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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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lots of people tweeting safety tips. follow me@megyn kelly. see you tomorrow. tonight your personal health records, your social security number and your identity could be at risk because of obamacare. those explosive allegations are being levelled in a new house oversight committee report. the lawmakers behind the investigation are moments away with the disturbing details. that's just the beginning of this jam-pack"hannity." >> very proud of being a socialist. he was very outoh spoken on political views. >> why is the main stream media hiding the liberal beliefs of friday's school shooting suspect? anne coulters with politics of
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the latest would be mass murderer. >> it was about taking our country back with the tea party. it was very racial whether they will admit it or not. >> we'll respond to the ultimate left wing lie about the tea party movement. >> i have been listening. to what americans are saying. >> it turns out that the case of the fake interpreter is no laughing matter. this deranged man is believed to have burned two men to their deaths. plus, a student is suspended for a year. why? he hugged his teacher. "hannity" starts here and now. welcome to "hannity" . the obamacare navigators, unveted men and women tapped by the white house to help you enroll in a new health insurance plan. they are at the center of what appears to be a massive scandal. according to a report released by the house oversight committee they have encouraged consumers
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to commit tax fraud by under reporting income in order to qualify for obamacare's health insurance subsidies. congressional investigators are accusing t accusing them of mistraining them and it poses a threat to consumers information such as a social security number, yearly income and other sensitive tax information. a hearing looking into the conduct of the navigators was held after the group project veritas released coverage of obama allies instructing potential health care buyers to the lie. >> you know, to get a lower premium, i wouldn't include if i were cutting grass on the weekends and they were just giving me money. that's my money. >> exactly. >> the lawmakers who led today's inquiry will join us from dallas. first we uncovered another
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obamacare shock poll. nearly 70% of americans say their premium wills increase in 2014. four of five people polled point the finger directly at the president and his health care law for that rise in cost. ouch. tonight we want you to join the conversation. we want to know if your premier yups are rising. who do you blame for obamacare? sound off @sean hannity over the course of the next hour. squoining me now house oversight committee chair darryl issa and pete sessions. good to see you. >> good to see you, sean. >> this video where they tell people to lie about whether you smoke or not, isn't that against the law? >> absolutely they are against the law. but these so-called navigators
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don't follow any of the rules every state in the union has for insurance people. the idea that they are bonded, identified, fingerprinted, anything to uh cause you to know that they are not felons and identity theft perpetrators has not been done. we saw it today. even the simplest, do you get a copy of the driver's license, the answers were with repeatedly no. this is basically just another form of community organizing, paid for with your tax dollars. acorn revisited, if you will. >> congressman sessions, we have gotten away from the law of the land and the president decides which laws will be enforced and changes laws at a whim without going through congress. but i met on the phone with the navigators. one woman was fired for being on the phone with me. the question i have is this illegal? who is responsible for this? >> the questions you ask are
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good and fair. we held a fair hearing the and a senior official from cms was present and gave testimony today that not even he could provide information that other professionals in texas provide health insurance. not even he could tell you who the doctors are, what coverage would be provided and what hospitals would be a part of the coverage. the navigators are selling things they do not understand. they cannot certify to people selling them. i believe the president and secretary sebelius should have an advisory notifying consumers across the country that they do not have a product worthy. it ises a deceptive sales practice. in texas it's happening right now. >> that's called bait and switch. if any private corporation did this, congressman issa, are the
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people responsible -- would they be likely to be investigated, go to jail or prosecuted? >> certainly if you tried to do it you wouldn't be able to. these aren't insurance companies or government employees. they are community organizers hired, the urban league and other groups. they convince people to get medicaid. get a highly subsidized health care plan. they are not there to sell the merits of the insurance. they are there to sell the subsidy. >> they want the numbers up. because so few people signed up. identity theft is huge now. it is a real risk. they didn't vet the people? they could be identity thieves worki inin ining as navigators.
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>> under direct questioning, testimony from a senior official from medicare and medicaid services testified they didn't know who they are. they have never taken a picture of the driver's license. they don't know who they are. he then said, but they are doing a great job. this is simply, as he described, it's one good neighbor helping another good neighbor. this is the federal government at work using federal dollars. i believe on the surface of it, it is fraud at its finest. this administration is pushing it. the hearing revealed all of the issues. >> we had i.t. experts on the prap. people who said they could have built this for 5 million dollars start to finish. they also concluded, and this is what they do for a living.
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there was no thought for the security built into the website. still today even after the so-called fix, it still isn't a secure site. how can the president encourage people to go on a site experts say isn't secure. >> the administration says they have made the fixes. when we had to subpoena documents as to the failures, the things not safe on launch day, we were -- they attempted to stop us in every way they could. they ordered the contractors not to turn documents over even after we subpoenaed them. they claimed it was because it was a road map for hackers. what's amazing about that is a road map for hackers, if you put the roadblocks in, the map doesn't do any good. one concern is the documents we now have show serious areas that may still be wide open to hackers or even wide open to accidental discovery.
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some of the flaws are so great that somebody just could end up, if you will, hacking a site. >> they discovered 400 bugs they had to fix between the opening october 1 and the first fix. i assume there are more bug withes in there. exit question. congressman issa, would you, based on what you know about the security or lack thereof of the website and the navigators, would you recommend anybody go to the website, sign on, give personal information or is that a mistake? >> the longer somebody waits before they go on within the mandate of the law they are doing themselves a service. the site can only get better. you couldn't have gotten on day one. today i'm concerned about your personal information. >> i'm not going on that website. i wouldn't dare. poor ainsley earhardt had to go give her personal information.
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congressman sessions, would you recommend your constituents go on the website? >> i have been on the website and had a terrible time getting through it. it is a last resort opportunity. for the president to sell this as ready for primetime is not correct. once again it goes back to the point -- two points. if it's so great why isn't the president and the rest of the federal government on it. why isn't it an optional program? it would cost trillions less if it were optional and simply be there for people with no other choice. >> thanks. we'll continue to follow it. hope people are paying attention. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> very proud of being a socialist. he was very outspoken on his political views. >> the student behind friday's school shooting in colorado is the latest would be mass murderer with left wing ties. why is the media ignoring this?
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when we come back, ann coulter is here with reaction to the suspect's venomous anti-republican facebook posts. later tonight. >> the tea party has serious racial challenges. >> the ultimate liberal lie. why do democrats continue to accuse members of the tea party movement of being racists on television? that and more. all we do is go out to dinner.
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commit socialist.
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>> coming up, very proud of being a socialist. he was very outspoken on his political views. >> to him it just meant economic equality. more economic equality. >> according to the denver post pierson mocked republicans in a facebook post writing, you republicans are so cute. and the republican party, health care, let 'em die. climate change, let them die. gun violence, let 'em die. the latest in left wing lunaticses to commit these horrific acts though they have been linked to the right without evidence to back them up. the most memorable is when the so called journalists at abc were blaming for the theater shooting. >> you found something that might be significant. >> there is a jim holmes on a
7:16 pm
colorado tea party site talking about him joining the tea party last year. it is jim holmes of aurora. >> that was completely false. the media needs to tell the truth whether they like it or not. maybe start with the fact that the presence of armed guards inside the colorado high school during the shooting on friday was a key factor of preventing more deaths. here with with reaction, the author of "never trust a liberal over 3." merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> if you want to stop shooting put in retired policemen and retired military people. it will end. this proves my point. >> this proves we could keep liberals out of schools. it is crazy people. the problem is the mental health problem in america. i don't know why republicans don't bring it upment instead of
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fieging against liberals who want to take guns away, how about something that would make a difference? from jared loughner and adam lanza, the virginia tech shooting. they were all known to be crazy. they should have been forced to take medication or institutionalized. as long as liberals brought up their politics, as i described about mob behavior and violence on the left, the left has a 200-year history of engaging in political violence. every presidential assassination -- sometimes it's a run of the mill nut. but when they are political they are liberals. four members of congress were assassinated. two were just crazy people. the first and the last were committed by liberal nuts. >> the difference is if you go back to the gabby giffords, they made a big deal.
7:18 pm
sarah palin followed bob beckelle's model of districts. >> they should ban metaphors. >> often the people responsible for the shooting are left wing lunaticses. except we don't blame them. we blame the mental health system, the individual. >> i was the first to say liberalism is an aspect of mental illness. it ises not surprising to the extent of any of the political violence or asas thagss are political, it is always, always, always liberals. there has never been a right wing assassination attempt on a president or a member of congress. certainly not a successful one. the last one was jim jones. remember? he had the death cult down in guayana where they a death drink. liberalism is on the spectrum of
7:19 pm
mental illness. >> do you know who one of the first people on the scene after that happened was bob beckel. >> i didn't know that. >> he was there. >> what about tim mcveigh? >> it's more than that. like jared loughner and a lot of the guys just, by the way, are big pot smoker. any doctor will tell you a lot of people have a predisposition for squ have schizophrenia. marijuana will step that up. it doesn't mean all schizophrenics are pot smokers. >> it is a gateway drug. i didn't know that was a contributing factor. >> absolutely. often that's about the age when people show signs of a schizophrenia. a often these guys have no other
7:20 pm
crime record. sometimes they do like jared loughner, another liberal, another pot smoker spl just because the guy was a left winger, i'm not blaming every left winger. >> no. we are just talking about it for ten minutes. >> the difference is if any one of these was a conservative, you know and i know they would go out there -- >> they do the anyway. it's worth mentioning because they are always claiming -- in my second to last book i had a chapter on the hysteria about imaginary threats on president obama's life. the secret service says it's the exact same number of threats as we got for the last four presidents. who were the last assassination attempts? reagan and two against gerald ford. >> in three days. >> manson gang and the crazy sarah moore who tried to kill
7:21 pm
president ford because she thought he was waging a war on the left this america. they are always left wing or they think they are king edward of england and president johnson owes us money. >> we'll see you on the radio tomorrow. >> and a book signing this weekend, i hear. >> in ft. myers. >> i think so. >> i will introduce you on saturday. we think at 11:00. it will be on >> that's early for me. >> poor coulter has to get up before noon. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> coming up. >> it was about taking back our country with the tea party. it was racial. >> i will not sit here and allow you to say that. >> nbc news are pushing the absurd narrative that the tea party is motivated by race. an outspoken tea party supporter clashes with with a democratic strategist ahead. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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welcome back. it is the ultimate liberal lie. the tea party has been accused of being racist by the left but there is no evidence on planet earth to prove the theory. despite the lack of proof democrats continue to make the accusation on national television. watch this. >> in 2010 the republican in-fighting took a dangerous tone because it wasn't just about in-fighting anymore. it was about taking our country back with the resurrection of the tea party. s it was very, very racial
7:26 pm
whether any of them will admit it or not. >> racial? i will not sit here and allow you to say that. >> i said it and i will say it again. >> people came in 2010 because the government. >> you need calm down a little bit. >> i will not. that's absolutely -- absolutely false. >> here to debate it dana laesh and richard fowler. give me an example. give us an example. if you have one, we'll condemn it, say i don't support it. i'm a tea party member. dana is. give me an example. >> i'm happy you want to condemn it. i don't think the tea party movement is racist. it's been a home for racism and for people who believe in racist policies. neo-nazis. >> we are waiting for the specifics. >> when they passed the health care reform act members were
7:27 pm
walking out of the capitol, congressional black caucus memberses. >> andrew brightbart offered $100,000 for any evidence to back up the claim. it didn't exist. >> the a.p. reported it. >> the main stream media can get it wrong? >> well, richard is omitting the fact that emmanuel cleaver who is a lawmaker from missouri back pedalled on some of that which was reported as he's quoting by bi the associated press. not to mention there were a sea of web cams there, iphone cameras and hand held cameras. not a single one of them in an era where we have such digital technology and capture absolutely everything, not a single camera captured anything that any of the cbc members alleged. then you have cleaver back pedalling, too. let's report the full scope of the story and not rely on the
7:28 pm
a.p. said. >> richard, you said it was racial in some regard. the tea party is racial. i wouldn't be a part of a group that was racial. dana wouldn't. >> that's not what i -- >> give me examples and help me out. >> i said the tea party as a movement is not racist. i'm not saying that. >> you said racial. >> the tea party is a bastion for racism. >> that means there are a lot of examples. >> it's semantics. you're saying the same thing. >> not at all. >> yes, it is. an example, richard. >> noted neonazis. >> media nazis? >> part of the tea party. they are anti-submit tick, homophobic, racists. >> examples. we are going in a circle. >> examples. >> yeah. >> i gave you one. storm >> i have never heard of that. who are they? >> an organization that
7:29 pm
professes to be part of the tea party. >> the black panthers profess to be part of the progressive movement. >> wait a second. let's be clear. >> no, no. let's be clear. it's the same thing. >> i will condemn the black panthers for their action. >> one at a time. >> you're saying the tea party is racist. i asked for examples. >> let me be very clear. the stereotypes -- >> don't use that. come out with it. >> dana, finish. then richard. >> richard, all we are asking for is an example. you say such and such group. show me where tea partiers behaved in a racist way. >> i pointed to their website. >> i don't know who this group is. how is that a tea party group? >> in the united states the tea party is a racist organization. i'm not saying that's true. i'm not saying it's false. >> yes, you are. >> that's a stereo type.
7:30 pm
>> individuals like yourself and sean who are upstanding tea party members need to say we reject racism where people tell the president to go back home to ken kwa or people looking for the president's birth certificate. >> you mean philip byrd. that came from your side. >> first he wanted your big gulps, then your salt shaker. now america's nanny has set his sights on another of your free. doms. . what mayor bloumberg plans to bn next. >> i have been listening to what americans are saying. some valid concerns are being raised. >> snl is laughing at the antics of the fake interpreter. he may be more dangerous than anybody thought. he's now accused of burning two men the to death. how did he get so close to the
7:31 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." we have democratic strategist mark hannah. he worked with john kerry, poor guy. jedediah bila and lauren simonetti. >> hi. >> the story about this crazy nelson mandela memorial interpreter guy is really alarming to me. it turns out he admitted to burning people to death. here is a guy that's seeing the president of the united states literally near him for a long period of time. there he is. he's signing, but he's signing gibberish. there are angels in his mind. the president of the united states is next to him.
7:36 pm
to me, that's a huge massive security breach for the country. reaction? >> now there are reports that he was involved in the killing of two blacks in south africa by necklacing when they put a tire around your body and you are burned to death. they didn't give him a trial because he was deemed mentally unstable. it gets more crazy, the story. he's a threat. inches away from our president. >> why did he -- why would we put a president, a leader of the free world in that position? that's chilling. >> absolutely. i have worked for the secret service in the past. >> watching this guy -- i'm watching him. the fact that he's admitted to seeing angels, the fact that this is gibberish. >> it's -- >> "saturday night live" did a bit on this. watch and then you can comment. >> tonight i would like to focus on health care.
7:37 pm
i have beenlistening. to what americans are saying. and some very valid concerns are being raised. but this is not a battle that will be won overnight. without a doubt we see huge improvements on our website. n nuz. >> the ironic part is that guy was understandable. that guy i got. >> the secret service -- absolutely, this wasn't necessarily a dig on obama. it was pretty hysterical, frankly. from a security standpoint, i have worked with the secret service for ten years. those guys and women -- >> best of the t best.
7:38 pm
>> they are completely thorough. i have been with them overseas. when they work with their counterparts they are taking no short cutses whatsoever. if this guy had a file, that got through the vetting. he was deemed to be not threatening to the president. what happened here, he wasn't burning anybody in the protests. he was attending protests where people turned violent. kbi my guess is somebody in intelligence made a determination this was a person that didn't pose a threat to the president. he wasn't just signing for the president of the united states. he signed for all the people giving eulogies. >> maybe they unleashed the nsa. maybe they could have done investigative work. i think that's insane. when you look at the clip you can't help but laugh. it's so surreal he was on stage next to the president of the united states. somehow got there without being
7:39 pm
vetted and could have been a danger to the president. >> they don't vet to see how confident he is. >> it is a security risk. >> all four of us can sit around and say it is a security risk. >> they didn't have to go through metal detectors. really? 98,000-seat stadium without checking everybody in there? >> there is a level of risk that's tolerable working with the nsa, the cia. >> we'll take a quick break. the pope responded to rush. rush had a response today. we'll get to that. and a poor kid in duluth, georgia, got in trouble for kissing his teacher. what grade? >> senior in high school, 17. won't go to college. >> big trouble. >> more on the hottest news and the burning issues coming up with our great american panel and more straight ahead. a can of del monte green beans?
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welcome back to "hannity." rush limbaugh comments about the poe and marxism and the pope responds. >> this that i came across last night bewith fudled me. if it weren't for capitalism i don't know where the catholic church would be. i want to share with you some of this stuff. pope francis attacked unfettered capitalism as a new tyranny. he beseeched global leaderses to fight poverty and growing inequality. this is just pure marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope. there is no such unfettered capitalism that doesn't exist anywhere. >> the pope responds saying the marxist ideology is wrong but i have met many marxists who are
7:45 pm
good people. so i don't feel offended. he went after trickle down which is a term that our friend on the left uses. i was surprised he responded. as a catholic i agree with rush that the pope sounds like he's against capitalism spl because with he advocates helping the poor? >> he said unfettered capitalism is a new tyranny. >> he's looking at the unintended consequences of capitalism. the pope is consistent with the doctrine and moral teachings of the church when he advocates for generosity and selflessness and attack as philosophy -- >> free market capitalism helps the poor. >> i agree. >> when you lower taxes, create competition that enables people to rise up. when you kill incentive, marxism keeps a powerful group at the top. >> and the pope doesn't like it. >> free market capitalism is
7:46 pm
villified. >> free market capitalism is what america was founded on. it's trendy, it feels to me, to attack capitalism as a bad thing. >> the pope didn't attack capitalism. he attack ed unfettered capitalism. capitalism based on greed is good and this wall street mentality. >> trickle down is a way that you guys on the left used to attack reagan's policies which created wealth. it doubled revenues for the government. job creation went through the roof unlike the last five years. >> the middle class did better. >> i'm a capitalist like everybody here. i think what the pope is emphasizing is the type of oh capitalism, hyper capitalism, greedy capitalism. >> let's put up polls. should the government prohibit people from using e-cigarettes in public.
7:47 pm
62% said no. should the government prohibit caffeinated drinks. i wouldn't survive if we did that. and should the government prohibit people from buying foods with trans-fats. get out of my life. leave me alone. >> the government isn't our parent. it's not our mom. i don't have a weight problem. i want to eat what i want when i want i. >> i like nrnl drinks. >> and you're healthy. >> especially the diet ones. >> i understand where this is coming from and the need to the tell people this isn't healthy for you. >> it's not the government's role. i don't need it. somebody wants to quit smoking, move s to an e-cigarette they are inhaling air. the carcinogens and bad stuff is gone. >> it's about personal responsibility. people fail to recognize that everybody has the right to destroy their body if they want to. want to eat trans-fats, do so. >> we make pot illegal, heroin
7:48 pm
illegal, riding a motorcycle without a helmet illegal. >> that hurts someone else's life. >> the hand picked successor of rudy giuliani has been -- >> a mother hen, a manny. >> people on the left and right say the public health, our safety are in better shape. >> you don't want to drink an nrnl drink, get out of my way because i move faster than you. >> and the e-cigarette doesn't affect anybody. >> we elect them. >> up next, mark siegel is here. sneak peek of his interview with dick cheney. let not your heart be troubled. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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[ camera shutter clicks ] now, that's cardworthy. [ n ] all right. here we go. ♪ cardworthy. [ female announcer ] this holiday season, visit for all your cardworthy moments. he welcome back to "hannity" my next guest is mark seigel, he sat down with former vice
7:53 pm
president dick thany. here is a sneak peek. >> you were known as a steadying hand in a crisis but what affect did that have on you in terms of traes stres? do you think that led to your heart disease? >> i don't. i know wisdom is that stressful job can contribute to heart disease. i think that is true but i love my work. it wasn't stressful from the way i looked at it. i can't wait to guest back to the next job.. >> i love the scene in the book where you're on the liver. you were there with a device. >> yes. i was living on batteries and had a pump attached to my heart keeping me alive. he explained to him if i fell in, the system would short out and i was toast. he had
7:54 pm
artificial legs he lost both legs in afghanistan he said yeah. i know what you mean. when i fall in, my legs get rusty. he was comparing problems >> you've been benefitting from great medical technology just in time. i'm concerned about the medical device tax on gross sales, how do you think that is going to stifle inyoes vacation? -- innovation. >> i think it's a terrible idea people who intervent them pay taxes but this is a unique tax on the first dollar of revenue coming in for people who invented them and created these devices. when you start to tax something like that, it seems you do serious damage for long term prospects of innovation into our economy. and it's an
7:55 pm
easy thing to do to double it next time around the argument we've taken it away from guys in manufacturing. that is as bad as we do see in reimbursement rate for doctors and hospitals under medicare. you can't get people to provide health care if they're lose money every time they do it. it doesn't work. it strikes me whoever came up with that idea. >> it wasn't a physician. >> it wasn't anyone who knows about the health care system. >> about obamacare, if the concept of obamacare, seems to me outdated is covering everyone all of this focus on preventative services, comprehensive insurance, what about innovation that doesn't work for everybody all the time? more personalized medicine?
7:56 pm
is it that jap -- jeopardized. >> what have you to qualify insurance programs people are happy with less. that ought to be their right. >> i don't like it. but frankly a crowd couldn't put together a web site to say they've fixed the health care system? i don't believe it i think we'll find a lot of train wrecks built into that program that nobody knew about. i think it's a obama had been truthful, that you cannot keep your health insurance, there is no guarantee to have the same doctor, i don't think congress would have passed it. >> is there anything about writing the book this, is a very revealing, personal book. anything about that that was difficult? >> no. there are things in there
7:57 pm
i hasn't discussed publicly, the dream about after being heavily sedated talked about what my family meant to me. my wife had to be my nurse and learn about everything there was about a patient z i decided along with john and my wife, lynn, this story needed to be told and an opportunity to tell a tale. 80 millern americans have some form of heart problem. one out of every four probably had a heart problem, or will. and so, the book was written in hopes of my case could be used to give them inspiration to know what it's like to live with that but you can live with it. and succeed at the same time. >> thank you very much mr. vice president. a great honor for me. >> thank you. enjoyed it.
7:58 pm
>> joining us now with details of that interview from fox news medical a team, dr. mark siegel. >> thank you. >> let's, i just had a stress test. i told you my numbers and clean as a whistle. doctor says i'm not going to have a heart attack but it's scary. >> vice president cheney is an inspiration because he never considered himself sick. he, everything he did, everything he did, he did without any fear. just courage and that is an inspiration for 700,000 people that have heart disease and get sick every year. >> a lot of people, why don't people get checked more? you're our friend. another friend of mine make me go get checked. why don't people just do that? because isn't that cheaper than to what the alternative of getting sxik treatment? >> well, men don't tend to get checked we just wear it on our
7:59 pm
sleeves and don't go to see doctors the other killer is stress vice president cheney didn't consider he was under stress because he loved what he did. if you love your work you're going to do a lot. >> i'm on the air four hours per day. it must be stressful. i'm like i don't know what the word stressful means. >> they're getting stress from you. but you know, smshgs you love what you do. everybody knows it. by the way speaking of that, he was eloquent on obamacare in this interview. he was and sees it for what it is. >> medical device tax, he won't be alive today if obamacare was in place 10-20 years ago. every time the spotlight was red it turned green as he got there. innovation may be squashed but the current obamacare climate he's worried about it. >> you're hanging out with bush and cheney, living a good life. you want to come bike riding
8:00 pm
with me this year? >> maybe. >> you're invited. >> i don't know if i can keep up. >> good to see you. >> thanks for joining us don't forget to start each weekday morning with fox and friends. washington. the riley factor is on. tonight. >> kicking off the light hearted segment there is a tongue hearted. nmegyn kelliy caught up in a controversy. >> get her a secret santa. >> here is a secret. i am black as hell. >> the factor will get to the truth about santa claus. >> president obama would not be in the white house if not for the efforts and boots on the ground and support of labor unions. >> and a fierce advocate for labor yups received hundreds of thousands from the unions. is this


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