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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> brett miller on the bass. very good friend, producer of my records, and jacob on the drums. >> what will we hear on the after-show show? >> a song called "christmas time again." >> thanks for everything. we'll see you next week. and a fox news alert, good morning, some major new enrollment issues with obama care. it's just days away. as you can see, shut down for repairs again last night. all of this as we learn that thousands of applications that were submitted through the online exchanges never made it to many of the insurers, and those people may not be approved for coverage come january 1st. isn't that a requirement? i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. >> i'm eric shawn on this sunday morning. this whole issue stems from ongoing problems in what they
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call the back end of the website. that's where the forms are supposed to be processed. some insurance companies say those forms often arrive incomplete or just plain wrong. peter is here with what this means to people who think they have signed up. >> between launch day and last week, about 15,000 people who think they signed up for insurance at didn't because of an error with the critical 834 form. that's the page that gets sent to insurance companies with all of the consumer's vital information on it. and with these 15,000 people, the 834 forms were either not making it to the insurance companies at all or making it over there chalk full of mistakes. at one point in mid-october, this issue affected 15% of everyone applying. hhs says now the error rate is
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under 1%, but still, they wrote on a blog online, quote, to make sure that no consumer falls through the cracks because of earlier pervasive troubles with the site, we are contacting every consumer who has selected a plan through the federal marketplace to remind them to pay their premium and connect with their insurer. that's not all. the administration is also now telling insurance companies to accept late payments for plans that start in january. basically, they should continue to accept payment until the last day of december. maybe even beyond. critics say that's desperate. >> i mean, what are they trying to accomplish here? if people can't ford to pay their health insurance premium on january 10est, how can they fo afford it on january 20th? this is a desperate act to get as many enrollment numbers put on the board as they can. >> the white house is saying changes to the law and the deadlines is to make sure
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everyone who wants insurance gets it. >> i think the goal is to, in the end, have the aca and the exchanges work for the american people who so clearly are interested in this new opportunity to get quality affordable health insurance. >> and today was supposed to be the deadline to sign up for coverage that starts on january 1st. that was pushed back until next monday. we know, as you just heard, the deadline to pay has been pushed back as well. eric. >> all right, peter. in two hours, you'll be talking to congressman tim murphy of pennsylvania. he's a psychologist, a doctor, to talk to him about his view about what's going on with obama care. >> a lot of them are worried. >> saying a final farewell to nelson mandela. the casket of the former antiapartheid leader arriving in his home where he was laid to rest in an elaborate state funeral.
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thousands gathered for the services ending a national mourning period for a man who led his people to freedom, unified the country, and inspired the world. we're live from sowoetto, south africa. >> a poignant and emotional good-bye for south africans for their beloved leader, nelson mandela. 145,000 people attended the ceremony in qunu in the eastern rural area of south africa. it was a combination of state funeral and traditional african rite. the crowd included folks from all around the world. reverend jesse jackson, britain's prince charles, oprah winfrey, and archbishop desmond toto was there, too. the speakers at the nearly four-hour-long event included family members, religious leaders, including the president of south africa right now, jacob zuma. listen to some of what he said
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to say. >> the long walk to freedom has ended in the physical sense. our own journey continues. we have to continue building the type of society you worked tirelessly to construct. >> after the public ceremony, the casket was transported to the grave site where nelson mandela's family members including children are buried. the plot designed to symbolize his life long struggle against apartheid for social justice. there were 21 gun salutes, but mostly a quiet moment with the inner circle at the grave site where the reality of the passing of mandela was beginning to sink in. jamie, here in places like mandela's long time soweto home now turned into a museum, and across africa, people are beginning to ponder a life after mandela with all the challenges that face south africa.
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back to you. >> it was all a fitting tribute. thank you very much. and to the iranian nuclear program now. tehran saying it will resume nuclear talks with the world powers after pulling out of negotiations on friday over new sanctions announced by the u.s. a day earlier. tehran's foreign minister who helped launch the deal with john kerry and other world leaders, he blamed the u.s. for what he calls improper actions. the u.s. says, though, it is freezing the american assets of some foreign country's individuals who still do business with iran, violating sanctions on its nuclear program. what does this mean? john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n., fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute joins as he does almost every sunday. good morning. >> glad to be with you. >> tehran is doing their own game. we're going to talk, won't talk, going to talk, won't talk unless we get what we want.
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is that what they do? >> yeah, and it's a classic example of how they negotiate their advr saer sarsaries. they brelame the break down on foreign people. they announce negotiations will resume on facebook, isn't that sweet? it shows the charm offensive at work. what they're doing is leading to confusion in the west and europe in particular. what's on, what has the six-month clock started. are the sanctions released? what is iran doing on the nuclear program itself? all of which is left in confusion, which allows the net net is that iran continues to work on its nuclear weapons program. >> the talks have been continuing and then the u.s. imposes new sanctions on weapons of mass destruction material and this sort of thing. should we be that tough or treat them with kid gloves? >> i think the iranians have scored a major victory. it's clear the administration has prevailed on democrats in
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the senate not to spirit additional sanctions, so that's off the table. the fact that the administration itself under existing sanctions regulations has named a few more individuals and firms is really not that significant. the real evidence you can see in the newspaper headlines in europe this week, french automakers very close to signing deals with iran that they will implement as soon as the sanctions come off. you've got a delegation of european parliamentarians traveling to tehran for the first time in i think four or five years. why? there's a thaw. everybody can see there's a thaw. iran has broken the psychological sedge we held in pressuring them to give up the nuclear weapons program and they're moving rapidly to exploit it. >> with billions of dollars of european money flowing into tyronn soon, have they won? >> they're on the verge of winning. what they want is to continue
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their nuclear weapons program. check. they want relief from the international sanctions. check. they want political legitimacy, even though in our case, they're still state sponsors of terrorism. check. it's hard to see where they're ahead and we're not. the secretary of state, instead of paying attention to this geneva deal, back in jerusalem banging away on the israeli deal. it's a complete misfit between what are really america's priorities and what the administration is doing internationally. >> and the nuclear program, has that stopped? >> absolutely not. i think every evidence we have is that it continues. there are discussions with the iaea. the iranians have time and legitimacy. space on the sapgzs, and i think it makes it even more likely that the outcome of all this at the end of the day is that iran gets a nuclear weapon at the
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time of its choice. >> iran getting nuclear weapons at the time of their choice, says ambassador bolton. >> meanwhile, a space monkey. 72 miles, he went up, they say, although this is not independently verified. the second time tehran has sent a monkey into space. it means auspicious. he a cute fellow? he's going up there now. what's to stop them from swapping out the monkey for a nuclear warhead? >> they're developing the thrust capability of the motors of their launch vehicles, and it's a contest to see if they can get their lift capacity up and the weight of their nuclear weapons down until finally they get a match where they've got weapons essentially they can send anywhere on earth. that's what this is about. i might say the geneva agreement says absolutely nothing about the ballistic missile program, which is entirely a program to create a delivery system for the
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nuclear weapons. >> i'm sorry. that's unbelievable. what, the geneva talks have nothing to do with their basically illegal ballistic missile system program? >> right, which has also been the subject of u.n. security council resolutions. you remember those that become inconvenient when the administration sees an opening with geneva. i think we're in such disarray internationally that i don't even want to begin what advantage iran may take of us next or some other country as we simply pay no attention to the threats to our interests around the world. >> and the new missile which was apparently developed with north korean technology can supposedly reach 1,000 miles. so it can reach jewelry. >> it's only a matter of time as the iranian program continues and it's a very important point in cooperation with north korea, which strangely also has nuclear weapons.
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>> as always, thank you for analysis. >> thank you. this morning, we're getting new details about the high school shooting on friday in colorado. according to police, 18-year-old carl pierson who opened fire and critically injured a fellow classmate before turning the gun on himself, was apparently out for revenge and he wanted to hurt even more people. this again is according to investigators. who say he entered the building with a shotgun. he also had a machete, three molotov cocktails attached to his body, and he even had more ammunition. as for a possible motive, it seems he was targeting a librarian who had allegedly kicked him off the debate team for threatening him previously. the county sheriff credits the police's quick response time for the fact more people were not hurt. >> the shooter came armed with a pump shotgun. and had multiple rounds available to him. so the combination of the quick
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response by our resource officer and the implementation of a lockdown protocol caused the children and the staff of this facility to be safe. >> all that happened in just two and a half minutes. so much destruction. last night, dozens of friends and family gathered outside the school for this candle lit vigil, all in support of 17-year-old claire davis, who was critically injured in the shooting. >> i just think it's amazing the outreach of hearts. just not from our school. we got kids from heritage. there's so many people here. i think it's amazing because we all wish her well and hope she's doing good. >> davis took a shot to the head. her family is asking everyone to pray for her as we are. >> critics up in arms in congress over the compromise budget plan that could avert the short-term threat of another government shutdown. we'll tell you why a deal has some in the republican party split. plus, we're still keeping an
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eye on the huge winter storm that created a travel nightmare. we'll have a forecast for shoppers, too, if you're trying to get those last-minute gifts.
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well, another big story out of the beltway. house lawmakers passing a bipartisan budget deal this week that could help avert government shutdowns for the next year. it's also prompted a split in the gop. conservative gripes such as the tea party are loudly denouncing the agreement for not doing enough to rein in government spending. paul ryan addressed their concerns today. >> the way i look at it is this. they're part of our conservative family. i prefer to keep these conversations in our family. john was frustrated because they came out against our agreement before we reached an agreement. i was frustrated as well. i see the tea party as indispensable. invaluable in keeping the taxpayer in the game, keep
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washington accountable. when we lost the majority in '06, we deserved to lose it. they helped us right the ship again by being fiscally conservative. >> joining me now, chris wallace. happy sunday to you. good morning. >> thank you, same to you. >> how divided are they, chris? the gop? >> they're pretty divided. when i say they, the establishment republican leaders in both the house and the senate on the one hand, and some of these outside conservative tea party groups that are raising money. and look, the frustration that you saw ryan talked about john, john boehner, the speaker of the house, who really took off after some of these groups, said they're ridiculous, they lost credibility, are you kidding me. he's felt frustration because he thought doing the government shutdown over a demand that they knew that the president would never accept, namely, defunding obama care, while on principle may have been right, politically
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was a dead end, and they felt it worked very much to their detriment. we saw the public opinion polls show tremendous dissatisfaction with the republican brand after that. he said, we don't want to go down that road again. this obviously isn't a great deal, but it's a deal that avoids a government shutdown for two years and that's not nothing. >> we haven't seen that in a long time where they did come up with a plan like that for long time. >> absolutely, and look. the point that boehner makes and paul ryan makes in the interview is he says, look, i understand all the reasons that conservatives are frustrated with us. it doesn't deal with the main drivers of our debt, namely entitlements, it doesn't cut spending as much as i would like to, but he said we have a divided government. when i asked him, is there a chance for a grand bargain down the line now that you have made this first small step, he said, not unless we start winning elections. with the current situation, with a split government, republicans in control of the house and democrats in charge of the white
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house and senate, he said you're not going to get a deal. you have to win some elections, get control of the government, and then we have our way. >> you have to wonder how much time the party is spending on the current issues like oo bomba care and looking forward to the election and what it would take. >> well, i think obama care is a big point, and i think something that john boehner and paul ryan would say to those conservative critics is instead of having fights that we can't win over budget issues, let's focus on obama care, which is wildly unpopular, and maybe that will help us elect more people to strengthen the majority in the house and take over the senate. >> it's going to be a very smart interview. we look forward to seeing it. >> thank you, jamie. >> have a great day and don't miss chris wallace's interview with paul ryan. tune in to fox news sunday. it airs right here on the fox news channel, 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> did you see the snow over the weekend. the northeast and midwest socked
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with snow. up to 14 inches fell near the coast, and guess what? another storm is on the way. we'll have the full fox forecast when we come back.
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secretary of state john kerry returning to the scene of his military service in vietnam for the first time since the war. he took a boat ride down the waterways of the may condelta region. lieutenant kerry patrolled that region on a naval gumbo. that caused quite a controversy in his presidential run. he said going back felt quite weird and it's about to get weirder. he's on a deal to promote trade and farming between the foreign
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countries. >> for many, it was an unwelcome present. for others, the beginning of a white holiday season and yet another storm bringing freezing rain and snow slamming the midwest and northeast. parts of connecticut with more than half a foot of snow. it caused traffic nightmares for sure on the streets. airports cancelling nearly 1,000 flights. we're in the fox weather center to tell us if it's going to keep up, get better. what's the story? >> a little more snow on the way and we're just into december. a long winter to go. look at some of these totals. these are the foot club, parts of pennsylvania, up towards masmass. vermont, there's the jackpot, woodford, 18 inches. the worst of the storm is moving up towards maine. that's where they could get more snow, over a foot is expected. winter wert advisories, the warnings in pink and the advisories in the gray shaded area. we'll watch this storm exit, watch the lake effect snow and then a quick moving storm move
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into the new york area some time on tuesday. just making the drive a little messy, but folks who don't like the snow are going, weather lady, make it stop. jamie, back to you. >> thanks so much, janice. we'll check back with you. have a great day. >> you know, it's a disease many thought was cured. now it's making a comeback right here in the united states. coming up next, the doctors will be here to fill us in on measles. did you have them when you were a kid? guess what? they could pose a problem for your family. >> and you know what? eric doesn't want you to worry, so he developed the "should i worry?" segment, i bess you everybody has had this happen. we tell you if you need to worry about it with the doctors medical a-team "sunday housecall" next.
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hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby, and now it's time for "sunday housecall." >> i'm eric shawn. welcome to our show. joins us as always, dr. mike siegel who is the author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code to sickness and health. >> and dr. david samadi is here. great to see both of you. >> great to see you. >> we're ready to learn. >> we start with something that's really important. this has to do with a new warning about a disease that many of us rarely worry about. that's measles. you have i


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