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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 24, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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i would have personally handed them out one by one. >> andrew on facebook it is not okay when our children are desensitized to honoring our veterans. what does that say about morals? >> thank you for joining us. it looks like we're going to be heading over to "fox & friends," starts right now. >> good morning. it is going to be a good one. can you feel it? it is tuesday, december 24, christmas eve. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. so who cares what the law says? >> it says if the whole 2,000 pages of obamacare which nobody has read any way are completely irrelevant. >> another day, another change to obamacare. can the president really keep doing it? and will it even make a difference? >> all these kids wanted to do was wish a merry christmas to their local vets so why were their cards rejected? you won't believe the outrageous reason.
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>> call him stuntman santa. it is the video that proves how santa gets from roof to roof. wow. "fox & friends" with this breaking news starts right now. hi. this is chris, camera floor operator, and i say merry christmas to you, and you're watching aminu. -- and you're watching "fox & friends." >> i'm going to miss that family. they seem so excited in their feety pajamas. >> so did mr. santa claus. i think he's better than tom cruise in mission impossible. >> i'm loving johnny mathis, the most wonderful time of the year. one of my favorite singers. >> i think he's overrated. >> you think he's overrated. >> there's santa, christmas balls, we saw reindeers. now we're getting you in the spirit.
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>> we were talking about christmas customs, traditions, sharing some of our own. we would love to hear from you. hit us up on facebook or twitter, e-mail us. do you guys have traditions? >> every year i enjoy being with the family when we have an opportunity to be together. for the past few years i've been here so they come here. >> our tradition is we exchange gift card. we hand out different, whether it is american express or apple bees. >> cut the stress. and the paper cuts. >> we put a certain amount in the card and exchange it with each other. it is very emotional. >> we always go to christmas eve candle light services and eat cheese tarts in the morning. i'm going to be missing my family. >> weep -- we'll have some cheese tarts for you. >> let's talk about obamacare. >> why? >> because we thought this thing that is two and a half year old is in stone
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but we learned it is not. shropbg there is -- as long as there is a day, a deadline, it can be moved. >> yesterday we were telling you how it was all done and people had to get on-line. guess what? there's something else going on. despite the record traffic they received, the white house still millions away from its ultimate goal. james rosen is live in washington this morning. james, this is really something. they keep changing and changing it. >> sort of like a slide or sleigh going down on a snowy christmas yule tiled sometime. we'll come back to that metaphor perhaps. a senior aide to president obama warning it would be a dangerous thing to try to use the obamacare website for the first time today and think you can get fully enrolled but that will be the case for perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who seek to take advantage of this one-day grace period kelly just mentioned. the administration extending that following yesterday's last-minute press by an estimated million-plus individuals who visited the website.
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the president himself vacation a*g -- vacationing in his childhood home of hawaii, the act of the president signing up for insurance coverage through the d.c. exchange is symbolic said an aide on background since the president's health care will continue to be provided by the military. but he said, the aide, that he will participate in the plan as a show of support for these marketplaces which are providing quality affordable health care options to more than a million people. the president selected a bronze plan. that means it is the least expensive plan for someone of his age. i understand that even cheaper, crumbier plans are -- crummyer plans are offered to people that say on television that johnny
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mathis is overrated. >> i don't think you should judge me, james. >> i'm glad you jumped in on my side because you and i loving music the way we do from the beatles to johnny mathis, maybe we can educate him. >> who moved into kelly's office? >> so far it's undergoing renovation because of all the decay and deterioration it had been subjected to over several years time. >> i look forward to seeing pictures of that. >> this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year when everybody gets along. >> i hope to see pictures of that from your cell phone in the next hour. >> it is kilmeade who is the irritant in this. >> that is not true. i didn't even talk to you. we were kept apart by the prompter. i was not allowed to talk to you because this could happen. you can do whatever you want. we'll be calling you again.
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>> thank you. merry christmas. >> yesterday we talked about another change to obamacare. the president urged before he left for hawaii, he said sign up. we've got a deadline coming up, we've got to get you set by january 1. don't worry about it because the next day comes which was yesterday, we found out that deadline pushed back. because we worked on the software, we pushed that deadline and if you sign up today you can still get your plan on january 1. if you're saying to yourself how come they keep changing this? how many times have they changed this? that is the same thing that happened to charles krauthammer as he postulated this last night. >> this is the 15th change without changing the law. that is unconstitutional, lawless, the way you do it in a banana republic. if you want to know what the law is on a wednesday, you check the correspondence of el presidente instead of looking at the law. there is no law. it says if the whole 2,000
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pages of obamacare which nobody has read any way are completely irrelevant. it's simply an authorization for the president and the h.h.s. secretary to do anything required. and today it wasn't even announced. it was leaked. it was anonymous. it was like watergate. it was like woodward and burn stein. >> are we really surprised the 15th changed? there was a great opinion piece in the "wall street journal" a couple of days ago that said when nancy pelosi said we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it, we may never find out what's in it because it changes on almost a daily basis it seems like, like the words on these 2,000 pages are subject to revision at the president's will. >> that seems to be the problem now. you've got these 2,000 pages no one has actually read. as a result of that we're finding out this is not a bill that should have been made a law. it should have been worked on with some more revisions before even becoming a law. people should have read it
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because we've got problems and they're big problems especially for those who are finding that their premiums are going up and their deductibles are going up. >> i thought george will put it best when he said obamacare is a tapestry. my words exactly. let's talk about state to state to state. everyone told us if you out loud for these exchanges to be set up in the state despite the supreme court gave you the option, it will be going fine. that is not the case. look at some of these stats from some of the states that set up exchanges. they're struggling worse than the federal exchange as we look at, for example, massachusetts, 5% short of their target. connecticut is within 22% of their target. and over in rhode island they're only 35% of their enrollment target. even for those who say those republicans are obstructionists, that's the reason why this thing is not working. look at oregon. if you look around, even if
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it's at the state level they are unable to implement. >> i think oregon is one of the worst. the website had so many problems when it rolled out on october 1, they started using paper instead. they have gone up to 11,000 now. but they were getting robo calls yesterday that said if you haven't heard from us by monday, then you probably ought to look somewhere else because once you try to go to the doctor and try to pick up your drugs at the pharmacy you're going to find out you're not covered. >> there is no tkpwhreurpl tkpwhreurpl -- no glimmer of hope because this is a mess. it is such a mess people are trying to figure out how to clean it up s from the president down to congress. the ones who pay for it would be the insurers. and charles krauthammer, we'll hear from him later in the show, he'll be talking is a big b plan in place and it's called bailout. >> the bailout is on the insurance company because they have been asked to change so much they can't possibly budget for all
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their requests from the executive branch. therefore, the aetnas of the world, the united health cares of the world, hartford financials of the word are in an impossible situation. they might say if you want us to go along with this we're going to need federal funds and it's going to be for free. >> we're going to continue talking about this. right now heather nauert has a look at what else is making news. merry christmas eve. >> merry christmas eve to you. you guys are giving us a lot to chew on this morning. >> you sound surprised. >> good morning to you. i hope you like presents and you're giving your family presents, not just gift cards. >> all right. good morning to you all. you're the burger monster. hope you're off to a great day already. happening overnight, 11 train cars jumped the tracks in a town near columbus, ohio. officials say the conductor and engineer were on board but they were not hurt. crews are still working to duet those cars back on --
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working to get those cars back on track. >> two american astronauts on the international space station spepg out on a rare christmas eve spacewalk to wrap up repairs on a module. this following a better than expected day on saturday. those repairs depicting the dangers of spacewalk. if all goes as plan the repairs will be completed and a third spacewalk will be unnecessary. twitter backing off in restoring content to the prophil robertson website hours after it marked it as spam. the temporary block prohibited users from posting messages containing links to that page. the site was created after a & e suspended the duck dynasty star. twitter later apologied for that error saying the spam marking was actually a mistake. and those are your headlines at this hour.
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>> burger meister from the christmas special i was watching last night with my kids. there is a guy who says i hate toys! i hate toys! and that reminded me of brian kilmeade last night as i was watching it. >> i didn't say i hate toys. i never said that. i just don't like dressing up and dancing. >> you're just kind of a cranky old guy. >> that's not true, and i'm not old. >> while they fight we'll tell you what's coming up. target shoppers not the only ones who have to worry about hackers. apparently americans are some of the easiest targets. is this just the beginning? charles payne here to explain. >> call him stuntman santa. a video that proves how santa really gets from rooftop to rooftop. ♪ ♪ what does that first spoonful taste like? ♪
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the target credit card breach may be the beginning. experts are warning u.s. credit cards are ripe for hacking. here with what this could mean for credit card holders, charles payne from the fox business network. charles, this is a really bad deal at this time of year because so many people go to the target stores or any kind of stores to swipe their cards. what's the problem? >> one of the big problems is we have antiquated technology. we have that strip on the back we all see. you have a card right there. this strip here, that is essentially your problem. it's been around for a long time and we continue to use it where other countries have moved on to more advanced technology like computer chips which have revolving security code or
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significantly safer. here's the thing. it would cost someone money for us to upgrade to these computer trips encoded type of card. in this case you've got target, you've got the banks, you've got the credit card companies that facilitate the transaction. everyone is sort of saying i'm not going to pay for it. you pay for it. in the meantime we're paying for it. >> here's the thing. we have that security code which everyone asks for now. it is a three digit code or four digit code which goes on the front of the american express card. i guess that's not good enough? >> that's not good enough. a lot of this boils down to the signature technology. it's obvious that yesterday, for instance, these target card, you could go on the internet and these fraudsters are out there selling these numbers. the good news is people are typically reimbursed for any type of fraud. >> the credit card fees eventually go up?
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>> new laws eliminated what credit card chargers can charge per debit card use. if we were in a different scenario where they could pass this on to us, we probably would have had these advances a long time ago. add to the mix there is another generation of technology. we'll walk into our starbucks and wave it as we have our latte out the door. >> can i call my company, any company out there and say i want to have my card with the advanced technology? >> even though you're hosting "fox & friends" today, they'll probably say no. even though you represent, you know, brian kilmeade, they will still say no. >> you know what's worse than my card being stolen? my card not being stolen and they say are you sure you want to spend this much >> they know my wife is in -- >> have her arrested. bring her home. >> i've got to i was upset
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by the minuscule limits chase put on the card, about an hour after that they bumped that up so people can spend $1,000 on their cards and $250 from the machine. stock market all-time high. got to tune in. >> we'll find out. charles payne will be hosting it. >> meantime, terrifying moments on board a packed plane after a flock of birds gets sucked into its engine. hear from those frightened passengers just ahead. >> this time of year it is important to remember or vets. our next guest has a wish for our troops serving overseas and how you can help make their christmas wish come true.
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back now with "fox & friends." time to check out some of the quick headlines going on. n.s.a. leaker declaring his mission is accomplished. snowden claims the secrets revealed caused a reassessment of u.s. policy. call it a ho ho holy meeting between pope francis and his predecessor. the two met to exchange
3:24 am
christmas greetings and of course pray together. >> christmas is a time of giving back especially for those sacrificing their lives for us. federal budget cuts and inefficiency can make it hard for troops to get the year they badly need but one organization is making sure our heroes is not forgotten, fulfilling wish lists from our troops, shipping them overseas and it is not too late for you to help before christmas. joining us is the executive director of troops direct. good morning, aaron. i know you started this three and a half years ago. you've been shipping over 160 tons to four different continents. how did you get the idea to do this? it was kind of inadvertent, wasn't it? >> it was. i'm a full blown civilian but one of my friends was in afghanistan as a commander and he needed specific items so he reached out to me as a friend and gave me a laundry list. that was the birth of troops direct. we started with one unit
3:25 am
and now we're supplying all around the globe with items they cannot access through the supply chain. spop -- >> some items you would be shocked. the top five items, body armor, chalk powder, powder to mark the i.e.d.'s. tell us a little bit about the things they're asking for. >> our units are not asking for cookies and candy. they are asking for critically needed items to keep them safe and alive. body armor, for example, you would think they are issued and plentiful but they're not. chalk powder to mark i.e.d.'s where americans are losing their limbs because they're using bottle caps and rocks. we're sending over the bright colored chalk powder they are requesting in order to safely pass through some of these battle zones. it's not just afghanistan where we have tens of
3:26 am
thousands but we are also very active inside places such as africa where we have company marines getting ready to go into sudan. >> you think about war winding down but we can't forget our troops now. we get thank you letters from them. we have one to share. we deployed with 18 personnel and will be returning with 18 because of you. how does that make you feel? >> we don't do it for the thanks but we know we're impacting soldiers' lives every single day. so it's good to hear that feedback from them. the most unique thing about troops direct is the fact that we're a nonprofit organization. we're not funded by the government. when these troops are asking for items, we're not charging them nor the taxpayers. we are doing this based on the financial contributions of americans to us so we can get these americans what they need. >> aaron nearbonn from troops direct, it is a
3:27 am
great thing you're doing. merry christmas to you. >> thank you. one final thing is we need to remember that every day for our american forces around the globe is like benghazi. they never know what the next call is going to be for them. we have to keep them in our minds and our prayers this christmas holiday. >> for that person you don't know what to get them, go to troops and you can help out there. thank you for your time, aaron. caught on camera, a driver crashing through a packed wal-mart narrowly missing shoppers but he didn't stop there. it's the video you have got to see. all these kids wanted to do was wish a merry christmas to their local vets. so why were their cards rejected? you won't believe the outrageous reason coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ all is calm ♪ all is bright ♪ round yon virgin ♪ mother and child >> great was that. >> it was just off the
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cuff, kelly wright singing with ashley. she had this incredible performance tear-jerker yesterday. i was like i'm messing up my makeup. she was singing that the first time her father heard her. he had been deaf for 50 years and got this new technology to hear her for the first time and she performed. then you guys got to join with her. >> she is an awesome 14-year-old. >> you literally worked that out in the break before the 45-second close into the after the show show. as a nonmusician, do you play defense when someone sings? you play harmony, listen to what she's doing? >> listen to what she's doing and trying to ad-lib. there were a couple of things in there that were genuine and innocent. it was fun. >> it was disheartening to see the youtube fight afterwards, who owns this clip and she was fighting you after that. >> we're going to see this
3:33 am
girl on american idol or x factor or something. >> if they're smart, everyone else loses. meanwhile let's talk about this one school and students who said i have a great idea -- this teacher said i have an idea. let's write to some of the troops and let them know that we're thinking about them on this special day over in texas at the v.a. hospital. and to say merry christmas. all right? sound innocent enough, sound like a successful project. >> yeah. they have got the american flags, taking their time to do this and trying to be patriotic around the holiday season. but about a but, bah humburg, there is red tape at the v.a. where you can't say merry christmas and can't say god bless you. here is what some parents had to say. >> we found out that not only could you not say merry christmas, you couldn't say god bless you in a card and couldn't
3:34 am
reference any scripture. they couldn't believe these people they wanted to honor weren't even going to get the chance to see what they had done. >> here's a statement from the v.a. >> in order to be respectful of our veterans ' religious beliefs, all donated holiday cards are reviewed and determined if they are appropriately. regret this process was not fully explained to this group and apologize to any misunderstanding. to that i say bah humbug. as a former veteran, i enjoy anything anybody sends me especially if they say god bless you and merry christmas. >> these card are going to san antonio. that is a private facility. they don't have a team of chaplains to analyze children's notes to veterans. >> what is the problem with sending a veteran or any active member of our united states military in harm's
3:35 am
way, saying merry christmas to you, god bless you, we're thinking of you and praying for you. what is the harm of that? >> we're going to go back to facebook and we're going to ask you do you understand where they're coming from at the v.a., a federal owned operation, keeping all reference to religion out of it? so let's get your opinion on that. but it's not up for debate. it's up to heather nauert to tell us the news. >> i love the fact those things go to committee and the committee decides which ones are okay to go to the v.a. hospital. unbelievable. got headlines to bring you at 35 minutes after hour. quite a scare for passengers on board a southwest flight leaving st. louis. a flock of birds gets sucked into the plane's engine. >> i heard a big boom like crashing into a wall. >> the plane shook a little bit and then we smelled a lot of smoke. >> this happened just moments after takeoff. the kansas city bound flight made an emergency landing.
3:36 am
more than 100 holiday travelers waiting for a new crew to arrive. they eventually boarded a new plane. about 150 u.s. marines arriving in south sudan following an increase in violence there. steady violence causing fears of an allout civil war. the marines will help evacuate more u.s. citizens if needed. four u.s. troops were injured when gunfire hit an evacuation aircraft. more than 1,000 people have been killed since december 15. >> caught on camera, a car smashes through a california wal-mart but it doesn't stop there. the driver drives farther into the store before getting out of the car and swinging a metal bat at shoppers. police hope the video will help witnesses come forward in this case. just call him stuntman
3:37 am
santa. take a look at this. all right, that video right there showing how santa really gets from roof to roof. professional stuntman, seems jolly old saint nick prefers flips instead of a sleigh. >> amazing santa can do that and still be a little bit overweight. maria, you have the weather? >> that is correct. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we did have that storm system move across parts of the east coast of the u.s., still producing light showers across parts of eastern north carolina but overall the storm system is over with, out of the lower 48 leaving behind quieter conditions in terms of precipitation. just a little snow around parts of the great lakes and the northern rockies but leaving behind also very cold temperatures. this is what it feels like as you head out the door in cities like fargo, feels like 30 below zero, feels
3:38 am
like 24 below zero in minneapolis and you're talking teens in chicago. you've got to bundle as you head out the door today. high temperatures expected to get up to the teens in minneapolis and chicago. i know many people are wondering if they're going to see a white christmas. that is the only time you look forward to seeing snow throughout the year for many of you and you're going to be seeing it across parts of the rockies and also in portions of new england. brian, the official definition for a white christmas is an inch of snow on the ground. you can't just have snow flying around, snow showers. >> we want to say it legally. we don't want to get in trouble. monday night football, 49ers taking on the falcons. 49ers not having a good year but the last time at candlestick park. they're going to wreck the place. ronnie white from 39 yards out get that pass from matt ryan put the falcons up
3:39 am
27-24. would we have a big upset? no. it would turn around. bowman would go 89 yards. san francisco would win and clinch a playoff spot. news that will stun dallas fans. after winning the last game of the season, getting dallas a huge win to put them in the drivers seat to win the division, tony romo is out for the rest of the year, he's got a herniated disk in his back. kyl ortman, he will have the playoffs on his shoulders as the eagles and dallas tangle for the n.f.c. east. ohio was taking on east carolina and even the ohio players were having trouble paying attention to the game. this guy gets a football to the face. he went down on one knee but appears to be a. okay.
3:40 am
the final score of the game , 37-20. meanwhile, i did something that anna did a month ago when they opened a library at mount vernon, i had an opportunity to sign books at mount vernon where george washington lived and breathed and thrived and it is the number one tourist attraction of any park in the country. it is privately run, by the women of mount vernon. they finance it themselves. this mansion stands like washington left it. the view is the one washington saw. we got a great tour on the exterior. got to see the detached house on the side where the kitchen actually is because it used to catch fire so often back in those days they didn't with an the house to catch fire. you can see the place where
3:41 am
washington actually lived, thrived and even designed the battle of york town on the kitchen table. i asked about the significant of george washington's mansion and why people still come and what happened on the piazzo on which we stood. >> we might see washington with his friends, neighbors and companions talking about the future of america. it could be jefferson, for example, madison, hamilton, all of them strolling through this piazzo. >> inside this house, the battle of york town was thought out on that table inside. >> washington came through mount vernon, his only stop home during the revolution and did plan with row --
3:42 am
rochambeau. >> the lines are still long, the most well attended park in the country. >> we have over a million visitors in a year, the most visited historic home in america. >> the other thing that is important to bring out, when the government shut down, they tried to shut down that park. they said pick up the barriers. we're privately run. we don't need any federal aid. they had to come back and grab the bike racks and let the people into the parking lot during this shutdown. it is miraculous. if anybody wants to go, all ages. this is an interactive museum inside which we'll see next hour. >> washington secret six getting everybody excited about living history. >> it's wonderful. good stuff. christmas trees, gift giving are just a few of the great traditions we associate with christmas. but where do these customs come from?
3:43 am
father jonathan morris is here to explain. >> a christmas miracle caught on camera. wait until you see what happened to this dog stranded in the ice. ♪ ♪
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3:46 am
hello. good morning. merry christmas to you. kelly wright, anna kooiman at your service today. the holiday season is a time of embracing spiritual and celebratory customs. fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris takes a look at where our great christmas traditions came from. >> and how can we make these things a positive
3:47 am
rather than an anxious element of our christmas season. let's start with number one. christmas tree. >> i think there's been a lot of fights over what type of tree to get. >> artificial, real. >> let me start by saying these suggestions here, the main thing is to find ways to make these things that we're going to talk about now an almost of bringing you closer to god and closer to each other rather than separate each other. so christmas tree, we know it comes from germany. the germans were one of the first ones to make a christmas tree a part of the christmas season but it's a symbol of new life. all you have to do -- and it's very simple -- is to explain to your children or talk amongst each other about why an ever green, why a christmas tree. it reminds us of the new life that comes from the birth of jesus, redemption and victory over sin. that's what the christmas tree is all about. decorate it but talk about the meaning. >> how about the nativity scene?
3:48 am
the war on christmas, a lot of people say having a nativity scene outside your home isn't fair to neighbors who don't believe and this and that. come on, the nativity scene, it is what it is. >> building a nativity scene as a family can be a beautiful thing. i lived in italy for a long time and they have the most elaborate nativity scenes you can imagine. whole cities, towns not only where jesus was born but you've got the local mill, local church. take some time to find a nativity scene that your family can say this is mine. i remember building one as a little kid and giving it to my aunt as a present made out of the play doh. >> what about gift giving? >> it can be the worst thing in the world or not. in my family we choose out of a hat one person you buy for and we limit the amount. the main thing is make sure it doesn't become the end all of the christmas season, and it can very easily become that.
3:49 am
>> it is an opportunity to think about other people and what it is that they like. you learn a little bit something new about them as you're starting the process. >> the last thing is very important. i put up there, and that is church service as a tradition. here's a big one. people tell me i feel hypocritical going to church service because i don't go during the year. just go! it's a great start. >> we think the gift giving thing, the greatest gift of all we receive on christmas day is the birth of christ. thank you very much, sir. good to have you with us. it is an unbelievable story. a woman stops needing sleep until one physician solved this medical mystery. today they're both here with their story. >> you might just be waking up, but santa is already working. and this year he's got a military escort. up next, norad updates us about santa's new jet as he tracks his way across the
3:50 am
globe. ♪ ♪ [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours,
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but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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all right, it is christmas eve. norad is gearing up for santa's trip around the globe. santa is already at it, we understand. brand new video into fox news. you can see santa beginning his trip, starting over russia, making his way, is this true, over to australia, so where is the jolly old saint nick? led by rudolph as usual. norad is tracking him for the past 57 years. here with an update with severe delay because he is in the command center, u.s. army
3:54 am
general charles jacoby, junior. welcome back. what can you tell me about the journey thus far? >> we're off to a great start, brian. first of all, merry christmas to everybody. santa is on the job. rudolph is on the job and norad is on the job tracking him. he is traveling through fiji on his way to australia. has a full sleigh, full tank of star power, and everything looks good so far. >> surrounded by f-16s for security reasons to make sure nothing falls out especially. talk about the pressure of rudolph. this is a deer ostracized as a small doe and now counted onto lead the way. the transformation is fantastic. >> yeah, it is a great story, brian. rudolph had a tough time growing up, found his niche in life, and
3:55 am
now he's leading santa. and every boy and girl in the world is pulling for rudolph every year. and he is a no fail reindeer. >> now can you also bring up this, general. we understand some people are upset that f-16s are surrounding the sleigh or providing some additional help and security for santa. your reaction? >> well, you know, norad has been tracking santa over 50 years. it is a great partnership. and it's our job 365 days a year to defend north america. on one day of the year, it is our no fail mission to ensure the safety and security of santa as he travels around the globe to meet the hopes and dreams of kids everywhere. we respect everybody's holiday traditions, but our holiday
3:56 am
tradition is norad takes care of santa. and to tell you the truth, we tried other things and only fighter planes can keep up with santa's sleigh. >> i have seen some of that intense video. it is the only thing that works. general, finally not to be too american centric, i am curious, when do you expect santa to come here? might have lost contact with the general. you still there? >> brian, i missed that question. >> when is santa coming to america? >> brian, santa is scheduled to be to america over the east coast around 9:00 this evening, and right on time. he's going to have a full sleigh and we have been checking in with the weather every few
3:57 am
minutes. it looks very good. all the boys and girls should get to bed when their parents ask them to. >> there's a problem, please break into programming. thanks, general. more "fox & friends" in a moment.
3:58 am
♪you fill up my senses ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a walk in the rain
3:59 am
♪like a storm in the desert ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you ♪let me give my life to you ♪let me drown in your laughter ♪let me die in your arms ♪let me lay down beside you ♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again
4:00 am
good morning, it is tuesday, the 24th of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. merry christmas from space. two americans are about to embark on another risky spacewalk. the details coming your way. the republicans say repeal bo obamacare, he says not so fast. is he doing it anyway? and how many times a day you lie. let's just say you're probably on the naughty list. "fox & friends" starts now. or am i lying?
4:01 am
>> this is pastor rick warren. you're watching "fox & friends." merry christmas. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ let your heart be light >> merry christmas from 48th and 6th avenue, midtown manhattan, right outside the fox news channel studios. merry christmas eve. we are asking your traditions. hit us up on facebook, tweet us, e-mail us at >> we are having a great time. stay with us, join us for the rest of the program. >> i am about to introduce this guy, the obamacare deadline
4:02 am
extended by one day, giving americans until midnight tonight to enroll and be covered, beginning january 1st, but despite record traffic, the white house still millions away from its ultimate goal. james rosen, the guy we are talking about will join us live with more. hey, james. >> reporter: that's what my business cards say, the guy you're talking about. good morning to you and anna and brian and viewers. less than $4,000 a month, what obama is expected to pay for the bronze plan that he enrolled in over the weekend. vacationing in hawaii and senior administration officials say his enrollment in obamacare was symbolic because as commander in chief, the president receives health care through the defense department. mr. obama also enrolled by proxy through aides to register him for in person sign up in washington, rather than going through the obamacare website,
4:03 am the busiest day was monday. 1 million visits by late afternoon. 200,000 were said to have used a telephone call center option. in view of all of the schaal, officials made a last minute decision to extend the deadline for the uninsured to seek health insurance or pay a fine to today for those that want coverage to start on the 1st of january. the final deadline to sign up for coverage or pay the fine is march 31st. we have seen so many deadlines aren't quite final, brian. >> james, very fortuitous to have you here today. you don't do the morning show often. yesterday your name came up when i was kind enough to promo you via my show. this was kelly wright's reaction and then i would like your reaction. look at the monitor, won't you? >> sure. >> in orlando, 96.5, wdbo. help us out. 50,000 watt station.
4:04 am
marco rubio helps christen that. what a scoop. >> he is an intelligent, insightful guy. >> he was. >> james, i wanted you to react, get equal time, rosen. that was kelly's reaction now that he is in new york. >> love music. some might think kelly was being sarcastic saying it was a great scoop to get me on the show. i think he meant it was a great get. secondly, you know what, he was right then, he's right now. that's why i love kelly. >> can we get a real reaction? >> be quiet. i told him you and i have known each other many, many years. when i said it was a great scoop, it was a great get because you are the man, the
4:05 am
only james rosen i know. >> the only james rosen i know. >> kelly wright is your problem in the new york bureau. we're done with him. we're done. >> all right, james. >> don't be surprised if they pick up the kelly wright, rosen scandal. >> he will be watching. i was trying to find the press conference and prior to that i saw the press conference from september. he was defiant. republicans just want to stop obamacare, they're not going to be able to repeal it, have to get used to it. we're seeing 15, 20 different delays and exemptions and subsidies and holes and aberrations to obamacare. are republicans the problem or
4:06 am
is obama doing it to obamacare. that's what they talked about yesterday on "the five." >> he didn't go as far as you did a moment ago, but said look, you're the president keeps saying we have to stop the republicans from repealing the law. you're basically repealing it on your own, piece by piece. the president pushed back as you played in that bite earlier, said the core of the law is there. there are questions whether the core is that strong. >> 15th unilateral change. is it just a precursor, symbolic that the president thinks he is above the law. is this just another sign of lawlessness, being able to change obamacare with the stroke of a pen by himself, without any lawmakers. >> he and kathleen sebelius, health and human services secretary. something has to be done about health care in this country, but this is not the correct way to do it. i think the president can attest to that. he already said it is a mess. it is becoming a greater mess,
4:07 am
especially with continued changes. >> was supposed to be the most transparent administration. the insurance companies didn't know about this big delay. how is that effecting them, now they have seven instead of eight days to get things in order before january 1st when coverage is supposed to start. >> it is easier for the president when gu to hawaii on vacation, nbc, cbs, are talking about improvements to the website, how much better it is every day. it allows people when you have cheerleaders around the country instead of people that are analyzing and reporting, makes his job easier. everyone will make their own judgment at the kitchen table. are deductibles higher, premiums higher, harder to get, impossible to get? doesn't matter who you voted for, democrat or republican. >> especially when you expect $2500 less to be charged. that's what the promise was. you have to look at what else is
4:08 am
making news. good morning, guys, and merry christmas eve to everyone there. thanks for waking up with us. you're about to take a live look from the international space station as two american astronauts are embarking on a rare spacewalk on christmas eve. the second walk wraps up repairs to a faulty module. the republicans depicted in the movie "gravity" it shows the dangers of space walks. if all of this goes as planned, repairs will be complete and a third spacewalk will be unnecessary. fingers crossed o n that. happening overnight, 11 train cars jump the tracks near columbus, ohio. the conductor and engineer on board but weren't hurt. crews are working to get the cars on track. and nsa leaker edward snowden says his mission is now accomplished. in an interview with "the washington post," he says secrets he revealed caused reassessment of u.s. surveillance policies. for me in terms of personal
4:09 am
satisfaction, the mission is already accomplished. i already won. i didn't want to change society, i wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself. he went on to say he is working to improve the nsa, not bring it down. snowden is in russia on one year asylum. a caring rescue on an icy river in massachusetts. take a look. >> come on, here you go. >> they got him. golden retriever crossing, stopped on the ice. about 50 yards offshore. she tried to cross the river and fell through. you can see the firefighter pulled her to safety. the dog has been reunited with her owner and is doing fine. we are glad to report. growing up in the midwest, grew up around a lot of lakes. wisconsin during the day christmas eve, we would walk across the lake to a little bar, something a lot did with families back then, go to
4:10 am
midnight mass. >> how old were you when this happened? >> back in wisconsin, you would do it at age 10, 12, when you were a little kid. >> really. >> absolutely. people still do it i am sure. >> you said that after falling through, a story after falling through the ice. >> the ice there is so thick, a couple feet thick. you can drive a car across it. we used to do that, too. never do it now. >> stand by, check it out. are you landing on the naughty or nice list. signs of lying out there. if you're on the naughty list, looking like pinocchio instead of an innocent boy or girl, it could cause problems for you, especially most people lying once in a ten minute conversation and more. >> there are ways to tell, and it is not necessarily the nose growing. that would be very nice. the first step is figuring it out, figure out are you dealing with an amateur. somebody who isn't good at lying or dealing with somebody who's
4:11 am
great at lying. one of the things they start to get tense. if you notice shoulders going up, they start looking around, getting chippy with eyes. number one indicator is what they're doing with their feet. >> we are lying on average once every ten minutes. every american. so you're lying once every ten minutes, almost everybody is on the naughty list. here is how the brain works. lying activity takes place in the frontal lobe for truth suppression. limb pick system. it is responsible for treating memories and mental imagery. you're lying not because of what you want to do, what your brain demands of you. >> the chemicals in your brain, didn't mean to lie. >> is it lying or someone trying to embellish a story to basically say i did this, and then they continue to add more adjectives to be more descriptive, and before you know it, it left the barn so to speak
4:12 am
and can't pull it back. >> all right. we would love to hear from you. do you think this is the case, once every ten minutes? meanwhile, coming up. >> terror in the skies. >> plane shook a little bit, then we smelled a lot of smoke. >> i just heard a big boom, like crashing into a wall. >> what happened on this flight that has passengers horrified. from nativity displays being knicksed, do our nation's kids know the meaning of christmas? meet the man making it his mission to make it happen with this cartoon. ♪ [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
4:13 am
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4:16 am
welcome back. i have to say merry christmas eve to you. from nativity displays being knicksed to banning carols that mention the name jesus christ and christmas has been under attack this year all across the country. that means sadly some american children don't know the true story or meaning of the holiday. our next guest wants to change that. brad staff from good for you to join us on this occasion. >> thanks for having me. >> with your studies, have you determined that christmas routinely comes under attack? >> what's amazing the history on christmas is one of being under attack, even as far back as days of the pilgrims. what our organization has done, i worked with governor mike huckabee, we created a film that
4:17 am
traces the history of christmas from the pilgrims through to today. it is an incredible story. and children are loving it. we use fun animation to tell the story. >> the animation you have come up with explains the entire story of christmas, from the birth of christ or before that, when it was already -- >> it is more of a recent study. most know the story of the first christmas. very few know the story how christmas came to be in america, how it changed from days of the pilgrims through george washington celebrating and speaking in church christmas day. >> why should children understand the history of christmas? >> because christmas in america is a part of our shared heritage as a country, and we think this story is so important, we're giving away the dvd for free, freechristmasdvd. and because it is christmas eve, we give away free streaming,
4:18 am
too. >> what do you gain understanding the history and prominence of god in our society? >> god is a tremendous part of what made america the incredible country it is. sadly too many children don't understand that. part of what governor huckabee and i have done with our history is help young children understand the important faith based concepts that have been critical throughout american history. >> what happens if we remove the equation of god, christ, and fellow man, love for your fellow man. what happens if you remove that from american society? >> what made america an exceptional nation is our faith. one of the key pillars of the nation and inspired the founding fathers. governor huckabee and i have been trying to instill the values through the animated videos. one of the most important is the story of christmas. think about christmas night in 1776 when george washington crossed the delaware river. >> historical. >> try to tell those stories. it is available only at
4:19 am >> it is something all states can understand, looking at the historical context. >> thanks for having me. it is a crazy story. a 22-year-old woman stops needing sleep ever. and wait until you hear what doctors discovered. that woman will join us live next. and kim jong-un, executing his uncle, you heard about this story, we told you about it on fox. now we know he was drunk when he did it. wait until you hear this. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
4:20 am
when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] own your obsession with the exceptional values during the season of audi. visit today. ♪
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4:22 am
4:23 am
time for the news by the numbers. the christmas edition. first, 33 million, that's the number of real christmas trees sold in the united states each year during the christmas season. next, 37.5%. that's the percentage of charitable donations given between thanksgiving and new year's. finally, 108 million, the average number of homes santa will actually visit tonight, assuming there's at least one nice child in each. >> all right, kelly, thank you very much. christina speers was the picture of perfect health in her college years. she was exercising six times a week, drinking plenty of water. when she stopped needing sleep thought nothing of it. >> little did she know that was bad and could have been deadly. joining us now, christine and
4:24 am
her doctor, co-director of mount sinai hospital. is it true she went from restless to not needing sleep at all? how long did this happen? >> happened for a couple months and then -- >> you would be up wide awake, next day wide awake. >> yes. and with so much energy. i couldn't sleep. i would go about my everyday business, go to school, go to work. >> everything seemed fine. you're a yoga instructor. picture of perfect health. how did you decide i need to go to the doctor. >> i went for a physical. my parents always stress that. they knew something was up. my blood pressure was through the roof and just wasn't matching up with my life-style. >> she ends up in your office, doctor. what did you look at first? >> when she arrived to the
4:25 am
program, we knew she had an adrenal mass. did a series of hormonal evaluations, and then establish a diagnosis that we were concerned she had adrenal cancer. >> where would she be if she had not gone to that physical, had the procedure done and come to you? >> well, adrenal cancer in itself is an aggressive tumor. prompt treatment is paramount to success of the outcome for the patient. >> you're saying she could have passed away quickly? >> these are one of the most
4:26 am
have my episodes. still feel on occasion days where i breakdown, but i'm okay. >> it is scary. >> yeah. >> what if it could come back, too. >> yeah. >> doctor, what do we need to look out for, what are the symptoms. it is rare, one in a million, but what do we look for? >> she's doing great, unremarkable recovery one year after the operation. adrenal cancer is a rare tumor, occur one in a million. high clinical suspicion and prompt diagnosis is important. if a patient has an adrenal mass detect detected, they should have complete hormonal evaluation and be referred to a program that specializes in adrenal tumors. >> you say hey, i work out every day, feel great, don't sleep, but you don't have indications. thanks for coming. you don't want publicity, you want other people to be helped.
4:27 am
it is admirable for you to do this. >> merry christmas. congratulations on being tumor free. >> good job doctor, and patient. proud of you. coming up, straight ahead, twitter banning duck dynasty patriarch. but a change of heart. and you see displays, how does santa hold up on water-skis. you've never seen this next. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum
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♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ what a great song and your shot of the morning. little drummer boy performed in a way you've never seen before. this performance part of an annual gift of christmas show in a texas church, and all the talented performers that sing are church members. that's a rocking church. >> what? that's huge. >> yeah. >> all right. 29 minutes before the top of the hour. another christmas scene. santa claus water-skiing. >> on the potomac in washington,
4:32 am
d.c. captain jay spiegel drives media for the event, joins us now to give a sneak peek of what it is about. thanks for joining us, captain. >> good morning, everybody. >> who do you have with you there? >> i have cassie. cassie has been a member of team santa since she was six months old. now she's over 13. and she attends every year. so i didn't think i should come down without bringing cassie. >> what's the importance of water-skiing near christmas, like christmas eve? >> the importance is that it is an opportunity to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people who might not have much else to do on christmas eve, except prepare for christmas. so we put on a show which has a lot of amazing water-skiers, culminating with santa in full regalia and water-skiing by the
4:33 am
crowd. >> wow. >> that's the grinch on a jet ski. who is that flying in the air like that? >> we have a number of very talented elves who water-ski inch warmer water and have sacrificed their bodies today to water-ski in very cold water and bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. >> that's great. put it on rain or shine. >> what time does it start, captain? >> it goes on regardless of weather conditions. today, the water is warmer than we're normally expecting, over 40 today. we had water-skiers going in 34 degree water. >> what time are you getting under way at the national harbor? >> the show starts promptly at 1:00 p.m. at national harbor, goes on about 40 minutes. >> captain, thank you. >> and it is free. 60 people making that happen. instead of going across the lake, she can go to the harbor, jump in and go skiing with
4:34 am
santa. >> 40 degree water temperature. >> that's really cold. good morning, you guys. merry christmas eve to you. hope you're off to a great day. thanks for waking up with us. quite a square for passengers on a southwest flight to tell you about. the flight was leaving st. louis when a flock of birds got stuck in one of the airplane's engines. take a look. >> big boom, like crashing into a wall. >> the plane shook a bit, then we smelled a lot of smoke. >> this happened just moments after the plane took off. they made an emergency landing back at lambert airport. more than 100 travelers waited for a new crew and plane to arrive. what a fright though. twitter restoring access to phil robertson. it blocked users from messaging to the page. it was made after they suspended
4:35 am
the star because of controversial comments to "gq" magazine. twitter later apologized saying the spam marking was a mistake. kim jong-un was reportedly very drunk when he ordered, wrong video there, when he ordered two recent executions. before approving a military contract, two aides suggested he check with his uncle. then a drunken kim jong-un was so wasted that he had these aides killed and then weeks later, the dictator ordered his own uncle be killed, too. the giving season takes on a literal meaning. a maryland woman was putting things back after she exceeded her $120 budget to spend on christmas dinner, then a good samaritan stepped in. >> he said don't put any of that food back, i am going to pay for all of it. >> the grocery store cameras rolled as the woman she didn't
4:36 am
know took out her checkbook and paid her bill. good samaritan only asked for one thing in return, a big hug as a thank you. those are the headlines. and something small somebody can do, but means so much. $120 is a lot of money, something that many folks can do. see you in a bit. check outside, maria, didn't wear a coat. big mistake. >> it is chilly outside. i can see why you would forget it. we set some record high temperatures in the area over the weekend, then temperatures have taken a tumble when the cold front pushed through. daytime temperatures only make it into the 30s for many areas. and by christmas day, some areas may not make it out of the 20s. so it is going to be relatively cold out there. keep that in mind coming up. again as we head to tomorrow, that cold air continues to be ushered in. now that the system is gone, we have quiet conditions across the lower 48.
4:37 am
a couple of snow showers in parts of the great lakes and northern rockies. again, here is a look at the winter temperatures. right now, feels like 23 below zero in minneapolis, and highs in the teens for minneapolis and chicago, coming up christmas day or later today as well. and as far as whether you see a white christmas, many parts of the rockies are seeing a white christmas. you are going to have snow on the ground. good news. a lot of people are excited about a white christmas. parts of the great lakes as well and interior northeast. back inside. >> i love that, maria, you told us so we don't get in trouble with the flurry police, if you see that, there could be an inch on the ground. >> it means so many things for different people. tried to come up with an official definition so we can really classify it. it is an inch of snow on the ground or more. >> warning to families, get the white christmas certified.
4:38 am
it is about time. thank you very much, maria. over the weekend i had a chance saturday to go out to mt. vernon and got invited there, so important because this is a privately funded federal park where everybody can go and see where george washington lived and how he lived, the plantation where his house is at. it was about five times the size it currently is, and goes on and on and on. on george washington's ground, a place he inherited from his brother who inherited it from his dad, that's where his body is. second floor of the house in the shot is where he passed away. the house stayed intact. martha never slept there again after he passed away. and they were both buried on the grounds. they allowed us to open the gates, go inside and see what is inside washington's tomb, which is his grave, which is very modestly displayed there. there's his, next to his is martha's.
4:39 am
i talked about the significance, why so many people still come and why this is still a solemn occasion, almost as if he passed away recently. >> i think what stands out is the simplicity of this man and the fact he was a common man who accomplished uncommon things and our mission here at mt. vernon is to keep that legacy alive for future generations. >> she's one of the main donors there. i know what you're thinking, how do i keep the kids interested. they have this educational center. you walk in and they have able to take a mold of washington's face, he sat for one of those castings with straws in his mouth to breathe. over the past five years, put together their own spy area. they're beginning to realize
4:40 am
spying had so much to do with the french indian war. you can see washington as he looked at 17, at 25. as he looked in 50s and 60s. you get a full view. also have a mini theater for a brief view of where he came from and the history. >> you're excited with your book, through invisible ink he used to construct secret things. >> he had a sophisticated way of doing something at a time not many things were sophisticated. it was cool to be there, thanks to everyone making it happen. one more hit about mt. vernon next hour. opening up the presents christmas morning, george washington did it long ago, we can do it. sure to work up an appetite. i can smell something really good. luckily we have the christmas me up in no time at all next. >> they're whipping it up on the set, which is rare. then a story of brotherly
4:41 am
love, two dogs abandoned on the street, one blind, never alone thanks to his brother. they have been adopted. an update on how they're doing. [ sneezes ] [ coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil ld and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. hmm? [ male annouer ] new alka seltzer plus-d reliev more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. thanks for the tip. [ male announcer ] no problem. oh...a hair products. aisle 9. [ inhales deeply ] oh what a relief it is. ♪ afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2ndy quick look at the headlines. fired before christmas? a sandwich shop e-mailing 18 employees with news of immediate shut down. the company will remodel and open with a new concept. meanwhile, workers don't know if they'll be rehired on get severance pay. celebrate jesus from the comfort of your home. more than 500 churches are streaming masses. a significant increase. six years ago just a few churches offered this. it is easier to park at home
4:45 am
than it is by church. what comes after the gifts on christmas morning? the food. >> the good. here is some quick and casual meal ideas our husband and wife team and authors of the book just married and cooking. james briscione and brooke parkhurst. i want to talk about your story. you met at the age of ten in alabama. >> a long time ago. i knew i had a good thing when i found a man that cooked. so i held onto him. no. we happened to reconnect when i was living in new york and here we are now. >> talk about the reunion. you had a long distance relationship for awhile. >> it was new york, birmingham. i was tired of the new york section of the city, i was ready for a good, southern boy. >> absence makes the heart fonder. great way to a man's heart is
4:46 am
through his stomach. >> through her stomach. >> what food are you making? >> beautiful, casual spread. we love young, fun, entertaining. not like your mom used to do. creating a beautiful sight where you can graze through the morning. a spiral cut ham. a selection of beautiful breads, homemade cheddar biscuits. and then what james has. >> so we just added some of the ham in there, frittata. some might be intimidated to make something like this. only halfway scramble, then put it in the oven. if too lazy to make scrambled eggs, you can do a frittata. >> jump back in there, scramble up more. pepper, tomato, onion, some ham,
4:47 am
add a little cheese. love cooking eggs. instructor at the institute of culinary education. eggs are a blast. it is fun to get up and scramble eggs for our little girl. >> am i doing it too much? >> people think you pour the eggs in and leave it. you need to move it around. right about there, just take it off. >> always about the cocktail. >> important at holidays when family is around. >> beautiful for the table, we have a gorgeous bottle of johnny walker gold label reserve, their beautiful high end bottle for the holidays, luxurious. we have a little of that. fresh grapefruit juice, and thyme honey syrup. >> bring it to a boil, mix with grapefruit juice. set it out.
4:48 am
let everybody mix their own. put out nice place cards with the recipe on it. >> i want to come to your house. >> you're invited! >> that's right. we brought it to you. >> guys, thank you so much. the book again? >> "just married and cooking." 48 minutes after the hour. a ban on saying merry christmas and nativity scenes, the war on christmas getting bigger. one lawmaker is fighting back. congressman doug lamborn next. and these two dogs abandoned on the street, one of them blind but never alone, thanks to his brother. they've since been adopted. an update on how they're doing next. ♪
4:49 am
[ male announcer ] at progresso, we lieve the second chapter of your life should be just as bold as the first. try the new bold flavors of heart healthy so from progresso.
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4:52 am
that dog was stuck on our logo, these weren't. they grabbed the nation's attention. two pit bulls. one blind, the other a seeing eye dog. >> germane and jeffrey have been in their new home for a month and join us along with their owners. and the chief financial officer of operation ava rescue group that took in the dogs. we have a houseful there. good morning.
4:53 am
>> good morning. >> jonathan, tell me first how are the dogs adjusting to life at home? >> they love it. they're just really adjusting very well, very quickly, destroyed plenty of furniture, and are just really loving. still the same attentive little boys they are when we met them. >> how do they help each other? how does one help the other with not being able to see? >> so we have seen it mostly when they are playing fetch, if it takes too long for jeffrey to find the ball, he will go over, put his nose on the ball, wait for jeffrey to come over. they will wander around the different environments and if it is a new space, germane will kind of guide jeffrey from anything that might be a hill or curb. slow him down a bit. >> and remind us about operation ava taking in the two dogs, what
4:54 am
their story is and how they formed this great brotherly bond. >> well, operation ava was founded by my nieces leks ee and ava. the mission was to find a home for these pets. what a wonderful story, jeffrey and germane were abandoned on the street, they were rescued. nursed back to health. and a lot of the animals have special needs. and every person should go to their rescue and contribute by donating or volunteering and even if they're looking to adopt, go to the local shelter. jeffrey and germane are in good spirits, we get updates every day on them. it is a wonderful story, especially during the holidays, just to see that they're happy and there's so many pets out there that need good homes. we're just trying to relay back here. >> what is the commitment in
4:55 am
practicality for well meaning family to make this work? what are the fundamentals as you see them? >> give that to jonathan. >> okay. >> you just have to really first of all be ready to take care of them. obviously someone at one point loved them, it would be a shame to see them go through that again. after that, you just have to show up, meet them first and if it is appropriate, fill out paperwork, hope for the best. >> this is an update to a story we had earlier, veronica, remember when you were onset, one of these little guys squirmg all over the place. how have these dogs changed your life and your husband's life? >> well, it is a combination of rising to that kind of energy, they definitely bring that puppy energy every day, but as you're seeing them yawn, puppies need as much rest as very tired
4:56 am
parents do. so really just being to jonathan's point accessible, available. and we really simplified, so the puppy space for a blind dog needs to be free of a lot of obstacles and extra things. it really taught us the beauty of simplicity. >> veronica moore, jonathan hockman, caesar gutierrez, thanks. >> merry christmas. coming up, final hour. all these kids wanted to do was wish merry christmas to the local vet. why were their cards rejected. you won't believe the outrageous reason. and not the christmas eve they planned. risky spacewalk happening at this hour. details coming up. i'm nathan and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:57 am
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chanti is right for you. hello, how you doing. tuesday, december 24th. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. another day, another change to obamacare. can the president keep doing this and will it make a difference? americans are floating in space to repair the international space station. a closer look at this risky christmas eve spacewalk just ahead. and return to sender. all the kids want to do was cheer up wounded veterans at christmas. >> i'm hoping it would make their day because a lot of the family might live far away, they
5:01 am
might not have somebody to celebrate christmas with. >> got bad news for you, kids. the va has rejected your letters. merry christmas too offensive, references to anything church like, not acceptable. "fox & friends," final hour, now. this is christina rose from "fox & friends." enjoy the holidays and thanks for watching. ♪ >> this is mary j. blige. >> enjoy that soulful sound. we have been asking you all morning about your christmas traditions. we shared a few of ours as well. >> point out, too, the reindeer behind us in the magical window
5:02 am
we saw, that is now a tourist attraction. have you noticed? people are taking pictures with them. they were in santa's shop a year ago. that's a new tradition. the tree is diagonal from our place. >> rockefeller center. >> and now people are coming here to take pictures of the giant reindeer. >> i thought they were coming to take a picture in front of your picture, the billboard. >> we are getting lots of e-mails and facebook and tweets from so many viewers. we thank you for sending things in. this is from sunny. writes while shopping for our annual christmas tree, my parents would ask us to listen closely. if we were quiet enough, we could hear the tree on the lot that was calling out our name. >> pick me, pick me! >> megan in new jersey says this. for years we headed to 4:00 p.m.
5:03 am
children's mass and all the kids have a jinger bread house making contest. probably eating a few gum drops on the way. >> i imagine. meanwhile, this is from sandy. laughing while my husband convinces me he has to get an oil change so he can finally go out and find me a terrible gift. >> and joe after attending christmas eve services, we would each open one gift, then "it's a wonderful life" would get us in the christmas spirit. >> every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. >> every christmas eve, i go to sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. >> i don't think you're telling the truth. >> i watched the beginning, first time, we bring in james rosen, we have an elaborate introduction. did you ever notice the beginning of "it's a wonderful life."
5:04 am
this is technology. it was a guy flipping pages, one page to another. don't you wish for those days when things were that simple? >> i wish for simpler intros, actually. good morning to you, brian, kelly, anna. the deadline had been december 15, then changed to december 23rd. now it is today, christmas eve day, for those who want to purchase health insurance in time to kick in the 1st of january. had the busiest day. 1 million visits by afternoon. another 200,000 said to have used the telephone call center option. the system, said a spokesperson for the centers for medicare and medicaid services that administers the website is handling a record number of consumers who are completing their enrollments well with a low overall error rate averaging less than .4% and quick response times averaging well less than a second, despite increased traffic.
5:05 am
so the final, final, final, final, final deadline for people to purchase health insurance through the federal exchange marketplace, or through one of 14 states offering their own exchanges, the final, final, final deadline, march 1st. >> thanks, james. have a great christmas. >> you, too. let's talk about obamacare, can we? we know repeatedly the president of the united states was saying republicans, why do you keep blocking obamacare, it is here, passed, stop trying to repeal and delay it, i won't have it. the question came to ed henry as he related on the five, what do you mean repeal it. isn't the president with his 25 separate changes to obamacare since in the last year alone, how many times has the president done this? is he actually doing what he told the republicans they better not do. here is ed henry. >> i think my colleague chuck
5:06 am
todd asked a good question, he didn't go as far as you did a moment ago, but said look, you're the president that keeps saying we have to stop the republicans from repealing the law. you're basically repealing it on your own piece by piece. the president pushed back as you played in that bite earlier, said the core of the law is there, but there are questions about whether the core is really that strong. >> real questions indeed. charles krauthammer seems to have an answer of what's going on, talks about plan b being in place. he believes the insurers will have to be bailed out. listen to what charles is talking about. >> this is at least the 15th unilateral change in obamacare the administration has made without changing the actual law. that's unconstitutional. that's lawless. that's the way you do it in the banana republic. mr. president, if you want to know what the law is on a wednesday, check the correspondence of the president instead of looking at the law. there is no law.
5:07 am
it is as if the 2,000 pages of obamacare which nobody has read anyway are completely irrelevant. it is simply authorization for the president and hsa to do anything required. today it wasn't even announced, it was leaked, it was anonymous, like watergate. like woodward and bernstein. >> wasn't even announced to insurance companies. they asked for plan b and krauthammer says it is obvious, in a free market, they would have to go bust, healthy people aren't signing up, it is older, unhealthy people, but it doesn't seem like there's any way around it. >> i have a prediction. remember when the iraq war was going and the president was pushing saying we have to get together with some experts on both sides of the aisle, like jim baker and future secretary of defense and get a better strategy going forward, fired generals, redid it, we had an
5:08 am
incredible surge. i think if we're being honest, we're at that point with health care. the president should say i tried, get the experts together, and fix this. if you look at the other channels, they're talking about how well it is going, the problems are in the rearview mirror, which is not true. >> not true at all. something has to be done and will be done. if it isn't done, could break the american system as we know it today and ruin a lot of health care for a lot of people. meantime, we have headlines to talk about. >> merry christmas eve. how would you like to be an astronaut in space, right? we have some of them at the international space station. let's take a live picture of the international space station. they're going to embark on a rare christmas eve spacewalk. the second walk wraps up repairs to a faulty pump module we have been telling you about for awhile. this follows expected repair day saturday. the repairs were depicted in the movie "gravity" and show the dangers of the spacewalk.
5:09 am
if all goes as planned, it will be completed and a third walk won't be necessary. happening overnight, 11 train cars jump tracks in a town near columbus, ohio. officials say only the conductor and engineer were on board at the time and weren't hurt. crews are working to get the cars back on track. nsa leaker edward snowden says his mission has been accomplished. in an interview with "the washington post," he says secrets he revealed caused reassessment of the u.s. surveillance policies. he went on to say he is working to improve the nsa and not bring it down. he is on one year asylum currently in russia. twitter restoring access to content from pro-phil robertson website. hours after marking it spam. a temporary block prohibited users from posting messages to the page. the site was created after a and e suspended the star after
5:10 am
controversial remarks. "duck dynasty" products are still flying off shelves. those are the headlines. >> thanks. some parents upset that christmas cards won't get to people they intended to send the christmas cards to. talking about local veterans, due to veterans administration policy. listen to what parents are saying. >> talk about the grace academy school now having 52 students mail out cards to them. thought it would be a good project for students to interact and understand sacrifices they give especially those rehabbing in the hospital. so they sent the letters. letters weren't sent because they had religious references. listen to parents and kids. >> this wasn't the country i grew up in that you couldn't say merry christmas. so we found out not only could you not say merry christmas, you couldn't say god bless you in a card and couldn't reference any
5:11 am
scripture. they couldn't believe these people they wanted to honor weren't going to get the chance to see what they had done. >> all because of red tape. you can't say merry christmas and god bless you. this is a statement from the va. to be respectful of veterans' religious beliefs, all holiday cards are reviewed and determined if they're appropriate. we regret this was not fully explained. if you're somebody thinks there is no war on christmas, what is this about. the cards are being saved, not tossed out, they'll be sent to a hospital, a private facility in louisiana because these rules for the va don't apply. >> here is what some of you now say because you were weighing in. mark in maryland says this is political correctness on steroids. the va shouldn't censor greeting cards. >> i agree. eric says i am a disabled veteran, would have been honored
5:12 am
to receive a christmas card. thank you to all of the children who made them. >> and comments, i am a veteran that spent many days in the military hospital and i reject this hospital. when you are sick, any and all cards of hope are welcome. >> they're reviewed by a team of staff, head by chaplain services. a group of chaplain's reject fourth grader letters. things to do list? >> we'll continue to follow that story, you'll continue to respond. >> respond on facebook, too. going crazy over there. coming up, a ban on saying merry christmas and we just talked about how this whole merry christmas thing is getting out of control, and nativity scenes. the war of christmas, congressman doug lamborn is here to explain how his plan is to save christmas. >> you have a picture worth a thousand words.
5:13 am
up next, clear how much men hate shopping. viral pictures of men. what does that first spoonful taste like?
5:14 am
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esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. all right, good morning, merry christmas eve. >> a bipartisan effort in congress would strongly disapprove of bans to specific references to christmas. >> here to explain it, the congressman behind this effort. doug lamborn of colorado. good to join you, good of you to join us.
5:17 am
merry christmas eve to you. >> good morning, and merry christmas to you. >> tell us about your plan. >> hr 448 is a bipartisan resolution to protect christmas. it says that we should as a country protect the symbols and traditions of christmas and not put up with any attempts to ban symbols and traditions christmas. >> so we have what the bill would protect that we will tell everybody. saying christmas, displays like nativity scenes and singing christmas themed songs at school as well. why do you think this is important? has this just gotten more out of hand by the year? >> you know, it certainly looks that way. there's a vocal minority that is offended at the rest of us who want to celebrate christmas. christmas is obviously a cultural and historical celebration, but also a religious celebration, and just because someone is offended doesn't mean they can shut down the religious celebration or
5:18 am
acknowledgment of every other american. that tramples on the rights of those americans. >> congressman, what are some of the more specific points your bill addresses? >> just that we should -- it makes the general point that we should as a country protect symbols and traditions, not put up with these bans, cities and towns and villages that want a nativity scene, public school districts that want to have a pageant where they sing christmas carols and other songs, those are specific things that are under attack today. sometimes it is just a threat of lawsuits. >> i want to ask you about a story we just talked about in north texas, a school came up with christmas cards, 52 students wanted to send them to wounded veterans in the hospital and weren't allowed to because they said merry christmas or god bless you. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think that's outrageous. you know, i am encouraged and inspired by all faith
5:19 am
traditions. if someone says happy hanukkah, i apply it to my own religion. i am not offended by that person's acknowledgment of their religion. we live in a pluralistic society. it doesn't mean go down to where no one can say anything. we need more tolerance of diversity and pluralism of society. >> congressman, you stated it well. more tolerance, more celebration of cultures. that crosses a number of things, religion, ethnicity, national origin. thank you for joining us and for implementing or introducing this bill. >> thank you. and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," one player beating the odds for the sport he loves. we'll introduce you to the modern day rudy next. and no time to bake today? don't worry about it, here on "fox & friends," we have it for
5:20 am
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5:23 am
quick headlines. call it a ho-ho-holy meetings between pope benedict and his predecessor. the two met to pray together. both look great. just like in the movie, may be a modern day rudy. he plays number 35, has been taking liks on the practice field, never on game day. 5'9", 180 pound romano may get the chance to play for the fighting irish this saturday as
5:24 am
they take on rutgers at yankee stadium in the pinstripe bowl. has been his dream since he was a kid. i say let him play. time may be running out to make the perfect christmas dinner. no need to fret about dessert, we have you covered. >> we really have you covered. here with tips how to make some festive pies, marie cal ender's christine hall. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. great to be with you. i am here to talk about marie callender's pies you find in the frozen aisle and you can make it so nobody will know. >> you do the fun part,let us do the hard work. >> if you are somebody slaving at the stove, use fresh. >> we use fresh fuji apples for apple pie. fresh gives you the best taste and texture.
5:25 am
we picked fuji because they have a sweet flavor, as well as firm texture. >> how do i make the pie, how do i fake it? >> how do i fake the pie! >> for example, our dutch apple pie has a crumb topping you can put on in the last ten minutes as you bake. it looks more like you made homemade. you can also do something like drizzle caramel sauce on top. >> show us. drizzle for us. >> do a little drizzle. >> how about some cinnamon you can put on there. drizzle drizzle drizzle. i think that's dreidel dreidel. >> you can add walnuts to the top. >> would you recognize putting flour on your apron to make it seem like you baked? >> a little flour by the
5:26 am
eyebrow. you look more professional that way. >> don't actually do it! >> you can dress it up. do a little adding. >> this is the easy, fun part. if you want to go further than drizzling caramel on the apple pie or want to do some decorating, we have shown you here how to decorate a by that you have bought in the frozen aisle. >> roll it out a little more, put flour so it doesn't stick to the rolling pin. then going like this. put that on there, nobody will ever know. >> honestly, covering this pie takes maybe 30 minutes. it is actually not that hard. because you don't have sharp edges or knives you have to work with, a child can help. >> we lie as human beings every
5:27 am
ten minutes, now lying about the pie. >> a lot of samples there and also the alcohol, too. >> i usually think about pie with coffee. you can certainly have other beverages as well. pairing the pie with champagne or farmhouse ale with apple by or bourbon for peach pie. >> pass it around. taste our pies. >> so you helped me make this. >> if you have even less time than this, you can also buy a cream pie and i think we have some samples here. simple candy canes, chocolate
5:28 am
mints. >> we broke down how to spice it up. >> i can't eat it now. terrifying moments on a packed plane after a flock of birds is sucked into its engine. hear from the frightened passengers, that and more straight ahead. you might just be waking up. up next, the norad update as we track santa across the globe. >> by the way, this is very good. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. gravy and more, ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now.
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♪ here you go. look at the dark side of shopping and the busy holiday season, these are real. some men were dragged along with their girlfriends and wives to the mall with their family. it is hard to keep their attention. instagram page was set up to show how miserable some of the men actually were. >> researchers found the average american woman shops for nearly how many hours would you guess? >> i would not say 400. >> 400 is the answer. >> wow. that's a job. >> that's a full-time job. >> one thing is relatively new, they have a lounge area in
5:33 am
almost every mall, multiple lounge areas. never used to be there. had nice fountains. dry up the fountains, put in the couches for men to rest. >> don't be sexist. >> not just sexist. >> i am kidding. >> instagram is sexist. if you feel instagram is sexist, catch us on facebook. >> guys, what do you think, is this madness? do you hate the shopping or do you love the shopping or is it complete madness when you're out there? >> actually in my household people complain about me waiting until the last minute to go shopping. i enjoy shopping at the last minute. then you get the feel of the terror that people are going through because they're desperate, but you also catch pretty good deals, so i like that. >> i think the whole thing is stressful. >> do you? >> the holidays are a plus, but shopping leading up to it is not -- >> brian, you said earlier in
5:34 am
the show, instead you get gift cards. is that true or are you being sarcastic? >> i was trying to add a new tradition. hope people would gather momentum on. >> are you done? >> every time people ask if you want a gift receipt, i say yes. i say it is not going to hurt my feelings if you give it back. if i bought you anything and it doesn't fit, you don't like it, please, i don't have any feelings. >> we have a gift now of headline news from heather. >> she's like dad, not another applebee's card. you two are working tomorrow. >> we are. >> for those of us with little kids like i do, thank you very much for working tomorrow. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you so much, kelly and anna. we have headlines to tell you about for passengers on a southwest flight, leaving st. louis. a flock of birds got sucked into
5:35 am
one of the plane's engines. >> big boom, like crashing into a wall. >> the plane shook a little bit, then we smelled a lot of smoke. >> this happening moments after takeoff. a kansas city bound flight, had to make emergency landing back at the airport. more than 100 holiday travelers had to wait for a new crew to arrive and new plane before they were able to board and take off. then about 150 u.s. marines now arriving in south sudan, following increase in viole steady violence is causing fears of an all out civil war in the world's newest country, and that country has experienced decades and decades of war with north sudan for such a long time there. the marines will provide security for the u.s. embassy, and help evacuate more u.s. citizens. the decision after four u.s. troops were fired on.
5:36 am
more than 1,000 people killed since violence broke out december 15th. and norad is gearing up for santa's trip around the globe. they have been tracking the magical trip for 57 years. commander charles jacoby joined us earlier to tell us what to expect. >> santa is scheduled to be to america coming up over the east coast around 9:00 this evening and right on time. he's going to have a full sleigh. we have been checking in with the weather every few minutes. looks very good. >> and maria molina says it looks good, too. check it on the latest update from fiji to australia. tracking santa. let me tell you what happened in football. it impacts the playoffs. 49ers against the falcons, falcons one of the disappointments of the year, but
5:37 am
played well last night. down to the 20, matt ryan hits white for 39 yard score. that was 1:30 left. falcons down 27-24, looking for the go ahead win. ryan drops back, has his head tipped and stripped. linebacker takes it all the way. san francisco wins in dramatic fashion. update on tony romo, out for the season, herniated disc, needs surgery. a tough rehab. eagles, cowboys for the division, but it will be kyle or ton for the cowboys, not tony romo. devastating. maria molina is not concerned about football but the weather. >> basically it is cold in new york city and surrounding areas. we have seen temperatures tropg because we had a cold front push through the last couple days across the country. now it moved across the
5:38 am
northeast, bringing temperatures that are on the chilly side. current wind chill temperatures in the midwest are much worse, currently below zero. here is a look at the storm system, you can see it already off the coast. did produce areas of light rain in parts of north carolina, behind it much quieter, light snow showers around portions of the great lakes and midwest. here is a look at the current wind chill temperatures. feelings like below zero in minneapolis, and high temperatures are going to be warming up, coming up later today to the teens in parts of the midwest. by christmas day, warming up more in those areas. new york city, you may not make it out of the 30s, pretty much looking at high temperature in the upper 20s. look at the forecast for l.a. and for miami for tomorrow for christmas day. it is actually going to be warmer in l.a. than in miami. that's a little weird, but otherwise, merry christmas, everyone. i am off tomorrow. merry christmas to all of you inside.
5:39 am
>> merry christmas. unfortunately when you come back, it will most likely be cold. thank you. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. saturday i had a chance to go to mt. vernon. they were kind enough to set up a book signing for me. and hundreds of people showed up. a lot of people came because mt. vernon is a great attraction. it was 60 degrees. thousands of people lined up. it is the place to be if you're ever in the virginia area. i had a chance to meet a lot of people, take pictures. one of the reasons it was so crowded, one of the finest talk show hosts in the country mark will he vin said i live 30 minutes from there, going to visit you. he mentioned it on the show. people came. took him an hour and a half to get there, still showed up to support. the book is number three in the country. lines were huge. there to see the mansion of a man that lived nearly 200 years ago. i asked mark what's the attraction? >> people care about great men
5:40 am
and women who do great things. we are in short supply of them today. washington stood up at a hectic, perilous time during the revolution, before and after the revolution, and while he was a revolutionary, helped bring the nation together. he obviously led the way to win the revolutionary war. even at the constitutional convention, he was sitting there, his quiet hand, made sure the proceedings that took place were, you know, within hand and so forth. everybody looked up to him and he knew that. he was very careful about what he would or wouldn't say, he could have effected the future. even consider this. two terms. the man could have been a dictator. two terms. not until fdr was that broken. i think people today are looking for great men and women to help lead this nation out of this situation. >> he came, he is one of the most funny guys and most insightful. the person that set it up, gay
5:41 am
hard gains. she represents all of florida. the all female board provides the financing to keep mt. vernon running privately. when they wanted to shut down mt. vernon and the government shutdown happened as if we couldn't afford to keep the museums open, they said pull the bike racks back, get the cop cars out of here. we don't need federal funds. we get $40 million, we raise it on our own. >> you have no business from blocking tourists coming here. >> so special thanks for those that come up for the secret six. 41 minutes after the hour. another great book, aside from george washington's secret six. the rich. not just a gimmick to make money quick. one pastor's special movement making the world richer with good deeds is here with a special christmas message. then he joined us for a chris speci christmas special taping.
5:42 am
no one knew this marine could do this. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart be light ♪ from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪
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i've got a job to do today. i've got a job to do today. have a good first day at work, mom! your donations to goodwill fund job-training programs right in your community. feels good to start fresh, right? sure does. narrator: and like that, you're a job creator. welcome back. a pastor challenging his congregation to think of wealth in a whole new way. shedding light on the bible verse, command those that are rich in the present world to do good. be rich in good deeds. and with this message, the congregation began a movement spreading generosity across the nation. >> joining us to share the story, andy stanley, pastor of north point ministries and
5:46 am
author of how to be rich. good morning, andy. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. i love in your research for the book you realize if you make $48,000 a year, you may think you're doing okay, but you're actually in the top 1% of wage earners across the world. isn't a lot of it how we look at ourselves and our livelihood? >> you're exactly right. when i tell people hey, you're rich, you make $50,000 a year, $60,000 a year, nobody gets up and dances around the room. again, we're so focused what we don't have. very few stop to realize what we have. that's one of the reasons i wrote the book. >> just to be self aware of what you have going for you. $37,000 here you write is not a lot, but if you go anywhere else, most places in the world, you are considered rich. it is all relevant. what do we do with this information? >> well, one of the reasons i wrote the book, it is for rich people that don't know they're rich. one of the side effects of wealth is we don't know we're
5:47 am
wealthy, there's always something we don't have. rich is that other person, that other family, the guy with a nicer car, that flies around in a private jet. i wrote this book to help americans understand you know what, you're doing better than you think, but i want you to learn how to be rich, not how to get rich, most of us have done that. i want us to get better as being rich. >> what's your advice how we do that? >> well, to begin with, you need to read the book. i talk about the plague of discontentment, we're all so discontent, we are the upgrade generation. you guys are old enough to remember when we would wait for things to break before we replaced them. we're way past that. we stand in front of a closet full of clothes, wondering what am i going to wear. stand outside the apple store with the iphone to upgrade the iphone, trade in perfectly good cars for another car. so again, we're so consumed with what we don't have, what we want, what we don't think we need, we forget we're better off than we know we are. the book is to help rich people
5:48 am
be better at being rich. >> and you know, when you hear about generosity and compassion and give it and get it back 100 fold, what evidence do you have of that with your congregation? >> the book came from a movement as you mentioned earlier in our church. we call it the be rich movement. i began to challenge people in the congregation. we have seven churches in the atlanta area, about 25 churches spread around the country. every year around this time of year i get up and remind people in our churches you are richer than you think, and because you're rich, you're responsible. rich people should never feel guilty but rich people should feel responsible. we raise millions and millions of dollars for local charities, international charities, and then give it all away. >> thank you for writing this book how to be rich. it is not what you have, it is what you do with what you have. great advice. thank you. >> thanks so much. up next, talk about merry christmas, that's how you're going to feel. one of our nation's heroes performs a christmas classic.
5:49 am
and jamie colby for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> almost merry christmas to you. can't wait for that performance. wait until you see greg jared and i, we are going to talk about the woes. many that think they have coverage, many finding out they don't. and phil robertson of "duck dynasty" fame, is he intolerant or others intolerant of him. america's newsroom, top of the hour. see you then. ♪ ho ho ho
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i am excited about this one. he served two to yours in iraq and afghanistan. >> he is joining us to bring us
5:53 am
christmas cheer. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we first met you on "fox & friends" christmas special that's airing at 8:00 p.m. tonight. we needed a little performance to keep the audience, they were getting antsy. what was it like for you to perform for everybody off the cuff? >> it was a new experience, i enjoyed it. it was something different for me. put me out of my comfort zone to do something like that, it was fun. >> were you called on or did you volunteer? >> it was a little of both. it was a small wager between myself and fellow airman. she did pretty well and i decided i could one up her as far as being a united states marine. so i did what i could. >> look where you are now? >> look where i am now. >> you're going to do something called the christmas song. used to be done by nat king cole. >> for me it is important to remember what christmas is all about. what children look forward to.
5:54 am
more importantly, fellow brothers and sisters overseas. they mean a lot to me, the song is for them. >> sergeant jasper, thanks for joining us. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ ev'rybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright ♪ ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
5:55 am
will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ ♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is gonna spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92 ♪ ♪ although it's been said many times, many ways -- merry christmas merry christmas to you ♪
5:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ itional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made. [ pop muzak plays ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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i still have a tivo. set your dvr, watch it live. tonight is the "fox & friends" christmas special, doing it since 1939. >> come on. >> might be the best ever. megan did an unbelievable job putting it together, everybody did a great job producing. look who's on the list. >> craig warren, sarah palin, lee own a lewis, brooklyn tabernacle choir. a few things.
6:00 am
and also santa makes a surprise visit. >> nice. >> sergeant, thank you for your service and all the great things you do. >> thank you for having me. >> great song. >> log on for after the show at merry christmas. fox news alert, obamacare confusion, frustration, outright anger. the white house pushing back to midnight tonight, christmas eve, the deadline to sign up for coverage that begins january 1st. after a crush of last minute visitors triggering massive traffic jams on the troubled website, even bringing it to a halt for hours and hours. good morning this christmas eve day. greg jared in for bill hammer. >> good to be with you, gregg. merry christmas to all of you, jamie colby in for martha today. instead of spending time with families cooking and doing last minute shopping, many americans are


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