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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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question to his girlfriend on stage at his concert in louisville, kentucky. >> it work. we wish the happy couple the very best. she said yes. time now for shep. >> thanks. $636 million. the near record jackpot for the mega millions drawing. how could a win change your life? how could it not. we'll talk to a woman who knows because she won a jackpot of her own, more than $100 million. plus, mega bills of our tax dollars paying for golf carts, wine and so forth. from the annual waste report. let's get to it. >> good tuesday afternoon to you and yours from the fox news deck in new york city. first from fox at 3:00. that enormous mega millions jackpot is $636 million. lottery officials raised the
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amount hours ago, make it the second largest prize in american history. now folks are lining up at convince stores to get the luck. lottery officials say the odds of winning are one in 259 million. a little perspective. if i thought of asking you to name one person in the united states, the same odds. i jive you choose the lump sum you will walk away with $341 million before taxes. officials say they expect people to buy 70% of all the possible number combinations, which means there's nearly a one in three chance that nobody wins tonight. the current record for a jackpot, $656 million, from a mega millions drawing last year. and the lottery officials say if nobody wins this one before christmas -- there are a couple of drawings before then -- we could see it hit $1 billion. as if whatever today's is
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againing not enough. jonathan at some gas station in atlanta where someone -- looks like the woman just won it. >> reporter: well, people are very active. everyone who comes in here, many of them are convinced they have the winning numbers. the odd have actually decreased as far as winning the jackpot, because back in october, mega millions added additional numbers to the matrix. two things. made it ice 'er to win smaller prizes. a one in 15 chance. when it comes to the jackpot, much less likely. and each time someone doesn't win when there's a drawing, it rolls over. the jackpot gets bigger and bigger, and that just makes its all the more attractive to players deliberation spite the odds -- despite the odds. >> anybody can win. one of those things you take a chance on. one ticket, who knows. the possibilities of wonderful if you do win, but if not, there's more lotteries to come. right?
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>> reporter: and today we saw several customers who came in their buy a lottery ticket. they had not played any lottery in years. one woman said it had been a whole decade, but because of the size of the jackpot, that's bringing them in today. >> obviously 100 million would never be worth it. i figure out why we did this live shot in atlanta. they would never let an idiot reporter behind the counter in new york. what do these people plan to do with the money if they win? >> reporter: we get all sort office different answers, one common denominator is quit their jobs. many people say they would not show up to work. a lot of people staying would buy houses, new cars and at $636 million, it's a safe bet they'd have a lot of change. listen. >> well, it would be more than i can spend. so i'll give some to sister and brother, niece, nephew, then my
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mother was raised in an orphanage so i will contribute a building in my mother's name. >> reporter: something else to consider. if you win the mega millions jackpot, by and large it's going to push you into a higher tax bracket so you'll probably spend more than a third of your earnings on uncle sam. shep? >> that will be the one tomb we don't need to complain about a higher tax bracket. i if your pulling in 650 something, it will be all good. >> a happy problem. >> very happy problem. thank you. jonathan in atlanta this afternoon. let's hear from somebody who knows what it's like to hit a jackpot. mary moor says she and her husband won $165 million in 2009. she is at hem here on long island, new york, this afternoon, and she is one of the success stories. there's so few of you success stories out there. how have you done it? >> i was very smart. i had a great team behind me. i didn't go crazy but i did do special things for myself and my
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children. and you got to stay focused and you got to stay grounded. and you got to give back. >> i know one of the things you have to doyle avoid the shysters who wanted rip you off. >> we had people come out of the woodwork, thinking we would give away one or two million dollars and you can't do that because the government takes at least half of it. and some people have some attitude. but it's all good life is great. i've been blessed, and i help a lot of people through my foundation, which is the proper way of doing it. i give to 501(c)(3)s and it's a wonderful life. >> i read about your foundation. sounds like a wonderful thing that you and your husband put together. i wonder if that is the thing that has been the most rewarring process. >> the learning process takes -- it takes two to three years to really realize you got a lot of
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money. and then having a foundation, and to give to us is the right thing to do, and that's been he blessing of all. and another thing. all my children are going to be okay financially. i don't have to worry about them. >> what an amazing feeling that must be. speaking of your children, you needed a big house, so since you can afford iout got one. i hear your selling the big house. >> no, no i'm not selling it. it was a mansion, and my two girls are in college, and all the other ones are successful, and it just might be too big for us. you get a live size. i don't want to waste. i'm not selling it yet. it's a beautiful home. not yet. but i could downsize. >> your number one piece of advice for whoever wins the mega jackpot? >> to be smart. don't go down the wrong road and throw your money away. you have been given a gift.
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cherish it. >> mary morrison, winner who did it right. happy for you and there are a lot of grateful people out there. it's nice to talk to you. >> same here. >> we would have had mary on by satellite but the last thing mary needs is for everyone to know where she lives because they'll come out demanding things. >> analysts say it looks like the budget deal, for the government, not mary and her husband -- the one for the nation that many consecutive -- conservatives opposed will pass. the deal would roll back some of the tough spending cuts nope as the sequester. the sequester was never supposed to go into effect. they were awful cuts according to republicans, democrats, terrible nor country, but they were the last-ditch thing because congress couldn't get its act together again. the measure got support from democrats democrats and house republicans but some g.o.p. senators with
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ties to the tea party, said they'd oppose any measure that increased spending. they promised they would do that from the day they got elected. they're still making the promise. mitch mcconnell faces a tea party challenger in an upcoming primary, and he came out hard against the bill. >> i voted against this legislation because in my view congress should continue to adhere to the fiscal restraints that both parties agreed to under the budget control act. >> this deal is a compromise. it doesn't tackle eave one of the challenges we face as a nation, but that was never our goal. this bipartisan bill takes the first step towards rebuilding a broken budget process. >> the senate is expected to take a final vote tomorrow before the president is scheduled to sign the bill into law. ahead, you'll hear from the parents of a marine who died overseas. the military sent his body home, supposedly intact. but they would later find out, his heart was not included. now the family is trying to get
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we're hearing from the parents of a marine who killed himself overseasment the parentses say somebody took their son's heart, and they claim the u.s. government it knew it and tried to cover it up. this is that marine. sergeant brian lalou. he was on security detail in the
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u.s. embassy in greece in august of last year. after a night out drinking, he shot himself in the head and then later died in greek hospital. his parents say medical examiners in greece performed an occupies autopsy but took out his heart. the family is suing the united states defense department along with the government of greece and a hospital in greece. the pentagon report says it does not comment on ongoing lawsuits, which is true. an official with the greek embassy says medical examiners kept the heart for testing after the autopsy. so that's their excuse for them. then the marine's father said that autopsy should not have happened. >> he was not a greek citizen. a united states marine, and an american, and he had no business
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touching it. >> no business no authority, no right, and bill the law hi is correct. months later, suddenly, a heart arrives. the -- they did receive a heart that the military claimed was their son's. but they did dna testing. it was somebody else's heart, or at least that's where all the evidence points. ha is here. what are the parenting telling us? >> i spoke with his mom, and she told me families of the fallen are entitled to know the truth no matter how terrible the truth it. sentimentses of the family expressed to our local fox affiliate in philadelphia. >> i'm full of rage. i look at these people as barbarians to do something like that. >> craig is referring to the military burying his son without his heart. a u.s. medical examiner 0 noted the missing heart and later concluded it was retained by the greek authorities after an earlier autopsy. the family says no one told them
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about it until two weeks after their son's funeral. they eventually received a heart, but investigators couldn't conclusively identify it was sergeant laloups. his mother is demanding accountability. >> i want to know where his heart is and why it was taken, and i want to know why the marine corps felt they needed to lie to us about it. >> the parents claim the military allowed their son access to weapons in the storage area when he was intoxicated. and that a marine supervisor decided to take him out for more drinking after learning he was thinking about suicide. it's part of their lawsuit against the u.s. military the greek government. they say the military left his body unguarded in the hospital, and that his heart was stolen by the greeks. but at least one former military attorney says this will be an uphill battle in court. >> certainly tragic and everybody is grateful to the marine for his service in terms
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of court of law, he doesn't have much of a case. >> i spoke with the family attorney and he says this case does have merit, and told me that filing a lawsuit is not what the family wanted to do but it's what they had to do in order to get answer. >> all of this began -- the details of the suicide were terrible. the allegation is the military realized, a commanding officer realized and it took him out for more drink when he was suicidal. suicide is a problem in the mail tear. >> last year the military had the highest number of suicides since they started tracking enemy 2012. there were 359 in 2012. the same year the sergeant died. and the number is on pace to actually decrease this year. now, the military has been taking steps to prevent suicide. the pentagon has hired more councils and even put them on the front lines. they also expanded crisis phone lines and improved training as
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well. >> i think it's very important that they have begun to talk about and it recognize it's a problem. the numbers are there and you can't argue with the numbers, and they have not argued with them. they said we need to dress the problem. >> the efforts come to late for the sergeant, and his family hope this will shedlight on the broader issue. >> we have an update on a story from yesterday. the student in chicago on whom we reported yesterday, stayed in the cold for 24 hours in an effort to raise cash for veteran. we just got off of the phone with one of the organizers. he said 15 people were able to make it through the night, even as the temperatures plunged into the teens. he said the didn't get much sleep, as you might national, and was so cold it was hard to breathe. still he says they stayed in high spirits because of a great cause. >> it's one night for us. but it doesn't matter if
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they're in -- sleeping in below freezing temperatures or just even when it's cold or even in florida, which is 70 degrees. the point is, they don't have anywhere to go to. >> indeed they don't. yesterday the government reports some 57,000 of our nation's veterans sleep on the streets or in shelters each night. this fundraiser goes through sunday. they have raised more than $8,000 but are hoping for more. it's a great cause and the season of giving. they're make sure the donation goes to the right place. we have a link at our web site, fox news/shep. it's quick on your phone or pc. do what you can. other. the driver accused of killing a woman and injuring more than a dozen others when he drive his car on to a busy boardwalk, went back to court today himself lawyer said this is an accident. the court believes otherwise, or at least the prosecutors do. we'll have our own attorney weigh in.
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and a wildfire raging in the u.s., flames threatening hundreds of homes in one part of california. that's ahead on a busy news day from the fox news deck.
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21 minutes past the hour from "shepard smith reporting," a fast-moving wildfire has destroyed a does homes and threatening hundreds more, forcing evacuation near california's central coast. it's an area just north of big sur state park. san francisco up to the north. this is santa cruz here, and this is the -- what's the forest again? los padres national forest. this is the spot where this fire is just raging. just on the foothills. some video from earlier today. crews say that fire spread
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overnight and charred at least 15 homes, including the home of the volunteer fire brigade chief there. other evacuees say they have no idea whether they're homes are even still standing. hundreds of firefighters and at least eight aircraft are battling the flames that now cover some 550-acres and they're working very hard to protect lives and structures. officials say bone-dry conditions and strong winds are fueling the thing and they expect more wind shifts to come in, which causes a lot of problems when you're trying to identifying this from -- fight this from the air. the fire is 5% contained and they're developing a smoke problem in the canyon. no reports of anybody hurt. >> the man accused of plowing his car into a crowded boardwalk venice beach this summer was in court today. one witness said when the accident happened -- i shouldn't say dent but a it's a legal term -- when he came crashing into these people -- we don't
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know what as accident. that's what the court will decide and we avoid that word. when the crash happened anywhere than campbell had a, quote, manic grim, like he enjoyed what he had just done. we have surveillance video. witnesses testified it seemed to them as if the driver purposely aimed at tourists and vendors. the crash killed a woman from italy who was on her honeymoon. the driver has pleaded not guilty. his attorney calls at it horrible accident. court officials say the judge will decide whether campbell will stand trial for murder and other charges, and if a jury convicts him, campbell could spend the rest of his life behind bars. let's take this to an attorney. how do you see this based on the evidence? >> i saw a horrible accident. horrible. that's what happened here. it's going to be a full-blown trial for murder, assault with a deadly weapon and hit-and-run, and what that means is it's a very serious stuff. this -- from what the eye witnesses are saying he was
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going approximately upwardded of 60-miles-an-hour on the boardwalk, on a saturday, in the summer, 5:00 p.m., when everyone is frommic -- frolicking and enjoying the weather. what was his mental capacity he was in the car? that's the question if he is going to get convicted on murder and all the other charges. >> these observations by some witnesses that they looked at his eyes and he seemed pleased. he appeared be to targeting. i you're an attorney on the side you can work hard on those statements. >> absolutely. the mental capacity. certain challenges this gentleman had. possibly deranged. but i think on the prosecution's side, the malice, what was this guy thinking? he wasn't going for a stroll and accidently hit the boardwalk. it appeared he was going after the people and he has a record. this is not the first time he has had a brush with the law. reckless endangerment, trespassing, disrupting the
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peace. this guy has problems before witness individuals. >> those convicts are not the same as taking your car and using it as deadly weapon and running over people. >> goes to his mental state and capacity. why would anyone want to do this? this poor woman died on her honeymoon, in front of her new husband. terrible tragedy. a four-year-old was injured. this is a tragedy with epidemic proportions. a hit-and-run where somebody is driving in traffic. like new york, something going on the sidewalk and trying to hurt someone walking. this will be a serious case. don't seal the charges being thrown out. there will be a child and he could find himself in jail for the rest of his life. >> vicki, of you. >> just days before the deadline to enroll for health insurance if you want it to be in effect come the first of the year, the president is bringing in a former tech exec to take over the obamacare web site and is
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or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. a fox report now and more of the headlines. principle officials transferred the convicted mobster "whitey" bulger, to a facility in oklahoma. prosecutor inside tulsa say they may file murder charges against bulger for the killing of a businessman in 1981. last month the judge in boston ordered bulger to serve back-to-back sentences for nearly a dozen murders. >> an explosion rips through a apartment complex in birmingham, alabama. trapping a command woman in her bad. the man was pulled out alive.
12:29 pm
the woman died. investigators believe natural gas triggered the blast. >> pope francis turned 77 today. the holy father invited four homeless men to his home at the vatican for breakfast. we'll be right back. ♪
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helicopter cash killed six american soldiers today in afghanistan in the south of the country, accord ago to u.s. and nato officials. the deadliest single incident for international forces in months. u.s. officials say the chopper went down in the southern province south and west of kabul. one person survived with injuries. this year more than 100 members of the u.s. military have died in afghanistan, coming as the u.s. is prepared to pull most troops from the country by the end of the year. conor? >> there's about 50,000 or so american troops left in afghanistan, down from the 100,000 or so plus that were there a few years ago, but still
12:32 pm
a very dangerous place. u.s. officials are not saying a great deal about the crash, only it's under investigation. we know the helicopter crashed in an area in southern afghanistan. official reports say there was no enemy fire in the area according to the pentagonful most likely the crash is a result of bad weather or mechanical malfunction. the taliban are claiming they shot down in a helicopter, which in the past they have done, but looks like they had nothing to do with the crash. u.s. troops remain in afghanistan as mentors and trainers, but even this crash shows you they are still very much in harm's way as we speak. >> conor powell, live. thank you. breaking news on the colorado high school shooting last week. the local sheriff's department now reports the shooter planned to attack at least five areas of the school, and that the shooter had three working molotov cocktails and a machete.
12:33 pm
remember, as this investigation was winding down, -- this happened during this hour last friday -- the students were coming out and we got word from the sheriff that they found a device. our sources told our reporter that the device may have been one or a series of molotov cocktails. now the sheriff confirms there were indeed molotov cocktails and the young shooter, who was disgruntled and unhappy with a teacher, this child planned to attack five different areas of the school. investigators say he wrote a phrase in latin on the inside of his forearm, he did so with a marker, that translates to: the dye has been cast. a disturbed student who had been in trouble before. a student who halt reportedly made threats for which he was suspended, but the school and authorities involved didn't believe he was a real threat. therefore allowed him to come back to the school in this tick
12:34 pm
case he name with a shotgun, according to the reports from the sheriff, demanded to see one particular teacher, shot at that teacher but the teacher ran out of the school. while he was shoot, according to authorities, he shot one young girl who is still in the hospital there and is said to be in critical condition and in a coma. another child student there was grazed. the student in question, the shooter, according to authorities, took that same shotgun, shot himself in the head, and he died at that school. the investigation continues with the headline today, he was trying to target five different areas of his school there, and in the end, died before he was able to do so. the white house is turning to a tech giant to take over the affordable healthcare law's web site. the obamacare web site. today the administration showed the former microsoft executive to head up the site for americans to sign up for coverage. the announcement came as
12:35 pm
president obama met with honchos from tech companies about how to improve the web site after its disastrous launch in october. today's meeting included executives from microsoft and apple, facebook and twitter, and others. our ed henry is the main man at the white house and is live this afternoon. why are they just now bringing g in people from private business? you think that i would have tried this in the beginning when they were getting slapped around? >> reporter: i asked jay carney the question. why not do this in the summer. he said the president met with tech engineers, talking about the economy and job, but there's no record of there being a serious strategy certification let's roll up the sleeves with the top tech executives before the botched october roleout. then we hear that jeffrey signs who was bright in to fix the web site, he was planning on leaving
12:36 pm
anyway. they're -- i asked jay carney, why not bring this person in months ago help basically said, broadbrush, they've been trying to deal with these problems. republicans say these are heart-hearted apologies. >> no one is going to be held accountable for not hiring somebody who knows this -- >> we addressed that question and -- we're about the business of making improvements necessary so that this benefit, that so many americans clearly want, is available to them. >> now, senator mitch mcconnell also later said he believes these are half-hearted apologies. people are not taking responsibility at the white house. by the way, the tech leaders who also came in to talk to the president about the nsa surveillance, expressed concern about the overreach.
12:37 pm
the president said he heard that and has a task force looking at it, a report coming soon to suggest major reforms. >> ed henry at the white house. that makes sense. if the court is right and this is unsuspensional, isn't ed snowden a whistleblower and not a criminal? and isn't ed snowden deserve protection if all of this comes together in that way? there's a possibility that will be the case. we'll follow it. >> we also say a 13-year-old girl went to the hospital last week for a route procedure to get her tonsils taken out. now the hospital officials have declaredy brain dead and plan to take her off life support, after a tonsillectomy. her uncle tells a local news station there were complications after the surgery. the niece had prabble breathing and suffered a tremendous amount of blood loss. then just days later she went into cardiac arrest. he girl's mother says before the surgery her daughter had a very bad feeling. >> she came here and said, mom, i don't want to have the
12:38 pm
surgery. i feel like something bad is going to happen to me, and that's something i have to deal with every day. >> medical researchers say doctors perform nearly 700,000 tonsillectomies in the united statessary year. trace gallagher is with us. a horrible story and reminder that bad things can happen whenever you're in a hospital. what is the family trying to make happen here? >> taking legal action now because the hospital was planning on taking the 13-year-old off of life support today so now the attorney for the family has sent this cease and desist letter to the hospital, asking them to wait until a judge possibly decided the case. here's the problem. it's very unclear if a court would even take this case to begin with because the hospital has already declared her brain dead, and under california law, a person who is declared brain dead is legally and physiologically dead. the family is asking for a doctor to give their daughter
12:39 pm
yet another brain scan. there's even the possibility of taking this girl to a second hospital, shep, and getting a second opinion if need be. >> have they explained what went wrong with the tons electricity me? >> the mother says the doctor who did this says he doesn't know, and so far we have very little information because the hospital will not release the details about the case because the family does not want them to release details. the mom says after the surgery her daughter was alert, she was sitting up and talking, even eating a popsicle, and then she started bleeding, and the family claims there were not enough nurses in the room to stop the pleading, and -- stop the bleeding. now the family sits sits and was toes for a miracle. >> i say everybody walk out with their kids. and they walk right past me every day. and i just wish that i could walk out with my daughter.
12:40 pm
>> the family is now surrounding her bed so that nobody can get near the girl, but it looks like this will come to an end sometime tonight or tomorrow. >> trace gallagher, live for us. they're out with the annual list how much money they're wasting in washington. a million dollar bus stop, six figure study about whether wives need to calm down. next, a look at the annual waste book report and there's much more for you viewing pressure. >> toronto's crack smoke mayor, rob ford, says, sorry, again. no, he hasn't smoked crack again, at least not as far as we know. details on this apology as "shepard smith reporting" continues after a quick crack break. ♪
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17 minutes before the hour. nasa has wasted nearly $125,000 in taxpayer money trying to make a 3-d printer that can print out pieces at the
12:44 pm
international space station. a printer. that's according to the annual waste book report from senator tom coburn help says this is 30 bridge in what he calls questionable spending, including the decision bit the pentagon to destroy military equipment overseas, $7 billion. i can't just let it go. let's get to lisa. that 7 billion, some of this equipment is old, been in the desert, in the sand, by the time you ship it over here, refurbish it, it might have cost even more. a lot of partisan politics in here as well as wasteful expending. >> there are tons of examples that fiscal conservatives are hoping lawmakers will take note of when there's going to be a fiscal negotiation on capitol hill. if they need revenue, look in
12:45 pm
this direction, the 3d printer for a pizza. it's hard to imagine what they were thinking when they tried to fund that with $125,000. also a million dollar bus stop in the d.c. area in arlington, virginia. it's not made of gold and that's four times as much as the median home price in the united states. for a bus stop, hard to understand these decisions. >> one heck of a bus stop. they spent -- wasted $4 million because they misprinted 100-dollar bills. a $19.5 million in a cattle study. then the golf cart factory at 3 8,000. the cattle size study, they're concerned about global warming or climate change and the effect that cattle are having, and $19.5 million to look into that. that's interesting. >> it's really a lot here. i think so too. certainly we have to remember in the united states, with such a
12:46 pm
large executive branch to our government, these decisions are made outside of the realm of the taxpayers, and even outside of the rem of lawmakers. congress doesn't have oversight when it comes to these decisions, and congress isn't looking -- >> congress hasn't done anything in many years. crystal glasses, $5 million. if you have embassy around the world you need to have great crystal glasses in them and they appropriated this just before the government shutdown. >> no kidding. i believe that's correct. my favorite was the $300 million spend on an airship that was supposed to float over afghanistan, the battlefield, to give the troops a sense of what was going on. unfortunately it took one flight over new jersey for 9 minutes before they sold it back to the contractor who made it for $300,000. >> it was stolen as i flew through the state capitol are that would we my guess.
12:47 pm
>> there's a vacant grist mill program for $2 million, and a gopher program for $5.2 million. i don't know about the gophers but there's a lot of millions floating around. that's he price of being awesome. >> i suppose so. and lawmakers are paying close attention those report. it's an annual event on capitol hill. people get a kick out of it. but it does suggest there's a lot of fodder in the federal budget on both sides for people to play with and redirect. there are lot of people in the country hat this time of year who are hurting. when you think about the wasted projects, you think the money could probably be better spent. >> if you're seeing money in your district, it's probably because your congressman got it there, trying to buy your vote. so when you want to blame the system, there's a human there and you may have elected them. >> nobody's hands are cleans. >> they need sanitizing gel.
12:48 pm
whatever, nice too sew you. thank you. >> enjoy the list. except for the thing on the top with all the billions wasted in military equipment because those facts have been checked and it doesn't fly very well. speaking of checking facts, toronto's crack-smoking mayor, he seems to be having a hard time. losing some of his hair and looks a little tired. doesn't have any power anymore. he apologized for suggesting a newspaper reporter may be a pedophile so he is making progress. mayor ford now says he didn't mean to make the suggestion. he claims the media took it the wrong way. come on, mayor. your problems are not our making. not this time. mayor ford accused the reporter of trying to photograph his children, and went on to call him a pedophile. the mayor sayings he did not want to, quote, say that word, but you start thinking, what this guy is all about. the reporter denied he took any
12:49 pm
pictures of mayor ford's children. he moved to sue the mayor last week, and served the mayor with legal papers demanding an apology, and all of a sudden, an apology. >> fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. [sirens] >> war planes are pounding the city in syria for a third straight day. human rights activists said the air strikes has killed more than 100,000 people. fox news cannot verify that. the united nations estimates the war killed well more than 100,000 people. >> police say six kids are hurt after a school bus hit a tree yesterday in utah. the cops say the drivers told them she took her eyes off the road after a student extract her. three rare white lion cubs
12:50 pm
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if all the ads on facebook annoy you, get ready. officials now say a new feature will allow advertisers to automatically play videos alongside the pictures. here's what is interesting to me. dana perino posted a picture of
12:54 pm
a dog jumping in the snow. it has 1587 new likes. 41,000 people are talking about that. 41,000. mind-boggling. anyway. when you're on your facebook home page and scroll through your news feed, a video could pop up and start playing. we have all kinds of stuff with dana and dogs. they say their launching these video ads on thursday as part of a grad -- why is kathy lee here? where is the champagne. where is hoda. >> give her a ring. >> i like that. she worked at -- i worked at wbbh tv.
12:55 pm
it's number 2 now. she was a weekend anchor and i was, she did some crime reports, great reporter and awesome lady. i miss her. we were talking about something about videos on facebook. you stay off facebook you don't have to worry about it. >> facebook is going to start running ads, and they're going to start on thursday, according to "the wall street journal," and the issue here is they're going to start running them whether you like it or not, and so essentially you will scroll through and they'll be playing. there won't be any sound right now. you have to click on the sound. >> so like espn. >> it is like that. but you're already immediately exposed to it. so, no word on how much officially it will cost but facebook executives told "the wall street journal" $2 million per day t the adults using facebook. >> rob ford understands this. once you get a little crack, you have to have it, and facebook is like the crack. then the put ads on the crack, and you have to have the ads
12:56 pm
now, and then suddenly kathy lee shows up. ditched hoda for the dog lover. >> maybe she was busy that night. the ads are scary for facebook; it costs money and might drive the most important users away and those are teenagers. they've already left for snap chat and instagram 13,297 people have liked that picture. rebellion is coming. ♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™.
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>> the instagram site where people share pictures online. it's vealed its list of the most instagrappled spots. walt disney world in central florida, number five. they have their own government. the bellagio fountains, disneyland, and times square, and the number one spot is a shopping mall in thailand. this mall is in the capitol city of bangkok. claims it gets more than 100,000 visitors every day.
1:00 pm
you may -- analysts say social media is especially popular in thailand. last year's winner was an airport in bangkok, neither is popular as jasper the dog or meatloaf. >> onused army mega blimp? space peas? today the report on government waste that will have you clinging to your wallets. welcome, everyone, this is "your world." the 2013 waste book it out. 30 billion of your tax daryl win down the drain. topping the lest, the president's botched healthcare web site. okayed is here to break it down. let's start with the web site. >> yes, that web site. >> how much the waste book says how much was wasted there?


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