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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 19, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and nobel in mcclain, virginia. and mount vernon at 3. mark levin will be there as well. >> going to be terrific. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow, everybody. >> bye. bill: attention target shoppers, you and millions of other americans may have had your credit card information stolen while you were doing your christmas shopping. it's so massive the secret service is involved. martha: 40 million credit card accounts may have been come pro mid during this massive breach possibly involving every single one of target stores across the country. it's the stores, not the online
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shopping. bill: the thieves storing that personal information stored on that black strip. what do it all mean and how did this happen? >> reporter: nearly 40 million customers could be affected. it's not just credit card, it's debit card. target set in a statement that information can include the customer's name, their debit or credit card number, the ex perration date as well as the 3-digit security code on the back of that card. this would allow thieves to possibly create counterfeit credit card. the pin number would allow them to use the atm capability to withdraw cash. they are looking into it to see
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if they were able to get those pin numbers. but they say that is a possibility. but as you mention this was tomorrow or the on the ground actual building location. online shopping was not affected. they believe it was a hacking to the systems used to swipe the credit card. they are working with authorities and they say they have been able to stem this from happening so shoppers going into target don't need to be worrying about it. bill: if you are a target customer, what is the advice for them? >> reporter: nearly 40 million accounts could be affected. if you did shop between november 27 and december 15, they want you to be aware of what your credit card statement is looking like. look for charges you don't
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recognize. if you are seeing unusual activity. they set up a hotline they want you to call. we have that phone number for you. 866-852-8680. this is the phone number they want you to call. the hotline they set up if you notice any unusual activity. bill: thank you, sir. >> a reminder how big target is. the retailer has 1,900 stores in the u.s. and canada. the retail giant reported $1.6 billion in profit. two new polls showing widespread disapproval of obamacare and
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scepticism from the people the law is suppose to be helping. 67% of people surveys -- surveyed say they want to delay this program. that's up 10 points since the whole thing rolled out in october. even more telling, look at this. this poll comes from the "new york times." among people with no healthcare, the uninsured we talked so much about wanting to cover, 53% of them say they don't like obamacare. breaking this down for us. stuart varney, the host of stuart varney. i'm amazed, blown away by some of these numbers. >> reporter: i'm astonished. it's the "new york times" and it
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says 53 per -- 53% of the uninsured people don't approve this. we restructured america's healthcare system to supply insurance to the uninsured, and 53% of them don't like the and one-third say it hurts them because of the extra cost. the fox poll shows 67% want to delay the implementation of obamacare. the more we know about it, the less we like it. martha: if something happened and you walked into an emergency room you would be able to get the emergency medical care and that's why everybody was look for some alternative. but program they look at this and say i don't want to get
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involved in this, it will cost a lot of money. >> reporter: when we were reforming the healthcare system it was considered a national disgrace. you provide a way for people to get health insurance, and now more than half don't like what america has come up with. it's a lack of confidence in obamacare and how it what you implemented. martha: the white house said just grind it out and once we get through this you will like it. >> reporter: we haven't even talked about the guy in pajamas to get youngster to come in, i think you have got another think coming if you think that will work. martha: don't want him hang around your house?
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>> reporter: no comment. bill: a deal in congress just in the nick of time. the senate gig final approval to fund -- the senate giving a final approval to fund the government next year. independent senator angus king invoking the rolling stones. >> my fast it philosopher mick jagger said you can't always get what you want. but you can try sometimes and you just might find you get what you need. and what we need is a budget. >> i don't have any doubt if we were able to come up with an appropriate pay for and substitute for this cut in military evenings, that it -- military pension, that it would pass like a hot knife through butter in the house of -- house
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of representative when they reconvene. >> it has more spending. it will rack up more debt in exchange for hypothetical cut in the future. it go the wrong direct and it's another example of business as usual. bill: we expect the president to sign that budget. a majority of americans believe 72 per -- 72% of people believe big government is a threat to the future of the country. is big government america's biggest problem today? send us a tweet @billhemmer and @marthamaccallum. 72 per is -- 72% is a big numbe.
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martha: those numbers are very striking this morning. bill: a growing diplomatic standoff. the tensions come from the arrest of a female indian diplomat living and working in new york city. but the u.s. attorney said she was given luxuries an american citizen would not get. she was allowed to make phone calls for two hours and set up childcare. >> reporter: a diplomat's arrest has mushroomed into an international incident and the indian foreign minister is demanding the charges be dropped. in india they were chanting
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anti-u.s. slogan. devyani khobragade was strip searched and that is normal procedure. she was accused of not paying legal wages. secretary of state joining has called india's national security adviser to try to smooth over relations. >> like all officials in positions of responsibility, the laws of our country are expected in our country. bill: the prosecutor is speaking out. >> reporter: the prosecutor is
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an indian american and he is disputing devyani khobragade's claims. he he contrary to report she was not arrested in front of her children. she wasn't handcuffed, and she was searched in private and saying she was treated very well. he also ask, one wondered whether any government would not take action rarkd that alleged conduct where the purpose of the scheme was to unfairly treat a domestic work worker in violation of the law. there was precious outrage about the alleged mistreatment of the indian victim and her spouse. bill: they took count barriers at the u.s. embassy in delhi.
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martha: john kerry has aparole joyed to india over this incident. was this woman treated any differently than you or i would be if we were accused of the same crime? we'll get into the specifics of that in a minute. bill: big changes may be coming your way to the nsa and the spying program. should that happen and what are the recommendations? martha: here he is. pajama boy. but who is he and why is the obama administration thinking he will help you talk about healthcare over the christmas holiday? does it have the effect it was intended to have? bill: this guy went on a rant about his own players on his team after an ugly loss. what do you think about this.
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martha: the sign language interpreter who introduced word like prawns and rocking horse at nelson mandela's service has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. he said during the ceremony he suffered a schizophrenic episode. after a checkup doctors said he should be immediately admitted into a psychiatric hospital. bill: a white house task force telling the president he need to
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rein in the spy agency. the individual searches of phone and internet data. terminate the nsa's ability to store intelligence data. steven hayes, a writer for "the weekly standard," fox news could be tribute toker and president of the diligence, a security firm. it appears to me that the storage aspect of this is what is at the heart of this recommendation. how do you see it? >> i think that's one of the most subject andive -- the most substantive part of this. it makes it look like it's making major changes without make major changes. there are a few elements that
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would result in substantive changes. but by recommending private storage of this information, that's something these private companies don't want to do. it's nice to offer recommendation. but whether they are able to put it in practice is quite another question. >> it seemed the rub for a lot of people was i don't know what you are going to do with that information in five years, 10 years or 20 years even. >> a key part of this in terms of the recommended changes, how is the metadata handled, who holds on to that. if you stick around washington long enough and if you are in the intelligence business you are used to everything happening in cycles. the pendulum swings bang and
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forth -- swings back and forth. this is happening now because we are alterer fatigued -- we are all terror fatigued. so the fact that this is happening is more than just window dressing. and i think it would be a serious mistake and degrade our operational capability if the president decide to follow through on some of this. bill: he appointed the advisory panel. >> i think he ignored other panels in the past. i wouldn't be surprised if he does because of a perceived public desire or political appetite i would be concerned if he enacted putting the data into
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the hand of the phone company or a private consortium. or if they weaken our ability to defend ourselves against cyber attacks. or be offensive. bill: if he does take these recommendations, what would he do that? what does it suggest about the president? >> it would be surprising if he doesn't take many of these recommendations. the wait house indicated they are not interested in separating the functions of the nsa. senator obama repeatedly expressed concerns about the kind of operations these restrictions are meant to effect. the substantive recommendations and the fact that there is on
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the part of the white house, that it's pretty effective. now that he's president he has seen them demonstrated he's more reluctant to discard them. bill: check out mike, he's everywhere. martha: the star of "duck dynasty" has been suspended from the show. phil robinson under fire for comments he made on "gq." a coach's tirade. >> absolutely awful. that's about as pg rated i can say sit. our guard were awful. they had one assist and 7 turnovers.
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♪ ♪ bill: weekly unemployment claims hit a 9-month high. 379,000 americans getting on the unemployment line for the first time. that's the highest number we have seen since the month of march. martha: the superstar patriarch of "duck dynasty" but on hiatus. does the punishment fit the crime or is this denying his right to free speech.
6:26 am
william lajeunesse is live with the details on this. >> reporter: after heavy lobbying by the gay community, a & e suspended robertson for what he said on the show. he described his family as bible thumpers who just happened to end up on tv. he called homosexuality on a sin. everything is blurred on what is right and wrong. bestiality. sleeping around with this woman and that woman and those men. don't be deceived. they will not inherit the kingdom of god. gay and lesbian groups immediately fired back and demanded a & e demand he
6:27 am
apologize saying certainly a & e doesn't want to be associated with such racist and homophobic remarks. he won't be any part of additional filming. a & e released a statement saying we are extremely disappointed in the phil's comments. and we have always been supporters of the lgbt community. sarah palin says free speech is an endangered species. and taking on the duck dynasty
6:28 am
patriarch is taking on all of us. he said my mission is to follow christ and part of the bible teaching is men and women are meant to be together. we asked the brain room for some comparables. paula deen and actions against her and robertson were very swift. if you look at others like alec baldwin, not so much. martha: we'll take this on with what i think will be a very good debate. bill: for a family and a show that went meteoric. bill: the white house knows they need to recruit young americans to pay for obamacare. do you this the young man in a
6:29 am
onesie drinking hot chocolate will do the trick? why this is burning up the internet for all the right reasons. martha: i can't wait for you to see the whole thing and what's going on at this school. it's so funny. >> of christmas my girls always. in a savory broth. try one today, and sea food differently. now, try seven lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, sads and more.
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bill: the verdict is in on a horrifying murder in london. off-duty soldier lee rigby, afghan war veteran singled out because he was a soldier. the jury found two muslim converts guilty of that crime. the murder especially brutal. lee rigby's family says they are satisfied justice has been served. rigby leaves behind a 2-year-old son. martha: the obama administration's latest attempt to get your family chatting about healthcare over the course of the holidays. now taking a beating, this idea is from all side on social
6:34 am
media. the president's political arm oing for america tweeting this picture of a young adult with a caption reading, "wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, talk about health insurance." this has sparked a lot of mocking on the internet. a conservative group the heritage foundation captioned a picture. decided to get coy as i wait for to finish loading. there is a photo shop of jay carney as the pajama boy. and obama is everywhere. doug schoen joins us now. what do you think?
6:35 am
>> we'll show up in our red plaid onesie. this is the latest in a series of ad targeted at the millennials that they need to make obamacare work. the first series of ad featured frat boys and the other was a young couple about to go into a broom closet and do something untoward, and the serious point is this is how team obama views millennials. they view them as reckless, immature, coddled. if we direct these ridiculous and absurd ad to them they will pay attention. martha: would you like your daughter to bring this guy home from college and show up on your couch. this young man sitting there drinking his hot chocolate. i wanted to bring up one quote.
6:36 am
i wanted to share it with you. he says pajama boy is about as threatening as michael sera and as nerdy as he can get. pajama boy is about as threatening as michael cera and so nerdy he would guest-host on an unwatched msnbc show. what do you make of it? >> as a democrat who does want this law to succeed. i'm not a big supporter of it, but i want it to succeed. but i can't find any way to logically understand the approach that they are taking. i would have thought they would want to explain to millennial why they should sign up, what the benefits are rather than using foolish, ridiculous and stupid advertising that subjects
6:37 am
them to widespread derision. martha: it's glorifying keeping adults kids. maybe it approach ought to be, stand up for yourself. become independent. don't be one of these people who has to stay on your parents' program until you are 26. start your own life. this is the antithesis of that. >> the kegger ad. the young couple. also in terms of policy you have obamacare covering young adults until they are 26 years old. martha: 27, i think. is this sense of% pet fuel adolescence. martha: a celebration of that. >> you are still an adult and the government will intervene to take care of you. remember the car another life of julia? the government will take care of
6:38 am
you at every phase of your life cradle to grave. martha: it create this notion, i'm stuck and what are you going to do for me next. i want to play this sound for you. this is any smell obama, the first lady on this issue -- this is michelle obama on this issue. >> we urge people to reach out. if they signed up their child, sign up their friend. if you have got grandkid, make it a christmas treat around the table to talk about a little healthcare. >> in my judgment as well meaning as the first lady may be, this is not christmas cheer, this is national policy that is supposed to benefit the broader mass of americans and this is being sold as if it's sort of a a -- sort of a familial ritual.
6:39 am
we need hard information on why we should sign up, not pablum and homilies about what we should do around the christmas fire. >> with the first lady, the soft messaging, the young adults in pajamas and the first lady gathering around the health and talking about obamacare. it puts to the law this idea that obama care is all coercive. the government literally holding a gun to your head and saying you must have health insurance. and the irs is going to be on your tail. this soft approach is not consistent with the idea this is pure government coercion. martha: thank you. i hope pajama boy doesn't show
6:40 am
up on your couch. merry christmas. happy holiday. bye, you guys, thanks for coming. bill: comments made by the head coach of the southern illinois basketball team. the coach going on a tirade after an ugly loss to murray state. >> it's unbelievable how our starting guard played. 2-11. how can you go 2-11. my wife, my wife could score more than two buckets on 11 shots. those guy don't listen. they are uncoachable. it's like house training. when a dog does something wrong. bad dog. i'm not going to hit them or swat them.
6:41 am
but bad dog. >> he he he regrets calling out an individual player by name but that's it. the school is back the coach. can your wife, man, make more than two shots? martha: i think i can make two out of 11. i'm sure there are female basketball player out there and a lot of good guy basketball player. >> martha: i guess the point about not calling out anyone specific. we told you this story about the blind man who fell on to the subway track. now we have new detail on whether he will be able to keep this dog. this is a big deal. you have to make sure he can keep the dog. >> a diplomatic firestorm over
6:42 am
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martha: fire crew getting the upper hand on a massive wildfire in northern california. saying it's 75% contained. a new u.s. ambassador to china. the obama administration set to nominate max baucus of
6:46 am
minnesota. new york city's blind man will be able to keep his guide dog. they fell together on to the subway tracks and more than $40,000 poured into cover the cost of inn to keep the animal. bill: a federal prosecutor defending the arrest of a female indian diplomat. it has turned into an international incident. she is accused of lying on a federal work visa document. india is furious over what they call degrading treatment that appear to be mandatory. megyn: good morning to you. i know there are a lot of facts we do not know. but you have an issue with this.
6:47 am
i'll let you say your piece. >> i looked at the criminal complaint. whenever you have a federal government coming after you, they usually approach i before they arrest you. it sounds like she may have been combative in responding to these things but what's wrong is she wanted immunity. there is no immunity. what is strange is they strip searched her. the u.s. southerno attorney says everyone is strip searched. if you have a lawyer and a criminal complaint is issued you can get processed in a way that works for everyone. bill: according to a u.s. attorney she was given a courtesy most americans would
6:48 am
not get. she was allowed to make phone call for two hours, sort out personal matters and with regard to the strip search they say that is standard operating procedure. >> what got me is saying every citizen relationship or poor are afforded the same treatment. we know there are thing the criminal justice system if you have affluenza or not. the fact that they did that strip search was not a good career move. they could have worked this through without having media issue and india being upset. the reason we have diplomatic immunities is so our citizens are treated well in other country.
6:49 am
john kerry expressed results. india removed the barriers at the up s. embassy. think of that. >> john kerry has a different approach. they should have a common thought process. john kerry is upset and did not wish to have this person treated ill. we should have had an approach that worked. there was a lawyer early on perhaps the arrest could have been made in a way that doesn't damage our relations with india. bill: apparently she was paying a housekeeper $3 an hour. she he she has full diplomatic immunity. >> i don't think that will fly.
6:50 am
bill: we are watching developments from the state department and also out of delhi in india. martha: she was barbara walters most fascinating person of the year 20 years ago and hillary clinton is getting that honor this year. tucker carlson he -- he's not spried. bill: the christmas tree prank hat has gone viral. i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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bill: a fire ripping through a commercial building in california. the three-alarm blaze destroyed businesses and sent people running. the fire may have started in a discount store. the fire burning at night. the cause is under investigation. martha: a new mission for some of america's wounded warriors. the skills they use in hunting down the bad guys in foreign land may be used to take out the bad guys online. dan, these bad guys are the worst of the worst. the online predators. >> reporter: these guys are doing the tough forensic work. they were doing wilt their guns now they are doing it with their brains and the computer work. it takes a lot of time. they have a lot of disturbing images they have to go through.
6:55 am
we caught up with one of 17 wounded warriors going through an internship. he was injured by a suicide bomb on his 9th tour of duty. now he's in seattle helping other agents go through come puritiers that have been seized to find web sites that link users to the sites. >> it brings a lot of satisfaction to me at the end of the day. martha: how successful has the program been? >> reporter: the larger section of i.c.e. has been around for a number of years. it's called the homeland security investigation. the unit has arrested 10,000
6:56 am
child sex criminals all over the world. one case involved a portland couple trading videos of themselves engaged in kks with with -- in sex acts with their own veterans. they say the wounded veterans are qualified to deal with the work because of the stress and trauma they had to deal with in battle. >> these investigations are hard to see. once you see them you can't unsee them. it takes a special individual to work these kind of cases. >> reporter: taxpayers didn't pay for this program. $10 million in private fund funded it. but i.c.e. likes it so much they are going to go to congress to ask for money to keep it going. martha: thank goodness they are having the success they are
6:57 am
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so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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martha: fox news alert now because we have stunning new polls that show a record number of americans do not trust the president of the united states. these are some pretty incredible numbers. welcome, everybody, brand new hour starts now in "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: good morning at home, i'm bill hemmer. the pinocchio column called the president's keeping your health care promise the biggest of the year. polls down significantly. 73% thought that way about four years ago. martha: bret baier is the anchor of "special report," and he joins us now. these are not numbers the white
7:01 am
house is going to be happy waking up to today. >> no, that's a 30-point drop, think about that. and it's a huge turn around. and it's, it's a big moment for the white house as it tries to turn the page to talk about anything but obamacare. and the reality is as we get into the new year, that's what they're going to have to deal with. you know, with john podesta now becoming part of the team, i think there's an expectation that they want to push on a number of different fronts on a number of different things, but they're going to have to deal with all of the aspects of obamacare. and i think this poll shows it's all catching up, basically, over that you can keep your doctor, and you can keep your plan. martha: yeah, it seems so true. you know, it's interesting to me, bret, because we've seen the administration over the course of the entire president si, you know, try to work on the things they wanted to work on, and health care was one of them. when the economy was terrible
7:02 am
and jobs seemed to be the thing on even's minds, they were full steam aced with health care. so they got it, they got what they wanted, and now it is the single most important element, according to these polls, in what has changed people's mind about the president. so, i mean, you have to have a look in the mirror moment in the west wing and say what are we going to do? >> yeah. and, you know, listen, these polls are the scariest for red state democrats, people like mary landrieu of louisiana, mark pryor of arkansas, mark begich of alaska who are up for re-election in 2014. remember, as we turn the page and we get to this new year, it is an election year, and you will start to see that play out in primaries. a lot of the talk is about the civil war, supposedly, in the republican party, and there's no doubt there is one. there will be a big push about the way the republican party goes. but there may be a push and pull within the democratic party as well, and these polls may drive
7:03 am
the party one way or another. martha: yeah. i mean, and you wonder what kind of pressure those democrats might put on the president or do they, as you're saying, just pull away and say i, you know, recommend we delay? i don't know how -- you can't put this genie, this toothpaste, whatever you want to call it, back into the bottle because the president tried to get insurance company insuranceies to comet pr people -- to continue policies for people, and it wasn't too successful. i'm going back to that main issue, because they don't appear to be trying to change anything at this point. >> no. they have to have the buy-in of insurance companies, and so far i think they have, and the insurance companies, you know, if things don't work out, they set to, it seems, they're set to get taxpayer money at least in some sort of bailout, it appears, and, you know, remember that they're regulated heavily by hhs. and with a set of regulations,
7:04 am
it could affect in this industry one way or another. so they're directly impacted by the decisions that kathleen sebelius now, the head of hhs, makes day-to-day. so they're in. and what happens after the first of the year, i think, in the first few weeks will tell us how democrats deal with the early part of 2014. martha: yeah. you know, it's interesting when you look at this issue, it's so personal. i think there have been many times in history where people of the country trusted the president, but he didn't like what he was doing, whether it was getting us into a war or anything else along those lines, but this is such an individual issue, and to have lost their trust on it is going to be a tough row to hoe when they come back. >> one more thing, it is something the president and this administration pushed for, i mean, really rammed through. it was something that he initiated. and oftentimes things that affect a presidency are something that they can't control. this was his initiative, and
7:05 am
it's coming back, it looks like in these polls, to bite him. martha: yeah. very good point, bret. thank you so much. we'll see you tonight. bill: in addition to that polling, here's another one that got our attention. this one out of gallup. 72% of americans say that big government is the biggest threat to the future of america. a bit earlier, last hour in fact, we asked you what you thought about that, is that america's biggest problem? @bill hemmer, @martha mac maccallum, we'll read those later this morning. big, big number. martha: and a number i forgot to mention right there is one in ten in the fox polls say they regret their vote for president obama. bill: 10%. martha: 10%, so there it is. there's a look at that. do you regret your vote? 10% say, yes, they do. 89% say, no, they do not. bill: check out the polling online, we'll have it on our web site as well. a little bit of relief for
7:06 am
americans still hoping to sign up for health insurance under president obama. those who pick a plan by be december 23rd now have until january 10th to make their first payment. tight deadlines around the holidays and glitches on the web site could stall the ebb rollment -- enrollment process. martha: we'll see how that works out. who incoming white house counselor john podesta is now apologizing after a comment he made comparing house republicans to followers of jim jones, the cult leader connected to the murder of his followers who drank the kool-aid with him in a mass suicide back in 1978. earlier this year podesta said the white house should, quote, focus on exingtive action given -- executive action. in charge of one of those houses of congress. so now he has apologized via twitter. he says, quote: in an old interview my snark got in front
7:07 am
of my judgment. i apologize to speaker boehner, whom i have always respected. ♪ ♪ bill: the white house now revealing a final report calling for new limits on government surveillance programs including the mass collection and storage of telephone records. the president's said to consider 46 new recommendations which come from the court of public opinion. catherine herridge runs down the list and what does it mean for the collection of phone records here in this country? catherine, good morning. >> reporter: thank you, bill, and good morning to you. if tease recommendations are adopted, the nsa would no longer hold the metadata associated with phone records, but it would be held by the phone companies, or it would be held by a third party in the private sector. but the problem is that the phone companies have already rejected the idea of doing this. the former director of national intelligence, dennis blair, speaking at the aspen security conference earlier this year, said back in 2009 they asked the
7:08 am
phone companies to hold all of this data, and they flatly said, no. clearly, there's no simple fix for this question on who should be the repository for all of this data, bill. bill: what could this mean possibly for spying on foreign leaders? >> reporter: well, there was a small briefing for the reporters who cover this beat prior to the release of the recommendations, and away -- what we learned is that up until now it's really an operational question. in other words, will the u.s. government get caught in the act of doing it. and this panel, you know, in light of the controversy over the spying on our allies such as the german chancellor, angela merkel, are now setting a new threshold. is it a national security interest, foreign policy interest, a diplomatic interest? but when fox news asked u.s. government would roll back or set limits or new criteria on foreign surveillance, because that is the mandate of the nsa, we were somewhat rebuked for that question, being told that we should never associate the word rollback with these recommendations so, clearly, that's a very sensitive point
7:09 am
with the administration. bill: catherine, thank you. catherine herridge out of washington. martha: well, barbara walters has named hillary clinton the most fascinating person of 2013, but she stepped down as secretary of state pretty early in the year, so what has she done during the course of this year to deserve that title? bill: should have been martha. duck dynasty's patriarch suspended by his network, is free speech under attack? fair and balanced debate on that. also this coming up, check it out, have you seen it? >> stop! [laughter] martha: scaring the tinsel out of people for christmas. a high school holiday prank you do not want to miss. ♪ ♪ [ woman 1 ] why do i cook?
7:10 am
to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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bill: they need a lot of moisture in oklahoma. crews battling a massive grass fire there, the flames creeping towards homes and other buildings. firefighters finally getting control after several hours with only a few of the ott spots left to keep an eye on out there. lincoln. martha: barbara walters naming former secretary of state hillary clinton as her most fascinating person of 2013 this year, marking the last time walters will be giving out that honor. hillary clinton also earned the top spot as first lady back in 18993. there she is -- 1993. that was the year barbara walters started that segment, so she is bookending with hillary clinton. during the interview last night, walters repeatedly asked her one key question. here's what it was. >> i haven't made up my mind, i really have not. i will look carefully at what i think i can do and make that decision sometime next year. >> does your husband want you to
7:14 am
run? >> he is very respectful. he knows that this is -- >> he does want you to run. >> well, he wants me to do what i think is right. >> if you ran and you became president, what would they call your husband, first spouse. [laughter] >> first mate, i have no idea. martha: tucker carlson is the co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. tucker, hello. >> oh, good morning, martha. martha: is hillary the most fascinating person of 2013? >> i would say she's distinctly sub-fascinating. i'm not attacking hillary clinton, she's impressive in a lot of ways, but her husband is fascinating, she is not. i have to say, though, the real question is not does your husband want you to run, of course, i mean, he's telling everybody in hotel lobbies across america i want my wife to run. he's aggressively promoting her. the question is, does the democratic base want hillary to run? and i'm not sure they do. the washington democratic establishment wants her to run, for sure.
7:15 am
they know her, they understand her, they're promoting her. but the people who actually choose the nominee in the early primary states are way to the left of hillary clinton, they hate the fact that she's connected to tightly to the -- so tightly to the banks, she's supported these various wars, she's out of step with the democratic way. martha: it's interesting to note that she ran for president once before, and she did not get the nomination of her own party. >> right. martha: and it's fascinating to me because i think back then she felt, it would appear, that it was owed to her. that it was her moment, she was going to take that moment. so, boy, if she goes back up to bat again and doesn't get it, that's going to be quite a story. >> right. it's a risk, for sure. and, look, as someone whose job it was at the time to attend a ton of hillary clinton speeches, i can tell you what you already know which is fascinating, they were not. she's not a natural retail politician. she comes off as very pretty l. i think she's good at certain things, campaigning not one of
7:16 am
them. if she's challenged by populist democratists, a new version of how'd dean, i think that person can raise enough money and knock her off, and i think she probably knows that. martha: interesting. here's another person who ran last time and lost and who is about to have a documentary about him released that the way it's being pushed, the documentary, is that it will change your opinion of mitt romney and that it will, for many, make them wish they had voted for him, i think, essentially. let's take a look at this introduction here. >> i just can't believe you're going to lose. >> yeah. >> so what do you think you'll say in a concession speech? ♪ there are. ♪ ♪ >> by the way, does someone have the number for the president. >> >> >> i do. >> okay. [laughter] hadn't taught that. martha: wow. from someone who covered that campaign and you did too, from a
7:17 am
purely journalistic perspective, that's a fascinating moment to have a window into when they finally made this realization, hey, in this isn't going to happen. >> it's amazing the family allowed the camera in. it's unbelievable. i think that's all that's been released so far. it does look interesting. if it turns out the portrait we get of romney is one of a vigorous, compelling politician, i think that's going to be very frustrating to a lot of republicans who voted for him, because they will feel like why didn't we see that guy on the stump during the 2012 election? i don't think they did most of the time with some exceptions, some flashes of intensity and heat and charisma. but most of the time, no. so why would that person show up on a documentary months after the fact, more than a year after it's too late? martha: yeah. i think one of the interesting questions raised by this is something i've heard a lot of people say about marriage, well -- mitt romney, well, he wasn't a good candidate. and when i watch the trailer to this, i wonder can someone like that ever win at this point?
7:18 am
>> well, i mean, this is something that republicans have been wrestling with in the year after the election, but the realization that the country is really different, it's really different demographically in ways that i don't think they fully appreciate or understand. but, and maybe partly for that reason, voters want something maybe that he wasn't selling. whether or not you think that's tragically sad or just a fact of life depends on who you are and what your orr b yenation is. but it's probably true. so the short answer to your question is i don't know, but you kind of.maybe not, and i would say one final thing, i don't think anybody's ever said mitt romney wasn't a decent guy. his family loves him, that's got to count for something. martha: and that's what you get from the lengthy part of the trailer, some of which we just showed. interesting to think about the two of them, hillary clinton and mitt romney, both lost last time around. we'll see what's in the future. tucker, thank you so much. great to see you. >> merry christmas, martha. march mar you too.
7:19 am
merry christmas to you and your family. bill: first time i've seen that, wow. martha: it's pretty interesting. bill: moment for that family. martha: and i love the fact as the dad in the room he's trying to make everybody laugh, it's going to be okay, and their faces are so long. they'd invested so much personally and emotionally, but he's the one trying to cheer everybody up. bill: in the meantime, think you have high blood pressure? maybe you even take medication for it. could that diagnose know is sis be entirely wrong? the prognosis, next. martha: and a touching reunion on the gridiron. the surprise that brought a football player to tears. [laughter] [cheers and applause] this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars.
7:20 am
ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at
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martha: talk about a quarterback sneak, a soldier back from afghanistan wanted to surprise his son at his football game in belgium, so he disguised himself as a player from the opposing team and walked right onto the field. there he is, number 70. it takes the son a moment to realize what's happening, but his reaction is just priceless. [laughter] or. [cheers and applause] martha: i love the tears. dad and son, really sweet moment. air force master sergeant joseph martel came home a month earlier than expected. he and his wife pulled off this great surprise. bill: you can do whatever you want after that deal. think you have high blood pressure? think again. there are new guidelines on the management of hypertension.
7:24 am
be we have an assistant professor of nyu's school of medicine, and dr. debbie, nice to see you, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: new guidelines is going to be confusing. sort it out. what are the guidelines? >> all right. right now the normal blood pressure is still 120 over 80, but if that top number gets above 140 or the bottom number gets above 90, they start medication. so these new guidelines are saying that you might not need to start those medications unless the top number gets to 150. bill: so 120 over 80 is still the holy grail, but how do i know? >> >> well, the thing is it depends on your age also. if you're over 60, then you do want to get some of these factors under control like high blood pressure, you know, and other things because it's not the blood pressure that matters, it's your risk of having heart attack, strokes and other things. that's what we really care about. bill: but people are watching, and they're hanging on to your words, and they're wondering why are you changing the guidelines? what's different?
7:25 am
>> well, it's mainly related to medication. it's not the number, it's whether starting medications at 140 makes a difference compared to starting medication at 150. so it looks like those medications might not make as much of a difference between those two numbers. so it's kind of like a very tricky kind of caveat. it's about starting the medication itself. bill: the medication being, what? obviously, your options are -- >> there are different ones. there are beta-blockers that can help with/, ace inhibitors, something that affects the width of the difference, you know, blood vessels in your body, so there are a whole different bunch of medications. but what we're really looking at is whether those medications make a difference if your blood pressure, that top number, is 150 versus 140. but if you're younger and your blood pressure is above 120, you might not need to start medication, but you do want to change your lifestyle, so your habits like diet and exercise. you still want to keep that number low because it affects not just your blood pressure, but other things like your
7:26 am
cholesterol, your blood sugar, so it can affect your risk -- bill: this is really important stuff, so as a doctor, what is your recommendation? if you're in that area, 140 or 150 and perhaps already taking medication for it, you might be taking it for years. >> well, that's true. be the you're already on medication and you're doing well, i think you should probably keep it the same. what we're worried is sometimes people have problems where they get light headed or dizzy or other problems related to those medications. so those people, they might not need to start medication right away. they probably have a little bit more leeway to get those lifestyle factors under control, so whether it's diet or exercise, they have a little bit more room to move. bill: the holidays are coming up, you know -- [laughter] >> and new year's resolutions. bill: a lot of hypertension in the air. dr. debbie, thank you. nice to see you today. martha: we brought you this story last week because he killed four people whiledrunk, r received just probation.
7:27 am
he claims he suffers from affluenza, being the too rich to know right from wrong, and now the prosecutors may try again to put him behind bars, this time on lesser charges. bill: also nasa has an emergency, it might take four space walks to fix a big problem in space. what the astronauts will be wearing this time just in case. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> nigh new efforts to cutdown on drugs coming into the united states. will carr is live from the west coast newsroom with more on the story. hello. >> good morning. with modern technology you might think a tunnel is an old idea, but these are hard to find on the boarder. we went on the recent bust to show us what they are up against. running the length of six football fields 40 feet underground inch by inch carved out by hand.
7:32 am
>> that is how they dug the majority of the tunnel. >> how long did it take? >> a year to a year and a half. >> they spent a million constructing the tunnel. it is one of dozens busted by the task force. every time they shut one down another is being built. >> they have electricity and a car that brings the drugs to the united states. >> reporter: this tunnel was busted before the drugs got to the state getting $12 million in marijuana and cocaine money. >> a large percentage of what they do is old fashion police work. >> reporter: in an effort to keep drugs, criminals and violence out of the united states. >> this success shows when you
7:33 am
work together and the goal is to put the bad guys in jail and stop them that you can reach the goal. >> the task force is made up of border patrol, ice and the dea. they go to businesses on the boarder and ask for them to report anything suspicious. >> interesting. thank you very much. >> new effort to but a teenager behind bars after killing four people while driving drunk. ethan couch claimed he suffered from his family not teaching him his actions have consequences. they are seeking jail time now for the assault. we have two lawyers here and ladies good morning to you. >> boehnmorning, bill.
7:34 am
>> is this possible? >> this is absurd. nowhere is there a definition for afffluezna. to have somebody claim because they have too much wealth they cannot tell the difference twine right and wrong is beyond understanding. >> the prosecution is looking for a redo. is that possible? >> it is unusual what they are trying to do. there has been a verdict on the manslaughter counts. now they are trying to get to the two open cases of intoxication assault. so they are saying let's get a
7:35 am
sentence on those charges. >> you are saying it is possible? >> it maybe possible. maybe a technicality but possible. >> do you think it is possible? >> if you like from a legal perspective i think it is unlikely couch is going to get a harsher sentence for this lesser charges. judges are not supposed to let their decision be swayed by public outcry. you could make the argument if she changes the judgment she was swayed. you cannot keep prosecuting someone for the same crime, or facts or circumstances arising from the crime, once they have been sentence. the primary charge has the heavy penalty and then you go downwards. not the other way around. i don't see it happening.
7:36 am
and if it does, the defense has an issue on appeal. >> one of the witnesses argude the kid was coddled and not taught right from wrong. why do you think the judge bought that argument? >> the judge may have felt sorry for the kid. the parents said we have a wonderful place that cost $450,000 a year and the state will not have a facility like this so let's send him to this wonderful place in california. what the judge is doing is supported what this psychologist said and that is he has been coddled and now the judge is saying because your parents have money you don't have to go to jai jail and you go to this nice
7:37 am
place. the judge might have looked at him and said they want to help him and not make him into a criminal. so the judge went at it with good intention but there is a backlash and a case of this being president in other cases >> you believe it is unlikely to get a harder sentence? >> i think the likelihood is if this is the way the judge feels this is the way they feel. the judge can reconsider and realize they have been wrong. this judge could do that. >> anna, do you agree? >> no, i don't. i think the judge will stick with her decision especially in light of all of the facts she has seen and playing the law. i agree with what ann marie was
7:38 am
saying about perhaps she thought the child might be better in a place without hardened criminals. but i don't think shooe she is going to change her opinion. >> anna, thank you and ann marie thank you. >> phil robertson in hot water after comments in gq. we will have a fair and balanced debate on if he should pay for it with his job. plus -- >> i love that video. i have never seen that before. scary christmas tree. we will tell you where this tree
7:39 am
is that talks.
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best holiday offer. adt. always there. >> the christmas surprise you will not soon forget. watch this. [screaming] >> it had to be my first christmas with my -- >> [screaming] >> that is a high school in texas and they pulled a prank asking everybody stand next to the tree and deliver a greeting. little do they know it is tree costume that talks. they are looking forward to watching their football team now. the bulldogs in tomorrow's state championship in dallas. go dogs. they play cath cartheridge
7:43 am
tomorrow. >> phil robinson has been suspended because of his comments in the gq magazine going too far. calling homelosexuality a sin a saying this quote: they will not inherit the kingdom of god. that is based from the bible. i am joined by two radio talk show hosts. welcome. good to have you. >> morning. >> richard, do you think they did the right thing? >> i definitely think they did. in this society we live in, political correctness is upmost important and we saw that with
7:44 am
martin bashir. this is another step saying you have to be open to being diverse and not condemn it. >> here is what i think it is different in the martin bashir case. martin bashir is a newsho host. he has a responsibility to be responsible in his job. this is a reality television show. it was my assumption that a&e was thrilled with the gun carrying, authentic red necks were all of the these people. so now they have their ruffles up. >> phil was asked what in your
7:45 am
mind is a sin and he listed many sins written in the bible. and one of the sins that he with women. straight men i don't hear people engaged in pre-marital sex or greedy calling for him to be fired. glaad wants tolerant for their sexu sexu sexuality but are not tolerant of phil's christianity. >> this is supposed to be real people showing what they think and you don't have to aagree wih them. if this was a gay house and they said they thought homosexual sex
7:46 am
was disgusting. would you call for them to be fired? >> i think this is a little different. he talks about lgbt folks in a worse way. it is beyond saying it is part of a sin. he talks about how wrong it is. >> that is his opinion. this is in an article he did. not on the a&e. does we have the freedom to express his opinion? >> yes, but no matter what the public figure is you get condemned who you go beyond the line. kay kayne west saying he feels george bush doesn't like black
7:47 am
people. and people said he should apologize. >> he did appaologizapologize. well no, he said my mission is to go forward and talk about what the bible teaches and part of that is men and women are supposed to be together. we are all created by the almighty. >> a preacher received a better from a teen saying he was gay and the person wrote back saying it is going to be okay. that was martin lurther king, jr. the robinson family loves
7:48 am
everyone here. >> first of all, mike, i think that stretch is way too far. this interview is loaded with hatred. it is not only his talk about homosexuality. he talks about how african-americans were doing well during jim crowe. there was no way they could keep him on the show without public backlash. >> they loved all of this while it was taking it to the bank. and loved the reality of this family. i am saying there is a lot of people who will disagree with a lot of these comments. absolutely. would other people being treated in a similar manner for making the reverse comments?
7:49 am
i am not so sure. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. mike and richard that can -- thank you -- both. >> jenna lee is standing by. what are you cooking? >> did you ever buy something online, post a negative review on the company's website or another website? one couple did just that and got a $3500 fine and now they are trying to repair their credit after this. and fox news approval numbers for the president. it is looking like so goes obamacare and the rest of his jae agenda. that is ahead. >> nasa has an emergency. four space walks about to happen and what they will take with them just in case. them just in case. ♪ ho ho ho
7:50 am
[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> the annual christmas boat parade in new port beach california. it went out for the 105 kind. this year's theme is rocking around the christmas tree. all types of boats will be out there this week. that is beautiful out there. look at that. they will sail on a 14-mile trip
7:54 am
around the harbor. you bring the kids out and have a great night. >> and no snow. >> some drama at nasa. there is going to be several space walks and they are using snorkels and why they do that. michael moore from the editor paper is here. what happened to cause this? >> a man was on the space walk and started filling up with water. he had to feel back to the open hatch before he drowned >> he had a gallon of water in his helmet. >> they are not sure why that happened. think there was a clogged filter in the device that separates air from water.
7:55 am
the astronauts on the space walk are using the same suit. >> so they will take snorkels with them? >> it is piece of tubing they cut on sunday in the space station and are attaching it to their oxygen supply. if they are in trouble, water in the helmet, they can tip the head down. >> how does a snorkel work in space? >> it is just a tube that goes into your air supply in your helmet. so they are hoping this gives extra time to get in and safely get out. >> i didn't know they had water with them when they went on a space walk >> the water shouldn't be there. this was a failure of the filter system going on inside the suit. they are not sure why it happened. but they have to go fix the cooling system that is running on half of their consist system.
7:56 am
>> as many as four could do the sa space walk on saturday. how serious is the problem? >> the system went down before and they fixed it over the summer. they will do four starting saturday and maybe one on christmas day. it is cooling system and they shutdown the system up there. they have delayed the flight in order for this to happen sdmrchlt we will hope for the best and watch this weekend. michael, thank you. >> there is outrage in india after an arrest of a diplomat in new york city.
7:57 am
pp ÷ó
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7:59 am
martha: we are very pleased to be joined by a wonderful group of wounded warriors that visit fox today.
8:00 am
we thank them for their service. we wish them merry christmas. happy holidays. great to have you all guys here. bill: keep doing wonderful work. martha: have a wonderful holiday. >> thank you. bill: we have to run. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: we'll take that any day, right? breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you see here first. jon: a negative online review spark as controversial lawsuit, raising serious concerns about rights to free speech. our legal team weighs in. an ordinary bus rhine take as frightening turn when a gun-wielding thief targets a unsuspecting passenger, the whole thing caught on tape. we'll tell you what happened. taking place on a wild ride going the wrong way on the interstate. why she says she did it and the charges she now faces. it is all "happening now."


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