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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 22, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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♪ we start with a fox news alert. the kids may have been singing in nice, balmy weather in new york, but we're tracking a deadly storm sweeping across other parts of the country right now. that storm right now is directly over the midwest. that's where they're experiencing some of the most significant snowfall so far. the storm sadly has already left a trail of devastation, killing at least two people in mississippi and leaving thousands of people without power. in the myself, it's turning into a dangerous travel spot. creating hazardous conditions
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for millions of people, especially in new england and upstate new york. we'll have a complete check of the storm, whethn it's going, what's expected later on in the hour. >> we are now less than 48 hours away from a critic icaical obam deadline. tomorrow night marking the last day for millions of americans to enroll in the controversial health care fine or face a hefty fine. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm in for jamie colby. >> and i'm eric shawn in for eric shawn. keep in miebld, these exchanges were supposed to offer the biggest access to coverage. they have been available since october. because of all of the problems and the delays, it turns out only a fraction who are eligible for coverage have actually been
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able to sign up. peter deucy y live with what is expected to happen. >> the race is on to get americans with recently canceled health insurance plans signed up for new coverage by tomorrow to help millions of americans avoid a coverage gap. before president obama left d.c. for his holiday vacation in hawaii, he announced so far, 1 million people have enrolled in coverage via health that's less than a third that the administration thought would sign up. still, though, president obama says things are going well and this is why. >> so all told, millions of americans, despite the problems with the website, are now poised to be covered by quality affordable health insurance come
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new year's day. now, this holiday season, there are mothers and fathers and entrepreneurs and workers who have something new to secelebra. the security of knowing when the unexpected or misfortune strikes, hardship no longer has to. >> most republican lawmakers have returned home to their districts for the holidays, but just because they left the beltway doesn't mean they have dropped their campaign against the affordable care act. >> everywhere i go, people come up and say we should do something to stop this law. and they're right. we ought to scrap it and start over with an approach that focuses on lower cost, more choice, and more freedom and competition. >> this morning, does appear to be working, but if the infamous technical problems flare back up today, that could be big trouble for americans trying to enroll before tomorrow night's
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deadline. >> 24 hours and counting. we'll see what happens. >> overseas now, new fallout from the nsa spy scandal involving america's closest ally in the middle east. senior israeli officials now demanding the u.s. stop spying on them. this following revelations the agency intercepted e-mails from some of the country's top leaders. conor powell is live with the latest on this. hi, conner. >> you can add israel to the list, growing list of countries furious with america and the nsa. according to the latest snowden revelation, beginning in 2008 under the bush administration and continuing through the obama administration, the nsa intercepted e-mails from top israeli officials. now, according to snowden, the u.s. and great britain targeted e-mail addresses belonging to the offices of then prime minister ehud olmert and ehud barak. there's anger since the u.s. and
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israel are supposed to be allies. truthfully, both sides have had a long history of spying on each other. they have operated under the assumption they are being monitored. and today, former israeli head of intelligence echoed that, saying he wasn't surprised. >> every empire makes its utmost, in order to in a way spy or get information. even on the friendly states. i hope that they didn't find too much. >> if anything, this latest revelation renewed called to release jonathan pollard. he's a former navy and intelligence officer sentenced to life in prison for spying for israel and suspected of passing information to other countries. the united states has laungs refused to release him, and it's
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unlikely he will be released and the relationship between israel and america is much stronger than this revelation, and since there's this history of spying on each other, nothing is likely to change. it's just an embarrassing moment for the two countries. >> thank you. a showdown is shaping up between the white house and congress over iran. more than two dozen senators, half of them democrats, introducing a bill that would slap tehran with new sanctions if it fails to reach a long-term nuclear deal or if it violates the terms of the interim deal last month. this despite warnings from the white house that the bill does not stand a chance if it comes to the president's desk. >> if it were enacted, the president would veto it. the fact of the matter is, this is not a debate about being for or against sanctions.
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there is no president in the history of this conflict with iran who has been more aggressive in pursuing and enacting and building international concession around sanctions than barack obama. >> this is days after iran said it's begin to talk about a final nuclear deal. but what happens if there are new sanctions? ambassador john bolton, fox news contributor, joins us now, as he does every sunday about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, >> if iran violates the deal, they could face new sanctions, but isn't that a given? and the president refuses to sign this. >> the administration has said if at some undefined point, iran doesn't comply with the geneva deal or a subsequent deal, sanctions would be reimposed, but that threat has never carried much weight. iran's leaders understand both in europe and the united states, they passed a critical point.
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that's why geneva was such a big victory for them. once the sanctions come down, hard to torque them back up, which is why the bill under consideration in congress is so significant. and why obama is so sensitive to it, but i think what this proves, again, is the underlying correctness of the strategy of iran's negotiators. they see a weak president desperate for a deal, and they played on that very successfully these last several months. >> we heard jay carney say that obama is, quote, the most aggressive president in dealing with the sanctions and iran. >> that's not the most untruthful thing he's said from the podium, that's for sure. the president clearly believed he can outnegotiate the iranians. good luck with that, mr. president. i think we're on a downhill slope. i think the congressional effort is doomed. let me say from my experience in the branch, a presidential veto is rare. they only issue vetoes when they
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mean it. the phil gramm saying, never take a hostage you're not prepared to shoot. i think democratic leaders in the house and senate will do what they can to make sure at least in the senate, the sanctions bill doesn't come to a vote. >> what happens if it does? >> he'll veto it. >> what does it say to iran? >> they have obama in their classic. this is a classic state department mistake. once you get committed into a diplomatic process, saving the process becomes more important than the substantive outcome. if you look at it this way, what's your preference, good deal, bad deal, or no deal? too many people at the state department and the obama white house would say a good deal is best, but even a bad deal is okay if it keeps the prauz moving. in geneva, they got a bad deal.
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>> they don't take out any of the centrifuges and destroy them. they don't take out the iraq plant, dealing with plutonium, and parchen, inspectors don't go there. what does that mean if it's not included in the deal. >> there's no doubt that the long pole in the tent is the production of fisile material. but there are plenty of other aspects to it as well. as you rightly say, the weaponization issues shaping the explosives, forming the warhead, the ballistic missile delivery systems necessary to drop it somewhere, anywhere in the world. all those proceed with no limit, no inspections, no nothing. from iran's point of view, they made a few superficial, easily
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reversible conceptissions in geneva. they got a braythrough by changing the momentum of the sanctions regime. they bought themselves time as people increased their optimism the sanctions would go away. this is something that's very hard for the administration to recover from, and you see iran basically dictating barack obama's legislative policy. it's amazing. >> the meeting is january 21st. they still have a month to keep the centrifuges spinning. good to see you and thank you for your insight. >> merry christmas. >> we're less than two days away from a key obamacare enrollment deadline. as the errors continue on, one prominent republican and 2016 presidential hopeful is explaining why he thinks the law should be repealed. and one bank putting strict limits on debit cards that have been hit by the security breach at target. we'll tell you what that could mean next time you go to the
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sadly, the victim of that december 13th school shooting in colorado has died. 17-year-old claire davis succumbed to her injuries yesterday. she had been in critical condition after the alleged gunman karl pierson shot her point blank in the head before he turned the gun on himself. in a statement released after her death, her parents said, quote, we were truly blessed to be claire's parents. the grace, laughter, and light she brought to the world will not be extinguished by her death. members of her community also expressed their grief over her death. >> i felt such an overwhelming
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need to do something and be as supportive as i can. >> she just had a beautiful smile, and she loved animals, so you know she had a kind heart. >> now, the county sheriff says claire appeared to be a random target of the gunman. they say he was stalking one of his teachers, his debate coach. the investigation, though, is still ongoing. former arkansas governor mike huckabee taking on obamacare less than 48 hours before a key deadline is set to take effect. americans have to get insured or face a fine. today on fox news sunday, huckabee explained while he still believes the law should be repealed. >> a buzz word the democrats keep using is we can't make these changes because it's the law of the land, and yet we continually see the president making all kinds of arbitrary changes to obamacare because this law of the land is beating people up and taking from people the insurance they had and they
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liked. taking from them the doctors they had and they liked. and it was supposed to be $2500 per family less expensive. turns out it's now thousands of dollars more expensive for most families. it's anything but the affordable care act. >> joining us now is the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. hi, chris. >> hey, patty ann. >> what did he offer as an alternative to obamacare? >> he says the problem is that obamacare remakes the entire health care system. he had an example from the '80s in the regan administration where you simply focus on the problem, the 30 million, 40 million people who are uninsured. you put them in a pool and he said, look, give them a subsidy. i have seen other things he said where he talked about the cost of all the things that are going on. if we could just give the money to the uninsured, they could
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have bought private policies. >> the governor also spoke out about "duck dynasty," the controversy over phil robertson's comments. what the governor's take on that. >> he strongly supports the robertson family. in fact, as soon as the controversy broke, he started a website, a facebook page called "i stand with phil" and asked for a million people to sign up. he basically says, look, what phil robertson is espousing is the biblical interpretation of marriage between a man and a woman. he said, and that it's a sin, and he pointed out that's the position that barack obama held as recently as, what, a year or two ago. and feels that there's no reason that they should have been suspended. >> what response is huckabee getting to this effort? >> oh, well, as you can imagine, big time. you know, as we have seen, there's a huge support for the
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robertsons. obviously, some people concerned about what he said, but on the other hand, a lot of people who are supporting them and thing it's wrong for a&e to suspend the patriarch of the robertson family. >> who else do you have on fox news sunday some. >> a very interesting discussion about the "duck dynasty" controversy and i really commend that to people. george will, kierstyn powers, charles crowdhammer making a rare appearance, and juan williams. i suspect you'll find something you like and don't like in that conversation. we also speak to joel osteen, the most viewed pastor in america, receives millions of people who watch his show each week, and whenever he writes a book, it's a best-seller. and once again, his message of hope and faith, his up beat mesfrj how you can get out of your own way and make your life better, and part of that, obvio obviously, begins with faith. a very appropriate message for
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this holiday season. >> fox news sunday, always great. check your local listings for that. chris wallace, thank you as always. >> thank you. he's had heart trouble for decades. he suffered his first heart attack in his 30s. so what can we learn from his heart attack experience. coming up, former vice president dick cheney talks about the techniques and technology that helped save his life. it's an in depth one-on-one interview with dr. siegel. also, wintry conditions in some part of the country could affect your travel plans this christmas. we're live in the fox extreme weather center with your holiday outlook next. ♪ neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze.
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jpmorgan chase is putting limits on debit cards that were used at target stores. this following a recent major security breach. the bank limited daily cash withdrawals to $100 and debit purchases to $300. this coming after target reported than credit and debit card information from about 40 million shoppers was stolen. that news coming during the height of the christmas shopping season. deadly weather conditions are now slamming parts of the country, including everything from tornadoes and ice storms to record-setting warmth. take a look at the storm that's now moving east, coating the upper northeast and upstate new york with ice. and messing up a lot of shopping and travel plans on this sunday morning. our chief meteorologist is in the fox extreme weather center. extreme weather, it's 70 degrees right now in new york city.
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yet you have dangerous ice storms, 27 degrees in waterville, maine. >> it's a dangerous weather system we have right now. cold air in place, and then overriding warm air from the south with the rain. the rain fell, but it froze on contact. big ice storm yesterday across much of oklahoma, in throughout missouri, into illinois. michigan, very dangerous conditions and a lot of power outages. and take a look at that. it's 70 degrees in new york city, 14 in caribou, maine. all the warm air is across the east. we're not seeing that across the west. we'll zoom in closer and give you an idea of the temperature cra contrasts. 33 in buffalo, and a few miles to the south and you're 50s and 60s. 41 in boston, 70 here in new york. we're going to have more rain with this throughout the day today. some areas across the carolinas and in through eastern tennessee, in alabama and the
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panhandle of florida, maybe 3 to 4 inches of rain. we have flood concerns across the south and still residual flooding across the ohio valley. this rain will slowly pull to the east. the snow continuing, lake enhanced snow across parts of wisconsin and michigan. and right here is where we have the icing and big concerns throughout the afternoon. >> all right, just weird. >> yeah. >> thanks very much. hope everybody's safe, of course. nearly 1 in every 3 american adults suffers from high blood pressure and many are on medication to treat it, but it might be possible for some folks to put away the medications for good. >> and tea time for all. guess where dr. siegel is. he's in london where he's going to explain the benefits of taking a cup of tea. the doctors next on "sunday housecall." don't go away. ayed? ayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms
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i'm patty ai ann browne, inr jamie colby. it's time for "sunday housecall." >> i'm eric shawn. joining us is dr. safd samadi. chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu's langal medcon centical. joining us from london this morning. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, docs. >> good morning. >> we begin today with a potentially major change for blood pressure patients. ve


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