the lie of the year? we can. and has the administration abandoned american pastor in iran? the wife of the pastor is here live. martha and i will see new 12 minutes on a friday edition, the 13th
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
♪ it feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ shining like those new york
5:51 am
lights ♪ ♪ . they've got the number one country song in america and today parmalee is here to make their national tv debut. we are so thankful for that. >> it's part of their new album "feels like carolina" which you can buy today. >> good morning to parmalee. how are you? >> doing great. >> it's been a long trip to the big microphone. >> it has been. we spent a lot of years doing this. so thankful to be here. >> and to have the number one hit song in america. >> it's amazing. >> about toggled. >> yes. about to go to go gold. >> your brother behind you on the drums, 2010, you guys were held up, your rv was outside. scott, you were shot three times? >> three times. >> doctors gave you a 5% chance of survival. >> yep. >> and look at your recovery right now. you're looking at your brother back there. what does it mean to you? the song is number one. you're about toggled. but most importantly --
5:52 am
>> it was a miraculous recovery. it's the best week of our lives right now. glad to be here. >> celebration. >> we're just glad to be here. >> what a blessing. >> cousin barry behind you. >> and josh. he's like family. >> he's family. >> you're going to play for us today? >> yeah. >> what are you going to play? >> we're going to do "carolina." >> they're from carolina! >> special notes about this song, what do we need to know? >> it's just all about home and how the people you love can make you feel at home no matter where you are. main it's a phone call. it's always good to go home and you know when at that feels like when you're there. >> that's what the song is all about. >> a good pick for the week before christmas. >> take it away. ♪
5:53 am
home is where my heart is still beating ♪ ♪ i don't know when i'll see her again ♪ ♪ i hate to see her cry when i'm leaving ♪ ♪ but now i'm a thousand miles away again ♪ ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ shining like those new york lights on broadway ♪ ♪ when she looks back i'm behind her ♪ ♪ i'll always be there for her ♪ she makes me feel like home's not so far away ♪ ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ it's hard to understand the way i'm living ♪
5:54 am
♪ i know she thinks i'm never coming home ♪ ♪ but i miss her pretty smile and i'm coming back in a little while ♪ ♪ but i'm a thousand miles away again ♪ ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ she looks like california ♪ shining like those new york lights on broadway ♪ ♪ when she looks back i'm behind her ♪ ♪ i'll always be there for her ♪ she makes me feel like home's not so far away ♪ ♪ no matter how far i go ♪ you know i can't stop thinking about her ♪ ♪ and there is nothing like the way i feel ♪ ♪ the way i feel when i'm beside
5:55 am
her ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ shining like those new york lights on broadway ♪ ♪ she looks back i'm behind her ♪ ♪ i'll always be there for her ♪ she makes me feel like home's not so far away ♪ ♪ carolina ♪ california ♪ like home's not so far away ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ she makes me feel like home's
5:56 am
not so far away ♪ ♪ she makes me feel like home's not so far away ♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ she feels like carolina ♪ looks like california ♪ shining like the new york lights ♪ >> it's the first time that song has been performed live on network tv. parmalee, congratulations. folks, go download it right now. make them some money. >> you won't be alone. it's going gold. log on for our after the show show. you guys are going to play
6:00 am
again, right? >> yeah. >> awesome way to end the week. >> peter johnson, jr., thank you. >> to hear it here live, incredible. >> merry christmas. >> have a great weekend. see you back here monday. 13th. obama administration changing rules on obamacare again. what is up with that? new day, new story. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, bill. welcome, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. this time insurance companies are being asked to extend the deadline a little bit. allow people to sign up now. give them to the end of the month, the government says. not only that. kathleen sebelius is asking insurers to start covering americans in the new year whether they're actually covered or not. bill: novel idea, isn't it? stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company", fox business network. good morning to you. the government is running the show. >> they're making


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