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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 18, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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seconds. >> so i'll come up with another one tomorrow. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact >> but, charles, you can't leave and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! us with 15 seconds of dead air. >> or can i? >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of the five. special report is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm in tonight for bret baier. to help secure retirements in the midst of the lowest and protect financial futures. approval ratings of the five to help communities years in office, president obama recover and rebuild. is being advised to take a for companies going from garage to global. chainsaw to a big part of the nation 's intelligence on the ground, in the air, even into space. framework. the just released latest fox we repaid every dollar america lent us. news poll shows the president's and gave america back a profit. approval numbers continue to we're here to keep our promises. hover around 40%. to help you realize a better tomorrow. we have fox team coverage of the nsa fallout. from the families of aig, happy holidays. catherine heritage with what they might do. but we begin with wendell goler and why he might do it. >> good evening. the report recommends 46 changes
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which he accepts next month. and while his aides tell you, the poll numbers are not a factor, he is being supported by a number of political supporters. the president was told the nsa threatened the country's dominance of the technology department, there was a review to mr. president obama. where does the united states get most of its energy? >> make sure we are gathering intelligence in a way that is it africa? serves our security needs in a the middle east? canada? focus way and not just because or the u.s.? we can because we have the capacity to do so. the answer is... >> jay carney denies the report's release was prompted by the u.s. ♪ tuesday's meeting and denies most of america's energy comes from right here at home. edward snowden's nsa releaks take the energy quiz. triggers the queue. energy lives here. but he said this is heading the country in a way that will make it less secure. [ engine revs ] >> i think we are risking the ♪
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nation. >> they are ending the nsa ♪ storage record for five years and asking the companies to [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event s back, build back doors into the with the perfe vehicle that's just right for you, software so the government can access encrypted communications. no matter which list you're on [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! cisco's loss last month was [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 blamed in parts on the nsa leaks starting at just $29,900. and the company was sued saying it harmed investors by participating in nsa programs. at&t verizon shareholders had demanded they disclose their participation. some of the tech ceo's criticizing the administration are vital to mr. obama's political fortunes, pumping $11 million into his re-election. meanwhile his poll numbers continue to slide n. a fox poll, a majority no longer believes he is a strong and decisive leader a follow up on a story we and fewer people think he is told you about last night. it involves the arrest and strip honest and trustworthy than no. search of an indian government official here in the u.s. jay carney blames this chief washington correspondent james rosen on the reaction or dysfunctional washington, which he said is bad news for everyone what some are calling the over
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reaction from new delhi. here. >> they've seen the government >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry called india's shutdown, they've seen default threatened, they've seen a terrible rollout of a very national security advisor to important domestic policy initiative and the website. >> one series of recommendations tamp down an allally. would be aimed directly at >> with a father --s with a snoed. the report recommends classified information be shared only with people who need it and the use father with daughters the same of privacy for-profit companies age, he is as well upset and in to conduct background checks on government workers and his conversation with the contractors should be reduced or national security adviser he was phased out altogether. >> wendell goler live from the disappointed and would not like white house. thank you. to hurt our close and vital let's look at the practical effects of what the president might do this this information. relationship with the ally. now cath him heritage joins us >> diplomatic security agents tonight. good evening, thank you for arrested her outside of her joining us. daughter's school, the charge will the as -- let's talk about lying on visa forms about phone records. there is a suggestion that the payments to her housekeeper, companies themselves would house also an indian national. the records. >> based on the recommendations, the nsa would no longer hold the placed in the custody of the phone records of americans, but marshall, she pled before a held either by the phone magistrate judge, pled not companies or by a third party in
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guilty and was released on 2 # the private sector but there is $90,000 bail. a problem here because the former director of national she said she broke down many times as she was handcuffed and intelligence dennis blair, said strips and swabbing while in lockup with drug addicts. recently in 2009 they went to the phone companies and ask them the marshall service said it met to hold the records and that is not what they would do. standard procedure. so it is not just an easy fix on india removed barriers in front who will house the records is just not the case. >> and what about the spying on of the u.s. embassy and foreign or surveillance. missions. >> all agents employed about the counsel and the embassy members with their passport numbers and >> the surveillance on angela their bank statements. merkel, the intelligence community would ask what is the international interest and the [ chanting ] diplomatic irntd but the problem >> reporter: those outside of the embassy seemed to chant is that why are we going to sort of aggregate or give up the tool where the rape of a woman on a in the tool box when we are not necessarily getting the same assurances from those governments as well. bus was not an issue. >> and there are questions in the state department said it first notified india that kaub
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the recommendations about privacy rights. we are now talking about foreign raw was under investigation back nationals. >> one of the more interesting in september. she's been transferred to recommendations is they take the india's delegation to the u.n., 1974 privacy rights act and i move that will see her level extend it from u.s. citizens to of diplomatic immunity upgraded if the state signs off on it and non-u.s. citizens. if there is a crit siex kind of so far state officials haven't vague it doesn't indicate received the paperwork on that. whether these are people shannon. >> james, thank you. overseas but why would we extend president obama has named the rights to non-u.s. citizens tennis legend billy dean king to when the national security agency's mandate is to collect the sochi olympics in february. foreign intelligence overseas. >> that is a good question. he was one of the first to that is what the nsa is all acknowledge her homosexuality. about. catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. president obama is taking russia has been criticized for hits on the handling of his laws that critics say signature health care reform discriminate against gays. the white house said president law. 59% of those surveyed in our fox obama will not attend. many western leaders have also news poll disapprove on how he's said they will not be going. doing on that front, just 37% late this afternoon we confirmed approve, and two thirds want the montana senate max baucus will mandate delayed for a year and be nominated as the next fewer than one in three ambassador to china. disagree. a vote of confidence tonight for he served in the senate since the economy. the federal reserve said it will 1978 and is chairman of the tighten the financial belt by powerful finance committee. starting to pull back the $85 he has announced he will not for billion a month pump up of the re-election next year.
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economy. and china hacked into the the news comes amid a flurry of federal election commission website during the october partial government shutdown. the center for public integrity the countries financial being. here is doug mickelway. said no one left at the fec that >> it is a change in the period and overseeing internet monetary policy. the fed voted to pull back security. they cite three government officials involved in that quantitative easing since 2008, investigation. a newspaper in libya said gently weaning the frag imu.s. three republican members of congress were in the country economy from an $85 million yesterday to assess the security in wake of last year's benghazi purchase of bonds per month. terror attacks. >> the job market has continued the report said michelle to improve with the unemployment bachman, lee gom ert and louie rate having declined further. >> reporter: the decision came king met with staff to find out after the release of november why help did not come sooner on housing starts, jumping 22.7%, that terrell night. adam housley has the latest from los angeles. surging more than january of >> reporter: eight men, either cia staff or cia contractors, 1990. had testified before the house >> the momentum is moving in the right direction. intelligence committee about the if we start to get the policy night four americans were killed levers right, we'll build in benghazi including ambassador momentum. >> but what are the right policy chris stevens. some members of the committee insist there is no question some levers? it has done 4ri8 to -- little to men were told not to go. and they waited in multiple stimulate the economy.
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the wall street said the ultra locations as the terrorist low interest rates and bond attack ensued. >> there is a whole issue about stand down orders is not an buying of the government have issue, there were clearly stand down orders given to people not spawned little inflation, raising the risk of deflation, only in benghazi but also in falling prices, another reason tripoli and the state for the feds move today. >> the committee recognized that department's counter terrorism team, which is the worst of all. >> reporter: well some accounts inflation below its could pose allude to disagreement on the ground that night, the debate has spread to the house risk to economic performance. >> the decision to move back now intelligence committee as members give conflicting details pulls the fed and the economy about testimony heard behind into uncharted waters. closed doors. chairman mike rogers had this >> i think once you've begun it response to fox's megyn kelly becomes hard to back out. last month. >> why are you guys disagreeing? >> now what happens that the fed is backing out. >> you create another boom and >> well you are a former attorney. sometimes someone can see the overextend credit. same event and see three we have already, i'm quite different things. certain, created a lot of but the good news is we have the transcripts and we'll sit down next week and go overall of the interest rate risk in the entire transcripts and we've filled in the gaps, that is why this was financial system. >> reporter: bernanke who leaves important. >> but the transcripts are the post as fed chairman in classified so the public is left february indicated to today's to hear what happened through the filters of the committee. move is not inflexible. some men were clearly told not further infusions or bond buying to go. >> we still have to ask more and remain at hand. more questions and when they say
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>> we tend to maintain a highly these are phony scandals, well put it to rest. let the american people know comment policy. what was going on there, why the >> to cushion the impact, the response was what it was, and if fed left in tact a key it was just a bad mistake, just short-term interest rate to near say it. >> reporter: as the house grapples with its investigation, zero percent and plans to keep important details continue to it in place until the trickle out, members and sources on the ground that night insist more evidence needs to be unemployment rate falls below released by the cia and state 5%. department including phone the dow finished ahead for a records. meantime fox has also learned record close. the s&p 500 was up 30 for the senate committee report on benghazi is nearly done and may another record close. be released before christmas. nasdaq gains 6. and let's get reaction from shappon. >> adam housley in los angeles. thank you. still ahead, just how melissa francis in new york. transparent is the good evening, melissa. self-described most transparent tell us why did the market jump administration in history. but first, guess who is on this fed news? >> initially it dipped and then coming out on the short end of the new budget deal? took off because what investors hhh. saw is the fed is easing and [ coughs ] have a cold with thiannoying runny nose. getting out by very slowly. they are only taking $10 billion [ sniffles ] i bett take something. off the table per month, that is [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil cold and flu pocket change for them and doesn't treat all that. it doesn keeping interest -- long-term [ male announcer ] nope. [ sniffles ]
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interest rates low for a while. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms so it shows a slight taper and plus has a fast acting antihistamine not as much as the market had to relieve your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! feared. >> and what does this overall tell us about the economy? [ man ] shh! for fast cold and flu relief, day or night, >> it says the economy is getting better, but slowly. try alka-seltzer plus day and night liquid gels. i mean there was a lot of talk in that story that came before me about the lack of inflation. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. that is actually worrysome. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. you want some inflation. you want wage inflation and people's wages to go higher so it's out there somewhere they can buy more things. spreading the good word about idaho potatoes it is surprising that we haven't and raising money for meals on wheels. seen more inflation, it is a but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? little worrysome. >> how does that match up with thanks. the positive housing numbers we what? got today. >> the housing starts positive. up 22%, new home starts versus last month and especially single family homes were at a 6.5 year high and the inventory is moving through the market. the only down side is you have to wonder is it another bubble created by the fed and the low interest rates out there.
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that is a concern. >> melissa francis, thank you. >> my pleasure. up next, a not very diplomatic strip search but first here is what our fox affiliates are covering tonight. in boston, a court appearance of the harvard student accused of making the bomb threats that forced the evacuation of four buildings. police say he did it to get out of a final exam. and one of the two winners of the megamillions jacket pot lives in stone mountain. the prize is $636 million. and here is foggy san francisco. the big story there tonight, the other lottery ticket sold down the road in san jose. that is a look at special report. we'll be right back.
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a short time ago the senate passed the budget bill that passed a key vote yesterday and through the house last week. mike emanuel on a bill that no one loved, a few hated and most wanted to get it over with. >> on this vote, the yays are 64, the nays are 36. >> reporter: late today the senate gave final approval to a bipartisan budget package to pass a budget. >> it is time for congress to show the world that democrats and republicans can compromise. >> the process wasn't perfect, but produced a result. making this rock 'n' roll suggestion. >> mick jagger said you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just
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might find you get what you need. and what we need right now is a budget. >> reporter: the revelation that the deal reduces the cost of living allowance for military retirees has angered some on both sides of the aisle. >> can't imagine we are doing this to those who step forward to defend our country and with a military career and it amounts to $83,000 lifetime for the average enlisted retiree. >> patty murray said including wounded veterans was a mistake. >> that the provision included in this deal that mistakenly included disabled veterans will be changed following the passage of the ball. >> bjornin said they should fix all military benefits right now. >> i have no doubt whatsoever if we were able to come up with an appropriate pay-for and a substitute for this cut in
3:14 pm
military pensions, that it would pass like a hot knife through butter in the house of representatives when they recon seen. >> reporter: with the senate moving from the budget to the defense authorization bill, the republican leader complain about -- complained about an overall lack of input. >> some of the most important thing we discuss as a body is rushed through without any opportunity for debate or amendment. >> reporter: and a short time ago the defense authorization bill passed a key procedural vote, 71-29, the senate is expected to wrap that up and handle a few presidential nominations before they head out of town for christmas. shannon. >> thank you very much. ohio's republican secretary of state said 17 noncitizens voted illegally in last year's presidential election in his state. john houston said he was able to identify them for the first time through coordination with the bureau of motor vehicles. he said none of them are
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and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. obama care architect ezekiel emanuel was not joking that the government was about to launch a
3:19 pm
big p.r. campaign that he thought would get a lot of people to sign up. the twitter feed posted this, how do you plan to spend the cold days of december along with this picture. the guy wearing pajamas. wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, talk about getting health insurance. that inspired a slew of photo shopped photos. governor chris christie, we are spending the cold days of december volunteering. get out of your pjs. >> and another said i can't forget pajama boy, this is my big modeling career break. and what is the government thinking about the pajama boy campaign, cupping a hot chocolate cup. and walmart and one of the targets of the "occupy" movement is selling the 27 by 9 posters
3:20 pm
for $43, easily within the range of 99 percenters. and kanye west is being told to check yourself before you hurt yourself. david west said i'm just giving my body on the stage and putting my life at risk. literally this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something. from chief oliver, thank you for putting your life on the line for us every day. i know that being a rapper is tough work. i've tried to rap and it is very difficult to keep up with the pulse of the rime flow. your job is dangerous work. most people don't know if you rap really fast, you could pass out and hit your head. oliver who was being sarcastic chastised west, calling him, quote, as ignorant and misguided as they come. a crystal clear view at the self-professed most transparent administration in history.
3:21 pm
howard kurtz peers through the looking glass. >> president obama teamed up with steve harvey the other day to greet folks taking the white house tour, and it might not be noteworthy but the journalists were not allowed to greet the president after being shutdown by budget cuts. a federal judge ordered the release of a foreign aid directive that the president sign three years ago, saying this should not have been treated as a private communication and chastising the administration for arguing that this should be shared on a need-to-know basis. 38 news organization have complained about media photographers being shut out of events in favor of government photographers, calling what they do visual press releases. when president obama flew off to nelson mandela's funeral, only an official white house photographer was allowed to take pictures. jay carney acknowledges the
3:22 pm
complaints. >> are you going to give the access? what does it mean working on -- >> i'm saying we're going to find ways of providing more access. >> reporter: it is said obama has done three to four more interviews than bush or clinton, but they are on jay leno, the view and espn. and the president has curtailed the practice of taking a few newsy questions when they are taking photo ones. bush said he took 354 questions in his term, the figure for obama 107. the administration is saying they are still working toward popeness in government, including more freedom of information requests and stronger protection for whistleblowers. but photographers say the president is still falling fall short of his promises. shannon. >> howie, thank you. it didn't take long for president obama's newest senior adviser to stir things up.
3:23 pm
john pedesta is apologying of comparing republicans to those who killed millions. he said today, my snark got in front of my judgment. we'll talk about what americans think of president obama. the fox stars and you. join us what you come back. do not forget, log on to the bing polls at report michael, tell us why you used priceline express deal
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priceline savings without the bidding.
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. the message is very clear, the message to the nsa is now coming from every branch of government, from every corner of our nation, and nsa, you've gone too far. the bulk collection of americans' data but the u.s.
3:27 pm
government has to end. >> and it is also coming now from a review board with 46 recommendations, one of them reads, quote, the question is not whether granting the gort authority makes us incrementally safer but whether the additional safety is worth the sacrifice in terms of individual privacy, personal liberty and public trust. let's talk about it with our panel. steve hayes, with the standard. mara liasson and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekends. good to see all of you. >> thank you, shannon. >> what do you make of the news that we have all of the recommendations. where do we go from here? >> these came about no thanks to those on the hill. you saw this liberal senator from vermont rejoicing over that and that indicates the pressure is coming from the civil libertarian left. but this doesn't answer the question, what are they doing with the data already collected?
3:28 pm
is it safe in the government hands. and given the actions of edward snowden who was able to walk out with thisnformation and very little oversight, you have to wonder. i don't think the obama administration has received the credit it is due for its lacked standards that allowed snowden to do what he did. it has not been blamed aappropriately for that. >> and the ongoing discussion is these are recommendations. what the white house does with it now, that is in the report. >> but senator layhe said the bulk collection by the u.s. government has to end. one of the recommendations, not that the collection ends but just stored in a different place. instead of the government storing all of this data, they recommend a private company store it. the private companies has been asked in the past to store this data and they don't want to. that is different. and there are recommendations, such as going and looking for stuff and then asking later, you have to go in advance and show
3:29 pm
some kind of probable cause. but i think the collection of massive amounts of megadata is here to stay, the question is can there be some kind of safeguards set up that abuses don't happen in the future. >> and who sets that up and monitors them, steve? >> that is the big question. that is what part of this report tried to do, is strike the balance. in the quote that you read from the top of the report, the question is not whether granting this government authority makes us safer, but whether it is worth the tradeoff. which is an acknowledgment that this does make us safer. i would be very careful about stripping away a lot of these restrictions, even if we have questions about them, even if we think in some cases they have gone too far, i think if you start to walk them back, systematically walk them back, you could be looking at future intelligence failures and at that point we'll be looking around saying shouldn't we have done more to prevent these attacks. >> i would say, you throw out this makes us safer but when you
3:30 pm
press the people that make that claim you are met with a wall or a response, we can't tell you, because telling you would make you less safe. the truth is it is impossible to know in every single circumstance what necessarily makes us safer. there are too many variables. treating me as a suspect, i refuse to think that makes the country safer. >> and the federal judge's ruling this week said on nsa, on press there wasn't the information he was looking for that justified what they were asking to do so that conversation will continue and we'll see what the white house does with these recommendations, not bound by them. and we have a whole slew of poll numbers coming out tonight. one of the questions is, is barack obama honest and trustworthy at the highest point 2009, 70% polled said yes. and now that number has dipped, and now only 40% say honest and trustworthy and 49% said no.
3:31 pm
and that seems to -- the whole if you like your plan you can keep your plan, and that is what makes this point. >> his numbers have gone up and down during the presidency, but his personal attributes, honest and trustworthy and good leader have always stayed high. now the numbers have changed and i think they can be connected to the obama care promise that turned out to be inaccurate and that has hurt him and it is really hard to get those kind of at tribute numbers back. >> i think it is more than that. i think it is not only if you like your plan you can keep it, but it is an accumulation of other things we've seen, the irs and benghazi, the controversy over the nsa. all of these things together in the first year of his second term, for a president who said at the very beginning of his term, on the first day in office, he said we need to restore the faith in government to make the kind of changes we need to make. that fablg is -- that faith is
3:32 pm
gone. his administration has done more to erode that faith than anybody or his critics could have imagined. and that is the challenge for him. and it is the most difficult thing for him to recover. it is harder for him to make the case that people should now trust someone who has repeatedly shown they should not. >> and more on this point of the worries about the trustworthiness and whether the president is telling the truth or not. one of the questions was did the president or the obama administration know ahead of time that people couldn't keep their doctor. we know the memos out there and hear the information. 61% of people, tucker, now believe the administration knew, which is basically saying they were lied to. >> sure. when you get caught lying, people begin to suspect you're a liar, not just about the thing you've been caught lying about, but about everything. this is hurting the rest of the president's agenda.
3:33 pm
it is hard to see that. >> where does he go? did he have any political council. >> if he gets big accomplishments it is not because he said do something for me, it is because it is in the benefit of the republican party, not because the president with his juice heaved it over the finish line. >> and dblgs say -- democrats say they are running on this and it is going to benefit them in the long-term. and i think harry reid said that today, that he thinks there is a net positive by the time they get to the polls next year, despite what we see in our polling, he said by mid elections, it is a net positive for democrats. >> i remember democrats saying the same thing in 2009 and 2010 and it didn't work out that way. we have more information and this is affecting people's lives they are paying more money and not able to see their doctor and having insurance plans canceled. if harry reid thinks that will enhance their prospects, i think he needs to rethink that. >> and we know there will be
3:34 pm
more to come. our polling should now -- the health care lobby be delayed for a year and there is growing support among the public for that. and 67% now say, yeah, they should delay it for a year, tucker. >> the number i keep thinking about is 63, the number of house seats democrats lost in 2010 before we knew how bad obamacare was. and i don't think it will define the 2016 presidential election but will definitely define the mid-term election. it gets worse and worse. where is the respite for all of this. if you are a democrat, where is the point where you turn to your funders or candidate, your friends and wife and say it will get better right here. where is that point? >> for harry reid it was today. thank you very much. next up, just how transparent is this administration? we'll find out. ♪
3:35 pm
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you say you are working with, but what does that mean? are you going to do something or talking about it. >> i am saying we have been meeting with representatives of the white house correspondents and will continue to, to work to increase access to be responsive to some of the concerns. but i can promise you that the outcome of that will not be complete satisfaction. >> maybe not complete satisfaction, maybe partial satisfaction. let's talk about it with our panel, the idea that the white house promised it would be the most transparent administration in history. the jury is still out on that. mara, you were there for some of the discussions. >> this is what transparency o. >> the white house association is upset about the fact that the white house feels it is
3:39 pm
perfectly okay to take a picture, post it on twitter or wherever, and that's it. and then the public has access to it. news photographers want to be present and there is always a tug of war between every administration and the press core will how much access you can have. but because there are so many more avenues and tools to get your own images out, that access has been curtailed and that's what this tug of swar about. >> and how does that change the message? does it if you can control it? >> of course it does. they have been doing it for five years. they will give an interview to us weekly or oprah and count it as a press interview. and i'm sorry, this doesn't count. but the fact that they have all these actors and comedians, entering in to partnership with amy poehler to sell obamacare,
3:40 pm
when you have entertainment figures acting for -- that's getting in to soviet territory. it's disturbing. >> obama isn't the only administration that's done that. >> really? i can't remember saturday night live actors working on of behalf bush. >> and republicans don't like it when -- >> exactly. >> what i find ironic about the argument, welcome to the world the rest of us have been living in for five years. you're just now understanding that the president who made this pledge on the first day of office, an executive memorandum to operate a transparent and open government wasn't actually being straight, wasn't telling the truth, didn't it actually intend to follow through? of course he didn't. that's the rule that a lot of us have been living in for five years and now the press core when it affects them, goodness knows the media especially inhot
3:41 pm
6 them. >> you've talked about the official photographer releasing a photo. we know it's the no the same. when you're in the room, and you have chance to get a question to the president and that opportunity is lost. >> and it's a question of how many times do you get the chance for questions. bill clinton famously said i don't need the media, i can talk to the public unfiltered by going on the arsenio hall show or whatever it is he used to do. the white house wants to control the message. they would rather we're just stenography, but we're not. >> look at the mandela funeral service. would those picture s have been made public? no. you can imagine another scenario in which the president is sitting in the oval office having a tough meeting with somebody and the white house
3:42 pm
controls the access to those pictures. those pictures do tell a story. >> where is the resentment and hostility? if you're a member of the press core and having your job sub orred completely, shouldn't you hate that? now they're mad about it five years in? >> they are upset now. and jay carney is taking a lot of heat. >> journalists always complain about things that affect journalists. where was the moral outlanlg when journalists were lied to about what happened this benghazi? there was a black and white issue. the white house was not honest with that. jay carney didn't tell the truth. repeatedly. and there was -- where was that outrage? we had it for half a day and then it disappeared. but when it affects journalists,
3:43 pm
then they're upset about it. >> and when it goes in to public conversation, it may hit the numbers we talked about earlier, the numbers with trust and honesty and people having doubt about the president. because we all know when somebody won't answer your questions or give you an interview, you become suspect even if there is nothing there. it makes you take a second look. >> there is always something there. >> if someone won't answer your questions, there is a reason why. why can't you speak in plain english and tell me the answer. >> there you have it. if you don't take his phone calls, there is something -- guilty until proven innocent. thank you, panel. if you've been feeling bah humbug, do not miss our anti-scrooge update after the break. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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highlights. republicans and democrats agreed with tucker when he said it's impossible to know whether nsa surveillance makes us safer. both men and women agreed when he said we should be careful about scaling back the effort because it could lead to future intelligence favorites. and a cross-party agreement that the obama administration thinksesthinks it's okay to take its own photos. total votes tonight, 111,000. thank you. christmas is a time for miracles and we wanted to share this from you from three children's hospitals in the atlanta area. ♪
3:48 pm
♪ >> we're told it was 57 degrees that day in atlanta, but they brought in the snow so the kids could have a true christmas experience. thanks for watching special report. good night from washington. on the record with greta is next.
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can you pass this test? it's a multiple choice test. which of the following seems out of place? a, christmas trees. b, stockings. c, egg nog. and d, obamacare. now, president obama tweeting this picture promoting obamacare and saying christmas is around the corner, time to #get talking with your family. and if that's not enough, just check out this ad being pushed to people on >> hi, mom. >> hi, sweetie. are you almost here? >> yeah, i'll be there in a few. >> good, because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what. but it's time to get covered. >> that's it,e
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