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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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welcome to "red eye." >> come can go up on "red eye." has hollywood finally run out of ideas? we have the inside scoop on the three's company reboot featuring two horses and a dog. plus, does the president want to force every american to learn how to juggle. >> there's no reason why we can't get this done before the end of the year. a manmade a face so stupid, it got stuck like that. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> she's hotter than a sidewalk in summertime. look at that. he's got no will to live.
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it's andy levy. he can strangle you with his chest hair. now a reporter. sitting next to me tucker carlson and editor in chief of the daily caller. >> a block. the lede. >> thank you. before we go to our first story, i want to let you know that governor mike huckabee will be joining us later for an exclusive announcement that you'll not hear anywhere else. i'm thrilled he chose "red eye" over those others. is it a new day for the nsa? a presidential task force has drafted memorial d eed recommee
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overall the spying tactic pps the proposals would limit hold up they collect and store the information of americans. >> we need to view our activities with a basic idea in mind. not doing things because we can do them. >> speaking of not doing things because we can do them. >> that seems mean to the whale. >> it is. >> i think it was a whale. >> of course, it was a whale. >> i have no idea what that was.
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i condemn whatever just happened. i would say you and i are both experts in this topic and we agree completely and wholeheartedly. this is bad move. the nsa has done nothing wrong. all they're trying to do is protect this country. >> i think one of us was in that. didn't say it was me. liberty versus security. this is the old adage we keep going around in a circle. i've talked about this a lot op f on fox and the networks. the security situation has changed. we're no longer looking at a big 6'5" russian walking down the street and say he's posing a threat. it's those people that you can't touch, you can't look at. the nsa, i feel, have a hard job. that's not to say they need to take the liberties and go
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through peoples faxes. >> it sounded good. >> that's like ten years ago. iphones. i don't think we need to look at the constitutional rights and understand what the threats are and amend them slightly so people don't get so prickly about the show. >> he's so handsome. why do you hate privacy? why do you hate privacy? all they're doing is making it harder for them to pry when it's not founded. they're saying lets have stricter standards so they know if they're searching people that they have a reasonable cause to do so. why is that bad? >> i'm not saying that's bad. >> that's what they're doing. looking at the face is not wrong. >> if you've done nothing wrong
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why does any government entity have the right to be involved in your private business. >> we shouldn't have maps in the city because i live on the street where there's a guy doing something wrong. you need to have map location. >> not a phone record. that's not a phone record. >> it's kind of the same. >> it's very much the same. >> it is the same. >> really a smart argument. you're winning me over. >> the solution is to hire better people not snowden to leak and scamper off to russia. >> it's so sad if you believe that. there's a ton of good people in intel business. >> i'm talking about the contractors. >> it's not the people. it's the systems. if you set up systems that give too much power to people, some of them will abuse that power. the bottom line is you should not treat me, i'm a citizen who has done nothing wrong as a suspect. we spent so much time imagining
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different ways we can die. we're all going to die. the point is how we live. do you live as a freeman or do you live as a suspect. >> what is your alternative? >> have you really done nothing wrong? >> i reserve the right to do something. there should be a sphere into which the government can't get. i ought to have some life that the government doesn't have control over. that's called liberty. >> what would be your alternative? >> to have a realistic understanding of risk. there will always be scary people out there. live with it. yes you can get killed by a terrorist tomorrow. don't give up every freedom that people died for you to have in order to protect yourself from that risk because you'll never be able to. have a realistic understanding. >> you're agreeing with me? >> lighten up america is what i'm saying. holding so tightly to your life. >> easy for you to say, tucker. >> i've got four kids and i'm
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saying it. i mean it. >> they really are annoying. >> i'm annoying. >> andy, you're thrilled that your hero snowden has harmed our national security and runs off to russia, probably the most oppressive phony democracy and playing into putin's hands. you must be really happy? >> amazing that he chose to go to russia like that's the life he wanted. all of this would have happened without snowden doing the whistle blowing. president obama said this a conversation that he welcomes and he really wants to have. snowden has nothing to do with this. all these proposed reforms will amount to a steaming pile of nothing. one of the proposed reforms is turning the nsa over the civilian leadership. white house said they're not doing that. what they want to do is require buy law the phone companies to
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hold onto this data. that's a bad idea. the one thing i don't care about is they have a proposal to address the privacy of europeans. i don't care because they're europeans. >> i agree with you. they're trying to do the reverse. they're trying to take the ownership from the cia and put it into military. there's drones and nsa that are lumped into the same kind of sector. they are contradicting themselves. >> i'm also not sure what the point of separating the nsa from the cyber command. they do a lot of same things. you'll have two agencies ov
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overlapping. >> this is amazing. i feel like i've been transported to special report. i'm brett bahr only slightly better looking. >> the important thing is you have to stop calling yourself a libertarian. >> a libertarian believes in freedom. i want to do whatever i want. the only way i can do whatever i want is that bad people are out of my life. you're one of them. >> live with colonel. the very first time he looked at the camera and said man up, get some sacks, live like you're not afraid. that's the whole point. what happened to that idea. >> >> the technology is changing. if some guy in another country communicating with somebody in united states, we have every
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where reason to know, don't we? >> why do we need to keep track of my google searches? >> we don't want them. they're disgusting. >> ignore them. they will go away. >> these people are very mean. only you and i know what's going on. they don't leave the beltway. >> what are you talking about? >> i said i would throw that out there. you probably don't even like christmas. >> are we part of lame stream media? >> you're part of the lame stream media. you're waging war on christmas. you're turds. >> and rhinos. >> i'm glad we settled that. fresh off trying to ruin your thanksgiving, the people behind the official barack obama twitter account are going after
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christmas. it must be day infinity of o obama-apocalypso-care-ageddon gate. >> i tune in. i just tune in late. >> you're too busy doing your sick perverted acts on google. that's why he's afraid. he does who ahorrible things. they said quote, may your days be merry and bright and your christmas include a conversation about health insurance. what should that conversation be? i suppose it could be about if you like your health care plan, you can keep it as the lie of the year. that's probably not what he had in mind. you know who doesn't want to talk about health insurance
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ever. christmas cat. you are losing your mind. control yourself. this is a serious topic. tucker. >> yes, sir. >> we're all for discussing issues, but who talks about politics at christmas? is that a liberal way -- >> you don't really understand the spirit of christmas. >> we don't celebrate it. >> there's got to be some part of your life into which government doesn't intrude where it's about your family or fate. they politicize everything. for them the personal is political. every time and always. back off. get your hand and your stupid policies off my christmas. >> even when you're around people that are conservative, they don't even talk about conservative politics because it's this part of your life or your life is this big and it's about that much. if you're liberal it's spread
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out everywhere. >> liberals can't just put it to the side. conservatives, it does house a little portion of our lives. we're willing during the holidays to push it to the side. >> except for the war on christmas. >> that's different. when you go to the site that they link to which is health care for the holidays it's so condescending. he walks you through like you're children. make sure you think about your budget. make sure your pack your social security number. it's so insulting. i can't believe that no one looked at that and thought people would look and say stop insulting me. if i want to sign up, i think i can figure it out as long as your website works. in fl >> there's a video on that site. part of it is this kid going home for the holidays and his parents call and say we can't wait for you to get here. we have something we want to
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talk to you about. he starts imagining what it is. one is the parents telling him he's joined a cult. that's not out landish. that's what you've done. that's the truth. you have joined a cult where you think you have to indoctrinate everyone at the holiday time. >> it's very disturbing. people should look at the site an you'll feel like a child inc. >> i don't mind feeling like that. mike, you're british so you don't celebrate christmas. if you did, would you ever bring up politics in. >> i can't believe you went on to the website. >> i did. >> why would do you that? it's so boring. what i love about twitter is that most sensible people can drop all of their social protocols and become a really abhorrent person. may your christmas be merry and
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bright. we're talking about health insurance. i'm going to look at what the comments read. talks about health care on christmas. i thought that was great. says quit trying to run christmas. bag. >> that was me actually. brings the best out of people. >> holiday spirit. >> to the point being made, keep the two separate. santa claus is associated with presents and little elves. >> and being white. >> leave the politics. >> don't get me too that again. >> we did it on "red eye." it was quite entertaining. i happen to believe that santa is polynesian. i have to proof of that, but i tli like to see him in a tiki bar.
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they call him glad and he knows good from bad. i talk to andy. this week putin defending tolerance. russia has faced international criticism over a law banning propaganda. in a state of the union address the russian leader pledged to protect conservative values calling them the foundation of russia's greatness and slammed the west for treating good and evil equally. let's go to "red eye"'s moscow bureau chief. >> listen. >> i like the little chair. i wonder if he carried the chair out there. andy, is he know different from
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me? >> i don't know. who are we to judge whether he said is right or wrong? he had to good quotes. this not only entails negative consequences for society because it's based on an abstract notion. that second one was rick santorum. >> thoughts. >> he's out to a proset. that's what he stands from. not surprised he wouldn't want gay people to be out. >> she's tweaking western pieties. we're falling for it. the thing about putin is he bad because he funds these creeps
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around the world and hates america. s >> one matters to gay people in russia. >> i'm for gay rights. that's not the point. he's against sodomy or something. >> that was rick santorum. >> he said conservatiism presen the country from going backwards. >> he's a gay icon.aism present the country from going backwards. >> he's a gay icon.tism presents the country from going backwards. >> he's a gay icon. >> the average man dies of alcohol poisons of 37. they do have demographic of 37. they do have demographic concerns.ns of 37. they do have demographic of 37. they do have demographic concerns. of 37. they do have demographic concerns. >> instead of going after the gays, go after the drunk guys. >> i would like to see the west go after him for the things that tucker is talking about.
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i have lots of friends in russia. it's not pretty over there. he's nuts. you know what it is. russia right now, you can time travel. their going through these growing pains about all these social issues that we have solved. they are going through now and probably ten years it will be completely different. we have to take break. i don't think i made any sense. has that stopped me? story so amazing i'm thinking of keeping them to myself. mike huckabee has a major announcement. look at them shake hands like that. pretty impressive.
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they're fretting over his vetting. the fake sign language interpreter at in nelson mandela memorial service has a long wrap sheet. enca reports from 1994 to 2003, the man who stood right next to president obama and other world leaders faced theft, rape, kidnapping and murder charges be. he was acquitted of the rape charge an some of the others were dropped because he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. the records for the murder is incomplete ie, missing. you know what i'd rather focus on in this.
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>> oh. >> made a little ski jump for himself. >> he's sleigh riding. >> you have to stop looking out the window at the passers by. what if he cleaned up his act? what if we're being judgmental? >> if south africa had an nsa, this wouldn't have happened. i think what were the event organizers thinking. this will be one of the most watched events in the world this month, maybe this year. what were they thinking about taking short corners to hire this guy. were they thinking they weren't going to get caught.
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>> they weren't thinking. i think they said the west likes to have a signer. we better get one. you're grinning. are you angry? >> it's sad. the president of south africa was acquitted of rape charges. he admitted doing it. everyone thinks he's a great man. i agree with that. missed the fact that the country was like a total disaster. a complete disaster and nobody cares. it's not like -- >> it's feelings over fact. the romantic story is to great you can't say this place is in deep trouble. >> it's so depressing. as soon as it's not like some passion play everyone is like whatever. it meteatters. >> how kiquickly did everyone lever south africa. nobody said i'm going to spend an extra week. they headed back. are we making too much of a deal
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out of this. >> our president was there. isn't there one that monitors that. they listen to what i said on the phone last night but they didn't manage to figure out that our president was going somewhere and vet the entire situation. who was going to be on the stage with him? where those people come from? >> a rapist on the stage. >> the secret service said the south africans had the responsibility for vetting and background checks. that was their response, which was true. you let the host country deal with stuff like that but maybe you don't. >> i've got quite a few friends over there. this whole issue with the distribution of wealth you go to cape town and it's beautiful. you drink amazing wine. there's amazing flats on the
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beach. >> i get it. you have a great life. >> i do. i did then. >> yes, you're here. >> you don't see the elements that you're talk about. the implosion of the economic factors and the social problems and everything else. it's tough. >> i blame the jews, andy. >> me too. >> i see some opportunities for this fake interpreter. a new series, murder he signed. a new movie called the signing and a double album, sign of the crimes. he has a big future. >> i don't think the points is this guy is a hero who will go down in practical jokes. he's up there like bologna sandwich. bagel cream cheese. >> he didn't harm anybody. >> what if he did? >> what if you did? >> i can't. i'm not allowed in south africa.
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>> what does that mean? what if he did? he didn't. he supplied a happy aversion. >> i operate under the assumption, what if they do? that's why i support the nsa. you don't need facts. you just need hypothetical. my favorite movie was minority report. coming up, the c block. a very short duration of high voltage between the cloud and the ground. thanks lightning. >> my pleasure. later in the show mike huckabee makes major announcement only on "red eye."
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ncht they want to rub out the rebels. the houston school board has given preliminary approval to banning offensive mascot names. one said the redskins is racial discrimination against his people adding i'm a human being. i'm not a mascot.
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opponents say it should be seen as a homage. i like it when i figure out things on my own. the name rebels was included in the no-no list because it's seen as a reference to the confederacy during the civil war. i can see the argument for redskins being offensive. it sounds weird to me. doesn't it fall apart when you talk about rebels and indians. the zero tolerance thing makes you like histrionic. >> you say these four words are bad and then a year later you have 400 and everyone is on mute. you essentially can make an argument that everything we say will offend someone, so where do you draw the line? >> i'm a san francisco giants
8:34 pm
fan but given my height i think it's rude. i'm not a giant. >> you think they should be called the oompa loompas? >> no. you're obviously british unless this whole thing is fake and you're from new jersey. >> i'm sorry to interrupt and i probably won't be invited again because i interrupt you. you always start off with -- >> i remind the viewers at home you're not dick van dyke. are there team name where is you're from that's seen as offensive. does this happen with what you call somer, which we call football. >> we call it garbage sport. >> are there teams that have offensive names.
8:35 pm
how can it be less confusing than cricket? >> because of social media, everyone has an opinion now. you rewind 40 years, you didn't necessarily hear all these opinions. everyone is entightstled to opi. people are a lot more sensitive now. i agree with you on redskins versus rebels. >> i love that. >> wthat bugs me. americans love these debates that have no meaning. the how houston school sucks. you wouldn't send your kid there. it sucks.
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like the rebels. it's bad. who cares. >> these things are easier to focus on. >> it's also a moral thing. the victim has the moral high ground. being victim means never having to say you're sorry. everyone want to be a victim. you give up your dignity becoming a victim and you become a loser. there's really a trade off this victim hood. >> you say everyone wants to be a victim? >> yeah. everybody does. you want to be a victim. >> i don't want to be a victim. >> i answered your craigslist ad last week when you specifically said you want to be a victim. andy, you tried to get the v volleyball team out of northern california. they're all unemployed. >> they should be.
8:37 pm
greg, i would argue this issue has been underblown. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> ed, it's not the only issue that's been underblown. >> really, tucker. i specifically didn't write anything after that. in a couple of these cases i think they could probably keep the name but change the mascot. warriors is pretty generic. you can have a star wars mascot, which would make them the coolest school ever. redskins i'm completely against. indians not offensive on the surface but you wouldn't have a mascot named the blacks. it's so easy to solve and then we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. >> the issue is the zero tolerance. i agree with you. i always find redskins weird. everything else is a compliment. your fighting cape ability as a warrior and a rebel.
8:38 pm
i never would have thought of that. ability as a warrior and a rebel. i never would have thought of that.ability as a warrior and a rebel. i never would have thought of that. >> what's offensive to you, i could go through that list and maybe find different things that bother me. we're all going to have different thing things. >> if it's racial or ethnic, get rid of it. >> would an atheist be upset about the california angels. what if i said i don't believe in angels? >> what difference does it make? >> now you violated your own rule. >> i thought you were sensitivity. >> what about the new jersey devils? the new jersey devils. i'm destroying your argument. >> it's not a race or ethnicity. >> if it's in the middle.
8:39 pm
i don't get it. >> i don't either. i love the way you played it. >> i brought it out there. >> it's always something you do instead of thinking. you're saying we can't make distinctions between anything because we're stupid and going to make some blanket rule. >> what about yankees? >> i'm not arguing for zero toleran tolerance. >> you are. how many american indians in houston have had their lives destroyed? >> 17,000. >> that number, where did you get that number in. >> from american natives in houston. >> what about people that have problems paying their bills? would the dodgers be offensive? >> it is offensive. >> what you're saying is true. zero tolerance excuses you from
8:40 pm
common sense. what's wrong with the braves? >> we're becoming babies. >> the schools are terrible. shouldn't we be outraged about that. >> what percentage of students graduate from houston public school scho school? >> it would be higher if the students were offended by the mascot. they refuse to go to school and end up with bad grades and become criminals an become a burden on the justice system and taxpayers. i would think, tucker, as a libertari libertarian/conservative you would want to minimize that by changing the team name. can we run on to the next story. >> we can. we have run out of time. you have no reservations about these names. a little morning television banter. th
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when we come back we have a lot of stuff. i have a new book. it's called "not cool." you can pre-order it now. coming up, we've got governor huckabee's amazing announcement.
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>> test test >> test test >> test test >> test
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would bond often bomb. he had a drinking problem that would have limited his abilities as a spy, among other things. researchers read the books and noticed how much he boozed. on av on average he had 92 drinks a week which would have hailed him as an impotent drunk. people are functionally
8:45 pm
inhibited. i find that a little judgmental. i'm not going to preface this question with you're british, but let's state that you are. james bond is british. what they're talking about 92 drinks per week is british. >> it's actually 100. we all know how intimidating it is to walk into a bar and have to talk and chat up a delightful looking lady. >> i look to my right. >> it would be better if you look at andy. >> we all now how nerve wracking that can be. a beautiful woman can be intimidating. it's a bit of dutch courage. >> speaking of ethnic slurs. >> i had one once and lost control of my bodily functions. it's really strong drink. let's not get all jason born
8:46 pm
about this. nothing funny, but you don't see jason born pulling chicks and drinking booze. >> he's too angry and he's got amnesia. it's hard to like women because he has amnesia. >> he pulled chicks. >> they die. if you date jason born, you won't live. >> no brit has ever had sex sober. have you ever read about the british navy between the sodomy and floggings they were drinking gallons of rum. they took over the whole planet. i don't know. there is a connection of alcohol and manly effectiveness. >> i think you need it. you used that term racist term dutch. >> i'm loving the dutch.
8:47 pm
>> is that how they sound? jedediah you have a huge drinking problem. >> guys who drink that much don't satisfy the ladies so well on that. >> that's not true. >> listen, if you're going to drink this much lots of stuff will be impaired, tucker. that's all i'm saying. >> impotent. >> it's going to not work so well. >> i don't know about you kids. i'm married. andy, if i remember correctly bond's favorite drink is the long island ice tea sweetened. could it be that drink made him a great spy. >> i think it was blended not agita agitated. only in obama's england could a report like this have been made. this is just ridiculous. there were days that he didn't drink but on most of these he was unable to, for example, when
8:48 pm
he was held prisoner. he allowed himself to get captured once in a while. it was like rehab for him. a bunch of years ago i went through a vodka martini phase. i couldn't understand why ei wa getting drunk on three drinks. people was like it's pure alcohol. >> don't do what mikey says. >> ever. >> we don't want anybody hurt out there. this is just a show that dispenses news and information in a light hearted way. we don't want anybody in the hospital unless that's their thing. if you like the visit people in hospitals, i encourage you to visit. i think that's a good thing. >> i encourage everyone to put
8:49 pm
their lips around the vodka martini and they'll no what we're talking about. >> i've had that in my time. we'll talk about that later. i was quite the rogue. i was my own local james bond. if you have a comment on the show -- >> james bond of the east bay. >> "red eye" fox got a video of your animal doing something and submit a video. up next, major announcement from governor mike huckabee. hi, m e pain.
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it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something.
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once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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next week, we've got allison barb barber. >> yeah. anyway, he's been hinting at this all week, now, former arkansas governor mike huckabee has a major announcement to make ' agreed to speak to our very own tv's andy levy. we want to give a thank you to the governor
8:54 pm
for choosing this show to break the news. roll it. >> governor, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here, andy. >> over past couple days there has been speculation about your plans for the future. i know you've given hints as to what those plans might be. i was heard tonight you may be ready to reveal them? >> i hadn't planned on announcing anything this early. i thought this is something coming on later but, you know, it's kind of helpful to me to just get it out there to be done with it. but i'm ready to make an announcement. i'll share it with you. i love the guys at "red eye". so i'll do it. um, andy the fact is that i'm going to deep fry two turkeys for christmas dinner. >> thank you very much, governor. we're big fans of yours on "red eye". it means a lot to us you'd come on our show to make this big announcement.
8:55 pm
>> amazing. andy very to commend you to your reaction shot given there is only one camera. so you filmed governor huckabee then took a picture, you afterwards you had them film you pretending to listen? >> no. no. that doesn't happen on tv. >> that is amazing. >> that is a key to being a good interviewer. i learned that from dan rather. >> how did you land this intersflu >> a long process over ten minutes or so, i got up, went over to governor huckabee's office and i asked him. hard work paid off. >> it's amazing. the thing is that a lot of people would have given up in five minutes >> i went the extra five minutes >> yes. >> he insisted that i ask the question and he answer it. we went back and forth on that. in the end we agreed to do that. >> i think it's work that had way in, you can tell.
8:56 pm
>> it was probably the best day of your life. >> i think it turned out well and that condition in the end, i -- >> what are the ramifications? >> for governor, it's too early to say i reached out to chris christy and ted cruz about their thoughts. it's too early to say. >> anyone you're thinking about interviewing with their plans? >> i had an interview session with rick santorum but he cancelled it. >> yes. >> are you going to be joining the governor for this nice dinner? >> i asked him and he said no. no you are not. i guess i won't be. >> again, no sponsor. >> 30, 40 minutes of editing involve with that interview. >> yes i was a wide ranging interview.
8:57 pm
>> it was. >> also, a special thanks and i'll see you next time. with or without me.
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