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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 21, 2013 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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j thank you for watching. merry christmas, hope to see you right here next week. fox news alert, this just in, jpmorgan chase now limiting its debit card purchases to $300 a day for its customers who shopped at target. and its also limiting cash withdrawals to just $100 a day accord to reuters news service. after a massive data breach security at target stores put millions of people in jeopardy. we're learning the bank sent an e-mail to its customers after a cyber attack on the u.s. retail target corporation that compromised up to 40 million payment cards during the first three weeks of the holiday shopping season. we'll have more on this coming up.
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after months of controversy and scandal, some big changes could be coming to the government's controversial surveillance program. hello, everybody, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. while president obama is vacationing in hawaii, he is set to look at dozens of recommendations from the nsa review board and is promising to make a very definitive statement when he comes back in january. elizabeth prann has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama acknowledging he has some work to do over the holiday break. he'll be reviewing the intelligence advisory panel's review of the national security agency. some of the 46 recommendations urges the administration to dial back its mass collection of data records. >> i'm going to make a pretty definitive statement about all of this in january where i'll be able to say here are the recommendations that we think make sense.
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here are ones that we think are promising but still need to be refined further. >> reporter: the president did defend the nsa on friday, saying there was no evidence the agency acted inappropriately. experts say his tone indicates there will most likely still be reform. and americans need to decide how much privacy to give up in exchange for safety. >> americans are going to have to decide whether or not they have defined the war on terror as a war, which i happen to believe it is, or whether it is a crime. >> reporter: on saturday, the director of national intelligence declassified documents showing when the nsa began collecting data, dating back to the war on terror just after september 11th. in a statement, dni director james clapper writes in part about the policies and procedures conducted in a matter that safeguards the constitutional rights of u.s. persons. it details former president
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bush's authorizations which were eventually replaced by a law requiring a secret court to approve the spying. arthle, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, thank you so much. two american astronauts on the international space station have successfully pulled out that troubled ammonia pump. it had a bad valve. they did it well ahead of schedule. that task had been planned for the next spacewalk on monday. the spacewalk even ended an hour shorter in time due to the extreme cold for the astronauts. they began conducting the urgent repair job this morning. hundreds of miles above earth, ten days ago, that broken cooling line brought scientific research to a near halt and left the iss vulnerable. charges of murder and conspiracy in connection with a deadly car jacking at an upscale
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new jersey mall. 30-year-old dustin freeland was shot and killed in front of his wife last weekend as the the two returned to their car. two men allegedly took off in the couple's range rover which was found the next day, ten miles away. friedman's funeral was wednesday. his friends and family say the last thing he did before he died was open the door, the car door, for his wife. >> you go to school here. whether you shop here. or whether you're just passing through. you have the right to be safe and the expectation that you should be safe in this county in the state of new jersey. and in particular you shouldn't have to worry that wherever you go, whether it's in downtown newark or the mall or anywhere else that someone will put a gun to your head and take your car. >> we'll have a live report and the latest developments at the top of the hour. getting a new reaction from president obama this week about the botched health care rollout. during his end of the year news
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conference yesterday, the president noted some progress with the law, but admitted that his administration and this is a quote screwed up. take a listen. >> the fact is, it didn't happen in the first month, the first six weeks, in a way that was at all acceptable. and since i'm in charge, obviously, we've screwed it up. >> now, his comments come amid a brand-new fox news poll which found that right now more voters have a more favorable opinion of former president george w. bush than president obama. mercedes slap joins us, former media spokesperson for president george w. bush. dave mercer is a former national finance director for the democratic national committee. good to see you both. mercedes, let me start with you, once the public is convinced that a president has knowingly lied or deceived them not just
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once but repeatedly and, you know, these polls show, our own poll shows a majority think president obama did just that, is it even possible to regain the public's trust and without that trust, is it over politically for the rest of your term? >> well, i think it's incredibly difficult to gain ground again when your poll numbers are this low. you know, with that being said, he's basically had the worst year in washington. i mean, you're talking about liberal pundits, you know, as well mentioning the fact that he's had a very unsuccessful 2013 and particularly due to the botched rollout and the fact that, you know, he did admit that they've screwed up. so, again, i think it's very difficult for him to regain the confident and this has to do with -- not beyond the website but including the fact you have possible security problems with the website, the fact that like young individuals are very
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nervous about signing up and you need these young folks to sign up. he's dealing with a series of problems which i think will be difficult for him. >> we have a picture of this front page of "the new york times." they showed this photo of president obama at the newsdesk yesterday. can we put that up on the screen? he is -- not the quote, the photo the president. he is downcast. they describe his demeanor and words as often downbeat and weary. i mean, is that what happens when you make promises that later prove to be untrue, your ratings nose-dive, and even your supporters, democrats, in the u.s. senate turn away? >> i think we've seen it with this president and one who is only the second democrat to be re-elected since franklin delano roosevelt. that he may take a hit or he may have an issue or challenge, but he overcomes them. we saw that even after the midterm elections in 2010 where he passed four out of five legislative bills from the start
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treaty to tax cuts to unemployment insurance. so this president -- do not count him out, nor count on him to just lay back. as he pointedly said during the press conference, look, he may not be running for another political office again or for election but he is going to make sure that more americans have access to affordable care. with regard to what mercedes said in terms of the polls and her line of thinking regarding that, then boehner or mcconnell would have nowhere left to go because they're so down in the polls. and we saw the least productive congress since -- >> one person at a time -- >> we saw the least productive congress -- >> -- mercede, just before his news conference, the website crashed. yet again. i'm sure that didn't put him in a good mood. but he went out there and he boasted that more than 1 million people have gotten coverage. >> right. >> that doesn't take into consideration the 5.9 million
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plans that have been canceled. and since there are roughly about three people on each plan, you're talking about 18 million people who have lost their coverage. has he arguably hurt more people with obama care than helped them? >> well, i think at this point, he's improvising. now he's partially suspended obama care, if you want to take it to that point. partly suspended the individual mandate. when they look at their goals and their numbers, they're not reaching their numbers. the problem is part of it is because the americans lack the confidence in the president. you're talking 57% disapprove of obama -- >> we're short on time. i want david to get to the last question. "the new york times" front page story about all the skyrocketing premiums today. it features the chapman family. they liked their policy. got canceled under obama care. now the cheapest plan they can get on the exchange is $1,000.
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that's an insane amount of money. how are you supposed to pay that? i mean, what would you say to mrs. chapman, dan? >> i would say two things, one, on the exchange, you will learn, if you qualify -- >> they don't -- >> -- and also to look for different plans that are on -- >> that's the cheapest one -- >> and i'm sure she's getting more than the insurance she had, which was possibly insurance in name only and not offering the benefits that now insurance companies must provide when they say they're selling insurance to consumers. >> right, many benefits that they don't even need. >> look, medicaid part d, the romney care rollout with enrollment was low. both now are successes. you will see the same with the affordable care act. >> thank you both for being with us, good to see you. happy holidays. gregg, with haan update on e
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we've got time for a quick check of the headlines. new jersey governor chris christie signing controversial legislation continuing in state tuition to undocumented students who grew up in the garden state. at least a dozen states have similar laws including texas and california. target trying to make good,
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offering a 10% in store discount today and sunday, plus free credit monitoring following that massive security breach, possibly compromising about 40 million shoppers credit and debit card accounts. memorial events taking place in great britain and here in the u.s. marking the 25 years since the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. 259 people on board and 11 on the ground were killed. new questions this hour about the future of the a&e series "duck dynasty." the network has already suspended patriarch phil robertson over some controversial comments last week. but the family has refused to do the show without him. and their sponsors haven't rushed to abandon them either. underarmour is sticking by them saying, quote, the recent comments in the qg article do
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not represent our point of view. as a company, we are committed to diversity and believe in treating everyone equally and with respect. so how will this end? our guest is here, a columnist for mediaite. we love that, by the way. >> outstanding website. >> so a&e suspended phil robertson, the head honcho there, the patriarch as he's called. commander i think is what he calls himself. the others are saying we're not doing this show without him. so who -- how is a&e going to really handle this? really, this may sound crazy, bus can a&e stand to lose that show? it's really, really, really popular. >> well, to this point, they have not handled this very well at all. they have been greedy. they have been hypocritical. they have everything to lose. greedy and hypocritical in this way. next week, and that's two days from now actually, starting december 22nd.
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you can see "duck dynasty" with phil robertson until christmas day for 35 1/2 hours. they're doing a "duck dynasty" marathon. so what kind of suspension is that? greedy and hypocritical in terms of the network plans to air nine new episodes in january all of which will include phil robertson. is he suspended? not really -- >> the other ones you mentioned -- i get your point off them profiting off it. but those are probably pretaped, the ones we're going to see -- >> correct, but if they're really taking a stand here, then don't profit off of the guy you say you're taking a stand against, right. >> let's talk about this aspect of. you do know, former alaskan governor sarah palin, louisiana governor jindal, they're among those who have said a&e's suspension of "duck dynasty," of phil robertson specifically, it was an affront to free speech and the first amendment. do you see it that way? >> i see it as a&e knew what they were getting from a media perspective. in 2010, he did a sermon in
11:48 am
pennsylvania. it's on tape. where he made the same exact comments we're hearing now in the gq article. a&e also erred in allowing phil robertson to do this interview unsupervised. you know how this works. you have pr or give the guy media training. on the show, they can edit out any comments he makes that they may deem to be offensive. you allow him to do an interview unsupervised, that's when you get in trouble. a&e made their own bed here. >> let me show you a full screen graphic from a quote from cracker barrel. a spokesperson saying we continue to offer duck commander products in our stores. we removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some guests while we evaluate the situation. we continually evaluate the products we offer and we'll continue to do so. so you have -- earlier i started out with underarmour saying
11:49 am
we're going to stick by them, then cracker barrel saying we're going to take the wait and see approach. do you think there's going to be consumer backlash to either of those customers? >> clearly not underarmour. i don't think their target audience is something they're really concerned with being offended by these comments. not all obviously. some people might say he went over the line. he was expressing his religion, yes, but he could have done it in a more tactful way. cracker barrel, i find interesting. the old saying is you can't kind get a girl pregnant. you can't kind of take some products off. is it the camouflage suit? i don't quite understand what they're doing. either take a side or don't take a side. this is interesting in terps of what happened with paula deen. she lost most of her sponsors. underarmour sticking by, cracker barrel kind of sticking by. the biggest number we have to be concerned with here, $400 million. that's what a&e stands to make in partnerships with walmart, kohl's and target this year in
11:50 am
retail alone. they're walking away from it? >> as part of the products, the merchandise? >> exactly, yes. that's huge for them. and the thing is, the "duck dynasty" folks, the robertson, they're already worth $15 million alone. glenn beck has already gone to them and said, come on my network, if you like. they have all the so much. >> i love the way you say my name, the way it should be. >> i try. thanks for noticing. this guy over here, he doesn't notice any effort i put into anything. >> we are married on television, we're newlyweds. >> tv husband. at least we're matching. the green. >> there we go. >> incredited. how this ends. >> and a heartwarming story of a dog sticking by its young owner during her life-saving surgery. we love dogs.
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check out this amazing rescue. it was caught on surveillance tape. two officers rescuing a pilot from a burning plane. flames were pouring out of the cessna when it went out near the tampa international airport. the two officers heard the pilot's distress call. they rushed to the scene. one cop put the fire out and the other dragged the pilot to a nearby field and he is now in stable condition. there you have a couple of heros for you. another hero we want to talk about has four legs. a heartwarming story we have of a girl's best friend never leaving her side. so here are the pictures. this service dog stayed with his 7-year-old owner during a critical surgery. the first
11:55 am
grader has a rare illness which causes dangerous allergy-like symptoms to occur just out of no where without warning. so her dog is trained to detect on coming attacks. he acted as an additional monitor throughout the procedure. we are told the little girl is doing okay which is great news. look at this dog. so loyal and so adorable and so special like the little girl. >> isn't that amazing that they can train these dogs to sense an on coming attack some that is incredible. >> it really is. dogs can sense human emotion so i imagine the little girl would get some sort of distress a little before going into the attack. >> wow, what a great dog. they are both heros. >> we love that story. we are learning more about the suspects behind a deadly carjacking in merge new jersey. we are going -- in new jersey. we will have more details in a moment. don't go away.
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hello. i'm greg jarrett welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthelnevil. 1k3* there are storms hitting parts of the country and shopping plans. >> and the international spacestation astronauts are
12:00 pm
venturing out seed to make urgent repairs to a cooling system, a valve that malfunctioned last week. >> and spreading christmas. >>. how one secret santa managed to make it a little brighter for some families. first, we begin with the arrest of four suspects in that deadly carjacking in new jersey accused in the death of 30-year-old dustin freedland who was shot in the head in front of his wife after the couple just returned to returned to the car with their christmas shopping bags of the brian has more on that. >> the manhunt came to an end on friday night. the four men have been charged with murder and could face up to life behind bars for shooting dustin freeland in the head late last week. the suspects are identified at
12:01 pm
31-year-old ford, roberts, 29-year-old thompson and theater 2-year-old henry. in addition to murder they face several charges including carjacking and possession of a weapon. they are being held on $2 million each. police say the four men were targeting the 2012 silver range revolver in the -- range rover in the parking garage. he was about to get in the driver's side of the suv when he was approached by two of the men and shot. they fled in the range rover that was found 10 miles away. itth is -- this has been an epidemic in carjackings. they have seen 450 in essex county. according to the national insurance crime bureau there was an increase in car thefts in 2012 for the first time in eight years and that number is expected to rise again. this year the nicb says the
12:02 pm
new york, new jersey area has the highest number of suv and cuv thefts in the nation. just this week officials in the new york tri-state area sent out an alert warning drivers that more and more luxury cars like freeland's are being targeted. >> a lot of times those vehicles that are stolen, the high end vehicles and not just the suvs are stolen for a reason. it is to get them in containers and ship them out of the country. they bring top dollar in a foreign market. >> now, there are preventative steps you can take. of course be aware of your surroundings. when you are parking your vehicle, park by an entrance where there is a lot of lighting. and if you feel like somebody is watching you, don't walk directly toward your vehicle. walk somewhere else. and if there is a con problem station, give them the keys. your life is more available than the vehicle. greg? >> good advice. we have a couple of lawyers standing by and we will talk
12:03 pm
with them about that. thank you very much bryan. a key deadline for the new health care law comes on monday, but not without last-minute changes. certainly it is rattling insurers over eligibility as the obama administration tweaks the policy. doug mckelway is live in honolulu where the president is on on vacation. >> the president arrived around 11:28 and he was greeted by an array of dignitaries. from there the president was whisked to his rental vacation home with the first family which is about 45 miles north of we kiki beach on the northeast shore of oahu. the white house put a lid on press coverage and that's the last we heard from the white house since that time. still resonating is the decision by the white house to exempt people who lost coverage and grant them catastrophic coverage.
12:04 pm
the white white house says that is a half million people, but another major tweak like this puts them in a difficult position. >> what is important to understand is the pool of people who are covered in the catastrophic policies are separate from those in the broader market place. for people who are going into the exchanges and buying coverage, they are pooled together. if you take out young and healthy people and they buy coverage that is separate that will be everybody in the market place and they will see it increase. it creates a tremendous amount of insta belt. >> many republicans accused the president of making these tweaks by executive decision outside the bounds of established law by fia. the president in his press conference says they reserve the right to make these kind of tweaks. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> i have to tell you, julie,
12:05 pm
that's now how i think about it. >> some of the president's critics including perhaps most among them senator mike lee from utah says this kind of tweaking was a grander design to move to a single payer system. the white house dismisses that and has repeatedly saying they will work with the insurance industry to make these changes. bottom line, another major deadline coming up for obamacare. that is december 23rd and that is two days away. that's the deadline for when people have to sign up for health care. it takes effect on january 1st. we expect a surge to the website. it will be interesting to see if the website can handle that surge. it is another test for the insurance companies who are struggling under all of these deadlines. back to you. >> the website crashed before the president's news conference. doug mckelway in baffle honolulu -- in beautiful honolulu, hawaii. >> thanks. now this coming amid a new fox news poll that finds 67% of americans think that obamacare should be delayed.
12:06 pm
david hawkins is the executive of senior roll call. nice to be with you. >> thanks. >> we were listen together report from doug mckelway and i want to get your take on the rocky start to obamacare and the president saying, look, he doesn't see it that way, that 2013 was the worst year of his presidency. surely the president is not unaware of just how difficult the launch has been and he -- he believes he can turn it around or is the president in a position, david, where he has to wear the affordable care act cheerleader outfit, if you will, no matter what? >> i think that is a great way to put it. i think that he is in it -- he is wearing that outfit and it is the outfit he has to be asked to be outfitted with. and he fought hard to be able to wear it. i think that his hope is that
12:07 pm
things will only get better. that the republicans and his own administration has obviously made some significant mistakes with the rollout. the republicans have emphasized it at every turn. his gamble is that it has bottomed out. and by the time the mid-term election comes around and by the time the meat of the coming legislative year happens when he might actually try and assert some leverage that things will look a little better than they do now. hard to predict that as you just said and as doug just reminded us. the big deadline is coming up this week. there will be another surge and there will be a few weeks going before we see those numbers. it is a big gamble, but we don't know how it will turn out just yet. >> and speaking of republicans let's look at what eric cantor said. quote. our entire health care system can't be fundamentally changed subject to the random impulses of president obama. how can anyone make health care decisions today knowing
12:08 pm
that the law may be unilaterally changed tomorrow. it is time for obamacare to be delayed for all. cantor said this on friday. david, do you agree or disagree. >> i think in that case he might have over spoken somewhat. i think first of all this was not done on a whim. this was done carefully. second of all and even more importantly this was not a fundamental change in the law. we should remember that this was only a change in the law that affects about 2% of households. admittedly that's four million people and that's a lot of people. in terms of the number of american households that are being affected by this, a relatively small percentage. the whole fight in the last couple weeks has been about those people who had their own health insurance and whether they could keep it as the president said they could or not. that remains ultimately only about 5% of the universe of
12:09 pm
the country. so i think in one sense the republicans have to be careful about over doing did -- over doing it, rhetorically over doing it and then giving the president an opportunity to say, see, it wasn't as bad as the republicans portrayed. >> let me pick up there. the president is predicting that 2014 could be a breakthrough year vowing to deliver a year of action. so how do you think the president will move to boost the confidence of americans in his january 28th state of the union address? >> great question. by then he is hoping a couple things will have happened. he is hoping that by january 15th the actual bill to make good on this budget agreement we have all been talking about in washington for the last couple weeks, i think many americans haven't realized that congress has to come back in early january and actually enact legislation to actually spend a trillion dollars of taxpayers' money.
12:10 pm
that's not a small party. and it is going to be potentially pretty dicey. he is gambling that will not happen and there will be no talk of shutdowns. that will boost confidence. he is hoping to get her confirmed as fed chair chairwoman. the debt ceiling will be coming after that state of the union address. the challenge is after those early in the year victories, where does he go from there? maybe an immigration bill and i think there is an outside chance the republicans will conclude that it is in their political interest to negotiate that. but it is hard for me to see where the whole year of accomplishment comes from. maybe a couple of small wins early in the year, but what he does after that, i am not exactly sure. >> we will be watching and david hawkings, i appreciate your take on those matters. thanks, david. >> thanks a lot. thank you. nasa astronauts racing through a repair effort in the
12:11 pm
international spacestation. they did imagine to remove a damaged pump from the cooling system and could actually finish the complicated repair job during the next spacewalk on monday. we go live to the l.a. bureau and dominic they did most of the hard work today, right? >> yes, and it took about five and a half hours on the spacewalk. two american astronauts doing this. they #r* -- are facing highly toxic ammonia. they managed to remove the bad pump module. they have since connected all of the fluid lines and the electrical power and then they had to take out the mount -- mounting bolts. here is the danger with this problem. they have a chilling system with ammonia in it. it has risked freezing the water in the cooling works inside the station's lab. they had to shut that down, but with one cooling system
12:12 pm
down there was a risk that if the second went bust they would be in a critical situation where most of the spacestation would have to be closed down. not good at all. the next spacewalk is by any means any easier. >> we will go back monday and retrieve the spare cooling pump that will be removed and put on a robot arm and rains ferred to the -- transferred to the new site and reconnected. if they get through all of that on monday they won't have to go outside on christmas day. that is a secret christmas gift if they actually have to do a third one. >> a third would be taxing on these guys. it is very physically demanding. while we haven't had a scene from "gravity" or" apolo 13" they have been at real risk. a colleague nearly drowned in ammonia because of a fault in his suit. michael hopkins today was wearing that very same suit outside the station. it had been adjusted with
12:13 pm
improvised snorkels and also the suit had a pad velcroed inside to soak up any fluid. they are 260 miles above the earth and it is how dangerous this operation is. if they can do it in two, that means even more risk. greg, back to you. >> risky and amazing all at the same time. dominic, thanks. >> let's look at weather now. this weekend could be absolutely brutal for travelers. winter storms are causing major delays delays in salt lake city yesterday. it was coating roads in the seattle area with a blanket of snow. now the storms are moving east. where we could see snow, thunderstorms and maybe tornadoes, wow. we go now live to the fox extreme weather center. >> swree tornado watches iny -- we have tornado watches
12:14 pm
in effect. memphis 74, 450 miles away it is 28 in kansas city. so you can see that we have one of the ingredients we need for severe weather and it is that clash of the two air masses. this is something we typically see in the springtime and not the first day of winter. tornado watches extend from southeast texas to tennessee. 6:00 p.m. central time here for this one and then 8 p.m. central time. we do have a ground stop at houston's inter continental airport. and then we want to point out we have severe thunderstorm warnings. do you see the pink and purple? that is freezing rain and ice accumulate aing on the roadways and the power lines. the severe threat as you can see stretching for miles here. the red shaded area is where we think all of the ingredients will come together for the potential of strong tornadoes throughout the afternoon and the evening. just watching the future radar and the snow. i didn't get to mention the snow. three to zeks to eight -- 3 to
12:15 pm
six to 8 inches of snow. then as we head into sunday this is a really dangerous situation setting up for parts of the great lakes and in toward upstate new york and new england where we could see over an inch and close to an inch and a half of ice which could be crippling for this area. so taking a look at it, again as i mentioned, the swath of snow and heavy rain we could see over for inches here. the threat for severe weather and then the ice that is going to accumulate over these vulnerable areas. the weather delays today are going to be impressive across the country especially in the areas we just talked about. also want to mention we are seeing snow across the rockies here and all of this is going to travel eastward for tomorrow. and i didn't mention, arthel, we are breaking records across the east coast. we will get toward 70 degrees this new york city. wacky, wacky weather. >> wacky weather is the right way to describe it janice dean. >> i told you i have my tommy
12:16 pm
bahama swim shorts set out and i am ready to go. >> i need the pictures. >> i am cracking up inside like you are. >> i need proof of this. he tells me these things and i don't believe it. >> i can get you some proof. >> don't encourage it. >> with bells on and a santa hat. >> all right. >> thank you. >> a major health scare at a high school. a race against the clock after dozens of students test positive for possible exposure to tuberculosis. >> and also remembering the victims of the locker be bombings. how -- lockerbie bombings are remembering victims. >> and beyonce is surprising shoppers at a wal-mart. what did she buy there and what did she give out to shoppers? that's coming up.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. a federal judge is granting an injunction that would prevent the government from enforcing a new requirement of the federal health care law. the requirement that insurance coverage include access to the morning after pill and similar contra september tiffs is being being -- contraceptives is being put out by
12:21 pm
organizations. >> and students are being tested for tuberculosis at a southern california high school. one student was diagnosed with the bacterial infection last month. >> and top super -- pop superstar beyonce is getting shopping done at wal-mart and looking fierce in the meantime. she was at the wal-mart in massachusetts. she is helping out 750 others in the store as well by giving away $50 wal-mart gift cards. that's nice. in total it cost over $37,000. this is why we love beyonce. >> that's very generous. >> fantastic. good for her. >> the u.s. circuit court of appeals is ruling that 9/11 families can sue saudi arabia. three judges reinstated saudi arabia as a defendant in those lawsuits. claiming the country provided support for al-qaeda before
12:22 pm
the 9/11 attacks. in 2003 a group sued saudi arabia and now the plaintiffs won the right to pursue the lawsuit. this ruling overturns previous rulings citing saudi arabia was protected by sovereign immunity. memorial events taking place in britain and in the u.s. marking the 25 years since the bombing of pan am flight 103 or lockerbie, scotland killing all 259 people on board including 11 others on the ground. molly is live with more in washington. >> arthel, on this day in 1988, pan am flight exploded in the sky one hour after taking off from london in route to new york. eric holder told victims' family and friends at a ceremony at arlington national cemetery that no amount of time or distance can ease the pain and erase the loss of
12:23 pm
what he called a, quote, hain a nuss and cowardly act of terror. and there was a remembrance ceremony in lockerbie, scotland as well. the father of a 24-year-old woman who died on the flight talk about what the past 25 years have been like for him. >> we have to live with the lovely memories of those that we lost all that time ago. every day of every year. bough -- bereavement is a life sentence. one has to move forward and build a future, but it is disgraceful to forget the past. >> one libyan officer was convicted of 270 counts of murder. prosecutors say he planted a suitcase bomb on the plane and he was sentenced to life in prison in scotland in 2001. scottish authorities decided to released him in twine on humanitarian grounds when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. they expected he would die in three months. but he returned to libya to a
12:24 pm
hero's welcome, by the way, and lived another three years. he died in may of 2012. arthel? >> thanks, molly. four u.s. service members injured after their aircraft takes enemy fire during a rescue mission. coming up, where it happened and who may be responsible. >> and a family's uphill battle to keep their daughter alive after a routine tonsilectomy. >> she came here and she said, mom, i don't want to have this surgery because i feel like something bad is going to happen to me. that is something i have to deal with every night. this is a mother's worst nightmare.
12:25 pm
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12:28 pm
bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the pentagon is confirming that four u.s. service members on a rescue mission in south sudan have been injured by gunfire while trying to evacuate american citizens.
12:29 pm
ospreys, like the ones you see here, were hit by small armed fire by unknown sources. all are in stable condition. it is the big holiday travel push as another winter storm is bringing winter havoc and cripple travel plans for millions. and the season of giving just got a lot brighter for some people in maine. a secret santa visiting the make a wish foundation and handing out envelopes. eep containing a crisp -- each containing a crisp $100 bill. back to the breaking news on that deadly new jersey carjacking last weekend. police today arresting four suspects in connection with the death of 30-year-old dust stin stin -- dustin freedland. he was gunned down in front of his wife in a popular nerming new jersey mall. new jersey mall. all 4 suspects were charged with murder and are each being held on $2 million bail.
12:30 pm
joining me are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. doug, it is tragic in so many different ways. mr. freedland is a hero. it appears he was trying to save his wife from being kidnapped from the carjacked vehicle. >> a classic case of something gone terribly, terribly wrong. to lose his life over this vehicle, but you made a very good point is the potential kidnapping of the wife. that's probably why he jumped in and did what he did. this is a heck of a job in terms of coordinated law enforcement. local and federal came together and got these guys. the point is they will really try to lean on these guys to try to break higher ups. it is probably a ring. >> that is what the media is reporting based on law enforcement sources. there is a huge ring and our own bryan
12:31 pm
has been reporting about the number of carjackings that have sky rocketed. >> gang violence is a poison in our society. you have four defendants here. from a defense standpoint they still have to be represented by council, and if you have a nonshooter defendant who wasn't in the car, one of the people off to the side, there is a possibility for a deal there especially with cooperation and testimony. >> they had the goods on these guys, likely, doug? >> you would think. one big advantage of cell phone photos is everybody has phones out and taking pictures, mall surveillance and the wife is a huge witness against all four. i would imagine they have a very, very strong case. >> but somebody is going to flip to get to the higher ups. >> that's what david is saying and you are right. you go after a guy who is tagging along and somebody who, oh my god, i had no idea they were going to kill somebody. i was just in it for a carjacking. >> there would be a defendant
12:32 pm
who didn't know somebody would take out a gun and do the carjacking. >> it is big business. they ship these high end cars overseas and they make huge profits. if it was a carjacking ring responsible for this, maybe more than just those four will be held to justice. >> right. >> let me turn now to a different story and this is awful as well. it is a family's uphill battle to keep their teenage daughter on life support. this after she was declared brain dead following what was supposed to be just a routine tonsilectomy, a beautiful little girl. doug, she begins to hemorrhage after blood comes out of her mouth and nose right after the surgery. it is inexplicable how it happened. >> for these parents, it is truly living through a real life nightmare. the girl is 13 years old and goes in for a tonsilectomy.
12:33 pm
something goes wrong and she bleeds and is now on life support. the doctors conclude that she is brain dead and should be taken off. the parents said absolutely not. i will give the hospital credit. they said, look, we are not going to do anything now. she filed a petition in court. >> the mother did. >> yes. the jj put -- the judge put it down for a hearing and the judge will assign an independent expert to see what happens. the hospital said we welcome that. >> that's the right thing to do. a judge tries to act impartially and bring in a third party who is a real expert. as i understand it is an eight to ten hour value wages of the teen -- evaluation of the girl to determine if she is indeed brain dead and if there is any hope. >> you can't blame the family for not trusting this hospital based on these awful, awful circumstances. >> why should they? >> and so they went to the judge and certainly the judge at some point if the child is determined to be brain dead, the judge is going to have to speak with this family and make the tough decision eventually. >> i'm sure the doctors who
12:34 pm
perform the srnlg refeel -- surgery feel awful. but children's hospital in oakland issued a statement that said simply it was a very complicated surgery. it seems hard to understand when you are talking about a tonsilectomy. they said she had sleep apnea and i guess the tonsilectomy was recommended to relieve the sleep apnea. >> it is hard to know what exactly took place and what we as lay men consider a simple operation was a tragic horror story. >> and a wrongful death lawsuit that she is taken off life support. >> it is interesting because the area of law of taking somebody off life support is complicated. >> and that's why a judge has to be involved. >> we remember the other -- >> terry schiavo. the conservatives were preaching all along not to get involved in that matter and when it was in reverse of life
12:35 pm
they wanted to be involved. >> it was right to life as opposed to abortion. >> obviously there will be a lawsuit and wrongful death action here. the facts will be sorted out. it is unfortunate that the facts have to be sorted out then and we can't know the facts now because the hospital are keeping silent. >> schiavo is the pronunciation. i uh prole. >> if i got -- i apologize if i got that wrong. great to see you both. >> thank you. target's massive security breech is leaving customers angry and frustrated. also worried about identity theft. this as the retail giant offers a 10% discount for everyone this weekend. is this the right response or just a beg pr effort to get more shoppers in the store? >> i see the news every day and that is horrifying. i come in here all the time. i would never swipe my card target ever again.
12:36 pm
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12:39 pm
target is trying to make good offering a 10% in store discount today and tomorrow and free credit monitoring. this after 40 million credit and debit cards were breached during the holiday shopping season. and now some of the stolen information is selling for between $20 and $100 on the black market. target is releasing a statement reminding shoppers that the chain wouldn't be
12:40 pm
held financially responsible for any fraud rolfing the -- involving the cards. a short time ago jp morgan chase notifying customers who used cards at target during the security breech that it is putting limits on the use of the cards. this is according to reuters. $100 for cash withdrawals and $300 a day for buying stuff. michael seymore is here now and good to see you. >>- q. i thank you for having me. -- >> thank you for having me. >> i want to start with jp morgan chase, is that the right move? or just put them on the lookout for unusual purchases? >> at the end of the day it is risk management protocols. i'm quite confident they ramped up the internal fraud monitoring situation. but at the end of the day remember as you rightfully said we are talking about debit cards here which means
12:41 pm
cards you can use to access atm's and take money out of people's bank accounts. i think at the end of the day the people while it is very inconvenient they looked at this very carefully and decided the risk management protocols required these limitations to protect the two million people that were involved with the chase debit cards. >> and i'm sure people will be patient considering the risks. let's go to target now. let's start out by saying if you shop in the store and you go inside of a target store that today and tomorrow you will get the 10% employee discount and that's even if you don't work at target. is target handling this the right way? >> well, you know, this is a mess certainly. it is not something target wants and it is not something the 40 million people that were affected by this wants. is there a right way to handle it and a wrong way? certainly. i recall in 2005 tj maxx got
12:42 pm
hacked and over 46 million card holders were affected. they did -- believe it or not they did something very similar. tj maxx's sales actually rose the week after they announced this. at the end of the day, do i think giving people a discount is sufficient? i think there should be more, but i think at the end of the day target will make good -- it will take a longtime and going to be a mess, but target will make good. i might have rather seen target step up and say that they will protect people if you do have fraud and then maybe they would double whatever you lost or something. at 10% a lot of people are going to view that as another promotion to get people to come in and buy again. >> and you know, michael, target has become an all-american brand with loyal and enthusiastic customers. do you think target will lose some consumer trust over this?
12:43 pm
>> it will be one of the cases where the horse has been stolen and now they will try to lock the barn door. nobody likes this. there will be a lot of people that won't head to target. the funny thing is most of the time right after something like this happens it is probably safest time to shop with the person that got hacked. it is a confidence buster. at the end of the day, remember the adage when they asked the criminal why do you rob banks and he said that's where the money -- and they said that's where the money is. the people out there, credit card and debit card fraud is an $11 billion a year industry up 11%. i think target may have got a little complaisant and not been running their internal protocol and security checks on a daily basis. people are going to lose a little confidence that maybe target didn't do everything they could in advance to make sure this didn't happen. >> and the retailer said on friday that it is hearing very few reports of fraud involving
12:44 pm
the credit card breech. that's what i said to you. the breech may not affect the credit cards used at target, but is your information vulnerable? can the thieves open other accounts in your name with the information they got? >> from what my research has shown, it was the actual credit card numbers. it was not your personal information. it was not your address. it was not your cvv code. it was not your social security number and date of birth, et cetera. i do not see this as something where people are going to be able to go out and obtain -- and really do a lot of identity theft situation. i think this is simply -- well it is not simple, but it will be a situation where your card can be used to purchase other goods and services on-line or perhaps take money out of your bank account. as far as target not being aware of a lot of usage here, remember when you are talking 40 million users affected you,
12:45 pm
if it is 10% that it is going to happen and that is 4 million people. if it is 1% that is 400,000. i think it is too early to tell. there has been some monitoring services who said they have seen a spike in the use of these hacked credit cards numbers. so i don't think we are -- we fully have the data yet to know the magnitude of this. >> let's hope many consumers are not hurt by this breech or the other ones out there. >> i love target by the way. i shop there all the time. >> yes, yes! >> that's the deal. michael, don't go to target with your wife. you will not get out of target. that's all i'm telling you. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. >> we love target in our family as well. one lucky girl getting a christmas surprise this week. >> daddy!
12:46 pm
>> how are you doing? >> isn't that great? her dad, pett tee officer first class junior finch popped in on his daughter after months away from home. officer finch was on a submarine and wasn't able to see or talk to her while away. mom organized the big surprise. congrats. >> i love that. >> and that little girl is adorable, my goodness. president obama now signaling that changes could be on the way to rein an nsa surveillance. what might be done and will it be enough to resume lost credibility for parties involved? we will discuss the possible changes for the nsa coming up. that's next. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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brutal holiday raffle. snow, ice storms in the mix and with threatening problems. jd is in the weather center. hi x jd. >> hi, yes, tornado watches until 8:00 p.m. local time. that's the latest one. we have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings here and no tornado warnings, but then we are dealing with a very dangerous situation across the plain states. we have the potential for an
12:51 pm
ice storm. across oklahoma that's where we have ice storm warnings in the purple and that is freezing rain advisories. ice storm warning for parts of michigan and then tomorrow the mess moves into the northeast. we could see over an inch of ice in these areas shaded in purple and that could be crippling for these regions where we will see ice on the roadways and on the power lines and we could be talking about power outages for weeks here. tracking it here, the temperatures are incredibly warm, record warmth here. dc is 71 degrees. 65 in new york ahead of the storm system. we will be dealing with a lot of rain tomorrow all along the east coast. we will continue to track it from the fox news extreme weather center. arthel, back to you. >> janice dean, thanks a lot. >> you got it. president obama hinting that potential reforms could be on the way for the nsa in the wake of revelations of its massive surveillance programs. >> in light of the disclosures
12:52 pm
that have taken place, it is clear that whatever benefits the configuration of this particular program may have may be outweighed by the concerns that people have on its potential abuse. if that's the case there may be another way of skinking the cat. >> is the damage already done where the president's credibility is concerned on this issue? joining us to talk about it, retired u.s. navy captain, bob wells, former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney. good to see you. >> president obama said for months the nsa data collection program is good and justified. although he has been accused of failing to sell it to the american people of the he doesn't get out there and speak about it very much or defend it very much. you know, the polls show that people don't like it. now does it appear that the president is bowing to public sentiment?
12:53 pm
>> i think it could be judged to be that way. i do think though that he has to really provide a better balance weighted toward the national security of the united states. i also think he is not speaking as the president. he is speaking also as the commander-in-chief. if you look at the original intent especially in the wake of 9/11 of the national security programs in order to find the needle in the hey stack and to find the one critical piece of the puzzle that will put it together for us to have some defensive america anymore that could -- mechanism that could be put in place even armed forces, he has to look and i think he is. i woo weigh toward -- i would weigh toward national security as opposed to the entire report. >> you used the word balanced. over the summer the president insisted and these are his exact words that he had struck the right balance between security and privacy concerns.
12:54 pm
well yesterday our white house correspondent ed henry asked the president about that. take a listen. >> is it another example of what julie was getting this question of credibility of the american people? just like on health care you like your plan and you can keep it. on surveillance you look the american people in the eye and said six months ago we have the right balance. six months later you are saying, maybe not. >> you know, when the president flips like that, does he lose credibility especially on something so terry blee -- terribly important? and that is the safety of every american. >> i think the president has to have credibility on this particular issue. i will leave the health care debate, that particular issue as an important part of the credibility discussion. but i think looking at the president as not only the commander-in-chief, but the president of the united states he has a great national security staff. he has intelligence agencies that really are duty bound to keep the united states safe.
12:55 pm
as we say in the armed forces especially enduring freedom after 9/11, it takes a network to defeat a network. our network has to be better and the president cannot take the edge off our intelligence network. the balance has to be weighed and he has to be credible and communicate to the american people so that they understand what the balance is and not just go back to a pre 9/11 mind set. >> a quick answer here and i only have 30 seconds. the new york times editorial said they are disappointed in the president. they argue he should scrap the entire program. are they wrong? >> they are wrong. we need to hold on to it and people are still at war with the united states of america. don't forget it is not just a homeland defense or homeland security item. we use that information overseas. we use that with the building partner capacity and we use it to take a military response to a critical target. >> captain bob wells, as always great to see you. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> that does it for us.
12:56 pm
"a healthy you" and carol alt is up next. >> and we will see you at about 6:00 eastern time. >> hope you can join us.
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