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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 14, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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carola carolalt@fnc. until next time, i hope you're learning to be a more healthy you. weather alert. a wicked snowstorm expected to dump a foot or more of snow over the weekend. that is times square in new york city, a live shot right now. welcome to america's news headquarters on this snowy saturday in new york city. hello, i'm greg. this storm forcing airports to cancel nearly 1,000 flights between philadelphia and ohio. there you see philadelphia on the left. cleveland on the right. the national weather service now predicting anywhere between 6 to 14 inches of snow over sections of new england. the howling winds and bitter cold, making things harder for road and utility crews on high
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alert to clear the highways and restore electricity to a great many homes. we have our meteorologist standing by. >> it's been a really cold december. i think by the time this is done we might be dealing with one of the coldest decembers we've seen in decades across the u.s. it gives you an idea of the temps cold across the northern at least new england and much of new york. and pennsylvania. that's going to change, though. there's going to be warmer air coming in as we develop this coastal low that will start to bring warmer air in from the south. wind direction change. right now, snow done in chicago. we're still seeing it across places like detroit, indianapolis you're about done with it, then cleveland, you have some snow. it's been heavy across areas of illinois, indiana and in towards ohio. the roads in very, very bad condition. we've been seeing sporadic snow showers across the northeast. a few inches accumulating in some spots. the bulk of this energy is going to see a coastal storm develop
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here. that will bring warmer air in from the south, colder air eventually back behind it. by midnight, i think new york city sees the snow turning to rain. and that's going to keep our snow limits down, or snow totals down. eventually the same thing goes for boston, where you've been in the teens all day long. it will warm your temps into the upper 30s by morning. by tomorrow morning, you see this is gone. temps tomorrow not looking that bad. totals for your snowfall, though, shaping up like this. this is a model depiction. heaviest of it is going to be across parts of maine, and higher elevations and white mountains, and around parts of the catskills as well. just over three here in new york city and boston. looking around six to seven inches of snow. greg? >> well, the ski lovers are going to enjoy the northeast. >> yeah, absolutely. great news for them. >> rick, thanks. >> sure.
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. students still in the hospital this hour after yesterday's terrible shooting at a high school in suburban colorado. and now we're learning more about the possible motive of the 18-year-old shooter, carl pearson, who investigators say may have been targeting one specific teacher. will, what's the latest? >> well, greg, right now, authorities are interviewing hundreds of students find out everything they can about 18-year-old carl pearson. students say that he was smart. they say he was a gifted debater. they also say he was very outspoken politically. authorities say that pearson went into arapahoe high school yesterday carrying a shotgun. he was evidently looking for a specific teacher, a librarian who also coached the speech and debate team. now, apparently the targeted teacher found out that pearson was looking for him and the teacher left quickly. pearson came into contact with a
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15-year-old girl. apparently she was shot, according to authorities, and she is still in critical condition. a denver television station reporting that her dad says she's not doing well. as for other students, they tell us that when the shots rang out, they started to hide. >> we all dove into the corner. our teacher slammed the door shut. we've done a lot of lockdown drills, so we were very familiar with what to do. it was kind of instinct. >> authorities say that pearson turned the gun on himself and ended up taking his own life, greg. >> and law enforcement moved very quickly, i understand? >> that's right. from all reports, they did. in fact, there was a sheriff's deputy inside the school when pearson started shooting. authorities were also very meticulous about after they found pearson, and they said he took his own life, they searched each and every student to make sure there weren't any other armed students on campus. now they say they believe pearson acted alone.
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they're supposed to hold another press conference this afternoon. we're hoping to learn more about pearson, more about his motives. of course, more about the victim, greg. >> will carr in los angeles. will, thanks very much. >> you bit. he made it, new videotape coming in now as prince harry reached the south pole last night with his walking with the wounded team. a charity that supports disabled british war veterans. the prince and his team pulled sleds across antarctica for nearly 210 miles. the prince said how proud he was of his team's accomplishment. and that it shows what's possible when you think nothing is left. think about how many presents you could buy with $550 million. the mega millions jackpot now reaching fourth largest jackpot ever, after nobody won last night. sorry about that. earlier this year, a woman from florida walked away with the biggest jackpot in history, a
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whopping $590 million. the next drawing is scheduled for this tuesday. your odds of winning, about 1 in 259 million. so not too bad. good luck. white house controversy, and not over the health care law. president obama visiting south africa, but leaves the press corps out in the cold. >> there were photographers there. i think if you asked the photographers on the trip, our staff went to great lengths to get as much access for all of our traveling press, as we could. in fact, got exceptionally more access.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. the northeast getting slammed by a snowstorm. iv flights canceled so far between ohio and new york. folks across new england could see up to a foot of snow.
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the florida state quarterback and heisman trophy favorite accused of rape has the road cleared to helm the team in the championship against auburn of a the florida governor's office dropped any further pursuit of the sexual assault case against him. despite pleas from the accuser's attorney. a new independent investigation, the governor is denying the request. the heisman trophy ceremony tonight. south africans planning to say their final good-byes to nelson mandela. the body of the country's former leader arriving in his home province ahead of a state funeral and burial tomorrow. we have the latest from johannesburg. >> reporter: greg, nelson mandela is coming home for the last time. the body of the man many here consider to be the father of modern-day south africa was flown to the eastern part of this country. that's where he was born, where he will be buried on sunday. there had been a flap earlier today.
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anti-apartheid veteran, tutu, a friend of mandela, thought he wasn't invited, said he wasn't going to attend. now, we are told he is coming. mandela's remains were transferred in a military procession today to the burial site. that's mandela's ancestral village. people lined the route. others attending the funeral, some 4,500 guests, dignitaries, and leaders from around the world, including jesse jackson, and prince charles. the funeral will be beamed live globally. and it will be conducted in the traditions of mandela's ethnic group. on monday, in south africa's capital, where we witnessed the past couple of days, so much emotion as the public viewed the body of the late leader. there will be unveiling of the statue of the man nelson mandela
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right in the heart of the government building. still a lot of love to be shared for this man in this country. greg? >> greg, thanks very much. i want to carry the same american values of openness and transparency with me to the white house. i want an administration that is as open as the great plains. >> candidate obama promising that his administration would be one of the most open and transparent ever. but some long-running tensions boiling over this week. the press corps not happy with the lack of access in general to the president. but specifically, this week surrounding the mandela memorial event in south africa. showing how sophisticated the white house's video operation is, this is a weekly video it puts out called west wing week. it featured the president in south africa this week, while the rest of the press corps was kept at bay. listen to the exchange between
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our chief white house correspondent ed henry and press secretary jay carney over the lack of access. >> at the mandela memorial service, you were asked earlier about the possibility that it was a terrible incident with the interpreter security issue. the white house photographer was up there. and individual photographers from news organizations that you just hailed were not allowed on that same platform. >> there were photographers there. if you ask the photographers on the trip, we made -- our staff went to great lengths to get as much access for all of our traveling press as we could. in fact, got exceptionally more access for our traveling press than we were told we would get. and i think if you ask the people who traveled, they would confirm that. that's something when we go overseas we work with all the time. now, the disposition of the photographers, when it comes to where the president is standing
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or sitting, is obviously something that is worked out depending on the host government, and, you know, what we can do in working with the photographers. but this is something i promise you, ed, we take seriously and we're going to work hard on addressing. >> let's bring in the columnist for the "washington times." bob franken recently said, this is the most hostile to the media that an administration has been in the united states history. legendary journalist bob woodward complained about the heavy-handed treatment he's been getting from the white house. when he does a report that they don't like. what's the deal, charlie? is there contempt for the media in the white house? >> oh, i think that, greg, without any doubt there is a deep contempt for the media. and part of it has to do with the fact that despite the funny clip that you showed where
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president obama promised an openness, as open as the great plains, you know, the truth of the matter is, going back to his campaigns, you know, his campaigns and his white house, from the beginning, have been very, very -- held a firm grip on the media. the problem has been, obviously there are those of us who have complained about it from the beginning, but a lot of people in the media have gone along with it when they were like that. and the white house came to realize that they could actually get away with it. and they did get away with it. and they have gotten away with it. and i think it's very much morphed them into this bizarre administration where it really is like a state-run media in the soviet union. it is no different than that. no differences, that outside of the state-run media, you have these other news organizations that operate. but they're not getting anything. >> you know, the most recent complaint is that the president, his handlers are keeping not just news photographers, but
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others including reporters away from key events. and instead, they're circulating the sanitized version of events, and yeah, i mean, i suppose it does smack of the kind of controlled propaganda the kremlin disseminates. what's astonishing is, it's been going on for so long. >> absolutely. and i blame those of us in the media, and not you or me in particular, but some of the others in the media who have actually gone along with it. and jay carney was once on the other side of the aisle. he was once in the press. and for him to sit up there and make the argument, and in this case make the argument about basically blaming the host government of south africa for denying access to the mandela event -- funeral, my goodness, that's not what we're talking about. what we're talking about is here in the united states, reporters and photographers and cameramen routinely being denied basic
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access to their firsthand subject. and it's all because, as you say, it's so easy to send out this prepared stuff. and greg, i don't know what else you'd call it but propaganda. that is exactly what it is. >> and there's a different nature to it, one might describe it as hostility. for example, reporters' phone logs and e-mails have been secretly seized. our own james rosen being called a co-conspirator of an indicted leak suspect. exposing rosen to possible prosecution for just doing his job as a reporter. david sanger, anybody who reads "the new york times" knows who he is, chief washington correspondent for the "times." he said this. he said this is the most controlled-freak administration i've ever covered. how about you? >> yeah, without a doubt. david sanger has been covering washington a lot longer than i have. it absolutely is -- i don't
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think it is an overstatement in any way. these folks in the white house right now, they see they can get away with it, and they don't really care. honestly, how many news segments do you see on other networks right now about this topic. whereas, you know, eight years ago, under the previous administration, my goodness, if president bush had tried to pull off some of this -- these stunts, that the current white house does routinely, they would get -- they would be strong up. and rightly so. in fact, got strung up on, i think, far lesser crimes against, you know, the openness and freedom of the press. >> the committee to protect journalists issued a report, and they basically compared obama to nixon. which is not a great comparison. i'll leave it at that. charlie hurt, good to see you, as always. thanks. >> thanks, greg.
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the fda deciding whether to give emergency access to a possible life-saving vaccine, after a student athlete loses their legs. now the race is on to stop the outbreak before it gets worse. >> everyone's a little more aware when they go out with friends. everyone's paying attention and not sharing drinks. everyone trying to be a little safer. for the most part, it hasn't really affected too many people.
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heart warming event at arlington national cemetery organized by the group wreath across america. volunteering laying wrotes at more than is hundred thousand headstones of veterans and u.s. leaders. their mission, one of
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remembrance, honor and teaching. they've been providing this wonderful service over the past 22 years. all right. a meningitis outbreak striking yet again, this time four students at uc-santa barbara in california were infected. three fully recovering, but the fourth, a lacrosse player, needed both feet amputated as a result of the illness. this as health officials try to decide whether to give the school emergency access to unlicensed meningitis vaccine after princeton university got special permission from the f.d.a. after eight students there got sick with a similar strain, but not identical, earlier this month. joining us to talk about what this could mean for the future outbreaks is dr. nina ratcliffe. why is this happening? >> the problem is that when there is prolonged face-to-face contact such as in the military barracks or college dorm, this bacteria can spread from person
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to person. >> and what about school to school? >> not necessarily school to school. we don't know why exactly this comes about. what we saw with the princeton as opposed to ucc, these are two different strains. >> two other california schools had isolated incidents. riverside and san louis obispo, one each. uc-santa barbara wants to use this unlicensed here in the united states, vaccine or drug. talk to us about that. >> this is currently being used in europe, can did and australia. has not received f.d.a. approval for use here. with the princeton case there was eight infections and they received special approval, but only after doing due diligence, which means they test the bacteria with people vaccinated and show it's effective for that particular strain. so for santa ba vertebra -- barbara, they'll do the due diligence.
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they don't want to do a shotgun approach. >> it's frightingen. i have a do you go that will go to college next year. naturally all parents who have kids in college are worried. what are the symptoms? >> the symptoms, first it starts off very vague. you can start with flu-like symptoms, headaches, fevers, as well as rashes, stiff neck. then it can quickly progress into confusion. >> yeah. sort of a blotchy rash i saw somemd& cases. >> correct. >> children routinely get meningitis vaccinations, right? >> correct. that's the type a strain. you get that between the age of 11 and 12. orgeat booster shot closer to the -- you get a booster shot closer to age 18. >> this thing is the type b meningitis. why has it been hard to develop a vaccine for it? >> it's a less common bacterial strain. for the one that's most common, the type a, we make sure we cover most of our children.
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with this one, it's less common, but now with this outbreak, i think we'll have to take a closer look at that and f.d.a. is doing that. hopefully by next season we won't have this issue. >> allall right. advice for parents right now who have kids in college? >> make sure they get the type a vaccination. if the child is sick, make sure that they get care right away. we want to get medical care right away, get the antibiotics that are need, get the proper hospitalization if necessary. >> doctor, thank you for your advice. >> that's going to do it for us. next, the bret baier special fox news reporting, behind the obama breakdown. i'm gregg jarrett in new york. we'll see you back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern with arthel neville
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>> nobody is more frustrated than i am. this hour, fox news reporting. behind the obama breakdown. here is bret baier. >> who have thunk. a tech savvy team obama struggling to get a web site up and running. conservatives going forward chemical weapons cuts, con founding democrats. washington wondering if


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