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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 13, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we are following that breaking news apparently a suspect trying to bomb the wichita airport. stay tuned for that. >> we are about to hear information on that. stick around for that. we'll see you on monday. >> and good afternoon. it is a foxness alert we are talking about wichita kansas right now. you are looking at a live shot about a press conference that is about to start now. an individual has been arrested now apparently trying to bomb the wichita airport. the fbi confirming that it was apparently a striing. they are about to start this press conference. one individual apprehended but we do know that right now the people who are going to be u.s.
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attorney barry grissam, michael cast in charge of the fbi office. they are going to talk about the suspect charged. we have come to learn that involves some sort of explosive device. in the meantime we are going to move onto our other stories and then come back to this. welcome to the real story. i am gretchen carlson. let's go back to the white house now. changing the rules to obama care yet again. december 31st. new reaction to kathleen s sebelius and whether the botched roll out should have cost her her job?
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>> i'm not going to discuss what i talk about to the president. >> carl rove former senior adviser and also a fox news contributor. good to see you carl. >> great to see you. >> so what did you make of that? she said she is not going to discuss what she discusses with the president. but she didn't answer the question. >> she was right not to discuss it. but she has no remorse. i thought it was an extraordinary performance when sch she directed the inspector general to investigate her. this was for show to make it look like she was calling for an investigation and directing it to be done. but he is an independent authority and does not answer to
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her. it added to this circus like attitude. >> we have more extensions. now it is the 31st for people with pre-existing conditions it is to january 31st and they are asking insurance companies to kinds of i don't know is the issue on the insurance company's now? >> they are requiring insurance companies to extend the deadline which in the law was december 15th, and now saying december 31st. and there was a program called preexisting condition insurance plan. and it is supposed to end by law on december 31st and they are continuing to the end of january. they are ordering those things to be done and urging insurance companies to allow people to pay
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late and except down payments. being very unclear as to whether you have a $400 premium if $40 is adequate or $100. they want to treat out of network providers to be treated as in network providers. you know these. >> those are all urgings. >> they are not part of a law. they are changes to the law. back to my question it puts the oweness on the insurance companies. >> you are right. there are two reasons why they are not going to do this. one is because there is the provision of the law that says your overhead in an insurance company is limited to 15%.
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that all adds to their cost and they are limited in those costs. the second thing is some of these things are going to be out of pocket costs for the insure er that are not going to be paid for. you know, you don't necessarily get covered for those costs. prescriptions that were not covered by the old plan. >> can you imagine that all of these employees are going to be working like triple time through christmas to make sure that these premiums come in? >> it is mind boggling that any of it could get done even with this extension to the 31st. i hope you have a fantastic weekend. >> we have the breaking news at the top of the show. fox confirms that an individual has been arrested trying to bomb
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the wichita airport. >> good afternoon. i'm the sup of the kansas highway patrol. >> good afternoon roger sanders current chief of police of the airport police and fire for the wichita airport. >> jeff easter with the sheriff's office sheriff here in the county. >> keith osbourne, federal security director for the state of kansas. >> thank you gentlemen, i'm here this afternoon with members of the wichita joint terrorism task force. we are here to tell you about a federal complaint that was filed today with a wichita mann terry lee lohan a technician that
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works at the airport. the defendant was arrested at approximately 5:40 am at the airport. mr. lohan faces one count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of using massive explosives and if convicted, faces life in prison. the complaint filed today alleges that he spent months developing a plan to use his access card to the airport to drive a car loaded with explosives to the terminal. it is alleged that he planned to pull the trigger himself and die in the explosion as a martyr. agents arrested him at 5:40 am as he attempted to use his card
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to enter the tarmac and deliver the vehicle with what he believed to be high explosives in fact it was not a bomb that would ever explode. members of the fbi's joint terrorism task force took him into custody without incident. i want to express at no time was the airport perimeter breached and at no time was a citizen or a member of the traveling public in any danger. i want to add this, we have no indication that the defendant was involved or working with any members of any religious community in wichita and his actions in no way reflect anyone else in the community.
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let me tell you about the investigation itself. he had been under the investigation by the task force since early summer 2013. he made statements that he was resolved to commit a violent act of jihad against the united states. according to the affidavit filed with the complaint it alleges that he studied the lay out of the airport and access points and researched flight schedules and assisted in acquiring components which he believed were to be a part of the building of the bomb. he talked about his commitment to his crime and martyr himself as part of his horrific event. this morning when he went to detonate the bomb, he was taken into custody when he attempted
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to open the gate with his pass. he was taken in when his pass failed to open the gate. no one was harmed fortunately. the fbi evidence response teams are processing multiple locations right now for evidence. although the investigation is on going and we do not anticipate additional arrests at this time. i was talking with the governor earlier in this day and age of cynisism of government and law enforcement. this is a good example of how well they work together and i want to thank the wichita jttf, the fbi, the county sheriff's
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office, the highway pa troll, the security administration and it was a team effort. i would like to turn this over to the fbi for their comments. >> sure. >> okay you have been watching this press conference that has just been happening. that was the u.s. attorney in wich talk. 58-year-old man a technician who worked at the airport. today he tried to go inside to the tarmat with his pass with his car full of explosives. however, they were inert. he had researched the number of people at the airport at the
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right time. he is charged with weapons of mass destruction and could face life in federal prison. we will continue to monitor this and bring you more as it develops. look at that shot. a cookie baked to look like a cell phone. but what happened next not what he expected. plus we are tracking this storm. our panel is getting geared up to talk about this. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan period. [ applause ]
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welcome back. a budget deal that rolled through the house with bipartisan support now heading to the senate. eases some of those cuts known as sequestesequester. what has the reaction been from senate republicans and democrats? >> a lot of republicans are apprehensive and don't like this deal. this deal adjusts those spending caps. one of those is making sure that the pentagon and national security doesn't get hammered from the cuts that were set to start in the new year. we are going to have national security because they feel like it is doing the right thing for the military. this is adjusting that and
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paying for it down the road. paul ryan was able to ejenssen l essentially say this and called on them for their support. >> he is going to need all of the votes but that is if right? what is he saying? >> that is right. a lot of people say they think that the democrats will go along with this. some are not able to dole out the money. so they think perhaps appropriations types or military types will go along with the democrats on this. read is setting the stage for a critical week ahead. >> i thank the senators for cooperation this week. and next week as we work through
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these important matters. there is a lot of work we have to do to get back to regular order. we will see what we do with the defense and budget bill. >> but i'm satisfied that we will make progress. >> that was read after a deal that he struck with nominee that is he wanted to get confirmed and he says they will take up the budget on tuesday. >> thank you so much. >> for a closer look at this let's bring in steve hayes. great to see you. >> what do you make of what we heard from mike? do you think that some of the more liberal democrats will put up a fight? what has been interesting for me is that some of the republicans are not sold on this. once it passed the house that moderate republicans in the
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senate would come around but in talking to some of the moderate republicans in the senate, they are not sold on the deal either. i think this will be an interesting week to watch on the senate on this. >> well the budget compromise highlighting a rift now criticizing the bill to reduce the deficit. paul ryan who wrote the deal sending a message of his own. read the deal and get back to me. >> look, i think that is people are going to do what they need to do in the minority you don't have the burden of governing. >> we are well aware of what is in the bill. even before they announced a deal. it has been review ed everythin and confirmed our fears. >> you have the senator who
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doesn't like the deal and he came up with the biggest budget cut deal that anyone had ever seen. my question to you is this all strategy for presidential politics for these two gentlemen? >> i don't think it is. i think the phrase was, we have to govern. and he thinks that is a priority. he thinks it is the best budget deal that he can. in order to get past that. so that republicans can continue to offer. and that marco rubio.
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it is true that it doesn't tackle entitlements and it doesn't go far for two years it lifts some of the spending caps that were agreed to. some people think that is okay because a lot of that spending is going to defense. but i think that paul ryan believes, this is something that republicans ought to do to get beyond the current battle and get back to talking about bicycobama care and not the blame game. >> by the way, you are not naive. never in my book. have a great week end we'll see you soon. >> as we wait for her to announce if she is running for president. hillary clinton trying to master the balancing act.
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distancing herself from an up popular president obama. right back.
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if you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor period. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan period. >> if you like your doctor you are going to be able to keep your doctor. if you like your plan keep your plan. if you like your current insurance you will keep your current insurance. no government take over. nobody's changing what you've got if your happy with it. if you like your doctor you will
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be able to keep your doctor. >> well, as millions americans face the loss of your health insurance the president's broken promise now has the dubious honor of being the lie of the year. joining me allen coombs and i know you love this topic. 95% of the vote. if you like your health care plan you can keep it. 59% the next one was 8% that it was the lie of the year. we know what it is going to be. >> a couple of years ago it was
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very fair you know, this year they have to go after obama. it wasn't a lie. no. remember the john lovets character? >> the liar? >> remember he did this thing i heard him say, yeah yeah if you want to keep your doctor you get to keep your doctor. >> good impression nation. >> i'm going to play care row line's this weekend. this is such a bold face lie. this is the reason paul ryan and the republicans did what they did. they don't want to distract republicans. >> come on. every little bit helps. to say democrats lie but to ignore what i just said. >> i didn't say anything. and gallagher said good point. >> i said you have a point. >> direct your attention both of
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you to this. form eer secretary of state who has announced her candidacy for president struggling to distance herself from an unpopular president. to win the nomination mrs. clinton will have to master her two step flying on air force one with mr. obama while distancing herself from his unpopular policies. is hillary good at the two-step? this is a moment in time barack obama's legacy will be better. he will have better numbers and it will be an accepted part of who we are and what we have.
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and she may not have to do the two-step if she runs for president. >> you are for getting the third step which is president clinton and he was the one who got her into the mess. >> right. but i'm talking about right now. which is -- >> right now is not 2014, 2015 or 2016. >> the god mother of obama care has a great ring to it. or the mother of obama care. >> it is better than grandmother. >> this is a poison political issue and i can't wait to see how she is going to get out of this. it is going to defeat her. democrats i'm telling you. democrats are going to implode over obama care. >> you can never predict politics. >> you never can and it is very, very interesting to watch the
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two-step going on. >> i hope you two step this weekend just not with one another. >> what are you an aquarius. >> i have to show the gift. >> we had our holiday christmas party last night and this was mike's gift. >> you said tacky. it is a bath clock and your assistant won it. >> she loves it. >> all right guys. >> mr. tacky here i am. >> see you guy. >> at the top of the hour, police stop a bomb plot in our nation's heartland. >> and a xheguy driving with a cookie made to look likeuuuuuuu÷
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breaking news update now on a foiled bomb plot in wichita, kansas. >> we know this 58-year-old man, terry lee lohan of wichita had expressed a desire to carry out a jihadist attack. he met up with the fbi online
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instead of someone else. what we do not know, is that he would have been ever have been able to get in possession of anything to do anything like this. would he have been able to accomplish anything? in the news conference they did not take questions. it sounds as if there was a man talking online and behaving in jihadist ways. >> police chief calling out rapper kanye west. publishing a scathe iing letter after comparing the risks of his
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job to the jobs of police officer or military. chief oliver fired back saying i want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day. your job is just some very dangerous work. most people don't consider if you rap really fast without a chance to inhale you could pass out and hit your head. check yourself before you wreck yourself chief oliver. >> i wanted to get on and say i think this is bogus and thinking the way that you think. comparing it, check yourself before you wreck yourself. when i wrote that i actually chuckled. >> joining me pete donald and lou dobb and and charles pain.
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>> gentlemen, great to see you. pete first time. i'm going to give you the first crack on this one. does the chief have a point with his letter? >> it is funny to go after kanye, but as the president of the united states even said he called kanye west a jack ass. on the mic he is okay but off the mike he needs to stop talking. i have a problem bringing attention to idiocy. he wants us to be talking about him >> this guy is the chief of police and kanye equated to being a rapper as dangerous as being a police officer. >> i love the fact that the chief has a larger platform and puts him down. i don't know if he was being a fool but the chief, i love the
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fact that in america now the chief gets as big a voice as anybody else. he has more than 55,000 fans on his fab page. >> you sir are as misguided as they come. i'm strongy encouraging you to abandon your career and join the military. when the taliban start shooting as you can say i'm kanye west i'm wearing a flack vest. >> no, he wasn't joking around. i saw kanye two weeks ago. it was my son's birthday present. it was a pretty good show before he went on a rant. he compared himself to steve
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jobs and walt disney. he does this all the time. my son said it was the best concert at that time even he said it is time to go. it is okay to be that delusional he is dising policemen and the military. you draw the line if you think you are as great as steve jobs don't put your self in the same line as the military. >> this guy trying to prank police with iphone cookies. when he was pulled over he took a bite. he started oh man getting pulled over stay tuned. took a bite out of the cookie he's so contfused and then this says i have a warrant for unpaid tickets. but i'm tweeting this. with that tweet picture.
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pete, you also say you are going to court for a similar incident. >> next week everybody can see me performing in court for being pulled over for a cell phone. i had it in my hand. i wasn't trolling a police officer who needs to be out there looking for god forbid comm someone was driving by texting. lou can't relate to this. but you don't want to be doing that. but you got to wonder what he was eating. >> you do the crime you got to do the time. stand up like a man all right. >> you are telling pete now not our cookie guy. >> but here is how the police got him. he's owing like $1,000 in parking tickets that he hasn't
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paid yet. so even though he trolled for police officers, he owes. >> you never punk the police. come on. a security guard maybe at a warehouse. how dare you. but still you don't do that. you don't punk the police. i can tell you, you are going to lose the traffic court ticket. and these are judges that cannot mick it up the system. you are about to lose that. what about the quota. i don't have friends to call. >> tell them you are friends with charles. >> i was on the manel last week. i do have to say that man makes a darn good looking cookie. thank you so much. >> actress jane fon da is taking heat about her charitable
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contributions. >> and startling new information about a reporter held in iran. right back.
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american held in iran may have been there in a secret mission. his family claim he has no ties to the government. this afternoon the white house saying the same thing. >> bob levinson was not a u.s. government employee when he went to iran. i'm not going to fact check the story you referenced and a story we believe was highly irresponsible to public and which we strongly urge not to
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publish out of his safety. >> great to see you ralph. >> good to see you, gretchen. >> what are we to make of this? >> we have the white house responding to this article that he was working for the cia and jay carney saying no he wasn't. who is right? >> it is almost impossible to tell. i can tell you this. i agree with jay carney on one point. it makes it impossible to get this guy back, if indeed he is still involved. some people at the cia jumped the fence. they jumped in and had no right to be there. work at the cia is every bit as
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compartmentalized as in a hospital. to run sources in a hostile country takes a special breed of cat and special skill set. this guy totally off the reservation even though that is a cliche and he committed the fundamental mistake something you never never do. he went to hostile territory to an iranian island to debrief a source. you make the source come to you. but if i may, it tells me that the iranians had this set up from the beginning. >> let me ask you this, the ap knew this story three years ago and did not report it because the government asked them not to. why now, do they think he's dead or not? >> could it be ambition or could it be because they are helping
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the family? the obama administration has done nothing seriously about it. before we entered nuclear negotiations with iran we should have done something. >> we have had breaking news today i have to wrap it there. it is hard to believe but it has been three years since brian terry was murdered and his family is still waiting for wan sers. >> what this little girl is doing to make sure her parents enjoy a school concert. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ santa, santa
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a new report finding jane fonda's charitable foundation may not have been so giving. tax returns from 2011 showing the actress' organization didn't give out any donations after 2006. according to the new york daily new york fonda's attorney claims the charity was exempt because it paid out so much money in 2005. >> tomorrow marks three years since the killing of brian terry, the border patrol agent whose death helped expose the "fast & furious" botched gun running scandal. what do you know, william? >> we know this was not a botched investigate by rogue agents as the administration claimed. there was no plan to catch criminals. we don't know how many died because of it or what top officials really knew.
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>> three years have gone by, and we still wonder why. >> from a death in the desert to contempt hearings on capitol hill, three years after border patrol agent brian terry died, the family still has questions. >> we know who in atf and u.s. attorney's office were found negligent in putting this operation into place that resulted in the death of brian terry. but we still don't know why. >> terry's murder prompted atf agent john dodson to blow the whistle on the operation. >> i didn't ask you a question. >> congress also still wants answers. >> we don't know why we were lied to by the department of justice and why for ten months they continued to push a false story about not letting guns walk. >> attorney general eric holder was held in contempt and the house sued to obtain what it
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believes are incriminating documents that show who knew what about the operation. >> i'm particularly disappointed with this president, because president obama himself asserted a privilege not to allow documents that show false statements and coverup to congress to be revealed. >> the terry family is appealing the ruling it cannot sue the federal government. no one was ever fired or lost their pension, though an agent did lose his life. >> we'll go to bed with another prayer that no other american law enforcement officer will lose his life like brian did, because of the guns of operation "fast & furious." >> now, the fight now is in federal court over e-mails and documents that the white house claims are privileged, that the house lawyers say may tell them about what the president and the attorney general knew about the operation. gretchen? >> hard to believe it's been three years. thank you so much, william. computers dominate many kids' life these days.
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what is sparking an interest in the science behind their favorite toy. >> i like cody because it uses a lot of thinking and it's, like -- just like a puzzle.
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time for good news. a heart-warming story out of florida. a kindergartener taking on the role of interpreter during a school show. ♪ ♪ >> the five-year-old singing and signing throughout her school's holiday concert because she reportedly wanted to make sure her parents, who are deaf, could enjoy the performance.
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great job. millionsmillions of studentd the world learning computer programming. computer science education week, part of a program called, hour of code. one fifth grader explaining why coding is so cool. >> my dream is to design my own education app. they're going to be fun and going to be like an educational app, and ways of learning in math, science, writing, and reading. >> all right. great subjects. and we're told luis wrote over 8 on lines of code. >> you're fired up about kanye west likening his job to be a like a police officer or in war. >> lee posting, way to tell them, chief oliver, and we asked you if you agree that if president obama's if you like your insurance you can keep is it the lie of the year.
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>> thank you all for sharing your thoughts. keep them coming. we'll keep reading them right here on he show. and thanks for being part of the real story for this in edition. tgif everybody. "shepard smith reporting" live. >> it's about to get ugly. a powerful winter storm is tracking across a large section of the nation. it could affect millions of us and trigger travel and slipping delays at the heart of the busy holiday season, so let's get to it. good friday afternoon to you and yours. forecasters say this storm is threatening to dump more than a foot of snow in some places across the lower 48. let's take a look at the wall of cold. the big wall is barely big enough today. you see where it stretches from way up there to way over the there in the middle of things. the storm will blanket towns with snow and rain for the weekend from me


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