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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is the fox report. tonight a new warning about the nsa's ability to break in your cell phone and listen to your private conferrings. i am jamie colby. >> no one is listen toth telephone calls and not what this program is about. >> six months ago president obama insisting that americans have nothing to worry about. but now nou new documents that the spy agency can look crack the enkripgdz codes on your phone and making us target. >> he was armed with a machete and comboif. >> search for answers after the
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deadly school shooting in colorado. what investigators are saying about the teen that opened fire and the teacher he may have been targeting. and a fast- moving snow storm affecting americans and snarling traffic and cancelling hundreds of flights over several states. i am jamie colby in for harris faulkner. new revelations about our nation's top spy agency and how much power the national security agency really has when it comes to surveillance of every day americans. there is a new report by the washington post and revealed that the nsa has the ability to bypass enkripgsz technology in most cell phones. and that gives the government ability to decode and listen to calls and text that travel over the public airways every day. and while federal law bans the
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collecting of content for the americans. there is growing concerns that other nations have the same technology. and this is why molly heningburg joins us in washington. how did this information come to light. >> reporter: this is from a document. and the nsa is able to crack the encryptionoused by a majority of cell phones in the world. it was developed in the 1980s and protects phones andouses two g and four g phones. they have better technology to protect them. matthew blaze said if the nsa can do this orth agencies that are hostile to the united states will discover how to do this, two. >> they reviewed a report submitted by a presidential task
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force and looking at the activities in the wake of the snowden leaks. they will make the details public in early 2014. and president obama will be proposing self restraint on the nsa. and now that we are talking about this and reported everywhere. has there been a response from the nsa? >> the agency didn't confirm the report from nowden and told the paper throughout history they have protected the secrets and terrorist and sighber criminals use technology to hide their activities. they try to counter that in order to understand the intent of former adversaris and bring them harm to americans and allies. it is prohibited for oafsdropping do nestically.
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>> we look forward to learning more on this one. >> molly, thanks to you. and new information on the shooting in the suburban denver, colorado hospital. 18-year-old carl pearson went to his own school armed with a shotgun. he bought the weapon or four arm just a week before and he had a machete. he was on the hunt for a specific teacher instead he shot a 17 year old before taking his own life at the school. investigators are focusing on what the shotter's motive may have been saying it may have been revenge against the teacher he was targeted and adding that the girl was shot and an innocent victim and didn't know the gunman. the sheriff released her picture. the victim's name is clare davis and she is in the hospital and
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the sheriff reading a statement from her family. >> clear davis has severe head trauma as a result of the gun shot. she needs our continued prayers. >> she and her family have ours. will is live from los angeles with the latest. good evening. >> reporter: hi, jamie. stunning details coming out late today. pearson went in the high school looking to do pure evil. pearson went in a pump shotgun and a bock filled with throw cocktails. he shot her and ran into the library and that's where he shot and killed himself. from the time he went in the school and killed himself. it took a minute and 20 seconds and they believe he would have
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hurt a lot of people if not for a deputy that was in the school. and the sheriff believes that pearson didn't want a confrontation and instead tock his own life. horr's what the sheriff said about pearson a short timing on. >> i am not encloined or will i speak his name in public. he is someone who victimized an innocent young lady. >> we learned about the gun that killed that innocent young lady. pear areson bought the ammunition yesterday. and purchased it legally as for motivation he was targeting a teacher who was a librarian and a debate coach. pears on know was disciplined and think he was holding a grudge and believe at this
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point that he acted alone. >> let me update your story. she was severely injured, she is still alive and so our prayers go out to the family. and the other thing was there are reports that one teacher may have tried to take the gunman out of the school while he was shooting. that is a brave move to do to prevent others from getting hurt. >> for davis, right now, she is still alive, her parents released a statement and said she is not doing well. the sheriff said there is no indication that pearson knew davis. and the parents want to thank the hospital for getting her in surgery so quickly. they are asking for prayers.
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>> so close to columbien and a urora, colorado. that is tragic. >> have you watched it all day? a fox extreme weather alert for you. what a snow storm. and dropping a to the of snow. from new york city to maine. and first full fledged snow faufl. meteorologist rick wright has a lot to do today. it is everywhere. >> it is a cold mont and brutally cold temperatures and by the time we are deputy with the month we'll see the coldest december we have seen in decades and tells you how cold the air is. it is cold all over the northeast. we have seen 6- 9 inches in
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missouri and down down and ohio. roads are rough there and cold in moved in behind. it and this is what is left of the storm. and looking for a threat of severe weather. and there is all over the coastal areas of the carolinas and the tornado watch box, this is a quick- moving line of storms and dealing with severe weather. and the nowy side of it. in the areas of pennsylvania and upstate new york and northern half of jersey and fill in southern parts of now new and it will get worse. and look at the future radar and a model depiction what it should look like in the next several hours and it was a magic line with the snow and rain. and so that is going to warm things up on the coast and by around midnight, the snow in new
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york city crosses to rain. the frozing rape in the pink. northern new jersey and eastern pennsylvania. look for the threat of icing and it is all snow in the early evening hours and boston. and we'll warm up crossing over to rain as well. all of this is out of the way. and temperatures are not that cold behind it. and we'll so significant snowfall totals. and the higher elevations and in the mountains, and the hills. the coastal areas will not be as bad because of the rain. things will cam down a bit. good thing it is happening over the weekend. >> that monday morning commute can be a real bear. >> you bet.
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a retired fbi agent held in iran. and why he was there in the 50 place believed to be taken and who he was working for. that's right of the fox news confirmed new details in the case. and his family is pushing for his freedom and honoring our fall ep heroes. and surely we can't do enough. a proud group of volunteers is saying thank you this holiday season. >> you might be somebody there to remember them in decades and they are behind every stone there is a story.
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>> i have never been more hopeful about america. welcome back everybody. remembering those who gave their lives and protecting this holiday season. how could you not? today marks wreath cross america day and trucks carrying 100,000
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of them arrived in washington and they came all the way from maine and volunteers laid a wroeth on the many headstones in arlington national cemetery and happening in more than 800 locations all over the world today. among those volunteers today in virginia, we are proud to tell you the grandmother of our producer a listia conly and her friends driving down to washington and from maine to help out. new details about a retired fbi agent. miss nothing iran seven years now and fox news confirmed that robert leavenson worked for the cia and collecting intel jeops at the time he disa pored. the white house claimed he was not a government employee at that time. here's more on the story from
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washington. >> hi, jamie, the white house responding to at this time news about robert leavenson with what we heard in the past. they say he was not a u.s. government. o at the time. and they don't have indication of his wheres about are now? >> i will not fact check the story. it was highly irresponsible to publish and strongly urged the outlet not to publish out of concerns for his safety. >> after the associated press released the report that the missing former agent was working as a cia agent in iran. several analyst have been involved in the past and in case, they didn't know they were gathering information for the ciowa a. leavenson could have been part of a program of that nature. there was a proof of life photoin 2011. the family who received 2
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million to prevent a lawsuit responded and saying it is time for the u.s. government to step up and take care of one of its own. after seven years, our family shouldn't struggle to get through the day without the caring man we love so much. >> and it resulted in eight people being fired or reprimanded. jamie, back to you. >> glitches with theama care website are keeping information on thousands of would- be customers to get to insurance companies. what happens then? they are not covered. >> the president told everyone, if you like the health insurance you have, you can keep it, period. well, millions of americans are finding out that that was never
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true. >> meet iran's newest national hero. more on the latest space attempt and why the world is concerned it could be a cover for the suspected nuclear program. we'll be right back.
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>> so tonight the department of the health and human services confirmed that all of the federal website bugs and glitches is all worked out but affected 15,000 enrollos and a problem that the senator addressed in the gop weekly address. >> it's been reported that
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perhaps as one- third those who completed the on line enrollment process may not have insurance coveraging at all. it is not always transmitted to the insurers and in a large number of cases. can you imagine going to your doctor in january only to find out you are not insured? >> the predictions are that is what will happen. the ground game to coax younger people to signing up for obama care is continuing in a unique way. look at the scene in washington d.c., they talked to shoppers that are waiting in line to buy new nike air jordans. >> we'll be out here trying to get shows and make sure they are covered. they jump up after that ball or trip they need health care and they need to be covered and so it was a good way to reach the
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young people we have not made a connection with. >> all over a sneaker. younger folks are co to the success of obama care. if they don't enroll, insurance rates could spoik because of the large number of remaining and sick patients covered. obama care will be one of the topics on fox nows sunday when chris wallace talks with wisconsin congressman paul ryan. check your local listings for that. >> there is a thwarted attack in the wichita airport. the son describes his father as a nice guy. the stunned 24 year old speaking out. 58 year old terrory lohan is a cowed of trying to detonate the
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car bomb in a plot that was aimed at support al-qaeda. >> his ex-wife sarah just can't believe it. >> he was back in the day when i had contact with him, he was a loving father. what happened, i don't know. i can't honestly say anything. >> very emotional to say the least. loewen is in custody and charged with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and terrorism. >> president obama and first lady paused to remember the sandy hook tragedy. the families asking the media to
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respect their privacy. president obama chose gun violence. >> as a nation we can't stop every act of violence and heal every troubled mind, but if we want to live in a country where we go to work and go to school and walk streets free from fear we have to try and care. we have to treat every child like they are ours. >> we respected their wishes by not going there live. rick brought us more on what happened sense that horrific pardon northerning. >> in the aftermath in newton, connecticut where adam lanza culled 20 children and six educators. >> we can't tolerate this. these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change.
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>> the president asked congress for reforms and striking background checks and many states gun owners have more rights today than sandy hook. 1500 have been proposed in now ton. and of those new laws 41 are considered tougher and 74 los knowed restrictions and allowing weapons in churches and bars and schools. >> we didn't make progress and 33 americans died as a result. the country is in a different place and there is anonimitty and 74 percent of the nra members who think that a two minute background check is not to high of a price to pay. >> the brady campaign gives the nation a failing grachltd they were giving the best marks since newton. >> and wherever you tell people
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you can't protect yourself that is a maginent and they may be even and not stupid and they don't shoot up a gun shore or they chose places where they are the only one with a gun. >> to mark the anniversary in newton they made a brief appearance. >> we'll light a candle for older sister victoria. >> we'll be lighting a candle for my sweet boy, jack. >> we'll honor a candle in honor of our beautiful girl, grace. >> there is a my sandy hook >> in new york fox news.
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it is the bottom of the hour and time for a quick check of head lines. body of the city chief linebacker exhow manied. it will be examined for possible clues of why he killed his girlfriend and himself last year. and four fights who work in the san francisco international airport are getting training on how to respond to airline crash.
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a teen girl was run over and killed by two emergency vehicles. and the megamillions jackpot. don't worry about it. there was not a matching ticket last night. and so nobody had all six numbers and now it is drum roll, up to 550 million. the next drawing is tuesday. >> the long fare well to nelson mandela set to come to a close in a now hours. the remains a ratified in his ancest tral home and laid to rest tomorrow there will be a funeral that will last five and half-hours. >> reporter: the body of the man who is the father of modern-day south africa was
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flown to the oaster part of the country and where he was born and buried on sunday. there was a flap today. antiapartheid bishop tu- tu said he was not going to attend and now we are told he is coming. the remains were transported via hearse from the airport in the region to the burial site. that is the ancestral village. locals lined the route hopes to wave. and 4500 guests including reverend jesse jackson and uk's prince charles. it is going to be conducted in age old traditions. and on monday in the captain
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cant of pretorcan can we witnessed so much emotion, there will be upveiling a stat u of the man right in the heart of the government building. still a lot of love shared for the late nelson man dell a. jam. >> without a doubt. when john kerry first set foot in vietnam, he was a officer fighting a war to not only help shape his political career and foreign policy. he would come home to be a destroyedent critic. and now back as secretary of state. we'll go around the world in 80 seconds. >> vietnam, secretary kerry visiting the country first time in a decade and meeting with the country's business community and promoting democratic and economic reforms and urging
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vietnam to improve the civil rights record. he commanded a swift boat patrol in the river in the vietnam war. china landing an unmanned probe on the moon. and the probe's lunar rover will spend three months exploring the moon's surface. >> iowa ran, another successful space mission and this time with a monkey on board. it is the second time they blasted one in spaes and have to return safely. there could be a development of rockets that couldnuclear war h and spain, a sea of red in holiday chore, at lost 6,000 runners all dressed as santa and taking part in a fund-raising marathon in madrid and will
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raise money for porchildren around the world. >> that is the trip around the world in 80 cases. >> there is now outrage over it. a tone convicted of killing four people is sentenced to probation in a rehab facility. the 16 year old's defense is a ffluensa. his lawyer said he suffers from something that before this case didn't exist. and the parent's wealthiy life style mad him do it and why he drove drunk and killed four people over the summer. brandon todd of fox affiliate kdfw in texas. >> reporter: every now and then they tell me they know how to work it. >> reporter: her she said the
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tone's parents give them everything. >> it feels bad to not give your kid something even though it is the best for the kid. >> reporter: she is a licensed family therapist said the a fflenza is more community property than most people think. >> it is amazing it is not always wealthy people. people doing pretty good and giving their kids everything. >> koch killed four people driving drunk. his probation sentence is unpopular in the court of public opinion. >> they have got him for ten years and that is almost in some ways more harsh. >> the judge has to sit there and weigh all of the information before her. >> though though lions tried the cases in judge boyd's court and the sentence involves more than
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the facts of the case. >> the judge's responsibility is to be the person who decides how a case is going to be disposed. she has to balance it and not easy. >> there will be a legal debate on that case and very different defense. kdfw's brandon todd thank you. >> the family of brian terry, whose death sparked the fast and furious scandal. it is three years since he was killed and reaction from the family and where the investigation stands today and history in the making, the nation's oldest living veteran and two of them meet for the first time and can you believe this? they are 1007 years old. . -- it is.
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three years passed and the family of the murdered border patrol agent brian terry appear to be no close tore getting answers to why he was killed. terry's death sparked the scandal around fast and furious the gun running operation that went wrong. attorney general eric holder was held in contempt and the house sued to get the documents to find out who anyhow about the operation. but many questions remain unanswered. >> we know who in a tf and u.s. attorney's office were found negligent in the operation and resulted in the death of brian terry. but we still don't know why. >> and then there is this. the judge rowelled that the
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terry family can't sue the federal government because no one was fired or lost their pension in the case. the family plans to appeal. >> the pennsylvania direct attorney said criminal charmings are coming in the alleged hazing death of a fraternity pledge. the coroner's office ruled the 19 year old chun deng died from severe head trauma. he was hurt in a pledge ritual. they recovered marijuana and no word if there is a connection. >> two people in a plane crash outside of las vegas. that is our top story as we go cross america. nevada, that plane clipping a fence on a rock yard as it tried to land. pilot and passenger, only two
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people on board. they were heading from arizona to north las vegas when it happen. both hurt, the pilot needed stitches. no word on what went wrong. illinois, you can see heavy smoke pouring out of a chemical plant in the explosion in blue island. there were 24 people working in the area when it happen. two of them hurt but in stable condition. it tock throw hours to the get the flames under control. a leak triggered the explosion. texas, the two holdest known world war ii veterans meeting for the first time. >> i never got in his part of the country. >> they are both 107. >> you are 107. >> i better move mine up a bit. overton served in the army and the other a navy man. iowa roneccally they never met
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despite living in towns just a now hours apart. they don't call it winter garden, florida for nothing. throw-year-old bella brown was treated to a sleigh ride in her hometown thanks to local firefighters and santa. little bella has a rare heart condition and undergone surge row throw times. >> she's like an old lady and has stints in it her art rows and broke off the collateral veins. but locks like mom's christmas wishes coming true and bella is on the mend. >> they are positive in saying that she will lead a pretty normal life. >> what does bella want for christmas? >> icecream. >> and merry christmas, bella.
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much of american history is made in this site coming home to a falcon nest. falcon rockets. the space x set to lease a space in the kennedy launch center in florida. they saw most of the launches for apollo and space shuttle mentioned. nasa can't afford to maintain the launch. space x wouldous it to carry the cargo. >> food pant ry getting a lift from a secret santa. >> and live pictures of a snowy times square. all of the wet stuff dealing a blow for the american retailers and shoppers. brian is down by macy's on 34th street. hey, brian. >> hey, jamie, winter storm is
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costing retailers and when it could save you a bundle in the end. i will explain, next.
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i can't love him out in the cold. the weather is making holiday shopping difficult in a shorter that usual holiday accept. but determined shoppers are not letting the weather getting in the way and neither is brian reporting for us all day out in the cold. you met people. are they leaving with shopping bags and spending a lot of dough? >> surprisingly. this is new york city public transportation.
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and those tourist are going in and out of macy's. it is packed. that is the country where you have to drive. and that is a big deal this year. and holiday shopping season between thanksgiving and christmas. 27 days and four weekends and already two of them are hampered by the winter snow. and according to analyst. and sales take place in the holiday shopping season and this weekend, last weekend and we are seeing less foot traffic in the stores and that amounts to 1.5 billion in losses this weekend and last weekend. according to the national federation. there is boosts in the other sectors of the economy. and they are getting ready, they are buying them in droves and
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triple the amount they are buying them last year. they expect this year's holiday accept to be four percent more than last year and in the end of the day, we are not going to know the extent of the storms. and the big point stores want you to come in the stores and not shop on line. >> and you ultimately will shop and with more money. >> it is new york city now. according to the national retail federation. pen percent of the americans did their shopping and tlo million americans out there that haven't begun. and i walked around. and people are braving the weather and we spoke to a few that are not letting snow get in the way. >> and i am not driving. why should the weather stop me?
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>> it is december and new york and snow and storm. and it will not stop me. >> only's few more days left. get out and do it. >> it is it street shopping in the new york in the snow. right. >> and experts say expect more promotions and sales next week. it is the last big woke before christmas and super saturday the last saturday. and expect them to lure you out of the cold and go and stay warm and safe. >> that little kid is like i will get everything i want and i came out on a freezing cold day. nice job. and just in time for christmas. there is a lot of generositty in this country. 25,000 by someone who wished to remain anonymous. and the money will go to building a brand new pantry and
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volunteers say they need. it >> we are blessed to have this place, but the people do not have rules and. >> we are only sitting 13 people there. >> the small place we are in. is so to it here. we are having a hard time working. they are not discouraged and the vol tors are hoping it will be up and running by the end of the summer. >> it is a day that anyone associated with army and navy have. it is the annual army/navy game and played in terrible winter conditions and more on the historic match up and the muc we are about to play will give you a hint of the winner. rrn
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i don't know about you. this is a big day for college football when one of the most storied rivalries plays out in terrible winter weather. it is the army- navy game in philadelphia. army's defense hung in early and it carried the midship man away. it is the victory overarmy and longest winning streak in the history of the series and the biggest award in college football. heisman trophy will be awarded to the most outstanding player of the game. six finalist are in the running including florida state quarterback jammison winston. >> on this day in 1799 joefrj washington diet at age 67 years
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old. he was born in virginia and served as a lieutenant in the army. he married margarety in and because of the leadership displayed. he was elected our first president. >> now information on the school shooting in colorado that left a student critically wounded. investigators say 18-year-old carl pearson shot a 17-year-old girl with a shotgun he bought legally. he also had extra a mmo and machet and cocktails in the bag he was carrying. they believe he planned on hurting multiple of people. i am jamie colby, so great to have you along. so you tomorrow at 10 o'clock
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eastern. we appreciate you keeping it here on the fox news channel. with all of the wicked weather. we hope you are careful and stay safe out there. stick around huckabee starts right now. and tonight on huckabee. >> giving details and illustrations about killing a large amount of people. >> a reporter protecting confidential sources and she faced jail time unless he named names. a big victory for her. and jana winter tells her story. >> he spent the last moments of his life making sure the classmates lived. the president's greatest hit. >> my critics get an at to youed. ♪


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