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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 13, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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house. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of the five. have a great weekend. special report is up next. a friday the 13th reminding us how dangerous america can be. a deadly school shooting in colorado and a plan to blow up an airport in kansas. this is special report. >> good evening. i'm bret baier. two more wake-up calls at how vulnerable anywhere in america can be vulner to attacks. one student is dead, two others were hurt in colorado and the twin threats of domestic terrorism and islamic extremism came into sharper focus this afternoon when we learned of a
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plot to attack the airport in wichita, kansas. mike tobin is following that story from chicago tonight. >> avionics technician 58-year-old terry lilo han arrested by federal authorities they say in a plot to detonate a car bomb at the wichita airport. >> he went to the airport to detonate the bomb. he was taken into custody when he attempted to open the security gate with his pass. >> the criminal complaint said he left a letter to family, reading in part, i will, if everything is planned, be mar r martyred for in the event at the airport for which i am responsible. agents provided him to make what he thought was a working bomb. >> we are charged with and have an obligation to take action and
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protect the public whenever an individual expresses a desire to commit violence. allowing an individual intent on killing people to proceed without government response is not an option and it will never be an option. >> now that desire is also expressed in the -- or outlined in the criminal complaint. communications in which lohan expresses an admiration for osama bin laden and american born cleric killed in a drone strike and admiration for al qaeda in the peninsula, he researched the airport and timed the alleged attack and expressed a desire to himself -- to kill himself and the undercover agent in the process. >> that was a sting operation but did lohan or the undercover operation provide the components for that bomb? >> well both, according to the criminal complaint. he purchased some of the components, containers that he
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thought would hold the explosives and took some components from work and provided them to make the bomb but insisted that he would do the wiring, as the wiring was part of his job as an engineer. >> mike tobin in our midwestern newsroom. mike, thank you. a student is dead tonight apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a shooting at a suburban high school. two students are wounded, one in serious condition. police responded to a high school after reports of an active shooter. students were seen walking toward the running track with hands in the air. we remember these shots from years ago. authorities have found a possible molotov cocktail at the school. it is eight miles east of columbine high school in littleton where two students killed classmates before killing themselves in 1999. tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the newtown
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massacre that left 26 students and educators dead. despite the uproar over nsa tactics, the white house is expected to say the method continue to be used with some modifications. we have the delicate balance between privacy and international security. >> the recommendations provided by the new york times and confirmed by fox news is in line with the panel's direction to lead the bulk collection of american phone records largely in tact. new restrictions would expand privacy protections. the white house spokesperson said that without edward snowden, the review would have occurred. >> what has happened this year has made it clear we need to review our activities with a basic principal in mind, that we should be doing everything we should and must be doing to ensure our safety within the law. but not doing things simply because we can do them. >> given objections from allies
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including ang ella merkel, that the nsa was monitoring their phone calls, one of the likely recommendations would call on the president and his senior team to find which leaders are tracked by the nsa. and how much they should be publicly guaranteed by the american government because the nsa mandate is to gain intelligence overseas when constitutional rights do not apply to non-us citizens. >> fundamentally changing it because folks believe something is happening, isn't, is a dangerous thing to do and i worry there is a bit of retraction in our ability to collect information worldwide. >> and the review should be complete by the end of the year. based on this information, a senior referred to it as a
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senior stampede. >> what about mr. levinson, the american missing tor seven years. >> it was confirmed that he was collecting intelligence for the agency at the time of his disappearance it. was part of an off the books collection run by eight analysts and people were fired or reprimanded. some is of the operatives were unaware that the information they were tasked for collecting was for the cia. we don't know if that was the case for levinson and the agency has deck lined to comment -- declined to comment on this matter. >> thank you. and now to the ongoing obama care. and the president of the united states pleading with the insurance companies for help saving his legacy health care overhaul. we have fox team coverage. wendell goler with unintended responses on obama care and with jim angle on all of the companies that will provide the
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insurance company. >> good evening, bret. the administration finally conceded it has little chance of signing up the millions left without insurance before the december 23rd deadline and is now imploring insurance companies to help them extend the deadline. >> all of those new announce mts from the obama administration about the january 1 enrollment indicates they know this was out of control now. >> we have seen this movie before. there is nothing about the rollout of the affordable care act for the past three years that didn't involve delays, waiving of rules, changing things in midstream. yesterday was just more of the same. >> for one thing the administration is requiring insurance companies to take payment through december 31st for policies taking effect the next day on january 1st. though determining who has actually signed up is still hard to verify. the administration also wants them to offer retroactive coverage for people who sign up after january 1st as long as they pay a premium sometime in
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january, presumably as late as the end of the month. >> you can't tell if they paid their premium but you are supposed to assume they are enrolled on january 1, take care of them, and hope the money shows up. >> it is also, quote, encouraging insurers to allow people to pay part but not all of the premium to have their coverage start on time. >> which is ironic because weren't we told that the plans in the exchanges were better, that the plans that were being canceled were substandard. >> it's also, quote, encouraging insurers people who pay part, but not all of the premium, to have their insurance start on time. >> if people can't afford to pay their health insurance premium on january 10th, how can they pay it on january 20th. >> and those trying to replace their coverage by january 1st, there will be a scramble over the next ten days, is there any surprise that january is a customer service meltdown when
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they don't have the customer service part -- the back-end of this health even constructed yet. >> so more deadlines ignored and pure chaos in the insurance markets. but chaos is better than the humiliation of millions going without insurance and blaming the president for it. bret. >> okay, jim, a lot to follow. so where does this leave the health care overhaul now. wendell goler has that part of the story and along with another dubious distinction for the president. >> reporter: the white house freely admitted obama care had a rocky rollout and officials say there is no plan b. but they are still buying time. >> would you admit it is still rocky? >> sure. i would go out of my way, as everyone else working on this does, to acknowledge we have improvements to make and a lot more work to do. >> reporter: in the past days the president aids have ask to
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give more time to sign up and extended a program to help people with pre-existing conditions transition to the regular insurance market place. and although the website error rates are down, some people are finding out once they are signed up the deductible is going way up. >> before you can begin to access your health care coverage, some people have to come up with $10,000 or $12,000 which means they are uninsured because they don't have $10,000 or $12,000. >> kathleen sebelius was showcasing people who found better and cheaper insurance through the exchange and defended the president's aser shun. >> if you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance. >> i think the statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of meshes -- americans in the health insurance market.
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>> sebelius won't say if she offer fod resign and neither -- offered to resign and neither will the white house. jay carney said the focus is on the future. >> the goal here is not a perfect website, it is not the elegance of the rollout, i think we failed that, right. >> reporter: the goal, carney said, is to make the affordable care act and the government exchanges work for the american people and that is what some of the president's critics are afraid of. >> i think it is definitely a step in the direction of what we've all fears, which is national single-payer government-run, government health care system. >> reporter: the white house said the government-run health care was rejected back in 2009 and even the federal exchanges were all about signing people up with private insurers but critics say there is still too much government involvement and so far the government has been the weak point. bret. >> wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. so what do you think? do you think insurance companies should cooperate or refuse?
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let me know at hit at brett brair and use the #special report. when it comes to help for the sooern rebel, the obama administration giveth and take enl away. but first, wtvt in tampa with the woman who accused jameis winston with battery calling for an independent investigation. authorities decided last week not to press charges against the heisman trophy favorite. fox 5 in san diego with a federal judges ruling with a cross honoring veterans is an unconstitutional religious display on government land and must be removed in 90 days. and a live look at chicago from wfld, the big story there tonight, a explosion at a chemical plant at nearby blue island. luj plumes of smoke could be
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seen billowing from the plant by mid afternoon. two people were injured. that is tonight's live look outside of the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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defense officials say a chinese naval vessel tried to force a u.s. guided missile warship to stop in international waters. the ship took action after a chinese ship sailed in front of it and stopped. they are reviewing the china aircraft carrier. china has become aggressive toward u.s. naval ships and aircraft not formally recognized as its own. syrian leaders are calling on western and arab allies to give them funding to reorganize
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their sources. this follows the seizure of some weapons by islamic fighters. it is the increasing involvement of islamic that has led to change in policy. james rose an has details. >> reporter: with great fanfare in rome in february, secretary of state john kerry announced the u.s. was for the first time directly supplying military assistance to the syrian rebels, albeit the nonlethal kind. >> the stakes are high. >> by july more than two years and 100,000 deaths into the syrian civil war the u.s. had at last decided to supply arms to the opposition. but for months syrian rebels complained the aid wasn't arriving in a timely way and following the seizure this week by weapons warehouses, the obama administration has now suspended such aid altogether. >> how do you think it got
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started? are we talking weeks or months. >> i don't want to venture to guess. i don't know. >> and then the abrupt about face on the use of force against the asad regime. >> i think that has left americans wondering to some extent about the purpose and the fullness of the obama administration's foreign policy. >> reporter: the latest america's place in the world study by the pugh research center finds that for the first time since the early '70s, a majority of americans, 53%, sees the u.s. as less important and powerful than a decade ago. that is up 12 points since 2009. >> we've been lurching from crisis to crisis, often leading from behind or showing up late or just in the 11th hour like in syria, there aren't clearly articulated priorities coming out of the obama administration right now. >> people know these are tough issues but they also know that their government is overseas
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representing them, fighting for our values and national security every day even when it is hard. >> reporter: the stubdy found a growing share of americans wanting the u.s. to mind its own business and focus on problems at home, even though americans believe the benefits of participation in the global economy outweigh the risks. bret. >> james, thank you. still ahead, charles will, charles krauthammer and george lane. and your pick for the lightning round. but first south africa after nelson mandela.
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thousands were turned away today on the final day of viewing the body of nelson mandela. about 50,000 were able to file
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past the casket, the former south african president will be buried on sunday. fox news spent the week there trying to figure out if mandela's hopes an dreams are coming true. here is senior foreign affairsr >> south africans turned out for the last day to say goodbye. some had to be turned away due to the high numbers. >> for what he has done for me, i'm so glad i've seen him. >> his legacy is huge. he led and won the battle against the hated apartheid system and established a democratic constitutional government and mandela known by the tribal name of med evena brought more to south africans, especially blacks. >> he was in the forefront of those who fought for freedom. >> reporter: this is the first home nelson mandela lived in after leaving rural south africa
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in 1941. the alexander area was rough then and it says a lot about south africa today. this woman's great grandfather rented out a room to mandela and her family still owns the compound in an area where in south africa where jobs are scarce and health standards are less. >> it is not a great place but woe don't have a choice. we are stuck here. >> reporter: most of the problem is placed with the government zuma. they are called corrupt and self-servi self-serving. >> under president zuma we have seen a decline which, in fact, doesn't put south africa's future in a healthy light at all. >> reporter: this is leading to concerns, especially whites,
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that a post mandela era will be behind walls and tight security. >> i think it has deviated. >> but others are confident the rainbow nation mandela helped create will leave change. some see it coming with next year's national elections and those with past prejudices could represent a future, more vibrant south africa. >> i believe south africa is on the winning side. >> i think we should strive tort a better south africa. >> in south africa, fox news. no grapevine to bring you 2014 news and a pre-view of a special running next hour, greta's time slot, w7 p.m. eastern time. but after the short break, how obama care is making things devil forrin coup in kucumbent .
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the obama care rollout has been a political nightmare for democrats fighting for re-election next year, especially in republican-leaning states. carl cameron on some of the senators turning on their own president imt few senate democrats are more bothered by obama care than mary landrieu who is facing a fight in right wing louisiana and has launched
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her own ad blasting the president for obama care that she voted for and defended. >> senator landrieu has said president obama needs to stick to his word. >> this is a promise you made and this is a promise you should keep. >> in arkansas, mark prior is another endangered democrat where obama care is unpopular. like others, he voted for obama care. and now he is distancing himself from obama care. his new ad. >> prior last year said, quote, the bible is not a rule book for political issues, everybody can see it differently. republicans need six more seats to win the senate majority next year. the top targets are landrieu in louisiana, hagan in north carolina, alaska and montana,
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south dakota, west virginia and iowa. republican control of the house is not really at risk. out of 435 congressional districts, only 35-45 are considering true swing districts where control could shicht from one party to another. 90% of the house districts is likely to stay as is next year. democratic chairman and house lead verizon been promising to defend and campaign on obama care. not any more. >> our candidates are not running based on the national -- whatever national tides they are. they are running as local problem solvers who will build the economy, help the middle class and make sure their districts are well represented in washington. >> reporter: republicans say there is no way democrats can escape. >> there is still a lot of parts of obama care that will be implemented and including medicare advantage cuts that we're going to see in the new year so there is going to be a lot of consequences of this. people are just seeing the beginning and they'll have to answer for this between now and election day 2014. >> reporter: with each new day
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of obama care problems, the gop case against it has strengthened and democrats suffer more self-inflicted wounds. there are now 325 more days of it before the election. bret. >> carl, thank you. please stay with us at the top of the hour for a special report, behind the obama breakdown. the documented cameras spent the year following and chronicling the obama administration and key lawmakers in the republican party through the shutdown showdown and the obama care rollout. in this hour we break it all down. a tumultuous year where both parties have looked at times, their worst. and the country's perception of washington has plummeted even further. here is a pre-view. >> this is more than a pre--game tailgate bash. it sounds a lot like a call to civil disobedience. though 29-year-old evan feinberg would deny that. >> you've been traveling the country telling young people to ignore the law.
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>> no, not at all. >> oh, come on we have cameras following you around and you are telling people to opt out. >> you are going to opt out of obama care, right? >> that is the best possible decision about their health care. >> fox reporting about behind the obama breakdown. it is a great hour. we've been working on it, right after special report. on tuesday, january 28th, the president will give an honorable state of the union. chief congressional correspondent is here to tell us more. >> senate democratic leaders don't seem worried about passing the budget compromise, expecting strong democratic support, that
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is important because republican senates, lindsay graham, mike lee, rand paul and marco rubio have come out against the measure. they are expected to vote no for reasons such as it raises spending caps without entiemt -- entitlement reform. they recognize they will need democrats and just a few republicans to get this done. >> i can't wave a magic wand and heal hurt feelings but i can appeal to my colleagues to work with us to schedule votes in an important matter on the work we have to do. >> and there is friction between john boehner and outside conserve groups over the budget deal. paul ryan who negotiated it tells chris wallace it is no big deal. >> i think these groups are valuable. the way i look at it is this, they are part of our conservative family and i prefer to keep the conversations between the family.
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john was frustrated because they came out before our agreement before we reached an agreement. but i see the tea party as indispensable and helping to keep the taxpayer in the game, keep washington accountable. >> leader reid said the senate will take up the budget compromise on tuesday and they expect they will get 60 votes to proceed but not strong bipartisan support. >> mike emanuel live on the hill tonight. you can see the rest of the conversation with paul ryan on fox news sunday. check your local listings for times. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 16, the s&p 500 was down a fraction. and the nasdaq was up three. for the week the dow lost 2 2/3 and the nasdaq dropped 1 1/2. more delays for obama care. will, lane and krauthammer weigh in. you know the drill, you can log in. and you can access it on your
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smartphone or tablet by going to
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while there is still more work to do, we are confident we'll continue to see improvements result in more enrollments. and more progress like iowa's decision to expand medicaid. >> people that are having massive increases in their deductibles and that means before you can begin to access your health care coverage, some people have to come up with $10,000 to $12,000 and that means they are uninsured because they don't have $10,000 or $12,000. and i think that will extend next year. and i think you'll have to see the government step in to provide a cash infusion to stop them companies from going
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insolvent. this is just the type of the iceberg. >> the administration accepting they are not going to make it to the december 23rd deadline so they are asking insurers to extend that and also asking insurers to do a number of other things to help people possibly keep their coverage into january, worried that people will lose it. because here are the numbers. the administration is saying that 365,000, a little bit more, have enrolled. what we don't know -- now that number is a little bit less -- but what we don't know is how many have paid premiums and we've talked about that. of these, we don't know how many of these people are from the other pool, the 5.96 million who have had their plans canceled. so of that number, how many of those are part of the 364,000 who have now enrolled? we don't know those numbers an the administration hasn't told them to us.
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let's bling in our panel. george will, charles lane from the washington post, and columnist charles krauthammer. george, they told me there would be no math. >> there is no math, as far as i can tell. we have a gret sense this week again as making them up as they go along as kind of government by teen-agers and we've instituted a new phrase which is retroactive coverage. and it goes like this. you lose your covera obama care because you had a substandard plan from a lemon insurance company, whatever they call them. and you may have enrolled but may not have sent in your premium. so on january 1st, hungover from a night of celebrating the end of 2013, you've come down the stairs and you break your leg. now what do you do? are you covered or are you not? there is a great fear there will be a wave across the country of people who have fallen into this hole where they've either not paid or not paid all and the companies are asked to pretend
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that they've been paid the premiums. this is retroactive coverage. >> the question is, chuck, that the insurance companies so far have signed on to this. and the thought is that they are buying in because, frankly, the government is their ticket here. and do you sense that they are going to continue to buy in or there will be some push-back eventually. >> think they -- i think they crossed a rubicon at some point. but i would have expected by now more of a pushback. they have spent so much money and political capital to adapting to buying into the obama care paradigm, they can't get out now. and i think the other possibility is they know something, that there is a possibility that down the year they're going to start getting money from the federal government. that is something markio rubio alluded to.
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and that is not something contemplated in the statute to begin with. there was a pot of money set aside in case they lost more than expected, that is the insurance companies lost more than expected in the first couple of years. the question is how much of that pot which is only supposed to be there for three years will get exhausted in the first year and that will depend on how many people they can manage to sign up. >> what the administration will not talk about is plan b. they won't talk about it. they won't say after january 1st, what happens when all of these people say what happened to my coverage? >> part of the reason i imagine they are not having a plan b. is because they don't have a plan b. but the other thing is, even if they have one, they don't want to say they have one. because that is counter productive from their point of view. they say there is no plan b. so you have to sign up now. and that is their strategic interest. and they are improvising here but there is ultimately that federal money that is supposed
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to prop that thing up if it goes pear shaped next year. >> charles. >> the plan b., which is what is happening right now, is essentially nationalizing health care. the whole pre-tense of obama care was it is a private system, we are not nationalizing, the insurers are independent companies, look at how obama and the administration are orderering around the insurers as if they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the government. if somebody shows up on january 1 and they signed up on the 31st of december, have to give coverage. if they show up on the 1st of january and have no coverage, but they sign up on the 20bth, you have to cover. against all economic rationality, if insurers are regulated into doing that or quote, unquote, sfrongly encouraged, i.e., you better do it because we are now your
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masters. a month ago obama in response to the cancellation of policies orders or strongly encourages insurers to uncancel the policies and reissue them in the coming year which is illegal under obama care, which is obama's own law. so which you have -- what you have here is what a lot of us predicted years ago. the insurers under the best care of -- best case of obama care have as much as those regulated under the administration and even if you take the best math of this administration and everyone of the millions -- let's assume everyone is enrolled, you have 6 million losing insurance, so under the best case scenario, 5.5 million americans are without insurance now as before obama care and they are going to show up in the e.r. and doctor's offices in
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january and they'll have to get coverage. how? the government will order the insurance to cover them even if they have no insurance. >> george, i tacked to someone -- i talked to someone in the insurance industry today who guest mated based on knowledge that of the 365,000, that half of them are part of that 5.9 million, or whatever that were kicked off. so roughly 830,000 people searching for plans. they had a plan and needed to scramble to get one and roughly half of them have it. that is his guess. if that is true, these numbers are dismal. >> dismal and very difficult for the insurance companies, which, as charless says, are being bossed around like subservient utilities and to which i say it serves them right. they've been collaborators from the first. they looked at this plan back in 2009 and they said well the government is going to mandate
3:47 pm
that people buy our product and they are going to punish them if they don't and subsidize them if they don't buy it. this looked like a big business model and now they are finding out what it is like to be in bed with the government. i'm a compassionate conservative but not compassionate enough to feel sorry fort insurance companies. >> of the 5.9 million kicked off the plan, they are not included in the 7 million they needed at the end of the march. so in reality they need more than 12 million? >> well, the important part of the 7 million is how many of those people -- because the people who have been taken off insurance were generally older. remember, these are the mid career professionals who ensure them -- >> although kirsten powers would argue with you. >> i won't argue with her. she's just a kid. but the important number and there is the 7 million because that is the bunch that contains the young invincibilities, whose
3:48 pm
they need in the pool and whose healthy bodies they need to adjust the soefr all risk pattern of the plan. >> and 2.7 million of those. quickly. >> at one -- one point and one sentence. the issue isn't whether you care about or have compassion about the insurers, they deserve everything that they have gotten. the issue is do you want live in a country where the federal government controls all of the medicine and health care, which is exactly where we are now. and that is what is wrong with obama care and we're seeing it every day as it orders the insurers around. next up, the lightning round, and it will be lightning.
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we ask you to vote online our friday lightning round for your favorite panel topic. this week was close. and your top pick was pope francis. we start with that. he was named "time's" person of the year. george? >> well, if after 275 days as pope, during which he said some nice things, and made some noble gestures, but if he's person of the year, 2014 -- 2013 has been a pretty minor year. this is like barack obama getting the nobel peace prize weeks into his presidency. silliest thing "time" has done since 2006 when their cover of the person of the year was a reflective panel, so that we'd all look in the mirror and see that we were all the person of the year, which is sweetly democratic. >> the vatican said he's getting an enormous amount of attention around the world, he's changing things up, reforming the
3:53 pm
vatican, making things more transparent. >> he certainly had his work cut out for him because he inherited an institution that was in a lot of trouble because of the pedophilia scandals, and other things. and you know, you have to admire the fact that he's come in with a, you know, good attitude, and he's made a sort of a big demonstration of being a little more humble about conspicuous consumption in the church and so forth. but the mess he had to clean up, left over from that pedophilia scandal was very big, and he's not finished. >> charles? >> i rise in defense of the pope. it's not of "time" magazine. man of the year or not he's a man who's introduced the sort of spirit of humanity and humility in his -- in his office, which is refreshing, and which transcends sectarian lines which i think is the basis of his appeal. he doesn't drive around in a caddie. he drives around in a beatup old, i don't know, a peugeot or
3:54 pm
something, which is a sign of humility. >> and when you hear the economic pushback from the conservatives -- >> that's what i would expect from a church. i don't expect adam smith economics. i expect an appeal on behalf of the poor. and that's what a church ought to do. so i think he's done what he needs to do. you can argue about whether capitalism helps or doesn't help the poor. in the end i think you might have a misunderstanding of economics, but his job isn't economics. >> quickly, john podesta joins the white house, a bit of a shake-up down the line. what does it mean? and big picture? >> make no difference at all. the problem is not in messaging. it is in the internal organization. it is in the fact of the central achievement of obama. obamacare, which will plague the democrats all year. and in the inattention, inexperience, and incompetence of the chief executive. >> a lot of people in the democratic camp were clamoring for some kind of a shake-up. they didn't get too many heads rolling but a new head is coming
3:55 pm
in, and we should all remember this has been tried before not just in previous administrations, but in this very administration in 2011, after the 2010 elections they brought in bill bailey. he slunk away about a year later completely frustrated, and spends a lot of his time now fending off quotes from his former colleagues at the white house about what a bad job he did. >> when monica lewinsky and president clinton got in difficulties, clinton embraced his base. he turned with an iron grip to the left wing of the democratic party. this is mr. obama in different kind of distress doing the same thing. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a weather report that will really knock your socks off. .
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here are tonight's highlights. higher agreements for women than men when chuck said the administration has no plan "b" for obamacare. democrats agreed with charles, more than republicans are independent when he said that
3:59 pm
plan "b" is essentially nationalizing health care. women agreed with george more than men did when he said "time" magazine naming pope francis person of the year now is the equivalent of president obama winning the nobel peace prize. six weeks into his presidency. total votes tonight about 200,000. finally tonight, wacky weather typically is not a top story in los angeles, california, but when it is, it always seems to bring some classic reports. this one on a particularly windy evening. >> a piece of plastic caught in this tree was whipping around like a flag tethered to a pole, breeze blowing all around, and then there was this. >> one, two, three -- four, five, six, and check out where the wind rolled number seven. >> wow, i tell you, it's almost like those carts are on wheels. >> oh, windy evening in l.a.
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that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid, greta will be back monday. tonight a special fox news reporting hour. it's pretty good. you should check it out. it starts right now. >> the year began with a victory lap. >> republicans said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the wealthiest americans. obviously the agreement would raise them permanently. >> it's ending in frustration and apology. >> nobody's more frustrated than i am. >> what's behind the obama breakdown? >> there's no question we can fix this. >> the stories you haven't heard. >> obamacare, right? >> this hour fox news reporters behind the obama breakdown. from washington, d.c., here's bret. >> who'd have thunk it. a tech savvy barack obama struggling to get a website up and running. confounding democrats.


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