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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  December 14, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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>> that is it, everybody. have a wonderful weekend. thank you for watching "forbes on fox." we continue with "cashin' in" and my buddy eric bolling. stay tuned. desperate time calls for desperate measures. white house calling for celebrities to get young people to sign up for obamacare. and the video to sign up for obamacare. if you think the sweater you got last year stunk, wait until this year. they are priding parents to give gift of obamacare to the adult kids. then say it ain't so, santa? greenpeace using santa to terrorize the kids. there is no alternative but to cancel christmas. >> cancel christmas? no way! by the way, could they get any lamer? leave the kids alone.
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plus, 'tis the season to be snooping. n.s.a. is spying on their kids through the xbox. not playing games here. "cashin' in." watching out for your family starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "cashin' in." wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle fields and join williams. take a listen to this. >> ♪ we'll cover your dibbles ♪ ♪ i'm in the ol' office, call me president barack ♪ ♪ president barack >> the healthcare is the shizzle. >> there is nothing cool about higher premium. no music video can change that. i thought this was supposed to be the affordable care act, though we were all going to think was amazing.
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if this is so amazing why do they have the celebrities trying to support the law and get the adults to buy it for the adult children for christmas? this is a terrible law. this video is terrible. >> you know what? you think of things that sell themselves. you think of the iphone. do you ever see adam levine or rap video or lady gaga selling the iphone? it sells itself. a good product. >> you certainly don't see the government facilitating that. government doesn't urge people or require people by law to buy the iphone. they don't hire the nanny to promote they seek out services voluntarily because they provide a value to the lives. but obama thinks that free people, certainly free markets are idiots. we can't tell a good plan when it's right in front of our face. they hire the rappers and the nanny and sports stars and adam levine to convince you that government force is good. americans are smarter.
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>> people picked out a plan, we don't know if they paid for it. they are pushing the goalpost back. the deadline was december 2. if now december 31. the healthcare law needs help. >> they had a bad rollout. they are trying to smooth it out so there is no car crash on january 1. let me say, i can't believe what i heard from michelle and jonathan. they just put down a whole advertising vie in america. we are not supposed to advertise good products? if it's good product you don't advertise in of course you. do it's smart for government to get out here and try to get young people involved with the healthcare. >> the point is if it's so good you wouldn't need to sign up adam levine, the world's sex unanimous -- the sexiest man alive.
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>> wayne, your thoughts on this? i know your makeup artist the last few weeks weighed in on obamacare. cover california says give the gift of obamacare to your adult kids. your thoughts? >> what you said is the fact they have to go sell it is insane. if it was good, everybody would want it. it's not good. it's not working. so they got to go sell. i now they employ people like that rapper to go sell it. that is insanity, too. why don't they employ you or me? this is crazy. bad law. they can't do anything about it. they have to go and sell it. there is no way to do this. there is another -- >> go ahead. >> juan, also, always conveniently confuses the economic force with the political force. economic force is the power to trade., apple, all the companies that we love and treasure. government is political force. that is the power of the gun. to michelle's point, they're
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able to use our own money or transaction to make us do something the we don't want. it's not in our best interest. like getting your family to convince you around the christmas table that obamacare dictatorship -- >> go ahead, juan. >> this was a law passed by the u.s. house and the u.s. senate. signed by the u.s. president. it's the law of the land. therefore -- >> it's unpopular. >> juan, juan, juan -- >> this is the law of the land. >> excuse me, excuse me, juan. excuse me, the 18th amendment was passed by the president, passed by the house, passed by everybody and was certified by all of the states. it did not make it a good law. they had to reverse it with the 21st amendment. don't tell me just because congress passed it or the supreme court that makes it good. i may make it terrible. >> hold on, hold on. >> let me do this. i want to really focus in on some of the things that came out this week. now that you are allowed to give a gift certificate of obamacare. can you imagine something opening something at the
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bottom of the tree it's a gift certificate. we have a picture of that. the other thing, i'm going to you, juan. harvard study. i want to bring this up. millennials, 45% say they are unlikely to sign up for obamacare when 22% said they are likely. 2 to 1 they are unlikely the sign up for obamacare. that is millennials. there is a big problem in the healthcare law. >> you are making a huge mistake. a lot of those 20, 26-year-olds, young invincibles can stay on their parent's plan or the obama plan, whatever, the school plan. that is why they are saying they don't plan to sign up. >> that is the problem. no one is going to sign up because they can stay on their parent's plan. >> michelle, it's the very plan we're talking about that says young people can stay on their parent's plan. if you have a preexisting condition it will be covered. >> why do they need the young people to sign up through exchanges. they are not going to. >> why do you say that? >> what is the fundamental issue here.
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advertising, the cock-a-mamie -- this is demeaning to the country and the office. this is ridiculous, the hip-hop and the nanny and all this -- this is gauche. >> i never had this thought about you, jonathan, but you are anti-capitalistic. you're saying that advertising is bad? how is advertising bad? >> we are talking over each other. >> try to make you understand that government force is good. it's not. >> so now the obamacare, or the obama administration told us they need you to sign up. they need a lot of youth sign up. they need 40% of the enrollees to be under 35 years old. is there any doubt in anyone's mind here that metric will never be met? >> yeah. i think it will be met. >> two reasons. first of all, there are two reasons. number one, it's cheaper for them to pay the penalty. than is it to sign up for things they do not need. that is number one. number two. there are young people who can be -- listen, i can get myself adopted so that when i'm 26
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years old i can stay with that family and be covered by their policy. why should i sign up for another policy? we just get adopted and be part of this. >> i would adopt you, wayne. >> leave it there. juan is adopting wayne. my gosh, i can't imagine what that household would be like. coming up, in the middle of a deep green, greenpeace is using santa to suggest that global warming is going to ruin christmas. are you kidding? >> my home in the arctic is fast disappearing, urgently. then i have to warn you, the possibility of an empty stocking.
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oh i boy. sorry, kids, santa might cancel christmas because of globalng. greenpeace spreading the holiday cheer with creepy messages to our kids. take a look.
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>> children, regrettably, i bring bad tidings. for some time now, melting ice here, the north pole has made our operations our day-to-day life intolerable. and impossible. and there may be no alternative but to cancel christmas. >> note to that fake santa. the average december temperature in the north pole this year is minus 101-degrees. that seems a bit cold. wayne, are these alarmists officially out of control? >> well, eric, look he is a candidate for bad santa. i'm cold here sitting in the studio. that's why i've got on my hat and everything. i'm getting ready to go out
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and ski. that guy is smoking something funny. >> someone might be smoking something funny on the show today, mr. wayne. [ laughter ] >> well, as soon as juan adopts me, i'm going to be okay. the ice in the north, in the arctic is up by 60% over last year. it shows you how much the guys know. nobody really knows. you know, whether patterns are so diverse. they can't -- weather patterns are so diverse, they can't do it with a computer model and they are guessing at best. ice up 60% from last year. this is all -- >> so, john -- go ahead, john. >> all the greens have is emotion. every prediction they have made about humans' impending demise has been wrong since the environmental movement was called the ecology move in the the 1950s. reality, the more fossil fuels we have used the better man's
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life, all man's life has become. and in reality, this bleak impoverished dystopia is the green adjustive. they talk about earth hour. everybody turns out the light. don't eat meat. don't run gas. don't use electricity. this is their objective. everything we love about christmas is the decoration, the light, and the food. that requires the use of the earth. >> you know what? christmas is for the kids. it's about the kids. this is just cheap. cheap shots, taking shots at the poor kids. they want christmas. they don't care what the temperature is outside. >> wow! i can't believe we just turned this from all the climate change deniers who know nothing. if you ask scientists it's overwhelming. they say yes, we have global warming. greenhouse gases cause this. in this country, the united states say we're not sure. we don't know. >> hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it right there.
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>> kind of strange. >> stop it. >> oh, man. >> as you well now, we have done this before on tv you can't just throw that out there and expect to us say yeah. the globe is warming and a lot of science. the science hasn't prove that. >> i'm saying if you ask people who are -- >> that is not fair. >> scientists, if you ask scientists the people who are in the know they say it's going on. but you and i -- >> michelle -- >> how do you explain that the icecap increased 60%? >> hold on. michelle's turn. >> the united nations came out with a report in september that says that the planet hasn't heated up for 15 years. antarctica had the lowest temperatures recorded on planet earth. in december, washington, d.c., we had the lowest coldest november in decades. you know, i don't know where you and your pals get this idea that the planet is warming. you no ewhat i think? after the show, we have to get juan in shorts and sandals
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gand out in the freezing cold. see how much he likes this global warming he is talking about. it's freezing here. >> wayne, this is about the kids. we can debate global warming until we're blue in the face. weigh in on using santa claus to threaten the cancellation of christmas. >> as i said, that guy should be a candidate for the next movie called "bad santa." he is not a good santa. that is for sure. he makes it sound so terrible. no, the kids, the kids, if it's -- christmas is about kids. they ought to get rid of that thing right away. it's not effective. >> before we go. can we pull up the full screen from april, 1977. april 1977. "time" cover. "how to deal with the coming ice age." ice age. juan, in the mid-'70s that were worried about the cold, not the global warming. >> look, i am going to tell you something. what you have is worry, but the fact that santa is saying children be aware of what is going on in our world.
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our environment. >> scientists, if the scientists so conclusive, why do they use imaginary character to make the point? in reality, everything we love and treasure about christmas, the decorations, food, gifts requires man's use of the earth. >> they are going after -- >> they are anti-mankind. >> michelle, last night. >> they are going after children because children don't understand the issue. and the adults that do understand know that global warming is a bunch of garbage. >> all right. we leave it there. way to button up the segment. thank you, michelle. if you are planning to give your kid an x-box for christmas, listen up. you may be giving the a gift, too.
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coming up -- 'tis the season to be snooping. n.s.a. is at it again. this time they spy on something your kids use every day. this is awesome. showing why we should be more
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hello. i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. a lot of folks coping with another shot of miserable weather that is affecting a big part of the country in this hour. people across the midwest and northeast will be hit with several inches and in some cases a foot of snow. all of this makes for roads and travel delays. storm spreading across thousands of miles in several states. we will get the latest from rick reichmuth in a few minutes. there is a lot of questions surrounding the motive for student at a colorado high school that open fire and wounded a teenager before the young gunman killed himself. we have the latest on the
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investigation at the top of the hour. john speaker john boehner take aim at the tea party critics who don't like the budget deal. what will the tirade have on the divided g.o.p.? we have mike huckabee. that and a ride on the snowball express. that's coming up in ten minutes. parents putting x-box under the tree, beware. the n.s.a. is using the gaming system to snoop on the conversations between the players they think terrorists may use it to communicate with each other. but with x-box sales soaring the holiday season, will they also be spying on our kids? jonathan, start with you. i think there is, i think there is a fourth amendment situation going on here. >> are we cracking down on the legend of the cell? are we at war with donkey kong?
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i don't gettism president is cool with iran enriching uranium but not cool with me playing "duck hunt." i don't understand it. this is invasion of privacy and this does nothing to keep us safe against jihadist. >> my 15-year-old son plays "call of duty." sometimes most of the country is playing at the tame time. we should be careful to allow the n.s.a. to do this. >> it's invation of privacy. unless they believe a person is aer the rostist or suspect, they shouldn't have the right to the this. knowing the government workers i wouldn't surprised if this didn't come up from guys at the n.s.a. looking for an excuse to play video games by
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the taxpayers. this is a stupid idea. >> i don't play xbox. my son does. a couple of months ago we talked about the n.s.a. having an ability to turn on your camera on your laptop or smart tv. i worry about this. i am a father. you are a father. are you not worried about this? >> no. bah humbug. worry about terrorists. about people blowing us up. i'm amazed. i'm a libertarian. i believe -- >> libertarian? >> what? >> i'm a libertarian on privacy right issue. >> we can't let you get away with that. >> let me finish what i'm saying, you guys. >> you can't say, "i'm a libertarian" and i'm okay with this. >> i am a libertarian. i believe in privacy. if you think it's just xbox, you have laptops and computers and you're all looked at because we're afraid of terrorists. >> i'm not approving that if i'm a libertarian. go ahead.
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>> why? >> well, because juan is right. the following sense that there is everything. >> the invasion of privacy has gone so far, and the government can get in, listen, the constitution was drafted to protect people from the excesses of their own government. that is what is going on. the government, constantly reaching in to our private lives more and more and more. another example of it. >> very, very good and accurate everyone. great segment. thank you, michelle and juan for joining thus week. coming up, duck the halls? cast of "duck dynasty" using the fame and fortune for good. santa would be proud. so will you. >> ♪ merry christmas ♪ happy, happy, happy new year ♪
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time for what do i need to know for next week? wayne, you're first. >> i like e.t.f., eric, pst.
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to protect ourselves against the rising interest rates. jonathan has been on the theme for some time now. i think he is absolutely right. soon eor later when the tapering and all of that stuff, resolves itself, the interest rates will go up. >> very good. agree there. go ahead, john, your turn. >> a stock that is popular. this is an exchange traded note that goes up when the partnership goes down. worth a look. we'll leave it there. before we go, "duck dynasty" breaking cable tv record for viewers but more than good tv, they are good people. they took time to visit our brave soldiers in the uso holiday tour camp in afghanistan. the robertson brothers thanked the troops for their service and we at "cashin' in" want to thank all the military
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personnel who risk their lives day in and day out to enjoy freedoms this great country offers. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts as well. five." ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. this is america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital. i'm uma pemmaraju. a lot to talk about, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ the g.o.p. behind closed doors infighting is out of the bag and in full view. >> there comes to a point when some people step over the line. >> is there a feud between the house republicans and the tea party conservatives about to boil over? governor mike huckabee will weigh in. and does he have news of another possible white house run? plus new, in the case of the marine penalized for the political correctness. he warned officials of an insider attack. and is now facing some tough charges that could end h


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