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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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have to be real careful out here. i got this v 8 in my truck and i have to be real careful. so i'm just easing on along down the road and being real careful. >> slow and steady wins the race. it really does. i know everybody wants to drive like a mad man out here but it's just nice and easy, you know. >> what do you think of this weather? do you think it's going to effect people going out there. >> new york, they were out shopping at 1:00 this morning in times square. it's beautiful. >> hey, everybody. welcome to what is literally the great white way. tonight a snowy times square here in new york city where a massive storm all up and down the northeast coast has been
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dumping from 6 to 12 inches of snow creating a travel and christmas shopping nightmare. justin is here with what this storm -- the latest on what this storm is doing and where it's going. justin, what is up? >> well, next in line, that's going to be northern new england. we're dealing with some heavy snow throughout much of the intertastate 95 corridor right now. the conditions here are continue to deteriorate. that's bad news. we're dealing with a mixed bag of precipitation. let's go in closer. we've already seen snowfall amounts from 6 to 10 inches. next in line vermont new hampshire, massachusetts, new york city, the fine line right now between the sleet and the rain and also the snow. i think the city it's up to 3 to 6 inches. you don't have to go that far north and west. i'm talking you can see a half a
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foot. here around six inches, northwestern suburbs can see ten and then we're going to see a foot to a foot and a half before all is said and done. here's why. plenty of cold air throughout central and northern new england. temperatures right now are into the lower teens around burlington and portland. bangor at 9 degrees. this is making its move off toward the north and east. we're going to see wind intertwine with the system as well. near blizzard conditions. it's going to be a snowstorm nonetheless. here's what the acumulations look like later on tonight and into tomorrow. over a foot of snow. hazardous travel. very slippery conditions and needless to say, it's going to stay cold out there. >> so justin, let me ask you, this is seemingly turning to rain. rain snow, rain snow, is that what new york at least can expect. >> you know, they're right on that fine line.
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i'm thinking that it's going to be that battleground between the rain and the snow throughout the overnight. could see a little mix back over to all snow later on with a couple of additional inches but i think the worst conditions will stay off to the north and west of new york city and in boston. >> justin, thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, we'll bring you any changes in this forecast later in the show. we also have a live report on what's called santa con. that's the annual bar crawl by costume santas. it's happening right now here in new york and elsewhere in the country. we'll have that report. this year, though, cops are cracking down on the celebrating jolly old elves and not very happy about it. that report is at the bottom of this hour but we begin with this fox news alert. we thought it was a relic of the bad old days but the country is being hit by a new and deadly epidemic of heroin abuse. remember heroin? the number of addicts doubling over the last five years.
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now it's up to 426,000 nationwide. and the junkies today are very different than they were during the bad old days, the 1960s and 70s. before we need the new breed of suburban addicts, let's go back into horaldo's vault. >> you can never get a divorce from junk. only a separation. that's how it is. >> to get a close up idea of the origin, price and purity of the doping dealt on the streets in the united states, i went undercover and found that dope deals were easy to come back. they first involved a reluctant trip inside a building as we followed a street sales man into one of the drugstores. >> come on man.
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>> that's life, man. you know? >> that's the way it is. >> back on the street, we found a virtually unlimited supply. we could have purchased just as much as we could pay for. >> you need the work and dime bag. >> dime. >> no. >> give me that -- >> okay. >> at one point, we had two different dealers competing for our business. >> hey, man, i'm in a position because i don't know which of you guys -- >> let me talk to you. >> you talked to me already man. >> the desperate people standing on this pathetic line are relative newcomers to heroin's
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potent trap. these guys and girls next door. these business people and even parents with their young children have come from cities and towns all over this country. they get in line in the ghetto to buy heroin from other junkies that work for the pusher man. >> did you ever feel any sense of conscious about stealing people's property or stealing from your own parents for that matter? >> you wake up sick in the morning. the first thing you think about is where are you going to get money? what are you going to do? you feel bad but not bad enough to stop. >> smoking heroin, the latest rage of the jet set. when you smoke the stuff it's called chasing the dragon. until recently, nobody even talked about chasing the dragon. now it's become so hip in hollywood, the rock group even wrote a song about it. >> i think people think that it is kind of safe and kind of hip
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and kind of thing to do and it's not. chasing the dragon is chasing the dragon into held. once you start to use the drug, you lose control. there's no -- your powerless behind it and the most important thing in your life becomes getting the drug. and what you pay for it and how much it costs is secondary. and most important is getting the drug. >> many of today's addicts are middle class kids living in the suburbs. you're going to be meeting some of them and you'll hear why. in many states, ironically the bitter irony, heroin is easier to get than medical marijuana. sometimes with tragic results. that story after this.
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>> the great white way is
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literally the great white way. a snow and freezing rain mix. it will be a mess later on. as you go up the coast, connecticut, new hampshire, up that way, vermont into massachusetts up to maine. lots and lots of snow. it's been hitting all the way from missouri up to maine. back here now to the story we have been covering. it's a fact of life folks that in some states like nearby new jersey, there is easier to buy hard drugs like heroin than it is to get medical marijuana. craig investigates the sometimes tragic consequences. >> reporter: the latest craze among pot smokers is called bho. that's butane hash oil. what it is is the chemical break down of regular marijuana. it's the oils which are actually extracted from pot. this young man called him jake. said he needs the most potent
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pot to elevate chronic pain from a bad motorcycle accident. >> i used to take nine pills a day. i don't know. i think the side effects or the drugs are worse than what they helped to cure. >> reporter: this crude method of extracting bho is not only illegal but it's also dangerous. >> the house is on fire. >> reporter: there's been scores of accidental explosions from coast-to-coast but to users like jake, it's worth the risks. >> this will probably be pounds of weed. >> reporter: ironically, illegal users have access that law abiding families do not. >> we asked our pediatrician and neurologist what they thought of it and they said they would support us. >> at 14 months old their little girl developed a severe form of epilepsy. they learned cannabis extract could help their little girl. but in new jersey, ironically,
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one of 20 states plus the district of columbia with medical marijuana, it's still tough to get the drug legally. >> we had to find a psychiatrist which we did. we found a registered medical marijuana doctor in new jersey. we submitted all of her files, all the test results. all the letters. and he was supposed to file her application november 25th. she ultimately had her seizure november 27th. >> so are you saying the process took so long that she pass addway before you could ever follow through and get her the drugs that you believe would have helped her? >> correct. >> reporter: since the age of 2, tina's father, 14-year-old jenna has needed an array of drugs and brain surgery to treat her life threatening seizures. now her mom is part of an informal network of new jersey parents trying to get the state to loosen you up it's strict
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regulations. >> we have been approved through the end of november. she did receive her card through the state. she has not been able to receive any because they don't have any. >> four years before the act was signed into law here in new jersey, getting the product is still problematic. especially for young childrens. clinics like the green leave compassion center don't carey the type that can be given to children. >> we have taken the steps we have taken and make this a very medically base program that will not lead itself to the abuse wes have seen, particularly in california and in colorado. in september, governor christie reluctantly signed a measure expanding the number of plant strains treatment centers can grow for use by young children but they take time to grow. >> they're growing the plants now. the law just got passed for edibles so it takes time for the
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plants to grow for the oils to be made. in the meantime, these families shouldn't have to pick up and move to colorado. they shouldn't have to leave new jersey. they shouldn't have to leave their families. we should be able to have it shipped to them. >> realm of caring. a nonprofit supplying in colorado where pot use is legal, has offered to ship the new jersey parents a strain called charlotte's web, named for one of dozens of sick children they claim the plant has helped. >> i have no doubt that if she was on this oil and all of these medications have stopped working, which i have seen, i have been to hospitals and i have spent hours and hours and days and days in the hospital with her after seizures and i have seen what these drugs that are fda approved have done to her, i have no doubt that medical marijuana and the oil and whatever marijuana can do for her would have saved her. no doubt. >> have you seen it firsthand? do you know of the clinical trials that little girls who -- or boys who were in a similar predicament has been helped by
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these oils? >> i watched the videos of, you know, other little girls. a little girl in charlotte, in colorado, charlotte, i talked to her mother. phil has talked to her. you know t clinical trials are starting right now. the fda just approved the clinical trials. that along, i know it's going to work. we have given chances with medications through the pharmaceuticals. it would only be fair for me to say this is something we need to try. >> how do you think they would improve jenna's quality of life? >> immensely. she is not eating like she used to. with the medications she is on right now she lost almost 20 pounds in the past year. >> how are you doing? >> i have my moments, you know what i mean? i have a mission and i'm driven but i have -- my heart hurts so much it's unbearable. no one should ever go through this. no momma should ever lose their baby. and 15 months was so short.
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and it wasn't fair it's a shame. it really is. so what exactly is the problem in new jersey? >> well, the problem is new jersey is they allow the edibles for these kids that have these ailments, the edibles being the oil you can put on the food that they ingest. the problem is that the oils aren't available here in new jersey because it was just signed into law recently. so here you have kids that are allowed to take it but they can't get -- the products is not in any of the medical marijuana clinics. so there's a proposal before the legislature to allow shipment from say colorado because it already has this plant, this oil, this extract that the kids can take to help with their ailments. but christie is refusing to sign it afraid that this is going to expand illicit pot use. but -- >> you don't get stoned. >> exactly.
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so it's a moot point for them. >> in that case, i think chris christie, that he's being a hard ass for no real reason. the children need it and it's also evident of how differently various states, more than a dozen states have medical marijuana, washington state and colorado where it's totally legal but there's no consistency. that's really why you need a federal policy. >> yeah, you need a federal policy. that's what he points out. you're still breaking federal laws even though we have this approved in our state you're breaking federal laws by these transactions with pot. and that's the bottom line. he has seen the abuse. he has seen it in california and these seemingly pot heads going in and saying i have a headache, a foot ache and doctors give them a permission slip and they come out with the weed. but these people are saying the weed that we need, the oils that we need, don't have that in there them and won't get you high anyway. >> it's so ironic.
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they're playing in atlantic city tonight. you know, the world has gone so far in it's revolution of attitudes toward marijuana but not far enough. this is clear evidence of a child dying that didn't have to die of the marijuana prohibition and why it's so bad. thank you, up next, why ron burgundy is so familiar to those of us that actually took part in one of those local news teams back in the hayday and the world is watching the nsa. what in the world are they doing snooping on gamers playing world of warcraft after this.
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will ferrell's ron burgundy is not the first to parody the local tv teams of the 70s and 80s. >> behind every successful man there's a woman but you wouldn't know about that dan but there's no old saying about what's behind a miserable failure. >> jane, you ignorant . >> good evening. how do you feel for being the inspiration for the big film? >> i don't know if inspiration is the proper word. you know, people have asked me if i'm offended by the fact that the burgundy character supposedly was based on me and i said not in the least. i love parody. i love steve colbert and jon
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stewart and i enjoyed ted baxter on the mary tyler moore show. so the idea of it doesn't bother me in the least as long as i know it's a comedy and not a documentary but most of the people that sit at the anchor desks across the country and do this job are pretty serious people. >> definitely, but it's the promotion. it's more, almost the promotion more than the actuality. i remember filming all of these commercials with my eyewitness news team. >> my good friends, i'd like you to meet my good friends, melba, roger, tex, frank, bill, and jim. >> and we did have an era of the blow dried look, didn't we mort? >> well, we did. i'm just sorry that i don't have enough hair to blow dry anymore. >> have you seen the film? will be be at the premiere?
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>> we'll be in new york for that and i expect to meet him at that time and he has said in a couple of interviews that he plans to plant a big kiss right on my lips. >> along with santa's visits families can enjoy wagon rides, carolling and s'mores in downtown -- who knows. >> how real is ron burgundy's take on local news teams? televisions iron man the host of and the crowd roars on the fox sports one network. regis philbin has done his time in local news. nice to have you on board. >> san diego, just like ron burgundy. >> i'm so familiar with the ron burgundy thing and shooting it i got such a tremendous kick out of it. of course there were no women doing the news in those days and they should have been. there was the sports guy and the weather guy. all the men were calling the shots and so it was very, very fun. >> what about the relationship
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between the team? you know, the daddy figure, the rebel, the mustache ones. >> the sports guy didn't like the weather guy. a slick mustache like you geraldo. you're not the only one with the mustache. >> i was just like the guy with the mustache in the movie. there was one of everybody. there was the jew and the tall one and the black one and the short one. that's the way we blended the local news in those days. >> sure. >> we had a lot of competition with the other team. the nbc team and the cbs team and we were the eyewitness news team and they still are and i see it today and watch it and the funny thing about the movie is there's so much that i can relate to. >> look, come on. we have been there. a lot of them are characters. some of them get carried away with the fact that they are running the local news in this city. i can appreciate that. i guess it goes to your head.
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it is a big job. but i got a big kick out of that. i thought they handled it pretty well but of course it is the extreme of what we know. but i loved the movie and i can't wait to see the next one. >> i'm ron burgundy. you stay classy san diego. >> there's no doubt that jamies winston is the best football player in the country. he is accused of rape. did he deserve that trophy? is it just about football? after this.
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live from america's news headquaters, new information emerging tonight about the teen behind yesterday's shooting at a colorado high school. 18-year-old karl pierson is described as a smart and outgoing student. strong political views. pierson was heavily armed with a shotgun he legally bought. he was seeking revenge against a specific teacher but instead shot a fellow student leaving her critically injured. he then took his own life. an annual wreath laying ceremony today at arlington national cemetery. for the past 22 years the group has been laying wreaths and more than 100,000 head stones of veterans and u.s. leaders. it's mission is to remember, honor and teach. i'm robert grey. now back to geraldo at large.
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it appears, to me, to be a complete failure of an investigation of a rape case. do i believe that that complete failure of an investigation of a rape case was related to the fact that this gentleman was on the football team, i do. >> she made a complaint. you look at her complaint and dissect it. >> she made a complete immediately that night. she didn't wait. she didn't even know your client was a famous guy. wasn't even famous yet. >> i take that back. she did not make a complaint. she called her friend and she told her friend she was at a party and somebody hit her on the head and that her friend made contacts to get ahold of her mother. so it wasn't as if she went to the police department on her own. >> well, two hours and 43 minutes after it happened she was talking to cops there, tim. >> it's my pleasure to announce the 2013 heisman memorial trophy
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winner. and the winner is jameis winston, florida state university. >> no one is denying that the heisman trophy winner jameis winston is the best college football player in the country but isn't it ironic ladies and gentlemen that an allegation of steroid abuse is judged, i think, to be far more steeriousn the world of sports than an allegation of rape? this case has the stink of hometown justice. real justice demands an independent prosecutor to review the evidence and make a reliable decision on whether a crime and a cover up for committed. >> okay, enough about that. right now here in snowy, rainy, freezing new york city, thousands of party goers dress in santa suits are denying local cops. they're hopping from bar to pub up and down manhattan.
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fox 5's mack king is downtown. so they have not dampened the revelry, hey? >> i don't think it dampened turn out or spirits and most of these santas were well behaved. everyone else they were drunk, they were loud. they were definitely not dressed for this mess but they also weren't breaking the law. it was these bars getting in the most trouble for violating fire code. a spoke with a bunch of managers that didn't want to talk on camera but off camera they said it was their biggest day of the year and in their opinion counting heads and issuing summons wasn't in the santacon spirit. >> santas shouting, santas dancing, santas drinking. >> bud light. >> bloody marries. >> any beer they want to give me. >> jack and coke. >> beer. just keep going with the beer. >> for his first santacon he
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ordered his first beverage before most santas had finished their breakfast. >> we started at 8:30. >> he planned to continue with the beers into the early hours of the following morning. >> it's bros just getting really drunk. >> neighborhood backlash against santacon 2012 lead police to ask bars not to participate this year. some obliged. others did not. >> it's calm and everybody's in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: the east village wasn't calm. the fire department emptied bars too full of christmas spirit and when he wasn't breaking fire code, santa ordered shots. santa smoked cigarettes and occasionally santa had to have a talk with the police. >> they have been naughty. >> one guy, he was in like 20 cart wheels. >> you can say that. >> in the snow. >> he kept flipping down the street. kept going and going and going. >> all the local railroad agencies have banned alcohol on all of their trains until noon
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tomorrow. >> live in union square, back to you. >> i heard they banned alcohol on the local long island railroad and on many of the transit systems here in the metropolitan area. they cut down on the santas. but the revelry went on. you know, of all the whacky revelations coming out of the documents from edward snowden, none is as business saizarre as that the nsa is spying on gamers. men and women playing world of war craft. two of the world's best gamers tell us more about this bizarre activity by the nsa after this short break.
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what reason could the nsa have for this? they feared that terrorists and other criminals would use games
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to plot attacks. >> that does make sense, how islamic terrorists do like to be surrounded by 72 virgins. boom. oh, yeah. >> you know, it sounds like gross overkill to me but what do i know? maybe there is a logical reason why the nsa is spying on millions of gamers playing world of warcraft and dungeons and dragons. with us right now on the dry side, to put all of this in perspective are jonathan windel who is called the world's most accomplished gamer with us tonight from kansas city. well, from miami, dave is a former nsa, he's not a space guy. he's a spy guy. a former scientist that runs his own hacking company right now called immunity incorporated. so you first. why would they be looking at gamers? why are they probing gamers? >> you know, i don't really
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think there's you really a big reason why they would follow us gamers. it doesn't make a lot of sense. if i were a terrorist i would find way better ways to communicate and think of bad things to do. so for me it's kind of a joke. >> so a joke it may be but do you feel that they're looking over your shoulder? they are digitally spying on your every move? even who you're playing with and, you know, how you play the game? >> well, i mean, i think -- you know, i think as long as they're not doing anything, any terrorist activity or trying to do any wrong doings to the u.s. or our allies you shouldn't have to worry about anything. for a lot of us we feel pretty safe. we'll continue to play our games like we do. we have a blast doing this. it's a lot of fun for us. >> so before gi go to dave, do you guys, are you all talking about this among yourselves on
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the net? >> yeah. i mean, i have been talking to a lot of friends on facebook and twitter and just, you know, i have a couple of friends, you know from cia and nsa and so forth. so just talking to a lot of different people, you know in the military and whatnot and basically they all come back laughing about it. they think it's not very smart for a terrorist to be doing this to a video game so no one has anything to worry about. >> so dave, how -- first of all, in your opinion, having worked for the nsa, how invasive do you think the agency really is. put aside the hype. put aside all the snowden scandal, how invasive do you dave -- do you think they are? >> well, the problem you have asked the nsa to solve and the intelligence community at large is find small groups of terrorists anywhere in the world and listen to them. and of course the report on games was just an example of them doing exactly that. they noticed that hezbollah
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which is essentially a terrorist organization run mostly by iran has been using games. they have their own game called special forces 2. and this is something that you definitely want the national security agency and of course their partners gchq and the other coordination teams to be looking at. of course fatality, if i can use his name is an american citizen and doesn't have to worry about this. but the nsa's job is to take a look at hezbollah. that's one of their primary missions. if they weren't looking at these games, you would probably say they weren't doing their job. >> but hold up one second. let me push back a little bit. here you say hezbollah or the iranians maybe using these games to -- i don't know, encrypt some message. i'm not sure how they would use it but doesn't that represent a tiny percentage of the millions and millions of gamers -- is the
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nsa snooping on everyone and doesn't that have a kind of a suppressing effect? doesn't it make people paranoid? >> well, i think you should be paranoid if you're a -- if you're a terrorist in the middle east. i think -- i saw one of your reports earlier which talks about putting, you know, a tomahawk in any building in a single window in libya and the way we know which window to do that is the work that the nsa does. so there are good reasons to be paranoid if you're one of those people. but if you're not one of those people, it's business as usual. this is the environment we live in. and that's the job we have paid them to solve. >> so you are broadly supportive, then, dave of the nsa snooping on gamers? >> i will say that -- to say that they're snooping on gamers might be a misnomer. they were looking for game
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traffic according to the released report for signs that it was being used by terrorists and they found that iranian nuclear scientists and others were on the gaming traffic. >> how would they use the game? help us there. how would the terrorists use one of these games? >> i'm not even saying they were using the game and the report doesn't say anything about them using the game for terrorism but the fact that they're there means you can be interested in that traffic and start writing reports about them. >> i got you. >> obviously the communication that they're conducting over these games could very well be interesting. they could release their location which is something that the report mentioned. they could release their pictures. a lot of time they released personal information about themselves over the chat messages that they wouldn't normally do. that's all something you need to know if you're going to stop their activity. >> i got you, buddy. >> so fatality, has the justice department or the nsa contacted you?
7:46 pm
>> well, you know, a couple of years ago at ces in las vegas i had people from the department of justice come up to me and learn how to record some of the activity going on in the games. that's basically my only contact with people. i knew there was interest in basically monitoring gamers and listening to the chat or the communications going on in the game. >> so my final question fatality, dave is broadly supportive of this activity. are you? >> you know, i think as long as they have the intelligence to go around and snoop around, you know, i think that's part of our national security and i think it's very important for all american citizens. >> all right. >> to be protected. >> there you go. there you go. ladies and gentlemen, i'm shocked. but two very prominent people in this area broadly supportive of the nsa's spying despite snowden and what everybody else is saying. >> up next as promised you'll meet the new middle class face of heroin addiction. after this.
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unfortunately, both in the philadelphia area and the northeast year we have the purest heroin in the entire country, and unfortunately, we have the cheapest heroin in the country. when you have the purest and the cheapest, you'll have a problem. that's what we have. >> that upscale community on the jersey shore ocean county has suffered 107 overdose deaths this year alone. most of them from heroin. many of the victims 18 to 25-year-old middle class kids. ironically, they are using heroin because it's dirt cheap. it's amazingly powerful and it's
7:51 pm
easier to get your hands on these days than the prescription drugs that the kids were abusing. kids like angela. not a kid, a young lady. she started at the age of 16 with xanex and percoset. by the age of 18 she was onto oxycontone. at 20 she was on heroin. why heroin? >> i think it's important to realize drug addiction does not discriminate against anyone. starting off like at a social on the weekend drinking and partying can turn into a lifetime and a lifestyle. it's hard to get out once you start. >> describe what your life was like when you're in midst of the heroin abuse. where did you get the drugs? where did you get the money to pay for the drug? >> i was in va very dark place for a long time.
7:52 pm
when you are in the grips of addiction, you turn to a different person. the things you do and the people you surround yourself with can get you a whole different life. >> specifics. describe the dark place you talk about. >> i was secluded from my family. i hadn't talked to them in really long time. just living a life that no one would want to ever live. you don't know yourself anymore. i think that it can take you to a whole different level. >> where did you get the money the buy the dope? >> i actually did a lot of illegal things. selling drugs off the streets and doing things that are not me, today, as a person. >> i want to get to the person you are today. let me go to angela, the executive director of
7:53 pm
partnership for a drug free new jers jersey. are we the victims of our own success, in a sense? we've cracked down on the abuse of prescription drugs and now heroin has come back to bite us on the butt. >> the main reason so many people are impacted by heroin is they started using prescription drugs. these prescription drugs became so accessible because most of our homes are full of medicine cabinets with these drug. for a long time young people didn't understand the consequences or the seriousness of these prescription drugs. we saw a progression take place in new jersey and throughout the country. so severe this problem that the center for disease control designated prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. we're really in the midst of an epidemic here in new jersey and throughout the country with regard to prescription drugs and a link to heroin abuse.
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>> angela, my point is yet 107 overdose dreaths in ocean count, nj new jersey. it's a suburban, largely white middle class community. they're getting their hands on heroin. why are so many kids dying? >> that's an excellent question, and a question we all need to be looking at. if 107 dolphined washed up on the shore, we would be spending endless hours and putting all the endless resources to find out why the dolphins were laying on the beaches. we have 107 young people, 107 family, many more, obviously, that are impacted, we all have to be looking at reasons to find the solution to this devastating problem. we know that parental involvement is one way to start
7:55 pm
that. we know that parents need to become aware that this is an issue and a suburban issue. an issue that's effecting people throughout the region and throughout the country. we have to take all the steps necessary. >> we get that. angela, did your family know that you were abusing heroin? did they know? >> i think that denial sets in a lot of times. you never want to believe someone you love could be doing any of that. i think it's so important for families to know -- >> everyone is giving me the big picture lecture today. i want to know how did your parents find out you were a junkie? >> after my first arrest. >> what pwas the charge? >> possession. >> did you ever get busted for sale as well? >> yes. >> are you a convicted felon right now? >> i am.
7:56 pm
i'm a participant in the drug court program. >> how do you feel about yourself now? >> it's taken a while for me to get where i am. i also think that my future is very bright. i believe that anybody can overcome things in their life and become a productive member of society. >> what's your message to the kids watching right now? >> my message is if you're struggle with something there's help and there's a better way of life. i will continue to try to help anyone who needs it. >> okay. anglo, when people think of junkies as inner city people nodding out and shooting up in the alleys of harlem and the lower east side, what's the real story? >> we know that's not the case. there's so many good families and good kids that are getti it
7:57 pm
addicted to prescription drugs and moving onto heroin. we can't assume all families know this. we have to get the message out. parents need to become ware this is an issue that can erffect anyone and it is. >> look for the symptoms. your kid starts committing these petty theft, change this behavior, watch them like lahaw because it could be something awful. thank you very much. thank you for sticking with us when we decided to do the show on a beautiful snowy night. didn't turn out exactly the way we foresaw. i do think it's pathetic that it's easier to get heroin than medical marijuana in new jersey. if you remember one thing from the show, that's it.
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welcome to "red eye." >> come can go up on "red eye." has hollywood finally run out of ideas? we have the inside scoop on the three's company reboot featuring two horses and a dog. plus, does the president want to force every american to learn how to juggle. >> there's no reason why we can't get this done before the end of the year. a manmade a face so stupid, it got stuck like that. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> she's hotter than a sidewalk in summertime. look at that. he's got no will to li


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