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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 14, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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personnel who risk their lives day in and day out to enjoy freedoms this great country offers. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts as well. five." ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. this is america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital. i'm uma pemmaraju. a lot to talk about, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ the g.o.p. behind closed doors infighting is out of the bag and in full view. >> there comes to a point when some people step over the line. >> is there a feud between the house republicans and the tea party conservatives about to boil over? governor mike huckabee will weigh in. and does he have news of another possible white house run? plus new, in the case of the marine penalized for the political correctness. he warned officials of an insider attack. and is now facing some tough charges that could end his
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career. we get on the snowball express and show how this group is bringing joy of christmas to the fallen heroes. america's news headquarters starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> but first, to a developing story with new details emerging at this hour. about the motive in yesterday's tragic high school shooting not far from denver colorado. that attack ending with one student critically injure and the lone student gunman dead. place are saying that teen shooter was likely out for revenge. the latest now from will carr, who is keeping close tabs on the story. will? >> hi, uma. we know 15-year-old girl shot is in critical condition and the authorities say the alleged gunman is 18-year-old karl pierson. this is what they say happen. pierson burst in arapahoe high school holding a shotgun and
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say he may have been targeting a specific librarian who is also the speech and debate coach. apparently pierson was on the speech and debate team. and when the 15-year-old girl came across pierson's path, that is when authorities say he shot her. and when the shots rang out, it sent more than 2,000 students in the school running to hiding. >> we heard the gunshot and we got in the corner. the lights were off. we heard him yanking on the door. then we all tried to stay as quiet as possible. then we heard a pause and more gunshots farther down. >> authority say the targeted teacher left the school. and apparently a couple of minutes later, pierson turned the gun on himself and took his own life. we tell you that last night authorities searched his home and they look for mote i here to figure out if it was revenge that motivated him to go to the school with the shotgun. we can tell you that students say that pierson was nice, and
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very smart and a gifted debater and many say they were shocked that he actually went in and started shooting in to their school. as for the response, uma, we can tell you that authorities say things went very well. ever since columbine, they now have what they call the active shooter response, where they don't wait for other authorities to come. they go straight in when the first gunshots go out. they did that yesterday. they said it went very well. uma, to let you know, this is eerie. if you think about this, the shooting happened eight miles from columbine high school and happened 15 miles from aurora, where, of course, the infamous movie shooting -- movie theater shooting a couple of years ago. >> sad story. will, thank you for the update. >> turning now, the attention to the winter blast that is hitting a large section of the country at this hour. people in several states; particularly, in the northeast, bracing for several inches of snow.
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places like assuigo county, new york, seen several inches of snow and more is on the way. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joining us now from the fox weather center with what we expect in the next several hours. rick? >> more snow. the snow is the lake effect snow they have this week and not at all to do with this storm system we are talking about. 58 inches of snow. five feet of snow this week across the shore of lake ontario. cold air is solidly in place across the north. across areas of the northeast. zero degrees right now in car boo, maine, gives you an -- cariboo, maine. look at indiana and illinois and toward ohio. we see it pred across the northeast. tonight we see the snow get heavy. there is a big change.
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areas across across northeast, coastal areas will see the snow we deal with turning to rain. it will keep the snow levels down from new york city to boston, expect to see three to five inches of snow accumulate on the coast. the interior sections are where we will see a few spots over a foot. that is good news across the ski areas. if there is one bright part to this, it's that a weekend. people can stay inside. >> absolutely. a lot of white stuff on the way. all right. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> here is something that might give you a reason to pause. your private cell phone conversation can be exposed by the national security agency. a new document obtained by the "washington post" revealed the n.s.a. capabilities to crack encryption codes. molly henneberg has more with what this means. >> there is a type of encryption developed in the 1980s and used in the vast majority of the cell phones worldwide ; specifically the phones using 2g technology
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that the n.s.a. is able to crack. meaning listen in to conversations and read text messages. that is according to the "washington post." a secret document by the former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden and says they can break that encryption. the n.s.a. is prohibited from eavesdropping domestically on the u.s. citizens but can eavesdrop on people overseas. the agency told the "post" -- "throughout history nations used encryption to protect their secrets and today, terrorists, cyber criminals, human traffickers and others use technology to hide their activity." the intelligence community tries to counter that in order to understand the intent of foreign adversaries and prevent them from bringing harm to americans and allies." part of the concern here is that americans may be targeted by outside intelligence groups. matthew blaze, cryptologist expert told the paper, if the n.s.a. knows how to do this,
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presumably other intelligence agencies which may be more hostile to the united states discovered how to do this, too. this comes out at a time that the white house is just received results of a presidential task force, looking in to the snowden leaks. the activities of the n.s.a. that report arrived at the white house yesterday. now the president team will determine what and how much to make public. >> part of the process that the president asked for is one that will allow us to be as transparent as possible. initiate reforms. they can give people more confidence. >> the obama administration says the white house review of the results will be done in january. and the president will make some remarks on this top ib. uma? >> thank you.
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with the continued problems tied to get folks to sign up for insurance on there are deadlines approaching to make sure folks get coverage by january 21. december 23 is now the deadline to enroll in obamacare if you plan to have you or your family covered as the new year begins. a lot at stake for the white house as the roll-out moves ahead. joining us now, fox news political analyst juan williams. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> we learned this week that the numbers, the roles are creeping up to more than 300,000 or so. what does that mean in terms of getting folks to get on board and the stakes that the white house at this time? are they in panic mode as the deadline looms? >> i don't know if they are in panic mode. the roll-out was so disastrous it took time to register people.
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produce the 7 millionkeeping that the congressional budget office predicted by the end of marm. what we are seeing now, they make the changes to healthcare, the healthcare law to try to smooth the transition past that january first date where they imagine the next big crisis looms. when people can't get coverage or sign up to find out the insurance company doesn't know they sign up. more people apply for medication and prescription drugs and find they can't get it and scream bloody murder. >> that a big point. something we found out in a big way. how do you think they will solve that? >> they are putting pressure on the insurance company to extent the date by which people register or pay for insurance coverage. they allow them to go out of the network for doctors and other medical attention, hospitals and the like, past the january 1 date.
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to avoid political explosion that comes with another big problem. >> we had doctors this week testifying, saying that they are at odds with knowing how they treat their patients if they don't know if they are if the people have the coverage. if they are on the hook for the cost of getting paid. doctors or the hospitals themselves because they're not sure. >> we will find out. talking about a population in the individual market you are not sure how it will play out. what you are seeing is an effort to say to insurance company make it as easy as possible. cover everybody in the interim period. the change is dramatic and it could be negative for so many people it could botch the deal. this churning that is going
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on, with the doctor, patient, prescription drug is small percentage of the overall plan. if you are poor and you are on medicaid, or ellerly on medicare. most people have health insurance through the employers. they are not affected. for this segment, there is a huge problem. >> a political note, at what point do you think we'll see more democrats running away from anything tied to obamacare? break ranks as the election get closer? >> if the insurance companies say we didn't get 7 million but we have young people and variety of people and it will hold together and work. democrats then will feel comfortable and confident. if it doesn't, you will see exodus and the christmas season, white tailed deer and doe heading for woods.
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>> great to see you. thank you. >> festive in the christmas tie. >> i'm a christmas guy. you know me. >> merry christmas. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> we have updates for you on the problems tied to the international space station. all astronaut wants for christmas is a spacewalker two. now there is news he might get his wish this week. news that two cooling pump on the space station occurred because of a bad valve. they are considering the spacewalk to fix the problem. the experience is -- he said he is more than ready. meanwhile, ambitious new contender in the space race. short time ago. china successfully soft landed a probe on the moon. this is the first lunar landing in four decades and puts china in elite company. only the u.s. and the former soviet union accomplished a feet. it's carrying a six-wheeled
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moon rover that is called jade rabbit to separate later today and roll off and explore for three months. u.s. scaled back on the space exploration, should we worry about china pulling ahead. tom jones is on the phone with reaction. great to have you here. >> what is your reaction that china is joining the group of those who landed on the moon? >> it's great they are exploring the moon and showing interest there. i hope it revives interest here. exploring it to follow up on the apollo astronaut discovery from four years ago. this is the first vehicle landing on the moon since the late 1970s. this should wake us up. it could help us lower the cost of exploring the space overall. >> interesting news that china is accomplishing a great feat like this. but psychologically, do you think that folks at nasa are wincing a bit, knowing we
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haven't had space exploration on the moon in 40 years? >> i think we should be waking up to this and paying attention. the obama administration canceled the plan to return to the move in this decade five years ago. since then we have done orbital mission but no plan to go to the surface. maybe this is an indication that it could be competitive arena or we might pay attention to this. if we can't duplicate what the chinese has done it now, it means that the chinese taken over the technical lead and planetary exploration here. we would be wise to follow up with the space station partners for example and put down a consortium that could duplicate the feat and follow up on what the chinese are doing. >> tom jones, great to have you here on your thoughts on what is a big day for china. >> thank you. >> take a look. you are seeing video just in to fox, volunteers laying wreaths at the arlington
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national cemetery to honor the nation's fallen heroes. for 22 years now, the organization reached across america, placed the remembrance wreath on 100,000 headstone of veteran. the annual search is just one of many held throughout the country to celebrate wreaths across america day. today is one of the few times a year where members of the armed forces will fight against one another but not in the way you might think. we are talking about an old rivalry. the annual army-navy game. this year marks the 114th time the two teams have met. the navy won the last 11 games against the army cadets. the snowball express has taken off and is now in full swing. you are looking live at fort worth, texas, at a wonderful event providing fun and families of fallen heroes. the snowball express flies in 900 to 1,000 families to
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participate in weekend of christmas festivities. later on in the show we will speak to an organizer of a big event and one of the families that is experiencing special christmas joy this year. still ahead, governor mike huckabee will join us. we'll ask him what the war of words between the house speaker john boehner and the party mean for g.o.p.? plus, rumors are swirling around. find out if he plans to step back in the political arena. plus, the latest on new information emerging about what retired f.b.i. agent robert levinson was doing in iran when he went missing seven eyears ago. we'll have a live report. later in the show we'll tell you why three years after border agent terry lawson lost his life, his family is still fighting for answers. >> three years have gone by
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and we still wonder why.
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but hurry, sleep train's interest-free for 3 event is ending soon! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back, everybody. well, itest been nearly seven years since former contractor robert levinson went missing in iran. now we learned he was on an
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unofficial spy mission when he disappeared. elizabeth prann joined us live on more what he was investigating and the white house's angry reaction to the story now coming out. >> that is right. hi, uma. the white house responded with much of what we have heard in the past. levinson was not a government employee when he went missing in iran. president secretary jay carney said this about the surfacing report. >> as there is an ongoing investigation in the disappearance, i won't comment further on what he may or may not have been doing in iran. i won't fact check the allegation in the story you referenced that we believe was highly responsible to public. >> after the "associated press" released this report, former f.b.i. agent robert levinson worked on unapproved c.i.a. mission in iran, the sources confirmed several analysts were involved in off-the-books collection
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program and some cases the operatives didn't know they were gathering information for c.i.a. levinson could have been part of collection program of that nature. the last we have seen of him is the proof of life photo showing a frail and unkept captor three years ago. the family vied more than $2 million to prevent a lawsuit responding to the reports in part saying it's time for the u.s. government to step up a take care of one of its own. after nearly seven years the family should not be struggling to get through each day without the wonderful caring man. that we love so much. unapproved program run by a group of c.i.a. analysts resulted in at least eight people being fired or reprimanded. back to you. >> thank you very much. this week, house speaker john boehner unleashed a tirade on members of the tea party after critics of the new bipartisan budget deal are making it clear they don't like what is in the pending agreement. if boehner's rare abuse
9:23 am
signaling line in the sand between g.o.p. establishment and the tea party? what is the fall-out here and could the divisions spell real trouble for the g.o.p. as we head on the new year? joining us now governor mike huckabee here to weigh in on this and the hot button issues now. welcomegreement. have you here today. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> were you surprised to see boehner blow a gasket this week taking aim at the tea party? what impact do you think it will have on the growing divisions within the g.o.p.? >> well, i think he was showing a lot of frustration. i didn't sense he was taking it out on the tea party as a movement as he was some of the specific fund raising organizations that have made governing the washington more difficult because they create line of purity nobody can give up to, given the divided congress we are working with. when you have the senate under the control of harry reid. a bare majority in the house. white house in charge of the democrats, i mean the numbers are simple. you are not going to win your battles. boehner expressed frustration
9:24 am
saying it's an owl or nothing proposition. in politics when you have all or nothing, the now or never mind set you get nothing and you get it forever. >> some people think it that this means boehner and established republicans don't see tea party as relevant anymore. >> i think they do. mitch mcconnell, i watched him the other day and he was clear saying he agreed with the tea party philosophically. the tea party as a movement is incredibly healthy. vital in bringing people back to understanding the constitutional responsibilities of the branches of government. we have to get debt under control. we can't keep spending. the tea has been an immeasurable benefit to the country and conservative cause. but when the movement becomes focused in a handful of groups that are raising funds to attack republicans and the criteria for being attacked is the difference you might have in the tactic of the party, not the philosophy of the party, that is what boehner
9:25 am
and the others are reacting to. i understand that frustration. governing is tough. no perfect answer. politics is not theology. it's easy to be pure when you are talking about theology. if you talk about the politics, it's an art. not a pure science. >> moving on from other news this week, apart from boehner's remarks, we are learning that those on the healthcare exchange, the folks are going to see in many cases higher premiums and very high deductibles in some cases up to $12,000, a lot of folks won't be a able to afford anyway so in essence they won't be covered by health insurance. >> this is another broken promise from barack obama. that you can keep your doctor and it won't go up. he said the healthcare cost would be $2,500 less per year per family. he was specific about the number. he didn't just say it will go down. he said it will go down by
9:26 am
$2,500. that is not happening for most people enroll in obamacare and won't happen for people who did enroll. the premiums are having to be increased to cover the cost of the people who are now coming in the insurance pool who aren't going to pay anything. they were so head-strong and stubborn and cocky of their brilliant idea of obamacare they wouldn't listen. you can't pay more money out than you have coming in. somehow that is cheaper and save people money. common sense says it wouldn't work. >> ask you the news about you. is it true you are seriously making another run for white house in 2016? >> you know, uma, i told people i have not ruled that out. i will certainly take a strong, hard look at it i'm not trying to be coy or play the game. it's a matter that i do think that people who have governed are in a better position to
9:27 am
lead the country. we have had now five years under a president who never had governed before. he had been a legislator and absentee one at that. whether i'm the guy or somebody else, i'm confident that the republicans have an opportunity to goal the ship righted. it may not be me. we'll see. >> safe to say you are taking a look at it. >> sure! that is a fair assessment. ready make an announcement? not yet. >> what is coming up on your show tonight? >> one thing we have is john winter, a fox news employees who is this close going to jail. she refused to reveal her sources. this is a serious issue. americans say it doesn't of course me. it affects every american. they will tell yore startling story tonight on the show. great music, new york young
9:28 am
people's chorus. worth watching. i promise. >> we look forward to it. great to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, he blew the whistle on threat of insider attack in afghanistan. now doing what he thought was the right thing could cost him the career. a story we first brought you here on america's news headquarters. we will talk to the attorney about where it stands next. come catch a ride on the snowball express. holiday story that will warm your heart in a big way. talk to a family about a trip to texas to bring joy to children that could really use it. ♪ ♪
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we told you about a man
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who sounded the alarm about afghan official thought to be an ally who was abusing young children. because of his whistle-blowing, major is facing tough charges that could end his career. chief intelligence corespondent catherine herridge has the latest on what is at stake. >> since we brought you his story on headquarter's news headquarters, it's been picked up by a dozen major news organizations. tuesday he faces board of inqerry and administrative hearing in the military for warning his fellow marines in afghanistan of insider threat. the marine reservist stands accused of classified information through the unclassified channels. this case was an e-mail account. the warning was ultimately ignore and three leans were killed by one of the afghan police child victims. those who support breslin, new york city firefighter, says the case has far-reaching
9:34 am
consequences. >> one of the attorneys is joining us here live. thank you for being here. what happens next? the situation? >> this week there is a board of inquiry after 17 months he will have a cance to tell his side of the story in public and under oath he is eager to do that. >> he must be eager. this has been very upsetting to him. how are his spirits as he moves forward through this? >> this has been difficult. a man of outstanding character. decorated combat veteran and serves with one of the most elite unites the new york city fire department. charged with misconduct is harrowing experience for him. eager to set the record straight. >> you are getting support from lawmakers across the country. >> we are. we are gratified that michael grimm, combat marine and he and other five marines members of congress brote the secretary of the navy to ask him to explain why the marine corps is putting breslin
9:35 am
through the ringer. >> what message is it sending to others out there on duty about raising concerns about violating the law. when they go to report it, they are told that that is not appropriate and you should stop this. >> you hit the nail on the head. this is sending a terrible message. this is crucially important that the service men tell each other the truth about the afghans forced to work with. >> to refresh the viewers on the particular individual we are talking about, who major was upset at to raise concerns about the background. out there, harming the children. >> this is terrible. he is using the police force to kidnap and rape afghan children. dealing drugs and running guns to give the weapons to the taliban to facilitate the
9:36 am
terrorist attack on american troops. >> shameful. >> we will follow this closely. we wish you the best. keep us posted. >> thank you. >> get a load of this latest obamacare p.r. push. the d.c. officials are sending what they call assisters to local stores in d.c. where they know young adults are waiting in line to buy the new air jordans. the group will be heading to two different denny location in d.c. area to healthcare flush as well. they will talk to the late night crowd from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. tonight. up next, missing gun, lawsuit, gridlock and unanswered question res main in the death of u.s. border patrol agent. the family is still waiting for answers about operation fast and furious.
9:37 am
>> why did a.t.f., department of justice, have operation like fast and furious?
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welcome back, everybody. it's been one year since the nation mourned the loss in new-up to, connecticut. today, president obama and the first lady are remembering the 26 victims of that horrific school shooting. first couple, lighting cappeddals for each of the victims and pausing for a moment of silence.
9:41 am
connecticut governor dan malloy is asking churches to ring their bells 26 times today. newtown officials and the victims' families are asking to us mark today with acts of kindness. ♪ ♪ shifting gears now. three years later and the family of border patrol agent brian terry is still looking for answers. fast and furious program has left hundreds of guns missing in terry's killers still on the loose. william la jeunesse has the latest. >> three years have gone by and we still wonder why. >> from the death in the desert to contempt hearings on capitol hill. three years after border patrol agent brian terry died the family still has questions. >> we know who an a.t.f. and the u.s. attorney's office were found negligent in putting this operation in to place. that resulted in the death of brian terry.
9:42 am
but we still don't know why. >> the terry's murder prompted a.t.f. agent john doddson to blow the whistle on the government approved operation to allow thousands of guns in to mexico, where they killed countless innocent victims. >> mr. attorney general, i didn't ask you a question -- >> congress, also, still wants answers. >> we don't know why we were lied to by department of justice. and why for ten months they continued to push a false story about not letting guns walk. >> attorney general eric holder was held in contempt. the house sued to obtain what it believes are incriminating documents that show who knew what about the operation. >> i'm particularly disappointed with this president. president obama himself asserted a privilege not to allow documents that show false statements and cover up to congress to be revealed. >> terry family is appealing a ruling that it cannot sue the federal government. no one was ever fired or lost their pension, though an agent did lose his life.
9:43 am
>> we'll go to bed with another prayer that no other american law enforcement officer will lose his life like brian did. because the guns of operation fast and furious. >> the big fight now is in court, where thous claims executive privilege over e-mail and correspondence that house lawyers believe will show a coverup. exactly what the attorney general and white house knew about fast and furious. the justice department could be forced to produce a log of withheld documents and they could appeal such a decision. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> thank you. all aboard the snowball express. we take you on a trip that brings the joy of christmas to hundreds of children of the fallen heroes. coming up, you will hear from one family who will tell us why this event makes such a huge difference.
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well, if you are counting on the megamillions ticket from last night's big drawing to be a winner, you are out of luck. lottery officials is saying no one matched all the numbers. that means the jackpot goes up to $550 million, which would make it the second highest price in megamillions history. the next drawing is tuesday.
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no one understands the sacrifice of the men and women serving in the military better than their families. you can imagine for those families who lost loved ones in the wars of afghanistan and iraq, it's especially difficult for the children of our fallen heroes. the snowball express offers those youngsters a support network and a cance to share the spirit of christmas with their families in a special weekend of christmas cheer. joining us now, buck kearns, executive director of the snowball express, joining us with dana hubble, wife of a fallen soldier and her son nash. welcome. >> great to be here with you. >> buck, a special effort that you work hard to make sure that the children receive attention and get what they need in the christmas season. tell us about it.
9:49 am
>> our mission is to bring together children of fallen military. you know, in this country, we are all very lucky to have men and women who volunteer with their lives on the line. to protect us and keep us free. unfortunately not all of the men and women return home. our mission is honor the memory of the heroes and to continue that helping their children. so we bring together the children of the fallen heroes, with airlines to donate the chartered airplane osbring the kids together from all over the country. >> and right now i know you are in fort worth, texas, right now. we are taking look at the live pictures there. >> dana tell me what it meant to you and your family, having a chance to travel to texas and spend time with other
9:50 am
families who know firsthand what it is to deal with the loss of a special loved one. >> oh, you'll bring me to tears. it's joyous. it's happiness. it brings our children to other children who know what it means to lose someone in a way that our kids lose someone. >> i know it's very emotional for you. nash, i know that -- >> it's emotional. >> very much emotional. nash, tell us what you have been doing and how much fun you have been having this weekend. >> this weekend i have been having really fun, i have been meeting a bunch of new kids i haven't met in the past three years since i've been here. and just sharing the stories that we all share with each other about our fathers and everything from when they were here. it's just amazing. i really enjoy it a lot. >> it's really difficult, i'm
9:51 am
sure, knowing that your father isn't there to spend christmas with you. but in some ways having the support network, nash, i'm sure it provides you with some comfort. >> ma'am? i can barely understand you. >> i'm sorry, you are having audio problems there. i'll put it to you or your mom. the fact that it's never easy, i'm sure, as the holidays come up to holidays come up to remember the fact that your loved one is not with you at this special time. i know, though, that the support network must make a big difference in the lives of so many people like yourself out there this time of year. >> oh, it does. it's like a mini reunion every year when we come to snowball. we get to commiserate or -- might not be the best word. we do share the stories of our loved ones. and we do have our mini cry
9:52 am
sessions. but then we get to talk about our lives and what we've done to go on and celebrate their life and what they would enjoy about how we've moved on and they would be proud of what we've accomplished. so that brings a joyfulness to the season because they would enjoy what we've done with our lives. it's a little bit of sadness but a lot of joy too. >> well, it's so inspirational to see all of you out there and to know that more than 1,000 kids are going to be celebrating the joy of christmas a little earlier and they'll have that happen this weekend. thank you to all the folks out there doing a nice job making a difference in a special way. if you want more information, they can go to your website to learn what they can do tol
9:53 am
volunteer and help out. >> >> merry christmas to you, thank you. >> merry christmas. >> well, they may be the oldest living world war ii veterans in the nation, and this week, they met for the first time. richard oveton and richard hill are both 107 years old, unbelievable. won served in the army, the other in the navy. overton was honored by president obama on memorial day. this weekend, hill will come to the nation's capital where he will get a tour of the white house. good for them. a special sleigh ride that will melt your heart coming up. >> how one down came together to make christmas merry for that young girl with a very rare
9:54 am
heart condition.
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we are back with a heartwarming story that we found on remember that florida orphan who got his holiday wish, he wanted a christmas with potential parents? the story touched thousands of people after he told a church that he would, quote, take anyone, old or young, a dad or a mom, black, white or purple. well, that couple is reportedly now taking him on his first vacation while they get to know each other a little bit better. and we wish that family and davon a merry christmas indeed. calling all dog lovers. send us your best photos of your pampered pooch getting ready in the holiday spirit. a picture of her pups, they're absolutely adorable. check out this cat dressed business casual for the
9:59 am
holidays. clearly ready for the perfect party. thank you for sending that photo to us. we ask you to keep sending in your pictures. plus, you can vote for the best dressed. check us out on facebook for more information on how to enter the contest. the town of winter garden, florida, comes together to give a young girl with a heart condition a special holiday treat. the local fire department giving little bella a special sleigh ride through town. the 3-year-old has a rare heart condition and has already had three open heart surgeries. bella's mom says there's only one thing they wanted for christmas this year. >> you know, our wish really has come true, that we're altogether, that she's not in the hospital. >> bella's mom said doctors had to reconfigure bella's little heart to work with only one ventricle but her prognosis is considered really good. stand by, because we have
10:00 am
more fox news on the way. i'll be back next week. in the meantime, be sure to tune in, fox news sunday, tomorrow, chris wallace sitting in with the man behind the budget deal. hi, everybody, on this wintry day in new york city. i'm jamie colby. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> lots of places around the country. i'm eric shawn, hello. topping the news this hour, the snow is back. another winter storm now slamming dozens of cities. all the way from midwest through the northeast. we will have a complete check of this snowy forecast. >> also, such a sad tale to tell. our new details on the school shooting in colorado. what police are doing today to


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