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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 14, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, everybody. it is saturday, december 14th. i'm juliet huddy. you will want to meet the man who said he wanted to wage violent jihad against american. how he planned to bomb an airport before being caught by the fbi. >> and if at first you don't succeed in fooling the public, try again and again. >> statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of americans. >> except not you. health and human services kathleen sebelius doubling down on the lie that you can keep your insurance.
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we have got the details coming up. >> strip tease in the most unlikely of places. politician stripping down to underwear. why he got naked during this heated speech. that's something you will want to see. naked politicians. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> hey, america, it's seth thomas. merry christmas, happy new year, it's time for your favorite show. "fox & friends." >> thank you, seth. >> seth is an employee here. what does he do? tech manager. >> tech manager. he does everything here. so joyful and brings smile to our faces. >> no seth, no tv program without seth the tv program goes to black. >> good morning. >> you look so nice. this is going to be a great show. if it's 6:00 a.m. in the east coast or 3:00 a.m. on the west coast. stay tuned for the next four hours. >> we are in for a long haul. do you want to kick us off? >> i do. overnight the teenager who
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opened fire inside of a high school in colorado is identified. police say 18-year-old karl pierson was armed with shotgun and homemade gun. he entered the school asking for a teacher by name. he was apparently seeking revenge. according to reports he had been kicked off the debate team that the teacher was ahead of. critical condition before turning the gun on himself. >> we heard the screaming. we dove for cover. and our teacher locked the door. and i sat in the middle of my two best friends. and we tried to stay calm. >> the teacher apparently targeted being hailed as a hero after he ran out of the school in an attempt to draw pearson away from the kids. the school is closed on monday. just a few miles away from columbine high school. this comes as we mark one year since the shooting
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tragedy in newtown connecticut. children and teacher were gunned down. a vigil was held last anytime in nearby ham den connecticut. ring bell 26 times, one for each of the victims. the white house will also on or about a moment of silence. a terror plot unfolding -- foiled in the heartland. 58-year-old terry lohan arrested and charged with planning to blow up the wichita airport. his apparent inspiration, usama bin laden and anwar al-awlaki. the fbi says lowen worked as avian technician for the airport and planned on using employee access card to load a car with explosives and leave it at a terminal. >> he planned to pull the explosives himself and die as a martyr. he studied the various access points. he researched flight schedules to determine when there would be a maximum number of individuals at the
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airport. >> this lowen guy has made violent threats of jihad in the west. he had been on the radar since early summer. did bernie madoff bring down j.p. morgan chase. provided key information investigators used by manhattan prosecutors expected in their criminal action against that bank. madoff made the claim email where he is serving 160-year-old sentence running his 20 billion-dollar ponzi scheme. those are the headlines. >> did you ever think you will be able to shed a tear for the insurance companies? well, today may be the day that you shed a little tear that comes down the side of your face because they're basically being left to pick up the mess and carry the water for the obama administration because you know that deadline? december 23rd was set to be the deadline when everything was supposed to be in. january 1st was the start date. that has been rolled back to december 31st. now insurance companies have about, i don't know, 16, 15 hours from whence that
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deadline hits to when they have to put all these premiums and get everybody up and enrolled in obamacare the next day. >> keep in mind we wouldn't have obamacare if it weren't for the insurance companies. my prediction is congress will bail them out in the end. take a look what is happening to people in america. people who had health insurance and now don't. in october and november, 364682 people enrolled in obamacare exchanges. as of today, here are the number of people who have had their insurance cancelled. a .9, almost 6 million. so you do the math. 364,000 get insurance, 6 million lose it. >> but you hear from the administration all these numbers and spout them off as if this is a positive thing when really it is a lot of smoke and mirrors. one of the fears is say goodbye to the private insurance market. the question that is raised right now, is this really the intent of the obama administration the real intent to nationalize healthcare. let's listen to what charles
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krauthammer had to say about this. >> the plan b, which is actually what's happening right now is nationalizing healthcare. the whole pretense of obamacare oh it's a private system. we are not nationalizing. insurer are independent companies. look at how obama and the administration are ordering around the insurers as if they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the government. the issue isn't whether you care about or whether you have compassion about the insurers, they deserve everything that they have gotten. the issue is do you want to live in a country where the federal government controls all the medicine and all of healthcare which is exactly where we are now. that's what's wrong with obamacare and we are seeing in spades every day as it orders the insurers around. >> if you are going to live in a country the federal government controls all its healthcare you would hope at least they would do a good job with it this morning we
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are learning disaster after disaster. they keep continuing much the insurance enrollments are a bigger mess than they have ever been. people are finding out they are not insured. their insurance are not insured. they thought they signed up but there is no record of it. >> insurance companies saying look, this is not like auto insurance where we can punch in a couple of numbers, get your vin number we know what kind of car you are driving and up in a few hours you are up and running. variables to figure out the whole process. that's if it's okay and you don't have scriewld up applications in the whole process, we don't have proper name and address. >> health insurance companies are really going to be feeling the heat. it's kind of like opening up the flood gates and everybody has to run into the auditorium. it's going to be overwhelming. >> but without the program. >> without any enjoyable good music. >> meanwhile, this year we look back at sort of the big moments of the year. year end wrap up reviews. politic fact which looks at
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political lies. has gund politifact. biggest lie of the year. that lie, see if you agree with this or not because most of their readers did, if you like your health plan, you can keep it, that's quoted by kathleen sebelius and the white house. listen to kathleen sebelius saying this again on friday in miami, listen. >> i think that the statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of americans in the health insurance market. what we know is that we also designed the implementation of the affordable care act to make sure that plans that were in place in march of 2010, that kept the same benefits in place didn't
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shift cost to consumers. >> that really hurt. notice the passive construction, by the way that statement is one that is applicable to the vast majority. it's like we hadn't nothing to do with it. you promised it. you knew it was a lie when you said it and you won't admit it's a lie. by the way? why is she still working there, she is supposed to be in charge of this debacle. amazing she still has a job. >> feet firmly in the ground. >> number one lie of the year and politifact readers agree. over a million americans found out the hard way that this actually was the truth. >> if you say it enough you start to believe the lie. >> also when politifact nailed it down it can be whittled down to one treacherous phrase george w. bush what phrase came back to haunt him read my lips, no new taxes. if you like your health plan you can keep it this is the phrase. >> it's more than a phrase, it's a theme. they made the point during
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the campaign that we are not going to overturn things that are working. we are not going to break things that are broken already. they knew they were going to, and they did, and they are still lying about it. >> when the president was asked was it a lie? then cath leone sebelius has to say it really wasn't a lie but they knew about it ahead of time. >> pretty crazy. i have to say i work over at a local fox station in new york. i was watching the networks, nobody is talking about this. it's crazy. >> of course not. >> except fox, of course. >> on thursday when this news came out, how many of the networks actually covered it. you will be surprised it's pretty much zero. they are covering weather because it's so important. >> good reason. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth now because big storm heading east again, right, rick. >> one of these snow megeddon. >> i don't listen to a single other weather report except yours. >> the media goes crazy on storms. they love them. this is a storm, this isn't a snow megeddon. it isn't going the end of all of your shopping this
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weekend. we are going to have big snow across parts of the northeast there has been incredible lake-effect snow this week. some spots over four and a half feet of snow he from lake-effect snow. then we are watching the big storm that's brewing here across parts of south that's going to be all rain to the south. in fact, very heavy rain, maybe even a tornado or two today across the panhandle of texas. seeing the cold air kind of begin to move in from the north. you see that little bit of rotation at the very end there in across parts of missouri that will bring the colder air. in cold air solidly in place across the northeast. winter storm warnings in effect anywhere you see that pink. much new england. solid 3 to 6 inches of snow across illinois, indiana, into michigan gotten. then the heaviest of it is going to be in across parts of new england. once we get a coastal storm going which he we will later on tonight. you will notice the cities from boston to new york to philadelphia. they will probably start to see the snow and maybe get a few inches of snow quickly and then the rain a lot of
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snowmobilers. families who own these company. i'm saying it's a positive and happening on the weekend. >> i feel like it's going to be a crazy winter. >> coldest december we have had in many, many decades. very very cold one. >> all those greenhouse gases. >> just imagine. well, 10 years ago, you probably remember, one of the key commanders who led the hunt to find them joins us live. >> continues? >>. strip down right to his underwear.
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hard to believe saddam hussein was found hiding in a spider hole. >> next guest was a key commander in the hunt and capture of the late president of iraq. he wrote about that operation in his new memoir we got him. retired lt. colonel steve russell joins us now. thanks for coming out. we're honored to have you. i was in baghdad the day he was captured. i remember being so impressed by the what you did. how did he he hide out for six months? >> he was protected by half a dozen families that were related to him by blood, by marriage and long association. and they formed a key social network around him, much like mafia had done.
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he was protected by the family. and they most, all of them, were from the tikrit area and that's where he gained his support. >> how did you guys find him? >> well, once we learned how that family network was, and his system of body guards around it, it was just a matter of developing a strategy to go after those groups. and early successes showed that if we went after those key families, that we could get on his trail and it might be possible to get him. >> so what was his reaction when y'all grabbed him. weighs defiant? >> well, initially, he was stunned. he got a little uppity at the hole when he was pulled out there. were half a dozen soldiers led by a guy i will call john, his team. when he was brought out oof the hole, he was a little defiant when they were checking him for tattoos on his hands and tried to shove one of the soldiers away. a stupid thing to do. and so they strained him out and that's how he got the cut on his mouth and his
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eye. >> excuse me, were they checking for tattoos on his hand? >> he had a three dot tattoo on his hand for god, leader. on the back hand sun burst at that time too. we all knew he those marks. they were doing a quick check for verification. >> how did the soldiers keep it together in that moment looking face to face with saddam hussein? >> i think that we were very focused on our mission. you realize going into the raid you have got the best intelligence that you have ever had. there was an expectation during that day that this was the best -- the best chance we had had up to that point. you are very focused on all of the things. all of the units that were involved. >> things really fell apart though after he was captured in that country. talk about what led to that why too things just start to crumble? >> i think what you saw
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initially was the saddam was an inspiration to the baathist led insurgency, many and wrongly were reading the violence in tikrit created by heavy handedness, in reality it was saddam and his groups that were trying to create turmoil where we would lose political will and go home. after saddam was captured and so much of that network was thinned out, then the insurgency transitioned over to sar sar you -- thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> check out his book "we got him." coming up on the show a stunning case out of texas. a teenager kills four people after drunk driving. then he tells the court is he the victim of his parents' wealth. the judge agreed but was justice served? we have a fair and balanced
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debate about affluenza. >> a live interview with the monkey sent into outer space coming up.
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the judge apparently agreed. the ruling sparking a fierce debate over whether justice was served in this case. here for a fair and balanced debate is arthur aidala and defense attorney jonah
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spilbore. >> at that point i'm sitting there thinking okay,. >> she and to give it to him. >> the way it's supposed to go, absolutely. and then the next thing that comes out is probated sentence, 10 years probated sentence, and that there would be further discussion, further approval with the court with regards to some level of rehab center which i'm sure most of the view -- >> on that note, let's get over to jonah. so, the affluenza defense? i heard about this and i thought it was a joke. >> i thought it was a joke, too. in the 20 years that we have been doing this, i have never heard of the affluenza defense and it's outrageous. he didn't just kill four people. he mowed them down and drunk. now he is going to get to malibu and ride poniys and make christmas ornaments for 10 years.
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completely unheard of. >> you can't say that you agree with this ruling. >> early on this saturday morning to back up, that's the first indication jonah has been given of her age doing it 20 years so you gave it up. >> i exaggerated it. i don't agree with this sentence. i don't. i applaud the defense attorney. >> start clapping for you? you are not the going out on a ledge here. >> i applaud the defense team. look, their job is to zealously represent their clients and get their clients the best deal. that's what we are sworn to do. and they did it. i think there needed to be some period of incarceration here. and what happened if the kid was poor? what would happen if he was a poor kid and his dad left the house and mom couldn't -- there is a lot of -- not a lot of justice that's lacking here, which is very upsetting. >> two big ones here. so the parents, how should they be dealt with, number one, and the judge, you know, who rendered this decision, how do we deal with all of this? this just seems to be a
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total mischaracter of justice. >> this is all part of what i would call the wussification of america. not only don't the parents discipline the kids? but the teachers aren't allowed to discipline the kids. the coaches aren't allowed to discipline the kids. >> teachers and coaches are different than parents. >> the whole defense is my parents didn't teach me right from wrong. the parents aren't facing any consequences because they weren't in the car. if that's going to be the defense. then why not? why not charge the parents with enendangerment. >> it does open the door for liability for the parents. if we're going to allow the kid to rely on the parents and their bad parenting skills as an excuse for what he did, then they should be able to be held liable for what he he did. this is bad case law, this is bad law. >> really bad. >> some shrink took the stand and said this was defense. it's crazy. >> not in the dsm. not a recognize defense. this is off the reservation. >> of course, there is no double jeopardy so we'll never see this go to trial and justice served. it's a horrible situation.
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>> it's horrible for us. >> thank you for waking up early on this saturday. do you want to do your little? >> no. >> coming up, the president getting celebrities adam levine who just loves fox. we bet they weren't counting on what happened next. the big time backlash coming up. and then, stripping down to skivvies, we will tell you why. plus, we are 10 days away from christmas. >> i didn't have to see that have you finished your shopping? well, if you haven't, we have great ideas to get to. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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ladies and gentlemen just in time for the holidays, got their very own gi joe action figure. that's right, their son-in-law, private first class matt wendis has just returned home. >> that is so nice. it's your shot of the morning. private first class matt wendis comes home from christmas gift wrapped. he surprised his family philadelphia fliers. he is stationed in korea and
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due back just before the holidays. >> look at my arms. i have goose pumps. >> i hope he wasn't in that box for a couple of weeks. >> overnight. >> tracking information. >> the groups right now trying to throw their support now. now they have got the web site up and running. those supporting obamacare feel like this is a right path. log on to the web site now. now the pr campaign is beginning. groups associated with obamacare even out there in california are calling on celebrities to take to twitter and facebook and using the hash tag get covered to tell their many millions of fans hey, you should get covered out there. >> so these useful idiots are working on behalf of the obama administration to convince young people it's cool to sign up for obamacare. they don't mention the fact that it's the law and punished and sanctioned if you don't but all the cool kids are doing it. >> i know you are a big fan of adam levine. >> adam levine is a singer. >> from the band maroon a
3:34 am
and he is on one of those singing shows. he has been very vocal about his support for the president. here is what he says in a tweet. california is where i call home. now you can can hash tag get covered if you are a resident. so, hurry. >> just sounds spammy, first of all, right? >> probably his publicist writing it. >> perhaps. he is a big supporter of the president. the responses though are millers. you feel like a lot of people feel like is he selling out o. so this person writes back, faith girlie writes back not if my life depended on it would never support something that would hurt so many people say no to obamacare. >> he is selling out by the way. why is it so-called self-described artists standing up power are now hand maidens to power? they are doing the bidding of politicians. there is nothing independent minded about it. they are just little robots. >> i don't have a problem when celebrities speak out. i really don't. i feel like they have a platform and they should be
3:35 am
allowed to use it i would like to be able to use it. >> they are doing the bidding of the president. >> you don't like that they're gooding the bidding of. >> any politician. if they were doing this for john boehner i say go do the same thing. go do your art why are you acting like a hill staff. >> fans responded in kind. brandon ravel -- ralph who i interviewed. soap actor before superman returns. >> very attractive actor. >> i don't know where he is these days. tweeting apparently. the way to bring about change in healthcare is to be proactive and covered. hash tag get covered and tell a friend writes brandon routh. >> this is the best response ever. a reader writes, in which plan did you get? how did you get the web site to work for you. >> he wouldn't know the web site if he got in the shower. is he not signed up for obamacare. is he a rich guy. >> interesting thing on a side note. i researched the study that was talking about when celebrities speak out and
3:36 am
they get political. it doesn't really have that much of an effect on their fans long term. but it does initially. >> unless you are alec baldwin. >> one of the first responses from adam levine's obamacare tweet. ignored and said how do you feel about performing with lady gaga in the upcoming show? >> get to headlines now. chilling allegations about the man accused of faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial. listen to, this a south african news station is reporting that the guy who stood just feet away from president obama and other world leaders was charged with murder 10 years ago. again, this is from a south african paper. along with other serious crimes. but murder as well. it's unclear if he ever spent time in jail. south african officials are investigating how he got security clearance for that event. >> brand new details about an american who vanished iran more than six years ago, fox news confirms, robert levinson was on an
3:37 am
unauthorized mission set up by rogue operatives in the cia. levinson family lawyer saying the fbi agent was investigating suspicions that iranian government officials were diverting petroleum funds and laundering the money through canada when he disappeared back in 2007. the u.s. government long insisted levinson was a private citizen who traveled there on business. the mission resulted in a 2.5-million-dollar payout to his family and a shakeup at the cia. talk about violating the press code. -- the dress code, rather. a mexican congressman strips down to his skivvies in a protest of an energy bill. he shed his socks too and tie. >> whoa. >> hopefully nothing else. saying the legislation would strip the nation. >> oh, now i get it, of oil. despite his strip tease, the legislation passed. foreign private firms will be allowed to invest in the industry and drill for oil and gas for the first time
3:38 am
in 70 years. you still have a chance. there was no winner in last night's mega millions drawing. that's because they changed things. tucker, i know you love this thing. did you buy your ticket? the jackpot now a $50 million. the numbers drawn were -- who cares? because nobody won. 19, 24, 26, 27, and 70 and the mega ball was 12. second largest jackpot in its 17-year history. the next mega millions drawing was tuesday. >> we're all excited about it here on the show. >> i can see. thrilled. >> officials say this may be the first billion-dollar jackpot. >> that's great. why work? you can just get it free from the government? >> they changed all the little rules and details so now the odds are longer. >> this is a tax on people who can't do math. [ laughter ] >> i was on my way to penn station yesterday and saw a line out of the lottery store door and you were in line. >> i was. you are like joan rivers, you have a different line every time for the lottery
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story. >> i hate the lottery it was better when the mafia ran it. >> lovely. >> it's the best. hey u everybody out there on twitter let us know how you feel about the lottery. send it to tucker carlson on twitter. what do you think? temps as you are waking up this morning. cold across a lot of the country. cold across the northern plains and really cold in across the northeast. this cold air that's in place in the northeast is going to there be snow coming. take a look at that temperatures well below zero across parts of vermont, new hampshire, higher elevations and maine. this is the storm though that we're watching. this is a storm that is going to quickly actually move across the northeast. because it's such a quick storm, i don't think we are going to be talking about major snowfall accumulations from it take a look how this plays out on the future radar. we will start to see some of the snow flurries this morning new york city, pennsylvania. certainly around the great lakes. it's going to start to fly very heavily at times this afternoon across these areas before you will start to see the warmer air get.
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in you see that pink there right across new york city and philadelphia, and eventually in towards boston, i think we are going to start off with snow and finish off as rain in the cities. and that's going to keep the snowfall totals down, which is some good news certainly for travel here. interior sections though certainly seeing quite a bit of snow. all right, juliet, i think we are sending it over to you. >> yes. you can join us over here. we are counting down to christmas. as the big day gets closer do you have to do last-minute shopping? i usually wait until christmas eve, basically. jennette is here to solve my and your problems with last-minute gift ideas. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is not really assume. >> this is my mascot today. >> do we have a name? >> little widow. >> we want to talk about hot meals. we have got some great things going on. and to make shopping easier for everyone. we have something for everyone of all ages. we have got one price shopping. >> and that means you can go
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case you want to cuddle up and not be seen by anyone. awesome thing to have. >> saving 25% on these right now, correct? >> 25 special price again on 1-800-bass pro. we have free shipping. who offers free shipping all the way to the 19th. no matter how small the purchase. doesn't matter how big or small. free shipping until the 19th. >> if you don't have any idea what your husband or boyfriend would want, have you perfect gift cards. >> all the way to the last minute. i'm talking about christmas morning you realize that, you know, you don't have anything, you forgot someone you can go right on your computer, type it out. they have got amazing gift cards. look how beautiful that is. >> it's just lovely. >> it is. >> it's a beautiful -- you can print it out on your printer. >> you are sticking around this morning. >> yes. >> stay with us, we have got some great ideas. david beckham is very attractive as well. >> is he a little hottie. >> what makes this sexy
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soccer star sexy? plus the army and navy go head to head today. always exciting game. it's not only about football but honoring our nation's heros. the history behind it coming up next.
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well, today is a big day for army football. united states military academy vs. naval academy. rivals are ultimately playing on the same team. team america. here with a preview of the big game and share what it is really about is dan rice. co-author and leader of west point leadership.
3:47 am
profiles of courage. by the way, a great christmas present. is he also a west point graduate and is he here to talk about it this morning. welcome to the show. >> how important is this game and tell us a little bit about the history and how feengful this it to the united states of america. >> only football game on today. called america's game. it's 122-year-old rivalry that started in 1890. dennis mikey who founded the game was west point graduate. and he was later killed in action. spanish american war. but the game is the midshipman from naval academy against the army cadets. and it's just a great game of rivalry. all these kids go on to lead professional military officers. so, unlike ohio state, michigan and other great rivalries, all of these kids are going on to lead soldiers and sailors in combat. >> you get to see the great camaraderie of this game, too they are battling each other on the field but can you see the love of the military pouring out of stands. >> great camaraderie, only day in the year we play
3:48 am
them. beat them in every statistic. heisman trophy winners. three national championships in football they have zero. presidents eisenhower they have one carter. we have more road scholars. this is one day a year we brag about that. >> bragging rights. who do you think is going to win today? >> i think the great thing is the weather is going to be terrible. it's going to be snowy and rainy. sleet. it's go going to be the way football is supposed to be played. army loves special weather. tear it up on the field. >> tell me about this book. west point leadership. i have a copy of it. it is is heavy and perfect for your table. it might be a great christmas gift this year. tell me about all of the research you did for this wonderful book on west point and the leadership there. >> thank you. it was a great project to be involved with. 25 contributing authors. all army officers former army officers. profiled 200 different west
3:49 am
point grawdz graduates who have led across the field of the west point experience. a book about presidents. generals, medal of honor recipients. ceos and people who founded universities. it's a great gift for any patriotic american. includes stories about people who have served in the army, navy, air force, and marines. so it has something for. >> everybody when you go back to ulysses s. grant and realize what a humble individual this man was, leading us through the civil war to become president of the united states. dan, thank you so much for joining us this morning. i will tweet out a lead for the book. >> dan rice, thorpe of west point leadership. great to sigh this morning. >> go army, go navy. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> three network shows not one mention obamacare. how can the networks ignore the story when it breaks like this did this week. the atheist behind this billboard. is christ really necessary for christmas? his blowout with sean hannity. they went head to head.
3:50 am
we will play it for you.
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oh, good morning, yet another obamacare delay on tuesday night. if you were tuning in to the mainstream media, chances are you would have missed it because they didn't run it abc, nbc, cbs, chose to ignore it wasn't it news? catherine, this doesn't qualify? if you go to any of those channels and look at the soft features on there about
3:54 am
arthritis or whatever they were doing that day, they ignored obamacare? >> well, actually, this isn't news. a lot of the problems that conservatives have been trying to bring up with obamacare since 2009, even if you like your plan you might not be able to keep it are going ignored, were brushed aside saying oh, conservatives just want to push old people off of cliffs, or they want old people to get sick and die, they don't care. a lot of these things are getting ignored. there has been delay after delay. there has been all these problems. and, it's because, i think, they are not vetting the law and the mainstream media isn't covering it that a lot of these problems are happening. it's not really being vetted or tested. >> it would have been probably helpful to the obama people, average person to over the last three years to have had media organizations looking into the basic promises, for example, as you just pointed out, are you going to be able to keep your health insurance? anybody who took some time to look into this probably would have covered probably not. >> right. the good news is because these problems conservatives have been trying to warn
3:55 am
about are starting to happen, those sources. people are trusting those sources less and turning to alternative sources and blogs like campus reform because they're not trusting the mainstream media narrative. we have students coming to us all the time saying i didn't know obamacare was going to cause me to lose my student health insurance. i didn't know obamacare was going to be so expensive. i can't afford it that's the good news that people are starting to look elsewhere because they don't really trust those sources anymore. >> they undermine their own business model. >> exactly. >> 10 years ago the "the washington post" was the dominant news source in washington, d.c. now it's a dying newspaper and won't be here in 10 years in current form obviously. >> right. >> part of that is because the coverage is crummy. >> exactly. obama can get away with whatever he want and they will brush over it the whole if you like your plan you can keep it. that's unbelievable the fact that they are saying oh, it was a misstatement. he misspoke that many times? that's crazy. and these problems are going to continue if he is not being vetted and his statements he is allowed to say whatever he want.
3:56 am
it's only going to get worse and worse. more people are going to start turning to alternative news sources for their news. >> they obviously want to help the president. actually it doesn't help to have a lap dog press because it makes you flabbier. >> exactly. >> catherine, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> david beckham revealing softer side. what makes the soccer star cry? we will tell you, and it is the season for giving unemployment benefits. one member of congress making unpress debted proposal. colonel allen west joins us live to weigh in on that coming up next. ♪ i want to be rich
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning, everybody. it's saturday, january 14th. i'm juliet huddy. the obamacare debacle. getting worse. the latest deadline delay about to create chaos in the insurance market to say least. but the white house says he we are going to play a tape for you. got to hear to believe it. >> atheist says who needs religion in christmas? >> better without the religion. year after year people go. >> stop. >> christmas isn't christmas without the religion. >> christmas is absolutely christmas without religion. >> that's not all he said. more on that exchange as the war on christmas accelerates. the latest war on those battles. >> top christmas songs that we botch the lyrics to on a regular basis. >> we will play them for you and challenge you. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> hey, this is aaron, your stage manager, merry christmas and happy new year, you are watching "fox & friends." >> you can't see her. we are looking at erin right
4:01 am
now. get over here. >> she is so sweet. merry christmas. we have a wonderful staff here at "fox & friends." thank you for everyone here. >> standing in the dark there. >> come into the light. >> what are you doing? >> oh, a little dark. >> she is so raid yent she would break the cameras. >> also very loud when she does countdown. 10, 9. [screams] >> coming up, we will challenge you, we will do a sort of a name that tune and see if you can can screw up christmas lyrics and if you are better. >> i want to complain preelm -- preemptively grandma got ran over by a reindeer. >> always made me nervous. we are going to screw this up. >> take several hours. let's get to several headlines. new overnight the teenager who opened fire inside
4:02 am
arapahoe high school. pierson armed with shotgun and homemade bombs. he entered the school asking for each tier by name. he was apparently seeking some sort of revenge. he had been kicked off the debate team. that was the teach his or her headed it up. he shot a 15-year-old student that student in critical condition now. he finally turned the gun on himself. >> there is a man with a mask and black hoody reracking a hot shotgun and points it at us and fired it again. i heard the shot and heard impacts back behind me. and then the next one was pointed at us. >> yeah, the teacher apparently he targeted being hailed as a hero after he ran out of the school in an attempt to draw pierson away from the kids. few miles away from columbine high school. this comes as we mark one year since the shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. 26 children, six administrators gunned down
4:03 am
at sandy hook elementary school one year ago today. a vigil was held last night in nearby hamden, connecticut to remember the lives taken. this morning several places in newtown will ring bells 26 times one for each of the victims. the white house will also on or about a moment of silence. a terror plot foiled in the heartland. 58-year-old terry lowen arrested and charged for planning to blow up the wichita airport. his apparent inspiration? usama bin laden and anwar al-awlaki. the fbi says lowen worked as aviation technician for the airport and he planned on using his employee access card to load a car with explosives and leave it at a terminal. >> he planned to pull the trigger on the explosives himself and die in the explosion as a martyr. mr. lowen studied the layout of the airport and took photographs of various access points. researched to find out when there would be maximum number of individuals at the airport. >> this is a guy who has made violent terrorist threats in the past, jihad
4:04 am
against the u.s. he had been on the fbi's radar since early summer. >> is this a tear jerker for you or what? watch. ♪ i don't want to close my eyes ♪ i don't want to fall asleep. >> i'm confused by. this emotional movie like armageddon apparently can can make anybody a little misty including the manuel, you can't see his face. that's david beckham there on the right-hand side. the soccer super star he can be emotional wreck when it comes to movies. cries every time he watches armageddon. gets emotional tv shows like "fox & friends." i'm just kidding. the office, and friends. >> why do i feel sick to my stomach after that? >> why. >> we just had the guy in whitey tidies. >> i bet auto% 'of our audience are putting pillows over their evidence right now. >> do not want to see
4:05 am
attractive man. >> little underwear? ugh. >> that's human nature. >> no. >> email us if you were horrified by that. >> tweet me at juliet huddy. >> rick reichmuth is following what is shaping up to be the biggest snow storm in the world. >> exactly. 50% are probably wearing whitey tidies right now. >> i don't believe that for a second. they are a boxer clad audience. >> why don't we encourage our audience send us photos of yourselves in your underwear. [ buzzer ] >> we love you. >> we got another storm on its way. not the biggest storm of the century as clayton was saying. some areas of the seeing 588 inches. almost 5 feet of snow falling just to the west here of lake ontario or to the east i should say. now we have got this other bigger storm moving. in it started off as rain across parts of the southwest into the south and now the colder air is
4:06 am
beginning to fill in as we have an area of low pressure developing there. going to bring some colder air down and see some heavier snow falling across the morning hours, across illinois and indiana. if you have some pictures in there out of your areas here us a are getting that snow, can you tweet them to me at rick reichmuth. we will share some of those on the show later on. weave do have winter weather advisories anywhere you see white and winter storm warnings here across parts of indiana and northwestern, ohio. i think that's where we are seeing maybe up to six inches of snow. then we also have winter storm warnings across much of the northeast coastal areas. not as big of a concern. boston right on that cusp of rain and snow. maybe heavy snow at least to start. new york city snow and then rain. another storm on tap but it's december. right now, it's a weekend. not that bad. >> the way it is. >> no. >> exactly. >> thank you, rick. >> it turns out obamacare has it had probably won't shock you too much but the numbers might, the opposite from the intended or announced effect.
4:07 am
enrollments have experienced what they're referring to is a net loss. take a look at these numbers. pretty unbelievable. in october and november, 364682 people received health insurance through the obamacare exchanges. during that same period, as of today, just about 6 million people have had their health insurance plans cancelled. >> and funneled dramatically into medicare as a result of that. >> exactly. >> so insurance companies about to take a big hit. being forced to carry the water for the obamacare and the obama administration on this whole plan. remember, they had three years to get these databases in place to try to work with each other. one insurance working with another insurance company like cats and dogs living together. has three years to get this up and running. a week to get this switched up again. deadline december 31st. not even one day. december 31st is the deadline. >> less than a day. >> really like 15 hours. the next morning they have to provide coverage for
4:08 am
people whose applications display come through with all kinds of jarbled information on it can't make sense of. have to cover these people. >> insurance experts are meeting point not like when you call up geico and says i would like to change my car insurance. it's not an easy thing. this is a process that takes a long time. >> in the blame in the end. you know it's all a setup. i'm not defending insurance companies. they have made obamacare possible in the first place, right? they went along with it he this will be blamed for these screw ups. you watch. obama administration setting the stage to blame insurers. doesn't work. it's their fault. >> look at the pressjay carney n friday. who cares about these enrollment numbers. that's not anything we need to be paying attention, to take a listen. >> i don't think that history's assessment of this period will depend on, you know, end of the year lists. i think it will depend on, in our view, how we responded to the absolute necessity of making the fixes to the absolute necessity of
4:09 am
addressing the problem for those who received cancellations. >> he is not just a slack, is he historian now. >> addressing -- timeliness of the addressing and efficiency of the addressing of the problems was not that impressive. i wouldn't be bragging about that. >> you break a few eggs when you make an omelet. yeah, some people were crushed and got hurt and lost their health insurance but history will vindicate us. how apparently ira -- arrogant and dumb is that. >> 5.9 million americans said they could keep their plan. >> vast majority is okay. 6 million people losing their coverage being shuttled ton public assistance. >> kathleen sebelius was peppered with quesd yesterday. we will talk about that later. >> coming up on the fox news channel, more on the obamacare mess. fox news reporting special
4:10 am
behind the obama break down hosted by our own bret baier hosted tonight at 5 p.m. and tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. did you catch hannity the other night? >> silberman guy the atheist. >> see what happened in times square, an atheist put up a billboard. says who needs christ at christmas? >> where is he getting money to do this? this is a fortune by the way. >> in times square? >> yeah. >> the eightist went on hannity last night to defend this position they kind of went at it take a listen. >> christmas is better without the religion. year after year people go. >> stop, christmas isn't christmas without the religion. >> christmas is absolutely christmas without religion. in fact, that billboard. >> folks, let me. >> oh my goodness. >> going to church is not fun. nobody likes it nobody enjoys it? >> wait a minute. i like going to church. >> if you like going, you go. >> i like going to church. i get a lot out of it.
4:11 am
there is somebody greater than me in the world. >> sean, the point we are trying to make is there is a whole bunch of people out there for whom religion is the worst part of christmas but they go to church anyways. we are here to tell them they don't have to. >> so without the spiritual element, christmas is, what, like empty consumerism and shopping? >> what they say on the billboard the real meaning of christmas is what this billboard says is that it is family, charity, what else do they put up here? here is the other part of it celebrate the true meaning of christmas, friend, food, rockets? >> chinese food. >> but father jonathan had a great comment about this guy. he said this guy is being so exaggerating about -- he is trying to get attention for his cause. i kind of agree with him on that. >> he is. the implication, i'm not espousing any particular representing. if you don't believe that there is anything more powerful than barack obama or the state, it's a little
4:12 am
creepy. it doesn't end well. i think the 20th century is good evidence of that you want to have -- keep in mind that there is something bigger and more important than temporal government because you wind up killing a ton of people. >> if you want to say he has legitimacy, he kind of loses it with this big bombastic ridiculous -- >> -- rockets? they are gliewfl sure they're. >> that's not necessarily christmas. i think we all agree on that. >> billboard and comments. play more of that at the end ever the show. find us on ff weekend on twitter as well. >> juliet's turn to explain. >> face of terror. trying to bomb airport after being inspired by usama bin laden and anwar al-awlaki. what does it say about the influence he still has from the grave. ubl we are talking about. colonel west joins us next. >> plus, is there dangerous lead in your lipstick? the question occurred to me this morning.
4:13 am
and what's really in your shampoo? inside the world of beauty products. >> frightening world. >> and the darren within. stay tuned. -- danger within. stay tuned.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
looking at the picture of terry lowen man accused of texas airport. he was allegedly inspired by al qaeda. is bin laden inspiring from the grave? and is the u.s. government doing enough to prevent other would be home terrorist? we turn to contributor and lt. colonel allen west. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. let me read his statement on
4:17 am
al qaeda. he says, quote, brothers like usama bin laden and anwar al-awlaki are a great inspiration to me. i must be willing give up everything like they did. slave of allah. is this part of a trend or lone crazy person, do you think? >> no. this is definitely part of a trend, tucker. this is part of the ongoing war jihad. totalitarianism ideology. not centered on one individual. as long as we continue to have this ideology and it is promulgated not just in the middle east but all over the world, we're going to have these problems and these situations just the same as we saw in the boston marathon bombing there that horribly affected so many innocent lives. we have to be vigilant. and we have to understand there is sort of a stealth jihad that goes on when you look at the training materials of the fbi and the military. that are being purged because you have these islamic front groups of jihadist brotherhood
4:18 am
influencing policy decisions in the obama administration. >> scary. your former colleague sheila jackson lee democrat from houston, texas. said something the other day that gave a lot of people pause. she suggested giving unemployment benefits to people who are employed. listen to what she said. >> so we can't be only about ourself in this holiday season. particularly as we recognize that the pope being named man of the year has spoken to the world eloquently about this whole issue of the vulnerable. let us vote to provide for unemployment insurance for working men and women. >> the gentle lady's time has expired. >> you served in the spot. i would like to you translate. the pope was on the cover of "time" so we should give unemployment benefits to the employed. >> well, once again, you know, the progressive socialist led by someone like sheila jackson lee are definitely taking the elevation of pope francis as the man of the year to start
4:19 am
once again touting this whole thing about economic and social justice. but, what we have to be concerned about is that they are just seeking to expand the welfare nanny state, the dependency society instead of coming up with policies that are going to promote the economic growth of the united states of america and the individual. they were rather see the enslavement of the individual as part of a collective to government. and this is a very dangerous premise that we are on when you are trying to get more people to be wedded to government either by subsistence check or by employment check. and you see that with the rise of poverty in america. you see that with the rise of the food stamp recipients in america. so, this is a very dangerous tipping point in which we find ourselves in our country. >> but isn't it also tempting for people? there are a lot of all ofly poor -- people are hurting. certainly outside the coastal enclaves of wealth in this country, a lot of people are much poorer than they used to be. don't you think they would be tempted by an offer like this? >> well, the thing is when you do the economic analysis, you will see that that wealth gap has
4:20 am
increased in the obama administration. so, one of the key things we have to look at is our tax and regulatory policies that enable small businesses to grow. enable them to hire people. we should not have this gimmick of a $15 minimum wage because, once again, you are only going to cause more americans to lose jobs. and also more buyers to close up. but, it sounds good, of course. so we have got to get back to the basis of a fundamental economy that works very well. millton freidman has some great recommendations that i feel we're going against. >> colonel allen west, joining us live this morning. thanks a lot, colonel, appreciate it. >> can i say two things? happy birthday to my wife of 24 years, angela. >> oh, yeah. >> also, go army. beat navy. >> i'll endorse the first one anyway. nonpartisan on the second. happy birthday mr. west. thanks a lot. >> thank you, tucker. >> do bracelets like these look like trouble to you? schools now putting them on the banned list. they are obviously terrifying. we will tell you why. and is there dangerous lead
4:21 am
in your lipstick? and what's really lurking in your shampoo? industry expert reveals the secrets behind these beauty products and you ought to be pretty concerned when you groom coming up.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> get out the calculator. here are your news by the numbers. first up, $7.5 million. that's how much alabama head coach nic saudi arabia bin will -- sabbine will be paid per year. how many copies of bruno mars album sold since it was released a year ago. singer just named the billboard's number one artist of the year and he will be performing super bowl halftime show, am i right, kids? and finally 107, that's the age of two of the nation's
4:25 am
oldest living world war ii veterans. the two met each other friday in austin, texas. the meeting arranged by an assisted living facility. 107 years old. juliet? >> thank you very much, clayton. do you consider yourself a smart and savvy shopper? you may be but the beauty business could still be outsmarting you and costing you money. here to bust some beauty myths is chemist and blogger behind the beauty brains. is he also the author of a new book it's called as you see there "it's okay to have lead in your lipstick." which is a frightening concept to me. >> it is. >> we always hear about makeup products being dangerous for us and lead is one of the things that always seems to come up. >> indeed. lead is not a good thing. we don't want to naturally put lead into your body but lead is everywhere in the environment. it naturally occurs and it's going to happen. what you have to understand is the amount of lead in lipstick is so small that you would have to eat 15
4:26 am
tubes of lipstick a day to get enough to poison. >> you the myths here there is lead in your lipstick that people say well, no, even healthy ones, there is lead in your lipstick? >> that is a fact. lead in almost all lipstick. >> natural products are more safe. fact or fiction? >> this is fiction. natural products there, really is not a natural cosmetic. there is no shampoo tree out there, right? all cosmetics are turned into chem mickly turned into a product. natural products are not very much different than the regular products. >> burt's bees. >> it makes great products. but, you would think that these are natural products. but they are no more natural than the other cosmetics you are going to get. that's the story that burt's bees goes with. >> don't they have lead in some of their lipstick.roducts you could detect trace levels of lead. it's just in the environment. >> number three, if my product is more expensive it, will work better? you get what you pay for fact or fiction?
4:27 am
>> that is a fiction. one of the key things that you learn in the book it's okay to have lead in lipstick, is that beauty products, the cost of the beauty product does not reflect how well that it works. so you can save yourself a lot of money if you just look for the the least expensive thing that does what you want it to do. >> give me some ideas of products that you think are pretty compatible when it comes to how effective they are but not compatible when it comes to price? >> well, when you look in the world of shampoo, for example, we have got things -- if you look in the world of shampoo. can you spend $70 for a bottle of shampoo. it's not going to work measurably different than something that costs a dollar. >> number four, salon or high end products are different. than the ones that you can buy in, you know, like the save-ons and the cost costco and the cvss? is that fact or fiction? >> that is fiction that they're different. the thing is that the technology that used in expensive products and less expensive products is pretty much the same technology.
4:28 am
it's all about the brand and that's what cost the money. >> so you are telling me that there might be a warehouse that produces a certain product, let's say like a face cream, and somebody comes in there and they have -- they say they want to make a beautiful bottle and have the charge auto bucks for the face cream. you have that the same increed cents and cheaper that actually does happen? >> that actually does happen. >> that's horrifying. >> well, people like to spend money on beauty products and people want to spend more money on something that they feel is going to work better. >> perry, thank you very much for joining us today. and the book can called "it's okay to have lead in your lipstick," and answers to other beauty questions. >> we cover more than just lead in there. >> lots of stuff. appreciate it coming up next on the rundown, brand new developments in the mass stabbing outside the broncos stadium this morning. police revealing the possible motive. then, it's a christmas classic. you know the words perry, to this song? ♪ walking home from our house. >> grandma got run over by
4:29 am
the reindeer. >> do you know all the words? >> this morning we are talking about the christmas songs and lyrics that we completely botch. >> she has been drinking too much eggnog. ♪ and we begged her not to go ♪ but she forgot her medication ♪ and she staggered out the door into the snow
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
and now for your shot of the morning. you recognize him. >> look at that we have a whole bunch of his stuff out in our hallwayings, fox news studios. >> what better way to get in the christmas spirit than with some of these beauty beautiful santa artwork. steve pendly, jolly old saint nick holding the classic coke bottle. >> we will talk to him in the after the show show. >> if you want to order any of his paintings, go to steve and check them out. >> he does do really cool stuff. i love it. >> how good are you. i tweeted this out. dana perino said she would not be scared to take on this will that. can you handle it at home and one up us here. top five botched christmas songs.
4:34 am
you sing along with them but really faking it. [mumbling] >> here are the top five most botched christmas songs. we will play a portion of the song and then we are going to come back and see if you at home can name the next line. here is the setup. here is 12 days of christmas. listen. >> on the 12th day of christmas my true love sent to me ♪ 12 drummers drumming ♪ 11 pipers piping ♪ 10 lords aleaping ♪ 9 ladies dancing. >> what's the next. >> 8 lords leaping. >> 8. >> also 8 lords, too. >> 8 milking maids. so what's the correct answer? here is the correct answer. 8 maids a-milking. >> that one is misheard by 21% of people screw up that song. here is tucker's favorite song and holiday tradition at his house is grandma got run over by a reindeer.
4:35 am
>> i don't think i have ever heard this song. ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ walking home from our house christmas eve ♪ you can say there is no such thing as santa >> i know this. >> but between you and i we believe. >> >> but as for me and grandpa we believe. >> yeah. >> tucker, take it away. >> i believe that completely. >> is that the old dr. demento show. >> as for me and grandpa we believe. >> as for me and grandpa we believe. >> i was correct. >> this is one i can compete on, deck the halls, 14% of you mishear this song. so let's see how you do this time. ♪ deck the halls with the boughs of holly fa la la la la la la la la ♪ tis the season to be jolly ♪ fa la la la la la la la ♪ don we now our gay
4:36 am
apparel. ♪ fa la la la la la la. >> control the agent yuletide carol? >> what's that mean. >> what's the right answer? [bell] >> it's an internet term. >> here is the next one. this one is misheard by 14% of you out there. all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. let's bring in rick reichmuth. get rick in to see if you can handle it ♪ all i want for christmas is my two front teeth ♪ my two front teeth ♪ gee, if i could only have my two front teeth, ♪ then i could wish you merry christmas. it seems so long since i could say. >> rick, can you name that tune? >> yeah, can i name that tune. it's all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. >> you can name the next lyric? >>. no i have no idea what it is. >> i haven't listened to
4:37 am
kids bop in the longest time. >> sister susie sitting on a thistle. >> poor susie. [ laughter ] >> sitting on a thistle. >> that is a bummer of a. >> i don't even know what that means. >> we would love for our viewers to send us theirs this morning ff weekend on twitter. go to facebook page as well. what are the ones you screw up? >> exactly. hey, guys, it's chilly outside. the snow has gun here, take a look at st. louis missouri though. a live shot from st. louis video. we can show you there you go. getting about 1 to 3 inches of snow today. you are on the lighter end across parts of the plains. see some areas more than that about six inches. there is your live shot in st. louis as you are waking up this morning. take a look at thicker out of columbus, ohio. pictures where they are seeing some snow already. throw up the picture of the tweet. there you go. got some snow from s.j.
4:38 am
buckeye. keep sending pictures on twitters. put them on facebook page let us know how it is where you are. put the map into motion throughout the day. see the snow move in and the rain move in behind it later on tonight. but not before seeing some pretty good accumulation across the coast and very heavy accumulation across interior sections. a few spots up to a foot. down south a rain. a cool rain and some of those could be severe later on today. moving through georgia, florida, and the carolinas. texas another cold day for you. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. good luck out there. >> all righty. most of us know matthew morrison ♪ i may be right ♪ i may be crazy ♪ but it just may be a lunatic you are looking for ♪ it's too late to fight. >> you know that guy right there, he plays mr. shuster, the teacher, matthew
4:39 am
morrison very sweet lovely teacher there on the hit series glee, of course, now he is lending his voice to the holiday songs we love in the album we call "classic christmas." >> he sat down with our own michael tammera this morning. >> good morning. >> seems like a nice guy. >> he was. total gentleman. sat down with him in washington where he was rehearsing with the national symphony orchestra pbs special. classic christmas. companion to an album he released back in june where it all began. all kind of a standard done in his broadway pop style. we asked him, you know, what led him to do a christmas album. >> it is something i wasn't looking to do. we were finishing up where it all began. still had some extra time and juice left. so we christmas lights all over the studio it was in march. had you it to get in the christmas spirit a little
4:40 am
bit. >> how did you go about picking the christmas songs. >>. so songs that i sang when i was in a performing group, singing and dancing troop i used to do christmas caroling and stuff. o holly night one of my favorite songs. >> my favorite. it is my fav. both albums are produced by great fill ramon. from the ramons? >> yeah. >> macy pretty cool. what else did you talk with him about. >> glee is coming to an end. a lot of gleeks are sad about that we asked matthew. if he would consider possibly doing a movie. >> will you be sad to see it go? >> yeah it will be bittersweet we have created such a family especially after cory passing this year we have gotten closer. at the same time, i'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something else. i will have been doing this for almost seven years by the time we finish up. so i am ready.
4:41 am
>> good job security. so you are ready to move on. >> yeah. i'm ready to move on. >> do a glee movie? >> yeah just edit this part out. don't give anyone any ideas. >> >> you can catch our full interview in the fox latest celebrity buzz, guys, follow me at fox light michael. >> look at that picture of you, michael you won't be smiling about this one, parents your kids' braces about to get more expensive. what you can thank obamacare for. >> taking out anger on the web site destroyed his marriage. this thing is so creepy, this ashley madison web site? remember you were controlling that the other day? >> never been on. >> we'll be right back. ♪ achy breaky heart ♪ just don't think they
4:42 am
understand ♪
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
proof paragraph welcome back. 7:44 eastern. ban on bands. the craze among elementary school bracelets have been banned from two more schools. school officials in orange county say students are having way too much fun for playing with these in class. the bracelets have become a huge distraction. not so happy husband is suing the notorious affairs web site ashley madison. north carolina man doing. this he is claiming the site came between him and his wife and destroyed their love. his wife let member lover on the web site and eventually married him. the original one is seeking $10 million in damages. yikes.
4:46 am
clayton? >> government is targeting your children. smile may be -- priceless: nice to see you. >> nice to see you. good morning. >> what kind of impact is this going to have on consumers? >> this may mean that he they're spending more out-of-pocket on things like braces and eye wear for their kids. $2,500 cap on flexible spending accounts. preobamacare there was no cap on these accounts. some companies would cap at a thousand dollars a year now they are cutting that in half. >> break this down flexible spending accounts. you put money in ahead of time because you know you might need to cap this account later in the year. >> that's exactly right. >> flexible spending cap. itemized deduction hair cut? >> yes. itemized deduction hair cut. your adjusted gross income threshold preobamacare was about 7.5%. if you spent money out of pocket on medical expenses throughout the year you
4:47 am
could itemized deduction on tax return. the government hikdz that up to 10% now that's more out-of-pocket 38% on medical expenses. 28% at the pharmacy. 23% on dental expenses. break that down. >> consumers are putting away this cash pretax. so now the government is cutting in half what you are able to put away so they can tax you more every year. eliminate the treasury's use it or lose it rule this year. >> one good thing about these. because before if you didn't spend all of the cash that you put away, again, pretax, throughout the year, you would lose that at the end of the year. and now it's capped at 2500 adds year. but you can now carry over $500 to next year if you don't spend it. so that's one good thing for families. >> why limit what people can spend on this whole plan? >> well, this is one way to make obamacare cost less. because the government is now able to tax more of your cash.
4:48 am
so if you are putting away pretax dollars. that means it looks like you make less money year to year. now that they cap that they are able to tax you more. >> for more of kate rogers great reporting go to fox and read her stories. >> there thank you. >> have a great christmas. >> you too. >> do you need a last-minute christmas gift? you have done all your shopping. >> not yet. >> bass pro is here with items still have time to get. we will show them to you. >> baby, it's cold outside ♪ but baby it's cold outside. ♪
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we have a 1214 toyota tundra, what jd powers called the most dependable large pickup 7 years in the row. the next drawing is friday. then we also have at all of our stores, one at each store and on line, this awesome microsoft surface. check that out. so cool. we'll be giving that away as well. and -- >> wow, just another reason to go to bass pro.
4:53 am
>> this is the kevin van damme quantum real. normally -- right now $40 off so one of our last-minute christmas awesome things you can pick up for yourself. we also have right over here, our -- >> the stealth game contemporarily. you're putting that on the tree to see whether the deer are walking on your property. >> i would use it for security monitoring, it takes pictures, infrared. anytime its motion censored. you can use this for bird watching, anything. >> fantastic. this is something i want to get. >> i love this. it's a three in one weather station. this is where you can find out the barometric pressure, humid, all from the comfort of home. >> is it wireless?
4:54 am
hard to set up? >> it's in easy, set it up outside your home and you get yt this inside. >> temperatures, humidity, dew point, pressure. >> you name it. it should say 15,000 in one. >> you can't make a decision, you can always go gift card. >> even up to the very last minute, you can print one right from your home, so if you think of something, but also for christmas, all the way up to christmas eve, if you order before noon, you can get it on christmas day. you can have anything that you want shipped to you. they'll upgrade the shipping to you get it. last minute shipping, print from your house. 152,000 locations you can buy your gift card. don't forget this awesome jacket. warm, comfortable, wind resistant. these are our christmas specials. >> i think of this every time bass pro comes.
4:55 am
the raccoon, where can i get the raccoon? >> you know what? this is our special mascot. >> when you start offering those for sale -- >> if you come to santa's wonderland all the way to christmas eve, you'll see our raccoon as well as crafts, games, all kinds of prices and fun things to do and it's a great opportunity to register for the toyota tundra 2013 and microsoft office. >> every time you come, you feel like stealing the raccoon. i never do. >> if you get a bass pro gift card you can choose anything. i'm sure we have stuffed raccoons. >> let's figure it out on commercial. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next, getting ready to run for president and shake up the 2016 race. governor mike huckabee will join us to clear up the rumors. what does the perfect
4:56 am
christmas picture look like? this is not it. we'll have you shoot like a professional photographer coming up.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning, everybody, it's saturday, december 14th. inspired by osama bin laden. new details on the man who wanted to drive a car packed with explosives straight into a u.s. airport. the obamacare care mess getting worse. why isn't the press mentioning this? governor huckabee is standing by on that question. >> this just in, what the pope and the super bowl have in common. the answer just a minute away. fox & friends hour three starts
5:00 am
right now. >> we wish you a merry christmas and happy new year from fox & friends. >> it's all the people working here. >> the judge is the best. this show is halfway over. do you believe that? welcome to the third hour. it happens before you know it and before you know it, this show will be over. get a cup of coffee, sit down in front of the television. >> snuggle in your bed. >> snuggle up. we're going to show you some fun stuff. i was going to reveal it. >> governor huckabee is there. >> he'll be up in just a moment. we have headlines. >> new overnight, the teen who opened fire in colorado high school out for revenge. 18-year-old karl pierson stormed the school asking for one teacher by name, straysy tracy murphy.
5:01 am
pierson was kicked off the team and suspended in september after threatening murphy. murphy a haled as a hero by running out of school to draw the suspect away. pierson turned the gun on himself. >> it was pretty scary. there were two shots in my classroom. so we heard the screaming and ran for cover and our teacher locked the door, and i saw my two best friends and we -- we tried to stay calm. >> the cover of the denver post, simple headline that reads: again. school is just a few miles away from the scene of two other deadly rampages. the aurora movie theater shooting and columbine. this comes one year after the shooting in newtown: , connectit
5:02 am
at sandy hook. a vigil was held last night to remember the innocent lives taken. this morning several place in newtown will ring bells 26 times, one for each victim. the white house will as observe a moment of silence. >> 58-year-old terry lohan arrested and charged for planning to blow up of the wichita airport. his inspiration, osama bin laden and al awlaki. he worked as an aviation technician and planned to use his access card to leave a car of explosives. >> he planned to die as a martyr. he studied the layout and took photographs. he researched flight scheduled to determine the maximum number of individuals at the airport. >> lohan has threats in the past
5:03 am
against the u.s. and was on the fbi radar since early summer. what does pope francis have in common with the people. social media about this. pope francis and football topped the list, the pope winning out worldwide. the pope's rein on social media started in march and he continued to make headlines through the year beating out royal baby and miley cyrus, thank god, to be the most overall most talked about topic. those are the headlines. >> our civilization is crumbling if it was mile sire. >> the packet they was a poe -- fact they was a potential candidate -- >> i don't know if that was true. >> i think it was. >> the magazine nobody reads except in the dentist office so i don't think there's any question.
5:04 am
>> you're "time" magazine and facing demise, if your most famous staffer is jay corner, you're excited -- >> you hate time as much as -- >> i don't hate time, it's just a pathetic shell of it's former self. >> he reads it in the dentist office but hasn't been there in six years. >> best teeth in television joining us for the weather. >> you're so funny. people wake up just to listen to tucker. awesome snow across the great lakes. 58 inches in redfield, new york. lake-effect snow. ins not lake-effect, this is from the storm moving into the area and i didn't hit maya maya my clicker. the bigger storm is in the deep south. we'll see this turn into snow
5:05 am
across the ohio valley. we've been getting pictures of snow across illinois, indiana, and ohio. a little area will see six inches. far towards the east, this is where we're going to see the winter storm warnings in effect for much of new england. parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania. we'll see snow in the central appalachians. snowfall totals, 6 inches around indiana but the heaviest of this is going to be across new england and some of the ski areas picking up 12 to 18 inches. great news for them. even better news, the coastal areas won't see that much and that's good for transportation and people trying to get around. >> good job, over there. >> thank you, mike. >> all right, mike. >> rick tracking snomageddon. governor huckabee is joining us. >> good morning. >> christmas tie.
5:06 am
>> i only get to wear it once a year. >> does it play music? >> no, i may be corny with the tie but i don't go that far. i do have my limits. >> let's talk about obamacare this morning. interesting delay just occurred from december 23 to 31st so insurance companies have 14 hours to the -- what could go wrong? >> we're learning the insurance companies will be hit and we'll see a anytime -- net loss and the applications are a mess. they'll have to bear the brunt. >> the whole thing is a disaster, we don't want government running the healthcare system. it's a reminder we don't want government running anything we can get someone else to run. we've spent $14,000 per
5:07 am
enrollee. if you take $677 million and counting on the website, 4.5 billion on promotion, just to promote it. imagine spending 4.5 billion to promote a movie nobody went to see. somebody would get fired. we've spent 4.5 billion dollars promoting a product nobody wants and we've spent $14,000 per person to go into the theater to see it. that ought to tell us line. it was going to leave more
5:08 am
people uncovered and covered. if we want to take the 15% of the population that wasn't coffered, why not focus on them? we up ended the entire healthcare system, more expensive, fewer choice, access more prestricted -- restricted, not less, those are the being effects of obamacare and you could see it coming when you have the government dictating everything from reimbursements to the type of care and also when you start saying, no limits, no preexisting conditions, and you start making things free. it can't cost less. >> what do you make of kathleen sebelius being peppered and sticking with the party line. she says -- i think the statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of americans in the health insurance market. >> when you dig yourself into a
5:09 am
hole, stop digging. this administration got more shovels and dug deeper. maybe they believe there's a moment at which americans say we just believe them. but we don't. we believe them less and less every day. the more they talk, the more they tell us things that are not true and everybody sees it. it's remarkable. >> to the extent we can't find out what's happening. they kept a nontransparent. the latest controversy, the white house press corps and photographers in it. the white house prevented anybody from taking pictures of obama unless they work for the administration. >> what a wonderful way to control the media. people need to be frightening -- not crawl under your bed fear, but a free press is the watch guard of a free society. if the press is not free, neither is the culture and society and neither are the
5:10 am
people. what we're getting close to a government-controlled media, almost like prafta where the government tells you what you can see. it's scary and defies everything we have. i would love to have have had an access control when i was governor and said the only pictures you can plush in the paper are the ones my photographer makes. you would never see shots that looked unflattering or shots from the podium that was horrible. the only ones you will ever see on the internet of me, by the way. >> wearing funny hats. >> don't go there, tucker. >> i don't know. >> this is christmastime. don't do it. but i think that every politician would love to control every word and photograph taken. that's now -- >> when the associated press complains about not having access to the president -- >> pictures are historic.
5:11 am
>> confucius says pictures are worth a thousand words. why would you let the press tell your stories in pictures? a responsible press wouldn't. and they won't and they should not. >> jay carney was asked at the podium,ing wanting to know what happened to transparency. here was his response. >> dozens of media organizations wrote to you about this recently. what substantive steps are being attack? >> hasn't it always been okay for a white house photographer to take pictures? >> all the hours, there was not possible for one second? >> guys ... >> whoa. >> he can't defend that. he can say haven't you always had white house photographs? of course, but you also always had access for photographers to come in even when reporters couldn't and there couldn't be sound. we call it b roll. the point is you can go in and get shots because that tells the story, the body language, how
5:12 am
close people might be leaning into each other. whether or not they're taking selfies in a stadium that's supposed to be a memorial service. those sort of candid photos tell a important story. >> that's the picture i would like to see. >> i guarantee you if the white house controlled the photo of michelle obama looking like she could kill everybody else in that shot, that would never have been released. >> the governor will stick around. we've got more questions for you. is the governor getting ready to run for president in 2016 and shake up that race? what happened this week that has everyone talking about governor huckabee? >> plus, if you're going to rob a store -- not that anyone would -- make sure the owner isn't a trained cage fighter. the move he used to take down the bad guys caught on camera.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
washington is looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election. the question everyone was asking this week, is for huckabee going to jump in again? the governor says, before you answer, let me weigh in. i'll say this is my favorite segment every weekend, 8:00 a.m. eastern on saturdays. you join us. and i hope if you run for president you still do this segment. >> that would be perfect. >> are you running? >> that's not a question i'm prepared to answer. am i open to it? of course. it's something you got to look at. i'm concerned about the country, i'm concerned about whether or not we're going to get back to the place people get elected to governor, not just scream. we're falling apart as he country with debt but my goal is get through the 2014 election
5:17 am
cycle. for me, it's getting a senate elected with a republican majority. we have to put harry reid in the back of the room. you talk about how early it is and we heard rumors about chris christie and carl rove. you could wait until september. at what point do you make a decision about 2016? >> a lot has to do with what happens the next year. not only in the senate and house elections and governor elections but whether or not the mood of the country is moving toward wanting to have more polarization or pragmatic government. it's imperative we decide we want to move forward. we're not going to get it all the at one time. politics is a process, not an event. you don't just have a moment
5:18 am
where everything happens like you want. >> you can understand people stirring are pot the way you ended your radio show. that raised eyebrows. >> it gives me more time. it was eight or nine hours a day plus commentaries. i'm still doing those three times a day, plus fox and other projects. it was consuming me. if i'm going to consider other option, i've got to have time to do that. >> you're talking about righting the ship when it comes to the problems in the country. what about you personally as far as the things you go through, turmoil you go through as far as deciding to run for the president of the united states? we know you immediately -- it's a different level as far as the attention and the criticism and scrutiny. >> the good thing is i've been through it before and i understand what to expect. it's like sticking your face in the blade of the fan. >> you've done that before? >> even if you win it doesn't
5:19 am
end well. i've always said if you can't stand the sight of your own blood, don't run for office but at the same time i believe that so many people are willing to talk about the process, talk about what should be done, not willing to get their fannies out of the stands on to the field. get their jerseys dirty and play the game. i've done talk radio and television but the fact is it's not as hard as governing. it's easy to talk about it but having governorred 10.5 years, i wish it was as easy as i can make it sound. >> "the washington post" has a piece on you and your potential run saying great guy, great candidate but you don't like to raise money. >> if anybody likes to beg people for money, that problem probably was a carnival barker. this is not the -- >> not a good sign. >> the other part of it, super
5:20 am
pacs transform the process. it used to be you had to beg 2500 bucks at a time. now with super pacs, if you find a few that fund you in a big way, the game has changed. there are a lot of differences that weren't true in 2008. >> we saw one person able to keep gingrich's campaign going. great to see you. who is coming up tonight? >> we have have and announcement. january 27th, almost the biggest majority of the kaneset in talk about the auschwitz. it's going to be an extraordinary experience. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. merry christmas to all of you. >> thank you for pledging to stay with us no matter what you do. >> absolutely. >> thank you for the tie. what does the perfect
5:21 am
christmas picture look like? this isn't it. we have an expert who will have you shooting photos like a pro when we come back.
5:22 am
5:23 am
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welcome back. quick headlines for you. here's what happens when you try to rob a store owned by a trained cage fighter. the knife wielding thief was caught in a chokehold after trying to swipe cds. when police arrived he was charged with felony robbery. >> no oner in the megamillions and the jackpot is $550 million. the numbers were 19,, 124, 26,
5:25 am
27, 70z. >> i had a lot of money in that. no time like the holidays to capture the special moments with loved ones. how can you get the best out of every photo you take this holiday? here with us, matt sweewood. >> people make the same mistakes routinely. now we have cell phones napping photos. this is the first are violation. >> people take pictures with cell phone smartphones. that's not good for a picture we need for a memory. we use them all the time. i brought an example of a modern camera. people complain they're big so this is a small camera, $600 and replaces the big dslr. >> even if you don't have one of
5:26 am
these great cameras. and i'm going to show one off tomorrow, here's an example of a photo that, even with a smartphone you could do a good job if you fix add few things. here's a bad photo. >> first of all, the standard mistake is the tree's coming out of the child's head. so you don't want that. partially cutting off the stocking in the background. the child is not dressed appropriate. you put the child in front of the tree but it doesn't have a christmas feel. the other thing that really people do a lot is it looks like the child's terrified. you want to take a property trait of somebody in a natural position. >> a big thing also is people take photos standing above the children. with children, you have to get to eye level. here's a good version of a child photo. >> that's right. this is also an example of where better cameras will allow you to defocus the background. getting low and close and having the child in a natural setting -- also notice the way
5:27 am
the child is dressed, it's a theme for the holiday. >> even shooting in raw and doing a little bit of post processing with adobe to bring out the eyes or add more color to the face. another example, everyone's out, it's snowing on the east coast and people take these shots. >> anybody's kids. you can't get a sense of motion. move your body and get down low and do something that creates drama. look how the sun is used, the low angle. you can defocus the background again with a better camera. you can also get down low like i said and pan. so you move with the moving object and that allows the person to be in focus and everything else to blur. >> let me ask you a question about this. people would say i'm going to get a blurry kid in this photo. is someone able to flip this to an automatic setting?
5:28 am
a lot of cameras have a sports setting, focus on the eyes and flip it to a sports getting absolutely. we run an education program but you can put the cameras in sports mode or choose a faster shutter speed. >> let's do lights. people are going to see lights. in fences, you might go -- pennsylvania, you might do with to christmas village. the pictures are bad. >> the camera sees the bright lights but doesn't understand there's grass and a house and that makes the picture interesting. to get a better picture, you need a tripod and timed exposure. >> this is key. you're not going to get this sort of rich light if you're not using a tripod. it's very difficult. >> absolutely. >> unless you're shooting a burst mode. >> even still it's difficult because the camera's still fooled. you need more of a manual setting. a trick is to rest the camera on something but you typically
5:29 am
don't have that kind of environment. you need a tripod. >> or use your kid and rest the camera on their head. >> yeah u tell them to stay still. >> check out unique photo. >> we have a big event, the new jersey camera show all day today and to. then there's classes. it's an awesome event. >> send your photos if you take his techniques to heart. we'd love to see your christmas photos. coming up, a stunning case out of texas. a teenager kills four people after drunk driving. his lawyers tell the court he's a victim of his parents' wealth and a judge agreed. was justice served? we're talking about, yes, a goat. it's in our studio. how this one goat could save an entire family in need. we'll tell you how you can help when we come back.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
president obama attend nelson mandela's memorial service in south africa. hundreds of world leaders and president obama said it felt strange to listen to them in person rather than eavesdrop on their phone calls. to see them talk was so odd.
5:34 am
>> you pour through the transcripts. >> new details about the retired fbi agent to vanished in iran in 2010. fox news confirmed bob levinson was on an unauthorized mission set up by the operatives in the cia. elizabeth, what do you know? >> good morning. after "the associated press" released the report robert levinson was working on a cia mission in iran the white house responded with what we've heard in the past. he was not a u.s. government employee when he went missing and there's an investigation into his disappearance. jay carney had this to say about the surfacing reports. >> i'm not going to fact check every allegation made in the story you referenced, a story we believe was highly irresponsible to accomplish -- publish and we strongly you should the outlet
5:35 am
not to publish outs of earn concern for safety. >> several analysts were involved in an off the books program and several didn't even know they were gathering information for the cia. levinson could have been part of this. the last we've seen of him was a photo of him about three years ago. the levinson family who received more than $2 million to prevent a lawsuit says the u.s. government failed to make saving this good man's life the priority it should be. some have done their duty in efforts to find bob but there are those who have not. the unapproved program resulted in eight people fired or reprimanded. >> back to you guys. >> thanks, elizabeth. they have abandoned this guy. the fbi took his hard drive from his house and they didn't look
5:36 am
at it for a full year. news organizations have known about this since seven and kept it private. his family urged them to make it public. >> the "new york times" had the story and sat on it. when they heard from the family, they put it out. for jay corner to say -- >> we're negotiating with iran but this guy is still in captivity. >> i'll explain what this is or ellen will explain what i'm wearing. the headlines this hour, pennsylvania prosecutors say charges are coming in the death of a college freshman, john deng, killed after a fraternity ritual went wrong. cops say he was fatally hurt after running a gauntlet with a heavyweight on his back and being knocked unconscious during a retreat in pennsylvania last weekend. authorities are asking more fraternity members come forward as they gather information about
5:37 am
deng's death. chilling allegations about the man accused of faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial. a south african news station the man who stood feet from president obama and other world leaders was charged with murder ten years ago along with other serious crimes. it's unclear if he ever spent any time in jail. south african officials are investigating how he got security clearance for the event. he pled guilty to drunk driverring in texas killing four and injure nine others but instead of jail, a judge gave 16-year-old ethan couch ten years probation. he blamed his affluent up bringing arguing he was never taught right from wrong from his parents and the judge agreed. it was called the affluenza defense. >> it's outrageous, this kid didn't just kill four people, he
5:38 am
mode them down. now he's going to malibu and ride ponies and make christmas ornaments. >> what would have happened if the kid was the poor? there's a lot of justice lacking. >> to say the least. the texas attorney general is looking into whether the case can be appealed. >> rick reichmuth is out in snomageddon. >> it's coming down. we have people from florida here. they brought the snow for us. thank you very much. we're happy to get it. take a look at this cool picture from columbia city, indiana. these are pig me goats and they love the snow. if you keep watching for another 45 seconds it will be more iron nick. you'll see the snow going on, rain to the south. the rain will be heavy at times and we could look at a little bit of severe weather across
5:39 am
florida and then snow that stretched from illinois and maine. back to you inside. thank you so much. if you are looking for last-minute christmas gift ideas, why not give a goat? it could save a family in sudan. that's the mission of goats for the old goat. joining me is the founder of the organization, ellen radner and peter johnson junior who every year donates the goats to families to help out. nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> how does this program work?ar there were more people killed in the south sudan war than rwanda and cambodia. there are still people in slavery so as they come down we give them a goat and a sack of hope and you get your name in front of it with the goat.
5:40 am
we're the only group that gives people a picture of the goat. your goat picture within the year. this year we have something -- >> absolutely, ellen realizes it's in important to help people across the pond but also make people self-sufficient in the united states. so many are profoundly disabled who need to be integrated into society. seniors with strokes, wounded warriors to your organization will make proceeds go to make people independent who aren't profoundly disabled. not phony disabilities. >> people in the u.s. >> people who can't get around and need to be integrated into society. i'm delighted to contribute. >> the hearts are made by women in post traumatic stress disorder groups. >> how can people order the hearts. >> goats for the old i'm the old goat. i did it for my 60th picture
5:41 am
and they get a picture of the goat. >> how does a goat help an entire family? >> our women and men eat every other day. the milk does not have to be homogenized. we found out women who had been in slavery, the protein levels were to low it didn't measure on the test. >> i love it because ellen is the essential american liberal but this is american exceptionalism at its best not only helping people abroad but at home that need our help at christmastime. i love ellen and this is so great. this goat has behaved. >> it is. >> this goat, this is an active goat. pat the goat. july yet was talking to him and ellen was singing. >> i love you goat, you are my goat ♪ ♪ you are my only goat >> hey, for more music, go to our website and contribute. go to and it
5:42 am
will be there. you can buy the heart and provide a goat to a family. >> and sacks of hope. >> all there on the website. and singing. >> and americans that need our help. profoundly disabled. >> coming up, this picture of giselle bundchen burning up the internet. is it acceptable to breastfeed in public? moms debate it next. is that still a debate? how is this for a christmas card, nancy reagan and mr. t. our next guest with stories about christmas tree with ladies.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back. it's such a great time of the year. decorations are out at 1600 pennsylvania avenue for another white christmas. how did the other first ladies decorate the white house when they called it home? there you go. i thought we were going to see books all day. joining us, the author of christmas with the first ladies, colleen christian burke, also on the white house decorating team. they all have different styles and bring those to the table. >> yeah, they bring their style and personality to the table, which is fun. we get to learn about our first ladies through decorations. >> let's talk about michelle obama. >> this year's team, the decorations are spectacular. if you can get there, get there. the theme is gather around, your family, your stories. >> ever since jackie kennedy there's been a theme. mrs. obama decorates with pale
5:47 am
pink and blue. it's the meaning of the season for her. >> let's move on to jackie kennedy. >> our style icon. jackie started the whole thing. she said if we're going to have thousands of people over, let's put thought into it so her decorations were minute miniature. you see the kids performing the nativity for jackie and jack. christmas morning with the kennedys. >> it wasn't like -- opulent. they were more downplayed. >> yeah. low key and it's changed over the years. you can see we've become more commercial. >> betty ford was crafty. >> she was very frugal. looking for a simple christmas. >> people didn't love that. >> no, she got criticized for the decorations but also for spending. she spent $1,600 and you would have thought she committed the crime of the century. it was too much money. >> boy oh, boy.
5:48 am
>> nancy reagan. >> the sky's the limit when hollywood combination to the white house. it was about glitz and glam and she knew how to pose for a photo. she knew the photo opses. >> she had willard scott, larry hagman and mr. t. >> my favorite. mr. t. >> and laura bush, you decorated with her. you had a lot of one-on-one with her. >> i was honored mrs. bush had me as part of the team. i was shocked how hands on she was. shelfed the snow -- she loved the icicles. it was too much, to little and we did it until she got it just right. >> so she was difficult? >> no, she was lovely. >> the gingerbread house is the show stopper. they're one upping themselves. it's 354 pounds. this year they made an entire
5:49 am
white chocolate gingerbread white house. >> send it down to the studio. >> coming up. less people are saying i do and it's turning into less money in the paycheck. breaking down the numbers of the great marriage divide. then this was not supposed to happen. this was not the dress code of the day. this was a politician trying to give a speech and make his point and -- ugh. yeah, that's what happened. oh, boy.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>>. >> welcome back. president obama made income inequality one of his top priorities. >> lack of upward mobility has jeopardized middle class america's basic bargain, that if you work hard you have a chance to get ahead. >> he's right. the income gap is real, but it's due in large part to fewer people getting married. that's not something you're going to hear from the president. a recent survey shows only 51% of the adults in the united states are married. there are now more unmarried women in the u.s. than married. that's never happened before. it's a huge change from 50 years ago when 70% of the u.s. adults were married. >> joining us is sheila weber, editor of national marriage week. what do you make of this marriage divide? >> we need to be talking about it. politicians don't want to talk about it. we have a huge decline in marriage and especially seeing
5:54 am
that the middle class is now veering into family patterns that are going to lead them into a lower class situation. if you're a high school dropout, they are having 83% of their first born babies out of wedlock. if you finish high school it's 58%. if you graduate college, 12%. the higher educated are attaching marriage to their child bearing. we are not talking about situations where people, women get themselves in unexpected situations. it seems we are veering toward intentional child bearing without being attached to marriage. this is not good for children. the research is so clear children benefit most from having their mother and their father in a married state raising them. they have less trouble with the law, less teen pregnancy, less addiction, perform better in
5:55 am
school. this younger generation is now showing signs that marriage is disposable and dispensable. under the age of 30, women, 53% of their children are being born outside of marriage. this is the underage 30 women, 53% of babies are born outside of marriage. we believe there needs to be a campaign to explain the benefits of marriage and how people can have more success. i think they are afraid but there is marriage education across this country. that's what national marriage week usa is all about. it's february, the week leading up to valentine's day because we are spurring marriage education we like to see it in every town across america for people to get the help they need and leaders to make it more available. people can learn how to have more success, but for the next generation as we are raising our younger children, they need to cast a vision they can have successful marriages. >> some people don't feel they are cut out for marriage though.
5:56 am
some people don't feel they can hack being with one person the rest of their lives and be happy and have children and have the children be raised in a positive environment. >> we would like to get the word out to people that research shows that married people really are happier and they live longer lives and healthier lives. deep down people want life long lasting love. there is false thinking that people don't need each other and men and women don't need each other. we want to spin a different story that this is something that is attainable. in the long run, it is rewarding, even though we may have lost some skills. we need to increase our relationship skills. >> there are many individual exceptions, but overall the numbers, married people are a ton richer. >> they have more financial stability. it's better for the nation. we are spending $112 billion a year on divorce. some sources say closer to $300 billion a year.
5:57 am
>> sheila web e. >> that's why larry king keeps trying. >> doctors unloading on capitol hill about the obamacare mess. >> the great tragedy are the tens of millions of americans and hard working american families that have been suffering emotionally because of the uncertainty that the law has created.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, it's saturday december 14th. snowy saturday here in new york city. inspired by bin laden, brand-new details on the man who wanted to drive a car packed with explosives straight into a busy u.s. airport. >> if at first a lie doesn't work, lie, lie again. >> statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of americans. >> hhs secretary quadrupling
6:01 am
down. does anyone buy it? we'll tell you many. >> gisele sparking a heated debate. over this multitasking moment. breast-feeding and multitasking. is she sending the wrong message? we will debate it. "fox and friends" hour four starts right now. >> debate what? what message could see send that is bad? >> hash tag multitasking. she is getting waited on. >> that's like an oreo cookie. everything in it is good. >> maybe the self part of it's bad. >> cast the first stone, clayton morris. >> give me a break. it is snowing outside.
6:02 am
we are tracking snowmageddon. there are a few flurries out there. >> a few? new overnight, the teenager who opened fire inside a colorado high school was likely out for revenge. carl peirson stormed the school asking for one teacher by name, the debate team coach tracy murphy. according to local reports, peirson was kicked off the team and suspended from school in september after threatening murphy. when he came back, peirson was still furious at the teacher. murphy being hailed a hero after he ran out of the school in an attempt to draw peirson away from students. did he manage to shoot a 50-year-old who is now in critical condition before turning the gun on himself. today marks one year since the shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. at this hour, several places in
6:03 am
newtown will ring bells 26 times, one for each of the 20 children, six administrators gunned down. the white house also observing a moment of silence. we'll bring that to you live at the bottom of this hour. a terror plot foiled in the heartland. 58-year-old terry lohan arrested and charged with planning to blow up the wichita airport. his inspiration osama bin laden. lohan worked as an aviation technician for the airport and planned on using his employee access card to load a car with explosives and leave it at a terminal. >> he planned to die in the explosion as a martyr. he studied the layout and took photographs of various access points. he researched flight scheduled to determine when there would be a maximum number of individuals at the airport. >> lowen made violent threats
6:04 am
against the u.s. and had been on the fbi radar since the summer. a night at a hockey game turned into a surprise for a family. >> the family got their very own g.i. joe action figure. their son private first class matt has just returned home. >> i love their reactions. he came home for christmas. he was a christmas gift wrapped during intermission at a philadelphia flyers game. he is a wield vehicle mechanic stationed in korea and was due stateside just before the holidays. those are your headlines. >> there is one gift no one likes getting at christmas time, a fruit cake. insurers are going to be open 0ing up a whole lot of fruit cakes. >> you're going to be left
6:05 am
holding the bag. they are going to have a net loss come december 31st, setting up chaos in the insurance market because that deadline has been moved the 23rd to the 31st giving them all about 15 hours. it's a holiday. all of these insurance agents are going to have to get these people up and running, making sure they are covered the first of the year because the government is telling them to do so. >> it's a complicated process. >> the rational is to keep people covered. in october and november a grand total of 364,682 people signed up for insurance through the exchanges. during that same period look how many saw their insurance plans canceled, about 6 million. so 300,000 gained but 6 million
6:06 am
lost. that is the fruit of obama care to date. a sad irony. >> and a fruit thread being woven throughout this point. it's not about the insurance companies. we shouldn't weep for them. they were in this whole process from the start. you're seeing a problem now because the government takeover of private industry. listen. >> the plan b which is what's happening right now is nationalizing health care. the pretense of obama care was, oh, it's a private system. we are not nationalizing. insurers are independent companies. look how obama and the administration are ordering out around the insurers as if they are wholly-owned subsidiaries of a government. the issue isn't whether you care about or having compassion about the insurers. they deserve everything they have gotten. the issue is do you want to live in a country where a federal government controls all of medicine, all of health care, which is where we are now?
6:07 am
that's what's wrong with obama care. we are seeing that in spades. >> at the end of the year all these organizations love to compile their biggest list. the "time" magazine cover person of the year. sexiest man of the year, tucker was in the running. lie of the year done by they chose this one as the biggest lie of the year. "if you like your plan, you can keep it." it's not a lie if you keep repeating it. kathleen sebelius was asked, was it a lie? here is what she said. >> i think that the statement about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast
6:08 am
majority of americans in the health insurance market, what we know is that we also design the implementation of the affordable care act to make sure that plans that were in place in march of 2010 that kept the same benefits in place didn't shift cost to consumers. >> this is last night, by the way. this wasn't three weeks ago. >> the president has said repeatedly this has been a mistake, a lie and was walking it back. the fact his own secretary health and human services coming out not listening to the president's admonition that it is a lie doesn't make sense. >> lost in all this debate are the outcomes. the point is to deliver better outcomes to keep people living longer, healthier, happier lives at a lower cost. no one is addressing that. we've given up on that, all the attention focused on the
6:09 am
process. people are losing sight of the fact that we are going to get worse health care. >> over 5 million people have their policies canceled. focus on that fact. not trying to defend what is on obvious lie. >> more of that later in the show. first to rick who is tracking this massive storm that is crushing the east coast. >> it just started. there's two inches on ground. >> you can see people not taking selfies outside. >> it's a storm, not snowmageddon, not a huge one. this is a significant storm. the cold air is in place. 9 in caribou, 25 in new york. heavy rain across parts of the south. we might see severe weather today across the panhandle of florida. definitely heavy rain could cause localized flooding. we are seeing snow from parts of illinois stretched through parts
6:10 am
of southern new england. a big swath there. it will get heavier as the day goes on, especially to the east. in across parts of the ohio valley, we'll see a few areas with six to seven inches of snow. parts of st. louis is seeing up to seven inches of snow. winter storm warnings in the northeast. we'll watch bigger accumulation in the interior areas, the catskills and the berkshires. some areas could see 18 inches of snow.
6:11 am
>> the tragedy are the hard working american families suffering because of the uncertainty the law created. >> that doctor says we need to scrap the whole thing. >> this was not in the dress code. what one politician got so fired up about that he had to strip down to -- that.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
a panel of doctors unloading on capitol hill this week as they testified about obamacare. >> it's nice to carry a plastic
6:15 am
insurance car to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to access the care. >> none of what you're seeing and are about to see is unforeseen. the affordable care act's problem is not computer site. >> the great tragedy are really the tens of millions of americans and hard working american families that have been suffering emotionally because of the uncertainty that the law has created. >> one of those physicians is an orthopedic surgeon dr. eric novak. >> thank you for having me. >> you're a practicing physician. what impelled you to go up to the hill and testify? >> as the three of us said, this is all about trying to be able to get the people here in arizona that i take care of and doctors and other health care providers all around the country the ability to get access to care to patients who needed i
6:16 am
lowering costs turn out to be force. >> many say this is scare tactics on the part of republicans, that doctors are unsatisfied with obamacare. that this was not going to hurt you and drive doctors away from wanting to practice medicine. what do you say to them. >> the great tragedy we've seen over the last couple of years is how you ask people who are in medicine if they want their own children to go into medicine, overwhelmingly now people in medicine aren't anxious for their own children to follow in their footsteps. most importantly, this again is not about me. it's not about the other doctors or nurses or other people in health care. it's about can we provide the surf yits to the patients that they need and meet the needs of those families? increasingly it's becoming more and more difficult to do as decision-making power is moving away from patients and families and more to politicians and their croneys. >> someone has to pay for this
6:17 am
stuff. insurance companies made a deal with the obama people. how long before doctors find themselves in the crosshairs and find they are going to have to pay for obamacare? >> one of the caveats in the law is that there is this 90-day grace period for insurance. if people don't pay their premiums, it will appear to hospitals and physicians that they still have insurance from day 31 to 90 in that period, but apparently the insurance companies have no responsibility to actually cover that care. so increasingly doctors and hospitals are going to be on the hook. what does that uncertainty mean? increasingly physicians and other providers are going to be less and less likely to even be willing to see patients who have insurance through the exchange. >> exactly. that is well explained. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you so much. coming up on the show, gisele sparking a debate over this multitasking moment.
6:18 am
breast-feeding while others are doing her make-up for her. should she be taking credit for multitasking? we'll debate it next. hi. i'm henry winkler.
6:19 am
6:20 am
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call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! welcome back. it's :21. gisele is heating things up. debate sparked from a picture of her breast-feeding on instagram with the caption reading, "what would i do without this bermuday squad? after the 15 hours of flying and only three hours of sleep? hashtag multitasking." joining us now to weigh in are the moms from good to have you guys here. >> thank you. i'm going to keep my mouth shut.
6:22 am
you know from my catty intro there i'm not thrilled with this whole multitasking thing. what is your feeling about it? >> you're one of the few that actually agrees with me. i have said i think it's elitist. i think she was trying to prove a point and i don't think she did it very well. most people, she is not multitasking. she is breast-feeding, i understand that, but having her hair and make-up done. mothers do not operate that way. >> if she was breast-feeding and blowing her hair dry. the thing that annoys me, it just annoys me that it's so out of touch with the rest of the world. you are shaking your head. >> that is multitasking. that is her job. she has not become the biggest super model while sitting on her bum. i breast fed while typing. if you don't like the photo, don't follow her.
6:23 am
that is something she put out to her followers. that is great for working moms in the work place. they don't accept enough breast-feeding. there aren't lactation rooms. more companies need to recognize there are moms breast-feeding when they return to the work place. let's welcome that. >> i think people are missing the point. i don't have a problem with her breast-feeding or posting a photo of breast-feeding. it's not multitasking. she is getting ready, she looks beautiful. >> i'm sorry. that is multitasking. she can't walk down the runway and have her photo taken without everything -- >> bring the baby down the runway. >> let me throw one here. the comment hashtag multitasking, that's fine. the other thing, 15 hours of flying, only three hours of sleep.
6:24 am
i guarantee she was on a jet in first class or her own private jet. then we throw the multitasking. >> this is a working mom. this is her job. >> no one is debating that. if she is trying to do ha point there is a way to do that. >> if i were a television producer, i wouldn't have the opportunity to breast-feed my child in the news room. did you breast-feed in the news room? >> i don't have a kid. i don't know. >> i worked in many places where people were able to breast-feed at work. i think it's a controversy. i think she obviously is trying to prove a point if she brought her baby down the runway or is playing with her kids on the side, that's multitasking. that is not how you multitask, that is not how i multitask. it is not how the country
6:25 am
multitasks. >> you know the history of gisele. there is still a problem with people accepting breast-feeding in this country. this is very near and dear to her heart. >> do you guys get along in real life? >> we are best friends. >> you should hear us on our siriusxm show. tough love. did you hear the jane fonda foundation has $800,000 in the bank but hasn't made a charitable contribution in the last five years? what you need to know before giving your money to charity. we'll talk about that. he was just feet away -- see this? the sign guy. feet away from the president. now we are learning horrifying things about his potential criminal past.
6:26 am
6:27 am
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6:29 am
a fox news alert. a live look at the white house where president obama and the first lady are coming in about to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of the newtown, connecticut, school shooting, marking the one-year anniversary of the tragic day when 20 children and six administrators were gunned down. the first family lighting 26 candles. they are doing that right now, one for each of the victims killed.
6:30 am
6:31 am
a moment of silence being observed by the president and first lady. at this hour several places in newtown, connecticut, ringing bells 26 times. one for each of the 20 children and six administrators gunned down at the elementary school, sandy hook elementary.
6:32 am
it's hard to believe it's been a year. chilling new allegations about the man accused of faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial. wait till you hear this. a south african news station reporting the man who stood just feet from president obama and other world leaders was charged with murder ten years ago and other serious crimes. it's not clear if he spent time in jail. south african officials are investigating how he got security clearance at that event. brand new details about an american who vanished in iran six years ago. robert levinson was part of an unauthorized mission set up by rogue operatives in the cia. their lawyer saying the former fbi agent was investigating suspicions that iranian government officials were laundering money through canada when he disappeared in 2007. the u.s. government still insisting levinson was not a government employee when he went missing.
6:33 am
the mission resulting in a $2.5 million payout to his family and at least eight people being fired or reprimanded. a group of atheists taking the war on christmas to a new low. it was high up in times square saying nobody needs christ during christmas. american atheists put this billboard up in times square. the discussion is getting very heated. the head of the organization got in it last night with hannity. >> christmas is better without religion. >> christmas isn't christmas without religion. >> it absolutely is christmas without the religion. sean the point we are trying to make is that there is a whole bunch of people out there for whom religion is the worst part of christmas, but they go to church anyways and we are here to tell them they don't have to. >> religious groups are responding with their own billboard.
6:34 am
to our atheist friends, thank god you're wrong. all right, folks. talk about violating the dress code. a mexican congressman strips down to his underies in protest of an energy bill. he shed his socks, suit and ties saying the legislation would, quote, strip the nation of oil. despite his strip tease the legislation passed. foreign private firms will now be allowed to invest in the industry and drill for oil and gas the first time in 70 years in mexico. those are the headlines. >> i believe in the brotherhood of man. we are not all the same. we wear different underwear with. that was not american underwear. >> yeah. that looked like a speedo. let's have rick analyze this. >> i've done a good job. we have a great crowd out here for a cold time. you brought this with you. >> i guess guilty. >> how did you handle that
6:35 am
incredibly cold weather you got last week? >> it's terrible. we like a little bit of snow around the holiday time. makes it feel like christmas. >> right. at least this is happening on a weekend. you can stay inside and don't have to be on the roads hopefully. we'll show you what the day is going to look like today. we'll see the snow continue to pull in to the northeast throughout the day. eventually you see that rain from the south. that will move in towards the philadelphia area and by the morning towards boston. a lot of that snow in the coastal areas will melt. interior sections getting about a foot of snow. we'll see the rain showers across the south heavy at times. in the northern plains, we'll see the snow start out across chicago, down toward peoria, illinois. it will be gone by tonight. the cold air remains.
6:36 am
temps are going to remain cold all week long. across the west, get ready in southern california. santa ana wind event brewing. we'll see the threat for fire conditions down there tucker, we'll send it to you inside. >> thanks, rick. shopping days until christmas are running out fast. if you still need to buy something special for someone special, why not give them the gift of the perfectly grilled steak? here is the fifth generation family owner of omaha steaks, which is really in omaha and a genuinely cool company. >> it's great to be here. i wanted to show you a little about tips for perfect grilling. i've got a steak here. we'll blot it dry and cover it with a little olive oil. we'll season it to taste. this is the omaha seasoning.
6:37 am
the big trick is to know how long to cook it for. if you go tole our website or app, you get perfect grilling time. this is 1 1/4 inch thick and will take about ten minutes. six minutes on the first side and four minutes on the second side. we turn it once with the tongs. never a fork. after i flip it the first time, i will season it the second time. we've got an interesting appetizer which is grilled filet mignon crostini. whipped cream cheese, roasted red pepper pesto. then top it with sliced filet and little bit of roasted pepper. >> that is ridiculous.
6:38 am
i can't eat on camera. but i will eat it off camera. >> you can make about 60 of these. >> you can get all this stuff delivered to your house in time for christmas. >> this is called the favorite gift. it's $100 savings off the normal price. our big bold top sirloin steaks, four pork chops, perfect for grilling, you can broil or pan fry them. eight burgers made from our steak trimmings. these are the burgers everybody in the family loves. twice baked potatoes and caramel apple tartlets. these are apple pie, cinnamon, caramel. this whole package $49.99. we can still get it there by christmas. >> that's unbelievable.
6:39 am
i'm going to get it. simon, omaha steaks. >> go to omaha it's all there. >> thank you. >> did you hear this about jane fonda? the foundation has $800,000 in the bank and hasn't made a charitable contribution in the past five years. what you need to know before giving your money to charity. how about not giving it to jane fonda. first to neil cavuto. >> say it saint snow. if all this wicked weather is putting a freeze on the holiday shopping season, then what? while bundling up, santa is meting. this new ad by global warming activists has everyone hot under the collar. >> with obamacare enrollees coming up short, is everyone about to get rolled? get ready to pay for that patdown thanks to congress.
6:40 am
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test test
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quick headlines for you. tucker what asking me what's going on with nick saban? renewing his contract saying that's where he could finish out his coaching career. he is expected to make up to $7.5 million per year. students at lehigh university came up with the most elaborate beer pong set-up ever. administrators suspended the school's fraternity after the photos appeared online. they are facing several offenses including irresponsible distribution of alcohol. that's innovation. >> a new report finds jane fonda's foundation has not made a single charitable contribution in the last five years despite having $800,000 in assets. so with this time of year being one of the biggest for giving, what you need to know before donating to charity. we turn to ceo of charity
6:44 am
navigator. rule one is don't give to jane fonda. is this legal? >> it could be technically legal because if you give one donation over that five-year period and then averages to 5% per year of the money, could you get away with it. it technically may be legal, but the spirit of what a foundation is supposed to be doing is defied by this logic. >> not adding to the public good. >> that's right. >> we get hit up from people on the street, tear-jerking television ads. how do we know what's for real? >> three core things to look at to answer that question. first is the finances. which is a perfect example here. you want to see the money is going for the mission of the organization, that it's a worthwhile mission. look at governance. in the case of the fonda foundation, jane fonda is the president, chairman, director, secretary and treasurer. you want to see a diverse board that is in charge of it.
6:45 am
where is the independence, the skills to make the decisions? the third thing that is also important is the results. money may be going to the cause but is it quality programs and services? if there is zero programs and services being funded, that's also a problem. >> i thought i could assess the last one. how is the average person going to find out how the finances are managed in a charity? >> we find it's the third that's the hardest, to get the results data. we gather that data at chari charicharity navigator. every organization of a certain size charity has to file annually. it's a legal document. we take that data and analyze the finances for people when it comes to governance, it shows
6:46 am
who is on the board, what are their skills. we like to see at least five board members. we've seen a number get in trouble when it's friends, buddies, a couple of people. madonna got in trouble with her friends from the kabila institute. >> so what are the best charities in your view in the country? >> there is great news. there are many wonderful charities. one we recommend is the fisher house foundation, which helps veterans and has really done an outstanding job. we strongly recommend them. second is feeding america, which oversees about 200 food banks that serve poor children and senior citizens throughout the united states that need support. a third we recommend is direct relief international. they are a great organization that provides medical assistance and other support in emergency situations around the world. >> and does it directly.
6:47 am
not all do-gooders are actually doing good. >> that's for sure. most people give from the heart which is where it should start. they often think charities are created equal when in fact there are some fantastic charities and as we often see unfortunately some awful charities. some are rip-off artists that are out to scam you. it's important to just do a little research to protect yourself from those kind of problem situations. >> you all make it easy. head to their website or head to ours, fox and thank you ken berger. that is a public service. bass pro is here with a list of hot items and you still have time to get them before the 25th.
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♪ that song from "glee cast." i love that. we are counting down to christmas, do you still need to do last-minute shopping? look no further. the black widow is here, one of the greatest, one of the greatest pool players in the whole world.
6:52 am
>> i had no idea, that's incredible. >> hello! >> thank you very much. >> she has last-minute gift ideas, but the kids, if you want photos, what if you have not done photos with santa. >> i want you to think about how cold it is outside, it's getting close to christmas, we have family homes, come to santa's wonderland. bring your family to bass pro shop where they are have games, crafts, incentives, a free photo with santa, the whole thing is creating precious memories with your loved ones. get waders while you're there. what is this, i want one? >> this is duck commander plug in play. that goes right into your tv meaning you don't need a console, software, just plug it right in. awesome. >> and you can shoot ducks? >> it's a duck hunting game. >> you can blast your way to lots of fun with your family. >> i love that. >> what else do you have?
6:53 am
>> the imagination adventure series. now they've got several different kinds, but what i love is the idea that we can get our kids back to just using their imagination again. and this is hours of fun. they are just going to get all caught up in just having so much fun. very rugid, very tough, tons of fun. $34.95, something like that. >> affordable. >> what do we have here? >> this is the thing to talk about. road kill summer sausage. and this is something that you can bring as a gift, you can serve it at parties, you can have your own road kill party if you want. >> tell me what's in it. >> okay, all right. wild boar, this is what you want to tell them, wild boar, elk, antelope, rabbit and beef. it's delicious. >> i can say we have been tormented by the smell all morning. it's awesomely gamey. >> tuck her? >> i don't eat on camera, that's my rule, but i'm going to sniff it.
6:54 am
>> that boar is incredibly delicious. now, the most perfect gift you can ever give someone is the gift to choose your own present, if you are not sure what to get them or let them choose themselves, go to 152,000 retail locations and get the perfect gift, which is a bass pro gift shop gift card. it is rated number one. >> the insight on this one here, this is the one that i would like to receive. >> exactly. >> she doesn't come with the card. >> it's rated number one because it's replaceable if lost or stolen, it never expires, it's something that you can use up exactly. that's pretty surprising, right? never expires. you can get it anywhere. you can use it on the phone, at any retail location, up online, this is very good, actually. >> really spicy. >> just remember that christmas eve, christmas day, somebody comes in that you weren't expecting, you didn't get a gift for them, get online to
6:55 am and print your own gift card, boom, done. >> all right. thank you so much. >> more "fox and friends" coming up soon. ♪
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okay. pay attention to this. you heard us talk about this earlier on the show, the unusual christmas gift that could save thousands of lives or of the entire family of goats. this allows you to buy goats to give to the south sudan. they provide milk and cheese and can fertilize crops.
6:59 am
for more information on how to donate, let's see if we can overload their servers. go to see it right there? i tweeted about it as well. >> buy a christmas goat. do we have one more song? >> we have one more song. these are lyrics you screw up with christmas songs that you think you know but you don't. we got to four out of five. >> this isn't easy. "frosty the snowman." >> this could be tough. ♪ >> back in the city. >> in that old silk hat they
7:00 am
found. >> does anyone know if that's like the fourth verse of that song. >> same as "stairway to heaven." >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you to julia for being with us. see you tomorrow morning at 6:00. paging doctor? i mean, uncle sam. new signs the complete government takeover of health care is gaining traction. this week the white house hiring john podesta to be part of the inner circle. and this week a new bill calling for universal health care is being introduced. is the complete government takeover on its way? i'm brenda butner. this is bulls and bears. here they are, tracey burns, jonas max


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