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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 23, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is d-day for obamacare. if you want care you have to register today. >> steve centanni is here with talking about going cheap with obamacare. >> it is the high deductibles. there could be severe sticker shock involved. meantime in washington politicians some are predict ago melt down others a government bailout if the government continues without major changes. the problem here with the sticker shock is people buy insurance for the lowest possible rates for their premium. when they get medical care they are going to be very shocked to find out they have to pay everything up front at least for a while until they satisfy that deductible. now, in the meantime they want a one-year delay in the individual mandate to give the whole system
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time to work. listen. >> it is so much more expensive than anticipated and if the coverage isn't as good as we have you have a complete melt down. this transitional year gives us a chance do adjust the products for the market. >> with the patch work of exceptions and delays in place some predict insurance companies will suffer and taxpayers may ult atly have to bail them out. >> the insurers understand they are going to be completely ruined and what's going to happen as a result of it? there's only one way out a huge government bailout of the insurers is waiting at the end of next year and that is an issue that republicans ought to focus on right now. >> today is the last day you you can sign up if you want coverage january 1st. >> steve secentanni thank you vy
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much. >> phil robertson here he is leaving his church sunday in louisiana. he's refusing to back down from his anti gay comments made in gq magazine. he led a daily mail reporter into a small bible group he leads where he says quote i will not give our backoff from my past. he went on to say i love all man and women i am a lover of humanity not a hater. a whole lot of folks coming to robertson's defense. mike huckabee on fox news sunday. >> i think it has come to a point in our culture where political correctness has made itself if you want to take a point of view that is traditional that holds to steadfast old fashioned biblical christian values, which are also values of traditional judaism and even islam, then somehow you are supposed to shut up and keep that to yourself. >> all of this as cracker bar b
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reverses the decision to remove the duck dynasty products from the shelves. a whole lot of comments from customers on that one. >> holiday travel gets underway torrential rain and flooding across several states including kentucky where at least five people have died. in sashiarkansas tornadoes dama dozens of homes two people are killed during a severe wind storm in mississippi. ice storm in the north causing hundreds of thousands of power outages from up state new york and michigan and sheets of ice falling off in a mall roof in oklahoma. >> in the northeast spring in december. many wearing shorts and t-shirts in 70 degree temperatures. what's next? maria molina is tracking all of this wild weather. >> what do we have in store? >> basically the same storm system that produced wild weather over the weekend is
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still on the move. we are seeing heavy rain from the florida panhandle to parts of maryland. why flood watches are in effect today. you mentioned those warm temperatures mild across the northeast. in new york city we reached 71 degrees for the high temperature that did set a record and multiple cities across parts of the southeast. a little unusual for late december. otherwise a look at the rainfall moving through parts of an l atlanta that will be the trouble today and parts of the southeast. further north it is tough to see it on the radar but we have freezing rain coming down across portions of new england, ice storm warning in effect across parts of maine and several freezing rain advisories. including the city of boston he could we could be looking at slippery roadways.
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behind the system we have dangerously cold winter temperatures more than 40 below in parts of montana. feels like 36 degrees below zero in the city of far go. high in minneapolis only 5 degrees. i want to show you a travel forecast coming up on christmas eve tomorrow looks quiet across the country. enjoy your traveling tomorrow. much quieter tomorrow than the last couple days. >> a lot of people traveling this holiday season. >> trapped americans evacuated from south sued dwdan. they are air lifting people from the city after three military aircraft were fired on by sudanese rebel forces. president obama vacationing in hawaii says he may take further action to protect americans in south sudan. the south says dozens of
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military personnel over the weekend to evacuate 380 u.s. citizens and officials working there on our behalf. >> new fallout for the massive target. millions of credit card and debit card accounts stolen are showing up on the black market giving thieves free reign to clone those parts. they are stealing pin numbers and emptying bank accounts entirely. shoppers seek millions of dollars in damages. the attorney's general in four states have taken first steps to a possible investigation. we will keep you posted on this story. the pr executive who sparked outrage with a racist sweet is now apologizing. he was fired after tweeting this going to africa, hope i don't get aids. just kidding, i am white. the post was retweeted over 1,000 times after she landed. she was fired from her high
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profile public relations job now saying she is quote ashamed for the tweet. words cannot express how sorry i am and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of south africa that i have offended due to a needless and careless tweet. >> now for a look at whose talking. rice has no regrets about taking the 5 interviews after the attack in benghazi. >> she pushed the notion that the whole thing was a spontaneous attack. it was brought on by the youtube video. we know that's not the case. >> in the last 16 minutes rice talks about how it was a phony scandal. >> i don't have time to think about a false controversy. >> in the midst of all of the swirl about things like talking points the administration has been working very, very hard across the globe to review the security of our embassies and
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facilities. that's what we ought to be focused on. >> while pressed on why hillary clinton didn't appear for the interviews she talks about that. >> she had just gone through an incredible, painful stressful week. secretary clinton as our chief dip a m diplomat had to reach out to the families greet the bodies upon arrival at andrew's air force base. the last thing i would want to do is five sunday talk shows. >> so when they asked you -- >> when they asked me i agreed to do it. >> did you ever think, i wish i hadn't done that. if you hadn't done that i would be calling you madam secretary. >> you can call me suzanne. >> rice was pressed on claims that the obama administration's foreign policy and disaster from the crisis in syria to the crumbling relations to the
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allies in the middle east. rice responded she couldn't i disagree more. >> the colorado school shooters speaking out about the death of their son's victim claire davis. she was shot in the head before turning the gun on himself. pearson's parents issuing a statement saying we are heartbroken to hear of claire's passing. our heart breaks for her family. our prayers are with her family and the arap hoe community. charles ramsey gave national attention after breaking down his neighbor's door to rescue amanda berry michelle knight and berry's daughter. they had been held captive for a decade. his memoir will be focused on before, during and after that is expected to hit store shelves in
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the spring. a second emergency walk on the international space station. an ergs kurxcursion to repair a crippling system. they need to swap out a space suit. american's suit was originally compromised when he purn turned on a water switch over the weekend. we will keep watching it for you as it develops. football season is winding down but it is not pidoesn't mean it picking up. payton manning is three touchdown shy for the most passing touchdowns in a season. he picked apart the houston defense. he finished with four touchdowns setting a new record with 51 touchdowns per season. philadelphia dominated the chicago bears beating them 54 to 11. >> helping their customers who
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may be impacted by the massive security breech at target. lauren simonetti from the fox business network is here with that and your other top business stories. >> good morning. more than a third of the branchs yesterday on sunday. mostly here in the northeast and the southeast and california to help target customers affected by the second biggest credit card breech in u.s. history. 40 million credit and debit cards for shoppers who visited target stores. the first three weeks may have been affected now the precaution here. chase is limiting debit accounts to cash withdrawals to 100 bucks a day and 300 a day for new purchases. customers who needed more cash were told could go to chase branchs. you will pay up to 6 percent more but you are already paying more since 2010. prices climbed nearly 30 percent. one reason is high corn prices pushing producers to reduce
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cattle herds to record lows. christmas eve is tomorrow. but retail me not says the holiday season is really just getting started. nearly 8 in 10 of us plan to keep buying after christmas to take advantage of the deals. let's face it. we have to return a lot of those gifts and replace a lot of those returns. i will be one of those. >> while you are here i have a question for you about the chase card holders. does this effect all of them or just the chase customers who shopped at target? >> just those that shopped at target. >> good enough. 12 minutes after the hour. list tone the story. there is a nurse who was forced to choose between the baby and her job. she picked her unborn child. why she doesn't regret the decision. it's a little controversial. >> chaos.
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t if i didn't have my blases on i wouldn't be here. >> the belize cleabelieve the shooting was caning related. they have a plan to move away. >> time to blew on this. a pregnant nurse in pennsylvania fired after choosing a mandatory flu shot to protect her unborn baby. briana brenton became concerned after the packaging for major brands warned the vaccine should be given to a pregnant woman only if it was clearly needed. >> she didn't want to take a chance. she rejected the vaccine and was
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fired from her job. the hospital she worked for says it makes exceptions for religious beliefs or allergies but did not find her concerns valid. we want to know should she have been fired for refusing the flu shot let us know on facebook, twitter and e-mail us we will read your comments later in the show. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. if you are headed out of town for the who will days stick around for this one. maria molina is coming up. the miami girl has tips in the show. she is going to teach us a few things about this. >> getting immortalized here in america's heartland. we will find out where the exhibit for sadam hussein will be. honestly, my kids are hard to impress...
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>> estimated 99.5 million people are expected to hit the road between now and new year's day. >> with the wild weather we told you about a lot of drivers are sure to struggle on the road. so maria molina our florida girl is here to help us out with what you need to know for driving in bad weather. hi maria. >> hi. good to be with you in the studio over here. we are constantly reminded how deadly driving in snow, sleet and ice i may be. every year more than half a million accidents and more than 2100 people during snowy conditions. i went to new hampshire to get a
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lesson behind the wheel. >> growing up in florida i clearly didn't do much driving in the snow. race car driver timo kneel started the school after realizing people were completely unprepared. >> we can save lives this way. i think most people have never been in a skid they don't know what to do when it happens. >> often it's the driver not the road conditions who are dangerous. >> the biggest mistake we see in winter driving it's a matter of you are not reading the conditions properly as they are driving down the road. 4-wheel drive vehicles suv's and pickup trucks that kind of thing people tend to get this feeling of over confidence. >> which is why everyone needs to know their car before they hit the highway. >> makes a big difference whether it is a front wheel drive car or rear wheel car.
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if it is front wheel or rear wheel it will behave a different way. >> first i had to learn how to drive a stick. >> clutch in. goes all of the way back into second gear. clutch out. >> then it is off to the course where i get to know the roads. >> she is getting to know the conditions. if i don't know how slippery it is out here i might drive around kind of cautiously and feel it out. whenever you are in the snow it makes sense. if i hit the brakes how much traction do i have? oo really focus on doing one thing at a time. you need to brake or accelerate. you don't want to do it in the middle of turns. >> even the best drivers are concerned during bad conditions. shifting the car's weight can help. >> whatever is happening look where you want to end up and turn there that will be your best bet. when you feel that happen like the front tires just lost grip the car is not turning any more come off of the gas.
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if that is not helping turn a little bit on the brake. >> no matter how unprepared you are it is how you react that can be the difference between life and death. > if you hit the brakes and try to turn statement they might slow down but the car is going to ploy vat. you have to release the brakes to make it turn. >> go for the cones in the middle. look through it down the road and now you are done. >> now i am ready to drive through even the worst winter conditions. >> the winter driving class at team o'neil winter driving school costs $400 for the entire day. for more information log on to our web site at "fox afox and the class was very informational
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and it was a lot of fun. >> looks like a lot of fun. maria, thanks. beautiful snow up there as well. >> the time is now 25 after the hour. what's in a name? a new study suggesting your career could depend on it. >> interesting. >> remember what 5-year-old kid in san francisco? this 10-year-old was inspired bat kid to get a day of her own. we will explain.
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is sk
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>> it is a defining moment for obamacare. why the decision today could cost them to lose plans. >> now a former eagles cheerleader is being honored for her bravery. rad >> the fast and furious franchise. one month after paul walker's death they are talking about the sequel. fox & friends continues right now. ♪
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>> good morning. it is monday december 23rdrd. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> thank you for having me. >> speaking of dc today is the deadline day to sign up for obamacare if you want your coverage to begin on january 1st. a lot will be in for a shock when their plans kick in. >> doug luzader is in washington with more on why people may be surprised. >> good morning. after all the issue of course is the law and we know the many problems with the web site. the enrollment numbers are not going to meet white house expectations. they have spoken for a last minute surge in enrollment here. advocates and opponents are watching the deadline very closely. >> the bottom line is there are a lot of good things in obamacare that people like. the more people see that the
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more positive it is going to be. >> obamacare right now causes people to spend more money, have less choice, have a higher deductible and have less freedom. after weeks of advertising including videos, print ads, countless tweets the enrollment numbers are growing according to the white house. there has been one change after another including now hardship exemptions, confusing tax work and deadline requirements. insurance companies fear that they are the ones left holding the bag here for a ritual that will be vastly different than the white house predicted and means an insurance industry bailout. >> it is the only way that obamacare will survive, it ought to stop before it happens. it ought to be congress ought to say no bailout particularly because this isn't a natural disaster it is a man-made disaster. >> for those who do enroll in
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plans there may be an element of sticker shock. they consider the monthly premiums they argue is quite reasonable. it is something else to look at the deductibles in the plans which in most cases are quite high something the people may not fully realize until they visit their doctor for the first time. back to you guys. >> doug luzader, thank you. >> duck dynasty star phil robertson breaking his silence. he's refusing to back down from the comments he made in gq magazine and led to the suspension in his a & e's show. he led a daily mail reporter to a small bible group he leads where he says i will not give or back off from my past going on to say i love all men and women i am a lover of a hart. a & e's is defending robertson over the gq interview. they told us you made a mistake
2:34 am
you weren't shy about it you wrote you called and took to social media to express your thoughts and feelings you told us we were wrong, we listened. duck dine story brings in more than 12 million viewers per episode. >> wild weather around the country. just as holiday travel get underway torrential rain in efrl states including kentucky where five people died there. in arkansas tornadoes damaging the homes dozens of them in fact while two people were killed during a severe wind storm in mississippi. ice storms in the north causing hundreds of thousands of power outages. across up state new york and michigan. then sheets of ice falling off of a roof in oklahoma. take a look. >> >> okay. if that is not crazy enough for you in the northeast it is spring in december. a lot of folks around here
2:35 am
wearing shorts and t-shirts it has been 70 degrees out here. so what is next for the holiday? maria molina is tracking all of the wild weather for us. >> how are things looking across the country? >> it is still looking pretty active thanks to the storm system that you mentioned producing tornadoes and ice across the northern areas like across the great lakes and mild temperature. we set a number of records across the northeast including the state of connecticut, parts of new york city and down into parts of new jersey because we reached high temperatures -- or high temperatures reached the 60s and 70s widespread. very unusual for the month of december. that's because of a fronning front pushing eastward. you have winds from the south pumping up the milder air northward. the same storm system is producing areas of heavy rain in the florida panhandle parts of georgia the carolinas and up into maryland. we have a number of flood watches in effect because a lot of rain has been falling and
2:36 am
will continue to fall. we have the flood threat. further north where temperatures are over parts of new england we have an ice concern over here. ice storm warnings in effect and freezing rain advisories. when you have an ice storm warning in effect over parts of maine it could take up to a half an inch of ice tree branchs could come down and we could have reports of power outages. further west cold temperatures behind the cold front windchills colder than below 40 and spots in minneapolis only forecast to reach 5 degrees. that's the actually. elizabeth, heather you factor in the wind and it will feel colder than that. >> thank you so much maria. >> we will talk to you later. americans evacuated from wore torn south sudan. air lifting people after three military aircraft were fired on by sudan rebel forces. president obama vacationing in
2:37 am
hawaii says he may take further action to protect americans in south sudan. the president sending dozens of military personnel to evacuate 380 u.s. officials and citizens. a new fallout from the massive target security breech now millions of credit and debit card accounts stolen showing up on the black market giving thieves free reigns to use stolen cards and steal pin numbers and empty bank accounts. this is the first class action lawsuit in at least two states with shock shoppers seeking millions in damages. >> there is a museum for everything you can think of. now there's a museum in oklahoma set to open an exhibit dedicated to sadam hussein. you can take a look at tailored uniforms for the former iraqi president as well as firearms. it is on loan from a former
2:38 am
lieutenant colonel who helped lead the hunt for sadam hussein. the fast and furious 7 has a release date of april 10th, 2015. vin diesel posted on facebook page along with a photo of the late actor paul walker. it will be released months later that were originally anticipated. production came to a halt after walker died last month. no information has been provided in terms of how walker's character will be used in the final product. a 10-year-old girl has turned into a super hero. monica romo is named wonder girl. the 5th grader is battling leukemia. her family friends and city wanted to do something special for her. she was given an award and when she arrived she was greeted with a flash mob. every day she tries to stay b s
2:39 am
positive about her battle. >> i don't really know how i do it. i just keep a smile on my face. that's pretty much it. >> wonder girl's super hero day ended with a pizza party. >> what can be better than that, right? >> it is 20 minutes past t to te /* /- -- to the top of the hour. why he risked his life to stop the crime. if you have the flu they could be tracking you. the reason they are following flu outbreaks across the country. >> fox and friends christmas airs on christmas receive at 8:00 p.m. all americans new year's special on december 31st. new year's eve starting at 9:00 p.m. bill hemmer, elizabeth hasselbeck. that had been her first time-out for fox on new year's eve. check that out. we will be right back.
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>> a minnesota man out for a walk becomes a hero chasing a couple of armed robbers at his neighbors as neighborhood police say the store clerk somehow managed the two men to get him out of the store and locked the doors. as they were trying to get in he walked by he pulled out his pistol. >> i unholstered the wep poen kept it close. two individuals extremely ago indicated angry trying to get in the store one of them had a firearm. >> they took off after seeing his gun.
2:44 am
he had to get stitches after being pistol whipped. a sntudy found people with aristrocrat names are more likely to be in high rank jobs. the author of the study says we associate noble sounding names with someone who seems more worthy of a higher position. heather? >> fascinating. really interesting. thanks elizabeth. >> soccer player model now can add casino owner to the list. he signed on to help promote las vegas sands and hot spot at matow. he's incredibly popular in that region. they helped cast in on that to promote casinos in mainland china where gambling is illegal. unhealth kwy move by market
2:45 am
they may be tracking your health status and tracking the flu. they project when there will be a lot of sales and no one showed up in the stores. >> what it means if you are taking to the internet to research or complain about having flu like symptoms you can expect to see more ads coming your way for flu related products. not just on the internet. marketers were companies for things like tish susues and col remedies are tracking food outbreaks across the country. they roll out in several platforms in those areas like i said at just the right time when people are starting to feel symptoms but haven't already ro loaded up on rival products. according to the wall street journal many p cans track reports for certainties of disease control and prevention to get the weekly read on the number of people seen for doctors upper respiratory illnesses and they collect information about patient visits
2:46 am
from clinics pharmacies and medical facilities. the journal reports there are new tactics for tracking social media and allowing companies to get faster real time information about outbreaks in specific zip code. they seem to be working market research says over the koipter cold, flu and allergy remedies rose 4 percent last year to 5.8 million in the u.s. we will see how they do this year. as i said looking at last year it seems like the tactic is working in their favor. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is now 46 after the hour. firefighters in portland coming to the aid of a man trapped under a train the amazing rescue and an update on the man's condition. >> she went from the football field to the battlefield. now a former eagle's cheerleader is being honored for her bravery. with he will tell you about her heartwarming well cock back to philadelphia. let's first let's check in with
2:47 am
brian kilmeadkilmeade. you are getting coffee for us? >> of course. you are going to be coming up here and heather will be wearing the same outfit. great shows a usual. whenever you are done we will start. the new poll shows facing the american dream is dee kleining. it is down 10 points in under a decade. what role does the obama administration's regulation play in that. we will discuss it. and i sat down with robert den nea nero and sylvester stallone. we have the gift ideas you need for the perfect woman in your life or the perfect woman if you want in your life. all coming up on "fox & friends." i can't wait to see how the show comes out.
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good morning to you. it is now ten minutes before the hour. emergency crews in portland, oregon, rescued a man trapped under a train. he was hit and pinned yesterday underneath a train in the afternoon. rescue crews had to use air bags and jacks to life the train off the victim. we're not sure how he ended up on that track in the first place but he was taken to the hospital. the extent of his injuries not known yet. a soldier from california grateful to the police department's for generosity when the family's christmas gifts were stolen. the corporal ordered gifts on-line while he was in afghanistan and had the gifts delivered to his house. after serving 18 months he planned to surprise his family by coming home but a thief stole all the presents from yowl side the house and that is when the local police stepped in. they recruited fellow officers to help out the soldier and his family. >> we're letting this
2:52 am
get our hopes down at all. we've had a good attitude about the whole thing. >> because of a few generous people, the corporal and his family will still have a very, merry christmas. >> caught on camera, fire fighters in indiana rescuing a dog who got stuck on some ice. >> there you go. perfect. >> there you go. >> the dog ran off from his owner during a walk and ended up here. fire fighters showed up wearing special cold water rescue suits and were able to get bronx off the ice. he was a little scared but okay. the philadelphia eagles honoring one of their hometown heroes at last night's game. the former cheerleader from the team has a whole new uniform now. >> fresh off her second deployment to afghanistan,
2:53 am
first lieutenant rachel wassburn is back home. >> it is great to be back. i call philadelphia home. it is where my heart is and always will be. i'm a die-hard eagles fan. >> she better be an eagles fan because this is the uniform she was wearing three years ago as a philadelphia eagles cheerleader from 2007 to 2010. >> last time you were here you were in a cheerleading uniform? >> i was, three years now. >> instead of carrying poms medal and several others.
2:54 am
she even helped deliver a baby in afghanistan. surprisingly, washburn says she actually drew from her cheering experience in her military career. >> there are commonalities between them. bowing are stressful. we try to -- both are stressful. >> lieutenant washburn once again made it on to the jumbotron but this time it was in a much different aoufp. >> you got an moves left in you? >> i might have a few. >> what a hero. >> it is just a couple of minutes before the hour. a soldier surprises his family in scuba gear. we'll tell you about his underwater homecoming. >> we told you about this earlier. a pregnant nurse who refused to take the flu vaccine gets fired. was that fair? your e-mails are pouring in. we'll share those next.
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it is three minutes before the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. today is the deadline to sign up for obamacare if you want coverage by january 1. as you hit the road to grandma's house more wild weather expected today. some parts of the country will see snow, ice and rain after a wild weather weekend. duck dynasty star phil robert son speaking out refusing to back down from his controversial topics. that leads to suspension from his a & e show. >> time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. army lieutenant nick ald rich dresses up as a scuba santa to surprise his family at an aquarium. he returned home early after spending 11 months overseas. how cute is that. now the bad. is that robber on "duck
2:59 am
dynasty?" a man wearing a beard walked into a suburban washington, d.c. bank firing a shot at the ceiling and getting away with cash. the bearded bandit is still on the loose. the ugly. a man in oregon went to steal a car while smoking a cigarette. he ignited the car. the man tried to get away but it didn't stop the flames. he burned his pants and singed his eyebrows and his hair. not a good move. >> time for your brew on this. a pregnant nurse in pennsylvania fired after refusing a mandatory flu shot to probing her unborn -- to protect her unborn baby. the same hospital makes exceptions for employees for religious beliefs or allergies. we ask should she have been fired? >> david says yes. there is no evidence it is harmful in pregnancy. >> susie wrote she should
3:00 am
not have been fired. she was protecting the life of her child. >> linda says she has the right to refuse the shot but there might be a policy for refusing to do so. kudos to her. many doctors to recommend it. a controversial issue. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good one. hello to you and good morning. it is the 23rd of december 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it's d day for obamacare. today, the first critical deadline for americans to sign up. but the president's signature law still millions behind its goals. what this means for you, your health care and your wallet. >> she blamed the death of four americans on benghazi on a youtube video, but what does susan rice have to say about that now? >> i don't have time to think about a false controversy. >>


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