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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 20, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> it is friday december 20th. the dushg dick dynasty clan dra line in the sand after their patriarch was kicked off the air. what it means for the future of that show? >> the 11th hour exemption as the president heads out on vacation another major change is made to obamacare. how it will effect you and your wallet. >> it is one of the biggest christmases of all times. >> now mariah carey spreading joy and cheer to a dictator. why the super star is under fire
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this morning. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> what belter way to wake up than dancing to the music. >> i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. we are going to begin with the family behind duck dynasty breaking their silence. >> he was suspended for expressing their faith creating a firestorm of controversy. >> the family is calling into question the future of the show. anna kooiman is here with new information. >> we have an update this morning. the robertsons are rallying behind their suspended patriarch
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saying phil is a godly man who follows what the bible says love the lord god with all of your heart and your neighbor as yourself. fill would never incite hatred. a&e suspended phil after he told gq magazine homosexuality was a sin. is this the end for the hit show? the family p went on to say quote we have had a successful working relationship with a&e but as a family we cannot image the show ngoing forward without our patriarch at the helm. meantime both sides of the de ta bait have weighed in. >> this is not a free speech issue. the defenders of phil robinson
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is freedom from consequence. if you stand with him you are not standing with freedom of speech you are standing with anti gay xhints. >> everybo -- comments. >> everybody has a right to their opinion especially christian. >> they have come out in full force asking a&e to bring phil back on. a facebook page for phil robertson has 1.3 million likes. 102,000 people signed the i stand with phil position as well. despite the suspension a&e has several hours of duck dynasty programming coming up over the next week. >> thank you very much. appreciate it, anna. >> time now is 5:03. time to look at who is talking. sarah palin is talking about the
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controversy surrounding duck dynasty. she says it's all about freedom of speech. >> a&e they were quacks onç th one. the marketing department there. they had just recently rolled out their new slogan from their marketing department and it's be original. that translates with a&e's marketing department today, be stupid. to get rid of the most popular patriarch on television today. there are other networks that would nab these guys up in a heartbeat. a & e's screwed up on this one. what phil was saying he was receipting a part of the gospel. the liberal left must think the gospel is insulting and offensive. phil was repeating what is in the bible. we are smart enough to understand what's going on here. we are also smart enough to understand we do not have to promote and give business to a
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network like that if we don't believe in the action they just took and a & e's is going to feel it. >> viewers have been weighing in all morning with overwhelming support for the family. they say they should stand together as the tightness god fearing family as they have all along. >> frustration over the security breech at target stores. worried customers are flooding the company's web site and their call centers. up to 40 million americans credit card numbers might be in the hands now of criminals. the company says debit card pin numbers were not affected. one shopper in california has filed a class action lawsuit against the retailer.
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security experts say watch your accounts for fraudulent charges if you shopped at a target store black friday through december 15th. you can call the number there located on your screen. a bus over turns on a california freeway leaving dozens of people injured. the bus crashed yesterday afternoon in corona 50 miles east of los angeles. all 30 passengers suffered minor or moderate injuries. officials say it was raining are will will i hard but it is unclear if the weather caused the crash. the accident is still under investigation. more than 80 people were injured monday when the balcony of a theater collapsed. chunks of debris fell on to the audience and the actors on stage tried to warn them when things started to happen. at least 7 people have injuries. >> a mayor from the southern
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philippines has been shot dead in a daring attack on an airport. men on motorcycles were firing at the mayor and his wife as they stepped out of an airport terminal. he and his wife and two others died in the attack including a 1 and a half little-year-old little boy. >> while you were sleeping these changes coming to obamacare. the white house announcing a major exemption allowing consumers to sign up for bear bones policy. >> elizabeth prann is live in washington with what that means for americans who lost their plans. >> the obama administration announcing this late night tweet would allow americans with insurance policies who canceled bear bones catastrophic plans at the last minute. they think it will impact fewer than a million people.
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kathleen sebelius announced they are going to expand the partisanship. it is a common sense clarification. however this move could further lead to more of a nightmare for insurance companies working to please the ever changing demands of the system. this type of change will lead to fir they are confusion and disruption. others are speaking out saying this is not a responsible fix selling plans that previously were restricted to people under the age of 30 and those who qualify for specifications exemptions. it is a slap in the face for the thousands who already bought expensive plans. they only have a few more days
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to shop. the deadline as we know is this monday december 23rdrd. >> oo mariah carey facing criticism after performing this concert. she was paid a million dollars for the two our gig which was a gala for the angola president. back in 2009 you might remember she was forced to apologize after she gave a concert for the libyan leader moammar khaddafy. some are going above and beyond to motivate their students to give back. they set up donations for toys for tots. since the students surpassed the goal of 1500 toys the teachers are camping out on the roof of the school. >> we have a couple tents and
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chairs. we have loud mega phones and thankfully because of our fellow teachers we have cookies and nice stuff to snack on. >> several students visited the school to make sure they wept their word all night long. they say it is worth it for the donations they received. black friday just a warm-up some stores getting ready. >> kohl's is going to stay open for 108 hours starting in less than an hour. it's an added convenience for shoppers. the discounts are can looking good, too. for every $0.50 they will give back in kohl's cash. macy's stores will stay open for 107 hours and toys r' us will open at 6:00 tomorrow morning and close really late at 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. oh, no with deals like buy one
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get one free. record number of holiday travelers 94.5 million people will go at least 50 miles between tomorrow and new year's day. about 86 million of us will hop in the car paying about $3.22 for regular unleaded. that is about the same as last christmas. analysts say lower prices are typical for this time of year. some are optimistic prices are going to go even lower over the next few weeks. mcdonalds has 10 million pounds of mighty wings they need to sell fast. that's a 5th of the original 50 million pounds that mickey d ordered for the launch this fall. that launch kind of flopped. the wings are selling at about a dollar each. you can get a burger for that price. some customers say not only are they expensive but they are too spicy. others say it looks weird like mcnuggets. i haven't had them yet. have you? >> i don't know, i thought that would be a good idea.
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>> extreme weather across the country as many travel for the holidays. janice tedean is in. janice dean the weather machine. >> this is going to be very similar to the storm we saw on thanksgiving. ice. severe weather including torontos and heavy no and rain. we have a cold front that will push through. dropping temperatures 30 degrees in some areas. behind it very icy conditions ice storm watches and warnings will be posted through out the weekend. and then we have this severe component to the storm where we could see large hail damaging winds and, yes, even tornadoes across the south. so we are going to continue to track it here in the fox news extreme weather center. if you are training, lai -- traveling, ladies, check your local forecast and call ahead. >> it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. a major healthcare putting hundreds of students at risk. what parents need to know.
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>> talk about a massive mistake. the man on the billboard is supposed to be nelson mandela. isn't that morgan freeman?
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". more now on the roof collapse. it happened during a live performance. rihanna mills is live for us outside of the apollo theater in london with the latest. good morning. >> well, certainly muchter here in london outside of the apollo theater this morning. huge scenes of drama last night. a major emergency operation within full swing with 700 people inside the theater watching what they thought was a
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normal performance. we spoke to some of the eyewitnesss some of those who were inside that said in fact they thought the noises they were hearing above them was part of the performance. >> when they said watch out. we thought it was part of the play. >> the ceiling came down dust, chandelier and stuff landed on about 5 or 6 rows. >> so very quickly we are hearing from people inside parts of the ceiling had collapsed leaving plaster and debris tumbling over the audience below. the an investigation is underway to try to find out what caused the ceiling to collapse. >> live for us on london, thank you. a couple's vacation comes to a tragic end. united states marine brandon mcgraw was killed in a skydiving accident with his wife in awes trill yaw.
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the couple won that trip back in january from the ellen degeneres show. just before landing his parachute veered left and right and he slammed to the ground. he was pronounced dead at the scene after going into cardiac arrest. his crash is under investigation. >> 45 students at a california high school tested positive for possible exposure to tuberculosis. 1800 students and staff at the high school will be screened for the illness. it spread through the air with an active infection coughs sneezes or speaks. they will have the test results evaluated. the public health department ordered the expanded testing but says the action is just a precaution. the time now 18 minutes after the hour. coming up caught on camera. a horse survives a terrifying fall through the ice.
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>> students in trouble they hacked into a school computer changed grades and looked at tests before they had to take them. to make matters worst the cheaters may have been helped by a tutor. he may have given them hacking
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device and how to use it. he may face criminal charges. >> they may be keeping silent cutting religious references out of the christmas carol silent night. ♪ sing hallelujah ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace >> the students at the elementary school on long island new york never sang the lyrics christ the savior is born. >> it is sigh p lent night. it is offensive. if you are going to remove words to not offend other religions, what about the religion that that song belongs to which is christianity. >> good point. the school board eventually apologized and is taking steps to ensure this does not happen
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again. >> santa and his helpers spread issing joy and cheer throuo ver special children. it all went down at jfk airport i was there to see all of the excitement. take a look. >> christmas came early as kris kringle left his reindeer behind as caught a 767 jet to greet 4,000 children with special needs for a community mayor's event last week. it is called operation santa claus. >> who are you going to see today? >> santa. santa is coming. >> i came to see santa. >> santa claus is coming to town. >> the most important feature is the arrival of santa claus. he is in the window of a delta
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airline jet. when he exits the airplane the children go just bonkers. >> this is the highlight for all of the boys and girls at this event. they came to see santa. he is just in from the north poll and is here to meet and greet all of the children. >> they will remember it for the rest of their lives because those memories are priceless. >> this operation began over 50 years ago as a small parade in brooklyn. >> new york firefighters and port authority police officers. they transformed this empty air hangar into a winter wonderland for good old saint knick. these children no matter where
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they come from they need santa more than anything else. >> it is magic. it is a day where the volunteers come and they are children again for the day. >> magic it is watching the children smile just in if i am for christmas. >> merry christmas. >> the community mayors are not for profit organization helping special needs children. this is one of many events they hold through out the year. if you want to donate or participate all of the information is on the web site "fox & friends first".com. the real santa. >> he looks legit. >> kids pay attention. >> coming up the duck dynasty debate raging on this morning. our viewers are fired up. they are letting us know on social media what they think and we will share their responses. >> what is wrong with this picture in it uses the actor morgan freeman's space instead.
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>> it is december 20th. the duck dynasty family standing behind their patriarch. fans are fired up. >> the 11th hour induction. major change made to obamacare just as the president leaves for vacation. how this will effect you and your wallet. >> and is it better to be right
2:31 am
or happy? it may make you think the next time you try to get in the last word. fox and friends first starts right now. >> >> it is a fine day because it is friday. we are so close to christmas. it is december 20th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. the family behind duck dynasty breaking their silence speaking out for the first time since a & e's put phil on hiatus for speaking his mind. >> they are trying to decide if
2:32 am
they are going to continue with the show. >> the robertsons are rallying behind their suspended patriarch saying phil is a godly man who follows what the bible says love the lord your god with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. phil would never insight or encourage hate. we are disappointed phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith which is his constitutionally protected right. a&e suspended phil after he said homosexual ates is sin. he said he wouis this the end f robertson's hit show? the family went on to say quote we have had a successful working relationship with a & e's. but as a family, we cannot image the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. we are in discussions with a & e's to see what that means for the future of duck dynasty. both sides of the debate have
2:33 am
weighed in. >> if you want to stand with phil robertson you are not standing with freedom of speech you are standing with anti gay comments. they are hurtful meant comments and dangerous comments. >> miley cyrus went on tv and did shocking things, on new year's eve day special. miley cyrus is on tv and phil robertson is off of tv. something wrong when that happens. >> they are asking a&e to bring phil back on. a boycott of the facebook stage has more than 1.3 million likes now. more than 1 million people signed the i stand with phil petition. they have several hours of duck dynasty programming scheduled. >> thank you so much anna.
2:34 am
now to look who is talking karl rove is weighing in on the duck dynasty. any one who watches the show knows that phil robertson is a christian with views that may offend some people. >> he doesn't have a fir-- does a first amendment right to speak his opinion. we ought to respect people who believe that. >> rouge went on to say the decision with a & e's to suspend robertson is hypocritical. listen to why. >> why the network seems surprised to find themselves in this predicament is beyond me. i think there is neither fish another foul on thfowl on this. he will be in new shows in the coming months. they have tried to appease ent
2:35 am
disabowing their relationship with them but then appealing to the community that he relates to by continuing to show him. >> our viewers have been weighing in all morning with overwhelming support for the family. here are some of your responses. they tweeted us all for one and one for all. they made a knee jerk reaction with regret. they knew who hired him they don't need hifreedom of religio and speech are being persecuted. >> in other news this morning the new york police detective accused in the now infamous motorcycle road rage assault case is expected to be back in court today for a hearing. a detective was indicted for dang assault by a manhattan grand jury last month. he has pleaded not guilty.
2:36 am
three other bikers accused in the case are also scheduled to be in court today. a bus over turns on a freeway leaving dozens of people hurt. that tour bush crashed yesterday afternoon in corona about 50 miles east of los angeles. all 30 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. officials say it was raining pretty hard but it is unclear whether or not the weather caused that crash. more than 80 people injured in london when the balcony of a packed theater collapsed on the famous west end. chunks of debris fell on top of the audience and say the actors on the stage tried to warn them when things started happening. 7 people have serious injuries. they are trying to find out what caused the ceiling to collapse. for the first time verizon saying they will publish data on phone records requests by law enforcement. this as pressure mounts on ver rides zon and rival at&t to
2:37 am
disclose their dealings with the nsa. the largest cell phone carrier will post the total number of law enforcement requests and break it down by subpoenas court orders and warrants. the report is expected to appear on-line early next year. >> the enrollment deadline is 3 days away. they are announcing a big change in the healthcare law that could effect millions of consumers. doug luzader is live in washington to tell us what the 11th hour change could mean for you. good morning, doug. >> ainsley, good morning. the white house seems to be acknowledging for millions of consumers that monday deadline to enroll in health insurance may not be all that realistic especially for people who have been quickkicked off of their p because of obamacare. it was announced yesterday by kathleen sebelius. the white house tried to down-play this but it could impact millions of consumers. those whose plans were canceled because of obamacare will now be able to apply for hardship
2:38 am
exemptions. that's what they are calling them from the individual mandates. more people will be able to buy relatively inexpensive so-called catastrophic plans as the president in the past has railed against. the insurance industry is irate fearing healthy consumers will opt out of insurance leaving them with the most expensive consumers the old and the sick. a spokesman for the health insurance plan said this type of last minute claims say it will cause tremendous instability in the marketplace and lead to further disruption for consum s consumers. >> the insurers are pulling their hair out. they are ex baited. if people exit the regular obama pool and catastrophic pool different people will be in the obamacare pool and different premiums will be more expensive. >> we will find out how this will play out when we get enrollment numbers sometime next year. we may hear more about this today. no one will be shocked as
2:39 am
president obama before he heads off to hawaii. heather and ainsley. >> thank you very much doug luzader. >> former patriots tightened aaron hernandez hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. the family of oden lloyd filed this suit. a massachusetts judge ceased hernandez's home and frozen his assets. they are seeking to block a $3.25 million payment the nfl player's association says hernandez is owed. he has pleaded not guilty to this murder. the a rod saga has people filing motions against each other in court. they filed a suit against him alleging they orchestrated a witch hunt to push him out of baseball. the suit belongs in state court they argue. they motion is to have the case dismissed all together. rodriguez is appealing a 211
2:40 am
game suspension. >> someone making a tribute to nelson mandela got him mixed up with morgan freeman. it shows the ak toerp not the fo -- actor not the former south african president. he portrayed him in his film. a life threatening situation after falling through thin ice on a missouri lake. their owner called the fire department who two-days before practiced for ice rescues in their new protective suit. after an hour struggle the two half ton horses were brought to safety luckily both okay. >> extreme weather expected across parts of the country as many travel for the holidays. >> look who joins up this morning. janice dean with weather. >> it will be a busy weekend. i can tell you if you are traveling you need to call ahead by air.
2:41 am
if you are traveling on the roadways we are in for ice. we could see snow, heavy rain and even tornadoes. let's look at where the cold front is. can you see it? yup. 35 kansas city 62 memphis 18 minneapolis. we are talking about a 30 degree difference here. that's one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather. let's take a look at the storm. it is making its way across the southwest. ahead of it we have wintery weather over the great lakes and midwest and ohio river valley. this is nothing compared to what we see over the next 48-hours. wi we will see the icy mikes here. also potential of severe weather large hail damaging winds and tornadoes. by sunday moving eastward in toward the northeast. this is a busy travel day. people want to get to where they are going to be for christmas day. look at what we will see in
2:42 am
terms of heavy rain. ice across the missouri river valley and snow as well. several inches of it. it will be busy. >> it is a busy season. might as well make the weather busy, too. the time is now about 15 minutes until the top of the hour almost. holiday traffic jam of a different kind after a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of holiday hams over turns on a major highway. >> and then hackers stealing up to 40 million credit and debit cards from americans. what should you do if you are a victim? {off-line}
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o >> i love country music. going home for the holidays. it is friday right before christmas. in the news this morning it looks like speed may be the only thing to blame for the crash killing paul walker. there were no mechanical problems with the porsche and say they have also ruled out debris and roadway conditions. >> new york city snuffing out electronic cigarettes. the city council just voted to ban puffing on them in bars restaurants and workplaces. officials say the devices may have health risks. but e cigarette makers and users point out they may emit only water vapor. >> vakers stealing up to 40
2:47 am
million debit and credit cards from target shoppers. diane macedo is here with what you should do if you are a victim. good morning, diane. >> good morning, heather. target has been sued by one customer after the company reported a data breech that could effect more than a million debit and credit cards. customers who paid with plastic between november 27th and december 15th may have had their card information compromised including their names, card numbers, card expiration dates and embedded code from the card's magnetic strip. they allege target failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature and scope of the information compromised. target says it is working cos y closely with law enforcement and financial institutions and has identified and resolved the issue. there is no indication that debit card pins were impacted. still hackers could do major
2:48 am
damage with the information that was affected. well-known hacker david kennedy gave fox news a few tips on how people can protect themselves. >> google waltz, pay pal has them. it is really a temporary credit card number that you can use. pay pal does a one-time credit card number where you use a credit card once it changes the number again. you never have to worry about going to multiple retail stores and worry. if you look at target. this is only one instance. using one time credit card numbers or using notifications every time there's a charge being put on your credit card or debit card those are things you can do to make it easier for you. >> you see the other tips were to either cancel your card or keep looking at your account to make sure it wasn't compromised and if it was report that to your bank and authorities immediately. these accounts could remain vulnerable for a new years. am even if you don't notice something right away tell any
2:49 am
one to continue to monitor your accounts which is a good idea anyway especially around this time of year. >> no matter where you shop. thank you, diane. >> it is 48 minutes after the top of the hour. a scary ride home for children as their school bus driver tumbles out of his seat and the bus barrels through an intersection. what happened next that saved everyone on board. hundreds of soldiers heading home for the holidays thanks to the generosity of strangers who pitched in to make their christmas gift come true. >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> let me say we are leading with the controversy of duck dynasty is standing behind phil. the family most people look up to could be going away from our television screen. here is joel to tell me what else is on. what do we have? >> father john morris is here with the catholic perspective. how does he feel about what the
2:50 am
duck dynasty family represents. captain of the military is going to talk about how the budget is treating our military and kevin mccarthy is here. he wants a few wants to talk ab. also bill hemmer is here. we'll find out if he's worthy of working with our elisabeth hasselbeck on new year's eve. anything else, joel? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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caught on camera. a school bus full of children runs out of control when the driver falls out of his seat. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> stop. >> two south carolina teachers springing into action.
2:54 am
one grabbing the wheel as the other jumps into the driver's seat to try to hit those brakes. the bus, speeding through a stop sign, the driver said the brakes didn't want to work. luckily nobody was injured, but the bus driver was cited for driving too fast, not wearing a seat belt and has now been let go. well, hundreds of troops will be home for the holidays thanks to a group of florida retailers. they raised $35,000 to bus members of the national -- florida national guard home to the sunshine state from camp shelby. when they get back from afghanistan on christmas eve. the money raised will help about 300 soldiers be able to be back home with their families. well, gentlemen, you might want to pay attention to this. if you find yourself always agreeing with your wife, you might want to start expressing your true thoughts and feelings. a new experiment found if the husband lets his wife have the last word all the time, he will become more and more unhappy. relationship experts say if one partner needs to be right all
2:55 am
the time, neither will be truly happy. the time now is about six minutes till the top of the hour. and the "duck dynasty" debate we've been talking about all morning. so you have as well on social media, and we'll have your reaction up next. we're going to disney world! right now. >> i want to go. >> the happiest place on earth apparently has nothing on mobile, alabama. the surprise trip that left one little girl very disappointed.
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time now to take a look at "the good, the bad and the ugly." we start with the good. daniel, the beagle, who survived a dog pound gas chamber will march in the rose parade in california with his new jersey owner on new year's day. next, the bad, a truck overturns
2:59 am
in georgia, spewing hams all over the road. a truck carrying more than 80,000 pounds of ham flipping over when it rounded a curve. 400 gallons of fuel also spilled. and finally, the ugly. apparently not everyone gets excited about disney world. >> we're going to disney world! right now. >> i want to go to mobile. >> this video going viral this morning of a little girl throwing a tantrum in an airport because she'd rather go to mobile, alabama, than to disney world. >> your comments have been pouring in all morning long in support of the suspended "duck dynasty" suspended patriarch phil robertson after he quoted the bible and said that home sexuse homosexuals should not inherit the kingdom of god. >> "the constitution allows freedom of speech to all anywhere in the usa." >> dave tweeted, "stick to your
3:00 am
guns and do not let a&e dictate how you live your life." >> "i love the show and the values they stand for. good for phil to quote the bible and stand up for what he believes in." some great points we have this morning. pretty overwhelming response. >> yeah. >> all right. have a great christmas. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bye. good morning. it's friday, december 20th, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. will the robertsons take their duck calls and go home? new details this morning on the future of that family, and they're going to speak out. meanwhile, call it a hail mary. the white house throws a last-minute prayer to save obamacare. but will it hurt more than it helps? we're going to report. you're going to decide about something you probably haven't heard about yet. and what does mariah want for christmas? ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪


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