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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 18, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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sign saying "merry christmas." thanks to everyone who responded. >> the daughters who live in that house are going to be on "fox & friends" coming up. you want to stay tuned to hear their side of the story. >> absolutely. "fox & friends" starts right now. hope you have a great day. >> they'll be on at 8:20. have a good one. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, december 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. two people just woke up filthy rich, but there could even be more winners. we're going to show you the mega millions numbers coming up. >> the government's budget deal may have support on both sides of the aisle but is it on the back of our heroes? now disabled american veterans are being shown the door. >> talk about a man's best friend. a service dog leaps in front of an on coming train to save his blind owner. and they both survive. "fox & friends," as far as we can tell, starts now.
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hey, this is justice napolitano wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year from "fox & friends." >> look at our studio. it feels like christmastime. >> wow, i just noticed that. >> ho, ho, ho! >> breaking news overnight. at least two people are lucky, waking up multimillionaires. this morning so far there are two tickets matching the winning numbers in last night's $636 million mega millions jackpot, the second largest prize in the lottery's history. >> one winning ticket was sold at -- are you dead -- jenny's -- are you ready? -- jenny's gift way in california. the other at gateway newsstand in atlanta, georgia. >> here are the winning numbers. 8, 20, 14, 17, 39, with the
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mega millions ball of 7. >> excuse me, chris? when i realized i didn't win, i lost interest in the story. >> you're boycotting. not fair. >> two stories steve knows because we have been working together since 1963. i don't like millionaires in balloons who try to cross the atlantic or the pacific and i don't like lottery stories. >> it's a dollar and a dream. >> but it's never going to happen. >> it just happened for two people. >> who are those people? >> we're going to find out. in addition to the great big jackpots, 20 people got all the numbers right except the mega millions final ball number, which i think it is 7. by the way, the reason the jackpot got so big -- and i know brian hates this story -- >> can you whisper it. >> here's the thing. the lottery organizers changed how high the
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numbers would go in october. nobody's won since. you have to pick between 1 and 75. that made the odds astronomical. nonetheless, two winning mega balls and winners won in atlanta, one in san -- >> what is harder? winning the lotto or matching the green, this wonderful green in elisabeth's sweater with your tie. i can't believe how much they are alike. this is incredible the synergy. incredible. >> we're going to a christmas party today. >> we are. >> are you really? yesterday there was a vote to cut off any type of debate on the budget in the senate after it passed overwhelmingly in the house, a bipartisan budget deal that's going to last two years. it was 63-33. that didn't stop people like senator sessions from standing up and saying one thing about this bill i hate more than anything else, and that is what the budget cuts do to military pensions. >> right. the murray -- ryan-murray
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plan, the bipartisan effort to cut the budget, the original copy actually said quote this will not affect service members who retire because of disability or injury. they were protected since then, but the line was removed and so military retirees under the age of 62 could receive a 1 percentage point less in their annual cost of living allotment. it adds up over the years. between $74,000 and $160,000. >> it could be up to $124,000 over 20 years lost retirement for disabled veterans. what's interesting is that a military retiree younger than 62, it was just going to be for them. there was one provision where people said you know, they're still of working age. they worked for 20 years, they could still go out and get a job, and that was fine for some. but when they included and cut the pensions of the disabled military vets, are you kidding?
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that's what kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire said. listen to this. >> think about about it. someone has been injured in afghanistan. one of our men and women in uniform. we've all been to walter reed. they received a disability retirement and what happens? here's our thanks to you. we're going to cut your cost of living increase. i know that within the trillions we're going to spend over the next decade that we can find $6 billion rather than taking it out the backs of our men and women in uniform. >> in about eight minutes you're going to hear from the military perspective because they are flatout standing up and speaking out after suffering for a year those sequester cuts where they were unfortunately targeted because many people thought, on the democratic side, if you hit the military republicans will cave, and they didn't. and they paid the price. with senator sessions not only to complain about it, he had an idea. he said let's go ahead and eliminate an estimated $4.2
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billion in annual spending by reining in an i.r.s. credit that illegal immigrants claimed. he said there's your $4.2 billion, but it did not pass, did not have the approval. senator sessions is a little ticked off and i don't blame him. paul ryan, the ranking member on the budget committee, he had no idea of the outcome of the meeting so he was in the dark. i think this thing is passing any way. >> it has a lot of people wondering why having something end up on the backs of the military, those that sacrifice life and limb literally, and their families sacrifice exponentially throughout the years, why is it falling on them? and why is it the one area both sides can agree on? why is it the one area the democrats are willing to compromise on? on the backs of our military? if this is what they do to our vets, what will they do to the rest? >> what is infuriating is there are no cuts to federal civilian benefits.
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they have a union. they are protected. but these men and women who have given so much are vulnerable. and if it passes, it looks as if their pension will be cut. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime that's not good news for veterans and this is not good news for the president of the united states. as he concludes his first year of his second term, "the washington post" has a new poll out that is not good. the question is do you approve or disapprove of the way barack obama is handling his job. 55%, a majority of americans, disapproval. 43 #% approve. at this stage in george w. bush's administration, he was actually at 47%. this president is at 43%. >> and they had another question there. do you approve or disapprove of the way president obama is handling the implementation of the new health care law? and look at this. 62% disapprove of the way our president is handling his own health care implementation.
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>> the poll also goes on to give congress 16% approval rating. democrats in congress 34% rating. republicans 34. here's the key. it is a dead heat. who do you trust to do a better job of handling the problems of our nation over the next few years? game on. from here on in if republicans got better plans, let's hear it. if democrats feel they can straighten it out, let's see it. >> ultimately our president is the one who is leading us and his poll ratings right now are awful. senator marco rubio of florida, though, looks back at the promises that have been unkept, and that's what got the president to where he is. >> when this president was elected in 2008, think about the fundamental promises he made that he was going to bring people together. in fact he's divided people perhaps more than any president in modern american political history, pitting americans against each other. telling people the reason why they're struggling is because it's somebody else's fault. he's broken that promise. he also said he was in it to help the middle class, people trying to get ahead.
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in fact today we have 20 million people unemployed, millions more that are underkphroeud. people are -- under employed. people are starting to feel desperate about the future, they are trapped in dead end jobs that they can't get ahead of. >> look at the budget deal. there was a deal struck. bob woodward said one of the reasons a deal was struck is because president obama was not involved. he said every time he gets involved things seem to divide. >> a majority of americans want to be real with them. i think a broken promise is a big deal to us. we want it kept. >> if it is a broken promise that's one thing. but if it's a lie, that's even worse. hate to end on that downer note. >> that's the way it is, baby. >> you were complaining yesterday we had not put the trees yet. we were going to put them up today, a week away from christmas. hope you're happy.
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>> i like what the elves did. i like the green and the green. >> like the way we decked out the pillows. >> i'm convinced the pillows are matched to your dress every day. and i always say no, mom, it's just multiple color pillows. it looks great. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. ten minutes after the hour. we have a dramatic scene unfolding on sun rise highway in long island in brian's neck of the woods. look at this new video coming in to "fox & friends." a truck carrying fuel hits a car, flips over and then explodes into a massive fireball. flames shooting 20 feet into the air. the explosion coming so close to homes it melted siding and causing a power outage in that area. both the drivers are expected to be okay. had an ice storm out there yesterday, so that could be a factor as well. we'll keep you posted. overnight a plane crashes into an atlanta
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neighborhood killing two people on board. witnesses say the pilot apappeared to make a sharp turn right before that plane went down. >> i thought for sure he hit a neighbor's house. he did it on purpose. i mean, he banked it on purpose so he wouldn't hit any houses. >> that flight had just taken off and was on its way to new orleans. astronauts gearing up for three spacewalks. the first one is scheduled for this saturday. they need to fix a broken cooling line on the international space station. we've been telling you about that angle of the story. they hadn't shut down all nonessential equipment after half of the cooling system shut down last week. >> a happy update to share with you this morning. a victim of the boston marathon bombing is now engaged to a nurse who helped save him. or helped bring him back to life, so to speak. james costello, seen in this photo taken after the bombing, he needed multiple surgeries to treat severe wounds and also shrapnel
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burns. he met a nurse as he was recovering and they started dating. he proposed to her on a trip to france. it was a trip for survivors of those bombings. best wishes to you both. so happy to bring that news, especially at holidays. there's our up note. thank you. i'll see you in a bit. >> coming up, we just told you how the new budget cuts don't benefit our retired vets, so how do the families feel? a veteran military spouse reacting next. >> talk about man's best friend. a service dog leaps in front of an on coming subway train here in new york city and saves the life of his blind owner. both survived. it's a christmas miracle. details coming up. [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil,
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the senate will vote for final passage this week on a budget deal which will have bipartisan support. many military families are calling foul on the pension cuts to them. yesterday republican senators to be led by senator sessions making a plea to congress. here's kelly ayotte. >> think about it. someone has been injured in afghanistan, one of our men and women in uniform. we've all been to walter reed. they received a disability retirement, and what happens? here's our thanks to you. we're going to cut your cost of living increase. i know that within the trillions we're going to spend over the next decade that we can find $6 billion rather than taking it out the backs of our men and women in uniform. >> joining us to weigh in on this is navy veteran and 2012 military spouse of the year jeremy hilton. what's your reaction to this pension cut? it's over a long term but it's going to add up.
3:17 am
we also looked at this, the cost in military pay for a 20-year veteran who is disabled, $124,000. how significant is this? >> brian, thanks for having me on. military families and the men and women that serve in our military consider this a massive breach of faith with the service that we've rendered to america. that $124,000, that's because of the compounding interest that's relateed to that small, what they call small one percent cut. we have to find a better way of cutting and balancing our budget other than on the back of our military veterans. >> if everybody was taking a cut, i mean you guys by almost definition sacrificed, you'd say we all have to tighten our belts. but right now you guys -- i say men and women are the only one tightening their belt. for a 28-year-old staff sergeant on an e-5 rank forced to retire after ten years we see approximately $50,000 in lost compensation over the next 40 years.
3:18 am
the argument is when they get 62 they'll get that cost of living increase back. is that okay with you? >> it's absolutely not okay with us and we frankly don't understand. the president as recently as september of this year said specifically that currently serving and currently retired men and women who have been in our military and made it to 20 years or obviously our disabled veterans should be grandfathered into this system and they shouldn't be affected. >> also the fact as steve pointed out, you have others who work for the federal government not forced to suck it up when this comes to their pensions. they have a union force fighting for them. by definition you guys are used to taking orders and dealing with reality? >> that's absolutely true. most of our men and women in uniform don't typically speak out politically so it leaves it to military families, spouses and moms and dads of service members, to speak out for them. we don't have a union. all we have is our faith in the american people.
3:19 am
and the more they hear about this budget deal, we think the more they'll think that this shouldn't happen and we should figure out a way to fix it. >> list ton what paul ryan said to the weekly standard, coauthor of this two-year budget deal. he says the changes are appropriate because service men and women who retire in their 40's after serving for 20 years are still young enough to maintain a job. your reaction? >> i don't know what paul ryan was thinking honestly. we all heard some of these quotes and we think most of our families are lower middle class, maybe middle class after a long career. i'm wearing a regular watch, not a rolex watch like a lobbyist on capitol hill. there seat is from j.c. penney's years ago. we have to figure it out not on the backs of our veterans. >> are you speaking out? >> on twitter. the hash tag is keep your promise. we had a town hall the other night. it is a message we're
3:20 am
continuously sending to our elected leaders. if you don't mind i'd like to send that message now. >> go ahead. >> to the senators who are thinking about voting for this bill this morning, we understand you may vote for it but know that we're watching you. we watched yesterday and we're watching today. for all the military veterans and the retirees currently serving, man and woman, whether you're a republican or democrat, know that in 2014, you vote for this, we're not voting for you. >> 12 republicans crossed and voted for it, 63-33 cloture. we'll see what happens when it comes up officially. jeremy hilton, thank you for your service, and thank you for sharing your views this morning. coming up, nancy pelosi said congressmen would be proud to vote for obamacare. one kphrapb will -- congressman
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quick wednesday morning headlines for you now. defeated by obamacare. utah's sole democratic congressman jim matheson won't run for reelection. he claims democrats can't win in the state of utah due to the outrage over obamacare. he voted against it. a man known for crashing a white house state dinner back now attempting to block congress. tarik solahy says he will
3:25 am
seek the nomination in virginia's tenth district. >> there's a twist, steve. this season of joy and cheer also includes holiday health warnings, but how do we know which ones to take seriously? here to debunk the common christmas health myths, dr. marc siegel. we're going to start cranking into these myths and see which ones are true or false. sugar will make kids hyper? >> that is a myth but almost all parents believe sugar will make kids hyper. one study out of yale shows it increases adrenaline. if you see kids going wild, you see i fed him ice cream or it must be the cake. it's not been shown scientifically to be the case. it's everything else, all the distractions and wild things going on. >> maybe the party, not the snacks. confetti is .onous if you
3:26 am
eat them? >> that is a myth. there is one child who died in 1919 and they thought it was the poinsettia. they can make pets nauseous, vomiting but they are not poisonous. if you had a leaf of a poinsettia around christmas you're not going to get really ill and die tpwr it. it will make you a little nauseous but you will not die from it. >> eating at night won't make you fat? >> that's actually a fact. listen, eating any time will make you gain weight. it's not just night. the myth is your metabolism slows down and you eat at night and you're going to get fat. the problem at night is you get compulsive. you wake up, go to the refrigerator. it's the raiding of the icebox, not the time of day. >> wear a hat. you lose most of your body heat through your head. is that a myth? >> totally a myth.
3:27 am
you lose about one-third to one fifth through your head. if you're me and you don't have a lot of fur there you lose a little bit more. if you're a child, children have bigger heads for their body surface area so for children they lose more heat through the head. okay, but wear a hat when you go out in the cold. >> the parents across the nation are thanking you. you can't cure a hangover with a glass of water and two aspirin? >> that is true. you can't cure a hangover with a glass of water and two aspirin. two aspirin irritates your stomach. that's a mistake. you don't want to take aspirin when you have a hangover. the one thing about water, i love the water idea. i'm a two-fisted drinker. water in one hand, alcohol in the other. you want to stay hydrated. you get dehydrated when you have a hangover. drink plenty of water if you have a hangover. >> dr. segal, good advice. merry christmas to you. coming up, president ronald
3:28 am
reagan had a very specific message when it came to big government. >> there's very little that government can do as efficiently and as economically as the people can do themselves. if government would shut the doors and sneak away for about three weeks, we'd never miss them. >> i could hear that all day. it looks like msnbc didn't get the message. we're going to explain. then a service dog leaps in front of an on coming train to save his blind owner and both survive. first happy birthday to rocker keith richards. he turns 70 years old today. ♪ ♪
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hoo-hoo hoo.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? so i tried depend it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. hi-ya!
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and i tried a baking class. one weekend can make all the difference. unlike the bargain brand, depend gives you the confidence of new fit-flex® protection. it's a smooth and comfortable fit with more lycra strands. it's our best protection. take your weekend on with a free sample at i'm a good dancer. >> we are bringing you some of christmas's cheer this morning. we have turned into santa's helpers with a little bit of country. and you can do it at that is too funny. i love it.
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>> i figured out why i'm a better dancer. it's my neck. my neck is holding me back. when my head rests on my shoulders -- >> how funny is that. >> look at that slide. >> very nice. puts you in the spirit of the season. >> wouldn't it be great if every day we got up in the morning we knew we had a certain amount of money. we knew we had a certain salary just by waking up. >> not earning it. >> crystal ball who apparently is a hostess over at msnbc said you know, essentially let's give everybody a wad of cash, a national minimum guaranteed income known as mincome. here is how it would work. >> every nonincarcerated adult gets a paycheck from the government.
3:34 am
poverty is eliminated. a cheaper but slightly more complicated version of the mincome would phase out payments if working increase increases. we tend to think of poverty, homelessness despair as inevitable. but the mincome makes you realize in a country as rich as ours we allow those incomes as a choice. we could decide to eliminate poverty and it wouldn't even take a christmas miracle to do it. >> for somebody's whose name is crystal ball you would think she should be able to see into the future to see that can't possibly work. >> why not give everybody a printer and toner and we can print our own money in the basement. >> if you got a national guaranteed minimum income where you didn't have to go out and work, would you? millions wouldn't. >> especially knowing as you did work that special money that was showing up every day was going to be faded out. so, i mean, i'm not sure -- that's not possible.
3:35 am
many years ago on the tonight show, ronald reagan so wisely said this. and we heard it and we thought how perfect for today. 1975. >> as the people keep looking to government for the answer and government's the problem. a moment ago you asked about people feeling not only confused but low and down in america. first of all, the american people, if they would just take a little inventory and look around, you triple our troubles and we're better off than any other people on earth. and we've asked so much of government, and we've gotten in the habit over the last 40 years of thinking that government has the answers. there's very little that government can do as efficiently and as economically as the people can do themselves. if government would shut the doors and sneak away for about three weeks, we'd never miss them. >> kind of like with the sequester. >> how interesting was that. just dumbfounded by parts of the conversation.
3:36 am
that was a heck of a blazer he had. >> that was 1975. >> right. >> what do you think about crystal ball's suggestion and ronald reagan's rejoinder? e-mail us or you can facebook us or twitter us. >> in the meantime we'll head over to heather. >> what an applause he got from that crowd, ronald reagan, after that statement. i wonder what the reaction would be like today? good morning. hope you're off to a great start. his final moments caught on surveillance video. "the new york post" learning this morning that a hidden camera caught dustin friedland trying to fight off carjackers. cops are now using that video to try to identify the two suspects responsible for his death. friedland will be laid to rest later today. the reward for information leading to an arrest is now at $41,000. we'll keep watching this story for you. new information about the gunman in last friday's
3:37 am
colorado school shooting. five letters and numbers were written in marker on carl pearson's arm along with a latin phrase that reads "the dye has been cast." investigators believe that those numbers and letters match up with specific classrooms that he planned to hit. for phil robertson, the ducks come first. the patriarch of the duck dynasty family skipping out on a meeting with barbara walters for her most fascinating people of 2013 interview she does every year. the rest of the family sat down with walters for that taping. his wife admits it's not the first time phil has blown off a commitment to go hunting. he missed the birth of one of his sons. kind of like an athlete does sometimes i guess. talk about a man's best friend. this is quite a story to tell you about. a blind man survives a fall on new york city subway tracks thanks to his guide dog. the dog named orlando jumped on to the tracks of new york after cecil williams collapsed.
3:38 am
the lab licked his face to try to wake him up moments before the train pulled into the station. a subway worker yelled down to them, yelled to them, head down. listen to this. >> i think it's incredible because things like that don't really happen in new york nowadays. we have a miracle around here. it's a great thing. >> williams and orlando are just fine this morning. and apparently the blind man started to collapse. the dog started barking, according to witnesses, to try to get him to be alert and steady himself. they fell on to the tracks any way and were able to duck into the trough until the train pulled ahead. >> great story. thank you very much. the m.t.a. worker yelled head down because the guy was poking his head up and the train was coming. on the third time the guy got it and realized he's telling me to put my head down. he put his head down and the dog put his head down
3:39 am
and the train went over them. >> i love that dog. they are loyal. instincts are right on. you know whose instincts are great? maria molina when it comes to weather because she called that storm we had yesterday. >> that storm system yesterday produced quite significant snowfall accumulations in new england. wasn't too bad in new york city or new jersey but in parts of maine up to nine inches so far have been reported in some areas. this is as of yesterday. we have snow coming down early this morning. farther west a brand-new arctic front is going to be moving in and will be producing snow across the rockies and the plains. high temperatures staying below average in the midwest into the northeast. brian, i have good news. temperatures across the northeast and southeast over the next several days will be warming up and new york city could actually be in the 60's by this weekend. in atlanta record-high temperatures possible into the 70's. >> put my winter clothes away. summer is here. >> just for the weekend.
3:40 am
>> thanks, maria. in football, the san francisco 49ers in second place and the sea haass, number -- seahawks the number one seed. you have fans raising money to put up this billboard outside the stadium. seahawks fans with images of the trophies they have won. the two teams are battling it out for the n.f.c. west crown. hockey has had crushing hits but look at this one. >> what a hit! >> washington capital tom wilson laid that nasty hit on a philadelphia player causing him to crash head first into the board. after they hit a fight breaks out. wilson received a five minute major penalty. fliers won by a final score of 5-2. >> since we're talking
3:41 am
about hockey, joining us is former n.h.l. goalie and founder of i what do you mean? >> 14 year career, is that one of the hardest hits? >> it is a very physical game. this is going to happen. i know tom wilson quite well. he's a young player from the toronto area. this is a hit we don't want in the game, but brayden shen turned his back before the play happened. i think our league has done a much better job, especially with department of safety. but i think they've done a much better job. hopefully with the players with awareness we'll have better situations going forward. >> namenofive hole, the company you created. it actually has a specific meaning when it comes to being a goalie? >> the five hole is the space between the goalie's
3:42 am
legs -- >> where's the one hole and two hole and three hole? it's around you? >> that's right. as a goalie, you never want to be beat by a goal. it doesn't matter who you are. as soon as you get scored on there, everybody is like -- basically the genesis of our name is about all of us having a five hole. everybody has one. we all have something that makes us vulnerable and hence the name of our brand. >> let's talk about what is your brand name. how did you segue that, your successful hockey career, broadcasting career and now your clothing career. >> it's all been about experiences. i played in the league a long time. from there i transitioned into broadcasting, currently broadcasting with the nhl network. i know i want to transition into media so that's been fun. i wanted to develop my own clothing line and it was timing. i couldn't do that when i
3:43 am
first starred -- started broadcasting. it's a year and a half that we've launched the apparel and it's been a lot of fun. we are a grass roots company. moms, dads, families and a lot of hockey players. we just did stuff for the chicago blackhawks. >> it's sportswear and we go to no 5 >> thank you. i left you guys a little gift bag. it's the holidays. >> elisabeth gets everything. >> oh, thanks. >> we didn't even know we had five holes. >> coming up next, kanye west says performing is like being a cop. one police chief firing back telling the rapper he better check himself before he wrecks himself. that chief here live. >> we will take you on the
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just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup. money, power, and women, some of the ingredients in the new film "the wolf of wall street." >> at the tender age of 22, i headed to the only place that would fit my high-minded ambition. >> name of the game. >> move the money from the clients' pocket into your pocket. the new question is this: is all this legal? >> absolutely not. >> the top-notch cast stepped into the fox light last night with michael tammero. he joins us with all the details. how was it? >> what a difference a movie makes.
3:48 am
for this, the much-talked about martin scoresee movie everyone is talking about. >> based on true events? >> seven years in the making. we asked the cast last night what they all expect and want audiences to take away from it. >> it's about the darker nature of who we are. it's about greed and it's about essentially wanting more with complete disregard for anyone around you except yourself. >> you've never seen a film like this before. i don't know -- i just -- i don't know how we got away with it, to be honest. >> i haven't seen it yet. >> i hope they're entertained. and i hope that, you know, there's some take-away that excess and too much of anything is bad. >> the movie at three hours is very, very r rated. it does open up on christmas day. you can catch our
3:49 am
interviews at inthefox you can follow me on twitter. >> thank you, sir. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, kanye west said performing is like being a cop. now one police officer, in fact, he's a chief, firing back, telling the rapper he better check himself before he wrecks himself. that chief next. >> do you remember this video? this shrimp on a treadmill working hard? you should. you're paying for it. tom coburn will be here to detail how your money is being wasted. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil,
3:50 am
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check yourself before you wreck yourself. that's what one police chief's message was for kanye west and it's going viral. this after the rapper compared his career to being a cop and even a soldier at war saying, quote, i think about it -- this is kanye speaking -- i think about it. i think about my family and my, like, wow. this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something. that's the way he said it. meanwhile, a police chief firing back in an open letter to kanye on facebook said, quote, i want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day. your job is just some very dangerous work. joining us right now is that chief of broomfield, ohio, david oliver. good morning to you. >> good morning.
3:54 am
>> you also -- do you remember what you wrote about saying that in his line of work it was very dangerous as well? >> yeah, that was a little bit of sarcasm. the letter, we've done a lot of stuff like that on our facebook page. we have quite a large group of crazy cousins i call them. we have a lot of back and forth. yeah, it was sarcastic. i took great offense to the comment about the military. i wasn't so heated up over the police officer comment, although that is my profession. but my military people are -- i love them. i just couldn't ignore something like that. >> sure. because kanye west in an interview on the radio said being a rapper when he's up on stage, it felt like he was in war or being a cop. i still don't get it. you wrote the letter. your facebook page has completely blown up. how many hits are we up to? >> well, we had 93,000 likes before then.
3:55 am
we're somewhere around 132,000 likes now. in the last six days, we've been hit over 6 million times. >> oh, my goodness. the reaction from the people there in broomfield? >> oh, it's a lot of support. not just in broomfield, but i received e-mails and messages from afghanistan, soldiers in afghanistan, military people in kuwait, iraq, british soldiers have e-mailed me. i'm very flattered and very humbled. i didn't do it for any other reason than to -- in my opinion, give support to the people being verbally attacked. >> the conclusion of the letter read where you were calling his loan of thinking, quote, a part of the problem in the world today. what does that mean? >> well, i just think that sometimes our priorities are a little off whack. i'm not one to say anything about other people's professions or anything, but i think that
3:56 am
when an entertainer compares themselves to somebody being at war, i'm not sure that that entertainer ever to had to walk down the street and worry about land mines and leds or anything else. i was trying to put perspective on it. >> yeah, there aren't many ied's on the red carpet. have you heard from him yet? >> no, i haven't. i don't think i will. i don't care to. i've said my piece and i'm moving on from it and hopefully he read it or maybe he didn't. i don't know. i just know there has been a lot of positive response and i just want to say hello to our military people today. i love you guys and gals and thanks for what you do. >> you just it and stuck up for them in a great way. chief david oliver, we thank you very much for joining us today from cleveland, ohio. thank you. >> good to be here. thanks. >> check yourself before you wreck yourself. clever. coming up, this teacher did not want planned parenthood in his
3:57 am
classroom. and he eventually got fired. how did that happen? the story at the top of the hour. and he's the gift that just keeps giving. toronto's crack smoking mayor, mr. ford, back in the spotlight. ♪the ♪ like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. life with crohn's disease ois a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms
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grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. good morning. it's wednesday, december 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you now. two lucky people waking up mega rich this morning. but they're not alone. many more winners are getting a piece of the pie. you better check your ticket. >> right. the latest deal to balance the budget being hailed on both sides of the aisle. but what they're not telling you is going to break the backs of our nation's veterans when it comes to their pensions. he's america's favorite anchorman. >> you stay classy, san diego. i'm ron burgundy. >> damn it! who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? >> coming up, you'll meet the real news anchor who inspired
4:01 am
ron burgundy. "fox & friends" hour two starts now? >> dave, happy holidays. >> you're going to meet the real anchorman very shortly. "anchorman 2" opens today. it's hilarious. >> they did to whole expose, are they making fun of local news anchors with ron burgundy? >> no, they're making fun of cable news anchors. >> wait a second. there is no humor there. >> it's hilarious. >> breaking news, at least two people are waking up multi-millionaires. there are two tickets matching the 636 million jackpot. largest prize in the lottery's history. >> one winning ticket was told at jenny's gift shop in san
4:02 am
jose, california. the other was sold at the gateway news stand in atlanta, georgia. the cash payout for the jackpot, $341 million. in addition to the two jackpot tickets, there are 20 more tickets worth a million dollars apiece. so grab your tickets. here are the winning numbers. 8, 20, 14, 17, 39, and the mega ball is 7. >> now i'm going to read everyone that lost. let's go. who didn't win? i'm going to go into the break and to tomorrow. billy, johnny, sandy, nick, and chip. lost, lost, lost, lost, lost. they took me out of my lottery story. they totally took me out. >> you revealed in the first hour that you think that lottery stories are stupid. >> they can't cut me out! >> they just did. >> wow. chip just found out he lost. he's very angry.
4:03 am
heather, i'm allowed to talk to you. >> we learned something new about you, not only do you not like gum chewing, but lottery stories. throw water on it. >> it ruins your life. >> the lottery? >> if you lose you're mad. when you win, your life falls apart. >> i got to get to work now. you can talk about that. lot of news this morning. dr. ma'amic scene on sunrise highway in long island, new york. check out this new video. a car rear-ended a fuel truck, causing it to flip over and then explode into a massive fireball. flames shot at least 20 feet into the air. that explosion coming so close to home, it started melting plastic fence, siding and causes a power outage in the immediate area. both drivers are expected to be okay. that hear a lot of black isolately. perhaps a fact. overnight a plane crashes into a neighborhood in atlanta,
4:04 am
bursting into flames and killing two people on board that plane. witnesses say the pilot appeared to make a sharp turn before that plane went down. >> i thought for sure he hit a neighbor's house. he did it on purpose. i mean, he banked it on purpose so he wouldn't hit any houses. >> that flight had just taken off from fulton county airport on its way to new orleans. astronauts gearing up for three risky spacewalks at this hour. the first one is scheduled for this saturday. they need to fix a broken cooling line on the international space station. we told but this. they had to shut down all nonessential equipment after half of the cooling system shut down last week. oh, boy. toronto's crack smoking mayor caught on camera once again. this time dancing to bob marley. check it out. ♪
4:05 am
♪ >> look at him go! you can't blame him for dancing to that. that's a great song. he was cutting a rug during a city council session. it's the second time this week he's been spotted showing off his dance moves. look at that. >> everything is done in toronto, they can just dance? >> they just have a good old time there. >> he has no power left. >> this is at a gospel church there. he likes to boogie. >> he's easy to pick out. >> from google earth. >> you can't blame him for trying. >> by the way, lauren pettersson says i'm a better chancer than him. not as an animated character. he's actually better than me. so long, mr. ford. this will get you going today
4:06 am
with the ryan-murray budget deal that will probably pass the senate significantly and shortly. in the original budget deal, our disabled military retirees would not have their pensions cuts. pay attention. disabled military pensions would not be cut. however, now they're going to vote on, they will get their pensions cut if they were disabled and no longer to serve. >> over 20 year period will cost $124,000. initially they said and told he is they were exempt. but upon further review, they are not exempt. overall as you pointed out, the other federal employees, nobody's pension gets cut. they go into the military again while restoring some funding to the military after sequester hits. they go in there and work on their pensions. >> sure. and a lot of people, including jeremy hilton over this. earlier, navy veteran, air
4:07 am
force. his spouse is up in arms. this is what he had to say. strong message for those that will be placing votes today. >> most of our families are lower middle class, maybe middle class after a long career. i'm wearing a timeex watch, not rolex, like some of the lobbyists on the hill. this suit was from j.c. penney eight years ago. we have to figure out a way to balance the budget but not on the back of the veterans. to the senators voting on this bill, we understand you may vote for it, but know we're watching you. we watched yesterday and we're watching today for all the military veterans and the retirees and currently serving, man and woman, whether you're republican or democrat, know that in 2014, if you vote for this, we're not voting for you. >> how much are we talking about? military retirees younger than 62 will receive 1% less in their cost of living adjustment. that now will apparently apply
4:08 am
to disabled vets as well. what do you think about this outrage? e-mail us. >> that's right. in another startling story, a pro-life teacher was fired after kick a planned parenthood group out of his class. so he's come under fire before. he was given a talking to in september earlier this year when he asked a teacher to leave when they came in, talking to the kids basically funded by planned parenthood. he was just suspended with pay for actually organizing before a parent meeting the idea that these planned parenthood funded groups shouldn't northbound his classroom. >> he's a math teacher. he believes he was getting great reviews up until 2007. when it became apparent he was pro-life, people started finding things wrong with him. next thing you know, he gets fired and he believes it's all related to his beliefs and stances. >> and here is what he says. he said, i think deep down it's because of my views and that is
4:09 am
much more important for them to have planned parenthood in the schools than to have a really dedicated teacher who really teaches math well and goes the extra mile and does a whole bunch with the kids. portland school system where the school board fired him 6-1 said, quote, he said his termination is based on his religious beliefs and right to free speech. this is not correct. his conduct and performance led to his removal from the classroom and his termination. i want to know, why was planned parenthood talking in his math class? >> which is interesting. the school said it shouldn't be covered in the class. they had this group come in and try to talk to the students. i'm not sure if they put the other side in there. did they have an adoption agency come in and talk to them? >> to that point, it's okay for the planned parenthood to come into his class and talk their side, but it's not okay for him
4:10 am
to tell his point of view. i thought the whole idea of tenure was to protect teachers with their freedom and speech and stuff like that. but apparently not. where is the school board? >> he just wants to protect the kids. >> yeah. i guess there was no firefighter that was available to come and explain their job today, so let's get the local planned parenthood person to come in. one student told a tv station that the teacher is known for sharing his anti-abortion views at school. he doesn't do it a lot, but students make fun of them for being against it and everything. when he does talk about it, does he have really good views and everything. sometimes he goes too deep into it and brings religion into it. that according to one of the students. >> are those in your mind, are those views that the teacher may be bringing in only to balance a one-sided sort of inside field trip when planned parenthood is coming in? do you want planned parenthood in your kid's classroom? let us know on facebook, twitter and e-mail what you think.
4:11 am
who do you want in your kid's classroom? >> do you want planned parenthood in your math class? math is confuseing enough. >> think about that and weigh in. also we're talking about the president's approval rating at 41%. we're having everybody weigh in. would you vote for the budget deal all on facebook. when we're not here, we're going to go on facebook and interact with you. straight ahead -- >> a war on christmas that's all too real. islamic targeting christians. >> a man dangling from the top of a crane and it's only one way to make it down alive. the rescue you've got to see to believe. i think it involves a helicopter. ♪ ♪ ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies.
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christmas a time for peace and joy. but while we're free to celebrate the birth of christ here at home, christians in other countries are under attack >> how did they set the church on fire? >> they set the whole place on fire. with molatov cocktails and gasoline. >> on their way out, the attackers left behind a calling card. graffiti saying that egypt is islamic. >> now pope francis says he's seriously concerned about the safety of christians living in the middle east. is this problem about to get worse? former ohio congressman and fox news contributor dennis kucinich spent some time in syria and has been tracking the situation ever since. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> thank you for being here. certainly a message i think we need to bring loud and clear to everyone. explain exactly what is
4:16 am
happening in the middle east to christians, because i think it's not something we hear often. >> in fact, christians are under attack world wide. 50 countries that are various activities are going on. but in the middle east, there has been an intenseification of attacks against christians, in egypt as that clip showed, in syria and in iraq. and people, first of all, need to be aware of it. secondly, we need to look at some of the underlying reasons. we have to be aware that a partial reason is western intervention. u.s. comes in, we knock off a government. radicalization takes place, and christians end up getting targeted. that's a fact. so we need different policies in our own government to make sure religious minorities, in this case, christians, are protected and mindful of what our policies are and need to see the state department involved and not just condemning, but taking action to try to protect christians and other religious minorities. >> to clarify, are you linking this administration's policies to worsening in terms of attacks on christians in the middle
4:17 am
east? >> what i'm saying is we must be aware that when we intervene, as we did in iraq, that christians ended up getting some of the blowback. that's a fact. it's not just about one administration. it's about u.s. policy. that's why i'm here. i'm not a priest. i'm a politician. >> sure. >> when you look at exactly what's happening, we have to see the connections between our actions and the effects of those actions. so now we need to be aware that christians in particular in an area where there is a lot of focus for the sanctity of religious institutions, we need to be aware that our actions have had adverse effects. we also need to make sure that religion, which should be a force for unity, doesn't become a force for division through any of our own actions. >> the attacks we've been hearing are devastating. egypt is one of the largest we've seen in the history of christianity. when you hear the pope react the way he did, express his concern,
4:18 am
obviously you want that message ringing loud and true. >> the pope's voice is absolutely critical and the fact he is speaking out is important for the world to hear. >> sure. is this a message -- do we take it for granted in the united states of america our religious freedoms, our liberties? we hear stories, we cover them here. people saying take down the tree. don't put up menorah. what's your message to americans here? >> we have a misunderstanding of the nature of the material world. this material world doesn't exist unless it's infused with spirit. it's just a fact. so we need to realize that human unity is the underlying truth of our existence and the kind of polarized thinking of us versus them, which religious hatred really is, separates us. that separation creates not just loneliness, but hatred. we need to look for things that unify us. so when we see the united states taking action that may either directly or inadvertently help
4:19 am
fuel sectarianism or fundamentalism, we need to say wait a minute. why are we helping a certain group take power when that group, when they take power or as they take power, they're attacking religious minorities, including christians? we have to ask those questions and those are very important questions to ask and here we are at christmas time, people need to be aware. christians are under attack in the middle east and around the world and the united states policy in some cases partially responsible. >> thank you for bringing a voice to this. >> good to see you. >> up next, major blow to our nation's military. thousands of captains getting cut. we're going to tell you why. remember her, the adorable winnie cooper on "the wonder years." now she's taking on a very different role. she joins us live next. ♪ ♪
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
be. 4,000 e that how many army captains captains and army majors could be pushed into early retirement as part of the military's ongoing drawdown of the active duty army. next, 175-tons. that's the amount of pot consumed in washington state in 2013. the state legalized it a little more than a year ago. zero dollars for shipping today in honor of free shipping day. 800 retailers are offering it for free delivered by christmas eve is guaranteed. steve? >> fantastic. meanwhile, you may remember her as the adorable winnie cooper on "the wonder years".
4:24 am
>> hi. >> did you get my message? this is your order. >> i knew it was the only way i was going to get to see you tonight. >> oh. she's back star not guilty a new movie "the wrong woman" that debuts on lifetime later this month. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love your work. now you're a new mom. >> yes, i am. >> i think first time in three years -- they're still babies at three. >> oh, yeah. he'll always be my baby. >> i was reading, it's so interesting because you have a pretty tough stance on technology and kids. right? they spend a lot of time looking at tech? >> i just think that everything in moderation. it's everywhere and they'll have to learn how it deal with it. but not all day, every day.
4:25 am
>> so you limit his time? >> yes. he doesn't even have an ipad yet or anything. >> and he's three. >> i know. you wouldn't believe it. these kids do. >> i know n they have them hooked on to the strollers. dan at that cab on -- danica has been on the program a number of times talk being math and her books. you now have a song out. we don't have a clip, so you'll have to perform it live. >> okay. on youtube i have a song called "dance of the sugar pie fairy." i dress up like a fairy. pi is equal to 3.13468226 and it goes on and on. >> how do we know you're right? >> that's recorded somewhere. >> here is the thing, you know who gave that you idea, potsy in "happy days." remember he was having trouble
4:26 am
in school until he started singing it? did you miss that episode? >> i missed it. >> do we have it? we don't? come on. what's going on in the control room. >> from the wrong clip to the wrong woman, this is a movie you'll be on on lifetime on december 28, 8:00 o'clock. here she is. look at this. >> we don't have it. >> live television! >> let's look at "wonder years" clip again. >> my son loves being on my phone, which makes me happy. he's a boy and he's growing up loving math. so maybe this will get me to write books for boys. >> can you tell me about "the wrong woman"? >> i'm so proud of, on lifetime december 28 b a woman who is accused of attempted murder. she's just this sweet housewife. she is thrown in jail.
4:27 am
she's terrified. she goes from being a scared housewife into an impowered woman who has to defend herself in court. i never played a lawyer before, which is so fun. i got to question witnesses. jim o'hare has done a great job. he does amazing dramatic work, too. >> he's got a good partner in you, too. >> we'll be watching december 28, 8 p.m. >> and i'm live tweeting. >> i think you're going to be singing while you're tweeting. >> i might be singing. >> thanks for dropping by. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, remember this video, the shrimp on the treadmill? you should because we all paid for it. this year the government waste is even worse. senator tom coburn of oklahoma joins us to detail how more money is being wasted this time. >> then he's america's favorite
4:28 am
anchorman. >> you stay classy, san diego. i'm ron burgundy? damn it! who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? >> hysterical. you'll meet the real news anchor who inspired ron burgundy, coming up. >> no. coming up? ♪ even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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a new poll shows president obama's approval rating is the lowest of any president at the end of their fifth year since richard nixon. jimmy carter said that's not fair. if he had a fifth year, he's sure he would be lower. that's not fair. >> maybe there is a reason he didn't get the fifth year. now it's time to see where our hard-earned taxpayer money is being wasted. it's the newly released 2013 waste book outlining the most useless ways our federal government is spending our money. >> it is put together by our next guest, oklahoma senator and doctor, tom coburn. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're great. thanks. after reading all the waste, we're a little upset. i can see why you put it together. thanks for doing that. we have a popular romance project that you told us about, $914,000 spent on this?
4:33 am
what? >> the government saying we need to explore the fascinating history of why people write romance novels and why they put them on tv. that's an important thing. and in some people's mind it may be. when you're running a $700 billion deficit, is it something we ought to spend money on? >> probably ought to run a red pencil through that. nasa waste, they spent $125,000 to create a 3d pizza. they did $360,000 on a bedrest study. how congress works seminars, $3 million. and created a green ninja super hero for $390,000 to teach kids about global warming. we must be loaded to be able to spend so much money on so much crap. >> it's interesting, nasa's budget is one of the ones that's taken some of the severest hits in the past couple of years. rightly so because of the lack of competency and the wasted
4:34 am
money. this is just an example of showing they haven't figured out what the priority is for nasa. nasa is national a aeronautics and space exploration. it's not about the garbage we see here. >> you outline 100 examples of what you have zoned in on as egregious federal spending problems. total 30 billion. one of which is studying whether wives should calm down or not. i say yes. $325,000, i'll double that if they will. >> how can we right now hearing all this waste? >> you need to tread carefully with that one because i'm not sure that the results of that study are well received by wives. >> no kidding! they were calm until we told them about the study. >> we don't like waste. that's why. >> zombie math game for $150,000. senator, you're going to be leaving soon. is your book getting any thinner when you put these things out,
4:35 am
does anything change? >> no. the thing that changes is americans are more informed and more engaged as they read and see what's going on. as we raise taxes in this bill that's getting ready to go through the senate, even though they were very careful not to call it a tax increase and we increased spending, you got to wonder why isn't congress doing its job eliminating or at least putting some priorities on this stuff? go ahead. >> in terms of priorities, too, today we're look at the ryan-murray bill, it's falling on the basks our military -- backs of our military if this moves forward. why are cuts being made there and not the areas you put forward in the waste book? >> well, i can't answer that question. what i can say is people tend to try to get to agreement rather than doing the hard work of where the waste really is. that's the laziness on the part
4:36 am
of congress. every appropriator has available to them the waste book. they can put restrictions on all this spending. they could redirect it. the fact is that they haven't and the real undermining reason for that is spending money, especially if somebody goes back home makes you look good. if it's hard work plus doing it doesn't make you look good, the career politicians in washington tend to not want to be responsible with your tax dollars. that's the final point i'd make. look, it's not about necessarily $100 million here or $900,000 here. it's who is paying for it. and it isn't us. it's a decreased standard of living for our kids. we're at almost $18 trillion worth of debt and we don't have the luxury to continue spending money that we don't have on things we don't need. >> we sure have a lot of stuff we don't need. we're all paying for it. senator, thank you very much for putting the book together and
4:37 am
sharing it with us today. >> i hope y'all have a great day. >> thank you. >> he got elected twice and he didn't bring home the bacon. he did things right for the country and he would have gotten elected again. heather nauert, what else is coming up? >> that's a good read for anyone who hasn't checked it out. good morning to you all. a gunman opening fire at a hospital in nevada, killing one person and critically wounding two others before he takes his own life. the identity of the shooter and the victim, not released yet. but law enforcement say one of the injured victims is a doctor there. police don't believe that this was a random act. we'll keep watching this story for you. caught on camera, a dramatic rescue of a man trapped on a burning crane. take a look at this. >> oh, my god. i hope that guy is all right. holding on for dear life at the end of a crane there. >> you can see that right there. police say this crane operator was stuck when the apartment building that he was working on caught fire.
4:38 am
coo a canadian -- a canadian military helicopter rescues that crane operator and amazingly, he suffered only minor injuries. thank goodness for that. one university pushing to include sex change surgeries to students' health plan. administrators at the university of maryland say students premiums would increase by $15 and the policies would include coverage for the controversial $100,000 surgery. what do you think of that? a distracted tourist rousing facebook while on her phone. she walks on an australian pier and takes a dramatic plunge right into the water 'cause she isn't paying attention to where she's going. she couldn't swim, but luckily melbourne police rescued her just in time. the tourist managed to hold on to her phone. she kept it dry above water. that's the one thing she wasn't going to let get wet. it was that dang phone. she might have died, but the phone made it.
4:39 am
>> right. >> crazy! >> maria is out in the elements most of her life. >> good morning. hello, everybody. we're talking about some very chilly temperatures early this morning across parts of the northeast, midwest yet again. we've had a dip in the jet stream. that's what's been keeping temperatures below average. that's all going to be changing over the next few days. temperatures are really going to be rising across the east. that does include parts of the southeast, up into the northeast. farther west, you'll still feel like winter out there. it's not even officially winter yet. the official start of winter is coming up this saturday. out west we'll have a brand-new storm system that will be producing several inches of snow across the rockies and also into the plains. here is a look at that warm-up that i mentioned. take a look at atlanta. in the 50s today. low 50s. then rise into the 60s and by sunday, you could be looking at a record high temperatures into the 70s. that's going to be the story for so many people out there across parts of the south. but that also means trouble
4:40 am
because we're going to have a storm system moving east and it could be actually producing some severe weather produce parts of the south this weekend. snow and ice farther north. now let's head over to brian. >> thank you very much. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. the game between the 49ers and seahawks could decide who goes to the super bowl, but it's heating up off the field. a group of niner fans raising $8,000 to put up this massive billboard outside the stadium in seattle who are currently in first place and the number one seed. seattle fans are being taunted with images of the 9ers five super bowl trophies. the two teams battle it out west ground, but that was with steve young. he might be confined to a wheelchair, but that did not stop him from bringing joy to young fans. and he patriots teammate ridley went on to boston children's hospital dressed up as an elf to meet some kids. he took the hand from ridley and
4:41 am
delivered his present to a happy fan. also sang carols with the boston pops. >> great. >> and as pointed out by the control room, he's wearing a onesy. or garanimals. coming up on saturday, he could go 'cause he can't play. you could go saturday to mcclain, virginia. i'll be at barns and nobel. and headed to mount vernon at 3. mark levin will show up somewhere in there. he's one of the leading, if not the number one talk show host in the country. >> fantastic. >> you guys are free to come. >> congratulations again on the book. >> thank you very much. find out tonight what happens to it in terms of rankings. >> excellent. we're holing out for number one. >> that's right. up next, norad under fire for giving santa a military escort. it might scare kids. really? that debate up next. >> then why do so many kids watch it?
4:42 am
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it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. 15 minutes to the top of the hour. let's look at what's trending this morning. a florida man tries trading a gator for a case of beer. the deal was not accepted. instead he was cited for illegally capturing the gator. bad trade. next, never turn your back on a tiger. this woman was posing for a picture at a zoo in russia when he pounced. right up against there.
4:46 am
yeah. and a blind man in new york is thanking his guide dog for saving his life. after he fell on the subway track, his dog jumped after him, licking his face until he woke up. then a subway worker yelled at the man to keep his head down as the train rolled over them. the dog protected him. brian? >> thank you very much. norad is gearing up for santa's annual trip burks criticism from children's advocacy groups is hot on its tail. the tracker shows saint nick being flanked by fighter jets as his protection detail. so should the military break rank with santa or is this just another excuse to politicize christmas? here to weigh in fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> i say grow up. grow up. >> to me? >> no, you've grown up already. >> oh, okay. i have to question. >> they shouldn't be politicizing santa. that's absolutely wrong.
4:47 am
we know santa is our greatest world resource and santa needs our honor and our protection. so if norad wants to have escort jets -- and they're not armed -- it's a matter of honor. it's an honor guard for santa. in the past there have been threats from jack frost and the adom nab snowman. that's one of the reasons norad jumped in to say hey, back off. >> by the way, that does not back off the snowman 'cause he's abominable for a reason. >> if you can politicize santa and jesus, if you can make this an issue that's kind of insane, that's not good for the kids. that's not good for all of us. so it's not about militarism. it may be about patriotism, between canada and the u.s., making sure that santa gets what he needs. >> remember, there is a precedent for santa having problems. you remember what happened. >> that's true.
4:48 am
in 1964, there was an attempt -- >> the year of my birth. >> the martians tried to get involved with santa. they overcame them with the help of a martian who turned. it was a happy day. >> i tell you, i've never seen a martian, but i'm certain they don't look like that. that looks like dirty biking. >> i think those are the people from the coalition, that in my opinion -- >> in your opinion? in your legal opinion? >> they might look like that, in my opinion. >> you're couching your assessment of a 1960s martian. are you that concerned about a legal attack? >> i don't know. i think it's silly to attack santa. this is a wonderful web site. the kids, 22 million went to it last year. we had about 100,000 calls to their call center to find out why santa was on christmas eve.
4:49 am
the truth is, we can't keep up with santa because santa moves at the speed of light. these planes only move at the speed of sound. so it's a symbol more than anything. >> i do know that one year that ed asner had a problem in central park and good thing will ferrell was there. >> it did work out. >> it did. thank you very much. >> merry christmas. >> coming up straight ahead, he was rewarded by his insurance company for living a healthy lifestyle until he became illegal under obamacare and now he's got to pay more for less? plus, he's america's favorite anchorman. >> you stay classy, san diego. i'm ron burgundy? damn it! who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? >> meet the real news anchorman who inspired ron burgundy. mort crim is here! >> i'm veronica corningstone. >> i'm ron burgundy. nice work, everyone.
4:50 am
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extra, extra, read all about it. it is the much anticipated return of "anchorman," ron burgundy. "anchorman 2" about to make a big splash at the box office. i believe it opens today. >> news is supposed to be boring, ron. serious stuff. i just don't know why we have to tell the people what they need to hear. >> yeah, why can't we just tell them what they want to hear? >> the man said to be the inspiration behind ron burgundy is getting lots of attention with this sequel's big are lease. former anchorman mort crim had a chance to catch the new movie
4:54 am
and meet will ferrell in person and steve doocy in person. he'll debate on who was better and nicer. right now he joins us from philadelphia. mort, how does it feel about having a character based on you? >> good morning. well, fortunately, it's a comedy and not a documentary. otherwise i might be insulted. but i love parody. i love satire and i think they did an excellent job in "anchorman" and "anchorman 2". >> we're looking at the american premiere, you speaking to mr. ferrell for the first time. face-to-face, that is. at what point did you realize or come to understand that he had based "anchorman" on you? >> well, actually i think he based the movie, the plot, the theme of the movie on a situation that involved me. i've never felt that he was basing ron burgundy, per se on
4:55 am
my work as an anchorman. when i met him, i said, it's such an hon for for to you meet me. and being the comedian that he is, he seemed to enjoy that. and he said, i've been watching your interviews and he said, i like the way you have approached this whole thing with such good humor. i said, well, hey, nobody loves satire better than i do. >> how fun. wasn't it true, the director, didn't he grow up in philadelphia or spend a lot of his time there? maybe it makes sense where the inspiration came from? >> yes. i think adam indicated to me that he had watched me on television when i was working here in philadelphia back in the '70s and then showed some of my tapes, tapes of jessica and me to will and that was the germ for the idea that eventually created the "anchorman" movies. it's been fun. i don't take it personally. i love steve colbert and jon
4:56 am
stewart and i think you've got to not only develop thick skin in this business, but you've got to be able to laugh at yourself. >> right. jessica savage is the jessica you referred to. did you have a closing line, like stay classy, san diego? did you have anything like that in your sign off? >> unfortunately, i never said anything that cheesy. i think as i recall, my sign-off line was something like, that's tonight's news, have a good evening. you know, i didn't even have anything as original as cronkite who said, that's the way it is. maybe in retrospect i should have been a little more creative. but i was too busy just reporting the news and didn't give a lot of thought to that. >> that's a fair, balanced and honest answer. mort crim, the legend from philly. thank you very much. glad you like the movie as well. >> my pleasure. i thought it was a good movie. >> it comes out tonight. >> great endorsement. >> coming up, imagine getting a
4:57 am
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good morning. it's wednesday, december 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. two people just woke up filthy rich. but there could be more winners. are you one of them? keep your ticket in your hand. we're going to let you know the numbers soon. the president is set to sign the budget deal today. but that's not setting well with our veterans. >> i'm wearing a timeex watch, not a rolex like some of the lobbyists on the hill. this suit was from j.c. penney eight years ago. if you vote for this, we're not voting for you. >> he's talking to senators who will vote on it before the president signs it. why is washington balancing the budget on the backs of our heros? we're going to tell you. kanye west compared
5:01 am
performing on stage to being in the military, to being a cop. a police chief begs to differ. >> i think that when an entertainer compares himself to somebody being at war, i'm not sure that, you know, that entertainer ever had to walk down the street and worry about ied's or land mines or anything else. >> exactly. whose side are you on in this? send your comments to our facebook page. we'll be waiting. load the pictures. the final hour starts now. i'm mort crim, the real ron burgundy. stay classy, "fox & friends." >> will do, mr. crim. thank you very much. great interview with him. "anchorman 2" opens later today. earlier today brian -- >> what's wrong? >> brian made a claim that they dances better than rob ford, the crack smoking mayor up in toronto.
5:02 am
there is ford, screen left. there is brian, screen right. >> you have to understand, i was trying to sync up with the jets cheerleaders. >> are you saying you had a tougher task? >> now he does have a little bit of rhythm. >> the thing about synchronized dancing, is you're supposed to be synchronized. >> what do you think? >> with the -- it's hard to tell. what do you guys think? let us know on twitter. >> you hate to say anything negative. tell me i'm a bad dancer. >> you get an a for effort. >> look at you. that's fantastic. >> you're a man in the arena. at least you tried. >> right there is your best move. you went with a shopping cart. it was okay. >> did you know we're taping this? last hour i asked for the potsy video of him singing to learn the alphabet or to learn some
5:03 am
type of math equation. no one is interested in that. but i make one side comment about my dance ability and quickly go to the vault. >> because we have that video of you dancing available at the ready. >> any time. >> you're a good dancer. >> you are. >> you're brave for doing it. >> right. you know how i did it? >> three drinks before you did it. >> no, n. i got tricked. i always get tricked into doing these things. it doesn't appear on the card and then i have no way out. >> just say it's for charity. >> doing it for her charity. >> somebody might be donating a lot of money to charity pretty soon because this is a fox news alert. two lucky people are waking up filthy rich. two tickets matched the winning numbers in last night's $636 million mega millions jackpot. >> one winning ticket sold at jenny's gift shop in san jose, california. the other at the gateway news stand in atlanta, georgia. the cash payout? $341 million.
5:04 am
oh, my. there are 20 more tickets worth $1 million. so grab your tickets. here are the winning numbers. >> they are, as you can see on your screen. 8, 20, 14, 17, 39 with a mega ball of 7. if somebody is watching in the atlanta area or out in san jose and matched the numbers you've got on your card, congratulations. we just made you rich. >> i hope you have a mega ball. >> there you go. if you have all the numbers except the mega ball, you'll win a million dollars. 20 people had those. congratulations. >> now let's talk about people in the real world who have a real budget, like american people and our budgets. you heard what happened, there was an agreement between patty murray and paul ryan, the chairman of the budget committee in the house and the chairman of the senate. they came up with a bipartisan deal that no one is happy with. one of the elements is something that did not have to happen, did not have to be included. they could have found some other way to cut. it is military veterans'
5:05 am
benefits. they're talking about pensions. they also added -- as bad as that sounds, at least they exempt those who have been hurt in battle, the wounded who have come back, the injured, those incapacitated. upon further review, theyer they are also having their pensions cut. >> the original language of this bipartisan agreement said, quote, this would not affect service members who are retired because of disability or injury. that had been changed since the original writing and the amount between 74,000 and 124,000 over the next 20 years would be really taken from those that would otherwise be receiving this in our military. it has a ton of people outraged. earlier we spoke with jamie hilton, veteran and military spouse of the year in 2012 on "fox & friends." take a listen to what he has to say in his message. >> lower middle class, maybe middle class after a long career. i'm wearing a timex watch, not rolex like lobbyists on the hill. this suit was from j.c. penney
5:06 am
eight years ago. we have to figure out a way to balance the budget but not on the backs of our veterans. to the senators who are voting for this this morning, know that we're watching you. we watched yesterday and we're watching today. for all the military veterans and the retirees and the currently serving, man and woman, whether you're republican or democrat, know that in 2014, you vote for this, we're not voting for you. >> i tell you what, congressman paul ryan in an interview with the weekly standard said -- and this was i do believe with the original wording. he said changes are appropriate in their pensions because people who retire in their 40s after serving two decades are still young enough to maintain a job. so if you retire in your 40s, you probably have some time left that you can go out and get a job and work. however, now they have removed the exemption for the disabled military veterans on a pension. so they're included.
5:07 am
they're also going to get a reduction in their future pensions. those people are not in many cases, able to return to the work force. it's heart breaking. >> i know. you're going to get a cost of living increase when you turn 62. for example, if you're a 28-year-old and you retire at staff sergeant, you'll have $50,000 less of compensation over 40 years. it will add up and you're on a tight budget to begin with. it seems to me and senator sessions brought this up yesterday -- there are so many other areas to cut. they're going to save $6 billion by doing this to the veterans. he said hey, why tonight we cut $4.2 billion off the irs credit that illegal immigrants have gotten and they get to claim? right there you have your offset. that was a nonstarter. >> that is unfair to the illegal immigrants. >> right. who are in the shadows. >> how about reading the waste book. we had senator coburn and he outlined millions of dollars essentially being spent,
5:08 am
billions needlessly in our country. but it seems to be infuriating to so many, especially those in the military, that they are the first to be cut. >> the expression is, the buck stops with the commander in chief when you're talking about the military. and the commander in chief has some very bad news when you look at the brand-new "washington post" journal poll. here it is. abc news, "washington post." the president's approval rating is at 43%. when george w. bush was president at the conclusion of his first year of second term, that number was 47. this president is down 4% from that. you got to figure a lot of it is people are -- they're discouraged by the way this affordable care act, which is not affordable to many, has been implemented and the outright lie, it looks like to many people, how it was sold to people to get it sold. >> sure.
5:09 am
to your point, the poll indicated when asked, listen to what people said. do you approve or disapprove of the way obama is handling the implementation of the new health care law? take a look at this. 62% disapprove the way the president is handling the implementation of health care. only 34% approve. >> republicans have a 24%. democrats, about the same. and congress overall at 16%. so right now, when asked, do you trust -- who do you trust to do a better job with the problems facing this country? it's a dead heat, 41-41. it will be decided this year and republicans are moving to do some drastic tax reform. you do something like that, i think that will go a long way if you're able to pull that off for the midterm elections. >> the problem and one of the reasons the president is doing so poorly is people don't feel good about the country. when the "washington post" abc news asked people, are we in or out of a recession? keep in mind, the recession
5:10 am
ended, what, four or five years ago? 79% of americans said we're still in recession. >> wow. >> that could explain a lot. >> they certainly are feeling that way for sure. that's not great news. but heather nauert is going to bring us headlines. >> it's all about how you feel, too. isn't it? okay. good morning. hope you're all off to a great day. we have news. ten minutes after the hour. dramatic scene unfolding on sunrise highway on long island. take a look at this. a new video, a car rear ending a fuel tanker truck, causing it to flip over and explode into a massive fireball. the explosion coming so close to homes that it literally melting the plastic siding on some of those houses, fencing, and also causing a power outage. both the drivers are expected to be okay. that happening overnight. also overnight, a plane crashes into an atlanta residential neighborhood, bursting into flames. two people on board that plane are dead this morning.
5:11 am
witnesses say the pilot appeared to make a sharp turn before his plane went down. take a look. >> explosion, fireball. i thought for sure he hit a neighbor's house. he did it on purpose. i mean, he banked it on purpose so he wouldn't hit any houses. >> that flight had just taken off from fulton county airport. it was headed to new orleans. brand-new information about the gunman in last friday's colorado school shooting. karl pierson wrote five letters and numbers on his arm in a marker. investigators believe that they correspond to the classrooms that he wanted to hit. also written on his arm, the latin phrase that means the die has been cast. good news to share this morning. a victim of the boston marathon bombings is engaged to a nurse who helped keep him alive. james costello, seen here in this photo taken after the bombing, needed multiple surgeries to treat severe burns and also his shrapnel wounds. he met christa, the nurse, as he
5:12 am
was recovering in the hospital and then they started dating. look at this beautiful ring right here. he proposed to her on a trip to france with fellow boston marathon bombing survivors. always love to see that. today i got engaged to my husband on this day. >> congratulations. happy anniversary. >> congratulations to them and us. >> what a wise guy he is. >> she's brilliant. that just saved her buying a hallmark card. >> yeah. >> that's a headline thing. >> yeah. thanks. see you later. >> we have a web cam. is he blowing you a kiss back? can we if to it? no. don't have that one either. unbelievable. coming up on this really busy wednesday, if you're healthy, your insurance company may have been giving you a discount. but not for long, understand obamacare, they're illegal. our next guest has a health care horror story everybody is going to want to hear. he's next. and talk about a man's best friend, a service dog leaps in
5:13 am
front of an oncoming train to save his blind owner and both survive. i love this story. ♪ ♪ when it's donut friday at the office, i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you?
5:15 am
thanks. what?
5:16 am
am. our next guest was told he could keep his health care plan if he liked it because he loved it and he loved that, because it saved him money by rewarding his healthy lifestyle. recently he was hit with this letter from his insurance provider. it says he, quote, needs to either choose a new health plan or transition into a health plan that they have recommended. not only is the new health plan worse, it's also more expensive. eric miller is an attorney from
5:17 am
rhode island and joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> your story came to light after you were fed up. you went to facebook. the first line says, i am seething. what did you tell? >> i had a healthy plan that was sponsored by blue cross blue shield of rhode island that incentivized me to live healthier. there were ten things i had to do to qualify that included filling out substantial paperwork, mandatory visits to the doctor, then you had to maintain a certain blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and several other factors, including gym membership. >> and so you got a discount under your old plan because you were healthy. but under obamacare, that's going to be illegal. right? >> preexisting condition, discriminates against preexisting conditions. so they can't offer healthy plans anymore. >> so you had been doing your best to stay healthy. you've gotten a discount and now you're going to have to pay a
5:18 am
whole bunch more. we're going to put up your old plan, the premium was $648 a month with a $5,000 deductible and your new plan is $881 a month with a deductible of $6,000. when the president was selling the health plan, did you envision this happening to you? >> i wasn't a big fan because i didn't understand how it could possibly work. but i did somewhat rely on his promise, although i couldn't see how his promise would jive with what the realities were going to be. >> yeah. so with the new plan and we've got one more graphic -- under obamacare, you'll is close to a $3,000 premium increase and your deductible is going to go up $1,000. how do you feel about all this? >> i think that it's unwise for the whole plan to disincentivize healthy behavior given obesity
5:19 am
and other preventible diseases that we have in this country. the fact that i've been doing this, i put a lot of work to qualify when i first signed up with blue cross, i didn't qualify. i went to the gym, i became active. i started part not guilty tri -- participating in triathalons and now i'm afraid to do them because i'm afraid of injuring myself in training. this will be my last season. >> yeah. and eric, i saw a story on "special report" last night where people are being penalized with their health care if they're smokers or obese. they're being penalized. yet somebody like you who works on his fitness so he stays in good shape, you are the victim because you're no longer getting a discount. it seems to be -- there seems to be a disconnect in this particular policy, doesn't it?l. and i don't know if i'm a victim. i don't know if i'm a canary in the coal mine or an outlier. there weren't too many people on
5:20 am
this policy to be fair. but the people who were put up to the challenge and people who can and should, there should be something at the end for them. >> you would think so. if anybody watching right now had a similar plan to eric's where you got an incentive for being in good health, e-mail us because we'd like to know about you. eric miller, thank you very much and sorry you're going to get hit with a bigger price tag coming up in a couple of weeks. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, he's the hero doctor who helped nab bin laden. he's sitting in a jail cell in pakistan. major development in his case just moments ago. we're going to share them with you. and imagine getting a letter like this from your neighbor that reads: your christmas decorations are beyond tasteless. they're tacky and cheap. the family that got the letter here to respond. they don't like it. ♪ ♪ ooh, homemade soup! yeah...
5:21 am
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got some quick headlines on this wednesday morning. the hero doctor who helped nab bin laden still sitting in jail. now facing another legal hurdle. a pakinstani court rejecting afreed yeah's appeal for a retrial and sending the case to a different branch in court. shortly after bin laden's death, he was sentenced to 33 years in a pakinstani prison and that's where he's sitting this morning. he may be the pope, but he hasn't forgotten his favorite soccer team. pope francis celebrating san
5:25 am
lorenzo's victory when a small group of players presented him with a replica of the championship trophy. he was a registered fan of that team. congratulations. all right, elisabeth. >> thanks. for more than 30 years, the hunter family has decorated their home for christmas. but this year someone wants that to change. check out the anonymous letter that arrived in their mailbox. quote, not everybody in the neighborhood is christian and many people do not wish to see such a flagrant display of your religious. they're tasteless and a terrible eye sore. so how exactly did they react to this attack on their family tradition? kelly and kristen hunter join us now. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> i think the house looks great. but not everybody did. you received this letter anonymously. have you since found out who
5:26 am
sent the letter to you? >> no. no idea. >> what about other neighbors, what was the general reaction in the neighborhood? >> generally, everybody likes it. generally, everybody enjoys it. we've never had a problem before. >> it's been 30 years. >> yeah. >> are you guys getting together this weekend? is there some support gathering? >> yeah. just a little bit. it looks like there will be at least 200 people there singing christmas carols on the street. >> that's your response, which is great. so the people who wrote this letter have not come forward. how do you feel about that? >> i do think they're cowards. >> i wish they would. >> even if they don't want to come to us, explain it to somebody. rationalize what you did and why 'cause it really is not logical. >> do you feel as though it's your freedom, your right to put up your decorations as you choose on your home? >> absolutely, yeah. >> it makes a lot of people
5:27 am
happy. we don't do it for selfish reasons. we do it for everybody. lot of people enjoy it. >> this isn't something you just started. i know that your dad, william hunter, he's a cambridge fireman, protecting your entire town and there is a picture of you guys with him. you started the tradition 30 years ago. you lost your dad two years ago. >> yeah. >> what does it mean to him -- what would it mean to him for these lights to continue in the tradition to maintain throughout the years? >> i think it would mean the world to him. we went back and forth. it was hard. we weren't sure if we would be able to continue doing the lights. we just said, we got to do this. this was dad's thing and we can't let it go just 'cause he's gone. i know he'd be really happy it's still going on. >> i'm sure he'd be more than proud of his two young women here. >> we also -- my sister, kim,
5:28 am
and my brother robert, they also help and they're incredible. >> there is no -- what would your dad have to say to the person who wrote this letter? >> my dad was so sensitive, if he had gotten this letter and he had opened it, it would have crushed him. he would have been in tears instantly. i don't even know what it would have done to him. >> but it means the world to him, i'm sure, looking down on you that you're keeping it alive for the family. >> yeah. he's worth it. definitely for him. i think in the end, if he knew who this person was, he'd invite them in. he would welcome them in and just be nice to them. that's just the type of person he was. >> wow. a great message that you both bring really from the heart of your dad to be open minded and loving. thank you so much for being with
5:29 am
us. merry christmas to you. have a fun time this weekend and over the holiday. >> thank you so much. you, too. coming up, kanye west compared performing on stage to being a cop or a member of the military. but this police chief, well, he begs to differ. >> i think that when an entertainer compares himself to somebody being at war, i'm not sure that that entertainer has ever had to walk down the street and worry about ied's or land mines or anything else. >> keep your tweets and e-mails coming. they are pouring in and we're going to read them coming up. and the story is incredible. a service dog leaps in front of an oncoming train to save his blind owner. how he managed to save both of their lives. ♪ ♪ ells♪ there's still time for great deals on great gifts at bass pro shops and
5:30 am
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5:33 am
♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ >> it is your shot of the morning. they don't call it doggy paddle for nothing. this pup didn't seem to get the memo. you can just see her awkwardly standing in the pool look confused while all the other dogs swim around.
5:34 am
her owner says she loves the water, just doesn't like swimming. this video now going viral. >> how can a dog not know how to dog paddle? there is kind of a doggy paddling action there, just standing there. >> how does he stroke? >> he's standing on the bottom of the pool. >> you can tell? >> yeah. >> you can tell that? >> yeah. otherwise the dog would sink. >> it's like a pelican. >> brian, you're fired. >> that's great. i don't know. i just thought that maybe he was born with -- >> extremely buoyant. >> some people float. did you review all the footage before the show? >> no. >> you could just tell? >> you can just tell. also we had a dog in the studio. we'll tell but paws for a cause, a weekly series coming up in two minute. >> heather nauert part of our daily series. >> i had to teach a couple of my dogs how to swim. >> do you demonstrate or show them a video? >> no, you get in the pool with them and show them the doggy
5:35 am
paddle. >> you had to teach your dogs how to dog paddle? >> no, just german shepherds, big dogs, never been in the water before. speaking of dogs, this is our dog's version of the headlines. talk about a man's best friend, a blind man survives a fall on the subway tracks in new york city thanks to his guide dog. the dog was named orlando. it jumped onto the tracks in new york city after cecil williams collapsed on the platform. his lab licked his face to try to wake him up and alert him to the train that was on its way. just moments before that train pulled into the station, a subway worker yelled, head down. the train then rolled right over them. >> i think it's incredible 'cause things like that don't really happen in new york now adays. he told me you have a miracle around here. it's a great thing. >> williams and orlando are now just fine. nice story. astronauts gearing up for three risky space walks. the first scheduled for saturday. they need to fix a broken cooling line on the
5:36 am
international space station. the third space walk is set for christmas day. one astronaut says that will give them the best vantage point for spotting santa. how cute. your comments are pouring in on this story. a police chief firing back at kanye west who recently said this. >> i think about my family, i'm like wow. this is like, you know -- this is like being a police officer or something, like war or something. >> yeah. performing, kind of like that. the police chief in ohio fired back in an open letter to kanye west. you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. that chief joined us earlier on "fox & friends." listen to this. >> i just think that sometimes our priorities are a little out of whack. but i think that when an entertainer compares himself to somebody being at war, i'm not sure that that entertainer has ever had to walk down the street and worry about ied's or land
5:37 am
mines. i was trying to put perspective on it. >> we are getting lots of responses this morning. what are you hearing? >> thanks. mike tweeted us, says, glad to hear somebody is standing up for the people in all departments who put their lives on the line every day. >> k.b. says, there is no comparison being an entertainer to a warrior. west, go back to your fantasy land. >> and kelly writes this: kanye west went too far. my brother was a cop killed in the line of duty and my husband is an active duty cop. to compare his life to ours is an insult at the very least. >> that's right. that cop's facebook post is blowing up all over twitter. i think he said their facebook page, 7 million hits. >> people are hot about that. it's cold outside and we're going to head over to maria. >> good morning. from hot to cold. i actually want to start with a
5:38 am
video from yesterday. this video is from chuckville, a fireball in the skies of alabama. you can see it right there. popping up on the video. basically, according to nasa, they took a look at the video and they do believe that it was likely a chunk of asteroid estimated to be 400 pounds and traveling at a speed of around 50,000 miles per hour. that is very fast. around 50,000 miles per hour. otherwise the weather conditions in parts of the midwest and across the northeast, we'll be seeing those temperatures below average yet again today. toes and 30 attention for many of you. out west, a brand-new arctic front bringing in snow across parts of the rockies and also into the plains. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks. ♪ everyone wants to be home for the holidays, even our four-legged friends. some of them aren't so lucky. they don't have a family yet. >> that's the reason for this week's paws for a cause series,
5:39 am
giving the gift of pet rescue this christmas. loretta is the president of forgotten friends of long island and malina is a foster and rescue coordinator. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> something changed. you have success stories to start with and then we talk about a need story. >> we thought for the holidays we would bring some success stories about forgotten friends. we rescued the neediest animals from the shelters. you can see sessy is a puppy with a lot of congenital problems. she's now in a home with ernie and they're from the streets of brooklyn. he got adopted two months ago to maria and her husband, john. >> wow. how has it been going? >> she's awesome. great. she's really cool. >> you glad you made the decision? >> yeah, totally. >> does she wear the hat around the house? >> she does. all the time. >> i think she has a chin strap.
5:40 am
>> tell us about this cutie. >> this little guy is crumbet. he actually was an owner surrender. his sister got adopted and he didn't. after we adopted him, we realized he had some problems using the litter box. so we had him examined and he had bladder surgery to remove a stone. he's much better now. but he's up for adoption now. absolutely marvelous cat. >> i didn't realize you have an entirely volunteer staff. >> that is correct. all volunteer. we're tax exempt organization. we work strictly on donations and fundraising. >> especially during this holiday time. it's good time to maybe go grab a pet and save a pet. >> you're based in the new york city area. if people are looking across the country, how do they contact a local facility? >> go object web sites. we're not based in the city. we're on long island. so we have a cat adoption center
5:41 am
in levittown and going to be open a ten kennel dog center at the same location. >> i think that dog sees the hydrant through the window. >> he's telling his story right now. >> thank you all for coming. >> thank you so much for having us. >> coming up on this wednesday, nancy pelosi said democrats would be proud to run on obamacare. not one congressman. he's just announce -- one congressman will not seek reelection and the woman ready to take his seat here next. >> right. and does this sound familiar? your wife talks to her mom three times a day. is she normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow will decide and then he'll referee. ♪ ♪ wisest kid,
5:42 am
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5:45 am
here is what's happening today. a 30-year-old man shot and killed in a mall parking lot while shopping with his wife will be laid to rest this morning. sources say a hidden camera captured him trying to fight off the two suspects who are still on the loose. and darryl mitchell accused of attacking seven random people in a game of knockout will be arraigned today. police on long island say one of his victims, a 69-year-old woman. and the epa's highest paid employee will be sentenced today. he convinced his bosses that he was an undercover c.i.a. agent and defrauded taxpayers of nearly $1 million. over to you, brian. >> as congress gears up for their 2014 midterm elections, it's going to happen, as obamacare already claimed its first congressional victim it seems, utah democrat congressman jim mathisson is retiring after
5:46 am
seven terms. he claim a democrat cannot win in utah due to the outrage of obamacare. is this the beginning of a tough election year for democrats or just with utah? he's running to fill -- she is running to fill his seat. mayor, thank you for joining us. what's your reaction to him backing out of running again? >> i certainly respect his decision not to run again and wish him and his family well. we're going to just -- doesn't change our strategy. we're going to work hard to earn every single vote and it's the same strategy. >> you got so close to winning last time. one of the most expensive congressional races in the country. now this time the advantage i think the republicans have that voted against it is they did not vote for obamacare. do you think mathisson is the tip of the spear on this? >> look, since march 23, 2010,
5:47 am
since this law has passed, there have been 287 polls done. public opinion polls done on the favorability of obamacare. all but two stated americans were not favorable to this bill. there is going to be backlash and people have to be held accountable for the decisions they make. going back and forth is not okay. this is something that the american people didn't want and they're going to be held accountable for it. >> when i watched john boehner erupt late last week because the budget came out as a compromise budget and a lot on the right, heritage foundation and others were lashing out, he lashed back. where do you stand on this? are you for the budget passed in the house and senate, or are you more towards the tea partiers who said i just don't like this? >> you know, i probably would have voted for it. however, does it go far enough to address our problems? absolutely not. we need to be a little bit more aggressive in addressing some of our issues.
5:48 am
we're looking at the amount of debt that we have, this spending. we have not done enough to control our out of control spending. the united states takes in more money than it's ever taken before, $250 billion a month. and we still -- the reason why we got a downgrade not guilty our credit -- downgrading in our credit rating is because we haven't addressed our credit issues. we need to solve those problems. >> what would it mean to you to be the first african-american republican to win a congressional seat in utah? >> i'm certainly not one that puts race into this equation. i just hope that i can bring people to come along with us. i hope that i can do everything i can to restore the american dream back to this country. my parents moved to this country for opportunities and to do whatever they can to achieve their goals. they weren't looking for a handout. that's what i would like to try and get back.
5:49 am
i'd like to make sure that we're creating independent americans that can give back to their communities. i think that our country will be completely different if we're able to do that. >> she's mayor of sarasota springs and she's in. mathison is out. thank you for joining us. >> merry christmas, brian. >> same to you and to your family. and to everyone in utah watching. i know a lot of fox fans out there. thanks so much. >> yeah. coming up straight ahead as we wrap up this show, does this sound familiar? your wife talks to her mom three times a day. is she normal or nuts? does she not want to talk to you? dr. keith ablow, we want to talk to you. first let's talk to martha mccallum. she's going to tell us what bill hemmer has to deal with for the next two hours. >> good morning, brian and everybody. so we are waiting the budget vote as critics ask why some on the hill want the military to shoulder the burden once again in this deal. senator wicker is here on that. and is edward snowden moving closer to an amnesty deal? congressman pete king will talk
5:50 am
about that with us. and the president says he longs for washington to be a bit more like one of his favorite tv shows. which one is it? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour on in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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5:52 am
5:53 am
we value a lot of voices in our head. sometimes we're wondering is it normal or nuts? keith ablow joins us from gene town as he -- bean town as he does once a week to tell us whether we're crazy or not. >> good morning. how? >> slightly nuts. >> he forgot our names. >> don't take it internally like that, brian. you always take things too hard. >> my inner voice has low self-esteem. >> i'll work with you. >> thank you very much.
5:54 am
i can't afford you. not with obamacare. my husband is addict to do fantasy football. he's in more leagues than i can count and even participates in fantasy golf. is that normal or nuts? >> i'm going to call him nuts. >> no! >> not everyone will agree with me. how is this different than any other distraction that rises to the level of a drug? she's saying more leagues than i can count. here is the bottom line, a little entertainment, sure. but people are getting lost in fantasy? and i'm here to bring them back to reality. >> by the way, elisabeth's husband is mr. fantasy football. you've lost her. >> that's where he grew up. watch out. we have another one coming in. it says, my daughter-in-law tells her child not to touch the christmas knickknacks at my house, even though nothing is breakable or harm her. all the grandkids love them and play with them. is she nuts?
5:55 am
>> i'm going to say she's somewhat obsessive, but not nuts. i don't know that this rises to the level of a disorder. but it doesn't sound advisable. i wouldn't be passive in this. i'd say, listen, i notice that your child, you keep telling her not to touch anything. nothing is breakable or even go further, hand the child one of the trinkets and say play with this. it's not going to break. don't accommodate this. >> keith, what if the grandma is in a fantasy football league? >> then there is no hope. cancel christmas. >> fantasy golf. >> the final one, is my wife of three years talks to her mom two or three times a day and drives to her hometown every month to see her family. my parents live nearby and they've tried welcoming her into our family, but she pushes them away. is this normal or a little nuts? >> drum roll. she's nuts. why? because she purported to be able to get married and be a wife.
5:56 am
she can't do that. she's still with her family of origin. here is the extra credit for this question: why did this person, this man marry someone unavailable to get married? you got to wonder, do you, sir, have some relationship issues t he could change her. >> well, you know. many of us suffer with that problem. myself included. but it could go deeper than that. >> then you're nuts! take that. >> well, i'm not claiming to be sane, am i? >> we know. >> tweet in your questions. maybe you could find out if you're normal or nuts. >> thank you for joining us. have a merry christmas. >> take care. merry christmas. more "fox & friends" two minutes away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made.
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>> there you can see mayor ford one side. brian on the other. from larry, he e-mailed us, brian, your moves lead much to be desired. friends need to give you dance lessons. >> i lost to the crack head mayor. >> yeah. bill: fox news alert. the senate set to vote on the first public deal in two years. some republicans crying foul saying the deal comes at the expense of our nation's heroes. ones who deserve it the most. martha: we are awaiting the full senate vote on the bipartisan budget deal. it's expected to fast when it heads to the hill for that full vote. some senate republicans are outraged over the cuts to veterans of our armed forces calling this part of this deal simply unthinkable. >> think about


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