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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 15, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PST

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tradition in your house? >> good morning. >> oh, of course. we'll break them out once a year. >> the christmas jammies zblo do you do the jammy exchange? >> like on christmas eve, people do this, you open up the pajamas, every year you get a new set. >> the tradition started since i was young. like the elves or something. >> we do weird stuff. >> they're so comfortable.
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>> i saw a picture of yourself if i pajamas. they were like flannel. >> that was my hugh hefner. >> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends." we have a jam packed show. jewel why huddy in this morning. >> good morning to you. let's get to some headlines. we start with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, thousands gathering for a final farewell for nelson mandela, the prisoner turned president who transformed south africa. the funeral held at his family's grave site. mandela died december 5th in his johannesburg home after months of declining health. he was 95 years old. coming up at 6:45, we will have a live report from south africa. he was evil. a colorado sheriff gives us new details about friday's shooting. carl pierson walked into the school with a shotgun he bought legally a week earlier. he had a machete and three
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homemade bombs. his main target was tracy murphy who was a librarian. he set off a bomb in the library and fired off five rounds before turning the gun on him. the attack lasted 80 seconds. claire david was shot at point blank range. >> i know that claire davis is a young woman of principle. she's a young woman of purpose. she is an innocent young lady and she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> overnight students, friends of hers holding a vigil for davis. >> love is the answer. that is the only answer. that is the only thing that will get us through this. >> the 17-year-old remains in critical condition. it is the worst firefighting disaster in arizona's history. now we're getting a listen to the last radio transmissions from 19 hot shot firefighters
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killed back in june battling the yarnell hill wild fire. >> we're surrounded. clear for deployment. we're burning out around ourselves in the brush. and i'll give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> that was the last time the hot shots were heard that day. the transmissions recorded by a firefighter with a helmet camera. all right. you want some sports news now? >> i would love happy news. >> something happy. he's the youngest heisman trophy winner ever. watch this. >> winner is jamis winston, florida state university. >> there it is. the fsu quarterback is the second straight freshman quarterback to win. he beat alabama's a.j. macaroon. last year's winner, johnny manziel is in a landslide. he has been accused of sexual
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assault. last week they announced no charges will be filed. they'll face auburn in the national championship game on january 6th. >> congratulations to him. auburn beat missou. >> i'm for alabama. another winter storm bringing freezing rain and snow slamming the midwest and northeast. we can testify to that. some areas getting up to a foot. nearly 1,000 flights have been canceled across america. the snow is causing traffic nightmares for people hoping to buy last-minute christmas present. janice dean is here. >> we stuck her outside in the elements. >> mccarron. >> i love being outside. i want to show you my brand-new fox news coat. >> lovely. >> see this fanciness. >> you look like a super model out there. your hair is flowing. >> no, my hair is going to be flat by the end of the show. tune in hour by hour to see the hair start to go down. for now i think it looks great. >> yes, it does. yes, it does. across the northeast we are dealing with yet another storm.
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this is the fourth for parts of the northeast in just a matter of weeks. let's take a look at the radar. this was quite a doozy and with it brought, as you mentioned, snow, freezing rain, sleet and the worst of it right now is up towards new england. as we advance i'll show you where the worst of the snow, in some cases 6 to 12 even 18 inches of snow. you can see new york and philadelphia, d.c., the worst of it is over. actually, it's warmed up tremendously with all of this warm air creeping in from the south. it was in the 20s yesterday and we're into the 30s and even the 40s but it's going to be a quick hit of warm air. we're going to be back into the deep freeze this week. there's where the worst of the snow is moving into new england. some areas could get 18 inches plus, which i suppose is great for the ski resorts. it gets people into the holiday spirit. taking a look at the winter weather advisories, upstate new york towards maine we have winter weather warnings and those will be allowed to expire throughout the morning. in some cases we could see
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easily 12 to 18 inches in the mountains of new england and the rest of the country should quiet down for the next several hours especially across the northeast, which is great. yeah, they are going to get hit, especially along the great lakes and up towards new england. maine has the jackpot of over 24 inches of snow. and there are your current temperatures. still very cold across the upper midwest and northern plains. 32 in new york, 40 in raleigh. it is 1 in caribou, maine. i think it's a good thing. gets people in the spirits. gets the christmas decorations out, silver lining? >> i agree. when you walk along 6th avenue, all of the decorations along the buildings. it's gorgeous. >> it is. this is like an old-fashioned christmas. this is the christmas that i grew up in in canada. snowstorm after snowstorm after snowstorm. real hearty december.
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>> she's trying to make us all feel better. >> fire up the dog slets. janice, thank you very much. if you're home trying to sign up for obamacare, maybe some of you are, lots of luck. the website is down again. this time for maintenance. >> how often do you need maintenance? take a look. we're just checking a few moments ago. this is down at the moment. that's a live look at this comes on the heels of the news we received yesterday. remember the applications failing to make their way to insurance companies or at least some of them were making it to insurance companies were all botched and there was misinformation, weird social security numbers and names. now it turns out that nearly 15,000 signups didn't ever actually make it to the insurance companies at all. they went into some weird black hole like "star trek." >> the bermuda triangle of public policy. where have they gone? >> don't look at me. they're going to the wrong people. not at all. you think all of these people
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have signed up and they're waiting for paperwork. one official called them orphans because they don't have any health insurance although they think they do. kathleen see beal yus thinks she may be inches towards maybe there's a little inefficiency with the program. she's saying the rollout should have been slower. >> wow. that was magnanimous of her. >> i'm looking at this as a silver lining. before insurance companies were complaining that they were receiving duplicate forms, they were getting multiple forms. >> now they're not being overwhelmed. >> now they're not getting them at all. >> imagine if you're one of these 15,000 people. by the way, that's just an estimate. there could be many more, we don't know. so chaotic, this process. good numbers are hard to come by. let's say you are one of these people. you think you have helts insurance. you get sick between now and some future point and you show up and it turns out you are not covered. will you be penalized? that's the real question. >> exactly. because by the deadline in the spring if you haven't signed up but you thought you did, then
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you suddenly get hit with a penalty, some sort of monetary penalty. here's what the hhs says in their blog post. take a look. i think we have this on the screen. we do. we did. >> there you go. >> obamacare. these significant improvements are due to the technical fixes put in place by the end of november. >> end of november being the second hard deadline for fixing the website. >> right. >> meanwhile, young people still not signing up for obamacare. they're the lynchpin of course. without their contributions, this doesn't work economically. in washington, d.c., health care representatives have a new plan, target young people where they are. the district of columbia is sending people out to foot locker and denney's at 2:00 a.m. where not a single person has ever been to sign up young people for obamacare. >> so true. >> the idea, young people don't know enough if they knew how great obamacare was. if we could only tell them, they
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would want to sign up. >> if we could go, every kid is hanging out at foot locker. >> in the middle of the night drunk at denney's and some guy shows up with a clipboard telling you to sign up for obamacare. >> all they're hearing about obamacare is from snl, leno, and the joking around and the criticism. so i guess they're just trying to be clever, trying to come up with a creative way, tucker, i don't know, laugh. i'm trying to come up with a positive spin. >> you might be right. when i was right i liked air jordans. i saw michael jordan wearing them so maybe i would go to the foot locker. they went to the foot locker because these new air jordans are going on sale. >> the whole 2:00 aunl at denney's. >> perfect time. you may not remember that you signed up. >> this is why "saturday night live" lately has been having fun with what's going on. usually they were sort of hands
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off on president obama. lately though that is not the case. of course, we saw some joking around from the mandela memorial service with the interpreter and then some more obamacare. take a look. >> i experienced a series of unfortunate events. i mean, first, i got roped into taking a selfie with a blond female danish prime minister. some people said michelle was angry at me after that but i talked to her after yards and i can assure you, she was furious. then i got caught shaking hands with raul castro. in my defense, he told me he was edward james amos. and finally there was the sign language interpreter who clearly had no idea what he was doing, but those were mere distracti s distractions. some folks are bound to be frustrated, but many more are excited. and while i can't say that i've
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been entirely thrilled with the results, -- >> we'll show you more of "saturday night live." >> the worm has turned. even snl making fun of him now. >> aaron is laughing. >> when it comes to super power status, is the united states starting to slip? the next guest says, yes, itand >> nor get cheering for the redskins, the warriors, the rebels. those names too offensive. now schools are banning them. we'll tell you about a school that did just that. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. according to critics, president obama is similar to mika'il gorbachev who led to the demise of the country's global super power by surrendering on too many issues. it will cause america to lose our world super power status. here to weigh in, former white house advisor to iraq, injujere o'keefe. like mikhail gorbachev, explain. >> he was dealing with economic difficulties within the former soviet union while he was president and he sought to disengage with the world to reduce the monies that were being spent on military posture throughout the globe. unfortunately, the steps that he took backwards ultimately led to
3:18 am
the complete unraveling of the former soviet union and its demise and disappearance. we have our allies in the middle east in the south china sea area completely confused as to this new isolationist policy of this president. asia and not engaging obviously. we have iran, no doubt in my mind has positioned itself with the agreement with the west for a break through nuclear capability in a matter of three or five years. and it's frighteningly similar. >> we saw president obama having a conciliatory tone to the world. do you see roll backs in military might and power? >> it's not necessarily roll backs in military might, it's just a strategy that he's implementing. i truly believe he's an
3:19 am
internationalist in his outlook of the world. i don't believe he holds america to be exceptional by any means, and i think he's looking for a new benign status quo to set in with the belief that all will be fine going forward. that's not how history works. >> right. >> i mean, what he is setting us up for in the middle east is catastrophic to say the least. i strongly feel that the announcements coming out the last couple of weeks regarding iran is just simply another effort to curtail whatever israel might decide to do in its own defense. >> do you think that the administration is self-aware that this is actually happening, that we are taking a more benign stance in the world? do you think that they're aware of this? >> national security experts within the department of defense, the state department, they're well aware of this, but president obama is the president. he's the commander in chief and he has the final say along with his national security advisors
3:20 am
internally, political fortis what should be the posture. >> read jeremiah's piece. he's taking some pretty tough positions. great to see you this early sunday morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up on the show, expressing your love on paper can be hard to do. letters from a sick father changed a family. one family's christmas newsletter, anything but conventional. ♪ dancing in the front yard night and day and the neighbors walk by and this is what they say ♪ ♪ are they christmas jamming ♪ they are christmas jamming >> and the best part is how it ends. we have the full video coming up ♪ ♪ i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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welcome back. quick headlines now for you. the dawn of a new space race. china has reached the moon. tearing out the first soft landing on the lunar surface since 1976. the mission, looking for some natural resources up there. we told you iran launched a second monkey into space. the country is saying they successfully rocketed this primate into space and brought him back successfully. they are now looking closer to a manned space mission. back with the man with the yellow hat today. >> julia? >> sharing your love with somebody can be hard to do, but for one author inspiration hit him when a sick friend left a
3:25 am
letter of love to his daughter writing no greater joy and fulfillment god has blessed with me in my middle years than you. i love you so much and you have been such a pleasure. god has uniquely created you. letters from their sick dad had a profound impact on the kids' lives. the next guest made it her mission to share the importance of writing meaningful letters to everybody you love in your life. >> jody, thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> what does this mean? you are encouraging people who are not sick, who are not looking down the barrel of death to do this ahead of time? >> absolutely. my passion in life is to encourage people to take the time now to write letters that people love. life is very hard and all of us are very well versed in what's wrong with us but maybe not so well versed in what's right with us. my friend encouraged me writing letters to his children, i have
3:26 am
just kind of made it my mission to encourage people living, sick or healthy, to write letters. >> your friend larry passed away nine months later? >> right. >> right at that time you had two other friends in their 40s pass away. >> i did. >> you were inspired to pass on this message. one of the things you say you have to note the difference between appreciation and affirmation. >> i think appreciation is easier. we can appreciate a meal or what somebody does for us. what i encourage people to do is affirm the character qualities that people do. a lot of times we see things that people may not see. >> in order to do this you need to face up to the fact that you're going to die. >> yes. i would say that opposed to having that as the focus, focus on the people that you love.
3:27 am
life is so temporary these days, 140 characters in a tweet and text messages that go away. i'm saying take in time to put in writing to the people you care about why they're so special. >> some people do have a problem verbalizing or writing it down. three very simple steps. express your feelings for the individual which seems to make sense. let it out. >> it doesn't need to be that difficult. i just say to people, do a one page letter. i'm not talking about writing a long book, just write a one page letter. so that would be the first step, yeah, express how you feel about them. but to me the heart of it is, focus on what's special and unique about the person that you're writing to. >> yeah. explain that a little bit, who you you would do that? >> well, i just give people a lot of character call. a lot of turns to look at to kind of spur their writing and to focus on a couple of things about that person that you think
3:28 am
are so special. >> i did. four years ago my husband was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. i tried very hard to encourage him to write letters to his four children. he couldn't do it. he passed away three months after he was diagnosed and so never able to get the letters written. one of the things that really struck me was the day of his funeral one of my stepdaughters came home from the funeral and sat down next to me saying, did dad write me a letter. it broke my heart to say no to her. so that i would say just kind of fuels my passion to encourage people to do this. >> you think if it's rough getting over those, this tip is great, describe your hopes, prayers and dreams for the person you're writing a letter to. what are you hoping for? that might be easier to come out. >> always remember this. if there are one or two things you would want somebody you love to always remember, to put that into writing. i do say to people though, don't
3:29 am
say these are two things that i love about you and if you would just fix one of the things. >> no, probably not something people want to read. >> judy, this is really inspiring mission that you're on. >> thank you, tucker. i appreciate it. next on the run down, a dramatic moment a man tumbles under an oncoming train and makes it out alive. >> the warriors, the rebels, the redskins, those names apparently too offensive for a school. we are going to tell you all about t. they're being banned. and happy gilmore gets remarkable distance off the tee. now thanks to our next guest, you can, too. we have the holiday golf gifts you need. chaos coming up. ♪ ♪
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what do you think he wants for christmas? >> anything steelers themed. >> don't you think he'd want to come home? >> oh! oh, my god. >> man, can you imagine?
3:34 am
that's your shout of the morning, a family's christmas wish comes true. colonel stevens came home from afghanistan dressed as santa. he went all out. the fire department helping him outleting him ride home. he came home four months early just in time for christmas. >> disguising his voice there. >> that always gets me there. he's coming back to a more politically correct country. >> in houston, the school board has voted to ban team names they deem offensive. some of these may be widely considered offensive. some of them you may be surprised. the lamar high school redskins, the hamilton middle school indians, the welch middle school warriors and the westbury high school rebels. >> this is an effort that's been going on as far back as i can remember. when i was in high school i remember people were talking about this. we wanted to ask you what you think about that. that was a long time though.
3:35 am
cave man days. >> one of the graduates says you should be spending your time and attention on not changing mascots but on educational matters. the names were not meant to be offensive. you have several native american speakers who said these symbols are associated with them are hurtful. they said one native american activist saying i'm a human being, i'm not a mascot. >> i wonder how much time that person has worried about the graduation rate at houston public schools which is terrible. who cares actually what the name of the team is? the point is, are the kids getting educated? are they graduating? the houston public schools count the graduation rate for six years. >> that's like what's his name from "animal house."
3:36 am
>> that's ridiculous. >> to be fair though, the guy that wrote in, he graduated -- he's not a teacher though, is he? >> no, graduated in 1968. >> he went there. he's offended. it is what it is. we want to let you know what you think about. >> the warriors. golden state warriors, the welch warriors? >> all of these symbolic debates. what a waste of time. let us know, ffweekend on facebook. that's our question of the weekend. weigh in. let's get to the rest of the headlines now. she went in for a routine surgery and now she's on life support. her health see kreerlly declined while having her tonsils removed. they say few nerss at oakland children's hospital in oakland were around. they only reacted when her grandmother screamed for help. >> they came in and they started working on her and the next thing you know, her heart -- the man said -- the doctor says, oh,
3:37 am
no, she doesn't have a heart rate no more. >> oh, boy. the hospital says the icu is always fully staffed. the case is being investigated. a new york man is lucky to be alive after he falls on the tracks as a subway train comes barrelling towards him. >> he's alive. >> don't move. >> we have the power off to the tracks. there's a gentleman alive in the tracks. i need power off on two tracks. >> that video shows first responders talking to a man as he was under the train. this man who is a victim in his 50s walked away with a bruised hand. that's it. >> unbelievable. >> can you believe that? forget the paper christmas card. one family taking their holiday greetings to a totally different level ♪ we know they look ridiculous, that's why no one will dance with us ♪ ♪ we're wearing christmas jammies ♪ ♪ dancing in the front yard
3:38 am
>> it's the holderness family. they make their own version called christmas jammies. in the 3:30 song they talk about what they were up to in the last year all while wearing matching pajamas. dad announced he's leaving his day job anchor at a local news station. that's pretty cool. that's funny. those are your headlines, guys. over to clayton. thanks, guys. hey, finding a perfect holiday gift for your golfer in your life can get a little confusing but it doesn't have to. here to demo the hot golf items this season is golf smith senior editor chris ferrar. >> thank you for having me. >> these are stocking stuffers. what do you have for golf balls and this gps device. i can't wait to hear about it. >> let's start with the gps.
3:39 am
this is a gps watch. this is the s4 from garmin. it has 32,000 worldwide courses downloaded on it. you take it out, slap it on your wrist, onto the golf course you're good to go. this will give you measurements to the front, middle and back of the green. >> you know how far you are from the pin with that watch on? >> that's pretty great. >> one less excuse you have. >> other items you have. gift cards, hand warmers when you're playing in cold weather. >> good day for hand warmer. >> some of the puma apparel. >> sure. these are puma shoes. they're all about light and functional and fashion and functionality. >> i love this for the little kids. what is this? >> these are awesome. these are junior sets. 4 years old to 14-year-old. this is the 4-year-old set. available in right-handed, left-handed. a ladies pink version. >> that's great. let's get over to the big boys now? >> sure. >> you have a putter set up here? >> we have a putter set up here.
3:40 am
this is the newest putter from ping. this is the crazy tr series. it has a high tech insert. basically gives you more forgiveness and playability. if you mishit the sweet spot, the ball will be more forgivable. >> for someone like me who doesn't even hardly play anymore -- hey, watch it, julia. this has a lot of forgiveness. if i step here, top, i'm still going to be able to -- >> absolutely. >> a little too hard. >> how much is this again? >> that's $179.99, brand new. >> this driver i was playing with before in the break. tailor made. this is incredibly light. >> yes. that's the jet speed. just out on friday so it's only 48 hours old so it would definitely make a good stocking stuffer. that retails for $299.99. these heads are all about technology. it has a very low center of gravity. the center of gravity is at the
3:41 am
front of the face. reduces gravity. >> where can people learn about more of the deals? >> we have 150 stores coast to coast. we have our website >> great. wow. i know some golf lovers that would love a driver like this. thank you so much. >> merry christmas to you. tucker and juliet, over to you guys. >> thanks very much. it's called the season of giving, but how much should you be tipping your mail carriers, your teachers, here we tip the bell men and the door men they're called. >> exactly. >> we don't know how much to tip them. now we'll find out. ecigarettes, some say they're delicious. they're being marketed as a better way to smoke. our next guest says there are hidden dangers no one else is telling you about. that's coming up. i'm nick, and i want to show you
3:42 am
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6:44 on the east coast. thousands of family members and dignitaries gathering today for a final farewell to nelson mandela officially ending ten days of national mourning. greg joins us now live from sueto, south africa. good morning with the latest, greg. >> reporter: hey, juliette. south africa said its last good-bye to nelson mandela. 4,000 people were in attendance at the funeral of nelson mandela. the ceremony is a combination of state funeral and rites. desmond tutu and oprah was here. one of the many peoplers in the four hour long public ceremony. south african president zuma he said, and i quote, his long walk has ended and now it must continue with us. afterwards it was transported to the grave site where some of
3:46 am
mandela's family and grandchildren are buried. he had a long life and his struggle against apartheid. we will have the unveiling tomorrow in the capitol of south africa, pretoria, a statue of nelson mandela. a lot of love shared all over the country, around the world. back to you. >> greg live in south africa. thanks. let's get over to tucker. it's being marketed by celebrities as glamorous and a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette. are there dangers to ecigarettes that we're not hearing about? dr. nancy simpson is joining us. >> thank you. >> so what do we know about ecigarettes? are they dangerous? >> we're not really certain. we're saying they're less dangerous than regular cigarettes because they're not burning tar and tobacco. >> right. >> we're not really sure what's in them besides nicotine.
3:47 am
>> okay. so is there any way to find out what's in them? >> now the studies are currently being done because there's so much pressure on everyone to know, can they be used indoors in should they be used indoors? are they safe? so the studies are currently being done so we don't have those answers. >> pardon my ignorance. they're not regulated? >> by the fda. not as of yet. we're thinking in 2014 they're a tenting to extend the tobacco act to include ecigarettes which would mean that the fda would get approval to monitor what's in them. >> so their proponents say and the companies that make them say is this a matter of harm reduction? there's no burning and no actual tobacco. most people use them are smokers. why not help people not smoke ecigarettes. >> we're thinking it was marketed as a way for people to stop smoking but really it's the same nicotine. >> right. >> it's not really helping people to stop smoking, whereas, prescription strength nicotine patches, they are 24 milligrams and 17 milligrams and 7
3:48 am
milligrams so we taper you off and it's an actual medical way to end your addiction to nicotine. whereas, ecigarettes, we can't control how much nicotine is in them. >> because we don't know? >> we don't know. they're being advertised on television? >> well, there's no -- you know, the cigarette ads in magazines, tv, newspapers there's no cigarette ads anymore. ecigarettes, it's crazy what's happening in the media. they're markeding it to young people. you see all the flavors, chocolate, bubble gum. those are targeted for young people. we're seeing more and more young people with ecigarettes now. it has turned into close to a $2 billion a year business. >> interesting. doctor, thanks a lot for that. >> thank you. >> this is one of those stories that i think most people may not even be aware of but it will be interesting to find out what's in them. >> it will. thank you. two years after a helicopter was shot out of the sky in
3:49 am
afghanistan killing all 38 navy s.e.a.l.s on board, the parents has a major update on having congress investigate what actually happened. and it's called the season of giving, but exactly how much should you be giving? how much should you be tipping your mailman, teachers, the person who cuts your hair. the dos and don'ts of tipping coming up. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
3:50 am
♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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3:52 am
it's rick's party. i forgot to buy a present. >> what, i've got to buy a present? >> of course you do, it's an engagement party. >> it never ends, engagement present, then they get married,
3:53 am
you have to buy a present, then a baby, then the baby starts getting present. i don't even like drake. >> that, of course, one of my favorite episodes from "seinfeld." how much should you give? joining us is the associate editor from kip linger finance. let's start with the nanny or child care provider. what's the appropriate christmas gift tip? >> that should be the top of your tip list. so about a week's pay is a good amount, maybe even add a week's pay if they've been with you for a year. >> so what if they've been with you for two months? >> probably about a week's pay is still a good amount. you want to be generous. a little less is okay. >> not like a gift card to target or something like that, you want to actually crank up
3:54 am
the payment to actually give them some cash? >> i think so. this is someone that's working closely with you. it's nice to give them that option. >> what about a regular cleaning person that comes to your house? >> the cost of one visit is a good amount. that's kind of a good benchmark. you can use that for a lot of people, massage therapist, weekend baby-sitter, personal trainer and hairstylist. >> life must be difficult if you have a regular massage therapist. >> must be nice. >> must be nice. what about this is a big question. garbage and recycling collectors. let's talk about etiquette. how much are you giving those folks? >> 10 to $30 is a good amount. >> okay. where do you put it? because do you leave it on -- do you leave it on the trash can? if you're not home do you leave that -- i don't know, is that somehow insulting? give me some etiquette? >> sure. if you know when they're going to come, it would be nice if you could roll out there with it, that would be ideal. if not, you could see if you
3:55 am
could mail it. check with the municipality first and then you could ask how should i give this to them? where can i send it? >> often you have someone driving the truck, someone coming up to our house, he's fantastic, friendly guy. we can go out to him. you want to make sure other people on the team are getting their cut. >> right. >> do you go to every person on the team and do it? >> you could do that. you could give a large amount for them to split. feel it out, see how you want to do that. again, call the municipality, see how that works. >> i had a paper route when i was a little boy. christmas time you got that little bonus and you looked forward to t. how much do you give your newspaper delivery boy or girl? >> 10 to $30. sometimes you can tip through the subscriber website. in that case i would try to leave a note or something like that to show your direct appreciation for them. >> okay. what about your child's teacher? >> teacher isn't someone you can tip. it can come off looking like a bribe. a gift card, small gift from
3:56 am
your child. even talk to other parents in the classroom and pool together to give them a gift card. >> i hadn't thought about the bribe part of that. >> nursing homeworker. >> that's another one, a gift. if someone is taking great care of a parent or a relative, a plate of cookies. >> all of these tips, where can people find out more information. >> you can go to >> people can bug you on twitter as well, lisa gerstner. great answers. i appreciate tnchts thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, another health care headache. now americans signing up for obamacare are getting their bank accounts cleaned out. that's a nice holiday present. listen up pet lover. the hidden winter dangers you need to find out to keep your pets safe. juliet is covered in animals
3:57 am
this morning. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. good morning, everybody. it is sunday, december 15th. i'm juliet huddy. now obamacare enrollees are getting their bank accounts cleaned out. why some are saying they're in the red after signing up. it's like, really? really? >> i love that. >> tucker. then playing politics with your lives as they campaign for four more years. a brand new report reveals just how far the white house went to win the 2012 election. they delayed laws they're slamming you with today. hard evidence that this actually happened. we'll show you details. if you work with someone like this --
4:01 am
>> call everybody else that we know that has a jet. this is your responsibility. this is your job. >> get me home! >> the five office types revealed. which one are you? >> get me some coffee, clinton. >> okay. i'll get you some. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. i'll be right back. you are a sweetheart. nice to see you. >> hi, guys. nice to be here. >> i can't imagine you doing the devil wears pra da imitation. >> give us some names. >> come on. we'll reveal more of those coming up later. >> we will. >> i think i have dog hair. >> now it's on you. >> we have a great segment coming up on some gifts for your
4:02 am
pet. >> this is really cool because they've taken these cold weather outfits to totally another zblefl there are some shocking revelations what happened at the white house during the 2012 elections. pretty stunning stuff. let's get to some headlines. while you were sleeping, thousands of gathering for a final farewell for nelson mandela. the state funeral held at his family grave site, today the burial and ten days of national mourning ceremonies. mandela died december 5th in his johannesburg home after months of declining health. he was 95 years old. >> chilling now details about friday's colorado high school shooting. 18-year-old carl pierson walked into the school armed with a shotgun that he bought legally one week earlier. he also had a machete, three homemade bombs and ammo strapped to his body. the main target, tracy murphy a
4:03 am
librarian who kicked him off the debate team months earlier. pierson set off a bomb in the library and set off five rounds before turning the gun on himself. he hit someone, claire davis, 17 years old, a senior. she was shot at point blank range. >> i know that claire davis is a young woman of principle. she's a young woman of purpose. she is an innocent young lady, and she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> davis remains in critical condition. paul davis laid to rest at forest lawn cemetery in california. walker was in the middle of filming the seventh installment in the "fast and furious" franchise. his younger brother, cody, may be asked to replace him. he bears a striking resemblance
4:04 am
to paul. cody is a stunt man. is it okay to send an e-mail as a thank you card this holiday season? >> sure. >> many americans agree with you. according to a poll, 85% of emessages have replaced the pen and paper thank you cards. the same group surveyed feels it's okay to thank gift givers with a text message. 85%? really? >> no. i think janice weigh in on this, send them a snap chat. that's the best way. >> i don't know what it is. >> it will disappear. >> there's something nice about you that you don't know what that is. >> a snap chat. i just got on twitter. >> no, don't even bother. i love writing handwritten letters and cards. >> they're so personal. >> do you actually mail them now? >> i do. i do. i handwrite the address and everything. >> i write them out and then i forget to mail them. >> that's your excuse. >> yeah. >> she did nothing. >> janice is busy doing other
4:05 am
things like the weather. >> drama. >> look at these pictures. >> yeah. this is crazy. >> i'm supposing this is out of the northeast. don't quite know where, but if you look on the map here, it could be anywhere across the northeast where they have over half a foot of snow. parts of new england could get easily over a foot, maybe 18 inches especially across maine. but these are some of the snow totals. the storm isn't done yet. so new york, over 7 inches here. connecticut, 7 inches. bronxville, new york, 7 inches. newark, new jersey, 6 inches. the problem is this is the fourth storm we've seen in a matter of a couple of weeks. people are tired of the snow. this is a quick mover, that's the good news. the warm air is actually moving in. much of new york city now is just a puddle of water and the problem is the temperatures are cold so that could freeze. people are urnled to be careful on the roadways because they could be really slick.
4:06 am
there's your forecast in terms of snow. as i mentioned, parts of new england could get over a foot. great news for the skiers. i'm sure they're happy about that. still very cold across the upper midwest and the plains where it's minus 7 in fargo, zero in minneapolis. it feels much colder than that. it's been very cold across the upper midwest and the northern plains. but it is winter almost on the calendar. >> yes. >> right? doesn't feel like it. it's meet logical winter. >> i love that you can pronounce that. >> thank you. by the way, if it's december in fargo, north dakota, there would be something wrong. >> thank you, janice. >> did you guys pick up the big washington post this morning? boy, there's a bombshell story. >> it is unbelievable. >> i try not to pick up "the washington post" but i did read it this morning because it confirms what you may have expected and that is the 2012 election was not on the level and everything was political. the obama administration delayed
4:07 am
crucial elements of obamacare, delayed enacting regulations, delayed workers safety and pollution controls for industrial boilers, etc., etc., etc., because they thought these would be controversial during the election. >> and as the piece points out, that the obama administration repeatedly said that any of these delays until after the election were coincidental. it was purely coincidental. politics was not at play. but a number of administration officials went on the record for this piece to say, in fact, no, this was all part of the plan, to hold it until after the election so that the election wouldn't be swayed one way or the other or negatively against the obama administration. >> right. because if something controversial gets picked up by the media, gets talked about, it could potentially sway the elections. why not avoid talking about it in the first place by not getting it passed. >> in other words, if people knew what they were really for, they wouldn't vote for them so on the one hand they say these are vitally important protections for americans but we can't let anyone know we
4:08 am
actually believe this stuff because we would lose the election. it's a little bit like if you like your doctor, you can keep it. if you like your health plan you can keep it. they knew that was it's called lying. >> the officials that were interviewed in this piece apparently, they're supposed to go to the desk agent. the desk agent is supposed to look through the information and look through all of this. they call them mother may i meetings accordsing to this setting. >> school master. >> but the political wing of the white house is not supposed to be controlling epa or hhs. it's supposed to be independent agencies working on the public's behalf to do the right thing. some pollster is telling them what rules they can enact before the election? >> focus grouping it. it's remarkable. the new information this morning on part of obamacare, some of those regulations and rollouts we know from the washington post were held back, delayed as a
4:09 am
result of politics. we know that 15,000 obamacare people went on the website, got their application done, thought they were good to go, 15,000 have had your application, poof, vanish into a black hole. insurance companies and obama administration doesn't know where they are. >> kathleen sebelius and the hhs blog, they're all saying, you know, things are going the way they're supposed to be. the technical fixes have been put in place. there have been significant improvements is the term that they're using. meanwhile, you have people in illinois, for instance, legal immigrants who have not resided in that state for five years, they're not eligible. but they're being told they're eligible. they're signing up for health care. they think they have health care. >> obamacare at its core is magic. you have, you know, 15,000 -- >> harry potter. >> bermuda triangle.
4:10 am
nobody knows how it works. sometimes it works, other times your application vanishes. >> that's not the worst. 15,000 man on january 1st you think you're covered and you won't even know because the insurance companies never received your application. how about this story this morning out of washington state? this is even more troubling. that in washington state the state exchange up there called washington health plan finder, that website is currently down, by the way, so if you wanted to go there and check it out, you can't. individuals have logged on. when you set up your account you set a date at which you want that money removed from your account. folks are waking up weeks earlier than when they told the website to take their money and finding out that the bank accounts have been drained of their money weeks beforehand. one woman said she found out $800 in the negative in her account. >> can i say something? >> please. >> at least they know they have health care. >> a positive spin on it. >> it's awesome. it works perfectly unless you get in a car accident and get
4:11 am
cancer or need an appendectomy. who would give his routing number to obamacare? you go on the obamacare website and it says, give us your checking account information. sorry to be cynical. i would not do that. >> we're sitting here being snarky, but the fact is one case of a person who thinks they have heal health care who will be relying on that and may need it and, a, not even is going to get it but, b, has to go through a whole rigamarole to try to get it. it's scary. >> $800 is a lot of money so imagine waking up and this woman, one of these many, many people have weighed in on this facebook page out of washington sta state. you know why they're going to facebook? the website is being down. they're told to go to the website to fix it and it's down. they call the help line and they can't get through. they had to post and message on facebook. she's $800 in the negative in her account. she has bills to pay, it's
4:12 am
christmas. you wake up and find out your account is in the negative. >> i think we have a live picture of the website. how is the website doing? >> it's down. take a deep breath. go make some scrambled eggs. don't sign on. go to fox that's working. two years after a chopper was shot out of the sky in afghafte afghanist afghanistan, they have a major update on their fight for answer jeers call it the hunkiest hollywood feud. we have the low down on the beef between leo dicaprio and marky mark. mark walhberg. ♪ shake, rattle and roll ♪ shake, rattle and roll ♪ get the feeling ♪ shake, rattle and roll wisest kid,
4:13 am
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4:16 am
back in august 2011 a shi nook helicopter was shot out of the sky. it killed all 38 navy s.e.a.l.s on board. after two years of questions the families left behind may finally be getting some answers. the house oversight committee has announced it will hold a hearing regarding this disaster. now we have the parents of one of the s.e.a.l.s killed in that helicopter crash. bill and karen vaughan. great to have you back. karen, let me -- bill, let me ask you about your thoughts? >> to us and families involved, it is a small victory.
4:17 am
it's a first step in where this needs to go. what we'd like to see is we'd like to see a grand jury that would have the power to call people forward and have the power to account for what's going on in our military today. >> karen, why do you think it's taken this long? >> well, i think this is a touchy subject for congress to deal with, actually, because you're talking about dealing with the possible missteps of very high ranking military leaders in the strategy of this war and the administration so i think that it's probably a very touchy subject and i think a lot of people really have tried -- very much tried to stop the discussion on this issue. >> bill, what kind of specific questions do you want answered during this hearing? you'll have the opportunity now. >> okay, well, yeah, there are several. one, we know that there were seven afghans aboard that
4:18 am
chopper that night that were not the same names of the men who were on the manifest. there may be a simple answer to that, but we know that's a fact. to this point the d.o.d. has not come forward with those answers. there are many things that we do have answers to that happened that night and about the way that we're engaging and not engaging the enemy in this war that we have answers to that we want to know why. we want to know why our forces, our men and women are being forced to submit to this enemy? we want to know why they're not allowed free assault fire when they're going into hot landing zones. we want to know why we're having to fight with antiquated equipment over there where there's millions and billions of dollars granted and given to al qaeda and insurgents in the middle east yet our warriors in afghanistan have to fight with second rate equipment and the answers go right to the top.
4:19 am
they go right to the top and, you know, this fish is stinking from the head to the tail. and, you know, clayton, today we hear that karzai wants an apology from president obama for civilian casualties in afghanistan. if this president needs to apologize to anybody, i'll tell you right now he better not step across that line and apologize for our military in afghanistan. if he needs to apologize to anybody, he needs to apologize to the american people and to the families who now will not have people, fathers, husbands, sons and daughters sitting around the christmas dinner table because many of these lives lost in afghanistan are unnecessary. like i said, it goes right to the white house. >> you're not alone in those sentiments. karen and bill -- >> could i add something quickly?
4:20 am
>> please. >> this is the message we're trying to get to the american people. we feel like if they understood what was happening in afghanistan, they would be outraged. we understand people die in war. we've never complained. we understand war is necessary, but what we don't understand is why we're fighting under the current rules of engagement tying our soldiers hands. let me give you a couple of numbers because numbers don't lie. in the first eight years of war we had as many wounded in action as we've had in this past year, one year alone as manies wounded in action as there were in the first eight years of our afghanistan campaign. not only that, the death toll has more than doubled since 2009 when this president took office, when this administration decided that we would win hearts and minds rather than wars. and the cost of that is human lives. these are not numbers, they're not statistics, they're people's children, people's fathers, little grandchildren laid a wreath on their daddy's grave yesterday to kick off their
4:21 am
christmas season. so it's not statistics, these are people. that's what we're trying to get across to america, stand up and defend your defenders. it's pastime. >> well, you are both wonderful advocates for this and we will monitor this hearing very closely. karen and bill vaughan, thank you very much for joining us. merry christmas my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to rmal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than8
4:22 am
or men with prostate or breast caer. and children should avoido are contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puber in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medication serious side effects could include increased risk decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron.
4:23 am
4:24 am
. time for your news by the numbers. first, 1.2 million, that's how many tires michelin is recalling in the united states due to a number of them experiencing tread or rapid air loss. next, 143,000, that's how many wreaths have been laid at graves at arlington national cemetery. part of the wreaths across america campaign. finally, number one, jesus ranked as the single most important person in history.
4:25 am
a new internet research program scans opinions expressed about famous people online and uses them to create anal gore r aa n an algorithm. >> this is zipper. with winter well underway, spent a lot of time and energy to winterize your car. you have to think about winterizing your pet. >> thanks for being here. we have zipper and jasper on the floor along with abby over there. >> yeah, this is jasper. they are modeling great coats, which is important for little dogs, zip perfect and our boston terrier. they're both wearing waterproof coats. this is by gold paw and warm wear. >> this is amazing.
4:26 am
>> check out the boots. >> when i see paris hilton with the outfits on, i cringe. they're very tight. >> i like them. these protect against salts on our streets. >> driveway danger, tell me about this. >> huge, huge. jasper even, he has arthritis which is why he's wearing special boots. he can get stuck car. if he were to go outside and get cold, he could hide under the car. >> for the warmth? >> exactly. have your dog treated for arthritis. this is one of my favorite arthritis medicines, rimidel. another driveway danger, antifreeze. >> how is that? >> people spill it out of their cars. >> right. >> it will be a pink or blue puddle. i like this, it has pro pa lean glycol, think p, proper. people forget about keeping their pets hydrated. >> this is quite the contraption
4:27 am
there. >> it's a chew resistant cord. it's a heated water bowl. >> that's very cool. >> we'll go inside. now we have christmas presents that dogs can unwrap. so i have chocolate here. this bar is 90% coco. that could kill zipper or abby because they're little dogs. it could put jasper in the icu. this snow globe actually can have antifreeze in it. different ones do. if this breaks and they actually drink it. >> they'll link it thinking it's water. >> yeah. exactly. batteries. we're always putting batteries in stuff for kids toys. these little circle ones, they swallow them. the current turns on inside the dog and burns through their stomach. >> keep that away from them. >> this is pretty obvious. >> crazy cat hazard. cats eat it. >> we had a goat on yesterday. the goat seemed to be enticed by
4:28 am
this. pointsettias, are they dangerous? >> the number one danger in the e.r. is dog fights. christmas bring their pets over and they don't get along with the other host dog. >> luckily we have a lot of coombaya over here with these dogs. >> we do right now. think about leaving your dog home with something fun. >> great points. thank you, doctor. >> thank you. coming up next on the rundown, do you work with somebody like this perhaps? >> call donatella and get her. call everybody else we know that has a jet. this is your responsibility. this is your job. get me home! >> the five office types revealed. which one are you? and it's one of the most talked about movies of the year, "saving mr. banks." is it worth your denaro. kevin mcarthur said it made him laugh and cry. the review coming your way.
4:29 am
>> you can't imagine how excited i am to finally meet you. >> would you mind? my name is mrs. travers. ology, ology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $30. what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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4:32 am
. they've moved my desk four times this year. i used to be over by the window and i could see the squirrels and they were merry, but they switched from the swing line to the boston. but i kept my swing line stapler because it didn't bind up as
4:33 am
much. >> please do that this much. >> i was told i could have a reasonable volume. that of course is office space. we all work with somebody like one of those. >> i've hired a lot of people like that. >> you've hired and fired them? >> no, just hired them. >> we work with. please. >> i like the weird ones. anyway, a new study breaks down the five archetypes of who you may work with. >> remember from wall street, the gordon gekko. are you like that? >> of course. >> the mother hen. >> what is the mother hen, someone who's constantly hen pecking you? >> yes. >> micromanaging you? >> the person sort of going around cubical to cubical listening to everybody's problems. >> making sure everybody is okay. >> sort of like the office gossip. >> that might be the next one here. the socialite.
4:34 am
>> that's the person who is friends with everybody, who's the organizer of all the happy hours. >> yeah. >> i'm not clear what that person does for a living but this is a person -- >> they work hard and play hard. >> yeah. does the seating aroundment for the christmas party in july. >> the fourth on the list is the workaholic. >> the one that never leaves the office? >> right. that's my dad. he's the workaholic. >> that's the good employee. that's the one you're getting something out of. >> that's the one ruining it for the rest of us. >> number five on the list, the creative. that's the blue sky thinking about bigger projects maybe down the roads, not just heel to the grind stone. >> but that's also the one that makes us work a lot harder. all the projects that they start, we have to be part of those projects. >> i find that's the one drinking at lunch. >> creative? >> perhaps. >> because the person is just so brilliant. >> like an artist.
4:35 am
>> doesn't have to do any work, right? >> that's right. >> but thinks big thoughts. >> exactly. >> big thinking. i don't need to go back to the office, i'm thinking big things right now. >> do any of these people sound familiar to you? are you any of these people? let us know. go to our web page, fox facebook page and let us know kind of about the people that you've worked with, what were some of their characteristics. let's get to some headlines now. the worst firefighting disaster in arizona's history. now we're getting a listen to the last radio transmissions from 19 hot shot firefighters killed back in june battling the yarnell hill firefight. >> cut it off. we are preparing to deploy the site. we are burning around ourselves in the brush and i'll give you the call when we are under the shelters. >> okay. copy that. you're on the south side of the fire then? >> that audio that you just
4:36 am
heard, that was the last time the hot shots were heard that day. the transmissions recorded by a firefighter with a helmet camera near the scene. quote, i never thought this would happen, unquote. these are the first words coming from a son of a man accused of blowing up the wichita airport. his father is a laid back, happy guy but the fbi did not see it that way. they arrested the aviation technician for allegedly planning a violent jihad against the u.s. he planned to leave a car filled with explosives at an airport terminal. two feuding heartthrobs. mark walhberg with his feud against leonardo dicaprio. he was rude to dicaprio.
4:37 am
i hear dicaprio is a sassy guy. apparently he got into a tiff with george clooney. walhberg said the next thing they knew the fight was over and they were hanging out and going to all the clubs. >> they worked great together in what's the other film, "the departed." >> i'm just glad everything is plastic in leonardo dicaprio's life. i don't know what's going on. >> he was distracted because he couldn't lecture me on global warming anymore. >> let me give him a call after the show and we'll talk. leo dicaprio is in a great movie. let's talk to janice dean about what's happening with the weather. looks better outside in the new york area. >> not bad. it is improving. absolutely. we had a lot of snow out here and the rain came and washed everything away. it is still chilly and some areas across the northeast still
4:38 am
getting snow. this storm system is pretty much done. we do have some snow that's moving into new england but watch what happens in the next couple of days. what? another little system pushes into new york. we could get a little bit of snow on tuesday. so we're not done yet, not by any means. temperatures in the 30s and 20s in new york and boston. it warms up a little bit. we'll stay kind of in the 30s for the rest of the week. there's that big storm system that brought rain and snow and sleet and freezing rain and thankfully it is moving out of new england but in its wake we're dealing with colder temperatures. it's beginning to feel and look a lot like christmas. back inside. >> thank you, janice. janice is wrapping up when she started to sing. all righty. this is the story of how a disney classic was made. check this out.
4:39 am
>> introducing the creator of our beloved mary. >> pop pins. >> never, ever just mary. >> now where is mr. disney? >> here. >> i want to see this movie. "saving mr. banks" tells the story of how walt disney brought mary pop pins to the bins big screen. >> founder of nerd kevin mccarthy joins us with his review of the disney flick and other movies that rocked the box office this weekend. >> honor to be here. >> honor to have you here. >> you are an honest man. when you say a movie is bad, you mean it. >> i've seen 137 films this year. i've only given two five out of fives. that was "gravity" and "captain phillips." this is my third five out of five.
4:40 am
p.l. travers who wrote mary poppins and deals with the struggle of how walt disney wanted to get that film made. it talks about the power of movies and what they do for people. golden globe earlier this week, she's incredible in the film, you have to check it out. it's my third five of the five of the year. >> i think he'll be nominated for "captain phillips" over this. this is a supporting category. you have leonardo dicaprio who might take it. 2013 has been one of the greatest years for movies that i've seen in the past decade. >> dicaprio and "wolf of wall street" comes up on christmas day. >> last year we had tarrantino for "django." >> here's more of a family film in a way growing up reading the hobbit or j.r.tolkin films.
4:41 am
>> the first movie in this series made a billion dollars last year. peter jackson is back, like you said. this is the prequel of "lord of the rings." the story line essentially, the dwarfs and gandolf are trying to reclaim the area. great name. >> my wife loves that name. she wanted to name our son that. >> benedict? >> i like that. he does smaoug through voice work. they capture that to create this realistic looking dragon. he's incredible in the film. actions made, four out of five. little long. see it in 3-d. 48 frames per second is another way it's being aired. >> it's not like a strobe light? >> no. it looks more like real life than a movie if you see it in 48
4:42 am
frames. >> let's talk about rentals. we'll do this lightning round. >> three movies that got snubbed at the golden globes, "way, way back." one of my favorite movies of the year. >> it's a great film. check it out. number two, the place beyond the pines, bradley cooper, ryan goss lick. a movie highly worth seeing. didn't get a lot of respect at the box office. incredible film. definitely check it out. my third one, this movie is extremely out there. i'm not recommending this for everybody. not everyone will like this, but see it for james franco. it's called "spring breakers." >> that guy's wild. >> i know. he's amazing in the film. not for everybody. a lot of wild stuff in the film but worth seeing for james franco. >> fantastic rentals. >> good to see you guys. follow me on twitte twitter @kevinmccarthytv. if you have movie questions, i'll respond to every tweet. >> that's very, very difficult to do. >> you will respond to every
4:43 am
tweet. >> i can't say what it is yet but i saw my fourth five out of five last night. you know what it is. i'll be reviewing that on christmas day. only hint i'll give you. >> stay tuned. >> good to see you guys. listen up, homeowners, you could be giving thieves a license to steal. how you could avoid making your home a target when you leave for the holidays. >> we continue to talk about the obamacare blunders and they're getting worse. first the website barely works. it's not working now or at least it wasn't. for anyone who manages to sign up, they're going all over the place or not going anywhere. we have reaction from mike kelley and his constituents. ♪ ♪ every day we're working to be an even better company -
4:44 am
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welcome back. we've been telling you this morning about the roughly 15,000 obamacare applications that failed to reach insurers. they disappeared into thin air. no one can find them. that means those applications essentially and also existentially don't exist. the worst part about it, the administration has no clue where they are. another problem. here with his reaction, pennsylvania congressman. >> thank you for having me. >> you've been back in your district. what are your constituents been saying? >> cindy is a girl that waits on me. she said, mike, i hate to bother you, but can i ask you, i'm having some trouble. my husband's firm used to insure me. now they don't. i'm trying to get insurance for myself. show's 52 years old, a waitress. the insurance policy was going
4:48 am
to be $750 a month. i can't afford that. i need something else. we'll get another one for you. $350 a month but she has an $11,500 deductible. lower, middle income people, you talk to them, you talk about health insurance that costs more than their car payment and house payment together. they're still trying to raise children, put food on the table and put clothes on their back. to me, it's another example of overpromising and under performing. being i'm a bill guy my life. much better to under promise and over perform. we don't see that coming out of watching ton. >> that's for sure. we're going to drive people on to medicare and medicaid in greater numbers? >> i think so. i think that was the goal from day one. there's people that do believe that nobody can decide anything on their own. they don't know what's best for them so the government has to do
4:49 am
it. that's not why people came here centuries ago to have a good opportunity to rise to whatever level they were capable of and with the help of god along the way. this is another example of big, big government doing poor things for the people that they promised things to but can't even come close to it. >> this is such a disaster, democrats are worried about losing control in the senate a year from now. if that happens and republicans control both chambers of congress, are there steps that can be taken to mitigate this? >> i think so. we've been trying to come up with something that makes sense. patient centered. we've involved the providers, everybody together. there are some pieces in obamacare that make sense to people, pre-existing, keep children on. but at the end of the day, if you don't have this coverage, we're talking about people's health now, we're not talking about some other program that doesn't matter to them, we're talking about everyday concerns. you go to your doctor and you
4:50 am
have coverage, you go to the pharmacy and pick up your drugs and you think you have coverage, no, you don't. somebody made a mistake. we can't do that. >> can you imagine if you're one of those people that turns out you don't have it. >> i appreciate it. merry christmas and merry christmas to all of our folks out there. >> you can say christmas here. amen. next on the rundown. struggling for a gift for mom for christmas? clayton's gadget gifts. how about a hands free vacuum cleaner? it's not dangerous. ♪ slip a gift under the tree for me ♪ ♪ been an awful good girl, santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight ♪ afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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welcome back. we are less than two weeks away from christmas, and if you haven't started your shopping you better get out there and start now. >> not so bad. >> but if you're short on good ideas for mom, clayton has good choices. >> what have you got? >> i have great ideas for mom. dads wait until the last minute. the nest protect. i know it doesn't seem flashy. it's a smart smoke detector. it actually monitors your environment. if you have someone who cooks a lot, that smoke alarm goes off and you have to get up there on the chair and poke it with a broom, you wake in there and waive it with your hand. it monitors your environment. you can control it with an application. you don't have to worry about any carbon monoxide. >> i showed you the men's version of these. i love these. they're blue tooth ear warmers. it has a head set.
4:55 am
you can keep your ears warm and you can listen to music. >> oh, my gosh, that's amazing. >> from the 180s company. i'll tweet all of these links. the apple ipad mini is one of the hottest gifts out there. they're doing free engraving at the apple store. you can send something nice to your honey, to my nicest on my list this year. and they'll send it for free. you can go to >> if you don't want to worry about cleaning the house, go out and get a manicure, get out of the house for a while and have the robot do the vacuum cleaning, roomba is out. power it on. it will clean the house while you're gone. >> is this dangerous for dogs? i can see that consuming a shitzu. >> it won't succop any pets? >> or children. >> it picks up dog hair.
4:56 am
>> the sony camera, i always get the questions about what kind of camera should i get. this is an affordable high end camera from sony. they're doing great things. this is their nex 5 t. 499. lets you capture up close portraits, great shots at the sporting events as well. i have to tell you about this. this is the big one for fox viewers. n title. fox viewers can get their first month freebie going to the website on your screen. >> n title. >> you can rent books. basically members get two pooks a month for $14.99. three books a month $21.99. buy them a book card. if you go to that website today fox viewers will get a second book for free. >> oh, nice. >> you can download it on any of the tablets. >> great ideas. >> fox viewers are lucky people. >> that was a marathon. you pulled it off. >> if you have any questions, i'm on twitter. coming up, white house staff
4:57 am
shaken up. will it be enough to get obamacare back on track? chris wallace weighs in on that next hour. k? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar,
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5:00 am
good morning, everybody. happy sunday. it is december 15th. i'm juliet huddy. the hits keep a coming. this is a live picture of the obamacare website. this might shock you that it's down, again. that's not the only problem. apparently people's applications are disappearing and they don't know anything about it. we'll explain everything. and now the white house, the brunt of late night jokes. watch this. >> we have had our best people working on it. and those who claim we're moving in the wrong direction, well, rest your conscience. >> pretty good. guess who's not laughing? we'll tell you coming up. then, is your home a target
5:01 am
for thieves this holiday? >> yes. >> we set the timers on the lights? >> what else could we be for getting? >> kevin! >> how you could avoid making your home a target when you leave for the holidays straight from a reformed burglar. he'll be here live on the show. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. reformed burglar. a reformed burglar. >> check the greenroom. make sure things aren't stolen. >> it's our guest. >> that's right. >> yeah, good point. >> there's some pastry being stolen. >> juliet's here. >> great to be here. >> you are making this a warm morning. >> thank you. >> doesn't she? >> what do you want from me? >> new problems for the
5:02 am
problematic obamacare website which is down again. >> been down all morning. >> thousands of applications have been filed during early enrollment but that have apparently disappeared. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. peter, any clue where these are? >> somewhere lost in cyber space, tucker. at one point in mid october 15% of everyone who thought they had already signed up for coverage at didn't because of a technical error at the back end of the website that basically allowed 15,000 or so consumers to complete the entire application process but then those applications just never made it to the insurance company. so now hhs is saying this, quote, to make sure that no consumer falls through the cracks because of earlier pervasive troubles with the site, we are contacting e consumer who has selected a plan through the federal marketplace to remind them to pay their premium and connect with their insurer. so if you've applied for
5:03 am
coverage, then you should expect a call from hhs sometime soon because the deadline to get covered by january 1st is a week from tomorrow. so crunch time right now. hhs says that they have mostly fixed the problems with these forms known as 834s and some data that they released yesterday shows that right now less than 1% of those 834s are stopping consumers from getting covered. this morning though, as you mentioned, down for scheduled maintenance. >> thank you, peter. absolutely unbelievable. if you were up late last night, you may have noticed that "saturday night live" for the first time in a long time took off after president obama mocking his performance at the nelson mandela funeral in south africa. watch. >> i experienced a series of unfortunate events. i mean, first, i got roped into taking a selfie with a blond female danish prime minister. some people said michelle was angry at me for that, but i
5:04 am
talked to her afterwards, and i can assure you, she was furious. then i got caught shaking hands with raul castro. in my defense he told me he was edward james amos. and, finally, there was the sign language interpreter who clearly had no idea what he was doing. but those were mere distractions and some folks are bound to be frustrated, but many are -- many more are excited. and while i can't say that i've been entirely thrilled with the results -- >> snl. there is the selfie photo. that's not from "saturday night live." that's real. >> that's real. >> the secret service didn't
5:05 am
usher that guy away who we found out later had murdered someone. >> the charge was murder. never spent any time in jail among other serious crimes. look at how close zblefs do you think for the past five years, partly because seth myers is a total obama suck up, but for five years they have not laid a glove on obama. they've been pretty tough with him recently. >> part of it though, even the comedy -- even the comedians came out, take this with a grain of salt, they said it was difficult to find something to make fun of. >> right. when the messiah is just not funny. >> difficult. >> you stand back in awe. >> let's be honest. they didn't have the right actor to play this. this guy is fantastic. spot on. >> he sounds pretty fantastic. that guy in the background. >> but it was more than that though especially on "saturday night live." i don't think they're going after obama because they want
5:06 am
to, they're going after him because they realize something is terrible. the poll numbers are horrible. >> you're seeing this in hollywood in general as well, not everybody's on the bandwagon anymore and hollywood is a bastion of liberalism. let's get on to some other headlines now and talking about while you were sleeping, thousands gathering for a final farewell to nelson mandela. the prisoner turned president who transformed south africa. the state funeral held at his family's website. today the burial ends ten days of national mourning. he was 95 years old. and now we get chilling details about friday's colorado high school shooting. cops say 18-year-old carl pierson walked into the school. he was armed with a shotgun that he did buy legally one week earlier. he also had a machete, three homemade bombs and ammo strapped to his body. his main target was reportedly a librarian at the school named
5:07 am
tracy murphy who kicked him off the debate team earlier. he set off a bomb in the library and then he set off five live rounds. the attack lasted 80 seconds. claire davis was not very lucky. she was in the line of fire. she's 17 years old. a senior. she was shot point blank range. cops say she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i know that claire davis is a young woman of principle. she's a young woman of purpose. she is an innocent young lady and she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> davis remains in critical condition. it's the worst firefighting disaster in arizona's history. now we're getting a listen to the last radio transmission from the hot shots who were battling the yarnell hill fire.
5:08 am
>> hot shot rescue, getting it cut off. we are preparing to deploy the site. we are burning out around ourselves in the brush and i'll give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> okay. copy that. >> those words are the last time the hot shots were heard. transmissions recorded by a firefighter with a helmet camera near the scene joompt clayton? >> let's talk some college football. >> let's do it. >> the youngest heisman trophy ever walked home with an award. take a look. >> and the winner is jamis winston, florida state university. >> there he is. fsu quarterback. second straight freshman to win the award. last year's winner, johnny football manziel in a landslide. he had been accused of sexual assault but last week they said no charges would be filed. winston's top ranked seminoles will face auburn in the national championship game on january 6th.
5:09 am
>> freshman. wow. >> very, very cool. >> he towns play there. another winter storm bringing freezing rain and a lot of snow. it all slammed into the midwest and northeast last night. some areas got up to a foot. this morning nearly 1,000 flights have been delayed and close to 300 have been canceled. snow causing traffic nightmares. janice dean has all the details and the forecast. janice? >> take a look at the map here. i mean, if you like snow, half the country is covered in snow and for this time of year, this is a little bit rare to see the incredible amounts of snow especially towards new england. i'm sure the ski areas are excited about it. rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow was brought to the northeast. this is the fourth storm system we've seen in a matter of weeks. a lot of people are kind of saying, when can i get my christmas shopping done? i can't get outside yet. today will be a better day and then monday will be a better
5:10 am
day. then we have another system that will move. it will be a quick mover, a clipper system across the great lakes, ohio river valley and bring a little bit of snow. just enough to make things a little bit messy on the roadways. the temperatures are very cold. zero in minneapolis, 15 in chicago, 27 in dallas, 22 at alla burke key. much of the country is still into a deep freeze. with the wind it feels even worse especially across the northern plains and upper midwest where it's dangerously cold for weeks now. take a look at some of these wind chills. minus 39 in international falls, they're used to this cold with you it's kind of early on in the season. we have a lot of winter to get to. >> we're not in winter officially. >> meteor logically we are. >> that's the measure i use. >> but not on the calendar. >> you're smart. >> that means the coldest month
5:11 am
so from december to march meteorologically those are the -- >> meteorologically. >> he's fantastic. >> he's a wizard. >> meteor logical. >> try it at home. it's fun. coming up on the show, the white house shaking up its staff. will it be enough to get obamacare back on track? chris wallace will weigh in on that next. do you work with someone like this? >> call donatella and get her. call everybody else that we know who has a jet. this is your responsibility. this is your job. get me home. >> the five office types revealed. which one are you? ♪ ♪ [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
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from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. secretary sebelius is staying. will the changes they made be enough to get obamacare on track. joining us is chris wallace. chris, good morning. during the clinton years famously they brought in david gergon when they had problems and he was credited with making the white house more serious. do you think john podesta will play that role? >> i think bringing in new
5:16 am
people, i can understand it, but they had a lost year. this was a president who got elected with a healthy majority in the electoral college. his big initiatives as the year began, immigration reform, gun control, none of that has gone anywhere. i guess immigration reform passed in the senate but it's going nowhere in the house. then of course the debacle over obamacare. you know, i suppose it will help. john podesta, i have a lot of regard for. he's a smart guy. i think they do better to get jeff bezos to make sure obamacare works. >> good point. >> more so than somebody who's an advisor in the oval office. >> the face of obamacare is kathleen sebelius. the other day answering questions about keeping your plan, not keeping your plan and couldn't answer this question. it seems sort of befuddled. here's the face of obamacare. watch this and we'll get you to respond. >> i think that the statement
5:17 am
about keeping your plan was one that is applicable to the vast majority of americans in the health care market. what we know is that we also designed the implementation of the affordable care act to make sure that plans that were in place in march of 2010 that kept the same benefits in place didn't shift costs to consumers. >> kind of painful. >> i was going to say, i don't know if that's painful to watch or funny, but it's certainly not good. did she not get the memo that the president has already apologized for that remark. i mean, it's just really simple. you just say, the president has apologized. we're trying to do better. we're trying to help those people, period. >> when you talk about bringing in podesta and shifting things around, it leads to the main question. how does sebelius continue to
5:18 am
have her job? there are a lot of people who say it's about time that somebody push her aside or she step aside. in all your years of covering washington, how has this not happened yet? >> well, that's a good question. a lot of people are asking it. in fact, we've probably asked it at the show on the top of the hour. i think there may be a calculated decision. i'm not saying it's right or wrong that firing her is only going to increase the calls for more people to be fired and that in the middle of this thing while you're trying to fix it, don't make those kinds of changes, but it is curious that nobody has paid a price for what -- everybody in the white house and certainly everybody in the rest of the country says has been a total mess. >> so, chris, there's so much drama going on in washington. what topics are you going to be hitting today on the show? >> first of all, another one of those horrendous scenes of kids with their arms raised leaving the school after one of their
5:19 am
fellow students comes in with a gun. it also comes of course on the first anniversary of newtown. we'll talk with carly sudho. she was the face of newtown. she was the girl with the cell phone, her older sister vicky had given her life to save students. we'll talk to mark kelly, the husband of gabby giffords and larry pratt of gun owners of america about the fact that nothing has changed in the last year when it comes to gun control. some will say that's good, some will say that's bad but it's kind of interesting. then on the budget, we'll have an interview with paul ryan and one of the things we want to focus on is this growing divide inside the gop between the establishment, between the elected leaders on the one side and the outside conservative tea party groups. john boehner going off on them. >> them going off on he and paul
5:20 am
ryan. fox news sunday. check your local listings. host is chris wallace. great to see you. this teen went to get her tonsils out. now she's on life support. the heartbreaking claims from her family. how could this happen. then is your home a target for thieves? >> did you lock up? >> yes. >> did we set the timers on the lights? >> uh-huh. what else should we be for getting? >> kevin! ahhhh! >> what you need to know before you leave town for christmas. we're talking to a long-time burglar who will share the tricks of the trade coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
23 minutes past the hour. welcome to "fox & friends." look at your headlines. it's no accident kate middleton has been making appearances without her prince williams by her side. it's part of the royal plan to bring the duchess center stage and establish her as an independent person in the royal family out of her husband's shadow. two construction workers are lucky to be alive after a crane collapsed in ven nez wall la. two people were injured. double crane in venezuela. tucker. thanks, clayton. well, are you making your home a target this holiday season? >> did you look up? >> yes. >> did we set the timers on the lights? >> uh-huh. what else should we be for getting?
5:25 am
>> kevin! >> first, don't leave any children. next, well, we have a reformed burglar to tell us. he is author of "licensed to steel" and producer of genius on hold. his name is walter shaw. we're happy to have him. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> when you were in the burglary business, what did you look for at a house over christmas? >> a lot of common sense stuff. you see if the driveway is active or not. you want to see if the blinds are up or down. you want to see if there's any activity. these are all common sense things. i mean, the mail. the newspaper. these kind of things tell us what's going on in the area. >> so is christmas a popular time for burglaries? >> oh, yeah, extremely. a lot of -- >> so i'm leaving town. how do i not send signals to burglars that i'm gone? >> well, it's very simple. you get somebody that you trust, a neighbor to the right or left of you, all they have to do is
5:26 am
drive in your driveway if there's snow to leave tire tracks. move the garbage cans from the usual place and put them by the road and put them back like normal. make it active. don't make it look like it's desserted. when you put timers on lights and your lights inside the house and the tv, make sure there's timers in the backyard as well, not just in the front. >> leave a television on maybe? >> absolutely. have it on a timer. >> sounds like -- >> you want -- >> so burglars don't want to show up at a house when people are home mostly? >> no. they're lazy. they want to take the least resistance. they're l they're lazy people. that's what they scope out on a routine daytime and nighttime. >> you don't need to do that much. so what about leaving a light on full time. if you don't have a timer, can you leave a light on? >> living room and hallway. they look in the windows to see if there's any activity in the bedroom. put it by the bedroom, hallway,
5:27 am
by main bedroom, the light. >> really interesting. how long have you been out of the burglar ri business? >> i retired officially in '90. a long time. >> you retired. pension or anything like that? kind of gave it up? >> no, guys, i just called it a day. >> called it a day. union to deal with. >> walter, thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. a grocery store greeter runs to the parking lot to help put out a car fire. his thanks? a pink slip. you decide. i have a sense what you'll decide. then forget cheering for the redskins, warriors and rebels, those names are too offensive. one school district has banned them all. details coming up. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so call your doctor right away. tamiflu treats the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions,
5:29 am
or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu, prescription for flu.
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5:31 am
welcome back. the photographer is based in the united kingdom. these are water babies. they say the babies are all good swimmers. they were only underwater for a few seconds. don't freak out. >> how do you come up with that?
5:32 am
we're going to throw some babies in water. put them in santa outfits. >> it's a little esoteric. >> well, in houston, texas, the school board met. houston schools are famously troubled. the graduation rate is low and yet the school board spent an awful lot of time recently banning mascot names it deems offensive. >> these are the names that are banned. it's a good thing it took this cause up instead of worrying about test scores, detention rates, graduation rates. lamar high school redskins. hamilton middle school indians. the welch middle school warriors. >> i have a problem with the warriors. what's problem with that. >> i don't understand it. >> i call you warriors. >> how about westbury high school rebels. >> they are not obedient to authority. >> that's not why people have a problem with that. >> is it like -- i don't know, is it some sort of a confederate thing? >> that's probably what it is.
5:33 am
>> it's all such a waste of time. i mean, if the school board spent more time thinking about how to educate the kids and prepare them. you know in houston you count as graduating on time from high school six years. >> six years. >> average. >> raise the standards a little bit. >> however, there are some native american activists who spoke out and said, the quote was, i am not a mascot, i'm a human being. i find it offensive. others are saying some school members, former graduates writing in saying, hey, look, why don't they focus on something else. one graduate from 1968 at lamar high school, this is absurd. it's a way of rallying around to a mascot. we're paying homage. mona writes us this morning. no, we are living in a pc world. let's rebel. or rebel. >> april says next the spca and peta will get names like honey
5:34 am
badgers or hornets banned. my dad's family is a native american. i grew up a redskin. nobody was offended. >> that was then. this is now. we give so much authority to the one offended guy, you know what i mean? the one person who's mad gets to change the rules for everybody. it seems a little bit asymmetrical. >> nfl seeming to move in that direction as well for the redskins. weigh in on our facebook page. we are go there. that's our question of the day today. let's get into some headlines though. wild story, horrible. she went in for surgery, routine surgery. she ends up on life support. 13-year-old girl. her family claims her health severely declined after tonsil removal surgery at oakland hospital in california. >> they came in and they started working on her and the next thing you know, her heart -- the man said -- doctor says, oh, no, she doesn't have a heart rate no more. >> the family also says that
5:35 am
when they were going around there, they were waiting for her. there were few nurses. the hospital says the icu is always staffed. the case is being investigated. a new york man is lucky to be alive as he falls on the track as a subway train comes barrelling towards him. >> is he okay? >> he's alive. >> don't move. rcp, do we have power off on 2 train? there's a person alive. i need power off on 2 track. >> that's kind of hard to hear, but this video actually shows that first reponders are talking to the guy as he's laying under the subway train. miraculously the victim who is somewhere in his 50s suffered only a bruised hand. a subway train rolled over him. he told cops he jumped onto the tracks to save a woman. he's being hospitalized for a psychological evaluation. fired for being a good samaritan? grocery store -- a gentleman at
5:36 am
a grocery store is now facing a huge backlash from shoppers after firing 62-year-old store greeter. the employee was fired because he rap out to a car fire in the store's parking lot and the retailer claims that this is protocol -- firing protocol saying in a statement, these procedures help ensure the safety of everyone, both couples and team members and our team members know there are consequences when they don't follow them. this is a greeter who sees that there's a car fire. the former employee said if they offered him the job he'd go back. it's not the first time something like this has happened. he was previously suspended for pursuing a shop lifter. >> punished for being a good person. >> really? this is a scene we love. a soldier has a special surprise. watch this. marine lance corporal chris morris surprises his family and proposes to his fee san an say.
5:37 am
at a detroit red wings game. >> i had a feeling. and then it happened. i'm speechless. i'm really speechless. >> she says he spent two months planning the surprise. >> i'm wondering if he's bummed out she had a feeling. probably not. >> pretty nice. let's get outside to janice dean who is outside in the frigid cold out there. >> lucky her. >> hey, guys. >> i want to point out that fox news has the most attractive audience. case in point, look at these people here! right? where are you from? >> fort lauderdale. >> this is fancy. i think leopard is the new black. i'm the leopard girl. you are here on a quick vacation. >> for our anniversary. >> how do you like the cold? >> we love it. we're going home. >> everybody likes the cold? >> ahhh -- >> let's take a look at it. we'll show you what the northeast got in terms of snowfall. let's take a look at the maps. over 7 inches in parts of new york.
5:38 am
armonk, 7.6 inches. newark, 6 inches. your flights should be okay. call me if you have any problems. the northeast is seeing a little bit of rain and then the snow mainly in new england but we're also going to see some lake effect over the next couple of days. then we have a couple of little clipper systems that will bring us the potential for snow across the northeast. temperatures are cold. little cold for the south, right? what's your favorite channel? >> fox news. >> back inside. >> they said our channel, right? it was hard to hear. >> thanks, janice. >> thank you. >> they wanted the home and garden network outside. let's talk about this, office personnel. a new study out has broken down the five most common office types. see if you recognize any of these people that you work with. number one on their list was the gordon gekko type. >> characterized by low agreeableness. >> what is that? >> i guess you're always disagreeing. not team players.
5:39 am
have little empathy for others. >> very greedy. of course, gordon gekko very, very greedy. high achievers. >> the mother hen, highly extroverted. warm. a set way of doing things. >> i would have thought it would have been hen pecked. micromanaging. i worked with a woman in florida. >> she'll be there. she got there before you got there and she'll still be there. >> the socialite. very extroverted. work is a social event for them. slighty needy. >> seeks constant social stimulation. >> the workaholic, me? motivated.
5:40 am
low on details and will figure things out along the way. >> highly annoying. yes, that is you. >> exactly. >> like this show. i figured out the show throughout the show. self-revealer. low on conscientiousness. unlikely to conform to conventional rules or work practices. >> gordon gekko for sure. cruel. low unagreeableness. greedy. >> workaholic. >> i think you're that type. not very self-aware. >> no, i'm not self-aware. that's true. >> maybe we should go to what our e-mailers are saying. >> carla from texas writes, the talker. if they hem you in by the water cooler you're doomed. >> constantly angry. there's always one of those
5:41 am
wherever i work. yes, always bad. >> the postal worker we call them. scary. >> janice writes, the swooper. swoops in at the end after contributing nothing and tries to take credit for everything. >> that's a good one. how about the complainer, the one that everything is a drama no matter what. >> i hate that. >> that doesn't work well. >> well, some of them do. >> yeah. >> the gossip. those are the worst, too. gossip? >> the kplaper. >> back stabber. >> the reporter you hire who never shows up for work, ever. we call that the journalist. >> oh, man. >> nobody here. >> weigh in with our other names. coming up next on the show, if you're going to rob a store, make sure the owner isn't a trained cage fighter when you do it. the move he used to take down the bad guy caught on camera. >> wild story. >> thanks for that advice by the way. >> then the war on christmas gets heated.
5:42 am
an atheist group puts up a billboard, who needs christ at christmas. father john is here. ♪ ♪ but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with applicati sites. discontinue andgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with bt cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include
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heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. . . . .
5:45 am
. . . . . . . . . . . welcome back. christmas without christ, without religion at all? a nonprofit american atheist group is heating up the war on christmas with a new billboard in times square that says, quote, nobody needs christ. >> the president of the group tried to explain their point on "hannity." >> christmas isn't christmas without the religion. >> christmas is christmas without religion. >> no, it's not. >> folks -- >> going to church is not fun. nobody likes it. nobody enjoys it. >> wait a minute. i like. >> go. if you enjoy it, you go. >> what i'm saying -- i like
5:46 am
going to church. i get a lot out of it. there's somebody greater than me. >> shawn, the point that we're trying to make is there are a whole lot of people out there for whom religion is the worst part of it. they go to church. father john is here. they don't like church. it's the worst part of christmas. we don't need christ in christmas. what was your response? >> nothing to do with christ obviously. i don't think that deserves a whole lot of response except for the fact that this guy, i've met him, when he does this, that's the most atheist. the wonderful, smart atheists who i know who are very happy for me that have faith, they look at it and they say, gosh, why do you make a statement like that? not fun. not good. >> the whole point is this, to spur a conversation presumably spur the fundraising.
5:47 am
it seems like a lot of people, not what canny atheists, but for the others christmas is a commercial operation. >> it is. we can sit back and go, oh, isn't that terrible. there are long lines. everybody is doing this. i think that's wonderful that people are responding to a holiday, going out and shopping and all of that. that's good. we have to make sure that in our families we establish tradition so that our children understand what this is all about. that happens in the family. it doesn't happen at macy's. it's okay that macy's does what macy's does. >> there was a poll taken recently, is christmas about jesus or santa. here are the results. 67% said jesus christ. only 17% said santa claus. what's your reaction to that? >> historically we know what christmas is. it's a celebration of the birth of jesus. >> some people don't get it. you do get so wrapped up with christmas. >> it's easy to.
5:48 am
it's also very simple to establish very simple traditions. in my family, when we run down to get christmas present, my dad would have us kneel down and say a prayer. that's all it takes is establishing very simple traditions. i should also say that in times square right next to this big advertisement against christ being christmas a christian group set up another advertisement that said to our atheist friends, thank god you're wrong. that's not the way either. that's not the way. and the way is respecting other people for who they are, for what they believe and then having reasons for your own belief and being able to share them in a time and a good way. >> tens of thousands of dollars to put up a billboard like that in times square. >> that's right. >> could be better used for something else. father john, great to see you. >> merry christmas. coming up on show, parents
5:49 am
are up in arms over this ipad bouncy seat. we have the best ways to play with your babies where they don't end up like brain dead zombies. if you're going to rob a store, obviously we don't recommend it, make sure the owner isn't a trained cage fighter. doesn't end well. hear live the moves he used to take down the bad guy. that's coming up next.
5:50 am
. .
5:51 am
5:52 am
well, if you're planning on robbing a store, you probably ought to make sure ahead of time
5:53 am
that the owner isn't a trained cage fighter. because that doesn't work out well. this video is example number one. it puts a knife wielding shock lifter in a sleeper hold. luckily, only the thief was hurt. >> joining us now from philadelphia is the owner of tom's music trades. thank good to have you here. >> good philly boy. >> good morning. >> tell us about the way this guy was acting. because i understand he was at your store for quite a while before the you know what went down. >> yeah. he was -- he was in there a couple of hours. he was acting erratic. he was muttering to himself, he was throwing cds around. he was just acting real strange. and, you know, so when he came to pay a couple hours later, i noticed he had a bunch of cds in his back pocket. >> a couple of hours later. so he came up to pay. and then how did the fight break out? he came up to fight with the cds in his back pocket. >> well, i walked around the
5:54 am
counselor and asked him for the cds back. and he said he didn't have any, so i put my hand in his pocket and pulled them out. you know? and then he tried to leave the store. i stopped him from leaving the store. and i went to check him again to see if he had anything else and that's when he pulled the knife out. >> so how would you compare this? you're a cage fighter. how would you compare this to other fete people you fought? >> well, most of on them don't have a knife, so yeah, it's a lot different. >> were you scared? were you worried at all? you seemed like you were pretty much in control there. >> yeah, i was. i just disht was all on instinct, you know. i was more scared at the end of the day after everything that happened, just thinking about what could have happened is what freaked me out more than anything. you know, it's pretty scary. >> big headline here is that you had -- your daughter was behind the counter, as well. she was playing, right? >> yeah.
5:55 am
well, my 12-year-old daughter was -- she was only a couple of feet away from when we actually got the knife off the guy and she was right there and seen the whole thing. so, yeah, it was -- yeah, the knife, my friend, joe, pried the knife out of the guy's hand while i was holding him. but he was a foot or two away from my daughter, yeah. >> good for you. you did -- obviously, you did the right thing and the heroic thing. how did the police respond when they came? >> they just put him in handcuffs and -- it wasn't much of a big deal. actually, i had customers in the store and i kept the store opened, so i was holding this guy for the police and still trying to do record sales at the same time. >> you're still ringing people up while you have this guy -- hold on, i've got this guy. you are truly a capitalist. welcome to america. we welcome you. >> how do you feel with all this attention you're getting, all this media attention? >> it's been crazy. the last week has been
5:56 am
absolutely crazy, yeah. yeah. >> you see, people knock my home city of philadelphia, this is the type of guy out there representing. merry christmas, tom. have a merry christmas to you and the family. >> you, too. thank you very much. coming up, nancy pelosi says republican ves a lack of respect for all women. we'll play the tame and get ann coulter's reaction. she is coming in next hour. and a mega millions jackpot has grown to $550 million. and if you thought your chances were tough before the new rules, boy, it's going to make it even harder. the info you need to know before placing your betts in order to win. >> oh, someone will.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, everybody. it is sunday, december 15th. it is a beautiful day here in new york city. hope it's nice around you. another health care headache to tell you about, though. now obama karen rocare enrollee getting their debit accounts debited. we'll tell you why some say they in the red before the insurance takes effect. >> then, playing politics with your life. a report shows what the white house lied about in the run up to the 2012 election. would obama have been elected had you known? details, coming up. and it's the coolest story you'll get to hear all day. a grizzlies basketball player giving a special needs fan the search right off his back. that little boy joins us live at this hour. we'll promise you more. >> fox and friends hour four starts right now.
6:01 am
and we will have the player here. >> welcome. >> come on in, come on into this cozy studio. it has been three hours so far and we hope you've watched every minute of every hour. >> you mean it's been three hours so far. >> yes. >> there will be a quiz, by the way. stay tuned because there's some great stories. >> juliette, how do you feel bringing us headlines? >> good to be here. let's show you what was going on while you were sleeping. thousands gathering for final farewell to nelson mandela. the state funeral was held at his family's grave site, today's burial ten days of national mourning ceremony. mandela's health had been declining for months. he was 95 years old. and some chilling and disturbing and sad details, actually, about friday's colorado high school shooting.
6:02 am
the cops say 18-year-old carl pearson walked into the school armed with a shotgun he bought legally just one week earlier. he had a machete, three home made bombs and am mow. his main target was reportedly tracy murphy, who is a librarian at the school who apparently kicked him off the debate team months earlier. he set off a bomb in the library and fired off five rounds. he finally turned the gun on himpz. it want an 80-second attack, but not before claire davis, a 17-year-old senior was shot at point-blank range. cops say she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. she remains in critical condition. actor paul walker was laid to rest. a private ceremony was held for the californian two weeks after he was killed in a car crash. he was in the middle of filming the seventh installment of the "fast and furious" franchise.
6:03 am
his younger brother, cody, who looks almost exactly like him may replace him. cody is very familiar with the entertainment industry because he is a stunt man. this week, mega million dollars jackpot winner will be richer than ever. $550 million. tucker, you could win it. >> no, i couldn't. >> there are some new rules and basically it causes bigger and faster growing pots, but it's also longer odds. so it's going to be harder to win. as of october 22nd, the odds of winning jumped to a startling 1 in 259 million up from 1 in 176 million. >> you're telling me there's a chance. >> players have a better chance of being struck by lightning. that's just one in 10,000. >> does the government tell you that or do they send you the message you'd have to be an understandit
6:04 am
idiot to work, just play the lotto. >> you don't like the lotto? >> i really, really don't. some areas got up to a foot of snow. today, about 1300 flights have been delayed already, another 1300 flat out canceled. the snow is causing traffic nightmares for people hoping to do last minute christmas shopping. >> don't blame the weather, girl, okay? we have seen a lot of snow across the northeast over the last several weeks. this one, a quick mover moving into new england. some areas could get over a foot of snow. but it's -- for the most part, it's done with. we are going to see the temperatures, however, get cold. so any of the roadways that are wet, it's going to freeze over. so be really careful if you're driving. you could see some black ice and that is not fun to travel on. we have another system, a quick mover that could bring us snow on tuesday. keep that in mind. now, temperatures, you've been really cold across the northern plains and the upper midwest. they're going to moderate monday into tuesday, as you can see.
6:05 am
so fargo instead of subzero temperatures, it will she 20 on tuesday. but then, wednesday, again, we start to see a nose dive into the cooler temperatures yet again. so a lot of winter to go to -- or a lot of winter to get through. we should get you through the cold temperatures, as well. back to you, juliet. tucker, clayton. >> thank you. if you pick up "the washington post" this morning, you will read a bombshell story about what unfolded pass 2012 election was unfolding. a lot of regulations that the obama administration was going to put in place was held back so as not to be contentions of rivalry. bodies of water that deserve federal protection was withheld, pollution controls, all withheld because of political reasons. >> these people are supposed to meet with offices of various government agencies, go through
6:06 am
them with these things that are supposed to be enacted. the media picks up on it and it's covered and people talk about it. but these things were so controversial that apparently the white house felt like let's keep it out of the public eye for now, hold off on it so we can be elected and -- >> well, because they knew if the fun knew what they actually stood for, they would lose the election, just like the president knew if the public understood they would lose their health insurance, they wouldn't have re-elected him. the amazing part of this story is that this was obvious, i think, to people paying close attention. they've always denied it. they lied about it and they just got caught. seven people confirmed to the washington post, people who worked for the obama administration, yeah, we did this. this is not, by the way, business in usual in d.c. you don't normally have the white house controlling the agencies down to this level. implement this policy, protect this body of water, don't protect that body of water until after the election. that doesn't normally happen. >> and you're right about this.
6:07 am
they repeatedly said the delays were after the election. so it will be fascinating to hear from the white house this week. seven people, former administration officials who went on the record for this piece. it will be interesting to see if they deny it again. so they're getting up there and saying we must do this for the good of the country, but not until after we get re-elected. if a piece of water is worth being protected now, it was worth being protected then. how cynical can you be? >> and the president said all oo long, you want to do what is politically tough. >> we're not going to feed you candy -- i don't mind being a one-term president if what i'm doing is politically right. >> but apparently if it is politically right it is controversial. let's go up to folks in washington state. some of you may be waking up this morning with a few less dollars in your bank account this morning. this is what happened. when you sign up for obama care, you pick the date in which you want it to start and you also
6:08 am
then pick the date in which you wanted the money debited from your account. many, many folks waking up there finding out that the money has been debited weeks in advance. >> right before christmas. >> right. paying bills, not an option for them right now. negative $800 in some peoples bank accounts this morning. weeks ahead of time. >> what you just said is so right, weeks before christmas. these are -- and for the most part, not rich people. if you wound up with $800 left in your checking account weeks before christmas, what about buying food and groceries and gas and presents. this is unbelievable. >> paying their billses. so not only is it bad that the $800 was removed and trying to get answers is the other part of this story, right? so they're being told to go to the website, the washington health plan finder website. when they go there, the website is down. then they're told to call the help line. they call the help line and no one picks up and they can't get help. what do they have to do? they have to go to the facebook page or the health care plan and
6:09 am
leave a post. >> but here is the scary thing. at least -- okay, positive spin even though it's really not. at least these people know that they're going -- that they're being debited and that there is some activity with their health care. ralt of you out there don't know that you don't have health care because the paperwork never got to the insurance carrier. >> so that's the way you find out. your account has been dabited when it shouldn't have been and then you can turn to your honey and say well, i guess we do have insurance coverage after all. >> a lot of people will find out when they have some cause to go to the doctor. they're going to find out they thought they were insured and they're not. >> and you think you could get on the phone and call and find out but you can't get any answers. >> just go on facebook. did you catch "saturday night live" last night? really taking on the oh bam in administration. it's not something they've done too much lately, but really, they hit them over the mandela
6:10 am
memorial service and obama care. take a listen to what they did last night. watch. i experienced a series of unfortunate events. i mean, first, i got roped into taking a selfie with a blond female danish prime minister. some people said michelle was angry at me for that, but i talked to her afterwards, and i can assure you, she was furious. then i got caught shaking hands with ra outlioul castro. in my defense, he told me he was edward james v aye mos. secondly, there was a sign language interpreter who clearly will no idea what he was doing. but those were merely a distraction. .some folks are bound to be frustrated. but many more are excited. and while i can't say that i've been entirely thrilled with the
6:11 am
results, -- that was the thriller dance, by the way. that's so good. >> it's so nice to see "saturday night live" back. yeah. because they were bad for a long time. >> they were bad and i think a lot of the writers over there were most notably in love with obama. and it's hard to be funny when you become less partisan. more coming up here on the show. nancy pelosi charging republicans with less respect for women. but ann coulter is here and says no way. >> there she is. and it's one of the coolest stories you're going to hear. a grizzlies basketball player giving a special needs fan the shirt right off his back. and even a little more of a happy story. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
6:12 am
thank you.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
well, the obama administration continues to flounder through its second term. we'll talk about possible 2016 republican contenders. who is leading and who may have some catching up to do. >> here so weigh in on that is the author of a new book, "neve" it's a great book. chris christie said the other day the gop doesn't have a party problem, it has a candidate problem. do you agree with that? >> well, i might include him in that. when i saw the list of the
6:16 am
candidates that are being talked about, i thought, this is -- this is why next year is so important. republicans may have to rule from congress, which we can do, get a veto approved majority in the senate, hold the house and the presidency doesn't really matter. i think we have some good candidates, all the ones from the list going around now. we're not good on amnesty, which is the most important issue, in addition to repealing obama care, but we're not going to repeal abeau bottom ma care without having amnesty. >> so this is iowa favorbility, paul ryan comes in at 73% followed by mike huckabee who said yesterday that he wasn't ready to make any skort of announcements. sanatorium comes in at 58%, perry at 55%, jeb bush at 511%. are you surprised? >> not really. this far out, the candidates being talked about are never even in the top ten at the end. i did a column on this once and
6:17 am
i looked up whom everyone was talking about 18 months before the election. and i think before 2000, the number one leading candidate was lydia dole. >> why does that happen? >> it's just name recognition. >> and remember, don't call her liddy. >> oh, really? >> yeah. i'm just kidding. tell us about the coulter primary so far. >> i think we have some good candidates. they're not as well known. obviously, i like ted cruz. ran johnson. >> you were a huge christie point at one point. >> i know, but he came out for amnesty. i've never seen an issue where the americans are on one side and washington was on the other side. you need to meet americans and find out what they're thinking. maybe reagan isn't a good example since he actually enacted amnesty.
6:18 am
>> let's talk about nancy pelosi. >> excellent. >> she says republicans have disrespect for women. >> she said this on the network where one of their hosts just said that someone should defecate in sarah palin's mouth. let's clarify where she made the comment about republicans disrespecting women. >> here is that in her own mouth. >> one word, disrespect. disrespect for the roles that women have in terms of exercising their judgment about their responsibility, disrespect for women in the workplace by not passing equal pay for equal work pay equity, without raising minimum wage. 62% of the people who make the minimum wage are women, without valuing the time of women with sick paid leave. >> why doesn't she just say abortion? that's what she's talking about. why doesn't anybody use that word out loud? >> isn't that curious? the series of euphemisms.
6:19 am
what that relates to is a series of euphemisms for liberal. it's health, it's choice, it's anything but abortion. that shows a lot of respect for women since half of the babies being aborted would have become women. >> and she's addressing database i've herds her comment about this which is what the gop are doing to outreach for women and having seminars and trying to engage with women better than they did during the last election time and she has addressed that. is that what she's addressing here, the gop's problem with women? >> i am curious how that leaked. it does sound dorky on the part of republicans. they're going to have seminars on how to talk with women? >> but isn't it a perfect for public solution problem, the seminar. >> it's sweet but dorky. >> and republicans don't have a problem with women.
6:20 am
they have a problem with unmarried women who think, no, we don't need national defense, we need our birth control paid for and why? because single women look to the government as their husbands. please provide for me. please -- >> you're not in that category? >> some of us are aggressive right wingers. >> ann coulter, thank you very much. coming up, this is a scene from 21 jump street. >> we're reviving an undercover police program from the 1980s. one of these programs involves the use of young, immature seeming audiences. i think i you idiots are perfect. >> this undercover scene is no hollywood movie. we'll tell you about it. and then worries that you're overusing baby gear gadgets like this one. coming up, we have the best ways to play that are better for your baby, no batteries required. hi. i'm henry winkler.
6:21 am
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their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! . all right. we've got babies in the studio. parents feel so much pressure to have the latest and greater gear for their babies like this new fisher price activity bounce seat with a place to hold an ipad. it's had many experts up in arms saying enough is enough. our next guest agrees and is encouraging the parents to get back to the basics. dr. ann is the author of the new book "retrobaby." she joins us now. first of all, what's your response to seeing that baby seat with the ipad stuck in it?
6:25 am
>> i'm not very kraep crazy about it. i think for babies under 2, we need to give screen time a time-out. their brains are developing and they need to be moving and interacting with us, adults. >> as we know from research, babies learn by seeing the whites of on our eyes and they learn to identify objects by having a conversation about those objects, not staring blindly at a screen like zombies. so instead of doing that, you brought us some solutions in our studios this morning and some cute babies. >> i have. >> good morning. >> so we're going to do some tummy time. it can be on mom's chest as opposed to flat on the floor. as she leans back, she's having to use his head support. and you can him doing that right now. >> that's baby evan. how old is evan? >> nine weeks. >> so do you use a lot of screen time or are you spending more time interacting with the newborn? >> my feeling also is back to basics and we're very -- we feel
6:26 am
that we're the education for our children, so we believe in that, too. >> and how much time do you want to spent doing this tummy time like that? >> a couple of minutes, three or four times a day. >> looks like me this morning. about a minute and i'm exhausted. let's slide on down here. who do we have here? >> harper. >> hi, harper. i see you just dug out a muffin pan out of the item. >> this is household items, regular things that we have around the house. this works on grasp and release skills. she's pick them up. that's good for development. >> so just grab some puffs or cotton balls. >> you don't have to spend a lot of money. i was always stunned by my kids. they would play with a wooden spoon. i'm like, why do we buy them that other toy? >> exactly. or the box that the toy came in. >> it's crazy. but when they're spending time
6:27 am
looking at a screen, they're might tell missing out on opportunities for language development. in fact, studies have shown that babies that watch an hour of screen time learn six to eight fewer vocabulary words per hour. >> so harper is 13-months old. moving over, this is ben. >> this is ben and he is stacking blocks. these are milk cartons covered in duct tape. >> so you took these from home. >> brought these from home. >> and covered them with tape. you call this the shop till you drop. >> so you can walk around with the basket, pick them up, put them in. >> ben, do you like this basket? do you like this? yeah. look at that. look at that. you see how easy it is to make him happy. >> how long can he sit and do this? >> this is pretty long. i'm pretty impressed, actually. this is great. >> put them in front of the television camera.
6:28 am
bottom line, you don't need to spend all this money buying these gadgets. >> right. and the book has over 100 activities like this. >> and the name of the book again? >> retrobaby. >> i think this is something we could all use right now. i think we're getting so far down a rabbit hole with technology, it's good to come back to reality a bit. >> nice to see you. >> the book is retrobaby. coming up here on the show, ever wonder why kids can sleep the whole day away while you're up at the crack of dawn? 2 scientific explanation is next while babies cry. that will keep you up. and a grizzlies basketball player giving a special needs fan the shirt off his back. that player and the little boy, next.
6:29 am
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6:32 am
it's your shout of the morning, one family taking their holiday greetings to a whole new videotaped level. in a christmas newsletter called christmas jammies. there was more to it than just a christmas greeting, though. >> happens next, next month he's
6:33 am
stepping off the anchor desk. ♪ it's the biggest decision of his life he's going to quit his job and come work with his life ♪ >> dad is stepping down from hi anchor job to work with his wife on their video production company. this apparently one of their first products. smart move. smart marketing. >> yeah, exactly. they'll get lots of attention for this. prets funny. >> great. thanks to joining us again. back in august of 2011, a chinook helicopter was shot down in afghanistan killing all 38 s.e.a.l.s on board. now families of the s.e.a.l.s may get answers to what happened. but why was it so difficult? here is what one of the parents told us earlier. >> you're talking about dealing with the possible missteps of very high ranking military leaders in the strategy of this war and the administration. it' very touchy subject.
6:34 am
and i think a lot of people really have tried very, very much tried to stop the discussion on this issue. >> the house oversight committee announcing it would hold a hearing regarding the disaster crash early next year. a new york man is very lucky to be alive. he fell on the subway track as the train was coming barreling towards him. watch. >> he's alive. >> don't move. >> the person is alive. i need power off on two tracks. >> and it's chaotic there. but basically what this is showing is that this first responder is talking to the man as he lay under the train. miraculously, the victim, who is in his 50s, suffered only a bruised hand. he told cops he jumped on to a track to save a woman who fell, but witnesses say there is no woman there. he is now being hospitalized for
6:35 am
psychological evaluations. and undercover cops posing at 11th graders make a major drug bust just like a scene from "21 is jump street." >> we're revamping it from modern times. one of these programs involves the use of young, immature seeming officers. i think you idiots are perfect. >> but this is not a funny hollywood film. cops arrested 22 students at two california high schools, including 18-year-old serena ma mere easy and 19-year-old eric de la cruz. seizures included pot, cocaine and meth, a result of a semester-long undercover sting. i never wondered why teens could sleep so much more than adults? according to a new study, the older we get, the less fatigued we are. huh? really? researchers say older people may be opting out of more exhausting activity. ah-ha. yes, and those are the headlines.
6:36 am
let's get out out to janet. she is outside with the forecast today. >> hello. i think the storm scared a lot of folks away, except you guys. why are you from? >> christine and fernando. why are you from? >> new york city woodside. >> and where are you from? >> maryland. >> what is your name? >> lisa bilbro. it's not that bad out here, right? let's take a look at the satellite imagery. actually, the bulk of the snow has exited, although new england is getting some snow. in some cases, they could see upwards of a foot. take a look at that. some areas could get 18 inches, 24 inches. then you have the lake-effect snow bands where they could get 6 to 12 inches from this system. so winter weather advisories in effect for new england. up towards maine they have a winter storm warning in effect. 23 in cleveland. it's 31 in new york. still cold in dallas, 28 there. with the windchill, what it feels like, zero in chicago
6:37 am
minus 17 in minneapolis. you guys having a good time? >> yeah. >> all right. back inside, juliet, back to you. >> thank you very much, the weather machine, janice dean. talk about giving somebody the shirt off your back. grizzly's player, zach randall, noticed a young fan with special needs trying to get his attention. when the little boy pulled at his warm-up jersey, randolph immediately took it off and handed it over. joining us now is tebo with his nn number one fan, will and his dad, morgan. great you have to here today. >> good morning. >> that's will there. so, zebo, we're going to start with you first of all. so you're getting ready, you have lots going on, wearing your practice jersey. lots of fans screaming at you. but you noticed will. what happened? >> i had just came out of the game. and i was sitting on the bench. i think the fourth quarter was just starting. and i had -- i was sitting on
6:38 am
the end and looking to the left. i heard will was hollering my name. he was hollering, z-bo, z-bo. so i turned and looked at him. he was trying to run to the bench. but i think that was his mother and she was like, no, you can't go over there. i think he broke away from her and then the security stopped him. so i had got up and shook his hand and he was like, z-bo, he asked can i have my shirt. and i was like, yeah, you can have my shirt. it happened so fast, you know, that, you know, i didn't know no cameras was on me. so when i got home, my fiancee told me, you know, they had you on camera giving that little man your shirt. and i was like, oh, wow, because i was surprised the camera got it because it was during the course of the game. >> this is something that is familiar to you. you grew up, it was rough for you. you have a compassion there. tell us about your childhood and why he affected you so much. >> just, you know, i come from, you know, situations like that,
6:39 am
not having a lot, single parent home, a mother on welfare. so i've been blessed. and it's a blessing for me. it's a blessing for me to have a friend and a fan like will. so, you know, i just wanted to give him my shirt. it was nothing. i'm going to give him a jersey next game. >> morgan, i see you're almost as excited as will is there. tell us about what this meant to will. >> i will for -- big basketball fan, especially the grizzlies. and z-bo is probably his favorite player. he likes a lot of the grizzlies. he knows most of their numbers and names. but he's been putting balls into hoops since he was 4 or 5. he's actually really good for a little kid. i'd be surprised if i get him near a hoop what he can do. but it was real special for him. he just got a kick out of it. he had the shirt on afterwards, was dancing in the hallway and
6:40 am
having a whole lot of fun with it. >> you know, we see -- we hear so many stories, sometimes the negative things that these athletes do get so much more attention than the positive things. when something like this happens, what does it mean? z-bo is clearly a role model. but what does it mean to your son? >> well, it's something to look up to and a lot of times there's negative light on them and this really was a special moment. you know, nothing scripted. it just happened real quick. and like z-bo said, his fiancee said, hey, you were on tv. they recorded the thing. so it was really neat. and will, like i said, was just ecstatic. he had that shirt on. had to pry it off of him later in the evening. but it was funny. look at the camera, buddy. >> i'm not even listening to you. no offense, morgan. i was to hear will and z-bo. >> he's a handful. >> he's so excited, clearly. z-bo, final word on this. you're sitting next to your
6:41 am
biggest fan. do you have anything to say to him? >> well, you know, i just want you to know, will, you know, you're my number one fan for life and i got some -- >> for life. >> for life. give me some. and i've got in tickets. i'm going to give you and your school some tickets so you can come to the game. you can bring your whole school to the game. >> that's awesome. z-bo, will, morgan, thanks, guys, for joining us. we appreciate it. have a great time at that game. take some pictures for us and send them to us, if you would. >> we will. >> thanks been guys. coming up, media bias alert. i hate to talk about the negative stuff after something like that, but the mainstream media is quick to criticize the gop for inciting. but why do they act like democrats never fight at all, either. howard kurtz are going to talk about that. and he's sold over on $11 million albums. now steven curtis chapman is here to perform his latest single live. stay with us.
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welcome back. john boehner, take a listen. >> i came here to cut the size of government. that's exactly what this bill does. and why conservatives wouldn't vote for this is beyond any recognition i can come up with. >> mainstream media has been all over this story. if you saw the headlines all over this story, you would believe that. but is there a lack of democrats when there's democratic infighting? there has been on obama care. here to weigh in is howard kurtz. his show is on at 11:00 a.m. on
6:46 am
the fox news channel and it airs again in the afternoon on the fox news channel. hourdz is here now. got a lot snow in his satellite transmission. sometimes. here is howard. nice to see you this morning, howard. can howard hear me? we're going to come right back because we still have some snow stuck in the satellite transmission. i didn't even know you could get snow up in space, but apparently we did. we'll be right back and talk to howard after the break. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen.
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but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we won't just give you the partial value of items that are stolen or destroyed... ...we'll replace them with brand-new versions. so you won't feel robbed. again. just another way we put members first. because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ hit by an asteroid, we're back with howard kurtz this morning. john boehner taking on the tea party over criticism in the mainstream media. howard, great to see you this morning. sorry about all the technical
6:50 am
issues. it's live television, it happens. >> it's live television. >> what do you make of the media's response to john boehner and the republican infighting this week? >> well, the mainstream media o happening in the world. >> the mainstream loved the civil war narrative. john boehner gave them a big opening. two days in a row, he ripped those groups and it is a legitimate story because it does speak to a split in the gop that thinks we better compromise, and those who feel like they need to be more aggressive in cutting spending, even to the brink of perhaps forcing another government shutdown. >> we have covered that angle of the story with representative ryan as well as speaker boehner. but do you think that's fair?
6:51 am
meaning the tone about obama care behind closed doors, concern about running in 2014, democrats, i don't know if i have heard as much of that. >> think the media could have made more when the obama care debacle was at its peak of the democrats criticizing the rollout, distancing themselves, calling for change in the law. that was a story, too. the reason i don't think it was on par with the republican infighting is that the rhetoric wasn't as heated. you didn't have democrats denouncing president obama. that tends to happen. party members fall into line when their party controls the white house. the language that boehner used and some groups used in response to the speaker was much tougher. we love a good brawl. it's a lot more fun to cover than parsing the details of how much the budget is reducing bood the agreement. >> you have a fascinating show
6:52 am
today at 11:00. who's on the show. >> live coverage from south africa of the mandela funeral, and jana winter, the fox news correspondent who has just avoided jail for refusing to testify in the aurora mass shooting. >> fascinating. check it out at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. coming up here on the show, he's sold over 11 million albums now. steven curtis chapman here to perform his single live on the other side of the break. don't go anywhere.
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♪ of the beginning of this glorious unfolding ♪ ♪ we will watch and see >> welcome back. we're honored to be joined by steven curtis chapman who has a brand new album that juliet has.
6:56 am
>> you're going to be singing a song called "love take me over." this is nominated for a grammy? >> it is. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> what's it about? >> gosh, yeah, we have a short time. it is actually a song inspired particularly by my two youngest daughters. i have six kids. >> wow. >> my second and third, taking them to school one morning, talking to them, we always say a prayer before they get out of the car. there's one thing we always talk about. showing love, being loving to each other, to one another, to the people they encounter. we were talking about that. as i was driving away, the idea of wanting love to take me over, be in the words i speak, in the things i think, and trying to encourage other people and trying to remind myself. and this song kind of came to me. >> we'll get out of your way. >> "love take me over", steven curtis chapman.
6:57 am
♪ i hear the clock ♪ trying to wake up ♪ and i'm praying about where i want to be ♪ ♪ saying please take all of me and fill me up with your love ♪ ♪ love take me words i'm speaking ♪ ♪ love take me over love fill up all of my space ♪ ♪ love stare in my face love hear this prayer that i'm praying ♪ ♪ love take me love take me over ♪ ♪ love take me over ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ this is what i'm sure of i can only show love ♪ ♪ when i really know how loved i am ♪ ♪ when it takes nee and animates me ♪
6:58 am
♪ thrflowing from my heart to m hands ♪ ♪ right now you're singing over me ♪ ♪ and fill me up with your love ♪ ♪ love take these thoughts i'm thinking love take these words i'm speaking ♪ ♪ love take me over love fill up all of my space ♪ ♪ love stare right in my face ♪ love hear this prayer i'm praying ♪ ♪ love take me love take me over ♪ ♪ take me over take me over ♪ you never feeling never ending all consuming love take over me ♪ ♪ i am praying for the help my heart believes ♪ ♪ right now you're singing over
6:59 am
me ♪ ♪ fill me up with your love ♪ yeah love take these thoughts i'm thinking sntsz ♪ love take these words that i'm speaking ♪ ♪ take me over love fill up all of my space ♪ ♪ love stare right here in my face ♪ ♪ love hear this prayer i'm praying ♪ ♪ love everything i'm doing like a river flow through me ♪ ♪ love take me over ♪ love fill up all of my space ♪ love stare right here in my face ♪ ♪ love hear this prayer that i'm praying ♪ ♪ love take me love take me over love love love take me over ♪ ♪ love take me love take me over love take me over ♪ >> holy smokes. >> steven curtis chapman. you're going to do another song on the after show show, right? >> yes. >> thank you very much. great job. can you introduce us?
7:00 am
>> brett miller on the bass. very good friend, producer of my records, and jacob on the drums. >> what will we hear on the after-show show? >> a song called "christmas time again." >> thanks for everything. we'll see you next week. and a fox news alert, good morning, some major new enrollment issues with obama care. it's just days away. as you can see, shut down for repairs again last night. all of this as we learn that thousands of applications that were submitted through the online exchanges never made it to many of the insurers, and those people may not be approved for coverage come january 1st. isn't that a requirement? i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. >> i'm eric shawn on this sunday morning. this whole issue stems from


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