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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 22, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PST

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hello and good morning to you. it is sunday the 22nd of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. four american troops shot at during a rescue mission in the south sudan. this morning new details on their condition and the white house's plans to get americans out alive. and a young husband killed in cold blood while shopping with his wife for his car. now these four thugs under arrest for his murder. new details this morning about who they are and how one of the suspects was released from jail just days before this horrific crime. and where the "duck dynasty" super stars discriminated for
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their open christ yas beliefs. why they believe they were. a new tweet this morning sparking an online firestorm. "fox & friends," it's starting right now. come on in. just got a few more shopping days left until christmas, and you better stay tuned because we have a great made in america segment. patriotic phone cases, sports maps, robes for the ladies, tree houses for the kids all made in america. >> it's the 22nd of december, ladies and gentlemen. not many gifts left to get. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> thank you. always a joy to be here on "fox & friends" on the kirby couch. have a great show for you. we do. sunday morning headlines. tragic news out of colorado where the lone victim of a shooting has died. claire davis was shot in the
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head a week ago friday before turning the gun on himself. in a statement the victim's family is saying this, the grace, laughter and light she brought to the world will not be distinguished by her death, to the contrary, it will only get stronger. friends and community members setting up memorials in support of her family. >> it touches so close to home. she just had a beautiful smile and she loved animals. she had a kind heart. when kids start killing each other, i don't even know what more to say about that. >> police say claire was most likely a random target in the shooting. we're now learning more about the four men arrested in the deadly car jacking in an upscale new jersey mall. all of them have a long and violent chris at this. henry and karif ford were sent to prison in 2003 for burglary and bank robbery. henry finished up his time eight months ago.
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thompson has a long rap sheet of narcotics and he was released from jail four days before the murder. kevin roberts is currently part of another active criminal investigation. all four facing charges in the murder of dustin freedland gunned down in front of his wife. there's still no word on who actually pulled the trigger. a new problem on the space station. a second space walk delayed until tuesday so astronauts can swap out a space suits. american rick mistrasio, his original suit was compromised when he inadvertently turned on a water switch. a christmas miracle at a florida k-mart store. a donor has paid off the lay away bills for nine families. for months they've been staying with relatives after their rental home went into foreclosure.
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>> my little girl told me the other day that she knows that christmas is about being with family. i am incredibly thankful that she will have something to open so that she still has the magic of christmas in her heart. it might not be that much for some people, but for us it's a lot. >> well, she says the money saved will go towards their savings to rent a home. nice christmas story there. those are your headlines. >> thank you, anna. a bizarre mix of weather across the country today including tornadoes, ice storms and record-setting warm temperatures. deadly tornadoes in arkansas injured five people, damaged two dozen homes. two people killed in the state of mississippi. and in texas, kansas, nebraska, several inches of snow have fallen. meanwhile, it's shirt sleeve weather in new york city. it's threatening last-minute christmas shopping and travel plans for millions. rick is tracking it all. >> here's the good news. it's today and a little bit of tomorrow and then we're done. this week is looking really
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quite fine. a rough day yesterday and today will be another rough day. not as bad as far as the severe weather goes. tucker, talking about shirt sleeve weather in new york city. 67 degrees in the morning in new york city. 70 degrees down in raleigh. incredibly warm air across the eastern seaboard. that will continue today. we'll break some records today across the eastern seaboard. the west is looking mostly fine. you can see exactly where this big storm is here. very heavy rain falling across areas of the ohio river valley, down across the southeast. we'll see another four inches of rain today. that means more isolated flooding. big time flooding across ohio and indiana especially. the northern side of this storm there's still snow back towards kansas and illinois and in towards parts of michigan, but this peace that you see here, that's icing. a big ice storm is ongoing across the northern part of new york and parts of upstate -- most northern areas of new england. ice storm warnings continue
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here. would we're going to see a lot of power outages. record high temperatures will be broken, i think, from raleigh up towards new york city and a lot of places across areas of the east, guys. incredible warm today and then very, very cold behind it. temps only into the 50s. >> rick, is this weather bizarre? >> this is the first time i've spoken all morning so i don't know. my voice might be -- >> you look cold. >> unique new york. >> it'll be gone. >> ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> thanks, rick. a lot of bad weather out there to be concerned about. some of the things going on right now, guys. you've heard about this. new details about the attack on three u.s. military aircraft in south sudan. the four wounded soldiers were trying to evacuate americans. the president now keeping a very close eye on the tense situation
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there. our own peter doocy doing the same thing. he's live in washington with the details. peter, good morning. >> good morning. the war in south sudan has created dangerous conditions that the united states has been working hard to evacuate american personnel from the country. during one evacuation yesterday three osprey aircraft were fired on. all three aircraft were hit and damaged and four service members were injured. the mission was aborted and all four americans we're told are now in stable condition in a hospital in a different country. secretary of state kerry has been working the phones about this speaking to the president of south sudan. here's something sent over from foggy bottom. quote, secretary carry and president kiir discussed the need to prevent ethnic violence. their concern for the welfare and thousands of internally displaced persons fleeing the country. they agreed to speak again soon.
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president obama has been briefed from hawaii where he is vacationing and he is warned that the united states is going to cut off aid to south sudan if this kind of violence continues. this is from the white house. quote, the president underscored the urgency of helping to support efforts to resolve the differences within south sudan through dialogue. south sudan's leaders must know that continued violence will endanger the people of south sudan and the hard-earned progress of independence. we also know that the united states is now sending a special envoy to participate in peace talks. back to you. >> peter doocy, thank you for that report. >> thanks, peter. all right. the latest on the "duck dynasty" kerfuffle. it turns out much has happened overnight. the robertson family thinks they've been discriminated. a and e has bias against the family's christian beliefs.
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a&e has no plans to fire robertson despite earlier reports. the show is too popular. >> they almost have to. >> it's the biggest show. >> the marathon will be running tonight. you wonder what kind of ratings they have. probably huge. you would imagine they will be going through the roof. there is some conspiracy theorists wondering why did phil robertson do this "gq" interview in the first place. did a&e feel that phil robertson was too much to handle and did they want to put him out there and let him sink or swim himself? some are speculating they don't understand these backward red necks and thought they would be laughing at them. once it became a huge hit they were laughing with them. it's left their heads spinning. >> laughing with them because they like them, including president obama. this is one of the only shows that he allows his daughters, malia and sasha to watch on
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television. there's limited tv in the white house but "duck dynasty" is something that they watch. the president commented he likes the show. the bottom line is phil robertson is being attacked for expressing his beliefs, his biblical beliefs and he's come into fire for that. that comes into a violation of free speech. >> i'm glad we're having this debate. they have more fans than a&e executives. whether you disagree with phil robertson, lots of people do, he didn't hurt anybody. it's okay to have beliefs that are different from yours evenu whatever. you don't have to hurt people because they disagree. >> it isn't hurting phil robertson. he may be on hiatus at the moment for an indefinite amount of time until a&e decides to bring them back. their $400 million merchandise empire isn't taking a beating. half of it is in walmart.
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walmart says they're selling out of things. from the camo chairs and the watches and the toy trucks and, you know, you name t it's flying off the shelves. >> duck call. >> speaking of the workplace, here's a bizarre story and it's not even clear what exactly this means. here are the basic facts. a woman called justine saco flew to south africa two days ago. from the airport in london, heathrow, she tweeted this. i just want to say this is bizarre. i think it's offensive. i don't know what it means. going to after fri kampt hope i don't get aids. just kidding. i'm white. again, i read it 15 times. i have no clue what that means. there she is right there. she got fired for it before she landed. >> is it racist, is it against afrikaans. what is this? the issue with it is she stwetwd
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this out. she only had 174 followers. while she was in the air somehow this whole at this timer fire began. she gets off the plane and she is fired because everybody's so upset about it. she's just -- she's kind of a nobody really and yet somehow she gets fired for this? how far does this go? >> it goes very far. what happened, she was in the air. someone saw the tweet. it was a website and they actually tweeted that out to all of their followers. as a result of that so many people saw it before she even hit the ground. the results, of course, are that she was fired for it. what appears to be a very insensitive remark, but the bottom line is what should we be tweeting? and should we be careful about what we tweet? would we say things like that in public. >> i don't want to defend this girl because she sounds like an idiot, she definitely sounds like an idiot, however, because i don't understand what she meant by that, i bet most people including her employers didn't understand either. probably better wait until you understand what someone means. >> yeah, maybe ask their
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opinions about it. >> who knows? it's incensible. >> what if a liberal comedian had made the same comment? you might think they were almost being an activist on the opposite and trying to, you know, raise awareness about the fact that aids affects black people there more than white people. who knows? >> was she using irony to say, i'm white, i don't have to worry about aids or the bottom line is they get aids like everybody else does. >> most aids victims in the u.s. are white. what bothers me is the snap judgment involved. if this was one of my employees, i'd be really mad. why are you tweeting at all, by the way, get back to work, but i would want to find out what the point was before i canned someone. so jumpy. >> tucker, she works in pr. you think you would know better to insert foot in mouth like that. >> the company said she worked there for a couple of years. she was a decent person, they say, but she had had some strange things happening. >> she deserves a decent chance to explain herself. >> get the facts.
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back now with more "fox & friends." from the civil war in syria to the instability of north korea, there has been no shortage of foreign crises in the world this year, but what are the most serious threats america will face in 2014? joining me now is national security analyst from the clarion project, ryan morrow. ryan, good to have you here with us this morning. >> thanks for having me.
3:18 am
>> united states, we have enemies foreign and domestic. so what's the first threat out there for 2014? >> well, of the top five i would say the fifth one would be instability in north korea. kim jong-un just executed his uncle. expect them to do something aggressive very soon. >> what about russia? >> russia, what's interesting is their posture in the middle east right now. because of the middle east deal with iran on nuclear energy and their nuclear weapons program and the u.s. support for the arab brotherhood. the united states is not reliable so we are going to go to russia. we may hate the russians but we'd rather work with them than the united states. >> another threat is iran and how israel may strike against iran. >> right. that's always for the past several years been one of the top threats an israeli strike on
3:19 am
iran's nuclear facilities because of the blow back that will result. the arab world especially will cry and have protests in the streets, but behind the scenes most of the arab world will be cheering the israelis on. >> something else always a concern to us, that's home grown terrorism. >> right. and the bomb plot that was foiled in kansas against the airport recently is an example of this. that was a 58-year-old white guy who was very quickly radicalized after becoming converted. this process of radicalization happens very quickly. >> the last one, blow back from the syrian civil war. >> this one is really frightening because there is no good outcome coming out of syria. you have over 11,000 foreigners now fighting in syria so one of two things is going to happen. either it's going to spiral out of control and the fight goes on or there's going to be a cease fire and then you're going to see the muslim brotherhood and iran make up and form an antiamerican alliance. >> dicey. thank you. a lot to look out for. thanks very much. anna? all right. never mind, anna, i'll do this.
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withdrawal and a purchase limit of $300 a day. according to ebay, this painting by george zimmerman selling for more than $100,000. the painting is of an american flag with the words god, one nation, with liberty and justice for all. some people are wondering whether the winning bid number is actually a hoax. the average american spends about 700 bucks on holiday shopping. just $64 of that budget is spent on american-made products, there would be 200,000 new jobs created. >> huge. so if you still have last-minute gifts to buy, here are some great gift ideas that are all made right here in america. joining us now is david selectar, founder and ceo of >> how are you? >> great. great last-minute gifts. first off we have some robes for the ladies.
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>> they've been with us since day one. three years now. robes, different colors. shirts. tops. night gowns. pants. anything you can think of. the material is made and the quality is fantastic. everything has been marked down tremendously for the holiday season just $49 for anything you see on our site. >> i can't believe there are iphone cases made in america. >> yes. i am proud to use one myself. >> awesome! >> little inspirational message. >> i'm going to try one now. the 5 or 49. >> how much are these? >> these are $29 but they give back 15% to different various causes like firefighter organizations and different various groups. >> 29 bucks for one of these? >> right. they give back 15%. they give back 5 bucks. >> give back to first responders and create jobs here at home. how about this, a gift from kids. earth friendly. >> this is like we said, an eco friendly building set. it's a puzzle. it comes with a paint set with
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primary colors. my kids and i have made a little family project out of it yesterday. my 3-year-old daughter, mia, sophia and natalie. >> how about this? >> looking good. >> nice. very handsome hat. >> all of our american products, our shirts and hats, we give back 20%. >> it wouldn't be christmas if you couldn't dress your dog up in something. >> christmas, new year's eve. delivery for then as well. besides the festive theme, they have for every single holiday and every single occasion, clothes for dogs and, you know, your loved ones are a part of the family, right? >> amen. >> one of your children. >> i'm stealing your $29 case. >> all yours. >> don't report me, please. thanks for some whistle blowers, we know bin laden's leaked details to hollywood. now these whistle blowers are the ones under investigation. the original leakers? no problem at all according to the obama administration.
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come on. whew! >> daddy, pick me up. >> santa picked him up. >> your shot of the morning. surprising his daughter with a little help from santa claus. staff sergeant thomas black returning home to dallas, texas, to spend christmas with his family. he's also meeting his newborn son for the very first time. >> that is so nice. look at that. >> unforgettable christmas. here's a pretty shocking story for you. back a couple of years ago after the bin laden raid, leon panetta who has been defense secretary held a briefing where he presented a lot of classified material, including the names of the people, the identities of the people on the bin laden raid, classified details of the raid. he invited to that a hollywood
3:32 am
screen writer. this is a massive breech of the law. a probe was conducted by the inspector general's office. the results of that probe are given to the news organizations. who do you think is in trouble, leon panetta or the people who found out that he did it? in other words, the whistle blowers or the person who violated the law? >> venture a guest, it's the whistle blowers. >> why waste the time and money on the whistle blowers? , you know, there's a history, too, of pursuing or surrounding these leaks, pursuing low-level officials but not the high-level officials. makes you scratch your head. >> why does it make you scratch your head? the high-level people are always able to scapegoat their way out? >> the whistle-blower, they're often maligned, mistreated, abused on the job. >> it's going to try to -- is this an effort to make whistle blowers not come forward and
3:33 am
blow that whistle? >> that's one of the reasons for it. you want to impose some sort of authoritative rule that if you blow the whistle, there are consequences to be paid. >> well, exactly. this is not the first time the obama administration has gone after whistle blowers as part of a much larger pa continue. -- pattern. giving information to the public and the public has a right to know, spying. >> spying? >> spying on your own country. espionage against the united states of america. an unpatriotic act. people have been given the death penalty for that. that's the charge. can you believe that? >> we had somebody who went through that in our own employ, james rosen in the washington, d.c., bureau, with some leaks that came to him via someone in the state department. they came to him and then they started going into james' personal e-mails. >> his e-mail in staten island. >> that's a phony scandal.
3:34 am
it's not real. >> absolutely ridiculous they would do that to james rosen. it's ridiculous they wouldn't hold that person accountable. >> it's absolutely ridiculous panetta would have a screen writer in a classified information. they're risking their lives and they let this guy in? >> and they leaked that information because it made everyone look good. "zero dark thirty" i thought was a good movie, important time in our history getting one of the greatest bad guys we've known in our history, someone who tried to attack our country and successfully did it, and we've been after him for so long. >> that is exactly the key point to me, which is this was totally political. the president can get up there and say, thanks to me, osama bin laden is dead. this was a campaign talking point. there was a reason for this. now they're punishing the people who brought it to light. >> we want to know your thoughts
3:35 am
on this. is this an accident or is this on purpose? e-mail us, friends at fox other news making headlines on your sunday morning. an illinois sheriff's deputy shot to death outside his family christmas party. police say 50-year-old officer he is str estrada was trying to stop a robbery. >> all he talked about was helping people. >> he was with the sheriff's department for more than 20 years. the controversial new california law that allows transgender students to choose which restroom they use is getting push back. privacy for all students, the coalition of conservative groups, suing the state. they claim officials aren't counting signatures on a petition to overturn the law. the state says they're still counting but time is running out. the law goes into effect january the 1st. a way to get to know her neighbors, but now a cooking
3:36 am
complaint ending a minnesota mother's 15 year tradition of baking sweets for children on her kid's school bus. ann tabbott says every friday she would bring a basket of cookies to hand out. this week she was told she had to stop after the school received an anonymous complaint. she says it's not the end of her cooking. she's hosted a party this weekend baking about 200 for her neighbors. and this batman proofs even super heroes can have a bad day. >> you got nothing [ bleep ]. >> batman in manhattan getting into an argument with a man in times square who accused him of cursing at his children. fortunately batman's two good friends, spider-man, was there, to calm him down. they got batman to take a breath and walk away. you're on my turf, man. >> merry christmas from new york city. that's a very new york kind of
3:37 am
christmas, isn't it? even the super heroes are swearing at children. >> gotham. rick rite moout who would never do that. >> i saw a fight between a paparazzi and an actor. he would not let go. i thought, this is a good new york moment. >> alec baldwin is a ferocious guy, i hear that. >> okay. take a look at the weather map. incredible warm weather across the east. take a look at this temperature map. it looks -- it's all over the place. go up towards burlington. 27 degrees. freezing rain there. 65 in new york. 34 in buffalo. zero in international falls. incredible temperature contrast going on today and we'll continue to see that throughout the day today. by tomorrow evening everything changes and everybody's back to the cold. this very strange warmup feeling like spring, summer, something like that across the east coast.
3:38 am
down towards the southeast we'll see plenty of rain. you see behind that the cold air has moved in. abilene, tulsa, just 31 after that big ice storm you saw yesterday in oklahoma. towards the northern plains, incredible cold air settles in. minus 6 for a high in grand forks. we'll see snow flurries around parts of the great lakes as well as in towards the mountain west. guys, send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. all right, it wouldn't be -- thanks, rick, very much. it wouldn't be a great -- where are we here? thank you, dave. it wouldn't be great if we knew exactly how and when to catch a glimpse of santa claus. actually, it would be great if we knew that. now there's a way to actually do that. joining us right now to talk about the santa stakeout kit, defense specialist allyson barres. >> thanks for having me. >> good morning. >> this is quite an accomplishment. this is the starting point. if you're any self-respecting
3:39 am
kid wanting to start to stake out for santa class. this is for snow terrain. clearly who doesn't love a walkie-talkie? >> thomas. >> we've gone back and forth. >> got to love this. >> that's priceless. >> how much does this cost? >> this is really under $100. it's about 50, i think. >> wait a minute. >> i thought you were snow. >> do i look professional? >> statiked out before? >> you start with a walkie-talkie. who doesn't love a walkie-talkie. you might want to coordinate with your parents while you're out there looking for santa, friends or siblings. this has 30 to 40 miles on it. more than you need to get your whole neighborhood. >> the range is 30 to 40 miles? >> yeah. >> then we've got here a bright strike ball. i don't know if you want to have
3:40 am
a little look at that. >> what's that do? >> you know how in the hollywood films they roll in things that make big lights and noises, flash bangs and stun people. this is a scaled down fun version for kids, for people at home. >> child safe flash bang. >> yeah. you know how i roll. >> these are all child friendly. i promise. so this one, this is -- no self-respecting stake out is going to not have hot coco or something for the parents, hot toddy end of things. it keeps things warm for a long time. you can be out there for four to six hours and your coco will be piping hot and keep you warm. >> not to mention santa might want to dri some. >> is this eau de cologne? >> i don't know about you, but i've always wanted to attract reindeer. this is a deer scent.
3:41 am
it has -- >> doe in heat it's called. >> make sure you don't spray it on yourself. >> yeah. >> this next one is a night vision device. tucker, you've seen this. >> i have? >> in the army. >> it's a monocular. >> it's pocket sized. kid friendly. light weight. the stuff you had in the army is heavy. >> yeah. >> this is a nice, fun version. it's effective. it's good for scanning in the dark when you're looking for rudolph and the reindeer. >> finally? >> finally, you have to have an associate at at stakeout. you want some photo evidence to upload on your social media. >> these are all very good. we can catch santa without a doubt. the problem with kids trying to catch santa is they fall asleep. >> right. right. that's true. >> thank you so much. coming up, liberals pushing to raise the wages of retail
3:42 am
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a lot of people think that retail workers ought to get paid more than they do. what does the average person say if that money was coming out of
3:46 am
his pocket. take a look. >> do you think the workers at walmart should make more than 8 bucks an hour. >> yes. >> could you help us out? we want walmart to raise prices by 15% and give the extra money to workers. >> okay. >> would you be willing to pay 15% to us today extra. >> no. >> for the workers. this is a really good cause. >> here to explain more is the video operator, how the economy grows and why it shifts. peter, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> the people in this obama economy caught in retail jobs they don't want to be in. they don't get paid very much. a lot of people think, why shouldn't they get paid more? people don't want to pay. >> first of all, they're entry-level jobs. you have to have your first job before you can get your second job so those types of jobs, you don't have a lot of skills, you can't really get paid very much. all the people who are advocating that walmart just raise wages for all their unskilled workers to $15 an hour, they forget about all of
3:47 am
walmart's customers, many of whom also earn less than $15 ah. the only reason they're shopping there is because they want low prices. in order to keep prices low, walmart has to keep their costs low. of course, that includes their labor costs. >> right. so is it the idea that people think money will be made somehow magically and wind up, you know, benefitting the workers but not costing them? >> yeah. you know, if you look at all the negative comments on that youtube video, most people just assume that walmart has all these profits and they can easily raise everybody's wages. yes, walmart makes about 15, $16 billion a year, but they're an enormous company. they employ over 2.2 million people. their profit margins as a percentage of sales are actually pretty low so their profits per employee is also relatively low. if they were to actually raise wages to $15 an hour, they would wipe out all of those profits and, of course, without profits there's no reason for walmart to exist. >> right. >> the shareholders have to have
3:48 am
a decent return on their equity. walmart needs money to invest and expand. if you take away the profits, you take away all of the jobs. the only way to finance the gate iways is to raise prices. >> here's the one point i guess i would disagree on is walmart jobs aren't just entry level. i meet people who work in retail or who drive uber cars who work in industries that don't exist. there are a lot of adults working in low wage jobs for long periods of times that don't want to be. what is the answer to that exactly? >> well, that's not walmart's fault. >> i'm not saying it is. >> walmart is providing entry -- yeah, walmart is providing entry-level jobs. somebody has to provide entry-level jobs. the fact that other businesses aren't creating jobs for walmart workers to eventually move up to, that's a separate issue. i think that has to do with the government policy. we have too much taxes. we have too much regulation. we're stifling innovation and
3:49 am
economic growth, but at least walmart is providing jobs for low skilled workers because if wall marts weren't there, mcdonald's, the burger kings, all the little retail shops, where would these guys go? they'd all be unemployment. when walmart opens up a new store and they have, you know, 600 jobs, they get 20,000 applications. >> i know. >> that is not walmart's fault that people that should have better jobs are forced to work at walmart but at least they've got walmart because without walmart, they'd have nothing else. >> peter schiff, thank you for joining us. it's bad enough the website didn't work out now row bow calls are warning people, you're on your own. good luck, buddy. that's coming up. can poinsettias poison your pet. dr. natalie azar is here next. coming up. ♪ ♪ [ grunts softly ]
3:50 am
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3:53 am
headlines. the army testing a brand-new weapon. it shoots out a quarter size invisible beam and can destroy football size bombs. it's still ten years away from actually completing it and making it available. and she said yes! guys, she's off the market. dwyane wade popping the question to long time girlfriend actress gabrielle union. beautiful lady. wade tweeting out a photo of union wearing a giant diamond ring. you heard anna go whew! that's a big rock. he proposed hours before the
3:54 am
miami heat christmas party. it will be the second marriage for both. congratulations. i think you sko go ice skating on that thing this holiday season. this season of joy and cheer also includes some holiday health warnings, but how do we know which ones to take seriously. dr. natalie azar is here to debunk the common holiday myths. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. frankenscence, that's one of the three gifts brought to jesus. we hear it can treat asthma, skin conditions and cure cancer. >> these ancient plans have medicinal uses. this is a resin found in north africa and the middle east. they used the active compound in the resin to treat patients with late stage ovarian cancer. they found that this frankincense resin can destroy
3:55 am
these cancer cells that have been resistant to traditional chemotherapy. not a cure but they found it would warrant doing clinical trials for ovarian cancer. it's exciting and interesting. >> the facts and not the myth category. >> yes. >> this next one, what about poinsetti poinsettias. we have them all over the house. are they poisonous if we eat them or our pets do? >> they're not poise poisonous but they can cause skin rash or stomach upset. >> a lot of us eating leftovers, eat the big family meal. at midnight we're starting to raid the refrigerator. is that bad? >> that's been debunked. it's not when you eat it, it has to do with your daily caloric intake and your metabolism. it's much smarter, obviously, to eat small amounts throughout the day. you don't get that, you know, incredible hunger with craving and then you may overeat and not
3:56 am
feel well. technically you won't gain weight from that. >> we hear if you keep a hat on your head you'll stay the warmest because you lose most of your body heat through your head. is that true? >> that's not. this is something that i find interesting. that's something that we perpetuate through generations. it's not true that we lose the most heat through our head. you still though if you go outside and you're not wearing a hat, the scalp is actually very vascular. it has a lot of blood vessels. as soon as you go out into the cold your temperature will drop. the blood is actually cooled on top of the head and it will cool the rest of your body. if you go outside wearing a hat and shorts in the middle of the winter, you're going to freeze. >> dr. natalie azar, thank you for your time. 56 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends" weekend, phil robertson's comments may have sparked controversy with other people but other networks are saying, if you don't want them, we'll take them. then it's one of the most anticipated movies this year,
3:57 am
"anchorman ii" hitting the screens. does it live up do the hype. kevin mccarthy has the review. ♪ ♪ we're going across america to let people try the deep sweep power brush by oral-b for the first time. wow. it's "wow," you know? wow. wow. that feels "wow." [ male announcer ] oral-b deep sweep, featuring 3 cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles that reach deep between teeth to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. it seems like it gets more to areas of your mouth
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jim, i adore the pool at your hotel.ver had to make. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you,
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so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at hello to you. thanks for being with us here at "fox & friends" weekend. it's sunday, december the 22nd, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. a surprise on u.s. troops in sudan. four americans wounded during a rescue mission. breaking details on their condition and the white house plans to get other americans out alive. meanwhile, it's bad enough the website hardly works and is still going down, by the way, but now robe bow calls warning obama care enrollees you're on your own. tough luck, buddy. what happened to their insurance and what happened to your tax dollars. we're talking about phil robertson's comments. they may have sparked
4:01 am
controversy with a&e. other networks are saying, if you don't want him, we'll take him. new details where the "duck dynasty" stars may land next. "fox & friends" starts right now. great to be with you here. kelly in for clayton today and anna kooiman at your service. >> you have 20 minutes left to shop for christmas. get out of bed and get to it once this show finishes three minutes from now. >> people are going, did i go into a coma? i thought i had a few more days. >> i'm overstating it. we have some sunday morning news headlines to get to. in some tragic news out of colorado to tell you about where the lone victim of a school shooting has died. 17-year-old claire davis was shot in the head a week ago friday before turning a gun on himself. in a statement the victim's family says this, the grace, laughter and light she brought to this world will not be extinguished by her death. to the contrary, it will only
4:02 am
get stronger. new details this morning about the attack on three u.s. military osprey aircrafts in south sudan. four american troops injured when fired on by sudan rebel forces while trying to evacuate americans. the mission now aborted. president obama has been briefed from hawaii where he is now vacationing and he is warning the united states is going to cut off aid to the south sudan if the violence continues. we're also learning more about the four men arrested in that deadly car jacking in an upscale new jersey mall. all of them have a long and violent criminal history. henry and ford were sent to prison in 2003 for burglary and bank robbery. henry finished up his federal prison time eight months ago. thompson has a long wrap sheet of narcotics and theft charges. he was released from jail just four days before the murder. and kevin roberts is currently part of another active criminal investigation. all four facing charges in the
4:03 am
murder of justin freedland gunned down in front of his wife last sunday. there is still no word on who actually pulled the trigger. it is double hosting duty on "saturday night live" last night. during a skit justin timberlake impersonates fellow host and friend jimmy fallon and jimmy just can't take it. >> so many great answers. so many. so great. so great, my man. >> this skit was a family feud skit, cbs versus nbc stars. fallon was playing jim carson, the star of the show "the big bang theory." >> i think he was stylish or something. justin timberlake. >> that's all right. ♪ as long be as i've got my suit intact ♪ >> all right.
4:04 am
i'm sorry. i digress. >> a joke going on. a bizarre mix of weather going on right now, tornadoes, ice storms, record setting warmth. two people were actually killed in storms in mississippi and tornadoes in arkansas injuring at least five people. this storm is now a fast-moving system moving eastward and threatening travel plans for millions. rick is tracking it all and he joins us now with all the details. rick? >> here's the deal. if you're traveling by car, see if you can hold off until tomorrow or tuesday. you'll be in much better shape. this weekend is the worst of it. one more day of it. the west is looking fine. incredibly cold back on the other side of the storm. across the eastern seaboard in front of the storm, incredibly warm temperatures. temps breaking all kinds of records certainly across the east coast. this is a storm you can see, three prongs to it. this is the heavy rain going across areas of west virginia, down throughout eastern kentucky and tennessee and down towards alabama. that will slowly move off towards the east. because it's kind of a slow
4:05 am
mover with a lot of precipitation with it, we're going to be seeing a few isolated area of three to four inches. there's also a snowy side to this back across parts of missouri, wisconsin, northern illinois filling in towards michigan. heavy across parts upstate new york and new england. there's a pink area right there. that's icing going on. we're probably going to see an inch of ice accumulate across the surfaces. incredible ice storm. one that will cause power outages and damage unfortunately. it's so warm that all of the snow that we had, started off thinking people would get a white christmas. it's gone with these temperatures. very, very warm. >> i built up a sweat walking in. >> i know. it's hot and humid. it kind of feels like a muggy balmy tropical day. >> got to love it. >> bizarre. the second day of winter. thank you, rick.
4:06 am
we have the latest on the "duck dynasty" explosion. it turns out they're not leaving a&e at least if a&e has anything to do with it. we were hearing reports yesterday and the day before that a&e was going to fire phil robertson and the family was going to pull out. now they're saying, no, they want to keep phil on the air. that's the highest rated show and that's not surprising. now other networks are saying, if you get rid of the show, we'll take it. >> the pursuit channel for one. also, the hunt channel. they say, you know what, we think that this is incredible. who wouldn't? that would put these on the map. has anybody heard of the hunt channel and the pursuit channel? i've never heard of them. >> i have. they're good. >> i always have fox news channel on. >> that's because you hunt. >> ask the outdoors men. yeah, it's a no brainer, right? if a&e lets them go or if the robin sons decide to leave, it's a no brainer. they'll get picked up. if they decide they don't want to be on tv anymore, they want
4:07 am
to pack up their duck calls and shave off their beards and live life a different way if they wanted to, they've made plenty of money already. >> check this out, anna and tucker. here's what they're saying, meryl sport owner is saying we believe in the second amendment and freedom of speech. a&e needs to put on their big boy pants and if they don't like the programming, they need to either let "duck dynasty" go or shut them up. i think what's going to happen as a result of this, "duck dynasty" is going to be a large, big show, have an increase in ratings. they have 12 million people watching right now. it's going to go really high because of this scandal over the fact that they were expressing their religious beliefs. >> this has been a pr disaster for a&e. in my view it's been well deserved. it's been a victory for civil libertarians. the people who care about the right to express your views even if they're not popular with everybody and people who think that certain interest groups have too much power, the power
4:08 am
to crush people and to bully them and keep them in line from expressing views that they disagree with. this has sparked a national conversation -- i hate the phrase national conversation, but it has and it's good. >> well -- >> water cooler conversation. >> yeah. no, but really. why should some group of self-appointed leaders get to dictate what people talk about in public. when did that happen? who elected glad king? >> we've been talking a lot about glad, the gay adds vvocad si group. people are taking phil robinson's side. they're also hoping that this sparks a national conversation that maybe phil will 125. >> phil: fill will start to have conversations with gay families in louisiana. either way, it's a sticky situation and if they decide to pull out -- the robert sons decide to pull out, they'll be
4:09 am
picked up quick. here's a situation where there's not much knew arranges, here's oregon. it's a very liberal state. obama care has completely collapsed basically. the state health care exchange is sending robocalls to enrollees saying, if you don't hear from us by monday, good luck. you're on your own. >> which is so dangerous, right? they would possibly have a gap in coverage, you know? >> well, they would definitely have a gap in coverage. >> they're saying you have to try to find some coverage quickly. you have three days to find coverage elsewhere. >> during christmas. >> but the president said in his news conference before going to hawaii that he was going to continue on with obama care, the affordable care act and he was excited with the fact that 2 million people had already enrolled and were looking forward to having health care where they had none before. he's always stated that he doesn't want anyone to go broke when they have a serious illness
4:10 am
which happens in this country. when you have the rollout of the plan at, all the problems, this goes right to the core of the messaging. if oregon can't get its act together and they're saying you're on your own, how many people living in that state are now in a quandary as to what they're going to do if they have some sort of catastrophic illness. >> people who don't know they don't have insurance. 2 million people signed up and accessed the website doesn't mean they have insurance. they're going to find out when there's a car accident or appendicitis or something else. >> that's a bad time to find out. >> the people who are really getting hammered it turned out, the middle class. obama care was designed to help people who didn't have insurance. "the new york times" noticed this running a piece this morning entitled, the health care law frustrates many in the middle class. the times, the paper of record, finally noticing something that people have been following this story have known for a long time which is, it helps a few but hurts many.
4:11 am
>> and frustrates probably isn't even the strongest language that could be used here. we have this clip to share with you. while the act clearly benefits those at the low end of the income scale and rich people can continue to afford even the most generous plans, people like the chapmans. not poor enough for help but not rich enough to be indifferent to the cost. how many times does this happen? the low income and the high salaries, the middle class has to get the squeeze. >> totally. >> take care of everything. it's frustrating for those trying to make ends meet. now they have to be confronted with how do i take care of my family if my health insurance goes up or if i don't have anything. >> not to mention, what does this mean for the american dream? aren't you supposed to strive, do more, provide more for your family. this family is being punished for making too much.
4:12 am
if they were making a few thousand dollars less they would qualify for subsidies. >> who is going to quit their job. >> this is the dog bites man. obama care forces people to buy benefits they don't want in order to subsidize people who don't have any coverage in the first place for whatever reason. and so it is inevitably going to shaft people right in the middle. we've known this for years and so the question is why between the moment obama care passed three years ago and october 1st when it was fully enacted did "the new york times" like not send a couple of people out to see what it looks like. they didn't. they cheer led the whole time, rah rah obama. now when it's too late, they tell us what we already knew. >> you can't run this like an auto insurance plan. >> true. true. in the end you're basically saying to insurance companies, you know, i want to pay you $5,000 a year for $100,000 worth of services. that doesn't actually work
4:13 am
mathematically so someone has to make up the gap. >> yeah. >> that someone is the middle class. >> with all the delays in the changes, how do you even know if what you thought you signed up for is still going to be the plan later. >> we'll take this online. we'll be riding this. 12 minutes after the hour. a california teacher claims her union is hurting children and now she's taking them to court. she's here for her fight for education next. and, he was washing his car in his own driveway so why was this man threatened with a ticket? we've got the video going viral this morning and the full story. this all coming your way on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
4:14 am
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welcome back. the california teachers association is facing a lawsuit from one of its teachers. rebecca says it's affecting her rights and harnling the education of all california students. freidrick is the lead person in the case. your position is you're forced to join the teachers union, you're forced to pay money into the political action fund and that's against your constitutional rights. is that your position? >> you have stated it very well. the rights of teachers have been trampled upon for years in the united states. teachers like myself are forced because of laws to join unions even when we disagree with their positions both inside and
4:18 am
outside of the classroom and unfortunately, tucker, a lot of their positions are out of touch with what's going on inside the classroom. >> right. >> this is harming our students and teachers. you're a teacher. tenure is a big issue. does tenure help kids? does it improve the quality of the education in your experience? >> no. tenure does not help children. in my experience it's supposed to protect teachers, however, i don't believe it does that either. like i stated before, the unions are out of touch so with teacher tenure, oftentimes they will protect teachers who are no longer effective in the classroom. sometimes those teachers have become abusive and they will protect these teachers and then the poor school districts are unable to fire the teachers or lay them off but then there will be these bright young talented loving teachers who will come in who do not have tenure and they
4:19 am
will be laid off. >> it's just unbelievable. >> that hurts children. >> one way the union in california is in touch and that is with democratic politicians whose campaigns they support. they are one of the most powerful political players in the state if you know. if your lawsuit succeeds, i mean, democratic politicians throughout the state will be very upset, won't they? >> i imagine so. our lawsuit is aimed at restoring the rights of free speech and free association to all teachers. this is david versus goliath. what we're asking for is very simple. we want for teachers to be able to decide for themselves without fear or coercion whether or not they want to join a union and support these causes. >> right. >> it's amazing that in 2013 you
4:20 am
don't already have that right. you're a brave woman. rebecca friedrichs, god speed. >> thank you. thank you very much for having me. take a look at this. like a scene straight out of a movie. robbers bust into a store with an ak-47. what happened next, we'll bring it to you. ron burgundy is back. is "anchorman ii" is on deck. kevin mccarthy is back with the must-see movies. >> the news team is bad. >> welcome to the ages, baby. >> is that your foot between my legs? >> no. >> oh, it was my hand.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
hey there. good morning to you. time now for your news by the numbers this sunday. first, $650,000, that's the cost of this armored truck gifted to
4:24 am
a california police department thanks to a government re-allocation program. the old military truck being used by the salinas police s.w.a.t. team. what political words annoy americans the worse found americans are weary of shutdown and gridlock. 41%. finally, 15 years old, that's the age of this player. >> there you go. looks like michael jordan. >> or lebron. >> right. all right. it's almost the true story of the rise of some of history's most notorious mobsters. >> a toast to a new era. ♪ ♪
4:25 am
>> american hustle hits the box office this weekend and is already getting award season chatter. >> fox news contributor and founder of nerd, kevin mccarthy joins us with the films that are worth the ticket. good morning, kevin. what do you think of this? >> good mornings. merry christmas. thank you for having me on the show. "american hustle" is directed by david russell. he did a great film called owe three kings" this is based on a scam the fbi played in the 1970s. christian bales place a con man who gets taken down by the fbi. the performances are better than the overall film. it's overstylized. christian bale, aidy adams, jennifer laurnls all nominated for golden globes. they are phenomenal in the film. i think jennifer lawrence will
4:26 am
be nominated for an oscar. christian bale is brilliant. one of the best physical trans formation actors in the business. gained 40 punds for the roll, lost 60 founds for "the machinist." i gave it a four out of five. highly recommend it. >> i don't think i've seen a better promotional campaign for a film called "anchorman ii." is it worth it? >> the problem with the campaign, it did too much promotion. it looked like they didn't have a lot of faith in the movie. as a fan i couldn't wait to see "anchorman 2." . it's not as good as "anchorman 1." i found myself laughing the entire time. 15 or 20-minute section where i felt like the movie kind of fell off and became a little bit slow, but the fight sequence that happens at the end without giving anything away capped the entire film off for me. if you loved "anchorman 1" you will like "anchorman 2" but
4:27 am
don't expect it to be better than the first one. i gave it a four out of five. that's a b on my scale. it is worth seeing. i recommend it. >> i'm sure all the cast would take a b. from you, kevin? >> yes, sir. >> what about your other movie, "inside llewyn davis." >> i loved these films. this is a concert film. oscar isaac's character plays llewyn davis. it's a week in his life. there's not much plot to the movie. justin timberlake is fantastic in the film as well. it's more of a concert film. live singing, live playing. john goodman is fantastic. i gave it a four out of five. this has been an amazing year of movies. >> that's a good cast as well. i have to ask you something quickly. you have the beard. are you going for the cooper look? >> you know, i actually am. this is about two weeks worth of
4:28 am
growth. i'm trying to -- i still don't have good facial harriette. i'm trying to get it. this is about two weeks. i'm doing it. >> i see the little tiny mini tight rollers that he's been wearing in his hair to get the curly look. >> he had his long hair from "hangover 3" and he would roll it up every single day. christian bale actually shaved the top of his head for the combover. >> thanks, kevin. >> thanks, guys. this cop caught on camera threatening a man with a ticket for the crime of washing his car in his own driveway. the story behind this viral video straight ahead. and think you can't pull off the feast of the seven fishes, you probably can't until you see this segment coming up. the italian christmas tradition is coming to "fox & friends" next ♪ ♪ ody at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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4:32 am
♪ shot of the morning. pets showing their christmas spirit in their christmas themed costumes. check out this photo of a dog that froze when its owner put reindeer antlers on his head. >> this cat and dog looking super excited to be dressed up as santa claus. >> here are santa's helpers. dogs are dressed up as harry
4:33 am
help hairy helper elves. look at us. >> you know, i always wonder -- >> send us your pictures, by the way. >> facebook, twitter, "fox & friends" weekend. >> would you make a dog wear something like that? are they humiliated enough? >> they don't care. >> we are. >> this christmas sweater. >> it's hot. i feel it. >> i'm so humiliated i can barely speak. >> you never get embarrassed about anything. >> i don't but i feel guilted in shame. >> check this out. >> i like mine. >> he knows when you're sleeping. >> we have the fireplace. ♪ fireplaces burning bright >> you are good. i barked at our producer on this ♪ and this christmas will be -- >> we have to say thank you to digital duds. there's an app that you can download. >> do we have to say thank you, too?
4:34 am
>> all of our iphones are in here. >> i guess you can bark. >> i am very excited. this is going to be my ugly christmas sweater that i will wear every year from now on. >> oh, gosh. >> rick? >> no, that's you standing up, mister? >> yeah, that was you. >> rick, your body does not look like mine. >> rick has his on. >> we're not that far. >> that's okay. >> this is pretty awesome. and if you could just -- they need a little spot for your ear phones to come out of it so you can still be on your phone, right? >> i feel like a fish out of water without being able to text or anything like now? >> that is awesome. >> i'm taking this off now. >> right now? >> yeah. sorry. >> done. >> i don't know if i can. ♪ ♪ >> seven fishes will be celebrated every year by italian families across the country. >> everywhere. >> i have ben sergeant here. you are the host of "hook, line and dinner." >> that's right zblt feast of
4:35 am
seven fishes, i came from the west coast and i had never heard of it. >> tell me about it. >> it's a huge deal. the idea is you're abstaining from meat. you're abstaining from dairy and the whole idea is it's one day before the holy day. when you hit that holy day you're supposed to be like, now we can jump into it. you appreciate it all. it's holding back. so that's why you're going for an entire fish spread, all right? >> it's awesome. >> you're starting with manila clams? >> correct. >> i have to tell you a lot of people think that cooking fish and these kinds of things is difficult to do. >> right. really easy. the things about clams that's so awesome, they pop open for you. so just like so much fish, it's going to -- it's like an indicator. everything is an indicator. that's really nice. >> you need to make sure that they're closed when you put them in? >> correct. >> when they're open, they're cooked. >> that's good. >> this is obviously not super traditional. some of what i'm doing is not because a lot of times with this male it's just been done over so many times and so you want to
4:36 am
kind of switch it up a little bit. right here is some ginger. i have my olive oil. there's a few things that are not so traditional like my white fish there. my smoked white fish which is more of a polish thing. >> throw them. >> throw them in. they're going to pop open. >> smells good. >> this is the easiest thing to cook in the whole world. give it a little shake and they will pop open. >> that's awesome. >> lobster bisque is one of my favorite soups. >> one of my favorites, too. if you were to hold the dairy out, it would be more traditional to what we're doing now, but in my case, i'm a new england boy. i'm from boston. i've got to put the dairy in. >> okay. what goes into lobster bisque that makes it -- >> lobster. it's all about the lobster. literally it's all about the lobster. and shells. shells give you the flavor. >> fried scallops. >> super easy. the thing i love about scallops is also the same, they turn
4:37 am
color. everything with seafood, if you err on the side of undercooked, five minutes, take it off five minutes early everything will be perfect. >> really? >> that's what i say. people have a fear of fish and think we have to cook it. >> it's so easy. >> should i plate this quick? >> you can plate it. as you're plating that, you also have eggnog. >> oh, yeah. >> and a little southern comfort. >> we are going to make some eggnog today. it's essential. i love eggnog. you can go with the store bought version but you do not have to, okay? you can also -- you can also make it at home which is just fantastic. >> beautiful. >> all right. do that real quick. >> mix me up an eggnog fast. >> mix me up an eggnog. >> christmas morning. >> christmas day or christmas eve? >> christmas eve. i will tell you that i went one day, i ordered a lot of lobster and i forgot to pick it up and this was the day before christmas eve and i was getting in my car in brooklyn and i got
4:38 am
one of these and a guy goes, i suggest you talk to tony about the fish. and i froze. i called up tony so fast and i got that fish. >> then you're like, hey, we're just serving eggnog instead with southern comfort. >> this is awesome. this smells great in here. it smells like good kind of fish. >> good fish. this is good fish. >> merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. >> somehow i ended up having to wear the sweater for like five minutes. >> in your contract. >> now it's going to smell like delicious fish. >> it shells so good. ben sergeant, you are a genius. >> don't leave. ♪ i love lobster and never flounder ♪ was that good? sorry. i will never do that again. 38 minutes after the hour. chase bank announcing new security precautions in the wake of the target security breach. just in time for last-minute christmas shopping. 2 million debit cardholders whose information is at risk. now limited to a $100 cash
4:39 am
withdrawal and a purchase limit of $300 per day. chase keeping those restrictions in chase until they can mail out new cards. and a terrified robbery caught on camera. two men armed with an ak-47 shown here busting into a philadelphia convenience store as petrified -- yeah, their customers there are so scared, they're diving to the ground in terror. the thieves made off with all the cash in the register. police still determining if the weapon was real. the store owner believes it was. get this, a man washing his car in his own driveway threatened with a ticket. >> a private area. >> you do what you've got to did. >> okay. >> if you do it, we will be back here, all right? so i'm advising you, you guys want to do something -- >> if you want to give us a ticket you should give it to us now because we do -- >> i'm going to do some work and give you a ticket. >> the cops citing a city ordinance claims he can't wash
4:40 am
his car on private property in the public's view which apparently his neighbors don't like. it ended up being an idle threat. nobody got a ticket in that situation there, but this video is going viral online now with more than 600,000 youtube hits. >> you can't wash your own car in your own driveway? >> i don't question the police officer, i question the neighbors. why complain about that? >> it's worth videotaping. it keeps everyone honest. new details on the attack on three military planes. the president says he's keeping an eye on the intense situation there. peter doocy is live in washington. peter, why were there american troops in south sudan? >> tucker, they were going to get american citizens out basically as this ethnic conflict rages on. we don't know for sure who was shooting at american aircraft during the evacuation of u.s. citizens in south sudan, but we
4:41 am
do know the small arms fire was so severe the evacuation was aborted. three osprey aircraft were shot and four american soldiers were injured. we were told all four americans are in stable condition. we know that president obama has been briefed on this during his hawaiian vacation. he says through a statement, quote, any effort to seize power through the use of military force will result in the end of long standing support from the united states and the international community. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is working the phones speaking directly with south sudan's president kiir and the readout from bottom includes, quote, secretary kerry emphasized that only through leadership and political dialogue will the challenges facing south sudan be resolved. we're also hearing that the state department is going to send the u.s. special envoy for south sudan, ambassador donald
4:42 am
booth over to help solve the problems in south sudan peacefully and diplomatically. back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot, peter. the superstar of "duck dynasty" under comments for a controversial magazine interview. but is phil robertson being attacked for his faith and his belief in the bible? father jonathan morris is here to break it all down for us next. then, one of the most beautiful women in the world, kate upton making news this morning. men everywhere were smiling about this one. if you are a man and you live in this country, don't go away. ♪ pretty woman, you look lovely as can be ♪ ♪ are you lonely just like me
4:43 am
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♪ ♪ verizon now has the gifts everyone wants. that's powerful. verizon. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere
4:45 am
spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
4:46 am
he's been denounced as a bigot for what he said in an interview recently with "gq" magazine but what was phil robertson trying to say? >> was he attacking the gay community or was he merely opening up about his faith and belief in the bible? >> here to weigh in on this is fox news religion contributor, father jonathan morris. always great to see you. >> thanks. >> what do you say about this? >> lessons learned on all sides. first of all, "gq," why are you setting people up to take them down with deep theological questions with what is sin to a reality tv star? first lesson learned. second lesson learned, a&e and glad, why so sensitive? what about the great principle of tolerance that should be for the gay community that should be for everyone? second lesson learned. third lesson learned, i would say, you know what, if you're going to be a reality tv star and "gq" asks you to do an
4:47 am
interview, don't do it! don't do it! >> you know how it's going to turn out. >> a fourth one that i think is important, too, yes, phil robertson, i i've come to love m through this whole thing was expressing his belief in the bible but you have to do it in the right way. they asked him what is sin? his response was, i don't think in a bigoted way, but not in the right way, he said, well, start with homosexuality and it morphs out from there. he mentions a whole bunch of other sings. that is not exactly i don't think how jesus would answer the question, what is sin. sin is a willful offense against god and there are lots of different types of sin. one last lesson -- >> that's such a good point. to boil all sin down to homosexuality. >> he didn't, but he said start with homosexuality and it morphs out there. it sounds like it's boiling it down to homosexuality. one last lesson, let's not go
4:48 am
after everybody and say, you know, because you're with phil i'm against you. if you're against phil, i'm against you. the things i've gotten on my facebook page and twitter account have just been mean and nasty because people get so passionate. relax. think. and then respond. >> can i ask you, this may be a tough subject, but sex before marriage. that's a sin that a lot of people take part in and are all sins equal? it's a sin dealing with sexuality that's why i want to bring it up. >> that's a great question. phil robertson explains it well. he mentions a whole bunch of different sins. if you're sleeping around with a bunch of different women, and you're a married man, that's a sin. he's not just saying homosexuality. in the end, sin is a willful offense against god. we'll let god judge. >> we're all guilty. >> absolutely. >> don't be throwing stones at
4:49 am
anybody. >> absolutely. how did pope francis describe himself recently? when they asked him, who is francis? he said, i'm a sinner. i think we can all say, when you ask me who am i, i say, i'm a sinner. and that brings that whole different level of respect and courtesy when you're talking about hot issues. >> levels the playing field. wise. thank you. >> this is a great segment. thank you. >> did we summarize everything? >> yes. yes. >> definitely succinctly summarized everything. >> lessons learned. lessons learned on every single level. could i get one of those sweaters, by the way? >> you can have mine. >> very envious. >> fit two of you in there. >> wear it for my sermon. >> father jonathan morris, thank you so much, sir. everyone knows about the physical demands of being a navy s.e.a.l. what about the mental workout. how you can apply those in your life and live like a s.e.a.l.
4:50 am
coming up. ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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4:53 am
good morning, always nice to see you at "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman. have you been looking for a way to stay focused at work or a way to attain your goals? how about considering how to adapt your mind so you can think like a navy s.e.a.l. we all know the physical training they go through. we're learning the secrets to their mental sharpness. here is the author of "the way
4:54 am
of the s.e.a.l." commander mark devine. >> good morning, anna. >> the first thing you say we need to do is develop a self-awareness about what drives us. >> right. i wrote this book so that everyone in america could experience what i experience 20 years as a navy s.e.a.l. and the thought processes and the mental models that navy s.e.a.l. use to be super effective at what they do. it all starts with a deep, you know, self-awareness. your set point. in order to know where you want to go you have to know where you are now. that set point is about developing your purpose, your passion and then those guiding principles that are going to get you in the right direction. >> you have to have a goal to reach for. >> when you say we need to visualize that we're winning, winning in our own mind. >> for sure. one of the things about s.e.a.l.s is that they win every mission in their mind before they go and attack it. what i mean by that is they have a deep visual image of what success means. they can clearly articulate it
4:55 am
verbally and then they have a mental picture both at an individual and team level. this applies so much to business or anything really that you want to accomplish is you see the goal, get a very clear picture in your mind and visit it, practice it every day. you also practice the type of person that you need to be to accomplish that goal. so a lot of that work is done inside. i call that winning in the mind before you go out and tackle it. >> you're saying literally watch yourself do it and do it over and over again. do today what others won't do tomorrow what others can't. explain that. >> right. well, the whole idea with that principle is that you need to -- we need to take ourselves to a challenge. i think in our society we've been taught to believe that hard work is not necessary, that we can get everything with a quick fix or take a pill and the reality is we grow through challenge. so if we shy from challenge, then we're literally stunting
4:56 am
our own growth. that's one of the reasons that s.e.a.l.s are so successful. yes, they are exceptional people to get in and through the program, but they run toward the challenge. >> right. >> they're constantly growing, constantly doing new things and that accelerates their growth. >> just like a body builder with muscles. you have to work it to make it stronger. >> you have to work it, sure. >> you have to challenge yourself. and then building your intuition to think offensively. >> right. i think this is one of the last front tears of intelligence for business professionals and everybody especially here in the west. we're so active with our thinking mind. we're always thinking and solving problems and yet we don't give ourselves time to allow the rest of our mind to get into the game and so what i mean by that is that deep, you know, below the surface part of our mind, our creativity, our intuition. and so through silence, what i call sacred silence, right, we can tap into that. now why not spend a little time in silence? how do s.e.a.l.s do this?
4:57 am
if you're sitting in a submarine for 24 hours you have a lot of time to be silent. >> you're forced to. >> if you're sitting in a spot with a sniper team, you're psy length. you get intuitive and instinctual. those tools really help accomplish anything. >> mark divine, thank you very much,
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
. good morning. great to be with you. it's sunday, december 22nd, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. a young husband killed in cold blood while shopping with his wife. now, these four thugs under arrest for his murder. so why was one of the suspects released from jail just days before the crime? details straight ahead. and were the stars of "duck dynasty" discriminated against for being open with their christian beliefs. that's what the robertsons are saying, they were hung out to dry. plus, a new tweet this morning sparking an online firestorm and details ahead. check this out. they defend our country overseas
5:01 am
and protect us here at home. now two of our vets being fired from their police department for serving in the u.s. military. huh? they join us live this hour. "fox & friends" starting right now. oh, good morning. three days before christmas. >> is it really. >> yes, it really is. >> do you guys have a lot of shopping left to do? >> a little bit more. >> not one thing. i bought it all. if you haven't, it's time to get out of bed after our show ends. >> i celebrated with my family in north carolina a few days ago. >> christmas in north carolina comes a little earlier. >> i'm into the place for going out shopping. >> thank you for being here for kelly wright. >> we'll be here all week. the "duck dynasty" saga has new twists. the robertson family says they believe they were discriminated against because of their christian beliefs.
5:02 am
they think a&e always disapproved of their evangelical beliefs and lifestyle and decided to out them with this "gq" interview. a&e yesterday it seemed to be planning on firing phil robertson. now they say they have no plans to do that. they want to keep the show on the air. other networks are saying they'll pick it up if a&e drops it. >> you mentioned earlier feels like the family feels like they left them out. somebody at a&e was at "gq" and knew the answers that phil was giving. there are some conspiracy theorists are wondering whether the new york-type executives didn't quite understand the way that the robertsons worked and they thought that the show was going to be a hit. they thought it would be a hit because people would be laughing at the family, not laughing with them and relating to them. and so they don't really understand how this is all happening. their mind is swimming. and they don't know what to do with them. they left them out there to dry
5:03 am
so that he could then have to fend for himself. i don't know, but that's just what some are saying. >> anna, your point, people are laughing with them because there's a common thread between "duck dynasty" and the average american person trying to make eight living and earn a living. i go back to what we just shared a few moments ago with father jonathan morris. everyone's guilty of a sin and in this case he i think -- he nailed it by telling a&e and glad, get over it, you know? people say things, they have a right to say things whether it's offensive or not offensive. this is still america. you have the right to express your opinion whether it's dealing with your religion, your faith in something higher or greater than yourself. >> here's the distinction as i see it between phil robertson and his critics. he has views that you might find offensive. he's not trying to prevent other people from expressing their views in public. a couple special interest groups in washington are doing that to phil robertson, trying to get him booted off the air. their position is you should
5:04 am
note be not be allowed to say that. the second they say that, that's an authoritarian impulse. >> we haven't seen the entertainment contract. maybe there was a by-line, some moral clause -- >> there was. they got pushed. >> a moral clause. >> there's a moral clause in every contract. a&e got pushed by glad to take this action. >> right. i think to your point, do you violate a moral clause by talking about your morality? really. >> that's in the eye of the beholder. >> that's in the eye of the beholder. you were talking about offensive, in an era of free speech, which we have in this country, he should basically have said, look, i might offend some people and if i've offended you, i'm sorry, but too bad. >> a&e knew he had these beliefs. they weren't so offended when they cashed the checks with the show's amazing success. they were come police scitsicis
5:05 am
complicit from the beginning. >> a and e said they didn't want to offend their own gay employees. they wanted to be sensitive to them. why don't we let the free market decide whether he stays and whether he goes and how successful "duck dynasty" is. if you have a problem with it, don't watch the show. if you have a problem and you want to watch the show because you respect the other values they have, do that. >> turn off the tv. here's a weird story that happened two days ago. there's a woman, a pr executive in new york who works for a company that runs a bunch of websites and you're looking at a picture of her right there. and she was on a flight to south africa. she stopped over in great britain and while at heathrow airport tweeted out this, and i'm quoting, going to africa. hope i don't get aids. just kidding. i'm white. now obviously that's offensive and certainly bizarre. i have no clue what it means. but here's the interesting thing, neither does anybody else.
5:06 am
nobody is sure what that meant. they fired her while she was on the plane before she landed and had a chance to explain herself. >> there is an issue with that, why buzz feed would take that and send it out to all of their followers and then have basically have her fired before she even lands in south africa, but i think people do have a clue what she said. you know, the bottom line be is, let's get a clue about educating people about aids because perhaps we don't talk about it enough but blacks, whites, everybody can get aids. >> are you saying that maybe she was almost acting as an activist or there's a potential that she was acting as an activist? >> i can't get into her head. >> yeah. so at least it would have been great if she would have been able to explain herself. >> so bizarre. >> if a liberal comedian had made the same comment? would people be calling for their job? maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. you would possibly see them doing it sloppily but acting sarcastic. >> clearly she's an idiot. she's a pr person sending out tweets like this which are sure to offend people no matter what
5:07 am
she meant. she's obviously battered her job in some ways. here's what bothers me. the idea that a mob can appear on twitter or social media, everyone is clamoring for social media. i'm not sympathetic to her. i thought the tweet was creepy. she sounds dumb. but on the other hand, you should at least wait to hear her side before you demand her public punishment. let's put her in the public dunking machine. >> we're professionals. we say things. people could go after us and start mining what we've said over the years and start saying we're racist, bigoted, sexist, all of those things. in fairness to this woman, she should have a chance to express what she really meant by that comment that she made on twitter. >> this woman, she had 174 followers picked up by buzz feed who has over 100,000. by the time she gets off the plane she doesn't have a job anymore, her reputation is muddied. you google her name, what's the first thing that comes up? she may have a hard time getting
5:08 am
a job after this too. >> this is the problem with social media. it's a hot house. meanwhile, four americans get shot in south sudan, most people, including me, i'll concede, i had no idea we had american troops in south sudan. >> yes, we did. >> i didn't know that and i'm sort of informed. i mean, who cares about this woman and her stupid tweets. >> let's look at what her company says. bring this up right now. the offensive comment does not reflect the views and values of jac. we have parted ways with the employee in question. there is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally. we hope, however, that time and action and the for giving human spirit will not result in the wholesale condemnation of an individual who we have otherwise known to be a decent person at core. i mean, that's really a great statement. >> p.s., we're firing her anyway. >> look, i still think we're missing something else here, and
5:09 am
that is the spread of aids that is still something that people need to be educated about because for her to say, oh, by the way, i'm white -- >> she can be white and still have sex and get aids. >> i don't think there's any adult american who said that. >> apparently she did. she tweeted it. >> that's so dumb, i don't think she could -- i don't know anything about this woman. i've never heard of her before, neither had anybody else, and that's kind of the point. >> we can't miss the point. we have to educate people. >> that's true. maybe that was the point. >> maybe she was just drunk. >> you know what -- >> she is flying, right? >> maybe she should not be tweeting. maybe americans should get off twitter and have a conversation with a human being. >> if you're watching, tweet us and let us know what that tweet meant. >> she's going on a flight. >> give you a platform. we have other news stories making headlines this sunday. some tragic news to tell you about out of colorado where the lone victim of the school shooting has died. 17-year-old claire davis was shot in the head a week ago on
5:10 am
friday before a fellow student turned the gun on himself. the family says the grace, laughter and light she brought to the world will not be extinguished by her death. to the contrary, it will only get stronger. the teenager in colorado high school, she of course died last week. that's awful. well, we're learning more about the four men arrested in the deadly car jacking in an upscale new jersey mall. all of them have a long and violent criminal history. henry and karif ford were sent to prison in 2003 for burglar ri and bank robbery. henry finished up his time eight months ago. thompson has a long wrap sheet of narcotics and theft charges. he was released from jail four days, four days before the murder. and kevin roberts is currently part of another active criminal investigation. all four facing charges in the death of dustin freedland gunned down in front of his wife last sunday. there is no word on who actually pulled the trigger. new details about the attack
5:11 am
on three u.s. osprey aircraft in south sudan. four american troops injured when fired on by sudan rebel forces while trying to evacuate americans. the mission aborted. president obama has been briefed in hawaii where he is vacationing and he is warning that the united states is going to cut off aid to south sudan if the violence continues. >> those are your headlines. those are the headlines. we have some crazy things happening with the weather. you can call it bizarre, you can call it whacky. it's including tornadoes, ice storms and record-setting warmth and now two people are even dead following storms in mississippi. the same system that we're talking about now dropping snow and ice in texas, oklahoma and kansas moving east causing thousands of power outages and coating some areas with up to an inch of ice. rick reichmuth tracking all of this. bring us up to date. >> that video out of amarillo amazing along interstate 40. there's a coating of ice which
5:12 am
is one of the most dangerous weather phenomenon we have. you can't drive and do anything on it. you have ice and snow fell on top of it. temperature wise, you can see what's going on. very, very cold all across the west. the east is very oddly warm. we're 66 degrees in new york city right now. 70s down across parts of the coast. midnight last night in washington, d.c., it was 70 degrees. at midnight. very, very strange. we'll see very heavy rain continuing today. now it will be mostly across parts of south carolina down towards the panhandle of florida. because of that, still another batch here of flash flooding potentially across areas of the east. this is that rain. there's snow behind it and then, guys, there's an ice storm that will be ongoing today across northern parts of new york and in throughout much of northern new england. that will be a very, very bad one. this time talking about an inch of ice accumulating across all of that area. the tree damage and power lines out before christmas. a lot of people without power for sure. >> wow, what a shame. fire up the wood stove. thanks, rick. the president promises 2014
5:13 am
will be a year of action. are things expected to get worse under obama care, will his credibility recover? chris wallace with that next. we promise, it's the most adorable video that you're going to see all day. a little kid teaching his puppy how to howel. more of this. stick around. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
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5:16 am
2014 needs to be a year of action. we have work to do to create more good jobs, to help more americans earn the skills and education to do those jobs and to make sure those jobs offer the wages and benefits that let families build a little bit of financial security. the president promising a year of action. problems with obama care remain front and center. can his credibility recover sufficient to accomplish his goals? joining us now is the host of
5:17 am
"fox news sunday" chris wallace. good morning. the president mentioned immigration reform as one of his chief goals for the year. do you think he has any shot of getting that through the congress? >> well, i -- and good morning to all of you guys. i don't think he's going to get the comprehensive immigration reform that he got -- that was passed the senate. that's certainly dead. the republicans have their own interests in getting something on the table about immigration reform. they understand that they did very poorly with hispanics in the 2012 election. they want to start to do better. i could see some halfway measure conceivably getting through. certainly i don't think it's going to be a year of great action. you know, as what happened with the budget where republicans see that it's in their interests, they're not going to refuse to do things just because it may also be in the president's interest. >> and, chris, the president is vacationing in hawaii now for the next two and a half weeks. everybody understands the
5:18 am
president, no matter who they are, need a break. right now there could be a gap in coverage for a lot of americans come january 1st. is that sending the right message for him to be vacationing with his family? >> oh, iso. i mean, the two have nothing to do with each other. there may well be a gap of coverage and that's going to happen whether he's in the white house or he's in hawaii. you know, i covered ronald regan for six years who used to take a lot of time and go to santa barbara. the white house and problems travel with you. they need to get something done to fix obama care, no question about that. where the president is when they do that, i don't think that matters. >> chris, when the president gave his news conference, all of us were watching. what kept coming out to me is that he has plans for doing something in january, making changes when he comes back. what kind of changes do you think he was alluding to? would it be a change in some of his cab by net members like kathleen sebelius who has drawn a lot of fire because of the
5:19 am
rollout of and are there other people that you're thinking he might be looking at? >> well, i've got to say, kelly, it struck me the way it struck you. he was talking about health care and he said, look, we need to make some adjustments. i think that was the word he used. you know, after we get through the deadlines and the surge and people signing up. kathleen sebelius or marilyn tappiner, the head of cbs, i'm not sure i would be having a happy or restful christmas. he left the possibility out here that one or more than one of them would be gone come the new year. i would think that there's going to be an effort at some point to hold somebody accountable. >> you would think. looks like you have a cool and eclectic show coming up. who's on? >> well, we're going to be talking first of all with mike huckabee. it is interesting because we booked him at the beginning of the week because of the fact that he is giving several interviews about the possibility
5:20 am
of running for president in 2016. i think if he does he becomes a very credible republican candidate. then, of course, new changes in obama care and of course the whole "duck dynasty" controversy. we'll ask governor huckabee about all of that. then on this christmas season, it's become kind of a tradition around here, we're going to talk to perhaps the most popular, certainly the most watched ee van gel list in the country, joel osteen who has a best-selling book out called "break out." it's a positive message of hope and faith he delivers. i can't imagine people won't want to hear what he has to say a couple of days before christmas. >> chris, you're 100% right. i've had the pleasure of interviewing joel osteen. i know you find him aftfable an likeable. >> i always feel better talking to him. >> chris, thank you so much. everybody at home, check your local listings. >> merry christmas. 20 minutes after the hour,
5:21 am
coming up on "fox & friends" weekend, they defend our friends overseas and at home, now two veterans fired from their police department for serving in the military. we'll hear their story coming up next. then one of the most beautiful women in the world, kate upton making big news this morning. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels.
5:22 am
but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
5:23 am
5:24 am
all right. this next story we're talking about here will leave you outraged. these two put their lives on the line for our country while serving in iraq, but now a local police department they worked for wants to fire them because they served in the military. sounds unbelievable but here they are to tell their story are michael mccracken and hector
5:25 am
cartagenia. thank you for joining us. when i first read this story i was blown away that, first, a police department would even do this to veterans and people who served in the military because usually police departments want to hire veterans because of the discipline that they have and the professionalism. what did you go through? >> in iraq or -- >> right here with this police department. >> well, while i was deployed overseas my police department, they actually went and served my wife and children with paperwork saying i was being investigated for my military activities and then basically right after i got home from this last deployment about seven months ago the harassment was really ramped up quite a bit. and next thing i knew i was told i was being investigated by the prosecutor's office, which i eventually became vindicated of any type of wrongdoing. >> were you encouraged to stand in when your wife got notice?
5:26 am
>> my last deployment i was encouraged to stay in. >> you're at home. you're serving. how did you react when your wife informed you about this? >> i was floored. i was devastated that my brother officers would do something like this to me, you know, guys that i have personally relied on and they would rely on me. they would hurt my family. i'm 7,000 miles away not able to defend myself against them and their attacks on me. >> hector, what about your case? >> when i came home from my last deployment, that's when i was notified. >> as soon as you get back. you're reporting for duty at the police department and what did they say to you? >> i was basically being told i was under investigation and going through the same as mike. >> under investigation for what, katherine? >> their military leave. for military leave that was taken for their deployments and for their training. >> aren't we required by law to acknowledge military leave when men and women serve in the
5:27 am
military and that employer is to be able to extend every courtesy and even help if they can? >> yes. and incredibly what the evidence shows in this case is that these men were being investigated because of people complaining, non-military officers complaining because they couldn't get their vacations because these gentlemen had to serve either overseas or in training for the military. that their 4th of july vacations couldn't be taken, that they had to move their vacations around. that's what we hear on audio tape from the actual internal affairs investigators john serccio and michael cafone. >> the bloomfield police department? >> yes. they told officer mccrack ken's dover air force base military personnel that people were complaining because these men when they had to serve our country overseas, people were inconvenienced with their vacations. >> look, i'm running out of time but i want to quickly wran this up. what do you want, heck to be?
5:28 am
what do you want, michael? >> honestly, i want my job back. i want my reputation back also. >> you deserve it. hector? >> same. i want my job back. my reputation back as well zbll michael, hector and catherine, i want to thank you both for your tour of duty and your service to the country as a fellow veteran. god bless you. bloomfield police department respond to us if you can. let us know what's going on with this matter. something that you should all respect. thank you again. and i hope you can have a pleasant merry christmas. >> thank you. next on the rundown, a new report sets the record straight on ecigarettes and they're not as bad as you may think so why the push to ban them? those details coming up next. then, looking for the perfect wine to bring to your christmas dinner? some of you are. we've got the best wines for your buck. that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "fox &
5:33 am
friends." 8:32. two days before christmas. >> are we looking at times square? >> bill o'reilly. >> big. >> here's an interesting story. new york city just banned ecigarettes in public. they're electronic cigarettes, not tobacco based. >> nicotine and water. the city council has said you're not allowed to smoke them inside because -- well, it's not clear why. they could be bad but we don't know. a new report questions the basis of all of our assumptions about secondhand smoke. the governor's been telling us secondhand smoke kills people. it causes 32,000 deaths a year according to the cdc from lung cancer. an actual study shows us that's not true. they couldn't show anybody whose cancer was linked directly to secondhand smoke.
5:34 am
>> let's roll up all our windows while the kids are in the back seat and smoke cigarettes. >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> everyone hates smoke. everyone hates cigarettes. i'm hardly endorsing it. i'm saying what the left says which is let's have laws based on science not superstition, not your opinion. >> ecigarettes, like when children are around some sort of secondhand smoke, it makes them think that they're not okay or a norm in our society. they grou up with that mindset. they develop those practices when they get older. >> i'm sensitive about this because the science, that's one thing. the reason why i get troubled about passive smoking and that means secondhand smoke is because people die from lung cancer because of smoking. in situations like this, there's also another factor. when you're around people who smoke a lot you smell like the smoke. it's this your clothes. it's in your hair. >> it's icky. >> it's icky.
5:35 am
lawmakers ought to tell the truth. you shouldn't make laws based on lies. >> we also don't want the government in every aspect of our life. >> well, that's it. maybe a libertarian argument. even the fact-based, science-based argument, if you're telling the public we're banning this because it kills tens of thousands of people a year you better have evidence that it kills tens of thousands of people a year. don't make it up. the left has made this up. >> the cdc came out with it. the cdc has its own science. there's a conflicting scientific report. no problem at all. >> i don't think the cdc has any science at all that shows a direct connection with secondhand smoke and tens of thousands of cancer deaths. we have other stories we need to get to. fallout from new documents released by nsa leaker edward snowden. nsa worked with british intelligence to intercept e-mails from officials.
5:36 am
one minister says he expects the u.s. to if he fess up. michael mukasey will be on to talk about accountability at the nsa. an illinois county sheriff's deputy shot outside his family's christmas party. police say 50-year-old officer estrada was trying to stop an armed robbery when the suspect shot him. >> all he talked about was serving people. he was one of the best investigators we ever have. >> estrada is with the sheriff's department for more than 20 years. and single men rejoicing this morning. kate upton is back on the market, folks. the model officially splitting with her boyfriend, max, i'm not going to say his last name. >> smirkofsky. >> the pair, rather, dated six months and are reportedly still good friends. let's hang on that a little longer so you can look at the
5:37 am
video. it's the call of the wild. man's best friend getting a lesson in howling. >> the three-week old husky sat on the boy's chest as he taught her to speak. after a few tries she gets the hang of it. i don't know if this is something you want to teach your dog. >> i'm thinking down the line there might be a regret to that. >> such a good point. >> it's worth it though. >> okay. speaking about howling, let's go to rick howling at the weather. >> somebody is going to regret ever teaching the dog to do that in a couple of years. there is going to be a parent out there who is not happy at all. >> so what does your dad watch did you say? >> "fox & friends." >> really? is he watching you right now? >> probably. >> probably. >> say hi to your brother though.
5:38 am
>> hi, eric! >> we love you. >> they love you. all right. take a look at the weather maps right now as you are waking up. it is warm. everybody out here saying what is going on? it's 66 in new york. go up to caribou, maine, it is minus one. there is a big temperature gradient to the north of the city cutting new england in half. south very warm. out across the west and northern plains it's cold. that's your wind chill. take a look where you can see this temperature gradient. crazy temperature swings. 34 in buffalo. pittsburgh, 60. 28 in burlington you're getting freezing rain this morning. we're going to see the rain showers move through the mid-atlantic. some of those could be heavy this morning across parts of the mid-atlantic. very strong winds included. same down towards areas in the northeast. especially the panhandle of florida, north carolina, could be seeing flooding with some of that. the northern plains, a little bit of snow. lake enhanced snow. out across the west cool temperatures continue as well.
5:39 am
all right. anna, we'll send it to you inside. thank you so much. nothing brings the holiday cheer like a bottle of wine. with so many choices it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. senior editor and tasting coordinator from wine spectator joins us with the perfect pairings for your holiday party. that's some job you have there. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> yeah. you're also going to be telling us about some budget friendly wines as well. >> at wine spectator we taste and review thousands of wines every year. i took a look at our wine ratings press app which you can download and made a small selection. >> fabulous. the first one is budget friendly? >> yes. this is a go-to white. it's from a winery in italy. this is our 2012 falangina. that's the grape it's made from. it's fresh and lively so you can drink it before dinner but it pairs well with appetizers and light seafood and poultry. >> what's a cost on the bottle of that? >> $15 a bottle and 88 points.
5:40 am
>> not bad. >> exactly. is this a rose here? >> it is. this has star power behind it. it is a clab ber rags between brangelina and mark perrin. this is from the estate in provence. it scored 90 points. it's a great, outstanding wine. it's about $28 a bottle. it comes in this beautiful packaging. no wrapping or ribbons needed. >> rose used to have a bad connotation of the boxed wine or being cheap. it's envogue. the kardashians drinking it. >> exactly. >> what's next? >> we have some bubbles. if you're throwing a big party, you probably need a lot of bubbles. in that case i recommend kava from spain. usually somewhere between 8 and $15 a bottle. this is a great example from the
5:41 am
bruton: -- brute reserve vintage. you can find kava in almost every liquor or wine store. if you buy a case of 12 sometimes you get a discount. >> how about that. always looking for a deal. how about this one? >> we have another sparkling wine, persecco, southern italy, very popular right now. we chose this because a lot of times we're seeing cocktails made with sparkling wines. this is linetta. nonvintage brute. $13 a bottle. i chose it because it's dry. it's labeled brute if you're mixing with cocktails with other sweet ingredients or mixers, this will give you the acidity. >> finally, we have a few seconds. zin fan dell. >> this is a great wine to mix with your dinner. cherry spices. >> berry cherry flavors and spices sounds amazing. thank you so much. >> thank you. just call it a christmas miracle. a hero postal worker at the
5:42 am
right place at the right time catching two babies tossed from a burning house. that man and the two boys and their father are alive. the latest victims of obama care. one fire chief says yes, and that means you're saying your safety is at risk as well. he joins us. that's coming up. ♪ deck the halls and all the rest warm me up with your christmas love ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
there may be a new casual at this for the health care law. obamacare could be threatening fire departments across the country. in a letter to the irs, they wrote, if incorrectly
5:46 am
implemented volunteer fire departments may be unintentionally forced to comply with requirements that could force them to close or curtail their emergency response activities. with so much at stake why isn't there an exemption for fire departments and is one necessary? joining us from san diego, the head of the international association of fire chiefs, chief metcalf. thank for joining us. >> good morning, tucker. >> if you could explain the threat to volunteer fire departments from owe bhom bamac >> large employers have to provide health care. what a lot of people may not realize is that the irs, which is responsible for enforcing this requirement, considers volunteer firefighters as employees. and the implication of that is that volunteer fire departments across this country, those that have more than 50 members, may suddenly find themselves in the position of having to buy health
5:47 am
insurance for their volunteers. those organizations pay for their operations with bake sales and car washes and other fundraising events. they can barely in many cases keep the fire engines running, and suddenly they may be faced with an unexpected new expense and that expense may cause them to either go out of business or actually reduce the number of volunteers. >> it's hard to think of a more straightforward public good than a volunteer fire department, that's the best of america right there. how could the irs consider a volunteer fire department a business? >> i think you'd have too ask the irs that. we have been dealing with them for quite some time on this issue, and it's not just the issue of whether volunteers get paid. the irs actually says that beyond receiving a paycheck, if a volunteer department throws a banquet once a year to say thank
5:48 am
you to the volunteers for serving, the value of that banquet is income that needs to be reported on a w-2 to that volunteer. if they receive any other benefits, for example, some communities as an incentive will provide a discount on the water bill -- >> right. >> -- to volunteers for serving. the irs considers that income that needs to be reported on a w-2 and those folks are considered employees from the purposes of income tax. >> why don't you all unionize? i notice all of the big labor unions get exemptions from the obama administration. maybe that's the answer. if you can't beat them, join them. >> well, i think that the volunteer fire service does come together and does work across this country and -- on common issues and this is an example of that. we don't believe that anyone sat down and intentionally said we're going to go out and cause volunteer fire departments to have an unexpected financial burden placed on them. >> right.
5:49 am
>> we believe this is an unintentional consequence of the law and we're just asking for a simple fix that will preserve emergency services across the country. >> it's just -- it's unbelievable. i guess you should have given more to the obama campaign. chief william metcalf, thank for joining us and calling attention to this. this is distressing. i hope you get it sorted out. >> thanks for having us, tucker. coming up, they're some of the most wanted terrorists in the world. the prisoners at guantanamo bay could get a get out of jail free card. less than a week left for christmas, we have last-minute gifts that could save you money. dollar store deals coming up. ♪ ♪ wisest kid,
5:50 am
am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> where is one place you can never overspend? the dollar store. megan mooen meeney is here. >> is there ever anybody you should not buy a gift from the dollar store? >> maybe not for the new girlfriend you're trying to impress. maybe not for the mother-in-law. >> good. >> for an acquaintance you don't want to spend a lot of money on, stocking stuffer, something
5:54 am
along those lines, why not? the office grab bag, a great spot. >> nice. >> you have to have a good eye and weed through the stuff. check it out, starting with a spa kiss. i call this canyon ranch in a can. that fancy spa. this is a waste paper basket with a fun leopard print. bring the spa to the lady that you love. we have washcloths, a hand towel, some powder puffs, some pretty pink candles that are scented so they can set the mood by the bathtub. >> the mirror? >> yeah, the mirror i mirror. you can put on your makeup and stuff. back scratcher. we have here the mesh body scrub, right? where's the loufa? >> you can never have too much loufa. good item. >> 13 bucks. >> nothing is more than $1.99. all these washcloths. crocheted head bands. spa in a bucket.
5:55 am
>> mr. fix it in your life. >> if you have a husband or an uncle or a buddy who is kind of the weekend warrior, you can pull together some great stuff from the dollar store. this is a screwdriver with six different bits. that's a lot of bits for a buck, right? >> that is. >> it has a rubber gripper. >> especially for the price. >> four different hooks. i was ripping some presents open with them. $10 to get four and this is $1 for two. you can't get enough of these throw away brushes, if you're testing paint, all these foam brushes, $1. and duct tape in any color you want. also a great value, you want to get the pressure gauge to make sure you're not spending too much money on gas. and, of course, it all goes in a bucket. who can't use a bucket in the garage or in their tool cabinet, right? >> all right. >> now, for kids, i was doubling up for my kids. i think my favorite thing is the
5:56 am
wooden blocks. all of $7.99, the most expensive thing on the table. but when you find something wooden and not plastic, that's a huge value. a huge tower of blocks, a little bus, sidewalk chalk with the holder. $1, $1.29. we've got the batman coloring books. and a frisbee for a dollar. you're encouraging exercise. and this is a wastebasket. you know what? you can use it as toy storage. i love coming up with another purpose for something at the dollar store. >> we've got to make sure we get to the burberry bag. >> at the dollar store. for the traveler, maybe grandma is always coming to see you or someone you know who works on the road a lot. say they went shopping or use it on the airplane airplanes. texting to say hey, i've arrived. pick me up. >> 10 bucks.
5:57 am
coming up, just call it a christmas miracle. a hero postal worker at the right place at the right time catching two babies tossed from a burning house. that man, the two boys and their dad join us live. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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hello and good morning. it's sunday, the 22nd of december, 2013. this morning, more questions than answers. was the superstar duck dynasty cast discriminated? why the robinsons are saying they were hung out to dry. then, the obama administration leaks classified information about the bin laden raid to a hollywood producer. but guess who is in trouble for that act? the person who did it? oh, no. the person who reported it. coming up.. and one dad has a lot to be
6:01 am
thankful for this christmas. his babies survive a fall from a burning home when a neighbor catches them in his arms three stories below. >> wow. >> fox & friends, it's starting right now. zloo santa claus is coming to town. we've got some cute pictures of your pets and pictures you've been sending us all morning long. >> this is max. >> he looks like he's suffering a little bit. >> stay there, max. stay there. >> keep meaning them to us. >> we're also asking for your ugly christmas sweater pictures. >> no one will ever beat ours,
6:02 am
but -- >> i know. we have them on facebook right now. we have the latest on the "duck die nasty saga. they believe producers disagreed with their christian beliefs, so the robinsons are suggesting that perhaps this esquire, rather gq interview may have been part of a plan by the networks. but this much is clear. phil robertson has not been fired. other networks are circling around saying we'll pick up the show in a second if it's taken off the a&e network. >> yeah. the hunt channel, an outdoorsy type channel. you can understand why. they're laughing all the way to the bank right now. if the robertsons wanted to, they could pack up their duck calles and head home and shave their beards and live life the
6:03 am
way they wanted to if this isn't how they wanted to live. it doesn't surprise you too much. however, a&e apparent had a representative with phil robertson during this gq interview. so the robertsons are saying, somebody was there. they could have watched stop saying these things. >> they've known this for years. they were happy to cash the checks from the show. they didn't feel like their consciences were aching employing someone with these reprehensible views. they were happy to get rich with them. >> i am now thinking a&e is getting exactly what they want out of this. we're talking about duck dynasty. >> people are boycotting them, too. >> but believe me, if they decide to say, oh, by the way, we have a mea clpa, it will only
6:04 am
increase their audience. >> there are lessons to take from this. we had father morris johnson on. he said he agreed with phil robertson's views and there are lots of way toes express your faith, to express your understanding of christian doctrine and he could have done it maybe in a way that wasn't as polarizing. but there's no changing the fact that the robertsons are right about one thing, for sure. and that is people in tv, in the entertainment side have total contempt for evangelicals. i know them. trust me, there's no doubt about that. and by the way, people in power in the united states in my experience have contempt for evangelical people. >> i think you make a good point. but then i look at people like billy graham and marilyn hicky, they make some great statements, some great in roads into spreading the gospel and spreading their face without being offensive. so i think when you're like phil robertson, maybe you should study what they do and how they
6:05 am
do it and try to do the same thing that they do. >> that's right. >> ending the show every time with a prayer around the dinner table, which is something that you don't see as often as you used to. >> and it's a nice touch because that's the way the american family used to spend its time. they would try to spend time around the dinner table, but now we're texting each other even in our own homes saying, hey, by the way, what are you doing right now? so we've gotten very high tech and little high touch. >> but you know exactly how producers consider this show. they look at these people like a weird show. we're going to laugh at them. >> yeah. there are a lot of people -- >> zz top, okay? >> but there is a massive cultural divide between the people who produce america's entertainment and the people who consume. >> and the people who are watching the show live between manhattan and malibu, as we like to say, and these producers, there are some conspiracy
6:06 am
theorists out there who are saying they thought they would be laughed at, not laughed with and not valued for what they really are. and now their heads are swimming at a&e and they're not sure what to make of this. that's why they left the family out there, hung out to dry. >> speaking about hanging out to dry, it is no by any stretch of the imagination. we've got tornados, ice storms, record setting warmth. here is a look at the snow coating lake county, illinois. that storm actually is moving eastward now and it will be causing thousands of power outages because of ice and cover something areas up to an inch of that ice. crick is tracking this system, keep us up to date on our travel plans. >> a big storm, fortunately, happening over the weekend, obviously, impacting shopping and people who were traveling this weekend. but the rest of the week is looking very good. we've got some people who came here for shopping. i thought you were coming to see us and see fox & friends, but
6:07 am
you're here to shop, aren't you? >> yeah. i like fox & friends, though. >> a little bit of both. perfect. take a look at the weather maps. i'll show you what's going on. we're still dealing with this system. it's very cold back behind the front. 24 degrees in kansas city. 11 in denver. it's 67 here in new york. this is crazy for 9:00 in the morning. a couple days before christmas. 71 down towards raleigh, as well. here you go, we're going to see more rain and showers today. some of the rain will be heavy across areas of the sooef, panhandle of florida, alabama through the panhandle of the carolinas. we're going to see flooding as a possibility. we saw extreme flooding yesterday across parts of ohio down through areas of arkansas. so that arkansas part, that will begin to recede. we'll see more of that brew as this line of showers pulls off towards the east. snow across parts of wisconsin and that peak, that's where we're watching a significant ice storm going on across parts of upstate new york and throughout much of new england.
6:08 am
a very dangerous day today. stay inside if you can, roads will be treacherous. guys, we'll send it back to you inside. >> hey, everybody outside. we have some other news headlines to get to this sunday morning and some tragic news to tell you about out of colorado where the lone victim of a scoot shooting has died. a fellow student shot 17-year-old claire davis in the head a week ago on friday before turning the gun on himself. they say the grace, laughter and light she brought to the world will not be extinguished by her death. to the contrary, it will only get stronger. that teenager died in that colorado high school shooting, of course, that happened one week ago on friday. we're learning more about the four mens men arrested after the car jacking at an upscale new jersey mall. all of them have a long violent history. henry finished up his federal prison time for bank robbery eight months ago.
6:09 am
thompson has a long wrap sheet of narcotics and theft charges. he was released from jail just four days before the murder. and kevin roberts is currently part of another active criminal investigation. all four facing charges in the murder of dustin freedman, gunned down in front of his wife last sunday. there is still no word on who actually pulled the trigger. and a new problem on the international space station. the second emergency space walk repair that was meant to repair a crippled cooling system, originally scheduled for tomorrow now delayed until tuesday so astronauts can swap out a space suit. nasa says american rick mestacio's suit was compromised when he inadvertently turned on a water strip. it's not every day a superstar singer makes an announcement over a walmart speaker, but beyonce did just that, offering to pay $50 of
6:10 am
each customer's purchase. it cost her more than $37,000. those are your headlines. we're learning much more about the attack on three u.s. military aircraft in south sudan where four wounded soldiers were trying to evacuate americans. the president now keeping a close eye. peter is live for us in washington with the latest. peter, what were these americans doing in south sudan in the first place? >> first, let's point out that things are so -- things in south sudan are so unstable right now because the president there says he stopped a coup by a political rival from a different ethnic group. so violence has followed that. now the state department is trying to evacuate american citizens who are stuck in south sudan, the world's newest country. but an evacuation attempt was aborted because three american osprey aircraft came under fire from unknown gunmen. the aircraft diverted to uganda
6:11 am
and the americans are being treated in kenya where they are reportedly in stable condition. president obama is saying any effort to seize power through the use of military force will result in the end of long standing support from the united states and the international community. the president did receive a briefing about the violence of south sudan during the first day of his hawaiian vacation. meanwhile, secretary of the state john kerry is speaking on the phone directly with south sudan's president. secretary kerry emphasized that only through leadership and political dialogue will the challenges facing south sudan be resolved. and we are also hearing this morning that the united nations mission in south sudan is moving all their personnel from south sudan into uganda until things calm down. back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot, peter. we appreciate it. coming up, they're some of the most wanted terrorists in the world, but now a new deal could give prisoners in gitmo a
6:12 am
get out of jail free card. is it a good idea? plus, the nsa taking a major hit on their controversial tactics and being told change or else. how should the president be handling it? former attorney general michael mukasey weighs in on both, coming up. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
get out of jail free. why is the obama administration releasing prisoners who are apparently high risk prisoners? former attorney general michael mukasey is joining us with his opinion. these sound like bad guys. why don't we put them on trial
6:16 am
like every other bad guy and put them in prison? >> some of them we can't try because we don't have the evidence that's adminble in court or too much time has elapsed. but that doesn't change the potential from danger from releasing them. >> so because we didn't let them go from guantanamo bay, does that mean they're in circulation around the world or they'll being held by our allies in other countries? >> they're not boeing held by our allies, noor in circulation. the is he sid vimp raid is up nearly 75%. >> we should be implanting gfs devices in these guys. are we? >> no, i don't think so. >> there's been mags massive debate about the nsa. the focus has been on the phone
6:17 am
calls. little has been said about their apparently program to keep track of everyone's google searches. is it important to keep track of what i'm searching on google to keep the country safe? >> the fact is that commercial companies keep track of your google searches. >> be they can't put me in jail. >> no, they can't. i don't know whether we are, in fact, monitoring google searches. hard to imagine a reasonable basis for monitoring everybody's google searches. i can understand monitoring some people's google searches. >> exactly. is and so it's not your impression that the u.s. government is keeping track of what everybody does, just some people? >> correct. i don't -- the fact is, this is stsh r -- what you just said, since this is a news program, this is great, it's news to me.
6:18 am
i can't think of any reason for them to keep track of everyone's fwoogel searches. >> the israeli government released a statement saying that we have learned from documents ed snowden released that the u.s. government is spying on you say and we want them to stop right away. >> is this common? >> yes, of course. and they're spying on us. welcome to the nfl. it happens all the time and we should be keeping track of what they do and want to do and they should -- we shouldn't surprise us that they're keeping track of what we do. >> is it surprise you that president obama who ran as a libertarian has not only not closed gitmo so far but has expanded the reach of the surveillance programs, apparently? >> i don't know that he's expanded them. i think what's happened is that information has leaked out about them. >> well, he certainly hasn't contracted them that we know of.
6:19 am
>> hopefully not and hopefully he won't, notwithstanding the recommendation of this 300 page report that just got issued by his committee. but does it surprise me? no. that's the reality. and once you're sitting in that chair, you confront reality. >> on the question of the phone calls, we know the data from all phone call sess being tracked. why is it important to keep track of my phone calls? why is that good? >> it's not necessarily important to keep track of your phone calls, but it's important to keep track of everybody's phone calls. not the content of them, there's no content in any of this. it's simply the number that's called, the number that is called, the date and the length of that call. how is that useful? if we get a number from overseas that belongs to a terrorist safe house or a thrift cell phone, we can check whether that number has called any number in the united states or been called by any number in the united states. you have not called any such person or been called by any such person. >> i do wish they would carve out an exception for me.
6:20 am
>> hard to do. >> yes, it is. i'm still hoping for it, though. coming up, we asked you for pictures of our pets. we'll show you the best ones, coming up. and one father has a whole new reason to be thankful this christmas. his children survived a fall from their burning home when a neighbor camps them three stories below. the family and the man who saved them, coming up.
6:21 am
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6:23 am
well, a new york father has a reason to be thankful this
6:24 am
christmas season. twin sons survived a throw from their three-story window. 11-month-old twins israel and ishmael, and their father. good morning. >> good morning. >> these boys are so adorable and they are no idea. they're just getting ready for santa claus to come. can you tell me how this all went down? >> well, we woke up to, like, the smell of smoke and jermaine was screaming, get out of the building, get out, everybody was on fire. >> and you're downstairs? where are you at this point? >> i was actually in my apartment. so we're on the same floor, but i got out early enough to get to work. i was exiting my apartment and i smell it. so i opened the tore. i went down the stairs. as i'm going down the stairs, the smell started to get stronger. so i knocked on the first apartment on the second floor.
6:25 am
standing there, i looked to the left where the next apartment was. that's where it was black with the smoke coming out on. so i ran to that door and i started knocking. i called the neighbors downstairs. >> so you're a hero for so many people in this building getting them out because you smelled it first. but what are you thinking about? you're worried about your little boys and getting them out. >> definitely. because at first, we were trying to go through the front door and the smoke drove us back inside. that's why we proceeded to the fire escape. >> so you're thinking, okay, here i am, i have to get my kids out of here going down the fire escape. you're getting dizzy from inhaling the smoke. tell us about how the moments unfolded when you threw the boys out. >> i went to the fire escape and i was screaming, help, help, so i was thinking in my mind, jump with them. then i see him run around and he said, throw them, throw them. i let ishmeal first, he caught
6:26 am
them. israel, he caught them. my nephew, down to the ground floor, caught him down. >> three stories, that's high. were you scared you were going to drop them? >> actually, i wasn't thinking about dropping them at all. i was just there. i put my whole body underneath to make sure if they slipped through the hand, they would hit my body. >> and you threw your whole heart and soul into it, too. >> yes. >> i know you've been living in your car recently. >> yeah. >> is there a fund or anything -- >> nothing set up right now. red cross only gave us two days in a hotel. after that, they told us to go to the landlord and the owner and talk to them. they gave us 24 hours to evacuate the premises. >> well, you know what? we've got some viewers with some really big hearts. e-mail us if you want to help these sweet little boys in the spirit of christmas. this is my favorite story of the
6:27 am
morning hands down. i'm so happy everyone here is alive and well this morning. >> thank you. 26 minutes before the hour now. coming up, the war on whistleblowers continues. the obama administration leaked classified information about the bin laden raid to hollywood. guess who is in trouble for that act? the journalist who reported it. details, next. and he was washing a car in his own driveway, so why was this man threatened with a ticket? the full story coming your way. and before you begin cooking christmas dinner, we've got the perfect holiday dishes with the best meat. you can't miss this one. wisest kid, am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete
6:28 am
without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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6:31 am
. hey, hey, hey. welcome back to fox & friends weekend. it is your shout of the morning earlier. we asked you to send us your pets dressed up in christmas costumes. forget elf on a shelf. this is dog in an elf on the floor. >> how about those viewers. christina sends her dog, lily, santa's little helper. >> little da says molly, oscar and eli are ready to take santa
6:32 am
and his sleigh on his trip around the world. >> oh. >> here's olive. almost too small for her costume. feliz navidad. >> so christmas is only a few days away. many of you are starting to prepare your christmas day meal. but before you begin, you might want to check out these perfect holiday dishes made with the very best meats. joining us now is fairway market meat consultant ray annesia. fairway is the most amazing story. i do all my shopping there. but this is not your normal meat. this is special. >> this all screams special occasion. holidays, weddings, that's when you have these meats. absolutely. >> what's the first one? >> what you have here is the rib roast. what you want to know is it's a perfect piece of meat because of the marbling that comes through it. get usda choice or prime graded
6:33 am
because it will have that marbling and it will roast absolutely perfect. >> choice or prime, i think a lot of people look at a piece of meat and they say that has fat on there. >> it has nothing to do with the fat on the outside. it's the fat inside that makes it tender. >> and you slice it and that's a prime rib. >> one with the boat, one without the bone, it's that simple. >> there are ten of those and four -- five of on us. >> when it comes to a prime rib, rib roast, it's one rib to two people. >> so this is a pork crown roast. >> the most festive. this is a center cut pork roast which is reversed which enables it to cook better and keep the natural joyces. very simple to make. you put aluminum foil on the exposed bones. cook it like any other roast. do a total of 1 12 to 15 minutes
6:34 am
per pound. and you're good to go. >> is what you just said a general rule, you start at 475 and go down for any roast? >> yes. what you want to do is get that searing on the outside. st juices as it's cooked will start spilling out of it. then you bring it down because a great chef told me once, 375 is roasting. 350 is baking, not roasting. >> and this is a ham. >> easy, no time, it comes fully cooked. you get a favorite glaze that you like. rub the glaze all over it. put it in your oven. all you're doing with this is putting heat back into it. the spiral ham res nice. it's as bad as no fuss, no muss with still a pretty holiday presentation. and i like the shank half because it gives a nicer look on the table. >> a filet. i always think of this as one on of your most expensive cuts. >> because a filet is an unused muscle, it is always tender.
6:35 am
it is an extremely lean piece of beef. not only is it healthier for you, without relying on that marbling for its taste and tenderness, you can get a lower grade filet and still up end up with a great meal they'll talk about for woex. >> you are a third generation butcher. >> third generation. and i'd like to say merry christmas to my grandmother, rose marie. 103 years old. she is still the butcher in this family to this day. >> that is awesome. the unused piece of meat. that's like you guys, tucker. >> oh! >> you know what? i'm not even going to -- >> that will be well done, thank you, ray. >> all right. we have some new stories to tell you about on this sunday morning. announcing new security cautions following the target security breach with just two shopping days left before christmas.
6:36 am
2 million debit card holders now limited to a $100 cash withdraw limit and a purchase limit on about $300 a day. choice keeping those restrictions in place until they can roll out new cards. two men armed with an ak-47 shown here busting into a store. the two thieves made off with all the cash in the register. the store owner believes the weapon was real. a man washing his car in his own driveway threatened with a ticket. >> so there -- >> do what you have to do. we will be back here. >> so i'm advising you, if you guys want to do something -- >> if you want to give us a ticket, you should give it to us now. >> the cop citing city ordinance claims that he can't wash his car on private property in the public's view, which apparently his neighbors don't like. it ended up being an idle threat. this video knot now going viral
6:37 am
online with more than 600,000 youtube hits. and this line keeps going and going and going. but it's not for the latest apple product. or toys r you say on bla friday. but these folks in virginia wait to go meet our very much very own brian killmead. he is there signing copies of his book, george washington's, the secret six. that book right now, number three on the "new york times" best seller list. congratulations, brian. >> that's unbelievable. i'm afraid for his safety. >> yeah. brian is just doing such a great work, that's a great book that he's written. >> ats great book. super happy for him. we're not happy about this certain things going on right now with the war on whistle blowers that's going on. because you remember the movie zero dark 30, right? did you see that? >> i did, yeah. >> but in order to make that movie, there was a leak that came from leon panetta
6:38 am
anticipation office and that leak came from that office so that the people in hollywood could make a great film about a great remarkable event that got rid of osama bid laden. the problem with that leak was it was illegal. leon panetta himself, then head of d.o.d., held a briefing at which the s.e.a.l.s who killed bin laden and other people that were present, most of the material was classified. the only person without security clearance in that room was a hollywood screen writer. an inspector general report was generated from this. that report ended up n hands of reporters and the public found out about it. guess who got in trouble? leon panetta and the obama administration who leaked this for political purposes? no. the person who sent that report to the public got in trouble. >> yeah. this is a bit interesting. you know, with these leaks that tend to happen, it's the low level officials that do get
6:39 am
taken to task and it's the high level officials that somehow just skirt away and get away with it. >> well, you're right. it's the low level official, the young man or the young woman or the higher up officials who is trying to make sure that everything stays right and they release this information saying, wait a minute, something went wrong here within our system. so you leaked the information to try to make the system accountable to itself and to the american people. and this particular case, the whistle blowers always getting the one who gets the lower end of everything. >> well, what happens was they wanted to campaign talking point. and the campaign talking point, as you'll remember, general motors is still alive and osama bin laden is dead. the president wanted to campaign on that. so they gave this classified information to hollywood so they could tell the story not just of the killing of bin laden, but of the success of the obama administration. and so the people who informed the public of this are being punished? it's outrageous. >> yeah. and the problem really is this war on whistle blowers.
6:40 am
is it silencing them? something else come out with anything and there's certainly going to be a ripple effect with this. and they feel like they can't come forward because they're the ones that are going to be punished, not the ones who are doing the i-- >> it's being done routinely. when you're speaking about truth of paul power, you're trying to let people know you can't get away with things that are wrong to the american people. >> what a reversal. it was the left what was always championing when i was a kid. and now someone is speaking truth to power and predictably, he's being crushed by there liberal administration. they're not liberal in the true sense of that word which is open-minded, tolerant, willing to entertain views not their own. no, not liberal. >> buttite their money and time to go after these people. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. caught on camera, a super hero's
6:41 am
meltdown. >> tough. >> you've got nothing. >> wow. >> why batman went rogue and how the whole thing played out in front of on hundreds of tourists and their kids. >> he didn't go roug, he went battie. and a & e quick to suspend the superstar of duck dynasty. was it all a ploy? the buzz on all that, next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long?
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6:45 am
michael jordan. 15-year-old basketball phenom out of south carolina clam slamming it home. this video now going viral on youtube already. has nearly 600,000 views the. and a boston couple only has one photo from their wedding day 60 years ago because their wedding photographer never showed up. they decided it was time from proper pictures and chose a theme from the movie "up" complete with plenty of balloons. how wonderful is that? >> i like the music as well as the photo. but right now, a&e as you know was quick to suspend phil rob e eitherson after his comments to gq magazine earlier this week. was the move about its high political standards or to create buzz? howard, what do you think, a tv
6:46 am
personality as popular as phil robertson making these statements and then he's attacked by his own network. >> phil robertson has every right to say whatever he wants but what he said about hoe mow sexuality being a sin have alien a alieneighted part of the duck dynasty audience. but it has alienated another part of the audience. >> do you think a&e did the right thing about suspending phil robertson? >> what i think a&e would have preferred to do was to call phil robertson in and say, look, you went way over the line here, and we will put out a statement, but phil robertson clearly did not want to apologize. so i think a&e under pressure from gay rights groups and a&e describes itself as a champion of the gay and lesbian rights
6:47 am
community felt like they had to make this move. >> base odd that, one would argue that it was more or less a political move rather than a politically correct move. >> political, sure, because a&e feels as a network what phil robertson said is in direct conflict with its values. i don't think it was a ploy, though, because a&e was in a box. they had a lot of people criticizing them for letting the star of this reality show say what many people found offensive. but by acting as it did, there is now a boycott, concern for the politicians are piling on. so a&e is in a no-win situation. i give a&e credit for putting this program on. but what did a&e think it was getting in phil robertson? he has very strong opinions and he has kind of gone over the line here. >> and the naacp weighed in because of some of the things that phil robertson said about blacks and white trash alluding
6:48 am
to himself and saying blacks worked tirelessly, even through jim krcrowe and some people thought that was rather insensitive. >> it's been a public relations debacle, no question about it. here is what i think is going to happen. both sides have an interest in patching this up. what will happen is a few weeks will go by, things will die down, they'll patch it up, make some kind of statement, because without him, there is no show and this is a lucrative detroit. >> howard kurtz, great to see you. catch howard kurtz 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. herein eastern standard time. looking forward to it. >> thank you. nothing gets you in the christmas spirit like live carolling. and coming up next, a nassau county girl scout esquire. they are here live to perform.
6:49 am
♪ farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. uck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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6:53 am
>> what will you be doing today? >> carol of the bells. >> how many girls? >> 20 today. but there are 38 in the chorus. >> and they range from what? >> little brown as to seniors in high school. >> i plaej the voices are very different, right? do the young girls and old girls teach each other different things? >> they do. the older girls take a role in helping the younger girls learn, and it's a wide variety of voices that blend together well. >> they're excited. >> they can sing together and talk together. >> they can. >> what's the motto of the girl scouts? >> be prepared. >> okay. they're prepared. so are we. let's begin. thank you. ♪
6:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 am
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♪ >> here's more pictures you sent us of your pets in christmas costumes. sca santa claus getting competition from scout supporting a santa beard. >> elizabeth saying her cat is
6:59 am
super excited about christmas. >> rex and regan with santa paws at their local humane society fund-raiser. good for them. these pups are dressed up wearing wild christmas hats. >> somebody spent some money on professional photos. and thec out edie. we showed you a picture earlier of a couple with an "up" themed anniversary. we want to make a quick mention to give kim ria grace photography for letting us use these pictures. this couple, they didn't have a wedding photographer, so they finally years and years later took these pingtures. >> we want to thank you and close out with great music. >> from the nassau county girl scou scouts. take it away, ladies.
7:00 am
♪ we start with a fox news alert. the kids may have been singing in nice, balmy weather in new york, but we're tracking a deadly storm sweeping across other parts of the country right now. that storm right now is directly over the midwest. that's where they're experiencing some of the most significant snowfall so far. the storm sadly has already left a trail of devastation, killing at least two people in mississippi and leaving thousands of people without power. in the myself, it's turning into a dangerous travel spot. creating hazardous


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