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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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was dancing in the hallway and got a whole lot of fun around it. >> zebbo got an award before the game recognizing his contributions. i'm gregg jarrett, have a great weekend. tonight on huckabee. >> it is a spiral notebook and gives details and illustrations about killing a large amount of people. >> a reporter with a big scoop protecting her confidential sources but she faced jail time unless she named names. tonight the big victory for her and the rights for everyone. jana winter tells her story. then, he spent the last moments of his life making sure his classmates lived. jesse lewis, the 6-year-old hero of sandy hook. and from selfie-gate, more
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from the president. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >>. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. we have a great audience here in the studios in new york and welcome to huckabee. this weekend marks what would have been my mother's 86th birthday. she died 14 years ago but her persistent voice is so imbedded in my brain that i can still hear her admonitions and demands. i don't think she ever used the word civility, but she insisted on it. you see, in her world it was simply called manners. now we didn't have a lot of money growing up, but she drilled into my sister and me that money can't buy manners and manners can take you places that money has never been. i used to think, yeah, but money could take me to disneyland.
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well i never made my childhood dream of going to disneyland but the lesson on manners was not forgotten. if i failed to say please, thank you, yes, sir, no, sir, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am and i could experience rebuke and abrupt physical contact. when i failed to live up to her religious standards of polite behavior, i was challenges with her question, were you raised by wolves. and i would sometimes display my smartaleck rules by saying, you raised me. she never thought it was 23u7by as i did as funny as i did. no matter how little we had of material things, we could always treat others like we wanted to be treated. our culture today seems devoid of manners. people shout at each other and
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talk over each other and use profanity. it has become routine even in political circles. technology has given us the way to communicate by way of smartphones but it isn't the same as polite. selfies, leaders routinely snap them at funerals of other world leaders and that shows how far we have slipped from social norms of courtesy and propriety. could you imagine franklin roosevelt whipping out a iphone with churchill and margaret thatcher asking to ham it up with a quick pick. people are kbooe litting comments made behind the pow -- cowardly blogs and facebook posts. so why should be did he
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surprised that government is dysfunctional when meanness has replaced our interactions between one another. and i watch fellow republicans gnaw on each other like dogs gnaw on bones, blaming other republicans who might have the slightest opinion or tactic, naming them a rhino, a squish or a whacko bird. if my mother was still around, she would probably lay down her ten commandments on some things. number one, if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything. number two, wait your turn to talk. number three, respect your elders. number four, don't talk back. number five, never curse in front of a lady. in fact, just don't curse. number six, never mistreat an animal. number seven, let others go in front of you. number eight, always say place and thank you -- please and thank you, yes, sir and no, sir.
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number nine, never take more than one piece of candy. and number ten, keep your clothes, mouth and mind clean. i think those rules could make wash better -- washington better, but maybe the people in washington were raised by wolves. [ applause ] >> so the president has made a lot of headlines this week for acting like a hormone overloaded teen-ager. but as ryan reese found out, the president's fondness for taking selfies has grown into an obsession. >> governor, we're here in new york city's time square where the president has made an unannounced visit. what are you doing here in new york city. >> last week i took a picture with some friends in south africa that turned out to be popular so i thought i would come out here and have some fun. >> fantastic. is this part of your new
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program. >> actually it is. my staff at white house decided that in order to get young folks sign up for obamacare, i would let them take a selfie with me. >> have you signed up for obamacare? >> yes. >> all right. come on in. let's take a selfie. >> did you get your selfie with the president? >> yes. >> did you sign up for obamacare? >> yes. >> what do you like about obamacare? >> why are you laughing at your friend? >> because he's lying. >> did you get your selfie with the president? >> yes, i did. >> did you sign up for obamacare? >> no, i have insurance already. >> are you going to keep yoyour -- your doctor. >> yes. >> that's what you think. >> that's not captain america, i'm captain america. >> have you signed up for obamacare? >> absolutely. >> let's take our selfie. >> you just took your selfie
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with the president? >> yes. >> are you going to sign up for obamacare. >> no. >> wait, you told me you already did. but check this out -- deleted. >> the president just received word from the secret service that michelle wants you back at the white house now. >> in that case i have to go. but before i do, i've always wanted to get a selfie with cookie monster. come on up. and a selfie for you. all right. and have you signed up for obamacare? >> no, i haven't. >> i doubt cookie monster is going to need obamacare. joining me now, editor of above the,elly industrile and tara set meyer. good to have you back. >> thank you for having us. >> we'll start with the whole controversy over the selfie photo taken at the memorial for nelson mandela. elly, do you think the president might have taken the dignity of
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the presidency down a notch by being over there photographed hamming it up with other folks? >> i don't think he was hamming it up. governor, you live in that world. you are sitting next to the dutch prime minister for two hours, it is a long ceremony, this isn't a selfie, we know this was her picture. she asked you, governor, can i take a picture with you? what are you going to say? no. you were just talking about politeness and i think all obama did was be polite to the prime minister of holland. >> it was denmark, by the way. >> sorry. >> she is danish. >> a very big nutshell. >> tara, when you saw that. i took more note of michelle's response. were you a little taken aback with that or did it brother you -- bother you at all. >> of course it bothered me. you are president of the united states. instead of acting like a bunch of teenagers hamming it like at
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a justin beiber concert, this is not the fwirs time -- the first time he's done things unbee coming of the president of the united states. and i understand well she asked him and they all should know better. this is supposed to show respect, i understand it was festive, but i don't think it was appropriate. it wasn't very mature. and that is just indicative as the way he carries himself as president all of the time. >> let's talk about obamacare and the fact that one in four americans have said they would rather pay the fine than sign up for obamacare. are people just abandoned this whole concept? elly, is there any way to salvage it? >> i think it is weird to me. because i don't see why we should be happy that people who don't have insurance are so annoyed with this program they are willing to continue not having insurance and that is a failure in the rollout, a failure in the discourse about this program. at the end of the day, we want people to have insurance and people not signing up
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potentially out of spite, that is not really what we want. >> how many is out of spite and how many is it because it is costing them money they can't afford. we are talking about middle class people already struggling and you're going to hit them with $6,000 deductible and premiums, their first dollar to get coverage is over $10,000. tara, do you think people are walking away because they are afraid of it or can't afford it? >> i think it is a combination of both. but what i found interesting innely's response he said we don't want -- who is we? i should decide whether i want insurance or not and not the government or any bureaucrat or someone in an ivory tower saying what they think is best for me. i they they folk up from the -- they woke up from the fog, they saw the p.r. and now they are seifing this is going to cost me money.
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particularly mellenials. you saw the harvard study that only 13% of mellenials said they would sign up. well, if not the healthy people signing up, that will not work so well. because they realize there is no free lunch here. >> we only have a minute so you have 30 seconds to respond to the budget deal this week. it seems like republicans and democrats universally hate it, is that reason to say it must be okay. >> compromise is good. during the holiday season what we are seeing with brohm is a spirit -- with obama is -- he is being nice to everyone, this is filled with yuletide joy. >> and for the president, this is status what happened in washington this week, i wasn't thrilled with it, but it was a very established position. the fact that the president liked it should have scared all of us. that should have told you right there there is something wrong with it because of how different
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we believe the fiscal responsibility of this should be, we are on opposite ends of that. but this was a status quo decision because nobody wanted to fight any more and it gets pushed on to the next thing and it was a political decision. i think republicans didn't want to take away from the obama care issue, the failure in pointing on that. not saying it was the right thing to do. i would have vote the against it if i were in office but we'll live to fight another day. >> i think the bottom line of the budget is it didn't do anything substantively. but the fact that you had a democrat and republican standing side by side not screaming at each other, but did it accomplish anything? not much. but at least you had people that looked like they could work together. let's hope that is a foreboding of things to come. elly and tara, thank you. she risked going to jail to protect her sources. in the end justice prevailed.
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fox news reporter, a champion for liberty. she joins me next. you want to be here for this.
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sometimes it may not cross your mind why it is so important in our society to have a free press. the fact is, without a free press we don't have a free country. if the press is not unrestricted from the government in being able to report whatever they wish, just remember it is not their liberties that are at stake, it is yours. that is why the first amendment has to be protected. it is why it is sacred. and it is why my next guest risked everything to protect her sources. she was assigned to report on the arauro colorado movie theater massacre that killed 12 and injured 55 back in july of 2012, citing two unidentified sources, she reported the alleged shooter sent a note book full of details about his plans
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to a university of colorado psychiatrist before at tack. defense attorneys said her reporting had denied their client a fair trial and violated the judge's gag order. he demanded she reveal her sources. and was under subpeona to appear in colorado state court next month. just this week the new york court of appeals ruled that she will not be forced to name her sources. reporter jana winter joins us now. thank you so much for being here. >> hi. >> i think you probably underestimate that you are a real hero to people, not just in journalism, but to people who value the importance of a free press. but did it occur to you, did you really let it sink in, you could go to jail for this? >> yes. i had a year and a half, particularly the last six months, they have been particularly brutal. that is all i would think about from when i woke up to when i went to sleep was jail, jail,
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jail. >> what did you do to prepare? did you think here is what i have to do if i go to jail? >> every time i left for colorado, since i went back to continue my subpeona four other times, i put my dishes in the dishwasher and tried to clean my apartment and made sure all of my bills were paid in case i was not going to come back. there is really not a lot you can do except try to get your life in order and i was trying to complete a pre--jail bucket list. i wanted to go to the bronx zoo with my dad and things like that. >> so you had almost figured out, if i go to jail, these are the things i have to button down and get ready because you don't know how long you might be there? >> wellin definite imprisonment was the -- well indefinite imprisonment was the words the judge used. >> indefinite for revealing a source than somebody who had killed somebody. >> and i would have been in jail before the defendant was in the
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case who was pled not guilty to killing and injuring all of those people. >> what kind of reaction did you get from fellow journalists? >> the best reaction ever. people have been so suppose. my fox family has been ridiculously suppose throughout this whole thing. but i heard from reporters that i've competed against out in the field on stories who said, i don't like you still and we don't have to be friends and i never want to hang out with you, but what you are doing is amazing and i'm so proud of you and thank you. but i also never had this conversation. >> well at least they were honest about it. >> jana, there are a lot of people that say what is the big deal, just give up the sources. so let me just ask, since this has happened and you've been threatened with jail, have your sources dried up, have they decided not to talk to you in the same way as before. >> once you are hit with a subpeona very publicly in the middle of the news, you are
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toxic. even though my sources told me, people watch for years and years, said we knew you before you were subpeonaed you would never give us up and we trust you. but some have started to come back to me and others say please come back to me, i miss you. we'll see what happens now. but it was horrible during this whole thing. >> your courage is remarkable and your stamina through it all, i want to say on behalf of every freedom-loving american, i don't always like what journalists say or the way they do their stories, i'll be the first to admit, i was the object of some stories but i would hate for the government to start restrict what can and can't be written and the sources, and i've always believed if they have got as many resources as they have, they can find out what you can and if they can't, then it is their problem not yours. so jana, thank you for being the
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courageous stalwart for this. it is great to have you here today. >> thanks, it is great to be here. [ applause ] well the obama administration has come up with a new way to try to get young people to sign up for obamacare. it is a ridiculous rap video. my comment about the video and other quotes coming up next.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ kathleen sebelius testified before congress once again telling lawmakers how much better has been since the relaunch and how many people have signed up? >> in the first two months nearly 1.2 million americans accepted a market place plan or received a eligibilities
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determination with nearly 365,000 people selecting a plan and 803000 receiving a determination. >> so basically 365,000 people out of 310 million have now signed up for a plan. let me just put this in perspective. $677 million and counting on developing the website, a website that most experts said should have cost between $5 million and $10 million. $4.5 billion, that is right bill with a b., $4.5 billion, and 365,000 people have bought it. you realize that is $14,000 per person just to get them to sign up. that is not how much they are getting. we could have written them a $14,000 check and let them go out and buy insurance or live it off for a while and been better off. imagine if a movie company had invested $4.5 billion to promote a movie and $677 million to make
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the movie and nobody went to the theater to see it. somebody would have gotten fired. maybe some day somebody will get fired for this. they should. well media outlets are getting frustrated with the official white house photographer is the only one who has access to the president at certain events and that photo is distributed to the media elsewhere. well this week white house reporters gave jay carney a earful and played the bush card. >> anyone can tell you there is less access than under the bush administration. >> ouch. there is nothing that would hurt this administration more than to be compared unfavorably to the bush administration since they blame the bush administration for pretty much everything, in all of history. the sinking of the titanic, the kidnapping of the lind burg baby and all sorts of things. even the press core is realizing this is an administration that
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wants to control the press, and i guess they think they can. maybe not any more. well you know how president obama is trying to get young people to sign up for obama care, a pro--obama group has come up with this ad they think will do the trick. [ rapping ] >> yeah, i'm ready to sign up because of that. my health is reduced to a rap video. got it. okay. well it is all part of a campaign called get covered. in fact the white house photographer took this photo of president obama holding up a sign that says, get covered because -- and then written in the blank space it says nobody should go broke just because they get sick. well that is nice. but not everyone is nice on the internet and they are having a really good time with this. so here are some things. you see this one, get covered because obamacare canceled the plan you like.
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and this one, get covered because -- with drone strikes. so i'll give you an assignment. i would like for you to fill in the blank. get covered because -- and then tweet me at huckabee show, and tweet me what you would fwil -- fill in, in that spot and we'll read the best ones next week. remember that is@huckabee show. and thanks to our friend reggie brown for joining us once again as president obama. and if you would like to have him at your event, go to presidential well it has been one year since 26 people were cooled in the -- were killed in the school town shooting in connecticut. jesse lewis was one of the victims. his mother said he was put on earth to be a hero. she'll tell us why. that is next.
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live from america's news headquarters, hello, i'm craig
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jarrett. a 10 day burial of former south african president nelson mandela. the anti-apartheid icon was laid to rest in his boyhood village after a state funeral. the captain general saying of mandela, yours was truly a long walk to freedom and now you've achieved the ultimate freedom in the bosom of your maker. mandela died december 5th at the age of 95. film legend peter o'toole has died at age 81. the steel eyed irish actor passed away at a london hospital yesterday after a long illness. he shot to fame in lawrence of arabia and had a successful career receiving eight oscar nominations for his roles in my favorite year and lion in winter. he died at the age of 81. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to huckabee. this weekend marks one year since the toothic -- tragic
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shooting at sandy hook school in newtown, connecticut. it took the lives of first grade students. one of the children killed was 6-year-old jesse lewis. his mother scarlet has written a book called nurturing, healing and love. and she joins me now. it is so good to have you here. and thank you for joining us. when you had the devastating news that jessie had been killed at the school, you found that jessie had been instrumental in saving some of the other kids' lives. >> nine lives, yes. >> how did he do that? >> the shooter entered his classroom and continued his killing spree, killing jessie's beloved miss soto, his teacher and then his gun ran out of bullets. so during the short time it took for him to disengage his clip and reload, jessie sensing the
5:34 pm
delay, yelled out to nine of his classmates for them to run. and it was because they ran they were saved. jessie was a hero that day, not just a victim. i can't imagine a 6-year-old to have the presence of mind to take that kind of action. i would think he would be, like all of them, just terrified. how surprised when you found out jessie acted so unselfishly? >> when i was at the firehouse and i got there when all of the parents were being reunited with their loved ones and jessie was not among those. and the hours kept going forward and it -- i kind of realized jessie wasn't coming bag. -- coming back. i thought he probably tried to do something brave and we found out he tried to save his teacher. when when i -- so when i found that out, i was not surprised.
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>> heart broken as a mother but proud your son spent his last moments on this earth looking after his classmates instead of turning and running to save his own life. how does that make you feel inside as a mom? >> i feel incredibly proud of -- him. i believe honestly that he fulfilled his purpose that day, very bravely. and i just only hope to fulfill mine as bravely as he did. >> you've written a book and it is about haling, nurturing and loving, and i think a lot of people are saying, scarlet, your son was murdered in a school classroom, a place that was supposed to be safe, how could you forgive the person who murdered your son and created such carnage on a school campus? how do you that? >> nurturing, healing, love, those are jessie's words. he left those words on a kitchen chalk board shortly before he died. i found them shortly after he
5:36 pm
died. and if you see those words, they are just so profound, nurturing, haling, love is in the definition of compassion across all cultures an i believe it was a -- and i believe it was a spirtd you'll message, it was not in his vernacular, it is not phonetically spelled, but the meaning is very clear and that is my purpose is now to spread nurturing, healing, love and forgiveness is a big part of that. forgiveness is so important and we don't really talk about it. it is the only way that you can cut your cord to pain and move forward with all of your personal power in tact. and i want to provide perspective for everyone to say i have foregiven, it was a choice. it is a process. it is something that i do sometimes every day, today is the year anniversary, we gathered at jessie's grave and hi to doo it several times -- i
5:37 pm
had to do it several times this morning, to give again. but each time i feel better,ib do it for myself and my son and for my foundation now and my message, and i do it for everyone else to show them, this is a choice. you can do it. it frees you. it gives you your personal power back. and everyone can do it, if you look inside your own life, and think about the hurt that you are carrying, you can release that. >> when i think about what you've written in the book, it is a message not just about what happened to jessie, and how you coped with it, but this is a message to anybody who is struggling with anger, and bitterness, and personal hurt. and i think a lot of people are going to watch you tonight and say, if she can forgive that, because i can't think of anything worse than having somebody murder my child, people can do things to me, okay. but do something to my children or my grand children, i don't know how to handle that. if you are able to handle that, i think that is the message of
5:38 pm
your book, that you can get through and find a way to forgive and to heal your own life. you can't fix what has happened. you can't bring jessie back, but you can keep it from destroying your life. >> absolutely. you can't always control what happens to you. but you can always control your reaction to it. and choice has become such a huge part of my life. i see how everything is a choice. and my reaction to this is a choice. i have found definitely -- definitely found meaning in my suffering and the book is my journey of hope and forgiveness and i think it is sad in the beginning, but i think when you finish reading it, it gives you an equation to health and joy in your own life, healing from any type of sorrow or pain and that equation is gratitude plus forgiveness, plus compassion. and it kind of walks through that clearly. and i hope that everybody takes
5:39 pm
that from this book. >> they will. they will take it. and scarlet, thank you for sharing this story because i think in so doing, you not only give us an insight into a mother's love and in a mother's campusity -- capacity to live. you've help us hope and god bless you for it. >> thank you. next month, parliament will be joined by holocaust survivors, from aust witch. the young man who is organizing that event is going to be next.
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the skermation of 6 million jews during the holocaust is one of the most indirect acts of justice of history. and it is important never to forget the suffering that took place in the face of evil. >> the genocide of world war ii took the lives of nearly two thirds of the jewish population living in europe before the start of the war. one of the most brutal places during the holocaust was the concentration camp in auch witch. it had three main camps and more than 35 subcamps.
5:44 pm
from 1942 until late 1944, 1.3 million jews were transported to the concentration camp. 1.1 million would never leave. each person who entered was striped of his or her identity, indicated only by a number tattooed on the arm. the conditions were unimagine ability. baracks intended to house -- to house horses, were homes for everybody, including children, for long lengths of time. creama tors made it a killing machine, taging the lives of -- taking the lives of nearly 6,000 people a day. for those who weren't murdered in mass killings, they would die of starvation, infectious diseases, individual executions and medical comparements. on january 27th, 1945, the few that survived the camp were liberated but by then more than 6 million jews were killed in
5:45 pm
nazi occupied europe, offer a million -- over a million from auschwitz. it is a silent reminder of the whoors that once existed on the land and the tribute to those lost souls there but never forgott forgotten. >> on january 27, 2014, israel's parliament will be joined by holocaust survivors for a historic meetk on the grounds -- meeting on the grounds of auschwitz for national holocaust day. the event organized by johnny daniels, founder of from the depths. johnny joins me now. this will bring half of the members, andpy by -- and by the time it comes, maybe all of them, they will be accompanied by holocaust survivors going back to what would be an unthinkable whoo y-- unthinkabl
5:46 pm
whoor. but this is personal to you. tell me why. >> it is very difficult to talk about. my family and my wife's family were killed. my great grand parents were lucky enough to survive and escape to london. my wife's grand faurj survived, his wife and two daughters at the beginning of the holocaust were taken to auschwitz and murdered on the site that just over a month's time that i'll be bringing there. the holocaust is personal to all of us. and especially us who live in israel and jews around the world. it is an opportunity for us to meb those who we lost and hopper those still with us. >> you will be a few feet away from the place where your wife's grandmother and her daughter were murdered.
5:47 pm
what do you expect to happen to you and to yu your wife that day when -- to you and to your wife that day when you are seeing the symbol of a strong poux force of -- strong poifl force -- powerful force where there was an attempt to kill every jew on the planet. >> i have to tell you, governor, when we go to auschwitz, when anybody goes there, it saps everything away from you. you go there and you feel deflated. you come out and you feel sad. this, i hon leftly -- honestly believe will be one of the few occasions that you will come out of auschwitz feeling rejuvenated and stronger and empowered because to be at the site that 69 years ago these people wouldn't have imagined they would survive another minute, this many years later, with the majority of the government of israel, the parliament of israel, to stand there in the symbol of force, this is our
5:48 pm
victory. i was calmed -- called by a 93-year-old survivor and he said, johnny, listen, i'm not in the best of health. he said, at my age bite green bananas. he said for me, i have to be there. for me to stand in this place with my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, this is my sign of victory and closure. standing there, again, in the symbol of force and strength. we say never again. never again has turned into a phrase that is used all of the time. never again, can't happen again. never will happen again. the reason it won't happen again is because we are a strong people now. we have our own army and government. and to be there in the symbol of force is a truly remarkable thing. >> i think it will be an amazing day. i plan to be there myself. i want to see this wonderful moment of history when israel says to the world, we're still
5:49 pm
standing. and this time when the israelis and the holocaust survivors are standing at auschwitz, they will go on their own terms an more importantly they will leave auschwitz on their own terms, and go back to a nation of safety and security. and i hope the whole world understands, this is why israel must be free and safe and secure. johnny, thank you for the vision of this remarkable day. i just want to close -- point out that the symbol of the event from the depths has half of the star of david that was forced to be sewn on to the clothing of jews during the holocaust and the other is the star of david, the symbol of the modern day israel. what a wonderful reminder that out of the depth, god has raised israel up again. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, governor. coming up next, world renouned violinist joshua bell,
5:50 pm
joined by the young people's chorus of new york city for a christmas classic.
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>> when fram me award win violinist joshua bell decided to put together his holiday album he asked for a little help from his friends. he has a lot of friends. the album "the musical gift" the young people's chorus of new york city. i hope you will get this wonderful album. we are going to leave you with a selection will go from it "silent night."
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♪ co ♪ ♪ ♪ silent night holy night
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♪ all is calm all is bright ♪ round young virgin mother and child ♪ ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ shepherds quake at the sight ♪ glories stream from heaven
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afar ♪ ♪ heavenly hosts sing alleluia ♪ christ the savior is born ♪ christ the savior is born [musicorn mu ♪
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>> the year began with a victory lap. >> they would never raise the tax rates on the wealthiest americans. >> it is ending in frustration and apologies. >> nobody is more frustrated than i am. >> what's behind the obama breakdown? >> there's no question we can fix this. >> the stories you have never heard. fox news reporting behind the obama breakdown. from washington, d.c. here is bret baier? >> who would have thunk it? a tech savvy obama getting a web site up and running. conservative it is defense cuts come founding democrats. ey


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