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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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mega millions lottery. one from california. the other an atlanta-area woman who played her family's birthday and lucky number 7. taking the cash option of one lump sum payment of $120 millio. what would you do if you won? send me a tweet. tonight just a few short hours after he voted against the so-called bipartisan budget deal in the senate, texas conservative ted cruz will kick off our jam-packed wednesday night edition of hannity. our conversation begins now. >> energy. and the bill is passed. >> education. >> the bill is passed. >> agriculture. >> the bill is passed. >> health care. >> the bill is passed. >> can bob beckel defend his do nothing democratic party? >> mr. president, what are you waiting for?
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>> a colorado school under fire for allowing a biological boy inside the girls' locker room. you have to be kidding. >> the school told us your daughter has no rights. >> "duck dynasty's" patriarch under fire for comments he made in "gq" magazine. and a knock out thug is arrested. andrea tantaros, tamara holder and ainsley earhardt with a special report coming up here. "hannity" starts here and now. in a 64-36 vote the senate passed the so-called bipartisan budget deal. nine gop senators who you can see on your screen broke ranks and voted with the democrats. take a look.
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facing harsh words yesterday. here's what he >> i have concerns about the budget deal. everybody does because of the nature business is done. to keep the government from shutting down lacks some intellectual integrity. >> really? ? in a moment you will hear senator ted cruz. first join the conversation on our facebook page. tell us what you think about the nine gop senators who sided with democrats and voted to support the budget deal and it's time to trend at 10:00. sound off on twitter. # hannity. by the way, we'll tell you who won in the big dog contest from last night. joining me now, senator ted cruz. how are you?
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>> i'm great. merry christmas and happy new year to you. >> first respond to senator mccain who called you a whacko bird. >> it's a lousy deal. everyone in the country outside of washington agrees we have too much government spending, too much debt and the tax burden is too high. what does this deal do? more spending. it will rack up more debt in the near term in exchange for promised hypothetical cuts in the future. more taxes and fees on the american people. it goes the wrong direction. it's another example of business as usual in washington, not addressing the problems we've got. >> that's the problem. increasing the debt. spending comes first and the so-called cuts. what about the mill tear? they are getting hurt big time here. i was surprised to see any republican vote for that. you tried to fix it yesterday. democrats wouldn't go along with it. >> exactly right. this budget deal cuts through
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the retirement of men and women who risked their lives protecting our country. it doesn't do the same, by the way, to civilian retirees in the federal government. it treats the military worse than the civilian side. i don't know how you can defend it. i think it is bad policy, a mistake. it's unfortunate. >> democrats hold the line, stick with the president. obamacare is so unpopular. even red state senators, democratic senators are sticking with the president so far. yet republicans are fighting amongst themselves. john mccain's comments. he's now attacked you personally many times. why is he voting with the democrats? >> i don't know. the comment you made about democrats sticking together is striking.
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harry reid cracks the whip and like lemmings they go off the cliff. i have asked republicans, will none of you stand up to harry reid? i have tried to urge them. you know, it's not that hard to buck party leap. i know it in more than a hypothetical way. the democrats, many of whom pride themselves on a james dean, rebel without a cause image will just fall in line and do whatever the majority leader says. you are not seeing democrats ready to stand up to barack obama though obamacare is hurting millions of people. it's taking away health insurance from millions of people. >> it seems like republicans have the ability to lay out an agenda now. with an election year coming. we hear we'll fight later. let me play an ad that was
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released in new hampshire against gene shaheen. i would expect we'll see ads like this around the country by the time next november comes around. tell me what you think of the ad. >> on health care, gene shaheen didn't tell the truth. >> you can keep your insurance if you like it. it will increase choices for families. it will promote competition. >> the facts, more than 20,000 new hampshire patients have had their coverage cancelled. obamacare offers only one insurer on new hampshire's individual market. next november if you like your senator, you can keep her. if you don't, you know what to do. >> i think that's a powerful ad. i expect it in a lot of places. >> your reaction? >> i think that final tag line is really telling. you know, obamacare isn't working. it was sold to the american people under false pretenses. 28 times president obama looked in the tv cam a and said, if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it, period.
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that was knowingly, deliberately false. it was the entire heart of how obamacare was sold to the american people repeat lid. president obama and the democrats told the american people if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. that was knowingly, deliberately false. in the public arena, when you knowingly, deliberately make false statements to the american people and hurt millions of americanss through foolhardy policy there are consequences. that's why you were speaking out so loudly and had been speaking out against obamacare and why so many of us fought so hard to stop the train wreck of a law. it isn't working. people are losing their health insurance, doctors, jobs over and over again. we have to stop it. >> senator, i will outline in january a list of what i think the conservative solution agenda ought to be. i hope people in washington pay attention. i will send it to you
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personally. i would like to see if you agree with the stuff i'm putting together. we have a vicious partisan hack by the name of john padesta. ran a liberal think tank, center for american progress. obviously the president has doubled down by bringing him back to the white house. here is what he was quoted in this article in politico magazine on september 17 saying, they need to focus on executive action that they are facing a cult worthy of jonestown. he had to give an apology later on twitter. i apologize to the speaker whom i have always respected, which i thought was a phony apology. the president double theed down in terms of combativeness. how do you interpret that. >> this is a president who campaigned on hope and change. unfortunately the new tone has been nasty partisan politics
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taking up as they say in spinal tap, ours goes to 11. this really does go oh to the 11. it's interesting the substantive point he made aside from the insult which is do everything the obama agenda wants to implement through executive action. one of the things i know you are troubled about. i find it among the most deeply troubling is the pattern of lawlessnesses, picking and choosing which laws to follow. you look at obamacare. the employer mandate kicks in in 2014. president says he won't follow that. the law says congress is subject the to obamacare. president says he's not following that law. the law mandates millions of people lose health insurance because obamacare makes their insurance policies illegal and president obama instructs insurance companies to ignore the law. that's dangerous to the
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constitution and our liberty. >> if everybody stood with you we would have won the fight. they didn't. that bothers me about the republican party. we'll get to over christmas will you give thought to. many are watching and waiting to see if you are thining about a run for the presidency. will you give it thought over christmas? >> do you know what i will give thought to is continuing to take the fight to the american people. we'll repeal this law because it isn't working. the more the american people get energized, go to this thing isn't working and we can turn it around. >> are 1 0e 0 million people going to lose insurance in the end? >> there is a risk of that. this administration consciously engaged in a trade off. in order to try to provide insurance to a small segment of the population, they have endangereded the health insurance of anywhere between
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one and 200 million american. it doesn't make sense. >> good to see you. happy new year and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. have a blessed new year. >> on this busy night on "hannity" -- >> senate democrats are standing in the way. president obama was standing on the sideline. mr. president, what are you waiting for? >> the gop-led house passed bill after bill trying to put americans back to work. democrats and our do nothing president, they are just roadblocks in the way of progress. coming up, bob beckel, andrea tantaros have reaction. later tonight -- >> you're wired as a mom to protect your kids. when you're unable to. that's scary. >> that's the heart it is breaking concern of a mother after a high school in colorado decided to allow a biological boy to use the girls' bathroom and locker room. what's the world coming to? plus the patriarch of "duck
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dynasty" phil roberts son is in trouble after comments he made about homosexuality. also, ainsley earhardt back with a special investigation that you do not want to miss as "hannity" continues. and now my journey across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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10:16 pm
wages, slow growth. we can do better. we are focused on getting the economy moving again, passing good jobs bills, energy. >> and the bill is passed. >> education. >> the bill is passed. >> ago culture. >> and the bill is passed. >> health care. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> the senate democrats are standing in the way. president obama is just standing on the sidelines. >> mr. president, what are you waiting for? >> joining me now with reaction, our friends from the five, bob beckel and andrea tantaros. you look festive. >> thank you. >> i like it. looks good. want to tell everybody what a good cook i am? >> you are a good cook. cooked me a steak. >> vegetables. >> i was impressed. not only that, you can put on a
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roof, nail things. off future after this. what boehner said about the bill is passed, the problem is they were lousy bills. big deal. i was glad to see boehner stood up to the right wingers. >> like me. >> you, yeah. >> and andrea. >> would you ever wear a tie and suspenders? >> no. >> i think it's festive. >> the president got his stimulus, we went through the summer of recovery. you know, we have the lowest job participation rate in 35 yearses. we have black unemployment for youth in the summer is 50%. we have 13% in the black community, 13% hispanic community. are we better off now headed into the sixth year of obama's presidency. >> not even close. the house has been highly active. the house passed a number of
10:18 pm
pieces of legislation to fix all of these thing. the senate is the roadblock. he doesn't even reach out to me and i'm a democrat. i don't think you can fix his legacy at this point with obamacare. look back at the new deal. look at the programs. social security was with created out of the t new deal but it wasn't called rooss velt security. it wasn't the rcc with roosevelt in there. this has his name on it. while that is a great ad boehner did, republicans have to put out an ad that says we tried to show effort of trying to stop it. >> i tried harder than them. >> we all did. >> if obamacare falls apart you will have a bigger margin in the house and you may get 55, 60
10:19 pm
seats in the senate. the republicans have got to have something besides being against things. they are not for anything. by the way this economy is growing. >> i agree because if i went to the street of any city and said what do the republicans in congress stand for they wouldn't have an answer. so i'm outlining it for them in january. if they don't have a positive agenda they won't win. part of the agenda is to explain the alternative to health care. what a balanced budget means. we'll stop the robbing prosecute the kids. i agree with bob. >> they do have plans though bob likes to deny it. what are they? they have done a terrible job letting us know. they had a prime opportunity. you and i talked about this. when the government was debating whether or not to fund it. to get together and pass a bill and get on the same page about stripping the irs of the
10:20 pm
enforcement body. think about this. imagine the democrats having to defend the irs. >> i like that. >> republicans go on offense and democrats go on defense. that would have been brilliant but they didn't do it. >> if there is one with area where nixon goes to china sense is on the tax code. republicans could take the lead on tax reform. they won't. the democrats are as bad as anybody else. this tax code has to change. neither one of them are willing to touch it. seems that for the republicans it would be a perfect deal for them. if they are going to say the reason is obamacare. >> we are not going to let that happen. they have to outline the penny plan. immigration, health care, where they stand.
10:21 pm
we are headed to $25 trillion in debt. we are robbing our kids and grandkids blind. that's a moral imperative that they can win by stealing money. >> when are they going to fight? >> that's the problem. >> where i will agree with bob is there is an opportunity but often times it's republicans and democrats who won't stand up and fix it. >> i said that. >> when republicans try, i will say this. when they have tried to save social security to reform medicare. >> no help. >> thai like, you're killing grandma. grandma's going off the cliff. >> let's look at the history of the current republican presidents. ronald reagan, the cost of the government went up sh not one agency was cut. george bush, the same thing. the republicans are as wedded to big government as the democrats are. >> there is truth to what you are saying. but nobody has been this bad. >> oh, come on. >> we are at a tipping point for the country. i don't know if we can sustain
10:22 pm
it. if we don't fix it we will pay a price down the road. >> you can't blame obama. remember, the it was bill clinton in 1997 after he came off a terrible defeat in the 1996 midterm elections. he came back and was one of the most popular president this is history. >> obama is not clinton. millions more will lose insurance. corporate welfare is to come. this will bankrupt us. >> that's the nicest phone, pink and white, i have seen. >> what is it? >> her phone. >> merry christmas. >> happy birthday, if i don't see you. >> we have the same birthday. >> capricorn power. that's why we get along. you're only -- >> how old are you? >> i was at your 50th party. it was nice. >> up next on "hannity" straight ahead --
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>> kind of makes me nervous about the if i run into him -- >> i feel uncomfortable because i know he doesn't have the same parts as me. >> why do those girls feel that way? a high school in colorado is allowing a biological boy to use the girls' bathroom and locker room. later tonight our panel reacts to the story about the most watched family on television. "duck dynasty's" phil robert son is taking heat about his religion and comments he made about homosexuality. ainsley earhardt is back with a special investigation you don't want to miss, straight ahead. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies.
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welcome back to "hannity" . students and their families in a small colorado town are voicing concern because a high school is allowing a biological boy who identifies as a girl who kwus the girl's bathroom and locker room. take a look at the pacific justice institute's video which highlights how the young girl and some of their mothers feel about the situation. >> you're wired as a mom to protect your kid. when you are unable to it's scary. >> kind of oh makes me a little bit nervous like if i run into him. >> i feel uncomfortable because i know he doesn't have the same parts as me which i don't think
10:28 pm
that's right that he can go into the same bathroom as me. >> when the school told me there are no rightses i said there have to be rights for the girls. >> i only use the bathroom probably once a day and that's when i'm in gym. i don't have the same gym class as him, so i'm trusting that he won't walk in there while i'm in there. >> things are meant to be private and kept for you and only for you. >> a few months ago me and my friends were in there and we see him walk out of the stall. i felt really weird and we just walked out. >> i'm just -- i don't go to the bathroom as much anymore. >> pretty powerful video. they are not the only ones concerns about the invasion of privacy. in california there were enough signatureses to put a hold on the state's law which allows trance gender boys and girls who choose which locker rooms they want to use. michelle fields and fox news contributor leslie marshall,
10:29 pm
both in california tonight. good to see you. >> and you, sean. >> leslie, what's that snicker, laugh about? >> oh, nothing. you said both in california. >> the point is don't you think this is putting people in an uncomfortable position. people want privacy in that situation and this is burdening them with a situation they shouldn't have to deal with. >> this is a complicated situation. we are having more children who are identifying as a gender different than they were born. they are too young to have a sex change operation especially just entering puberty. i'm concerned for child safety whether it is a boy and a girls bathroom, a girl and a boy's bathroom or the people in the bathroom who are of that gender. >> how about they build a separate bathroom?
10:30 pm
if that's what they want? is that okay? >> you're saying a trans gender bathroom? i wouldn't totally disagree with that. that's what i was thinki ining d be a solution. they need a solution to this. >> what do you think? >> that's the best solution. a basic privacy right is being able to choose not to undress in front of the opposite sex. that's what the girls are forced to do. they are forced to share the most intimate spaces -- showers, bathrooms, locker rooms -- with someone who is not a part of their sex. bathrooms are supposed to be, you know sh separated according to body parts, not one's psychology or the way they perceive themselves. this is ununfortunate? what about the girls' privacy? it's unfair what the schools and california are doing. >> we solved the issue? build a separate bathroom? >> not exactly. we have to discuss her maf ro diets, children who have
10:31 pm
actually chromosomely they are a gender and the genitals don't match it? >> there is always something new leslie wants to bring up. thanks for joining us. don't miss it. still ahead, ainsley earhardt back in studio. a heart warming story for the holidays. first i love "duck dynasty," i love phil robertson. anyway, he's now in trouble for comments he made in gq magazine for comments on homosexuality and why people are targeting his network and the advertisers. log onto log onto to foll [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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10:36 pm
lirks lic and tamara holder. who watches "duck dynasty." >> great show. i met him once. >> 14 million viewers on cable. huge numbers. >> tremendous. >> you have never watched "duck dynasty"? >> i'm sorry. i go hunting myself. i don't need to watch them hunt. >> katie is a good hunter, too. >> wow. >> they go hunting, kill hogs. they have long beards and they pray at the end of every show. religious family. big controversy. phil is my favorite. we have to get the yuppy out of you to quote phil. >> you want to get the yuppy out of your daughter by making her hog tie a hog or something. >> go hog hunting. >> you should go hog hunting from a helicopter in texas. >> and put a worm on a hook and go fishing. a live worm. she doesn't want to do it. >> send her to where i'm from in colorado. she can go pheasant hunting and
10:37 pm
pull apart the feathers and all that. >> what's wrong with a hog or alligator. >> creepy. you will throw her in with an alligator? >> i want phil to take the yuppy out of her as he saids. he's in gq. he's asked about homosexuality. he says, seems to me a vagina, as a man would be more desirable than a man's anus. she has more to offer. i mean, come on, dudes. you know what i'm saying. sin, it's not logical. my man, it's just not logical. he gives a religious explanation about sin and a variety of things in the bible. is this a religious freedom of speech issue? >> i don't know. i really don't. i read his explanation.
10:38 pm
he does talk about sin. i guess he's a theologian in some ways. >> it appears to be an unfortunate clinical if not scat logical reference that maybe he wants to take back. >> no, no. >> as much as i like the show and i like them, i met them. i don't think that's the best explanation of sin that we could be he gave a variety of other sins. he talked about he doesn't judge people. >> sometimes people make mistakes. when they make mistakes they should say, will be, i shouldn't have said that. >> it's a mistake that he can't say his religious views. >> it's not a religious view if way he stated it. >> he talks about different sins, slanderers, drunkards,
10:39 pm
adulterers won't inherit the kingdom of god. >> this doesn't necessarily come down to what his explanation is. the only one on television says something that's disagreeing with the rest of society that we need to pull his sponsors. glad has no credibility. they didn't go affleck bald when he made homophobic comments about -- that's what g.l.a.d. is -- >> you make a mistake -- >> he didn't make a mistake. he said what he wanted to say the way he wanted to say it. >> i made a mistake. >> it's not a mistake. >> catholics and christians believe that premarital sex, extramarital sex and also that homosexuality sex is a season. that's their religious belief. >> he has his views.
10:40 pm
he didn't think gays should be killed or anything of the sort. i don't think g.l.a.d. should go after him because it was an interview. it wasn't on the show. it was a separate interview with gq. what do you think about these things? i'm a crazy liberal but i believe in freedom of speech. >> you're not crazy. >> just a liberal. >> i agree. >> when the bashir thing went on, i never said to bashir, baldwin or fire bill maher who i disagree with. this is a slippery slope. we have an industry built on targeting advertisers and starting campaigns to get people fired. >> people should not be fired. >> don't watch it. you don't like it, too bad. >> there are circumstance where is they endpaj in horrible hate speech they should be fired. bashthe ir should have been fired. they didn't have the nerve. i'm not suggesting this man should be fired.
10:41 pm
i will continue to watch his show. it's a terrific, interesting show. when someone says something in a way that doesn't communicate what he wantses to communicate -- >> i think he communicated what he wanted the to communicate. >> i don't see anything religious about it. kwo think it is quoting the good book. >> why is that your decision to make? >> he said -- >> it is my decision to make. it's my opinion. >> it's not your decision to say what he should say and how he should say it. >> it's my opinion. >> he was quoting corinthians. we can all agree -- >> that's why he's so popular is because of what he says. >> i'm not disagreeing that what he said was wrong. i want that clear. but his quotation of it is not the proper [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked,
10:42 pm
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♪ every baker and indy rock fan ♪ ♪ each student and teacher and neighbor and friend ♪ ♪ will live long in oregon ♪ long live our oregon spirit ♪ long live the oregon way ♪ to care for each one ♪ every daughter and son ♪ live long, oregon >> that's designed to get millennials the to sign up for obamacare which they are not doing. tamara? >> i'm not going to defend that weird ad. it was creepy like child molester guitar -- >> oh --
10:47 pm
>> it was. >> i agree it was creepy. >> who produced that song? do they have a studio like this that you try out? >> do you know why millennials -- they aren't stupid. the young and healthy are supposed to pay for the sick, elderly and uninsured and they are not doing it. >> it's hard to pick which ad is the worst. that was bad. i'm not sure if you saw organizing for action's ad y fr yesterday of the millennial in the hoodie footy, the onesie, the man at home curled up with with his coffee saying to get covered and talk about it during december. this is the definition -- >> there it is. >> that's not the worst one but it's bad. this is the definition of the adult child syndrome. >> probably the guy living in the basement. >> i agree but all of the jokes, making fun of him and he's obviously got a bad p.r. problem
10:48 pm
himself. 33% of them are democrats. 24% republican. 41% independent. like they don't know what party they are. they are not going to vote. >> they are living in mommy and daddy's basement. >> i don't want to pick on them. >> i want them to get back to work. >> they are not enrolled in college, how do we get them to vote? >> i want them to have an america where they can get a freaking job. >> they're not even in college. >> there is a new fox poll. 37% of people under 30 who vote approve of this president. that's a huge problem for this president. when a government sees young
10:49 pm
people in the way we see in the ads you can see why. >> awful. >> talk about paternals and the nanny ninny state it's ridiculous. >> 75% don't agree with republicans in congress. this is a problem that not young adults have but middle age or whatever random age i am. i don't know. >> how old are you? >> 23. >> it's time for millennials to get out of the basement of mom and dad. >> i have worked since i was 8. >> 9 or 10. >> i was washing dishes at 12. >> absolutely. >> i walked uphill with with no shoes both way. >> we aspire to be our fathers. >> that's true. >> it's a great thing. >> merry christmas. happy holidays. happy new year. >> merry christmas. >> you don't want to miss this next. ainsley earhardt is back for more of the series on building homes for heroes. her story is one you don't want to miss.
10:50 pm
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welcome back. our friend ainsley earhardt is back profiling yet another hero whose life is being changed because of you. this is one of our favorite charities. >> september 11thth, 2001, in and days that followed, volunteers joined efforts alongside professionals. one of them was andy pujol. >> just horrifyed and made a promise i wanted to serve my country. when soldiers started to return home, some came home really terribly banged up. i said had is my calling. >> he started building homes for heros the mission of building moert-free houses adapted for needs of injured troops.
10:55 pm
>> 340 troopers, we have six full time employees and 2000 volunteers working every day. >> one volunteer is greg karen. in november, 2011 they were hunting for insurgents when he stepped on a pressure-plate ied. he survived but lost both legs and most function in his right arm. recovery was gruelling. >> i spent nine months learning how to walk again. took me a month to get out of the bed my legs were swollen. january we got a call from building homes for heros saying they wanted to build a home for my wife and i. >> we just fell in love with them, they were shocked we'd consider building them a home. and you know they just said to me he wants to be insolved. what can i do? >> greg and his family insisted
10:56 pm
they be part of the construction, join by the hundreds of others. >> most of it has been local people who have known greg or know about the accident. saying how can we help? tell me what to do. when to be there. >> i called out to colleagues and said we need to help this marine. they said yes. absolutely. >> his old house is hard to navigate because of the injuries and things he once took for granted were no longer easy to do. >> my wheelchair doesn't fit through doorways. in the bathroom very to park, get down on the floor, crawl to the tub. >> not anymore. >> very a roll in shower >> just changes our lives so much. it had this beautiful home, to have everybody handicapped accessible. >> thanks to the hard work, building homes for heros and hundreds of volunteers an
10:57 pm
amazing house was built from the ground up. >> there is no finer example of selfless service and sacrifice of courage, and commitment. he served his country with unimaginable valor. >> to you, greg, thank you for your service and sacrifice thank you for teaching us the meaning of courage. and patriotism. >> spending nine months down in walter reed is very stressful down there. it's depressing but we push on. by having building homes for heros do what they do for us, it's a huge help. it is. everybody sits here asks me how do i get courage and strength? the answer is you guys. i got unfinished business you know sni want to help andy build more homes for more
10:58 pm
veterans. >> welcome to your new home. >> joining me now, ainsley earhardt. this is more moving every night. unbelievable. >> building homes for heros if you want to give money. we've fallen in love with this organization. last night after our story aired they said they've never gotten as many donations and the web site crashed it is back up again. >> is this like an obama crash? >> yes. >> sorry. i'm dragging this on. >> this one works >> so they crashed and got back snup >> so many of your viewers, >> we should hire them for obamacare. >> sorry. can't help it. >> but we're proud of them what. a great example. >> we're talking about this. i want to do a hannity homes for heros. build one, just pick a project. if you watch property
10:59 pm
brothers? maybe we can get them to do up, we'll do a rehab home for heros. >> let's do it.. >> i used to do that for a living. >> what part? . >> i was pretty good at framing and tile work and good at standing paper. >> you're good at all. >> i'll do whatever you tell me to do. i can paint. >> you can do sand something >> sounds good. >> i'll do sanding. >> we're going to come back home tomorrow. this guy said don't take it for granted this holiday season. all things you can do easily. he said quote, didn't realize how easy things are aren't they aren't easy anymore. >> it's building homes for >> org. >> just google building homes for heros. >> great work. see you tomorrow night. remember they need your help. go to building homes for that is all the time we have left this evening. start
11:00 pm
your day with ainsley and fox and friends each weekday morning at 5:00 a.m . thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. report. good night from washington. on the record with greta is next. can you can you pass this test? it's a multiple choice test. which seems out of place? stocking? obamacare? this was tweeted out, time to #get talking with your family. check out this ad being pushed to people on barack >> are you almost here? >> yeah. i'll be there in a few. >> good, because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what, but


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