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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  December 21, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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every time. you thought today was great? tomorrow, last minute gifts made in america. dollar store gifts. >> it makes today seem mediocre. >> and how to make the italian seven fishes for a feast. make it a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. it seems like it's the gift that keeps on -- taking. with more cancellations piling up the white house rolling out yet another obamacare fix. this one lets more people with cancelled policies sign up for a bare bones catastrophic plan. with a majority of people saying to repeal the law would that be the best gift for america right now? hi, this is "bulls & bears." let's get to it. here they are this week. gary b. smith, tracy burns, jonas ferris, john layfield and sasha burns. welcome to everybody. john. more than 20 fixes so far. is it time to cut the losses and repeal obamacare? >> yeah.
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that's what anybody would do in business. that's the problem. none of the guys have been in business. we have one of the most unfriendly administrations to business in our history. they continue to overpromise and under deliver on everything from you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. we'll have fewer people on january 1 of 2014 covered by insurance than were covered on 2013. president obama says millions have enrolled. a million have enrolled actually. if you count what the expanded medicaid they are trying to pass onto the states which they can't afford there is a reason 35 of 50 states have opted out of the exchanges. they can't afford it. it's time to cut our losses and do something about health care instead of a mandate that the majority of americans do not want. >> john is clear on this. is it worth keeping, sasha? it's almost gutted already. >> it's not gutted. there are a lot of provisions
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there working for a great majority of the american people. the re-ality is if we had ap functioning government maybe delaying the individual mandate for a year might make sense. unfortunately when you have the political climate we do you don't have congress and the administration working together to make technical corrections bills that change things that don't work. it is going to be a huge success. i like your eyebrows raising up there. >> mm-hmm. >> it will improve americans and the health care system. it will reduce costs. doesn't look like it now but it will happen. >> how would repealing it help or hurt the economy? >> unfortunately we need to get back to square one with this. you hate the thoegs of repealing this. it cost so much but we are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. it's not working. we are not going to be able to pay for this. le the thing with the my length yells carrying the weight will backfire if it hasn't started
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already. people aren't benefitting from it when they don't have health care. to wait this out for five, ten years before we start to see benefits, you will cripple the country in the process. >> gary, if we just cut our losses, get rid of it, what do you think that would do to the economy, to the health insurance system? >> i think it would be -- we would see another rise in the stock market at least like we saw in the internet days. it would be a joyous occasion. it would be the fed continuing to taper every single day. sasha made a good point but i think she got it slightly wrong. she said if we had a functioning government. first of all, we have a functioning government. this has been pretty much totally in the side of the democrats. second of all it doesn't matter p if it's democrats or republicans. a functioning government, even the greatest government in the world, doesn't do central planning that well. they do it but that doesn't address what it needs. it's a free market.
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this was originally supposed to solve getting more people health insurance. we are not going to achieve the goal. it was built on the platform of having the young supplement this with premiums for the old. i thought this was the law of the land. not to mention the constitutionality of it. look, people are totally confused. i had my policy cancel. can i renew? do i get another one? i look at this stuff every day. i have no idea and most of the country has no idea. >> sasha has been idea. >> i think if you went back to square one, what is square one? republicans have gone through repeal and replace for so long. they didn't come up with anything until the last minute of what is it. they won't expand medicaid in their states.
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they don't care about covering people. they care about saying, see, i told you so. it doesn't work. until they are ready to come along for the ride, sticking with obamacare will be the best solution. >> actually republicans did have plans. tort reform was a huge part of it. >> republican mitt romney had a good health care plan for the state of massachusetts. it works well. it's similar but there are subtle differences that need to be fixed at the margins. the individual mandate is the smartest thing about the plan. i don't know why that's being pushed off. we talked about what companieses would do if they made this mistake. i saw something and they launched new coke in the 80s. it was a bomb. old coke was better so they pulled it and they lost the money. classic coke was better than new coke. is the old health care system better than this? i don't think so. there were a lot of problems that haven't been resolved. if we go back to it at great cost they would not go away.
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pre-existing conditions. people using an emergency room as their personal place not to pay bills for doctors. if we are not going to fix those things we shouldn't go back. does that mean this is great and we have to wait for the website the to work? it will need tweaks. the government has too much of a role in the website but the actual mandate is not a bad idea. >> jonas is talking about beverages -- coke. let's talk about hot cocoa instead. the obama administration basically says millennials -- there they are -- should get in their jam mies, have cocoa and talk about health insurance. is that what you expect a college student to come home to and do? >> if my college student came home like that he would be thrown out in those footy pajamas. he looks like ralphy from "a christmas story." who would come up with that
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other than a nanny state who says, come home, we'll take care of you cradle to grave. sasha thinks the republicans are all trouble. i think 100% including the democrats are all terrible. we have no functionally in washington, d.c. blame george bush for goodness sake. you need one republican vote to help pass this. other democrats are blaming the republicans for something they passed in one of of the partisan manners in history. this is insane. we need to cut our losses on this, figure out what to do and come up with a plan. sasha is right. there are no other plans out there. we know this isn't working. >> sasha, relating to the millennials, getting them the younger people to sign up is critical to the health insurance plan. is this the way to bring them in -- this kind of ad? the little onesie? >> we're talking about it. so that's the goal of advertising, right?
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we might say it's silly, stupid and anything else, but it is on air. i never heard about pa squa ma boy until i saw it on the news. that's at the end of the t day what they are looking for. >> bringing that to light just insults them more and makes them want to find a different option. there are organizations now of millennials telling them, you know what, don't pay for this. it is too expensive. it's a $6,000 catastrophic minimum you have to spend before you get coverage. there are groups helping the kids find other options because the obamacare thing is really expensive. they don't want to carry the burden of older folkses. >> that's got to be the last word. thanks, guys. the irs just got caught paying tax deadbeats big money. they are going to enforce the health care law? that's at the bottom of the
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a fox news alert. i'm patti ann browne. the pentagon says rebel fire hit at least two u.s. aircraft today as they were participating in a mission to evacuating american citizens. one of the injuries is considered serious. the wounded were later taken to a hospital in kenya. much more to come on this story. taking a look at the international space station. a risky emergency space walk is now under way. nasa astronauts rick mastracchio is undertaking an effort expected to take six and a half
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hours. another will be on monday and if needed a third one will take place christmas day. for more log onto fox if you shop t at target, you could be the target. america's third largest retailer saying 40 million credit card accounts were compromised in one of the largest data breaches ever. get this. it's been happening since right before black friday. tracy, you say it could be a black eye for holiday sales everywhere. >> 40 million people. you have the attorneys generals of big states coming down and trying to figure out what happened. look, a lot of people are using credit cards because not 2000 people horded cash for the christmas season. they were going to charge their way through it. this is another blackeye for retailers between the weather in the northeast last weekend we have had shootings in the malls in the area lately. why would anyone go out and shop?
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if you're not ordering online, a lot of people will think twice about getting out there. >> the stores have been begging people to come into the stores, into their doors. do you think this will have a bad impact on what is already a tepid retail season? >> i think this will have zero impact, to be honest with you. i think the shoppers go out and shop regardless. this is a country where 25% of the people out there don't even have anti-virus on their laptops. they use the same darn password for every application and website they get into. that is probably their birthday or their dog's name or something. people talk a god game. oh, my gosh, i'm concerned, i hope somebody sues. after that they get in the car and drive to target to buy christmas gifts. this will have zero impact. maybe target will claim it has an impact if their sales and revenues don't meet expectations. i don't think it will make a difference. >> are you going to shop at
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target? it's the third largest retailer in the nation. it's got to have impact on that. that has to trickle down to the economy. >> it's bad for target, absolutely. if you were a competitor you couldn't have planned it better with the big shopping days before christmas left. i don't think it affects anybody else. i'm curious. do you mean i shouldn't use my birthday as my p.i.n. or my dog's name? >> you could have been surprising me, too. it does hurt credit card companieses a es and banks thate credit cards. some of the people who stole credit card information will be spending. >> the problem is the target i.t. guy used his dog's name as the pass word. that's how the leak happened. i would disagree. i think it is a slight boost for the economy. i don't like saying this is good for the economy but what happens
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ouen car dies? when took my card they went on a spending spree at best buy. the hackers will buy stuff. does the consumer foot the bill? no. that's why they use the pass word of their dog. visa, mastercard, the banks get hosed on this and have to reimburse all the bad charges but the money is being spent and into the gdp and holiday sales. >> i have to give you a chance at this, john. >> i used jonas's dog for my pass word. >> ramon! uh-oh. >> i love you. that's the craziest thing i have heard. i feel sorry for target. this is the second biggest security breach in history. 47% of security fraud happens in the united states. it's because we haven't gone to a chip card-type system. i'm with gary. i don't think this affects the christmas season. we are basically flat from last year despite projections that
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we'll be 10% lower. sales are down but i think we are just seeing a slow christmas season. >> i'm sorry. am i a conspiracy theorist? they could be out there hitting your visa card now. we have to get on it. this could happen to the next 40 million people shopping at, who knows, walmart. because walmart is doing the happy dance picking up target's slack. this is an issue, a bigger issue. people will be concerned about this. >> gary? >> i understand what tracy is saying. right after we are done taping i'm going to target to buy a nice gift. >> there we go with the excuses. john did make a good point about companies using this as an excuse for the profit margin. >> also an excuse for their own bad i.t. spending.
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maybe they can book higher profits and have the data thefts because they weren't prioritizing that. at the end of the day, they weren't doing it right. it's definitely there are companies that do it better. they are trying to hike hack all the companies. they don't lose all their credit companies. every major retailer, supermarkets. some people are doing it better than target. that's where the mistakes were made. >> that's the last word. you want kids to eat fruits and vegetables at school -- pay them to do it. a new lunch plan that has our gang practically foaming at the mouth. we're aig. and we're here. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global.
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greens after paying them green. is this the right message to send children? plus the "duck dynasty"
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the government spending million s of taxpayer dollars each year to put healthy food in schools but the kids ain't biting. there is a new plan that will pay them to eat their fruits and vegetables. good idea? >> it's a great idea. i put together a list of all the other things the government should pay kids to do. they should be paid to cross only at intersections. they should be paid not to be a bully. they should be paid to respect teachers, get up on time, feed their pets, be kind oh strangers. the list goes on and on the things we should pay kids for. that's what it boils down to. the parent is totally out of the picture. the kids should be paid to do good things. this is insane.
7:23 am
>> tracy, do you pay your kids? >> bribery gets you everywhere! gary, come on. i will bribe my kids to do anything. it's not forever. it's a little starting point. look, the government made this mess. you either dump the food in the garbage or come up with a way to fix it. let's pay the kids a little nickel here and there. maybe we put it to a good cause. maybe they donate it to a new basketball court or something. there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. kids like rewards. there is a reason teachers put stickers on every test you do well. there is a reason my daughter is sent to the prize box. they like that stuff. pay them. >> john, aren't there better ways to get the same result? >> yes. i'm sorry. i completely disagree with tracy. we have a massive problem with obesity and diabetes. we have a problem with school food. it's just inedible but it is a
7:24 am
matter of cost. i run a children's program here. it is costly to give them healthy food. to pay them to do the right thing? i'm with gary b. tell the fat kids to get off the sofa and stop playing video games and go out and do something. we don't have phys ed in schools. we need that instead of tying to force them to eat something they don't want. >> sasha, what do you think? >> i'm all about bribery. also in the sense of, no, i don't want to hand a kid cash. give them stickers, ex-the tra recess, lead the class to the lunch line. let the money go to building something. i don't want to hand them money. >> i will say it will take cash, not stickers. if you give them a big enough allowance they won't leave. i know kids still collecting
7:25 am
allowances. i will say we are already on the hook for health care costs. the government picks up the health care tab at 65. if a third of the country smoked in bed, my fire insurance costs would be higher. everybody can agree with that. we have to cut costs. it's half a trillion a year just to companies and productivity and insurance costs because of unhealthy behavior. if we can spend the money, i know it's bloombergesque and bribe people to be healthy, it may cost less. maybe it makes sense. >> gary b, my daughter asked if captain crunch is a veggie and if that counts. >> let's extend the argument. it costs a lot to keep all the people we do in federal penitentiaries and stuff. are we going to pay you not to do crimes? >> we should. >> you need to live in a
7:26 am
different country than i live in. >> it's not in perpetuity. the government has already screwed up. >> last word. the parents have so much to say. thank you to sascha for joining us. >> thank you. talk about a "duck dynasty" dilemma. will the controversy cook their golden goose or send the ratings through the roof? >> if it looks cool enough -- mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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became big business overnight?
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♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. predictions. tracy, you're up. >> say what you want about the "duck dynasty" controversy, ratings will go through the roof. supporters will tune in and people who don't know what we are talking about whether l tune in to figure it out. >> john? >> cst is up 25% in a year. >> gary, what do you think? your prediction. >> brenda, let the kids eat healthier lunches. they will have more snack food when they get home. pepsi up 25%. >> i love it.
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jonas, what's your prediction? >> definitive research this week that 20 years of vitamins i have been taking were probably bad for me. s this is good for the merchants of fresh fruit. fresh dell mont up 20% in the year. >> that's it. another irs mess putting a health care law in a bigger mess. hello. the agency in charge of collecting taxes is paying companies behind on their taxes. a new report says the irs is doing business with nearly 1200 companies owing more than half a billion bucks. most without a plan to pay it back. this is the crew enforcing the health care law? >> it's beyond a shocking embarrassment. it shows that the irs can't do its primary basic function before you add on all of the additional responsibilities


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