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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 19, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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beautiful picture. i was lucky enough to go to the white house for their christmas party. that's their beautiful tree it represents every state in the union. >> that's great. >> here's a group shot with our great producers and doug calloway. and i was lucky. >> thanks. here's gretchen, by the way bye-bye. any, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to the "real story" story. a controversial defense spending bill containing new mandates on how 9 military handles sexual assaults. and also president obama and gitmo detainees. mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us. mike, what's controversial about this from the republican perspective? >> well, gretchen as you mention, some are allowing the transfer of guantanamo detainees. the concern is these folks could
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return to the battlefield, but the thing that gets a lot of republicans fire said senate majority leader harry reid not allowing amendments. >> to the authorization given to our national security agencies, particularly the department of defense to be able to function. to be able to keep our country safe. >> and yet, once again, the majority leader's refusing any amendments. to this underlying piece of legislation. >> and the republicans will tell you, on average, with the defense authorization bill, they consider 130 amendments in the senate. this year, zero. gretchen. >> wow, a big goose egg. so what are democratic leaders saying about the lack of debate on this critical bill? >> you know, senate majority leader harry reid took a question about that a short time ago. he laughed it off and did one of his favorite thing, blaming the house leadership.
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>> rushing it through and understand these statements by my republican colleagues are bizarre. the house is gone. they've gone home. and no matter how we got in the position we're in today, we have a bipartisan defense bill that's on the floor. ready to pass. >> bottom line, a lot of republicans think that senator reid does not want to take up an amendment that would tighten sanctions on iran. they feel that would get broad bipartisan support. this is muss pass legislation. bottom line, they may argue about it, they may grumble tab, but eventually, they have to pass it, gretchen. >> could go later into the night. mike emanuel thank you so much. >> we're going to ask senate minority leader mitch mcconnell about the bill and his comparison of obamacare to big foot sightings? yep, coming up at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. now, a reaction to obamacare.
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a new poll shows a whooping 30% of those surveyed believe that obamacare should be delayed for a year since rolled out back in october. this is after republicans are calling on the white house to come clean about the true cost of [ kare before the krushlg midterm elections. joining us now susan coricco. what do you make of the latest poll, 67%, pretty high? >> that's high. i think that number is going to get higher, especially as more people sign up for the program and learn about its costs and find out that they can't go to the hospital that they want. 67% say bit of a modest number. people are going to be saying, look, let's not just delay this thing, let's get rid of it. that's a sign of things to come unless the white house straightens things out as democrats are saying that it will. >> question was did bred prk and
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the administration know ahead of time people couldn't keep their dock zwrors look at that number, susan. 61% believe now, yes, they knew that and still went out and said something differently. what do you make of that? >> well, it's been widely reported that senior advisers to president obama knew that this health care law was not going to allow people to keep their doctors or health care plans. but they decided that out to talk about that because it would muddy the message. people feel like they were deceived on this. there's a gallup poll that came out that i thought was interesting. it said the untrustworthiness that the people viewed the president with is down. >> there are three republican senators trying to introduce a
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bill with the midterm elections. many people saying that the administration was pushing politics by pushing that date where you could see your premiums for next year. it's moved back to the richal september date. do you think it's going to pass? >> no, absolutely not. i think the reason is people do feel it was a political movement. there wasn't any practical reason to move that signup date past the election. so republicans want to bring it back to october and then have those premiums be unveiled in september. that's not going to happen. the democrats are never going to allow that to happen because that will absolutely sink chances of senate democrats to retain their seats. and the majority for the democrats will be lost in the senate. >> very interesting, susan, thank you for your time today. president obama ordering his national security team to consider new limits on surveillance programs, including the mass collection of all of our telephone records by the
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nsa. final reports making dozens of recommendations. ralph peters is a fox news analyst has a lot of opinions about this topic. great to see you. >> merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. i worry red today. i think i'm a week ahead of time. let me get back to the nsa here. because i'm interested in your personal opinion based on your past in the military and as an analyst. do you believe -- do you believe any of these recommendations will come to pass, number one, and should they? >> well, the old definition of cam is a horse designed by committee. and when i read through what the report recommends, basically, the thing that's most notable is that it doesn't recommend ending, fully terminating any nsa programs. in fact, it acknowledges that they have real value, it recommends more restrictions on them. offer something of the rules of the game. but basically, it's just a
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committee feels they have to do something so it did something. but i don't think it's going to fundamentally change things. some of the recommendations like split out nsa and cybercommand, to anybody that's been in the business as opposed to another think tank talking commando head that makes no sense at all. >> you actually believe that a lot of these programs should remain some place because you believe it has helped to crack down on terrorists and terrorism. your take also some of these big tech companies are the ones that maybe we should be looking at. tell your story about what happened when you were on g-mail yesterday? >> it was actually last month. that's the whole thing that drives me crazy, greechen. nsa doesn't read your e-mails. google does. it's amazing. what happened to me, i was just communicating on the same day with two old army buddies that asked me what i was up to. i said midway through finishing
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my new novel. within hours i was getting from the g-mail account, i was getting ads for would you like a freelance editor. do you need editing help. do you want to self-publish your book. do you need writing advice? that is big brother. the nsa doesn't do, the tech firms do. all of those courageous senators on capitol hill, they'll take on nsa because it's easy and chip, but, boy, they won't take on google. >> what do you say to those who disagree with you that think this is a total overreach? >> i think the press has been widely hysterical. nsa doesn't read your e-mail. it's not prying into your private life. it's trying to develop technical networks. >> and you've acknowledged that they're connectinging them? >> what they're really connecting is metadata. as far as knew, nobody at nsa is
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reading your e-mails. look, it tweaks the system, all we need is somebody in oversight and intelligence, i get that. my problem is that we're undergoing the biggest intrusion into our personal privacy in history. >> interesting. >> and it's not nsa. it's the tech giants. and nobody is taking them on. >> well, it's so interesting to hear your perspective in, in mind of the fact, that all the tech giants just met with president obama a couple days ago. ralph peters, always great to get your thoughts. thank you. >> thank you, gretchen. >> the president granting clemency to 21 people convicted of drug charges. this just happened right now. eight of them having their sentence completely commuted. meaning they were convicted before the fair sensing act became law. that measure narrows the penalties between crack and powder cocaine offenses. the president saying, quote, commuting the sentences of these eight americans an important
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step restoring fundamental ideals and fairness. justice is served after a young british soldier is brutally murdered in broad daylight. we'll hear from this family. plus, hillary clinton opening up about when she decides she might run in 2016? >> if you ran and you were president, what would they call your husband, first spouse? >> i don't know, first mate. i don't know. and a look at mitt romney's failed campaign for the white house. >> i just can't believe you're going to lose. >> yeah. >> so what are you going to say in a concession speech? by the way, do you have a number of the president? >> i do. voters seeing it a year too late. they may duke it out even. hi, guys. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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some justice today for the family of a murdered british soldier. a jury convicting two muslim converts of killing 25-year-old lee ridley last may. remember that horrifying assault unfolding on a london street in broad daylight. the men first hitting him with a car and then attacking him with knives and a meat cleaver. the family looking towards the future. >> justice has been done but unfortunately, no amount of justice will bring lee back. these people have taken him away from us forever but his memories lives on in all of us and we will never forget this. we're very proud of lee who served his country, and we will now focus on building a future for his son jack. makes him as proud of lee as we
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all are. >> horrible story. the two men one of them appeared on a cell phone video moments after the murder saying they were fighting for allah. hillary clinton offering new insight into when she might make a decision about a 2016 run for the white house. the revelations coming last night during an interview with barbara walters who just called the former first lady the most fascinating person of the year. listen to this. >> i haven't made up my mind. i really have not. i will look carefully at what i think i can do and make that decision, you know, sometime next year. >> does your husband want you to run? >> he is very respectful. he knows that this is -- >> he doesn't want you to run? >> well, he wants me to do what's right. >> she wasn't is answering get, barbara asked it again. tony paige and bill bernard.
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>> i've a huge fan of bill clinton for 20 years. and in all seriousness, i think the policies, she's got the policies and the pragmatism and the poise to be the next president. i think her dialogue for the next three years is go be to be hellful that she has the ability to focus on luges. to bring people together, to cross the divide. >> that would be important, crossing the divide but the interesting thing is politics are so fickle because just about two month asing, many thought it was the foregone conclusion that hillary clinton would be the next president of the united states. then you had a thing called benghazi happen and then obamacare. how do you feel? >> it's changing. that's why i don't understand, even people favorable of a potential hillary run. set up this inevitability
11:17 am
argument, inevitable that hillary will be president and win. what goes up must come down she's been up on that stratospheriic level. you mentioned benghazi, arab spring, and cairo, iran and the distance with israel these are all things that happened under her watch. you add to that the landscape of obama care, she's going to be negatively affected by that. >> bernard, you know bill clinton very well do you think he's trying to distance his wife from obamacare that forced the president to take action on this? >> i think it's less about distancing hillary and allowing her to have a proper voice. i think that hillary clinton is a very different individual than barack obama. i think she's a lot more like her husband bill. and the clintons lean towards a bipartisan pragmatic approach to
11:18 am
politics. >> i want to move on to this, but i don't know if you've had a chance to see the documentary. a new one offering a closer look at mitt romney and the 2012 presidential run. the film done over six years captures behind the scenes moments with the candidate on the campaign trail and with his family. let's take a look. >> how in the world do we find these things out on the day? >> he hates to disappoint. >> ouch. >> well -- it's like trying to convince people that dan quayle is smart, all right. you're not going to convince me that dan quayle is smart. in which case, i think of a numbered candidate. >> wow, tony, had america seen this side of mitt romney, would it have been different? because one of the greatest criticisms was that he wasn't a great candidate, he wasn't a people candidate? >> he should have been based on
11:19 am
his idyllic family life. his tremendous success in the private sector. he donated 30. of his income to charity, more than obama, more than biden, northern anybody. we never saw that side because he was so terribly mismanaged as a candidate, you were almost led to believe he was a villain as the obama campaign successfully put out there. i'll never forget during the republican convention, they had testimonials about mitt romney. >> it was prime time. >> and it wasn't clint eastwood rambling to a chair. we mismanaged who this wonderful person was. >> it's too bad that the documentary filmmaker wasn't making the ads instead of sitting back and making film. but the reason why mitt romney lost is not because his personality couldn't get out, it's because his policies were wrong. the american people judged the two candidates based on the positions.
11:20 am
>> the obama campaign was great at capitalizing on them. >> they started a war against him in june. that one unresponded to until september. >> very successful. this documentary may show a whole new side. >> unfortunately, it's a dollar late and a year short. >> nothing short about you two guys with your opinions. thanks much. the patriarch of the hit reality show "duck dynasty" off the show. the controversial remarks that he made to a magazine and got hi him suspended. plus, a seeing eye dog came to the aid of his owner after he fell on to the subway tracks. and how people are watching out for them. and the target security breach that could affect 40 million customers. i'll tell you what it has to do with this selfie of me with my brand-new microwave. yes, no makeup and wet hair,
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heartwarming update to cecil williams and his dog who leaped down on to the tracks after williams fell. both survived. williams revealed he would have to give up orlando because he was near retirement age and insurance would no longer pay for him. donations started pouring in. williams and orlando will be able to stay together. we'll have the generous donor on the show in the next hour. what a great story. it's a "duck dynasty" disaster. well, the patriarch on the widely popular show getting into hot water over comments he made
11:25 am
to "gq" magazine. >> you heard of turducken, right? this is a turducken kerfuffle. it's sort of a version of beverly hillbillies. he's outraged pro-gay groups by saying gay sex is a sin. and in the same ballpark agency beastali beastality. and he society, quote, don't deceive yourself, it's not right. pro-gay groups responded with outrage and a & e responded with suspension. but fill robertson issued a nonapology apology but hey, the bible teaches that men should be with women and that's unlikely to nullify the pro-gay critics. >> now he joins the gallery of
11:26 am
people like alec baldwin, martin bashir, paula deen, what makes him difficult? >> they're on because they're outrageous. they're paid to be outrageous. that's why they're on t vchv. he didn't use an epithet, a slur. he just stated his beliefs. >> a lot of people going on the facebook page already saying they're not watching a & e anymore. what's going to happen? >> 550,000 followers have signed up today saying they like bill. what are you going to do? advertisers boycotts almost have no impact on actual sales, they just make advertisers scared so they withdraw. but the guy was stating his own religious vies. thank you so much. breaking news, key demes breaking ranks with the president on iran. we'll tell you what they're proposing. and asked mitch mcconnell what
11:27 am
he thinks about it all. and incident gesture for sexual harassment. a teen taken to action after hugging the teacher there. >> on the planet, accused of stealing beets of a quintessential age. what kind of trouble can one direction land in? our legal panel weighs it out. coming up next. across america people are taking charge
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top democrats in the senate breaking ranks with the president to move forward with new proposed sanctions against iran. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell joins us live on capitol hill with breaking news. senator, great to have you on the show. what do you make of this, six top democrats now say they're not going to go along with what the president wants. what does this mean? >> what it mean, widespread bipartisan dissatisfaction with where we are in the iran negotiations. because what the administration really did is pushed the pause button on existing sanctions there be giving iranians a lot of relief in exchange for nothing other than talking to them. what it is on a bipartisan basis, they need to ratchet up the sanctions but give them six months before the ratcheted up
11:32 am
sanctions kick in. so we're not going backwards six months from now, in case the talks lead to nothing which is highly unlikely. we know the sanctions will work. they need to be tougher, not easier. >> doesn't this tie into what you're going to vote on today with the defense authorization bill. because didn't senator reid say he wasn't going to allow any amendments. will this change this now? >> it does. and we'll have to try to bring it up next year with the clock ticking, of course, the irans getting more time. the majority leader is preventing us from offering this amendment and other amendments, he's completely taken over the senate and running it as if he were a dictator. >> so what does it mean for the iran sanctions? it's not going to happen right now? >> yeah, it means it won't happen right now. even though there is bipartisan sentiment, enough votes to pass it, the majority leader is preventing us from having that vote on this bill. and therefore, doing the bidding
11:33 am
of the administration which does not want to have any more tools to use to get the outcome we all want. and iran, which is a nonnuclear iran. >> very interesting. i want to switch gears to obama care. a new fox poll shows most voters, 53% say the law should be repealed now. 41% say keep it. meantime, more people apparently believe in big foot than the idea that their health coverage will improve, due to obama care. looking at two polls, 14% say big foot is real. but only 8% think they'll get better coverage under obamacare. you, senator, were important in bringing that factoid to life. what did you think of it? >> it's true, the american people have figured it out, after a month of full experience with this new health care law, they know it can't possibly work. interestingly enough, the whole line was designed to help those uninsured.
11:34 am
there's also a poll out, again, today, even people without insurance hate the new law. it can't possibly work. the federal government has taken over the health insurance industry. they don't run that business very well. it's creating cataclysmic responses all across the country and the health care provider world. and among those consumers of health care. it ought to be pulled out root and branch and start over. >> we have this issue after the new year because this issue is not going away. senator, thank you. >> thank you. controversy heating up over a hug between a high school student and his teacher. the teen's family is now filing an appeal after that boy was suspended for a year for sexual harassment. the hug in question here it is, caught on camera. so you see the student walk up to his teacher. put his arm around her she then pushes him away. the teacher reported that his lips and cheek touched her on the neck. in the meantime, he said he was
11:35 am
trying to brighten the teacher's day and it will keep him from graduating. >> why would she take that away from me? you never know what someone's going through, you know, a hug might help. >> but in this case, it hurt? >> right. >> the school not commenting on the case but says it takes into account the student's past record when it comes to punishment. let's bring in our guests, both defense attorneys and dan schorr, a federal prosecutor. the past history is important in the case and whether or not the teacher had told her not to hug her before or not. what do we know? is. >> what we know, the school is saying one thing and the student is saying another thing. to throw a student out of the system for the entire year for that kind of conduct should not be happening. what they should have done is
11:36 am
have the student acknowledge that this behavior is unacceptable. we have the school's word against the school's word. it's unacceptable to throw a kid out for a year like that even if the hug is unwarranted. >> you can tell from the video that the teacher doesn't like it. >> right. >> you know, she pushes him away. but what will happen with this appeal. it's a school board that's going to have to relook at this case. what do you think is going to happen. >> well, they're going to use their judgment and common sense in how to punish students. there's more to the story in the student's background, because i can't imagine that people who have been in education for years. this kid's a senior. he's about to graduate from school. i can't imagine that they would impose such a harsh punishment here if there wasn't a history here. >> the interesting thing is all his friends came to his defense right after and said, hey, he's known as a hugger. what do you make of that. >> it's really important the
11:37 am
context, if someone comes over to hug you, that might not threaten you but if you tell someone to stop hugging you that's a totally different concept. and that's harassment. as keith said before, whether or not he was told to do this is a key point of whether or not there should be disciplinary hearings or not. >> it's so important because it could affect his life. what do you think of this, def leppard, one of the greatest bands of the '80s, apparently worried one of the biggest hits is being ripped off. you know the song. ♪ pour some sugar on me pour some sugar on me ♪ >> well, now lawyers are looking into whether undirection is borrowing the beat for one of their own chart-toppers. let's listen to that one. ♪ midnight oh oh baby
11:38 am
>> now, i know a lot about music, that sounds pretty darn familiar. i'm thinking, keith, that maybe there's only one note that might be different, but do they have a case? >> here's the problems are gretchen, to prepare for this, i had to subject myself to one direction. that's the real story. >> i'm very sorry. >> look, the music is definitely very similar. like words and language, you have a number of beats and words to put strings together. one direction did it this past summer. with the who song, the who acknowledged it's okay. >> it's different, but def leppard isn't saying it's okay. do they have a case? >> they haven't said they're going to file a complaint. they're having their lawyers look into this. so many of music is derived from the past. it's hard to say it's a copy and take someone's idea and make it your own. >> how do they prove that? >> it's a major song. they're going to say, of course, they've heard our song before.
11:39 am
that's the standard. they're going to say these songs are substantially similar. it's a major hit song, they know about the song, and they copied it. >> what's happened in the past? have you ever seen a case like this? will one direction not record this song anymore or take it off? >> some artists have had to pay millions of dollars to the original artists. that may be what happens here. >> for example, vanilla ice with ice ice baby, the lawyers may argue over this but so far there's no claim yet. >> i don't know what's scarier, that i don't know the one direction song and that i do know the def leppard song. legal panel, thank you very much. let's check in, knew you know the one direction song? >> we play a lot of music here on the news desk. what's coming up? >> a big story. the hunt for the car jackers who murdered a man right in front of
11:40 am
his wife. it happened at this upscale mall in new jersey. the short hills mall and it's just devastate to get community. we've been doing a lot of digs, and we've learned now that carjackings have taken a major increase. this one county across the river in new jersey. 450 so far this year. they've even gotten together as a group like the police department to focus only on car jacks. how important is is this and what can you do? we'll have a report at the top of the hour. >> thanks so much. how safe is your car? a new report on the safest cars out there which ones made the list? we have the lowdown for you. the governor of south carolina is one tough lady but what made her show off her tae kwon do skills. and when a team loses, what he now wishes he didn't say
11:41 am
after this tyrant. >> over time i coach somebody, they put their head down, we're soft, we've been enabled, for whatever reason. i got a bunch of mama's boys right now.
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our best protection. it's a smooth and comfortable fit with more lycra strands. hi sweetie! get your free sample at here's what america is clicking on today. the basketball coach let loose after singling out one particular player but not the rant. >> 2 for 11. how can go 2 for 11? my wife -- my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because i know my wife
11:45 am
will at least do it one time. >> i wonder if his wife is mad at him, too. anyway, the athletic director says he won't be taking any disciplinary action against the coach. changes it against the companies that run red lobsters and others. oh, no, don't you love their cheddar biscuits? i do. and mickey haley, the governor of south carolina breaking wood with her hands as she shows off her tae kwon do skills as she was awarded a fourth degree black belt. target chain of 40 million customers saying who shopped between november 27th and december 15th may have had their credit compromised. unfortunately, i'm one of them. here's the microwave i bought on
11:46 am
black friday. his is sans makeup. joining me is melissa francis on the fox network. what happened to all of us -- >> it's funny to see you there getting your microwave. >> this is computer software that got into the computer where you swipe your credit card. like you said, you expect the fraud to happen online, this is for people that actually went into the store. it's the information stored on the swipe, on the magnetic stripe in the back of car. they first thought it was 10 million cases now it's 40 million cases. this is a huge case. the good news is, they're out in front of it, they know about it, it's a federal investigation. >> what should people do? would the fraud have already happened if you were a victim or could it have happened in the future or should i chancing my card? >> you know, chancing your card is up to you, it may have happened. it could come in the future.
11:47 am
the main thing it do is study your credit card statement very closely. that's important. you need to protect your pin number. if they saw your number and your pin, they will try to get into your bank account. most of the time they're not on the premises. it's the software that sends it back to them. >> what about the people who have an aversion to looking at their statements? >> you have to take a look at that. >> she took a selfie and she was shocked. there she is. she went online to see the credit card bills? >> you have to look at it every month. it's painful. i get a rash. you don't want to see the total of everything you've done shopping that month. it's horrifying. but you have to. at the very least, you want to know if somebody swiped your card twice at even a restaurant. >> apparently, i don't have
11:48 am
ostrich syndrome. in the meantime, the safest new vehicles on the highway. 22 cars receiving the top safety standards top safety pick plus. honda civic four-door, midsize ford fusion, luxury, acura rl. and minivan, honda odyssey. why are there fewer cars? >> there are a lot fewer cars. last year, they made the tests a whole lot harder. you have to have top crash scores and a system to warn you when you're about to be in a front end crash. honda got the top scores and also acura, and overall, they have eight cars that got the top scores. >> they're doing something right there. who are the surprise newcomers? >> toyota that made the krad and the chevrolet spark mini car which is surprising. mazda 3, the infinity, q50,
11:49 am
names in there that you wouldn't expect. there are a lot of people that shop for their cars based on this safety rating. >> absolutely. well, you can check out the full list on foxcar report, i didn't know there was such a thing, melissa, thank you so much. tense moments on a bus. did you see this video? a guy pulls a gun and points it in a passenger's face right there. the newly released video showing what happened next. a major project about to get under way in the nation's capital, peter doozy is live on capitol hill. >> there are 1300 cracks in the u.s. capitol dome. it's very hard to see all of them from ground level. so i went all the way up to the top and i'll tell you what they're doing to fix those cracks, after this. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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new surveillance video released showing a bus full of passenger fighting back when a guy points a gun at them. a suspect approaches a passenger, points a gun in his face. the passenger tries to grab the weapon. other passengers help. some, including a woman on crutches, runs for the exit. it took three people to hold the guy down until police arrived. the 19-year-old is now charged with robbery and attempted armed robbery. what would you do? one of america's great symbols freedom about to undergo a major renovation. peter, how noticeable with the restoration project be for tourists and what did you find out today? >> reporter: i found out that come springtime if you're in washington you won't be able to miss the project. the entire beautiful u.s. capitol dome is going to be
11:54 am
completely wrapped in scaffolding because there are more than 1300 cracks in that cast iron dome, and the cracks make it icy for water to leak in, which equals rust. the cracks will be repaired with a technique called lock and stitch, and then some lead paint needs to be removed and replacees. most of the work will be done at night and on the weekend and inside the rotunda, a doughnut-shaped safety net will obscure some of the interior. i went to the top to get a closer look. imup here all the way at the top. up inside of the capitol dome. and when the construction is going on you will be able to see this painting. you won't be able to see the shelves. i'm going to step away from the ledge now. the last similar row storation what in 1960, but
11:55 am
officials are hoping this time new technology and construction will make the restoration last even longer. >> i think the scaffolding doesn't look bad, so it certainly is not going to be great over the course of the next two years, but when we do take the scaffolding back down, the quality of materials used in today's construction processes are much better than they were 50 years ago. this is such a big project. the thing the architect is most concerned about is the scaffolding itself. betting it here, putting it up and then taking it back down. >> thank you for going to the tippy top. you don't have to go on the stairmaster now today. and i don't know if you're scared of heights but that would have been hard for me to do. how much is the cost. >> $59.5 million. the architect of the capitol says they think they can keep the costs under control but couldn't guarantee they would come in under budget.
11:56 am
and this entire restoreation project is designed to wrap up before in the next presidential inauguration. the next president puts their hand on the bible just on the other side of the capitol. >> thank you so much. a touching reunion on the gridiron. the surprise moment that brought one football player to tears and may do the same to you.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> talk about the quarterback sneak. a soldier from afghanistan surprising his son at a football game by disgissing -- disguysing himself as a member of the opposing team. this reaction was priceless. he came home a month early and worked with his wife to pull off the amazing surprise. gets me choked up. you're fired up over a & oo
12:00 pm
suspending phil robertson. and this is our question of the day on facebook. thank you for sharing your time today. here's shep. >> bad news from mark suckerberg. facebook is facing a big-time lawsuit. what it could mean to you? >> good afternoon to you and yours, first, from the fox news deck at 3:00. facebook and dozens of banks must face a lawsuit from investors who claim the company misled them ahead of its initial public offering. that's the new ruling from a federal judge in new york city. facebook went public at $38 a share last year. the founder, mark zuckerberg rg


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